Day 4 Swimming: World Championships

Day 4

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And this will it be the theatre of the 2012 Olympics. Or we are in the


Olympic Park. The beautiful curved roof has given it the nickname of


the stingrays. The capacity will be 17,500 people but it can be reduced


because of the yellow sections will come out and that will leave a


capacity of 2,500. The whole thing will be left open for the community.


It is the most beautiful scene. It makes you want to dive in. He had


the diving pool and the diving platform where Tom Daley will make


the first official dive. The opening ceremony is exactly one


year from today. For the next two hours we will be here and having


interviews with the Beijing silver medallists and bringing new all of


the highlights from the World Championships in Shanghai. -- are


bringing new. Michael Phelps has not won a gold


for yet but this is his event. He goes for a title number five.


Frederica Pellegrini won gold at the last world championships and


she defends her title this afternoon. Jemma Spoforth has had a


disappointing week. With me here is Mark Foster. You


will be diving into this pool later? It will be the first


official race. There will be lots of other swimmers in there. It will


be a fun race. He wants to make sure you set the record? I hope so.


25 years will have gone down the drain if not. I saw you in a bikini


earlier. You made the first tile here, one of the first trials.


was about the -- about a year ago. I have done when a fitting before


and this was my first attempt at tiling. I can fix any problem in


the bathroom. If there is a leak they might be coming to knock at my


door a. What do you make of this as a venue? I think it is wonderful.


The big thing for me was standing there and seeing the wings go up. I


think, as a home athlete knowing that 16,000 people will be


supporting me, what is coming up is going to be unbelievably special


for everybody. Home Games are fantastic. It must make you wish


that you could have home -- held arm. I would have loved to have


done that. At the end of my career, I competed for 23 years, and the


most important ones were the ones at home. When you are young you


want to travel and go to Australia and America but at the end of my


career I wanted to stay home so my friends and family could come and


watch. It is a convert. It is going to be sensational. -- it is a


comfort. He do you expect to be standing here in one year? I think


Michael Phelps will be there. I also think we will see thought back.


-- Ian Thorpe. Of course Rebecca Adlington. That will be very


exciting. Michael Phelps did such an extraordinary thing in Beijing


and won eight gold medals. When you have been that high it is very hard


four years later to motivate yourself. When he went for six in


Athens, that was the thing that drove him to go for eight medals.


It was a butterfly finish at the end. America should have won in the


relay. He has done six and he has done eight and he will not go for


any more. 14 Olympic medals, where does the motivation come from? If


he needs any motivation, he has been beaten, and he will come back


stronger than before. We will see Michael Phelps not too far off in


the final of the 200m butterfly, which is his event. He needs to


prove himself. To make the decision to come back is a huge risk. This


is what will shock me. I did this because I loved it and I enjoyed it


and being a sportsman is the best thing in the war. -- in the world.


Ian Thorpe went on to the Olympic Games and won three gold medals and


then won medals in Athens as well. He maintained his title and won


again. He did not have anything to prove. His big race was in Athens


at the age of 21 but I have always wondered how much more he could


have done. He walked away before it was too late. But he always loves


coming to London and I think that has spurred him. We will have more


discussions about that in one year. In turns of events in Shanghai, we


have the 100m coming up. We have been talking a lot about Cesar


Cielo Filho. There is a mixed feeling about his emotional win. He


has tested positive for a banned substance. There are two trains of


thought. I think when the world governing body and the world giving


system make a policy where if you test positive for something that is


it, I think the onus is on the athletes themselves. What they put


on their body is up to them. If it has got a simulant in it you will


lose weight and you should get it checked out. I am not saying that


he cheated deliberately but he should have been more careful. He


is not a schoolboy's winner. There is a mixed feeling and I think it


will be interesting to see what is going to happen in the next few


days. -- schoolboy a swimmer. freestyle. We can see that the


champion Cesar Cielo Filho is in five. The slowest of the qualifiers,


James Roberts of Australia. The slowest but he has a gold medal


already. He had a stunning race recently. The gold medal on the 400


freestyle, tied one Park. -- Park Tae-Hwan. Nikita Lobinstev wine


five years ago and he is back again. This chap from South Africa for


trains over in the States. Now we have any in Adrian from the USA. He


is a champion at the 100m freestyle. Now here is the fastest man in


water in history, Cesar Cielo Filho. The world record holder in the 150


but not the fastest qualifier because James Magnussen did that in


fine form. 47.49. We know that he has got 0.07 for sure. Michael


Phelps is doing a lead off against him. He said he was excited to see


such exciting talent coming through at such a young age. He beat Phelps


by half a second, I believe. first indication that Michael


Phelps may not be on top form in freestyle has gotten under way. The


Olympic champion and the world champion. Cesar Cielo Filho is in


the black cap. We expected him out very quickly. 4th fate looks like


lane set for -- lane six will turn quickly. Nowhere near a world


record. I am not surprised that he looks so good. The world record


holder does have some work to do. He takes eight, 47.9. James


Magnussen takes it. Adrian takes second and the world record holder


in third. We have seen some really on his staff here. James Magnussen


was very slow for the first five metres. He is going to have to work


on that. He came back very strongly. Had a lot left in his tank. Here he


is just teaching -- touching out Adrian. He swam fantastically on


the relay. James Magnussen has won the first semi-final. Adrian is in


second and Cesar Cielo Filho in third. The second semi-final is


really stacked. It will be difficult to choose this one. We


have a grammar more in lane two. Five and six will be capable of


this semi-final. The French pride themselves on sprint but they have


not delivered. Silver, silver everywhere. Here is the lowest seed


for this second semi-final. Now we have the young at 21-year-old


Italian who is a world junior champion. We have a tie for the


gold medal. This chap did it and he is in 7th. The South African is out


unbelievably quick this morning. The swimmer from Holland has a


lifetime best to qualify. Anything is possible after a slightly slower


heat. We have the second Frenchman there. Relatively slow said this


will be interesting. The two French guys will pull each other on. We


have the younger of the two. He is a couple years older. An intense


time in 2007 but he's not really been on form since then. War macro


years is quite a while not have Africa was moving a little bit. We


have to see whether the start of thought he was moving or not. If he


was, he will be disqualified at the end of the race. He got a great


from the bottom, he looks pretty good. Heavens above, who's going to


get this one? If they can go under 48 they are going to get through.


They are very slow again. This is going to be really tight to make


the final. Some big guns are going to miss out. Meynard won it. Hayden


was second. Magnini was 7th. But he was only a 10th behind third.


took sub 49 to make these semi- finals. 48.99 the last one in. 16


men under 49. A pretty much done similar sort of times. -- they've


pretty much done similar sorts of times. There's not much room for


error. Even in the heats, these guys know they have to put in fast


times and they are not improving Very disappointing that Simon


Burnett and Adam Brown on not in the semi-finals. I'll discuss that


with Mark Foster. They are testing everything today, and we've had


swimmers in the pool from the local Newham at swimming group. That's


the borough we are in. In the diving pool we've got the


synchronised swimming British team doing a demonstration. It's very


noisy. Simon Bennett interestingly said, he was a silver medallist at


the Commonwealth Games at this distance, he said the death of the


field at the World Championships is a much stronger than it has been in


past years. What's happening is the Times, take the suits out of the


way, the Times aren't getting faster at the top. It's getting


faster but by tiny amounts. Everyone is squeezing up at the top.


