Day 1 Swimming: World Championships

Day 1

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For hello and welcome to coverage of the World Aquatics Championships


in Shanghai. Gold medals, what records come up all up for grabs.


We have the elegance of diving, the intensity of the swimming pool, or


part of the biggest gathering this COMMENTATOR: Rebecca Adlington,


absolutely brilliant! Tom Daley, world champion!


What a dive! Brilliant are soaring. What is


going to happen here? That is superb. Unbelievable.


A new world record, Michael Phelps. The only person missing is Ian


Thorpe and he will be watching closely as his training builds up


to his comeback in the Olympics. This is who you will see this


evening. It has been a tough year for Tom


Daley. He is in the final of the 10 metre platform final.


Rebecca Adlington, Olympic champion, but against the world champion in


the 400 metres freestyle. To Michael Phelps is going for six


gold medals, for the USA. With me is the man who still holds


the British record for the 50 metres butterfly, Mark Foster. A


huge gap between us! How big is it for the sport that Ian Thorpe is


coming back? In it is massive. Ian Thorpe was


the name of something before Michael Phelps. If those two meet,


that will be the talking point of the Olympics. This is a big space


to fill, he is sorely missed. big is this week for Britain?


British team in particular, one year out, it is their last


opportunity to test themselves against the rest of the world. A


last chance everyone will have to get together. You can get a


psychological edge over your competitors. And your last


opportunity to test yourself, your training programme, it is really


important. For anyone watching, important to become familiar with


these stars of the Olympics. One of the hot ticket is for the diving,


such an elegant sport, so beautiful and exciting that one of the major


contenders is British. In 2000 and night at the age of 15, Tom Daley


became the youngest British diving COMMENTATOR: Tom Daley, his opening


dive. Much better. Much, much better.


First place after the first round. Well done!


Very much in the next. -- in the mix.


An excellent guide, just when he needed it. -- excellent dive.


Yes! Here here is that the age of 17


defending his World Championship title. This has been a horrible


year for him, his first international competition since his


father died in May. He and Pete Waterfield have made it through to


the final. They get six attempts. They are scored out of 10 by seven


judges. They drop the top two and the bottom two. The other scores


are added together and multiplied Watch out for the Chinese who had


an off day yesterday. That is why one of the two Americans. It is


wide open. You have to say on the basis of what we saw yesterday, the


number one Chinese is the number go wrong. Especially in an outdoor


in fact. This is such a technically difficult dive. Losing his legs a


little bit in the twist. An difficulty. Ranked number one for


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


be a little bit weak. In the slow- can see the illustration in the top


campaign under way in fine fashion. Changing the order of his dives.


The first time he has started with have seen where it is drilled into


the water which will wake the Let us look at the replay. So high


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


Not the cleanest entry. Definitely tough time out here in China. Five


days in bed. He still cannot hear from his right ear, with injections


into his arm because it is hurting so much. He has been diving for 20


years. It is so good to see him so Daley, the defending champion from


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


Rome two years ago and he wants to out of sorts in the preliminaries


but has saved the big one for the final. That is the benchmark.


has moved right to the top of the commentator said he had been doing


this front 4.54 number of years now, is that an advantage to him? I said,


yes it is and I am correct. He has pulled it out of that bag when it


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


That will earn 10 from all of the judges. It did in the semi-final


and that was even better. In his home pool, in front of his home


crowd, you have to be a brave judge not to give that a turn. What are


the judges saying? Just two dissenting voices of 9.5. It will


take a lot to wrestle the gold Pete Waterfield, it needs to be in


this died. -- dive. You can tell by the reaction of the crowd, that


sums it up. Not his day. Let's have a look at the replay. Not enough


rotation. Running out of room. Needed to be tighter into shape. He


let go a little bit early. A little bit ambitious on the entry. Not


good for him, that is him out. Daley, round three dive for the


defending champion. He has had a little bit of trouble with this in


the preliminaries and the semi- into the medal contention. What a


dive! I held my breath because I thought he was a little bit week in


his take-off. But in true Tom Daley fashion he manages to find his


finish. That is why he is defending his title today. Big degree of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


difficulty. Dish showing it's not tricky. A lot of divers are


electing to do this now because it carries a high degree of difficulty.


first two dives with accuracy. This could potentially go wrong. After


the way he pulled off the forward 4.5 just now, it is looking pretty


good. He is. Supported by his team- mates who has already won a bronze


medal in the one metre. He dives in springboard as well as platform.


