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Top 10 Moments of 2016

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Welcome to a very special edition of the Premier League Show.


Over the next half an hour we'll show you our ten best moments


from this year narrated by an array of distinguished guests.


2016 has been a memorable year for so many reasons, good and bad. In


England's top division, it has been nothing short of remarkable. 2016, a


New Year, a new start. Goal! It's his moment! Sensational from Diego


Costa! Issue me, it is magnificent. Fantastic Mr Fox.


It is not sublime this game, it is totally ridiculous.


What a beauty! Absolutely astonishing! So, let's


get started. We begin back in February with the Premier League


debut to remember. I have been watching Rashford from


the age of 13, no, he just turned up. I remember the game against


Arsenal thinking, who the hell is this? Has Louis lost the plot


because it looked like he was doing it on a regular basis. Well done,


Louis, that was magnificent. It was a great team to be playing against


and on the daily looked pretty good. Louis van Gaal had few options and


he had to use him. He announced himself Inspector killer fashion. --


in spectacular fashion. Straightaway I'm thinking, I wish he


was playing for Arsenal. Rashford again! It is all going the young


man's way. All of a sudden he bangs in two goals. One of the most


remarkable stories of the season. Where did this young man come from?


To play centre forward for Manchester United, coming through


the ranks, that is one position where I would think it would be


difficult for me. Little bit surprised that he has not gone on


and played more games for United. A standing ovation and rightly so.


Rashford is one of those that you should give a chance. He has proved


he is capable of scoring against anyone. Here's a smile on his face,


joy in his Hart and magic in his boots.


In just seven seasons as a manager, Pep Guardiola has won six titles


in two countries and two Champions Leagues.


In August, he landed at Manchester City and they got off to a flyer.


It was the worst kept secret in football. When pep is announced as a


manager, you're going to be excited. Since I stopped playing football at


first time I have felt jealous. I would love to have a manager like


Pep Guardiola. I am so excited about it. Pep Guardiola got off to a


magnificent start at Manchester City and we thought he would run away


with the league. They could win the league by Christmas. From minute one


they changed the way that they played. You just have to admire it


and Manchester City have bought a hugely competitive team. He does it,


of course he does, he is the manager. For Pep Guardiola and


Manchester City, today is a time of misery. Then they are losing a few


games. I think we are seeing the human side. It is not easy in the


Premier League. We have to be competitive. You cannot expect a


team to change that much overnight. He is probably the best manager in


the world. I will try to play with the ball as much time as possible,


but I am sorry, I am not going to announce it. If they feels he has to


adapt the formation he will adapt it but his philosophy will always stay


the same. I think he is a tactical genius and it might prove successful


but I think it will take a bit longer than people thought. The


initial signs are positive. I think city moving forward quickly. I think


it will taking time that he will get time because he is the best. I don't


like to thought well of my neighbours that he seems like a good


man and he is trying to play football the right way and for that


you have to say well done. Pep Guardiola is looking for some advice


force someone who has played in the Grimsby area, it would be


goalkeeper, get the number nine, bang it in the goal. I am willing to


give that advice for free. When Jurgen Klopp arrived


at Liverpool he promised to bring his brand of "Heavy Metal"


football to Anfield with him. But it was at Carrow Road in January


where his side participated in a game that perfectly sums


up his reign. Jurgen Klopp is like your mate's


cool dad. He will let you stay up until ten o'clock night and he will


let you have beer at Christmas. That is what he is like. When he was


appointed, I don't care who you support they all went Liverpool got


a top manager. He brings a vibrancy and you can see the love and the


passion in the Liverpool fit. They fit. When you watch I think, what


are we going to get? That is unbelievable! Bournemouth have won


the game! They have become a very tense creative attacking side.


They're on the front foot, an attacking team. He has put that into


the team. He gets the supporters, he gets the history, he gets the


players. And when you see his antics like the way he was against Norwich,


the supporters love it. And it is in the net. Roberto Firmino puts


Liverpool in front. No one -- no offence to in on his supports


Norwich, but he is Norwich. Naismith scores on his debut. There are 3-1


up. It ends up being a nine goal thriller. Liverpool straight back


into it. The game was a bizarre game. Norwich were in front and


looked like they would cruise the match and then Liverpool galvanised,


whatever Jurgen Klopp had said, got them back in. It was just a more


football. Does for- four! -- it is for- four! This is a sensational


game, one of the best you will see in this era. Lallana steps up.


