Stockholm Triathlon: World Series


Highlights of the men's and women's elite races in the penultimate leg of the World Triathlon Series, held in Stockholm, Sweden.

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race of the 2014 world triathlon series.


will take place over back-to-back weekends. It is about banking as


many points as possible before the final in Edmonton when the world


champion will be crowned. For the third time this year the competition


will be over the shortest sprint distance. The men are hard first and


if the previous two sprints are anything to go by, it is likely to


be spectacular. Setting a fast and furious pace.


Everyone is in and Setting a fast and furious pace.


this. Murray and Mario Mola Setting a fast and furious pace.


gather! Murray takes the win with Setting a fast and furious pace.


brilliant sprint finish. Tens of thousands outlining the streets of


Hamburg. Alistair Brownlee is kicking away! And he takes the win


in hamburg. Even before that win, Olympic


champion Alistair Brownlee Even before that win, Olympic


could not become world champion this year. An early-season injury meant


he was not able to compete in enough races. The Commonwealth Games had to


become his top priority. Alistair Brownlee, the Olympic


champion, is now the Commonwealth champion as well.


Did you have this huge sense of relief crossing the line? Not so


much relief. I didn't really feel that pressure to do it, it was


moored that I just wanted to do it. I wanted to go out and race as well


as I could, have a good race, because I had not really raced that


well that year. I was happy to perform on the day. I had a couple


of easy weeks up in Glasgow and a couple of good weeks of training.


Hopefully I have not lost much and managed to push on a bit. Stockholm


is a great course and Edmonton should be very good as well. What


has this year taught you about winning the world title again?


Winning the world title and the World Series has changed quite a lot


in the last few years. You can't just rocked up in May or June and


start racing. You have to race early and you probably have to do most of


the races. If you want to commit to do the World Series, which I'm not


entirely sure I want to do, it is a tough thing and I'm not sure it is


worth it. Are you saying you will provide the not try to become world


champion in this distance again? Never say never to it I suppose, but


with the World Championship as it is with so many races around the world,


having to race so early in the year, it is difficult to do. Until the


World Series changes to a more sensible format, five or six races


with a bit less travelling involved, I probably won't chase it.


Some people will ask why it is difficult for the you to do if


someone like Javier Gomez can do it? He is prepared to travel for a lot


of time away from home. It is a choice of do I want to race in the


World Series and be subpar all year and race lots of knee jerk races, or


do I want to erase the best I possibly can be? For me it is not


about travelling to the other side of the world in the middle of


winter. I'm all about getting the most out of myself as an athlete.


How do you approach Stockholm? It is nice because I can just go out and


race well in the series. I have got Johnny to consider. Johnny really


needs to win here in Stockholm. What happens if both of you are in the


lead, do you go to the win yourself? I would never purposefully give him


the win. But if we were both there and it made a big difference to him,


maybe that would give him extra motivation to out sprint me. Can


Javier Gomez be stopped from winning his fourth world title? He probably


needs to crash to be honest. I suppose he can be. We have seen


before where people have had bad races. He has been going very hard


since early in the year, so we will see. That is Alistair's view on this


weekend's race and the World Series as a whole. Current world champion


Javier Gomez has certainly raised savvy this year, putting himself in


a good position to win his fourth world title.


It is an athlete's five best results that count towards their ultimate


ranking. A win earns you 800 points but in the grand final it is 1200.


Javier Gomez already has four victories. Yet another win for the


Spaniard. He has done it in style in Chicago. Tellingly, he has not even


made the podium in the two sprint races so far. It will be very


difficult to stop him retaining his title. But the sprint specialists


have an opportunity here in the Swedish capital. One of them, Mario


Mola, is the only other winner of a World Series triathlon race this


year, besides Javier Gomez and Alistair. But he will be tested over


the hilly and technically demanding course. Ahead of Mario Mola is


Jonathan Brownlee. It has been a disappointing season by his high


standards. He has not won a race all year. But he did win Stockholm's


sprint two years ago. A victory here would give him enough points to


stand a chance of becoming world champion, but he would need to win


the grand final too, and to count on Javier Gomez finishing outside the


top three here and the top five in Edmonton. The water is very choppy


and the cobbled streets out there will be very slippery. Let's see if


Johnny Brownlee can keep himself in the hunt for the world title.


