Day 13 Highlights Today at Wimbledon

Day 13 Highlights

Clare Balding presents highlights of the final day's action at Wimbledon 2017. All eyes are on Centre Court today and the men's singles final on the hallowed SW19 turf.

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String, simple, everyday. Ordinarily. But in tennis, like


music... It facilitates extraordinary things. Like the


overhead cable. It transmits power. Electricity. Like a nerve, it


pulses, tension, pressure. Release. Like a vein, it carries the


lifeblood. To the heart of the game. String is the constant tying the


past. To the present and the future. 1889 and William Renshaw winning his


seventh Wimbledon title. 111 years later, in 2000, the American, Pete


Sampras, winning his seventh Wimbledon title. 2012, Switzerland's


Roger Federer wins his seventh Wimbledon title. This trio


intertwined by shared history. # So many actions, so many voices.


Stretch the timeline to today and just one has the chance to break the


tie. But it's a fine line because standing in his way is the former US


Open champion, Marin Cilic. A man hoping to strike his own court. But


with 18 Grand Slam titles and counting... Who would bet against


the greatest of all time... Becoming the greatest of all time?


COMMENTATOR: And his extraordinary. Pure genius -- that is


extraordinary. Wow. Brilliant. I love that. Arguably the greatest


champion of all time. Roger Federer is the man who more than any other


knows how to break the tape. Boris Becker, John McEnroe and Pat Cash,


winning seven Wimbledon titles between them but today we focus on a


man who was trying to make history, Roger Federer trying to become the


first man to win the singles title for an eighth time. On the other


side of the net the imposing figure of Marin Cilic. Pat Cash and Tim


Henman alongside me to discuss everything that happened today. We


will show you the best of the action. On the day that the new


Doctor Who was announced, the question was, could Roger regenerate


and become the oldest man of the open era to win the Wimbledon


singles title? Beginning in the fifth game of the first set, 2-2 as


the players held serve at the beginning of the match.


COMMENTATOR: Oh, he's down, Cilic and Federer manages to scamper


across himself. That could have been nasty for Marin


Cilic. Federer managing to get up and over the net. Actually left him


in quite a lots to do, didn't it? Crosscourt dink. It's all happening.


Federer just happy, bouncing back, with all the options. Cilic, taking


the pace of it -- off it, forcing into generate the power himself.


Didn't look comfortable. Six straight points for Federer and


three break points here. Federer was having a good look at


the old sabre play, something like that? Snake attack by Roger. Chip


and charge they used to call it, hit and charge.


A little serve and a volley, after the first.


The pressure tells, the first break, Federer. We rejoin it with Cilic


serving to stay in the set. Cilic had a good grass court season


himself, having match point at Queen's Club against Lopez.


I did see one empty seat, it is up by gangway 311, but I haven't seen


any others. 15,000 in here. Actually 14,900 99.


He ripped it crosscourt and it brings set point, 34 minutes played.


The first one was speedy. The second one, beating him for pace.


Good serve from Cilic. Not only wanting to make Federer serve for


the set, but if he loses it, he would like to be serving first in


the second. These serve percentage isn't as good


for Cilic as it was in the tournament. Just above 50%. It's


even worse on the second serve. Just under a little pressure.


Cilic hasn't served and Mac ace yet, indicating that Federer is seeing


the direction that he wants to serve early.


36 minutes, it's taken. Roger Federer takes another step towards


history. Federer took the first set in double


quick time and we're into the early stages of the second. Cilic serving.


His very first ace of the match. Here we go.


Greg was at ski and son. -- Greg Rusedski and son.


That's what he needs. Quick point on his serve. To make this match


competitive again. He's having a bit of a horror now,


isn't he? He's falling apart a bit. Not always easy when you're a big


man, if you're a bit nervous. One of the things that doesn't always work


is your third work. Making small steps. He's got to get those size


14s moving now. That's a way as well. This is


difficult, now, difficult to watch in some ways. Set and a break,


Federer. Federer holding the next game to


take a 3-0 lead and Cilic called for the doctor, very upset and there was


real concern that the men's final might end early with a retirement


for the first time since 1911 but he got up off his chair to play on, as


we go back to the match with Federer leading 4-1.


