22/12/2012 The Football League Show


Manish Bhasin presents action from the Football League, as title contenders Leicester take on Cardiff and Blackpool attempt to reignite their promotion charge at home to Wolves.

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Good evening, welcome to the best from the Npower Football League.


Thankfully the Mayan's apocalyptic predictions proved to be unfounded,


but you can always rely on the British weather to wreak havoc with


the fixture list as 14 games fell foul to the pity foul conditions on


Saturday. Leroy is here to reflect on some terrific games that went


ahead. After setting a new club record of 10 consecutive home wins,


he could have predicted card a's defeat at the hands of bottom club


Peterborough last week? Tonight we find out whether the Championship


leaders could bounce back at promotion rivals Leicester. Victory


in last week's derby against Blackburn did Blackpool's promotion


chances a power of good. On Friday night Michael Appleton's side


entertain struggling Wolves. For the second week in succession


Crystal Palace let slip a lead in the closing minutes to drop crucial


points. Could the Eagles get back to winning ways against


Huddersfield? We have action from Saturday's late kick-off at


Selhurst Park. Despite the rain a few games in League One and League


Two did survive the deluge and we have all the action and some


surprises on the way. Championship leaders Cardiff were keen to show


they have the mental toughness to bounce straight back against


Leicester. The Foxes' own promotion charge has -- taxes had faltered in


recent weeks. Paul Walker sold his one. Fifth-placed Leicester welcome


the side who are winning the race for the Christmas number one slot.


Cardiff's confidence has been in the charts. Leicester lost at


Millwall, and Cardiff's home record was ended by Peterborough last week.


There are seven points between them as the Championship reaches the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


are boosted by the return of Hudson, The first real opening of the game.


David Marshall comes to card a's rescue. That was a great chance for


back towards the edge of the area and the shot takes a deflection.


Leicester are just beginning to raise the tempo and turn the screw.


That was a good save by Marshall again. How close did Leicester come


then? Marshall again with a passage of play. Came rattled the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


woodwork. -- came. My word, Cardiff save. How this game is 0-0 is


Should Marshall have got hold of that? The Frenchman was prepared to


have a go from miles out. Leicester have started smartly and


Helguson. Plenty people back for Leicester. Bellamy has scored! It


was swept home with ease by Craig Bellamy will stop totally against


the run of play. The cross was straight to Bellamy and Edwards


straight into the corner. His 4th of the campaign, dispatched to


That was a great challenge from Morgan. Top-drawer and that is why


he is one of the best at this level. Because Craig Bellamy was end for


his second and just about to pull the trigger. Morgan with a vital


goes. A communication problem in the Leicester defence once more


nearly handed a second goal to Craig Bellamy. He could not keep


terrific run. No wonder his manager is applauding. He knew exactly what


he wanted to do. He carried the ball for miles. That was a whisker


away from being the equaliser. stop there header was off the bar.


Oh, so, so close. Marshall was nowhere near it. The crossbar saves


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


The substitute, Martyn Waghorn, raise his egg to the referee


because he is not happy with Gestede's Hide could be a danger. -


back pedalling towards his goal. It was scooped away in the end. Danger


bearings, but he took no chances and was happy to concede the corner.


It was Nugent and Cardiff manage to survive once more. Leicester was so


Cardiff. Bellamy tearing forward for support. He didn't quite reach


his team-mate. Gestede is in there powerfully to make a tackle.


Opportunity goes begging for Cardiff. Gestede it was. Sliding


the ball through to Bellamy. Who tried to square it across goal. And,


just seen? Proud of the team. Fantastic performance by us. We


played a very good team. Good experienced manager. It was going


to be a tough game. There were two sets of high quality players on the


pitch today. If ever there was a need to prove the theory you have


to score when you are on top, was that it? Probably. Yeah, we've had


a lot of good chances. Been a bit unlucky as well. But, you know,


credit to them. They've taken one of their few chances of the game.


So, it is a bit of a frustration for us because generally speaking


this year, especially at home, when we've been on top in games, we've


managed to get that first goal. Today, it wouldn't happen for us.


Bellamy is clearly going to be important to you for the second-


half of the season now. For a manage tore have a player like that


up your sleeve you always feel have you a chance? It's about team


effort. It's about the team, not one individual. He has been great


since the day he got here. He is part of a team, he know that is. He


said it last week, we work hard as a team. It's - I think he suggested


it was one of the best groups of players he has ever worked with.


