Quarter-Finals Tennis: Eastbourne


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Welcome to Eastbourne, the fourth day of the Aegon International down


by the seaside. Even if you are a seagull, the weather is eternally


fascinating. We had the store moss that, boy, did we have the storm. We


were amazed the Hotel had a roof on this morning having not been blown


out into the channel. Come 10am, it was fantastic, the most glorious


summer's morning. Now, the cloud cover is increasing and there is the


likelihood of rain, but we're not sure when. For the moment, we have


play and will have live action for you in a moment. If you are widows


at tea-time last night, we had to leave you with a key moment in the


first set between Johanna Konta and Kvitova. Give it a fair one of the


first set even though Joanna had served for it twice. In the third


set, played some blistering tennis and so here is much point to the


British and one. COMMENTATOR: What a way to finish.


Contact is back in the quarters at Devonshire Park. -- one content.


STUDIO: That is one of John Konta's best ever wins and it means she is


through to the quarterfinals. The other match is taking place at the


moment and Petkovic has just won the first set. These are the nine


players who still remain in the draw. We are at the quarterfinal


stage. Johanna Konta is waiting for the


winner of that match at the bottom. The order of play, we have here.


Yesterday, we had an outstanding day's play. Uninterrupted play and


the quality of the matches were fantastic.


Without further ado... Let us go live to Centre Court where Christina


Mladenovic -- Stena Milunovich is playing. The first set went to the


girl from Puerto Rico. This is the French serving to square things.


The French number one, Kristina Mladenovic touch is minding the


Puerto Rican number one, she is a difficult woman to put away.


Mladenovic had the best of the first set, couldn't take it. Has already


had a couple of set points just one game ago. Struggling to serve it


out. We have two players within four months of each other. Mladenovic is


23, Puig will be 23 in September. They know each other so well.


These to know each other's games inside out, they will have played a


number of times in junior events. They have played three previous


times on tour. Mladenovic leads their head-to-head 2-1. First time


on a grass court. A very tight Kristina Mladenovic


should complaining about the court, which she had plenty of time for.


Still one left, plenty of time to serve it out. Once again, Puig


slipped the net. She has had a wonderful week, coming through


qualifying. Both players making their main draw debut but Puig so


impressive coming back from a set down yesterday to beat Caroline


Wozniacki, the former champion. Mladenovic has been great, too,


still wearing her zebra outfit from the French Open where, along with


her best friend Caroline Garcia, they won the doubles in the first


time in 40 years or so. Great celebrations there. She is so happy


she will keep that outfit, but not for Wimbledon. It will have to go by


the wayside. She has had a good week, as well. Took out between ski


-- took out the fourth seed and then backed it up against the big hitting


German. Mladenovic, I've always thought as a really good game for


grass. I remember her playing the finals of junior Wimbledon and she


made the finals in Holland a couple of weeks ago. She is coming along


well now. After a few years of... I don't know what she was doing, but


it wasn't happening. It is always difficult to make that transition as


a successful junior, she is junior Grand Slam champion. The French Open


she won as a junior. It is difficult with all the expectations and the


pressure, but she has the game very well suited to grass. There is her


father. He is often courtside. Thank you, we are ready for play. Monica


Puig looking to hang on once more in this second set.


She's got three challenges, incorrect ones left, in the sector.


That was rather hopeful. Doesn't want to do all this work to throw it


away. It's a big game, Monica Puig


assesses. Totally fearless, not afraid to go for it. So that


yesterday in her win over Caroline Wozniacki.


Now then, can Mladenovic finish things off here and finally take


this to a decider? More set points for the French


number one. It drifts long. In the end, it took


some doing, but it is Mladenovic who levelled this match up to take it


into a decider. STUDIO: That is a quarterfinal


match, but this is a last 16 game for the right to play Jo Konta later


today in the last eight. This is Andrea Petkovic of Germany. That is


the first set. That was 20 minutes or so ago. This


is live now. Three apiece. The winner of this match will play


Jo Konta and if that match those last a long time and the matches on


Centre Court go very rapidly, we may have a slight hiatus between matches


to give whoever happens to win this match some time to recover before


they play Jo Konta. I think I am correct in saying that you have to


have two hours... Just an hour and a half, apparently, minimum, between


one match and the next round. In the last 30 seconds, some news we're


just hearing for Wimbledon next week. Victoria as a drinker has just


pulled out with injury. She was seeded sixth.


-- Victoria Azarenka. Some, what is your take on Victoria Azarenka? Is


this a long-term problem? She has had an enormous amount of injury


issues over the last three years, since she was the world number one.


It is such a shame because she got back such fine style, this year


winning in Wales and Miami. Winning them back-to-back. That doesn't


happen very often. For her to have more injury worries is such a blow


as she spent a lot of time on the physio couch. Quite brief and young


career and that is bad news for her personally and for women's tennis.


She is a big star and we will miss her.


Always felt you never know quite what you're going to get from


Kristina Mladenovic from day to day from one set to another.


Oh, no. She sets the point up perfectly.


This could be quite costly error at the end of this set from Mladenovic.


A great drop shot, just rushed as she ran up to the forehand.


Terrible start to this final set and even though Puig dropped the second,


all the momentum with the young Puerto Rican.


I am with that sad news that Victoria Azarenka has pulled out of


Wimbledon. That would push Joe Konta -- Jo Konta from 17th to 16th seed.


That is correct, yes. She is going to go upstairs into the posh locker


room. That is a major upgrade. Separate locker rooms for those


seeded one to 16 for the rest of the draw.


Monica Puig also had a very good junior career, but developed a


couple of years later, even though they are the same age.


Both pretty close in their own Kingsman. Mladenovic at 33, Monica


Puig lower but just inside the world's top 100. She has had a


terrific run. She's got great court awareness,


Mladenovic. I don't think there's a shot in the book that can't hit.


Incredibly talented Frenchwoman. Maybe that has been the problem in


her development. Too many options. And a slight dislike of listening to


coaches. Puig certainly the more solid of the


two. Backs up the break in fine style.


She is gritty, determined. Fierce stare, isn't there, under that


headband? She contains a lot of her emotions much better now. She used


to be quite tough on herself but definitely more mature these days.


The shooting through on this quarter. -- court.


Despite all the rain, because this Court had so much play yesterday, we


could almost see it happen before our eyes. It seems to have hardened


and quickened up. Busy Killie anything within a few


inches of that baseline. It's not bad, is it for your sixth


match of the week? Come through qualifying, have the weekend. She


isn't tiring. You shouldn't get tired in your


early 20s. Such a lovely athlete. Her father played handball and her


mum was a pro volleyball player. A younger brother is helping with


coaching duties and is a talented soccer player.


This is an important game for Mladenovic. You should see her with


a football. AGP yuppies are good. You often see how warming up with a


football before practice sessions. A tall woman, six foot plus, very


talented. She got away with it, but Mladenovic


has to be careful she doesn't overplay the drop shot.


She has been doing that too often. Puig not happy.


STUDIO: While that matches in the balance, this game is, too. The much


that is taking place on Court One, where the prize is a quarterfinal


against Joanna quarter -- Johanna Konta.


COMMENTATOR: This match has been played at such a frantic pace, it is


nice to have a breather. Packed house once again on the Centre


Court. Everything is sold out today on the show courts. You need your


Wellington boots, don't you? Sloshing around the outside courts.


Sludge everywhere. Placements for Mladenovic. Mixing it


up well. I am surprised she hasn't gone to the ad court, but she did in


the second set. She switched it up and that is where you want to serve


two Puig. She has a great slice serve. I'm


surprised she hasn't used it effectively.


She has to keep finding ways of junking it around.


Mladenovic's coach has worked with a number of French players over the


years. When the ball sits up in the middle


of the court for her to hit, boy, does she do a good job.


Third time in this game she has found that line and Puig extends her


lead. Yesterday, head coach told her to


stay up on that baseline, be aggressive. -- her


We are having four Seasons in one day.


I look at my wardrobe and think, what do I wear? But confusion.


Ninth ace, second in this game, keeps Mladenovic in touch. That is


the server I am talking about. She has the height. She doesn't have to


go in the corner of the box. Shorter out-of-the-box is the effective one


on the deuce side. How much pressure do you think is on her? In French


tennis, they have been waiting for her to be the next big superstar for


some time. I think so much has been expected of her. So much pressure,


she was so good, so soon from a young age. It hasn't been easy but


she can say she is a Grand Slam champion now on the doubles court.


She has been successful on the Mixed Doubles court in the Grand Slams,


picking up her first Grand Slam doubles title at the French Open


with Caroline Garcia. Surely they have to be medal contenders in Rio.


I wonder that if in the last New Year 's, concentrating on doubles


has taken away something from the singles. There have been all kinds


of theories as to why she is not closer to the top ten. I feel like


she plays a lot. Seems like every week of the year, there is a Wizard


tournament somewhere and Christine Mladenovic's name is in the draw.


