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Day 1

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Welcome to Eastbourne, Sussex by the sea. The whole world is out there.


But one week a year, the tennis world comes right here. The biggest


star in women's tennis is taking time out to start a family. In her


absence, a host of established names and new talent from across the globe


are vying for glory. Heading up those names, the top


three players in the game at the moment.


From Poland, Slovakia and Denmark, we have three former champions with


real crosscourt expertise. A former Grand Slam champion,


looking to recapture her best form. What a breath of fresh air. The


hottest and possibly most unexpected new property in the sport, the


French Open champion. What an achievement! And the local girl,


turned into a top ten contender. They are all here and ready to play


at Devonshire Park. And there is something about


Eastbourne that is for all times. A Stone Age settlement, a Napoleonic


fort, magnificent Victorian architecture. Once a year, a tennis


tournament that enlivens a town that revels in its Gentiletti, but also


its geographical isolation. This is a great event for the family. You


can get so close to the players. It is a chance to engage and inspire


the thousands of kids that come here. This year, more than ever, the


inspiration and attention comes in the form of the temporarily fallen


giant that is Novak Djokovic. This time last year, overrun by grand


slam titles. This year, searching for his lost Mojo permit the sand


and shingle of Eastbourne seafront. He plays for the first time


tomorrow. While he is here, sadly in the last few minutes it has been


announced that the double Wimbledon champion Patrick -- is not going to


be here because of the injury she sustained yesterday. Arguably, this


is the best field that has been assembled for many years. If you


take the Williams sisters out of it, this is effectively Wimbledon by the


sea. They have moved SW19 60 miles south, to whatever the postcode is


here. Just the big names wherever you


look. Three British players made it into


the main draw, a few fell by the wayside in the qualifying condition.


Sadly, that has been reduced to two. Naomi Broady has just been beaten,


emphatically 6-1 in the third set. And she is not the only British


player to go out so far on this first Monday. Kyle Edmund, the


British and a fraternite, has just lost to Donald Young of the USA. I


am sure you saw him in action a lot at Queen's. He lost in three sets,


as you can see. Sadly, because of contractual reasons, we are not able


to show you the action from the men's drawer. We will be overrun by


the action from the women's draw. We have Pliskova against Alison Riske,


and then Heather Watson against Cibulkova.


I mentioned Pliskova against Alison Risk, their first set ended a couple


of moments ago. I think we are in the first game of the second set.


It was going along quite nicely for both players in the first set. Then


the first break point opportunity that Pliskova outcome of the world


number three, that was it, done and dusted. That is the way she likes to


play. That is why she is one of the best players in the world, arguably


one of the favourites for the title this week, and also at Wimbledon. It


has all gone very quickly. She is the ace machine. What really


impresses me is the amount of first serves, 67%. Normally she is 10%


lower than that. She will be thrilled. She lost a handful of


points behind that, so that is really bad news for Alison Risk.


Pliskova put down more cases than Williams last year. That is


astonishing. I was out watching her practice


yesterday afternoon. It was considerably windier than it is now.


She was playing with her identical twin sister, Kristyna. The sound of


her racket, she is timing the ball so sweetly.


Could you tell the difference between the Pliskova twins, with one


of them two minutes older? Yes, because Kristyna is left-handed.


Without them holding a racket? It is quite hard!


We saw at the start of the show, the women's draw, Eastbourne. Pliskova


is one of three players that could end of the summer as the number one.


It is a different world, it really is. Talking to Martina Navratilova,


she has been picked out as a future number one by the great champions.


And she won this 11 times, I think she knows what she's talking about.


Still question marks about Pliskova. Beautiful ball striker, wonderful


servant, which is improving. The second serves are getting better as


well. It has been transformational in the last 12 months. But she


doesn't always win titles when she's supposed to.


Her Grand Slam record was pretty dreadful until last year, when she


got through to the final at the US Open. Until then, as you mentioned,


she came to the big tournaments and was not getting the results.


Favoured to win the Australian Open, got offended. Favourite for Indian


Wells, and Miami, where she made the semis. Again, playing well,


everything in place. We didn't expect so much of her through the


clay-court season. Actually, you know, it went beyond expectations of


the French. It's difficult for her to move, she has got incredibly long


limbs. It is an incredible weapon to have.


That was ace number six. The third of the second set. Keeps us on


serve, the second set. As a player, how did you feel when you first felt


the grass beneath your feet? Relieved! It is very tricky. Stiff,


as well. You use completely different muscles to the clay-court


season. You are using much more of your thighs and your calf muscles.


On the grass, you are pushing so much. It is your backside that gets


very sore. The first thing you have to get is low, that is what your


coaches will tell you. I was busy yesterday, watching the French Open


champion. It was all about getting low. That would be what the coaches


would tell you. It comes through lower, quicker and lower than it


does at Wimbledon. I think that is really good practice. The biggest


thing you have to change, from the clay to the grass, it is all about


movement. You know you will not be on the surface very long and then


you have to change courts. I think they say tennis is an easy game! It


is your movement, your foot plant, your centre of gravity and your


contact point, which goes from shoulder height and can be around


your ankles. Pliskova is very happy and comfortable with that, how the


Balkans through to her. -- how the ball comes through to


her. One small slip-up, that is all it


was in that opening set. It is pretty tough for the American number


seven, having to serve second against Pliskova.


Very aggressive game style for the American, Alison Riske, sitting at


45 in the rankings. Had a career-high 36. It is her third main


draw appearance here. She has only ever won wants here. I don't


understand that record. She is known as a very good grasp player. They


will be fighting over surfaces, because they like the same ones.


Home That expression tells you the nightmare of trying to return the


Pliskova served. It explodes off the court, the same way as Venus


Williams' does. She has hit one, she has blocked one. She has moved back,


she has moved forward. Very difficult serve to return.


Beautifully disguised as well. That his practice for next week. You


can do that at 40-0, when you are serving as well as she is.


Just too much power from Karolina Pliskova. This is her first match on


grass. She withdrew from Birmingham with an elbow problem. This is her


grass debut for 2017. I think she will be pretty happy with how things


are going. She will. She looked very relaxed, sitting with his sister


yesterday, she went down pretty early to Eastbourne. She really


enjoys it down there. It is a huge factor. It's not easy having to play


somebody, she had a bye in the first round, it is not easy to play


somebody who really loves the grass and who has already had a match. She


has been practising on the practice courts, which are quite a lot harder


than the match courts, simply because they had been played on so


much. So, there is a transition not only from surface, but also from the


practice courts playing differently to the match courts, certainly for


the first few days. These courts were quite soft. The ball is not


coming through as much. You have to get up to it. That is quite tough


for Karolina. I am sure her coach would be very much on that her about


her footwork, getting up to the ball. We had so much sunshine last


week, it really baked it hard, and they have been played on. There was


a lot of adjustment to make. Actually, very tricky situations.


But they are handling it very well so far. You mentioned sunshine, I


didn't want to be so negative early on, but I don't think we are going


to have much of it this week. I had better have my ice cream today!


If you would like to get in touch, and there is so much to say about


tennis at the moment, there are so many stories in this week, use the


hashtag and we are looking forward to hearing from you.


A very good place to serve two, out wide, on the right court. If you


haven't watched too much tennis over the last few months, out wide, the


forehand, you can get a few freebies out there.


Second double fault from Alison Riske. Conceded the set, the first


break point on the Riske server. Double faulted. Pliskova took the


serve. Good hold for Alison Riske. When you


are facing a server of this stature, of Pliskova, you have watched her,


they have faced each other before. It is a lot of it guesswork because


of the disguise she puts on her serve? You've got to look at where


she is throwing the ball up, try to get some clues, some early clues.


