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Evening. A busy week in the Football League. Today, Neil


Warnock returned to the Football League and a few moments ago but


jeannie macro was given the boot. A new era kicked off against


Doncaster. A massive game this afternoon at


the City Ground, forest and Coventry squared up to win it three


crucial points to stave off relegation.


At St Mary's, Southampton new with the leaders not playing, one point


against Derby would take them to the top of the Championship.


We will bring you a comprehensive round-up of the action in League 1


League 2 is shaping up nicely. We start in West Yorkshire where word


quickly spread Neil Warnock was to become the new manager of Leeds


United, a remarkable comeback. Neil Warnock was at Elland Road today


for a first glimpse of his new 21 years after Neil Warnock turned


down the offer to manage Chelsea, and the fans have approved.


fantastic track record. Scarborough, Queens Park Rangers, top man for


the job. I think it will be good for the club, it will get the best


out of the place. I personally think he will do a good job, a very


experienced man, the kind of guy we need. But I think we need someone


with a bit of passion to come in. To give the players a kick up the


backside. Steve and Neil Warnock took their places in the stand for


this one are oblivious of the drama which was to follow. Before the


game, Neil Warnock said he had one big challenge left in him. There


was plenty for him to do at Elland Road. The signs weren't good. A


sign of things to come for Rovers, a side which had failed to win four


of their last games. Within half- an-hour, they scored. Lonergan


could only steer the ball into the path of this strike. Despite a


half-time appearance from Neil Warnock in the dressing room,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 219 seconds


Rovers continued. Hayter hitting the bar this time. They didn't look


like a side at the bottom of the table and it was only a matter of


time before they scored again. Bagayoko in the right place. Making


it 2-0. Stung into action, a Leeds United went in search of a goal and


one minute later they got it. Pugh setting up Townsend who picked his


spot perfectly, his first since arriving from Tottenham. Leeds


United had a glimmer of hope with half-an-hour to go. They pressed


for another, Button reacting well to deny Becchio. Desperate to avoid


a third successive league defeat, the pressure told. Snodgrass


drilled the ball in for Clayton to fire past Button, 10 minutes to go.


In fact, and 90 minutes to YouTube an injury delayed. Leeds United


completed a remarkable comeback through Becchio. The game was so


tense, fighting broke out in the tunnel after the match. If this is


what we can expect from the delighted under Neil Warnock, they


will be a must Watch team. Her a dramatic end to the game. One


to remember. Neil Warnock saw plenty of spirit from the players.


2-0 down. Not a great run. They managed to turn that around, spirit,


character, belief to keep going. They have retained that ability to


keep going. All eyes are on Neil Warnock that and Road. An


interesting one, he saw the good and the Bad of his side. He likes


strong characters, he likes to see people stand on their own two feet.


The way I have worked it, his reputation has gone before him. If


he had been deceived a bigger name he would still be at QPR. But his


reputation worked against him there but it works for him here, he has


that role of being very successful at this level, with sides outside


the Premiership. If he had been a bigger name, he would still be


manager at QPR. Seven promotions. These were the scenes only nine


months ago at Loftus Road. His 7th promotion in his career. You can't


argue against that. Leeds United are a huge club. When you look at


it, they will take the most away fans with them. A lot of the time,


Aaron -- they are in the Cup final. Everyone loves playing against them


because of the atmosphere their fans generate.


The Next up, a crucial game at the City Ground, as two of the sides in


the relegation places, Nottingham Forest and Coventry City, met in a


game that had real resonance at the bottom of the Championship. There


was an added twist this week. Portsmouth's ten-point deduction


means they've been dragged back into the heat of a relegation


battle. Pompey were on 25 points going into the weekend, the same


number as Forest and Coventry. There was even more incentive for


the Midlands rivals to win a game. Watched for us at the City Ground


side which beat Leeds United in the Coventry. Forest's defenders back-


pedalling. A really good effort. left-hand side, leaving Tudgay


exposed. A chance for Tudgay, but just wide. The first time tat gay


macro has had the opportunity. -- Tudgay. Swapping politics for


football, Ken Clarke MP is here chance to shoot, McCleary. A good


from the start, one thing on his mind, that was close. He is not


a good delivery. The danger is not clear. It hit the post, incredible.


Behind it goes for a corner kick, how did that stay out? Blackstock


took over. A great ball, a good save, a terrific, from Murphy.


