22/07/2013 Triathlon: World Series


Extended highlights of both the men's and women's round six races at the ITU World Triathlon Series in Hamburg. With commentary from Matt Chilton and Steve Trew.

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stops on the World Triathlon Series calendar, the German city of


Hamburg, with the reputation or having the largest and loudest


crowds. This is the oldest triathlon in the WTS calendar. Last year, they


turned it into our fast and furious sprint race. The shorter distances


back and Hamburg is also hosting the Mixed Relay World Championships. And


this weekend will be the first time the Brownlee Brothers go head to


course looks like this. Off a pontoon in the Alster artificial


lake, the athletes must dive in and complete a 750 metre swim. The bike


section takes place on the main shopping streets. It consists of


four 5km laps on a technically demanding course that includes eight


sharp turns. Once the bike has been completed and transition two


negotiated, the athletes will finally run two 2.5km laps on a flat


course around the lake, finishing at the entrance to Hamburg City Hall.


The amateurs are racing at the moment and the crowds have been


roaring them on. One person to expect the most support is home


favourite and current leader Annie Hogg -- Anne Haug. I grew up in a


teachers family, so I got lots of sport from early on, trying every


kind of sport, then deciding on the triathlon at the age of 20. But I


could not swim, so I had to train first. I then it was -- I then


decided to do the triathlon, nearly got third, and I stayed in the


sport, and I am really happy with that. The last World Series race of


2012 goes the way of Germany's Anne Haug. You won your first race at the


end of last year in the Grand Final, and now you are World Series


leader, and people are ready speaking about you being one of the


favourites to take over from the current world champion and take that


title? Are you feeling that expectation? I'll macro from zero to


100 last year, it was quite amazing. I have to get used to the pressure


and staff, but tried to keep it away from me, not put too much pressure


on myself. I race to win, obviously, but if you can win the title or not,


I just try to give my best every time, and I would be glad for a


medal. I did not have a really good race, playing the safeguard, because


of expectations and not willing to risk anything, but you cannot win


without risking. Now I have the races that count for this series,


and I can risk a little more, and get back into fighting mode and


fighting to win. I do not want to be frightened of disappointing anyone.


Quite a rivalry developing between you and Jodie Stimpson, in second


place, winning in Kitzbuhel, of course. What is it like training


together? Can you beat friends and rivals? I think it is possible. We


benefit each other in training, she is an great athlete, and we can


learn from each other, pushing each other to our limits, maybe the


reason why we are in front. After the race, we are friends again full


is top what kind of race are you expecting here?


It is just a sprint, and it will be hard, but I will fight for the end,


and hope the gap is not too big and I can close it. I expect a fast one.


It is always special to race in Handsworth. It is amazing since I


started. -- in Hamburg. The crowd pushes you. Sometimes you forget you


are in pain. We look forward to seeing how that


rivalry plays out here in Hamburg. After five of the eight World Series


races, it is all looking pretty tight at the top of the women's


rankings. Anne Haug returned to number one after have a place in


Kitzbuhel. Jodie Stimpson's win saw her go into second. The Austrian


mountain course was a one off, but Jodie Stimpson wants to prove her


win will not be. It was such a fantastic feeling. I really want to


try and get another win. But they are so hard to come by. With that


great women on the start line, it will be our fast race. I would love


to get on top of the podium again, but who knows? Great Britain's Non


Stanford has moved up to fourth, even though struggling on the


Kitzbuheler Horn, finishing 16th. The flat course in Germany should


suit her better. Tens of thousands of spectators have lined the streets


ready to see these elite women in action. I shall hand you over to


commentators Matt Chilton and Steve Trew.


We start right in front of the Rathaus, and here is the start


representatives. That includes Michael Wright, who is in ninth. --


includes McIlroy. We have 68 in total scheduled to race. And we are


Eddie for Brown says -- and we are ready for round six. In front of a


massive crowd. A beautiful day, a little breeze, warm water. And the


elite women are lined up ready to dive into the water, to get this


race underway. A spectacular start, beautiful weather. In the past, it


has been bitterly cold and wet here in Hamburg, but it is going to be


fine all weekend and a really fast and UDS start. The shorter distance,


just 750 metres, before exiting at a different point to begin the 20 acre


longer-term hike, grinding off with attends llamas are run. -- the 10K


run. Gwen Jorgensen doing well, but not managing completely. I do not


know what happened, very tight on the start. Just trying to watch go


out there with Non Stanford, who made a huge coming out. She is


absolutely pushing it. 15 swimmers out in front, including the eye


right leader, who is having a lovely time. She will have no one for


company. Just a slight kink to the right here. And keeping clear of the


kayak, which is the offer guidance. Now getting more tasty at the back


of the field. I am not sure that kayak should be positioned there,


not helping anyone, that is a hard surface, they are bumping into it.


They should be able to get up to the soft and turning very, and I do not


know what was in mind of the partner there. I am very surprised at that.


The Leeds swimmers could look up to site to get round easily, but this


huge and shut the back at a huge disadvantage. The partner went on


the wrong side. Not a good start. And what was that person doing in


that kayak? They should not have been in the thick of the field. No


wonder some were pushing them out of the way. I am sure he got some abuse


as they went around. What a nonsense. And here is the start


again. Always a spectacular view from the helicopter shot. The crowd


is here in force, able to cool off by dipping feet and ankles into the


water. And watching the swimmers coming to the end of this first leg


of the WTS sprint event in Hamburg. And the leader looking up to see


what is coming ahead. That is her position in transition as her bike


awaits. That early lead closing down now. It looks quite difficult


conditions on the swimmers, coming into this long stretch. Going


underneath the bridge and into the finish and, with the wind really


hitting into the swimmers. You can see the destruction on the surface,


and that long lead has closed, and it will be interesting to see what


Jodie Stimpson and Non Stanford of Great Britain are. Stanford was


excited going into this, saying she learned a lot about herself a couple


of weeks ago in Kitzbuhel, and interesting to see where she will go


on this different, very flat race. And coming up to the exit, just in


front of the Hamburg City Hall. The leader just coming out into the


light at the far side of the bridge. Some of them are still entering that


dark area. Just going under that bridge. And not -- and number 35


from Spain, coming up on the leader, shoulder to shoulder. It looks like


a working group now. They are moving away from the main body of the


swimmers. Shall we have any British athletes in this leads six? A


technical course of four coulomb tours, with seven turns on each, but


it could be interesting to have that mean cushion. -- four kilometres.


What an actors -- atmosphere. We have not seen crowds like this since


Hyde Park last August. 67 exiting the swim, after a 9.5 minutes. A


little break of about seven or eight seconds before the next group. Jodie


Stimpson comes out in 10th. We are still looking out for Non Stanford.


She is through now, in 19th. They give Holland is coming out on 27th


positions, all the British competitors within the top 30. --


Vicky Holland. This transition, a long run through, will be vitally


important, as that gap of six or seven seconds, cannot be closed?


Anne Haug is a bit down on the swim, and will have to work so hard to put


herself in a medal winning position. We join the leaders out on the roads


of Hamburg now, beginning the first of their 54 kilometre laps. Dick


swimmers coming out together. -- five km laps.