She has had an incredible run from being French Open doubles champion,


she went over to Holland to play there. She had a great week there


despite limited practice on a grass court. They have grass courts in


Majorca now. Puig up a break in the final set.


There have been some very long matches on this Centre Court this


week. What a treat the fans had yesterday. Such high-quality tennis.


It looks like today that if the rain stays away, we will get very much


the same. Having a few woes with that second


serve, that is her seventh double. Wild. Sometimes it is hard to see


with Mladenovic why she misses. She looks like she is set up perfectly.


No, she knows it. There are times where she looks to be too clever on


some of her shot selections. She had time to just hit through that with a


drive for Lee. -- drive volley. It is a big hold from Puig.


A lovely reception from the fancier in Devonshire Park. Both making the


main draw debut here. I don't think so many would know who they are but


they are really enjoying the level of tennis they are seeing out here.


It is a fabulous match. There has been some very high-quality tennis


this week. I think the depth in the women's game is so much stronger


these days. The ball toss just a little too far


in front, it was never making it. You can tell when the ball toss goes


up. There are a lot of players that happens too. It gets too far forward


and you think it would be easy to throw it up OK but somehow under


pressure it is not. She has simplified that serve over the years


though. Less going on with the take back than they used to be.


Not the right choice of shot here by. -- Puig. She was straight up the


line, that would have been a better choice.


The French number one hands on. Once again she keeps it to just one


break. Monica was named after Monica Seles


by her mother. I wonder what is the ceiling on her potential


development. She has had a wonderful year so far and there are not many


who strike the ball as well as she does. The sound of the racket is


extraordinary. She has great timing from the back of the court and moves


well from side to side. She can still develop her serve and her game


at the front of the court. Not so comfortable going forward than


moving side to side. I think she can definitely be a top 20 player. I am


sure she has the determination and desire to do what it takes. But does


she have the willingness to improve on her game and add to it? That is


my question. You get to a certain level as a player some players are


no Tory sleaze stubborn. All tennis players think they know it all and


it is any wonder why anyone high any coaches because you always think you


know best. It can be a strength but a weakness as well. Puig has been


very impressive this week. Has enjoyed her grass court season. By


the time they come to is born, it is the third tournament. They are not


worrying about the bad bounces and how the ball comes through, they are


feeling comfortable. As is Puig here, serving with a break in the


final set. Just the one area that does let her


down. She really goes after that second serve but does not put much


spin on it when playing doubles now. -- does not put much spin on it.


Nine doubles now. There is a prime example of why she


is not comfortable at the net. Oh dear, now. Mladenovic's break


point conversion, five from 21 opportunities. That comes back to


bite you if she doesn't win this match.


It would be a start if she put the return into play.


Oh, she was so tight. Bunting the first two balls back. It plays on


your mind, when you have had that many opportunities to break your


opponent's serve, it becomes harder and harder. The fewer you convert


on. There is a lot at stake here. You


can pretty much see the tension. The tournament, premier event, a


semifinal place up for grabs. It is big for these two.


Where would you have Puig serving right now? To Mladenovic's forehand.


Yes, it is long, she might have a look at it but it was beyond that


line. And Puig potentially within one game. She has got it wrong. She


had three challenges and should have challenged it and would have still


been in the game. It will be her mum's fault if she doesn't win this.


Different sport you see, volleyball to tennis. Mladenovic now finds


herself serving to stay in this quarterfinal.


She has barely missed a ball from that part of the court, Puig.


May be full Christina at this part of his career, there are to moments


and not enough solid red and butter tennis because that is what you get


from Puig. Great ground strokes, Mladenovic in a big spot here.


May be that has been the difference here this afternoon. Two match


points. What a performance and Puig the


qualifier is through to the last four. A gritty performance from


Monica Puig, she fought hard for that match and in the end she was


more solid of the two from the back of the court.


A standing ovation in a match Mladenovic should have won the first


set but lost it on a break. What a week she is having, six matches


played, six wins for Monaco. Really enjoying her time on the grass. Made


the semis in Nottingham. She flew over to Majorca last meek and got a


match there but what preparation for Wimbledon. She won't be seeded but


she will be a dangerous floater, as we call them, in the draw. She is


with Annabel Croft. Congratulations moniker, a very tough match and a


tough opponent, what got you across the line? Staying mentally tough.


Another tiring much like yesterday, I had to maintain focus and keep


trusting myself and what I could do out there. You had to run for a lot


of drop shots today. Yes, I think I ran quite a bit but I don't think I


will run any more today. How did you regroup for that final set and find


another gear? Trust in myself and how I have played this week. I am


playing good tennis so it is about staying mentally strong and trying


to get it all together in the end. Into the semifinal, you have


Cibulkova or Radwanska, what do they bring to the court? Another really


tough matchup. They both play well on grass. I will have to be on my


toes or that one but I will try and enjoy this one first. Root well


done, our first semifinalist ladies and gentlemen, Monica Puig. As


Annabel was saying, this time last week she was contemplating the first


week of qualifying and now he is through to the semifinals. Here is


the last person through to the quarterfinals, Ekaterina Makarova


who has just beaten Andrea Petkovic. Her reward for that is a match later


this afternoon against Britain's Jo Konta in the fourth quarterfinal


played today. This is how the draw looks as it was completed. It is


getting narrowed down even more. Radwanska against Cibulkova coming


up in moments. The winner of Vesnina and discover will play the winner of


the match of Jo Konta this afternoon. Mentioning Cibulkova,


there she is, she has just been on the court bind us bring her warm up


exercises. She will doubtless stop doing that in a second, but the


rackets in her bag and walk 50 yards or so across to Centre Court. She


will play a very interesting opponent and the top seed here,


Agnieszka Radwanska. Cibulkova is not your normal tennis player, she


is much smaller than almost everyone on tour, five feet three. She is a


feisty and combustible character. When she came appear yesterday after


victory in the last round, you can see why she is such an engaging


character. I don't see myself as little as I am. Maybe that is why I


am not afraid. It motivates me. I have to give something extra on the


court to beat these girls. I have energy, that is how I go after every


ball. It is something I have I can think that way. Was that a


motivation when you were younger. Watching some of the top juniors out


in the world and they are five feet ten, five feet 11 at 16 or 17. You


have had to deal with this with the word go. The macro it was the


biggest motivation I had when I was younger. Nobody kind of believed in


me. So many people told me why was I trying it because I was too small.


But I really wanted to play tennis. I had to practice extra and do extra


things and that got me here. Talking about things that are small, you


have two dogs who are very small. Ridiculously so. Do you want to hold


that up for the camera. What breed are they? Your keys. Can we hold up


that one. There we are. His name is Woody and she is mere. He is five


years and she is two and a half. I read that they travel the world with


you. They travel with us almost everywhere. It is hard to get them


to England because of the currency. The travel agent told us last it


might be fine so we flew from the Netherlands to England. My boyfriend


had to come back home to bring them over because they did not allow us


on the plane. We tried once and we didn't try it this year. They have


not sampled the joys of Eastbourne beach yet. What is the most


ridiculous place in the world you have taken them? Acapulco. In


Mexico. They loved it. We had a hotel on the beach. Do you speak


Spanish? We would take them on the morning walk and they love the


seaside. You are quite outspoken as well but you are very interesting in


a world where sometimes people can be homogenous and grey. I must ask


you about sniffing the tennis balls. Where did that start? I smell


things, I like to smell things. When I get the new balls, if you get with


the balls from the US Open and Roland Garros I could tell the


difference. Like Pepsi and Coke. It became a habit. I wish we could do


that now with football. Did you watch on Monday night? I have to be


honest, I don't watch football. Really? I like to watch ice hockey.


I like different sports but for me, football, no. It is really boring. I


guarantee that if Slovakia get through to the final of the Euros,


you will be excited? Yes, you are right. But I am honest, my team went


to the pub and were watching. They said they could not be really loud


because they thought they were going to beat them. Not in Eastbourne.


They were really quiet. I was really happy for the guys, I think it is


the first time Slovakia have got out of the group. It is great for them.


I will really cheer and I want them to go far


How confident are the be here at the weekend? I have already won a couple


of tough matches, so if you're really confident. It is great to


talk to you. Thank you. Please welcome, representing...


Dominika Cibulkova. There is one have other


quarterfinal. Here is the other half. The number one seed. From


Poland. A big challenge ahead for her. She is yet to lose a set, but


every game has been pretty tough up to this point, she readily admitted


when she popped up here yesterday. There are no more easy matches. Even


if you play and lower ranked player, it is still a really tough match. A


few years ago you play maybe your game at 40% and you could still win


a match. Today, in this case, no chance. I think the level is going


up and up. No more easy matches. Can you believe it is eight years since


she won here? Yeah, right? A long time ago. In a sense, the game has


changed a lot in those eight years. Serena is still the boss and


everyone is trying to knock a robber perch, but in terms of the strength


in depth, it has changed beyond all recognition. Yes, the players have


changed a lot. Eight years, it has been such a different level,


everything was different. Now it is more powerful, and pretty solid from


everyone. You can see a lot of good matches with the players who are not


in the top 20. They are pretty impressive and it is pretty hard.


