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The summer of sport is in full swing but we have had four seasons in one


weekend over the last few days of Super League. Here is what is coming


up. We have raided the retirement home


and found all Crabtree and Leon Pryce but they have left their pipe


and slippers at home. First up is the last chance for Plea to avoid


the qualifiers. Defeat against Catalan would end their hopes of


making him out of the bottom four. COMMENTATOR: It is wide from


Reynolds, Stuart keeps it alive. Here comes at Matty Dawson. Has he


got it down? Plenty of bodies in the way. A celebration that suggests


Leigh are confident here. The video referee required. Try on the field


given by the referee. We will look at the grounding by Matty Dawson. It


is given and confirmed. An opening score for Leigh with five minutes


played. Tickle to his left, he spins it back. Inside here to Paterson.


One play to go, that is sharp from dummy half and it is Danny Tickle


who has bundled over, what a start for Leigh. Second try after 12


minutes of play. Catalan having to be on their mettle. Leigh showing a


real appetite for the battle in opinion. -- Perpignan. Wonderful


stuff from the Leigh Centurions. Three tries in 16 minutes. Tickle


with a really good drive. Taking up position. They go for the kick here.


A clash of heads. It is a high one, caught safely but the clash of heads


has left two players nonplussed here. They both look in a bad way


here. It was an accidental clash of heads. What is going on here from


Jamie Acton. It doesn't looks Savary at all. Garcia, has he got there?


Not quite. Held up short. Catalan pounding the door here. Leigh


hanging on. Walsh helping it on its way again. A long pass out wide.


Jeremy Thornton must slide into school here. Cool and confident but


they will look at this again. He was flirting with that touchline. I


think he has just got it down before his foot hits the line. Frame by


frame tells us that it will be a drive for Jodie Broughton. Catalan


are back in the game. First try of the night.


Stripped back on the inside by Greg Bird, troubling the defenders


momentarily. The referee says play on, it is the sixth tackle and a big


effort. Michael Simon will claim the try. Born out of sheer


determination. So the kick and the chase, it will


be watched out of play. What is he doing. He plays on and it is the


try. What was going on there? The referee has a look. Luke Walsh is


insisting that it should be a video review but the referee is having


none of that. Does he push out the way and does he have a foot on the


touchline? He clearly has a foot on the touchline when he picks the ball


up but they don't go to the video review and Sam Hopkins is given the


try. Pelissier, hammered in again. The local, playing in Leigh colours


to night. Hopkins. A second for Hopkins in the space of four


minutes. This time he is going for the video replay. Try given on the


field. Momentum is maintained here. I think we can see the ball is


grounded, no knock-on. What a time to score for the macro. Just before


half-time they have established a comfortable lead. The kick away by


crooks. It is a pick-up and a dash and Reynolds. A little bit of


fisticuffs going on. It is getting a little ragged and untidy. Have a


look at this. Does the tackle look completed there? Bird retaliates,


more players come running in. The referee spots what is going on and


it will be a yellow card for Ben Crooks. He is off for the next ten


minutes. Greg Bird sin-binned as well.


It comes left with a pass out wide and it is given the chance. He gets


in. Again complaints from the side that concedes but again the referee


is confident. And angled run back down the middle.


They are looking urgent here, Catalan. Trying to put pressure on


the Plea line. -- on the Leigh line. Cleverly done and they will claim


the try. Vincent Duca is over and Leigh are not as comfortable


suddenly. It goes left to Paterson, he keeps


it alive and now Drinkwater, the little brother. Acrobatic stuff. Ben


Reynolds claiming it. The referee unsurprisingly having a look.


Looking forward the offside. Reynolds was onside. I don't think


anyone in front got within ten metres. Has he grounded it, great


finish. From Ben Reynolds. Leigh are two scores ahead again. A real


tussle going on here. Now they go left again. They prospered here


before. He has to bring it back towards the middle. He pushes away.


Walshe inside. King for a path through. Determined defence at the


moment. It is touched down. All kinds of confusion there. Morrow was


head of the ball. The referee says a try. He is onside when the kick


comes in. The only touches are from the Leigh players, this should be a


try. Catalan back in touching distance. Away by Anderson. Taken


him hard. Determination. He was not to be


denied. Catalan from being a long way back suddenly have a chance.