They are looking around, you can see what's being exchanged, and not too


many seconds behind with the chase group. Anne Haug is just a little


work to do to close right up to the leaders. She has company. And these


team-mates already exchanging words, discussing tactics for the


next two kilometres on two wheels. Anne Haug has been taken back, by


workers and helpers, into that main pack. She is sitting behind now,


taking as much drafting as she possibly can. And the Australian


taking it up at this stage. Pushing hard, number 27, and she is joined


by number 15 and number 14. It will not be long before this front group


of about eight or nine grows significantly as the chasers come


together. You can see how narrow some of these streets are, really


putting them through their paces here, no massive group able to form


wide across the road, because the width is just four metres in places.


have Non Stanford in that lead group lead group as well. Again, you have


to say what a great job the pacemaker has done for her. Look how


many are with her. They include Non Stanford, officially in 17th


position. Right up there in the thick of the action and Jodie


Stimpson and Vicky Holland is there as well. We have three of the four


British contestants in the lead group. Vanessa Raw is only six


seconds back with a chance to close the gap. Jodie Stimpson's turn.


She's happy to share the workload. This front group now numbers 20 or


more. Possibly even approaching 30 in this front group. The longest


straight section on this bike is just around one kilometre. Everybody


will be looking to try to move as far to the front as they can. On the


turns, that is when accidents are likely to occur. It is a question of


staying as near to the front as possible, but not doing all the work


front of the field. The two Germans have cruised through to lead the


Hamburg WTS Sprint. Bazlen has guided Anne Haug, currently number


one in the world standings, right to the front of the field. Now, the


German supporters are lining the roads of Hamburg. They are


acknowledging the fact that they have chances. They have positions


one and two as they approach the end of the second lap on the bike.


Bazlen and Haug. Good work so far from the German pair. Very good


tactically. Are we going to see a maintenance of that with Anne Haug


They are becoming ones and twos through this very narrow course.


Into transition at the end of the second lap. Bazlen and Haug lead the


way for Germany. Non Stanford in fifth with Jodie Stimpson two back.


All these riders in contention. You have to think that with her running


skills, Non Stanford is very well Holland in 23rd position there for


are deep into the third of four laps in this women's sprint. Simic is


keen to open the throttle a little further. They get to the more tricky


section of the bike laps presently and the pace will slow, almost to a


snail's pace, as they come round some of these hairpins in the old


part of the city. I don't think Sarah Groff has been too far off the


lead of this bike section right from the swim. Jodie Stimpson bridging


that ten-second gap very quickly. She's managed to establish herself


at the front. Going around the corner, people squeezing in and then


it comes out into the single line again. Yeah. In the middle of that


front group, one or two close calls as they came through that left


handed hairpin. Wheels a little this race. She's taken it up again


to put the Germans in first and second position. They have obviously


got some team tactics working here. The chase group coming to this


left-handed hairpin. Last time we got a check on the clock, they had a


41-second deficit. That group does include Gwen Jorgensen from the


United States of America. motorcycle camera speeds from the


last to first within the chase group. The chase group currently led


by Gwen Jorgensen. Twice a winner third position in this chase pack.


Jodie Stimpson is tucked in behind. Ashleigh Gentle is also there. They


complete lap three of five. Non Stanford officially ninth at that


the spotlight. She will be reeled in Brazilian, Oliveira, and the main


lead group. Plenty in there, tucked away, keeping out of trouble, not


doing any work at the front of the field, conserving energy. On a hot


day, that's probably not such a bad tactic. I think Pamela has gone from


the front to see if she can tempt six-second gap just by making that


attack. If people are reluctant to chase, and she can get out of sight,


she be in a commanding situation. As we say that, there seems to be more


effort now to try to close the gap with her to bring her back into the


lead pack rather than in front of others, returning towards the front


of the field and it's Bazlen leading Haug, Haug takes it up. Ever present


is Jodie Stimpson and with four is Non Stanford. Razarenova is looking


for a spare wheel - no, she is saying she is done, her race is run.


This is shaping up to be a pulsating finish in round six of the World


Triathlon Series for 2013. Bazlen is first. The same time as Haug.


Stimpson and Stanford the same time to round off this sprint distance


event here in Hamburg. Bazlen's running is OK. Whether or not she


will be able to keep with Stimpson and Stanford and Haug remains to be


seen. There are one or two Australians who might fancy their


chances as well. Lots in contention. No real opportunity to be making any


ground on the narrow section, so the early preparation work done there.


Even very, very early to be unclipping the shoes, just making


sure the tyre tyres - already, we can see the feet on top of the


shoes, still clipped into the pedals. -- sure the tyres - already,


we can see the feet on top of the shoes, still clipped into the


plenty in contention. They head for the bike stands for the final time.


There's a bit of a problem here for Anne Haug. She didn't make the


quickest entry and exit to transition. She is OK. Away that go.


It's a five kilometre run to complete this sprint distance. Two


British athletes, Non Stanford and Jodie Stimpson, in company with Anne


Haug of Germany, who leads the WTS standings for 2013. They have all


tasted success this season. And now nervous moments for the German crowd


as they watch Haug do battle with Stanford and Stimpson in the early


stages of this five kilometre run. Beginning to open that gap in the


early stages of the run, perhaps ten seconds already, and you wonder is


it possible that Non Stanford has misjudged and gone out too fast? I


don't think so. Jodie Stimpson, with lots of experience now, as indeed


does Haug, content to let Non Stanford lead it through just to sit


behind and see how the race develops. We know Non Stanford has a


sprint finish. She demonstrated that in the San Diego race when she was


involved with a battle for second place with Emma Moffatt, which she


Stimpson is fresh off the back of a win, she is full of confidence


following her triumph in the Austrian Alps. Haug is the home town


hero at the age of 30. She must be approaching the end of her top-level


career. She past the water bottle over to Stimpson there. That was a


good move from Anne Haug. Stimpson might have missed her own feed so


decided to share Anne Haug's water. We saw Non Stanford just miss her


first water bottle and was able to get the second one. I think that is


fantastic, to do that, two of the greatest athletes in the triathlon


world, making sure that neither one is at a disadvantage. Jorgensen


tries to claw her bah way back into contention. -- claw her way back


into contention. Her run is supreme in the right conditions. Surely it


is too much to ask that Jorgensen can get into contention again today.


She is giving it a good go. The announcer getting the crowd to chant


Anne Haug's name. Gentle and Hewitt in fourth and fifth as they hit the


end of lap one. Stanford, Stimpson and Haug, followed by Hewitt and


Gentle. 2.5 kilometres to go in this WTS sprint distance in Hamburg.


Setting up for a grandstand finish will just tuck in and turn three


into four. We have a leading quartet now. Hewitt fancies her chances.


Hewitt, Haug, Stanford and Stimpson. They form the front group with


around two kilometres to race here in Hamburg. All eyes locally on Anne


Haug in the middle of the pack. She looks pretty comfortable. We know


all about Non Stanford's sprinting prowess. Hewitt's a great runner.


Stimpson has proved herself at the highest level already this season


with that victory in Kitzbuehel and the third place in Japan and Madrid.


Fifth in San Diego as well. A stunning season for Stimpson and


Stanford. A big performance by Ashleigh Gentle, who has managed to


claw her way back on to this lead group, making it five now. They seem


to have gone away from Emma Jackson. In fact, they have gone away from


Emma Jackson. She did look to be closing. We now have that three,


that became four, and has now become five. Five chasing three places on


the podium. The sprint title for 2013 upper grabs, two British, a


German, kiwi and an Australian. Five abreast, look at that. Fantastic


racing here. And they are down to the last 1800, coming down to a 1500


metre foot race to decide it today. Ashleigh Gentle comes through.


