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Good evening, if you missed the news on Match Of the Day, the


football family is coming to terms tonight with the tragic death of


the Nottingham Forest own egg Nigel Doughty was just 54. Our thoughts


go to his family and friends. It put today's games in some


perspective, those that went ahead that is with 17 in all falling foul


of the weather. Leave Loyer Ross Rennie are is what meet tonight to


look back at the games that managed to defy the elements. The


atmosphere can be frosty at the best of times when West Ham and


Millwall meet. There was an early kick-off at Upton Park. Hoping the


Hammers would slip up when Cardiff City. They beat the freeze, could


the Bluebirds beat the team who upset them in the play-off final


two years ago? Ian Holloway's Blackpool. Another team wondering


if they would end the day in top spot was Southampton. The Saints


were in action in the evening game against Birmingham City. And many


people feared the worst of these two, but what about the game


between Watford and Barnsley? It was an intriguing day in the


Championship. There were three teams that could end the day top of


the table. West Ham had a lunchtime appointment with their local rivals


and Millwall. Millwall were down in 21st looking to put further


distance between themselves and the relegation places. As you can


imagine East London was buzzing in Millwall have a good record. West


Ham have scored in their last seven matches and they won eight of their


13 home matches in the Championship this season. Let's have a look at


the two teams, starting with West Ham. Two changes to the Hammers


side that started on Tuesday's come by of late. Applause from the


West Ham faithful to honour the memory of Ernie Gregory, the former


goalkeeper at West Ham and the former coach here who sadly passed


away recently. The Millwall manager took charge in 2007. This is his


behind for a corner. I am not sure if that was a shot or a cross. Just


wide, the header from Alan Dunn. He is in his 11th season with Millwall.


O'Brien wins a corner for a West Ham. Good defending from Scott


Barron. Not a bad effort from the West Ham striker. It just would not


caught and it is a straight red. Kevin Nolan is dismissed. West Ham


are down to ten men after just eight minutes at Upton Park. Kevin


Nolan jumped in. The challenge was on Jacques Smith. Mike Jones


reaches straight for his pocket. You can see the referee's view.


They will have to play about 80 minutes of this match without Kevin


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


space for himself. But the header takes it well. Suddenly Millwall


were away, three against two. That was a good ball in towards


Henderson, but Greene read the situation well. O'Brien went for


the goal. It is only just over. Just over 10 minutes plus stoppage


time to go and tell the break and it is still 0-0. That was Julien


Faubert. He just beat Smith took it. You can see the Millwall fans in


the top tier of the Sir Trevor Brooking stand. A bit of hoarding


from Ward on Carlton Cole. West Ham lead in stoppage time at the end of


the first half and Carlton Cole gets it. The free kick was a whip


in hard. Carlton Cole was first to get on the end of it. David Ford


was stranded a couple of metres off what will the referee do? Taylor


It was a glancing touch on the cross. He was the only one in the


middle for West Ham, but he rises through at the moment. Smith was


dispossessed by O'Brien. Liam Trotter has found her way through.


It is the equaliser for Millwall. Liam Trotter has got it. He scores


for the first time since the end of November when he got a double


against Doncaster in a home victory and now he has scored at Upton Park.


It is game on in this London derby at one apiece. Carlton Cole is on a


heap -- in a heap on the floor. He is still down. It is a caution. The


referee played advantage. Darren Ward is cautioned. The third


Millwall player to be shown yellow, back in front. He thumped that went


into the back of the net with some pace and power. It fell nicely for


him. Millwall have been play against the ten men of West Ham


since the 9th minute. It was a straight red for the captain. That


was not too far wide from Alan Dunn. West Ham relieved to see that going


wide. It was one of the best performances I have seen in my


managerial career in my West Ham time. The size of this game


everybody knows about, how passionate it is for both sets of


supporters. It is a difficult time in the away fixture. Then we got


the crushing blow of having a man sent off after nine minutes, but


from there on in the character and the ability of the side and the


desire came through. You saw West Ham's second goal. Do you feel


there was a foul? I thought it was a free kick. He was coming in on


him really quickly. As he went to deal with that ball, he followed


through and wiped his legs out, so I think it was a free kick.


there any point in you seen the referee? I have not done so yet,


but I will think about that. referee has to show a red cards.