If you look back at the Commonwealth Games last year, his


time would have just been outside the final, but it would have made


him through to the semi-finals. This morning he was 25th. He was


talking about the depth, those 25 people. It is tight but he's just


got to be performing at his best in the morning to make the next round.


Let's move on to the women's 50 metre backstroke semi-finals. You


will see Gemma Spofforth and George Franklin of the USA, I think she


just got it. Very close indeed. Franklin came back very fast. I was


getting a bit worried, might call was miles out. She was 7th until


The underwater is so fast. All the strokes, the fly kicks. Although


breaststroke is the one where you are not allowed to do a lot of them,


London. There is Phelps. He's not in the second semi-final of the


women's 50 backstroke. I'm not quite sure why Chinese TV is


showing that. He is taking on two Chinese. Peng Wu has beaten him


twice in America on his home soil. There is a big expectation for Peng


Wu. I don't know, Phelps can't let too many slip away, can he? Well,


it's the evening of day four and Michael Phelps has not yet won a


gold medal. We are halfway through I'll, that's Georgia Davies.


Georgia Davies in lane two. She looked very good in the heats.


Pelton, just 17 years old. The third fastest qualifier for this


Championships in Rome and a silver six years ago. She is quick, but


whether she's going to be quick here or not... Wait and see.


Herasimenia in six. Drakou of Greece in seven. Then Gemma


Spofforth. We haven't seen the best of her, she's had a tough year.


Absolutely. It was suggested she was ill last weekend, I'm not sure


what that is. She's obviously not on top form. She trains with Ryan


Lochte over in Florida. She had a message of support from him


overnight. She's got her work cut to make it through. Zueva of Russia


and the water than I expected there. Really close. On the finish it


looks like a Herasimenia. Zueva got it. It's going to be really tight.


27.88. Then they are all 28.0. Georgia Davies swimming well but


not well enough. What a fantastic shot. Arching their back, head back.


You get those 15 metres of kicking in. Chang Gao is probably going to


the final from that second semi- You are still the world record


holder, one-year today exactly to go. What are your plans? I'm going


back to the States, I'm not taking a break. I'm just going to get fit


again this year. It hasn't gone to plan at all. I can't just blame it


on the food poisoning, that's just one little thing. The rest of the


Earth needs a lot more fine-tuning. I'm going to go back and really get


in shape and look to 2012 was a queue are not the sort of person he


dishes out excuses, but it's been a very hard here. It's in you to go


back and get stuck in to some hard work. We will see you in London.


Definitely. Before the heat this morning I had a lot of decisions. I


was really on the edge as to whether I would quit and not do


this final year. Now it's 100 % commitment and we are coming back


next year. It's fantastic to see you in there. It's great you are


here. Yeah, I didn't expect to be here. I'm really pleased. Although


I'm disappointed with the time I did there, it's all experience.


I've just got to keep motivated and keep training and globally next


year I will be on top form. Last year, you broke internationally


into winning medals. Then there was a fuss of trials where things went


slightly askew. But you got added to the list at the last moment.


Yeah. Things didn't go quite to plan at trials, although we did


some good times. I took that away with me, so I'm really pleased


about that. It's given me confidence. I need to make sure I


don't make silly mistakes and hopefully repeat those times again.


Very strong words from Gemma Spofforth there. I'm delighted to


say that Lord Cole is with me here, looking down on this glorious venue.


-- Lord Coe. It's extraordinary. Everyone is reacting very


positively. Yes, they are. The competitors and the young kids from


the Newham swimming club. Historically, they will always be


able to say they were the first competitors in the pool. It's an


extraordinary story. I'm really proud today because so many things


have happened in this area, so many things have happened in this


borough. But sport is at the heart of it. I guess for those of us, you


know what I'm saying here, for those of us that had been in sport


all our lives, it's just a great demonstration of what sport can do.


You actually sound and look very emotional. We start about seven


years ago. Three of us all sitting in the pub thinking, it's quite a


nice thing to think about. You end up with an organisation of 6000


people. But along the way you leave things like this. It just seems


right today. As an athlete, you will have all been about preparing


for the big event and giving yourself a timetable. What happens


in this role for you in the next year? I guess you can take the man


out of competition but you never take the athlete out of the life of.


For me, it's now about making sure this really works for the


competitors. Every time you see a young swimmer in a pool, you know


that they've spent half their young lives getting there. So this has


got to work. Its testing and testing. Just making sure that at


the end of the competition they may be able to turn to me and say, I


didn't have the greatest competition, I didn't have the


greatest Olympics, but there's nothing that you guys did other


than to help me perform at the highest level. For me, that's why


we get up in the morning. Tom Daley is going to do the first official


dive from that ten-metre platform later today. That is as huge height


when you stand below it. It is when you stand up there - have you been


up there? It's like most things in sport. When you get really close up


to it is extraordinary what he does off that height. It is amazing. You


will allow him as much access as he needs some people get very familiar


with it? Yes. Will he get his own key to the place? We might even


name it after him if he wins! would be absolutely worthwhile. We


genuinely cant see it in your face, the motion that this inspires. And


very different to be inspired by a place rather than by a sporting


event. It must be really... This is a very different experience for you.


Yes, it is. As I said, seven years ago we were standing on a parcel of


land that was contaminated, rivers that were filthy. An area that had


been neglected for far too long. It probably shouldn't have taken the


Olympic Games to have done that, if we are being honest, but it has.


Once the games have gone and the wings disappear, we are left with a


fantastic community facility, but a facility that I hope stages world


swimming championships, European swimming championships in years to


It is amazing to see all of the photographers that have assembled


by the side of the pool. But it is about the competition and it does


not matter if you have world titles galore, nothing can compare to


having an Olympics in your own country. A year to go until 2012.


Everyone wants the chance to compete at a home Olympics. When


you dream about it it gives you goose bumps. It is a special moment.


It is pretty exciting to think what could happen. It is amazing and


exciting. It is not too far away. If I qualify for the Olympics and


then I will be the most happy girl on the plastic -- planet. I can do


myself proud now. I am thinking about winning, desire, passion and


motivation. Good to start in one piece. I got a silver medal in


Athens. I can only imagine what getting a gold will feel like.


win a gold medal on home waters would be an incredible achievement.


So will really excited and still really loving the journey. It is


just a privileged to be able to do this again. When you say a year to


go, I think you get a slight rush of adrenalin, and you think, bring


it on. I think that we just need to go out there and enjoy it and do


what we do best. Absolutely fantastic. I cannot wait until the


Olympics come to our shores. Cool, tingly. You heard that Jemma


Spoforth was feeling really bad about herself. She was thinking


about walking away from the sport altogether but she felt that she


was too good to walk away. She has got a lot of people around her


saying that, at two years ago, she was four seconds faster, that does


not go away. Her mother has died and her dad's girlfriend has died.


