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The winner, misses Chris ever Lloyd. Martina Navratilova saved the match


point tremendously well. That is it. I do not have to tell you how


popular Martina Navratilova is. Monica Seles, adding to her growing


trophies. That is it. Kim cloisters wins at Eastbourne.


Good afternoon, finally some really is served here on the south coast


after a week of thunder storms and flooding. We have a final on time


beneath mostly blue skies. The temperature is hovering around 20


degrees. Eastbourne is for young and old and it is a day for reminiscing


about champions past and champions to come with food and drink. Today's


winner will add their names to a glorious roll of honour as we have


just seen. Whoever wins today, it will be an East European tribe. It


is the Czech Republic against Slovakia. This match on Centre Court


here at Eastbourne today is a classic contrast in stature and


style, of which more in a moment. It has been a really good tournament,


but the one disappointment was that Johanna Konta, trying to become our


first British champion since 1975, fell short last night. Disappointing


for us, but even more disappointing for her. She had her chances and she


played great tennis, but towards the end she was feeling it physically.


It is the only set so far that Pliskova has dropped in this


tournament and she came through the first two rounds in very


straightforward fashion. But the match last night was a classic ding


dong encounter that had the crowd here at Eastbourne on their feet


from the word go. It is not often on tour that you have to play two


matches in one day. Johanna Konta, starting in style. Nicely done.


Pliskova showing off her strokes. There is the winner. Really good


adjustment from Johanna Konta, but Pliskova is giving her nothing. Well


done, really well done. A brilliant break from Johanna Konta, and she


takes the opening set 7-6. No, no. That is heavy striking from


Pliskova. Wow. Pliskova wraps it up in style and she takes the second


set. She is hanging in. Superb from Pliskova. That is it. It is a first


Eastbourne final with the Czech Republic, Karolina Pliskova. What


does this mean? I played again a bunch of really good matches against


really good players and I got to stay at home that much longer. So, I


think it has been a very happy and positive week. She did not leave


empty-handed. That Crystal Rose Bowl presented to her by the chairman is


also along with life membership of the courts here, and as she lives


around here she is probably allowed to play here free anyway, but it was


a nice touch from the Club. Pliskova is in a rich vein of form at the


moment and she won at Nottingham two weeks away and she is one match away


from another title here at Eastbourne. It was a tough match for


me. You must walk onto court so confident. Yes, but not always. Sam


of them I have lost to them and it is better to expect a tough match


and if it goes on my side it is better. How do you feel you play in


Johanna's match. Were you wobbling in the last set? The first set was


really close and we were both serving very well, but the game for


me on the baseline was not very good and she was more aggressive in the


first set and she deserved to win the tie break. But I still believed


I could break her once in the second set and my game improved a lot in


the second set. Even at the beginning of the third, but I got a


bit tired and she came back and in the end it was a tight match. Your


serve is your great weapon. You are lucky to have the build to love it,


but it must be a great source of confidence to know that if you are a


break point down that you can produce that. Definitely, it is good


especially on grass to have a survey like this. It can sometimes save you


from tough balls. Always my serve is a big advantage. A lot of people


might not know too much about you. Your twin sister is a very good


tennis player as well. How much rivalry has there been between you?


We are the same age, we are both twins. She is a little bit down in


the rankings now, so we do not see each other much in the tournament,


but she is getting better. We are watching all the matches when she is


playing. When I am playing a she is watching, so we support each other.


Of course there is a rivalry, we both want to win and we want to be


the best. She is left-handed and is tough to play on grass, so we do not


play very much on grass. Do you play doubles together? We have different


schedules, so to play with her is difficult and this year I will play


with somebody else. Maybe in the future. Today it is someone from the


Czech Republic against Slovakia. Does that mean anything? I see her


very often, she is a very nice girl. I have a Slovak person in my team


right now, my coach. She is an opponent and I do not think about


the fact she is from Slovakia. You are so used to play in finals. Do


you wake up on the morning of a final and think, this is it? Does it


feel different or do you treat it like any other round? It is a little


bit different, but normally I am not nervous before matches, but it is


different because it is the last match of the week and I want to do


everything and put everything I can into the last match. Good luck.


