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It'll be time for these two teams to settle it. He's going to fire


towards the end zone. Looking downfield...


CHEERING How did he do that? Were on top.


Unstoppable! Helen Lander welcome Tuala preview


show for the Super Bowl between newly Patriots and Atlanta Falcons,


and where better to host this event than Houston where people reach for


the stars, Texas, where football is more than just a dream, it is a way


of life. Football in Texas is religion. Football is everything. It


is a way of life. Every day they shut down for high school football.


It does become that family where you share the highs and lows of


competition. You guys going out today? You know what is going on on


Sunday, right? It is all right here. No matter what happens, it is going


to take you far, guys, right? All right, guys.


APPLAUSE Each of these guys that are playing


right now they take pride, because they love the game. They come out


here on the football field and forget all that that goes on


outside, because on this field, you guys of all the same, you're all


together and you are all working for a common goal. On the show tonight,


the half-time performer Lady GaGa struggles to keep her photo pays --


poker-faced. This was the first argument between me and my bid. The


Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan and as coordinator explain how their


relationship was. You have got to reschedule cross. And we will get


the final thoughts and predictions ahead of the big game from Jason and


Ose. We go to opening night. The venue is the home of the Houston


Astros. It is a chance for the board media to meet all those. And to get


the week off to a successful launch. This is your team, man, and I am


seeing so many guys coming up and hollering at my boy, Ose. I need


you, brother. I know that you are out there, to. You have got to come


down and holler. We have a special audience for you. From the United


Kingdom. This is the next great pass rusher in the NFL. UK, what's up,


man? You know the way to beat them, right? You have got to get pressure


on that quarterback. It is all on you, bro, what are you going to do?


Well, I myself, Ose is talking to his friends, everyone shaking his


hands and giving him a hug. UK, this is the man. And you see me, I am


just over here. You are my friend. Hello, UK, how are you guys doing? I


am Mr all some! The biggest thing is ball security. Look at the turnover


and away they get the ball away, superfast. We want to get the ball


and get upfield as fast as possible. We are taking on one of the fastest


teams. It is their speed. Who's that? Tom Brady. There is an intense


focus. Two weeks to prepare. The only thing going on in my life right


now is preparing for this game. Here we are outside the venue for Super


Bowl LI, the NRG Stadium lit up in the back run. Congratulations on


being a professional rather than just going round hugging some people


in the background. I needed some friends! I was just so happy to be


there. I was amongst all of my ought friends. I was in a comfortable


environment. It's a serious point, the Atlanta Falcons don't just want


to be happy to be here. Did you sense at media day that they were


not getting carried away, that there's a job to done? It is such a


young team. For a team that hasn't been there they showed tremendous


professionalism. They knew exactly what they had to do. They paid me a


little bit of attention but I had to see that I have a tiger that they


had. These guys are ready to play. You could see it in Brady as well,


you could see that focus. They see enough of me. Wow, when they came on


and came on the stage, I sense something different, like this team


had a different focus. It was very fine, like, fine June. We will look


at the Patriots later. We will start by focusing on the Atlanta Falcons,


and this is how they reached Super Bowl LI. There is no love lost


secrets held between the Falcons and the Saints. 40, 45, 50, touchdown,


Atlanta! Touchdown, Atlanta. Four touchdown passes in the first half.


That will lock up fast. The fellows in the Black hats have gone surging


into the postseason. Here we go. On the 7-yard line. With the catch, and


the touchdown! Ryan throws, and touchdown. The Falcons fly to the


NFC title game. I don't know if you have seen a matchup with two


quarterbacks like this playing in an NFC game. It is going to take all of


us, everyone together, let's get this wind. Touchdown! Mohamed Sanu.


He will play through. The ball is loose. Atlanta Redfern with


problems. Ryan wants to grow, Julio Jones in Green Bay territory,


touchdown. I would say that they closed this house in high style


today. Dan Quinn has taken Atlanta to the Super Bowl. All the attention


going into this game, and it has been this week, if you watch any of


the US channels, it is all about the Falcons' offense which has been the


best in the NFL this season. They have turned it up another level,


decimating opponents, beating them up and down the football field, Matt


Bryant, Julio Jones, Devonta Freeman, they have weapons all


across their field. For people who watch this one thing every year when


it comes to the NFL, is that the key to this Atlanta offense that there


are numerous weapons are available? Absolutely. The way that they


distribute the ball and use all those weapons, and they have got


comfortable with using those guys in all those different positions. But,


they have to get their running game going to win this game. They need


not to be one-dimensional. If they can run the ball that opens up the


play action pass which Matt Ryan is great at. If they just went pass,


pass, pass, that is easy for the Patriots to pick up on? Bill


Belichick will not just allow them to pass, they have got to be able to


run the ball and keep the Patriots defense off-balance. Lots of the


Patriots will just pin their ears back and come after the quarterback.