How do you think the Radwanska of 2008 with Kevin on against the


Radwanska of 2016. I don't know, you tell me! How has your game changed?


Experience is a lot in tennis. That is helping, especially when you go


through all the tournaments. I think Radwanska from 2016 with beat the


2008 Radwanska. Well, there is the 2016 incarnation,


the number one seed. Sam, if you were to compare who


happened to be ranked 80 in the world when you were playing with the


person who was ranked 80 underworld at the moment with GC a massive


dislocation inability over that period? Personally, no. I think you


had very different types of players. I think a lot of the players play


similarly now. Things have changed a lot of the equipment and the strings


and that has allowed the players to head the ball so much harder. That


has been the big change from when I was playing. One day you could play


a serve and volley, the next date you could play against somebody who


had huge amounts of top-spin, many more sliced backhand is coming at


you. I think there was a lot more variety bent and the players had a


lot more shots. Now things are different. It is hard to compare the


two. I would like to disagree with Sam. My instinct is if I was


reporting at Wimbledon 30 years ago, which I was, the likelihood of the


woman's number 73 beating the number three seed was minimal, whereas an


equivalently now 30 years on, there is the possibility that that might


happen. That for me as one of the big changes. Yet, it is. There is


more depth than the woman's game, the woman are stronger. In terms of


the physical demands, everyone is up for the challenge. Sam is right, the


might not be as much variety now, but the power. Somebody ranked 80 in


the world now compared to 20 years ago is a much stronger player. In


ten years' time, that person ranked 80 will be better than what we have


today. There are some wonderful players out here, but that when I


was playing he had Martina Navratilova, Steffi Graf, Monica


Seles, Arantxa Sanchez Vicario, Gabriela Sabatini, great players who


would win back to back Grand Slams. They would win the French Open, come


and win Wimbledon. I do think the very best 20 years ago was an


extraordinary... High-tech Serena Williams out of that, maybe Venus,


that they were an extraordinary generation. No one felt they could


be them. They were untouchable. I don't think there is that feeling in


the locker room now. Lower ranked players definitely feel that they


can beat everyone, maybe not Serena, but everyone else is fair game. And


that is testament to the depth in the woman's game. It is very


different to where's gamers were ye have your top five superstar is. But


you can't say there is an depth implement's game. It isn't credible.


It is, but it is different. It depends what you like. I enjoyed the


uncertainty and the fact that anything is possible on any given


week. One thing that is interesting, which is oblique to this, but is


very important. If you talk to the paymasters of the game, if you like,


where the main operatives in terms of corporate hospitality and


television, they desperately want the big names involved in the latter


stages of all the big events, from a TV audience point of view, from a


hospitality point of view, from an entertainment and sponsorship point


of view, they don't like that uncertainty because they want the


big names that the public has heard of taking part in the semifinals and


final. We might love that followed the big Ian Scott knocked out from


the men's semifinals at Wimbledon, but for the sport could be terrible.


I get that. People want to see the big names playing against each other


in the latter stages of the tournament. You can't keep everyone


happy, can you? But you need to pay the bills. Woman's tennis needs a


big sponsor, which doesn't have at the moment. This year has made a lot


of the sponsors wobble because you don't have your marquee names at the


latter stages of the draw. This tournament many years ago you could


have guaranteed that Martina Navratilova and Chris Abbott would


be in the final. Isn't the WTA at that of its own success? This is a


good debate! If it does rain we will come back to you. For the moment,


this is an intriguing match and it is for the right to play Monica Puig


in the first semifinal tomorrow. If you have just switched on, I hope


you have recovered from the floods yesterday.


Just to remind you, Jo Konta is coming up later on, playing


Ekaterina Makarova of Russia in the fourth quarter final. This is the


second. We will join our commentators.


Well, we do have marquee names here. Marquee names here. Marquee names


here. Grand Slam finalists. Dominika Cibulkova is currently ranked 21


underworld, but she was formerly in the top ten. -- in the world. It is


on getting us underway. -- it is Cibulkova getting us underway.


Both women and 27 years of age. Cibulkova just a few months younger


than her opponent this afternoon. Heels from BAFTA slaver in Slovakia.


Radwanska is from crack off in southern Poland. Bratislava is a


good place to ply your trade, wonderful National tennis Centre


there. APPLAUSE. They have played a couple


of times this year. Radwanska winning in Indian Wells in the fast


conditions and Finnair of California. Cibulkova played a


wonderful match in Madrid, also at altitude, in the clay. The last


couple of matches had gone the distance.


The first time they have played on the grass. You would imagine that


would favour Radwanska, but nowadays in the woman's tour we don't take


anything for granted. It is all or nothing when you watch


Cibulkova. She is a bundle of energy. A pocket rocket, as she is


known. I have got to admit, Cibulkova is


one of my favourite layers to watch. I love her energy, her intensity.


She has such an infectious personality.


APPLAUSE. Radwanska is having a long look at that. Hawk-Eye has been very


busy this week. Neither are sure, I don't think. Everyone is staring


hopefully have the screen, which doesn't seem to be moving. They do


have it. Here we go. Well, if the opening few moments are anything to


go by, we are in for a fabulous match. She is a wonderful character.


A superstar back in Slovakia. I'm sure the two Yorkshire terriers live


in the lap of luxury back home. What does she bring to the court that


could cause problems for Radwanska? She is relentless. She will come out


full of Philippines. She will chase down every single ball. She will


give everything a good crack. She might look very small type the, but


she is big and so many other ways. She takes the ball early on the


rise. It has been another super consistent


year for Agnieszka Radwanska. Number three in the world at number two.


She had a terrific run in Indian Wells, Joe Hart, a semifinal in


Melbourne but she lost to Serena Wiliams.


She looked less than happy with the first-round performance against


Mariana Duque-Marino, Mariana Duque-Marino stopped in the second


set with the Castro issue. She was very happy with how she played


against Eugenie Bouchard yesterday. That is a clever lob over the


backhand side. Cibulkova attempting one of the most awkward shots in


tennis to play here. APPLAUSE. So, both of them safely


aboard in this quarterfinal. A finalist here last year, Radwanska.


She had a great tune up for Wimbledon. It really kick-started


her 2015 season, which had been a little bit creepy before heading to


the grass. -- Trying to do what so many women


attempt on the tour, hit through and passed Radwanska. It is almost


mission impossible. -- past. She is already in trouble here on her


service game. Radwanska way too smart. She gets


the early break advantage. It is interesting hearing her chat earlier


in the studio with John about watching was like eight years ago


and she was the champion here. What do you remember our first seeing


her, on the tour? She had a brilliant career in the juniors,


winning at France and Wimbledon. I played her a couple of times during


the course of my career. It was a nightmare for me. In what respect?


You go out there and you think I can overpower her, I just need to stay


aggressive. The ball that comes back at you does not come back very fast.


She is very good at redirecting Pierce and absorbing it. She has the


ability to make you feel quite silly because she has every trick in the


book. She can mix it up with Pierce. She doesn't have a strong frame,


that is why she has been as creative as she has been on the tennis court.


She is a great attack patient, reads the game well. That is her biggest


strength. She sees it so much earlier than everyone else out


there. Just understanding of the game is in a different league to a


lot of other players. That is what makes her superb. You think you're


hitting into a space and July Cup and she is already there! Annoying!


Yes, Berry! -- very! She is the most fidgety person you


will ever meet, Cibulkova. You can't afford too many loose ones


against Radwanska. Just trying to find that right talents, though,


when you are against her. You need to play aggressively, and you have


got to accept that there will be a few mistakes.


That is just stunning! The control she has... Seemingly she has so much


time on the ball. She never looks too rushed. Very cool and calm in


her thought process. A bit more top on that server gets


the job done. -- serve. Just the start you would have wanted against


an opponent that has caused her quite a few problems in the past.


She has only managed to win two out of the last five meetings. They have


spent an awful lot of time over the years playing each other, haven't


they? Yes! And that doesn't even count the number of matches they


would have played against each other in the juniors.


Come on, she says. That is her trademark. She had a difficult


season last year, missed four months with an Achilles problem. She


decided to get it fixed because it was a long-standing injury. She did


dine to 70 or 80 in the world and she is just making her way back up.


Broke the world's top ten in March of 2014, just a couple of months


after making her first Grand Slam final dine in Australia. Everyone


fell in love with her dine there. Aussies July Cup try and she was


brilliant that fortnight. -- do you like a trier.


