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You Just over a month until the Grand Final, but award season is


well under way. In terms of the major prizes, it's two down and one


to go. # We are stars


# COMMENTATOR: Castleford League


Leaders Shield winners 2017. They used to say they couldn't win at


Wembley. Now they simply cannot stop winning at Wembley. Wonderful try.


What a finish that is. Here comes the chase and Tompkins is the man to


score. Eight teams still very much


in the race for the Grand Final, and two prize fighters are with us


tonight in the shape of John Kear, and the Challenge Cup


winning captain of Hull FC, Gareth, has it sunk in a bit quicker


this time around that you've won the Challenge Cup, back-to-back as well?


It certainly has, yeah. There was a different feel in the build up to


the game. Certainly a different feel afterwards, but we spoke about Hull


becoming a more consistent team, we've won silverware, Challenge Cups


back-to-back is a massive statement of intention from the club for the


hard work that's been done for the last few years. Certainly after the


game, things moved very much towards the Grand Final and wanting to


achieve that. So yeah, everything has been a bit more dub dude and


re-- subdued and relaxed. It was such a big deal to win it last year.


You look back to Leeds finally winning. Has Lee Radford been more


relaxed? Yeah, of course. He's our leader. We feed off him and how he


is before and after games is very much influential on how we are as


players. It's something that he's been great at throughout his


coaching career. He's evolved. From a young, inexperienced coach that


was very reactive to now being a great manager as well as coach. I


think it's testament to him and we're a product of that, how we're


acting this year. So to Round 4 of the Super 8s,


and it was a landmark week His 12-game ban for a positive


drugs test is at an end, so it was time for his Super League


debut. Everyone knows he can score tries


and things like that. It's the way he reads the game. We don't have too


many natural rugby league players with vision in the world any way.


He's got that. Attacking has been what I'm known for. Hopefully I can


bring that to the club and help the boys.


COMMENTATOR: Barba scores. I've said all along it's great to have him


playing for us. But it's great for the game. I think anyone that likes


rugby league in England or anywhere in the world will tune in to see him


playing rugby league. It has been tough. I've gone from playing footy


every week to having a seat for such a long time. The one thing I've


taken from it is how easy things can get taken away from you. Now I'm on


the other side of the world and playing in a totally different


competition. The only thing I can do now is work hard and try to put good


performances on the feed. I'm excited and nervous at the same


time. It's been almost a year since I've played in a rugby league field.


I'm looking forward to it. Are you excited to see a player of


his standing and ability in Super League? Not this Thursday! But after


that I will be. He's an outstanding player. He was a stellar player in


the NRL. You could see glimpses in his first game against Wigan of a


similar stature within Super League. It was a little rusty. I hope it's


not too quick! And first up for Ben Barba,


it was one of the biggest matches on the calendar,


as St Helens met Wigan Always a real intensity to this


fixture. He's sent off! The youngster strikes. Marshal for the


corner. Support for Tierney. The fullback's in. Nobody's home. He


scores. Try! St Helens look to have snatched it.


He scores. 90 seconds played and Wigan are up and running. What a


start for them. That's a spilled ball. Oliver


Gildart steps away - two tries in the opening four minutes. Wigan are


on fire here. It's a little scruffy. The referee


says playion, and then he gives a penalty. Not doing enough to get


away, the referee decides. Williams with a chance to make it 14-0. 14


minutes played. What a wonderful position they find


themselves in here as well. Oh, Barba! We're going to the big


screen. He says try on the field. Check the grounding, then Barba.


Well the ball seems to have been dropped. Whether Gelling was getting


in there? The referee says try on the field. And try has been given.


That will be controversial. Ben Barba on his debut opens his


accounts. He's thrilled. The referee stops the game because


McCarthy has hopped away injured. Is that dangerous contact? Clearly he


was hurt. We're unsure on the point of contact. The referee puts it on


report. Tompkins quick hands - Gelant slides


over. Burgess is racing away. He's got


support, should he need it from Williams. He ducks and slides in.