It is a penalty. Batty area malign, the ball simply thrown at him. He


throws it at the stranded Catalan player. All eyes on Reynolds to give


Leigh the lead with six minutes to play. The flags are raised and Leigh


are back ahead. Will this be a victory for them? Last chance for


Catalan, 20 seconds to go. He spins it around. He has scored. He has


somehow barrelled his way over the line and in the dying seconds,


Catalan have snatched a victory. 16 points behind at one stage. But when


it matters most they are in the lead. STUDIO: Jamie Acton faces a


potential aid and ban. What a bonkers match, you played out there,


if they get on a roll, how much does the Crown sweep them along? It is


the most intimidating ground for away players and away supporters.


The French fans really get onto the referees. When I played there, there


was a guaranteed the fans would get on the referee's back and we would


get some calls. For Leigh, is that a lack of experience, sitting back and


defending too much and not keeping ongoing? Possibly. They should go on


to win that game but it is confidence. You are in a position


where you are comfortable against a team like Catalan who can grow with


confidence when the crowd is on their side. It is difficult. You


need to maintain your head. The biggest game changer was the Ben


Crooks sin-binning. Catalan scored two tries on the back of that, what


a finish as well, spectacular. How much can they take from that finish?


How can Steve Magnum Morra build on this? The scoreline suggests two


teams who are struggling. It is two teams with poor defences. See


McNamara has come in for Catalan and when you bring in a new coach, there


is a response from the players. It is a great finish to the game. You


know Steve well, what will he bring? Piller wrote his experience, can't


be a bad coach if you have coached your country. He has worked the best


coaches and he has worked with Brian Smith and Tony Smith. I think he has


a lot of experience on the way. I am looking forward to seeing how he


goes in Super League. Leigh now know they are in the qualifiers. The goal


was to stay in Super League so they will be full of -- they will be


philosophical. The good thing for them as they are prepared for the


fact they have already been there. They have done it on the back end of


glasses and where they were top of the league. Now they don't have that


momentum, they need to get that back quickly and they know how to play


big games. Hopefully they will do the job.


Well, the leaders Castleford were looking to make it ten


Their perfect home record was on the line against Hull


who had already beaten them twice this season.


Hatton scouts, looks for an option away to the right.


Kelly, through the hands, Shaw, a little bit lateral here.


Straight over by Conor and flicks one away.


A great finish if he gives it, and he does.


And Hull hit the front and Fonua benefits.


Look at this, Connor shrugs off a couple of tackles.


In front of the railway end, Luke Gale for Castleford.


Scampered onto the loose ball and punished Hull.


Castleford on this small pitch they know how to work it.


They are loading up on the left-hand side.


And it bounces up and Castleford have tried to recycle it here.


Meanwhile, Luke Gale to make it a score lead.


It is getting a bit niggly, a bit physical this one.


They go to the left-hand side once again.


Thought about a pass, took the contact instead.


He has dropped it and it has been pounced on by Mike McMeeken.


Chris Kendall wants a look at the screen.


There does not look like too much interference there.


Talanoa looks as though he has got it.


He has got nowhere near him in the end.


It bobbles loose and McMeeken can get the grounding.


Castleford Tigers move further in front and Mike McMeeken the man.


Hull looking to get themselves on the front foot here.


He runs into traffic and gets it away to Jamie Shaw.


Hull are trying to play their way out of trouble here.


But the ball bounces loose and it is picked up by Zak Hardaker.


He accelerates into space and he has got away from the Hull cover


and he is going to scamper all the way through.


And the Zak Hardaker for the second week coming,


And Castleford is really flexing their muscles


now and Zak Hardaker, a man in form.


Five metres away, Hull scrambling back to Denmark.


And Hull scramble, committing numbers, and that ball comes loose


Sneyd pleads his innocence, but there were at least


Luke Gale and it is a comfortable lead.


Hull playing with a bit more abandon here.


Castleford know what a danger he can be.


Fonua flicks away a lovely 1-2 Connor.


But Chris Kendall is not sure and he pushes away


Griffin goes up, he takes it cleanly.


It bounces backwards for me for Minichiello,


but it does hit the deck and I think that will be chalked off.


They will go to the right of the field and they


Fonua will put it down in that corner and Hull


Castleford Tigers just need to keep their cool


if they are to come away because Hull are a dangerous side.


McShane looks to take on the Hull cover and he has


Josh Griffin makes an appearance at the ruck there.


It is Luke Gale and he kicks it no problem.


Not enough for Daryl Powell it would seem.


Thompson again really working this Castleford defence hard.


Hull are lining up the heavy artillery.


Two Castleford players could not stop him.


Albert Kelly, such a danger off either foot.


Sneyd dummies and gets one wide and Talanoa!


It sets this one up for a thrilling climax.


He keeps his feet in the field of play and he goes airborne


Neither coach at this stage knows what is going to happen.


