Episode 5 Super League Show

Episode 5

Highlights and analysis from the fifth round of the Super League. Including Leeds Rhinos v St Helens, Huddersfield v Bradford, Wigan v Castleford and Hull KR v Warrington.

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Hello. It was one of those weeks where just about every match in


Round 5 had an incredible story attached to it. Rugby League


proving itself to be unpredictable. Iestyn Harris and Robbie Hunter-


Paul are here to make sense of the week's events. Here's what's coming


It's a battle in black and white as Hull FC travel to Widnes Vikings.


There's a clash of the Super League titans as St Helens host Leeds. And


going back to the beginning. Wigan's Sean O'Loughlin finds his


We start with the developments at Salford, whose coach Phil Veivers


was relieved of his duties on Sunday. The City Reds have lost


four of their opening five games, and have won just once since the


end of July. Robbie, you're a former Salford player. They have a


new ambitious owner. This is not surprising. To be honest, you would


expect something like this to be on the cards. At this time of the


season, you always tend to see something is going to happen. Maybe


the supporters are calling for it, maybe they have some body lined up.


That's the big question. I am a little bit surprised. You have to


have a huge sympathy for Phil Veivers. He had no squad and could


not recruit anybody. It's very, very harsh in my opinion. He had a


lot to deal with it. The club were in administration for months and


months. No recruitment. It's very difficult, there's a lot of doubt


between the players. A lot of his time would been spent giving them


confidence to keep working because the season was coming around. Five


games in and he lost his job. I think it's very hard. I feel for


Salford did not look great, did they? No, they didn't. There wasn't


a lot in the game between the two sides. We played London last week.


They played extremely well in that game and started to find some form.


They are going to score plenty of points. Phil did not deserve to


lose his job after this. They won last week and should have had more


confidence going into this. Going into this one, I think they had a


bit of disruption. Jodi was stuck in traffic. They had to make some


last minute changes. That type of thing never helps the team in their


preparations going into a match. Jodi was the player of the season


last year and does a lot of work coming in off the edge. A great


player. Yes, you can expect them to grow a bit. Maybe there was some


uncertainty hanging over the club which rubbed off on the players


themselves. Maybe this is not as big a shock as we think. Maybe


these things have been going on in the system and at the start of the


Who next? That's a very difficult question. The usual suspects. It's


a good job to get. You would expect a big name? A big name? There's


plenty of big-name players being bandied around. You would expect a


big-name coach to come in. It's going to be a difficult job because


they are a club who want instant success. To get instant success,


you have got to work at it. Machin will want to do the World


Cup Down Under. Yes, he wants to do the world Cup and then Super League


is an option for him. There is a lot of work to do. They want some


stability there and to get some performances in the next few weeks


before they think about the long- term future. I bet his CV is going


to Salford. Widnes fans have finally had the chance to see Kevin


Brown in their famous black and white colours. The former


Huddersfield half back made his injury-delayed debut for the


Vikings on Saturday night, when Hull were the visitors to the


Stobart Stadium. Widnes coach Denis Betts was delighted to have Brown


available, but remained a little cautious. The boost of Kevin Brown


coming into the side is going to be huge. You have got to be careful


about what impact he is going to have. He will have impact on the


side. He has not played for a long time. He has been out of the


training environment for a couple of months because of his ankle


injury. It's going to take time for him to bed in. He will be a big


their first home win of this new season. It is a Hull side looking


to recover from the second half capitulation against Warrington


last week. Kevin Brown makes his long awaited debut for Widnes


on the ball in these early stages so a big test for them. Here is


Danny Hutton from dummy half. He has kept it alive. They are


queueing up. It's a question of who. He gets the night's first try. It


was all too easy here for Hull. Warner does well to get in the way.


Westerner takes his chance. Here is Clarke. It has been lively stuff so


far, hasn't it? Magner looking wider still. Into the hands of


Paddy Flynn, who is over. Crashing in, Paddy Flynn. Try confirmed.


