Edmonton: Women's Race Triathlon: World Series

Edmonton: Women's Race

Coverage from the women's race at the World Triathlon Series grand final in Edmonton, Canada. This is the eighth and final leg of the series.

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Series grand final. After a global journey taking in seven countries


over five months, the season ends here in Canada in a city which


hosted the 1978 Commonwealth Games. This week, Edmonton has welcomed


more than 3000 athletes, with World Championship titles at state for the


elites, the under 23 is, the paratriathlon eats and the amateur


age-group is. Over the next couple of hours we are going to be focusing


on elite women and with the absence of women's world champion from


Britain, this year 's series has been dominated by one woman, Gwen


Jorgensen, of the USA. COMMENTATOR: It was always inevitable that she


would strike from the front. Fabulous work so far. Gwen Jorgensen


is going to win round three at a canter! Picking off race after race.


It was a straightforward... As easy as it comes, for somebody of her


running ability. She has already made the break. She will win this


series event in Chicago. She will take her fourth straight World


Triathlon Series win. She has done it in some style her for


back-to-back victories have helped her to build up a sizeable lead in


the rankings, that means that she should win her first world title


today. If the last races of the season have told us anything over


the last couple of years, it is to expect the unexpected.


COMMENTATOR: The grand final is going to decide where the title


goes. She is ending her race, it is all over... Norton takes the series


title in fourth today. Gwen Jorgensen, in the running to be


the world champion today. CO-COMMENTATOR: Disastrous whim, she


has got to be over two minutes down. Somebody has missed the box with the


wet suit, that is a 15 second penalty. Huge pile-up. Gwen


Jorgensen. This is a nightmare for the American. The champion of the


world! A magnificent victory! 2014, anything can happen!


Jorgensen, but Helen's season came to a disappointing and premature end


in hamburg because of injury and then in Stockholm, it all went wrong


for Jodi, as she trailed home in 16th. That enabled another American,


Sarah Groff, stock on winner, to leapfrog Jodie in the rankings and


in the race for the world title, it took the pressure off Gwen


Jorgensen. Now all she needs to do is finish in the top 17 in Edmonton


to be crowned world champion, the other girls are racing for the other


two podium places. When Jorgensen's clear strength, her running style,


to storm from the back of the field right up to the front, one of the


most impressive sites in triathlon. Of the past couple of years she has


been working hard to try to become more of a complete triathlete, how


is she going to do on this course in Edmonton? We can speak with former


Olympic champion Simon Whitfield, very first male Olympic triathlon


champion. You have no wrinkles! You look fantastic! I would say that


this is your home course, you are Canadian. It is a tougher course


than people think, they underestimated, it is going to be an


interesting men's and women's race. Compare it to another course. The


hill that come straight out of the water like it does, the athletes


have to come out of the swing, it is a long run to the bike. -- swim. You


have got to be fit to come out of the hill and get yourself an


position. The Brownlee brothers will be going for it but in the women's


race, they will be trying to get away from when Jorgensen, they will


want to put her under pressure. Especially the girls like Jodie


Stimpson and Sarah Groff, they will try to break away from her. Do you


think this course plays to their strengths? -- Gwen Jorgensen. I love


the way the Jodie races, sticking to the front. Sarah is the same. I'm


trying to put when Jorgensen under pressure, if I am them. This is the


World Championships, this is a world final, it is not secure, she has the


ability to storm from the back but of the girls put her under pressure


and she makes mistakes than that title will be gone like that. It is


not over until it is over. It is not over until it is over. We have seen


what the champion elect can do in competition but over the last couple


of years we have not been able to know Gwen Jorgensen the person until


now. She has a gift. She is focused and she is driven. She is fun to be


around. She takes it very seriously but you does not take herself too


seriously. She does not enjoy the smaller lout spotlight that it


brings. If she does something she will not do it by half. That is just


though I am. It is crazy to think that I was working full-time as an


accountant, did not have a road bike before 2010 but at the same time I


grew up swimming and running, I always knew I wanted to be active. I


met her in 2011, riding a bike full-time, I happen to be in


Milwaukee, that is where she was living and working and training, she


was gearing up for the Olympics, she qualified, I had no idea what she


was doing. You could tell she had a talent that she was not using to her


full potential. I looked at different training groups, Jamie


Turner's group was amazing, all of the athletes so welcoming. You train


with them, you push each other, everybody gets along. Post-Olympics


in 2012, Gwen Jorgensen came to Australia where we live, she makes


changes, she was quite open, looking globally at what was required.


Fantastic gift, talent, she is probably somebody who was performing


know when the best of our ability but you could see the potential. She


was prepared to make the investment. So knowledgeable, every


time he says something it makes me think and it makes me grow. I have


been training with her for two years. We spend most days together.


She is an amazing talent. It is not that she is special or anything, she


literally just gets up every day and she does the work. A coach, Jamie,


the two biggest assets to her. They are getting married in a month and


we joke that Pat is going to change his name to Jorgensen, so that is


what we call him all of the time! Without Pat, Gwen Jorgensen would


not be here. I like to be around family and friends, and moving away


for eight, nine months of the year, every year, it is really difficult,


Pat said that he was willing to do it with me and that is the only


reason I even gave it some consideration. COMMENTATOR: She is


out on her own in a league of her own. She is very focused and driven


when it comes to the sport and what it takes to do the best. She finds


peace in her own thing and does not want to get distracted by what is


around her going on. She's quite a down to earth person and we provide


an environment which is not insular but it takes us away from everyone


who would like to invade. I'm naturally introverted. This has made


me a more outgoing person. Gwen Jorgensen will take her fourth


straight World Triathlon Series win. I do not think she is thinking of


being world champion, in 2013 she set down a list of goals, being


world champions not one of them, she had a really good opportunity for


that to happen in London. Unfortunately she crashed. We have a


huge pile-up, to have gone down. She was pretty motivated last year after


the misfortune. -- two have gone down. She knows that sport can be


really fickle. Now that the Commonwealth Games are over,


everyone on the starting line has been prepping for this race, it is


going to be tough. What I have learned through the years is that


you can never take anything for granted, I'm just trying to do the


best I can. That is the trophy, waiting for a


new world champion. Talking us through the action, Max Chilton and


for one last time this season, Annie Emerson.


COMMENTATOR: Welcome to Edmonton, Alberta, the World Triathlon Series


and 42014 reaching climax here, the grand final. We are about 15 minutes


from downtown Edmonton. A slightly peculiar bicycle course,


211 kilometre laps, giving us a total of 22, climbing up behind the


Alberta legislature building. A second feature on the bike, after


the two laps, then there is five laps on a different loop, a very


different look, giving us a total distance on two wheels of 43.2


kilometres. So it is not the usual distance on two wheels of 43.2


40, it is slightly extended for the grand final. It is a normal ten K


run, that is represented by this red line on the animation. 10,000 metre


run, four laps. It all takes place around this beautiful River Valley,


North Saskatchewan River, in Edmonton. It is her title to win.


She is way out in the standings, having dominated the series pretty


much from start to finish. Number two, Sarah Groff, fresh from her


first World Series win, in Stockholm. Beautiful conditions,


blue sky. The grand final of the 2014 World Triathlon Series


underway. Gwen Jorgensen, leads the standings,


coming into the final event of the season. The big favourite to take


the win. And to take the World Championship title. They begin with


1500 metres swim. They are in the centre of the park,


which provides the backdrop for this World Triathlon Series final meeting


of 2014. Cold water in the lake. Wet suits being worn. Two laps of the


water, will come out once, and then run along the carpet, and back onto


the sand, before diving in the second lap. The second stage will


involve a 43.2 kilometres cycle, 211 kilometre laps, and then for 5.3


kilometre laps. Slightly quirky. -- four. And we will have a run


completed over four 2.5 kilometre laps. These are spectacular scenes.


CO-COMMENTATOR: Yes, what an exciting race. Gwen Jorgensen, she


is the huge favourite here today. But of course in the Olympic Games


in 2012 she went in as one of the podium favourites, great


disappointment, punctured. Voted in 2013 last year when she was set to


win the title, also crashed out. -- punctured. Will the pressure get to


much for her? I do not know. It is a great field but we have got to look


at some of these athletes and how they have peaked in the Commonwealth


Games. Samuels, Reid, others, they all peaked for the race back in


July, and perhaps coming into this race just a little bit tired...


Lovely afternoon in this part of Alberta, we are 200 miles north of


Calgary. I suppose you would call the midwest of Canada. Ideal


swimming conditions, flat as a pancake. This woman's love that. It


can put some of them off when it is choppy but this lake is flat as a


pancake and lovely conditions overall. As a triathlete would you


rather swim, assuming that the water is flat, would you rather have


freshwater or would you prefer to have salt


freshwater or would you prefer to is a good question, probably the


lake water is better, because the salt is going to annoy you overall,


it can get in the goggles and Sting. Once you have the wet suit on, does


not make a difference Once you have the wet suit on, does


salt or normal lake water. The wet suit is going to aid. If you do not


have a wet suit on, you would prefer the salty water. Just got a shot of


Angela Hewitt, she was runner-up in stock on behind Sarah Groff in the


sprint, it was Sarah Groff who took the gold, Angela Hewitt the silver,


Nicky Samuels, the bronze, and missing out in force, Kristin


Sweeting. Another American was fifth. All of those triathletes are


in the field today. Mentioning Angela Hewitt, New Zealand, such an


experienced athlete, only three women racing today that have


actually won medals at World Championships, we do not have a


former world champion in the race. Hewitt has won three previous


medals, a bronze and two silver. Last year, Stimpson, 2013, winning


the silver. Sarah Groff, bronze, 2011, currently in silver


the silver. Sarah Groff, bronze, position at the moment. One of the


strongest tremors, if not the strongest swimmer in the field, the


girlfriend of Mario Mola, it is Riederer. Marion Moeller has an


outside chance in the men's tomorrow. -- Marian Moeller has an


outside chance in the men's tomorrow. -- Mario Mola.