COMMENTATOR: The beautiful Swedish city of Stockholm, playing host once


again to the WTF, the world triathlon series. It is a sprint


distance this year. Our umbrellas and ponchos out, very unseasonable


today. One lap in the water. Into transition, pick up the bikes, five


laps of four kilometres each to conclude the 20 kilometre second


stage on two wheels. When they return to transition fire a couple


of trips out and back past these Swedish Parliament house, and then


the run. Two laps of 2.25 kilometres each, so a total of 750 kilometres


in the water, 20 kilometre on two wheels, and a five kilometre run to


round things off. All the main contenders are involved. Javier


Gomez wears number one. Alistair Brownlee wears number eight. They


are ready to go and they are into the cold waters. In Stockholm. They


are in a huge freshwater lake upon which sits this magnificent Swedish


city. The waters from the lake flow out into the Baltic Sea. I can tell


you that conditions here are Baltic today. Wet suits for the swim and it


will be chilly and difficult on the bike, and the water is very choppy


here in Stockholm as well. Very choppy. The first thing we're


looking at is how high the recovery of the arms are on this swim. You


don't normally see the pack spreading out so much so quickly.


I'm not too sure how well Jonathan Brownlee has


I'm not too sure how well Jonathan We will have to see when we see


closer up. To me it looks like Gomez and Johnny Brownlee have dropped off


a bit. Richard Varga, we have become used to him leading out. He will


certainly be up in the lead pack today. 18.8 degrees, the air


temperature, which is fairly economical for August, and a chilly


15 degrees in the water, as the early pace comes unsurprisingly from


the Slovakian swim specialist Richard Varga, wearing number 17. He


has done a lot of training over the past two or three-year is with the


Brownlee brothers. He is a good training partner for them because he


is such a strong swimmer. He has improved his running and cycling


considerably in the last couple of years. Brownlee forcing the pace.


Look out for Aurelien Raphael, the Frenchman, with number 15. One lap


only in the freshwater here in Stockholm. A 750 metres swim


followed by five laps of four kilometres on two wheels for a 20 K


bike, and then a five kilometre run to finish off this penultimate stop


of the world triathlon series for 2014, before they cross the Atlantic


to head to the grand final in Edmonton. No tactics here. The only


tactic Richard Varga has gone for is to go flat out from the front. It


looks like he's trying to break the field early on. He is putting


distance between himself and the chasers, and they are having to work


so hard to stay with him. In the choppy conditions, they are looking


up far more than they normally would. Normally they would be


looking at the feet of the swimmer in front, trying to get onto him and


take the draft effect from that, today they are having to look up to


take the shortest line possible. Somebody getting caught on the loose


rope, and I wonder if Somebody getting caught on the loose


down to the conditions today. The loose rope thankfully not attached


to anything, otherwise somebody could have got anchored down there,


but it just came off the shoulder of the swimmer as they went through the


turn. Around the two giant inflatables as


turn. Around the two giant towards the starting point, with a


ferocious pace being injected into the first stage of this triathlon by


Richard Varga, the Slovakian, very much at home here.