Not everyone is a red card. You cannot keep going around saying


everyone is a red card every time something like that happens. If you


look at the situation, he is not over aggressive and he does not go


to the ground after the tackle has made. The left foot is miles away


from where the player is. His right foot is going for the ball. The


follow through catches the player. If they are instructed that all


those tackles are red cards, we are going to destroy the game, because


too many games every week will be 10 versus 11. Things are not quite


going for us at the moment. I am disappointed at some things we did


and certain things we could have That is quite some praise from Sam


Allardyce, saying that is one of the best performances he has seen.


It is West Ham's best performance of the season for me. I thought


they were outstanding. When they went down to 10 men, it seemed to


galvanise them. Sam was convinced this was not a red card for Kevin


Nowlan. What do you think? think it was a red card. -- I think.


It is reckless and I don't think the referee had any other it is a -


- decision to make. This could have been a poor record as well. He


follows through and that is records. That is engaging a fellow


professional. There was not the end of the contentious decisions


because there is a question mark over West Ham's winning goal.


Definitely. The ball is being chased. He is not going to get over


the ground. He runs into four. -- Forde. Honestly he wants to avoid a


decision. Yes. I am sure Kenny will be upset by that. Great finish none


the less by Winston Reid. It was a fantastic finish, but an element of


luck for West Ham. After a busy transfer deadline day, that deal


was done without the new players in the team. They sat on the bench.


You don't just signed players to go in straightaway. Millwall meet 17


points to stay up. Can they do it? They can. They have got Andy Tiote.


They will get enough goals. Looking at a performance, I have no doubt


they will do well. Good to see the game pass off without too much of


an incident. Next up is Wales. It was a repeat of the 2010 play-off


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


final which blackpool macro won. -- took a deflection there. It forced


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


a fingertip save from the Cardiff it was a wild slash from Conway. --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


journey to the Premier League as the most amazing of his life. A


mistake by the defender and be shot on goal was blocked. Can the


Frenchman keep a cool head there. - hands. That was the best chance of


beat match and he didn't force need a lot of Rhian to fashion a


exuberance of youth and Mason could not miss. Cardiff City had their


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


noses in front. An inspired change play. That was a poor punch by


Marshall. Kevin Phillips does what early he knows to do best. Ian


Holloway's side have come from behind yet again. It is a winter


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


Wonderland. Such resilience, such dancing in the snow. They have come


just like they did in the play-off final against Cardiff City two


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


site is at Phillips. He has scored Blackpool. Look at the delirious


supporters who have made the trip to the Welsh capital. Phillips


picked his spot and Marshall could not keep it out. Look at the turn.


And then the acceleration and placement was superb. Blackpool had


risen to the challenge here. were one got up and I look at the


goals we have lost today and it is a good finish, but there were


errors on our behalf. We will be Cavalry on. You cannot teach what


Phillips does. He is priceless. He did not panic. He knows what the


goal is and he has got the technique. As long as you hit the


target, they go in. He has done it for us. We deserved it and I am


hits the target, that is why he scores so many goals. We can learn


from him. What about Matt Phillips? They were ambitious, Cardiff,


trying to buy him. If he goes anywhere, it will be to one of the


top five clubs in the country. Slightly outrageous. Blackpool will


always be a threat. But we have to play to a standard we know we can


set. There are more players than not that were not at the standard


Ian Holloway always wants his teams to play, no matter what. They


responded fantastically. Do we see the value of experience? Yes, he


does everything right. His first touch is excellent. He just has to


much time to think about it. He probably scores all the time in


training, but in a match, it is different. He thinks too much.


the other end of the spectrum, Kevin Phillips. He showed them how


to do it. He does not really think. A fantastic folly. He has done that


a million times, it is instinctive. But Paul got back into the game.