It will be a long day for them. Defensively, have the Falcons been


not weak, but they have struggled? Yes, they have. A lot of it is


youth. These guys have a couple of injuries early on but they have kind


of gelled now and they have figured it out. They have been inconsistent


and that comes from inexperience, but in the last couple of games they


have dominated opponents. All of the talk has been about their offense


and rightly so, because they are Dominic Thiem, but now, they are


peaking at the right time. -- they are a dominant theme. We will look


now at the contrast between the quarterbacks. You cannot be thinking


when you up there when you're playing this position. We put in so


much time and work preparing for the game so that I can go out there and


be on autopilot. It is fascinating to me what you have to process. And


300 people are trying to do bad things to you. Under a minute to go,


32-26, Green Bay. This is the second to last day, and I am looking to


make sure that these guys are in their spot. This is good design,


understanding their way that this defense is setup, that these guys


are basically year two double 01 Julio. Any time you have Julio


Jones, you expect it to be going in his direction. It is Matt's job to


see where the matchup is. Matt is a great job, and Mo saw that this guy


was going to take Mo, so we throw it to Mo, but if Matt sees that, then


yes to throw it to Julio. Very rarely do you get a pocket like


this. Sometimes guys cannot make these throws with the back pocket,


but what separates Matt from a lot of these guys is that you are under


more duress. The clock starts ticking. The next play you might


start a double call, you have a reschedule OY cross. Say what he


just said. He changed the cam and he wanted a different play but it


happens sometimes. I'm not sure what he said and which one it was


supposed to be. Julio realise it is is that if you mess up one word you


can ruin our play. That takes a lot of focus. Can anyone understand this


who doesn't love it? When I try to explain it all, people think you are


like a doctor or something. We are definitely not that. It is just


football, but what does go into it. I found my jaw hitting the car park


floor here when I heard that, when we watch that, just for how


complicated some of these play calls are.


Absolutely, you think we're big dumb guys... Big, dumb and handsome! Big


dumb guys running around on the football field, you see the


intricate details that go in, the play call, the things they have to


know, tremendous amount of information they have to be able to


cover as we saw in the video. There must have been 25 words, something


like that, in that call. That Matt Ryan tried to repeat. Matt Ryan's


nickname is Matty Ice and he needs to be. With that verbiage in the


west Coast offence is, it can be changed to mean a totally different


play if one word is out of line. One word in the wrong place, one word


wrong, that messes up everything. Everybody is screwed up, everybody


is like hey, what's going on? The crazy thing about those calls, each


thing he says talks to a different group, one for the offensive


linesman, for the receivers, one for protection, everything is a


direction to those people and they have to know the exact right thing


to do. Shanahan lost his playbook on media night because a journalist


picked up his bag by mistake and walked off with it and for half an


hour Shanahan, not surprisingly, was in a bit of a panic. I can't even


imagine what was going through his head. They had the whole security


team after that. The biggest weekend you lose your playbook. His head


might be in San Fran from he might be in San Fran already. They jump on


those plays early in the game, we know who got it! Some people have


been making jokes about that. You mentioned San Francisco, Jan had


world be thinking about possibly becoming head coach of San


Francisco, he's had one interview. He is the head coach. But he's got


to... This is firmly at the forefront of his mind. No question


about that he's going to be head coach of the San Francisco 49ers,


tremendous young football coach. This has to be on his mind. Let's


move from the Falcons and talk about the Patriots. Here is how New


England reached Super Bowl L one. Patriots underdog and is ready to


wrap up the regular campaign. Touchdown! Patriots! Brady. 28


touchdown passes, two interceptions. An NFL record. Comes back and plays


best football ever. Welcome to Foxboro and this AFC divisional


playoff between the Patriots and the Houston Texans. To the end zone.


Touchdown Patriots on their way to a sixth straight AFC Championship


Game. They have continued to march on. Like they have for years.


