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Hello and welcome to what has been another dramatic weekend in the WSL


as the top four went head-to-head in the Spring Series. Coming up, can


Chelsea give Liverpool The Blues when the sides meet in a


mouthwatering encounter? Any slip-up from the Reds would Manchester City


to rise to the summit, if they can beat Arsenal. And be dropping on


Bristol City as the ambitious vixens aim to close the gap on the


heavyweights of the division. Every weekend is a Bank Holiday for our


guests, Rachel Brown and currently between clubs, Laura Bassett,


England defender. You are working very hard, you were exhausted


tonight? I have been training full-time with Birmingham, all the


staff and players have welcomed me so I am thankful and I have an


individual training programme from England so working closely with the


medical staff to make sure I am in top condition, covering all the


distances like match every three or four days. Pretty intense! Arguably


tougher! Well, maybe not. We begin with Liverpool, who visited Chelsea,


looking to bounce back from their defeat to the title rivals, Man


City, on Thursday there were sombre scenes prior to


kick-off as both teams paid their respects to the victims of the


terrorist attack on Monday at the Manchester Arena, which killed 22


people and injured over 100. The game went ahead at the academy


Stadium after consultation with Greater Manchester Police and


spontaneous applause broke out in the 22nd minute to one of those who


lost their lives in the attack. Soon after, Toni Duggan scorcher tenth


goal in ten games against Chelsea and that proved decisive as The


Blues failed to defeat but they had an immediate opportunity to bounce


back when they welcome Liverpool. And with all games this weekend,


there was further pause for reflection for the victims of last


weeks attack. Robyn Cowen is your commentator.


APPLAUSE Chelsea will aim to give the fans a


good sendoff against the league leaders in their final game before


moving to Kingsmeadow for the winter series. Their hopes of winning the


Spring Series suffered a load midweek, losing to Man City, Gemma


Davison, Karen Carney and Ji comment and there is a first start Karen


Kirby in over a year. Liverpool were held to a draw at Bristol City in


the last game, two changes, Alex Greenwood has injured so first start


for Eddie Fletcher and Charles comes in for a Jess Clarke, who drops to


the bench. Kirby gets the pass away, here is


Davison, she might have a shot, Chapman! The deflection will be the


corner kick. That was good build-up play from Chelsea. There is a chance


early doors for Chelsea from the set piece. And that is in! Flaherty! She


almost surprised herself but just how easy that was. She had a loose


connection on the header. And Chelsea are head inside three


minutes! They need Liverpool. -- they lead Liverpool. Chelsea looking


more dangerous on the attack, this is Dunn. 39 macro, finding Kirby.


That was saved by Chamberlain, that was a tame shot from the South


Korean but Chamberlain did what she had to do. Dunn ticking on Hodson.


Kirby with a curled effort, and an excellent save from Chamberlain,


reading that well. And she managed to turn that round the post. Kirby


is closing down the pass from Coombs back to Chamberlain and Liverpool


could be in trouble. Carney, away from the challenge, he is Kirby.


2-0! Liverpool Masters of their own downfall. They tried to play this


from the back, Chelsea would not let them. And Fran Kirby finally gets on


the scoresheet, her third goal of the Spring Series, 2-0, Chelsea.


Here comes Davison, great pace. And that is that happen. Ji. Wonderful


run down the right hand side from Davison. Ji had all the time in the


world to put that away and give Chelsea a 3-goal lead. Carney.


Against Kirby. Her first game in over a year. Ji, another


goal-scorer. Here is Mjelde! Terrific finish! And Chelsea Art


four goals to the good at Staines. And it was not over. -- they are


four goals to the good. It is certainly finished. 4-0, Chelsea.


Mjelde the latest on the scoresheet. Casey Stoney, she misjudged that.


Carney! Chelsea have five. Karen Carney taking full advantage. Other


defensive mistake. And Chelsea are running away with this. -- and other


defensive mistake. Here come Chelsea again, here is


Cuthbert. And it is six! , but given too much time to turn. -- Cuthbert


given too much time. And she fires in number six for Chelsea and this


is getting embarrassing. For the Liverpool Ladies. Bachmann, the


Swiss international, she has covered up the head. And she finds Spence.