These things affect people in different ways. Her mind that is


probably different. She is coming from a low and getting back. She


came from nowhere to be a world champion and she has to use that


drive. She will be here and I have no doubt that she will be one of


the people standing on a podium. hope so. Every athlete goes through


these horrible low points of but to have it happens so public a --


publicly. Some people have injuries and operations and never come back.


People expect so much. People expect more and more. They put a


lot of pressure on you and you put pressure on yourself. She is so far


away from home and she is thinking that she should be home. She is


completely distracted away from what she should be doing. She


should be focusing on the water. I think she should come with the team,


the gritters team, they should come into this environment. -- the


British team. We wish her well in her recovery because it is a low


point for her right now. For another swimmer looking for added


motivation is Michael Phelps. He has a bronze medal from the relay


and a silver medal because Ryan Lochte beat him and the 200m


freestyle. Now it is the 200 metres butterfly. Has felt still got what


it takes? We will find out very Michael Phelps is not looking well.


He has got all of his energy stacked up in the final which is


important. We have Takeshi Matsuda in line for next to him. Wu Peng


has been him twice in America. He has a couple of good big guys are


medallist last year. The medals could go to any of these eight


names. I can make a good case for gold on all of them. Here is Chad


le Clos. He has been improving year on year. This guy is the new


European junior champion, the 18- year-old. He looks really good. He


looks like one of those wind-up toys that goes around and around.


Wu Peng, China. Massive ovation. He has based himself in the state now.


Bronze in 2005 and silver in 2007. Here comes Dinko Jukic. He has got


to step up now. He is right next to the Chinese man in lane two, it is


Michael Phelps. 28 world championship medals. He has won


this race. He won in 2001 and 2003 and 2009. No one in history has won


the same race five times. The second Chinese man, Chen Yin. He


has not been on great form for a while. He missed the final two


years ago. And Japan is very excited about Takeshi Matsuda. What


a chance he has got. A great chance. He is on great form. The ultimate


carrot for this is that he will go to 2012. There is a lot on the line


for him. Not on the scale of Michael Phelps. He came onto the


international scene when he was 15 and impressed everyone so much. He


will find it hard to see himself lose in his signature race but


like a bit of a wounded animal. You do not have that swagger that you


usually see from Michael Phelps. Could someone else be world


the men's 200m butterfly. Michael Phelps gets an absolutely cracking


start. Takeshi Matsuda and is in for. He is close to Phelps. He is


half a metre down on the start. was thinking that this morning. He


is a lot smaller. He does not quite have the power under what are that


Phelps has. Takeshi Matsuda is going with him. Chad le Clos at the


top. He is having a look over at fops. Takeshi Matsuda F is right on


-- is right on the shoulder of Michael Phelps. Takeshi Matsuda is


a dog at swimming. He will still keep going. That is good. He looks


really good. This is going to be exciting. Michael Phelps goes first


and Takeshi Matsuda second. Chad le Clos is in there. Phelps has gone


reasonably early here. He normally tries to wind it up but he has gone


early. Takeshi Matsuda is going with him. I am worried for Phelps


here. The bronze medal, you have got Dinko Jukic down here. Takeshi


Matsuda is almost neck-and-neck with him. Has he got the training


and fitness? Phelps is looking good. Fells as starting to make a move.


The rest of the field are coming back. -- felt the starting. Else is


tightening up. It looks like Phelps is going to hold on. It is his race.


This is going to be a massive win for Michael Phelps. Five times


world champion in the men's 200 metres butterfly. The first time


anyone has done that in history. There is his mother. She is so


happy. That is not the Michael Phelps we know. Fascinating. He is


not in the best shape. He said that before he came in. He has been


struggling for motivation. Who could blame him? 2000 and was a bit


of a dead year for him. -- 2010. He knows what he has to do. More


training this winter for many a little less. His coach made a


humorous comments earlier. He said that he had a life but now he does


not because he has become a swimmer. I think he is deadly serious about


London. I think he has realised that the world is competitive. He


lost that freestyle with Ryan Lochte and he was talking about the


job he had to do and that he was committed. There is his mum. There


is his sister. I think that maybe his girlfriend as well. Michael


Phelps, for the 5th time, is the champion on the men's 200m


butterfly. It was a toff and classes swim. Wu Peng got the third


So the answer is, yes, he has still got it. Unbelievable determination


from Michael Phelps. I wonder if it was just sheer desire and guts that


got him through. He is not on the top of his game. He was heard by


losing to Ryan Lochte. That was his event. -- he was hurt. That


freestyle was always his number one event. It hurt him and that -- a


lot. Now he knows how it feels. We have seen the human side of him. I


think this year it will be good for him to not have a good year.


coach has been going on about him. He says that he has to stop


scoffing and things and concentrate distractions. He was a superstar


before the Beijing Olympics and then he became an even bigger


superstar. There is a lot of pressure on him from outside


sponsors. America is a big place. You get distracted. You think that


the pool is not everything any more. Now he will get back in and train


incredibly hard. I think he will be dangerous for next year. Now he has


a chance to stand up on the medal podium and here the national anthem


being played for his family and friends who are there for support.


It's very difficult to get interviews with Michael Phelps


after these things, but his reaction to this would have been


really interesting. Because it certainly was not a certainty, even


in the event in which he specialises. Lots of people here


today, among them David Davis, a silver medallist in open water from


Beijing. Your reaction to this place? It's amazing. I walked in


and you feel the buzz when you walk into these venues. I definitely


have that today. It's like a mini camper at the swimming pool. Mark


was saying it would be really motivational for a lot of the


British swimmers to come here and take it in. Absolutely. I walked in


and I definitely thought, this is great, I'd love to be part of it.


Get the work done throughout the winter and hopefully be on the team


next year. This is when it sinks in, what it's going to be like next


year. The options for you would have been 1500m. You could have


gone to Shanghai and swum that, couldn't you? Yeah, I've had a bit


of a tough year and decided to take a break from the pool to put things


right for next year. That's the best thing I've done. Luckily, I've


got another chance at the open water as well. I need to get the


fitness and form back and then swim with a chance here in March next


year to give me the option of going for the pool or open water as well.


Is there an instance where you could do both? A got a qualified


for the open water via the 1500m. I have this won well here in March.


I'd love to do both, I love to be involved with this. But if it makes


sense to us to do the one, that's what I will do. A remember being


there and seen you get out of the water. You will almost delirious


with exhaustion. I was just coming to turns with it then. It's a


really demanding race. It's hard work. At that end it I didn't


really know where I was going. That is what cost me in the end.