Lallana has scored for Liverpool! Surely that is the winner. Jurgen


Klopp lost his glasses and then he could not find his glasses to look


for the glasses that he lost. I think everyone in Liverpool and to


be fair the country just fell in love with him then. This game summed


up Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp in a nutshell. He has been a real


addition to the Premier League and a very likeable guy.


In May, West Ham United played their 2,398th


and final game at Upton Park - or the Boleyn Ground if you prefer -


The question was, could the game live up to the occasion?


I think whenever you play a last game at a ground, in this instance,


the Boleyn Ground, I think it is always a special moment. It was just


a real good, honest place to play football. It has still got that


smell in the changing rooms of liniment oil and sweat, tears. You


can feel it. The last game at the Boleyn Ground was incredibly


emotional. I am not a West Ham but it was the drama of the occasion. I


was at the match. West Ham invited all the players from over the years


of it was a really nice touch. Was a fantastic evening. There were


thousands of fans outside the game who could not get in. The tension,


the legends, the former players around the place. To wave goodbye to


such an iconic stadium and a big part of the community, it was


difficult for a lot of people. Was an incredible atmosphere. They gave


the team are really good send off and they gave Upton Park a massive


send. A magnificent finish by Sakho! Two goals to one and that was a


special goal. You could not have written that script. 2-2! When those


special moments need to happen, they tend to happen. It is Winston Reid!


A late winner against Manchester United of all teams, it does not get


much better as far as finale is go than that. They brought the London


taxis onto the pitch and one or two of the older legends. No one wanted


to go home. Whenever a team moves to a new stadium, it takes time to


adapt and get that familiarity that makes it feel like home. It does not


feel like home yet. Forget all the memories, forget all the wonderful


times at Upton Park, move on. In December, two of the Premier


League's superstar managers went head-to-head as third placed


Manchester City took on leaders This game promised


fireworks and delivered. I am a big fan of Antonio Conte, I


have been since the Euros. He got off to a tough start. Then he found


a system, three at the back, that suited all his players. He has


brought theatre, life, drama. I think he is a guy who really


connects with his players, suffers on the sideline with the players.


This was the moment in this game when everybody sat up and said,


right, now we can really consider Chelsea as top candidates. That game


epitomised everything about the Premier League. This is a proper


game. Two teams who do not like each other and by the way, a couple of


players hate each other. For the first half, Manchester City were the


better team. I can remember the chance, the de Bruyne miss. If that


goes in, it is a different story. I was sat there thinking they are


going to get punished here. A lovely touch from Diego Costa who is in and


schools. I think he has got Diego Costa back for him. And Willie the


scores. From the signals I saw, I thought that as a winning type of


spirit and determination. And he seals it for Chelsea. I think


Chelsea were lucky to win the game but at the same time they took their


chances. That was bad on David Luiz. It was an awful tackle. Towards the


end of the game it was like a scene from the 70s. It was like Liverpool


against Leeds. Chelsea have won eight games in a row. I think it is


one of the best games I have ever seen in the Premier League.


When Arsene Wenger was appointed as Arsenal manager in 1996,


Ruud Gullit was the only other foreign boss in the Premier League.


In October, The man dubbed "The Professor" celebrated


One of the Premier League's greatest managers. You know you will get


entertainment. They are always good to watch. Style, panache, trophies.


A legacy. I think what he has achieved at Arsenal is just


extraordinary. Manager has dominated a club to that


degree. I have seen managers getting sacked after months, games. 20 years


on, Arsene Wenger is just a few miles away from where his first


eight years happened. When he took over, it was a bit boring, 1-0 to


Arsenal, and he has brought a whole new wave of flair and style, really.


I was fortunate to be in the dressing room when that change came


about. A magnificent goal by the irrepressible Ian Wright. Everything


changed. The diet changed. Rather than have six or seven points, it


was stretching, extra training. That had never been heard of. Arsenal are


the champions. Unbeaten from start to finish. The great invincible


side. Thierry Henry, players like that, he shaped the whole club. He


had been in Europe for 20 years. His record is extraordinary. If this man


had done this at Tottenham, there would-be statues built already.