Letting the others now she is not to be taken lightly in this situation.


Number two is Stimpson, Stanford is finish? Or perhaps Haug making her


move, perhaps 1000 metres out? You have to think Non Stanford would be


favoured if it comes down to a sprint. Perhaps we might see Anne


Haug looking to make her mark 800 metres out. So the noise levels have


just dropped off slightly as they are on the extreme far reaches of


the Rhine course? -- of the wrong course. We'll Anne Haug Winford


Germany? Stanford, Stenson, Hewitt and Gentle all going to be fighting


have every step of the way. There is an injection of pace at the front


from Haug, just a little kick from the German, but the two British


triathletes went with her. Possibly a step too far for Hewitt, who


appears to be going backwards. Gentle struggling to stay with them.


Jodie Stimpson had moved to the left, able to see any changes in


speed whatsoever. As soon as Anne Haug went for that, Stimpson was on


her shoulders, also making sure that Stanford is also in with a chance.


Haug objects and other bit of pace. Now, she is going for victory in


Hamburg. It looks like it is a good break from Anne Haug. Stimpson and


Stanford struggling to match the German's pace. When she went away,


Stanford first to react, Stimpson a little slower. Will this bring have


a home win in Hamburg? It looks like it might be decisive from Anne


Haug. A brave effort from Haug to do that so early. Can she maintain


that? We know she is a strength runner. That looks to be happening.


I commend this performance. Looks like less than 800 metres to go and


I cannot read that gap being closed by the two British athletes.


looks like Stanford and Stimpson will fight it out for second as Anne


Haug's timing is perfect this afternoon. Full of running still,


the noise levels rising, the result they wanted to see. As Anne Haug,


the World Triathlon Series leader for 2013, has left the British duo


behind her. Haug takes the applause, heading towards the finish for


transition for the final time. What a burst of speed, keeping plenty in


reserve, tactically superb, aided by Bazlen's excellent work on the


bike. She was able to drafting behind, take it easy, and look at


her running up to the finish. Plenty more to give. Stanford and Stimpson


still battling for second, but it looks like Haug's victory in Hamburg


this afternoon. Anne Haug of Germany within sight of her second victory


of the year. She won in Auckland at the opener. This is then, I classed


in Madrid by Stanford and in San Diego by Jorgensen and Stanford. Now


she knows victory is ours for the taking. And it is the blue carpet.


Anne Haug soaking it all up here in Hamburg, the 30-year-old from Munich


coming in with a classy finish to win the WTS sprint title for 2013.


Anne Haug wins in a time of 57 minutes and 21 seconds. Stanford's


Sprint keep seven second, Stimpson the winner in Kitzbuhel finishes in


third. Andrea Hewitt in fourth, Ashleigh Gentle instead. The Germans


wanted to see victory in Hamburg or Haug. -- for Haug. And she really


had to work for it. She judged that run to absolute perfection.


An unforgettable home victory in overall standings for 2013.


Huge congratulations. How does it feel to have won a race on home soil


believe it. You torture yourself to the limit and to be in the middle of


the podium is a dream come true and amazing. There were three of you


girls so tight on the run, we wondered who would kick burst, then


about 800 metres to go, I huge burst of energy from you. We did that come


from? I felt very good on the run, and planned to attack on the hill


with one kilometre from the finish line, then decided now or never, and


Winford Gold and I did it. Representing Great Britain, Non


Stanford. Congratulations, silver in Hamburg. How are you feeling?


Absolutely delighted. I got my hand stuck at one point, working really


hard to get back into the bike group, trying to make the run hard


from the start, but when Anne Haug went, she had some speed. What was


going on at the beginning of that run? The dot in the first lap, that


was the podium, then Andrea Hewitt came up from behind. It was crazy. I


think I must have slowed down quite a lot and let them back into the


race. But it was a good race, exciting, I did not know what would


happen. To share the podium again with Jodie Stimpson is fantastic.


Once you stole Anne Haug kick on, was it just about second, then?


dug in and I am pleased with second. Well done, another podium,


congratulations. Thank you. How does it feel to back your win at


in Kitzbuhel? Fantastic. It was fast, or in from the word go, and


great to finish on the podium. were the crowds like? It was


awesome, but everyone was shouting for Anne Haug.


What a race, with two British women on the podium again and Anne Haug


making sure no one else won on her home turf. Coming up, the Brownlee


brothers lead in the men's sprint rates, then extended highlights of


the Mixed Relay World Championships. Now it is finally here, after it


injury, illness, late withdrawals, the battle we have all been waiting


for. All three male Olympic medallists on the start line for the


first time since London 2012. Prepare yourself for Brownlee


against Gomez against Brownlee. Started off very well in Auckland. I


won the first race of this year. Unfortunately, I had an ankle


injury, so I had to miss the first race. By season started in San


Diego. That went great for me. I1-macro. The first three or four


days in San Diego, I did not feel good. That did not make me very


happy. Then my first race of the year, I won that one. Jonny was very


strong, and I was very happy with winning that race. In Madrid, that


was a few weeks later, again I was first. I planned to raise in


Madrid, but I was just not right and had to pull out of Madrid. I knew I


was tight for running fast and would not beat Jonathan. But it was good.


Kitzbuhel was new and exciting, uphill was different. I was feeling


very excited for the first time, but got ill 24 hours before the race,


could not get out of -- had to pull out and I was gifted. Kitzbuhel gave


me the chance to race without being fit running wise. It was all decided


on the bike, and it was decided then. Unfortunately, I crashed five


days before the race. Nothing too serious, but hurt a lot of kin. --


skin. But no Hamburg. Not only the first


time you are facing Alistair since London 2012, but the whole Olympic


podium, you guys just missing each other this season? We have. Some bad


luck as well, injuries, illnesses, but also last year, the Olympic


year, took a lot out of everyone. When you aim for a something for so


long, training so hard, the year after, it has to take something out


of you. Having some bad luck, but last year was hard. It is true


racers are different when the Brownlees racing. It will be fast


from the beginning and they do not look back. The push as hard as they


can on the bikes. We love to raise the best one in the world. With


those two, it will be a fast race. I like running with massive margins, I


am very competitive. The races I remembered are those that are


hard-fought. I think, deep down, I appreciate strong competition.


Alistair has an incredible record, being very good when he turns up.


With the spring, the Brownlees out there, the course is very fast, lots


of crowds. If I was a betting man, I leader appears to be in a commanding


position, but he has competed in all five races so far this year and


peered to the Brownlees with two apiece. They cannot afford to miss


any more races, making this weekend crucial.


With nine of the top ten men in the world lining up here in Germany,


this race should be another brother, now to hand you back to Matt Chilton


and Steve Trew. There is Jonny Brownlee, he missed


Kitzbuhel where his brother triumphed with a dominant display of


uphill climbing. And there is Alistair. The Olympic champion. Both


Brownlee brothers being warmly welcomed onto the start pontoon. And


to go. Javier Gomez closest to us, number one, coming up against both


Brownlee brothers here today. And in the goal for the sprint


distance 750 metres in the relatively warm waters. Gomez has


made a good start, easy to spot in the red suit. You can be sure that


Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee will be hot on his heels, not letting him


get too far away. Alistair fresh off the back of a win in Kitzbuhel,


Jonathan winning the two previous rounds. Gomez won the opener in


Auckland. It is the first time all three Olympic medallists have raced


together so far this season. The first time Alistair and Jonathan


Brownlee will do battle since the Olympic games in Hyde Park in August


fourth. That could well will be Richard Murray of South Africa.