He's done so well, so far. Just hope for him that he gets back into the


swing of things. Looks like he's recovered a little


bit. He's got his feet on the ground again.


They were so proud when he used to throw his racket around in junior


tournaments until he calmed down. They said he was a family


embarrassment! -- they weren't so proud.


Just Federer not letting Cilic have anything to hold onto in this second


set. He looks all sweet and neat and


tidy, doesn't he, Roger Federer, but as a competitor... I wouldn't say he


is second to none, but he and Nadal, Djokovic, Murray. It sounds rude but


it's the nature of the sport, there is a winner and a loser, we don't


have drawers in tennis. UMPIRE: Mr Federer is challenging


the call on the far left sideline, the ball was called out.


Fastest serve of the match, 134 mph. Federer sticks out a racket and it


comes back with interest. His fastest serve of the tournament.


Whether or not he needed a doctor, medical attention and the referee


and the supervisor, we really can't tell. Crying just a few minutes ago.


It's a horrible situation. You want the ground to open up and swallow


you in situations like this. It's very difficult. He's getting


hammered, the bottom line, outplayed. About to go two sets


down. Three set points, Federer. 2-0 lead.


That's that. The doctor and the train came act


after the second set. And this time it was


an official medical time out. Cilic was clearly having


trouble with his left foot He had a horrible blister


and he said the pain He carried on and we pick it up in


the third game of the third set. Federer doesn't make it easy for


him, obviously. He can smell it. You feel at this stage every point


is hard to come by for Cilic. The best of the match so far for


these men. But it needs a few more. A couple of gutsy points and a


couple of better points there from Cilic, 0-30, to 40-30.


Those size 14s just don't want to move.


Federer doesn't make it easier for you. Putting the ball back in play,


making his opponent always hit one more shot.


Oh, he can't do anything, can he, only 40 out of 71st service -- 70


first service. You say it is unforced. Proving too big and Mac


ask -- an ask for Cilic. Well done. Many a player has stepped out onto


the grass court of Wimbledon, let alone Centre Court, and found it


difficult. Yes. We are with you, Andrew. What a


relief. Cilic trying to fight, the crowd roaring their approval.


Serving at 3-3. A reminder that the mixed doubles


final follows this meant's singles final, Jamie Murray playing


alongside Martina Hingis, against Kontinen and Watson. UMPIRE: Mr


Cilic is challenging the call on the right near sideline. The ball was


called out. The call stands. Mr Cilic has two challenges remaining.


Oh, no. You just knew it. Federer had gone the wrong way. Yes. And if


the rain is going to come, it needs to come quickly for Marin Cilic. As


Roger Federer closes in on Championship number eight.


And another forehand hitting the net. Federer, two games away, two


sets and a break up in this Championship match, Wimbledon, 2017.


The rain did not come, the weather was not going to save Cilic and one


hour 40 minutes after the match began, Roger Federer came out to


serve for a record eighth Wimbledon title.


There goes the vulnerability that Boris Becker was talking about. He's


hardly missed one of those in the previous one hour and 39 minutes.


When Cilic has got the ball into play in this game, he's won the


point. What a player! Champion here at


Wimbledon. The first man to win eight Championships! Yet another


extraordinary performance. This one was a bit of a procession, but he


didn't drop a set throughout Wimbledon.


Roger said beforehand is no special win was in 2012 because it was his


first as a father. Now with his 7-year-old twin


daughters and 3-year-old twin sons Lenny and Leo looking on,


Federer the father was overcome Now to the runner-up. Marin Cilic!




And the Wimbledon champion of 2017... Roger Federer!