Two tries in two-and-a-half minutes in this second half, putting Wigan


in control of the game again. Zeb Taia bull dozing, blasting his


way over. St Helens needed that. Taia produces.


Oh, and somehow it's gone right and Makinson scores! St Helens with


back-to-back tries back in contention.


Wig around more than happy with this now. They can run the clock down.


They get a penalty. That should be that now. Well, it's getting heated


again here. I'm not sure what he was doing here, he pushes him in the


back. Totally needless. He's in the sin-binn for what it matters.


There's only a minute left to play. Williams with a chance to put the


cherry on top of the cake with a kick that absolutely seals victory


and a win that puts Wigan right back in Grand Final contention. Week


after that Wembley defeat. Is that the kind of performance you


were expecting? Yeah when you lose a Challenge Cup final, it's easier to


play the next game than when you've won it. It's obvious to say, but it


stands true. One thing about Wigan, no matter whether they're playing


well or not, they show doggedness, determination and work so hard for


each other. At Wembley they were the second best team but hung in there.


They showed true quality against St Helens. I expected that bounce


backability to come through. The senior players really led from the


front, is that important in a game like this? That's massive. If there


were two blokes you could have said before the game would stand up and


be counted in that game, it would be those two. They're massive for Wigan


and they performed so well in this game. They led from the front. A


tremendous cover tackle from Tompkins. It was on the short side.


He tracked right the way across and came up with that great tackle. He's


competitive. He wants to win everything. Every challenge, he


wants to win it. St Helens have brought in Ben Barba and what do you


make of him? Ben Barba is exciting for the competition. You've got to


find a place for Jonny Lomax. . Richardson has been developing


nicely as a half-back, but that's what rugby league is all about -


competition for sports. It's do or die time now. John is watching on


closely. Do you think they've still got the top form and can do


something? Or do they look a little bit short to you? It's difficult to


say. This weekend will decide that. If Wakefield get one over on him


they could say their to be four transfers are out of the window.


They've been playing better in recent weeks. Probably a lot hangs


on this week. I won't ask you about that one!


St Helens next match is against play-off rivals Wakefield.


Wakefield were looking to hold onto their play-off place


at Salford on Friday, you've already won and lost there this season.


St Helens, it was do or die for them and Salford. They challenged with


the early try. Jacob Miller coming back to fitness has added something


to Wakefield. He was instrumental scoring the try and helping to set


up that for with good ball movement. This is good play from Salford.


Johnson had too much pace to cross in the corner and we knew at this


stage, 12 apiece, and a tight old game. We felt we had to stay with


them and we could get them and the Miller try was important. But this


fella on debut, a cracking debut. I think he has demonstrated he is a


threat. Good service. They hard worker in defence and an air of


confidence about the Wakefield performance. A good try, a couple of


good off-loads. Tyler Randell with his deception and pace, crossing. It


was such a shock that Tyrone McCarthy kicked the ball. It was a


comfortable win in the end but we were challenged early. Did you feel


it was a different Salford from early in the season? Yes, I think


they are tired. They have a small squad. They have not been able to


rotate and they have looked fatigued. Mentally they lost the


Challenge Cup semifinal. They have had the highs but disappointments


also. But they have made progression.


Just five days after their Wembley win, Hull FC were back


Headingley was their destination this week,


Now, is there something to be looked at here?


He said there is no try on the field.


Well, it is his hand that then bounces the ball forward.


Hitting that line and forcing them back a yard or two.


A good run from Mahe Fonua, who has got it


And Steve Michaels with the Hull response.


Really weird, isn't it, with the South stand empty?


They have already begun the demolition of that side.


Stevie Ward's pass, and Singleton had the angle and line.


But he is mightily impressive in his spells on the field.


Leeds defenders will be chastising themselves, I am sure.


Ward. Rattled in the tackle.