Widnes had their response. Flynn with a very good finish given the


number of defenders there trying to Danny Hutton. Squeezing into the


left-hand side. Second try for Hull. Looks like they are meaning


business here tonight. They have silenced this home crowd. One of


their close season signings with of this defence. It is intercepted


here by Paddy Flynn. Not so much as intercepted as thrown to him. The


chase is on. Flynn moves away and scores a length of the field to try


to send the home crowd into raptures. Apart from a 90 minutes


or so he had to run, this was a gift. Just thrown into his hands by


Seymour. Paddy Flynn had to put his foot down and finish. A really good


chase. He came a long way but could not quite get there. Flynn, with


Hull. You can see that two of them standing shoulder to shoulder. You


can't do that. He gets a penalty. Gareth Hock. Terrific. Phelps with


the corner. Has he got there? We remember last season. The corner


flag was not in play but look at the end. But here Gareth Hock gets


the opening in the first place. Was this a good enough finish? The feet


again. Where is it coming down? Into the hands of Chris Dean. Kevin


Brown's kick. Dean with the catch. Flat footed. There were plenty in


white but what a determination from side. Kevin Brown has gone down and


he looks to be in a bad way. Have a look at this. Johnson's swinging


leg accidentally caught Kevin Brown and it looks like he might have


played his last here. That is worrying for Denis Betts that his


big signing is being helped off. Clarke. It is another chance. It is


another try for Phelps. Second of the night for him. Three tries


unanswered in the second half for Widnes. They are moving closer and


closer to the promised land of pace. And a good finish, too. They


are having a look again here. Obstruction. Was the defender


jumping into the attacker there? Horne appeared around the back of


it. Phil Bentham. They are going to roll this on to the ground. The


referee looks like he's happy with the obstruction. This should be a


Hull try. It is, and they are back in the game again. Here is Clarke.


Cross standing to his right. He wants that ball. He pushes a couple


away. He is over! Again, there is a question to be posed about the


grounding this time. That looks OK. And the try is confirmed. It was


less than OK here. It was Hull's a go from dummy half. Hull hanging


on, just about keeping him at bay. Gareth Hock looks like he might


have got the ball over. The referee is not sure. Have a look at the


ground, he says. Double movement is a possibility. Gareth Hock again, a


bundle of energy as he reaches for the line. Desperately trying to


keep him away. Was that a double moment? The referee says no. Gareth


Hock has his try and confirmation that witness will have their first


A cracking win, Iestyn. A very good win, they finished bottom of the


pile last year, two wins this time, moving forward. They look as though


they have improved from the season before. It is looking positive for


them. First game back, a nasty ankle injury. Very tough for Widnes,


especially Kevin, looking at the social media, a lot of the players


were wishing him the best of luck. An operation during the off-season,


first game back. A marquee player, like they mention. Obviously going


into the game, he was unlucky, the next one around, it's the ankle,


really bad, and I think it is the same one he had the operation on in


the first place, so I am disappointed for him. Iestyn, we


saw the good and not so good side of Gareth Hock. A mercurial player.