Forest made a terrific start to the second half. It would appear the


two changes have made a difference. Murphy was smart off his line.


great knocks down from Platt. Extremely close. Geoff Thomas,


former Nottingham Forest player. Diagnosed with leukaemia shortly


after retiring in 2003. Stem cell transplant has saved his life and


Baker. A nice first touch from McSheffrey. Nimely. Incredible


passage of play. McSheffrey first of all, his shot deflected. It came


to Nimely and bounced away for a -- McSheffrey cost up it was sent


back in and a great save by Murphy. Reid was denied. That was close.


Played in by McCleary, a terrific He continues his run into the box.


A great run, he went down, the early. He was right up with play.


Forest come again with McCleary. A great run. Still going. How about


that! McCleary! He opens the scoring for Nottingham Forest. A


long, bursting run, he ran, he ran up some more. A sensational run


from McCleary. They just couldn't keep up with him. He sticks that


The decision has gone North Door way of a Coventry. -- has gone the


Nottingham Forest seal a vital win. Findley, the American, he makes the


point saved for lot of room forest on a day where they dare not lose.


The City Ground is bouncing. What a sumptuous ball, nice control, no


flag. A lovely first touch. That We did horrible things in the game


well that enabled us to score two fantastic goals. That is what


everyone will talk about, the fantastic goals and the three


points. But the horrible things that we did today, you know when


balls go into Plat he is a handful. Murphy strikes a great ball and


they get the young player and McSheffrey. We have seen them


punish a few teams. So we're pleased that we did that side of


the game well today. The goals have taken care of themselves.


tremendous effort again, but when you're in them situations, you have


got to press on and get your advantages. I felt we were


comfortable and I think if you ask anyone at the game, they will say


we held the ball for a long period. When someone runs the whole length


of the pitch and we don't lay a glove on them. How high on your


list this a goal? I can't remember. People told me I picked it up quite


far. All I remember is continuing to run and doing a step over and


doing a shot and thankfully it went in. Garath McClearly playing it


down. A huge win for Forest. It is about the points now. Yes I think


to be fair their performance last week was a starting point. It was


the foundation laid down there. I think to be fair there was a bit


more tempo. Second half, when the changes were made, they were more


positive and they look as if they have a goal in them now. There is


more belief. When you're playing sides that can't score goals. It is


difficult to go in with the attitude that you believe you can


win. But they believe now going forward they are capable of


stretching the opposition. A few Fors fans were bemused with Steve


Cotterill starting with one up front. They haven't been treated to


many goals, but this was one to treasure. Yes this lad was signed


three years ago from Bromley. It is a great run. You have got to say


and Andy Thorn alluded to it. Nobody got near him. Norwood, I


know he is on loan from Manchester United. But you have got to do more.


