Episode 3 Super League Show

Episode 3

Highlights and analysis from the third round of fixtures in the Super League. Including Warrington Wolves at home against Catalan, Leeds v Salford and Wigan v Huddersfield.

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Hello. We have reached round three of the 2013 season, the World Club


Challenge is just around the corner, but first, a feisty round of Super


League fixtures to bring you. We are joined by Eorl Crabtree and Ian


Millward. Will Warrington end Catalans


Dragons' perfect start? It is Bradford against Castleford


in a Saturday night special. And we catch up with Rangi Chase,


We'll get started with the action from Warrington, where Catalans


Dragons were the Friday night foes. They brought a 100% record over


from France, hoping to write another chapter in their short but


Another chapter opens, the great adventure opens again. They began


Super League life with victory over Wigan. The start of seven dramatic


Catalans Dragons try everything! There is still an opportunity! My


tested. Catalans Dragons have two victories under their belts so far


this season. It's the first time they have come up against a giant.


appreciates an excellent finish from the Australian. He was on


target against Wigan last week, and he starts tonight with another


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 53 seconds


tackle. Leon Pryce seemed to walk foot is in touch. The referee has


given head and feet to Warrington at the scrum. He has lost


possession. It is an extraordinary much controversy. How were


Warrington given that? It is all about a potential obstruction in


is confirmed. Perhaps an explanation. Did Damien Blanch get


a hand to that? Even that is not cut and dried. Does the ball change


flight? It does not seem so. Thirty minutes played. Warrington probably


it will be a third Warrington try. Two in two minutes, and Warrington


are firmly in charge. Richie Myler in very good support. Three tries


Catalans Dragons are penalised, holding on for too long. It is a


yellow card for Brent Webb. The second effort from the Catalans


in the sin-bin. It is a push that though Chris Riley had him covered,


but Damien Blanch, with terrific power and total determination. He


given them head and feed at the scrum. He had all the time in the


world. Two tries for Damien Blanch. His side are right back in


give up, and everybody else might have done. He might have got a try


back. The offside/onside looks to be OK. Did he touch the ball down


before it hit the whitewash? Did he have control? He has got a hold of


it. He has got it down. It is a try Westwood and Brent Webb. The


punches are raining in. The referee stands and watches. The bodies are


being dragged off, the touch judges come on. Brent Webb and Ben


Westwood seem to be having words. A slap on the face from one, a punch


from the other. Ben Westwood bundled it forward. Manhandled to


the ground. Not too much on to ward off. The yellow card has been shown


for Brent Webb. The second time in the game that he will spend time in


the sin-bin. Warrington, likewise, down to 12, Ben Westwood also in


running out. Catalans Dragons looking to go down with a fight, at


running out, perhaps too little, They say a sign of a good side is


winning ugly, and Warrington did that. They are expected to be title


favourites. They did not purchase any players. They have got more


experienced players than any other, but they complement each other so


well, their ability to absorb pressure and be clinical with the


ball. They are the cutting edge. They did not start the season with


friendlies. They have handled it well. We saw another bit of


handbags in that one. We saw something similar in the Widnes


against St Helens game. Yes, it was a bit more than handbags, I reckon.


It is good to see as a player. Brent Webb can be very niggly. You


do not want to see it every week, but you have got to stamp it out.


This is where the referees have got to come into it. A bit of


frustration in the game when players are getting away with that


stuff. The old magician, Lee Briers, not involved, but Richie Myler took


his chance. What they would have acknowledged is the influence of


Brett Hodgson, their experienced full-back. He has a major hand in


the tries, his decision making is very good, and I am sure he has a


big influence. Brett Hodgson will be 35, like Lee Briers, so we


should see the other players stand up. It is about time. There will be


more emphasis in the coming years. With Brett Hodgson and Lee Briers,


they are two of the best, especially with Paul in hand. --


ball in hand. More shortly. That defeat for Catalans Dragons left


Huddersfield as the only 100% side left. They put their perfect record


on the line with Wigan coming to town. No Sam Tomkins. It turned


into another big afternoon for were quickest out of the traps. Two


for it on Scott Grix. Slide in for the try. But the Giants quickly


found their feet. It is Giants 4 Wigan 10. A try for the Giants.