Hopefully I can be there in London. I will get more experience on me


and see what happens. What will guide you, the event in which you


have the best chance of getting a medal is the one you can


concentrate on? There's not that much difference between the two. We


do the same training as we do when we were poor swimmers. We just


learn to deal with the different experiences of it all. The


difference is whether you want to put all your eggs in one basket or


whether you will have a go at the poor as well. Are you going to get


a chance to swim in the pool today? I've brought my trunks! I'd love to


have a go. Great to see you here. Good luck. I hope things start to


go well again for you and you recover physically. I'm not


surprised you are exhausted, the amount of lengths he does.


Hopefully he will be here either in the Poor Law in the Serpentine,


which is where the open-water swimming is taking place in a


year's time. A real battle on in the 200 metre freestyle women's


between Federica Pellegrini, of Italy, who is the world champion,


and a young Dutch sprinter who has all speed on her side, but can she


slammer great heat, but if she can rub peaked this when she did in the


heats, anything can happen there. She trains with Michael Phelps,


Pottermore. A third North Voldemort Swimming Club swimmer who is


winning in this final session of the world championships this


evening. Michael Phelps is one of the others as well, it's not too


bad! The 17-year-old German, Lippok, in one. Barratt of Australia. Only


10 at the Commonwealth Games, but she swam really well in the semis


to make it through here. This is a fascinating one for me. Sarah


Sjoestroem. She is the world record holder on the 100m butterfly. She


swam poorly on that but really looked good on this one. To his


been talking a lot in the interviews about trying to get onto


the 200m freestyle and converting phenomenal form. Tactics are the


only question for me. She got scared at the Olympics by Becky


Adlington into a swimming a very same. The only thing on that, I'm


with you, is at the Olympics she hadn't got a gold medal. That was


her first shop for it and I think she put a lot of pressure on


herself to get the gold. Whereas here, she's already got a gold


medal. The design on her suit is a replica of the tattoo on the side


of her neck, one of seven tattoos she has got. The first one she got


from her parents as a reward for making the world championship team


in Barcelona in 2003 at the age of 14. Would you let your daughter get


five, she goes in as the favourite. She had a very good start.


Heemskerk again, she went off like a shot. She is in the centre in the


black hat. Also going but there is two women have been swimming in


juniors. It's sometimes hard to make the jump from junior to senior.


But Lippok is very strong. Not surprised at shimmied down the


bottom here. Thought she might do write on world record. It looks


like it's going to be a mountain to climb here. This is a huge


difference. This is very unusual for her to let them go away that


gone off a bit too slowly. She went 57.0. She's one-and-a-half seconds


metre or so. Heemskerk is going to be in trouble here. Schmitt is to


interesting. She's working this every single metre, she's taking


more and more. Heemskerk, the wheels have fallen off, there's no


medal for her. She's blown it. Moffat of France in six. Look at


this, what a swim from Pellegrini. She was miles behind at the 100m.


She's won a gold medal. What a great swim it was. One-and-a-half


seconds down at the halfway turn. She's just won the gold medal by


half a second. Huge to swim! Gold medal on the 400m, now gold medal


on the 200m. There are two examples of how to pace a 200m freestyle and


how not to. Pellegrini is a year younger than Heemskerk and


Heemskerk blue that big-time. She smiles more capable than that. What


a mistake. Having the patience to see somebody next to you go off so


quickly and realise that you actually have the capability and


the class to come back on the second 100. That's brilliant. What


do you do when you get the 100 turn and you can see the person's feet


ahead of you on the 200 freestyle? Pellegrini knows what she's doing


and what she's capable of in training. She pulls that face in


the mirror every date. She knows what she is doing. Whereas


Heemskerk, I think she was trying to be brave and Brega but it just


didn't work. There was no energy defend the 200m freestyle champion.


In winning the first 400 freestyle, she's also become the first female


That was the most extraordinary race to watch. Heemskerk leading on


the final turn. She finishes only 7th, and Pellegrini coming back to


win by half a second. It was painful to watch, from her


perspective. I used to swim 100m. perspective. I used to swim 100m.


When you feel the lactate down the last length... You see her going


into the war, 25 metres to go. She still half a second ahead of the


next person in the race. She's swimming in a soup, you were saying


to me. You see her going backwards and backwards. It's a story of two


different races. Heemskerk goes hard on the first 100. Pellegrini,


not so much speed. She comes on the back end. She comes back faster


than she goes out. Heemskerk goes out and tries to hang on. If she


held off a little bit more at the beginning of the race, had time


from the semi-final would have won that final. That's how wrong she


got it tactically. Didn't Pellegrini get it very wrong


against Becky Adlington at the Olympics? So tactically, Pellegrini


has improved at everything. Absolutely. When you want it so


much, there's a fine line dunn macro one I used to swim 50m people


used to go, it's just 50m. I used to tire up with 50m to go.


Noradrenalin is going, you are going at full speed. For those


girls, it's almost like keeping your legs down and then you bring


them in later. Adrenalin, excitement, everything is going on,


do have to calm yourself down and do have to calm yourself down and


take a second. In Longo races it's all about pacing. I remember Colin


Montgomerie, when he was leading at the US Open or the US PGA, in the


final shot he said to his caddie, what do I need? The caddie


recommended a cup, and he said, have you factored in adrenalin? You


can't really study that, as to what it will do to you. Exactly. People


say, don't you get nervous when you stand by the block? I get excited.


Nervous Timmy is scared. I used to get excited about racing but I used


to say to myself, the thing to stop me going to heart was the first


five strokes, relax, relax. I used to count my strokes and build into


which. For her, she's almost got to do the first 100m to keep her legs


down. She was kicking from the Front thinking she would dominate


the race. It went terribly wrong. Or a lot of these people, it's a


year out. It's a long time to put those things right. She's got the


basic mechanics, she will get it right. Sjoestroem keeps coming


fourth. We are moving on to their 800m freestyle, which is all about


pacing and getting it right and not going too soon. The home crowd will


go mad here because the fastest go mad here because the fastest


qualifier for the final was Sun this, for the men. It's not an


Olympic event. The Olympic events of 50, 100, 204 hundred. Then it


like the men and the women to do exactly the same thing. I'm with


you. I think it should be the same. It's an historical thing. You know


what it's like to try and change people in history. It's not easy.


Sun Yang, the best chance is to go out. He does a spot of training


every now and again on the Gold Coast in Australia with Dennis COB


race before, we kind of thought the race would be down two, 3, four and


whether PoW Johnson could hang on. Cochran is the one for me. He's


doing quite well. This is interesting. Ryan Cochrane not


always at the front. He's got a spidery stroke. He's tough, he will


Dakin. But, for me, I don't know, I think Sun Yang has got a good


finish as well. It's one of those where we thought the race looked


like it at the top of the pool, which it is, but they are not


really shining. Mellouli is not as fast as I thought he would be.


Mellouli comes back very hard, Mellouli, Lane two, two from the


left-hand side in the black hat. If Mellouli has got the finish that we


think he has, and it's not just the finish, it's the whole of the


second half of the race, he's reasonably well placed at the


moment. They are exactly what I thought they would be. Ryan


Cochrane normally attracts them. That's what he's doing. Mellouli,


very dangerous. I'm not quite sure of the sprinter's speed of Sun Yang,


the leader. If he's got the sprint, well, if he's leading, he's got a


Asian Games and the 200 free. He got the silver in the 400 free. He


has something in him from last year. He has had a more sprint training.