Been diving all week. Sometimes that particular died can go wrong


for him, but not today. Move so up to No 1 for the time being. The


crowd happy to see their No 1 diver need to be an expert to know that


is perfect. He jumps up away from the diving board, spinning away and


kicks out with his toes pointed. This appears into the water. A


perfect 10, nothing will do. This is his Torvill and Dean moment.


with his big one. 3.7. Has performed well so far, this needs


to be good to push him up the standings. Yes it is! My arms are


in the her! It is not the entry he needed. He needed to have less


splash. But he has been struggling with this in training. I'm hoping


that judges will give him 7.5 at least. I was hoping for Splash


would stay down. Just running out needs to get him some big marks.


his inward. Sensational finish into the water. That will help his


campaign. He will put pressure on the others. That battle for the


silver and bronze is very much on? It puts him 11. Clear at this stage


goes in for stampeded all the hard work, the aerial work. Just letting


it go over. It opens the door for the others and Tom Daley can close


Synchro and an individual. pressure getting to Sascha Klein as


well. This is where it needs to count. The take-off was a little


bit weak. Trying to get to the water before he runs out of room.


May be tired, a little bit of nerves, may be feeling the


pressure? It is not as much as he would have wanted to keep him in


the silver medal position. He goes today. So much better than


everybody else so far. Now it is not the perfect 10 I thought it was


going to be! I don't think he will go over 600. It just shows he is


human. He ended at short of vertical and that will only give


him eight. It is still an incredible score for this


more rounds to come. I think the gold medal has very much on. Tom


Daley, these are all big dives now he wants a medal this has to work.


It is short of vertical. He was just running out of room. It is


neat and tidy but not good enough to put pressure on the rest of the


that far away from getting a medal for the USA. But some tough dives


to achieve first. This is 3.6 and all guns blazing, and absolutely


drilled his back 3.5. 3.6 degree of difficulty. That is him right up


there. Just when he needed it, his penultimate died and that will put


him into a good place going into the final round. -- dive.


pressure is on the likes of Victor not perfect but it will leave him


in a striking position going into the final round. Look at the facial


expression, that just about sums it him proud but not as well as the


American. Sascha Klein will find it hard to hold on to second place as


well. A reverse 3.5 somersaults. 94 he has got to get on this to hold


He has responded, but it is not good enough to take him above David


Boudia. Which means that game of tactics has worked very well. This


is only 3.3, so Sascha Klein needed perfect tens and that is not. So


there is a cat fight for the bronze effect into bronze-medal position.


the crowd likes it. Not his best performers of this particular dive


but it is good enough to hold on to his sizable lead. Just to be over.


-- tipping over. So, unless he dropped say dive, the gold medal is


his. However, the silver and bronze to get into the top three. The


Just showing you a glimpse of what he is capable of. Still very much


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


in the business end of the field. over vertical as he went in. But


the aerial work was phenomenal, it Sascha Klein coming up next. What


an exciting young diver, only 20 is good enough to do Victor


Minibaev, but not good enough to take on David Boudia. What a great


programme today. It will be close to David Boudia but not close


enough, a bronze medal. Here he is, Bo Qiu. Since the first


dive he performed in the preliminaries, he has hardly put a


foot wrong. Which is why he will Shanghai. Not as good as his semi-


final performance. But he has trounced the rest of the field. It


was a one-horse race from the get go. You don't normally see that


kind of emotion. Shaking his fist, Pete Waterfield finishing at Number


Pete Waterfield finishing at Number Pete Waterfield finishing at Number


The World Championships, and never had a great individual World


Championships will stop 40 guys in their -- 40 NICE in there.