It's about the group and not an individual. The group did well as a


whole. Being top, does it give awe lift? It matters at the end. Nice


to be up and around everything at to be up and around everything at


Christmas. Great game if you were neutral. Terrific win for Cardiff.


Leicester bemused by the fact they didn't come away with all three


points. Bemused up to a point. They know why they didn't come away with


the points, they didn't take their chances. They scored in every home


game this season, this should have been the case against Cardiff.


Unlucky. Poor finishing and great defending. Combined together, that


is why they didn't get result. Cardiff took advantage. Unlucky


because of the woodwork. David Marshal they found a goalkeeper.


They find goalkeepers at the top of their game at the minute? Certainly.


He makes good saves. His defenders backed him up. They made it


difficult for Leicester. These are saves he would expect to make.


Pushed them out of the danger area as well. Had a bit of luck at times.


as well. Had a bit of luck at times. The second attempt was given


offside. You need that. You think, one of these was going to go in at


some point for Leicester. You felt it would be very difficult. They


dug in there. You can say they had a bit of fortune. They took


a bit of fortune. They took advantage of it. That is the key.


When you are a side like Cardiff, when you get fortune, they are in a


position where they go forward and take the three points. Which they


did. You can talk about stats. Leicester had 18 on goal, Cardiff


had four. What matters is the one goal. This is what is very


goal. This is what is very impressive about Cardiff. With


their backs to the wall they come away with the clinical finish that


sees them through. Craig Bellamy works as has as he does. He has the


quality. If he gets the opportunity he will hit the target. He did. He


hit the back of the net after 20 minutes. You -- 25 minutes. You


felt it would be difficult for Leicester. It proved to be so. That


Leicester. It proved to be so. That quality came out and won the game.


Cardiff remain top. Eight of the positions in that position have


gone through to the Premier League. Are they looking good? Do you see


them fulfilling it for the second- half of the season? This was a key


game. There were question marks against them after last week's


performance against Peterborough. Terrific performance. If they


hadn't come out with a result today question mark woos have been


against them. They came out on top. Looking good going into the new


year. Ominous is the word. Two goals up, with 30 minutes to


play at Birmingham last week, Ian Holloway's side dropped crucial


points for the second week in succession.


Probably a good time to meet a Huddersfield side who'd lost three


of their last four. Well, Palace made just one change


with captain Miles Jedinak back from suspension.


While there were three changes for Huddersfield, one of them saw


former Palace man Sean Scannell return to the starting line-up.


Woods. It will be Jedinak who goes for goal. A whisker wide. No more


than that. His one goal, came here in the Derby with Millwall back in


October. That is so close. Jedinak. Zaha's pace. He has lots of that.


Zaha, tricky. Zaha! Catch him if you can. Few can. Wilfried Zaha's


first chance there to shine in tonight's match. Beckford there


caught by Delaney. That is a foul at least. Maybe a card too here for


Delaney. Red card! Off. A clear scoring chance there. Delaney sent


off for Palace. This is Sean Scannell. Looking to drive one at


Ward. He goes down. Referee says, penalty. Sean Scannell, ex-Palace


man, fell here. Clayton steps up. Speroni saves. Poor penalty. Powder


puff, weak. Speroni saves well. Live -- live to fight another day.


The referee says, no, this time. Palace appeals. Not given. There is


some shirt pulling. Nothing given this time. This is Scannell, again


the boos. Boos rather unfair on him. Beckford on the turn. Somehow that


for a save? Julian Speroni had to get down, right in the corner.


Beckford's shot. That is a tremendous piece of goal keeping.


Bolasie. Makes the angle. Back to Ward for Palace. Zaha. Bolasie wins


the ball. Zaha still. Oh, yes. Wilfried Zaha, for Palace, but made


by the most dreamy touch by Bolasie. Zaha, again the man to grab the


headlines. Before he finished, look at the touch from Bolasie. Zaha,


fifth goal in the League. He had a shot. Speroni across to make a


finger tip save of high quality Jermaine Beckford. It comes back to


Vaughan to go for goal. James Vaughan could not find the target.


He and Beckford a good combination. In the end, it comes to Vaughan.


Just drags the shot across the goal and wide, doesn't he, Vaughan?


Vaughan's little backheel touch there for Scannell. Bearing on goal


here. Scannell across, Beckford waiting, couldn't find it. Hammill.