They turned the screw, Matt Phillips came into his own towards


the end. He showed Cardiff what they were missing. Yes, Ian


Holloway gave short shrift to the bid from Cardiff. Ian Holloway


really likes him, he has got great ability, and he can score goals.


His technique on the rebound is exceptional, he drills it straight


back. When it goes through the defender's legs, it goes into the


bottom corner. He has come back from Sheffield United rejuvenated.


Yes, he finished the game off really well. Cardiff were caught on


the break. Matt Phillips is one for the future. Nine goals in nine


games. Interestingly, six of the nine goals Blackpool have scored


lately have come from the subs bench. I am sure he will be Exeter.


It is about the squad, not just the 11 who stopped. If the players come


off the bench and make an impact, it is just as valuable as the


players that start. Ian Holloway has instilled that into his squad.


Cardiff missed out on the chance to leapfrog Southampton. Southampton


were involved in the evening game against Birmingham. Birmingham have


won their last six in all competitions. It had the makings of


only unbeaten home league record against Wintle warbler Southampton.


Birmingham are buoyant, six successive league and cup wins, but


Southampton, two victories in their last nine Championship matches.


Chris Hughton's only deals were outgoing in January. Today, he


welcomes back Marlon King. Divan and door is back from Africa. Adam


Rooney fills the shoes of the men who scored four times in midweek.


It is the same Southampton side that played Cardiff in midweek.


Jack Cork keeps out Dean Hahnemann. Billy Sharp stays on the bench --


Morgan Schneiderlin is the guilty party. He has had another good


season, his fourth since he moved He is yet to score from Birmingham.


This header was not too far away from 1-0. That will be


Southampton's first corner of the game, 90 minutes in. -- 19 minutes


in. Their away form has not been great, Southampton. Deflected


behind for another corner. This is their best spell of the match. The


cross was blocked away by Jordon Mutch. Birmingham have lost just


once here all season, to the Burke feels the full first of Danny


Fox -- like the full force. What colour will be referee produce? I


would imagine it will be a yellow card. Yes. He takes the ball, but


he takes a hefty slice of the Birmingham winger as well. Danny


Fox has the game's first yellow chance of the second half. David


Murphy pulled it back for Marlon King, and it was a good save by


Kelvin Davis, through the snow. It is a very good save from


Southampton's number one. It is work-rate as well as calls. --


from long distance. It was David Murphy's blocked initially. The


final shot from Morgan Schneiderlin Danny Fox is walking a fine line.


He does not win the ball. He wins the free kick. The referee has gone


for a second yellow card, and Danny Fox is sent off for Southampton.


They will finish the game with 10 players. There is contact, it is


fairly minimal, but it is a risky challenge to make. Danny Fox, sent


off. On another day, when the conditions


are better, you on looking at the technical strikes that we had, and


you think we could have done better, but we have done the best we could


with the conditions. If a side were going to win it, week aged it. In


the final third, we showed that bit more, we got to the byline more,


and Marlon King's was the best chance of the game. It is a good


point, away from home. The weather conditions were not conducive for


quick passing football. We controlled the game after the first


10 minutes in the first half, but we have not worked the goalkeeper.