Right underneath. Having converted both tries, the Giants had their


noses in front and had a chance to extend their lead further, Jason


Chan Faurlin subject to a high tackle. Danny Brough securing


Tomkins, who pulled out before kick-off with a shoulder injury.


Despite continuous pressure from last year's league leaders, it was


Huddersfield with the chance to move six points clear. This time


the kick was 40 metres out. No mistake from Brough, but there was


still time for one final try. Maghull Moram is chasing down. He


scores the try that sealed the Another big win for your boys. You


normally do start the season well, but do you sense this year feels a


little bit different already? hope so. The quality of the play


we've got at the club this period to the years that have gone by. I


don't mean to be disrespectful to the players that were there before,


but there's something a bit different this year. We have a


better feeling, quality and strength throughout the whole squad.


Hopefully we can take it a little bit further than just halfway


through the season. Eorl is obviously involved in looking in


from the outside. Can you see a difference? Everyone brings


different philosophies to their coaching. Paul's philosophy is


being more direct. He has bought some people with size and his front


row. They've always had good halves. If you go through... Going forward,


it complements them really well. Brough can take on the front


forward and really dominate. There is a difference, but that's the


beauty of sport. Obviously it suits Paul, too, because he's a guy who


likes to get the ball in the middle and bring defenders in. -- Eorl.


word from you. Shaun Lunt said less is more, and you are having more


rest between games this year and feel more energised. Is that true?


Yes, for me, it's a lot better having players around who can do


their job just as well or if not better at times. It's a bit of a


relief. Instead of playing 80 minutes, it's only playing half the


game. It takes less toll on my body throughout the year. Let's see if


the Giants can carry it on. The last time St Helens were in action


at Langtree Park, they left the field to a chorus of boos. That was


after an opening-night defeat to Huddersfield. They had a draw


against Hull on Friday. Ian, this was some result, some game. It was.


New coach Nathan Brown's first season. They've got to take into


account he's playing a different style. It's taking a while for them


to understand him. That try, that is special. Typical Saints play,


well-orchestrated play on the left. They put three tries on in about 15


minutes, Saints. Turner going over pretty easily on the inside


shoulder of the defender. I saw you playing there in pre-season. In


fact, you didn't play but your team-mates were there. It was very


one-sided in St Helens' way, but you turned them over with relative


ease. Yes. Here are two really good-quality teams that are going


to be here at the end of the season. I think Saints are just finding


their feet a bit. They look good in patches. Unfortunately, they


couldn't keep up for the whole game. This was the kick that could have


won it. That went badly wrong. he did have a couple of shots later


on to square it up. I think Nathan was pretty happy with the draw.


It's a tough road trip. He would have thought, "Well, I've got to


improve my team". Holdsworth is there. They've got a new full-back.


Still some teams starting to get used to each other. Honours even at


Langtree Park. We've had plenty of talking points


so far and we are not even halfway through the highlights from round


three. Will the Tigers be terrific, or will it be the Bowles night at


Bradford? -- Bulls'. We are on the case with Rangi Chase, Castleford's


top man, on Super League life. And try these for size. The best and


the rest of the round three Congratulations to Hull Kingston


Rovers, who secured their first win of the season on Sunday. It was


their first Super League success since the end of delight. They were


Yes, they seemed to find it really easy. It wasn't that they were


creating many overlaps or gaps, it was just a case of one-on-one


misses and mistakes. 34-0 up at half-time. Last season they were


very good at home. Their defence wasn't consistent. They are


probably asking those questions themselves. That wasn't a great


moment there. Both blokes have got him tackled. But you are not


getting your technique right. They are pushing through easy at the


moment. When you go to Hull KR and you are down like that, it is


damage control. You are trying but you are all over the shop.


Defensively, that happened a few times last year to Widnes, they


lost consistency. Hock with the try. Hull KR at Salford next week. With


all due respect to Salford, they will see that as an opportunity to


move up the table. I would have liked to have thought so. I've


watched a couple of games, they were pretty poor. But they have


still a lot to work on, because you can never take these teams lightly.


Sandercock needed this. Yes, I watched the game with Wakefield


live, there wasn't a lot in it. They just weren't consistent, but


they weren't far off the mark. They were hard to beat at home.