Welcome to Foxboro's Gillette Stadium and the AFC Championship


Game, each of these teams trying to become the first franchise to reach


a ninth Super Bowl. They get them every time! High-fives for


everybody. Runs it up the middle. Touchdown Patriots! Get the nails


out and start sticking them in his coffin! The New England Patriots


will play one more game. Tom Brady will try to earn a fifth Super Bowl


championship. When talking about the Patriots, do


you have to start with Belichick and Brady, is there nothing else to


really begin with? For me you have to start with Bill Belichick he's


the guy who stirs the drink with this straw. This is the best coach.


I don't know! LAUGHTER He's the best coach in all of


football, man, the best code we've ever seen. Tom Brady is an


outstanding player and quarterback but for me it all starts with Bill


Belichick. I agree committees in control of the organisation and he


knows how guys fit in from he recruits well. He knows what guys do


well. Even though there is Brady and talk Brady, their defense has been


particularly strong. Absolutely, number one is stopping the run. If


you stop the run, always got a chance to win. The number one


defense in all of football this year. New England's usually not


known for being the number one defense but this year they have


taken their game to another level. Bill Belichick, this guy has coached


every position, defense, friends, special teams. He brings all that


wealth of knowledge together and that's what makes him such a special


coach. Do you agree? I agree, I love special teams. One thing about being


a special teams coach, you have to deal with everybody on each side of


the ball. Offense and defense. You have to know your team. Special


teams win games. He'll say defense. The most field position in one play,


special teams. Whatever, I didn't play special teams. You were too


busy steering the drink with a straw or something like that. In between


steering drinks, he's been to meet the top man in the NFL, here is his


chat with the Commissioner. Ladies and gentlemen, we have the


most powerful man in the United States. Not the president. Roger


Cadell, commission of the NFL, how are you today serve? This is a fun


time for us, the number one defense against the border fence, two


incredible quarterbacks. Sparks are going to fly. This is something if


you can't enjoy it you shouldn't be in the business. Could we have a


Super Bowl in London? This is something that incredibly valuable


to communities when they get to host it. It's something we want to make


sure cities have NFL franchises have that opportunity to bid on it and


post it. It's a remarkable experience for the community. When


can we expect a franchise in the UK? The one thing we've seen is every


time we bring more football to the UK they embrace it, they want it.


And I really got to the point now where I don't think there is a


question from the fans down by Cobra commercial standpoint that a team


can be successful over there. It comes back to the competitive side,


can we put a team there where they really can be a competitive


position, like every other club. And not at a competitive disadvantage. A


brand-new franchise or team already in existence? That's part of the


challenge, when you identify a team, we like 32. We want to keep our


teams where they are. That's part of the challenge. How impressed have


you been with the growth of the sport? Not only in the UK, but


across the international boundaries? It's been exponential. It has. In


our experience, when people have a chance to experience it, the best


experience as you know is in the state. We've seen it with the UK


fans, they are so much more sophisticated than they were even


five years ago. They understand the game, the strategy, the rules. As we


look at the Globe, it's really prioritising how we can reach the


largest number of fans. A little-known fact, Roger Vidal was


the personal cause of the first argument between me and my wife. She


was like he's handsome. I was like, I can't. I know you have an


extremely busy schedule. You're not only a great player, Osi, you are a


great individual and make a great contribution to our game and help in


escrow internationally. We are proud of you for that, thank you for that.


Don't make me cry! Pass me a bucket! It made me feel


queasy, the end of that. What a wonderful relationship. It's a


special relationship. Move on, I don't want to talk about that. See


the hatred in this man's face. But hatred, disappointment, I thought


you were with us. I thought you only took compliments of us. This is your


city commute played here. You are back. When you've been around the


city this past week were provided by you getting? That good Houston five,


they make you feel at home. They are so happy the game is here. How


important is it to them to have the game? This is Texas, they feel they


made football so it's very important, their second Super Bowl.


The city has embraced it. It's better than the first one. They


figured it out. Excited about the half-time show? I can't wait, you


know who's going to be performing. Give it to me... I'll let the


pictures do the talking. Here is Osi meeting Lady Gaga. My heart! My


favourite is Lady Gaga, I love Lady Gaga, that's my girl, man.