You can see McSheffrey can't goal sierbgsd someone should make a --


side, someone should make a challenge. He is going to get to


the edge and then he can open himself up and get a shot off. It


could have been stopped at source. But a great goal. Coventry are the


only side in the Football League away from home. It is looking


desperate now? It has looked desperate all season. They have


been thrown a lifeline with Portsmouth being deducted ten


points. That gap is now, there is four sides together, instead of


three and you have the chance of getting out. I don't think we have


seen an upturn in form all season. I don't think we have had a clear


one. They don't, when they get a good result, it is not followed by


two or three good results. That is the problem for them. That vital


win for Steve Cotterill meant Portsmouth ended a traumatic week


in the bottom three if they dropped points at Barnsley. These are


troubled times again for Portsmouth who knead trip to Yorkshire in the


knowledge the -- made the trip to Yorkshire that the club was in


administration again. The ten point penalty had seen them plunge into a


penalty had seen them plunge into a relegation fight. On the pitch


Davis thundered a shot against the bar. There wasn't much else to


report in an event-free opening period, until Dave Kitson made this


challenge on Smith. The referee not impressed, a second yellow and then


a red. And Pompey boss, Michael Appleton short of options. He named


just three subs, one a keeper and he almost gifted the Tykes an on


goal. But the keeper saved. In the final quarter hour and the match


appeared to be heading to a draw, but O'Brien let fly and the Tykes


on course for a win. But there was still time for another goal. With


the luck they have had, Pompey fans should have known it wouldn't be


for them. Dunn beat Henderson to heap more misery on an already


heap more misery on an already suffering Portsmouth. We should be


able to watch morts mouth. Their very well - Portsmouth, they're


well organised and they were difficult to break down. The


sending off helped us. And hindered the opposition. But once we got the


two goals and the clean sheet, I'm happy. Once we had gone koun to --


down to ten men it was damage limitation. Sometimes ten men can


pull off a result. So a good win for Barnsley there, after back-to-


back defeats. For Portsmouth, second administration in three


seasons. What do you make of what has gone on there? How long have we


got? Where do we start? I don't think you can put your finger on


one incident. Seven years in the Premiership. There is not a thing


has changed. There is no foundation, no infrastructure. Wages are still


Premiership wages. It is scandalous. After coming out of administration,


they have signed players on huge wages. The wages are out of control.


There is no infrastructure, streams of revenue. People own different


parts of it. I have no idea why the club has gone, has not come out of


administration and learned a lesson. But when you have owners and things


change, in their personal circumstances, this is the problem.


I can tinge club when it came out of administration would have had a


clean slate and would have known what you were getting and were


signing. You must feel for Michael Appleton. Yes but there is still


good players at that club. There are still ex-Premiership play wers


big reputation and good players in the past. They should on the face


of it should have enough to be OK. You would think even with the ten


point deduction, that they will get themselves out of it. As Pompey


comes to term with their problems, Southampton's own administration


two and a half years ago seems like a distant memory. They went to see


if they could reclaim top spot. Having made their best start for 75


years, broken club records and led the table until a month ago, it is


easy to forget that last season things were far from rosy for


Southampton. First, there was the death of the owner, then the


departure of the manager, Alan Pardew and the team hovered over


the League One play zone. The challenge now facing Nigeled a


Vince -- Adkins is to get a second promotion that would end


Southampton's seven year exile from What happens after such a blip?


is consistency you aim for. If you are consistent, then that will get


you through remain being successful. The fact is like every team, you


have injuries and suspensions and you have challenges. It is how you


deal with them n a calm and calculated manner. I think we have


done that. Are you over the blip? don't think it is a blip. Yes.


Confident about that? Yes. I think so. I hope we are. After we were


saying last week, if we don't pick our form up, then we are going to


be in trouble. Is it lard to keep going when you're up there -- hard


to keep going when you're up there near the top. It is a long season?


Yes and obviously we were at the top for most of it and we're second


and it is a great position to be in, 15 games to go. You couldn't ask


for anything better. We have an opportunity to get promotion and


win the division. By being positive and sticking together and keeping


our standards right. It must be a culture change, having been


struggling and then your at the other ends of the table. I came


from second bottom to second top. That was nice to be playing in the


team that was winning. Hopefully I can progress. Do you have any words


of sympathy for your neighbours down the coast? Yes I have. We have


been through it. So you know, it's not a nice thing. We went through a


lot and I know what they're going through. But they have gone through


it twice. If they went out of business, there would be this


rivalry and that is what the game's about. Do you have any sympathy sni


No. -- sympathy? No. He is just trying to get on the telly. How


many times? About five now. Six types now. Southampton will get


back to the Premier League. Of that I'm convinced. The finances are run


well. And we will make sure that we have that continuity to keep


driving on so this club can go from strength to strength. The future's


bright. The future's bright, the future's red and white as they say.


Southampton's attempt to regain top spot start well with Hooiveld


spot start well with Hooiveld scoring. Then they could have made


it two, the Rams' defence playing pin ball with each other and giving


Southampton time and space. Derby with no win in five league and cup


games did have chances. Davis at his best to deny Ward. But at the


other end Fielding had his turn. The Derby keeper doing well to keep


out this effort from Cork. It was only a matter o' of time before


Ricky Lambert got into the action. Fielding at his best to keep out


his free kick. The hosts went into this one as the league's top


scorers with 54 goals and after the break they showed their class.


Martin this time in the right place to fire hem e home his second of


the season. -- home his second of the season. Southampton were


playing with confidence. Cork fed Fox, who completed a hat trick of


assists. And with 15 minutes to go, they saved the best for last.