Angela Hewitt has had a good start. You can see the standings below:


I wonder if Gwen Jorgensen is with the second group, you can see top


left, making the turn and diving back into the water, she may have


become removed from the leaders. May have done a little bit, still a big


group, we only went down to 11. I imagine she is in there somewhere.


Sarah Haskins racing here one, perhaps good tactics from team USA.


We have not seen her for a long time. She went off and she had a


baby. As far as I knew, she was not due to race here until a few weeks


ago, they probably brought her in. It could be likely, I do not think


Gwen Jorgensen needs that kind of help, but if you have a puncture,


just as Stuart Hayes did for the Brownlee brothers in the Olympics,


always handy to have a domestic, if you know the title is well within


your grasp, you do not want to take any risks. 32, Margaret Vanek,


Hungary, up near the front. With Carolina route here from Spain.


Stand-up paddle borders, the latest craze, they like to be called SUP.


There is no wind and no waves to hamper progress, we expect this to


be a pretty swift swim today. The bike may not be as quick as this.


Interesting bike course, 43 point... 43.2 kilometres, a little


bit extra to what they are used to. It is to laps, and then for laps. We


hope that their brains are working! -- it is two laps and then four


laps. I find that difficult to figure out myself. There is a


testing hill. It is not a tough bike course but it is going to test some


of the weaker cyclists. We are used to seeing flat courses around the


world, Auckland has a climb, Yokohama, London, all of them flat.


Chicago, flat. Thinking back to all of the races we have seen. Hamburg,


another flat one. Good to see a tough climb in the Commonwealth


Games. Stockholm has a climb towards the end of each lap. Today is going


to be quite a test. We have a big group forming. Probably 25 to 30


swimmers, at the front. That could translate into quite a big group,


when they come out of the group and head for the bikes. We expect to CAD


Saint pack forming at the start of the 43 K run. It is a fast swim, no


doubt, they are out in nine minutes. -- we expect to see a big pack


forming. I have seen previously that the time


to the women has been around 18 minutes, or just under. Quick,


certainly to the women's race. Coming to the next turn, this will


send them back towards the far side of the island. Heading towards the


beach for the exit. To conclude the lap. And then, the 43 K bike, and


after getting on that, they will follow the road towards the exit,


and they will merge left, gentle left-hand turn, taking them on to


the access road. Across the bridge, and then when they get off the


bridge they will be on the River Rally vote. -- River Valley Road.


Then they will turn left and then the climb begins at the front of the


Alberta legislative ground and around the back of the Alberta


legislative State building. That is the toughest part of the course and


we will see that several times. Yes, this is a great venue. It has


everything, it has a testing bicycle. The run is not totally


flat, testing after the hard bike course. In Edmonton they know


exactly what they are doing. It is a second location, second country ever


to hold a World Championship, Perth has held two and Edmonton, so no


other country has held two. They know what they are doing. In terms


of the world title, which is up for grabs, Gwen Jorgensen has been so


dominant all season. She has got to finish inside of the top 16, that is


the kind of margin Pharaoh they have. -- margin for error. If she


finishes inside the top 16, she will be the winner, at times she has


problems with her bicycle. Crashing in London last year, we already


mentioned she had a puncture during the Olympic travelling in Hyde Park,


she will be hoping to avoid any incidents on two wheels. That is


quite a comfortable position to be in. The only way effectively,


assuming she does not come 17th, the only way somebody else could win the


world title today is if when your guns and does not finish the race.


Barring a disaster she has got to have a complete meltdown, which will


not happen, we have seen her in the interviews, in the prerace, we saw


her on the start line, she looked very relaxed. She thinks this is her


turn. Four consecutive wins that she had in the series. She really


deserves it. You cannot discount her, she may come off the bicycle to


minutes down, and yet you know that she can still eat her way up through


the field and close the gap, and over ten kilometres in particular,


over five: It is of course it is more straightforward for her, but


over ten kilometres she has got time, and she can close the gap. You


cannot discount her, she has taken massive chunks of time out of her


opponents during the course of the season. We have got so used to


seeing it. Sarah Groff, the winner of the stock on Sprint last weekend,


ahead of Hewitt and Nicky Samuels. She was absolutely delighted with


that win. Having been so close. Her boyfriend is a member of the USA


track and field team. He came to watch are had taken the time. It was


a very happy moments. An athlete I love to watch race, incredibly


strong, what she lacks is a little bit of self belief, and I think the


result in Stockholm will have given her the extra belief that she needs.


She is slightly shocked when she does! But she deserves it, she is


one of the best in the world. I'm excited to see her race here. Just


what you are saying about the run, Gwen Jorgensen, needing about two


minutes. On a slightly -- one of the slightly weaker runners, you can see


her, having a fight, she has some fate, she has somebody right next to


her. It is tight, very tight. We have found that -- we have found


Gwen Jorgensen, it can take a while to see her. They should wear


swimming caps with their national flags on, Matthew Pinsent came up


with that, it would make things so easy. Canadian Maple Leaf, union


flag, stars and stripes, etc. And then with a number to boot, it would


be so much easier to pick out the swimmers. They used to do something


similar with coloured hats but they had to do something different,


because athletes could be targeted in the water! They may have an idea


of who they are summing next to, but not for sure. And that is number 39,


that is... Yes, the Spaniard, she is traditionally first out of the


water, and she does make it with the leaders generally towards the end of


it, second transition, hanging up her bike and things inevitably go


backwards for her. That is the Spanish competitor, Carolina


Routier. A cardiac problem for the boyfriend of Angela Hewitt, Lauren


Vidal, she had a very difficult mid part of the season, dreadful news


for her, he is improving all of the time. They get to the end of the


swim. Carolina Routier a has led since they began. She is first to


break across the sand to head to the transition. Then there is a group


behind, including Margit Vanek. Now, Gwen Jorgensen is with the


leaders. What a group it is. Did you catch


Jodie Stimpson? I did not catch her name coming up on the leaderboard as


they came through. We will find out what has happened to her a little


bit later on but meanwhile they come in the swim. The Canadians with


Wendy focus on Kirsten Sweetland. Gwen Jorgensen, arriving, looking


pretty comfortable with the golden number one on her upper arms, time


for multitasking. Dumping it in the box, needs to make sure that hits


the target. Cycle helmet goes on, those up the line, shoes already


attached to the pedals and now there is a steady stream of cyclists


leaving transition after the swim, and heading out on to the first of


these 211 K laps, to be followed by four 5.3 laps, and I hope that it


will all become clearer as the race unfolds. --'s 11 kilometre laps.


-- two 11 kilometre laps. Gwen Jorgensen looking very relaxed, not


rushing at all, she knows she has got to play it safe. She has got to


put two minutes into the best runners. The average pack runners,


they need three or four minutes on her. This front pack, Kirsten


Sweetland, and as you mentioned earlier, she really has come into


her own this year 's. Fantastic athlete, former world junior


championship. Out with injury for around five years. Certainly an


athlete I really rate and I think that she's going to be a big threat.


They have just turned left, and Gwen Jorgensen, she very nearly collided


with the motorcycle camera. That would have been a dreadful start.


There was a yelp and the sudden diversion to the left. Goodness,


that was close. I hope your gains and do any damage. -- Jorgensen


didn't do any damage. She is pushing hard to bridge the gap to the


leading group. A scary moment indeed, and it goes to show that


that bit of extra pressure, she wants it so much and has been close


twice before to being in this position, and here we can see the


gap, a big pack of around 15 athletes, and they are chasing the


second group. , I think that is Gwen Jorgensen. They are on the bridge,


on the left-hand lane. It is Jorgensen. She has the leaders in


her light, so not dashing her side, so not a bad start for Jorgensen. --


so not a bad start for Jorgensen. A bit of a spaghetti Junction affair


here as they come back and down and under the road. After they crossed


the bridge, they merge onto the valley road for a flat 1500 metres,


and then they will turn left and client. I would like to see a bit


more urgency in the front pack. If they turned round and saw the Gwen


Jorgensen was 50 metres back, they would work harder, but it doesn't


look like anyone is working hard. Gwen Jorgensen is in good company.


The second pack has caught up with her, so that will help her out no


end. About 200 metres there, I would say, between first and second packs


and the first contains Gwen Jorgensen. I think it is about ten


seconds between the leaders and chasers. The leaders include Lucy


Hall, Matt Allwright is up there. Paula Finley from Canada is up there


with the leaders. She has been someone who to three years ago was


touted as being the next big thing, but we have not seen much of this


season. In 2010, I thought that was somebody we would be watching in the


future and she had five victories in the period of 2010 until 2011 and


then had a horrible hip injury that was managed very poorly. I did not


think we would see her back racing but she has just joined ranks with


Lindley, because she won the World Championship race in 2001 and is now


coaching Paula Finley. The animation here is showing you the difference


between the chasers and the leaders as Sarah Groff... No, that is her


see of the USA. We will go back to the front of the chasing group. It


is a middle order in the chase group. Jorgensen is tucked in there.


I definitely higher pace from the chasers than we saw from the


leaders, so certainly making inroads, or making inroads to the


leaders and I think that gap and 13 seconds is coming down, shrinking


all the time. Pamela Lee Viera pushing the pack. She is known as a


swimmer -- Pamela Olly bearer. A lot of people talking about how strong


she has been on the bike. We can see the deficit had shrunk. Around five


or ten seconds between first and second. They are right out into the


main city roads of Edmonton. The traffic has been shut down on the


Saturday afternoon as they start a steady climb and it is quite a tough


climb, severe climb up and around the Alberta legislative building.


