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Good evening. A busy bank holiday in the Women's Super League: Manchester


City looking to make it five wins in a row this afternoon and it remains


to be seen if they will get their hands on the WSL one trophy although


one of their players has got their hands on some silverware. The


women's PFA players Player of the Year. Christensen! City lead. Isabel


Christiansen with the header. It may fall for Christiansen mussel!


Christiansen with the header. It may fall for Christiansen She doesn't


miss those. It's another quality finish from Isabel Christiansen. --


it may fall for Christiansen! The players Player of the Year, Isabel


Christiansen. Yes, we are delighted to be joined by the newly crowned


PFA Player of the Year, Isabel Christiansen. Plenty to get through


with her and former Everton team-mate, Rachel Brown Finis as


well. We begin in Manchester, Isabel may be injured but her City


counterparts are trying to maintain a 100% record with victory over a


Doncaster team still searching for their first points of season.


COMMENTATOR: A slow start to last season ultimately scuppered


Manchester City's title challenge, with four wins and four clean sheets


so far they've not make the same mistake this time. Toni Duggan


stepped off the bench and stored straightaway at Sunderland on Friday


night so has earned a recall in the only change for City -- scored


straightaway. Jane Ross is the top scorer with four so far. Glenn


Harris has brought experience back into his defence following the 2-1


defeat at Birmingham. Simpkins and Roberts replacing, and Tierney --


replacing, dot-macro placing Gummer. Harris. Picking out Bronze! And Lucy


Bronze scored the opening goal. It hasn't taken Manchester City very


long. Lucy Bronze with her first of the season. She always provided so


much energy down the right-hand side and now she has added the finish as


well. Harris with another assist and it's an uphill battle for the


Doncaster bells already. It failed to get anything from this game, the


Doncaster Belles need to score against Manchester City for the


first time this season. They are sending a second goal already here.


Stokes with the cross. Scrambled parents as far as Scott! And there's


the second goal. The Doncaster Belles paying a heavy price for not


clearing the initial ball from Spokes. It sat up nicely for Jill


Scott and two goals in three minutes looks to have set Manchester City on


the way -- from Stokes. Strong play. Jill Scott keeping the


ball in play and the flick! Almost a delightful third from Jane Ross.


Smart saved by Nicola Hobbs. Ross has been the striker in form so far


for Manchester City and that would have been an audacious goal.


The clearance and Bronze with the stabbed shot which was blocked.


Bronze again, Harris again, and a good save from Hobbs and the


clearance from Barker. Nicola Hobbs has now made two really fine saves


in the game. The latest from Paris's header.


Paris, off the bar, and it is in from Ross. The third goal has


finally arrived. It's Jane Ross, yet again this season, number five for


her. Beatty and then Paris, the woodwork intervened. But Ross was


alert to the opportunity. We finally have a scoreline more reflective of


the balance of play, 3-0. Manchester City have three. They could have had


half a dozen in the first half. Ross picking out as Lani! And it's off


the line by Little. -- Asllani. As Lani's wait for a goal goes on. The


corner drifted in towards Beattie! And that is 4-0. Jennifer Beattie


with the towering header and Manchester City's dominance of this


game remains absolute. She was involved in the third and she has


scored the fourth. This is turning into a horrible afternoon for the


Doncaster Belles. It remains one-way traffic. Here is


Paris, and it is five! Kosovare Asllani finally has her goal, one of


the biggest stars in European football opening her account in WSL.


It is a tap in but it will mean a lot to the Swedish international.


Another decent delivery. Smuggled away at the near post. The clearance


off the line, and it is played back in and off the bar again! It is


Paris for a second time. But this time there was nobody to apply the


finishing touch. Beattie stepping in and that's a


good ball, Duggan is waiting in the centre and she makes it six.


Welcomer Toni Duggan has had to wait a long time for a goal today --


well, Toni Duggan. Paris again with the assist. She's been involved with


so many of the goals so far. Duggan was able to tuck in her second in


two games. The ball from Scott. Here is Bronze, Duggan in support. It


comes to Toni Duggan. Bronze with the shot! Manchester City have hit


the bar again. That's the final action of the game. Manchester City


scoring six, but there could have easily been ten here today.