Richard Varga leads through. Looking to see the position of that safety


canoe. The kayak was in the way for the women's swim. Thankfully, it's


kept clear of danger this time. This is always a worrying time. There was


a bit of ducking and diving there and a bit of afters as well between


two swimmers. One got ducked, and then he returned the compliment.


They need to be separated. That was Adam Bowden who took the brunt of


the punishment there. Richard Varga leading them through. He has one of


the Brownlees behind him. Richard Murray won this triathlon 12 months


ago, a good all-rounder. 66 having a little go there is Max Schwetz of


Schwetz. I wonder if we are going to see a repeat of the situation we saw


in the women's race earlier. Anne Haug has to be challenged in the


swim, she had a pacemaker working for her. I wonder if that is the


situation that Max Schwetz has put in. They disappear from view now


under this wide road bridge which crosses the river. It brings them


back into daylight in a moment. They will exit on to the main road before


trotting into transition and picking Unionist their bikes for five


four-kilometre laps around the streets of Hamburg. We kex pect an


early front group of ten or 12 to form. They are back into daylight.


Varga is spotted by the crowd. The crowd are 15-deep in places. They


have already tasted success today, the Germans, with victory for Anne


Haug. They will all be keeping a close eye on the position of Jan


Frodeno. We are sure that is Alistair Brownlee in third place.


Johnny was a couple of positions down when we saw him. No reason to


doubt he is not going to be up in the top ten coming out of the swim.


We will see if the brothers will be working together. Lots of noise to


greet the swimmers as they approach the end of stage one of this sprint


distance. Varga is on his feet and out of the water. Closely followed


by Schoeman. Alistair, the first of the Brownlee brothers, Jonathan hot


on his heels. The important names, as far as British triathlon is


concerned, is Brownlee. They are coming in in third and fourth


respectively. They will be in the thick of things as they head out of


transition on two wheels. We could have Adam Bowden, Aaron Harris


taking part in this sprint distance this afternoon. This was Brownlee on


his way up the ramp, Alistair Frodeno yet. They are on the road,


just getting their feet into the shoes. Schoeman looks over his


shoulder and that white bike helmet worn by Alistair, with Jonathan in


fifth position at this stage. So the bike course takes them away from the


including one very sharp out and back hairpin, a left-hander.


strong possibility of a group getting away from here and certainly


Jonny Brownlee has gone to the front, he's looked behind and said,


"Come on, let's go for this!" Both the Brownlee boys love putting


themselves on the line. Very, very aware that their running strengths


are so good and we do seem to have a big effort on this group trying to


and the chasers. It's getting on for ten seconds, possibly more. And


there's Frodeno, second of the chasing group. Frodeno therefore in


13th position at this stage, the former Olympic Champion, in his


farewell race. Schwetz behind Frodeno, so I wonder if we will see


him moving to the front to try and going in at the front. Schoeman is


having to work really hard to stay with Javier Gomez. The other one I


spotted early on was Aaron Royle of Australia. He is in this group. That


is the left-handed tight hairpin, which needs to be handled with care.


Very, very close to going through the barrier. Perhaps an indication


of how hard these cyclists are working at the front. Alistair and


Johnny, they have both talked about shortened slightly. We have gone


down to nine. Two have been struggling to keep with the pace.


The Brownlee boys, we have also got Luis of France, Vincent Luis, who


was a strong contender - he will be hoping he can keep with them. Fabian


is in there, Ryan Sissons, Gulf of Mexico Gulf of Mexico, Frodeno and


Varga to complete the front group -- penalty. He still managed to stand


still for 15 seconds. He still took the bronze medal. Gomez split them.


Long shadows across the streets of Hamburg. A terrific shot from the


helicopter. The brunt of the work is being taken by Alistair, Johnny and


Javier Gomez. Our remaining six athletes, are they content to be


in there. And there is Frodeno. can't see it happening if we


maintain the pace at the front here. Every time we see it, one of the


Brownlee, Gomez, Sissons, Fabian, Luis and Raphael. They have formed a


breakaway group and they look unlikely to be caught. A British


flag is being waved furiously. Slightly outnumbered today, the


British supporters. They like what they have seen so far with two


athletes already on the podium. We could have two more today with


Jonathan and Alistair. The chasing group, with Mola doing much of the


work alongside Jan Frodeno. Tony Moulai. There's Mola. Second in the


seeing if the other brother is coming through. Now there's that


encouragement - "Come on, guys, if you want to stay with us, you have


to be prepared to work!" They don't hold back - they will be dishing


their commands out. There are two who have just sat back and eased it


up at the back of the leading group as we take a look at the chase


group. They were 20-plus seconds behind at the end of lap two. We


will get a check shortly on whether that has stretched or shrunk at the


end of lap three. We saw the women's race earlier where Vicky Holland


finished 19th on her comeback. Vicky is now alongside Sonali.


How does it feel to be back racing? It is great to be back here. On a


course like this, you can hear the atmosphere, you can see how many


people come to watch it. It is great to be back. On a race like today, it


shows you that you have to be at your best otherwise you won't be


able to compete. The women's race was a thrill to watch. Two of your


team-mates on the podium and Anne Haug, what a tactical race from her?


Absolutely. The Germans employed a pacemaker tactic and they showcased


how to do it today using Bazlen to drag Anne Haug around and then she


flew off the front. Now, here they come! The men are around halfway


through the bike course. You have raced on this course already today.


What are you expecting from them? You know, I think these boys will


not get caught. This course is tight and technical, very, very fast.


There are a lot of turns towards the second half of the course. Those


boys in a smaller group have the advantage when it comes technical.


Here is the chase group. I don't think they will get caught now.


are about 20-plus seconds down. About 20 seconds, yes. Thank you.No


problem. Aurelien Raphael, the Frenchman.


Gomez with Luis, who has decided to have a little time at the front.


Alistair can't resist it. He doesn't like the lack of pace. He decides to


race. The speed of this bike leg, they are deep into lap four of five


now. They are having to work so hard to stay there. It looked like Javier


Gomez was wondering at the intensity of this. Schoeman is thinking, "Are


couple of bike lengths. With the chasers, we have the Brazilian with


a mini break. That will not last long.


himself I've run by his compatriot -- out run by his compatriot,


perhaps feeling he should get to the front and perhaps squeeze of one or


two of the members of this lead group. After that last few seconds,


when he was leading the group, he went back into third. Jonathan


seemed to say something, shake his head, and Jonathan unimpressed with


Brownlee brothers Aaron a sensational position, first and


kilometres on two wheels and excellent work by this group of


nine, but really only by Gomez and the Brownlee brothers and occasional


output from Fabian and Royle. Heading under and passed the central


railway station. Ultimately, it will be offered raise between Javier


Gomez and Alistair and has an Brownlee. -- will be a foot race. I


repeat of the Olympic triathlon last August. But it is a shorter


distance, just five kilometres to run, rather than the Olympic ten.


1800 metres left to ride. Luis of France into third position, wanting


a good position to get involved when they enter to park up the bikes.


