Episode 23 Super League Show

Episode 23

Highlights and analysis from latest round of matches in Super League. Featuring Wigan v St Helens, Huddersfield v Castleford and Warrington v Hull Kingston Rovers.

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we know who is third in line to the throne - but we are few weeks away


from finding out who's going to be crowned kings of the Super League.


With us assessing the action from 22 is Bryan Noble and Robbie


Hunter-Paul. Here is what is coming up. Historically, it is one of the


all-time classic Super League matchups, St Helens taking on Wigan.


It's make or break for Bradford. They look to stop the rot against


Hull. We go bowling with the early of the hottest derbies in the


fixture list - St Helens taking on Wigan. Saints could miss the


play-offs for the first time ever, and for Wigan, only two points will


do to stay ahead of the pack. Early in the season when they met, Wigan


came out on top. For Nathan Brown, there's more at stake this time than


local pride. It's quite an important game for both sides, but when you


look at the competition, where we are situated, picking up two points


obviously, to me, is more important than who we are playing. They have


never lost at Langtree Park but Sean Wayne knows they will need more than


history on their side to get the win. We need to be at our best


together and get two points. There's a lot of pride at stake and this is


a big game for both teams. It means a lot to the local lads and I


their Challenge Cup game in London next week. Hampshire is at full-back


for them. O'Brien at the back of scrum. Swift. He has got a bit of


room and he is over. What a return for Adam Smith. He has been on dual


registration at Whitehaven where, he has been creating headlines and here


he is at St Helens, doing exactly the same. A terrific opening try by


Swift. What a night. Two tries already. If this one is given. They


are going for the video here. They are looking for the obstruction. Did


Lomax take that catch on the outside shoulder of his man? Was Matthew


Smith guilty of moving in? The video referee says it is a try. And St


Helens are off to a flyer here. Already into double figures and two


have got the penalty here. Hampshire, obstructed, the shoulder


got in his way and Wigan get the penalty. It is taken quickly. Driven


hard. Wigan are desperate to get themselves on the board if they can.


Richards. In at the corner. Wigan have their opening try. And they are


back in the game. Well, it was the fancy footwork of Hampshire which


set things up here. You could see the St Helens men are moving in on


him and give the penalty away. Richards, an easy finish. One bright


star missing tonight, but Ryan Hampshire making his mark for Wigan.


They are beginning to build a game here. It's a tough old tackle going


in. But Wigan are back to the middle. He touches down. Charnley.


There has to be a question asked here. Who did this hit? Did it come


off the St Helens man? It looks like so the try is given. And Wigan have


Highlights and analysis from the latest round of matches in Super League.

Just two points separate the top three teams entering the final six rounds of the season. Leaders Wigan make the short journey to face St Helens, Huddersfield play Castleford and Warrington have a home game against Hull Kingston Rovers.

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