These days, there is so much data out there. You certainly want to be


going with that, putting it all in with an innate sense of where it is


going. The most important thing is that she keeps trying to make


returns, get something on it. When you are returning the Pliskova


serve, the potential was very high for that set. For me, she is a great


server. But she doesn't make enough of her serves, unlike Serena


Williams. You have got a chance. The second service pretty predictable,


normally to the back end of the right-hander.


That was a really good example of what she's got to do. You've got to


get your racket on these serves. It just gets into her head that


somebody is making returns, trying hard, rather than just getting


demoralised. This is going to give her a tonne of


points. She's looking for the first ball forehand, after the serve. If


you give her that, point over. There it is. Another ace for


Karolina Pliskova, her seventh of the match. That is her ahead on


serve in the second set. In terms of rankings, Angelique Kerber, world


number one, in spite of not having the best of years. Pliskova is


currently sitting third. It could have changed hands at the French


Open, but it didn't. Ostapenko went on to take the title. It's


incredible, the permutations of the top of the women's game. To put it


into context, it is 600 points. There are 470 points for the winner


here. 2000 points if you win Wimbledon. It is not an


insignificant amount of points. I think women's tennis is in


transition at the moment. There are some very good players in the


mid-20s, who can take the top spot. Simona Halep at is only a couple of


games away from being world number one. What I find interesting, we are


used to Maria Sharapova being number one, or Serena Williams, they love


being world number one and everything that goes with it.


Pliskova becomes number one, head of court life changes, the pressure


changes completely. I'm fascinated to see who embraces it. It might be


Ostapenko. She is more of an extrovert than the other players


that are bidding to be number one. I think it is a great time in women's


tennis. She has landed a couple of


backhands. The reason why is that the centre of gravity is very low.


That is the work on the practice court, get down.


Sad pressure on Alison Riske. If she loses this point, she knows this


match is over. That was an effective match point


four Pliskova. -- for. Two titles per Karolina Pliskova this year.


Started the year really well in Brisbane. And she won in Doha.


Semifinals in Roland Garros, a tournament she laughed at the


thought she could ever win. She got very close to the final. Now one


game away from the third round here. She has really found her stride now,


Carolyn Priskin la. -- Karolina Pliskova. Remember how impressive


this is. She wouldn't have played on grass competitively since Wimbledon


last year. To pick up like this, great timing, top of the Pops. There


it is. Three match points four Pliskova. Three points for the win.


Double fault keep this alive. Taking the foot off Bigas a little bit with


the serve macro. -- Vicky Ford off the gas a little bit with serve.


UMPIRE: the ball was called in. Miss Riske has challenged the call.


UMPIRE: the call stands. Match point number four.


UMPIRE: game, set and match Miss Pliskova. Just over an hour on


court. One hour and eight minutes. 6-4, 6-3. The fifth meeting between


the two. It is a Pliskova double. Her older sister beat Naomi Broady


earlier on Court One. Karolina Pliskova, finalist from last year,


lost out in the end to Dominika Cibulkova, who is next against


Heather Watson. A good day from Pliskova. I saw her before she went


out on court and she looked relaxed. She always looks very relaxed. She


hasn't played on grass since Wimbledon last year. She withdrew


from Birmingham because of an elbow injury. She's looking good. The


serving arm is working. Seven aces. She did enough to get herself


through against Alison Riske. Still to work out who she will face in the


next round. Well played. First match on grass


against a tough grass court opponent. Your thoughts? I think I


played OK. I was expecting a little bit worse match. It was my first


one. I am just happy with how I played today and hopefully I can


improve in the next one as well. Very nice weather so I was enjoying


it. The last time we saw you was in the final last year. How did it feel


coming back here? I am coming back almost every year. It is my fourth


or 50 year. I was enjoyed to play in Eastbourne. Especially when the


weather is so nice. We know it can be really windy, as it was last year


in the final. I like coming back here. You have had a lot of success


on grass courts over the years. They win in Nottingham last year. Is this


a great surface? What do you enjoy about it? It is a good service for


my serve. I hope I can play well this year. I think this is the best


preparation for Wimbledon. We look forward macro to you in your next


match. Through to the next round. Karolina Pliskova. From the sunshine


in Eastbourne, let's hope the same is replicated next week. This time


next week, you know what will be well and truly under way.


That is eight! He has done it! She has done it!


That's it! That's it! He has done it!


That's it! That's it! That it! The dream has come true.


And at last he does it. There is a new man at the helm in


men's tennis, Rafael Nadal. Ten great moments but there are


hundreds. There is a tremendous programme on radio five Live on


Wednesday evening at eight, expanding on those, and getting you


involved in your great Wimbledon moments. Sam Smith is here. If you


had to pick one, what would it be? It is hard. There are so many. I


would say 1977, Virginia Wade winning Wimbledon. Even though I


only saw it retrospectively. That is my great moment, too. Is it? We


actually agree on something! I couldn't believe the gladiatorial


nature of it. I wasn't a Bjorn Borg fan. I liked John McEnroe. And the


disk error lighters have this extraordinary image about him. He


was two sets up. I was mortified. There are certain things you do


remember. I remember that moment because I was not allowed to go and


watch it. I got sent to a summer picnic. I was really upset because I


wanted to see the final or listen on the radio. I had to watch it


retrospectively. That is one of my various memories of not being


allowed to watch the final. Max Robertson's great radio commentary,


where on the final point he says, and Virginia will take tea with the


Queen. Those were the days. Moving on to the women's game, we have an


amazing draw. Three British players. Naomi Broady has gone out. We only


have Heather Watson and Johanna Konta. A lot of the British women


lost in the qualifiers as well. Are you a bit down? We will talk about


Johanna Konta a lot this week. You a bit downbeat at the moment? Yes,


because I think we felt this time. Johanna Konta is more of a surprise.


She was in the quarterfinals struggling are few years ago. The


stars were going to be Heather and Laura Robson. Laura has had many


injuries. She is not where we would like to be. Heather has not


progressed, when you think she was playing on the Centre Court nearly


beating Serena Williams a couple of years ago. I thought she was heading


for the world top 20. Never listen to me, I was get it wrong! I was


very pleased to see she won yesterday. I know what it is like to


be on a really awful run. She drowned out a very big win yesterday


on court. That can do wonders for her. I thought Naomi Broady would be


firmly fixed in the world top hundred. There is so much strength


in depth. You cannot rest on your laurels in tennis. You are on the


diving board otherwise with your ranking. Weaver having the same


conversation in France, saying that going into a Grand Slam tournament,


you could almost have picked one of 30 names. That may be slightly


exaggerated. We ended up with a shock winner. Really looking forward


to seeing her play. A week away from Wimbledon. You are none the wiser,


are you? Many more women grow up on clay and feel more comfortable on


clay. There is a large part of the jaw that does not feel comfortable


on grass. -- draw. It is plain not quite like the old days where the


ball used to skip through and really sort people out, and really


absolutely defy the clay court. It is middling now. I think there is a


much smaller bands that can win. This match for Heather Watson, it is


a wonderful opportunity, isn't it? She is playing the defending


champion, a lot of pressure. She is like the energise a woman of women's


tennis. She is struggling with expectation having won the WTA final


last year. Talk about Angelique Kerber struggling with world number


one. She is struggling. She has had a pretty nasty wrist injury. There


is a big advantage for the lower ranked players like Heather, having


won a round and playing somebody who has had a bye. I don't think that


helps many of the top players. If they are lacking confidence. And out


of form. Cibulkova is out of form. You could see last week at Queen's


Court -- Queen's Club how people in a rich vein of form on grass were


upsetting the apple cart. I don't see why Eastbourne should be any


different to other tournaments we have seen, were so many of the big


names have not delivered when you expect them to. A few years ago you


could must pencil in six of the top eight and project through. I think a


number of the big names will go in the early couple of rounds. That has


become the new norm in women's tennis. Talking about Heather


Watson, she is about to walk out on course to play her second match.