This really is so fast. If they are running anywhere near we have seen


them do before, they will have a finishing time of around 50 minutes


for this sprint distance event, really quite stunning. They are


taking it to a new level, these guys. Can anybody go with the big


three question mac nine in this group. We know the capabilities of


the Brownlees and Gomez, what about the other sex? Now it is time to


think about arriving in transition. -- other six? Preparing for the


arrival and this mind. Jonny Brownlee learned his lesson at the


Olympics, with the penalty for at this might malfunction. There is


Alistair's spot in the transition area. And it is Fabian, the Italian,


sneaking alongside, to get himself a nudge towards his position in


transition. Feet on the floor, Jonathan nice and early, everyone


hitting it on the mark, and the nine leaders arriving together in


transition. Whether they will leave together is a different matter.


Alistair is there a fast, shoe is going on, Jonathan on the other side


from his brother, helmet off, sunglasses in hand, but not


bothering. And nine in, and nine out. Gomez kicking away to give


himself an early advantage. I think we will see this absolutely flat out


from the first place. Frodeno comes in, the Swiss is there as well. And


there goes the former Olympic champion, Frodeno out of transition


with a lot of work to do. I confront, it is the Brownlees and


Schoeman and Gomez. The other five at the moment not keeping with them.


This was Alistair coming into transition. Good work. A group of


four, Jonathan Brownlee, Alistair Brownlee, Henri Schoeman and Javier


Gomez. The French triathletes and Royle so far unable to match the


running pace of the front four. Alistair seems content at the moment


just to follow his brother through and Schoeman, after that initial


fast pace, back in fourth place. This will be the big question for


him. Frodeno leading the trailing pack. Schoeman struggling to keep


pace with Gomez and the brothers. He has been dropped not by much, but a


significant gap of three or four metres. Schoeman will feel that


psychologically. And an issue here with the German in transition.


Stopping to have a conversation, not quite sure what that was about.


wonder if that was a time penalty for an printer and we did not see.


Schoeman working hard, but not able to to get in front. Alistair


Brownlee seems happy to be chasing through now. Jonny Brownlee keeping


nice and cool. And Alistair takes a shower. The three Olympic medallists


from London 2012 out in front in this WTS sprint in Hamburg. The


bronze medallist leading the silver medallist, with a gold medallist


currently in third. It is almost a replay of one old fire on the


standings, these three so dominant at the Olympic games. -- almost a


replay of World Triathlon Series standings. These three have moved


away from the rest of the world. Gomez taking his place at the front.


The Brownlees sat this event out in preparation for the Olympic Games.


Gomez took part in a race that was won by Richard Murray. Gomez the


winner of this race in 2010, and the winner of the opener of this year's


WTS in Auckland. 30 years of age, born in Switzerland, and running for


Spain. The Olympic silver medallist. It seemed like Javier


Gomez was looking to increase the pace, but not wanting to leave this


to a sprint finish, but after that couple of hundred metres at the


front, they are back together. Alistair Brownlee seems to be happy


to keep in third place, monitoring what Gomez is doing, what his


brother Jonathan is doing. And a big gap now between the front three and


the next best. A gap of 20 seconds, possibly more. That is the injection


of pace that these three, the best in the world, have brought to the


final stage of this race. Approaching the end of the first


lap, just 2.5 kilometres of running to go. Jonny looks over his


shoulder. He was beckoning Gomez through there. He kind of step aside


and gave him that gap, but Gomez not accepting, happy to be the meat in


the Brownlee Sandridge at this stage. Nobody has made a move yet.


-- Brownlee sandwich. Nobody has made a move yet, they know each


other well, these three, and terrific races over the years


between the Spaniard and the two Yorkshiremen. The gaps in the next


best, which is Schoeman, is 20 12th.


2.5 kilometres to go, we have seen the winner upfront? Is someone


unusual would have to happen. They are the usual suspects, the most


frequent for the guys, Olympic medallists as well, and it will have


to come from those three. The question will be who will take it.


At the moment, Jonny looks the best, setting the pace. Gomez looks


comfortable and you have to say that Alistair does not look his usual


dominant self. Whispers that perhaps he is not feeling 100% today, but


Alistair Brownlee's 100% is not a normal person's 100%, do not write


him off, I think it will come down to the wire.


I do not think Gomez can afford it to go to a sprint finish. Increase


the pace to run any speed out of the Brownlees' legs. Gomez in front, no


distance between these three. Deep into the final lap. Nothing


between Javier Gomez, Jonathan Brownlee and Alistair Brownlee, the


three Olympic medallist battling for superiority here in Hamburg. I think


Gomez tried to increase the pace then, stretching away by a couple of


metres, immediately covered, and if anything Alistair Brownlee


lengthened his stride, indicating he is feeling very comfortable.


Schoeman now beginning to pay the price for that early pace trying to


go with these three. Just over 1600 metres to run. And the Spaniard,


Javier Gomez, has a little glance. He can sense they are they are. And


here comes Jonathan, easing alongside Gomez, and taking first


position, whilst Alistair is happy to loiter in third at this stage.


And Vidal has finished his race prematurely. That is most unusual.I


hope he is all right. Annexed a modicum of pace here. And the sudden


left and right turns, you can see one of the athletes making a break,


but all responding, all aware. And throughout, going off so fast,


Schoeman trying to stay with them, was able to for about 800 metres,


maybe one kilometre, but just found it too much. But these three have


maintained, watching each other, Alistair particularly the hunter in


this scenario. And you just wonder, is Gomez going to go? If he is going


to make that escape comment he cannot afford to leave it too long.


The younger Brownlee, Jonathan. Gomez, the Spaniard, and the Olympic


champion, Alistair, in third. We thought Alistair might look the more


comfortable, but right now, maybe it is Jonny looking the more


comfortable of the two Brownlees. And you can never really judge with


Gomez, because he has always got something in reserve. We saw on the


women's race, the two Brits in the leading free, almost as sure of a


podium position, then I've run in the last 1000 metres, and you wonder


if that could happen again. -- then out run. Gomez dropping to third for


the moment. Are the Brownlees beginning to turn the screw on


Gomez? And here is the hairpin, will one of them kick? Jonathan tried to


edge away, Gomez and Alistair had it covered. The gap is a fraction


longer than it was. Gomez, can he fight back? He is having to stand


and stare and watch as the gap lengthens. Gomez kicks and tries to


close the gap. I think he just succeeded. Back there, working hard.


You can sense they are watching each other, knowing that one of them is


going to go. And if they are prepared to put everything on the


line, still with the two Brownlees in front, Gomez covering, and not


over by any means at the moment. kilometres per hour across the


streets of hamburg, for the Brownlee brothers and Gomez as they start to


wind it up towards the finish of this sprint distance race, which has


been as thrilling as expected. Another kick from Jonathan. Is Gomez


broken this time? Tries to respond. The two brothers are beginning to


make a dent in Gomez's armour, he cannot reply this time, as Jonathan


Glanz is behind to see his older brother breathing down his neck and


four or five metres on Gomez. Now, Alistair Brownlee goes for it. It is


brother against brother as Alistair Brownlee takes the lead for the


first time on the run. Johnny trying to cover him back. Gomez cannot


match this. Alistair looks behind, "Have I got it this time?" Then


comes Jonny Brownlee again. Jonathan has responded. Jonathan wants this


one. Alistair is trying to come back at him. It's Jonathan's win!