Now to the story of Rangi Chase. The New Zealand-born England


international was the man of the season. He struggled to back that


up at a far from golden 2012. He looks to regain his status as one


2011 was a good year for myself. Picking up Man of Steel was great,


I didn't think I was going to do it. I was very humbled. It was a big


moment for me, it is something I will remember for the rest of my


life. It's something I want to do again. We play a good attacking


style. I get to touch the ball a lot, probably three or four times a


set. I've gradually improved as a player, instead of just playing on


instincts all the time. I was just so confident. The fans and my team-


mates had a lot to do with that. When the crowd was behind me it was


an awesome feeling. I've never experienced that before. They love


Last season, as a team that was pretty bad. For me as an individual,


it wasn't too good as well. I found it hard to adapt to the structures.


I wasn't 100% into it. I wasn't happy. It was seen in my


performances. Sometimes I'd just give up. I couldn't and didn't want


to be there sometimes. Frustrated at myself and team-mates. I


probably spat the dummy when I should have been a man and just got


on with it. Off the field I wasn't doing the right things. I picked up


a few injuries, got suspended a couple of times. It wasn't good at


the time. A lot of stuff going around that unsettled me. But


looking back it's good because the things I was going through, I found


it hard to cope. Now I know what I need to fix. It was a bit of a


wake-up call. I could lose what I've dreamed of doing just like


that. I can't be doing the things I was doing off the field and stuff


like that. If I keep doing it I will have nothing. It's made me


grateful for where I am today. I had my first baby boy last year. He


has settled me down. It has made it sink in how lucky I was and how


lucky I am. I've got a family, got a wife. It's made me realise what


We are not really related, we are like brothers, really. His mum and


dad call me son. They took me in when my grandparents passed away.


They looked after me. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them. And


obviously for Weller as well. We are living here, living the dream


together, playing profession all together. It means a lot to us.


We've both got young families. It's going to be something we look back


on when we get a bit older and have From us this year, you can expect a


lot of improvement. A better team performance. We are all happy with


the team, the way we are going. There's a positive feeling around


the club and the town. We've bought well. Everyone has a role to do. It


is not just relying on me all the time. With the way we play, there's


opportunities everywhere if you do it right. For me, it's more about


what I do off the field. Doing the little things, because I know if I


do those things I will play well. I've got to be more of a leader,


put more quality into my game. I've got to cut the errors out.


Hopefully I can show the form I had There's always speculation. I think


the guys will speculate, but they need a new job because they always


get it wrong. Ninety per cent of the rumours were made up. It gets


the fans unsettled, and I need them to be on our side. It sort of made


it look like I wanted to leave when I didn't. I'm 100% settled here. My


Ian, you watched that with great interest. What was your reading of


what you heard? Words can be pretty cheap. He's backed those words up


with action. His pre-season has been outstanding, on and off the


field. He's been the person that I really respected as a player. He's


been a leader. Last week against Leeds, the two tries we scored, he


had a major hand in it. But he's also had a major hand in our team


meetings and the way that a professional should go about his


business. I can only applaud him for the way he has sat back and


looked at himself. Here is the best and worst of Rangi Chase from that


game. I love this. The no-look pass. It's NBA basketball. Brilliant.


He's so talented as a player, we expect it all the time now. What


happened here? If Hardaker is beaten to it and he's our last line,


we took some stuff in judiciary which doesn't fully explain his


situation. Let's not premeditate it. The Leeds players reacted angrily.


Not at the time, in the press conference afterwards, when they'd


lost the game. I would like to say this. Rangi Chase, any player, if


you make contact with the head of someone, whether it is careless or


reckless, the rules are in place that it is a penalty. But you've


got to be judged a bit on that. If someone could sit down and we could


show them all the stuff we came up with... But we accept it and get on


with it. On Rangi Chase, he is so talented. What you want him to do,


you want him to be the icing on the cake for us. Probably last year he


was doing everything, now we are getting him to be the icing. It's


what he's good at. No Rangi Chase for the Tigers' trip to Bradford on


Saturday. Gareth O'Brien left the game injured as well. It was a


Banstead. -- bounced it. Steve Ganson wants the video replay. That


suggests he bounced the ball, no try, but not a bad effort by Jarrod


Ganson is asking the question. Did that come off a Bradford hand and


go forward, or was it a Castleford high hand knocking it backwards?


There is a debate to be had. The try is confirmed. Bradford open the


to Castleford, and he has put Bradford on a warning. Repeated


infringements. Another six tackles for Castleford. Jamie Ellis is over.


