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Good evening. Welcome along to the best of the championship lead. We


saw more away wins than those at home. Steve is with me tonight. He


will be shedding some light on the winners and losers. He is at inns


of what is on offer. It is not often that two four-man England


managers go head to head. With nine goals in three league games, there


is no doubt that Southampton are the championship Hot wok -- Hot


shots at the moment. And it is all systems go for rather than United.


It is the anniversary of one of their greatest achievements. They


sit proudly on top of League Two. But what first up tonight is the


East Midlands. Leicester made the short trip up the motorway to take


on Nottingham Forest. History emphatically favour the home side.


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The big man. From scoring. -- the home. Leicester City are in front!


Fernandes may not have scored it, but he had a part to play in its


creation. The visitors are ahead at the City Ground. Questions are


Again, Forest guilty of giving possession away. Fernandes who set


up a first scores the second and for the second time in a matter of


minutes, Forest give possession away and are punished. You cannot


legislate for that. Boateng could not get there. It was a past he


English football since 2008. He has and he knows it. It is the first


time that anyone in Forest colours has had a sniff at the golf. It is


a poor effort. Steve McClaren has got a bit of a half-time team talk


There were targets in the middle. He scampered round the back of


Nottingham Forest and tried to bend it into that far post and it was


It is the first time he has had to put his glass it to anything. --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 145 seconds


minutes, Kasper Schmeichel has been as busy as the proud the rest of


the match. Among the interested Forest have a lifeline. A yellow


Was there any intention? Well, the penalty is awarded for that. Mills


looks puzzled. Jonathan Moss had no hesitation and Forest have a gift.


A yellow card for Schmeichel as well for gamesmanship. Forest need


stoppage time to go. Schmeichel has kicked the ball away and gets


another yellow card. He is sent off. The game changes in a matter of


moments. McGugan has caused the penalty and Schmeichel gets out of


the net and romps it. Out into the stands. In fact, he hurls it.


Either way, his actions have merited a second yellow. And all of


a sudden Sven-Goran Eriksson has a set of problems he never


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 145 seconds


Boateng. Right at the end. Delirium the man he used to get Steve


McClaren out of one of two problems for Middlesbrough. He has done it


again. An incredible 60 seconds transformed the incidents


afterwards. Yes, action-packed. Drama until the end. We salvaged a


point for what looked an impossible situation at half-time. Not just


the two goals but the way we were playing. No real threat. You


thought, had we come back from that but unbelievable character, a few


changes, change the momentum halfway through the second half. We


started to get on top. You just felt a little bit of luck which we


needed. I think it was a soft penalty. Now, it's too late. We


think it is a soft penalty but the referee saw it another way.


half-time, I thought this would be a tough job. You could feel it. I


am pleased to we kept playing. We kept trying to play even when we


used the whip around the outside, not just going forward. Make sure


the Serbs are ready and they made a difference today. What did you make


about the bookings for your goalkeeper? Well, his excuse is he


did not say, he did not know he was booked the first time. He doesn't


see it but that is not a good excuse. No, it's not. It was an


incredible game. Sometimes, you see one team press self-destruct but


both did. Both were the architects of their own downfall. The goals


Leicester scored, Forest conceded they could have done better.


Leicester get themselves in a situation where they are


comfortable and press self-destruct by getting someone sent off.


Conceding a penalty which is debatable. If you are in Nottingham


Forest fan it is a penalty. Let's look at the key moment. Was this a


handball? It is an accidental handball. The first time he knows


where the ball is, that is not a good angle is when it hits the arm.