I think everybody here feels for you, never easy playing with an


injury, but you bravely battled on. Yeah, that's what I did throughout


all my career, never gave up. That was my idea also today. I gave my


best. It's all I could do. For you, Roger, great tournament. It's been a


great year since you took six months off, you seem to be getting better


and better. I've got to take more time off, I don't know what's going


on. I'll be gone for the next six months, I'm not it's going to work


out this fantastic every time I comeback. I guess it's just being


healthy. Feels great and means the world to me. We worked so hard last


year. To be back here and, you know, feeling great. Holding the trophy


now. The tournament I played, not dropping a set is magical, I can't


believe it yet. So... You won your first grand slam here. Over the


years you've been breaking other champions' records, now you have


your own, the eighth Wimbledon title, the only man in the history


of Wimbledon to ever win eight times. Yeah, it's... Yeah, I mean I


guess again, it's just believe, that I achieve such heights. I wasn't


sure if I was going to ever be here again in another finals after last


year. I've had some tough ones, losing to Novak in 14 and 15. I


always believed I could maybe come back and do it again. If you


believe, you can go really really far in your life. I think I did that


and I'm happy I kept believing and dreaming. Here I am today. It's


fantastic. What a way to do it. The first man to win the championship


without dropping a set since Bjorn Borg 41 years ago. A kiss and a hug


from double. The big question for Pat and Tim is how does he come back


fitter and better than ever? It possible really to know. When he


left 12 months ago and had a dodgy knee, we thought, have we really


seen the best of Roger Federer? Then he comes back after that big gap


away from the game. For me, he's playing better than ever because


he's so aggressive. I wouldn't say he moves as well as he used to, with


that being said, the way he's been hitting his backhand, how he serves,


how well these conditions suit his game, we have to wait and see what


happens in the next 12 months. I think your fancy his chances


defending his title next year. As a final it won't go down as a vintage


contest, but Federer did everything he had to do. Essentially he wasn't


distracted by what might have been happening with Cilic's foot. No,


that's what experiences all about, he's been there so many times, he is


so confident with his game and I can't agree more with Tim. I've been


saying this for years about Federer becoming a better player, developed


a better serve over the last ten years, developed a drop shot. Right


on cue. Brilliant, Pat. Thank you. Luck, like most of my things. And of


course the backhand has become more powerful, more aggressive. That was


the sort of, you know, not a weakling, but at least the players


could stay in the points. Certainly somewhere Rafa would attack. Went


back to the drawing board, he's come back a better player. He's fresh.


And he's relaxed. He did what he had to do. Marin, you've got to feel for


Marin, obviously something was affecting him. It's not great


movement there. Nerves. As Tim was commenting, is a size 14s weren't


moving today. It's a horrible feeling things aren't going well and


you have something wrong with your foot and can't brush off. Your whole


world is watching. The guy down the other end is called Roger Federer


Cumani 's favourite court, his favourite surface. We can't have


that all the time. Federer did what he had to do. We saw his record.


He's rewriting everything. He's a great historian of tennis. He will


know that the Australian open was won at 36 and 37. Made finals of


Wimbledon and the US Open at 39. It's not impossible. Again, things


have changed in the last five or ten years. You go back a little bit


further, Pete Sampras won the US Open, he stopped, he was 30. I


stopped at 33 and felt it was plenty long enough. You see these guys


playing now, Federer about the 36. Karlovic in the draw is even older.


What Federer has done so well over time is get his schedule right. A


lot of people were questioning him taking six months off at the end of


last year, but it was very much related to his knee, he needed three


months with a consultation from his sort of surgeon to say got to give


it time. And then when he took the clay-court season off. An amazing


decision to make, it wipes out a chunk of the year. It does, to step


away from tournament play, you can practice as much as you like, spend


time in the gym, but that match toughness only comes from tournament


play. A lot of people looked at that and said, is this the right thing to


be doing? He had total belief in that. When he lost the first round


in Stuttgart on grass, people said, has this backfired? Fast forward to


Tallaght where he didn't drop a set. -- fast forward to Halle. It's not


impossible, given Djokovic and Murray had issues, it's not


impossible Federer could be number one by the end of the year again. He


could win the US Open. It is fast, if not quicker, than he is. It sits


into the ground, the balls are lighter, faster through the air.