A big shift from inside their own half here.


Castleford just need to get the tackles.


They will look to get it here with Sneyd.


He puts one over the top, the ball goes forward to Shaw.


Hull's chances slip away and Castleford go


But as it goes this could well be a Grand Final dress rehearsal.


It possibly seems odd to say it of a team that is flying high


at the top of the league but given they have been beaten by Hull twice


and also in that Challenge Cup quarterfinal,


how important was it for Castleford to win this?


I think it gives them a bit of relief when it comes to the big


games at the end of the season that they know they can beat them.


But saying that Hull were fantastic as well,


Castleford obviously deserved the win in the end but Hull


started a little bit slow, they did not get out of the blocks


and that basically cost them in the end but I think both teams


will be reasonably happy with their performances.


The defence, the tenacity from Castleford in the first half,


do you think it maybe possibly caught Hull on the hop a bit?


They were so up for this, weren't they?


They were up for it but no more than what Hull were.


Obviously that was a 50-50 situation but I think Castleford were fired up


because they knew they had to get revenge.


They had to make up for losing twice to them year.


And was it a psychological thing for them?


They will almost certainly play each other in the eights and pretty much


These two teams will be right up there at the end of the season.


I think they could play in the Grand Final against each other.


I think in this game Hull FC gave the game away early.


They gave Castleford three easy tries.


This one here was poor defence, but a great


He has made such a phenomenal transition from Leeds to Castleford.


He has been an X Factor player and is playing


I think Hull FC will be very disappointed because they kind


of gave this game away and with a team like Castleford


You talk about Hull and they seemed to start playing almost as the game


What did they step up and do that they had not been doing?


I think they just came out in the second half a little bit more


with an attitude where they thought, we are are behind, we have


So they started to throw the ball around a little bit more.


They started to work a little bit harder which initially


They were kicking down the sides and going for


This is where you have got to control the game yourself.


This is about pinning them in the corner and getting that good


I am not sure where the back row is there.


There is meant to be somebody on the backline.


They just got a try so Castleford brought somebody up and Snead saw


They just got a try so Castleford brought somebody up and Sneyd saw


But I was quite disappointed in the kicking game really early


doors because they were not doing this earlier.


They were putting it in the corner, in the light,


Then in the second half they kept putting the ball behind them


because it was a wet, slippery ball and it


It gave them pressure and it gave them the ball back and I think


if they looked to do that earlier in the game they could have got more


Castleford win, almost both winners in that Hull


will have a lot of belief from what they did


It could have gone either way and it did, it went to Castleford,


but on the night Hull realised in the end what they needed


to do to win the game and as Leon quite rightly says,


if you start putting the kicks into the corner and put


them under pressure, then you will get your rewards.


It will be exciting to see them next time around.


Next up for the leaders Castleford it is a trip


to face their local rivals Wakefield.


There is commentary on five live sports extra.


Huddersfield moved out of the bottom four after going undefeated


They started July with a trip to Salford and your team-mates


They make a decent start and it has been exciting. A little bit of a


ricochet and a little pass through and they finished it off in the


corner. It has been standout play at the end of the season. Then Salford


had a little bit more of attacking play. Then it was too strong. But I


have to question the defence. Rick Stone was very disappointed with


their defence over the course of the 80 minutes. We put ourselves in a


decent position at times. These players seem to have come from


nowhere. They really have stepped up. But we had our say in the


as well and that was an nice wide as well and that was an nice wide


Salfords. This was a big one for Salfords. This was a big one for


Salford having lost a few games in the league. It was, but I think they


have been playing fantastic this have been playing fantastic this


year. Salford's attacking skills and prowess have been fantastic.


players in the stands as well and players in the stands as well and


they have got other players to come into the team and they can be even


more dangerous. Is there a possible man of steel contender? He is


probably in the top two or three. He is such a threat every time he gets


the ball. We have some good players in this game, but Salford earned


this victory. I do not want to take anything away from Salford because I


believe they deserve everything they get this season. In terms of


Huddersfield's psyche, I be looking over their shoulders at little bit?


After this game, yes, I think so. But I question our mentality. We did


not seem to try. That was a good off-load from Roberts. The pass from


Leroy was spectacular, but it was too late. We went into this game


with the mentality we do not need to win this one, we need to win the


next two. I do not think that is right. We need to step up. Salto's


performance was not good enough. We can and would this work in the eyes


of storm Doris. These are the details on this one. After their


recent run of defeats Wigan could not afford to lose this. It was the


Warriors who got the first try again.