Castleford bringing it back. You can see what that means to the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 53 seconds


looked to have been a forward pass in the build-up. The video referee


cannot judge on a forward pass. The question is about offside. He looks


as though he is a stride behind, it is a yellow card for Justin


Carney. Castleford are down to 12 All of the Castleford players on a


warning. They cannot commit another and Jamie Ellis is off for ten


minutes. Literally, within seconds of the team being put on an endgame,


Jimmy Ellis commits the offence, and the bench cannot believe it. --


on a warning. Chev Walker is in, with a try that puts daylight


for the Bradford Bulls. He is tearing them to shreds, Brett


You went through a range of emotions. That was a tough one,


after what you did against Leeds Rhinos. When you are down to 11 men


against 13, it gets easy for them. There is something in the game at


the moment, I thought we were doing really well, at 12-12 it was a


really good game, but at 20-12, there was nothing in it. These are


the players going in the sin-bin. He is the last line of defence.


There has been an indiscretion. The biggest problem I have is this. I


am not sure... When they put them on the one, the next incident,


sometimes they are so minor, they are not appropriate for the sin-bin.


-- on a warning. Some of them, the referee got it wrong. People pay


good money to watch, and you look at that, 11 against 13... I am not


a great believer. It puts pressure on the referees, and when they get


it wrong, it puts pressure on the teams. We are not getting the right


consistency. It is a big talking point. Bradford took their chances


very well. The fixture list has not been kind to you. I am really


pleased, the way we are going. We did really good at Warrington, and


we beat Leeds Rhinos. We showed a lot more steel and commitment, and


you can see the boys are working hard for each other. Things will


fall into place. You had a few interesting chats. I said, come and


sit with us, because he is knowledgeable, he gets frustrated.


He misses the game. Gareth O'Brien gets knocked out. He is champing at


the bit. He looked like it, he looked like he went through the


emotions. On Friday, it is the World Club


Challenge, Leeds Rhinos against Melbourne Storm. They warmed up


with a home game against Salford on Friday. It was not all one-way


traffic, but it was a comfortable minutes in, Stevie Ward with his


first try of the season, and the first of seven on the night for the


Leeds Rhinos. Leeds Rhinos might have scored the second try. Joel


Moon, against his former side. looked like it might be a rout, but


Salford had other ideas. He has given the ball off. Has the try


being given? Yes, Salford have only Salford score back-to-back tries.


Salford conceded again. Joel Moon found his way over the line for the


second time on the night, his third try for the club since moving to


Headingley over the winter. Back- to-backs scores from Paul McShane


put Leeds Rhinos out of sight. is over the line. Ashley Gibson


scored his second of the night, before Kevin Sinfield took Leeds


Rhinos past 40 points for the first time this season. That has been the


Easy enough for the Leeds Rhinos, ten defeats in a row for Salford.


There was an injury. It was a shocking game to watch. After the


first five minutes, it went downhill. I ended up doodling


halfway through the first half. Zak Hardaker, that is an important


injury, because they do not seem to have anybody obvious to replace him.


Wakefield went to London last season and they were whitewashed,


but they are a different proposition these days. It was


sweet revenge this time. You can look at the structure, and what we


call the running lines and the execution, very clinical. They get


in the right position. We have all seen a couple of these clips. We


thought it was a bit easier. It is always a tough trip down to London.


It lacks a bit of atmosphere, and there is the journey down. But I


did not see them revving up in this game. If you are looking at school,


you would think Wakefield were really good. The crowd was less


than 2,000. London have always had problems with that. It is


disappointing. We are trying to expand the game, to get people to


get behind it. There is only one team down there. You would expect a


few more to get there. Richard Agar taking over the coaching of the


French national side. It is a good appointment. Most of the players


play for Catalans Dragons. It gives him a great chance to see them, and


it is a tournament at the end of the year, it is a good move. A big


task for Richard Agar. You are up- to-date with all of the key moments


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 53 seconds


A final word on Friday night at Headingley, I cannot wait, it is


going to be a big one. Fitness, better preparation, I will go for


Melbourne. I do have to say Melbourne, but do not write off the


Tanya Arnold presents highlights and analysis from the third round of matches in Super League. Warrington Wolves, who were the pre-season favourites for the title, have a home game against Catalan. Champions Leeds face Salford at Headingley and Wigan travel to Huddersfield.

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