Emphatic stuff, five straight wins in the league this season, 13 goals


scored, none conceded, where is it going wrong? First and foremost, the


clean sheet is important because if you don't concede, you can't lose


the game and that has been at the forefront of our plans over three


years, to be solid at the back. And going forward, you can say we are


floating at the moment, the forwards are on form and full of confidence


and when you have that with a solid defence, you are destined for some


success now and again. And they are doing it without you, the Player of


the Year! Worried about getting back in! Suddenly, I'm doing the extra


hours in the gym at the moment but the girls are doing a fantastic job.


What is the key to the victory today for City? As good as City were, and


we know about their rampaging full-backs and how they get up the


pitch, I think the Doncaster players are struggling, they had players out


of position. Square pegs in round holes, two central midfielders


playing at full-back. We can see how Parris has pace to burn and she gave


a torrid time for the defence. Such a simple finish, Lucy Bronze joining


in. Jane Ross came off the front line, turning, and Parris gave her,


-- if you give her 1-yard she's going to burn you and it was a


simple tap in. That's what Manchester City have been forging in


every game this season. Is that something you would say that


Manchester City are working on? Certainly, we do a lot of work on


the training field in exploiting spaces and adding extra numbers


where we can. We can see Parris getting behind the back line and


providing a fabulous assist for Toni Terrible start for Doncaster, the


goal difference, -10 and they have just been promoted. You talk about


square pegs in round holes, but why have they got that at the start of


the season? It isn't that they are having to fill players in at


full-back, they have started the season with two central midfielders


playing in the left and right back positions. They are really basic


errors. Looking at the analysis, not only the back line is disjointed,


individual marking is really poor, and we see Manchester City playing


one, two touch football, holding the ball well. There are seven players


with their backs to the eventual goal-scorer, Jill Scott. When the


ball gets to her, she is in yards of space, she has time to bring the


ball down. Not a bad finish. Fantastic finish, she scored one in


the last season, the one before that, and I'm delighted for her to


have scored. Doncaster have struggled with set pieces, we know


that they can win or lose games and today wasn't the deciding are for


them but they don't mark placed tightly enough. Beattie pretty much


getting a free header, getting away from Little. Simple bodycheck by the


Doncaster Belles are sinking and they need to improve quickly.


Brilliant to have you in the studio, the PFA Player of the Year. We heard


about how honoured you are to have it and is a wonderful achievement,


especially bearing in mind that you world one of the Lionesses. How is


it coming together for you now? There is no secret, many


professionals will know, you have to put in the hours and I did that. I


think that is while the girls were in Canada, I wanted to be out there,


I was sick of people asking me why I wasn't there, I felt I had to change


something and I did that and I made a very good environment to do so.


Congratulations, pleased for you. Your team-mates seem to be as well.


Moving on now to a couple of teams in transition, Notts County and


Liverpool meeting at Meadow Lane. For some clubs, investment brings


immediate success but it hasn't been black and white for Notts County.


Since rebranding two years ago many have cited the Lady Pies as dark


horses but the sustained challenge for the WSL one title hasn't


materialised, the loss in the cup final adding to the frustration. An


overhaul at Liverpool has helped to secure back-to-back titles but an


exodus of talent left them fighting at the wrong end of the table last


season and further departures have raised questions about their


credentials for 2016. COMMENTATOR: Both teams are really desperate for


a platform for growth. Each perhaps will have been targeting this


fixture to achieve that. It should make it a fascinating watch at


Meadow Lane. Ellen White's return from suspension. Big boost for Notts


County. She scored three times against Liverpool last season.


Another player coming back, the Liverpool burden forum two Liverpool


born Fern Whelan -- Liverpool born Fern Whelan. Nine new players signed


by Liverpool in the off-season, seven of them starting today. Only


one change to the team beginning last week's defeat to Chelsea, with


Laura Coombs preferred. Greenwood recently left Notts County for


Liverpool. Liverpool looking to stretch the play here. A good ball


by Harding. Arriving in the penalty area for Liverpool. Only just off


target from Rosie White. Instinctively she swung her leg at


it and it wasn't far away. This is van. Another Dutch international in


the Liverpool setup cars Vandenberg -- Vandenberg. Not far away.