He is trying to go along without it being a to training on him. He has


just got to get a little bit more and step the pace up. The gap is


just opening up between him and Ryan Cochrane. It really is opening


up a. It is about 30 centimetres or 50 centimetres. Ryan Cochrane is


now going towards him. A smooth stroke. Look at the stretch. If you


look at Ryan Cochrane's head, you can see his hair. Sun Yang just


digs in break in. -- digs it right in. Sun a gang of China has led


from the start but only just. -- Sun Yang. Sun Yang is leading and


Ryan Cochrane is just one of lane starting to make his move. Look at


the kicks off the wall. There is still a feel of cat and mouse to


this race. This is not done. I think Sun Yang needs a little bit


more. It is not enough to be comfortable. Ryan Cochrane is a


bigger threat. Ryan Cochrane is a Dyfed competitor and he will not


give in on this one. There is not a lot of significance sprinting going


on and there should have been. -- significant. It is Ryan Cochrane


who is really doing something at the moment. Sun Yang was ahead at


the last turn. Let's see the kick off the wall. A big kick from Ryan


Cochrane. It suggests that he still has something in him. I wonder if


he is just seeing how much he is getting away with before he has to


turn it on. The position of his head is a very low indeed. La Hogue,


he has picked his head up. -- Lock, he has picked his head up. This is


very interesting. Sun Yang is just starting to use his legs properly


and he is starting to swim away. Ryan Cochrane needs to react very


quickly. It looks like lane to is coming back very hard in the second


half of the race but he could lose the bronze medal Eddie is not


Look at that stroke. He has got some left in him. Sun Yang looks


very powerful. There is the bell. Two lengths to go. 100 metres to go.


Sun Yang has gone to his lengths -- legs. He is going for it. He is


swimming away and it looks wonderful. Ryan Cochrane is trying


to stay with him. I think it will be in vain. Let's see what happens


in the last turn. This crowd are going to go absolutely Batty. 50


metres to go. They are all standing up. Hugely impressive. All the


spectators are standing on their feet. They are roaring him on. What


a fantastic swim. This is superb. What a fantastic display of


freestyle swimming. He is going fast. Seven minutes. The gold goes


to Sun Yang of China. The second place goes to Ryan Cochrane and the


bronze goes to the Hungarian. What style. Sun Yang, the 19-year-old


Chinese man, the storied the field. -- destroyed the field. We know


that he has put a lot of work into it. They train forever. They


trained so hard. That guy will spend hours in the water every day


I can tell you the average person on the American team has since --


swims 2,300 miles a year. These guys probably do about 50 % more


than that. Extraordinary, that last 50. He had so much a laugh.


1500m is going to be extraordinary. There is a scoreboard attended --


lowered down in the arena. It is the dawn of a new champion. Hungary


came in very strong for the bronze. 4th the 800 metres for a man is not


an Olympic events so Sun Yang will have to stand up and have raised


Andy 1,500 metres in this pool behind me. -- race in the 1,500


metres. Michael Phelps has proved that he


is still a major force to be reckoned with. There are two


British swimmers to look out for. We have Ellen Gandy and Jemma Lowe.


Gandy goes in lane five for Great Games silver medallist, in lane


seven. -- the Commonwealth Games silver medallist, in lane seven. If


here is Teresa Crippen from the University of Florida. Jiao Liuyang


in lane six. Ellen Gandy goes in five. She is a bronze medallist on


this 200 butterfly but she is the British record holder. I would


imagine she needs to get closer to the record to make the final.


Suzanne and Jack are less from Hungary -- Zsuzsanna Jakabos here.


Very good at the flies. I think she is in good shape and it will be


good to see how she gets on here. Check out Ida Marko-Varga and. She


is looking good. Ellen Gandy is in on there? She does kick twice. She


just does not do it right. She is merely pausing. It is the most


bizarre a stroke. That is going to hold her back. The rest Of them are


working hard. Ellen Gandy is working very hard. A quarter of a


second lead. She might want to try that a little bit different rate.


Ida Marko-Varga from Sweden is going at the bottom of the shot.


Ellen Gandy is leading. This is good to see. Her 100 fly was very


good. She needs to qualify well. she can keep this pays out she will


do very well. She is a little bit out of the stroke. That is halfway.


For a British record is -- her British record was set in 2009. It


is impressive and it is very good. We have seen and patch was first


hundreds before tonight. Look at the woman who is reading in the


black cap. She is breathing to the side. -- breathing in the black cap.


You have to keep a good stroke when you do that. Ellen Gandy has 50


metres to go. She looks tough. This is impressive stuff. Sometimes if


you are a little bit heavier you take more. She is digging in deep.


Zsuzsanna Jakabos is coming after her. I do not mind if Ellen Gandy


comes in first, second or third. Ellen Gandy just gets it sweat the


Zsuzsanna Jakabos things again. -- with Zsuzsanna Jakabos in second.


Fantastic. She has a big smile. It is good to get a victory in the


semi-final. Fantastic. She will be in a good position. Let's see how


the second semi-final gets on. should not get too excited too


early. Look at that. Get your head down. It is like Michael Phelps. He


keeps his head down very low. Ellen Gandy has won the first semi-final


of the women's 200 flights. Susannah did have this comes in


second -- Suzanne and Jacobus in That was a great win. 60.6. That


was much quicker. Yes. I will probably go quicker in the final


tomorrow but I wanted to make it in safely and have a good swim. I am


really happy. Good luck for that in the world from 2007 who


qualified. Here we have Otylia Jedrzeczak. She is an Athens


champion. Jemma Lowe, what can you do? She has been coached in Swansea.


Here is Jessicah Schipper. She is defending world champion. She won


in 2007 and 2009 and is also a world record holder. Here comes


Stephanie Rice, also an Olympic champion. And here is Liu Zige. She


is the current chimp -- champion. Now we have Kathleen Hersey. She is


an Olympic finalist. That sounds a little boring compared to the rest!


She will be out quick though. Keep an eye on her. Natsumi Hoshi from


time this year, 25.36. She was a little bit faster than that earlier.


the bottom of your picture. Slightly worryingly, the three big


guns in Lane's one, two and three. Three, the world record holder, and


one and two, four times past world from the world champion, sorry, the


world record holder, the Olympic champion. Zil getting a very good


at the top, it will be called with the Olympic and world champions at


the top there. It's good that Stephanie Rice has taken this race


out quite quickly as well. Good turns. Jemma Lowe has been really


working on them up for a while. She's now back in Swansea training


with but McAllister. It's very important on the fly to get the


good turns. Jemma Lowe in good shape. She looked good, she looked


good, second at the turn. 60.30 is pretty much exactly the same as we


saw in that first semi-final. This is good if she can hold on. She


does look good. She's tracking the Olympic champion in her home poll,


home crowd. There she is. Neck-and- of thing in the first semi-final.