Gareth Ellis, he is backing in their to


Gareth Ellis, he is backing in there to


Well, he is off for ten minutes for a dangerous contact


It is a spilled ball that has given Marc Sneyd the chance to


Hull are gifted possession and position.


Just an arm lingering too long and dislodging that ball.


Hull electing to go for two and Marc Sneyd is


looking to narrow the gap to just four.


Hull's defence having to work overtime again.


Still got an arm on the ball and I think he has


It is confirmed four minutes before the


Danny Houghton having a look around here.


Thompson goes in as the dummy runner.


Just what Hull needed five minutes into the second half.


Parcell. Jones-Buchanan.


And he has got a pass away and look who is galloping in.


They appreciate that around Headingley.


There are a lot of yards to cover for Hull.


A big night tonight in terms of the race for second place.


And another chance to extend their lead.


Kallum Watkins to give his side a 12-point advantage.


They are sitting pretty at the moment.


Ryan Hall coming in quickly to close down any


It is getting a little lively in there, as well.


Rob Burrow is in the middle of it all.


What we have to do is control your players.


I don't want players running in and rushing in.


Let's just settle the game back down, please.


There are still four tackles in the set.


Kallum Watkins puts it over and Leeds


Leeds are very much favourites again.


A dodge and weave back towards Jones-Buchanan.


And it is Parcell with the diving catch


Certain now of a top-four place and near enough certain of


finishing second, as well with this big win against Hull tonight.


Despite the defeat, were you pleased with how you backed up


If you had spoken to me on Wednesday when we were doing the team run


and said we were going to put in a performance like that


with the energy we showed, I'd have bitten your hand off.


There were elements of the game we were disappointed with.


It was not a classic from either side.


It probably suited us coming off the back of the Challenge Cup.


There are areas of the game we were disappointed


with and we could have done a lot better and the result might


have been different, but the energy that we showed,


that is what was really important and shown for me the mindset change


and what we spoke about earlier in terms of dropping off


Brian McDermott had a right old rant at the end of the game.


He said his own players were guilty of it as well,


of looking for easy penalties when you are pinned in your own.


Do you think he has got a point about this, or was he just on one?


If you look at Castleford, they are great at putting a really


good kick in and then the chase is good and they pin


And the Cas fans always shout, "Get into them."


Where you are really aggressive and you make it difficult


I do not know whether it is a governing body philosophy,


a referee's philosophy, but I think they give more penalties


in that area to piggyback the teams up the field rather than make teams


It is not a pop at Hull FC, it is not a pop at Danny Washbrook.


But I just think referees are looking for penalties in that area.


Teams should have to work their way out, and if they do that,


we would be better internationally, because we would be able


to play arm-wrestle rugby, which is what you need to play


against teams like Australia and New Zealand.


It is important to say he wasn't having a go at Hull.


He said his own players were guilty of it.


We all want to see an enterprising, fast-flowing game of rugby league,


but let's not forget, rugby league is a tough sport


I think for me, that is what makes it the spectacle it is.


So let's not lose that element of grinding wins out.


Those blokes that want to take those tough carries out of yardage,


Do you think it is the governing body, or is it the players,


or is it everybody needs to get together and have a


I think it might be changing philosophy, but I think it


would benefit us internationally if teams had to work their way out


from their own line, rather than being helped out


Castleford are of course over the hills and far away


and it's important that they're involved in some competitive games


I am going to take my hat off to Castleford because they have tied


up the League Leaders' Trophy.


They are preparing for the Grand Final.


But they are preparing by changing the


But also the commitment levels that are


Although I don't think that was Castleford-like


But when you look at people like Benny Roberts still turning up week


in, week out, putting in great performances.


This is a rehearsed move and my word, look at the execution.


That is quality rugby league, despite the


fact they have achieved so much this season.


Was it important like for you guy - they will have had


the euphoria of winning - they are not used to


winning silverware - to come out and win this one?


They seem to be in a really good place.