Thank you very much. As the week has gone by the court has got much


harder and it is a benefit to have that big serve. It got her out of


trouble yesterday against Johanna Konta. Yes, that serve is a huge


weapon. She led the tour in terms of aces last year and she does so this


year. It will be key in this match today as well. Yesterday it was


windy and today it is windy. But she is able to hit through that and it


is something Cibulkova will have to look out for. The wake of her shock


is something to look at. Yes, it is off the ground. But once they get


into the rallies anything is possible. Her opponent is very


feisty, only five feet three, but she had a similar run through to the


final in the fact she only dropped one set and that was against the


number one seed, Agnieszka Radwanska. Her reaction at the end


tells you what kind of a player she is an character she is. So ebullient


and very natural and she gives it absolutely everything. And she was


equally upbeat if a little bit tired when she spoke to us. It was


extremely tough today after yesterday and today I was able to


come back and I was playing a little bit better with every stop. With the


rain delay I was coming back stronger and today I was playing


good in the morning. We played over one and a half hours and after I had


another two hours to have some rest and go back again and I was playing


a completely different opponent. It gives me a lot of confidence that I


could play Agnieszka Radwanska and then Monica puree who was playing


very aggressively. I had to change my play and play a little bit


different. When you are in the final, what is the feeling like? It


is the best feeling ever. I would never change it for anything. That


is what gives you the power and the motivation to go and work. Sometimes


you feel like, I cannot do this any more, I feel tired. That is with the


travelling and everything. But this gives you so much power. You played


a Grand Slam final in Australia a couple of years ago, on the morning


of a final does the final feel different to any other round? When


it feels different it is never good. You have to take it as another


match. Always when I want too much to win I never win it. This year I


have already played three finals and one of them I won and I was feeling


really good. I was not enjoying it, but I was really... Chilled.


Chilled. Andy at the one I wanted it too much. Do you have any secrets to


be chilled? When I tell myself to not care so much. But it is tough. I


do care. Karolina has got a huge serve, how do you combat that? She


is really tall and she is playing really aggressively. Against her


serve it is hard to compete. I played her once and I won in two


sets, but it was a very tough match. She is trying to finish the points


in two or three points. She does not like long rallies, so that is what I


will try to do, get her in long rallies. Win or lose in preparation


for Wimbledon this has been a pretty good week. Yes, it has. I am happy I


am playing my first match on Tuesday. It is a big help when you


stay longer on the tournament. You always want to get a few days to


practice at a Grand Slam, so I am happy about it. Best of luck.


We are almost ready to go because the line judges are out and the ball


boys and the ball growth as well. We are just waiting for the players. If


there was one word that you would use to sum up Cibulkova it is


attitude. She has got a fantastic attitude. The energy she brings onto


the court is captivating to watch. I could just watch her and not the


tennis in terms of what she brings to the court. There is a feeling


these days across all sport that size isn't everything. There is a


nine inch height differential in this match, but this is the spot


where a good little one can be a big one. You see people of all sorts of


shapes and size is doing well and she makes up for it because she has


got incredible footwork. She is able to keep herself on the baseline and


she does not allow herself to be bossed by others. She likes doing


the bossing herself. The weight of serve from a big serve, taking the


ball out wide, she has not got the levers to get to that ball and


Pliskova might be able to exploit that. She might not be able to get


it, but in terms of explosiveness and have ability to get around the


court, she makes up for it. When we get into the rallies, Cibulkova can


match her in terms of pace off the forehand.


It started off as a bruise and I am not quite sure on the Richter scale


what the next one above breezes, but this is just about the strongest


when the players have had to play an all week. How will that impact on


the players? It is expected. Yesterday conditions were not easy


and both had to play two matches. Today, coming out fresh and ready


for a final, they will be buzzing. The adrenaline will be high. They


both have the ability to hit through the wind. Footwork will be even more


important, making sure your indirect possession, and not off-balance. The


players are being announced onto court. Let's bring on the players


and make them feel very welcome. First of all, representing Slovakia,


Dominika Cibulkova. And her opponent, representing the


Czech Republic, please welcome Karolina Pliskova.


Perhaps you can see from their facial expression is the difference


in characters and personalities. Cibulkova is such an ebullient


person and she is here to enjoy herself. I am sure she fancies her


chances today. They have played once before, they know each other's game


inside out. It was two years ago they last played, an hard court. All


to play for, it is a final. Another final for both players and it will


be a fascinating match. It has been a difficult week, as have the last


few weeks in British tennis, because of scheduling and weather delays. It


is draining, not in terms of the physical effort, but about, when


shall I go back to the Mattel, shall I stay at the venue? Might a who has


the most left in the time? It is a final and these two women will give


it everything. Both of them have lots left in the tank. Yesterday was


trading. They have experienced it before, earlier this year and


throughout their careers. They know each other's game inside out.


Yesterday I saw them practising with each other. I think it will be


highly competitive. It is pretty much the same as every day. You can


see the difference in the stature of the two players. They will begin the


knock up soon. Pliskova on in Nottingham a few weeks ago. Having


experienced a final and then victory, it will give her the edge


today as well? Maybe a slight edge for Cibulkova. This is her first


grass court match the season. She has had a good run. You would say


that Pliskova is maybe the slight favourite on paper. She is a little


higher in the rankings. I would not rule out Cibulkova. She has been at


this stage of the tournament many times. She is feeling confident


about her tennis. With her attitude, anything is possible. Looking at the


picture of the two them at the net, and there are lots of young people


in the crowd today, which will not surprise you, the reputation that


Eastbourne has. -- which may surprise you. It offers massive


encouragement to teenagers who are told, you're not the right size to


play tennis. You can play at the highest level, and you do not have


to be six feet tall. She is a massive role model. She is massive


encouragement to everyone and anyone. If you have got the guts and


the talent, you can make it as well. Yes, and she has got a massive


heart. We talk about her energy and spirit. Honestly, for me she is one


of my favourite players to watch. She maximises everything. And as


someone who is not particularly tall, she does not play defensively,


she attacks. She will link to get the first big strike in before her


opponent in today's match. She has absolutely no fear. She is very


vocal. She is often shouting at herself. She always strikes me as


the kind of player that could get under her opponent's skin, if you


allowed it to happen. She could do. She shouts a lot. The Slovakian


four, come on. In between points, she does not stop moving. You watch.