In the end, a player has been sent off with 10 minutes to go, it is


not a sending off in my opinion. We have got issues in the game if you


get a sending off for that. We are The players try to do their best to


make a game of it. In the end, both teams did not want to lose. That is


just as difficult, keeping your concentration. Southampton are


going through a sticky period, Birmingham in a rich vein of form,


they will be quietly pleased. Southampton were reduced to 10 men,


Danny Fox collecting two Jello cards. Fight for the unlucky.


not think either of them with yellow cards. He just went for the


ball. He was firm, strong, a perfect tackle. This one, maybe it


is a foul, but it is not a yellow card. He is desperately unlucky to


receive two yellow-card so. If you use your hands like that, and you


get yellow cards, they will be giving them every week. The referee


will be disappointed, on reflection. The conditions got increasingly


worse. Should it have been played? Yes, you start the game, you try to


finish it. Neither manager complained, they got on with it. It


is British football. Maybe not in any other country would they have


played it. More games from the Championship, starting with


Middlesbrough, looking for their first win in six against Crystal


It was business as usual, despite it being minus five Celsius. 15,000


braved the conditions. Crystal Palace held on to their hot


property in the transfer window. He has many Premier League suitors. He


kept showing why. As for Middlesbrough, they have not won a


league game since Boxing Day. Their efforts were tame again. Their


early substitute did not challenge the goalkeeper. There was little to


warm the heart of by the manager or the freezing fans in the first half.


In the second half, the match picked up a little. Middlesbrough's


was the busiest of the goalkeepers. With a goal difference of just plus


three, Middlesbrough signed Coventry's striker, and he was not


too far away, but both sides are still looking for their first win


in the lead in 2012. -- in the leak. It was a deserved point, but it was


not to be today. You do not always get what you deserve. But as long


as we keep moving forward, in terms of picking up points, I will be


happy. We appeared ready before the game, but the reality of the game


was that we were tired. We did not really get going. We played against


a team with a lot of dynamic footballers. They have got some


really talented players. That was a difficult afternoon for us. But


great credit to them for digging in on a day that we could easily have


lost. It has been a winter of increasing


content for Burnley forced --. They are jockeying for a play-off place.


Peterborough had lost their last four. The home side had kept clean


sheets in each of their three previous games. But with defending


like this, you might wonder how. Paul Taylor was delighted to take


advantage of that mix up and put Peterborough ahead after 12 minutes.


The home defence was looking rocky. Moments later, it was so nearly 2-0.


It is Burnley's home form that has let them down so far this campaign,


they have won more away from Turf Moor. But they recovered to gain a


foothold. The goalkeeper was equal to it. With time running out, a


sixth home defeat looked on the cards. Until a special intervention.


J Rodriguez gained possession near the centre circle and started


running. And remained. And running. And running. That was his 17th goal


of the season in all competitions, and that. Kept Burnley in touch


with the play-off contenders. game-plan worked well, we knew they


would have a period when they went on top. The way the game ended, in


the end, the draw is not a bad result, but the way the game was in


the first half, we had total control, so it is disappointing. I


thought we would hang on. When you have got the players that we have,


especially Rodrigues, you feel that you will score. What a fantastic


goal it was. We are delighted. Disappointed with the result,


because we felt we should have won the game. At the end of the day,


year and have turned their league fortunes around in 2012. Leicester,


on the other hand, have only one two of their last nine league


matches and started this one on their back foot, Ashley Barnes


denied an open-air by the flag. Barnes was involved again soon


after. Craig Mackail-Smith could not quite connect with his header


across goal. At the other end Leicester were creating chances of


his own, David Nugent off-target here. In Jermaine Beckford at


Leicester have a man in prime goalscoring form. The former Leeds


and Everton striker has six in his last four League Cup outings and


was in the thick of the action for the first major talking point.


Beckford was engaged in an argument with Louis Dan and the assistant


referee heard something untoward. After talking to the referee he


instructed him to issue a straight red, Beckford's first of the season.