Second half substitute, Lee, controlled on the edge of the wox


and how about this? His first Saints goal as they go two points


Saints goal as they go two points clear at the top. What an emphatic


way the return to the top of the table? Yes we knew we had game


today and we had to put pressure on West Ham and Cardiff. You have seen


it all here, now the signs are keep going and you will be back in the


Premier League. That is a big statement. There is 14 games left


and we have a bunch of lad there is a will keep their feet on the


ground and we can celebrate today, but it is just another result.


thought it was raining, you look dry. Good do see you. Bye.


impressive win from Southampton. You were there today, what impress


you'd most about them? Just the way they pass the ball. They were


strongy area. Physically they're very capable and -- they were


strong in every area. Physically they're have you capable. They


played a Derby side who are mid table and they were no better than


that. They were second best. But never could you see Southampton not


winning that game. In the build up Nigel Adkins talked about there has


been plenty of goals in the side. But of the six strikers, the least


known is Lee and he came up with a corker. He came on at half time. I


watched him in recent weeks and he has failed to make the impression


you may imagine. As he takes this, what fantastic strike. That could


be the catalyst for his career at Southampton to take off. It was a


graed goal and the icing on the cake. Could be a bargain, he came


on a free. Now some other front runners and first the game from


Reading made one change to their starting line-up, with Jobi McAnuff


back from injury. He replaced Hal Robson-Kanu. Burnley were unchanged


from the team that beat Barnsley 2- 0 in midweek. Watching this was Dan


crossbar. The first real scare for either team. Austin, and nearly put


perfect start. Roberts scores for the third successive home game for


acquisition already. On the left, the new Russia owner of the club.


His first game here. He did go to And it went over the top. Grant


could not hold on to the free kick. From the head of a defender. A


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 219 seconds


made himself a huge barrier, and foul. Tempers getting out of hand.


Gorkss had two chances in the goal mouth. Boots were flying about. One


or two Burnley players maybe took the right place to make sure that


I have been waiting a long time to get Roberts. I saw him when he was


17 years of age. He is now older than 17! I have been waiting a long


time and I told him that. He is a real good role model for everyone


in the club. Three goals in four games. The very well organised,


they defended as a team. Very compact. They don't give many


spaces to play through them. At Ipswich are on a roll with Cardiff


for the visitors. They were going frustration was intensified when


Ipswich went ahead midway through that first half, Martin on the end


of that. Cardiff have only won once at Ipswich in their last 16 visits.


They probably knew it would be 17 when the Ipswich goalkeeper look at


that he had mishandled, only to recover. They certainly knew they


wouldn't winner when Ipswich scored again through is Strachan who used


to score for them. Michael Chopra. Wembley in the Currie Cup final. --


That was an incredible decision by the referee. It was an immediate


red card. Possibly he could have been sent off but the referee did


not deem that. We have had some poor decisions. The bounce of the


ball hasn't gone against us for a lot of games. Over the 90 minutes


A Watford have been in a tremendous run of form of late. Crystal Palace


are still looking for the first attention and he showed why Crystal


Palace are so keen that to keep hold of him. Scoring the game's


opening. Hornets had an impressive their first win since New Year's


Eve. Martin scoring his 4th League four. And the side romped to their


We had to work hard for it. Our intensity was fantastic. I felt we


worked very hard. They looked a side desperate for the first win.


Sometimes it happens. We had a really good run, a great result on


Tuesday against Leicester. Players sometimes think, they will settle


for a softer performance than usual. But you cannot, particularly at a


place like Crystal Palace. They play as a unit. We came away


Peterborough haven't won in 2012 and hope to avoid another home


defeat against Bristol City. Did some people can't believe their


luck sitting beside Sir Alex Ferguson. Watching his son's team.


And smiling at this effort. Tomlin was there to put the hosts ahead


despite the best efforts of David James. He was in a charitable mood


later. When he passed straight to an opponent. But his speed made


amends. He could do nothing about this headache just before the break.


threatening in the second half. Soon after this, Jones was beaten.


Frecklington here to maintain the advantage for the hosts. A moment


of brilliance just after the hour. This sort of skill wouldn't have


been out of place in a Manchester after. James came rushing out.


Sinclair carried on. And set up A lot of pleasing aspects of our


game. We closed down really well, it is something we have worked on.


A good performance, a good result. The 20 minute period before the


second goal, we were the dominant side. We got the ball wide. We


caused Peter Brett a few problems. That period wasn't long enough for


me in the game. A much-needed win for Peterborough.


