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Good evening. The FA women's super league resumed this weekend and


after a fascinating first half of the season, we are all set for what


should be another thrilling race to become champions. The defence of the


title at Chelsea they fought so hard to win begins here and now.


It's the new girl, she's off and running and so are the champions.


Chapman has added Chelsea's third. It is a significant and positive


start to the defence of their league title for Chelsea.


Early-season meeting between two of the big guns. Manchester City and


Arsenal. What a throw. What a save. What a finish!


Arsenal against Chelsea, always heated. That's awkward. Kirby has


scored for the second time this season and this will be a mighty


blow to Arsenal's title hopes already.


Manchester City make it five wins from five. What an incredible start


to the season! The WSL match of the season so far.


Stokes, and Manchester City have a priceless lead. Did that cross the


line? The answer is no. Jennifer Beattie celebrates and Chelsea are


in real trouble, Manchester City in control of this game and the title


race. This is how things stood heading into the weekend. Defending


champions Chelsea sat four points behind Manchester City, albeit with


a game in hand. City are undefeated and still yet to concede a goal. We


are joined by two get to know a thing or two about keeping a clean


sheet, Casey Stoney and a Rachel Brown-Finnis. We will see how


Manchester City got on against Liverpool later in the show, but we


begin with Arsenal, who are looking to get their title bid back on track


against Sunderland. Early-season defeat to Manchester City and


Chelsea have raised questions over Arsenal's title credentials once


again. It's been four years since the club last lifted the WSL title


and this season saw a reunion with the manager who took them to that


success. The Gunners came away from the first match with a 1-1 draw. And


it may serve as a reminder of past glories, but Pedro Martinez Losa


will be hoping his current charges will be able to push on from their


FA Cup success at Wembley and build some amendment the league. Could


they start with a victory against Sunderland? Your commentator was


Robyn Cowen. COMMENTATOR: Six weeks after lived in the FA Cup for the


16th time they hope it will bring life to their stuttering Premier


League campaign. Pedro Martinez Losa makes four changes. Carter, who


scored a spectacular winner, dropped to the bench, along with Kelly


Smith. They are replaced by Corredera and van de Donk. Still no


place in the squad for the injured Jody Taylor. Sunderland still


without a league win this season, they make one change to the side


beaten narrowly by Chelsea before the international break. Staniforth


is out and Furness returns to the starting XI. Carlton Fairweather's


side already made the trip to Borehamwood this season. They were


thrashed 7-0 by Arsenal in the semifinals of the FA Cup. They will


be looking for a different result this time round. Van de Donk, ball


out towards Asisat Oshoala. Alex Scott making the overlapping run.


Williams with the clearance for Sunderland.


Not cleared properly, here is van de Donk! 1-0 to Arsenal. What a start


by Pedro Martinez Losa's side. Within two minutes the Gunners have


taken the lead against Sunderland. Van de Donk with the cross in and


did it just take a Mick off Stephanie Bannon? -- a nick. An


early on goal, a gift from Sunderland to Arsenal, 1-0. Fara


Williams. Asisat Oshoala showing her pace.


She's got options, and it's another own goal! And its Stephanie Bannon,


again. Asisat Oshoala high-5s Natalia. Aiming for the Spaniard as


she tried to fire this across, and Bannon the unfortunate player once


again to put the ball into the back of the net.


Rows with the long ball over the top. -- Rose.


Losada. Natalia, 3-0 to Arsenal. They are absolutely tearing the


Sunderland defence apart here. Losada showings on wonderful


technique there. A slight deflection into the path of Natalia, who had a


very easy task of putting it in. Asisat Oshoala. Once again showing


up clean pair of heels to Williams. Here is Scott. Asisat Oshoala again.


Losada. Corredera. So close to four for Arsenal!


Penny for his thoughts at the moment. Losada once again getting


into space. Natalia with too much time to turn and Corredera so close.


Bannon. Chaplen. Bannon goes in, loses out in the challenge. Losada


with a meat chip. Natalia! She doubles her tally for the afternoon.


-- with a neat chip. A defence splitting chip and Natalia showing


great technique. When it rains, it pours.


Arsenal looking to add to their lead further. Here is van de Donk now.


Hayley Sharp didn't deal with it. Too much space for Corredera.


Losada. Bannon put it behind for a corner kick.