Anita work on the consistency -- I Is that as good as we could have


expected given what he has gone through?


A lot of pressure on a 14-year-old. World champion at 15. An injury at


the age of 16. The death of his father this year. And he had to


learn four new dives. I thought it was a good result. So we should


feel hopeful looking forward to the Olympics? Adding so. We know he has


the talent. He is growing an awful lot which goes against him. He is


stronger and can do more difficult NICE. But his eyes means he can


cause more splash. The other thing is having the Olympics in London.


Can he be as familiar in the swimming pool as Bo Qiu was in


Shanghai? He trains in that swimming pool day-in, day-out.


Which is what Tom will get to do with the Olympic British team. He


will get used to the surroundings. Outdoors, especially, the sky and


the swimming pool are the same colour. Indoors, he will have the


advantage. On Wednesday, Tom Daley will become the first person to


dive into the sewing Paul at the aquatic centre.


We will focus on swimming now. Four finals tonight. Including Rebecca


Adlington and Michael Phelps. First, the semi finals of the women's 100


metres butterfly. Francesca Halsall unfortunately couldn't make it into


final. This is the line-up for the second


women's 100 metres butterfly in this World Championships. After a


relatively comfortable first semi- final, I would say that six of


Caps of Great Britain. Jemma Lowe got a fantastic reaction to the gun


this turns. Jemma Lowe has to come world record. She could break it in


Ellen Gandy. It will be very close indeed. For that final spot in that


final. Interestingly, the American went out very quickly. And she held


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


swimmers in the final. Jemma Lowe A fantastic race and you are both


in the final. Thank you. I was quite nervous this morning. The


first race for me. I wasn't sure how it would go. To get into the


final, I'm really happy. This morning, may be a little bit


worried? I am still finding my feet in this competition. I'm so glad to


make it into the final. She was very quick. She was a whole body


length ahead. But it didn't matter. Do you always see this as a bonus?


I prefer the 100, it is a shorter event and I enjoy it. It is nice to


have another event. And your targets? Medals, Times? Get in and


raced definitely. See what happens. The same? You can't control how


people are soaring. Who would know that the American would go a 56.


You can see how they both get on in their final live on a red button


from 11am tomorrow. We will be back on BBC Two from 1pm. One of the


headlines firms from the last World Championship in Rome was the 400


metres freestyle for the men. Paul Biedermann had beat the world


record. He is back to defend his Yannick Angel leading at the


What a fantastic race. And under bald record split. -- an under


Hwan Park still holding that lead. Yannick Angel looks good in seven.


There is a race at the bottom of the swimming pool. They are having


to work hard. I wonder whether Paul Biedermann up in three, and Tae


Hwan Park has gone. He has 100 Commonwealth champion, he is going


well. Still Tae Hwan Park, he is streaking away. The world record-


holder Paul Beedham and is making a comeback. Park at the top, he is


the world champion. The time does not matter that much. The way he


did it from the front on the first 50 and led every single lens.


was fantastic swimming. The Korean supporters are right in the gods.


When you see somebody on a 400 metres get off so quickly, you do


wonder if they have enough energy. But being in the outside lane and


looking across and seeing empty water must have given him a boost.


I wonder whether lanes 3 and 4 got metres freestyle. Was Olympic


champion it into 1008, now a champion again. Paul Biedermann,


the world champion of two years ago, Interesting, the rumours have been


strong coming out of Australia work say one Park training, was going


very well? He is in the outside line and he can do his own thing.


He is not just a flash in the pan. His form has been brilliant. When


he is ahead and he can dictate the race. Sun Yang came in, and he is


an unknown quantity. That used to be one of Ian Thorpe's events.


Would he think of swimming 400 as well in London? I would say no.