They are playing as good now as what they were earlier in the


I have got lots of Castleford fans within my family who are very


For Huddersfield, their season is a little bit


If they have this squad fit, you look at what they might have been


Yes, they are a good team and they have matured over the


They had a really iffy period early on but they


get into the top four, but I still


think they can cause a shock or two amongst


teams wanting to get into


Another win for the leaders, and this is where all


the results have left things in the Betfred Super League table.


One more win for Leeds will guarantee them a home semifinal in


Wigan move above St Helens into fifth.


The champions are now just a point behind fourth


The Qualifiers resumed after a break for the Challenge Cup final,


and the race for Super League status is on.


Four rounds to go in the Qualifiers, and desperate times for some


of the Super League teams scrambling for safety.


Leigh took on Widnes on Sunday, where the winner would end


The details on this one come from Sharon Shortle.


A win for either of these sides would prove crucial with both


And it was Widnes who got the ideal start after just four minutes,


as Lloyd White jinked his way over from acting half


Rhys Hanbury missed the conversion to that but made no mistake


with the penalty after Atelea Vea caught Chris Houston late.


He then added a second when Danny Craven was also taken out


by a mistimed challenge and Widnes were eight points in front.


The Vikings continued to dominate the first half and went further


ahead when Alex Gerard shrugged off to Leigh defenders to go


Hanbury was on target with the conversion


It was Leigh who started the second half stronger,


moving the ball out wide to James Clare.


He scored on his debut with an acrobatic stretch.


But any hopes of a Leigh comeback did not last.


A mistake from them gave Widnes good field position and they moved


Corey Thompson stepped out of one tackle, sidestepped another defender


With the conversion, Widnes were 16 points in front.


But Leigh were not ready to roll over.


They launched an attack down the right and Ben Reynolds sent


With Hanbury off injured, Chris Bridge added a penalty from 40


metres out for Widnes to stretch the lead again, before kicking


The win gives the Vikings' hopes of Super League


survival a huge boost, while Leigh's chances


A huge win and Denis Betts talking about his team leading to show


arrogance. Is that important to go in with a struct? I think there is


so much resting on this game. Being the two points. It is important one


of the teams have arrogance and incompetence about them because if


you go into the game a little tetchy and not sure of what is going on it


would be easy for a team to get one over on the other. Nervous times for


Leigh. Very nervous and possibly this time in a better spot. It is


tough for them, but is is part of the competition and structure of the


competition and they will be challenged and the fixtures they


have, they have tough games. Warrington is as tough as it gets.


And Halifax and London. They will think they can close on the last two


but the Warrington game is vital. Widnes at Hull KR, but do they have


a roll on now? You'd like to think so.


Both teams have a lot to play for in this game. Widnes probably more so.