You'll have to pounded out. -- he'll have to count it out. Is Murray


going to play the US season? Is Djokovic? Wawrinka comes into play.


Who is standing up here at the moment? You don't want to say the


tournament fell away but it kind of did a little bit. He's 35, the last


man standing. He really was the last standing, his opponent could barely


stand today. Let's look at those shots of Cilic being so upset. He


says in his interview afterwards, he was so frustrated that he couldn't


play. These weren't just tears of physical pain. Obviously the blister


was causing problems, but he couldn't do what he wanted to.


That's right, there's two sides to the coin. He had his own


frustrations and I think the occasion, in a two week tournament,


there's a lot of emotions that build up, getting through to his second


grand slam final, the first here. He started off in the first ten or 15


minutes playing very well, he had break point opportunity, was really


aggressive, serving well. All of a sudden, Federer got the break,


double break to win the first set. Things got the better of him. I


think it was a build-up of, perhaps a problem with the foot, but also


the emotions of the final, the magnitude of the event. He couldn't


quite control himself. That's the element to Federer. You said how


relaxed he is. If every player could learn to do that they would find a


different level of play. Maybe not as good as Federer, but something he


does as good as anybody else, he plays relaxed tennis on big


occasions. He does. A combination of when you're under pressure having


confidence in your technical ability, your technique, that will


hold up under pressure. And being able to mentally handle it. Federer


knows if he goes out there, even on a bad serving day, he's still going


to serve 58, 50 7%, something like that. Marin Cilic is serving 42, a


big difference. He knows, Federer knows, he made quite a few mistakes


in the semifinal and final today on the forehand. He hit a bunch of


winners. The backhand was faultless. He knows part of his game are never


going to break down for long. It's technically, but also mentally, I


missed a couple, but no problem. Most of us will miss if you, then


it'll get tighter and tighter. We saw the other day exactly that


thing, today. He loves to finish with a flourish. He did with an ace.


That's right, it was important for Federer not to get ahead of himself.


He was in a great position, up two sets. Once he got the opportunity to


break in the seventh game he was up 4-3. The way he'd been serving, the


only lost his serve five times in whole tournament. Such a great


foundation to be playing from. To serve for any matches sometimes


difficult, never mind the finals of Wimbledon. Forced it was a fitting


moment. He gave so much to everybody, the fans in the grounds,


and the press, he was still doing interviews until 8pm. Is


extraordinary and he knows it's part of selling the game as a whole.


There were big crowds on the outside courts because on Court three we had


wheelchair doubles action and Yui Kamiji of Japan was playing


alongside Jordanne Whiley of Great Britain trying to win a fourth


consecutive title. They were up against a very hot Dutch pair.


Louise Hunt and Nick Mullins can bring us the best bits of the final.


On Court three, Yui Kamiji and Jordanne Whiley against the


Netherlands pairing of Buis and de Groot. That is the power from de


Groot. -Zilla outstanding drop shot from


Buis. The ball rolling before it even met the service line.


There is the first break to the Dutch pair.


The three times champions have got some work to do if they want to make


it four at this year's Wimbledon. Diede de Groot and Marjolein Buis of


won the first set. Some of the points we're seeing at the moment.


This final beginning to bubble. Kamiji and Whiley are not letting


this slip easily through their fingers. Nicely done.


It's on the line. They'll never tire of hearing it, but once again Yui


Kamiji and Jordanne Whiley are Wimbledon champions. 2014. 15, 16


and 17. There has been nobody quite like these two on these courts. This


is by far the most special to me because I've been out for eight


months struggling with injury, I haven't played for a year now. I did


try my hardest. They are such a strong team. I'm so happy. We can


see how thrilled you are. Yui, how are you feeling right now and have


specialist this moment? Erm... Sorry. I'd like to thank Jordanne to


play with me again. And congratulations to my Alan and


Diede. And to the crowd for cheering for us. Yes. -- congratulations to


Tim Ferri. I think we all remember the shouts of Yui, Yui throughout


that. She's my best friend. I do anything


for Yui, I'd try my hardest for Yui, I know she do the same. That's what


makes us such a special doubles partnership. Such a sweet thing to


say because before Jordanne Whiley described Yui as her bag for life,


less confirmatory than best friend. We know what she means. There was a


British winner guaranteed in the mixed doubles. Here is Phil Jones.