As for Reading, their tiny rise up the table continues. Jason Roberts,


an inspired signing. What about the ball out of the back of the net.


Rewarded with a pat on the back, surface of the pitch. A brilliant


Paul Jewell found his strongest 11. Were they lucky against Cardiff to


have their goalkeeper stay on the that you can say Batt stays on the


pitch is that Mason have probably lost control of the ball. Very


lucky. And they took full advantage. Former Cardiff player, Michael


They have good players. I'm surprised it has taken so long for


them to get going. Michael Chopra was dropped from the starting 11 so


you have to credit him. He could have responded in one or two ways.


As a forward, there are expectations. It doesn't always


work like that. When you come through a tough period, he has come


through it. Back to his best. He two teams put him in good wins,


Crystal Palace. -- putting in. And Peterborough. Both teams have done


brilliantly. To be fair, it's not all about winning. It's about


building a foundation. Putting the pieces in place which means you


have a foothold in that division. Crystal Palace and Peterborough


struggled last year. I don't think there is that Russia of expectancy.


-- that rush. League One now. The news has been dominated by the


sacking of Lee Clark as manager of Huddersfield. Town weren't in


action on Saturday. So caretaker manager Mark Lillis will have to


wait for his first game in charge. We start with leaders Charlton, who


against a side with the worst form in the division. But you would have


been hard-pushed to identify who was who. This improvisation found


the goalkeeper or on his own there. The teenager's first League goal.


Back in the dressing room, Charlton has boss demanded more from his


players. Half-an-hour less -- left striker. Probably a good time to


It is always hard here. United had a missed penalty that cost Ched


Evans the match ball and his side the lead after he was borough down


the lead after he was borough down by Brown. Evans, struck one of the


weakest penalties you will see straight at the keeper. The Blades


conceded for the first time in three games as Preston had dreams


of their first win in four attempts. Cummins scored his first goal for


the club. Evens -- Evans redeemed himself before half time, Quinn fed


Flynn, who was glad to see his miscued shot rescued by the


Welshman. The Blades pressure was decisive when Beattie won a corner.


But Evans unleashed a scheme tore keep United in second above


Wednesday ahead of next week's trip Wednesday ahead of next week's trip


to Hillsborough. They showed great composure. Especially after going a


goal down. But they kept going. Didn't affect them that much. Maybe


our football was not as fluid as it can be. But you have got to put the


opposition into the equation. But a opposition into the equation. But a


great three points. Scorer of the goal that secured Wednesday's last


major troughy, John Sheridan has a lounge named after him at


Hillsborough, but the club found nothing here. Chester field's


winner came from the spot. Bostock's challenge was just inside


the area. Morgan stepped up to leave Wednesday five points behind


the Blades ahead of next week's Sheffield Derby. A memorable match


for Daniel Powell, first the MK Dons' midfielder was denied a goal


by the referee's premature whistle. Bow ditch got his name on the score


sheet instead. Robinson's side were seeking their first win in six and


when Powell tangled with Paul Black and emerging with the ball, his


reaction was a surprise. More concerned about his stricken


opponent than a second goal. Black wasn't faking the injury and


Powell's reward for this gesture came after the break as he skipped


through to double the lead. Then Oldham were done for, Powell making


the advantage comfortable and reflecting that he would have been


celebrating a hat trick, but for the referee in the first half. Now


the Dons were motoring and Doumbe came forward and went for goal


himself. It was the right decision. The victory was round off by


Gleeson, who has been at the club for almost Three years and can


finally enjoy a goal on home soil. Powell took most of the plaudits


Powell took most of the plaudits for his sportsman ship. Ray I heard


a yelp and I thought he had hurt himself, the first thing I thought


himself, the first thing I thought was to kick the ball out.


horrible result for born mouth was compounded by a broken leg for


Purchase. Everyone in the ground was left winsing after what was --


windsing after what was thought to be a -- wincing after what was


thought to be a double fracture. In added time Rochdale were claiming


for a penalty before the referee was left with no choice but to


award one. Jones did the honours and secured the win which lifts


Dale off the foot of the table. There were not many who would have


predicted three goals and a managerial casualty at Victoria


Park. This miss may have had Pool wondering if they were heading for


another rollicking. Neal Cooper said the high drier treatment in


midweek left him exhausted. But it seemed to have done the trick as


Sweeney put Pool ahead. Never mind the stats and the vines, -- science,


perhaps there is still a place for ranting and raving. Sweeney struck


again. This win cease Hartlepool climb into the top ten. Seeny later


turned provider, teeg up Monkhouse that ensured a serene Hartlepool


dressing room: But not so at not kounti. Martin Allen is a


passionate presence, but we have seen the last of him at the club.