Seven nil, Chelsea. Liverpool are falling apart here. Andrew Spence,


she came on as a substitute at seven: all competitions. -- Drew


Spence. Decent ball, that was well defended, Coombs! Ferocious strike


and a terrific save from Telford, who has very little to do this


afternoon but she was sharp. Carney, still time for more. And that is off


the bar, so close! Could have been number eight for Chelsea. And,


mercifully, for Liverpool, the referee has drawn this to a close,


and afternoon to forget for Scott Rogers and his side. Full-time,


Chelsea seven, Liverpool zero. Congratulations, what a way to end


here? Seven goals. This has been our home for a very long time, Staines


has looked after us and we have happy memories and it was so


important that the team showed that appreciation with performance on the


pitch and we did everything we asked of them and more. I cannot criticise


the team. I would hope everybody in the dressing room has a point to


prove because we are better than that and we know we are. As we have


proven in the Spring Series, we are very good side but for whatever


reason we have not done it and that is all of us, we have to do better


and more. We will come back stronger. This has been a very long


time coming, I had another setback and it is nice to be playing and


training with everyone and being involved and scoring goals. Really


good. Emma Saunders with the questions, Chelsea leaving Staines,


they will play at Kingsmeadow next season, that was commanding in


attack, the defence was not tested? They were flawless. Players coming


off back the bench and scoring, that shows the depth of what Chelsea have


with the new signings they have made in the season, just building on the


strength they showed last season. What about Liverpool? They did not


turn up? No! They were of the pitch. -- off the pace, we can see this,


the third goal. Six players in the box, they take somebody off the back


post and Flaherty, that dribble of the header rolling over the goal


line. This one, direct ball. That pace is always going to cause


problems from Davison. And unmarked in the box. That is criminal from


Liverpool, it is not that they did not have bodies around, they did not


do anything defensively. This time, Bonner, there was too much pace,


rolling ahead of Casey Stoney. Shooting practice for Karen Carney.


Chelsea always one step ahead, always finding themselves in space


but whenever any Chelsea player got the ball it was easy, they were in


control of the situation. Cuthbert coming into form, that is positive


for Scotland going into the European Championships and this one, the


substitute, Spence, the easiest finish. Using those subs at the


right time. Speaking of subs, Fran Kirby getting her first start. I am


ecstatic for her. She looks like she is enjoying herself and you can tell


from her team-mates, congratulating her, they have seen much he has been


through but in the box, this is where she excels, always one step


ahead, she knows what she is going to do, the movement is good, and she


is in that box, she is so clinical, and what impressed me here, she


initiates the pressure on the goalkeeper and after a couple of


touches, sharp, checking her shoulders, she gets some space and a


brilliant first touch and that clinical finish across. After being


out for such a long time, her linkup play and awareness with team-mates


seems like she has not spent any time away at all. She is playing


with freedom and enjoying herself, she is in a very good place. I am


pleased for her. Great to see her back. Over to you, City, that meant


if Man City could extend lead 31 match unbeaten run in the WSL, they


would move top of the Spring Series. Commentary comes from Lucy Ward and


Adam Somerton. The third game in the space of a


week for Man City. They have resisted the temptation to rotate


much, just one change, Hourihan replacing Karen Bardsley. Toni


Duggan is the joint top scorer in the Spring Series. Lloyd serving the


second game of the three match ban. Two changes for Arsenal, they have


had a week to prepare, van Veenendaal returning in the goal at


the expense of Moorhouse. William is moving to the bench and Williamson


moves into midfield. Good movement from Duggan. Couldn't


quite get the pathway to Nikita Parris though.


Megan Campbell will swing this in here for Manchester City. Seven


minutes on the clock. Off the post. Eventually, Arsenal managed to do


it. Great piece of improvisation from Jill Scott. She hit the post in


the end. Beth Meade going down and getting the free kick. A foul by


Walsh. Up steps Janssen and off the wall. I thought that was going in


then, that deflection. Given away here by Houghton. It is a real


opportunity this for Arsenal. I think initially there was a mistake


defensively from Manchester City. Beth Meade tried but she could not


get it out of her feet have a proper strike on goal. Houghton played that


with power forwards. Now it is Parris. A good run from Lucy Bronze.


And a touch. It could still yet to be an opportunity. Great play from


Bronze. Full-back Mike Lucy Bronze will run up and beyond.


The cross in towards Scott. What a ball that was from the teenager


Stanway. She just could not direct it past the goalkeeper.


Jordan Nobbs with the ball in. That was not far-away at all. Deflection


will lead to a corner. It could be even better for Arsenal. She has got


that in her as well. -- in her locker as well. A foul from Walsh.


She did not need to do that, Keira Walsh. I wonder whether Jordan Nobbs


might decide to fire this in as we approach the final quarter of an


hour. She does just that! That is genius! Brilliant from Jordan Nobbs.


Her third goal of the spring series is a special one. I think she knew


she had got it in her locker to do that. A terrific strike. She


thought, I have the ability to strike it.


Is Manchester City's long and unbeaten run in the league about to


come to an end? Duggan. Almost an immediate opportunity to reply.


Terrific play by Jill Scott. She picks someone out and it is Duggan.


She could not get the pace on the ball. Arsenal win at the Academy


Stadium. A gorgeous free kick from Jordan Nobbs proves to be the


difference. Manchester City beaten here at the league match for the


first time in two years. It is difficult. We have played three


games every week for two -- 12 weeks. To come here and beat


Manchester City at their home, I think we are very pleased with the


performance and with the players and effort.