Nice ball for Rachel Yankey. It is brilliant! Lovely Notts County goal.


Typical Rachel Yankey. Ellen White getting wide in the middle, always


available for those crosses. She knew that Ellen White would be


there. Rachel Yankey. Jessica Clarke in the


middle. And she might get to this! Just could not get it on target. But


great ball over. Picked up by Jessica Clarke. She


goes alone! Sensational! She is on fire right now, Jessica Clarke, and


she just proved it. A wonderful girl. Third in the league this


season. Nice touch by Ellen White. The


referee pointing to the spot. A penalty for a full and an


opportunity for them to get back into this. Amy Turner got something


to the ball, we are looking at it in slow motion. Crucial moment in the


game. Callaghan -- Caroline Weir for Liverpool. It is an opportunity


squandered. Bring it forward for Notts County. Ellen White will need


support. Rachel Yankey making a run towards the penalty area. Wonderful!


What a goal from Ellen White! A moment to remember. Players arriving


in the middle but she did not need them. It is three now for Notts


County. Lovely ball, Shanice Van de Sanden getting on the move. Support


comes in the shape of Emma Lundh. The referee pointing to the spot,


the second penalty for Liverpool. Expertly taken. Katie Zelem. Her


first WSL goal of the season. Liverpool trying to force the issue.


A good ball for Katie Zelem and it is in! It is another! Katie Zelem.


And Liverpool have a chance to rescue a point. Two quickfire goals.


For 80 minutes we were top-class. The way and played a really good.


Apart from the last five or ten minutes when we did not manage the


game well. But we can analyse the game tomorrow, but for today, a good


performance and three points. Today we probably were not good


enough and we could have taken a point but probably did not deserve


it. Honesty from Scott Rogers. The


wayside, Liverpool, had two thirds of possession but Notts County had


the players to do the damage on the counter.


Two thirds of possession Liverpool had counted for nothing. Notts


County have terrific players, it all starts in the midfield. But three in


midfield with Laura Bassett almost a holding role, working at play, that


was effective all day. Both defensively and in attack. Laura


Bassett breaking up the pattern of play. The same thing again, the


triangle. All within ten yards of each other. If one does not win it


then the next is there. Laura Bassett with the break-up play,


Rachel Yankey has the poise and composure just to find Ellen White


who is that typical forward, ready and alert in the box. Again Laura


Bassett, the three of them, in midfield. Initially broken up but


Laura Bassett wins the ball and a quick counter. Lovely ball through


from Danielle Buet. Ellen White in acres of space. And what about this


for a finish. Did really well to cut inside and she should be proud of


that finish. And the goal, and left footed finish


from Jessica Clarke. How will Liverpool analyse their defending?


On both of those goals they should have been tighter. Jessica Clarke,


her finish is wonderful to stop she cuts inside and she is a very good


goalkeeper social Jessica will be pleased with that.


Going down the line of the ball but again taking nothing away from Jesse


Clark, that is a peach. Liverpool improved of course in the second


half, two penalties awarded. What is your take on them? We have watched


them numerous times. And it is still quite tough. Liverpool where


improved in the second half thankfully. Shanice Van de Sanden


gets ahead of Amy Turner. We watched from this angle, is it a penalty,


looking at it again I think the benefit of that doubt has got to go


to the attacker. Shanice Van de Sanden has done really well to get


across Amy Turner and forced to make the challenge. Technically gifted


player and I think she will be disappointed. And second time


through Shanice Van de Sanden again getting through, Danielle Buet. Amy


Turner goes to ground very quickly, it really has no caution. And Katie


Zelem puts it away. No clean sheet in 11 games for Notts County. The


defending, why is that? It is exciting to watch, but mainly it is


individual error. You see the whole backline of not Scotty Dzagoev Notts


County and they should be higher. They do not get tight enough. She


has got time here to pick a spot, that is difficult for any goalkeeper


to get to. What do you think of Notts County this season? They're


tough to play against. We played them in the first game of the


season, they have a tight defensive unit. Midfield especially difficult


to get around. I think they are looking to improve. Couple more


games to catch up on. And Birmingham looking to make it back to back wins


after both recorded a bit treat midweek. They met at Meadow Park.


