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Hello and welcome to the DW Stadium where we are about to see the two


worlds of rugby league collide, it is the Super League champions versus


the best from Australia, working against Canada in the World Cup


challenge. Amazing saves. Wigan are the


champions. Joining us here we have Mitch Brown who strutted his time at


Cronulla Sharks more than other years this field is very much like


the English game trying to push itself against the Australian game.


There has been a lot of scrutiny. It is tough to travel here and play


this game. It is a fabulous fixture. On the back of the tri- Nations last


year when we didn't do well, I suspect a lot of people are saying


is there any credibility in the game? I love the concept and we


should build on it and not throw it away. Krul winning last year, what


was that like back home? 49 years they have waited for that. I am a


shy boy, we all live in the Shire. We breathe it. The Shire was buzzing


for a week or two. Everyone was still chanting the sun. How good for


the NRL to have a new champion? For the past years it has been the same


team is winning. The Roosters have been so dominant so it was nice to


see the underdogs getting their first shot. Wigan are very focused


on this. They talked about it on the pitch when they won the Grand Final.


I fancy wedding. You look at the quality in the Cronulla Sharks. The


way they approach the game, Wigan not taking a step backward, we will


have a fantastic afternoon. Who will call themselves the world champions?


Will it be Wigan or Cronulla? They talk in these parts of the Wigan win


in 1987 and winning in Brisbane in 1994. Is this going to be another of


those I was there moments? Will the NRL champions of Cronulla come up


trumps? They have their own fairy tale to tell, of course. Wigan just


probing here. Bateman on a familiar path. Just about ten yards to cover


here. They are putting a lot of pressure on this defence. It is


Burgess with a flying finish in the opening three minutes. They are


having a look at this again. He thinks it is a drive. What about the


grounding? Was touch and issue? He is in mid air, nothing wrong with


the feed. Forget the flag. I think he has put this down millimetres


before his finger hits the ground. The try is given. What they stood


for Wigan and Joe Burgess. Townsend under a lot of pressure here is


Cronulla, it forward. -- hammer it forward. Back it goes. So, it is a


big kick. Lewis catches and scores. Simple enough. A great kick.


Cronulla with a response. They are having a look again here. No try.


Can you check for an on-site player? If you look in the bottom right, the


winner is ahead of the cake. The question is does he get within ten


metres? He might be. He is not interfering in play at all. But it


is no try. Root out on a technicality. It is a hard one to


take. Powell goes running away. It is


Burgess. Back on the inside. It is tried number 24 Burgess. -- try


number two four Burgess. Within lead 8-0. Great build-up, great centre


plate and a finish from a man with a reputation. It is reputation that is


being built up. He rattled his man there, but he has been left on the


ground. He is clearly hurt, but Cronulla carry on. It is relentless.


That is delegate from Maloney. He thinks no try. There is no touch in


mid I don't think. Could kick well reaches and reaches. Oh my word, but


is close. It is very close. It is no try. The referee said no try. It has


been upheld. Working with some defending to do


again. They are on the six. Maloney goes out wide. Neat inside ball. A


little chip toward the corner. Droplet underneath the sticks. An


adventurous bit of play. There is little else he could do. So, Wigan


remain under the pump here. You can feel the nervousness around the


stadium because the local fans know there are side are under pressure


here. The former in the international. Brown. For more


tackles. For more tackles for Wigan to withstand. Cronulla posing


problems. Here is Brown again. They have a bit of space here. Wigan back


on their own line again. Cronulla with all their pedigree. They have


lost the ball. The ball is spilled. Wigan survive again. Wonderful


defensive effort they are putting in. They are just not giving


Cronulla and a room to manoeuvre. Wigan stretching it forward. The


youngster is making his mark today on this big stage. Powell again.


Short and Flood and Tompkins keeps it alive. Escare is alert. Picks up


and scuppers. Goes out searching to the left-hand side. Oliver, a World


Club Challenge here just like his dad was 30 years ago. They tried


that put Wigan in a real comfort zone now. Full marks to Escare.