Richard Varga, the Slovakian, very cold conditions. Just under eight


Richard Varga of Slovakia has led from start to finish. He makes this


final short left hand turn and then heads towards the ramp, which takes


him out of the water and back for heads towards the ramp, which takes


the short run back towards the transition area, where the bikes are


parked. We will get a transition area, where the bikes are


everybody's standings at the end of the 750 metres swim, as they come up


the steps and out of the water. Richard Varga, a little slip and a


slide as he starts to prepare for transition. I think it is Alistair


Brownlee who has come out in fourth place. They have a stiff climb over


the cobbled streets which have been carpeted up into transition. The


bike starts on an uphill. Richard Varga is leading Henri Schoeman


bike starts on an uphill. Richard Varga is leading Henri of South


Africa. It is Johnny Brownlee in fourth place and Alistair not far


behind. Both the Brownlee brothers are there or thereabouts. The


Olympic champion just arrives ahead of his brother at his bike park.


Johnny Brownlee in, putting on his helmet while stepping out of his wet


suit. There are lots of guys here. helmet while stepping out of his wet


Anthony Varga first to leave the transition. We are looking out for


Gomez Noya in Allred. Javier Gomez Noya, out of transition. We will get


a decent group Noya, out of transition. We will get


of 25 plus riders forming in the first lap. Richard Murray is not far


away. He has done well, Commonwealth bronze-medallist. He


has not let the swimmers get too far in front. The conditions set


themselves up for what could be a very dangerous ride. We have got


three breaking away already. Is it very dangerous ride. We have got


Richard Varga there as well? That is Alistair wearing number eight. It is


both the Brownlee brothers and their training partner Richard Varga. He


did the hard work in the water and the brothers are not far behind, it


is Varga and the Brownlee brothers leading on the first lap of five on


two wheels. Wet underfoot, they will need to mind their peas and queues


on the hairpin turns and thereafter three of them really on the course.


That is exactly the thing to do, work hard in transition and in the


first 200, 300 metres to get away from that huge mass of the pack


which can be dangerous. With three riders up there, they know each


which can be dangerous. With three and they will be working together to


put a lot of distance between themselves and the chasers. They


will turn here at City Hall having crossed the second bridge. They will


look at this massive group which has formed, the peloton if you like.


They will know exactly how far in front they are, roughly how far in


front when the groups cross over. They're rather three leaders heading


in the opposite direction. Varga is struggling to stay with the Brownlee


brothers, they have decided to not wait for the pack to catch them and


they move away from Richard Varga. We can see the chasers coming


through but the difficulty the big group will have coming through the


narrow roads and the corners, that has to slow them down if it is a


couple of seconds on each turn, that will grow and grow. The pure


logistics of trying to take place at the front and stay in a drafting


position is so much more difficult in a big group like this. Assuming


the Brownlees state upright, one of them will win this race, I think


that is a fair conclusion, even at this stage. Richard Murray is a long


way back, Mario Mola is a long way back. These


way back, Mario Mola is a long way they need to do and how dangerous it


is. A little bit of caution on the corners. More difficult to do in the


big pack, being aware of breaking and also of the other athletes. This


is just what we want to see because they train together, they race each


other. In this situation, they will work together, doing 20 turns at the


front, easing up, work together, doing 20 turns at the


comes through and they will work together all the way through this


bike section and it will be out for the hunting on the run. Javier Gomez


is in that group. That is him in about ninth position in the chasing


group at this stage, staying out of trouble with the World Triathlon


Series title just about wrapped up this season for Javier Gomez. He has


won in Auckland, Cape Town, Yokohama, Chicago. Gomez really does


not have anything to prove. The sprint distance is never his


favourite. He prefers the full Olympic distance and has not won a


sprint so far this season. He does not have to work too hard today


bearing in mind he has the Olympic distance finale in Edmonton next


weekend to seal the World Triathlon Series title for 2014. I think he is


maybe feeling a bit supported in the chasing group but also to an element


in the comfort zone because he will be confident in his running ability


and he does not need to work hard to chase down the Brownlees. That gap


has extended out to 17 seconds as become to the end of lap two. At the


end of lap one it was 14 seconds, at the end of lap to it will be


considerably more. The chasing group have yet to hit the client. Some


were close to 30 seconds -- hit the climb. They have just about doubled


their lead. 23 seconds in fact as they come up in front of Stockholm


Palace, passing the official residence of the King of Sweden. It


is a familiar sight. Two of the best in the world. Alistair is probably


the best in the world, the Olympic and Commonwealth champion, former


world champion. It remains to be seen if he continues to focus on


this World Triathlon Series which seen if he continues to focus on


crisscrosses the globe. He has made no secret of the fact that he is


unhappy with the mileage involved and the endless long haul flights


that it takes to compete in all of the Riise 's -- all of the races.