Is exhausting. She never stops moving. If you have not seen her


play before and you are wondering what Anne was alluding to, it you


will notice during the course of the game... She is announced to the


crowd. That is the applause for her. She smells the balls before she


serves. She was telling us in an interview that she has such


sensitive nostrils she can differentiate between all the balls


at the different grand slam events. She can tell on me cold ball from


another. She is a woman of many skills. -- one ball. Watching at


home or her two Yorkshire terriers, they are called Woody Allen and Mia


Farrow. Because of quarantine regulations, they are not allowed


into this country to watch her play. She has taken them around the world,


to Central America and Africa to watch her play. This is the only


tournament, and Wimbledon next week, that they do not attend. I do not


think they come to court side. It is one of the reasons why she does not


start her grass court season too early. She just comes over for


Eastbourne and Wimbledon. Her Wimbledon first-round match is not


until Tuesday. She will have 72 hours to recover. The enormous


mental involvement required in this, to go through the week, you do not


want immediately beyond court at 11 o'clock on Monday morning, in


perhaps the biggest tournament in the world. No, but her opponent


could be, because Pliskova is in the bottom half of the draw, which


starts on Monday. It is not easy to recover. It is a short space of


time. Both players will be high on adrenaline going into Wimbledon,


full of confidence knowing they have lots of matches under their belt and


lots of victories. We can bring in Sam Smith, who will be commentating


on the match. How are you? Good afternoon. You have a great view. We


have become ancestral histories and is this summer, and you have a great


view of the clouds coming in from the sea. Do they worry you? No. The


wind has gone off the Beaufort scale. I do not know if you could


see them warming up, but they were trying to give each other some


blogs, smashes, and they were not able to do it because the ball was


moving so much in the air. Hopefully the wind will move the clothes back


towards the Downs and we will be right. This is the world number 21


against the number 17. Who do you think is favourite? The bookmakers


make Pliskova the strong favourite, possibly because of the way that she


finished against Johanna Konta yesterday. Her service is something


else. And sums categories and statistics, it is better than Serena


Williams'. That is where she is. We call her the Czech ace machine.


Playing on grass, it is a massive advantage. It plays into her hands.


She looked fabulous in the semifinal. This is the final chapter


being written on Eastbourne 2016. It has been a good tournament, with


lots of competitive 3-set encounters. It has shown women's


tennis and a good light. Yes, we had six former champions in the draw.


The big names did not come through, but it did not matter. Women's


tennis has far more strength in depth and the crowds have had a


treat. This is one of the best tournaments in women's tennis on the


tour. The women do not played to packed houses like this week in and


week out. That is what they have done a Devonshire Park. I am not


sure if all the women realise that, but it is a point worth making. Anne


Keothavong has left me at courtside to join Sam. Here we go with the


final of Eastbourne, 2016. The 42nd final and we have a Slovak against


the Czech. Dominika did not want to take a


backward step. She won the toss and elected to serve. Seeing someone 25


centimetres tall than her at the other end is like a red rag to a


bill. She always feels like the underdog.


Both women a little down on their highest ever rankings. Pliskova was


in the top ten last summer. She peaked at number seven. Cibulkova


broke into the top ten a couple of years ago but has slipped back since


then. The fourth final of the year for


Dominika. It has helped push ranking up from just inside the world's top


40. She had lots of problems last year.


Sometimes she gets a little too pumped up. Very difficult serving


conditions. The wind is right behind her, blowing over her left shoulder,


from left to right. Image problems for the Slovak. -- problem


straightaway. The ball moving all over the place.


It is Pliskova with the good start in this final. There has never been


a Slovak winner. There have been numerous Czech winners over the


years. The last one was almost 20 years ago, Jana Novotna beating


Arantxa Sanchez the carrier. There are the 11 victories of Martina


Navratilova. There is a real honour roll of


fantastic Czech players. They have always produced so many from this


part of the world. She has had very few double faults


this week. She does not make many doubles anyway. Anne, you were down


at courtside a few minutes ago. There is her coach. It is a


difficult day. It is blowing a gale. it looks like this might end up


being the more difficult end. You are at courtside, is it difficult


and there? Yes, it is, windier than yesterday.


My goodness, you can see the way the ball kept moving away from


Cibulkova. My goodness, three doubles in the


game. I think that tells you all we need to know about the conditions


out here from one of the best servers in the women's game. If her


serve is taken out of the equation, we have a very different match. Yes,


we do. The wind is a great leveller. It should even things out just a


bit. Well played. It Pliskova continues


to struggle on her own service games, you have got to fancy


Cibulkova for the title. Once again in the rallies she is the one with


the better footwork and she can make the adjustment steps in these


conditions and get herself in the right position.