I think they need one win in three to cement their place in the top


flight. Widnes desperate as well. Another big game for them. Tense


times in the qualifiers. Back-to-back defeats had left


Catalan staring down the barrel of the Million Pound Game,


so they were desperate to get back It was bad tempered


at times this one. Is that a reflection of what's at


stake? I think so. I don't have any bearing on these games, but it makes


me nervous just talking about them. That was nasty, wasn't it? Yeah,


some moments in the game, which were a bit unsavoury. I'm sure there will


be repercussions of that, which could affect the teams going into


this week. How impressed have you been for Richie Myler? He's been


really good. His future is secure. He's a high quality club for next


season. He's been organising the team. Doing what he's always done


since he came to Super League, supporting the break really well. It


was instrumental in this victory. This was important to win. I know


Halifax fancied this. They had to go to Halifax and get the victory in


order to set them up for the remaining three games. We talked


about it being tetchy. Another punch-up coming, did Catalan need to


be more physical? Is that something that's been missing? I think so. We


spoke about before the bit of arrogance about them. You know, I


think, that tetchiness is always going to be there. Other teams fancy


themselves against Catalan now. I think they fancy their chances. To


keep Halifax at nil as well. Defensively they've been weak. How


important for that confidence wise? Very important going forward. If you


nil anybody it gives a feel good factor in your beliefs, structures


and systems. To further close unite the game with a good try down the


left-hand side there will really again boost them. Because 24-0 at


Halifax is a good result. But there again, they've still to look


forward. Three games and three tetchy, nervous games are going to


be coming up for Catalans. One team who know all


about the Million Pound Game But they were on course to avoid it


this year with three wins from their opening three matches


in the Qualifiers. Week 4 sent them to Featherstone,


and Richard Stead saw this one. Featherstone Rovers score


through Kyran Johnson. And Hull Kingston


Rovers answer back. This will be the last and Lunt


will send Atkin on his way. Surrounded by Hull


Kingston Rovers defenders. And it is a second try, albeit


a consolation for Kyran Johnson. What have you made of Hull KR in


terms building through the qualifiers? I don't think it's just


the qualifiers. All season, the handle, the disappointment of the ?1


million game - really well. They came up quickly with a strategy of


how to counter that. They built throughout the Championship season.


They've recruited for these qualifiers. Four from four it's


pretty perfect. Now they're going to the last three needing one win to


ensure promotion. They've done really well. How they've planned for


life in the Championship and how to get out as well. Tim Sheens has done


a good job with them. A big week in terms of managing nerves and


expectation. You wouldn't expect anything else from Tim. Been around


the block a million times. This won't be new to him. He will lay


that platform for the rest of the players but relaxed in the next few


games. They need just one win. So Hull KR remain at 100%,


and the other perfect record in the Qualifiers


belonged to Warrington. They were in London


on Saturday night Shrugs off the tackle


and puts the ball down! Spectacular start from


the London Broncos. And that is three


scores without reply. It is right over


the hands of Williams. George King takes it to the line.


Has he got that one down? The referee has to go to the video


referee. Under a pile of bodies, there it is, a smart finish, under


pressure and Warrington have a score right on halftime.


They're going to target the right-hand side. They storm through.


Suddenly Warrington right back in the game.


Or are they? This presence of mind here that Jack Hughes, well, does he


knock the ball on there? It looked like a smart off-load. We're looking


at the grounding. The try has been awarded. Shades of controversy.


Right on the line then. Warrington attacking. Kevin Brown stretches out


a big arm and it's a try. Suddenly Warrington in control. Rampaging


run. This could be another try. It's finished off. There's a bit about


this too just showing their Super League class. Andrew Henderson has


every right to be frustrated. It's Ben Westwood, too big and power.


That's six tries without replay from Warrington.


That is really sharp work from the bonko half-back. Suddenly, they've


got a foot hold again. So much pace here. It's a chase from


Brown. He gets his second try and just as you thought that London


might be back in the game, Warrington blitz them out of sight.


Ackers goes for the line. The Broncos back in the game.


That's the cat amongst the pigeons. He's turned on the turbos. He takes


it round to the stick. There is another try for the bonk yeses that


puts them so close last chance saloon for the bonko. Two points in


it. Really good hands. Oh, what's that there? From Ryan Atkins. That


was a needless tackle. That's horrible. Thankfully Dickson looks


all right. That is it. That is game over. Brave effort from the Broncos.


But it's a win for Warrington. Job just about done for Warrington.


London, it's been ifs and buts. They've come so close in all of the


games. They were tremendous in the first game of the qualifiers.


Tremendous in that as well. They scored exciting Troyes and tested


Warrington to the very end. They will feel hard done by. I'm certain


that they'll feel that they've progressed from last season to this


season and during the qualifiers as well, they've been very competitive.


I suppose these qualifiers is about getting the job done. It is. There


are a lot of players, who play at higher standard. There are


international players that are having to perform at this level.


It's a test of their character to do with that. I'm running out of time.


This ehave done the job. Just three rounds of matches to go


in the Qualifiers, then, That's it for now,


my thanks to Gareth, and to John for joining us,


we'll see you next week.


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