Episode 13 Super League Show

Episode 13

Highlights and analysis from latest round of matches in Super League. Including Bradford Bulls v Leeds Rhinos, Huddersfield v Warrington, Wigan v Salford and Catalan v Wakefield.

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with the Bank Holiday Sunshine making much of the Super League


landscape, it has been a great weekend for some fans, one to forget


for others. Jamie Peacock is alongside Ian Millward. Our guests


will give us their views which included second against third and a


are going for back-to-back wins, but is set to be the new coach at


Castleford. He is replacing yourself, you know. A good


employment? They have talked to a lot of people


and they have views on who should get the job. Coaches have had their


view on whether it is a sustainable job. Daryl, probably from a coaching


point of view, has moved into an area where he was failing earlier at


Leeds. He went back and was coaching in the Championship at a good club


who have supplied some good opportunities for him. We always


look from a coaching point of view, you need time and experience and it


gives him a great launching pad. You have worked with him at England


level, what can he bring to the job? He is a calming influence. He has


been a head coach on and off for 13 years, so he can bring that


experience to Castleford. He needs to test himself in the top division.


What kind of job is he taking on? They have got some exciting players.


Their win yesterday typified that with some exciting players. The


league is restructuring, so Castleford's got to restructure.


What they can provide moving forward with their facilities. The squad


need some experience and adding. Daryl has been speaking to them


about that. He is looking forward to getting involved in it and getting


back in the Super League and show where he was, and where he has come


from. We will see how Castleford got on


shortly. Round 14 got underway on Friday night. But now it is Bradford


against Leeds. The Rhinos had five consecutive wins. They had memories


of the 18-18 draw still fresh in the seconds on the clock. Whitehead is


seconds on the clock. Whitehead is still going.


Bradford Bull, not too many minutes left to play. Look at those


celebrations. Sidler is in for the try! We know how much it means to


the best of enemies. A 56th meeting tonight between these two. Bradford


have the edge with 28 victories, Leeds not far behind with 24 in this


fixture. And a few times there has been nothing between them, including


the merable draw at Headingley this This is Kallum Watkins. Again. He is


through the tackle. Now it is about pace and Watkins just avoids the


last ditch effort and scores a quickly against Bradford. 24 seconds


in the game at Headingley. Barely four minutes tonight. This is


wonderful strength and athleticism and plenty of pace. I am sure the


English coach will be looking at Leeds Rhinos. They have taken a


stranglehold now. Delaney with the injection. Leeds Rhinos showing


great composure. They have finally unpicked that scrambling defence.


The Bradford owner not happy with the way things have started here, I


still going! What is he doing here! Bradford, from deep inside their own


half - they have given away a penalty. Obstruction, the referee


They are suddenly back in the position And Karl Ablett twisting


over for what he might describe as a best. The Bradford fans enjoying


that a moment. The pantomime villain in chief making a run into his


finish! There were a couple of high tackles there as he dragged himself


over the line. Terrific effort, saw the gap and went for it. He still


down to Paul MacShane. Shrugging off a couple of defenders. Danny McGuire


will go to the video referee. The smile from Ryan Bailey suggests he


thinks he has scored. That angle would back it up. Right on


half-time, Ryan Bailey to give Leeds of space. So maybe a spark early in


his second half? -- in this second half. Whitehead stopped, did well to


offload it and there was the gap on the dummy will see him over! It is


now two tries in the opening 13 minutes of the second half, so maybe


there is a Bradford revival. Should be down to 14 points, the


referee is going to have a look at this because there is a potential


that he was actually tackled. Did he spin around out of the tackle? Is


there a hand on him? That would suggest it was not a completed


tackle. That shows he has got the ball down on the line. The video


referee said it is good and another for Ablett tonight. I don't think


there was a hand laid on him on either occasion. Hardly, anyway.


Worked from the back of the scrum. They took Bradford's defends one-way


Jamie Peacock has gone down and immediately you could see players


from both sides reacting to this. He has twisted his leg, but there is an


obvious moment of great pain. I blindside. Kear stepping back in.,


No more than a consolation. A pleasing moment for the Welsh


winger, his second of the night. But Bradford very much second best on


Jamie, how are you? My knee is OK. I think they put some


elastic in when they mended it last time.


Six wins in a row since the draw at Easter, it is some run you are on.


We have had some difficult games, as well. We probably felt it was a


point lost because of Easter. We have played Catalan and Warrington


and that run has been particularly good.