Speroni again. He is proving a one- man barrier to preserve the


cleansheets. Pushed on now to the waiting Hammill who has gone from


right wing to left. Hammill still. Stopped by Jedinak, not for long.


Hammill across to Vaughan here. Gabbidon's pressure ensure it is


stays 1-0 to Palace. Southern for Danny Ward. Ward's cross. Vaughan


waiting. Put away by Moxey. Just ahead, beginning to build perhaps


for Huddersfield Town. A chance for Southern. Speroni beaten. Southern,


in there too was Beckford. Not sure who got the last touch. Sorensen is


claiming, it I think. His first goal for Huddersfield Town. The


goalkeeper was put off by Beckford's presence in front of him.


Goes clean through, past Speroni, who has been so good for so long,


until then. Wilfried Zaha. Bolasie, lovely turn. Caught by Gerrard, who


goes studs first. Card for Gerrard. He is off as well! 10/10, in terms


of players. Graham Scott levels up of players. Graham Scott levels up


the match. Dangerous, you decide? Sometimes you look at referees they


see a challenge being made and opposition fall over that, suddenly,


it's more serious than it is. Hopefully, people will look at the


incident and restrue and think that it wasn't a red card. Over the last


couple of wee with weeks we let the odd late goal. That one was soft as


anything, like a marshmallow in front of the fire at this time of


year. I can't argue with the boys. They were terrific. I was excited.


It was a decent game. Huddersfield are a decent team. I will pop off


and have a Christmas drink with Simon in a minute. 1-1 in a


terrific game. A game that had almost everything? It certainly did.


Excitement, sendings-off. Goals, good goals and some poor goals.


Contingency was fair result in the end. Lots of contentious issues for


the referee to contend with. You think he missed a potential red


think he missed a potential red card in the opening exchanges?


happened in the first couple of minutes. That is the reason why he


gets away with. It it's late. It's rash and wreckless. That could


really have done some damage to Bolasie. Here, Delaney comes across.


Poor defending. That I think is a definite sending off. It is


reckless.. He could have been sent off for being the last man as well.


It was for serious foul play. This isn't even a yellow card. A perfect


tackle, perfectly timed. He gets the ball. It isn't reckless. He


wins the ball cleanly. Bolasie goes over. He isn't hurt. That was a


shame for Gerrard to get a red card shame for Gerrard to get a red card


for. That It could be a defining first haft of the season for


Wilfried Zaha. Phenomenonal form. Bolasie has been overlooked because


of what Zaha has done. The build-up of what Zaha has done. The build-up


to the goals was something else. have seen that in training. People


do that in the middle of the pitch, to do that to lead to a goal is


exceptional. He sometimes doesn't get the credit he deserves. He


Should Simon be a little be worried? He will be pleased with


that. It is always a tough place to go, Selhurst Park. One defeat in 20


now. A run of nine wins have seen Hull's charge of promotion


Government come. -- gather momentum. Sailing with tigers through stormy


seas is a popular theme. Steve seas is a popular theme. Steve


Bruce making it look easy. In an appropriately around Pride Park,


Hull picking up their third win. But the goalkeeper did look shaky


on his debut. Despite the pressure by Derby, it was the Tigers who


took the lead against the run of play, 25 minutes in. Just before


half-time came a deserved equaliser. Michael Jacobs's cross forcing the


goalkeeper to tip it over the bar. Jacobs getting the better of the


goalkeeper on the resulting corner. The ball clear to the edge of the


box. But the midfielder was waiting with a delicious volley. Just five


minutes into the second half, another corner found the Senegalese


midfielder who, unmarked headed home. Hull was celebrating. Derby


battle hard to level. And a succession of the late corners. 2-1


it ended. For Derby, it is the best record at this point in six years.


Pleased with the way we stuck at it. Especially the way we played in the


first half. Created a few chances. And in the second half we did as


well. The second half, we took control. We have very good


possession. Like anything else, the players, the players themselves


have been the ones who had stood up and being counted. We are doing OK


at the moment, touch wood. The perfect start to a new era at


Elland Road. Now officially under new ownership, you can sense a


cautious optimism at Leeds United. They remain in the promotion race


after edging out Middlesbrough in this contest. The Sam Byram has


forced a save out of Jason Steele early on. And Boruc arrived at


Elland Road and took the lead 30 minutes in. Boro were pegged back


at the break. A Luciana Becchio brought Alan road to its feet.