Alistair takes second. 51:05. Third place goes to Javier Gomez. At last,


younger brother Jonathan gets one over on his big brother. He had to


respond. He had to watch Alistair go past and find something to reply. It


will be a great finish again for Richard Murray. He was the winner 12


months ago. He's come back to take fifth. Sven Riederer next, Raphael,


and the roar goes up for Jan Frodeno. No final victory for the


former Olympic Champion. Frodeno ends his IT U career in tenth


position. -- in ITU career in tenth position. That has to be one of the


best races I have ever seen. Brownlee brothers, Jonathan glancing


to his left, Alistair eyes shut, he knew it was a lost cause. Beaten by


his younger brother. So confirmation of Jonathan Brownlee's third WTS


is just 565 points behind now. A sprint finish here in Hamburg


against your brother and you won? Finally I have beaten him! I knew if


I didn't beat him today, I would probably never beat him. He's had


problems throughout the whole year. I have done probably 15 more track


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


had to give it all. I am absolutely delighted with second. Good to be on


the podium again. It was really fast again. I worked hard on the bike,


did not feel good on the run. I even tried in the second lap, but they


were faster. But I am happy. It was quite good.


We keep going on about it being your first time racing together? What did


it feel like? Definitely, the races change when they are together. Very


fast from the beginning, no break, no rest, pushing hard. Three wins


out of three races, high confident do you feel defending your World


Championship title? Very confident. Two races left, I cannot afford


anything going wrong. I know that Alistair and Gomez will be better in


Stockholm. Pretty confident, but two more races to go. Well done, what a


finish. Thank you.Still one more race to go, the dynamic and popular


Mixed Relay World Championships. You were part of the victorious British


team last year. I will do race work? It is a fantastic race, high octane,


really fast, with two males, two females. This win is really short,


only 300 metres. This win X it is behind me, . The exit for the


swimming is behind me. They finish on the run with handing over to the


next member of the team. So one mini really each, then attack team?


flying down the ramp here, and off they go. It is fast to watch and


super exciting. How disappointing where you to hear the International


Olympic Committee's decision last week not to include the Mixed Relay


format as part of Rio 2016? It was disappointing, quite a shock, made


earlier than we originally thought. Today was supposed to be the


showcase for the committee to see how fantastic the event is, for the


athletes and spectators, a great event to watch, so a shame it will


not be part of the programme in 2016. But it will take place at the


Commonwealth Games in Glasgow next year. And possibly it could come


back to the Olympics in 2020. hope so. Thank you. The Brits know


how to win this format, having been Mixed Relay champions for the past


two years. But how well do the members know each other? I am Non


Stanford, the 2012 next relay champion. Water her parents names? I


have never met them. I shall go for Welsh names. Jill and John. I am


Alistair Brownlee, the 2011 Mixed Relay champion. What are his parents


names? I do not have a clue. I am Jonny Brownlee, Mixed Relay


champion. What are his parents names? Keith and calf. What is Non


Stanford's most treasured possession? She absolutely loves her


I use my laptop the most. Maybe his Olympic bronze medal? What is


Alistair's most treasured possession? His bike. My most


treasured possession is my Olympic medal. When is her birthday? Early


January. 8th January. I will give you that. April, May. 8th February.


The 30th April. The 30th April, 1990. It is the same day as my Dad.


December? 23rd April, 1988? What does Non Stanford wear to bed,


Jonathan Brownlee? It's hard work with girls, this. I'm going to go


that she wears just a pair of undies. A smile! I'm always happy to


be there. That is a good one! Boxers. Pyjamas. I think Jonny


Brownlee wears a flat cap to bed! Nothing else! LAUGHTER Normally


boxers and a T-shirt! Nothing exciting. He lies! No idea, I have


never seen her in bed! Nothing special. Who does Non think your


biggest rivals this weekend are? think she will have said the German


team. They are strong all round and she races Anne Haug so the German


team. Maybe New Zealand, they are pretty strong and they have some big


athletes. Fair enough! Not as good as Alistair. Who did Alistair say


are your biggest rivals for the Mixed Relay World Championships?


German team. Germany. You are correct. That is one out of five.


She said Germany. You will say the German team. Two out of five for


you. Great. I know her well. Maybe he said Germany as we are in


Hamburg. The French will be good. You scored two out of five. That is


quite good. Yes, it might be better to let their bodies do the talking


to see if the British team can prove you don't need to know each other's


mums and dads to make it a Mixed Relay World Championship hat-trick.


Let's get back to Matt and Steve. There are is the start list. There


are 21 teams involved. It is hard to see Great Britain getting challenged


The best they can hope for is second or third because the outright


favourites are the British team. Here is the course for the mixed


relay today. The swim very short. No the bike. Two laps of 3.3 kilometres


to give us a total of 6.6. The run is a mile. 850 metres followed by


750 metres, then the handover from athlete to athlete. We are ready to


race in Hamburg. The mixed relay about to unfold. What a beautiful


day. Just a bit of breeze, warm lap. No wonder it is a fast and


furious start as we follow them from the helicopter shot above. Jodie


Stimpson opening things up for Great Britain, who are wearing number one.


They are team number one. Steve true is alongside. -- Steve Trew is


alongside. Britain will be tough to beat today? Yes. We have been


looking down the teams here. We cannot see - and I hope we are not


doing this with the kiss of - we cannot see there is the deputy th


that other teams have. What we did yesterday was how critical the


changeovers and the first part of each new discipline was. If Gwen


Jorgensen - she had the same time as Anne Haug and then at the beginning


of the bike, it went. Just because of that, she put herself out of a


very good chance of getting on the podium there. She had a tremendous


run, 30 seconds faster than anybody else. It will be interesting to see


what they do today. We are hoping and expecting that Jodie Stimpson is


in among this leading group. It is difficult to spot who is where. We


will get a look on the computer timing as they come out of the


water. Jodie had a good swim yesterday and there is no reason to


doubt she should be up and fighting hard at the start of this. It has


stretched out just on that short distance here. USA out first, Great


Britain in third. I this I the timing system missed the Japanese


swimmer coming out. The USA are second there. Great Britain right up


there. Stimpson in the darker GB Team strip today, just behind


Switzerland. Stimpson heading for her bike. Helmet on. And now they


make their way out of transition. A few Union Jacks present today.


Obviously, the dominant flag is the Jodie Stimpson in this group as


well. And the French player not Barbie line. They can afford to push


on. -- not far behind. Just a short bike to negotiate. The pace seems


relatively slow at this stage. The Japanese takes it up. France up


alongside. Just behind those Jodie Stimpson for Great Britain. I am


wondering if one of the tactics may be to keep with the leading pack on


the bike, then trying to break on the run. It would be really


difficult to get away on such a short distance, but the run brings


different tactics, so perhaps Jodie Stimpson's tactics, the British


team's tactics, is to keep with the bike at the front, then make a move


on the first of the four runs. Sarah Groff of the USA alongside


Jodie Stimpson of Great Britain. Emma Moffat preparing her shoes for


the ride in transition. Everyone reaching down for the starts,


loosening of this shoe attachments before arriving at the transition


area. Just 520 metres to write. ride. It looks like Jodie Stimpson


once a clear gap in transition, alongside Emma Moffat in front, just


a couple of meat -- just a couple of 100 metres to go. We shall expect


them to rush out of transition. minutes before hitting the run. And


it is a mile, 1.6 Colombo tours, to two laps. -- 1.6 kilometres.