They will have a right turn at the top, followed by three left turns,


then they go through an underground tunnel leading to a high level


Bridge. I am just naming these landmarks although some of you might


know your way around the city of Edmonton. Here is the left-hander at


the top. That is the front pack, just about catching up. More scenic


part of the triathlon. It looks like a mini White House, the legislative


building of Alberto -- Alberta. You can see the distant splashing up,


the distance that is ticking down since they started the ride. It is a


quirky number. 43.2 with the different laps involved. Just


noticing Kirsten Sweetland, in Stockholm last week, she was


obviously under par with a cold, but very strong on the bike as we saw in


the Commonwealth Games. A surprise to see her sitting at the back of


the pack. It could suggest that she has not totally recovered from the


cold she had. They ride straight in front of the main entrance to the


Alberta legislative building. A couple of ramps have been covered


over with carpet to make sure the ride is a little bit smoother. They


will come back one more time, and is that Jorgensen? Just slightly


pushing as she might have a problem with her gears. She doesn't look so


comfortable and seems to be struggling with the course. It is


technical, it is hilly and we know she does not have that much


experience in biking. She's only been racing since 2010 but she has


proved through the season that she has improved dramatically, and we


have seen a few crashes and inexperienced mistakes. She has


have seen a few crashes and but she said she only bought her


first road bike in 2010, which is incredibly recent somebody now the


first road bike in 2010, which is top of their triathlon standings.


Now they come face-to-face with the rage drivers caught in the queues


because part of road network was shot off -- shot off but it won't be


good too long because they only do this lap twice. Two laps of 11


kilometres, and this course is proving to be a bit harder than some


of the athletes might have liked. Just looking here. Hewitt is tucked


in nicely. Lucy Hall from Great Britain, and no sign of Jodie


Stimpson yet. Difficult to catch the names and numbers at high speed


here. We hope to get a full list of runners and riders as they cross the


finishing line at the end of the first lap. They are hidden away from


us now. The pace for me has definitely picked up. Somebody has


committed to making this bike race hard and fast, and why not? That is


why you are there. In such a strong position in the rankings, but it is


still open. If she does not finish in the top 16, and it's not over


until the fat lady sings. Lucy Hall is on the front, getting a bit


annoyed with some of the athletes who are not moving. She's very


vocal. I don't blame her. She's saying they've got a gap and let's


make the most of it. A bit of an argument between Lucy Hall and some


of the others. A bit of Alistair Brownlee action. 28 seconds is the


gap to Jorgensen. We are wondering if she has a problem. She seems to


be pushing a big idea. Maybe she had a technical issue, but she's OK. 28


seconds off the pace, but not too much for her to worry about. They


have finished crossing through the so-called high level Bridge which


gives expansive views of the river valley below and then they hit 80


seventh Ave here, coming towards the University of Edmonton area. This is


the front pack. Some of the athletes have ridden up from the second


pack, but some have been dropped, the likes of Jorgensen but she has


dropped back and we have the Kiwi athletes. Nicky Samuels and Kate


Matt Allwright will stop is that Hewitt? Samuels having that


fantastic race, first time on the podium. And Hewitt is really taking


the race on. For me, one of those athletes you can never discount. So


much experience and so consistent. That is where we are. We have one


down? Who is that? Is it Jorgensen? No, it's not Jorgensen. Somebody has


hit the deck hard. This is worrying. It looks like number 21 from Japan.


Yes, it is. A strong athlete, great racing this year. Fourth in


Yokohama, and that is a nasty crash will stop she hit the curb. She hit


the curb with her right shoulder, and that, home my goodness, that is


gushing blood. Thankfully somebody is there with a bottle of water to


keep it clean and stem the flow and hopefully the medics will be there


sharply. That is a nasty fall. She has had a really consistent season.


She is the first serious casualty of this tight, technical course so far.


Juri Ide, her team-mate is riding alongside Sarah Groff at the back.


Olivera is there as well. Sarah Groff still in contention for the


title. Surprised she is not further up the front. You don't want to get


too far back. If somebody makes a break, you have to be near the front


to go with it. I saw the number one on the triathlete's arm, and I


wondered if it was the one that belongs to Jorgensen, then I


remembered it was a golden number one and it couldn't be. Thankfully


it is not Jorgensen, but that was a really heavy fall. Lucy Hall, on the


front, and she knows that they have to bike hard. She finished ninth in


Stockholm, which was her first top ten in the World Triathlon Series,


and great to see her really rallying the group and making them work. I


don't think she will give anybody an easy time. Various Sarah Groff, and


we know Jorgensen is number one. We know that Groff is number two. Where


is Jodie Stimpson, number three? She had did not finish in Stockholm last


weekend and failed to finish the sprint distance. We are wondering


where she is positioned within the final race of the season in


Edmonton. It is a shame if she does not finish well up in the race. She


has had a fantastic season and is still ranked third in the world.


There is something to be said for winning a gold medal, the


Commonwealth Games, in Scotland. Virtually on home soil, and perhaps


the media stuff afterwards, we know she is a disciplined athlete, but


perhaps a little bit worn out. Her season started in Auckland where she


took the first race, then Cape Town. Perhaps just a little bit fatigued


as we reach September and the end of the triathlon season, certainly for


these athletes. I think I did her a disservice by saying she did not


finish in Stockholm. She did not finish in the top ten, but she did


finish the race. For us, so unusual not to see her in the top ten. She


is always up there, even if she is having an off day, she is around the


top five. Paula Finlay, and her coach who won the World


Championships in 2001 will be very happy with her performance. She said


she was not going to the victory, she was going in to get the feeling


of racing again, and to just enjoy it. She had such a disappointing


time for over three years. Back to the park where it all began, the


lead group having negotiated the majority of the first lap of 11


kilometres, so they will have to do it again. It has been a funny old


ride with a bit of city, a bit of river bank, the countryside, and


downtown Edmonton is featuring as well, crossing rivers that would be


normally clogged with traffic. A real mix of scenery for the


triathletes in Edmonton. Paula Finlay at the back of the front


group. The two Germans just keeping out of trouble. Nicky Samuels is in


front of them. Olivera at the back of the lead group, and there is the


chasing group which contains the world number one, Gwen Jorgensen.


And she has a bit of a rash on her left thigh which we spotted. We


think that is damage that might have been done today, or it was an injury


picked up earlier. It looked like a bit of road rash, and I might have


got it wrong, but I wonder if we've missed something. We talked about


going behind the TV bike, and maybe something happened. But as we said,


she has to finish in the top 16, and she is still quite capable of that.


Alice Betto takes it up at the front. A good swimmer, good rider.


Especially when it is down to 10,000 metre run. The time difference is


still, as far as Jorgensen is concerned, a very manageable 41


seconds. That is still within her capabilities, and a gap she can


close down by that time she finishes this cycle and gets on to start the


10,000 metre run. We see that people will have an earpiece and they will


get information from their team directors, but it's different in


triathlon. You do not have that with the swimming, and I wonder what the


likes of Groff is thinking that Gwen Jorgensen is not there. Is there


someone in the coaching team that wants to say, back off, let her get


back on, but Sarah Groff is still in contention and she will not hang


back but she is not doing when any favours. Andrea Hewitt is the


leader. The front group is separated by just


four seconds, and then will be another 36 or 37 seconds down to the


chasers. We will get a full check on the members of the chasing group as


and when they cross in the transition. Here they come, the


chasers, and that includes Jodie Stimpson. We get our first official


sighting of Stimson. Jorgensen, Sweetland there as well -- Stimpson.


45 seconds off the pace. Jodie Stimpson is with them as well. That


is interesting that Jodie is there with Gwen Jorgensen, because they


are real rivals, real competitors in the race. Jodie is third, Gwen is


third but as they stand, Gwen Jorgensen will beat Jodie because


she only needs to finish in the top 16 to in finish the overall title,


and that is what the figures tell us. Back with the leaders on their


second long lap. To remind you, there are two long lapse to give us


half the distance in the triathlon there are two long lapse to give us


road race, the cycle section. 22 kilometres in total on this


particular course. Then they will go on the short loop, and this is the


bridge which takes them across the North Saskatchewan River. Sweetland


is out, the Canadian. She is off her bike. And I do not know if she fell


or has picked up an injury, but her season ends there and that is


clearly an emotionally droning -- training time for Kirsten Sweetland


who was silver medallist behind Jodie Stimpson and desperately


wanted to do well on home turf, but she will not finish today. Fourth in


Stockholm last weekend, Kirsten Sweetland. That is hugely


disappointing. I have read a lot of what she has written, and she cannot


believe she is back racing, and hopefully this will be a blip in


what is an amazing career. She is an amazing athlete. We saw her take the


silver medal in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, and was fourth


last weekend. I guess, like the British triathletes and the


Australians on the New Zealanders, the Commonwealth game was a feature


of it for Kirsten Sweetland, and she was on the podium, so she will be


disappointed with today's abandonment, but she will look back


on the season with pride when she has had a chance to get over the


tears. I cannot work out if that is Hewitt's nodding head. Sometimes


when athletes get in a rhythm, they get frustrated with other athletes,


but good to see her appear. She has put herself in a great position to


take a medal overall. Number 46 is Kate Mackle Roy of New Zealand. --


Mackle Roy Bash McIlroy. -- McIlroy. She thought she would give triathlon


alone -- ago because she was getting too many injuries on the track.


Golfers paradise. They passed a few golf courses, the Mayfair golf club


is one of them. That is alongside the North sat capture one river. A


more scenic part of the course -- North Saskatchewan River. Then they


get into the grind and grit of Saturday afternoon, and then they


have the client to come up towards the domed building -- the climb.


Then they go across the bridge that gives them the views across the


river at 43 kilometres per hour. That is the speed of these athletes.