Jemma Lowe. Schipper has an ugly struck but it's very effective. --


mistaken, Great Britain are going to go in the fastest, one, two.


some -- similar to Michael Phelps. Beautiful head down as well, just


as the arms go past your ears your head has got to be going down. She


finished well as well. Some of the technical parts of Jemma Lowe's


racing are fantastic. In that underwater turn, she was down quite


third. Schipper back in fourth. think she will make the final,


though. Schipper and Rice, the two and Ellen Gandy. Two Australians,


two Chinese. That's going to be a cracker. Can we get a gold medal in


You said to me early in the week you liked the 100. It's hard to


decide which is my favourite one. I like the 100 because it's a shorter


than the 200. That's painful. But I do train for the 200 more, it's


shown in my results. That puts you into the final at the fastest and


puts Ellen Gandy in there as well. It's going to be a really good race.


I'm loving the fact that we both got in the final again. We share a


room together and have the same schedule, so it's nice we're going


to be there together and give it a shot tomorrow. A lot of people at


home probably find it quite difficult that you can be good


mates and then race each other. have been asked quite a lot of


questions about that, but we did share a room in 2008 at the


Olympics as well. We just both want to do well. We'd all -- boat train


hard. We are good friends and one each other to do really well.


good result would be great Britain, one, two.


You are looking lovely and slimline. Thank you, that's always great to


hear after a brace. I'm really enjoying this meet. It was good for


me to get a good preparation in and to get back down to a good racing


wait for me. I've enjoyed the meet so far. A double Olympic champion,


it's quite hard to come back down off that and not be caught in all


of the stuff that goes with being a great champion. Then you have to


focus for another Olympics. You want Michael have the same task.


Yes, Phelps on a different scale to me but it took me a couple of years


to get over what had happened. I wasn't very motivated in 2009, and


I had surgery last year. It's been a rough couple of years but I feel


I've picked myself up quite well. I needed 10 months out for surgery,


so hopefully I can improve on how I've done this year and use it as a


stepping-stone towards next year. The 204 hundred are the things I


trained for. This 200 fly is a bit of fun. It's not bad to make the


final of something you consider a bit of fun. Stephanie Rice talking


to Sharron Davies there. Jemma Lowe, winning her semi-final and


qualifying fastest for the final. It's brilliant. After seeing her in


the 100 fly, after saying it was not their distance, they do double


the distance. We saw in the semi- finals there, Jemma Lowe in the


outside lane, she did her own race on her own. The Chinese Olympic


world record holder, she gave her a lesson. It's going to be different


in the final, it's going to be a tight race. There are two Brits in


the final again. Jemma Lowe and Ellen Gandy. If you have your tea


made with you, it actually helps, you are so used to racing each


other at home. You've got someone alongside you out there. That just


shows the strength and depth we've got in certain events. We needed


that. It's going to be our first opportunity to take a gold medal.


Ellen Gandy, she's only 19. Jemma Lowe was very young, 21, but for


Ellen Gandy this is a real learning process - a process. She's done


fantastic. Looking at the 100, getting faster each round. She


dominated her semi-final. She went in second-fastest into that final.


The thing with heats is making semis, the thing with semis, it's


making finals. She gets faster every race. 19, this is like fast


track experience for next year. She is only going to be 20 at the


Olympics. It's a great time for her. She learns an awful lot, gets


faster each time. She trains out in Australia. You have pockets of


training groups around the world where you have lots of different


swimmer's training together. They learn from each other. If you've


got that club environment, that... With Stephanie Rice just down the


road, she raises the best people all the time in Australia, she's


going to get used to it very quickly. Could we see two medals


for Great Britain? I think it Sue is going to be tough, but she did


look tired. I don't think she's got an awful lot left. Jemma Lowe,


she's been faster than that already this year. I think she's got more


to give it. Ellen Gandy, she gets faster each time. I think one of


them will win but I couldn't say which one. It's an exciting time


for British swimming. They are all out there in Shanghai. David Davis


did decide to dive into that pool because everyone in British


swimming is getting excited about this place and standing on the


blocks here in a year's time. thing I'm most looking forward to,


other than hopefully taking part, would just be how I think it's


going to lift the British nation. It's going to be Fantastic Four


sport. I really hope it influences everyone, from kids to adults to


partake in sport, especially swimming. The Home Olympics is


something every athlete looks forward to and dreams of competing


at. To have a home Olympics in your lifetime and the potential of going


there is one of those incredible moments. Excitement. It's just such


an exciting time for every sport, not just swimming. Hopefully we can


go there and rule the roost. It's going to be showcasing the best of


British culture, British athleticism, achievements in the


world. I'm going to be so proud. get a shiver down my spine every


time I think of London 2012. Walking out in front of 16,000, the


majority of them Brits, family and friends. To be a part of that would


be spine-chilling. It's going to be a massive festival and there will


be people everywhere. It's going to be a great opportunity for us as


Britain's to show the world what we can do. It's going to be an awesome


year. If I qualify for the Olympics then I'm going to be the most happy


girl on the planet. Fran Halsall there, who I guarantee you will be


one of the faces of the Olympic Games in 2012. Keri-Anne Payne, the


only one who's officially qualified already for the open water by


winning the 10 K gold medal in Shanghai. What is the trial process


now, when will the rest of them know whether they are in or not?


Becky Adlington, the Olympic champion, world champion, all of a


sudden she hasn't qualified. Next April, we have our qualifications,


which will take place here in the Aquatics Centre. The first big


major meet, our trials will be here. Again, they'll get a chance to test


themselves in this environment. Unless they qualify and do a time


on that date, for two people to go you have to be in the top 16


fastest times in the world. The qualification criteria is quite


hard. Interviewed touch that war, get your place in, get your time,


you don't go. You could be Olympic champion and you don't qualify. You


can be an Olympic champion and you don't do a time, you can't


qualified. All of the pressure comes from March. The World


Championships has great experience and they want to be world champions,


but it all starts here for next year. So they start from scratch.


Let's hope that James Goddard makes it. He came home with two gold


medals and the 200m backstroke at the 200m individual medley. We will


see him in the semi-finals of the 200m individual medley in a moment.


You will see Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte. But from the sounds of


things, James is not intimidated by them. He's definitely beatable.


It's just how he you can beat him. He's the best athlete of all time,


in my opinion, out of everybody that ever lived on this planet. The


Olympic gold medals, it backs me up a bit there! But he's just a man,


he's beatable. I've got to try and do what I've got to do to challenge


him. Ryan Lochte is up there as well. He's an incredible athlete


and has broken some of Michael Phelps' world records. It's going


to be really difficult. Men's swimming at the top with the


Americans is so strong. It's the depth as well. It's really


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


qualifier for this first semi-final of the men's tour did metres


an amazing 200m fly gold medal. He's got to swim this semi-final


right next to the world record holder and defending champion, Ryan


Lochte, his team-mate. There is Horihata of Japan. Here he is.