Stimpson had a problem losing some control of her bike coming in, but


no damage done, hanging it up, and with a running shoes, eager to exit


transition. Terrific changeover from Emma Moffat, and Jodie Stimpson has


a few yards to cover now. Andrea Hewitt desperately trying to hold


onto the lead group. And the Netherlands are up there, up into


fourth position. The men are waiting to receive the handover. Sarah


Groff, the 31-year-old American, and her results so far this season, but


being overtaken towards the changeover by Jodie Stimpson,


desperate to make up or two mistakes in transition, wanting to set


Alistair Brownlee of on a leading position, but Groff is having none


of it, only a short distance, and recovering the lead. And away the


men go. About ten metres ahead of the next best. Spectacular start


from the men. Absolutely superb, I love this event. This is where the


action really starts evolving. We had a two team breakaway there,


we're it will develop now, and that huge split on the final run


discipline for the first athletes in each team, and this is where those


splits will stretch and stretch. What an indication of the effort.


You work so hard to stay in that league Park, tremendous performance.


Alistair Brownlee was challenging at the start of the swim, coming around


the turn around already. It will be under 3.5 minutes for the swim


discipline, I am sure. They are already tearing it up here. Frodeno


with a good swim, right in contention here, the 2008 Olympic


champion, Jan Frodeno, not far away from Alistair Brownlee. Getting a


full check on who is we're once they come out of the water in the next


few seconds. It is the Americans first, Ben Kanute holding onto that


first position. Burst into the water, followed by Alistair


Brownlee, Switzerland outset then pack and the next ones out of water.


Seven men, 17 is, about two ride for this bike ride. -- seven men, seven


teams. Expect Alistair Brownlee to force the pace at the front of the


field, looking around already, checking what the opposition is up


to. And there he is, out in front, head down, making opponents work.


And Javier Gomez, miles behind. Goodness me, the Olympic silver


medallist with a mountain to climb, way off the pace. And move from


Alistair, who has decided as transition gets near, she wants


clean space, does not want to take of getting Impey did. -- he wants. I


am looking forward to seeing Alistair Brownlee run the one-mile


discipline. The fastest runner, that there is doubt, and he might just do


enough in his 1600 metre run to effectively win the race for Great


Britain if he explodes out of transition and sprints out of the


two laps. He raced only yesterday, but it was a sprint yesterday, and


has had 24 hours or so to recover. If he runs like we know he can, he


might give Non Stanford and unassailable lead. Down to the


leading free at the front, including smoothly as he would have liked, not


that it should matter, he should be first or second out of transition.


Kanute first, followed by Brownlee. Looks like a split at the front of


the run, and Alistair Brownlee forging ahead of Aaron Royle, just


online number one of the lab section, giving a significant lead


to Non Stanford, going off as the third athlete for Great Britain.


Kanute was first to lead, but dropping to 30 from transition.


Frodeno roared through every step. Gomez has a lot of work to do, miles


behind, not in contention at this stage, it is all about Alistair.


Getting quicker, everything is being left out on the roads here for


Alistair, his last race for a little while, as he cleanly hands over to


Non Stanford, who sprints towards the water. Add a good entry, good


dive. What was it like out there? That


hurt like L. Even if it is short, it still hurts. And your assessment, GB


already doing well all. Perfect planning. Non Stanford is doing


well, in the perfect position. If Non Stanford can maintain this


lead on the swim, there could be a time trial on the bike. Six of the


men coming down and down as Alistair put the hammer down. This creates


different situations, different concentration, because Stanford will


be out on her own, barely aware that if Gwen Jorgensen can close on her


bike, it puts her in a personal situation. Stanford almost done with


the water. She should start to think about her run to the transition


area. Perhaps collecting her bike and heading out on two wheels for


the 6.6 hello metre bike ride, meanwhile Gwen Jorgensen from the US


with that ungainly swims Roque owing well -- swim stroke going well. But


quite a gap. Non Stanford way in front, arriving at transition, on


her bike and away as the others get set to begin. It is conceivable the


second group can close down on Non Stanford. It is possible to do it in


the distance they have. Non Stanford has tasted such success this


season. She kicked off the season in second place in San Diego, beaten by


Gwen Jorgensen there, had her first WTS win in Madrid, then backing it


up with a second place in the sprint in Hamburg 24 hours ago. It has been


the breakthrough season for Non Stanford, but one of the main rivals


has been Gwen Jorgensen, of the USA, and McIlroy of New Zealand


attempting to close the gap on Non Stanford now. News of a ten second


penalty. Non Stanford has to take a ten second standing penalty, because


of an infringement, not by hard, but by Alistair Brownlee, I'd miss you


with his dismount. -- and issue with his dismount. That has fallen to Non


Stanford, taking Brownlee's punishment. That is going to throw


out all sorts of things, with Gwen Jorgensen, around 15 seconds down,


down to five immediately, and she is the strongest runner at the moment.


We have a bite down, and a law enforcement officer in the street.


-- bike down. Coming towards the end of the bicycle leg. Getting ready to


dismount. No sign of the penalty, no visual of that penalty taken by Non


Stanford, but we assume she has taken it, because she is not


figuring, and Germany credited with first position. We shall try and


figure out what has happened. McIlroy almost colliding with Haug.


Jorgensen on her way. Germany leading the way. We are is Stanford?


-- where is. We saw that crash there, but I am hoping nothing has


happened. Unusual to get news of the race leader. We did see up by sick


on the deck, we did see some action to retrieve it. -- bike on the deck.


Was that Non Stanford? There was a body on the left. That looked like


Non. That was a British uniform. It is all over for Britain. We know


that Non Stanford has crashed, do not know if she is all right, what


are you hearing? The coverage has not really sure on what has


happened, we are yet to see the crash. The farce be new is when the


chase back came into transition. -- the first we knew about it is when


the chase came back. Unfortunately, she is probably at the furthest


point of the bike course. We wanted to win this, but the biggest thing


is to make sure Non Stanford is OK and she can continue later in the


year. Fingers crossed she is OK, thank you.


This is the battle for first, second and third, Anne Haug and Gwen


Jorgensen. Drama in Hamburg this afternoon. Engels crossed that Non


Stanford is OK. No newsreader yet -- no news yet on her position.


Jorgensen coming from behind to run through the field, did it to win in


San Diego, again in Yokohama, sixth in the individual sprint yesterday,


leaving Anne Haug, yesterday's winner, behind her. Haug will haul


from a decent performance from Loschke, already in pursuit of


Cameron Dye, who is in the water already full is up the last


triathletes for Germany with a great dive. What a great performance by


Anne Haug there, working so hard on the bike, and getting in the pack in


front, straight to the front, knowing that Gwen Jorgensen would be


in a commanding situation into the run, and yet she did not give an


inch, working and working, and put Germany back in contention. You can


hear that crowd's appreciation hitting the water. Cameron Dye is


coming out. Next out of the water will be the German, Franz Loschke.


Sissons of New Zealand. Dye has his He will have Sissons for company.


Sissons not sure where his bike is. He has lost his bike. Loschke


looking a little heavy with his running steps. Out on the roads of


Hamburg with Cameron Dye of the United States of America. He had an


11-second lead at the time on the swim. He now has most of his 6.6


kilometres still to ride. His feet are in the shoes. He is comfortable.


He is in the lead on this bike. Surely nothing can go wrong. Of


course, it all went wrong for Non Stanford, out in front, no company,


we still don't know what happened. Whether it was a mechanical problem,


or whether she made contact with one of the barriers a t the side of the


road, or something worse. We still don't know. -- at the side of the


road, or something worse. We still don't know. It doesn't appear that


Dye is making... That is Non Stanford, Steve, being stretchered


off the course. That is where we have just past. So Stanford is


clearly receiving medical attention at the side of the course. That was


the scene of the earlier crash. We saw the aftermath of it. Sissons of


New Zealand, Loschke of Germany, coming off the cobbles. Loschke is


and a mile to run. The Germans sensing potentially another victory.