Middlesbrough continue to create chances but were guilty of not


taking them. Then the second half, they were denied by Paddy Kenny.


Some clubs bring out the best in players. Becchio always seems to


enjoy himself against Middlesbrough. Becchio's 5th goal in four games


against Middlesbrough came from a corner. The 73rd minute when it is


Becchio's 17th in the season they could be catalysed by Leeds United


new ownership. Close to bursting the bubble is a certain Jonathan


Woodgate. He had an equaliser clear off the line. This follow-up ended


up in the crowd. Absolutely delighted. It has given everybody a


lift. When we managed to get Tait and Thomas, it gave everybody a


lift. Everything is so positive. We have just got to do our best. The


type of players we have got, I am pleased. We would put our bodies on


the line. I thought it was a cracking game. Leeds is always a


difficult place to come to. I don't think what added -- I don't be we


got what we deserved today, but sometimes that happens in football.


At the their imperious form in November, December has been less


consistent the Millwall. One win in four before Barnsley's arrival.


This was a dubious looking decision. So the Reds would argue justice was


done. The spot-kick only just stayed in the bottom Tear. David


Ford could only parry the effort into the path of Stephen Dawson.


Their hopes of holding the lead sort eight minutes into the second


half. There was a time when this challenge would have had barely


merited a word from the referee, but now it is a straight red card.


The decision brought the dent to the boil. Chris would seem to have


saved the day. But in stoppage time, the offside flag stayed down. A


great touch from the midfielder clear the job for Barnsley. We were


disappointed to lose the game. Very good performance and responsible


when we went down to ten men. We kept chasing the game until the end.


The effort has been superb. And a commitment. Results have gone the


wrong way for us. I am pleased with the performance, I thought the lads


were magnificent. With five games in 15 days, Gianfranco Zola was


talking about squad rotation ahead of this one. The only changes made


to his team was to include the player who scored the match-winning


brace. For Forest, the afternoon turned when a second yellow card


was given to the Spaniard. His fate was sealed just as Nottingham


Forest were about to substitute him. The Defence was still adjusting


when the second was God. A what food are now back into the play-off


places. Three points against a very good team. The first half I thought


was very good for start the second half, I was expecting a bit better


from the players. I thought, they were one man down and we took our


foot off the pedal. We have seen Hull register four wins since they


Anyone who has come in has done a really good job. Steve Bruce has


used the system well. Derby played well. Nigel Clough was delighted


with their performance will stop Amdy Faye came in for this game. He


was terrific. Not just for this game bash macro not just with his


however, but defence as well. the start of a new era at Elland


Road. Things are coming together at just the right time. Becchio


amongst the goals. Other players amongst the goals. Other players


back into the picture after 18 months out. They have got some good


results and they are creeping up the table. With this being


finalised, they said money will be available and I think Neil Warnock


will use it wisely. They got knocked out of the cup, but there


is a real atmosphere around Elland Road and it is something they want


to rekindle. Another club in Yorkshire have been linked to a


takeover. Barnsley. First win in 12 on Saturday. Lovely finish this?