Once again, Sunderland players standing off. Pedro Martinez Losa


very satisfied with his side's display at their first game back


from the international break, and Arsenal once again looking to add to


their tally. Away by Sharp, and Furness, and


smacked into the bottom corner. Janssen gets in on the act and it is


now 5-0. Took a slight deflection on the way. Janssen hits it off the


face of Rachel Furness. Arsenal just can't stop scoring.


Sunderland with a rare attack. Williams. Looking for Mead. Does


well. Finds Roche. So close, Roche. Arsenal continued to try and get the


ball away, eventually they do. Stephanie Roche, she opened her


account against Chelsea in their last league game. So close to her


second there. Here is Beth Mead, a neat turn by


Mead, and a terrific finish! Last year's young player season of


thought year award winner gets the consolation for Sunderland. They


finish on a high, but it has been a frustrating afternoon for Carlton


Fairweather's side. I noticed you spend quite a bit in -- of time in


the changing room, what did Carlton say? He told us we need to take the


positives from the game, that we weren't good enough in the first


half and we need to get that right otherwise we will be in trouble. We


can't put a hand on exactly what's going wrong at the minute. If we


could do that, I'm sure we'd change it quickly. If we can get ourselves


in a position where we can score goals and get in front, that will


always give us a chance. Death is not firing yet on all cylinders,


even though she scored today. -- Beth Mead. If we can get more


players to help her in that department, then we'll get to where


we need to. Do you think this could be the catalyst you need to spur


your season on? It has been up and down so far. Yes, we will keep


going. The main thing is what we can do on the pitch, the performance. I


think in the last two months we have been really consistent, playing good


football. The players believe, which is a most important part, after the


FA Cup. I think now the rest of the season, we will see the best Arsenal


possible. A convincing win for Arsenal, is there a genuine belief


you can compete for the title now? I think so. I think we have made it


very difficult for ourselves with the points we dropped in the first


half of the season, but if we can do what we did in the first half


yesterday for the rest of the season in every game, consistently for 90


minutes, it is important to keep it going. A lot of the attacks on the


right in the first half. Asisat Oshoala in particular. She shows


what she is capable of. She won the young Player of the Year for a


reason. If you look at these clips here, in wide areas, where she can


isolate a full-back and go one-on-one, I wouldn't want to be


the left-back in these positions. She pushes it has pleasant shoes


that quick. You look and you think it is a really heavy touch by Asisat


Oshoala, but she's that quick, she can give you five or ten yards and


still beat you in a race. I think her pace causes problems. She's


strong, quick, direct, she gets away from players and you can't defend


against that if you don't have the pace to cope from it. That final


ball from Asisat Oshoala wasn't quite perfect for her. But her


speed, Williams needs to get tighter or get on her bike and start


running. She does neither and Asisat Oshoala gets in behind her. Good


covering from Hayley Sharp. The left-centre after that quite a bit.


But finally, the rewards for Asisat Oshoala, gets in behind, picks


out... Bannon gets the old girl -- on goal but Furness with the finish.


You said Vicky Losada impressed as well? Everything good about Arsenal


yesterday came through Vicky Losada, she was quality, quick feet. She has


such composure about her. When we see her pick up the ball, both in


the defensive part of the field, she can drive with the ball. The quality


of that ball, as well. You must see some things in training. She's your


team-mate, what she like? One of the best technical players. Her vision,


her away in and -- are awareness, she is so calm. I have to be honest,


when I saw this, I thought if she is putting it through my legs in the


box I am probably giving away a penalty. Honestly, she is talent.


Look at this. Someone else is turning backwards, she's not, she's


playing forward at every opportunity. For me, I think


everything positive we do seems to go through her, she's that good. She


has the workrate as well. It didn't quite work out for her. She gets up


and what did she do? Please forward. A beautiful well crafted scoop over


the line and a simple finish the Natalia. Moving on to Sunderland, 12


points after seven games this time last season. Now three points after


the same number of games, where is it going wrong? Second season


syndrome. I think they took everyone by surprise last year. Beth Mead got


a lot of goals. I fill sorry for the moment, an isolated figure. I feel


sorry for her but at the same time, I pass over to Rachel because she


watched the game and analyse that. In the first half, they backed off


and they let Arsenal play. In the second-half, 4-0 down, they put


players up and did not allow Arsenal easy possession. We see how many


bodies had forward. A loose pass from the goalkeeper. There are


Sunderland players around and they get a shot on goal. Finally, long


ball from the Sunderland goalkeeper. Good hustling around Emma Mitchell.