How he gets booked for that is amazing, the referee gets back


completely wrong. It is a debatable penalty. Kasper Schmeichel is


furious, he did not know he was yellow-carded. According to what we


saw and what we saw, he is booked walking back to the goal line


because you can hear the crowd roar at the referee should have got


himself into a position where Kasper Schmeichel was aware he


knows he has been booked. The he should not have thrown the ball


away. No but he would not have been sent off. That was the turning


point. Under pressure, the momentum. For the first time and again, they


look as if they miss something on the end of what they're doing.


which it manager is the result better, it has to beat Steve


McClaren. Of course. They are staring down the barrel with 20


minutes to go. They have got themselves out of the situation to


get a point after the game which looked as if it was getting away


from them. It does it reduce pressure on Sven-Goran Eriksson?


is fully aware he would be under pressure from the start. There is


none better to handle that. Nottingham Forest can take heart


from the change. Yes, it is particularly, Miller came on. They


were able to get the ball up to him, he held on to it. Even if he did


not win the initial first ball, it bounced in and around him. I think


that is how they started to exert pressure which they had not done.


Encouraging signs for Forest fans. Peterborough and Ipswich, posh came


up from the play-offs thanks to an unbeaten record at 16 games. A home


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 145 seconds


save, home side pinning back visitors. A good header and save.


Two good chances but the keeper is equal to both. Where was the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 145 seconds


of nothing. The goalkeeper gets it strike. What a strike by Taylor.


Extraordinary. His first league start the Peterborough and he made


what a shot by Tom in. He did not for Paul Taylor. What a day. His


league debut and two goals. The game has been turned on its head.


Ipswich thought they had done the hard work taking the lead. Suddenly,


their defence is falling apart. Two goals in two minutes. Ipswich with


a mountain to climb. Had the game has changed. -- how the game has


changed. This could be another one. It is! Ipswich are falling apart.


For Peterborough, it's getting better and better and better. 4-1.


is a red. It has gone from bad to worse for Ipswich. Four goals down


and ten men. He can have few complaints. He went right through


off. It can only get worse, it card and its which really are in


disarray. There are now down to nine men. The captain of


Peterborough has the chance to make it five. And he does! No mistake.


Beautiful finish. 5-1 to surely there will be more. Ipswich


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 145 seconds


hat-trick. It's which could not defy them. What a sorry afternoon


for Ipswich. What a great afternoon for Peterborough. You do not see


results like this coming. You dream about them, but you don't see them


coming. A great day for us. To win it 7-1 at this level is fantastic.


For me, it is horrible, but you know, it's embarrassing. We are all


ashamed. We have been trying to strengthen and improve the defence


Will Peter Crouch struggle for goals having sold their top scorer?


Yes. We got the answer today. This is what we imagined. The first


train of thought is let us get forward and attack the opposition.


We know we have got to defend, but we do like to attack. Everybody was


willing to go forward. Some great goals and really entertaining. This


was a fantastic performance. That was the first of two for Paul


Taylor. The next goal was the best of Tomlin's hat-trick. Even at 4-1


up, they would not take their foot off the gas. They do not think like


that. They just want to keep going. They might concede a couple along


the way, but they will try to get another two of three. They are


hungry for goals and they really put Ipswich away. It has been quite


a journey for their manager. We it has been a chequered career so far,


so we - Max -- shall we say. One of the players felt a drugs test. --


failed a drugs test. As for Ipswich, they have conceded 12 goals in the


last couple of games. Incredibly, they are on the back foot already.


The manager bought a players and everyone thought they were decent.


The way they finished last year under his tutelage, they finished


well. He described his team as weak and shambolic. We cannot argue with


that. It has been very poor. They have to tighten up and give


themselves a chance in games. The pressure will get heavier and


heavier. It will be an interesting few days between now and when the


transfer window closes. Now, Southampton, Brighton and Derby are


or are nine points. Southampton had a victory over visitors Millwall.


Saints have taken to life in the championship straight away. They


may be looking at back-to-back promotions. They started well


what could be called the coastal Derby. -- sea gulls. There was more


fun in the sun for Albion when a after the break. His 4th of the


season was converted. Blackpool looked set for another defeat, but


a veteran striker gave them hope. Albion were made to pay in the last


Nigel Clough's Derby. Three wins out of three is a start his father


would be proud of. It did not take long for the fans to have something


to cheer. Kill ban headed in his first golf for that club. --


Kilbane. Three rounds scored early in the first half and were intent


on doing the same and the second. Davies had plenty of space. His


cross was met high by Steve Davis, the goal coming just 15 seconds


after the restart. Having set up the first two, it was only fair


that Ben Davies got his name on the score sheet. He did it in style.