Maybe next year, we will see if his focus will be on defending his title


in the Olympics in Rio. He may take part in some of the races but I


don't think it will take his full attention and commitment. It is not


just the races of course, the majority of these athletes will be


involved in club situations, many of majority of these athletes will be


them competing in the European summer for French clubs. It takes


its toll. Alistair has made his decision. You are extending the


number of races, there are more qualifying races now and it is a big


decision. He said he likes to be fresh and rested. Raphael, one of


the strongest swimmers, keeping himself out of trouble at the back


of the pack. He has one of the Americans for company, Jefferson,


and another one of the Frenchman, Pujades is there as well. The


Brownlees stretched their lead to 23 second at the end of lap two, lap


three will conclude shortly and we expect it to be closer to 30 seconds


which will give them a comfortable conclusion to the bike with two laps


to go. The Brownlee brothers are taking no prisoners this afternoon


in Stockholm. We are looking back, Javier Gomez


does not seem to be enjoying the bike, he was 42 seconds down. What


if, what if, maybe we think, if he did not finish and lose the points


available, that would be very critical but what if he is a long


wait down in the pack? Johnny wants to go for it but he has raced


against his brother so many times, I don't think we have seen Alistair


backing off if there is an opportunity to win but we are


talking about the title. Does that produce another scenario? It does


and Jonathan can certainly close the gap on Gomez with a victory today.


As Alistair said, all it takes is one bad race and things can change.


Johnny will not have given up on the world title ambitions he has for


2014. If we look back to last year, one appalling race coming out of the


swim can change everything. We have seen Jorgensen in commanding


positions and then crashing out and it can change so quickly. Unusual


not to see Gomez at the front, we have become used to him being at the


front and attacking. Certainly different tactics today. The


brothers climb up the hill for the panel to much time, taking the bell


with one lap to go. Jonathan crosses the line first, Alistair his older


brother in second, the chasing group nowhere to be seen, still on their


way back over the bridge towards the Stockholm Palace. 38 seconds at the


end of number three. It will be climbing even further now. It really


has become two races now, it is Brownlee against roundly and the


rest of the world fighting it out for the bronze medal. -- Brownlee


against Brownlee. It is 46 seconds officially at the end of lap four.


What an effort from the Brownlee brothers, from 14 seconds after lap


one up to 40 seconds -- 46 seconds. Magnificent riding.


The brothers are not letting up at all, looking the more pace over the


last lap. How do they attack this run going out together, knowing they


will have a significant lead? We have become used to seeing Alistair


and Johnny Brownlee and Javier have become used to seeing Alistair


being prepared to put the hammer down for the first step on the run,


attack and attack. In this situation, perhaps Alistair and


Johnny don't need to do that so will there be a change in tactics? If


Johnny Brownlee needs these points, his brother will not give him


anything, does he go for it early? He has not had a World Triathlon


Series win in 2014. Alistair has had one, Jonathan has been runner-up to


Gomez, in Auckland and again in Cape Town, he finished fifth in Yokohama


and fifth again over the sprint distance in London. And third behind


Alistair and Vincent Luis in hamburg after that sensational sprint


finish. Today he will be wanting to put things right and get his first


win of the season and head into the grand final in Edmonton with a


chance, an outside chance, of overhauling the lead of Javier Gomez


in the rankings. The man he has to beat it is older brother and the


competitive edge they have between them as a family is extraordinary.