Right on cue. The Channel Islands finalist. As Sam said, perhaps


reaching a crossroads in her career. Maybe the next couple of months may


define her career. Here is the defending champion.


APPLAUSE. And actually, we are talking about wrist injuries, arm


injuries, let's talk about Petra Kvitova. She pulled out this morning


having won in Birmingham at the weekend. That was a phenomenal


performance. It would have been great to see her here. You do kind


of wonder, and I'm not suggesting that she doesn't have an abdominal


injury, but she must be thinking, I can do really well at Wimbledon. She


must be thinking she can get to the last four. We have her now as a


contender. When you haven't competed for a good seven months, and she


hadn't even practised for most of that time either, your body, however


fit you are, I don't think she is as conditioned as she could be, but


even if you are a superfit, your body is not hardened to playing


matches. You do things in matches you wouldn't do in practice. It


doesn't surprise me that she has a little Paul or a twinge because she


has done so far beyond what he has done in the last seven or eight


months. You have one body and it needs to be coaxed. She must did


better than she needed to last week although it is a great story. It was


interesting speaking tour in France our enthusiasm for the game has been


massively rekindled, because she realised when she was out of the


game how much she missed it. She has returned renewed and with an


extraordinary desire to actually achieve even more and enjoy it


whilst she is doing it. What happened was so unexpected and


completely life changing. And also, to go through what she did, it seems


as if she has really thought about things very deeply, as anybody


would. And to have time out of the bubble as well. You spent enough


time around tennis to know what a bubble is and how divorced it is


from the real world. I was feel she is underachieving. I


feel she should have seven or eight Grand Slams. Her motivation in the


last few years... She is a lovely young woman. Very honest. She has


been struggling, saying, do I really want to play?


The toss taking place. Cibulkova, diminutive but full of energy. Last


year she had a fantastic moment in the sun when she won the title. It


was a great occasion. She played some fantastic tennis. I remember


doing an interview on court with her afterwards. She was about to get


married as well at a few weeks later. This was the summer of 2016.


An amazing few months for her. She does come here, as Sam says, with


some injury concerns and with an element of a loss of form. She will


look at the jaw. Her overriding emotion will be, goodness me, this


will be tough. The four quarters of the draw feature all of the best


players in the world apart from... There is a cliche. And Eastbourne


deckchair. Angelique Kerber is top seed. In


that section, Ostapenko, the French Open champion, and Johanna Konta.


She could play Ostapenko in two arounds. What a match that could be.


In the next section, Pliskova. Mladenovic. And Kuznetsova. Seventh


seed here. Agnes Kirkbride Zak -- Agnieszka Radwanska. Mother routes.


Caroline Wozniacki down at the bottom. The extra entry here that we


were not expecting perhaps was Simona Halep, runner-up in France.


The number two seed. That is an embodiment... People get injured


sometimes. Let's say Venus Williams was injured, and obviously Serena is


absent for other reasons, this basically is Wimbledon? It is. I


came to watch as a ten-year-old. Played in the tournament. I was


allowed to come to that! I remember the days when it was just packed.


There was tennis going on everywhere. Navratilova, Tracy


Austin. Everybody was here. They all came here. That was what he did


before Wimbledon. Then over the years it didn't become so


fashionable. Serena didn't like to play. Steffi Graf didn't like to


play. The draw shrunk. Now you have to win a lot of matches. This is


what you should do the week before Wimbledon. The penny has finally


dropped for everyone. There is a match on court to at the moment and


it is absolutely packed. This is great. It really doesn't live in the


whole of Devonshire Park when you have got matches of this quality


taking place on the outside courts. I have got friends who will come


down for the day. They want to see tennis. There are a lot of fans.


They would stay in a Hotel all week and they don't want to see the


courts thinning out. It is wonderful down here. They want to see


high-level tennis all over the park. That is what you will get from


Monday to Sunday. You can get so close to the action. Not to diminish


Wimbledon in any away, but sometimes, especially the big names,


there is inevitably a distance between you and them. But here you


can almost literally hand them the towel between points. I don't know


who's in these days, but I would bus juniors down here for the day and


get them to watch how these players play and train. That is far better


than another day's training. Then you get an idea of what you have to


do to be a great tennis player. It had a huge impact on me when I was


very young. That is the best way if you want to have a dream. There is


Cibulkova. Talk about Heather. If we had been sitting here five years


ago, we would have thought the world was that her feet. It hasn't quite


turned out that way. Is it too simple to say that the lack of a


really big shot has cost her at the high-level? It has made it harder.


But I think with Heather, her when -- or unwillingness... If you speak


to her, she is very careful about everything she does. She is just too


careful on its tennis court. She has wonderful attributes. Brilliant


anticipation. She is beautifully balanced. An incredible mover. That


is why she plays so well on the grass. I think Heather has been a


little scared to develop a game, to make some big changes. I think she


got to around 40 in the world are doing what he did. Then she needed


to move on. It wasn't going to sustain that ranking. I see her and


we don't really chat about tennis. That is the feeling I get. When you


see someone like Ostapenko, it is not just hit ball, receive ball, hit


ball. She has an aggression and a dynamism in her game that perhaps


Heather didn't have. I don't think that should stop her. I think it is


about how she cuts the cake with what she has got. I would like to


see her play much more on the baseline. She has an all court game.


To take what he has got with use it differently and be prepared to


evolve and make mistakes. Firmly, she has been so safe in what she has


wanted to do. It has really helped her back. Maybe now she has hit rock


bottom. So -- what should her tactics be? She has to make


Cibulkova play a lot of balls. She has two run her socks off. She can


match athletically. That gives her a fighting chance. She has two start


well. When you are not confident, as Cibulkova can't be, you don't want


to go down in the score early. This is a big chance for Heather to get a


notable scalp. We will let Sam go to the commentary box. GG salmon is


there. You must have a great view? It is fantastic. I have been keeping


an eye Macron the wind, looking at the flagpoles. It is not too bad


today. It can get very windy. It is not too bad today. It is 21 degrees


on court. I checked the weather forecast for the rest of the week. I


think we will just leave it at that. Today is a data weather-wise. -- a


day to savour. There is only a little bit of


previous history between these two. 2014 they met twice. They each won


one. They haven't faced each other for a while.


A good start for Heather Watson. She holds the first service game.


Difficult to come into these tournaments when the player you're


playing has had a bite. Cibulkova lost in the first round on grass


this year recently. Heather Watson has one win and one defeat under her


belt. She won in three sets yesterday. That will give her some


confidence. She is here on a wildcard against the world number


six, the fourth seed and the defending champion, Dominika


Cibulkova. Welcome back, Sam. I thought I


covered the ground quite well. I will tell you what is so


difficult... The stairs? They are fine. There are so many fans sitting


on the grass. It's lovely to see, like a summer picnic. It is way past


lunchtime, they had all of these fantastic things going on. It was


quite hard picking my way through there. I had to be very good on my


toes. The good thing is that they will not be there for the rest of


the week or they will get wet! You are like the prophet of doom!


OK, job for Heather. She has to play upon her baseline, she doesn't want


to get pushed back. That is Colin Beecher, former Davis Cup player.


Looking after Heather at the moment. She is playing out of Chiswick. She


has to stay on her baseline, that is number one.


If she stays on her baseline and serves well, it will give her


opportunities to move forward. She has wonderful volleys. She has to


take out the forehand of Cibulkova from the centre and left of centre.


Just to explain that a little bit more, she doesn't want to allow


Sybil Covert to get onto her forehand in the centre of the court.