In the opening 20 minutes, if you just watched the points you would


think it was very close, but Radwanska on the verge of a double


break. Yes! The magician opening her box of


tricks. She takes a 4-1 lead in the first set. I guess the grass does


favour Radwanska. There is the Federation cup coach for Slovakia


for many years, also the coach of Dominika. I always think it looks


like Miller slapped me cheer, and you know who that is because we


spoke about this before you looked at me very blankly. The big. Yes,


Olympic champion, top player back in the day. He beat Jeremy Bates in the


first round. They have a very good relationship these two, they have


travelled together for a long time. Hazard a guess on what he may be


telling her? No need to panic at this stage. She is trying to do the


right things, just made a few mistakes which have cost her.


She has to hold her own on the baseline here. Not allow herself to


get pushed too far back behind it. Ideal start for Radwanska, 4-1,


double break in the first set. Oh yeah. Great response. That was a


great point from Cibulkova, getting Radwanska on the move, changing the


direction of play with each strike. Not allowing Radwanska to get into a


rhythm, that is key. Just the response you would expect


from Cibulkova, very close to her team there, chattering away. Her


boyfriend and her coach, has to be a little bit careful she doesn't get


pulled up for coaching. Family that is the big improvement, Radwanska.


The shoulder injury she had so many years really held her back. She was


always taped up. There is definitely more pop find that first serve, that


is for sure. It has always been accurate but a lot more pace but


hide it these days. It is useful. Outfoxing Radwanska which is never


easy to do. A chance to get one of the breaks back here.


Very much owed go to serve on that side, the one out wide. Is that a


new pattern? It is the serve she has always favoured on the ad side. She


has a better mindset on serve and it is not a shot to start the point. It


is a shot where she can set up the next ball for her now. Definitely a


more aggressive mindset- her. Her boyfriend sporting a healthy


beard. Fiance, they have been engaged for so long I had actually


forgotten. Yet to set a date though. Doing a really nice job of wielding


pressure here. That is what you have to get Radwanska doing, running to


that forehand wing. The defence from the backhand corner is so much


stronger really. Change-up. Three aces in this game


and five already for the match. These are not numbers we have been


used to. Often she looks skyward, a drop in temperature. Still like a


sauna in our commentary box, that never seems to change. OK, another


chance. This is big for Cibulkova. Never say die attitude, never mind


what the score is. Wonderful tennis. At last, Cibulkova


gets one of the breaks back. That is what it takes. She had to work hard


for that game. Can she keep it up? Cibulkova just concerned that it is


slippery. It boys makes me laugh when I see the umpire touching the


grass. I have asked my brother. He is a top umpire. He told me they


don't have stops on the issues, they should wear grass court shoes. They


are told to just touch it with the hand. They may need to review that


section of the umpiring module. It is Willie hard to see on your


pictures, but apparently it is spitting outside.


That balance you were talking about. A fine line. Chances for Radwanska


to have a double break once more. That was very close. Misra glanced


is challenging the call, it was called out. Oh, only just. She is


not a frivolous challenger, is she? Yellow macro no but she only has one


left. Picked up a title earlier this year


in Poland. Radwanska also a winner right at the start in January in


Shenzhen. There is her fiance. I am not sure about that though. Thank


you Mr director. I wonder if mum approves of that.


It is always a big connection with Dominika and her camp, on court or


off court, you see them hanging out. They are a happy camp. They are


tight. Even though she doesn't go and watch the football with them.


I knew amount of energy expended in those last two macro games. She is


making the scoreline look respectable and keeps the deficit to


just one break. She is rather special, isn't she? I we think


Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, they seem to produce a number of


players. Before Dominika there was Daniela Hantuchova, I wonder why


that part of the world, there seems to be a production line. They know


the tennis. I think in that part of the world, the club system is so


much better and the level of coaching is much better than we have


in the UK. It is just at a higher level. People love the tennis as


well. They support the juniors. But they do like the ice hockey. That is


true. A consistency of service as well, you play on clay courts. A few


hard courts indoors during the winter. Nothing particularly flash


but the players are very happy to go back and train there. I have been to


that National tennis Centre in Bratislava. There are a lot of


things I forget. As you said, there is nothing special but it is


functional. It has everything you need, good courts, good gym. Plenty


of courts I should add. Sounds like it had as a good vibe and


atmosphere, a good working environment. She does train in the


States in the off-season. She likes her sunshine, Dominika. New balls


after a really interesting opening few games here.


So frustrating for Radwanska's opponents. So quick to read the


play, sense the match and make a few adjustments.


Takes the first set to 5-3 with quiet authority. What we have seen


in this opening 40 minutes, it is tough to see Cibulkova dislodging


Radwanska in a meaningful way. Radwanska looks like she has so much


more time in comparison to Cibulkova. She is not happy either.


Nobody wants to injure themselves right before Wimbledon.


It doesn't take much to make a grass court feel slippery underfoot.


The thing is the court is good but the drops are a bit bigger, do you


just want to wait a little bit? I like that, that is good umpiring.


You have two macro unhappy players out there. Let us not take the


chance. A good decision for you? Yes. If both players are against


continuing then you don't really have a leg to stand on as an umpire.


Yukon force them to keep going out there.


It is frustrating. Such a good first set. And rain was forecast. Yes, we


have been lucky to have as much tennis as we have had. It has been


so few made. You feel like there is going to be a downpour, all of the


staff are out there preparing. It looks OK but it is heavy. I don't


think we would make it in the weather forecasting world. Just the


fact they are going to hold off for a while. And I am just hearing that


the covers are going on on Court Number One. But there is no further


play scheduled for today there. But these two macro so reliant on the


movement. Cibulkova with that Achilles operation last year, her


left Achilles. Whenever you have had an operation, you are even more wary


of your footing. Radwanska having to growth through Edgbaston, had to


play, dicey decisions. They were off and on the court always in


Birmingham. By comparison in is born, the wind has topped the last


couple of days which is fantastic. A lot of rain on Monday but they have


done well to get through the schedule on track just about. A few


players, Discover will have to play twice, as will Ekaterina Makarova.


STUDIO: The interesting thing here in terms of the priorities, number


one has to be player safety? COMMENTATOR: Yes. Particular after


what we saw at Roland Garros where it was questionable whether players


should have been an court. I thought that was good umpiring. You had two


macro unhappy players, it only takes a skid and then you are out for


Wimbledon. You have some very experienced people on the tour. I


don't want to say how many years but it feels like forever. Even before


you were on tour. Yes, that long. You have to be careful. It only


takes a few drops and it skids around the outside of the court,


that is the problem. Here is a question. This tournament. Just


looking here, $776,000 is the prize pool here. Three quarters of a


million. US dollars, that is a lot of money. And heaven knows how much


is taken as far as gate receipts are concerned. But tournaments of a


certain stature, why is there not a great tarpaulin that can be whinged


across from one side to the other to make sure this doesn't happen, that


we don't get breaks in play like this. You are talking about a roof


being put on? There is the roof, and then there are covers. Think of


Queen's Club last week, the ticket prices are substantially more than


here. The value in terms of big names playing the sport and the


damage is done as happened at Queen's done last year that macro


last week. Surely there must be some means -- there must be some means


but if it is like this where it is just a little bit water in the air.


There must be some contraption that would not cost much that you could


automatically stick across on occasions like this. I'd then think


there is a halfway house. The court is going to drive very fast.


Drainage. A halfway house between a roof and a tarpaulin cover, the


problem is the sweating. Courts sweat. Yes. That is one of the


reasons they are not putting the cover on immediately. It needs the


air to dry, the grass needs the sunlight. What they did at edge is


done last week which they are not doing here. Some of the staff were


running across with these things, like a piece of rubber. You have


brought your hairdryer specifically for that purpose. It is an


improvement to what they used to do. They put sawdust on. Did you not


play that? They did that at Birmingham. Talking about


Birmingham, they have big balloon to put over the cricket ground. But not


quite the same thing obviously because it is a confined area. It is


about the margins of the court as well. The tramlines and the edges


tend to be the more lush areas. Really where there has not been a


lot of play is in the forecourt, it is more tricky. I think we missed


the engineering module at school. We are floundering here rather. That is


why it took so long to put the Centre Court roof on at Wimbledon.


It is not just the structure but the air conditioning and what they have


to do. The big issue was not allowing the court to sweat. They


could get the structure over but it was the technology and the airflow


they had to sort out and it took so many years. When they got that, they


were able to put the roof on. I was talking to a journalist yesterday


who has been on the circuit for decades. He was talking about the


roof at Haller. When it first opened or didn't open in 1994 and it didn't


meet in the middle. And then it rained so there was this one strip


of the court that was wet. Genuinely, they had half a dozen


guys out there with hairdryers drying the one area that was about


two feet wide. Fantastic. I know in Haller, when they first got a roof,


I know they had problems with the court sweating. That was an issue.


Without any expensive contraption, they are back on the court due to


drainage. That was only five or six minutes I would think so we just get


on with it. Radwanska not entirely happy. This goes back to one of the


issues we have been talking about. The footwear that the umpires and


referee are wearing is not the same as the players. They have pimples


on. The umpires are told to feel the grass with their hands to gauge how


slippery it is. Using that method as opposed to trying to slide on it.