He returned 58 days after having a kidney removed. Wigan were in


control and it didn't take long to stretch their lead as the pass found


Lewis Tierney to go in at the corner. Wigan were 16-0 ahead.


Widnes broke their dog, stroke of half-time. The ball passed through


six pairs of hands before Corey Johnson kicked over the defence to


the left. Lloyd White picked up and scored, he reduced the half-time


deficit to ten points. Like in the first half, took a while before the


first points came in second. Mellor's kick rebounded off Bateman


and they gathered to score his second of the game. Witness were


back within four points. I meant was with the Vikings and the ball to


Stefan Marsh could have them their chance to level it but Burgess was


aware of the threat and wrestled him into touch. The game was still in


the balance with Widnes Vikings still pushing but Wigan got a


breakthrough with their second points of the half. Sam Tomkins


starting his first half that macro game of the year sent it tied to the


left to find Burgess but the gap was again ten points. Burgess scored


again before the final whistle after this chip through from Liam Farrell,


securing Wigan's first win in eight games and condemning Widnes Vikings


to a bottom four finish. Tony Clubb back 58 days after having his kidney


removed. Fantastic to see him steaming at the line. It is


fantastic, to have a big surgery like that and two, and play two


months later is phenomenal. He has done fantastically well to get back


on the field. Did it lift Wigan? They have not won in the league


since April? They have a system that Maguire brought from Melbourne.


Their biggest problem is keeping the players fit. Especially players like


Bateman or Laughlin. Santon cancers come back now. International class


players. If they stay on the field, that is the difference between


winning and losing. The final scoreline doesn't do Widnes Vikings


Justice, they will take something from that. They have competed in


pretty much every game so far. The last few weeks especially. In this


game they showed what they were made of. It was at the end that Wigan ran


away with it. That is when they become scary because the big players


win the big games. I think Wigan showed that. Widnes Vikings should


be proud as they going to the backend of the season. They need to


get over the whitewash again to win games. Can Wigan get in the top


four? I hope not for Huddersfield's sake. But if they do get there, and


they should, you can see them causing upsets. Now they have those


players back, can they go on a big run? Absolutely. They can win big


games. They have the big boys back. They will be contenders at the end


of the year. Despite losing their last three matches, Wakefield were


still in the hunt for a top four finish, they hosted Warrington on


Saturday. The away side scored first. A great ball to the back row.


They have had some problems with injuries and confidence and bringing


players in and out. A nice dummy from Dwyer to get over the line.


Wakefield looking like a well oiled machine. Great to see them going so


well. It should not be underplayed how well the coach has done. It is


exciting. How much will they have learned from making the top eight?


Wakefield are not under as much pressure as other teams. Wakefield


are not under pressure. But Warrington, no matter what they do,


they are under pressure. Wakefield, it doesn't look like they care too


much, they don't care about throwing the ball around and enjoying


themselves and celebrating all the time and making it hard work for the


opposition. For Warrington, if they are to be in the bottom four, how


important in these last few games that they get some kind of rhythm?


Warrington should not be where they are. They have invested massively in


that team and they have world-class players and they should not be down


there. They will be desperate to find some kind of form and


confidence. You need the confidence to win games. They need to build


that into the play-offs. You so team against Leeds, where is that from


Warrington? Vilhete kingdom give them that lift? He will give them a


little bit of a lift. There are more issues with Warrington at the


moment. They are lacking any sort of structure that benefits them. The


off-the-cuff style with a lot of off-loads is not working any more.


And I don't think they believe in themselves. That is difficult to get


back. What they have is star players that can score from anywhere. If


they get a roll on, things could change quickly. Warrington still in


the bottom four but where will they stand in the set of six. Picking up


the challenge on their behalf is Stefan Ratchford.


Apple juice, oranges, milk, T, Coffey, water. Turtle, Dolphin,


while, fish, jellyfish, shark. Bart Simson, Lisa Simson, homeless and


sing, Maggie Simpson, Millhouse, no. And field, Olympic Stadium, St


James' Park, Old Trafford, Etihad Stadium, Stamford Bridge. Goodbye,


and Eos, au revoir. I can't think of the last one.


Clearly doesn't read his horoscope. It is the fixture that has been a


Grand Final on four occasions, Leeds against St Helens. COMMENTATOR: St


Helens with plenty of ground to make up here. Inside their own 20. A


fascinating opening 12 minutes or so. Step on the inside from Dominik


payroll. He has got away and he has support from Adam Swift. Wonderful


play from the St Helens forward to make that try and the finish.


Parcell is in. Leeds pushing hard again. Back for Ablett. Looking to


make up for the missed tackle earlier. Purcell again. St Helens


warming in numbers. Still trying to wriggle through, but held on to.