-- Cibulkova. Watson just a point on serve, 2-1 on


serve. Sam, it must be nice to have a bye. But it can be a disadvantage,


particularly on the grass court, when it is so short. Heather Watson


was out there, yesterday, three sets. Cibulkova is out there, and


then you are suddenly up against somebody who has just had a tough


3-set match on these courts. It's not ideal.


I have never been over there, it is a difficult name to say, but


regardless, the courts will play difficulty. British players don't


play as much grass as they would have done in my generation.


Everybody thinks you are British, you play on grass. We don't any


more. This is a great habitat for Heather. She loves the big stage,


she loves playing on this surface. She would prefer to be competing


than on the practice court. She is a fan of practice. We mustn't forget


she is a reigning Wimbledon champion, taking the mixed doubles


champion. I followed their route through. This is tricky. I think she


is one of the seas that is vulnerable. All of the pressure is


on her as the defending champion. A couple of semifinals for Cibulkova.


She has got past the second round in her last four tournaments.


If you are a Watson fan, this is a point you don't want to see replayed


too often. There, Cibulkova had four forehands from the centre of the


court, and was able to set things up. She set up a much improved


backhand. That is one of the reasons she played so well last year.


That is the second time Cibulkova has attempted the drop shot. I'm


really surprised she would do that. I think it shows a lot of anxiety


that she has added to her game. But I don't think it is a shop that you


play early on, when you are not feeling very confident.


So far, Heather is getting is absolutely right, for me, making a


lot of returns. Generally keeping the ball away from the centre of the


court, with that forehand. Just making Cibulkova play a lot of


balls. You can still see this court is a


little soft. The ball, a little bit of backspin and it just kind of died


on the surface. That was a mixture of the spin, the backspin, but also


just clumping on the court. That brings up the first break point


of the match. It is for Heather Watson.


Incredible from Heather Watson, forced the error from Cibulkova.


Heather Watson, 3-1, first set. Heather has done everything right so


far. You've always got a chance to break it. Neither of them has an


overwhelming serve. Athletically, she is one of the few players that


can match Cibulkova. Doing a great job of making balls.


Heather Watson a wildcard into the event. She started the year at 81,


she is sitting at 126. This is a very strong field in Eastbourne.


That is the side Cibulkova who want to play on. One of the reasons I


feel Heather has struggled in her career, particularly in recent


years, is that the forehand is not a solid shot, technically. I don't


know if she has refused to address it all just can't change it. It is


where everybody will go. There it is. Cibulkova, targeting


the forehand, forcing the error and gets the point.


Heather slows down the rocket had. There is husband, Mr Cibulkova come


on the right. -- slows down the racket head. Her mum and dad are


here as well, her dad is quite a character.


She also travels with two Yorkshire terriers. Spiky and Woody. It is a


good dog for her to have. She's never going to have a golden


labrador. I don't see her with a great Dane.


They are two little Yorkshire terriers, exactly the same she is.


The canine version. They say that dogs and owners resemble one


another. There it is, and immediate break


back. The defending champion, Dominika Cibulkova. Heather Watson,


3-2. Sam, when USB key about the forehand, you said maybe she doesn't


want to address it, or couldn't. Why would you not be able to adjust?


Because you have been doing something for too long? Possibly. Or


maybe just not... The way you take in the information. I mean she has


had quite a few different coaches over the last 18 months. It has been


very unsettling for her. There was a coach she had her best years worth,


the Argentinian, they had a great working relationship. He has a young


family and want to go back to Argentina and have a different life,


not travelling so much. She has had a lot of different coaches. The


forehand, for me, even the game that you saw, in these big matches she


gets very passive and doesn't trust it. It's technical, more than


anything, which gets into your head. But it is changeable. Johanna Konta,


her forehand was very ordinary. It was a liability. But she has


transformed it. How much of that is just making technical adjustments? I


think it is all about Heather not been prepared to let go.


Maybe accept the fact you will make mistakes at first when it is


adjusting. I think that has been the problem.


UMPIRE: Challenging the call, the call was out. The call stands. Miss


Cibulkova has two challenges remaining.


You're going to see that pattern a lot from Cibulkova. She will go


towards the backhand, then switched to the forehand. Heather, I am not


going to say it too much, but she decelerates and gets locked, she is


trying to steer the ball back rather than letting the racket head go


through. A couple more break point


opportunities for Heather Watson. Back-to-back breaks. Another chance


to edge ahead with the brakes. I think the Cibulkova camp will be


quite worried about what they are seeing in the opening 25 minutes.


Cibulkova's feet stuck to the ground and that is very unusual.


That is the third opportunity in this section game for Heather Watson


to regain the break and the advantage.


A little bit of luck, a racket in the air. Heather Watson with her


third break point opportunity, taking the sixth game, regaining the


advantage. That was a game, for me, that Heather had to take. She came


in here lacking confidence, and she will have got a huge confidence


surge from winning the match yesterday. When you haven't been


winning and you get a big win on a major court. But it is not deep


confidence that she has. I would like to see her now be very


aggressive in this game. In what seems like they blink of an


eye. She got on so much trouble with the first serve, she put it right to


wear Cibulkova wanted it, middle of the box, forehand. If Cibulkova is


backing off, she will be super aggressive, whatever the scoreline.


Heather Watson has broken, we have had four games, four breaks of


serve. We are now back on serve. A missed opportunity, after taking the


opportunity she needed to take on the Cibulkova service.


For me, I do feel, psychologically, when I watch these, it could not be


more different in terms of their personalities. Cibulkova is not


feeling the ball very well, and hasn't for a while. Injuries, not


getting the results she wanted. When she is under pressure, she steps


forward. Heather, when she is struggling, she steps back. It is


how she overrides it. I have seen Heather do that. But more when she


is confident. Heather doesn't have any pressure out here at all. The


first pressure is not to look ridiculous on the court against a


top player. That is gone. But that is a huge pressure, when you walk


out against the best in the world, that is the pressure you feel, as


the lower ranked player. You can be humiliated. That is not going to


happen. She is matching her physically, tactically she is doing


the right things. She has to be more careful about where she serves,


because with Cibulkova you want to serve as close to the lines as


possible. She hasn't got the reach. You need to make a stretch on every


single return. She hasn't done that as much as I would like. I think she


can come out here and have a swing. .


Cibulkova won the finals at the end of last year, one of the best


players in the women's game, when were fighting it out for the current


trophy. With new balls, it is 3- on serve.


Caught just inside the baseline. It is already starting to harden up.


That is nice. The son-in-law giving mum a cuddle. Hopefully they get on.


After four breaks in a row, the defending champion holes. -- holds.


Serving patter ands out here are so important for Heather. --


Pattersons. She is serving down the capital tee. For me it is a mistake.


She has got to make Cibulkova stretch. Go down that center line.


From 40-0, Heather Watson serves it out to 30. 5-4. I read an interview


with Heather Watson in which she talked about her ultimate goal. It


was to become a tennis commentator. You were kidding me, aren't you? I'm


not making it up. I don't know if that is our ultimate goal away from


tennis. But it is to be a Tom and -- tennis commentator. But this is


easy! What she's doing out is difficult. It is not a goal. What is


she doing at 25 even thinking about after tennis? I find that very


worrying. You do? Yes, I do. I think this may worry you even more. But


she also said she is more competitive when she plays Scrabble


with her family than when she plays tennis. How are you feeling now? I'm


feeling really worried! I believe she has top 20 potential. At


Scrabble or tennis? I don't really care about Scrabble or designs to be


a player. What she has movement wise, balance, anticipation, a


wonderful backhand, she has got so much out there. For now it is


tennis. Cibulkova serving to stay in the first set. Are you sure you were


reading this interview correctly? I want to see it. I will show you


afterwards. OK. This is a side he don't want to see


if your Heather Watson. -- site. She hardly misses those kind of shots.