On his day, he is very good, look at the float, that is him at his


best. We know he can do that. He does have a tendency to give away


silly penalties, but it is a very good signing for the club. He is


one of the players who can score Peter Gentle was extremely damning


of his players afterwards, some familiar faces making the same


mistakes, time to bring in players who will get the message. Tough


words. He is setting out his stable, saying, guys, you have got to step


up. Missing two marquee players, he has got it tough, Gareth Ellis back


from Down Under, injured in the opening game, during the warm-up,


and that is a big hole in their side. But he expects more from the


players he has got at the moment. If you look at the statistics, they


got out to a great start, they let the game slip from them, and that


is really disappointing. Seymour was involved in a car crash at the


weekend, his injuries are not thought to be life-threatening, but


we wish him a speedy recovery. Hull KR were hoping for an improvement


on the early form, one win from four, Warrington travelled east,


and it was the result of the They have been under pressure, Hull


KR, they have been feeling it internally, so this is a great win


for them. Warrington hit back, licking their wounds a little bit,


a few players out, but they have still got some great players,


They had enough players to win the game, so they will be disappointed,


Warrington did take the lead, but Hull KR just took over, didn't


they? What a difference a week makes, off the back of last weekend,


there were calls for the manager to go, but he has been able to turn


them around. Hull KR, traditionally over the last few years, they have


been unpredictable at the beginning of the season, then they come


They defended really strongly. defended really well, to get to the


top eight, you have to have He is very calm, a very experienced


A mixed weekend for the whole clubs, we are three games into our review.


Huddersfield Giants enjoyed four from four to get their weekend off


to a flying start, but it did not Bradford got off to a dream start


at the John Smith Stadium against half minutes gone at the John Smith


Stadium, and the Bradford Bulls their first points of the afternoon.


It looks like Joe Wardle has scored thanks to this close finish, but


what a try for the Bradford Bulls, over, it looks like he has just


Carney sold the dummy and went over. The try has been given! Bradford's


momentum continued into the second half, the Giants' backline easily


area, and the Giants look like they have put this one down, and they


have, try given. Is the comeback on? Any hopes of a late surge was


with a hat-trick. A great win for the Bradford Bulls, and an end to


A great win that was being described for Bradford. A great win,


not to put it into context, Bradford turned up on the day and


were really hungry. I think he must have had a word about their


performance the week before against Saint Helens, they were a different


team today, so respectful of the ball. Huddersfield did not, they


made a lot of knock-ons, but Bradford held the ball, and when


opportunities came, they pounced upon them. They were really


aggressive and took the game to the Giants, and that surprised them.


Jarrod Sammut was fantastic, not just his three tries. He was all


over the place, he is very unpredictable. We talked about


Gareth Hock being unpredictable, but he is unpredictable in a


different sense, he kicks, he chips, he is the first person to the


breakdown, trying things all the time. He's the one player who


played outside the system on the weekend. Jarrod Sammut's play comes


off, he looks great. All credit to Bradford, they really came out with


a great game plan, they took it to the Giants and got their reward in


the end. Paul Anderson has not been pulling his punches, he saw this


one coming with their performances. The Giants started their season on


top form, came away from Saint Helens with a great win, but then


they have been trailing off. Great defensive display against Wigan,


but a tough game against Wakefield last week, he said that the better


team lost. This week, just to reinforce that, they need to get


back into that up cycle. It is going to be a very big week for the


Giants, because they have got the champions at Headingley. Wigan had


a tough trip on Saturday, Castleford was their destination,


and it was just as tough as you thought it was going to be. It was,


there have been a couple of scalps already. Leeds have been to


Castleford and lost, Catalans came away with a draw, so we knew it was


going to be tough. We scored some nice tries, and by half-time we


were into a reasonably comfortable lead. We came out in the second


half a little bit down on energy, some of the plays in the second


half, a try from Chris Tuson, they I thought Carney was excellent for


Castleford on the day. This brought them back into it at half-time, but


we felt as if we were in full control. Jake Webster on the other


side, they have made some good Some very good signings, with the


When you have got that type of experience, you come up with what


Webster has just done. They were very difficult to stop when they


got on the front foot. Very impressed by Justin Carney, I have


not seen him live before. When he got this ball and brushed two


defenders off, he did that several times in the afternoon. We were


talking about him this morning, saying how physical he was. He


should not have been able to score that, he twists and turns and gets


himself over. We are very lucky here, a little bit of fortune when


it hits the post, but this is what Wigan has been about, finding a way


A great match-winning try for us. You have got a few players out


injured, how do you feel it is going? It is going really well.