is a lovely ball as well. It was laid it through beautifully. You


thought he might have taken it too far. But a lovely Clipper over the


keeper. Clinched the three points for Barnsley. Against the ten men


of Millwall. We mentioned Watford. You get Zola and and the players


have enjoyed defying pundits? are getting more players in, and


have done brilliantly. There seems to be consistency in their


performance and style with the way they played. Our final look at the


Championship starts at Bloomfield Road when Michael Abbott and was


turning draws into wins. Blackpool started the day four points of the


away. Wolves United have been up for this from the start. It was a


great ball from Pennant. It is a Wanderers. They are looking van all


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


of the time. -- looking for just onside. Maybe he should have


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


goalkeeper again. Two splendid stops by the goalkeeper. Keeping


black or at arm's length. -- keeping Blackpool out single-


handedly. It was a nice height, but it still required stopping. That


referee. There is the shirt-pulling. A chance to double the lead after


scoring the opening goal. Which he duly takes it with a blast down the


Santi Cazorla at all stock three shots on goal to a night for Wolves


launderers and they have scored The captain, with his first goal


since August. It is Fletcher who got the ball across. Right place,


right time. In a goal poacher's position. I must ask about the


penalty decision? I have seen it a couple of times. He has obviously


had a feel for his shirt but it was outside the box. I don't think


anyone can stake their claim to get a penalty and our players were


Sheffield Wednesday for a while, but this has been a good week after


a much-needed win at Barnsley. In a lively start, Prutton tested the


keeper. The next time Wednesday had the goal in their sights, they made


absolutely sure. McCabe will find it hard to Bert his first ever


League goal. Charlton were struggling to find opens of their


own. When Kermorgant did they were convinced he was bowled over. The


referee saw nothing wrong. He was more unpopular with the Londoners


by half-time. From this pass, Haynes had the ball in the net. The


officials felt he was offside. For taking issues, the manager was told


to watch the second-half from the stand. His frustration was complete


in stopping time. Helan signed off in style. I went to the referee. I


didn't swear. Didn't point at him. Sent me up in the stands. I asked


him about the penalty. I gave an offside goal, which was onside. I'm


asking for consistency. I'm asking for fairness. I don't seem to get


it. It was important to make sure that what we did last week, we


continued. We have done that today. That is what it was all about.


Forget how you play or whatever, it's about getting points on the


board. We have done it again. COMMENTATOR: Birmingham with 17


ages in their starting line-up. Their young side struggled in the


opening exchanges. Three clear chances for the visitors in the


opening 15 minutes. Paterson bringing a great save from Butland.


It was the Blues who opened the scoring, half an hour in. Robert


Hall with the cross. Davies heading home. Burnley felt agrieved when


Kieran Trippier found Charlie Austin and their top-scorer found


the net. To see play brought back so the referee could award his side


a free-kick. Thanks, ref! They bounced back with two goals in


three minutes. First off, a great touch from Danny Ings to put


Burnley level. Birmingham losing the ball, concede a free-kick


leaving Ross Wallace to convert this stunning set-piece. The home


side in danger of slipping even closer to the drop-zone in the


Championship. With most of Birmingham's players too young to


know what a close shave is, it was left to Zigic to rescue the point.


A cool finish to stop their slide and to start one or two others.


COMMENTATOR: A trip to Portman Road brought more frustration. He felt


Bristol City deserved more against Ipswich. Neil Danns opener had the


Robins hopeful. They were guilty of not pressing home their advantage.


Ipswich looked off colour, but started to come into the game after


DJ Campbell was denied by this double save. Mick McCarthy's side


threatening to pull away from the relegation zone in recent week it


is was imperative that City check their momentum. Tommy Smith's


equaliser let the Robins regretting woeful finishing. They had a chance


to put this game out of the reach of the home side. After this save,


the former tractor boy Stead met it a less than promising return.


game for us, wasn't it? We didn't get to grips with it. They started


better with us. Deservedly took the lead. Could have had another one.


The keepers made a couple of good saves from us. We got the equaliser.


In the end, fair result. It wasn't just done to us playing well, us


playing badly, I felt they played well. We have to beat them. It's


going good going. We have to get our home form going twofplt home


games now and like to take maximum points. At a sodden London Road the


day's big surprise, a game that featured more goals than all the


Saturday 3.00pm kickoffs in the Premier League put together. Nine


scoring strikes, most remarkably Posh got five of them. Tomlin tkwot


got the first. The second from Dwight Gayle. Gael's fifth goal in


six games, phenomenonal for a man in non-league football a few months


ago. Bolton have yet to contribute a shot on target. They found


themselves back in the picture. Sam Ricketts going down. Miller blowing


for the penalty. Keith Andrews stepping up and slotting it away.


Posh, who rocked football by beating Cardiff last weekends,


weren't having that. Two minutes after the restart, Thorne restored


their two goal cushion. This tackle gave another spot-kick and another


successful conversion from Keith Andrews. 3-2 now. The Trotters were


livening up. Posh had that cushion back. The ball was deflected to


Mark Little. A corn frer Tomlin, Zakuani headed in at the far-post.