A mixed start for Arsenal with early-season defeats to Manchester


City and Chelsea leaving them already playing catch up on arrival.


Birmingham fresh, midweek victory over Doncaster came close to taking


the lead as former Arsenal forward saw her shot just past the post.


Many taboos to struggle this year after a miserable campaign last


season but the side enjoyed the best of the chances. This on the stroke


of half-time. The hosts finish strongly as they


chased a goal that would see them close the gap on the leaders. The


free kick is the closest they came to breaking the deadlock. It


finished without score, Birmingham the happiest of the two sides.


The last two champions of WSL2 went head-to-head, both in search of a


first leave it tree of the current campaign. Six minutes on the clock,


Sunderland handed the perfect chance to take the lead. Beth Mead brought


down by Molly Bartrip. Then the keeper could do little to stop the


follow-up from the strike of about 15 minutes remaining and the referee


pointed to the spot again, this time Reading Women awarded a penalty.


The lady Black Cats receiving double punishment with the defender sent


off. And from the resulting spot kick they pulled level through Helen


Ward. Finishing all square, both sides now searching for that first


win. Manchester City leading the way at


the top of the WSL1 table, maximum points so far. They played five


games. Chelsea had made three so they have a couple of games in hand.


Doncaster still awaiting their first point of the two dozen 16 campaign.


Strange to see Arsenal in that position, they have some outstanding


players. You expected them to start much better. They have not hit the


ground running. They have a fantastic squad with depth across


every position. But if the players are not playing, there will not be


happy. And if they are not communicating the reasons why,


players have got to know where they stand and I'm not sure that is the


case. Surprising to see Kelly Smith not even on the bench. Fara Williams


not starting, these are big names and they will not be happy not


playing. And Chelsea, probably expecting Arsenal to be titled


coat-tails. I think Arsenal, they have a strong squad, full of good


players. And I think they will be disappointed with their start to the


season. And Birmingham City, your former club, they have taken four


points in the last week and there picking up. A good week for them,


they will be pleased. I was impressed, they had a bit of a


restructure and some exciting young players. I think they will do well


this season. And a full round of fixtures in WSL2 the weekend.


Everton continued their unbeaten start the season, Samantha gill


adding the glass during an impressive 5-1 demolition of London


Bees on Sunday to make it three wins from four games for Andy Spence and


his side. And that victory moves them to


second place, three points behind leaders Bristol City with the game


in hand. James slipped to fourth after suffering their first defeat


of the season at Aston Villa. England, you're in the setup now


with a fabulous goal on your debut. A great excuse for us to show it as


well. Embarrassing to you! But Rachel, she has done so well to


score a goal like that straightaway. Impressive to be given your first


chance and come in and make such an impact. You will be looking for


plenty more opportunities like that in the future. Mark Samson said to


me at half-time, just chill out a bit! So I'm very pleased to score on


my debut. And you came through the Manchester United centre of


excellence which has a fantastic track record. They do not have a


first team, politically a bit tricky! But it has a great


reputation for producing the likes of Gabby George. No hiding the fact


that when I was younger Manchester United was my first club, we had a


fantastic set up, I was coached well and now the coach who took me


through quite a long way to Manchester United now works at city.


Good to see him every now and again and catch up but the tables have


turned and I'm happy where I am. That is about it for tonight. We are


back on Thursday, the 19th of May point England boss Mark Samson will


join us on the sofa. And the top two in WSL one go head-to-head at


Chelsea host Manchester City. But then the small matter of the SSE


women's Cup Final, taking on Arsenal at Wembley. Saturday the 14th of May


on BBC One at two o'clock. Thanks to Isabel and Rachel put up blew the


cover of success so far in the WSL1. Bye for now. -- blue is the colour


of success.


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