A British face-off with a Swiss finish edge. Whether top seeds or


not seeds, both teams are loving life. Britain's Jamie Murray


answered with a wide yes to eight text of invitation to team up with


36-year-old Brick Martina Hingis of 22 grand slam titles and vast


experience. It enhanced his hopes of winning is again mixed doubles title


here a decade after the first. With Jelena Jankovic. Heather Watson and


Henri Kontinen, the unseeded GB Finland Giro are the opposition. The


titleholders no less. They could become the first pair to


successfully defend his crown for 20 years. Whatever the outcome, a


British Wimbledon champion was guaranteed.


Jamie was going to poach a couple of times there. Then a decisive


interception at the net, first break of serve.


If you are serving at 75 mph to a thick hitting Finn, that's what


happens. Henri, what are you doing? Trying to


do way too much here. That ball was going straight at him.


Inside out forehand. Murray at the net. Break of serve.


Have a hit that as hard as she possibly could. As he moves across,


his face on, which gives him a chance. That has been trained by his


coach firing thousands of boards at him from very close range.


Correction macro thousands of balls. First set to the British- Swiss


combination. A richly entertaining 30 minutes. Beautifully played. It


just sat there asking to be hit. Boy, did he hit it.


What a pick-up that was. What a fantastic volley. He knew that when


it was pulled wide in the alley his option was a short cross for a


forehand volley. That he knew. What a return for Heather on the


backhand. That's why you have to be so accurate. World-class whatever


delivers from the backhand, when she can get hold of it. They've done a


very good job of stopping it. He wasn't quite accurate enough. That's


what happens. Vaclik from Heather says it all. A


big break for Murray and Hingis. -- that shriek from Heather.


Great shot, great shot. The crowd chanting for more. More shots like


that from these two and they'll have some more.


Great shot from Henri Kontinen, that's fantastic!


Missed it. Oh, Heather. Match point for Jamie Murray and Martina Hingis.


On Centre Court, which began with one Murray two Mondays ago, and all


the drama of Roger and Davina in between ends with another Murray.