Picking it up, nothing on, he went in search of something. The


Frenchman is having a really good game here like most of the Wigan


players are. A good finish. The Australian comedian looking on. Not


too much to laugh about at the moment from an astringent pointedly.


Within leading by 16-0. -- Wigan leading. Maloney puts it back. They


have got support here from Bede and being trickles 13. It is a try.


Jesse Reimann. On the hour mark, we knew there would be a response.


Cronulla have provided it. Is this the start of the chargeback? A


delicate little click here from Bede. Wonderfully placed. Reimann


slides in. That would put the wind in the seals


of the Cronulla Sharks. They shuffle and run forward. Maloney. Looking


for what is out there. He off-loads. A penalty. Penalty for Wigan. Out of


the tackle, the referee says. Wigan get people back. I'm not sure of the


boat was granted but Wigan are not going to complain. Flanagan clearly


unhappy. Time running out, Wigan on the verge of an historic win. I


don't think there is enough tide left in the game for Cronulla to


score twice and that is what they would have to do an Wigan running


the clock down. Another try here would make absolutely certain is


Bateman is held up just short. You can feel it around the stadium. They


know, they know how close Wigan are now will stop it is Maloney. The


referee says he was played out. That will be bad. Celebrations up there.


Wigan now know, the Wigan fans now know, they are world champions. Just


a matter of running the clock to a final. Farrell takes it in. It is


thunderous and the DW Stadium. Wigan go left, Williams with a kick,


Burgess. It might be a hat-trick to finish it in style. Robert Hicks


wants another look. It hardly matters in one respect, because


Wigan have won it anyway, but Burgess would love a hat-trick. He


was on-site and I think he might just have got there, little finger


first, try given. What a finish, what a game and what a story for the


Wigan Wanderers. They have one the world title and Super League can


puff of its chest again. Terrific. I am proud of them. It is all the


coaching staff, the players have so much desire, so much guts and


determination. How does it sound being world club champions?


Unbelievable. Another dream has come true. We had to provide for


ourselves and the Super League. We have the four trophies we can get


this year. We will drag the next three. To do it in the style we have


done is special. It is special for us. He missed out last year because


you were away doing something else, to come back and be proud of that,


how special for you? Very special. My first bit of silverware, it is


very memorable. I think I might take the game ball home and frame that


one. It was a good, physical game and the better team won. They played


well, they played tough and they took their opportunities. We had a


few decisions go against us, but it wouldn't have made a difference to


the outcome. How impressed wordy with the defence of your team? We


did too magic defending. The way we played, I am just trying to enjoy


the victory. We showed some desire, but we did too much in our half. I


will enjoy the victory. Trying to stay positive. Sean O'Loughlin


collecting the trophy that means the world to the Wigan Warriors. Get in


there his team-mates. Wigan have lifted it, Wigan the 2017 world


champions. What a victory for Wigan. How impressed wordy with that


performance question very impressed. They had a lot more of the ball in


the second half. We saw the defensive prowess of Wigan. They


threw everything out there. They thoroughly deserved the win. It


should want a good team they are. What a shot in the arm that we are


the world club champions. It does hurt as Australians, but very well


deserved. They played much better. They completed a lot more sets and I


think they were much more clinical. Joe Burgess are back with a bang at


Wigan. He was. He has shown some form since he has been back here. He


is very hard to stop. His finishing was outstanding. He is looking for a


big year ahead. Who else would you pick out from the Wigan performance,


or was it the unit that impressed? You have to be a good team to beat


Cronulla. Everyone stood up. It started with John Locke and Sean


prowess around the middle. George Williams was good again. Escare was


good at the back. A really good team effort. How much will this third


Cronulla to have lost it? They were pretty emotional. It really hurts


the boys. They want to win and they came a long way forward. They won't


let this hold them back for the rest of the year. They will get back.