In fact, he has only had one yellow prior to this. Brighton had


registered only one home win against the Foxes since 1994. Then


they were down to ten men. Matt Sparrow's challenge was a straight


red for him as well. Undeterred Brighton continued to press. But


intent on maintaining their winning ways, bright and surged forward in


search of a winner. As the full- time whistle loomed, Vicente's


cross fell to Will Buckley who did the rest. And it got worse for


Leicester when they were reduced to nine men after Neil Danns were


shown a second yellow for this challenge on the Vincenti. The ball


was put away, but the whistle had already gone. Three more points for


Gus Poyet. Nigel Pearson was left very frustrated at the sending off


of Beckford. I am more than disappointed. I am tried to put a


calms land on this, but the players are furious. We are furious and it


has affected the game. These are bleak times with just five league


wins all season and Coventry went into their game with Ipswich rooted


to the bottom of the table. That is enough to send a chill down the


spine of even the most dedicated support it. The way the visitors


made all the running early on, it would have sent shivers down their


spines. They took the lead buoyed by Tuesday's 5-1 win over West Ham.


J Emmanuel Thomas made the most of the opportunity. Three points today


would have been Coventry's 900 home at leak went and there was soon


hope of nearing that landmark. But Nigel Miller had already spotted a


handball. Instead of a goal they had a penalty and Clingan took the


opportunity and the plaudits. Stung into action the home side went in


to search for another goal and on the stroke of half-time they got it.


It was Gary Deegan's third League goal of the season. But that come


back only inspired Ipswich he went on the offensive after the break.


But Ipswich were in the ascendancy and Michael Chopra almost at an


equaliser. With 64 minutes gone their persistence paid off when


they were awarded a penalty. Mr Mellor waved away protests and


awarded his second penalty of the game. Martin prepared himself to


take it. But Joe Murphy guessed right, but Michael Chopra was on


hand to head in the rebound and they were level at 2-2. Coventry


have made a habit of squandering points from winning positions this


season and five minutes from injury time they did it again. Michael


Chopra's 10th goal of the season piled more misery on them.


certainly have to learn. We talk about it, but we cannot let it


happen because we put in a lot of effort and commitment. That is


Tuesday and to date when we have come away with nothing and we


should have come away with points. We came back in the second half and


I thought we were the best team in the second half. But they were


the second half. But they were always threatening on the break.


good five days for Ipswich. As for Burnley, they denied Peterborough a


valuable win through Jay Rodriguez. What a builder and a finish. He is


an outstanding talent. They have done well to keep him. It is the


power and the pace and the control and that finish. It looks like he


is going nowhere, but he turns with control. 17 for the season. Are you


surprised they have kept hold of him? I am surprised, but they have


done a terrific job. They are keeping clean sheets now as well


and they have got time to sneak in an extra spot. Ipswich and Michael


Chopra scored very late on. They have got to make sure this is not a


third poll start for them. This is a good win against your local


rivals, but this was even better. It will have caused them just as


much pleasure. All of a sudden things are turning around. Coventry


have had two late collapses. It is desperate for them. They are


competitive. They have got to keep their concentration. They seemed to


lose concentration. They are a young squad and that is what


happens with young players. It has been a busy couple of days at Leeds


United and this week they sacked manager Simon Grayson after Tuesday


night's heavy defeat to Birmingham. He had been in charge at Elland


Road for three years, so Neil Redfearn took up the reins for the


trip to Bristol City. -- Neil 800 League appearances. Bristol


City's bright start was going to test his managerial mettle. There


was another blistering break from the home side and it had the


Yorkshire club frantically back- pedalling. So far a familiar story


for Leeds. But five minutes before their first half-time team talk,


there was a flowing move which led Robert Snodgrass in the clear.