If Cibulkova directs everything to Central and the middle of the court,


she has got the strokes to really make life difficult for her.


Caerphilly does it from Pliskova. -- carefully.


Nicely done, had a little bit of help from the net. But she is at the


right end of the court to play this drop shot. Yes, it has been a nice


add on to her baseline game. Cibulkova becomes the first player


to hold here. Always a lot to talk about this time


of the year. You can get in touch with us and we would love to hear


what you think about all things across this grass court season.


Wimbledon starts on Monday morning. How quickly it has come around. In


that last game I was concerned that Cibulkova would blow away. I wanted


to put some stones in her pockets to keep at ground level. I noticed a


few seagulls have taken to Wapping as well, that is always a sign that


it is not completely ridiculous out there. Although they have decided it


is safe to become airborne again! They both know what it is like. This


is only their second major appearance here at Eastbourne and


they know the situation. What are the golden rules for playing in


these conditions? In windy conditions do not stop moving your


feet. You always have to make adjustment steps on grass, but even


more so when the conditions are like they are today. The wind is keeping


those clouds away, blowing them over to the South Downs to the top left


of your picture. And uncomfortable style I would say to this final.


You will see a lot of the fist pumps from Cibulkova. There is always


interaction between her and her team as well.


Well, I am not sure about being chilled out here. She was telling us


yesterday after her semifinal that she did not want to care too much. I


think she is super pumped. If she ever not super pumped? I have never


known her not to be. Head coach has got his head in his hands. He has


been with her long-time, a fellow Slovak. Also there is her trainer


and her fiance. A very happy camper. Well, the woman who has been barely


broken this week is not yet able to hold in this final. I cannot see her


being perturbed. There is something so laid back about Karolina


Pliskova, you feel that she is almost ready to wander off and lie


down. When she explodes she really goes for it and it is the racket


that takes a bit of a hammering. I think she managed to crack one after


the first set against Johanna Konta yesterday.


He was also the Slovak Fed cup captain.


A very smart shot from Cibulkova. She uses the slice backhand so much


better now, whether she is defending or using it for a drop shot. Just to


change up the pace, something that was not part of her game when she


first came on tour. Making the most of her long levers


right there. A really smart move to coming fairly centrally. That is


where she ended. It drifted over to Cibulkova's backhand side. Both


players having to adapt. -- where she aimed it.


Just wide. Four breaks of serve in the opening five games of this


final. She did this yesterday. She went


very early. This man has taken her from a very good junior, one of the


best in the world, into the world's top ten.


UMPIRE: Time. Something we have had on the tour for a number of years


now. You are allowed your coach on pretty much once every set. You can


have them on again if your opponent has an injury time-out or goes for a


bathroom break. It is about once each side. These two use it very


well. -- each set. Maybe they are both now resorting to plan B.


Interesting seeing the coach coming on. He is an extrovert,


superintendent, in great contrast to Karolina. She is very relaxed and


chilled out about sings, -- about things, maybe too composed. He


provides that intensity and tells her to get going. Yes, and often she


responds well. They have had a successful partnership. Pliskova


broke into the world's top ten for the very first time last summer. Why


do you think she has slipped back? She is currently at number 17. Last


year was a real breakthrough year for Pliskova. So much has been


expected of her for so long, she was a successful junior, she did not


make a massive impact when she first came on tour. I think it is just


getting used to playing at that high level every week. It is all good and


well doing it for a year or a couple of months, but you have got to back


it up the following year against. When you think of all those points


to defend, it comes around quickly, and that adds pressure. Smart play


from the Slovak, and can you believe this? The chance to break for the


third service game in a row. Against one of the best servers in women's


tennis. Pliskova was only broken once in her


match yesterday against Konta. -- let, first service. Under


pressure, that is her go to serve on the flat side. Out wide.


My goodness. The main thing is, is she OK? She took an ASCII slip in


the early part of that point. She did turn her ankle. She was OK.


Immediately weight-bearing. That can rattle you. It happened to Johanna


Konta in the semifinals yesterday. We are back at deuce.


It was the right shot to play. You have got to take conditions into


consideration and give yourself that more margin than usual.


That is a great response to being broken in the opening two service


game. And the Czech levels it. At the moment, it is a rather


strange affair. Neither is playing Phil out. Both are being rather


circumspect. They are taking the conditions into consideration.


She really launched herself into that forehand, didn't she? Both feet


off the ground. Everything into that shot.


She gets a little extra help by using a slightly longer than regular


racket. She tells me it is five millimetres longer than the standard


frame. She tried on seven millimetres longer but that was not


quite right. She knows her tennis frames.


I think I could do with an extra long racket these days. Tudur? Just


to help me get my racket to the ball. I cannot really move so much.


That is a really good response from Karolina Pliskova.