Was that draw motivation? It was a bit, we wanted to go and


win. Bradford did well to get back into the game. We scored 30 points


in the first half. Hard to pick out one individual, but the Watkins try


was spectacular. He had a few injuries, but it is great to see him


playing well. He kept getting injured. But he is having a good run


at it at the moment. We have Kallum Watkins, Zak Hardaker and Ryan Hall


bringing the ball back. It gets our team on the front foot, and that is


a wonderful try, and it would be great to see him in an England shirt


at the end of the year. Is Ryan Hall claiming an assist on


that one? He thinks he's got a try pass. But


Callum did most of the work. We have seen him step up, and we


always said he has a lot of class, Calum Watkins. But that run, can you


see the consistency in his game? I can see consistency. I can see


he's multiskilled. They've handled him well at Leeds. When he's been


overexposed, they've put him back on the wing. He's a natural player with


the ball. But defensively, you're going to be found out finchly with


Super League teams and coaches. The amount of people in Australia that


wants to talk about him as a real talent and Leeds have done fantastic


getting him a longterm contract. If you look at the back three, we talk


about the challenge cup game this week, that is where it can be won


and lost. He is the excitement factor.


Looking at Jared Sammut. He had a good season last season. He seems to


be consistent for them. He brings unpredictable attack, but


it's all skills. It has got to the stage now where he displays it on


the right occasions. Before it was all over the shop when it suited


him. I tried to buy him at the start of the year. I thought he was a


really good player. Speaking to Mick Potter, they spoke highly of him


defensively. Attacking wise with him and Kearney they are dynamic. You


will have to defend well against them. I think Jarrod Sammut has


matured this year as a player who has become not only a good,


individual player, but a good team player.


The difference between what's going on this year at Leeds and what


happened last year. You were wobbling all over the place last


year? It takes time for a coach and his


systems to take time and work. We as a team don't want to finish fifth


this year. We really don't. We said that last year. We finished fifth.


This year we don't. A lot of players are playing well. Players will


flourish through hard work and honesty. A lot of our players have


those characteristics. It's showing in the way we're playing.


Do you want to get the top spot? Are you aiming for Wigan or just about


finishing better than you did? We want to finish higher up than


before. If we can win a few more games in the next block, we will


give ourselves the chance of finishing top.


Well, it was second against third at the John Smith's Stadium on Sunday


afternoon. It wasn't quite as close Robinson, he finds Jermain


There was a buzz around the stadium points ahead of the Giants. As the


game progressed Warrington began to dominate. Griggs lost possession in


the 18th minute. Trent Waterhouse on hand to scoop up a gift and charge


over the line to take the lead. From That is plucked off the floor, an


absolute shocker, passed it straight Wolves extended their lead ten


minutes into the second half. Quick hands from Ratchford and Westwood


played in Hodgson. In a game littered with costly errors from the


home side, there wasn't much that went Huddersfield's way. But a 54th


minute slip from Chris Riley was pounced on by Kris Robinson. He


scored on his debut. Any hopes of a Huddersfield blows final were dashed


in the 68th minute. -- Huddersfield revival. Ryan Atkins rounding off


the scoring. An out of sorts display the Giants will want to forget.


the Giants will want to forget. Wolves are in the hunt for the top


comfortable for Warrington? Some of the key players for them,


the older players for Warrington really stepped up. Ben Curry is an


outstanding young player. If you are a Warrington supporters at the


moment you have to like it. At the start of the year, you thought wow


this was going to be our year. They seemed off the pace. A good sign of


the team in the mid-season and now getting into the rhythm. Waterhouse


is starting to look threatening on the edge. They still have Briers to


come back. Tony Smith saying it was their best


performance of the season. Do you start to think they're starting to


They're playing a lot better. They struggled a bit for form in the


middle of the year. It's not won at the beginning of the year. They're


coming into form now. They always play well against Huddersfield.


They're a side that tend to beat Huddersfield every time they play


them. Brett Hodgson passed 1,000 Super


League points. He has been some 70 to the game, hasn't he? -- sums


servant to the game. He's come over and really added to


the competition. I think he's older than me! I had to get that in. He's


older than me but he's been a fantastic player. He was great in


the Challenge Cup. He was great for them.