When you look at the time that won it, 3.42 0.0. In the back of his


mind, knowing what he can do, it is easier said than done. Although he


is talented, he will look at the 100 and a 200. Would you say Sun


Yang and Park will compete? Park has the experience. A lot of people


would have said Paul Biedermann going in there was the world record


holder. It could be one of three or four people, which is great.


move on to the combination of all four strokes. This includes the


European record-holder, at the Commonwealth record holder, Hannah


Miley. The first semi-final was won Miley. The first semi-final was won


by Stephanie Rice. She is up in come in later in the week. Siobhan


Marie To, won the gold in the Junior Championships in this event.


lane number three. Expect her to finish fast. Alicia Coutts, as


expected taking the lead. She obviously knows she gets to go back


to sleep after this one. Siobhan- Marie O'Connor, you cannot see her


properly, she is at the bottom of the pool. Great turn from Hannah


Miley. She has given about 1.2 seconds away on the first 50 fly.


But this breaststroke, she will Hogg thistly get into maybe third


place and put her in contention. Alicia Coutts holding on to the


good swim. She is. Turning in six. She is going well. Alicia Coutts,


the Commonwealth champion of Australia. Does not look like she


is pushing it at all? Hannah Miley, you can see her hands, a very good


finish for her. Making sure of her finish in the final. Should born


Maria, became 7th in the end. But improved her qualification time by


over a second. Alicia Coutts, she just turned it off in the last 50.


Interesting, this is her second race and won't halfway through


tonight's events. Could fly, good back, a very solid swimming. It is


interesting way you don't have to work too hard in one of the


sections, like Hannah Miley does. She gives so much away on the


flight. She has to work so hard in the breaststroke. Baxter was very


Your breaststroke is so good, and I know you have a year way you worked


on it well. We work on the backstroke for next year? I ex-


leader were gone all four strokes. If I did push it more on the flight,


would I be given to hold the time on the breaststroke? You do have to


squeeze it a little bit more each time. I have a bit of a


disadvantage because I am small. I do give it my best shot and I can


catch up on the breaststroke. My fly it is something I need to work


on. Sometimes it's nice to chase rather than be chased. We have been


talking about the fact that it you have been pinching all my West


Country records another personal best for you? I was not expected to


qualify for this, so I am over the moon.


Interesting experience for her. And a good influence to have around her


in Hannah Miley, who sets a good example? Always smiling. Siobhan


Marie To, has just want two gold medals in the junior section. When


the person you're chasing, Hannah Miley, is world class, and then you


beat them and you are one of the best of the world. But if you are


top 50, you have to chase other people who are not there naturally


for you to chase, if that makes sense? Total sense. Hannah Miley's


stronger event is coming up later in the week but it does not like


she has an outside chance tomorrow? This is her second event and it is


too short for her. If you look at the flight, she practises every


stroke. She works on her weakest link as well, if she can get


stronger, whether it comes in the gym, the butterfly might get better.


It would be a good confidence boost if she gets a good place in the


final tomorrow? All of the training is geared around the 400 medley.


Get in, swim and raised. Hanna is the type of person who gets faster


with every swim. Let's move on to the women's 400-metre freestyle. We


have the Olympic champion, Rebecca Adlington and Federica Pellegrini.


She qualified fastest and looked very good in the morning heat.


Rebecca struggled and unqualified seven fastest. In terms of British


swimming, it is so strong that the likes of Hannah Miley or Fran


Halsall have all been inspired by the achievements of Rebecca


Adlington, because she became, in Beijing the most successful British


female swimmer ever. COMMONTATOR: Rebecca Adlington, you


are absolutely brilliant. It is going to be Rebecca Adlington.


What an amazing swim. She is European champion, how much does


that mean to her? We are wondering if the Rebecca


Adlington has anything left at all. Every year see the Americans, you


see everybody else, and last year we did not get to race the rest of


the world. It is exciting going into these championships, seeing


the Americans and everyone else and how they are looking. How do you


choose what events you're going to do? Is this the practice for next


year? Next year old in the two London, 400 and 800 at the trials


and see what I qualify for. People just assume I am going, but when I


tell them I don't find out if I qualify until next year. They just


assume I automatically go. Next year the Olympic trials will be


even tougher, probably more than the Olympics because it will be so


emotional four people. A lot of people don't realise how strong for


team spirit is do they? swimmers have a stronger bond and


on more supportive than some of the other team events. We're up at 5 am


and it is a lonely spot. We want each other to do well. You talk


about it being a lonely sport, how do you stay focused? I love it. I


have one of the most amazing coaches. Everybody says, you hardly


talk, but we just know each other so well. I don't need to tell him I


am tired, he knows straight away. Does it make it tough because the


world is at the end and you have to try and maintain that endurance?