United in front and looking comfortable by half-time. The home


side's afternoon took another turn for the worse. Ross McCormack must


have been on the way to double the lead. After having time to think,


the official opted for the harshest penalty possible. City shrugged off


the setback to almost level immediately. The midfielder would


not get another chance. Derek McInnes reshuffled his ten men who


were relieved to see the linesman's flag after the break. Alarm bells


sounding and tempers fraying in the City defence, but they would soon


be facing even more of an uphill task. He was off to join will sent


in the stands. Against nine men Leeds was set fair for their first


win. Ross McCormack got his 15th of the season. To their credit the


home side kept battling. Liam Fontaine was close to providing an


unlikely lifetime -- a lifeline. Luciano Becchio rounded off their


victory to make it the same scorers in the same order, albeit for a


different boss he would like to keep his job. McInnes could only


rue their red cards, the second especially. There was no malice in


the challenge and nopal on the jersey, nothing. That was very


tough. It was a bit naive, the team tough. It was a bit naive, the team


with one or two things today. a shame we did not hear from the


Leeds camp, but they refused to talk to us. Let's look back at


Simon Grayson's time at Elland Road. He got permission in the second


season and he finished in a good place last week and he gets the


boot. I am extremely disappointed and shocked. He is an amazing


player. Look at the players he has lost in that period. There are


numerous players they have suffered because the likes of Norwich and


Southampton are challenging right at the top and that is not


something that can happen at every football club. I thought he did an


exceptional job. He left them just a few points outside the places.


it was a good win on Saturday. was a good win and you always get


reaction from the players. The players but it was unjust and they


want to go out and prove it. They want to do well. Robert Snodgrass


is a good player and it was a good finish. Our last game from the


Championship comes from the Vicarage Road as Watford took on


Barnsley. Clem headed off into the cold to watch two sides who have


faced similar challenges on and off the field this season. When they


both lost their managers in there somewhere and underwent major


restructuring, it was thought Watford and Barnsley would spend


this season in it up to their necks. In stark contrast both are


contemplating respectable mid-table finishers. The step up from


assistant to manager is big. It is challenging because we had a lot of


transitions in the summer. On the picture we had to chase things


quite a lot with a lot of players and new players coming in. What is


the biggest thing you have had to deal with so far? Reshuffling the


squad at such short notice because I took over five days before the


pre-season was at it. A lot of the targets that were there were taken


to Cardiff. We have done reasonably well. We have upset the bookmakers


who had as in the bottom three for most of the season, but the lads


have been absolutely superb. It is an education, but a good one.


think he has turned a lot of fans around who were not sure at the


beginning. We are quite happy to give him a chance. Any noticeable


changes? Apart from playing better tactical football. We are hanging


on. The latest challenger for both managers, coping with the


departures of their star strikers on transfer deadline day. Having


resisted Newcastle's overtures, what birds still had to content


with Marvin Sordell being pulled from their squad. He made a last


gasp move to Bolton. No one wants to lose good players and we had to


reshuffle the team two hours before the game. Literally you had no wind


of this? Of course you have a wind of it, but the crunch is if someone


plays enough and that player leaves. He had his pre-match with you and


everything and of a sudden he finds himself going to Bolton. For the


players to refocus and deal with that it was exceptional. Barnsley


will finish the season without Riccardo whose 12 goals in 12


starts earned him a move to West Ham. Ricardo was available at the


beginning of the season to every manager and nobody wanted him. But


it shows what a good job Barnsley are capable of doing with this type


Do you think you are punching above your weight? You have got to


believe in what you are doing. I do and so do the staff. The players do


as well. Just over 11,000 hardy souls joining them and the best of


the few early chances fell to be home team. Eustace kept the


quickly deflected. It's still found a wit to Eustace. The skipper's


third of the season. -- its way to back-to-back wins. Credit to


Barnsley for their endeavour. On 85 minutes, or Craig Davies was gifted


possession. The 23-year-old had a debut goal, but Watford held on.


The clash in the final seconds summed up the afternoon. It was


tepid it rather than boiling. -- rather than boiling. Cracking


finish. Yes. It has been a great week for the team and the club as a


whole. You have been here for a few managerial regimes. Seems as if it


is coming together. Yes. He is passionate and emotional. He has


got a good staff behind him as well. Slowly, but surely, it is coming


together. Well, it did for 60 of minutes. I thought we were good


value in the first half. looked productive. We came off the front


four and started to sink. The at was a boring game. It did not


inspire me. While? Because a why is Considering the changes, just to be


competitive in this division is a huge achievement. It is. You heard


there they had a tough week. They are a good club, they print through


young players and it is always going to be tough if you keep doing


what they are doing. Barnsley, they have to start again. For Keith Hill,


it is having to do what he did at Rochdale, but at a higher level.