Very dangerous when you have the advantage on multiple occasions in a


set against a top player and you don't press it home. They then


believe that you don't believe. Here is the athleticism of Heather


Watson. A beautifully balanced. Read this. This is when the forehand is


good. She lets the racket head girl. She didn't have a choice. And look


at the result. The first ace of the match for


Cibulkova. Perfect timing. Serving isn't easy for Cibulkova at


that height. That is one area which is a challenge for her. She is


always having to hit up on the ball. She stands at five. But having said


that, Rosie to cells, a great American player of the 1970s, she


was a similar height. And apparently she had the most fantastic serve. I


would love to know how she did it. That was the last place Heather


wanted to hit that ball. She had the advantage. That was the aggressive


play. She didn't want to take that. This is when she is great, when she


is looking to come forward. She has got such good volleys. It is a waste


not to see her in the forecourt. On par Mrs Cibulkova challenging the


ball. -- call. You cold when she hit the ball. Is


it right? De Leeuw hit the ball? Didn't he called out? On par and no,


I did call it. He didn't call out. It was a few seconds after. Why? I


would have to be Superman to be in the same time. It is not the same.


You are not calling out. You are just overruling.


Cibulkova believes she should have won the point and should not be


replay in the point. I wish the umpires could have a replay on the


screen. This is really about her. It is a judgment call. It is really


tricky for the umpire. On par I understand that you think


that way. I can didn't call it late. I called it at the time.


It is not going to be this conversation.


It is going to be this conversation because you just talk my point.


-- talk. I think she is right. But it is


fractions. And it wouldn't have changed


anything because the decision was made. I couldn't remember without


seeing the replay. Generally umpires tend to error on the side of


caution. This will fire her up. Five games apiece. They fired up


Cibulkova. You think the umpire should have a little screen? Yes, I


do. It will solve all the problems. It would take five or six seconds.


Her long-time coach, also the Slovak captain. They were exceptionally


well together. -- work. That was a good spot from Cibulkova.


She saw Heather Watson was back on her heels at the baseline.


There was a lot more pace on that serve. That is the spot she needs to


hit it. Every time. There we go. A lovely to wait to finish off the


game for Heather Watson. -- a lovely way. It is sometimes dangerous to


fire up a player. Especially Cibulkova. The Slovak pot was


boiling. Watson did a very good job of putting the lid on. I am


impressed by what Heather is doing. I think she realises, and I think


she has been told, were to serve against Cibulkova. It has got more


pop and pace on that serve, and it is very accurate. When she serves


accurately, it sets up the next ball. She once first ball back and


after the serve and she can get on top of the point. The more she is on


top of the point, everything comes together and she looks great. You


talk about Cibulkova's height. She stands at five foot three. What


would be the advantages of being that height? Sometimes you can be


too tall, like Bambi on ice. As a shorter player, what advantages do


they have? You said it, a lower centre of gravity. Cibulkova is an


exceptional tennis player at her height. Her energy, her personality,


her footwork and work rate. She is special. Serving to stay in the


first set. We have been caught for just shy of an hour. Still blue


skies. A slight breeze. As well as Heather is doing in this


game, I would love to see her move up the court, really have a swing,


and put pressure right here. See what she does? She is back


behind the baseline. Hodd and there it is. At the first


time of asking. A pump of the fist. A wildcard into this event. She is a


set to the good with 56 minutes on the clock against Cibulkova, taking


it by 7-5. She will be absolutely delighted with how she turned it


around. How is your Slovakian? ! I'm not even going to enter that! There


will be quite a few will understand. Well, I got position and block. She


is still not going properly. Get in touch if you understood that and you


can speak Slovakian. Tel us what they discussed, apart from position


and block. And OK! And aggression. Starting the second set as she


finished the first, Heather Watson, confidently and in style. More fist


pumping from the Brit. That is an extraordinary passage of play from


Heather Watson. Ten points in a row against one of the best players in


the world. She had the cushion of the first set, feeling more


confident, she lets the forehand go, plays more aggressively. She is


making it look really rather easy. Cibulkova is doing a lot better


behind her second serve. It is incredible the difference a


little bit of confidence can make. Dominika knows how important this


game is. She's going to step forward and be very dangerous. I am sure,


despite not understanding a word of it, that he was saying to use her


forehand more. Raise the intensity. That is the ball I was talking about


earlier in the match, that you don't want to see Cibulkova hitting, if


you are a big fan of Heather, or if you are Heather, you want to see her


running along the backcourt. Ace number five for Heather Watson


in the match. Court position is everything for


Heather. She is right on the baseline and she has a world-class


backhand. There is no argument about that. It allows her to take the ball


on. It is most important take away from Cibulkova. -- take time away


from Cibulkova. That has been a problem for Heather against a lot of


players, sometime she is to careful. I like to see Heather with her toes


on the baseline, taking the ball on the fly. She's got the hands to do


that. Yet to drop a point on serve in the


second set. 2-1 on serve in the second set. Took that into the first


set just under an hour. When we got to this grass court season, an oasis


in the tennis Kamal -- calendar, how nice is it playing in front of a


home crowd? They talk about sleeping in their own beds, how much of a


difference to the crowd make? It is not a lot of fun if you are not


playing well, because you hear the groans. There is a lot of


expectation. They are willing you to do well. I think Heather enjoys the


big stage and I think she has used this ground extremely well,


certainly Cibulkova will feel that is very much the case. If you are


playing well, there was nothing like it. That weather vane is meant to be


Virginia Wade serving. A magpie is sat on her head! Disrespectful! I


was shocked when I saw that. Get off the 1997 women's champion's head!


But I am sure it was modelled on that. She has a comfortable head for


birds to sit on. It doesn't look that comfortable. But there is


something special about playing in front of the home crowd, when you


are playing well. It does lift you. Heather needed a boost. She needed


the grass court season because this year has not gone particularly well


for her. She also has a wildcard into Wimbledon. A draw later this


week. I always forget, is it Wednesday or Thursday? Thursday.


That shot says to me that Monica is slightly running out of ideas


against Heather Watson. She's not finding the gaps on the court,


because Heather is such a fantastic number.


Doing everything right at the moment, Heather Watson.


There is some wind today, Heather at the southern end, from time to time


it seems like the wind is behind her, blowing down the court into the


face of Cibulkova. She could do with a few more mph on her ground


strokes. I think that is with a challenge.


Maybe she is saving them for later? She's got three left, you get three


per set. Cibulkova, targeting the forehand


side. Now we have a challenge. If she had challenged the last point,


she would have lost it. UMPIRE: Call stands. Miss Watson has


two challenges remaining. A look over to her camp from the


defending champion. Saved a couple of break points. 2-2 in the second


set. One hour and 11 minutes on court. Still lovely temperatures.


Are you sure it is about to rain any second now? You seem to be doom and


gloom. I am a positive person. I am doubting that. Just not with the


British weather! That is the first point Heather


Watson has dropped on serve in the second set.


I thought the last few games were a big opportunity for Wharton. It was


the last few with the old balls. She doesn't like the new balls because


she feels she can't control them as well.


Have and son-in-law fallen out? -- Mum son-in-law. He is such a great


supporter of hers. He has been on the tour a long time. They are a


very happy band of travellers, usually, her husband and coach. And


the parents have come along as well. The first serve has been working


really well for Heather Watson. Has been good, because it has protected


her weaker second serve, which can be a problem sometimes.


This is why she's good on grass. She played the backhand, where she is


more confident. She really happy and provides. She saw the space, lovely


soft hands on the bully and she is so confident that the net. Good to


see. -- on the volley. Says the break point, hold serve.