Derby delighted in winning their first format games. The players


have worked incredibly hard. Probably not playing as good -- the


kind of for all we were playing 12 months ago, but they cannot be


faulted for their effort. First time we have come off the pitch


this season when we have not won, but we felt we do deserve something.


There are no excuses. Fresh from Tuesday's dramatic leg win against


Coventry, Crystal Palace arrived seeking their first away victory


since October. They got off to a good start. East there, he got the


midweek win against Coventry, did his best to claim this one as well.


-- Easter. Andrew directed his head at the wrong side of the bar. Three


consecutive wins for Crystal Palace for the first time in a few years.


It was a good performance today. We coped with everything that was


thrown at us. Now got a good performance. We are not scoring


goals at home. We did not create enough chances. We need to change


our style. Burley's new signing was present, but did not play. He has


signed a two-year contract from West Ham. Austin did play there. He


signed in January, but has been out injured. Now he is fit and scored


after just one minute. Burley were looking for their first win of the


season. They may have had a good shout for a penalty. However, the


referee was not impressed. That is how it ended. Burley still without


a league win this season. -- Burnley. A put we were excellent


from start to finish. -- I thought. Unfortunately, one lapse in


concentration and we paid for it. Barnsley still seeking their first


win of the season. Reading were firm favourites, but it was the


visitors who went ahead. The home side came close to a freak


equaliser. 11 minutes after the break an incident that would bring


to life an extraordinary second half. A fantastic save after a


penalty. 10 minutes later, deja-vu. Robinson Kalou weaved his way into


the box. Hunt took responsibility. Same corner, same outcome. Reading


just could not get the ball in the neck. Alex peers failing to score


as his header was hacked off the line. Halfway through the second


half, the result looks done and dusted. Incredibly, the drama


wasn't quite over. There was still time for Reading to win. Another


penalty. Robson-Kanu stepped up for this one. Finally, Reading had a


golf. Keith Hill can celebrate his first league win in charge. We have


had to cope with quite a lot reasoning, but to get that result,


hopefully it will carry us forward into the remaining fixtures. We had


numerous chances to win the game, but we did not take them. Nicky


Maynard has got all three of Bristol City's goals, including the


two that beat Leicester during the week. He was hoping he could


inspire a home win. None of May now's team-mates looked like


scoring until after the break. Pompey's midweek win at Reading was


their first in a while. It was ultimately a pretty chanceless


encounter. Troubles on and off the pitch in


Coventry. A group of fans demonstrating against the owners of


the club. What he did have the ball in the next four minutes before the


break, but Yates was denied by the assistant referee's flak. Coventry


had chances to take the lead themselves. Home keeper Joe Murphy


had a fine game, but should have been punished for a late fumble.


Coventry and Leeds had their first point on the board. I don't think


we played well in the first half, but in the second half it was


better. We grew in confidence and manager got a colossal team effort.


They played very well today. They rode their luck had it at times.


They were good penalties, possibly it was just the height of them that


allows the goalkeeper to get across. Then they go up to the other end of


the pitch and score the winner! saw Blackpool get a terrific. Away


to Brighton after being two goals down. Kevin Phillips, doing what we


know he can be even at 38 years of age. Interestingly, he could have


joined Brighton in the summer but turned them down. He is clearly


enjoying his football. He just manages to pull away and it is a


brilliant finish. It is that little bit of intelligence just to take


you away from the normal and put you where you know the second phase


ball is going to go. When you see at 38-year-old do it, does it get


you? Of course, when the sun is out and the pictures are love - -


pictures are lovely, of course you want to go back. This was a great


result. Yes, there has been an enormous turnover of players since


Nigel Clough went there. Mark O'Brien, an 18-year-old, he has not


got huge amount of experience in the first team, but he is an


interesting character. Only two years ago he had a heart operation.


