Episode 25 Super League Show

Episode 25

Highlights and analysis from the latest round of matches in the Super League. Including Huddersfield v Wigan, Hull KR v Hull FC, Wakefield v Warrington and St Helens v London.

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start of the play-offs, there are all sorts of issues to be decided.


We'll find out how all the clubs are shaping up, and for some forward


thinking we have two from the top. It has been a big weekend for the


leading clubs. Here is what is coming up.


The men in black top of the bill. It is first against second. Salford are


already alert for the visit of champions Leeds. And when push comes


to shove, the fight for bragging Just one point separated the top


three teams in Super League at the start of the weekend. The race for


the League Leaders Shield has rarely been this tight, but was likely to


loosen a little on Friday when the top two, Huddersfield and Wigan,


went head to head. Dave Woods was a long way to determining who


finishes top of the table in 2013. Andy Gregory with the Huddersfield


Giants of today, and some of the great names in Wigan's history


providing the guard of honour for the Wigan stars of today, hoping to


reclaim that top spot in the Super League table. A very good crowd here


today as well. Wigan, without three Huddersfield. Their staying power


questioned all season but close to the finishing line, they are still


but they are being tested, they are look. Little doubt that he prevented


the touchdown from there on in. It dropped on by Sam Powell. They are


going to have a look again. The video referee called into action.


The first question is offside, but Josh Charnley seems to be onside. If


he touched it, it went backwards. It might have come off a Huddersfield


hand, Powell can't believe his luck, with a solid enough touchdown, that


is confirmed, Wigan have the opening are going to have to wait. Offside


is the question again. Murphy is quite clearly on. It is a clean


enough catch and pick up, and a clean enough touchdown. It will be


Josh Charnley scoots away for an absolutely fabulous try! He has


scored plenty this season and plenty of those have been at the end of


some fantastic work on the inside. This was all down to his skills, his


powers of evasion and his speed at the end for a very memorable


touchdown. And they love it. He would have been proud of that, Billy


A little bit of entanglement. It will be a penalty for Huddersfield


here. He has to roll away, but the might of those Wigan defenders,


claim it! And it is given. Sheer determination from the second row


forward. Robinson involved, it might have been a forward pass, you know.


Have a look again at this. It is not going to alter the decision, it is a


forward pass, but Ferris did not in the ascendancy now. Well, he had


to try something creative here. The original creative kit came to


naught, but he caught it and scored concede another try, you would have


efforts of Josh Charnley, he has got it down, and the try is scored in


the end. It took some determination, attracting two defenders to him.


and claims the score. The referee again is asking the video referee to


have a look at this. Does he have control of the ball as he reaches


out over the line or has it come loose? It might have come loose. And


it is no try. It is the Huddersfield supporters who have their moment of


can see that it was. There has been some controversy, about shoulder


charges. Paul Anderson says, let's go for the two. It is just a matter


of eating of these extra seconds. It has been a fabulous night for the


Huddersfield Giants. Stand up for the league leaders!


Wigan, with a lot of yards to cover, but they are already celebrating


here. I think that will be the last act, I don't think they will have


time. The hooter sounds, and Huddersfield Giants with a huge


scalp. That might be one hand on the confidence, that you can come


through, against a team like Wigan? It was pretty big for us, we have


been in some big games this season I am sat next to a good friend of


mine. They always get a number on us, it is disappointing. We knew we


had to deliver in this game and change our mentality to give


ourselves a chance and fortunately for us, we stood up on Friday night.


Was there some talking after the Challenge Cup defeat? We went into


the game knowing that if we went into the right things, we would have


a chance but when we went into it, it all went out of the window. A


little bit of inexperience, we got the lead around. -- we got bullied


around. That is what was disappointed, we knew we had to


change our mentality to get through this game and we showed our intent


from the kick-off. We knew we were going to give them a game


straightaway and after half-time we could see getting closer and closer.


You looked like you were enjoying yourselves out there, there were


some nice tries. Some fantastic players, that is the good thing.


Even when Danny isn't putting in the best kicks, Scott comes up with


something magical. He was my man of the match by a long stretch. And


Aaron Murphy, he does well to finish this. You thought he would get


dragged over, but he didn't. Wigan had key names missing. They have


lost a few games of late. The last years, they have been the most


consistent side. I do not think there is any panic, it was a case of


Huddersfield playing well on the night. He will get his superstars


back soon. They will be a force to be reckoned with. Josh Charnley,


30th try of the season. His ratio of tries per games is incredible. This


try, not many players could have scored this. Evasion. There was a


nice swan dive. When you play them, you have to keep an eye on him.