3-2, Heather Watson, in the second set. Talking about hand, the feel,


the touch around the net, we know how good she is on the doubles


court, but is this something also on the singles court, the more


confident she gets, the more she will come forward? Yes, the service


will allow you to do that. It is far more difficult now, because the


racket technology has changed so much. The strings, it allows


opponents, when you come in, to dip the ball in a way that you couldn't


do 20 years ago. When I was in the studio, John was asking me about


Heather. She lacks a big shot. Yes, she does. She is not a Cibulkova,


she is not an Ostapenko. Does that hold her back? No, but it would be


nice if she had a big shot. But she has so much else. Heather can make


yourself more of an awkward opponent. I would like to see her


mix the pace, the flight, more. She had the same ball back so much it


makes a wonderful practice partner, but it gives opponents rhythm. I


would like to see her on the baseline, taking risks. She has the


soft hands to do it. It is like getting a pack of cards and


shuffling them in a different way. It's not all about making her hit


the ball harder, and more power, because she doesn't have that. Look


at Radwanska, look at how she uses what she's got. I think Heather can


be more like Radwanska. That is the way I would like to see her tennis


go. Whole court game. All court game. Still plenty of time. She has


to see it, though. It is easy from a peer. We have a great view. -- easy


from up here. Cibulkova survived a couple of


points in the first game of the second set. She has a couple more to


defend here. There is the break. Heather Watson


now a set and a break to the good, 4-2 in the second.


Her distribution has been excellent. Watching Cibulkova, I see her year


in, year out, I think she's a fraction slower than normal. That is


a lack of match play. Now is the time for Heather, best foot forward.


Very aggressive in this game. You are right about that groaning


from the home crowd. You can hear it? When you are down on that court


and you are for- two down, taking a beating, you just want to get out of


there. She is being watched out here by the


cup captain, and we have done a lot of commentary on her matches. This


is what drives us crazy. She freezes on these occasions, it is like she


can't get her arm through the ball. Really intelligent serving now from


Watson. I really like the sweatshop in the -- switch up in the pattern.


From here, you've got such a good view of how dare to the court is,


the front part of it. This time of year, this time of the week, you can


put as many balls there as you want and it is always going to be


difficult. One game away now, Heather Watson.


5-2 she lived in the second set. She took the third set against the


defending champion. Cibulkova cannot get her coach on, but we have had


some viewers get in touch with a translation of the Slovakian team


talk. Thank you to both of you. Susannah said he was telling her to


play closer to the net and that she needs to calm down, because she


plays to aggressively. I heard the word aggressively. But not the


context? I am going to be picky! I didn't have a clue. But I did get a


few of the words right. Another the USA's he was saying for her to get


harder with the serve and get into the court. I agree with getting into


the court, taking time away from Watson. The problem for Dominika is


that she is lacking confidence. She has felt a lot of pressure coming in


here as defending champion. When you're not feeling the ball terribly


well, it is very hard. She's got the sort of game where when she is on,


she is devastating, one of the best in the world. Is not a B+ game, a


game to pull back off when she's not playing terribly well. With Heather,


it is the opposite. There is a lot of B+ game. But she has had a


sprinkling of A game. Heather Watson is a game away from game three, a


game away from knocking off the defending champion, world number


six, fourth seed, Dominika Cibulkova.


As dominant as Watson looks in the scoring, it's a lot easier to break


than serve out, and still be aggressive. Dominika has played


below her best, and Watson has had a part in that. At the top players


don't give it to you. Excellent from Heather Watson,


bringing up the first match point. The top players don't give it to do.


This young woman, she has one of the best attitudes in women's tennis.


You're going to have to rip this match away from her. It doesn't


matter about the scoreline, she doesn't care.


Well played under pressure, Cibulkova. She has held serve. She


was serving to stay in the tournament. Now the pressure


switches to Heather Watson. 5-2, one break. It looks a lot, 5-2.


But one break is not a lot, not against one of the best players in


the world. We shouldn't forget that for one moment.


Two points away, Watson. It'll be interesting to see what she does. I


would like to see her go down T. -- the T.


Heather Watson had a match point in the previous service game. Now she


has two match points on her serve. It is very hard to close out a match


anyway. It is very hard when you have not been winning a lot of


matches over the year. It is even harder when you have got a top


player at the other end. Right now, Heather is pushing the ball. She


once said the cover to give it to. It is not going to happen. -- she


wants Cibulkova to give it to her. A total of three match point of come


and gone. There is a break back opportunity for the defending


champion. And we play on. Three match points


have come and gone. Cibulkova has broken back. She is on serve. 5-4.


You were down in Australia. Remember the match Heather played in the


second round. She -- it was an epic. She had a lot of match points in


that match. It was a boiling hot day. She had maybe 67 match points.


There have been a couple of other matches this year where she has had


other match points and lost. It has become something of an issue for


Heather. I really feel for her. You can see what happens. She gets to


match point and the arm is freezing. It is a horrible place to be. I'm


not sure how you get over it. There is a lot of psychological scar


tissue, particularly from the Brady match. That was to go into the third


round of the Australian Open. That would have helped its to stay inside


the world top 100. Matches like that can really knock you. I think it has


knocked her. It has had an effect. She has lost other matches with


match point is again this year. She parted ways with her coach as well.


It is turbulent. I am not saying she is going to lose but it is not


looking a done deal. No. But she knows how to break the Cibulkova


server. The pressure back on the defending champion.


Cibulkova has been very smart the last ten minutes. She does not have


too much of a B plus game. She has pulled in her margins ever so


slightly. Not aiming for the lines as she normally does.


What Defence from Heather Watson on that point.


Defending out here is not a long-term solution against


Cibulkova. That might just give her a hope in this game.


Match point number four for Heather Watson. We can feel the stance


shaking beneath us. -- stands. There it is. What a win for a


Heather Watson. On a wildcard. Lost in the first round last year. Note


defeats the defending champion, Dominika Cibulkova. -- note defeats.


Great, great victory. It is a long time since we have seen that smile.


Personally I am delighted for her. Having had those match points and


just getting over the line. That sets her up for Wimbledon and the


rest of the season. I thought she was the better player. She took


advantage of Cibulkova being off her best. You still have to do it. The


best match I have seen from this year. You still have to beat a


player who is the world number six, defending champion. Not the


Cibulkova she was at the end of last year. She is a tough competitor.


Watson, low on confidence, had to come out here, had to get through


it. And she did. Straight sets. Tactically excellent from the start.


Per serving got over the line. Outstanding. Great movement. Enjoy


this one. Absolutely. The winner will face Mertens are appropriate...


Well, many congratulations. That was such an inspiring performance. Your


second win over a top ten opponent. Some up your emotions? Firstly, I'm


so grateful again for everybody who came out and supported today. The


atmosphere again was just incredible. I was getting goose


bumps at the end. It is no secret I got a little nervous. But I'm very


pleased that I got through in the last game. I mean, obviously, she is


an amazing player. She won this tournament last year. A hard worker


and a fighter. I knew it was never going to be easy. It definitely


wasn't. But I thought I played really well. It wasn't as Wendy, so


I got the serve going. You certainly did that. It felt as though


everything you touched turned golden. What was the game plan that


was so effective? I just ran! I just ran. She is a very aggressive


player, so I knew I wouldn't always be on the front foot. I'm OK with


that. I have got some wheels and I have to use them. You used them


today. It was a terrific serving day. Where does that rank in terms


of serving free you? I really like my serve. I feel like I hit some


aces. My second serve maybe can improve but I'm happy with my serve


and especially how it is going right now on the grass. Finally, you had


an amazing crowd support here today. How much did they help to lift


queue, and particularly as things were getting tired towards the end?


So much, honestly, so much. I love it. This is my favourite part about


tennis, is competing in front of audiences and crowds like this that


get so involved. It is fun and exciting for me as a player. I think


it was fun and exciting for them, too.