You have to keep the volume up and get in a good enough recovery. It


would be started -- it would be better if it started at eight and


the distance has got smaller. doing jigsaws? I love doing them.


This is something we don't know about, what do you do to just be


normal, sitting in the camp or the Olympic village just to fill the


days. There is lot of resting before competition? You don't want


to go out and about because it is walking around, you want to save


your energy. I love doing jigsaws, they relax make so much. Last year,


we also do jigsaw of the team. They made it with our picture and we


were trying to find people's faces. It was such a nice relaxing thing


to do. And cooking, when I logged into twitter, you are always


cooking? I love making banana bread. I cannot Cook, but baking and


banana bread is my speciality. will be reaching for the Banana and


the strength it gives her towards the end of this race. Rebecca


the end of this race. Rebecca Adlington, not a great


Great Britain, she will have to go out faster than she did in the


heats and work for this first 200 was quite pleased with that spot.


Lotte Friis going out very strongly. We saw that in the heats. She is in


six. Camille Muffat in five, a very long stroke. Almost I would say,


that close. It is good for Rebecca Addlington. She is starting to work


at Rebecca Addlington. I would like to see this in the 800 metres


freestyle later in the week. Going with her his Kylie Palmer from


Australia in lane a two. -- lane will be moving, taking the lead


from Rebecca Addlington. Going away from the field. This is quite


worrying if you are a British band. Federica Pellegrini is doing what


she was doing in the morning, at starting to kick. Rebecca


Addlington can now see beyond Kylie Palmer. I think that Federica


Pellegrini has made a masterful, tactical move. There is no catching


this woman. My goodness, how fit his shade, she has taken two metres


out of the field in that 50 metres swim. One length and a half to go.


Sting go well is Rebecca Addlington, Olympic champion. World record


holder on 800 metres freestyle. It looks like maybe she is starting to


get caught in the centre. Federica Pellegrini first. Rebecca


Addlington is just in their position. They're coming back at


her. The Federica Pellegrini is Pellegrini of Italy. A great swim.


Silver has gone to Rebecca Addlington, what a swim. A gutsy


swim, right on the upside. The silver to Great Britain's Rebecca


Addlington, a really good swim. fantastic swimmer by Rebecca


Addlington. She reworked it as hard as she could. Paced it their best


she could have. Federica Pellegrini did exactly what she has trained


for. In the end, finishing with a 29. Becky also had a negative split


coming back very strongly, they know the race will be at the end.


Federica Pellegrini effectively A silver medal, that is not bad,


you like the outside lane. I am so pleased with that after this


morning. I was really down after this morning, it reminded me of


2009 where I was in lane one. This morning was really tough. I knew I


was asking for a miracle. I want to try this out now, I don't want to


be making mistakes next year. Unfortunately my time wasn't there.


I tried to get into that race as much as I could. This in my best


event so to come away with a silver medal. Federica Pellegrini is


amazing and to get a chance to raise her. Fantastic pacing. Are


you able to see everybody? Does your line of vision making a


difference? I stuck with Kylie Palmer. I saw Federica Pellegrini,


I saw her feet! I knew I couldn't catch her but I tried to work as


hard as I could. I saw that no one was with us. So I knew I was in


with their medal. I wanted to use my distance training to make it pay


off. Are you ready for the 800? have the 201st, and the 4x200. It


is so nice to get an event and have fun with it and enjoy it without


any pressure. To see what speed I have.