Debite having the club 12 point of relegation, he was sacked within


hours of the final whistle. Steven Gillespie is enjoying a purple


patch, he scored twice in midweek and then had the opener at Yeovil.


After the break, it was the home side's Parrot who had a finish just


as composed. Colchester hoped to win three on the trot for the first


time this sfpblt a prospect e expect that reseeded -- this season,


a prospect that reseeded near the end. Since Tuesday's win at Wycombe,


the Yeovil boss said back-to-back wins would be a big step to


survival. And then as they scored a third, he was a happy man.


Colchester appeared to be scuppered, but Agard's stoppage time lunge


betrayed Yeovil's anxiety. Not just a red card, but the club back in


touch too, thanks to a terrific free kick from Rowlands. That made


for a frantic finish, Bond denied the bemoaned their lack of goals,


but they were three up in the first half. Bury are without a clean


sheet since November. It is not surprised when their defender used


a clothes line for a tackle. Nardyelly scored his ninth of the -


enardyely scored his ninth of the season from the spot. City were


denied by the woodwork of another flowing move. Jones was involved


from the beginning. It was Bury's turn to strike lucky when they hit


the bar themselves, Amoo putting them back in the game after Sodje's


header cannoned into his path. But the winner, Logan restored Exeter's


lead. Duffy split the defence, Taylor hung up the cross and the


goal was worth waiting. Their Barker says Exeter will avoid the


drop. But you suns the season will do -- you sense the season will go


to the wire. Six of the bottom seven won on Saturday. Scunthorpe


won at Orient who cannot win at home. When Taylor put them ahead,


the Os sensed a first maximum in 2012. But then more misery for them.


United levelled. Scuny made it back-to-back wins late on. Bartram


edged them ahead. The match then firned in class for Orient. The


keeper injured himself and Parkin scored the tap in to heap more woe


on the Os. Make or break time for two of the teams who started the


week in the bottom four. Walsall setting the tempo. Paterson forcing


Bull to go full treng length. The match warmed up after the break. A


second nudge put Nichols on the spot. Although he had squandered a


penalty on Tuesday. He is a brave man to take the next one. His


midweek miss meant they had failed to clinch a point. But here he was


off the hook after a run from Hurst, finished with a thunder bolt. Wick


koming were on the way to a third successive defeat. -- Wycombe.


Their fate sealed five minutes from the end when Mackin's pass flee


freed Bowerman. Walsall's first win in eight gives them fresh hope.


felt we had enough to win, it was a good professional performance and


with - we deserved to win. It took a good goal to open the scoring,


but then I thought we had enough to but then I thought we had enough to


win comfortably. A vital win for Walsall. Not that long ago chester


field were looking dead and buried. Now they have a life line. They


have given themselves a chance. A local Derby as well. It is always


nice the put one over on your near neighbours. When you think of the


run they have had, they have won three out of five. They amongst it


and are four points from safety. If they can't be positive after that,


then who knows? But they have given themselves a real chance. If they


keep their league form, they have the Cup Final. Yes stay up, JPT


trophy and it looks good. Goal crazy for MK Dons on Saturday. Five


nil and an interesting game for Daniel Powell. Football's taken a


battering lately, but this puts faith back into the game.


Footballers have conducted themselves quite well, it is just a


single incident. But this is a great bit of sportsmanship. He sees


a fellow pro is in trouble and kicks the ball out. But it made no


difference to the game and in effect he got his just desserts for


that bit of sportsman ship. He played well and scored a couple.


have been contacted by a new Notts County fans bemused by particular


tin Allen's sack. They are eleventh. What do you think? Well, I... We


spoke to Jim rod well after Paul Ince left and trying to fill out


whether they think they should be. They are 11th and have played a


couple games more than everyone else. They think maybe top eight or


possibly top ten. That is where they would like to be. So look I'm


sure there are plenty of people who are a bit Police if Ied by the


decision. But I think - o' mystifyed by the decision, but but


I think thing will be clarified. Lee Clark is now looking for a job


after three defeats in the league after 55 games. The timing of this


particularly has raised eyebrows. Yes, let's take from it a


chairman's view and from Lee clash's. The chairman said I have


given him a top two budget, we don't look as if we will get


automatic. Lee Clark says, I have got you 43 games unbeaten. We have


set that record I also deserve to stay in position, because the least


ways we're going to get a play off spot and I could get you there that.