They are flying out tomorrow and they will be concentrating against


the Broncos. There was one of the game in the world club series this


year. It was Warrington against Brisbane and watching was Stewart


Pike. A big weekend for Super League and the British game. From


Warrington, no Stefan Ratchford were Ben Currie. Adam Blair, the absentee


for the Brisbane Broncos. Now, Tony Smith spoken all week about making a


strong start. Brisbane with the first opportunity inside the opening


couple of minutes here at the Halliwell Jones. They can suck down


and it is Westerman. Westerman charges down. Then hand, has he got


the legs? Joe Westerman, I don't think he has. He brings him down


just short of the line. Gavin Brown, lovely. What a start. Warrington


ahead. Less than two minutes on the clock. Gavin Brown on his debut, a


memorable try. It is going really well for the Wolves. Brisbane, you


have two say, very much on the back foot. That is the penalty. It was


Gilette not letting Jack Hughes get up and play the ball. Surely, Declan


pattern will take the opportunity here. No trouble at all. Warrington


Leadgate- zero. -- Leadgate- zero. At the moment, Brisbane do not know


what has had them. Adkins wriggles out of the tackle. Two tries in 12


minutes. Warrington in dreamland. Brown involved again. Try scorer,


now try maker. If ever there was a perfect game plan, this is it, you


have to say. Here they come again, Clark. Lovely hands. Gidley finds


Russell on wing. Still going. Matty Russell, this is quite incredible.


It is a point a minute for a Warrington and Brisbane are being


blitzed. He feel they have two score next, the Brisbane Broncos. Here is


McCullough. That is a good little chip over the top. No Milford. Going


for the corner. They are on the board. Cory Oates with the try. Much


needed for Brisbane. It took an audacious bit of skill to get the


Broncos on the board. McCullough with the kick, it was Kaku, then


look at this from Milford. A lovely pass. A fabulous finish. Well, they


have been pretty much perfect in this first. 100% completion rate, no


auroras. Deservedly in front. Here is Adkins now. Stop just short. One


of the three try scorers. Line in went on the blindside. Now Ben Hunt,


has he made the tackle? Phil Benson, he reckons that he got the ball


down. That it look at this. With momentum carrying him forward, the


ball touched the line. It did. A massive moment for Warrington on the


stroke of half-time. Chris Evans celebrating with the rest. Wonderful


first-half performance from the Warrington Wolves. Whatever Brisbane


got to offer? Roberts, Robert Stephens said. Now, can anybody


catch on? James Roberts, it looks like he will build 90 yards. What a


trite this will be from Roberts. Sensational scorer for the Brisbane


Broncos. Rhys Evans did his very, very best, but no one was going to


catch Roberts. Now, Brisbane still very much in this. But try from


Roberts just putting a different complexion on things. Warrington not


afraid to move the ball around and here is Evans. Russell does really


well, he just got bored. Russell against the full-back, a brilliant


tackle from the Brisbane captain, Darius Boyd. Was that an error? The


referee will say he called. Hang on a minute, Gidley and McCullough


involved, now everybody is getting involved. Tempers are getting


frayed. We don't mind it getting a little bit tasty.


It is -- Phil Bentham waiting for things to settle down. Not too much


to it. A bit of fire and brimstone in the world club series. He was


initially involve their with Gidley. Gidley and Roberts. -- McCulloch.


Here come the Broncos again. Great tackle from Russell, what a game he


has had. If Brisbane can score next, it certainly is game on. Maguire


brought down by Cooper. It is sent wide again. That was a bad pass and


Mead could not pick it up. Another mistake by Brisbane. Kevin Brown and


the winger David Mead. It is kicking off again. Getting tasty, isn't it?


Roberts came steaming in from nowhere and that did not help. Phil


Bentham just being patient. You can see how much it means. Initially


Brown and Mead, nothing much in it first of all, that is when the


trouble started when Roberts came steaming in and got everyone else


involved. I am not having that. Good work by the referee, telling the


captains to cool it. Fabulous entertainment here. Good thinking.