Absolutely. It is good to see Scott Goldman. Great attitude and a good


left foot. Went to Reading, back to Exeter, now he is moving up. He


wore do well there. I like Keith a lot. When he doesn't like something,


he tells you. And as we just saw. Just remind you, we have to live


championship football tomorrow, whether permitting. It will be an


emotional afternoon after the news today regarding the death of the


Nottingham Forest owner. On to lead one where seven of the 11 games


fell victim to the weather. We have four to bring you, starting at the


for the job, but his aim was off. This deflection brought the best


out of the MK Dons keeper. Those driven up centres continue to cause


problems. -- driven centres. Stephen Gleeson's free kick


embarrassed Ian Bennett. Now the Dons had the momentum and it seemed


good reason to feel hard done by when a shot was turned away by Sean


Morrison's hand. No penalty was given, so the visitors must have


felt they deserved the luck that came their way in stoppage time.


Unfortunately, it only found the crossbar. Carl Robinson's team help


their breath as one when past the post. Huddersfield fans are


concerned about keeping their manager as he is linked to be liz


macro job. I am committed. I am an honest and genuine man. I work hard


at what I do. Whoever employs me one-note they will get 100 %.


Clarkson has put a squad together that is one of the best in the


league. I pull we conducted our cells and the right way. It was a


fair result. Yeovil were on the wrong end of a 4-0 thumping on


their last visit. They soon made their intentions clear. Perhaps


Dean Parrott should have gone for gold. The home side did not escape.


Obika scored his second of the season. The Wednesday defence it


was crumbling. With the snow now falling, the opposition kept


pressing. Here for had enjoyed a half-time lead when the two sides


met in Somerset last year. Soon there was something special from


the Jermaine Johnson. 10 minutes from time, Wednesday's other


Johnson completed the comeback. Although you able keeper --


Yeovil's keeper got a hand, they came out the worst. The first goal


we got was the best of the year. You would have to go a long way to


see a better one. That set the stadium up for what eventually


happened. John Sheridan's sight seeking a 5th straight win and very


hope for after 17 minutes. Lacklustre defending from Carlisle.


Not the reaction Greg Abbott wanted. This was more like it. A warning


whistled just wide of the mark. Chesterfield were not finished.


After the break, Ben Parker was demolished. The former Manchester


United trainee in who is on loan, lifted the club's spirits. -- who


is on loan. Peter Murphy to the rescue. Chances went begging. 15


minutes from time, Parker square at the scoreline. And that set up


Carlisle for a grandstand finish. With six minutes to go,


Chesterfield faulted. A late turnaround which plunged Sheridan's


Battle us back to the bottom of the that we did not apply quilling. We


played 18 near the bottom of the table, they are defending well, and


they are difficult games. It is if any leak this year, so it with the


greatest result -- so with the greatest respect, we looked nervous,


which is strange. Tranmere boss Les Parry had been so


impressed with last week's result against Huddersfield, they took


another look at the video. If that was worth watching, Adam McGurk's


goal will get another feeling. That was his third in three games. Gary


Waddock had made three changes to his Wycombe side, including a


starting place for Gareth Ainsworth. He laid on the equaliser for Matt


Whichelow. A debut goal for the 20- year-old from Watford. Gary Waddock


recruited for players in January, and the new influx gave Adams Park


a lift. They have the lift -- they had the leak. Gareth Ainsworth with


his second attempt. Tranmere's form on the road did not suggest they


would come back, they had lost six in a row before this. But they gave


their hosts a fright. Denied by the crossbar. They continued the


onslaught. The goal was fortunate to survive. The defensive plaudits


were deserved from the home crowd. Another escape for Wycombe. The


home side had ridden their luck, and they could have eased their


contest moved into stoppage time, there was still one final twist for


the visitors. Wycombe could not deal with the free kick. The


assistant's flag denied Tran mere and make sure that Wycombe came out


of the bottom four. It was a big result today. A few teams around us


played, so we knew that if we picked up three points, we could


benefit. We should not have had a hill to climb. To be fair to the


lads, they have pulled it out. We dominated. We should have got an


equaliser. We should not have It is all about taking your chance


when your rivals are not playing. The players are aware of the


postponement, and it applies pressure. The three points are


better than the game in hand. Sheffield Wednesday did that today.