And what, and the timing, I think he deserves to stay until the end


of the season. It was a huge gamble by the board. If he doesn't get


them up. He has had three years, but he has done enough to see it


through and take his chance. That look like through the play office.


Interesting to see who they get in. In League Two the race for


promotion couldn't be tighter. Southend, Cheltenham and Torquay


were level with just two points separating the top six. So Southend


ahead, we start with their home ahead, we start with their home


game with Crewe. Paul Sturrock asked us to judge his team after


this game. His request would have been reinforced had Dickinson's


effort not been blocked. Crewe thought they deserved a point.


Crewe's Phillips wasn't as fortunate when he parried this free


kick. And there was a trim fin toish keep Southend top.


pleased, a hard working victory. Crewe have an excellent away record.


A difficult team to break down. It would take us a while. But we were


solid in our approach and we keep our shape very well. And in the end


Yeates was demanding that his team developed a ruthless streak.


Summerfield put the team ahead early. Bennett made a welcome


return for the Robins. In his absence they had taken only seven


goalkeeping. Handling outside the There was no respect after the


interval. Dagenham & Redbridge a finding themselves heading to the


bottom. A desperate displayed with where we haven't won. People are


thinking this is a major blip for the club. We haven't been as good


as we want to be. Since Christmas, we have had Southend. We have had


Gillingham here. We have been two Burton. We had a brother room here.


Good sides. We have done really well, I have been really pleased --


the Month award, there was a club record in sight, eight consecutive


lowly position. This Craig -- this cross left Fagan embarrassed but


Reid made the attack and Fagan made amends. They were a potent, three


minutes later, Fagan set up Reid who started and finished with


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 219 seconds


win of 2012. Only their second on Canio. Have told his players to do


their best today. But the last time these two met, Swindon squandered a


error. The pitch didn't help in that factor. We should have


recognised that. We had great momentum in the first half, a


couple of good chances. We are standing here disappointed not to


collected a rare away win at Barnet. The Platt put them back in with a


chance. Graham Turner reckons these pictures have cramped his side's


Bristol. This header, cleared off the line. Rovers refused to play


ball. Not least thanks to his for Burton, only to slip at the


Cook wanted to make in his first game in charge. MacDonald set his


team on the way to way valuable win. Before half-time, he was


celebrating a third goal in as many games. Paul Cook has promised some


attractive football. Devitt was their sole source of inspiration


here. Purse has been helping to evidence of this wider promised by


Paul Cook. -- Devitt was the only Gillingham -- five. V Kent club had


a chance to take control after the break. But the advantage


disappeared in the final 10 minutes. Gillingham were determined. Another


dangerous cross by Loft. Richards, shoved in the back at the last


minute. That left port fell breathing down the next of the


across for McDonald. -- Carlton. But Yussuff was not to be denied an


McCready failed to clear their lines. Only some desperate


defending meant both sides ended up seven for Macclesfield. They were


reduced to ten men just after one hour when Shia -- Tremarco clashed


into this defender. A first senior goal for Morris sealed the points


for the Shots. Somehow, this one stayed out, and the rot will not


Cheltenham, at a thumping win, coming of the back of a sticky


period for them. Mark Yates now knows more about the spirit of his


side. He wasn't sure how they would react. We saw last year, they


started the season very well but then it tailed off. This year, they


look as if they have learned a lesson. He has obviously learnt a


lesson. And what a goal from Summerfield. Great technique. The


without conceding a goal, then two in four minutes. Bradford on the


face of it have good players. A big club. We expect them to do a little


bit better than they have done. With results like this, maybe they


can turn their season around. Four Plymouth had a handsome win. A


terrific performance. It is. It looked as if you wondered whether


they would get out of the bottom two. But all of a sudden they have


hit form. A good club at this level. They could win today. We would


expect them now to go on and be fined this season.


Not the greatest of starts for Paul Cook. Let us look at the tables


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 219 seconds


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