Smith is doing exceptionally well, finding the system, maturing into


the system. We are using a lot of youngsters, which is great for us


long-term. We are all about trying to get to the finals, and to be


able to do that you have to have a squad and a group of players that


you can trust. The only way you can get that is by allowing youngsters


to play. We are coming up with results which are really important


for us. There are few things that fans like to see more than a


homegrown hero leading their team to glory. A vast number of


graduates, past and present from the Saint Patrick's amateur club,


and he has risen to the very top of I have always wanted to play for


Wigan. It is great that I have had the opportunity to play with them.


The production line at Saint Patrick's is a source of great


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 79 seconds


All the kids look up to him. It doesn't just stop with the players.


So many great players. You should have seen him boxing! I have a lot


of memories from my time here. At Big Bang cue to the club and,


really. He passed his 300 game marked guiding his new-look team to


an impressive start. We lost a lot of good players this year. There is


probably at timing all clubs when you start to lose those players,


then it is up to the young lads to I think he's doing a great job at


the moment. He's always doing well in training on the physical side of


things. He has been put in a really good position. We don't feel like


we're anywhere near at our best this season. We've had a few wins


and a draw against Warrington. Rather disappointing to come from


behind. Both teams could probably go on to win the game but we are


picking up wins and if we can keep doing that, I think it will be a


good shout. They're doing fantastic work particularly cross the North


of England but Sean O'Loughlin is not one of the big characters.


an unsung hero for you guys? Yes, everyone talks about experience


being so important. You need to play to have experience at Bath on


the physical capabilities. He is at the peak of his career and playing


exceptionally good form for us this year. He is the main leader who


leads from the front. Sensational yesterday and he has come right the


way through the system and that's what Wigan has been, as a club for


a long period of time. Allowing players to mature at the right age,


give them time to become the top league players that they are.


was Wakefield's turn to head to the South of France and a Saturday


night date with Catalan Dragons. This one could have gone either way,


game. Wakefield went in with a lot of confidence. The game itself was


even toned. Giving away to Catalan is never easy. Every player will


always say how to put it. In the middle of winter here, it's quite


warm over there, and the fact of that makes the situation a bit


different. It becomes a tough place to play. The environment you're


playing in is quite volatile, as well. The French fans really get


behind the team and the atmosphere is very different from Britain.


0, and then Catalan came back at them. I think so. They went into


the game with a lot of conference coming of that loss against


Huddersfield last week. Maybe Catalan took their foot off the


pedal. But obviously, they are classy. International French


players as well as a host of good, experienced players from Super


League and down under. Leon Pryce had a marvellous game as well. They


will be game out of the bag. Looking at a lot of the games this


weekend, a lot of teams had to come from behind. He has been a great


player from them down the years. He's definitely one of the go to


men and one of those players they have who has matured over the Super


League years. Everything is created around him and he has the X Factor


as well. He can go to the line and make the right pass. Scott is back


with them training. Brilliant news but I hope he's not there this week


though, because we are playing them. For Wakefield, they played all


right, didn't they? Yes, they did. They haven't got points from the


two games because they have performed very well so I think they


will take that and create momentum going forward. Friday saw St Helens


take on Leeds in what is always one of the marquee fixtures on the


Super League calendar. The Rhinos have beaten Saints in four of the


last six Grand Finals. But their last visit to Langtree Park left


them with red faces to go with their red hair, after a real horror


show. I can guarantee we won't try expect on a night like this?


Gardner! An absolutely prodigious win. John Lomax! Are they are


celebrating now. This is a tough night for Leeds. St Helens looking


to shift again. Everybody is on tackles in the bag here, Leeds, so


it's safe to have a position to be in there. Jones runs it forward and


St Helens are caught offside. Here is the man who did not go back far


enough and Kevin Sinfield is selecting to kick for goal here.


They are going to take the two. Not getting back the full distance


before he came back out again. Kevin Sinfield to open the scoring


for Leeds. It should be relatively simple, and it is straightforward.