This is what football can do for you. It can pick you up. Now he is


in a winning side and playing well. Derby have done that without having


five first-team players available. Douggie came to the club to try to


keep them and the division. He is taking on Palace. It looks like


they will defy a few pundits. let's get to League One now where


Charlton and Sheffield United were the only teams with maximum points


after the first three games. The Blades had an away trip at Tranmere


to contend with, while Chris Powell's men took on Scunthorpe at


the Valley. Farringdon all cylinders after the


perfect start to the season, very good response. With 17 minutes


brilliant - - 17 minutes remaining, they manage to score a goal.


Scunthorpe have lost their 100 % record.


Both managers agreed that this will be the biggest test so far for


their clubs. Tran mere have six points and Sheffield United have a


perfect record. Nick Montgomerie scored a fantastic goal. Danny


Wilson was full of praise for the way his side dug in after that but


on one of the few occasions they got caught, their substitute made


sure that they paid for it. MK Dons boss Carl Robinson says he


is still expecting bids for Sam Baldock, and you can see why. He


opened the scoring. More from Sam Baldock to come, but Chesterfield


levelled before the break. Scott Boden scored. At the Sam Baldock.


He showed his predatory skills next, sliding in to score. Sean Williams


scored next. John Sheridan's side were not waving the white flag just


yet and managed to score another goal. The fightback were short-


lived. Sam Baldock had the chance of a hat-trick, but he unselfishly


played in Luke Chadwick. Sam Baldock had more spectacular plans


for scoring his hat-trick. As stunning strike to cap a


performance of real quality. There courtesy of a not very bright start


from a defender. The lead was wiped out in the second half when Clinton


Morrison's presence of mind meant that Julian Bennett's was able to


smash home for his club. Gary Madine scored. With 15 minutes to


go, the home side could feel even rivals will try to get their first


points. Brentford have made as strong start. Niall McGinn put them


was going to follow, but Brentford soon began to run riot. Saunders


scored a stunning free-kick. He repeated the trick from a free-kick


halfway through the second half. Marcus been smashed home the 5th


goal. This is the best start for Brentford and six years, and it is


the worst for Leyton Orient since 1966.


Buried made it two wins in a week as they took the points at Adams


Park. Ryan Lowe scored with an inch-perfect finish. Andy Bishop


almost scored with this chip. The second came after the break. Ryan


Lowe scored his pit goal in as many first when they were looking for


penalties and the car park. Not the most fearsome arrival in Stevenage,


but the team soon regained their exposure. They went in front after


spot. The boss of Stevenage she said that his players had lack - -


lacked hunger and belief. Byron Harrison scored. Hartlepool have


not lost yet either, but this surely felt like to point they had


at this one. The Huddersfield boss answered his doubters within three


minutes when it Jordan Rhodes scored the opener. Called Chester


hit back almost immediately. - - called Chester. Ashley Vincent is


sidelined for six weeks due to injury, but his replacement managed


to score to give his club the half much brighter. This letter 30


minutes for both sides to find the winner. Huddersfield took the lead


the ship at Preston, who now have their first home win of the season.


The only goal of the game came just before the break, something from


the training ground. Jimmy Proctor scored. Exeter merely grab the late.


In spectacular fashion. North End extend their unbeaten run to four


three Pass? Andy Williams was foiled by Jimmy Walker. John Mack


underscored with the finish of the had made a stuttering start. Murphy


Craig Curran put the ball across from this one. Chris Taylor went


down in the box and the referee gave the penalty. Ruben Reid


converted. Things went from bad to worse Ford deal. Trotman was sent


off for a late challenge. Nathan Clarke secured victory. It was his


debut goal. There was some last- A great three days for Bolton.


Their MK Dons are enjoying their best start to the season. -- be MK


Dons. Yes. He definitely made that his own and there are one or two


finishes that show he is learning how to play that position. This was


a fantastic opportunity. It is a great golf. A great team effort.