Well done Heather Watson. CHEERING. Heather saying Cibulkova


is a gritty competitor but she was very gritty, Heather. It was


nerve-racking watching. After weeks and months where her ranking has


dropped to the point where she has been looking for a wildcards to get


into events, including here, that is a fantastic victory to back up one


yesterday. It will give a huge confidence going into next week.


Talking about Wimbledon, if you have been multi-skilling at home, maybe


watching this on your TV with your watch, your phone, whatever it might


be on your lap, you will know when leading qualifiers have been taking


place. Here is match point for Marcus Willis, one of the poster


boys of Wimbledon last year. We got familiar last year with that


celebration as he got through to play Roger Federer last year. Here


he is playing Andre Martin of Slovakia. Willis is a winner.


He talked to Selena Hinchcliffe. This is a special place for you. A


fairy tale last year. What emotions were you going through stepping back


on court at Roehampton? You have to forget it. As soon as emotions get


involved, you can easily crumble. It is easy to choke under the pressure.


I have been doing quite well at taking it a point at a time and


trying to win a tennis match. The support helped as well. But


ultimately I'm taking it a point at a time and trying to play well. It


has been quite a year for you. You got married, your wife was watching.


His baby Martha here? Yes, she is over there. My lucky mascot. She


hasn't got a clue what is going on but as long as she has got her milk


she is fine. She hasn't a clue. At least she is smiling. And


nonorthodox style on the court. -- and nonorthodox. Is it your comfort


on grass that makes a difference? Yeah, I'm confident. I haven't


played as many tournaments as I would have liked due to injury and


having a baby and getting married. But I'm back full time now. I would


like to get my ranking up and compete with these guys on every


surface. I have a lot of work to do. Grass suits me very well. It is


probably not his favourite surface but I think he did pretty well.


Congratulations. What price him being in the main draw next week? He


will outdo come through another couple of rounds. He has to play


Liam Broady in the next round. Broady gracious enough to say he


expects the crowd to be on Willis' side in the next match.


Alex Ward was the final British winner today. Qualifying continues


live from Roehampton. That is online. Access it however you wish


until Thursday. Liam Broady is through in the qualifying at


Wimbledon. His sister, Naomi Broady, was earlier today playing Kristyna


Pliskova. Here we are at the start of the second set tie-break,


Pliskova having won the first. Kristyna Pliskova.


Taking the first point of this tie-break. And going on to win


comfortably in the end in three sets. -- two sets.


A good win for Kristyna Pliskova. We rather pre-empted what happened


in the tie-break of there! You can probably guess how this match ended.


But anyway, sorry about that. If you weren't aware what happened earlier,


obviously use map of the end result. It was a victory for Pliskova. Naomi


Broady played well. We can show you the -- we can show it to you now.


Great potential she has. Who knows what you can achieve in the next


couple of weeks? Great first point of this tie-break,


a tie-break Naomi Broady needs to win to hang in against the elder of


the Pliskova sisters. She is doing extremely well. Kristyna Pliskova is


the elder by two minutes. She is a top 60 player and has been improving


a lot this year. Naomi has a wildcard but fancies her chances on


grass. She is against somebody who is also comfortable in this -- on


this surface. She is a leftie as well. This court is laid on cement,


saw the ball comes through fast and quick. Yesterday afternoon I was


watching the Pliskova sisters hit with each other. Their ranking is


high enough so that they are playing the same tournaments. The ball was


coming off her racket very sweetly. Kristyna Pliskova took the first set


by 6-2. Naomi Broady has done really well to get herself into the second


set tie-break. Is not easy because this young woman has such a big


serve. You don't get a lot of rhythm, you don't get a lot of time


on the ball. Naomi Broady is unbeaten in


tie-break in 2017. Admittedly, it is just her third. Something to hold


onto. Yeah, you often favour a player with a big serve and a


tie-break. But it is neutralised out here because they both have great


serveds and they both have big games. And they're both very, very


tall! You are looking at differences


between the two Pliskova sisters. Not just the way the ball comes off


Kristyna Pliskova's racket, she doesn't move quite as well as her


sister. Just subtle differences like that can make a big difference in


the rankings. Big hitting and a little bit of luck


for Naomi Broady. Her game is lopsided. It is all about the server


and the forehand. The backhand can go in one day and at the back fence


the next. It is a shame for her. It has improved but it is a big


weakness. Players do like to go there. But she has great strengths


as well. She is a difficult player to play against. Results are up and


down. I spoke to her at the start of the


year and she said it had almost dawned on her that she had to think


of herself as a big server. It may mean she lost a few points and she


would have to go down the ranking, but she would work on her game. It


needed to take in her mind before she did it. -- to click.


You can see the problem with that shot. She do -- she almost wants to


get rid of it. She doesn't trust it. But she can read some winners off it


as well. -- rip. Just getting some frustration out.


It is better out than in. There is a lot of pressure on her. She wants to


take advantage of these wildcards. It can change the course of a year,


getting a win or two at this event, and as a launch pad into Wimbledon.


Very few players in the world get these opportunities.


Kristyna Pliskova looking to finish things off here.


Brave play from Broady but it had to be. She always is. They have similar


games. If Naomi has a little more time on the backhand, it is a very


big swing, she has time to get the racket head back, and then through,


and then do it with control as well. She is a very likeable person on


court and off court. She competes well. She gives it everything. She


is an honest player. She takes risks and goes for it. Whatever the


outcome. I don't think I'd like to be a passenger in a motor car with


her, the way she plays her tennis! It is a little too high-rolling and


high risk for me. I did find when she did commentary with me, she was


very honest. It was quite refreshing.


An opportunity for Broady to take this into a decider. She has got to


be thinking the slide is coming into my backhand. Maybe just nudge over.


Forcer opponent to make the... We have had a match point, we have


had a set point. You have to admire Naomi Broady's


ability to improvise. Use the forecourt. It is so new they are. It


is so dead. It is so soft. We are going the distance. Naomi


Broady closes at the tie-break, 9-7. The world number 111, the wildcard.


As you may have guessed, sadly that was the end of the joy for Naomi


Broady. She lost 6-1 in the third set. From a British perspective,


from one extreme to another. Heather Watson won a fantastic victory


against Dominica Cibulkova. The defending champion, world number


six, fourth seed. The second victory in her career over a top ten player.


Someone we have enjoyed seeing for so many years at Eastbourne and


elsewhere. On court, and here in the studio. How good was that?


Very good. I knew it was going to be a very tough match. She's a great


player, very aggressive. We have played each other a few times


before. I felt really good out there.


Playing that long match yesterday in the wind, those conditions, it


prepared me well for today. It was not as windy today. I was seeing the


ball better, my serve was coming together. I'm pleased with how I got


through that. I was at Queen's, and the final was immense. It was a


fantastic match. I took my eye off the ball about what was happening


elsewhere. I looked up the results, so you had won yesterday and thought


it was a really good win. A lot of people thought you might win today,


because momentum is such a big thing in this sport, isn't it? Absolutely,


momentum and confidence are two big things in tennis. Yes, I felt ready


to go today. I wasn't tired at all from my match yesterday, even though


it was a long one. It set me up for today. There are little moments when


you feel the pendulum turning. When he went 5-2 up, 4-2 up, 30-0 up,


then she got it back to 30-30. Then he produced a massive serve. And


your serve was good from start to finish? I thought it went better as


the match went on. It has to be, really. I got a little nervous at


the end. I thought Dominika upped her game, so it was a little bit of


both. I kept fighting and got through it in the end. We were


talking about the fact that, given the way your ranking has dropped a


bit, you have been relying on wildcards and things like that. How


does that change the way you approach the week in, week out


business being a tennis player? It hasn't changed too much, just


because I have been the main draw of these tournaments for many years. It


is not different for me playing in Eastbourne, or Birmingham last week.