What you need is what they had that it was the last week, the long


strips of rubber to take off the top surface of moisture. That is the


key. It's interesting, when the players


act as one, and these two, Cibulkova and Radwanska, they know each other


well from juniors, they were quite happy to have a conversation. It is


different if players don't know each other, but they both know that if


they both hold their ground here, they can wait until they are happy


with the court. Yes. Wimbledon has got to be in the back of their minds


as well. In the front of their minds! And Radwanska, I am sure she


feels it is her year. Wimbledon is the best chance of winning a Grand


Slam, I think. And she won't take any unnecessary risks before. Tonkin


Lock might be fighting a losing rattle -- Tom Kinlock. One thing I


don't understand, we are outdoors here in our presentation position


and we have people having picnics just beneath our balcony. They


haven't moved in the last 15 minutes. I am not sure a raindrop


has fallen so I don't understand why the conditions on court are more


difficult now than they were when they were happily playing a quarter


of an hour ago. I had a note passed to me to say that it was spitting. I


know it is incredibly humid and may the court is picking up that


moisture. I don't think Radwanska and Cibulkova are causing a fuss for


superfluous reasons. Well, this is a kind of ridiculous


stand-off. As you say, this is a player power at its most obvious


because if they won't play, there is no game. There is a slow handclap


behind Radwanska who has put a towel on her shoulders which is kind of an


indication, I may be heading for the locker room at some point. Radwanska


on court has a real poker face and I'm sure she would be a very good


poker player. If she sets her mind to something she will be very tough


to budge. A news update, they have announced they are going to swoosh


the court. That is what they do on the golf greens and they have a


swoosher at Wimbledon. It looks like we are have an announcement. Ladies


and gentlemen, we are going to swish the court. We are trying to get the


tops of moisture off the court and then play will resume. A couple of


minutes and we should be ready to go. I think we need to know what the


official swisher looks like. I wonder who it is sponsored by! I


wonder how swish it looks! Here we go. There is ironic applause for the


swisher. That is really modern. Are they hoping to catch some salmon?


People are now laughing! That is taking off the top surface of


moisture which is what we were talking about. It is like a long


fishing rod with a thing on the end that swishes so now you know. How


long have these been around for? Centuries! And the other great word


in the language is the Zamboni which is the thing that sweeps the ice on


ice hockey rinks. What a fantastic word that is! They have the Zamboni


machine at the US Open to actually dry the courts. There is this


strange juxtaposition because you have the Zamboni machine which has


quite a lot of technology and then you have an army of kids with towels


draining the lines. One of the most famous images in sport was the Rugby


World Cup semifinal in 1995 in Durban with South Africa playing


France and a monsoon before kick-off. Suddenly, endless people


with mops came on the pitch to try to drain it. In the high-tech world


we live in, it was a throwback to Dickensian times. Quickly while we


are doing this, or are they going to start playing? I was going to change


tell you about a change in the seedings at Wimbledon but if they


are going to hit a ball, we will save it for later. We have injury


time breaks, bathroom breaks and now an official swoosh break but we will


resume with Cibulkova serving to remain in this set at 3-5.


Play resuming about a quarter of an hour as they held at the side of the


court under the brollies and they both seem happy to get out and play


now. This set has really been a labour of


love for Cibulkova. Very quickly went down a couple of breaks, 4-1 in


fact, and then got one of them back. You just feel she has always been


playing catch up. Radwanska pulling on the reins.


At last something has gone her way. And it is Cibulkova who comes off


that 15 minute break in much better form but it will be Radwanska who


will serve for this first set. And that break was really strange, I'm


not sure I'd seen that before where the players completely held their


ground and the tournament had to do something. And they did, they got


the swishers out and it seemed to work. Player power at its best. But


it's just not worth the risk, right before Wimbledon. I do think that


Radwanska had quite a difficult experience at Roland Garros where


she was one of the players who had to play on that day when they played


for just two hours and they played in like a rainstorm. She had a fair


point. And she was bleeding before the rain and ended up losing that


match and was furious about the conditions, as was Simona Halep --


she was leading. I am sure there have been a lot of discussion in the


locker room between the players after what happened in Paris.


She would have imagined at 4-1 with a double break that the set would


have been done and dusted now but they have been on court just over an


hour with that delay as well. But now she gets to serve for this


opening set. She really has worked her way


through and thought out this opening set and it -- and is rewarded here


with three chances to close it out. And, in the end, it is Radwanska who


wraps up a rather indefensible opening set, 6-4. She will obviously


be seeded at Wimbledon but, as we look at the top 16 seeds come you


will notice a significant change at the bottom because the number six


seed was Victoria Azarenka but she pulled out with injury earlier this


morning which means that Johanna Konta now becomes the 16th seed


which might have a material impact on whether she gets into the second


week of the championship and perhaps upgrades her. It is like she has


gone from Premier economy to business class. She goes to the posh


dressing room as a consequence of being in the top 16 seed starting on


Monday, but you know it is starting on Monday.


And we were talking about the swoosh machine and if you have an idle


moment today and want to pass away a minute or two, I warmly recommend


you Google the Zamboni machine because the history of it, not


surprisingly it is the invention of eight Mr Zamboni, but it is


absolutely fascinating, how he came up with the idea of an ice resurface


just after the Second World War. Anyway, back to the tennis. Sam.


Right, Cibulkova has plenty of work to do here. She played well in the


first set but she needs to up her game to have any chance in the


second. We talked a lot about balance and


holding that ground between being aggressive and not making too many


errors. It is not working for, is it? Not at the moment but there is


still a long way to go in this match.


Cibulkova doing her absolute best to force something out here. Just got a


little unlucky. And real appreciation from these Centre Court


fans, realising what a performance Radwanska is putting in and once


again the Pole gets the last word. Time violation warning, Miss


Cibulkova. You are only allowed 20 seconds between points.


Simply too good from the former champion. And she is leading now buy


a set and a break. -- by one said. That first set was tight but


Radwanska was always going to win it. Watching her mood around the


court, she looks so comfortable -- move around. The serving has been


impressive from Radwanska with five aces, three in one game. And she has


given very little away. It has been so accurate from


Radwanska on serve. She has really hit her spots well, mixed it up


perfectly. OK, can she really make something


happen here? She's not just going to give it to Radwanska, she is going


to make her work for this. And Radwanska is so tough on herself.


Oh yes! Incredible! Where did that come from? APPLAUSE


That was just instinctive. Cibulkova read the play perfectly and just a


flick of the wrist. And maybe that moment of inspiration is just what


is required, a chance to get the break back. There is that go to


serve. That is seven aces now for Aga.


APPLAUSE Fantastic tennis!


How can you not be entertained by the tennis these two are producing?


We have seen a bit of everything. Oh! She has made it! Radwanska's


turned to come up with a stunning passing shot. -- turn.


About 15 minutes ago we had that quite lengthy break to let the court


dry off and since the resumption of the match went a bit flat but right


now it is sparking up. So, a third chance to break in this


game. Second serve return, you can't


afford to miss those. There is another ace. She is getting


up to that serve so well. Three aces already in this game, just as she


did back in the first set. That is some hold, fending off those


three break points. And Radwanska tightened her grip on this


quarterfinal and I'm not surprised she is unhappy. I can certainly see


a few spots of rain outside the window of the commentary box. It is


significantly darker out here. We feel every temperature change in


here and it's just feels like there is going to be a deluge at any


moment. Having looked at the forecasts this morning, I think they


have done a good job to get as much tennis as they have here today in


Eastbourne. Yes, a few brollies are starting to go up. Such a shame,


this match had just got going again. It is swoosh time but I'm not sure


this is going to do the trick. Have you not seen these on the greens at


the golf courses? And at Wimbledon they have them. I am not a golfer! I


gave it a go and it wasn't for me. You don't have the right


temperament? It takes too long to get round the golf course! These are


OK at the moment but if we have any significant rain I am afraid the


covers will have to go on just to keep the court dry. It is a shame.


What have you made of the match so far? It has been thoroughly


enjoyable to watch. I said at the start, Sybil Kerber is one of my


favourite players to watch because she brings so much energy on to the


court and I love her enthusiasm and determination -- Cibulkova. The


contrast in styles between them makes it a fun match. JOHN


INVERDALE: I have seen these on golf greens but I didn't know what they


were called but now we know. I have googled them and they are not


officially called swishers but anyway. This is frustrating for all


concerned, not least the players who are meant to come on next. Johanna


Konta is waiting somewhere, she could be watching at home actually,


sitting there with her feet up on the sofa saying, I'm not due on for


a bit. But she is expected to be here at some point in the not too


distant future to play Ekaterina Makarova of Russia who won her match


against Andrea Petkovic of Germany earlier on. This might be an


opportune moment to show you something, earlier today between


Kristina Mladenovic and Monica Puig. This was a really high quality maps,


we have had so many at Eastbourne this week. More than I think we can


remember for a few years. This was Puig on match point, the player from


Puerto Rico. It and performance from her daughter she was a qualifier


coming into this tournament. She has won six games in a row and shows a


good little and then beat a good big one. This is what the draw currently


looks like. Obviously several matches on court and still some more


to get underway. As things stand, she is the only person through to


the semifinals of the Championships so far. She will play the winner of


this match between Radwanska and Cibulkova. As and when that match


continues and finishes. And at the bottom of the draw we have Pliskova,


who beat of Japan. Vesnina beat Heather Watson in the first round, I


am not sure if that will make her feel better but if Vesnina goes to


the final, that might be some sort of consolation that she lost to


someone who went a long way in the draw but Pliskova against Vesnina is


there is the third quarter final to be played today and then Johanna


Konta against Makarova at the bottom end.