Alistair is never particularly them as a family is extraordinary.


to Johnny when it comes to sprint finishes, he always wants to beat


his younger brother. He is leading them here over the final stages of


lap five, they will arrive in them here over the final stages of


transition together, it'll be a race between the for victory in


Stockholm. The final little out and back here towards the Swedish


parliament building and the run for home. Raphael still camped out at


the back of the peloton. He has done his work in the water. He has been


on the tow for the majority of this 20 Lamah to ride. We started with a


750-metre swim, the 20 kilometre bike ride is coming to its


conclusion and the race will be won and lost after a five kilometre


run, the exciting sprint format of the World Triathlon Series being


employed here in Stockholm, as it was in London and in hamburg. The


brothers are preparing for transition, the feet are


brothers are preparing for shoes and resting gently on top of


the pedals. They get to the dismount line and hop off simultaneously,


synchronised transition for Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee. They have got


to get this bit right, Johnny looks pretty relaxed running up the blue


carpet towards his allotted stand where he will need to park his bike


and need to make sure his helmet find the plaque stick box, getting


his running shoes on quickly and smoothly -- plastic box. They will


leave pretty close together but Jonathan just steals march on his


brother and Alistair has to head uphill to try to close the gap as


Johnny heads out of transition, the younger brother first to break as


the pack arrives. They are clipping their shoes and getting ready for


transition. Javier Gomez coming up the hill towards the transition


area. 46 seconds was the difference at the end of lap four, it has grown


even further, 54 seconds by that time they conclude the 20 kilometre


ride. You can never say never but almost a minute, they has to be


uncatchable. Gomez had a fairly easy bike section. Will he attack from


the front? There is Richard Murray, again in front of his compatriot


Henri Schoeman. Richard Murray against Javier Gomez could be the


one to watch. Jonathan Brownlee is leading Alistair Brownlee. They are


moving on at quite a pace here. they going to back off because they


were in they going to back off because they


could? That doesn't seem to have happened. Jonathan Brownlee


could? That doesn't seem to have like a startled pair at the start of


that run. -- like a startled hare. like a startled pair at the start of


The situation we have seen so many times, the two brothers from Leeds


in contention to take this victory. They are running a five-minute mile,


that is a tremendous pace, that would be well under 30 minutes if it


were a full ten kilometre race. He's just holding his arm, asking the


driver camera combination to ease off and get out of his way. No one


else inside. -- no one else in sight. Where is


Gomez? Gomez isn't there. Certainly Richard Murray was in that... There


is Mario Mola coming through. There is Tom Bishop. Javier Gomez Noya is


a bit slow to react is Tom Bishop. Javier Gomez Noya is


a after transition. Now slowly making their way through the field.


Gomez I have to say is further down than I would have anticipated in


this situation. A big performance by Tom Bishop there. But how quickly


that chasing pack has just stretched and stretched. We know Richard


Murray was up there, in the lead three, chasing the two Brownlees.


The world number one Javier Gomez of Spain is in about ninth or 10th


position. From Ponte Vedra, keen surfer, decent guitarist. Ponte


Vedra just north of the border with Portugal. As the Brownlee brothers


bounce along, coming up towards 50 minutes since the race began. They


are halfway through the run. They climbed the cobbles. Jonathan and


Alistair Brownlee are just about shoulder to shoulder, as they come


past the bikes they left just a few minutes ago. Alistair takes up first


position for the first time. They take the bell. 2.5 kilometre to run.