Looking good for the World Cup? was fantastic. The Super League


season, it has been especially good with youngsters coming through with


people stepping on to the mark. Putting their name forward for the


World Cup. It is exciting to see. And for the rest of the regular


season, focusing on each game and to get the shield. We have been going


one game at a time. We have three tough games now. History will prove


these are the games we would lose. People are waiting for us to taper


off. We have not done it yet, we do not intend to. It is in an our


hands, the League Leaders Shield. We have not achieved anything that we


would have liked to have done, and we are desperate for that. Plenty of


attention then on Wigan and Huddersfield, but Warrington


continue to breathe right down the necks of the top two, you played


Wakefield on Saturday. You played Wakefield, what was your


verdict? Scrappy. It showed in the performance when Garth pulled out.


We were lucky to go in at half-time winning. We just did enough. We did


not really excel. I don't either coach was particularly happy. It was


two points. We keep the pressure on Huddersfield. We would like the


shield ourselves. It is great Huddersfield are there. Not just the


usual suspects. We would like to overtake them, but it is great they


are there. What did you make of Wakefield? They needed to win. They


had a good run. Last year, they timed their runs great. This year,


it looked like it would be the same with the play-offs. Being pipped by


two points here and four points there. It is a tough place to go to


Warrington, and get a result. have got your own superstar winger.


His tries ratio to games is fantastic. Two He has signed an


extension. Wakefield, I think their season has gone in terms of making


the play-offs. A few injured. Should everybody be back soon? He had a


recurrence of his knee problem. It does not look good for him, Richard.


I should be back, this Thursday would be too soon, but the week


after Wembley. I think Ryan Atkins is back at the same time. We are


looking healthy and good at the moment.


So it continues to be tight at the top, but let's find out how the rest


of the Super League Clubs got on at play-off points with a Hull derby at


Craven Park. It is friends reunited at Salford. Could they produce a


Super League surprise? And the best of the rest. Tries and more besides


Back to back wins against Hull and Wakefield had pulled Bradford to


within striking distance of the play-off places. The Bulls were


looking for a third consecutive victory when Catalan were there on


Sunday, and they got off to a flying start. They got off to a flyer. This


is a strange game. You expect Bradford Bulls to come away with a


victory because Catalan have been so poor recently. Playing against


ourselves, they seemed at sea. They were not cohesive. They did not seem


to have the passion. Bradford, 18-4 at half-time, which is ridiculous.


There should be no getting back from there, but Catalans put in decent


performances and got tries and got confidence. Scoring lovely tries.


They looked comfortable, in charge, but they seem to switch off. Right


at the end of the game. Catalan came back into it. Leon Pryce showing


skill. Webb coming back. Bradford looked in control. It looked like


they would go on to win it. It is a great result. When you look at


Catalan and their form, and did you think they could come back? They are


not in great form. This sport is about momentum and form and the way


they came back, being beaten by the scoreline, it was a fantastic


achievement and it will give them hope to get back to that. It was


D-day for the Hull clubs who met for the third time this season, with one


win apiece from their two meetings so far. The Black and Whites are


heading to Wembley of course, but could they keep up with their local


rivals in the play-off race? Dave going at each other's throats for


a punch up before this match and it is threatening to boil over here.


The referee has control. Just. Some self-policing going on. This is the


the advertising hoardings went over. It is a yellow card and Hodgson is


sin-binned. Both sides down to 12. wherewithal to catch it again.


the advantage play. Briscoe gets under way. That was a good off-load.


Miller reaches. He will claim the Arundel picked it up cleanly. It


getting their name on the decided a penalty to Hull Kingston


Rovers. They go for the two points. A chance for Dobson. A half-time


referee is looking for the potential penalty try. That went backwards. He


grabbed hold. Did he stop him scoring a certain try? The referee


has given a penalty try. Without doubt, he tackled a man without the


Intercepted by Whiting. He is not blessed with the greatest speed. He


has found support. Shaul scores. The length of the field. The second try


in six minutes. They seem to have grabbed the game by the scruff of


Arundel, he went on the inside between two defenders. Hull Kingston


Rovers have not had their hands on the ball. Between these two scores.