Arsene Wenger makes history, winning a sixth FA Cup. The consistency of


what he has produced at Arsenal has been phenomenal. Equally as


extraordinary as the time he spent there is the way in which the fans


have problems with them. People point out the fact that he has not


won the Premier League for the last ten years. Be careful what you wish


for. If Wenger is out and they bring in somebody else, it does not


automatically mean that he will be better than Arsene Wenger. Arsenal


have won it and on the 20th anniversary of taking charge of the


club, a huge smile worn on the face of Arsene Wenger. When he hangs up


his coat, people will appreciate what he has done for not only


Arsenal but English football. Sunderland spent 237 days of last


season below the dreaded dotted line and faced a future


in the Championship. Sunderland did what they do. If


anybody was going to turn it around, it was probably Sam Allardyce. What


he does is simple. He goes back to basics. He is a great manager to


avoid you getting relegated. If you do not win football matches, you get


relegated and I want to avoid that. They had a bad spell and I think he


was happy to go. I remember being at Tottenham early in the season. It


didn't look like a Sam Allardyce side. You cannot pull a rabbit out


of the hat at this time. I was questioning some of the moves,


putting me on the left wing for a number of games. I remember talking


to Jermaine, and he said, I am a striker, I don't go there. That was


when it clicked that he was his main man. Jermain Defoe! Jermain Defoe


could be the difference maker for Sunderland. With a guy like Jermain


Defoe on your team, if you create chances, he will score goals.


Sunderland now that they will be safe in the Premier League for


another season if they win this game tonight. The momentum from the start


of the night was with Sunderland, and you could sense that this was


the occasion they were going to do it. Patrick van Aanholt has the


Stadium Of Light lifting off. All of a sudden Sunderland were sending


down their local rivals, Newcastle. Obviously, it would have rocked


Newcastle to the core. It is in from Kone. He has got another. The fact


that it was Sunderland are sent them down, it does not get worse than


that. As a Sunderland fan, that is like your Christmas, birthday and


wedding day on the same day. There was one job, keep Sunderland in the


Premier League. Job done. I'm not sure what he was doing, it was a


form of Strictly Come Dancing. He gets teams organised and makes them


difficult to beat. He has had some issues since then. Some breaking


news, Sam Allardyce is leaving his position as England manager. Is that


your last job in football? Who knows. We will wait and see. If you


sack Sam Allardyce and you are in the bottom three, you know the


manager you want? Sam Allardyce. In his first spell in charge of


Chelsea, Jose Mourinho enjoyed unprecedented success.


But his second spell at Stamford Bridge ended


This summer he was named the new manager of Manchester United


and in October returned to his spiritual home.


Chelsea are champions, for the second year running. Jose Mourinho


has pulled it off again. In this country we have always associated


Jose Mourinho with Chelsea. Seeing him back in the dugout with


Manchester United, it looked a little strange. He would have wanted


to go there and show that he was still the man. It is like going back


with your ex, you don't want to look but you want to see what happens. I


was surprised he went in the correct dugout, to be honest. The words of


Jose Mourinho are so woven into the fabric of Chelsea. He knows them so


well. Generally, they got a really good reception but it was a pity he


forgot to tell his players that there was a match. They are in


trouble. Pedro has scored four Chelsea! At 31 seconds. How about


that? They might be further behind, and they are! Gary Cahill makes its


two and Jose Mourinho's mange United have been blown away. -- Man United.


I imagine it was humbling and possibly slightly humiliating. You


could see his face. He did not know what to do. What was really strange


was the fact that his team got a spanking. A lovely ball in, Eden


Hazard! A wonderful goal by Eden Hazard. Antonio Conte. He might get


one here. Defeat is becoming humiliation. We know it does not end


there with Jose Mourinho. What he said to Antonio Conte, celebrating


and all that kind of thing, Jose has never done that. We have seen him


slide down on his knees on the touchline so the audacity of him to


say that. I don't think we deserve this result at all. We're now


starting at a new club, what I consider to be the biggest club in


the world. It is all down to him now. How good is he at what can he


do? I think is amazing. -- I think he is amazing.