Declan Patton with the dropped goal. It now means of course that Brisbane


have to score three times. Clark and Sims, what a game he has had as


well, Mike Cooper. He wins the penalty. Maguire is fuming but he


cannot have too many complaints about that. He held on to long. He


has not done much wrong tonight, Patton, really cemented his place in


the first team. Time running out for Brisbane. Here is McGuire, running


the ball across the line, a big ask now with time running out, little


kick through, but that is our mistake, that is a try for Mead.


Phil Bentham, well ask the video referee to have another look but


surely no doubt. 82 macro was in two minds on whether to hold on to the


ball or a tap it dead -- Tom Lynam. Warrington were 6-1 outsiders before


the start of this game. It is a memorable night for the Warrington


Wolves. Over 12,000 here at the stadium and this will live long in


the memory. Strike one for Warrington, strike one for Super


League. Warrington looked like a team possess last night. They came


out of the blocks well. There are ball control and everything was


great. Was it a different kind of Warrington, a more direct style? A


little bit. I thought Cooper and Sims started strong and they had no


trouble getting out of their own half which took the pressure away.


They competed really well, they were disciplined and very direct and


maybe the influence of Kevin Brown kicking them around the field had a


positive effect. I think they were slightly different but with the same


player at times. How impressed were you with Kevin Brown on his debut? I


thought he played fantastically well. The whole team was really


good. I noticed a big difference, so many great tackles. They really got


the forwards going forward. 2-0 to the Super League, how much did Super


League need that? There has been a lot of scrutiny about the games. It


is great that it is 2-0 and a lot of us who believe in it, we have to


start making our own decisions. I suppose our measurement, our


critical drive has been that we are 2-0 up but we need to build on it


and it is an believably good concept and we would like to see more of it.


Will the NRL be smarting? I think they will. When you play England or


any team from England you always want to get one up on them and I am


sure it is the same here. It is good for Super League, it will give them


the go forward they are looking for. Wayne Bennett was here with the


Brisbane Broncos but later in the year he will be leading a glint in


the World Cup. Dave Woods caught up with them and found he was still


smarting from losing their four nations.


It is intercepted and this manner will take some stopping. Johnson is


final and we were not. We could not have played with more passion or


more effort. We have to be smarter and more disciplined and I think we


can be that. That is part of the journey. Try and change that


behaviour. The plan was to have a training camp in Dubai at the start


of the year and it was cancelled. How does that affect preparations?


It will have an impact but not a major one. It would be good for


them, they would need it, but we could not get the cooperation from


some of the clubs and we did not want to compromise but we were


doing. It is difficult with the breakdown in communication with the


coaches. We had a good meeting last night and I am pleased with how it


went. I blame no one else but myself for the breakdown in communications.


We repaired some of the damage. We are moving on. Some of the Super


League coaches have criticised the fixtures. How does that sit with you


as England coach? It is what it is, you have to not worry about it.