It has a nap, the WSL of going right down to the wire. What was it like


for you with Arsenal? Both teams had chances, neither team could be


clinical but we have seen the free kick. Jordan Nobbs stepping up, cuts


across the ball, catches it with the outside of her right foot which


causes the ball to swerve from left to right, and I think catches the


goalkeeper off guard a little bit. She takes a little bit of a step to


a right which puts her off balance. It means going to her left she


misses out on a step. I think she thought she would think it to the


players at the back post. But to take nothing away from Jordan Nobbs,


that is a fantastic strike. Worthy of winning any game. So she should


have saved it? No, it was a great strike! Did you not hear me?! As


Arsenal, they showed the work rate across the pitch, it was a


professional job? They showed a real maturity to the performance. The bit


OT, they really believed in their game plan, they pressed it higher up


the pitch, they played aggressively. They worked so hard and doubled up.


They did it from the road first minute to the very last minute.


Doubling up from the field, the attackers pressing, and just forcing


Manchester City into errors. Man City are comfortable when they have


one or two touches. We saw Beth Meade having a run at Steph


Houghton. There were early signs from Arsenal additive that pressure


and that pressing impacts which led Arsenal to get their chances. This


is the 72nd minute and they are still pressing. City like to play it


on the back and what Arsenal do again, late on in the game is force,


pinned them back, forced them to go back to the goalkeeper and force


them into errors. Sounds like Arsenal are doing tactically which


other teams have not been able to achieve over the past couple of


years, or is it as Nick Cushing says, down to fatigue? They have had


a busy schedule, you cannot deny that but they are winning trophies


and they are on the pedal stole to be looked at that. Teams will


prepare a bit extra. They will give it more respect and they will want


to beat them. As a player, the Man City players, they are very


professional but they're having to get up for big games time and time


again in a short space of time. I know they are all to professional


and they would not want to use tiredness, fatigue. They know the


schedule, they are winners. They have two more games they have to get


up for, will they be there and will they win the title? They would not


want anything other than to be in every competition. If you are


looking at run-ins, I think the run-ins says Chelsea winning the


title come the 3rd of June. If you look at the goal difference, Chelsea


scored seven today, they are in double figures. As you mentioned


earlier, that is as good as a point when it comes down to the


nitty-gritty. You could get any one of those clubs next season, who will


win it? I think there will be plot twists and twists and turns until


the end of the season but I think Chelsea have the phenomenal


strikeforce and I expect them to get more goals. A quick word for


Arsenal, a boost after the injury for Kim Little, a shock for her


ahead of the Euros? She had a little niggle in her hamstring but it has


blown up. Her chance of glory with a national team has been put on the


back burner for now. How long have we got left with Laura? We will try


and get a club out of her. Two more matches to catch up on. Reading


hosted Birmingham. Reading Women travelled but --


Birmingham ladies travelled. On the stroke of half-time things got worse


for Reading. Joe Potter was sent off for a straight red after this tussle


with Aoife Mannion leading to all the players getting involved in the


aftermath. After the break, Reading pushed forward in search of an


equaliser and nearly got it. Rachel Furness' header tipped over the bar


by Ann-Katrin Berger. Soon the Blues will be left regretting that myth.


With just over an hour on the clock, Reading were given the love that


opportunity to level things up when Abby Stringer took down Kirsty limit


in the area. Lauren Bruton's penalty had enough about it to find its way


into the net and level the scores. With seven minutes remaining


Birmingham nearly retook the lead. Paige Williams' shot nearly made it


but hit the bar. Yeovil had lost all six games coming


into this one and were up against it early on when Lucy Staniforth's


corner went all the way in to give the Lady Black Cats the early lead.


Soon they were given the opportunity to level the scores. The referee was


perfectly positioned to spot a foul. Lucy Quinn dusted herself off to


take the penalty. Angharad James was on hand to tackle the rebound.


Beverly Leon had only just come off the bench when she parried one in.


Yeovil's search for a second equaliser and their first point of


the season and they could have pinched a draw in stoppage time.


With seven straight defeats in the top flight for Yeovil and for


Sunderland, the first win away in the league since September 20 16.


This is what it means for the table. I know your post-watershed but that


Jo Potter red card, deserved? Joe is doing Willie well to shield the ball


to protect the ball, she is getting her body to protect the ball. But


Aoife Mannion is known for what she did. Maybe Jo Potter should have


gone down rather than raising her arm like that. She should have put


the decision to the referee rather than going down gracefully, she


lashed out in frustration. Everyone knows in football that will equate


to a red card. Let's move away from that red card because it has been a


roller-coaster ride for Bristol City in recent seasons. Sioux City


Clifton suspension Bridge in Bristol has spanned the picturesque Avon


board for over a hundred years. -- the Avon Gorge. The manager


Willie Kirk is the man who must oversee the project, can he bridge


the gap between a team which were in League 2 last season and the


top-flight powerhouses? How you adapting after a year away in WSL


to? It is not a huge shock that the demands have been greatly increased


but we had a very young talented squad with a lot of potential. It


has not been such a culture shock. The players have adapted quite well.