You take them on next week, I guess you feel confident, but it should be


a corker. As a player you look forward to the


Challenge Cup in the middle of the year. You get lost in the rounds of


Super League and you want a game with everything on the line. It


certainly is against Huddersfield. They beat us last time. It's great


to play at their stadium. Looking forward to that. Danny Orr


was in charge when Hull provided opposition on Sunday. It was a tight


first half. Yeah, it was. It was a game where we


played them in the first round and we got beat only by four points. It


was a tight game there. Both teams have the habit of missing one on one


tackles. This was prevalent in the game. It was interesting, Daryl


Clark and Hubie came off the bench. They added so much. Chase was good


with the ball. He must be hard to defend against, especially someone


like Jamie and the forwards. They hung in. There the second half with


the crowd getting behind them they got them to the end. There were a


couple of good signs here. Especially with the way he's


dictating and running them. It was a good win, especially with the new


coach coming in. It gives him confidence coming in. It gives him


something to bounce off with the confidence they play with.


Do you have the feeling that Hull KR can't string a set of games


together? They find it hard to be consistent?


I think players struggle with the week-to-week consistency. That's


what separates the good from the great players. I think they'll be


saving themselves for the cup this week. They'll fancy themselves at


home. It's difficult to play at Hull. They got walloped off Wigan


last time. That's extra motivation. One of the keys to get all the good


stuff with Chase, and we see later the bad as well. He's so key to the


team. He's got to touch the ball more than


anyone in the role he plays. He plays on the ball. The more you


touch it you are susceptible to errors. It's also getting other


players on his wave length. He can see space and things that are


happening and he expects people to get into that part of the field.


Look, I think he will be a delight to work with. I found him a delight


to work with. He will still be the key. You want him creating things


because for Castleford to move up the table, as much as you want to


improve their defence, one on one and as a unit, you have to score


points. Did this last week, that's the bit


to cut out. drop out and maintain the pressure


and build it. He's gone for the top shelf, and you learn that as you go


along. Daryl Powell coming into that job,


it's an exciting squad. What are his priorities?


To keep them winning. They've won the last two.


They lost to Salford. They beat Widnes and Hull.


He needs to get the most out of his players. He has high quality players


there. Getting the best out of them and see what he can do. He's got


limited resources away from the field. I think he'll do a good job.


New era about to begin at Castleford and still four games to catch up on


continue against the fancied French? The secrets of Saints, we reveal all


Super League season reaching the Wigan. They were a point clear at


the top of the table going into the fixtures. They were comfortable


winners against Salford. They're steam rollering teams at times.


They have a simple structure. Everyone knows their roles. They


have an outstanding fullback at the back when you create space and


numbers. He has the ability to beat people. They have a mentality there


which is brought through from the younger generation which has come


through. Defensively and what's expected. The only thing we've spoke


about they're probably getting too many easy games. Whether it's a


Challenge Cup semifinal or Super League semifinal, the concern is


being able to do this for 80 minutes. They went trophy-less last


year. They are the best team at the moment. They are the most consistent


team. I like the way Sean's coaching them. I love the way he's got them


week in, week out. That's what we aspire for, consistency week in,


week out. You look at Leeds over previous seasons, we talked about


Warrington, you know, where are they at this stage? Where will they be at


the back end of the season? There are missing links, but against


Salford, Brian has a lot of work to do defensively. If you look at him,


he will want to work more as a unit. He will put structures together


there. Some blokes are going back, some forward, some sideways. If it


was a dance competition, they're not all on the same page. That's where


Brian has to improve first. You play them at magic weekend, are


you hoping that they've had too many easy games, do you say, hopefully


they're not ready for us? I don't think it's a great thing


winning by that margin every week. It doesn't get you battle -hardened.


Yeah, I'm looking forward to that game. It should be an exciting end


to a great week. About that shoulder charge there? He might not be happy


with that, but if your halves are playing at the line you will get


contact. I will get physical with them, that is what happened there.


Tomkins was key. He seems to be dancing through games like this.


Yeah, he's a superb athlete. He can punish teams and spot opportunities.


His ability to beat defenders is second to none. The form of St


Helens has been talked about with four straight defeats since Easter


Monday. Louis has seen it all from his front


row seat and knows they are not When you're a great club like this,


in their own stadium and the youth system they have got and the history


behind the club, the fans are right to dream. As players, we want to be


in competitions and win. We want to be the best we can. I don't think


people have been thinking too far ahead. Where we want to be is the


Grand Final or a Challenge Cup. This year we ain't going to be in the


Challenge Cup final. We have to focus on the Grand Final.


The season got off to a poor start with a home defeat against


Huddersfield. 13 rounds later they continue to search for consistency.


The season so far, many ups and downs. We have let ourselves down


these past couple of weeks. We want to be more consistent in how to


play. A win at Warrington was a good win. We have injures and a couple of


suspensions now which don't help. But it's nothing to dwell on really.