An interesting personality, Karolina Pliskova. The most animated you will


see how is when she's talking about her twin sister, who was born just a


couple of minutes before she was. They are very close, they are


constantly in contact. These days, it is wonderful with the phones,


Skype, and they are super close. They have confessed in their younger


days to switching boyfriends. I do not think they are the only set of


identical twins to have done that. They are fun. Tennis has pretty much


been 84 those two since four years of age. They grew up about one


strive north of pride. It is a pretty handy spot to play tennis,


pride. There they are, I am not sure who is which. I think that is the


sister and rewrite. I cannot tell the difference. When they are next


to each other, I am never quite sure, but apparently you can see a


difference in their noses, or their tatties. Or the tennis rackets.


Carolyn is right-handed, bought her sister is left-handed. When the play


doubles together, they are both six foot plus tall. They are pretty


formidable. After a shaky start, she seems to have found her way.


Not quite getting the balance right, Cibulkova, keeping those unforced


errors down. His attempt of a drop shot from


Pliskova was not exactly the best. Too much air time on it.


Big strikes of both wings for Cibulkova, but that forehand is


deadly and pretty astute tactically as well, publishing away to the


forehand of the check. It is another break point.


'S breaks in the opening eight games. I am not sure that was in the


script. We should not be too surprised given the conditions. I do


not want to keep banging on about it, but it is so tough to control


down there on the court and the wind is swirling as well. I wonder how


mentally Pliskova will cope with that because she is not used to her


serve being broken. Certainly three times in a match, but not three


times in a set. UMPIRE: Miss Pliskova has challenged


the call. The call stands. Miss Pliskova has two challenges


remaining. On full stretch on the backhand. She


loves those lines. All or nothing. She likes to take some risks and


catches a lot of opponents out with those down the line balls.


She makes some mistakes, but you never see her get down on herself.


Well, she has got the firepower, but has she got the control? Those


leggings are proving very useful actually as a substitute for a ball


pocket. Really well worked by Cibulkova. And


she hits the front once more in this opening set.


I feel like it has been a momentum this set. Nobody has really grabbed


hold of it in this opening 40 plus minutes. What do you feel might make


the difference out here? With both players you know what you are going


to get, they are not going to deviate too much from the game plan


or their style of play. You will not see either player charged forward


any time soon, but I think this first set is huge in terms of


confidence and momentum. It is a final. Neither have particularly


good records in finals. Cibulkova has won five titles from 14


attempts. And for Pliskova it is five from 13 finals. I wonder if


that will get in the way for both of them. You feel Cibulkova should a


prolific winner. It is the second meeting between these two. Cibulkova


won a couple of years ago in different conditions on hard in


Kuala Lumpur, but it took her three sets to do it, having won the


opener. You feel the scripts are being ripped up every couple of


minutes in this Eastbourne final. Pliskova broken three times find


herself serving to stay in this first set.


So many of the players who have faced Pliskova have talked about how


her first serve explodes off the court, in a similar fashion to that


of Venus Williams. In terms of speed it might not be


the fastest on tour, but it is generally pretty accurate. Also she


makes the most of her height because of the way it bounces up, it really


gets up. And that is the most convincing


service game we have seen from either player so far. Pliskova


levelling up in style. She seems to keep the ball on the


racket strings for such a long time. That is something you cannot teach,


good timing. Everything about her game looks very effortless.


We have seen better drop shots this week from Cibulkova. Pliskova might


not be the pastors, but she got to that won with ease.


That is a better one. Much better. More backspin on this drop shot from


Cibulkova. It just dives at the front of the court. This Court has


hardened up beautifully over the course of the week, but it is still


quite soft. Great battling staff from Cibulkova.


She answers a lot of service game with a strong one of her own. This


final will have nothing to do with forehands or backhands, it will be


all about great, and being rugged and tough, dealing with whatever


comes your way. It is a big test for these two, right on the eve of


Wimbledon. I wonder how difficult it is for her, being tall, having such


a beginning, like Petra Kvitova, she is only a year or two younger. She


is like the next one in the production line. In some ways, there


are games are quite similar, although one is left handed and one


is right-handed. In terms of what they're trying to achieve, big


serves, big strikes from both wings, all-out attacking game, she is


someone who very much legs up to Petra Kvitova. As do lots of young


Czech players. She has been a good friend, Fed Cup team-mates. They


produce lots of tennis players in that part of the world. Not quite so


many in the Slovak Republic. They have three in the world's top 100.


They usually have more than that. Cibulkova is by far of the best of


them. For many years we had a top five player in the world. So,


Pliskova is serving to stay in this opening set.


That was never going in and a month of Sundays. I do not think it was a


shot she wanted to play. The ball kept moving away from her, and she


struggled to control it on her racket.


I think Pliskova should have been running as soon as she hit the


slice. That was the obvious short for Cibulkova. Two said points for


the Slovak. -- set points. Pliskova is broken


for a fourth time, and Cibulkova wraps up the opening set, 7-5.


What an extraordinary first set of their band floor. Also, ebb and flow


above was in the skies. The blue sky has been usurped by Gray. We are


told there may be rain on the way, which is rather dispiriting, in


about half an hour. Let's hope they are wrong and we get on and


corrupted played to the close of the final. It is engrossing, so far. On


Monday, Wimbledon and this is where the British players will be in


action over the first two days. On Monday and Schuster, the bottom half


on top hearts will play. Heather Watson and her opponent are very


close in the rankings. Broady will play the 17 seed. Laura Robson has


had terrible injury troubles over the last couple of years. She will


play the champion from Australia earlier this year. And now the men.