5-2. Bolton fought their way back into it. Martin Petrov crossed in


for Afobe to make it 5-3. Two minutes later. Petrov himself this


time blasting Bolton back within a gel of their hosts. That is where


the surprises ended. Peterborough with back-to-back wins. More


thrilling than it should have been. I felt for 80 odd minutes. We were


fantastic performance. Then we were hanging on a little bit when it was


a game that should have been over a game that should have been over


if we managed it properly. We have seen Wolves come into form


themselves. Won three of the last four. They had to withstand


pressure from Blackpool. Tom Ince pressure from Blackpool. Tom Ince


was the biggest threat. His deal to Liverpool is all but done. How much


will they miss him? They will miss him a lot. Loot at his stats. In


the flesh he is even more impressive. He can play wide of


three. In the way that managers wants to pli these days. People say


one up front. He joins with the front players well, he can finish.


He is not just a wide player who can get assists he can score goals.


can get assists he can score goals. That is really important. It's


back-to-back wins for Dave Jones. Huge credit to the manager and the


Chairman who doesn't stick with managers under pressure? He has


managers under pressure? He has made interesting decisions in the


past. One of those was getting in Dave Jones towards the end of last


season. It was the right decision. He hasn't changed his point on that.


Great goals. This was incredible. This is something else. This was


better. Helan. Terrific finish in that angle. Great pace, great power.


that angle. Great pace, great power. A great three points. Not a bad way


for both those players to geft get off the mark. Peterborough, the


score goals. Something we have seen many times on this bg and talked


about on this programme. They are 5-2 up with eight minute to go.


They have to put their fans through the wringer? They do. Entertaining


being a Peterborough fan. Not good on the heart. Two great results


against two strong sides. They are full of confidence. That is the way


Dan wants his team to play. If they don't do that, they are lesser for


it. They need to attack teams if they want to win games. There is a


realisation that Lee Clark finds himself under at bier -- Birmingham.


No prospect of money, no new faces. Seventeenagers in his starting 11?


He has to mix and match and find spark within the club. The fans


have to understand it. Until the uncertainty surrounding the club is


dealt with and the takeover happens, if it does, this is how it will be.


There will be an element of understanding about the job he has


to do. To League One now and the rain


played havoc with the Saturday fixture programme.


Clem was at Brentford to report on Uwe Rosler's charge to the summit,


but ended up talking about the weather. He ended up talking about


the weather. Not the day they were hoping for. Brend ford, the


football league's form team could have gone top of League One today.


On the day they were holding a pay what you can initiative, supporters


could have got in for as little as �1, we are off. Not hard to see why.


Not a lot they can say or do. Can you only deal with the resources at


your disposal. No, I think despite our big effort to fill the stadium,


it is out of our hands. Unfortunately for the supporters. I


think safety goes first. You must be weighing up player safety v


number of supporters on the move? Yes. Player safety is the most


important thing for me as referee. The club put a lot of effort in,


aknowledged. Player safety has to be the most important thing.


were looking forward to a full stadium. Since I have been here


over 18 months the stadium has never been full. Everyone was


excited today. We are a little bit down. I can't deny that. We have to


look forward and move on to the next game, Boxing Day. I arrived


here and immediately had major concerns. We felt, bearing in mind


with everybody travelling, to make it as early as possible. We are


looking for a game for you to go and scout? Walsall. Before we go to


Walsall, we can start with Friday night's fixture.


With Tranmere's promotion charge showing signs of running out of


steam, run on Friday evening Ronnie Moore's side faced another test of


Moore's side faced another test of their title credentials at Swindon.


Danny Holland's shot crashed into the net. Ronnie Moore called his


defence display as bad as any he had seen. Rovers were unable to


clear, Andy Williams punished this slip. Tranmere are badly missing


three key players, the spine of the team, the manager says. He had been


hoping for more backbone than this. Williams denied. Ritchie put


Swindon four up. Rovers were heading for their worst league


defeat in almost three years. Williams' second of the game put


him on a hat-trick. He didn't have to wait long for his chance to


claim the match-ball. When Martin was brought down, Williams was put


forward. Worse than the miss was the prospect of explaining it to


Paola afterwards, all always the perfectionist. In my opinion not to


be criticised, at the end of the day they decide. Chris Martin said,


no, no take it because I give you the chance. But but I wanted to be


honest. It is my point of view. As manager I think in a different way


than the players. Martin should take because he hasn't scored yet.


He hasn't scored yet. He want the penalty. With concerns over the


pitch at Crawley following the wet weather, Danny Wilson said


Sheffield United would adapt if necessary. McMahon's approach to


the conditions was impressive. After opening his account with a


fine free-kick, the summer signing from Middlesbrough upped the set-


piece with another long-range hit 18 minutes from time. The result


leaves Crawley without a win in their last eight league games. It


secures the Christmas number one spot for United. The first of three


meetings of Sky Blues and Lillywhites in over a month.