Anne Haug winning the women's sprint yesterday, but they want more. Here


is our leader, Cameron Dye. He is starting to prepare for transition,


physically prepare now. He is moving that shoe. He doesn't want to make


any sudden movements. He wants to get the dismount spot on as well.


And his timing needs to be sweet as he comes into transition. He doesn't


want to slow down too much because he has to - the two riders behind


him are closing the gap. Loschke - dl they are - Loschke and Sissons.


The gap just closing a couple of seconds, but certainly they will be


in transition together. Out of the saddle again, just chasing down as


we come through. Dye might have been too cautious with his preparations


for transition because the other two have kept up the pace as they hit


the cobblestones. Loschke and Sissons, they haven't taken their


feet out of the peddleals, they maintain their pace. Dye comes into


transition. Two feet on the carpet. His bike station is right there.


Sissons and Loschke go past him in transition. They could exit with a


smooth turnover just ahead of the American. The American has missed


his target with his helmet. Goodness me! That could cost him the chance.


He's on his way. But he will be joined pretty quickly by Loschke and


Sissons. Right on his tail. Loschke got that right. Sissons left a


little behind. Now it is a foot race for the gold and Loschke goes past


Cameron Dye. Explodes out of transition, roared on by the German


crowd and his team-mates. Sweet timing for Franz Loschke, who missed


the medal a year ago. He was in the team that finished fourth in


Stockholm. He is now in gold medal position here. Haug and Frodeno and


the rest of the German contingent can barely watch. Loschke grinds it


out here in Hamburg. We hear so much about how a home crowd can lift an


athlete. That is certainly happening here. Loschke has gone for it early


on, as you say. He's not - he doesn't look smooth. He's an


ungainly runner. He is working so hard for it. Ryan Sissons is in hot


pursuit. They have both gone past Dye very early on. You almost hope


that the home athlete can maintain this pace and keep the pressure


right the way through the run. Sissons is looming. Sissons is in


second position for New Zealand. Dye has been dropped to third. It's a


short run. It's a sprint relay. An 850 metre lap and then a 750. The


850 is done for Loschke. He is on his way for the second half. He is


more than halfway through. Roared through transition by the Hamburg


supporters. Just a couple of minutes running only to go. 750 metres to


go. That's our leader from Germany at the moment. He is very aware that


Ryan Sissons is working hard to close on him. Forget about the


Brazilian and the Italian - they are on their first lap. Loschke is on


his second and digging very deep now. Nine seconds is the gap. It is


significant. Loschke getting lifted by this Hamburg crowd, flying


through the streets. There's the man in second, Ryan Sissons, of New


Zealand. Loschke does look faster. It looks like Ryan Sissons has


worked so hard, he is almost struggling to maintain that pace. I


think Loschke has increased the lead and no doubt - he is working so


hard, but you have to give everything to the crowd. They have


lifted him so much. Jan Frodeno is delighted. Jan Frodeno on his final


weekend, he made the top ten in the individual race. He could be able to


end his career on a high note with a gold medal in the relay if Loschke


can keep this going. With 300 metres to run, he shows no signs of letting


up. Franz Loschke of Germany, who has been backed up superbly here


this afternoon by a terrific start from Anne Haug, then Jan Frodeno


went well. It wasn't a race without mistakes, but he did enough before


Anne Haug just about kept tabs with Gwen Jorgensen, Cameron Dye down in


third position for the USA and Loschke is starting to soak it all


up. He knows that this is his win! He is starting to celebrate.


Germany's second gold of the weekend: -- weekend. Loschke's work


is done. The gold medal is his. Let's take nothing away from


Germany, who win the mixed relay and Loschke is lifted aloft by Haug, by


Frodeno and Knapp. They are the champions. It will be the silver to


Sissons and the rest of the New Zealand contenders. A good run from


Ryan Sissons. He will be joined on the podium by Kate McIlroy, Tony


Dodds and Andrea Hewitt. Cameron Dye finishes in third to take the bronze


alongside Sarah Groff, Ben Kanute and Gwen Jorgensen.


Confirmation of the final results of our home town. Yeah. It is amazing.


Yet, it was a fight till the end and all you could do was watch? Yeah, it


was really a great race. It was really hard. Yeah. Great. You have


been on the podium already this weekend. Then you did it again for


the home crowds? Yeah, in front of the home crowd, it is very special


for the Germans. It was like a fairytale weekend for me. Yeah.


Congratulations to everyone. We did a great job. A perfect ending for


you as well, Jan? It is your last weekend of WTS racing? Yes, quite


possibly the last weekend and with the mixed relay comes mixed


emotions. There's so many ups and downs, and favourites and all the


medals that were dealt out before already. But it's like in track and


field, you have to bring a relay to the end and yeah, I am glad my


team-mates carried me today and we had a wonderful race at home.


Brendan, thanks for talking to us. Update us on Non Stanford's


condition? I have spoken to her physio, who is with her at the


hospital. She was treated at the scene by the medics. She was put on


a spinal board as a precaution and arm in a sling, but she's not


showing great signs of pain or distress. She's conscious. She's


talking about things and she's displaying more signs of jut set.


you know ma happened? We haven't been able to get that information.


-- Do you know what happened?We haven't been able to get that


information. 20 seconds up, the group came back in and she wasn't


there. We have no idea. I do know, as a team, the athletes got together


this morning, that he were talking about how they were going to fight


for every second as a lead because they wanted to do it. Johnny, you


never got out there. But I am sure, like everyone else, is happy to hear


Non is doing OK? Yeah. That is the most important thing. At the end of


the day, it is only racing! Obviously, I wanted to race. We had


a strong team. As we keep saying, so much can go wrong and when there's


four people involved, there's four times the chance of crashing and


that's what happened. Alistair, things started off so well. Yes, we


were doing alright. Jody had us in the perfect position. I was trying


to get rid of as many people as I can. Handing over to Non in the


perfect position. She had to keep herself in the race and these things


happen. We are hearing from the hospital that Non is coherent, but


really upset, she feels she has let you down? She is like that. I didn't


see she her come round so I knew it must have been serious. She would


never pull out and let the team down. Like I say, the fact that she


is up and talking is the most important thing. Congratulations to


the Germans on their very first mixed relay World Championship


title. It wasn't of course the ending the Brits were hoping for,


but as we have been hearing, thankfully Non Stanford is doing OK.


Let's not forget, despite all the drama, that was British triathlon's


most successful weekend of racing ever. That just about wraps things


up here in Hamburg. We are back at the end of August for stage seven of


the World Triathlon Series in Stockholm. You will be able to see


live coverage of the women's race on Saturday 24th August on the BBC


Sport website. We will also have extended highlights of the women's


Extended highlights of both the men's and women's round six races at the ITU World Triathlon Series in Hamburg. After the triathlon, dubbed probably the toughest race in the world last time out in Kitzbuhel, the series reaches the business end in Germany.

There are just two rounds remaining after events in Hamburg and Team GB's Olympic champion Alistair Brownlee could be among the competitors.

This time last year Hamburg was the final warm-up for the London 2012 Olympics and it was South Africa's Richard Murray who took the men's honours, ahead of Spain's Javier Gomez, who 17 days later also claimed Olympic silver.

Soon-to-be Olympic bronze medallist Erin Densham took victory in Germany last year, but missed the first half of the 2013 World Series through illness.

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