We have good youngsters coming through and hopefully we can turn it


well with the way he's running and his tackling. All the youngsters


coming through, they want to play and impress. I don't think Brown is


afraid to throw anyone in at the deep end.


Nathan has come with his regime and hasn't changed dramatically how we


play. -- he hasn't tried to change dramatically how we play. This year,


we've change aid bit because the key personnel that we've gone down in.


He's come in with his philosophy, like defence. Defence is the key. I


think the boys know that. Instead of trying to outscore opponents, let's


try to shut them out which is what people want to do. Everyone is


asking whether I've settled up here. I always answer yes, but I wish it


would stop raining. The only phrase I cannot get my head around is a


barroom cake. -- I don't under a barm cake. It's either a roll or a


sandwich. I don't understand it. My dad dabbled in a lot of things. He


was a bit of a boxer. He was a bit of a rugby player. A bit of a


painter and decorator. He is my all-time hero, I think. Kieran


Cunningham. And Jamie Peacock. They are relentless and keep going. They


are driven people. They know what they want and they will do it. A big


shout out to my mate, Mark Flanigan. I think he walks around with a


mirror in his back pocket. I think that's true. It's like one of them


lady ones that clip out. He catches himself looking at himself like


that. Targets for the season, I think, all the boys want to do is


good performances. Obviously, we want to win the competition. Every


team wants to do that. Then to win the Grand Final. That's the aim.


Happy day get a mention here, went around St Helens and there was


another defeat on Friday. I find St Helens a difficult place


to play and beat them. A lot of the players are out, and to come from


behind. They were 12-6 down. Fantastic win for Widnes.


Much has been made of all of the players St Helens has got out but


Widnes were missing a few. You cannot just put it down to injuries?


Has been quite dynamic. -- Hanbury. I have got to say, you see the first


try by Thompson. He was gushing about Luke Thompson. I think that


has been where the problem has been with Saints in the past couple of


weeks. It is not that the young blokes have stood up and been


efficient. The more experienced guys need to lift it up to another level.


There is some poor tackles. It is There is some poor tackles. It is


quite interesting. Some of them are too wide and they are vulnerable


back on the inside. He is trying to strange the structure in attack.


Lomax is out, and Roby is out and they still have not been able to


work out a half-back since Sean Long left. And that is the area where


they need to be efficient and players. But what hurts you more


than anything of the tries that they conceded. There has to be more


leadership from the senior men. There is some naivety in the Defence


from the younger ones. But it is not through lack of effort. I think


there will come through very well. The younger guys will learn a lot


and experienced blokes will rise up. I think they have come a long way.


They played well at Wakefield and did not get the win. They are doing


well in the league, to have five or six players out and win at St Helens


is good. I don't think you can write St Helens off at the moment. I think


if you can finish in the eighth, you can finish anywhere. When they get


some players back, they will be a threat.


I spoke a lot about Saints, but I cannot be little the performance of


Widnes. Their away form has been awful. Home form has been


outstanding. It is an amazing performance by players and coaches.


History says the could not win it. If every person in this country


follows rugby league, they wouldn't follows rugby league, they wouldn't


pick them to win or get close. Saints, that performance especially


follows rugby league, they wouldn't pick them to They gave Denilson an


opportunity. But they have a three to five-year plan. They have been


very patient. We might get on to promotion and


relegation. Wakefield were impressive against Widnes, and the


Wildcats a while on home ground on Saturday night. Catlan were the


Wonderful ball from Collace to put and picked up. Kirmond is over.


little kick over the top. Cockayne! I think he has got this. The referee


is asking for the video replay. Was there a little bobble of the ball?


It is a clean pick-up and it is a Another Wakefield try, they are


surely saved? What about that pass from Smith? Look at this. He looks


one-way and pops it out the other. Cockayne was almost taken by


surprise but the Defence definitely consolation. Barely worth


celebrating for a Catalan, a good night's work for Wakefield. They


come away with an important two Are Honor Roll?


-- Avi Honor Roll? I think that is what they will see themselves doing.