Andy Murray, another match against a British player. That is after a


decade without playing any. James Ward is playing someone!


Marcus Willis has come through qualifying. He came through


prequalifying. He is ranked in the 760s in the world. The lowest ranked


player to play at Wimbledon in 60 years. It all starts on Monday.


We thought the conditions might have an impact. There is no doubt they


have affected Karolina Pliskova, one of the great servers in women's


tennis. Really struggling in that apartment in the first set. It is


advantage to the busy and bustling Dominika Cibulkova, looking for her


second title of the year. And her first on grass. The Slovak. This


second set. -- Slovak will start this second


set. This has been a really good pattern


of play for Cibulkova, Pilling Pliskova over to the backhand and


going straight down the line. It has worked a treat so far.


If the result was being decided by how much these two are not moving


their feet, you would hand the trophy to Cibulkova. You said


earlier, that is the number-1 thing you have got to do in these. Yes.


She has just put it wide. When it comes to footwork and intensity,


this woman has it all. Another loose one from Pliskova.


Cibulkova does not waste much time seeing, thank you very much. She


puts in a really good hold at the start of the second set. I


understand you have played both the Pliskova sisters in the first round


and the second round. You kept that quiet. It was a few years ago in


Nottingham. I had to play Karolina first. I managed to beat her on a


grass court and then I had to play her twin. That match was moved


indoors, so I managed to win that one as well, would you believe? I


have had to play Karolina and beat her a few times, but she is a much


better player these days. Very modest.


The Pliskova sisters both came on as teenagers. People did not expect so


much from Karolina as her sister. Karolina's Twain is a pretty


dangerous player herself, but when it comes to work ethic, I would give


Karolina the edge. That is usually what it comes down to.


That is what she does so well. It is the perfect 1-2. I am amazed she has


not used that pattern of play more in this match.


It is great to see the way that she has embraced the grass court season.


The champion in Nottingham a few weeks ago. She actually won the


doubles at Edgbaston last week. She went out early in the singles. She


has been playing for five weeks on grass, potentially. That is a big


chunk of the season. That is where a few little


adjustment steps could really help Pliskova. You can see her running


just straight into that ball. So all rather peaceful in this


second set compared to how the match open. You have got the Wimbledon


draw and it starts on Monday. Cibulkova, seeded 19, plays somebody


in the top half and that will be on Tuesday. That looks pretty stiff.


Lucic Baroni was not well this week, but I hope she is OK. I am sure not


all of those names will come through. She is in the bottom half,


Pliskova, and she will play on Monday against the Belgian. That


section is packed with big names. Simona Halep has not been in the


greatest form recently. Then there is the French Open champion and then


looming large is the defending champion Serena Williams. She is


currently enjoying her 298 week as the world number one. She is still


the boss. Now, who will be the boss of this one?


Not much time for these women to recover before Wimbledon. But it is


a good thing, though. Immediately after this match, after they have


fulfilled their media commitments, they will be in a car on their way


to Wimbledon. Yes, they will have already rented apartments and houses


close to the cause. Christina has probably got the milk and the pasta


in and how is that all organised. You would hope so!


I would imagine tomorrow would not be a complete rest day for either of


these two players. They do not get to plan the match courts, which


players do today. You cannot do it on Sunday. You only get half an hour


on Saturday, but it is pretty important. The grass is kept longer


on the match cause and has not had all the play like the practice


courts. This could be a vital moment here.


Oh, well done. And it gets Cibulkova who makes the first move in this


second set. We have never had a Slovak winner


here at Devonshire Park. There is a way to go yet, plenty of tennis


still in this second set, but the force is with Cibulkova. She could


be super popular. This is the 42nd year of this event and there have


been so many great campaigns like Navratilova, Virginia Wade. Chris


Evert, the first champion in the inaugural year of this event. It is


fascinating that there are posters of all the great champions in the


players area and they realise this is a very good tournament to have on


your CV and they understand the history of it.


One of the longest rallies of the match, but you can see how bonne


rubble Pliskova is when she is pulled out wide to her forehand


side. Not explosive enough with her footwork to get behind the ball.


What is worrying is we were talking about that stretch and attempted


squash shot two or three years ago and she still has not found a way to


be explosive out of that corner. That is why she possibly could not


hold in that top ten position. A bit of weakness there.


I think she knows. I do not think this is going to be a very


successful challenge for Cibulkova. I almost feel the two square metre


area in that corner. Why play there? That is your no-go zone in these


conditions from the end of the court that she is and when the wind is


going that way. It is probably about a two metre drift, so if you aim


your ball at the centre it will end up halfway to the line. You almost


need to aim in the middle of that service box and then it is still


dicey. Temptations! Now, what she has done in this match


is she has kept the loose once to a minimum, but there is a slight


stuttering here. A second chance to break in this game for Pliskova.