A very, very different Rebecca Addlington from the World


Championships in Rome in 2009, where she was below par and very


upset with her performance. Here, thrilled to be standing up there


with the silver medal for the 400 metres freestyle. Beaten by a


superstar in Federica Pellegrini. She taught herself down a lot,


Mark? After going from nowhere to double Olympic gold medallist. At


the Olympics, they said it hundreds was her event. She was so surprised


to win the 400 freestyle. She had all this pressure on her. From


being the Hunter to the hunted. There was pressure which was hard


to deal with. She is slowly getting there. That is a world silver medal.


And if not her main event. With Becky, she said Federica Pellegrini


is amazing. She is amazing, a double gold Olympic medallist.


really hope she is enjoying this week. It sounds as if she is. She


seems to have that focus, really strongly, on anything that will


happen between now and this time next year. She was talking about


cycles, with her coach, leading into the championships. The World


Championships, the rest of the world is there, try different


things. If they don't go right, you can go back. She was looking at the


200 as a fun event. Like Paula Radcliffe, marathon runner, you


won't get heard doing the 100 metres. The 200 for her is a real


sprinter. So, it is fun. You were raised Venter. How different is


that from open-water swimming? -- you were a sprinter. It is


completely different. 60 people in a pack. Water temperatures. I would


last 21 seconds. Open water is 20 hours. They pull each other under


water, it is brutal. Distances up to 25 kilometres. 10 kilometres is


what it is all about for the Olympics. In Keri-Anne Payne, we


have someone who is an Olympic silver medallist and world champion.


They have to take food on board as they swim. Two hours in the


swimming pool. The policy for Keri- Anne Payne is to just keep on going.


It has been an amazing year. I'm pleased with how it has gone so


far. By figures of crossed I can keep progressing up that ladder. My


goal is to be in the top 10 and make that Olympic team. I think


this is almost going to be a more important and difficult race than


I have had so many different trials, to get to where I am now. This is


the final hurdle to make the Olympic team. I have definitely


learned to love bit more, and swimming. When I first started, I


wasn't the biggest fan. 30, swimming through dead animals, not


very cameras. COMMENTATOR: Keri-Anne Payne is


still leading. She has led this phrase from the


start. Here comes Keri-Anne Payne, she touches first, she is the world


champion. He qualified for the Olympic Games.


Yes. It is amazing. I really couldn't be any happier now. The


perfect race today. Annie to make sure I get home and straight back


into the water and concentrate on next year. I have made the team and


I'm really happy. I need to make sure I carry on going for next year.


Alternate his Keri-Anne Payne world champion in open-water swimming but


she became the first British athlete in any discipline to


officially qualify for next year's Olympic Games. A tremendously brave


swim, it looks so tough. What she does always is take it on.


In swearing terms, especially with open water. In the swimming pool,


you have euro in lane. In open water, the person who sits behind


her, they move the water. Soaring behind is a lot easier. She knew


she had to finish in the top 10 to qualify. Cassandra Patten one a


bronze medal, she finished 21st. She now can't qualify. She had to


finish top 10. There are only 24 places. That is the qualification


system. Two Brits could have qualified. But she did not come top


10. We have one Brit going. Britain gets a person in every event anyway.


Cassandra Patten can't now go to the qualifying event as we already


have one person. This is because they are trying to get as many


countries involved. 10 people have qualified already. They want 15


people from different countries. It is good to promote the sport but


you do want the best people. For the men, and remembered David


Davis tried to do what Keri-Anne Payne did, to lead all the way.


What is his situation? He did not finish top 10. He did not go to the


World Championships. The two boys who represented thus did not


qualify. So, we have one place available as host nation. David can


now go to the second qualification to qualify their or as the fastest


Briton. They had real problems with the temperature of water in the


longest event, the 25 kilometres. 10 kilometres it takes two powers,


the marathon in street running terms. 25 kilometres takes five


hours. One American died from heat or exhaustion. They are swimming in


32 degrees. Paul something -- swimming pool is 22 degrees. Heat


exhaustion does come into play. A lot of people, nine, pulled out of


the event. It is dangerous. Absolutely.


The evening session rounds off with USA, but Holland it would scare the


Germany just from China in four. is these two nations, the Chinese


-- lane assignment. And they are one up from the Americans and they


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


will be getting waves. The gap is Holland get the gold. Silver to the


USA. The bronze medal goes to Germany. Germany are delighted.