It is quite a big group, the front group. Then there will be the big


group working and group. Then there will be the big


be committed. Otherwise the athletes get frustrated. Here on the hill is


where we will see more get frustrated. Here on the hill is


because that is where the damage was done in the first lap. The two


Germans have not left each other's side for 15 kilometres or so that


they have been riding, and the two New Zealanders behind them, McIlroy


and Andrea Hewitt near the front, and Clark as well. For New


Zealanders are in the lead group. Hewitt takes it up on the climb with


Juri Ide of Japan is next best, working hard now. Hewitt is making a


good job of the climb, and she enjoyed Glasgow and likes a


challenging course and is working really hard. Samuels is right at the


back of the pack. The other team member who did so well in


Stockholm. Lucy Hall in third, the best of the British triathletes so


far today. Just Hall and Stimpson in the field with Aileen Reid from


Ireland. Such a shame not to see the other British athletes like Stanford


and Jenkins. Holland as well. But that is racing for you. That is


elite sport. Three of the top athletes did well when they return,


like Helen Jenkins after a long time out following the injury that took a


long time to be diagnosed following the Olympics. We will look at Gwen


Jorgensen. 41 seconds the last time we got the checkpoint time in front


of the legislative building. 51 seconds is still in her grasp. It's


growing, but not impossibly so, the gap. Not a disaster. She would not


have liked to see herself there at this point in the race, but 51


seconds, if she can keep it below two minutes, this World Championship


title is surely hers. We have got plenty of triathletes on the sick


list from the British point of view. Helen Jenkins, who returned to


competitive action and finished third in Auckland and backed it up


with second behind Jodie Stimpson in Cape Town, and Non Stanford, who won


the world title in Hyde Park this time last year. Am I right in


thinking she had a stop and go penalty? Then it was stopped, and


she was made to stand still for 15 seconds and the similar event to


what happened to Jonathan Brownlee. She took the 15 second punishment at


the grand final a year ago, but sadly we have not seen her competing


ones so far. We know she was at the Commonwealth Games commentating, and


we hope she continues her recovery and will return to racing in the 20


15th season. We don't know when it starts. We know it finishes in


Chicago, but we have no more dates and venues yet. A few athletes have


said they don't like so many sprint races in the World Triathlon Series,


so I wonder if the ITU will finish that. These guys are used to racing


over two hours, and it has been a tough year in terms of travel. They


had to go to Cape Town, then Yokohama, and a lot of the athletes,


having raced in Stockholm, in Europe, that is an eight hour time


difference. That is a tough time to race well with a week of recovery.


Round six was hamburg, round seven was Stockholm and they are back on


the other side of the world for the grand finale, so a lot of crossing


of the Atlantic Ocean to make the races. Most of these triathletes


don't travel business class. It is not at that level yet. No, I had


anything too many of these guys earn the money to travel business class.


Gwen Jorgensen, I recognise her style, just behind Aileen Reid.


Jodie Stimpson is there as well, the number 58, I think that is Flora


Duffy from Bermuda. A strong rider. She will be helping the girls out.


But we have seen on the climb where the athletes drop-off, they cannot


hang on. It is a long climb. Flora Duffy from Bermuda was eighth in the


Commonwealth Games. The chasing group are being pushed along by


Jodie Stimpson. This bridge is high above the river and you don't want


to look down, and you don't have much chance. It is up on stilts.


They are completing the river crossing before they had up towards


the university area, and then they turn right to go back to the park,


and that will complete this long lap section of the 43.2 alarm at a bike


ride. It is tough for the athletes but they will have done their


homework. It's your responsibility to know how many laps you have to


do. Gwen Jorgensen still struggling to hang onto the pack. She is a tall


and slim athlete but perhaps won't enjoy the climbs as much as say


Andrea Hewitt. It's a lot tougher for at all athlete to climb the


hills than the smaller athletes. It doesn't look like she is enjoying


herself today, but she just asked to hang on to hang onto the group and


keep the distance to a minimum, or as small as possible, around two


minutes, which will give her the title for sure. Somewhere in the


concrete jungle of the world 's best triathletes. -- are the world 's


best triathletes. They complete this second, long circuit of the city.


It looks like Paula Findlay is doing a good job of hanging on in this


race, her first time back racing in the World Triathlon Series since


2011, over three years now. Lucy Hall taking it up at the front of


the field. Hewitt, not far behind. Beto of Italy is taking her turn to


push them along -- Alice Betto. As they head back towards the park for


the end of this second lap, then they have the four short laps of


five and a half kilometres each. Now is the time the concentration


because it will be a different navigation system required for the


next lap. I don't think we have ever seen this before here, the different


lengths of laps on the bike. I don't think we have. I think what will


happen in transition, when they come through and take the next lap, there


will be somebody there saying that the two longer laps are done and


then they will go to for laps. Hopefully they will be well directed


and they won't have anybody going of course. By the time they complete


the second lap back in the Park, they will be about halfway through


the bike leg. So with 23.7 kilometres still to ride. Going to


be interesting to see the time difference. Still 17 and it was a


group of 18. It is a group of six within the chase pack. They are led


at the moment by Jodie Stimpson. The winner in Auckland and Cape Town,


Stimpson then had an accident when she tripped over her bike in


transition in Yokohama. Paula Findlay hanging off the back as they


come down the hill. If you haven't raced for a while, you need to get


back in the swing, get used to riding in the pack and descending


fast. Just hanging off the back and playing it safe. The manicured


fast. Just hanging off the back and of the golf course alongside. Now


they start to see the blue and white, signalling that the central


hub area of transition is approaching. This is going to give


us a chance to check on the time difference between the leaders and


the chases, and it is 41 seconds midway through the first lap, 51


through the second, by the end of the second lap, we expected to have


grown a little further. -- chasers. Gwen Jorgensen will be hoping not


too much. They have got to circumnavigate the


lake where the swim took place earlier, then they have got to go


back one more time, before the short laps, and the gap has not grown too


much between the legislative building and the flat finish,


54 seconds. Only three seconds greater, the gap between the leaders


and the chasers. Certainly a few seconds down, putting quite a lot of


time into them. Lucy Wall still giving


instructions, still pointing down. She seems unhappy with things. --


Lucy Hall. I would say, good on her, for getting the girls to work,


but that will be at the cost of her own energy. Try to get momentum


going, try to get teamwork, but in fact, if you continue to get wound


up, then you are going to burn energy, you don't need to do that,


when you still have half of the bike and ten kilometres on the run to go.


Chase group, 58 leading them at the moment, Flora Duffy, from Bermuda.


Trying to catch who it is in second place, looking like Aileen Reid,


perhaps Jodie Stimpson. The world number one, keeping out of trouble


there, doing what is necessary, Gwen Jorgensen, big day for her today.


Back with the leaders, Sarah Groff and Katie Hersey. Two Americans, who


have been busy at the front, doing a lot of work. -- Katie Hursey. Coming


up to the transition area, in front of a packed grandstand to complete


the second lap, and the trifling approaching 55 minutes in duration,


four short laps to go. First four through.


Simon Whitfield was the first Olympic medallist in 2000 from


Canada. Montgomery took the first Commonwealth Games gold medal.


Second pack coming through. 57 seconds on the clock. 57, 58,


getting on for a minute... We have got another one down and that is a


big shunt, one of the Italians has hit the deck hard. She lost control


on the right-handed turn, and she has done some damage to the bike as


well. That was Annamaria Mazzetti and she bounced back up very quickly


and bravely but look at that, damage done to the elbow. I do not know


what happened, there is no grease, she is not in the wet, she's made of


hard stuff, she came down pretty hard but it is going to be pretty


difficult for her, having lost second one. Second big crash of the


afternoon. They are on their way for the first


of the shorter laps. The course has been all -- altered.


Too difficult to keep the traffic at bay. Interesting one, not that big


in terms of the number of people living there, just over a million


people, it is a Saturday. Certainly making it interesting, keeping


athletes on their toes, which is always good. Second place overall in


the rankings. First out of the water, Carolina


Routier. Sarah Groff there. Still has an outside chance of taking the


title today. Not to put too fine a point on it. Katie Hursey, she has


been touted as a rising star, we will look to 2014 to see the best of


her. This is the new course. Grand series final of the British


trifling, the series. She went out there and raised in Liverpool, a lot


of time on the bike, came off, one minute 40 behind, Sophie Caldwell,


ran her down to the finish line. Goes to show, she went out of


transition like a ball out of a china shop. Incredible to see just


how much faster she is then the other girls. -- bull. Bull. And they


were cold wet and windy conditions, very difficult conditions. That was


two weeks ago, she obviously flew straight to Edmonton and has had two


weeks to acclimatise. Recuperate, yes. Nice day here today, shorts and


T-shirt weather for much of the crowd. 18 degrees, temperature at


the start. Due to nudge the mid-20s later in the afternoon.


Jodie Stimpson, Gwen Jorgensen. Interesting, these two athletes.


Haskins was touted as being a domestic, for Gwen Jorgensen, that


does not seem to have worked out. Sarah Haskins as well has had her


problems, she had a baby and a stress fracture, she has had


difficult times. She can swim, she has a lot of experience in this


race, and so I would be surprised if they did not put her name. As it


happens, they have put her in not the group she wanted but a group


which is probably going to do enough work to see that she takes the


overall title. So having Haskins was more of an exactly. Time difference,


a few seconds more than when we saw them go through on the second lap of


11 kilometres. Just got to keep herself out of


trouble. No climbing on the shortened lap, which is lap three of


six. I wonder what is going through the mind of Stimson, she has been


such a strong swimmer, we have seen her every time in the front pack,


the last two races, she has been quite a bit off the pace by her


standards, but as I mentioned, Commonwealth Games, after that


victory, hats she has backed off a little. Little bit of pressure


media, that has left her slightly fatigue. She certainly not the


athlete we are used to seeing in these races. -- she is certainly not


the athlete we are used to seeing in these races. Pamela Oliveira, Lucy


since the Commonwealth Games I have had to think about it because I had


to teach myself to say, "England", "Scotland" or whatever, now they are


back in British colours, I have got to remind myself to say it properly.