Well done. Great depth from Cibulkova on those strikes. She is


really keeping Pliskova pinned back behind the baseline here.


That is how you take the ball on the rise as well.


You do not need to know how Cibulkova is failing. She is


potentially within two games of her first title. She extends her lead in


some fashion. Gutsy, feisty, determined.


That was some talking to. He brings plenty of intensity. We would love


to translate it for you. Apparently he has told her to just


keep playing your game, but two breaks of serve, you can break her.


Believe in yourself. She came back from the shots. It was rather remiss


of her to go out when we need her. On the telly. It is one break of


serve, and every chance to come back into this match.


She definitely needed a pep talk. That is what her coach brings.


There is always a positive response when she has had her coach on. The


pressure thrown right back on Cibulkova. She could probably do


with someone courtside at every change of ends. It is the missing


ingredient with her. A really slick service game there, though. Now we


will see if the Slovak can hold her nerve.


This is a great effort and hustle from Cibulkova. Just that bit too


much. You have got to admire her effort to chase every single ball


down. Wow. Virtually on her knees for the


first backhand. That was the first twitchy shot we


have seen from Cibulkova. Pliskova with two chances to get back on


serve in the second set. She saved two break points in her


last service game, two more there. Time is running out for Pliskova if


she cannot convert. The second serve return. It was


there for her to go after. Again, footwork and intensity cost.


You can here the effort from Cibulkova. Quite often when players


start really grunting, that is a sign of stress. Do not forget, she


has only won five titles in her career, from 14 finals. You would


have thought she would have been more prolific winner. The resulting


in there. -- there is something psychological in there.


Break points stone, but Cibulkova does not back off.


There was no call. Maybe the lens man was having a goal was. It was a


long way out. You can understand Cibulkova having a look. It does not


happen very often, when there is no call. I think the line judge a have


nodded off. She really does stay down so low,


keeps her racket through the shot. Just as you would expect, as


resilient as ever. She has already fended off four break points in this


vital game. It is turning into an almost ten minute game.


On we go, it is the sixth deuce. The heart of the match right here.


Yes, that might be enough for Cibulkova. She knows it as well. She


may not have to shout much more before the end of this match. The


great thing about Dominika, she has her own clothing line in Slovakia,


she does what she says and the ten. Every time she comes out on court,


she gives the maximum, 100% energy, commitment, focus. Lots of players


can talk about that, but trying to do it year in, year out, it is


incredible. It is. She is 27 years of age. She has been on tour for a


long time. She absolutely loves it. She loves life on tour. She has a


tight-knit team. Her coach and fiance are they that pretty much all


the tournaments. They never seem to uptight, that band. They are pretty


chilled. Yes, I saw them together before this match and they were


chilling out on the sofas, laughing at whatever was on their iPad or


phones. They all seem to get on so well. The are all good guys. -- they


are all good. They support her and by corrupt. Why wouldn't you? She


must be a dream to coach. She had a big operation on her Achilles last


year. She was out for four months. She came back for her first


tournament in Eastbourne. I do not think she could have dreamt of this.


Pliskova has got to be right with this challenge. If she is not, she


loses the point. It is very close. She is right! Good challenge. It


gives her a cushion in this game. Surely she has to make Cibulkova


serve it out. Cibulkova would love to break here


instead of trying to serve this match out. I am looking at the flags


at the northern end of the court were Pliskova is serving now. The


wind has dropped. One of the problems for her has been the


condition. It has really hurt her serving. If she can just hold, you


never know. It is one break. Good control from Cibulkova, did not


rush anything. You may be right, Annie, a big


investment in this game so she does not have to go through the trauma of


trying to serve it out. I do not think she is going to


challenge. She has only got one left.


Just as well she did not. The serve is back and now the wind has dropped


they are playing in completely different conditions now. Can


Cibulkova serve it out? One of the few times today she has


put it together. It is a case of what might have been for Karolina


Pliskova. UMPIRE: Miss Cibulkova has


challenged the ball. Long. I am with you. No challenges left. But one


championship point remains. That is it! There is no one quite


like her. Dominika Cibulkova is the Eastbourne champion. What a


wonderful reaction. You can see how much it means to her. She absolutely


deserved the title of this week. She has brought so much energy on to the


court. Her biggest title this year. It has been a fantastic week. Her


first grass court title of her career.


Well, they have had a treat this week. Whatever session they have had


on Centre Court the women have played to packed houses. Dominika


Cibulkova joined a very special honour roll here. The first Slovak


champion, she will get her picture in the gallery at the back of this


court. And it really is a team effort these days. Her second title


from her fourth final this season. Pliskova could not pick up after the


win she had in Nottingham, but she goes into the Wimbledon


Championships in fine form and she is one of the danger women from the


second tier of players. That is only a couple of days away.