Jonathan Obika put Yeovil Town ahead, and Sheffield Wednesday


needed something like that. Sheffield Wednesday had been


wobbling. Their new signing needs to prove himself. Yes, but things


were thought of him. -- big things. He needs to get his head down and


start playing. It huge win for Wickham against Tranmere.


Especially in the wake of what happened against Brentford come up


when they conceded five. Yes, they responded brilliantly. Gareth


Ainsworth is 38, and he sets up the call for Matt Whichelow. -- he set


up the goal. He gets another goal. He always gets important goals. 38,


he could go for a few years. It is proving to be a tough season for


them. They lost their youngster, so it is not just the established


players they have got to keep hold. They have got to keep them as long


as they can to help them. Gary Waddock knows that, if you have got


good players, they are going to go. The same time, they have got to get


results. He is a good manager, he is the right person. Is it her for


this season than he anticipated? -- is it tougher? Yes, nobody wants to


be bottom of the leak. But he is a realist, he is consistent, he does


not lose his head. He is a fighter, which is what they need. Yes, he is


a good coach, he knows how to get the best out of players. He is very


laid-back. When the players see him, they will be calm. League Two, and


the only game that beat the weather. The hard work at Plymouth paid off,


as their game against Southend went It took next to no time for


Southend to established their superiority. Them have paid heavily.


Michael Timlin pounced after the stray pass. Paul Sturrock got the


early ideal start. Plymouth's response, a couple of efforts which


looked particularly spectacular, but failed to test the goalkeeper.


Southend new a victory would take them to profit table, and Plymouth


were finding them hard to contain. Not too far from a decisive


connection. The lead doubled soon afterwards. A crucial touch from


Dave Martin. His second goal since joining from Derby County. But they


still wanted to make absolutely sure. Plymouth were keen to get to


the dressing room to regroup. After the break, the home side improved,


but they were still great for to their goalkeeper. How crucial that


turned out to be. With four minutes to go, a glimmer of hope, the


goalkeeper could not keep out Nick Chadwick's shot. They had a


stirring final push. Southend's nerves were jangling. It seemed as


though for -- Plymouth would be frustrated, but Alex MacDonald


snatched a draw. I am gutted, the supporters have travelled, we were


so dominant in the first half, but we have changed our idea of how to


play the game. We came off the pace and we have paid dear. You find a


lot out about people when things are not going well. The lads are


Well done to the groundsman! Fantastic. I am sure groundsman


elsewhere did as much work as him, but he got the game on. It is


warmer in the south-west! A lot more character and spirit about


this Plymouth side. Yes, there has been so much going on. They have


started to calm down. Carl Fletcher has relished the job. He has got


experience there with him. They got a couple of goals, Nick Chadwick


and Alex MacDonald, a couple of minutes before time. Southend


needed to bounce back after the poor performance in midweek. Do you


think Paul Sturrock would have minded the result? At the time, I


guess, but later on, I do not think so, he has got fond memories from


Plymouth. With only one game going ahead in League Two, Southend


failed to go top. Plymouth are the Stevenage. Chesterfield's good run


of form has come to an end. Tranmere and tearful state in their


positions after their defeats. -- Yeovil Town stake in their


positions. Birmingham and Middlesbrough club a place after


their results. The bottom six teams stay the same. Ipswich are the only


winners. Watford moved up two places, with Barnsley dropping a


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