Jamie and Martina Hingis are mixed doubles champions for 2017. A great


success for British tennis to have two guys in the final. For us, we


had a great week, we had a lot of amazing tennis, especially in the


final we knew we'd have to play really good match to have a chance


to win. We were able to do that. A momentous day for Switzerland as


well, Roger winning on centre court earlier, you winning now, both of


you defying age. Yeah, not bad for us! I think I'm really happy that I


contacted Jamie before Wimbledon started. You know, so I'm really


happy how we played and performed. You talk about one British is going


to win Wimbledon this year, I'm happy, I was hoping it's going to be


mine. That's how it proved. This is your first mixed doubles title for


ten years, how does the occasion compared to that one? I kind of


forgot, to be honest, what it felt like last time. This was pretty


sweet. Huge thanks to Martina because I wouldn't be standing here


if it wasn't for her because I wasn't going to play. Yeah, it's an


easy decision to play, when she picks me, she's such an amazing


player, she showed it all week. Really excited to have the trophy


again. A wise man to accept your invitation, definitely. A lot of


guys in the locker room would have been jumping at the chance. Might we


see you here next year possibly? I hope so. We have the next grand slam


coming up so we'll have to talk about that and go from there. It's


always nice to defend a title when you come back. Sounds like it might


be the beginning of a beautiful mixed doubles relationship, a 23rd


grand slam title for Martina Hingis, the fourth Jamie Murray. He didn't


lose his serve once in five matches they played in. Pretty good. He


should be sending a text Matic to Martina Hingis tonight to say, can


we play at the US Open? -- a text message. I don't care what the


question is, the answer is yes. They are both great doubles players. When


you get that combination, we were sitting here watching Martina at the


net, she's got such good hand skills. Jamie's a great volley. That


combination. If they want to keep playing for a while, they could win


many more grand slam mixed doubles titles. We've seen how the doubles


has helped Heather Watson in singles. She went out earlier this


week. She played very well. For her and Henri Kontinen to get to the


final again, big achievement. It is, fantastic. We don't often play mixed


doubles. It's at the grand slams. Not everybody plays it. It's a


fantastic sport. We've got the Hopman cup, something separate


altogether, before the Australian open, a lead up tournament. It's not


often played. It's very exciting, the format of the game. If you can


pick your partners like Martina Hingis, she is really good, I played


a bunch of exhibition matches against her and she can out volley


the guys, her reflexes are so good. Definitely a text from Jamie, I


would say. Saying yes in capital letters. It gave the Centre Court


crowd subbing to enjoy after beastly historic achievement from Roger


Federer, but a flat contest in terms of the men's singles final. We give


you our shot of the day from that match.


More than one shot at August through the brilliance, Tim. Federer


slightly on the defensive, has to move forward, picked up the dropped


shot. Cilic does very well to flick it crosscourt, falls on his


backside. Then Federer is the dexterity to hit this backhand when


it is almost behind him. You can see here is got to chase it down, just


get the elevation on the ball to flick the rest down the line for a


winner. It's an amazing shot. After that, Cilic never moved the same


again and we don't think the injury was caused there because the injury


was blisters and he brought it on to court. But it was essentially one of


the highlights. In terms of social media, this has been doing the


rounds, giving Roger and Rafa have won the first three grand slams of


the year. Cast your eyes back to this, dawn Road says...


That is the point. They now go into the US Open and frankly you're


looking at one of them to win it. For me it's like the clock has gone


back five years, you had a period when they were dominating. Then


Djokovic came in, you had Murray finishing number one, winning his


last five tournaments of last year. Suddenly, we're back again. Roger


won in Australia, rapper dominated on the clay. He wins his tent French


Open. Roger has won eight here, but Rafa has won ten, Roland Garros.


It'll be interesting to see what happens in New York. They seem to


push each other on, when one does something brilliant, the next one


has two top it. I don't think they're focused on that. They are


focusing on staying fit and healthy, enjoying tennis. No doubt they push


each other, particularly, I think, Roger has a lot to thank Rafa, Novak


and Andy for. They pushed him into improving the stuff we were saying,


improving his serve. Particularly the backhand. It's been developed to


try to beat Rafa. It's working to counteract him this year. And


everybody else for that matter. Frankie, the grounds are empty,


everybody else has left. Over the last two week the BBC has brought


over 500 matches online on television and radio. You are about


to see the people who made it possible. Thanks to them and to the


players who've given given us heart-warming, heroic and, indeed,


historic stories to tell. It's like the beginning of a


fantastic holiday, isn't it? What a battle factory or what a


result! British tennis history is made.


They've done it! Wimbledon champions again.


Physically, Andy Murray not white. This is the greatest win of his


life. -- physically, Andy Murray is not right. For John Akinde it ends


here. Jamie Murray and Martina Hingis, our


mixed doubles champions. One of the best of all time. Take a deep


breath, focus, then it's time to take the walk.


It's not over till it's over. First blood to Muguruza. This match


slipping away from Venus Williams. What a victory for Muguruza. Who is


the Wimbledon champion. If you stop and look around, take all of this


in, it'll be too late. Roger Federer takes another step toward history.


What a player! The first man to win eight championships here at




Clare Balding presents highlights of the final day's action at Wimbledon 2017.

All eyes are on Centre Court today and the men's singles final on the hallowed SW19 turf.

After a victory from Andy Murray in 2016 - his second Wimbledon triumph - the home crowd are desperate for more of the same this year.

Clare and guests also cast their eye over another busy day of action in south west London which includes the mixed doubles final, an event won last year by Britain's Heather Watson and Finland's Henri Kontinen.

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