In the space of those minutes, surely putting themselves well in


Walker. Over the line. They are not giving up. There is a hint of a


possibility of Hull Kingston Rovers They claimed it was forward.


Whiting. His 200th Super League appearance today. That will not


please the Hull Kingston Rovers touches down. The grounding was


fine. He is clearly onside. And the try is given.


It has not been their day, Hull The last seconds of the game. But


Travis Burns is sin-binned. The hooter has sounded. The final


successful kick. That was a Hull FC lip -- leapfrog their


result like that? We spoke about momentum and form and it was


important they put in good performances before Wembley. That


will have done their confidence good to beat a team of that quality.


the downside, it looked like a nasty injury for Tom Lynam. He has been a


shining light and one of the standout players in super league. It


is a shame to see him pick up a knock like that. I think that game


lacked a bit of intensity. Those fights, really most intense part of


them. Hull KR have picked up the odd injury, how do you see them towards


the end of the season? They are very dangerous still. They are not a team


with strength in depth so when you do get players injured, it they do


struggle. When they get the full quota on the field fit and healthy


they are a match for anyone. They beat us this year, whoever gets them


will be in for a tough game. You have to go back to the 27th of


April for the last time London celebrated a Super League win, that


was against St Helens at the Stoop. It was the return fixture on Friday,


and a different result this time. I thought after their humiliating


defeat in the Challenge Cup semifinal, they showed a real


improved performance against Leeds now, some of the form throughout the


year, this is a bit of a result for London, really. But they are


struggling at the minute, struggling to compete with teams, it is not the


end of the world for them but they will want to be finishing the season


with a lot more pride in their jersey. Saints almost going under


the radar with all the problems they had, beginning to play really well.


They have won six or seven on the bounce now, people aren't talking


about them but they seem to have brought the youngsters through, they


have persevered with them, there are so many injuries but they have made


sure they get the lads into the team nice and early, get a bit of


experience and coming into the back end, they are looking pretty


dangerous. They are a threat to anyone. We have a new team-mate of


yours coming up in a minute, he has been a fantastic winger, Francis


Meli. Fantastic winger, very strong, he will be a great asset to the


than a trip to Greater Manchester. Not only have the Champions made Old


Trafford their second home in recent seasons, but they've not lost at


Salford for 20 years. The City Reds are expecting some big changes over


the winter, but with two home games to go, were hoping to go out with a


bang in 2013. There have been a lot of good things happening off the


field and particularly on it, we struggled last week but in the


second half, some really positive signs.


Our form hasn't been that bad, we snatched defeat from the jaws of


victory once, but some of the pennies are starting to drop.


Considering the team we were left with after the players left, we have


had an average season, I think. We can't talk on next season yet


because they're not letting us know until after the last game who they


are signing for next year. We have announced the signing of


three quality players, we have already signed four more, and I'm


looking forward to signing. We are in the process of chasing three


world-class players, should I get one or two of them, anything is


possible. What comes in, comes in. There is no


point trying to bust your salary cap, because it can't be done on two


players. Experience with youth makes a good match.


I think we're going in the right direction now, definitely.


I think the injuries we have had, the young lads we have, we have done


brilliantly. It is looking good for the future, there are good lads


coming through. Make one or two signings for next year and we will


finish top. The young ones are good, they are


going to give the older ones are run for their money but there are still


a lot of life left. We are playing a champion team


tonight, they turn up at the right times of the year, they have some


real quality around their best players, a slightly different


challenge to the Catalan challenge. We are looking forward to it.


It was a landmark evening for Kevin Sinfield, making his 400th Super


Leeds are through with Sutcliffe. He dummies to his left, passes to


Watkins who will score on the left-hand side, right in the corner.


Great try for the Leeds Rhinos. Leeds upped a gear and went ahead.


He will go over in the corner, he took the pass from Watkins, and


Hardacre has increased the Leeds Having spent much of the first half


in Leeds territory, Salford finally got some reward with Gibson pouncing


on an error to give the home fans hope. However, Leeds responded with


a trademark try. Borrow with the try, half an hour.