But I'm very thankful for the wildcards. I felt I had been playing


great tennis and I love playing on grass. I'm glad I've had an


opportunity for the last few weeks. When you look at your diary in


January, do you look at the block from the beginning, the middle of


June, to the end of July, do you say that is my time, that is when I'm


really looking forward to it? I always look forward to the grass,


every single year. It is my favourite time of the year for


tennis. How much of that is because it is nearly home? I think it is a


big part of it. I also think the service does suit my game. --


surface. It's great, I feel I am home wherever I am, Eastbourne,


Birmingham, Nottingham. One final question, Petra Kvitova has sadly


pulled out of the competition. It has been an extraordinary year for


the women's game, Serena being pregnant, some people out of the


game at the moment, the way that Ostapenko took things by the scruff


of the neck in France. Suddenly we have Kvitova back in the game, and


here she is, seven months on, having won in Birmingham yesterday. Even


though she has pulled out from here, it is amazing to see her as a


contender again for the big trophies. What is the general


chitchat in the dressing room about that? It is great to see her back.


It is horrible what she has been through. I heard that she was told


she might not be able to play properly again. To come back, she


has won Birmingham now, it is great to have her back. She is a really


nice girl. Obviously a great player. Can you imagine her winning


Wimbledon again? Might have to beat you in the final? I was going to say


that! Best of luck, great to see you winning again, and smiling again.


Are you back in action tomorrow? Probably Wednesday now? I hope so,


but I don't think I will be. I think it is going to rain tomorrow, so you


might get a day off. I mentioned Petra Kvitova, and she has been


speaking about having to pull out here, and also about things that


have been happening to her over the last few months.


We understand you're not going to be playing at Eastbourne this year. You


have just pulled out of the tournament, why is that? Yes, I had


to pull out, my body is not prepared for a tournament like that. I had a


long-running Birmingham and my body did not respond well. Especially my


abdominal muscle, which is a bit more tightened than normal. Is it a


fitness thing, or a problem with your injured hand? It is the fitness


thing. Still some work to go before Wimbledon in the gym? Yes, a lot of


treatment as well, to get back into shape. What are you doing this week?


I assume you still hope to play at Wimbledon? Yes, I will do my best to


get to Wimbledon. I need to take some days off and then I need to


start to train slowly, hopefully. Congratulations, a brilliant win in


Birmingham. Your first title since coming back from that horrific knife


attack six months ago, in your own home. A remarkable story. How did it


feel to be back on the tour and back with a trophy in your hand? Well, I


cannot describe it in words. It is something very special for me to


come back to play tennis, to win titles. It is unusual, I think. It's


just after I came back and I already won. I still don't know if it is


true. For me, it is a dream. I'm just living in a dream right now.


It's a beautiful story to have. Was there any point when you thought,


I'm never going to play tennis again, let alone win titles? Yes,


for sure. Those thoughts were there in my mind as well, when it


happened. The first few months were very difficult, when I didn't know


if I would move my fingers properly, if I will ever play tennis. I


appreciate now that I am able to play tennis and play well. Do you


think it has helped, the moment when you thought it might not happen, it


made you realise how much you want to be back out there, how much you


want to be playing? Do you think that's helped with your


performances, maybe with your mental preparation for games, that


expectation is pretty low because you have had so much time out? I


think so. Sometimes, when it has taken something from you that is not


your choice, it shows you how much you love something. That is what I


find now, that I love to play tennis. It was difficult to sit at


home, watching girls playing tennis on the TV. There was huge motivation


for me to come back as well. I always knew that I loved playing


tennis. But now it is more deep. I'm enjoying it more every time. What


about Wimbledon? As you say, your body is struggling to get you


through these tournaments at the moment. Wimbledon is another kettle


of fish. Two weeks of top competition. Is there a chance, with


no expectation at all, there could be another Wimbledon title for you?


No idea. I don't have an expectation. I didn't have


expectation coming back to play tennis, in Birmingham, playing on


the grass. I am so happy that my hand is OK, it is not in pain. That


is the most important thing in the world right now for me. It was a


dream to make my come back. It is better to be prepared for Wimbledon.


I can't wait to step onto the court there. It is great to have you back.


Well done. We are sorry we will not be seeing you playing in Eastbourne


this week. Thank you very much. It is with saying that she will be in


Wimbledon next week. Wimbledon qualifying continues and you can


watch it on the red button, online and on the BBC Sport app. Sam has


popped down from the, the box. Let's talk about three individuals with


differing fortunes. Dan Evans, there has been a lot written in newspapers


over the last 48 hours about his positive test for cocaine. Are you


inclined to be conciliatory, or do you think the book needs to be


thrown? Conservatory. I think there has to be a punishment. I also think


that he needs a lot of support. Really, for the first time, figure


out why he self-destructs in this way. That has been the pattern


throughout his junior career and his senior career. He is a really


talented guy, very popular. There is a lot to like about him. Super


honest, he has great opinions. But he has this tendency, and I think


some of it stems back to the way he was handled by the tennis


authorities when he was 13 or 14. We have seen this story many times in


British tennis. He was the poster boy for being a


bad boy who was reformed. I was so sad, it would give a lot of other


players that have a bit of a reputation, we have lots of them in


British tennis, every country has them, it would give them a lot of


hope. Let's give him some support. What do you hope the authorities do?


He has to have a band coming have to have a judgment. Cocaine is a class


A drug, it is illegal, whether it is performance enhancing or not. People


look up to sportswomen and men, and you cannot be seen to be taking


recreational drugs. It is a very bad thing. I hope he will go away and


have a lot of support, I am sure from family and friends. Whatever


happens with his tennis, this is only one chapter in his life. He has


the rest of his life to live, whatever he is going to do, come


back and play tennis, go into business, coaching. For him, as a


human being, this is a really important moment. I have obviously


thought about it a lot. I feel incredibly sad for him. But he is a


human being, is this going to continue to happen? Unless he really


gets the right help and sorts out why he does... You know, there has


been a pattern for many years. On a different subject, somebody that


maybe has lost his way a bit, Kyle Edmund has just lost to Donald Young


in three sets, a tight game. Donald Young is a good player, played very


well at Queen's last week. He has just parted company with his coach.


Do you feel he is at a crossroads? He is still young. He has pretty


much made all of the right steps at the right times. It is very tough on


the mend's tour. He has everything to be a top ten player in terms of


his ability. What I see is that when he's on court, I don't know who he


is. I don't see his personality coming out. I think it is more of a


personal development era for him, where he has to find his personality


on court. But you mustn't be afraid to make changes. Look at Andy


Murray, the Djokovic, it is not always about the coach. You've got


to be bold. If you feel it is right, he has to be his own man. We will


talk about Heather Watson in a second. We are back at Eastbourne


tomorrow on BBC Two from one o'clock. We are one hour earlier


than we were today. Johanna Konta will be in action tomorrow. Today,


from a British perspective, great to see Heather Watson. She was smiling,


happy, upbeat, bubbly. That is how we like to see her. We like to see


her playing extremely well. I thought that was an outstanding


serving performance. I love the fact in her interview she knew what she


had to do, run and worked his socks off. Tactically, she did everything


right. She is a far better player than her ranking suggests. I was


very happy to see that, particularly when she had the match points and


got there in the end. Excellent, thank you. An upbeat way to stop the


coverage weather-wise as well. Fantastic day. I cannot promise the


same tomorrow. But today has all been about Heather. You know what


the last word is going to be? Elementary!


The world number three, against Alison Riske from America. A pump of


the fist from Heather Watson. A set to the good. There is the break, 4-2


in the second. There it is. What a win for Heather Watson.


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