Coventry did well to get a point from it. James Bailey got his first


goal of the season. Enjoy that Coventry fans, it was their only


shot of the entire game. Preston piled on the pressure. The visitors


were rewarded. Holmes equallising. Coventry, let's hear from Mark


robins. We have taken a point. Another point on the board towards


our total. Like I say, we have a couple of games coming up now that


are away from home. We look forward eight games against Oldham. This


threw down the gauntlet. Inside the first three minutes Baxter planted


a perfect header into the net to put them in front. That stride in


the right direction was cancelled out by a scramble at the other end.


Oldham survived the appeals for handball. Williams did the honours.


If that was emphatically despached, the effort which completed the turn


around was struck even better. Williams very much in the mood now.


Despite the set back, they looked dangerous. Their hopes of a come


back were killed off by this cute pass and Hayter's cool head. Oldham


had been hoping that Robbie Simpson could turn the match in their


favour. His appearance lasted little more than 15 minutes. The


home players not impressed by this challenge, nor was the referee,


Phil Gibbs. The Latics found themselves down to ten-men. Enough


full-time for Yeovil to make it their biggest win since August, the


Oldham defence lost the plot. long time since they were still in


a game at half-time, but they could beat ahead after it Chabot ever


Heri's Dick. The Saddlers edge to a first win in 17 matches thanks to


this find macro strike. Febian Brandy played well. Five straight


defeats for Culture but Thomson nearly snatched a point at the


death. A relegation battle that got off to a cracking start. In the


opening minutes, Morgan skipping past Bury's defence. Shrews we went


1-0 up. Despair for Bury, delight for their fellow strugglers. The


past few weeks have seen Bury put under a transfer embargo and


knocked out of the Johnston Cup. But not Dougherty banged in the


equaliser. Back came Shrewsbury. Morgan again beating the defenders


will stop Shrewsbury are themselves on the edge of relegation, but with


20 minutes to go a breakaway ended with Taylor thundering in his third


goal in three games. The visitors were back in front. With the 90


minutes already up and the whistle about to go, Bury had the last


chance for an equaliser and Steven Before we looked up at the League


One title race, let's look at one of the goals. Gavin Williams,


Yeovil's second, it was special? Yeovil's second, it was special?


can do it all day long. He has had injury problems and that is why he


is at Yeovil now. A great strike. A statement from Swindon Town who


put five past Tranmere Rovers on looking over Paolo di Canio.


Transfer embargo, but they carry on regardless. What ever you think of


the man, he has managed the club well. Tranmere have not been doing


well recently. But, they wouldn't have expected that. Tommy will be


disappointed. Sheffield United have taken their chance while their


competitors are not playing. They have beaten Crawley to go top. When


you have a fall-back like Tony McMahon who can score from free


kicks like this, it is a sensation? Absolutely, other players are


taking responsibility. Everybody seems to be stepping up and that is


why they are top of the lead. -- top of the league. Walsall, first


game since September 29th. The a huge relief. Against a team like


Rochester, right beside you in the league, it was needed. Bash macro


culture stuff. Wins at any part of the season are important, but when


they kicked off 13 games, it is more important? It is game, a


recovery. Working off the confidence of the last game. It is


a case of picking players up or keeping them on an even keel. At


Walsall, it is a massive lift. The manager will be keeping them on A-


level and taking responsibility for the poor results. He does not have


to do that. The players can express themselves a bit more. League Two


now, and only two matches survived the monsoon conditions. But on


Friday Cheltenham had the chance to go second as they travelled to


Spotland to meet Rochdale, who have cancelled. So says Mark Yates. He


branded his performance pathetic. Not a very seasonal. Rochdale's


second wasn't bad. Became on the stroke of half-time. Ashley Grimes


with a high-quality finish. That did not stop Yates berating his


team. Dodgy defending was his reaction. In Cheltenham were


briefly back in the match. This was just too late for inclusion of this


year's own goal DDD. Rochdale's two goal cushion was restored. John


Coleman indicated that he will be talking about face-to-face


grievances this week. It is the season of goodwill, but there


wasn't any between Edgar Davids and Gary Rowett over a bust-up over a


Bonet penalty. Burton took the lead. The back line handed Barnetta a


present a couple of days early. Ricky Holmes taking the gift just


before half-time. It was after the interval when the incident which


sparked the that touchline at row arrived. This confident finish set


up the Bees on their way to a first league win in seven attempts.