He was at the centre of things again before half-time, giving the score a


one-sided look that didn't reflect Salford's battling performance. He


scores the first try of the second half for the Leeds Rhinos. They are


definitely going to win this one now. Salford kept going and got some


reward ten minutes into the second half. Gaskell scored the outstanding


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


when this move broke down, they were Midway between the right-hand


touchline and the posts. Leeds have scored again, 34-10 they lead.


Salford still refused to buckle, and this exchange of passes saw the


young French scrum-half dart through to score, but the last word went to


Leeds. a bit, but they have world-class


players and when it got difficult, they showed up and made game


breaking play. Reid puts a lopsided effect on the scoreline because I


thought we completed the long periods and were threatening


ourselves, just didn't quite have the arsenal they had. -- it probably


puts a lopsided effect on the scoreline. We made the gap probably


a bit bigger than I thought it should have been on the night.


The most pleasing thing for me was our defence. We had to repel a fair


amount of Salford's attack, they can score some tries, I thought some of


their players were pretty good, and Gaskell at the back terrorises a


bit. We had to come up with the goods defensively. When asked those


questions, we had to come up with some stuff offensively. That is


where we fell down a bit. Some well worked tries, some athletic tries as


well, some of our athletes get given the ball in some areas of the field,


they come up with special stuff. We can't rely on that. I like to think


we would come up with one or two of those towards the back end of the


year. If we can come up with them in home for next season? No, I didn't.


It has been a dream of mine to represent my hometown as a


professional. I didn't think it was going to happen in my career but the


timing was right, I have the opportunity next year so I'm


excited. It must be exciting hearing the names that are being linked with


the club. They will be very competitive next year. I still have


a couple of commitments, but when I have played my final game, I am sure


I will get really excited. You are one of the names I haven't heard


linked? I think he has lost my number! I sure he has it locked away


somewhere. Is it exciting seeing a club building? Super League could do


with Salford being a stronghold again. It is very similar to


Warrington's turnaround, when they got the new stadium, they got


increased attendances, they are a powerhouse now, so Salford could be


the next Warrington, but everything is all set up. It just needs a


competitive team, I am sure the spectators will come back and it


could be anything. Finally this week it's Widnes


against Castleford, not a huge amount to play for in this one, but


plenty of tries. Not one for people who are experts in different! --


People falling off tackles, not the prettiest game in the world. That


was disappointing, but it is good to see a few decent tries along the


way. But it just seems like it is last-ditch efforts, they weren't


interested in them. Not having relegations, there is not that much


to fight for, and teams are a little bit too happy for my liking just to


get through the games and not put too much emphasis on it. You want


intense games throughout the season, to make it really interesting. You


want to see teams battling for everything. Work on defence is going


to be crucial, you can't lose this many tries. I don't need to be too


disrespectful, because both sides haven't got much to fight for, but


you would expect a little bit better from both teams. If you haven't got


anything, then what is the point? Next year, if you want to achieve


something, defences can't be like this.


Gareth Hock is a player who is exceptional on his day. World-class


player. He has had his troubles over the past few years, but when the


performance is like this, you have to say he will have to be in Steve


McNamara's plans. Whenever he has played he has been outstanding.


Widnes got themselves back in front. Dennis Best said they crumbled


mentally. To score 38, you think that be enough to win any game, but


it has been their problem all year. -- you think that would be enough.


They can score points but they also let in a lot, same with Castleford,


really. They can score points, but they have been letting into many


themselves. It wasn't a classic game in terms of the defensive efforts by


some great tries on show and some good skill. And Widnes have a


turnaround for Thursday night as well. You would like to think this


one would be a bit tighter. Warrington will be expecting to come


away with a victory, you can't blame them, especially after seeing


performances like this, but this is where it can be troublesome, where


you think you have got a team who come up with a team who make it


difficult for you. Sometimes the lower teams cause you trouble. I'm


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


Salford but you have been linked with going down under, are you


going? Not yet, although the sunshine does sound appealing. I


have a couple of years at Huddersfield. Would it appeal to


you? It would appeal to any Super League player, a rugby player, these


are the things you want to do, it is about life experience and why not?


Tanya Arnold presents highlights and analysis from the latest round of matches in the Super League. Two of the title contenders go head-to-head as Huddersfield travel to Wigan, and one of the most anticipated derbies of the season comes around again as Hull KR host Hull FC. Elsewhere, Wakefield are away to Warrington and St Helens face London at Langtree Park.

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