When Tottenham Hotspur visited under-performing Chelsea


at the beginning of May, they still harboured dreams


What transpired was a game that will go down in Premier League history.


Tottenham had been knocking on the door for a long time. They are like


a cat that keeps coming back for foot. More pandemonium for Spurs


supporters! When you have got a young squad, you get that boyishness


in terms of player. Harry Kane, a great chance. Brilliant goal! A


feeling that you can beat anybody. Lamela! Spurs are running riot. A


lack of experience of the high level is probably what cost Tottenham last


season. The Chelsea Spurs game at Stamford Bridge, I was there. That


was brilliant. It was fantastic. It was a slightly strange experience,


watching that game. Normally when I watch Spurs play against Chelsea, I


want them to win. And then it got to a situation where if Chelsea could


get a point, Leicester would win the title. Chelsea wanted to stop


Tottenham winning the league. That is how far Tottenham come. Watching


that game, Spurs were dominant. Harry Kane for Tottenham who have a


precious lead. It was a curious situation, having written Spurs off


season, suddenly believing that it was becoming real. It was nerve


wracking. It is 2-0 to Tottenham! And Spurs are on their way.


Especially when Tottenham went 2-0 up, you thought, they are going to


have to do it. It still might not happen. Something happened in the


last 15 minutes because the team that I saw going into the dressing


room after 45 minutes was different on the way out. Gary Cahill, 2-1.


What next for Tottenham, what next for Leicester City? Spurs definitely


had one or two mental issues during that game. The atmosphere was fiery.


In danger of toppling over completely and bursting into a


horrible fight. Tottenham got sucked in to playing the occasion rather


than the game. They were fighting a panicking and nervous and Chelsea


started to enjoy the moment. Then Eden Hazard's moment. It was just


something else. Wriggling between two. You know something is going to


happen. A lovely turn. And then, click, watch this. What a goal by


Eden Hazard! As a Spurs man, I was like, why? And all good enough to


win the title. And Eden Hazard has sunk Spurs.


When Claudio Ranieri took over at Leicester City


At Christmas, they were top of the Premier League


but their title credentials were still being questioned.


On the 6th of February 2016, everyone started to believe.


You can ask pundits over all the stations in the world, and if


somebody says, I put money on Leicester to win, they would have


been lying. Leicester winning the league was one of the most joyous


experiences of my life. And he has scored! I think it is the greatest


spoke King -- greatest sporting moment in Premier League history


because there is no way in the world they should have won the Premier


League title, no way in the world. What a screamer! That is amazing. A


staggering football story, for little old Leicester to come and


beat the big boys, without a shadow of the doubt, the story of the year.


The rest of us thought, they will slip up. They cannot keep doing it.


They went back to basics. Simplicity, sleeves up. Socks up.


Hard work togetherness. That is what it was. I think when Leicester won


at the Etihad, I started to think, maybe it was just possible that they


might win the league. I sort of knew they wouldn't but I thought it could


feasibly happen. This has been a fairy tale story but this is where


it is going to end. They will come up against the big boys and show


that you are there but you are not quite there. I remember before the


game thinking they could take it. They played with such belief and


domination at such a tough fixture. Robert Huth, and Leicester City are


in front. Leicester fought them, outplayed them, out for them. -- out


thought. Wonderful skill. A situation and an individual can turn


a season. No other player could have done that. That was the moment, I


think, where people stood up and went, hold on a minute, Leicester


might go all the way this season. Robert Huth with his second, and


Leicester's third. We started to think maybe, could it? I remember


texting one of the players after the game, saying I think you can do it.


From that game on words, this fairy tale was really going to happen.


They were going to go on and win the league. And they did. People were


still writing them off with six weeks of the season to go. No way,


it can't happen. Leicester winning the league in 2016 is the best


football story ever. And that includes England winning the World


Cup. It was just a wonderfully joyous moment. Tears did flow. Those


are our top ten Premier League moments of 2016.


We'll be back on Thursdays in the New Year beginning


on January 12th, so please tune in for that one.


Until then, have a wonderful Christmas.


We'll leave you with a few moments that didn't quite make the list.


Here we go again. A new season, new managers. Come on!


Ambitious. Goodness me. There was quite a drop behind there.


That is what is called taking everything and everyone out. But


apart from that, nothing much has really changed.


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