The Spring series frost was a godsend in terms of allowing us


trial and error Rulli to give players the opportunities they


deserved after a successful WSL2 campaign. It has been great and it


has probably allowed us to do things differently and give people real


opportunities. What would you say you're realistic ambitions are going


forward? First of all we need to establish ourselves as a WSL1 club


again. A lot in the women's game has changed for the better, but it has


taken us probably that step back to take a few steps forward and catch


up again. We need to establish ourselves in the league. We have to


look at ourselves, Yeovil and Sunderland as three teams with


similar structures and looked to be the best of those three teams to


start with. And each year trying to take the project forward. When you


joined, it was Bristol Academy, now it is Bristol City. What would you


say, having that link with the men's team has helped you guys moving


forwards? In a lot of ways, there has been


constant change but that had to happen, we have lost some supporters


on the way, and that is a shame because the fans will happily


support Bristol Academy and I can understand that. I would ask them to


support the girls rather than the badge and there has been a lot of


change, lots of challenges and we're certainly in the right path. Quite a


young squad, we can see that in the meeting, any with younger players?


They are still trying to find themselves as people as much as


footballers, there are times when they become quite shy in front of


each other, you want to step up and let them get their opinion.


Liverpool, thoughts? Anybody? And when one of them starts, the


floodgates open! That works well because we have a very high


midfield. We were moving the ball quicker. It is tough but exciting,


every week, month and match you can see the squad growth, individually


and as a team. Can you compete with the big hitters in the league? We


can, we have shown that against Man City in the FA Cup and against


Liverpool in the last match. Those results are not sustainable in the


long term. 15 and two again. I love controlling controllable things, we


do what we can do but these clubs are signing the best in the world


and we cannot compete with that but we can deal with our performances


and if they are good, we will get good results. After that, it is


about overachieving, I am no different to a player, I want to


coach at the top level. If I overachieve as a coach I will get


moved to a bigger club, I don't think Bristol would be surprised to


hear that, it is just I want to personally win the Champions League.


Any thoughts on Bristol City? No? Just getting! Willie Kirk wants to


move them into the next tier, what do they have to do? They have to


aspire to have the model and set up that Reading have full-time, they


are in the next tier, that he was referring to, to get out of that


relegation battle, they need to be full-time, that is a first step with


Bristol Rovers. For those young players they are trying to bring


through, you need the senior ones around them to give them a level


head in games? You really do, especially through difficult times,


we need senior players who have been through it before to reassure them


and let them know that it is OK and part of the learning process. I


think the younger players are getting great exposure, paying


world-class players in opposition so I think it is good for them to stay


there and play every week rather than move to a different club where


they might be on the bench, that exposure is really good. Interesting


the way he is using the Spring Series, to bed them in. Bristol City


have used this, there is nothing to lose, this is a chance for the young


players to get all of that experience and play against those


younger players and Reading have brought in experienced players like


Joe Potter, they will help bring Reading onwards, Bristol City are


moving forward and that is something they can look to. Realistic chances?


It is hard to work out if he was referring to this team or whether it


is in the future. As far as Mark Sampson managing it with the Bristol


team... And Man City a few years ago, they had the strategy and


vision of playing in the Champions League. It boils down to some


capacity of money and it is great to have aspirations as players and as a


manager to want to play at the top level. Talking of aspiration is, we


will see this team, all things hopefully working out, in the WSL


next season. Congratulation to Spurs, winning promotion with that


three nil win over Blackburn at the Valley. That is a team that, should


they get into WSL 2, you feel could really do well and move up the


leagues? You like to think so, with the success of the men, it could be


a perfect match. The North London Derby, Arsenal and Tottenham, great


prospect! Absolutely phenomenal. Another season to go. Maybe not too


ambitious, and that is almost it from us. Plenty more sport coming


up. Huddersfield and Reading Indoor Championships play-off final on


Monday afternoon, live from Wembley on Five Live at three o'clock. More


Spring Series action on Wednesday as Man City look for a reaction at


Sunderland, on the Red Button. And cricket back on the BBC with the ICC


Champions Trophy highlights on Thursday. BBC Two at 11:20pm. Thanks


to Rachel and Laura, it just remains to say that the season is going down


to the wire! Let's enjoy it, have a great Bank Holiday.


Hear the arguments from the politicians themselves.


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