Gomez with work to do. He has got Wilson of Australia not far behind


him. That... Henri Schoeman just behind. The leaders of the chase


group. Gregor Buchholz coming through for Germany, and Anthony


Pujades from France. Richard Murray, the reputation of the


strongest runner, but in very different conditions today. 59


seconds is different conditions today. 59


brothers and the next best, at the end of Lap 1. BELL


Now some of the other main end of Lap 1. BELL


contenders coming through, as Mario Mola tries to kick away from Joao


Pereira, coming up the hill. Dodds of New Zealand. Tom Bishop from


Great Britain. And Javier Gomez, the world number one, struggling in


these dreadful conditions in Stockholm this afternoon. It looked


like a bit of a stretch there from Jonathan. Alistair


like a bit of a stretch there from covering. Alistair just seems to be


working covering. Alistair just seems to be


to be relaxed at the moment, but of course, as we always say,


appearances can be so deceptive. Again, I think Richard Murray is


looking to attack. He still stays there. Despite Richard Murray trying


to attack twice now, not making any inroads at all on this final lap.


So, Richard Murray is third. Gregor Buchholz of Germany is in fourth


place. Anthony Pujades is in fifth place. Someone is about to join


them, is it Joao Pereira of Portugal? He fancies being a part of


this race, Joao Pereira. What an effort from him to bridge the gap


from six all the way up to join these three who are battling it out


to third place. Now we have men pushing for third place in Stockholm


here this afternoon. -- now we have four men pushing for third place.


Now goes Mario Mola. Mario Mola now trying to join these four. The three


become for, and the four become five. It looks like there will be a


five way sprint for bronze position -- third position and the bronze


medal here in Stockholm. Mario Mola has tasted success in the Sprint or


rent -- sprint event already in London so far this season. It is


minor places, it is between the brothers for the win, as Jonny takes


the hairpin and moves away from Alistair, as they come out of the


turn. Just injecting a bit of pace. That slingshot effect we see so


often in triathlon, and it was used wisely thereby Jonny Brownlee. We


will see if it has been a significant move as we head back to


the leaders shortly. Meanwhile we have got Murray, Joao Pereira,


Gregor Buchholz, Anthony Pujades, and Mario Mola. Alistair had that


break covered. Alistair glanced over to see where Javier Gomez was, and


while he took his mind off the task in hand, Jonathan Brownlee moved


away. And Brownlee Junior has a lead of about a second over Brownlee


senior. The impact of that move, almost came to a dead stop going


past the tight turn. That was the time to do it. It was covered and


now it seems that Jonathan has made another move. This is now give away


victory to his brother. In front of the Stockholm Palace, Jonathan


Brownlee is leading Alistair Brownlee. They will make the Turn 1


more time and climb the carpet, and it looks as if victory will go to


Jonathan Brownlee, unless Alistair can claw it back over the final few


metres. Jonathan Brownlee will take his first World Triathlon Series


victory of the season, over the sprint distance here, in Stockholm.


He picks up the union flag. Alistair will have to settle for second this


afternoon. And at last Jonny Brownlee can celebrate. The


runner-up in Glasgow wins in Stockholm. It is a reversal of the


positions that they achieved in the Commonwealth Games, as Alistair


comes home for second place in the Stockholm sprint. Jonathan Brownlee


wins, Alistair Brownlee second. The battle continues for third, with


Mario Mola, Richard Murray, Joao Pereira. Gregor Buchholz of Germany


is the first to find the carpet and moves ahead, looking for third.


Murray isn't far-away. Mario Mola might still have something to offer


here. But it is Gregor Buchholz who seems to have the uphill power


towards the finish. Gregor Buchholz of Germany, looks like he will


finish in third place in the Stockholm sprint. Gregor Buchholz


almost home, one final effort from Richard Murray but it is not enough.


Gregor Buchholz wins, Mario Mola in fourth place, and Murray relegated


to fifth, ahead of Joao Pereira, and Anthony Pujades finishing in


seventh. Confirmation of the final results in Stockholm. The first win


of the season for Jonathan Brownlee, with his older brother Alister in


second. -- his older brother Alistair.