Defending champion, world record holder, Olympic champion on the


200m backstroke, Ryan Lochte. He's already beaten Michael Phelps in a


head-to-head. Phelps is pretty good at recovering from races. It's well


known physiologically that he's pretty good at getting between one


and the other. He's going to have to use his fly. Phelps' better


stroke it is the first length. If he's got any fatigue then he's


going to have to wake up pretty quickly. I would imagine he's going


to try and get through this, just stick it in the back and do a time


sufficient to get through to the final, which should be relatively


comfortable. The fastest qualifier bottom.


Fifth Michael Phelps get a decent start if, as does Ryan Lochte. It


is interesting, which is there a better strokes. So -- what are at


their bare strokes. -- better strokes. Ryan Lochte is flying back.


He did this in the morning. He is trying to get out of the far left.


This is interesting. He is really a kneeling his own backstroke and


making sure he gets the advantage. -- nailing his own backstroke. I do


not think these guys will have to work that hard. They have both


messed around a little bit this morning. Ryan mock pity -- Ryan


Lochte, has turned off. It is interesting about so the


breaststroke. He did a little trouble before he did his big kick.


-- a little wriggle. He has got to rest tonight. Ryan Lochte is very


strong and powerful. He gave a sneaky look to Phelps. This is a


procession, really. It is the best swimmers in the world are on their


game. They will try to touch each other at the end., this is


fascinating. -- at the end. This is fascinating. It looks like Ryan


Lochte has won the first semi-final. Phelps has come in second. We have


the Japanese gentleman in third. very close to each other. What a


great way to practise. You may not get used to the way others may do


it. Practising for what? You just get to sit next to him again.


Practice makes perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. Practice


makes permanent, apparently. Phelps, head out in the final. Phelps is


second Andy semi-final. Japan is in third. He could still make it. --


One year away from the Olympics. Did you get a knot in your stomach?


No, I did not. I woke think in that I was hungry and I wanted breakfast.


-- thinking. You are too laid-back. He I had some money Tommy last


night that -- I had somebody tell me last night from the media. I


have just got to focus and I'll worry about the rest later. I just


have to focus on the world 200m individual medley. It looks a


like Laszlo cash has a very shiny James Goddard, what can you do? He


is very much on form. He has had a dodgy soldier -- shoulder. It looks


like he will be able to swim. He is in seven. We have a Lithuanian in


six. He has not done too much since the Olympics. Here is the European


champion and many times. I suppose one of the things that we are


seeing here, we are starting to see much more long course. We are


seeing turns are being much more important. The focus is on the


start and turn. This they looked fantastic in the heats. -- and this


These guys have all got a chance of making the big final. James Goddard


is in the blue hat of Great Britain and is down in lane seven. That is


on the left-hand side of your screen. James Goddard is looking


good. He has an excellent backstroke. He has started well in


seven. He is doing well. The backstroke is helpful. He has done


nearly 15 metres. The top left has Laszlo Cseh. There are not too many


people in the world that can go right off a straight race. 53


seconds. 53.6, a really quick. Laszlo Cseh was up with one second.


James Goddard has some work to do but it is going well. James Goddard


has on the blue cap. He has moved into second place with a strong


backstroke. He is having a fantastic third length. A greater


breaststroke and he is in a great position. He didn't spot that turn.


As long as he can make that final he can go a little bit faster. He


is a breathing away from the rest of the field. The Australian has


the yellow cap and is next to him. The black cap in three is working


well as well. It looks like it might be Laszlo Cseh. He wins it.


James Goddard is 4th. He will get in with that, I think. A good swim.


I am surprised that Laszlo Cseh is blowing so much but 1.57 is quite


fast. This guy has obviously worked very hard. He worked hard to hold


it from the first link. -- the is his best time. 20 night -- 29-


year-old and he has done well. Laszlo Cseh has done very well. He


came in first. We have a fiver from the second semi-final making it


through. That puts James Goddard in 6th finest -- fastest for the final.


We now have three British swimmers for the final tomorrow evening.


Ryan Lochte is the fastest and Michael Phelps in second. That is


not really a surprise. Most of those guys were not have expected


That was a pretty good swim considering that we have heard


things about your shoulder. Nice and solid. I am very pleased to


make the finals tomorrow. It is probably the fastest final that has


been at these Games. I am pretty excited and looking forward to


tomorrow. You have been unwound for a while. How is your body holding


up? -- you have been around for a while. It has been playing up, my


shoulder, for the last few weeks. I have had a doctor helping me for


the last few weeks. I was thinking about pulling out of the whole


thing but I have worked hard on my shoulder and have got into a


position where I can make a world final. A lot of sporting in general


is about keeping in shape. Yes and the support team has gotten so much


better. The support team has a psychologist which we did not have


before have so it is getting better. It is making me swim faster.


fly is going to be taking out extremely fast. Yes, these are some


of the best boys in the world. It is not going to be easy. I am going


to go out with them and give it a James Goddard sounds like he has


the balance of being respectful without being intimidated.


thinking is that he truly believes he can win. He trains a day in and


day out. He does not give up after a medal. That is a good place to be


in. It is a good attitude to have. How do you read it between Ryan


Lochte and Michael Phelps? Interesting. Ryan Lochte is on form


at the moment and Phelps is just off form. Both of them on form at


the same time his fireworks anyway. We know they can do a freestyle and


a medley. I would go for Ryan Lochte. Phelps has got his 200


metres butterfly and that made a difference for him. He will not


have anything to lose. The strokes are great. I think it will be neck-


and-neck and will come down to the last 25 metres. Otherwise it will


be a dogfight for third. The guide does not seem to break a sweat --


Ryan Lochte does not seem to break a sweat. He was joking about


skateboarding and things. He says that he loves doing it but there


are other things. He is very laid back. The sprinters are always very


laid-back. He is a really interesting character. It is a


difference in psychology between something like that and boxing


where it is all bravado. The 50m final. We have the man from Norway


who has dedicated his his win to the people of Norway. He has his


work cut out from -- with him from second and Van Der Burgh was third.


If I was in third, I'd like to come first next time. Had been said that,


third on 100 breaststroke for Van Der Burgh was a pretty good swim.


He was pretty pleased. He has a lot more confidence and swagger about


him on the 50m. But Dale Oen, when he went out for his gold medal in


the 100m, 27.20. He swam with his heart rather than his technical


World Championships in Rome, Feldwehr of Germany. Dugonjic goes


into macro. And then the new world champion, Alexander Dale Oen, in


three. What an emotion or swim he had. He's a lovely guy. He spoke


very well before and after the race. He was talking about just doing


what he could do. Over here, thinking about people back home.


Van Der Burgh looks very relaxed. World record holder, defending


champion. He really is on form with that runs on the 100. He's going to


be tough to beat. I love the stroke of this guide. Look at those arms.


Good heavens! Da Silva, the world's short-course champion. A very good


starter. This Guyett swam well as well. -- guide. Stekelenburg in


seven. The slowest qualifier will be Gangloff, of the USA. He was the


bronze medallist two years ago. This is just stacked. Here he is.