As we just wait, I think that are taking the neck down. So the great


thing, is that when you are preparing to go on court, I think we


will roughly be on at one o'clock. You do your nutrition and you're


drinking and warmer in accordance with that, and when you have breaks


like this which are not apparent breaks, it is not like we are off


for hours, this could be five minutes or an hour and half, it is


difficult to know when to take food on board, when not to or where to


go, where to sit. Do I start a new book? All of these little things


that make up the jigsaw of being an international sports car. I think


tennis players become good grazers when it comes to their food. You


want anything too heavy, before going on court. But there is always


a bit of hanging around at tournaments, whether there is bad


whether or not. What kind of book you need to read, whether it is


playing on your iPad, I think tennis players are very good at just


keeping themselves to themselves, and staying in their own little


bubble, because you have to do it so often. What you don't want is


players Napoli, players sometimes are quite rigid with their routine.


Someone like Novak, who is so obsessed with everything being in


its place in the hour or so preceding his match. That is all


very well, but you have to know where the hour is going to be. You


have to build in some Flex ability, and particularly the juniors, they


are so we'll drilled about what they should do before and after, and so,


that is good, you need some structure and you need all of those


professional things, but sometimes, you need to put your feet up and


say, whatever happens happens, and you only really get that from


experience. I would say that boast an scare and Cibulkova will be


pretty good at just chilling out right now.


More is aimed at some more out. I think it's going to be 20 minutes or


so. It does give us a chance to go back, and we are going to see


Johanna Konta a little bit later, but the match she played yester


against Petra Kvitova was absolutely terrific. She was just about to


serve the first set. She had served for the first set, but Kvitova had


broken back. How would the British and one cope?


Great return on their front. So good to get to the front of the court.


Any time to get away from contact. -- Konta.


That is a supercharged petrol at the moment. Once again, more break


points for the former finalist here. How quickly things can change in


just ten minutes. Committed the levels up in this first set. What


have we just seen happening? She has always been a threat of her return,


Kvitova. In all of Konta's service games. There was never really any


room to relax and take a foot off the gas.


A few big strikes, and that is enough at this level to really


change things around. She is sitting her spots a lot


better now in the service games. And that is four games in a row for


Kvitova. I don't kid is going to be third time lucky this challenge. --


I don't think it is going to be. The court is confirmed. It is four


games in a row, and I am not surprised that Jo has called in the


coach. You have to accept the challenge.


Accept it. Just play it. Just face the challenge, OK? For this game.


Between Serbs, OK? That is good. You need to win points. When you are


serving to her forehand, now she is more ready for that. If you serve to


her backhand, you know where it is coming. I am. She hit it the


opposite side. I am talking about percentage, one game in particular.


The main thing is not to resist, don't create assistance. Accept that


challenge. She is playing well again. Accept the challenge. The


winner is so small, it is frustrating. You are going to have


Windows, keep creating Windows. It feels like... That is not what we


see from outside. You are playing well. Accept the challenge. Come on,


you can do it. Good words from Mr Ban, her coach. -- Esteban.


He was able to accept Konta's call. Serving to stay in this set.


She is feeling the she has to press a little harder.


No, not the right choice of shot there. How quickly things can change


in 20 minutes. She had a set point. That was at 5-2. Great fightback


from Kvitova. Two chances for the cheque to close out the first set.


-- the cheque woman. She has hung on so well in this set,


in all the first service games. She has been under so much pressure. Can


she fend off another set point here? If she has got it wrong, we will be


back at Jews. If she is right, it will be a second serve for Konta. A


lot riding on this Hawk-Eye. And right, for once! So it is a second


serve. Huge pressure on the British number one.


And that looked long. So many challenges flying around all over


the place here. All eyes on the screen. That is


absolutely fine. And it is Kvitova with the run of the last five games,


who takes the opening set. Seven games to five.


Much tougher opposition, with Kvitova really in the mood. The


court has gone rather quiet. She was on the previous backhand,


Kvitova. Radwanska- like. A little bit further to go down! This is a


real arm wrestle, trying to push each other of their baselines.


We spoke about Konta's serve being tough to read. Kvitova's is equally


difficult. That is six games in a row. Twitter


in charge of this match. The winner will play the victor of the next


match between Petrovic and Makarova. We have had another date where so


many seeds have fallen. The good news is that Radwanska is still


intact. To unseeded players, Mladenovic and Monica Puig, that


will be sorted out late on this evening.


This is such a huge game for Konta. You just feel for her own stake,


that she's getting back into this matter.


And there is nothing that she can do about that. Too good for Kvitova.


It is important for Konta to draw on the crowd's energy, to help lift her


emotions out here. Huge point for the British number one, she has to


find a way to hang on. APPLAUSE An emphatic way to end the


run of games. She can switch the momentum back away. She was leading


5-2, double break in the first step. -- first set.


I am not sure about this one. This is a bad one.


These two are playing so close to the lines, every call almost needs


to be challenged! A smart return for Konnor to use


there, that hard-won through the middle. -- Konta.


Don't give her the angles to play with.


The last 30 minutes, Kvitova has played such a high level. She is


just having a little dip now. Can Konta take advantage?


I don't think this is going to be a successful challenge.


This is a rained down in this match. Anyone who was writing her off for


Wimbledon might want to rethink that prognosis.


Anything short in the middle of the court, you know that Kvitova is


going to be all over it. Kvitova regroups. She might be


having a wobble there, but she takes back control of this match. Although


most of the stands here, apart from the West End, based in sunshine, it


is a lovely, warm afternoon. It is pretty humid, and that is the


environment that doesn't really suit Petra Kvitova. She is an asthma


sufferer. She travels with spray. It is humid, but in comparison to the


humidity you get in the Far East or out in the States where a lot of the


tournament are across the summer, it is still manageable. She has not


gone for the little spray thing yet. She doesn't like those tournament in


Cincinnati, she can hardly breathe air. For everyone else, we have had


so much rain over the last few weeks, it is lovely to have a


T-shirt on and get Osama get out. Not having to keep reaching to the


summer. It is a packed house on this Centre


Court. I think this is the moment where they are very polite and very


respectful, but I would like them to be a little bit less respectful.


Just give Jo a little bit of a booth -- boost. We are on serve in the


second set. It is predictable, but it has worked


well, and she has got it right. This match having a slightly


different feel now. Come-to-macro recovering from losing those six


games in a row, from 5-2 up, double break in that first set. Taking her


little time to regroup, which is understandable. This match still


being played at a high level. Been out there and our and a quarter,


feels like plenty more tennis left in this.


Kvitova is such a streaky player, you never know when you have your


window opportunity. Important for Konta to stay out here, not give


anything away. Pay a few years ago Kvitova was the


queen of playing 3-set matches, playing more of them than anyone on


tour. It became bit of a joke, something on social media. It was an


extraordinary record, they used to call her Petra three.


In full flight, she was awesome. They replaced the second letter of


her name with a three. She can be up and down the knows that. Her style


of tennis, all-out aggression, no holding back.


Superb tennis from Konta, doing a great job holding their ground on


that baseline. Not backing up. That takes such strong core strength, to


stay through a shot like that. First break point of the second set


going to the British number one. A little drift we can see from


Connecticut. In terms of her intensity. -- from give


Setup play from Konta, hitting the front with the early break in the


second set. Isn't it funny somehow how patterns


insets follow each other. Exactly the same time, the fifth game when


she broke in the opening set, backing it up with another break.


Her third sat behind Jo. Mum, Gabriella, she gets too nervous to


watch. She was here watching Jo practice earlier today. For her


match yesterday she went back home, in and out of the living room


watching on TV, watching the score. She does not like to watch Jo's


matches live. She gets too nervous. Understandable.


Parents have given up a lot, to give Jo the best opportunities possible.


We spoke so much about how she moved to this country is a 14-year-old.


Settling in east London. In the Docklands, initially. Before moving


to Eastbourne. They like the coast. When you have had a house on


Sydney's northern beaches, tough to trade that for a beach city.


I wonder how long Petra Kvitova will go walkabout? Talking about


intensity of the top players. Jo has that in spades.


It did look wide. Putting the disappointment behind her. Realising


we may be heading into a decider here. Terrific work from Konta.