Lucy Hall of Great Britain rather than Lucy Hall of England! LAUGHTER


The spectators getting to see a bit more of the athletes, these loops,


just over five kilometres, four of them, and this is the first one.


There is three to go. Here they come, to complete the end of the


third lap. We will get a check on the time difference, it was around


one minute, looking at 60 seconds or so at the end of the second long


lap. The end of the first short lap. Gwen Jorgensen is going to hope that


it has not grown significantly further.


It is hard when an athlete has been so successful and strong throughout


the season, you love to see a good race, you love to see athletes


giving it a go but at the end of the day you have got to say, Gwen


Jorgensen deserves this. Assuming she has got her regular running


capabilities with her as well. Gwen Jorgensen keeping out of


trouble at the back of the group of eight. That is where we lost the


Italian on the left-hand on the right-handed turn, negotiated


successfully, the leaders are one minute and eight seconds clear of


the chasers. When we have been so successful throughout a season, this


is the deciding race. If you does not win but she comes top 16, she is


the world champion. She will want to come here and went and show the


world that she can win the final as well as the overall series. In this


group we are probably looking at and Hewitt as a threat, she can probably


run within about a minute, a minute and a half, on a good day. Sarah


Groff as well. Yes, she had... She beat Hewitt last week, she is an


incredibly strong athlete, and I think yes, she would like to make a


point, even if you did not take the overall title, she can say, I won


here today. Beating Gwen Jorgensen, it was not a hollow victory at all,


in Stockholm, but it was not a victory over Gwen Jorgensen, and she


would dearly love to win the final stage of the series and take Gwen


Jorgensen out along the way. . These other time differences, the way they


have grown, up to one minute and eight at the end of lap three, we


still have three short laps to go, 15 K, still to write, until they


park up the bicycles and get ready for the 10,000 metre foot race,


which involves 42 kilometre laps. Canada has such a history in the


sport, the headquarters are in Vancouver, numerous World Series


events, World Cup events, Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver 2008, the


incredible race, the water was exceptionally cold, and it was


Haskins who came second to Helen Jenkins, when she took her


first-ever World Championship title. And who won the men's? Was it Tim


Don? I think perhaps it was. We will have to check notes on that one.


Certainly winning it in 2006, in Lausanne.


Michael Rock on on the front, for New Zealand. Angela Hewitt as well.


-- Michael. -- McIlroy. Angela Hewitt is a very well liked


athlete, I think that Samuels, if she


-- if she and McIlroy can help her out there and I am sure that they


will. She likes hard bikes, she always says she runs very well off


the tough bikes, setting herself up well for the ten K race. 15


kilometres to go on this 43.2 kilometre bike course.


Sarah Groff, the United States, second overall in the rankings,


sitting around in a place. Great overhead shots. Chase group here


now, Jodie Stimpson, second place. Gwen Jorgensen, third place. Aileen


Reid is there as well, one of those athletes that will blow hot and


cold, and has to grace in London. Final race in 2013, where she came


second. One of those athletes, you never know what she is going to


deliver on the day. I'm not sure if that Mark is for


today or from another day, there is certainly a mark there. Nothing to


worry about, she came into collision with a motorcycle. She has had a few


crashes in the past, looks like an old scar. Fingers crossed that will


not happen again today. The worst part, much more technical, a lot


harder and a lot more hilly than these four short, 5.3 alarm at a


loops. -- 5.3 kilometre loops. World Triathlon Series, wonderful


conditions began in April in Auckland. Various Olympic distances


and sprint distances, tackled. Glory for some, injury and heartache for


others. All comes down to the distribution of the world titles,


used to be a one-off race to decide who would be the world champion, but


now you are not the world champion unless you finish top of the


standings at the end of the World Triathlon Series programme. Makes it


more tough, makes it more interesting for the viewers as well,


it is like the Formula One setup, goes right down to the wire. Because


here there is points and a half, normally for a when you take 800,


here you take 1200 points. Leaves it a little bit open. Gwen Jorgensen


has been so dominant that it has made it more difficult. Down to the


last race. You cannot be 100% sure of who will take the title. Talking


about the old system, individual single race travelling,


Tim Don did it, 2006, individual single race travelling,


when Tim became the world champion, anything 17 seconds ahead of Hamish


Carter, himself, 2004 Olympic champion. Athens. Now he has gone


long, I expect we will see him over the next year or two, Tim, doing


well over the mid-distance. Hawaii. One short of iron, is that the


stepping stone between Olympic distance and iron man? It is half


the distance, it is still a four hour race, Ironman is eight hours.


That is Kate Michael right, on the front, really working hard. -- Kate


McIlroy. They have got to work really hard if they are going to


make up the deficit, keep going. At the end of lap four, all the usual


suspects. Grouped in, including Lucy Hall, the gap to the chasers, which


is a group that contains the world number one, Gwen Jorgensen. The


is a group that contains the world Stimpson... At the end of the


previous lap, one minute, eight seconds behind, we will see if that


has grown or if they have managed to close the gap slightly over the


course of lap four. At the front, Kate, team tactics, she is working


for Angela Hewitt, no chance of taking any medals in the overall


rankings, and so surely she is going to be working for Angela Hewitt, who


absolutely does. If she takes another medal, that will be for


medal, that will be for medals he has won at World Championship level.


Is going in the wrong direction as far as Gwen Jorgensen is concerned,


one minute and 21, still with three laps to go. She is riding a pretty


sensible race at this point, no point to try to break away and go to


the front pack, tucked in with some pretty decent riders. I would not


say that she is getting an easy ride, but at the moment, this race,


sort of playing into their hands. There we are, getting the time


difference, watching it grow throughout the race. Two laps to go,


not three. Sorry. Change in distance, we have had the two long


laps, they have completed the second of the four short laps. Lead group,


stretched out on the open roads of Edmonton. Perfect conditions, nice


to see the nice dry roads, if they were wet this would not be a great


cause, it would be a tough course. Fingers crossed for the men's race,


that we see similar weather. No sign of Emma Jackson...


Interesting. Realise that she's not in the front or in the second pack.


She was very strong this year, ranked seventh in the world, tough


Commonwealth Games, right up there until around about 7.5 kilometres.


She got a second-place finish, Gwen Jorgensen in hamburg. Surprised to


see Emma Jackson from Australia, in either the front or the second pack.


As they crossed the bridge, the leaders get to eyeball the chase


group. Everybody now knows roughly who is positioned where. --


Hamburg. They are now making the descent to go below the flyover.


There on the clock, the kilometres ticking down. 7.85 now. That is not


a lot, that is going to be around about 26 minutes of racing.


No, it is going to be a little bit more, not a lot more. The leaders


crossing the bridge once again. At the end of the lap they will take


the Bell, to signify that they have had just 5.3 K remaining. Paula


Finley. Four of New Zealand together, the


lone British representative of this leading group, Hall. Sarah Groff, at


the moment, pretty good shape. Therein in mind she is potentially


among the top three runners within this group here. The winner most


recently of the World Triathlon Series in Stockholm last weekend.


Sarah Groff will begin to believe that it is possible to win here


today, even with Gwen Jorgensen in the chasing group and still within


90 seconds of the lead. It is a ten K race, your guns and has plenty of


time, plenty of time to close the gap, to eat into Sarah Groff and the


rest of the leaders advantage. She only has the finished 16th to take


the title, there will be athletes she can put a good four minutes


into. At the moment, she is sitting pretty and she is doing pretty OK. I


do not doubt for a minute, assuming sees days on her bicycle, that she


will win the title. But I think that maybe there is a chance for Sarah


Groff to take another victory here today. She is going to have to run


her socks off if she is to stay on the podium, Stimson, which is


looking difficult. She is a great runner but she is not Gwen


Jorgensen. She is not going to put 1.5 minutes into Angela Hewitt, for


example. Looks like they are holding the same time.


Realistically they will only put in another 20 seconds, if that. A


little bit of excitement. But overall, I think, Gwen Jorgensen,


looking very strong for the title. Interesting looking at some of these


athletes, looking at Finley, Kirsten Sweetland, the absence of Jenkins,


and Stamford. It is so hard, this level of racing, the athletes have


got to take themselves to the absolute limit of their physical


capacity. Day in, day out, sounding extreme, but that is what they have


got to do, to take risks, and that is why they get injured. Gwen


Jorgensen, working hard, tucked in there. Have not seen her on the


front. I'm expecting to see a pretty decent run from her.


Sarah Haskins. From America. Just giving Gwen Jorgensen a nice little


write in here. Doing what she thought she may have been doing. --


doing what we thought she may have been brought in to do. The leaders


coming into transition, to the Bell. At the end of the then ultimate


lap. At the end of the hour and 17 minutes. One lap remaining, one


loop, before they returned the transition and they hang up their


bikes before the 10,000 metre run. -- return to transition. Leading


group numbering 18 -- return to transition. Leading


Groff, winner in Stockholm, for New -- return to transition. Leading


Zealanders, Lucy Hall, the only representative from Great Britain,


and the chasers, representative from Great Britain,


got an official time check, one minute 21 seconds behind. -- four


New Zealanders. The chase group with Jodie Stimpson and most importantly


with Gwen Jorgensen in the group as well.