Bronze medallist from the World Championships in Rome. The third


fastest man in history. But the fastest man, the world record


holder, Cameron Van Der Burgh, the defending champion, he is in four.


This is a really hard one to call. I'm not sure where it's going to go.


Whether Van Der Burgh can replicate the real talent and form that he's


obviously got, or whether Dale Oen All the big guys are right up there


and are going well. Van Der Burgh is in the centre in the silver hat.


A good start for Scozzoli in at six. Silver going well -- da Silva looks


like he's just ahead. It looks like it may be da Silva. Da Silva has


got it. He's got the gold. What a steel that was! Look how much it


means to him. Stay out of his way! Look at the power in that guy!


27.01. Look at how strong he is. is an ox, isn't he? He's got a good


stroke. He's got a great technique. He uses his hips are really well.


Breaststroke, even for a big guy, you'd think he would call himself


through the water but he's got a wonderful underwater technique. The


thing about breaststroke his timing it well, getting your legs and arms


not to overlap and not having any quickly. He's got it. He goes in


for it as well. That was probably two tenths of a second there that


It's not often you see a reaction quite like that, is it? He's a big


guy. He's not the typical swimmer that is slim and toned.


Breaststroke swimmers and tend to be a bit more bulky and powerful. I


love it when you see that passionate expression. It means so


much to them. It was always going to be a tight race. Van Der Burgh,


he always struts his stuff before hand, he's extremely confident.


It's huge. For da Silva, although with confusing in commentary, for


da Silva, a much more popular of gold medallist in the swimming


world than Cielo Filho. There isn't a cloud hanging over him.


Following the Brazilian team around, I know that Cielo Filho flew in


later than the rest of the team. All the attention is Cielo Filho.


just love that celebrating. He's banging his chest and all the rest


of it. So powerful, so passionate. It was going to be one of those


fingertip tatters. It can make a huge difference between hitting it


right on the touch and half a stroke out. It was right going into


the war, it wasn't one where someone snatch it from nowhere. I'm


pleased for him. I like Van Der Burgh, he's a good mate, but I'm


pleased for him. I was disappointed not to see Dale Oen get a medal


there. In turns of your highlight of the session? Phelps? Phelps. And


seeing the two girls going through. Jemma Lowe and Ellen Gandy. That's


really exciting because we do need... And maintained that they


are swimming to form at the moment. We want someone to step up that


little bit more. A couple more faces, they become public names.


I'm really pleased for them. couple of the swimmers we might see


tomorrow in the relay. Becky Adlington and Jo Jackson could


easily be lining up. We haven't seen Jo DAX and yet. No, she's had


a torrid year. She's had problems with injuries, illness and asthma.


She is slowly coming back to her best form. She told me about a year


ago that the asthma got so bad she actually cracked ribs in the pool


when she was winning because she was struggling so hard to breathe.


She didn't know she had a problem at the time. She's trained through


it. This is how much athletes push themselves through pain barriers.


After a couple of months it doesn't go away and you think there's a bit


more to it. Jo Jackson did do heats of the 200 freestyle but didn't


make it through to the semis. She hasn't been on great form. We are


here at the Aquatics Centre, a big sign down their say in one year to


go. This being unveiled to the public and press. All sorts of


people are going to get their chance to use that pool. The man


who will get the honour of doing the first official diver off that


10 metre board will be Tom Daley. Back from Shanghai. Yes. Your


reaction to everything that happened there? It was good for me.


We got all the spots for the Olympics, individual, Synchro and


qualified for the World series. Four new divers in there as well.


Didn't dive too well but to come fifth and not dive to well is


pretty good. Which was your favourite? The dive I was most


happy with was a triple somersault because you can't spot the dive,


can you? It's quite difficult to died of doors, especially in that


final, it started to rain. It was quite windy as well. It was quite


weird, but it's something you have to deal with. The competitor who


won the gold just seemed a league apart. He was sensational. Is it


because he looks so good or just because you know what you need to


do that you've decided to give up school in January? I'm not giving


up school in January. I'm going full-time diving and part-time


school. I'm going to be going to school but two hours each day to


keep up with things. Yeah, he's doing fantastic at the moment. He's


out there, 40 points ahead of the rest of the field. It's going to be


interesting to see whether anyone will be able to keep up with him


next year. It myself or any of the other divers do their dives as well


as they can come I can't see why they couldn't beat him. Are you


excited? This is the first time I've seen it. I've just arrived. It


really looks amazing. It's the best pool I've ever seen. Seb Coe said


earlier that the diving end of it doesn't have a name yet. Really?


could be the Tom Daley diving pool. Do you know what dive you are going


to do tonight? I'm not sure what dive and going to be doing yet,


I'll leave it for a surprise. chances are it will be an upright


one rather than a handstand one. haven't really thought about it


that much. Photo finish. We will see. There are ones which look good


for photos, ones which look good for people-watching. We will have


to wait and see. Four 1/2, it has to be one that I know I can do well


because it might be a bit embarrassing otherwise. We've been


talking about the balance for high profile at its, and you are one of


the most well-known faces leading into London. A year to go, how much


do you have to balance the training and public appearances? Definitely,


training comes first. It's something you have to focus on


because you don't get any of the public appearances without the


training and good results. For me, the main thing is to meet -- major


and training in the off-season. Then the media comes second after


that. I make sure I do some, but I have to make sure I do it at the


right time and not to affect the training. Part of it is visualising


what it might be like to win a gold medal. You'll get your first look


at the medals tonight. Then you've got to block that out. Exactly. But


today is a great source of motivation and inspiration, to be


able to see the metals and the pool. It's going to be an advantage to


stand at the top of the board and visualise my dives. See how much of


the stands you can see from 10 metres, imagine the amount of


people who are going to be here. It's going to do me good. When you


spin round off a ten-metre outdoors, does this guy and the water look


the same colour? Yeah. But you can practise it here an awful lot.


you are diving outdoors you got the wind and the sky that is blue and


the water that is blue. When you are spinning round you have to know


which way is up, when they are both blew it is difficult. Here, because


the water is quite dark, which the divers love for being able to see


where the water is. The ceiling is a different colour, the seats are a


different colour. That makes it easier. How much do you think you


will come here and train? As much as possible. We got one day of


training later this year and then the rest of the year we got a few


training camps here. Probably before the Olympics we will have


about three weeks' training year. I'm not sure. It will be fabulous.


It feels so right. It looks incredible. To imagine the amount


of people that are going to be here, it really is amazing. You can see


Tom in action. He will be performing the first official dive


of the ten-metre platform at 7:20pm tonight. That programme starts at


7pm. Mark and I will be back on BBC Two tomorrow afternoon at 1pm.


Jemma Lowe and Ellen Gandy, we could have two medals for Great


Britain. We could have a first gold medal of these championships in the


pool for Great Britain. They will be going in the 200m butterfly.


From all of us here, the unofficial name of this place is the stingray.


It's wonderful to have Tom here to help close the programme. I'll let


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