They have sought Chesterfield. -- hassled. Sam Saunders, looks a


little bit like David Beckham and takes a kick like him as well. High


praise in -- indeed. You can't argue with either a comment. Two


fantastic goals. If you can get someone like that he can get


something out of nothing, it is great. As for Scunthorpe, a bit of


relief. They were booed off the pitch when they last midweek. They


showed a real mental fortitude to come back from 2-0 down. The aided.


Charlton have a 100 percent record. There were the favourites.


Scunthorpe have a lot of fight and got themselves back in it. They


have a platform to work from. wins for Bury. We also know all


about Brian Lowe. They have got Andy Bishop back, which must be


like a new signing. Andy Bishop was good today. They played some great


stuff. They are another team here are playing the same way they did


last year. It is easy when you are dominating games to get on the poor


and want to play -- get on the ball and want to pass it around. Pretty


exciting times in League Two, especially for Rotherham. They are


hoping to win promotion before they move into their new home. There was


They saved to enjoy the good times, you have got to endure the bat.


Something Rotherham United know all about. It has been terrible. It has


been very hard. Them is a bright new era beckoning and this club in


recent years has twice been in administration, had been deducted


points and had to leave their ground. But hope springs eternal in


South Yorkshire. Initial work has begun on the club's new home and


after bringing in nine new players, it is a maximum points for the


players so far. -- for the club so far. You are getting to know your


new colleagues. There have been a lot in and out. Yes. We have got


off to a great start. He has shut up now. Can he write his name?


is struggling. We normally get his girlfriend to do it. -- he normally.


This is the planned new stadium, said to be ready in the nick of


time for them to play outside the boundaries. It is fantastic. Having


gone into administration twice before I came on board, it wanted


someone to get hold of it and develop it. I have brought in


professional people, we work closely together. We have now got


stability, growth and prospects. Describe what it has been like


following your club over the last few years? A bit like a roller-


coaster. There have been some highs, like the trip to Wembley, been the


top of the league, and the times we have been chasing promotion. There


have been the bad loans. Starting the season with minus 17. Just one


minute. This says it all. Let's just take a look at that. I'm


finding this whole experience rather surreal! A reminder of the


heights for Rotherham have Skelt in the past. Today it is the 50th


anniversary of their first participation in the League Cup


final. Eight members of the squad are here today and they have not


changed a bit. Well, not much anyway. Can you put into words the


size of the achievement of rather than rich in that final? It was


absolutely fantastic. Rotherham at the time were not a fashionable


club, but they were a good family club. One for all and all for one


and that is how we are. We have a reaction. It came four minutes


after the break. Troy Brown lashed in his first senior goal. Barnet


were in no mood to roll over. McLeod took a tumble. The referee


was in no doubt. Brown's agility on the goal line disallow it -- de


sell-out eight two Paul Cushing. -- but goal line disallowed a two goal


Cushing. -- cushion. The fans are anxious. Well Alfie be


here in 10 days' time? I hope so. He is a natural goalscorer. We have


had a lot of interest, but they have been some players that have


left and gone to Championship clubs for �1 million to are nowhere near


as good as Alfie. As a manager, you want to keep your best players and


Andy Scott is under no pressure to sell. He isn't. If the top scorers


go, it will be on the Rotherham's terms and no-one else's. You throw


that into the next and they should have a good season. And do you


think the added pressure that comes with the new stadium, is it an


incentive or hindrance? I am not sure there is real pressure there.


They have got a three-year deal and they will not to improve. I hasten


to add, I am not sure how much of a hindrance the Don Valley is. They


cannot get their quick enough. Les round off the rest of League Two.