Joel Moon, wonderful stuff from Joel Moon. A drop of the hips and makes


his way through. Here is ourselves. Leeds again. Mullaly was held up


short. Parcell in there. He has got a penalty. They have a penalty here.


It is very kickable. They are going for goal. Held down at the second


attempt. The chance here for Jordan Lily to add the two. He kicks the


penalty. Leeds sneak ahead. Parcell. Close to the line of Ryan


Hall. Leeds again back towards the middle. A tantalising pass, quick


hands. Stevie Ward is over. Three minutes of the second half played


and Leeds extend their lead. Walmsley rolling forward again, a


really quick play the ball from Walmsley. They send it high. Well


done. He has got it, the referee says another six here because of a


Leeds touch. They don't need it and Tommy Makinson with a simple finish.


He is having another look. He thinks it should be given. On-site and


off-site is OK, looks like an aerial challenge for the ball. Wilkin lost


it and it is picked up, is there a fumble there? The video referee has


made his decision and the sides of the try can be given. Saints are


back and getting close. The off-load goes backwards, picked


up by Morgan. Roby again. Just over 50 minutes played the game and St


Helens have not had the lead since midway through the first half. A


real opportunity here. Stepping back on the inside and


McCarthy-Scarsbrook, great play, well backed up by James Roby and the


coach and fans love it. St Helens have the lead. Wrestled to the


ground. He has hurt himself as well. Mitch Garbutt. It looks like he is


in a bad way. Jon Wilkin was late there. Pushing down in the tackle.


James Childs thinks there was and Jon Wilkin will spend ten minutes in


the sin-bin. Parcell goes left. The ball is left to handle a. Crushed by


a couple of defenders. Lomax leading the way. The kick comes through. It


is the sixth tackle. Marcel. Back with Lily with a good kick towards


the corner. Watkins touches down. A simple finish from Kallum Watkins.


The referee confident enough to point the finger straightaway. A


question of how did this land in his hands. When it comes down, he is the


man on the spot. Whilst again, off-loaded and Parcell has a step.


He has found a way through. The Saints defence recovered just in


time. Cuthbertson, Leeds poised on the verge. Moon going left again. St


Helens have to be careful. Ryan Hall is a disruptive presence in the


three quarters position. How many times we seen that before? It is now


or never as far as Saints are concerned. They are offering a real


challenge. McCarthy-Scarsbrook, just short. A really big effort but just


short. Walmsley from dummy half. I think he might be an unstoppable


there. The referee is not sure. He came from behind, he thinks it is a


try. A big moment with two minutes to play.


Saints are back within touching distance again. You can hear the


countdown. Maybe Saint Helen 's dreams in the top four have faded a


bit tonight. Where Leeds were the winners? The crucial turning point


was when Jon Wilkin got sent off. I do not think it was intentional, but


when you slow it down on the big screen, he probably should have been


sent off. How impressed were you with Jack


Walker? What did you make of him? I had not seen that much of him until


this point. He has got a bit of size about him, a bit of pace, good feet.


We were talking about him before and he is a start in the making.


Catching that ball under pressure and putting the work in. He will


have to keep his head a little bit. That was a big left footsteps. He


looks a danger as well. Leeds have found another star in the making.


Jordan Lily also had a good game. You played a bit with him at


Bradford. Have you seen him develop this season? I played with him since


he has been on loan and he is a great lad, a great character, a


great attitude. He has got a lot of talent. He stepped up to the mark on


Thursday night. He is tough. I would like to see him being given a little


bit more of a chance. What do you make of John Moon in those halves


and how Keane has he been in those positions? He said Leeds. Leeds do


not play with any attacking structure or flare. They get the


ball to dangerous players and there is no one playing more dangerously


than Moon. For me attacking prowess also always comes down to Joe Moon.


He is so dangerous. He gives the ball to Ryan who is far too big and


strong to be stopped there. Moon is the most dangerous attacker in the


game. Who else could get the chance? I am not sure, but he is definitely


a good signing. Saints are a work in progress. They have shown a bit more


in the last few weeks and they keep getting better and better. You could


see how close the game was. They had a long distance try. Six home wins


this week and this is how it is all looking in the Super League table.


Castleford are guaranteed to be in first place heading into the eights.


Catalans are the only team in the bottom four to win this week. We


return next Monday at 11:15pm on BBC One in the north and there is a


repeat showing at 7:15am on Tuesday morning on BBC Two. That is it for


this week. See you next week. Until then, goodbye.


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