Holmes completed a 20 four-minute hat-trick as Bonet Dragan songs of


the forts of League Two. Three defeats in a winless run of form


macro on the road. The game was already up when the third penalty


arrived. Despite victory, having steered not want to bury the


moments at Northampton but could not match of their finishing. Jake


Robinson making the most of this pass. Dean Holdsworth said all his


side lacked was a clinical touch. Danny Hylton demonstrated. Aidy


difficult. It was an old fashioned precious game. But it was a very


good game. I thought we had to work very hard for the win. Bash macro


British game balls up given this weekend's conditions, South then


got the hairdryer treatment at half-time. We did the trick for the


Shrimpers to make up for a lukewarm first half. It was a quiet word in


the ear of Gavin Tomlin that turn the tide in Southend's favour.


Tomlin made it 2-0 just after the hour, powering home This cross.


Eight minutes later, Tomlin was at it again. His 11th goal in 10 games.


It takes Southend to within striking distance of the top three.


Not that far side who did not start playing until the second half.


pleasing. The first half, I felt we put a lot in the box but we did not


get on the end of it. At half-time, we had a chat. In the second half,


it came together. With Brighton's game at Blackburn


called off. Robbie Williams released a decent hit with Onismor


Bhasera bouncing on the rebound. Accrington were breached again when


James Beattie devoured an early Christmas gift. With panto season


under way, Accrington keeper, Rachubka played the part of hero


and villain after the substitutes, Paris Cowan-Hall, was taken down


with 12 minutes to play. But he was treated by cheers when he kept a


Warren Feeney at bay. After doing well to repel Paris Cowan-Hall's


appeared, his reaction to Nick Chadwick's challenge saw his first


period kick off with the wrong card in the 80th minute.


An event for end to that game at Accrington. What a result the


Rochdale. John, said it was the biggest game of his life against


Cheltenham. An incredible result? Having been relegated with Rochdale,


and they have lost their last four games, they needed a big win. It


all the talking was done on the pitch. Mark Yates's was


disappointed with Cheltenham. was a big win for Barnet. With that


when they have taken themselves out of the relegation zone. Especially


when other games have not gone ahead. It is making the most of the


chance? They have only won three games in the league all season


before this. To get the win and to get out of the bottom three, I am


sure mark Robson wouldn't have thought there will be out of the


bottom. It is a massive lift. They are going into the Christmas season


in good heart. As to Southend. Paul storage has done brilliantly hasn't


he? He has a very big black book. lot of contacts. They are doing the


business for him. He will keep freshening things up. He needs to.


He will keep moving. The Gavin Tomlin, a man in the rich vein of


form. Well, let's have a look at the


Tranmere's heavy defeat and Brentford's postponement by moving


to the top of NPower League One after their win at Crawley. Swindon


move up into fifth. While Yeovil's win sees them move up into the top-


half. Meanwhile, Hartlepool's


postponement will see them go into the Christmas period on just nine


points and bottom of NPower League One. Bury move up one position in


the only change in the bottom five. And Shrewsbury move up to 18th


after they drew. Gillingham didn't play but stay


five points clear at the top of NPower League Two. Cheltenham's


defeat at Rochdale on Friday night means they missed the chance to


move into the top two as Port Vale didn't play. Southend move up into


fourth, while Northampton and Rochdale both take advantage of


games being called off by moving up the table.


Bristol Rovers drop to the bottom of the Football League despite not


even playing, and that was because Barnet won on Friday night and move


out of the bottom two. Right, that's almost it from us but


a quick reminder that the sport doesn't finish with us tonight.


Later on at 1.30 we've got live American Football as the Atlanta


Falcons look to confirm their position as potential Super Bowl


winners when they travel to the Detroit Lions. It's live on the Red


Button and BBC Sport website, and if you can't stay up it's on the


Manish Bhasin presents all the action from the Football League, as the season reaches its halfway stage and the race for promotion steps up a gear.

Title contenders Leicester take on Cardiff at the KP Stadium, Blackpool attempt to reignite their promotion charge at home to Wolves, and early pacesetters Crystal Palace entertain Huddersfield at Selhurst.

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