I've players against five which we did not see in the first half and


they get their rewards, in behind. A couple of defensive errors, I am


going to highlight Casey and she knows better and she should not go


to ground. She skips around and does well to pick out Beth Mead,


beautiful feet, had -- fires it, beautiful goal. Slightly


disappointing not to keep a clean sheet! Yes, it was most frustrating,


we would keen to keep a clean sheet and be defensively sound and I


should not have gone to ground. I think we have to be better in


defensive areas and keep a clean sheet to go for the title. Look at


badgers the City conceded one goal, it is important to tighten up at the


back. -- Manchester City for. Williamson was injured in Seattle,


how big a blow is that? It is a massive blow, she is a young player


and she has had Robbins with her ankle before but players come back


stronger from injuries and she will return biting -- problems. She has


an old head on young shoulders and we wish her well. Next, to the


Academy Stadium. Manchester City faced a Liverpool side who in the


first half of the season with the only team to take points from City.


Over 2,000 fans have it at the Academy Stadium to see if the


leaders Manchester City could maintain their unbeaten start to the


FA WSL season but Rosie wide fired Liverpool into the lead after four


is minutes. It was the first goal conceded by City in the league this


season. Nick Cushing's side and -- responded well, Tony Duggan inches


away from converting Ross's cross. In an end to end game, Liverpool


came close to extending their lead. Caroline Weir watching her effort


beat Karen Bardsley, but not the crossbar. Liverpool were the first


team to deny the league leaders a goal in FA WSL this season in May


but the pressure told. After one hour, she reformed chamber could


only invert the cross on the roster for the equaliser. Having had the


assist, Alex Scott was keen for her side to push on and get the


equaliser. The hosts were looking to stretch their lead but 81 macro


denied this chance on this occasion. The citizens were joined from Ajax


and they showed what they would bring to the Super League. This


delivery met by Jill Scotland Chamberlain again with a stunning


save. And with two minutes to go, Nick Cushing said on Megan Campbell,


causing havoc in a frantic finale, but Chamberlain was again on hand as


the Reds held on for a well earned point.


More frustrated by the goal that went in rather than the saves, it is


nice to make saves but I would rather the ball was down the other


end. It is a difficult place for anybody, not many people can pick up


points so that is a massive positive.


Well deserved point for Liverpool, blowing the title race open in two


games, the only team to take points from City. Siobhan Chamberlain,


outstanding for the report and they help -- and she helped them to earn


the point. She is right, not many teams take points away from City so


it makes for an exciting second half to the FA WSL season. Casey Stoney


disappointed to concede the first goal after six clean sheets. They


pride themselves on a clean sheet and they did not want to concede but


looking at goal, too many cooks. Three players around the ball. Rosie


does well and has one thought, to go for goal. Three players around her


thinking somebody else will do it and nobody picks the decision to


take control and it is a cool finish. Positive result. A lovely


waited touch into the box meant it was a simple finish. Rachel, you


noticed that Manchester City have a weapon in the form of Megan


Campbell. Irish international, on and quantity. We should take a look!


Yes, she calls have at! Two minutes before the end of big aim, not sure


she kicked the goal -- kicked the ball. Long throw, we have the BDI


from the studio. It could be against the rules, back foot going got. But


40, 50 yards throw. The goalkeeper makes a save from a throw in just


inside the Manchester City half and it is the same on the second. Yes, I


would not want to be defended against this, it is a weapon. Impact


substitute, gone and creates two goal-scoring opportunities. Such a


range of movement in her shoulders from her swimming days, it is a


real, something hard to deal with. It is especially quality. Is


swimming the key? I think so, definitely. Manchester City


inflicted a 6-0 defeat in Doncaster in their final game before the


break. When Harris was in charge but the team arrived at Notts County


with a new manager at the helm. Doncaster secured promotion back to


WSL under the guidance of Glen Harris last season. But the bells


have struggled on the return to the top flight. Manchester City


Dushmantha as a City scored six but they could easily have had ten


today. Bottom of the league without a point, they have replaced Harris


with assistant first-team coach Emma Coates. She was previously head


coach of lead United reserves before joining The Belles in 2013. It is an


honour to get the role in such a prevalent club within the women's


game. We have got our philosophy how we played, we do not want to impose


that on players it does not fit. We have to make the philosophy of The


Belles and the players gel together in a way to complement both. It is


about our confidence to play the game we know we can.