I would like to bring the presentation party onto court. The


director of customer value management. A board member of the


world tennis Association. Annie, a few words from you to sum


up. She has just brought so much onto court. If every single match


this week she has invested so much. After such a tough day yesterday


with two matches which she had to play and win, she thoroughly


deserves this moment. Of course the rain is going to stay away. Tough


conditions for both to play in. Very windy. Please, show your


appreciation for Karolina Pliskova. She beat Britain was at number one


Johanna Konta in the semis. She has had a wonderful week. We will


present some champagne to the losing finalist and she will now have her


champagne moment. The runners-up trophy will be presented, along with


the prize money of $70,550. One of the directors.


Aegon is such an important sponsor for this grass court series. Now it


is time to celebrate our champion. Please welcome dominate the Siebel


Clover. A special week for her. She is so popular on the tour. That win


over Agnieszka Radwanska in the quarterfinals was something special.


And now dominate car has her champagne moment. The prize fund is


$132,550. Mark will step forward and present the 2016 Aegon International


Trophy to Dominika Cibulkova. The first grass court title for Dominika


Cibulkova. And who knows what awaits her over the next fortnight. Now


John Nvidia will conduct the interviews. Dominica, many


congratulations. Just how happy are you? It is very hard to describe.


This is my best week on grass and they feel it has just happened and I


was playing really well today and the conditions were really hard for


me and for my opponent. It was a great week for me and you guys are


awesome and I love playing here. This is my second time here and I am


going to come here for many years. We saw on the final point your


reaction and the reaction of your coaching team. How much do you owe


them? My team is to me everything. I would not be standing here without


them. Tennis is not a team game, but you need to have your team around


you to be 100% ready and they made me ready and our work has paid off,


so that is the best thing. It takes two people to make a great final and


if we could ask Karolina to come in for a couple of moments. A round of


applause, please. Congratulations, hard luck today, but you won at


Nottingham and have been runner-up at Eastbourne, so you must have had


a good grass court season so far. I am happy with the way I played this


year on grass and there is Wimbledon coming and I want to do better even


there. I have got one title, so it is not that bad. How excited are you


about Wimbledon next week? You must go there with a lot of confidence.


Definitely, I wanted to play as many matches as I could be for Wimbledon


and I will rest a little bit and I am ready for Wimbledon. Thank you


very much for your contribution to the Eastbourne week. To finish off,


tennis fans have been used to Rafael Nadal shouting something over the


time and you shout something which is Slovakian, does that mean come


on! Yes, we say it from where I come from. It reminds me. One last thing,


it is sometimes difficult in international sport, it is a very


serious business, but it seems as if you are having fun and you give so


much fun to ask and you bring so much extra to the women's tour and


you are very much yourself and everybody has warmed to you this


week because of that. How proud I you of that? Thank you, guys. That


is something you have inside and that is how I am and this is how I


am and I am glad that people like it. That trophy has got Navratilova,


Chris Evert and now it has got you. They told me that Navratilova won 11


times. I thought it would be good to win it once and here it is, so I am


happy. She is very happy and we are very happy today and it was a great


match to round off this week's tennis. Thank you to Karolina


Pliskova and our winner this year, Dominika Cibulkova.


A special champion. It means so much to her. She really has entertained


the fans this week, as she does all over the world. Everyone falls in


love with her. A good week for Pliskova as well.


Both will be dangerous at Wimbledon next week, both will be seeded.


Maybe not the best final that we have ever had that Devonshire Park,


but I really strong one. Difficult conditions for both of them, but it


was Cibulkova who manage them far better.


The sun stayed with us all afternoon. It is glorious now. That


is a beaming smile tour on Ofwat has been a really good week's tennis at


Eastbourne. Paying that kind of tennis, Anne, no one is going to


fancy meeting her at Wimbledon. No, she will be a dangerous player.


Unfortunately for Johanna Konta, she is in the same section. There is a


potential third-round meeting. She will be full of confidence and high


on adrenaline. Some made the point that wherever she plays in the


world, because of the way that she engages with the crowd, the crowd on


tour. She is a massive asset to the women's tour. Yes, she has such an


infectious personality, how can you not want to? She is like that on and


off the Eastbourne, a brilliant goal to be around. You have mentioned Jo


Konta once already. She has had a great run at Eastbourne, her


hometown. There will be so much publicity over the next 48 hours


about her being the first British seed at Wimbledon in the women's


draw more than 30 years. How do you think she will approach Wimbledon of


the back of this week? Is she on an upward curve? For sure. She has had


good results this week. She will take confidence from that. The next


few weeks will be a whole new experience for her in terms of being


in the limelight, having to fulfil media obligations, talking to people


that perhaps were never interested in her. She is learning, she will be


going through her process and trying to manage the situation as best she


can. She has a great team around her and they will help her. Trina


Shearer, thank you for being with us all week. It feels like the height


of summer. Their Israel warmth coming from the orb in the sky. Here


are details of programmes coming up. -- there is real warmth. You can


follow it on so many platforms, it is not true. There is no skip from


Wimbledon once it starts on Monday morning. We have had a fantastic


couple of weeks, with Andy Murray winning at Queen's last week. This


final has set us in just the right frame of mind with Wimbledon


starting on Monday morning. From all of us here, with the sun beating


down, thanks for watching over the last couple of days. With all the


thunderstorms, we got there in the end.


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