Putting herself in a great position in the second set. Kvitova must be


wondering where this went awry. This convincing hold. Just what was


required. Kvitova keeping it to one break.


What has Konta done well in the second set, keeping her in it,


because I thought it may slip away? She has kept ahead, not got too


despondent spite having that double break in the first set. Able to


weather the storm, staying where Petra Kliba to go there. It pays


off. You know you will be able to get windows of opportunity against


Kvitova, because she can blow hot and cold. Important to take your


opportunities when they are there. I wonder if she and Esteban talked


about that, talking about times where there will be times where she


will write you off the court, but there is other times, where Esteban,


the man in the black top, the only man not hot here. He coaches out of


Northwest Spain Gijon. Not keen to travel. That is why she has a number


of coaches can be sharing duties. Jose Manuel Garcia does some


coaching when he's not around. It is working a treat.


Up just the one break in the second set.


It has been so impressive how she has stood up to Kvitova, holding the


baseline, absorbing this enormous pace, this cannonball coming at her.


The thing about Konta, she has been able to hold her ground, she has the


strength to do so against Kvitova. Quite often Kvitova able to


overpower opponents. Not to date, against consummate. Not able to hit


her off. Amazing how many returns have been


directed from both players deep through the middle of the court.


Tremendous hold. The Centre Court crowd woken up to the fact Konta is


doing brilliantly in this second set. Looks like she might force the


decider. Kvitova after taking the first,


serving to stay in the second. . She will not doubt itself, from


all her understated charm, she backs itself a tennis player. Some way to


keep yourself in this second set. It will be Konta serving for it, just


as she did a couple of times in the first.


There is Kvitova's new coach, good doubles player in his time. They


seem to get on very well. She would have a great relationship


with her previous coach. She was with him for eight or nine years


like a little chat over a cup of coffee. She would seems very relaxed


in his on court pep talks. I don't know how much coaching he has done


away from the women's tour. This is his first on this tool. -- tour.


It must seem strange, a coach she worked with for seven years, I never


thought that partnership within. Can she do what she could not do in the


first set? Serving it out. Let's see what she does here.


Great offence from Konta. All of those strikes from Kvitova seemed


inches from the baseline. Locking down a few bundles. First point


safely negotiated. A little pressure off Konta.


I don't think this was a bad drop shot from Konta. Very quick from


Kvitova. A quick first step, getting into her stride quickly. I wonder if


Konta showed Davis level too much. -- showed a little too much.


Forehand played with plenty of conviction from Konta.


She has been said dogged and stubborn in this second set. She had


a chance to close out the first set, can she do it in the second?


Not yet. Living every second of this.


She has hit a number of double faults, maybe too many. All very


aggressive second serves. Still has a set point in her pocket here.


This chest left it up on the backhand. Are we going to see what


we saw in the first set? Set point for Konta. Not able to convert in


the first set. Two coming and going in this second.


OK, Jo. Day three process, take your time can pick your spot is. -- go


through your process. What a competitor she is. Konta


levels up to take this match into a deciding set.


STUDIO: On a glorious summer's evening, sadly, today it is a grey


afternoon. It is raining and then not raining. You feel logically we


should be playing, but we are not. We are just sitting here rather plus


-- prostrated. As and when the the current match continues, when that


finishes, Jo Konta will be on against Makarova. When they played


last year, Konta was 138 places below Makarova. Now, Makarova is 21


places below Konta. You will be able to see that at some point either on


BBC Two on the red button. Let's go back to the game yesterday.


COMMENTATOR: Strong start from Konta. Once again, doing a great job


holding her ground. How does Kvitova regroup? It was one


loose game, she played. There was not an awful lot she did wrong. One


break of serve. Good tennis from Konta. Just one


break of serve. It might be enough, you never know.


She's made it! And what a start to this deciding set from Britain's


number one. As cool as you like. She breaks Kvitova the fourth time this


match. And what a brilliant job she has done. Just wiping away the first


set where she led 5-2, the set point. This is quite something from


Konta, and she is so tough mentally. And also, that was a long Bath brew


-- bathroom break from Kvitova, but she did not allow it to bother her.


Just made it! So often, we see Konta play into the spaces. This time


round, looking to go back behind Kvitova. Boy, oh boy, looking at


play closest to the lines. It hit the back edge of the line every


time. They have both been challenged happy


in this match. On a number of occasions they have been right.


She seemed pretty short about this one. From the ankle she was looking


at, it would have seemed that it was long. She can't believe it.


Absorbing the power from Kvitova. Getting download here. Straight


through the ball. Well, there have been times when he


has been ever pressing in this match. Under so much pressure from


the power of Kvitova. Now the shoe is on the other foot.


I don't know what you think, but Kvitova looks a little tired. I


don't know whether it is physical or mental, but she has lost a number of


3-set matches today. She has not won an awful lot of


matches. She does not play a eight lot of matches.


I think this is showing. You get match tough, you get an match


stamina. We spent all the time in the gym, going round the running


track. But you need plenty of flying hours in these kinds of situations.


Another brilliant return from Konta. That was like one from the first


set. What a start this could be to this decider.


Still a chance here for a double break.


Yes! Inspirational from Konta! She read it perfectly, right there.


Pressure piling up on Petra. A chance for Konta to break here.


And it just drifts wide. Can you believe it?! What a comeback. She is


forging ahead in this final set. 3-0, double break.


I can't remember seeing a match for a while but has has had such big


momentum swings. Credit to Konta for staying cool and calm when things


did not go her way in that opening set. She did not back off.


She put a lot of trust in her ability out there.


I thought the coach was so measured and positive and precise. He used


the word warrior, in terms of seeing it out. It has been a Warriors


performance. This match itself worth the price of


admission. What a wonderful day they have had on Centre Court here at


Devonshire Park. Lots of action going on on the other courts, but


they will be quite happy... I would be happy sitting on beside myself!


Challenges from both of them combined. I don't think she looks


totally convinced. It is the one under commentary box. It is just the


angle that they are looking at the ball. Looking from behind, you will


see it is out. I'm just wondering if she sought


Kvitova move out of the corner of her eye there.


30-30 in this game. Even though she is up a double break, this still


feels like a huge point for the British number one.


The former finalist just frustrated that she has not been able to hit


through Konta. What a way to close out the game!


And how quickly she has gone into a 4-0 lead in this final set.


Agent and outlook on. -- dad look on.


Physically, it looks like Konta has more energy, she looks the stronger


of the tee. Suddenly, could victory over -- Kvitova not looking as good.


This is a match that has gone into its third hour.


That Chris Long as well. -- that drifts long. I don't think of it can


quite believe what is going on. Smart returning from Konta. She


mixed it up perfectly. This final set has been so impressive.


That might have just clipped. Konta rather keen to get the change of


ends. So many challenges in this match, I


have lost count. As it clipped? No, it hasn't! Konta is hurtling towards


the quarterfinals. It is an extraordinary run of games. And it


looks like there is no way back to the two times Wimbledon champion.


You have hit with her, you know her so well. What have you seen over the


last half-hour? I don't think the level from Konta not yet from the


first set in set. It has not been as drastic as we have seen from


Kvitova. Kvitova, her energy levels have not been the same in this final


set. As soon as Konta was able to break in the first game, it has all


been one way traffic. She has just been able to sustain her levels so


much better than Kvitova out here. She looks comfortable, she is


reading the play much better. Kvitova just looking more flat.


Flat-footed. And we have seen this a lot. It has been her worst start to


a season in a very long time. She is now ranked outside the world's top


ten. The energy levels, when it has gone the distance, have been


questionable. Kvitova sits there wondering how on earth she is in


this predicament. Konta will not be worrying about that. How well she


has put the disappointment of losing the first set behind her. Here she


is, serving for the place in the last eight.


He has delighted the Centre Court crowd. That point.


What a way to finish! Konta is back in the quarters at Devonshire Park.


STUDIO: She was an irrepressible form.


It took barely 20 minutes, but afterwards, she wasn't getting too


carried away. I worked very hard to be able to maintain the level, it is


always a constant challenge, and ability to adapt and keep rolling


with the punches. I think most of us -- both of us played our part, and


not so much in others. She was able -- I was able to string together the


point. I felt like I played good tennis out there. She came strong in


the second and third one, where she was returning very well. It was


really difficult, but I am happy how I played. I am happy with the level


that I brought today, although she has dropped out of the top ten, she


has been a top five players for -- player for years on end. That is the


level that she plays out, and that is the sort of player that she is.