Two good wins at Widnes, is difficult. They have got to keep it


going. Maybe it was almost a little bit of a Gould at the start because


people were looking for them in the way they came under the radar last


year? It puts pressure on them. There was no pressure on them at the


end of last year because they were on a roll. They have adjusted to it


and now they are winning. A few people saying Catalan looked a


bit disinterested? It was predominantly all French, which is


great for their game, but when you take people out, the half-back,


Jamie Peacock... Steve Menzies, the oldest in the


league, older than Jamie Peacock... Look at Anderson, Brent Webb, about


seven players out. They get a bit lost and they have to do a lot of


trouble. -- they have to do a lot of travel. This week is important for


them. They play York in the Challenge Cup, and it will give them


a bit of confidence. They have been decimated with injury and the


trouble. -- and the travel. They will always be vulnerable. It is not


that they are disinterested, they are not at the same level so they


are over exposed. Hopefully there will be some good


players returning? He has been a fantastic player in


the past couple of years. Scott is a leader. Brent Webb, maybe that is


why they looked disinterested. But when they get some of those players


we will see the true team. Scott will add to the team.


Gareth Ellis and made his debut for Hull. They were at home to London on


Friday night. It was a big win for them.


It was a big night for Hull. They had some marquee signings.


Crook came through last year and everyone said he was great. He is


Lee Crook's son, he has the size of his dad but has agility. They are a


team with Holdsworth back and Ellis back, they have a different


identity. You get these great players, and


then they get injured. Ellis, you cannot underestimate the impact he


will have. He will get an extra 5% out of the players round him. They


will want to play up to his standard. He is that kind of


inspiration. Although he might not set up tries, he will raise the team


and make everybody else play well around him because of the standards


he sets. You make a really good point. We


talk about forwards creating space and momentum, you talk about


Holdsworth. They have some real finishing touches there. Holdsworth


is the icing on the cake. Look at all these tries. He has had the


ball, committed defenders, seen this space. I can see big things down the


track. Hull will be happy because they have


had players out and they are still into the eight. They have a full


team back now. A quick word on London, a


consolation at the end. But they decided to quit and their mates and


did not do their job. Too many blokes out there who were prepared


to let their mates down? That is a pretty damning statement.


You cannot get any more harsh words from your coach than that. That is


something a coach might do privately but to do it publicly shows how


upset he was. Tony was very upset. Is that a kindly did move to see it


publicly? -- is that a calculated move.


It is honest. Widnes had players out again St Helens. And they may feel


the brunt of Bradford in the Challenge Cup. He has said, you have


got to step up. It is damning from a coach to come out and say that. But


it is humiliating for a player. We will see how they respond. Round


14 is behind us and as the teams had towards next round of the Challenge


Cup, let's check on the state of Don't forget, live coverage next


week of Huddersfield against Leeds in the fifth round of the challenge


cup on BBC One and BBC One H E at 2:15pm on Saturday afternoon. There


was a big meeting last week to talk about the future of Super League and


the structure of the tables. They are talking about two tables at the


top. We won't get into too much detail, but I gave you a blank sheet


as a player, what would you like to see them do?


I have been waiting to be asked this! It is great they are doing


something. I would like to see two leagues of 12, two Super League. We


did have a salary cap at 2.5 million, but allowed people to buy


two star players. But you could pay what every wanted for two


superstars. But allow everyone to spend 1.5 million. You would have a


top six play-off to end the season. And the bottom three from Super


League One and the top three from Super League two could have a play


off to see who goes up and who goes down. We have too many games where


there is nothing on the mind and it doesn't matter if you win or lose,


so that would improve. What would you do?


I can see this country, it is in the culture of most sports. But I have


also seen the fans being ripped off. At Castleford last year we decided


to let a few players go after the last ten games. Is that good for a


season ticket who buys a season ticket? If the stakes were higher,


in the situation where he says, my team has got to stay in this league


or it has to win to go to the next, I think it is important. The way it


is coming out at the moment, there will be great opportunities. Keep in


mind for clubs to go up or down, I think it will encourage more English


players to play the game. The players from Australia and New


Zealand won't come over because of the salary cap. The salary cap is so


high in Austria and you're it is Will it encourage more English


players? Not going to come back. Yes it will. We talk about players from


St Helens, and Warrington. There are good players in the championship and


that is an area we have to be pushing and breeding. Otherwise the


game will stagnate. Jamie, are you confident what you


get is what you want to see? I think it might be too complicated.


A piece of advice given to me is, Keep It Simple stupid. That could be


advice to some of the people running it. Make sure that people from


outside of the game can understand what we are doing.


Tanya Arnold presents highlights and analysis from the latest round of matches in Super League. Bradford Bulls take on Leeds Rhinos just 6 weeks after the sides played out a thrilling 18-18 draw at Headingley. Elsewhere Huddersfield take on Warrington, Wigan are at home to Salford and Catalan travel to Wakefield.

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