Continually complaining about it and making an issue, it does not give


your players an opportunity to make excuses. They were already beaten


before they go into the field. The coaches say it is too hard and it


should not be happening. I try to avoid it as much as I can. Accept


what it is and move on. Wayne Bennett talking a lot about


self-belief, he talked about it at the end of the four nations and it


sounds really easy to get a team to believe but how do you go about


doing it. His track record suggests he is good at that. He identified a


couple of things and I think that is why he wanted their camp. He is


talking about little elements of intensity. I think the decent thing


he has done is culturally I think he understands a little bit better what


the Super League is about than what he will have to do. For me, he has


to take the best team he can at the end of the year and a bit of extra


work might not be in his best interest, but I think you will be


picking the right people. He has also taken the blame for the fact


that the camp was cancelled saying he perhaps did not communicate


enough and he has met with the coaches and how important is that


for England going forward? Massively so. The coaches know who is playing


well. He has to laze with them and get their views and opinions as to


who they think is playing well. Clearly, he has to make his own


decisions as well in relation to who is playing well, but picking the


right people, picking the right balance and team is massively


important and he needs the best information. How much do you think


that England need to build on what Super League does, maybe when they


come together as England, we start playing to -- start trying to play


lead Australia. Everyone does a lot of video these days. It is about


trying to work to your strengths and their weaknesses. They need to think


about their own back garden and you can see that the Australian struggle


with that sort of play over here. Maybe keep to your own strengths and


go forward with that. The World Cup is for the end of the year and there


were a couple of Super League games this week starting with Huddersfield


against Salford on Thursday night. Hinchcliffe, looking to get out of


the dummy half position as quickly as he can and Lawrence will bring it


back to the middle and they have given themselves an excellent


position here. Looking to respond to that early Salford penalty. Danny


broth. Get it away to Hinchcliffe and he has space on the right hand


side. McGillvary has scored. You give him that much space and he will


not waste it. Another good strong finish by the winger. Tomkins. Solid


effort. Tomkins rose in at dummy half again. Back at by Dobson and


they have that number is here again, Junior Sa'u ripping through that


Huddersfield defence. They will be disappointed but that, Huddersfield.


They are not and neither is he. Jones. Searching down the blindside


and getting a bit of space here for Johnson to go flying away with a


step on the in. -- inside. Good work by Danny broth making the tackle. --


Danny Brough. He is in front of him as well. Forward pass. He has got a


penalty. He is not the only one who is confused. Dobson. Stepped by


Junior Sa'u. Lost it. Penalty. And at the end of this low scoring half,


Salford are going to go for the two points here. It seemed fairly clear


that Ryan Brierley got the ball. Gareth O'Brien with what might just


be the final kick of this first half. And he has headed superbly


well. Salford leading by ten points. -- hit. Josh Ward is on the field in


the dummy half position. It is a 40-20 I think. He silenced the home


crowd. Right behind the 40 metre mark, no doubts about it, absolutely


no doubts. Wood, Robert Louis, slips away, what started the second half


for Salford, the opening minute and Gareth O'Brien is in to score. He


has looked sharp as a tack. Gaskell waits at dummy half. Desperate for a


response. Looking wide. Mellor! Well, they needed something quickly


after a bonus try and Mellor is the man to provide it. Game on. 55-macro


again, searching down the blindside, cannot find anything that gets away


from Dobson -- Leeming. He has taken it within striking range. Ryan


Brierley at dummy half. City has got a second, two tries from him in just


three minutes and Huddersfield are racing back into contention now.


Tomkins. Robert Lu off the left foot, banging them away. Put it on


his back eventually, sixth tackle, where does this go, out to Dobson.


Gareth O'Brien. His second try of the game. And that stems the tide


that was running against them. Leeming. There is no way through for


a Mellor on that occasion, 11 minutes of the game remaining, a


couple of scores in arrears and they need something quickly and they


might have it here. Ta'ai reaching them. They are looking for the


double movement. Momentum and at full speed, and it is given. Given


by the video referee. Ukuma Ta ai with the try. Tomkins. Lui. Here is


Josh Jones. Bounces off one, Sam Rapira is in again. Josh Jones is


still going. I think he is in. There was absolutely nothing on when he


got the ball. He has beaten Sam Rapira twice and beaten and other


four again as well. He is bouncing around and has the determination to


get in and score the try. Tomkins. Tackles from the offside position by


Michael Lawrence. This should just about settle things here, only


another couple of minutes left to play. That is spot on, seven goals


on the night for Gareth O'Brien and two tries and Salford are the


winners. You were at that game on Thursday night, how impressed were


you with Salford? Very impressed. You can see they are clear unit and


with the drama at the end of the season last year when it does manage


to stay in the division. The effort from Joss Jones at the end was


massive. Todd Carney is here, what can he bring to Salford? He is a


winner. Every team he plays with, he brings that a winning culture with


him. He is a fantastic player, he has so much skill, he has had a


little bit of time off and I am sure he will come back fighting.


Huddersfield brought in a lot of new players, will take awhile to get


consistency? I think it will. They had a good start to the season but


fell off the horse the night before, it might take a while for them to


get into the swing of things. Ukuma Ta ai, he went really well. This


time last year, Leeds were in the World Club Challenge and instead


this time they were taking on Mitch Brown and the lease and Gerry Adams.