She's an incredible champion, and I was honoured to be competing in such


a good match with her. It is not easy any time. It is difficult for


us, but I am doing it how I can. It is about the tennis and about the


hard work, and I am happy that I am healthy, that is important, and


practice and play. Of course, the results are not great as I wish, but


I hope everything will turn out well. It may look quite nice in


Eastbourne at the moment, it is not. That's quite there is slightly


unrepresentative of what the weather is like. That are the seedings. Jo


Konta is up to 16. And Sam been given the time off for good


behaviour. So they are sitting here in our little presentation box to


reflect on Jo Konta, who is not allowing her self to get caught up


in any hullabaloo. There was no sense of over celebrating that win


last night. She has got some expectations of her own. She can


live with these top players. There is a hard underbelly of belief that


she has, and you almost felt that as soon as that match was over, a


little jig, and then straight back to the next one with a view on


winning this title. To lose six games in a row, and then suddenly


just regrouped and played like she did, that is the sign of someone who


is really confident. Confident, but mentally tougher. She did not do too


much wrong. The most important thing is staying on an even keel. She does


not get too high or too low, and it paid off for her. I so wanted her to


win Wimbledon, and she says it is all about the process. You feel that


it would be. If she wins or loses the process very matter in the first


round, she is still grounded. You focus on every point and do these


things, to say it, but to do it, there is a lot of background work


that goes on with the sports psychologist, and then pay the work


that she is doing to maintain this process. To do what she is trying to


achieve their mentally, that is something really special. One thing


that she has understood, maybe -- dickie through the work of the


psychologist is that top-level tennis is so mental, and that is why


she is beating top players now. I mentioned it on it yesterday, and


interesting article about Jo's background. When she has had the rug


pulled out of her, when you get a setback, you can just throw the


towel in. But she clearly has got a huge inner steel, and she was


determined that whatever setbacks, she was going to fight back against


them. That was not an easy life for Jo away from her parents. They were


down here, and just ain't here. It is not glamorous at the National


tennis Centre. When you live there and stay there, it is pretty


austere, and there must've been some really low times there. I would've


been desperate they would been, but she realises that, and credit to her


for everything that she sacrificed. There were stints out at the Academy


in Spain. Also in the States, in Texas, she spent some time training


out there, going back and forth between there and the UK where her


parents were. She has put a lot of time in. This has been a long time


coming, and say she is trying to soak it all in, appreciating what


she has, because when she has worked so hard and given so little, --


taken so little. Some people could go completely overboard on it. Tell


us why she is such a hard prospect now for people to beat. We have some


examples from the match yesterday. Tactically very astute. I thought


she did everything right against Kvitova. Her movement around the


court so much stronger. The forehand holds up so much more under


pressure. She does not look overwhelmed. Looks like she can hold


her ground at the back of the court. There have been some huge


improvements in such a short space of time. Really good athlete. That


ball is one of the heaviest Bulstrode that can be coming at you.


She held her ground and offended so well, a skill she had from the


juniors. She was not a big strong girl at 15 or 16. Getting excited


about her being 16th seed at Wimbledon. Potential top-10 player?


Absolutely. I would be the first to admit, over the past 12 months, I


would've thought about talking about Johanna Konta as a top-10 player.


She has the physique to step up against the top players. She has the


serve and the forehand is so much stronger. She's tactically smarter,


does not fret. She could win this? 12 months ago we would never


entertain the possibility. We don't get ahead of ourselves. Also the


right time to be making these kind of breakthroughs. There are so few


seeds surviving day one or day two. Through the entire year, so many of


the big names have been so inconsistent. All the players at her


level or little above or below, thinking every time they play a


tournament, whether a grand slam or not, we can win it. One of the


fallouts of Victoria Azarenka not being at Wimbledon, means Germanic


Two years after testing positive for a banned drug. I failed the tests, I


take full responsibility for it. Wimbledon champion at 17, is this


the end for one of the most glamorous and successful players of


their generation? Her offence taking a drug which had been legal, at the


start of the yep put on the banned list. She is appealing the decision.


In the professional locker room is a tennis, a major topic of debate. Not


too much sympathy for Maria Sharapova. If you cheat you should


pay, if you did something wrong. I am not cheating, trying something


else. For me, extra hard. With my body, everything, you have to give


something extra. This was not nice. I am not the judge, obviously. It is


what it is. You break the rules. Not that surprised. We're talking about


it a lot, especially when you are sick. You cannot take anything,


always something in it you cannot take. Myself I am checking 100


times, and might even my doctors, the physio, checking, just to take


things that I can only take. So careful. Everybody should do the


same thing. I wish we had a microphone at breakfast, we had in


interesting conversation, six of us, the whole issue of drugs in sport.


One of the key points, the public watching sport, believing what they


are seeing. Not feeling anyone has the advantage over anyone else?


There are some sports many of us look at, we don't believe we seeing.


I don't want that to happen to tennis. We're not there yet. This is


a big shock, there is collateral damage, bringing cheating and tennis


into the conversation. One of the star names having the situation


which been avoided. Not that cut and dry what happened. We have


conversations about it, not good about the sport, not talking about


the tennis and the wonderful players out there. Just overhearing the


announcement, we are expecting heavy showers at Eastbourne, in the next


few minutes. Definitely no play before 6:15pm and maybe no play


today. If there is not, we will have the matches of the red button.


Definitely no more play for the next hour and a quarter. When you heard


the announcement, where you amazed, gobsmacked? I was shocked. In the


build-up to the press conference I thought she would announce their


retirement. Never did across my mind she had failed a drugs test, and she


was going to admit making a mistake. She has made a huge mistake. It is


sad, whichever way you look at it. Terrible mistake for the sport, sad


for the game. Really important for the game's authorities to take a


stand. She has made a mistake. You look at the background to it, a time


when she was on 30 pills a day. Why she did not declare things on the


forms. The more you look into it, scratching your head, thinking why?


Perhaps you think it was not a mistake? That is for each other rain


to come to a decision. I know what it was like when I was drug tested,


writing every single thing I had taken down. As an athlete USAID


careful about what you put in your mouth. People in your chair, telling


you what you should be taking, should not be taking. What is legal,


what is not. Cannot take anything over-the-counter. Cannot understand


how blase she has been. Mind-boggling. How much impact will


this have on the players in the locker room? The younger players,


sending a real warning shot over the bowels. I would say so. -- over the


bows. They will not take a new sports bar, energy drink, they will


not take anything. It is not a fun existence, protecting yourself from


inadvertent contamination. The juniors will have taken note,


hopefully a warning, that is why the ban was for two years, quite a


long-time. I'm sure we will discuss that again over the next two years.


No play until 6:15pm at the earliest. The storm last night


binning the courts were drenched. In a way like to get any play at all.


One match two-day game to a conclusion, the quarterfinals. The


game between Monica Pug from Porto Rico. Someone enormously proud of


her country. As she told us was that when I started playing tennis, a lot


of people asking me where Federico was on the map. Confusing it with


Portugal or Paraguay. -- Puerto Rico. People know where it is, proud


I've given a name for my island on this level of sport. When you go


back, do they claim you? They take a lot of pride in their athletes. Also


very proud of all our accomplishments. Smaller or large. I


always feel quite at home when I get back. A huge amount of respect for


the people of Porto Rico. Do you always have dual nationality,


growing up in the US? It is a US currency Bell territory. I consider


myself 100% per Taricco. -- Puerto Rican. You need to be fluent in


Spanish. My couch and fitness trainer are


from Argentina. Then at a Spanish going on. Hence the chemo rates


would be Spanish up. I really like it. Sometimes I get tired of


speaking English. Don't get too tired for another minute. Great


debate about whether coaches should be allowed on court. Are you in


favour? It helps in a way. Tennis is a very individual sport, it makes


the matches more interesting. It helps having your coach there to


help guide you a little bit. When you need it the most. I usually try


to call my couch out with any positive reinforcement, if I don't


know what is going on. I really like picking occasion I have with my


coach. You are playing really well at the moment, you must be feeling


really good. Winning qualifying, again for the keeping on winning. Do


you think you are the real role? This year has gone pretty uphill in


general. Proud of myself coming out of a sloppy year last year. Coming


into my own, finding myself in tennis, mentally. I am enjoying


myself at the moment, happy with everything I have accomplished.


Definitely helping me win more matches. Having fun. They will be


cheerily run on -- cheering you on in Puerto Rico. It has suddenly got


ridiculously dark. Monica Pug the any person through to the


semifinals. We are on air tomorrow on BBC Two


with the semifinals, we hope, from one o'clock. If we don't get any


more play tonight, we will have to have the quarterfinals tomorrow.


Semifinals later in the afternoon. How much does that weight the


tournament in favour of the players at the top of the draw? It helps


Pug. There is a lot of tennis left, they are pros, they are used to it.


They will get on with it. It depends physically, what type of match.


Konta at her opponent have had some tough battles. The winner to the


semifinal. You are all in the same boat, expecting sunshine, let's not


to get Monica Pug has gone through the qualifiers, playing a lot of


tennis. When you keep winning you keep getting energy. She is only 22.


These are young, fit professionals, couple of matches on grass, not like


playing on clay. Different ball game. They should be absolutely


fine. Pretty grim, raining very happily. The colour of the sky is


grim. They play before 6:15pm, if there is, go to the red button


randomly, you may find tennis, you may not. We will see you tomorrow,




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