What a great last leg. Tactically, the Dutch got it absolutely perfect.


She took it on the first 25 metres in the last leg. Great off the


block. I was wondering if she would get so excited. Team tactics worked


against the Americans. The Dutch have been confirmed because I was


just looking at the German takeover. But it looks like they have got


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 50 seconds


away with it. Holland did it's a than Michael Phelps from the USA.


Adam Brown, nearest your camera. Then the turn from Michael Phelps


will be impressive I would imagine. Underwater for quite a while. James


Magnussen having a fantastic 25 metres. Now going away from the


field, this is a fantastic start for the Australians. Right on


record pace for the relay. That is under the world record pace at for


the relay. Australia out to an absolute flyer. Adam Brown in Great


Britain did 49.05. The Australians have given themselves the best


chance in beating the Americans. It is that battle of the South


Africans. Townshend, a very experienced competitor. And that


little ways on the side will be helping the Australians. That was a


work. In its is interesting, the South Africans have a pretty much


unknown 20-year-old on the back end. What pressure! The Australians have


Eamon Sullivan. What a fantastic take over from the Americans.


USA in the centre. They have got a lot of work to do. Australia


leading. Eamon Sullivan is the second man in history at the 100


metres freestyle. It is getting closer. Australia First, fan second


and the USA have too much to do to catch up? France are usually in the


France again get a silver. What a great swim in that was. Relatively


slow time, but Australia have stolen it from Elaine two. Rashmee


the end. You could tell his tank was empty. But they owe that to


their leads swimmer, James Magnussen. What a fantastic first


100 metres. The rest of the teams could not come back. Eamon Sullivan,


didn't he tied up in that last few metres. Ian Thorpe, where are you


Nice to see you doing freestyle? Nice to mix it up. I like racing as


a team with Team GB today. We did a great job, make the final. To be


honest, the main thing was to come here and to qualify the team for


next year for the London 2012 Olympics. We have done that and we


should be proud of the achievements so far. Funding is very important?


It is, it is a big help to everyone on the team and it is great to get


into the final and raise these big boys. It was a cool raised? It was,


very cool. The Australians, the French and Americans were fantastic.


We did a great job. We qualified for London. Up until a couple of


months ago you did not know you are going to be here? This year has


been funny for everyone, after a late Commonwealth Games and early


trials. I did not win very well there. I had to go to second trials,


and having that up and down, not swimming as fast as I would like to


hear, but like the boys said, in another final, people are starting


to take us seriously. Simon Burnett being honest in his assessment.


When I said the men were first up, I meant it was the women. What


would be a highlight of the Day? Watching the Australian men, it was


going to be about France and America, we did not muck about


Australia. Also we talked about it earlier, Ian Thorpe is going to try


and get back in the team. Would you read anything into Michael Phelps


not being terribly sharp in the first leg? First rate, he was not


sluggish, is just James Magnussen had an absolute blinder. Don't read


too much into it, the fly is his thing. They all seemed very happy


with the pool, unlike Delhi? They have been no complaints. When you


go into a major championships, the hotel they are staying is a great


hotel. They have a dietician looking after them, it is all


prepared and managed around them. And do things tomorrow, Ellen Gandy


and Jemma Lowe have their first final? On the fly, yes. We have two


goals in the final. Before it was, can we get one in there? Now we


have two. We have Rebecca Adlington in the freestyle. It is exciting.


Because the international competition is so strong, one of


the interesting things developing will be has Michael Phelps still


got it or is Ryan locker t the major star? If he took Michael


Phelps out of the Olympic Games, Ryan would have won about five gold


medals himself. These two going head-to-head tomorrow in the 200


freestyler, Ryan was in the heat of the three-star but did not get put


into the team for the relay in the final. One of the things to look


out for tomorrow will be Hannah Miley in the 200 individual medley


Miley in the 200 individual medley tomorrow. You can watch the finals


live on the red button and that starts at 11 am. We will be back on


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