Lomax! He has somehow found a way through. There seemed to be enough


Leeds defenders there to make sure they could score. He put enough


doubts in enough minds to make sure Peacock, he's having a good start


to the season, Jamie Peacock. The referee has lost patience and it's


another penalty for Leeds. Decided there was too much hanging on in


hold. Kevin Sinfield has again elected to go for two here. This


will put Leeds level. Slipping away, St Helens, the lead. Two points at


Sinfield with the dummy. Plenty in support. McGuire. In at the corner.


Is there a question of a foot in touch? The referee says no and the


try is given. James Buchanan with the offload. A little dummy making


it bigger. Soft hands and a very good finisher. It's been a real


tough game here tonight. It remains just 8-4. Maguire's kick might have


been taken late there. Was that a knock-on? The referee says play on.


He's over. There was a little trouble at the end. Offside and


grounding are the questions. There is no doubt there that they are on


side. The touch is from McCarthy. The ball went to the ground. So he


picked it up safely enough. Now, what about the grounding? That


looks fine. It looks fine. Leeds put daylight between themselves and


tries to take them on. A little bit of confusion for the St Helens


defenders. That retreating defence Ryan to score his second. What a


big, big try that will prove to be. And an excellent team try it was,


too. In his electrifying bobbing and weaving style. Look how well he


does here. He proves himself a class act at centre this season and


a classic finish for Hall. It just gets worse for St Helens. Wheeler


is injured and looking a little here. Watkins. He does well to keep


the ball alive. He's going for his hat-trick here. I think the referee


thinks it was as well, but it's not. Not entirely sure. Well, he has


lost that ball. It bounces back into his hands but he loses it


again just for good measure. No try. Easy decision for the video referee


for Leeds. They go back 12 months to what happened on this ground.


Leeds got humiliated but now has got ample revenge. Percival. The


pass away. In at the corner. Too late to really matter. Too late to


produce much of a celebration. Just a hint of satisfaction from a St


Helens point of view. Percival showed could composure here. Very


nearly put the pass behind but he found a bit of space again. Still


there. He will go. Nelly finishes. Two in a blink of an eye. But again,


much, much too late to make a difference to the outcome of the


game. Great footwork by Percival. And again, just causing confusion


amongst the Leeds defenders but it won't matter. It's an eye-catching


way for St Helens to finish their night but it will undoubtedly be


It wasn't one of the classic encounter between them but Leeds


pretty much set the stall out, didn't they? Yes, they did.


Following on from the week before, the intensity, it's a mentality


Leeds like to have. Get in front. Lead from the front and they did


that all evening. I thought the intensity they played, St Helens


struggled to match it and they are probably setting the benchmark at


the moment. Playing extremely well. They seem to be going back down the


left too. A great combination for them. They are glued together


really well. He puts up a good show when he gets the ball in his hands.


I like this man. He's from Down Under. A great turn of pace. Good


footwork as well. You need someone like that to finish the try off.


Get it over the try-line every single time. Absolutely brilliant.


St Helens have some injury problems as well. Nathan Brown, I'm not in


the camp, but he's brought a different mentality to the players.


It takes a while to gel. With the injuries he's had as well, it takes


longer. Nathan Brown is extremely experienced as a coach, and I'm


sure they will hit some form quickly. Peacock is like a fine


wine. Yes, he didn't play international last year and had


time off. He says he is as fresh as he ever has been. Putting you to


shame, isn't he? So a significant victory for Leeds. Let's see how


the weekend's results have affected the standings in the Super League


Join us again next week for the You can catch up on the BBC iPlayer.


It's been a great effort of matches this weekend. Absolutely wonderful.


Predictably unpredictable. there a standard one for you,


Iestyn? Not particularly. Hull against Warrington. Our result was


pretty good as well. Castleford got back to 22-22. Pretty good for us.


Highlights from round 5 of the 2013 Super League season. Defending champions Leeds Rhinos travel to St Helens. The two teams have met in four grand finals in recent seasons with Leeds winning on all four occasions. Huddersfield are at home to Bradford, Wigan travel to Castleford and Hull Kingston Rovers have a home game against Warrington.

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