They have waited a long time for this -- they were taking on 50 70.


-- Leigh Centurions. That is! The captain, crushing defeat on the


opening night, Castleford really hurt Leigh Centurions and their


coach was adamant that there would be an improvement. What a pass from


Drinkwater. Matty Dawson, four minutes on the clock and Leigh


Centurions hit the front. The boss of Leigh Centurions wanted a


response and he got one. The Rhinos are on the back foot. But of course


by Saints. Only 6-41 week ago. Here is Pelissier. Is that a try? Mitch


Brown. Young Reynolds on his debut, what a pass. What a start for Leigh


Centurions. It has been a real struggle so far for Leeds Rhinos.


Parcell. Cuthbertson has only just come on, with his first touch of the


ball, here is Parcell. Cuthberts on with his second touch of the ball


puts Leeds on the board. It is Adam Cuthbertson. It was 8-0 256 macro in


seven minutes and here come the Rhinos with Parcell, surely another


score -- Leigh Centurions. It is two tries in two minutes for the Leeds


Rhinos. Dominant at the moment, Leeds. After that fantastic start


from Leigh Centurions at Adam Cuthbertson has made such a


difference. Rob Burrow, picked up by Jimmy Keinhorst. Is that a try? The


ball has gone backwards, the referee says play on, maybe not, Josh


Walters. That was a forward pass, I think. I think Jack Smith, the


referee is going to look at this. Jimmy Keinhorst thinks he got the


ball down. The referee disagrees. They will look at this. That is a


try. Jimmy Keinhorst surely has scored and indeed he has. Leeds


stretched their advantage. The Rhinos have turned this around.


There is the Guta and the dropped goal attempt and Liam Sutcliffe,


right on the stroke of half-time, how important will prove to be? A


7-point advantage for Leeds. Leigh Centurions desperate to start


the second half as they did the first. Opportunity here for the


Rhinos. Walters has been brought down. A penalty right in front of


the post. Vea, the guilty man. The Leigh Centurions fans are not happy


but they cannot have too many complaints about that. And there we


have it. 17 unanswered points for the Leeds Rhinos to take control


here at Leigh Sports Village. There is still time. That's for sure, 12


minutes on the clock. They have got to score twice. Here is Ben Crookes.


Lovely little side step and he is over. From absolutely nowhere. Ben


Crookes with the try and the owner with his old friend. What a finish


in store here now. Four minutes to go as Cory Paterson is brought down.


It is all Leigh Centurions. Pelissier. There is Willie Tonga,


the volume goes up, the crowd getting behind the home side.


Teasing kick. Here is Reynolds. He cannot get the ball out. It was a


walk in for Ben Crookes if he had. Incredible finale. Vea, but what a


tackle from Jimmy Keinhorst. It is a match-winning tackle, surely. Well,


disappointment for Leigh Centurions. A great performance but a first win


for the Leeds Rhinos. So close but yet so far for you guys. We are


still looking for that elusive first win in Super League, but we came a


long way from last week, we worked on what we wanted to work on, but we


got so close, just those few missed opportunities and hopefully it will


come next week. We are still working on combinations, we have had a first


few changes. Our captain should be coming back this week. We are going


to work on ourselves and hopefully get our first win soon. How


important for your confidence back you show such a big improvement? We


spoke about it last year. It is such a different competition that it is


in the Super League. We spoke about things we could get away with last


year that will not happen this year, there are such quality teams. The


quality has gone up so much in Super League. We will have to be on our


toes each week. Having some consistency is the key. Will it be


relief for Leeds Rhinos to have got a win so early on? I think so. I


think their coach even mentioned they have to improve in the


point-scoring department, but you can see the scramble and desire.


That is it for us here at Wigan. We will be back in the studio next week


for all the highlight around the Super League. Join us on Monday


night in the north or at one o'clock on Tuesday lunchtime on the BC2.


What a great weekend it has been for Super League and many


congratulations to Wigan who are the world club champions for 2017. From


all of us here, goodbye.


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