Hi everybody. Terry Bradshaw of Fox sports. How are you doing? I've got


to tell you this is a big win for me with my grandma right now because


half of my family are massive Steelers fans. She is wigging out on


the couch right now watching this. Is she single, lady? Do you have any


memories as a kid watching the Super Bowl half-time show is? I think I


saw the half-time show before I even made the decision I wanted to try to


be a songwriter. Watching Michael Jackson do the half-time show was


one of the fondest memories I have. Next question from a Super Bowl


champion representing NFL UK. Osi Umenyiora. Absolutely. Listen, Lady


Gaga, I'm your biggest fan, I mean that literally because you know, I'm


quite a large guy. I have this excellent T-shirt right here.


Listen, I tried to think one of your songs on our show and I failed


miserably. Could you go over those words for me so next time I do it I


can be OK. I'm your biggest fan. I'll follow you until you love me.


Abba. Paparazzi. There it is, thank you so much. I was worried I would


need a second bucket but she looked so utterly bemused by everything


going on... It's a really a press conference for her. It was really


odd. I have something to say to you, I've been meaning to say for a long


time... # I'm your biggest fan... #.


Don't sing again! Let's take an overall view of the game. Do you


expect it to be one of the highest scoring Super Bowls ever? Possibly,


these fences are explosive. They've got great playmakers. Both


quarterbacks make great editions. It'll come down to who has the ball


last. What are the key battles? For me always be on the line of


scrimmage. Will the Atlanta Falcons get enough pressure on Tom Brady. We


know it's the way to him. If they can score some points early. Put


enough pressure on them and turned these past rushers use of the


Atlanta Falcons. That is where the game will be won. It'll be won on


the running game. Whoever can establish the run. Both of these


offenses are so explosive it's going to be about controlling the clock.


Patriots and Falcons don't play each other often. They pledge 2005, 2009,


2013, not a regular matchup. -- they played. How much of an advantage is


it to Bill Belichick, the master of watching tape and interpreting take,


he has had two weeks to look at this file can steam ahead of the Super


Bowl. It's going to be a tremendous advantage for New England. This is a


guy who's going to know every single inch of the detail about the Atlanta


Falcons. He's going to have a masterful game plan to protect


against the Atlanta Falcons fence and see the things he'll be able to


do. It plays directly into New England Patriot advantage. You never


want to give a guy like that that much time to prepare. I heard


something this week I really liked. He brought in new place towards the


end of the week to keep his team motivated. Let's see how that works


out. It only works on 60% of plays before arriving. They do the other


40 years they don't get bored. It must be some experiences had to keep


those guys ready and logged in. Time for predictions. At breakfast, this


is a USA Today... They had their experts predictions. Most of them


through the playoffs had gone either ten and zero, nine and one, eight


tad too. We couldn't get any of them to do the predictions for us.


Jason... You went six and four on your predictions so far.


Respectable. Not as good as USA Today. Patriots Naz and why? I'm


going with the Patriots because you can't beat Brady. On this day. I


mean the guy has magic, he's got the experience. I'm going with him.


You've gone seven and three on your predictions. You started badly. You


searched. On a bit of a run. He's going Patriots. As a former Atlanta


Falcons, who are you going for? First question for you, did you get


the Russians, did you get them out of my head? Out of your head.


Completely gone? If you've ever seen the show before, he blamed the


Russians getting in his head with fake news. And that affected his


predictions early on. If you've never seen the show, there will be a


lot of confused people. Atlanta Falcons. And why? I just believe


this is their time, they are desperate for a win, the city is


desperate for a win, this is a desperate football desperate town,


they deserve a championship, Atlanta deserves one more than the New


England Patriots. They have so many of them already. The Patriots for


Jason, the Falcons for Osi This is how we'll cover the Super


Bowl across the BBC. Thank you very much. Let's get out


of the car park, shall we? Next time we see you, we'll be inside the


enlarge East 80 in Houston for Super Bowl 50 one. -- 51.


The harnessing of power. The conquest of space. Propulsion,


thrust, the fine detail of navigation aids. The mastery of


flight. Defying gravity, safe landing. The universe and the NFL.


America at full blast. Going into the unknown and the gnome. Ground


control to Major Tom. Stand by for liftoff. The New England Patriots


setting a new record for the most manned missions into the sporting


Evans. The Pilgrim Fathers sailing on a Moonbeam heading for the stars.


The Atlanta Falcons, released into the wonders of flight beyond Earth's


atmosphere. Soaring to the occasion. Riding a thermal into the sporting


heavens above. Only in the NFL.


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