Little glance of exactly where they are. Gwen Jorgensen is going to


think, not in a bad position, we will see if the front pack, with one


that ago, decides to put on a bit of a burst. Seeing what extra time can


gain. Angela Hewitt has got to work harder, needing time on her side,


Gwen Jorgensen, for the overall victory. Not the title, that is


going to Gwen Jorgensen, all being well, but it will be interesting to


see what Angela Hewitt can do on the run. Really taking the race on, and


Sarah Groff, currently lying in second. Hewitt stretching her legs


over the first 1500 metres of the final lap. The others respond. No


breakaway has been final lap. The others respond. No


pace has just raised slightly. Angela Hewitt


pace has just raised slightly. Finley, and Nicky Samuels back in


the group. Reverse, Mexico. The other Italian, hitting the ground


hard. Losing her chance of getting anywhere near the top ten today. --


Claudia Rivas of Mexico. Angela Hewitt taking it up, and the


Brazilian, in second position, Pamela Oliveira. The last lap of two


wheeled World Triathlon Series action for these athletes for 2014.


They still have the 10,000 metre run to come. Very fitting that this


final race of the World Triathlon Series is in Edmonton, Canada. It is


the 20th anniversary this year, went through to 2008, then became the


World Triathlon Series in 2009, bringing us up to 2014. It is


officially 25 years old this year. -- it is the 25th anniversary this


year. With the first Olympic travelling Laurel macro in Sydney in


2000, the sport became part of the travelling Laurel macro in Sydney in


Olympic movement. Simon Whitfield from Canada, taking the victory. --


with the first Olympics travellings in Sydney in 2000, the sport became


part of the Olympic movement. Whitfield was racing as early as


London, 2012, he crashed out in Hyde Park, he took silver in Beijing,


gold in Sydney. Fabulous Olympic results until London, when it all


went out of the front door for him. -- racing as late as London 2012.


and this is what a lot of the ITU athletes do, they go along, but we


have not seen him racing any long-distance races, so maybe he


thought he would put his feet up and go behind the scenes. Katie Hursey


from the USA, leading Pamela Oliviera of Brazil. Now they will


start to consider the arrival in transition and the need to be in and


out of it sharply and that was a key element for Sarah Groff in Stockholm


last week. She really showed how to do a second transition in terms of


arriving, dismounting, parking the bike, getting her shoes on and


leaving transition. She had it down to a fine art seven days ago in


Sweden. And she sprang clear of her adverse Aries and left transition


first and in the end nobody caught her. A clean arrival in transition


and departure. 2014 one of her best years ever in triathlon. She was


with the Darren Smith squad for many years, and he has produced many


people, like Jodie Stimpson, but in the past has produced grain -- great


athletes. She trains with Mario the past has produced grain -- great


and Richard Murray, the past has produced grain -- great


doing great work this year. So the second stage of the triathlon is


almost at an end. We will start to see the triathletes reaching down


and ripping open the straps of their shoes and taking their feet out of


their shoes and resting them on top to prepare for the arrival in


transition, and there we go. Hursey has not got her feet out yet. Last


few hundred metres, Katie Hersey forcing the pace at the front of the


lead group, but it is two other Americans we will be focusing on,


keeping a close eye on the final stages over the ten kilometre run.


Sarah Groff, who potentially is the best of the runners in the lead


group, and Gwen Jorgensen, the best runner in the race today. She has


proved it time and time again, coming from difficult deficits to


close the gap and when the World Triathlon Series races. Nicky


Samuels has proved she is no slouch either over the shorter sprint


distance. On the podium in Stockholm, her first podium in


Sweden. A little mention of the other US athlete, Katie Hursey, she


was second to Gwen Jorgensen last season, and then she had did not


finish and a crash and a disqualification and came back


stronger in Stockholm just recently, just in the last weekend where she


finished in seventh. I do rate her as an athlete. We will see more of


her in the future and it will be difficult for her to do anything


now. Her job is probably done but she can run, not as fast as the


likes of Hewitt and Groth or Gwen Jorgensen, but a good solid race for


Katie Hersey from the US. Hursey starting to prepare. You can see the


blue on the other side of the park lake where they swam earlier today,


and they are about to arrive in transition, so the feet have been


removed and rested on shoes. They need to get the dismount correct. We


never saw the replay of that, and it was always a bit mysterious. Here we


go. They are arriving in transition to park their bikes and get set for


the ten kilometre run. This is where Sarah Groff was exemplary a week ago


in Stockholm with a vast arrival and an effective, efficient changeover


and departure. The two New Zealanders there, and Groth will be


alongside. Groth gets her bike in. The left shoe is on, and rue TA is


one of the first to move. Groth not quite as quick this week -- Groth --


Groth. Findlay and Sarah Groff in seventh position. Lucy Hall now


finds herself in the most uncomfortable part of the race in


terms of her ability, the running, but the chasers are raising the pace


as they look towards the finish their final lap. Jodie Stimpson and


Gwen Jorgensen are in this group. Here we go, the chasers have closed


the gap and it is just one minute and four seconds, and it was a


minute and 21, so a good final lap for the chasing group. They have


done quite a bit of damage and Gwen Jorgensen now has a really good


chance of moving up through the field. They have to get the


transition right first. Stimpson arrives in the number three birth


with jaw against unjust alongside her in the number one spot. Stimpson


is putting her shoes on meanwhile, they have been beaten to it within


the chasing group, and she sprints away. Good work in transition for


the two Japanese triathletes. 20 away. Good work in transition for


kilometres, and it shows that the front runners started thinking about


the transition, not thinking about moving forward and Andrea Hewitt


looking fantastic. Totally relaxed, but you can't help but think that a


minute will not be enough. We would expect to see Gwen Jorgensen make


our way ruthlessly through the field. We have seen it time and


again this season. Ruthless is the word because we have just seen her


annihilate the field and sorry to interrupt you, but that five


kilometres is about the point you would expect to see Gwen Jorgensen,


maybe even sooner, making her way up to the lead pack. Sarah Groff is


fresh off the back of victory in Stockholm where she led from start


to finish and she has the same two kiwis for company that she had on


the podium in Sweden last weekend. Sarah Groff was first, then Samuels,


then Hewitt, and Groth is second. So, the same three triathletes, but


Gwen Jorgensen was absent a week ago in Stockholm. So they have for 2.5


kilometre laps to run. We would expect to see Jorgensen time of her


attack on the leaders. Beginning with an assault during this first


lap, and now we pick up Jorgensen who has Stimpson and Frintova of the


Czech Republic for company. This is the first lap for Jorgensen, and


that is a mighty pace she is putting down during the first 1500 metres of


this 10,000 metre run. Jodie just going with her. I don't know how


sensibilities. Gwen Jorgensen has had a negative split and will run


the first five kilometres a little bit slower, and that is what they


call negative splits, so you run the time in the second part faster,


which she does to perfection. Hewitt was first to strike, and it was her


first podium for seven years when she took second place in Stockholm a


week ago. They have got it out of Bacca dash out and back at the end


of the bridge, and now there will be tactical awareness because the


leaders will see, back through the field, Gwen Jorgensen heading in the


wrong direction as far as she's concerned as Hewitt makes away, the


lightweight kiwi, on her way back towards where she started a few


months ago, the first lap of four. You will see the crossover with


Jorgensen going past, and we could see from that that she has left


Stimpson and Frintova behind. Jorgensen moving up through the


field. Hewitt is now aware of the looming danger as a Sarah Groff and


Samuels. They know Jorgensen is coming for them. They know there is


nothing they can do, and you cannot say dig deeper because you have to


find another minute or two over your best time. 8.6 kilometres, and


Jorgensen is 1.06 behind the leaders. Does not like she has put


in any time, but I don't think that is a big problem at the moment as we


know she will pick up the pace as the kilometres go down. Andrea


Hewitt leads for New Zealand. Nicky Samuels is in third for New Zealand.


Really impressed with Nicky Samuels in this race. She was always known


as a great swimmer and biker and we have not seen much of her on the


run. She was an athlete who came through in her age group and she won


the world 20-24 age group some years back and we don't often see the


cross over from age group to elite, so impressive racing. The front


three have opened a gap of eight or nine seconds over the next best,


which is a group of five or six, who they were with for most of the


ride. Now the two New Zealanders have settled in at the front of the


field. I love watching Andrea Hewitt. She just slightly leans


forward, but a lovely relaxed running style, and a lot of upper


body action coming from Nicky. Sarah Groff tucked in there, also very


relaxed. We are back with Jorgensen, the chaser. Coming from over a


minute behind at the end of the two wheel stage of this World Triathlon


Series. And the pace is raised again by Jorgensen. No sign of Stimpson or


Frintova, who she was with when she was doing the first lap of her


10,000 metre quest to win the final race and to give herself the World


Triathlon Series title for 2014. At the moment it looks like both girls


will become the world champion. Can she finish with a flourish and win


the last race of the year? I would not bet against her. The pressure


must be immense. She knows what it means to the USA team. They have not


had a world champion for ten years now. It is not going -- it will mean


a lot to her. Back to the front runners, and Andrea Hewitt is


looking relaxed. Nicky Samuels there are also from New Zealand. Coming


towards the end of the first lap of four. Hewitt of New Zealand, Sarah


Groff of the USA, and Samuels of New four. Hewitt of New Zealand, Sarah


Zealand. They are about to compete -- complete a quarter of the


distance. Goes to show what hard work and determination does. In the


early part of the season, Andrea Hewitt did not have it. Didn't look


like the athlete we are used to, but she got better and better as each


race past. She has decided to go a bit wide. Sarah Groff is really


relaxed. An easy running style. She had her first triathlon series win a


week ago. The stragglers still trying to keep visual checks on the


leaders. That is the key, keep them in your sites and you know you have


a chance if one of them fails or falls on getting in amongst the


podium places. But the key thing here with three to go is the


difference between Sarah Groff, Samuels and Hewitt and Jorgensen.