Her immediate challenge was to engineer the club their first points


of this year's WSL campaign, made more difficult when The Belles


failed to clear their lines from this free kick, allowing Rachel


Williams the fire Notts County in front. But Doncaster were level


eight minutes later. Carla Humphrey unchallenged before hitting the ball


to Sigsworth, going beyond Carly Telford. She ran onto the bench to


celebrate with her new manager. Notts County lost goalkeeper Carly


Telford the injury at half-time and the frustration continued after the


break. The Australian international giving the hosts the lead. The


breakthrough came courtesy of Ellen White. The probing ball picked up


the England international who calmly lobbed Hobbs to make it 2-1. And it


nearly got better for County. Rachel Williams denied her second of the


game by the foot of the post. Doncaster showed resilience and


endeavour but failed to create many more opportunities and while this


free kick was the closest they came to an equaliser, their wait for a


point continues. The results will follow and it is a


good building point for the rest of the season.


So Doncaster struggling and they remain bottom of WSL without a


point. Plenty of hard work ahead for Emma Coates and her side. Manchester


City top but champions Chelsea have two games in hand on the laid of --


on the leaders. Doncaster under new management, you know Glen Harris


well, what you make of his departure and the timing? It is as sorry state


for women's football, three games for the top three teams. You do not


expect results immediately and to get sacked after three games going


into the break, it does not give him time to bet his loss of the end get


the players working with him. The players liked working with him and


it is a shame for the club and for him especially. What do you make of


it? Doncaster have just gone up and they have got a long-term plan.


Sauve Glen Harris to be sacked after three games does not seem to make


any sense. Coates has a big job to do, she needs a quick response from


this group of players who are not her players, to get points on the


board. Because Will they only give her three games and make changes?


She is only 25, will the lack of experience be an issue? Of course,


she has no experience as a first-team manager but it is up to


her to sink or swim and she has no other option. To do justice to this


Doncaster team, to stand up and be counted. Emma is only the third


female manager in the league after Emma Hayes and Kellie Chambers, how


significant is that? It is big for female coaching but you will be


judged on your results. If she loses another two after playing one and


losing one, is she allowed another game #.


If they get relegated, she will be judged on that. Hopefully she will


have success, the players need to respond but great to have another


female in the game. Not many transferred except Birmingham who


have been the busiest. Jane Moore has left, is that surprising? It


does not surprise me, I have heard of unrest. Birmingham have lost two


quality senior international players. It does not surprise me


they will bring get a host of international foreign players. To


replace those two. Players who, yes, from Frankfurt and Paris


Saint-Germain, quality clubs, but it will take time to get used to WSL


one and they are not household names in world the menopause Mac football.


What will they miss in Jo Potter and Joanne Moore? Two massive players.


-- in the world of women's football. She gets Birmingham moving forward.


She is Hungary and passionate, on the front foot. This is a massive


tap. She has no right to win that and she straightaway gets Birmingham


on the back foot. They will miss her in midfield and she has quality on


the ball. I do not think she gets enough credit for how good a player


she is. She links up so well. With Jo Potter


and the likes of Remy Allen in midfield. Waking up that trio of


players. Jo Pollitt -- Jo Potter has a quality left but, she scores,


fantastic corners. -- left foot. Our driver into the top left-hand


corner. Two really quality players Birmingham have lost. Just enough


time briefly switch focus to FA WSL 2. Aston Villa were looking to get


back to winning ways against London Bees. But there was callous play at


the back from the hosts. But Katie Wilkinson's stunning


second-half free kick rescued a free kick for the balance. -- the


villains. Both the sides safely in mid-table.


Yeovil Town stayed top after a 2-0 win at Durham. Watford scored their


first win of the campaign after as a prize 2-1 defeat of Everton. Rachel,


disappointing? Yes, Everton stumbled yesterday. I watched it on fold on


Twitter. Really disappointed to drop points against a team they should


not, even though it was a Watford bottom of the week. If Everton won


the fight for promotion, you have to beat teams like Watford. Very


quickly, any favourites for promotion? I know that Yeovil Town


is top but I put my money on Bristol, they have seen it is done


it and they have got good on loan signings. That is about it, we will


be back on July 11 with the best of the action from the battle of the


Blues after defending champions host Birmingham. 11:15 p.m., BBC Two.


Thank you to Casey and Rachel. Manchester City's dropped points


mean Arsenal close the gap at the top of FA WSL after their star


performance against Sunderland. Goodbye for now.


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