Crawley Town got off to a flying start and are favourites for


Calling have settled quickly in the Football League. A third


consecutive League looked a tall lined up. By half-time, the


advantage was doubled. The scoreline did not flatter the reps


who were encores for the top of the table. -- and reds. The match was


as good as won. Crawley have racked up 34 league matches unbeaten and


it will take more than Torquay's consolation goal to dent their


a valuable away win. However, a handball was spotted and Gibson got


a second yellow. The Kent side pressed on. Four minutes from time


substitutes look Rooney made -- substitute Rooney made good. The


victory was wrapped up just before they ended the game.


Three straight defeats and not even a goal to celebrate. It has been


another disastrous start for Hereford, but finally they had


something to cheer about one day were ahead of the Dons after eight


match as his Morecambe side face Aldershot. You will not see many


sweeter strikes the band this all season. Kevin Ellis then given --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 145 seconds


Kevin Ellison at giving Morecambe a disappointing afternoon in Cheshire.


You can see why John Still was on points from 12.


Burton Albion were getting sick of sharing the points after six


acceptors - - successive draws. This amazing strike turned out to


played very well in the first cap despite the fact that they managed


- - managed to score four goals. Stan the boss - - the Akram Kent -


- the Accrington Stanley boss felt his side just give up after the


lead in the first goal. Tom Pope got the third goal. The job was


done before half-time. The tapping by Murphy just before the end of


the game did look no - - little to lighten the mood for Accrington


to score first blood with this penalty. Duffy managed to score his


first goal from - - for the club from the penalty spot. Their hosts


hit back just before the interval. Aaron Davies scored. Their home


side managed to get their noses in resilience we have shown, but also


the type of football we have played. We have got a really good spirit in


the team and you need that to come to a place like this and come back


and win the game. We are disappointed, but we will have a


good look at it and sees - - see he needs to be told how to defend, and


that is not just the defenders. Few can match Dario Gradi for


experience, but Shewsbury's boss also started managing in 1978.


Turner brought in for fresh faces. Sean McAllister got the opener.


Nick Pal's involvement lasted just nine minutes. It was a straight red


card. The railway men are enduring the worst start to it a season in


We have got a week now we're making it to an ice carving cup-tie on


Tuesday and all that brings with it. Players will be in great heart for


Tuesday after the result today. get the feeling that Dario Gradi is


going to need all his years of experience to get crew out of this


year in the FA Cup and they gave Torquay a bit of a roasting then,


and they did it again today. Chilling and are unbeaten after


four games. It is amazing how things have changed in the year for


them. This time last year, it took them 16 games to win the amount of


games they have already won this year! They look like they're in for


a good year because they finished in a row. Not bad for a team that


were third favourites to go down. They had a good year the year


before last, but not so good last year. This will be one of the


smallest budgets in that division. We are seeing some real quality in


the second division. Closer to fantastic strikes. They have


started extremely well. Jim Bentley is finding this managerial lark


Saturday's results means as far the league tables are concerned. In


nPower League Two, new boys Crawley climb to the top of the table after


that win we just saw at Torquay and because of Rotherham dropping


points at home to Barnet. Gillingham are level with those two


sides. Morecambe and Dagenham have also made good starts to the season


with three wins from four. At the bottom Dario Gradi's Crewe are the


only side that remain pointless in League Two after losing their


opening four matches of the season for the first time since 1981.


Hereford, Plymouth and Bradford all have one point apiece.


As for League One, MK Dons are top after that win over Chesterfield


and that's because Charlton and Sheff Utd were both held to draws


on Saturday. Brentford have also climbed the table after that


hammering of Leyton Orient. And Orient stay bottom and pointless


after their worst start to a season in 46 years. There are still five


other teams yet to win in League One including Hartlepool who have


drawn all four games so far. Southampton and Derby are the only


sides in the Football League with 100% records. It is the first time


Southampton have ever won their opening four league games of a


season and the first time for Derby since 1905. I should mention


Brighton and Palace, who have also made encouraging starts to the new


campaign. While at the bottom, Doncaster are the only side without


a point and that goalless draw between Coventry and Watford did


neither side any favours on Saturday as both of them are still


looking for their first wins. Now, before we go, don't forget to re-


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