Jorgensen, we know, had moved clear of Stimpson and she was just a


minute down, the last official time check suggesting it was one minute


and six seconds or thereabouts. No sign of Jorgensen coming round the


left turn. We have the visual of Michael Roy and the other German.


There is Jorgensen. She is now 49 seconds off the pace, so at the end


of the first lap she is doing the right thing, heading in the right


direction. She has taken about 11 seconds out of the lead of Sarah


Groff and the New Zealanders. She looks a bit hot, but I've said it in


previous races. She may be looked slightly uncomfortable, but I think


those looks do not tell the real story of what is going on. She has


the glasses on and you cannot see what is going on in the eyes. I


expect to see her pick up the pace as the kilometres tick by. Graft


from the US is leading the race with Andrea Hewitt


from the US is leading the race with Nicky Samuels from New Zealand in


third. That is the view of Jorgensen for her next target area. She cannot


see the leaders. They were 48 seconds back but she can see the two


Germans. So she has set herself a target here. She will take the


Germans next, and take some water. Just a little shower for Gwen


Jorgensen. Now she kicks clear and starts to train her vision on Knapp


and goes past. She must be thinking, here we go again. Next up will be


Robische, the next victim for Jorgensen. Roguish has gone. --


Robische has gone. She's in 16th, Jorgensen. Roguish has gone. --


and that is where she needs to finish to take the title, and she


will not finish it here, and finish to take the title, and she


already put a minute in into a half kilometres. McIlroy from New


Zealand, and it must be demoralising to know that you had one minute, a


quarter of the run and you had already been caught. The French run


is going backwards now as Jorgensen moves up through the field -- the


French runner. She is picking them off one at a time.


The coach on the side shouting all sorts of advice to their runner, and


probably the advice you would give his to just relax. This is the


ultimate target, the lead group, Samuels, Hewitt and Groff. 48


seconds at the end of lap one, and I imagine it is down to somewhere in


the 30s already. They are about halfway through lap number two. 37


seconds already. There we go. 6.4 kilometres to run. It is all heading


in the right direction as far as Gwen Jorgensen is concerned. It


certainly is. One of the Japanese athletes, I think it is jury EIB --


jury I'd -- Juri Ide. The Hungarians are getting stronger, they did well


in the World Championship team race, coming third. It is deceptive how


fast she is going because she has this lovely, long stride and it


looks like she is not going that fast. Nicky Samuels with really


impressive form in to see her up with Sarah Groff and Hewitt, two of


the strongest runners. I just saw Gwen Jorgensen and she was on the


tail of the Hungarian, Kovatsch. They will gauge it according to


where they were on the first lap, and they will be aware that Gwen


Jorgensen is that much closer to getting the information from the


team officials on the side of course. Sarah Groff, Samuels and


Hewitt are the leading three. But Jorgensen is on her way. A little


stumble for Samuels. You kind of want to cheer them on, to find


another 30 seconds and it looks like Jorgensen is on the track and really


taking it on, down to 32 seconds, about six kilometres. Bin laden --


Finlay has been striding along purposely, but Jorgensen goes past,


in her quest to win the world title and do so in the final stages.


Another shower and a little bowl of water. The sunglasses got awash as


well as Jorgensen moves up through the gears. Look at this, fantastic


running from Gwen Jorgensen. No want to touch are at the moment and the


lead group are aware of the danger that is looming. Still on the second


lap. Jorgensen has loads of time to strike the front and win this race


in style and win the world title in style as well with her fifth victory


of the season. To do what she does, to run from behind like this and to


be so strong and fast, she has been in the second pack and promotes


people that would be game over, but not for Gwen Jorgensen. She is such


complete athlete. She did miss the front pack today, but it doesn't


matter. It is incredible in itself. Still a very young athlete and it


will be amazing to see what she does in the future, but also to see what


the other athletes will try and do because they cannot let her run


away. They have to put a plan together to beat the American. She


is too good. You sense the damage has to be done on the bike. More


work on the bike, bigger gaps achieved on the bike, giving


Jorgensen a tougher target to aim for. Hall is next. She is next in


the firing line. Lucy Hall is picked off. The Dutch runner falls as well.


Vilic of Austria and Alice Betto of Italy will watch as Jorgensen heads


off into the distance, getting closer towards the three leaders. Do


you know what, this is one of the best runs I have seen from Lucy


Hall. We still have over half of it, but she is racing with the Dutch


racer and she is a strong athlete. She is running with these guys, and


that is some of the best running we have seen from Lucy Hall so far this


year. We are on the second lap of the four laps, and everything is


going according to plan so far for Gwen Jorgensen. Fighting her way up


through the field. And we can see Jorgensen is in the same shot as the


leaders. Hewitt, Samuels, they have dropped Groth. Hewitt has decided


that she needs to make a move -- dropped Groff. They need to stop the


charge up through the field from Jorgensen. She has taken Samuels a


lot -- along to the right. Samuels having to work are to stay with


Hewitt here -- along for the ride. We are


Hewitt here -- along for the ride. run, so with 5000 metres gone and


5000 metres to go, the two New Zealanders, Hewitt, who was second


in Stockholm, and Samuels who was third in Sweden have taken it on.


And Groff cannot match them. Really surprised to see Sarah Groff


dropping off. She reminds me of an athlete from Australia, Peter


Robinson, the former world champion. He used to drop off and


then get back on, and we have seen Sarah do it before. Whether Sarah


can do it today, it is just a few seconds, and there is a chance she


can get back on, and just looking at the rankings, to try to work out


what she needs to do to stay ahead of Hewitt. Stimpson as well. Various


mathematical combinations going on for second and third and podium


places in the overall standings. Jorgensen has taken re-Vass and


Olive Eire -- Olivera. Sarah Groff I'd be the next target. There are


two laps to go. Hewitt leading the race with Samuels. Gwen Jorgensen


moving up through the field. One at a time, she is taking them out. In a


league of her own here. There is Sarah Groff, with the ponytail


swinging from side to side, and that his third-place. Got her down as 15


kilometres per hour, but she is definitely going faster than that,


probably around 18 and we would expect her to run about 33 minutes


on this course, which is around about 18 kilometres per hour.


Jorgensen of the USA hunting down Groth, the American who won in


Stockholm last week, and she will soon be passed by Gwen Jorgensen.


The gap is just a few seconds now. Another water station is coming on.


You can see the difference between Groth and the two New Zealanders who


moved away from Sarah Groff about four of five minutes ago. They are


into the third lap. Hewitt and Samuels with just over 4.5


kilometres to run. Surprise to see Sarah drop off the pace, and maybe


the fatigue of the travel from Europe over to Canada and the


victory last week maybe got the better of her here, because I cannot


see her making her way back up to these front two runners. We can


expect Gwen Jorgensen to run Sarah Groff down, and just a couple of


metres, she will be running past her team-mate. I wonder if Groff is


aware that Jorgensen is quite as close as she is. I have not seen


Groff look behind her. She has been looking ahead at the two Kiwis who


have stretched the lead but now she will be aware because Jorgensen is


breathing down her neck and gives her a pat on the back she goes past.


I am here, but I'm not staying along. Jorgensen is away. She goes


past Sarah Groff. Just trying to will them to jump on the back and


try and get a little bit of April along like they do on the cycling,


but she is just running too fast. She will be running around a


three-minute per kilometre pace, and you know that is phenomenally fast,


and that is at the end of a swim, 1.5 kilometres swim. It is just


phenomenal running. Hewitt and Samuels, the two New


Zealanders. Still with about 75 metres now, not much more. The


camera angle is often deceptive. Andrea Hewitt leads the finale in


Edmonton with her team-mate Nicky Samuels just about holding on as


Hewitt tries to move the pace up another notch. Gwen Jorgensen she is


now in the same shot as we watch from the helicopter. The gap is


shortening all the time. Jorgensen knows that the hard work of this


10,000 metre run is almost done, and the New Zealanders will now know


because they are going eyeball to eyeball with Gwen Jorgensen who


makes the turn just a handful of seconds behind. Sarah Groff is down


in fourth position. Hewitt, Samuels. She certainly has not made


things easy for herself today but I don't think anybody would deny her


this victory. She has worked through a few convocations in the race and


we are not sure what happened between the swim and the bike, and


she was a minute down and still has some couple of kilometres to go and


she is really not far-off taking the lead. You would not bet against her.


No, Jorgensen has stop another drink and shower. She described herself as


a midwest girl who loves home and has been much happier on tour with


her fiance travelling with her. He has been very much part of the


package for Gwen Jorgensen in 2014. He has made a difference for her.


Born in Wisconsin, lives in Minnesota. You can't help but feel


that she slightly likes the challenge of running from behind.


Some runners do. They enjoy it. She would probably rather be off the


front of the bike, into first place, but she kind of enjoys the chase. It


would be rather dull if she came off the bike first and headed out and


then led from start to finish over the 10,000 metre race. It's so much


more enjoyable from the spectators point of view watching her do the


damage, and she is about to reach the very top of the leaderboard with


the two New Zealanders in front, and then a couple of lapped runners, or


about to be lapped runners in front. Samuels and Hewitt will be the next


to fall victim to the incredible running power of Gwen Jorgensen of


the US. Seven seconds, that is all that stands between her and the lead


in the World Triathlon Series grand finale. She might be ruing the


fact, Hewitt, that they did not have a more powerful bike pack. If she


had got another 45 seconds or so on Jorgensen, it would have been hard


for Jorgensen to catch her, but that has not been the case. They had a


big, messy pack. Although they made up some time, it wasn't enough.


So there are four runners in front, but only two are counting, the


others are being lapped. And there is a bit of a scramble for liquid


there. Jorgensen just got hold of a bottle and her upper body was a bit


twisted as she snatched at it. No damage done and now she is behind


Samuels. The hard work is done and she is at the front of the race.


This is where the money is one. she is at the front of the race.


is at the front of the field, and she has not taken Samuels out yet,


and I suppose she does not have do, she can run at their pace. She can


relax were a little while before she decides to move it on another gear


and take first position away from Hewitt. This is just awesome


running, but for me, perhaps the performance of the day of this race


goes to Nicky Samuels. She had never been on the podium before Stockholm


last weekend where we saw her in third, and here she is, running


along with Gwen Jorgensen and Hewitt for a podium position in the final


race. That is the nominal. The me that is the performance of the day.


be one of the leading places today. In time for the completion of the


third lap, Gwen Jorgensen has reached the front. She has 2500


metres to decide what to do, and she is still feeling full of running and


ready to go over the last lap. We have seen it before, we know what


happens, she gets to the front, she sits in, and at some point, it is


going to come soon, it will move up. They will take the Bell. The Bell


tells them that they are on their final lap. They have 2500 metres to


run. For Gwen Jorgensen this is a lap of runner, 2500 metres, around


the park here in Edmonton. She has the two Kiwis the company at the


moment, but I am sure it is not going to stay that way too much


longer. Angela Hewitt, such an experienced,


consistent athlete. And of course, Gwen Jorgensen, sitting in, biding


her time. Everybody wants a photograph of Gwen Jorgensen, camera


phones at the ready, as she moves up to strike for the front. Hewitt and


Samuels, going with her at the moment. We have not seen a serious


injection of pace since Gwen Jorgensen arrived at the front of


the field. And the three leaders. Still bunched


as a trio at the head of proceedings here.


Gwen Jorgensen, USA. Hewitt and Samuels, New Zealand. Sarah Groff is


the chaser in fourth, up with the leaders for a while. Now running a


slightly lonely final lap, back in fourth position. All that she has


got to do is hold the position and she will be on the podium in the


World Championship final. Watching some of the backmarkers go through,


Sarah Groff, fine season for her. She finally achieved a win in


Stockholm last week. Is there a break at the front? Has Gwen


Jorgensen moved away? Yes, she has taken it up on her own. Road along


with Hewitt and Samuels and then decided enough was enough at this


relatively pedestrian pace, time to move it up a gear and give the crowd


something to enjoy for the second half of the final lap, and so Gwen


Jorgensen leading Hewitt, Samuels is third. This is the world champion in


waiting, when your consent, USA. Cannot think how much she deserves


this title, disappointment in 2012, great disappointment, 2013, London,


when she was the hot favourite to take the overall title, and crashed


out quite badly there on one of the corners. But not today, today, 2014,


definitely her turn, her race. There will be licking their lips


wanting to see the battle between Stamford and Gwen Jorgensen, when


Stamford returns to top form and her best, and with one more season to


come, 2015, before the Olympic year, 2016, we hope Stamford is fit. They


prepare for the ultimate triathletes challenge in the Rio de Janeiro


Olympics, 2016. Now rounding the bend. We noticed the format, looks


as though Hewitt has broken away from Nicky Samuels. Nicky Samuels is


going to have to settle for third place and Hewitt safely in second


place. Gwen Jorgensen has just the motorcycle company now.


Talking about that earlier, hoping to see a race in Rio, in 2016,


because next year there will only be one year to go until the Olympics,


but that is the case, cannot believe it has come around so quickly. Just


around the corner. We hope they will run a test event. The idea, the last


I saw, was that it would be starting at the Copacabana beach. Without


that is the it continues. She may well make that her focus now. That


is the gap that she has. One following the leader, one following


the second place triathlete, there is the spread between first and


third. Gwen Jorgensen heading towards the final. The final stage


of this brilliant season for her. It began with a third-place in Cape


Town, behind in the second round of the tour, behind Jodie Stimpson and


Helen Jenkins. Then she hit her winning ways, victory ahead of a Ai


Ueda. The next victory was in London, Hyde Park, the sprint


distance, the Olympic venue, and then backing it up with victory over


the full distance in Chicago, that is where the grand final will be


held one year from now. Then it was a return to sprint in hamburg and


another victory for Gwen Jorgensen, ahead of Emma Jackson and Kirsten


Sweetland. And she rounds off the season with her fifth victory. Five


out of eight will go to Gwen Jorgensen, to register an emphatic


World Triathlon Series, title win, for 2014. No one to touch her. Gwen


Jorgensen avoids the next water station. No more hydration needed,


she has what is required. She looks full of running, she looks like she


could do this space for another 10,000 metres if required! Glimpse


back there of Angela Hewitt, looking like she just wants the race to be


over, this has been a tough season. Racing in the Commonwealth Games,


old course in Edmonton, challenging, old course in Edmonton, challenging,


challenging bicycle course, the run is a little bit tough, with


undulation. I think they will be very happy to finish this race. Gwen


Jorgensen beginning to soak up the applause, the first time we have


seen her glancing over her shoulder, no danger from Angela Hewitt. The


organs and has an open road ahead, and all of the noise of the crowd,


they are a knowledgeable lot, this is a hotbed of trifling, they will


know exactly what Gwen Jorgensen has achieved so far in 2014 with her


quartet of victories and her fifth coming right here at the grand


finale. Another glance over, nothing to worry about, if she so chooses


she will have time to pick up a flag on the run into home, and enjoy this


moment. Just coming up to two hours, Gwen Jorgensen entering the final


straight. Lifting her sunglasses, and she smiled broadly, another


glance to see if there is any danger. A sign of Walton, if you


leaves falling across the blue carpet here. There is a spring in


the step of Gwen Jorgensen as she comes home to win the World


Triathlon Series for 2014 and she finishes with a flourish with her


fifth victory of the series. Just over two hours, taking the win in


Edmonton and the world title ahead of Andrea Hewitt, who is second, two


weeks in a row, having been in the runners-up spot in Stockholm.


Gwen Jorgensen wins, Andrea Hewitt second, Samuels third, it is a fine


end to a fantastic season for the world number one. Must be very


demoralising for her, and now we have Sarah Groff, United States,


worked so hard. Looking very tired, coming home in a great fourth,


meaning that she hangs on to the brilliant second place. Great run


for her in fifth place. Confirmation of the final standings. Gwen


Jorgensen, winning in Edmonton, fifth victory of the season, ahead


of Andrea Hewitt and Nicky Samuels. Sarah Groff, finishing fourth, and


in fifth, Aileen Reid. The world champion, 2014, Gwen


Jorgensen, all she had to do was finish 16th or better, but she


finished first, to win the final race of the season and give herself


the world title. I do not really think it has sunk in at all, I want


to thank everybody who has helped me. Patrick, Jamie, Sarah Haskins


was huge! I'm really happy. I did not execute too well on the swim and


the first lap of the bicycle, I think I got a little nervous. Able


to reel it in. I had a great race today, could not have asked for


better stop blue could not have asked for more, my run coming into


its own, nine days of training, good quality, really helped me with it.


Hopefully I can execute a little better in the coming years. The


champion to 2014, two Americans at the top, with Sarah Groff second,


Andrea Hewitt pipped Jodie Stimpson for third overall.


Winning a record-breaking five races this season, and shown us that by


the late macro when it comes to the third discipline, she is in a


different league. Jodie Stimpson came here wanting to end the season


on a high but she will have to make do with being a world champion. --


Commonwealth champion. In the men's under 23, Scott Mark Austin beaten


and settling for silver. Bronze went to Gordon Benson, Leeds. Alison


Patrick became the champion in the PT five category for the third


PREVSUB NEWSUB first time. And in the PT four, it was a 1-2-3 for


Britain. That leaves the elite men, and what


a race we have in store. Javier Gomez Moya as lead the rankings all


season long as he hunts his fourth league title, but could there be one


last Brownlee shaped twist? COMMENTATOR: Taking his first world


triathlon series victory of the season. A little bit faster in those


500 metres, I could make excuses. I should have had more left, could


have done better in tactics. Has an outside chance at the world title,


if it is U2 on a breakaway, what are you planning? Of course I would


never let him win purposefully, but I would work really hard. If there


is a chance of a breakaway, then I will be working very hard to give


him time gaps. -- if it is you two on a break away. It is nigh on


impossible, we got very lucky in circumstances last week in


Stockholm, he was a bit under the weather, the course was so tough and


technical. If there is another course like that, then we would have


a better chance. This kind of racing, it would be not far from an


error cult. How is Johnny going into the final race? Knowing that the


World Championship title and getting that is completely out of his hands.


maybe it is nice he has the opposite from last year and I cannot


criticise whatever, if he wins, brilliant, if he doesn't, it was


never in his hands. It is still the same, you can only go and race to


the best of your ability. It is circumstances on the day, see what


happens. Hope Javier Gomez has another bad day. That race will be


on the red button the night. There will be extended highlights tomorrow


on BBC Two. The women's World Championship trophy moves across the


pond to the USA with Gwen Jorgensen becoming the first American in ten


years to win the world title. Woelbert men's trophy stay in Spain?


We will find out very soon. See you tomorrow. -- will the men's trophy.


She finishes with a punch and a sprint, Stimpson wins in Auckland.


It will be two out of two for magnificent Jodie Stimpson. Gwen


Jorgensen out on her own, in a league of her own. Fabulous again


from Gwen Jorgensen. Victory in Stockholm will go to Sarah Groff.


There is a spring in her step as she comes home to win the world


triathlon series. MUSIC: "Strictly Come Dancing" THEME




Coverage from the women's race at the World Triathlon Series grand final in Edmonton, Canada. This is the eighth and final leg of the series, which has so far been dominated by American Gwen Jorgensen, whose electric form has left her top of the women's rankings. Great Britain's Jodie Stimpson, who won individual and mixed relay gold at the Commonwealth Games whilst representing England, has also enjoyed a strong season.

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