Congratulations on your first win in more than a year. Yes, it has been a


nine time -- long time. It is nice to win. I enjoyed it, it was pure


racing. It was great, I was loving it, enjoying flying around those


corners. There is no better feeling, we knew they were not going


to catch us, and it was perfect. I think we were in our element. We


tried to keep it safe and just put in a good consistent bit of riding,


and it was perfect today. Brilliant race, really enjoyed it. We were


really curious about how it would end, could it be a sprint finish?


Tell us about the run. My feet were literally white! You will never hear


me complaining about being cold again, but I was too cold going into


the run. I had to close that five second gap, use a lot to close


that. I was running all right but I knew I didn't have a massive kick in


my legs are so when he sped up, I just didn't have it. I did think


here we go again, I'm going to get off the bike and be shattered like I


was at the Commonwealth Games, and Alistair is going to get away from


me again. I enjoyed it. The good news is you could still win the


world title. You have put yourself in that position today. I didn't


want Javier Gomez to get in the top three, ideally. The pack behind with


lots of other fast runners in meant it was going to be very difficult


for him to get in the top three. But Javier is still favourite. Chances


are he will finish in the top three like yield ways does. Tell us why


you pulled up, is it tactical or are you injured? I just had a feud


problems. -- a few problems. I was focused to try to have a good race


still but I felt tired and my stomach wasn't good. I wasn't going


to make the top four or better, so it didn't make sense to keep going.


I will just try to recover for next week. Training was not very good the


past four weeks, and I need to recover. I hope it is not anything


to back and I can recover next week. With one race to go, it is tight at


the top. I would say that was a near-perfect


race. It is almost time for the women to take centre stage here, but


before that happens let's remind ourselves of two outstanding English


performances in the Scottish Sun a few weeks ago.


The highest ranked triathlete in the race today, Jodie Stimpson,


controlling the pace of the race. Stimpson goes away, is that gold


medal safe? Final effort from Jodie Stimpson, as she moves clear! And


Jodie Stimpson wins the first gold of the games! And it will be bronze


for the Nikki Holland. What a finish.


And the medals just keep on coming for the Brits. The youth Olympics,


the Loughborough youngster showed great maturity coming from behind to


the Loughborough youngster showed just beat Daniel Hyde from New


Zealand to the line. Sian finished in third place. Great to see


Zealand to the line. Sian finished Britain's juniors doing so well on


global stage. Back to the seniors here in Stockholm. Commonwealth


champion Jodie Stimpson is just about to warm up in the water.


Yesterday I caught up with her over breakfast to get her views on the


treat, breakfast with a Commonwealth treat, breakfast with a Commonwealth


champion. I had a word with your coach beforehand to ask you what I


should lay out and he said need to go to the loo in the race!


Touch wood, it solved my stomach issues. Hopefully it will continue.


The hard work has been done, the months and years of training, and


the gold medal coming her way now. Gold to Stimpson. What did becoming


Commonwealth champion mean to you? It meant so much. It was my goal for


so long. Being able to achieve it the way that I did was amazing, it


is hard to put into words how much it meant. What was the reception


like when you got back home? It is brilliant, my house was decorated, a


big gold medal on the window, it was brilliant to share it with my family


and friends. What is the attention like that comes with winning the


Commonwealth Games? It is obviously nice and I wouldn't turn away from


it. It is nice for people to see the achievements. But it is not what


brings me back to triathlon, it is that feeling of getting onto the


podium and looking to the grandstand and seeing your family there looking


at you and that proud moment. You have become such a local celebrity,


you had an event named after you! Yes, it was just before I went back


onto camp, it was brilliant, I raced it, I was not going to let them half


all the fun! It was brilliant. How hard was it to get back into


training after the games? That was quite a challenge. It is nice going


into the final two races with less pressure but I want to finish the


season well. On the other side, my main goal was the Commonwealth Games


so a big tick on that front but I want to finish well. It has been a


cruise in the end the Jorgensen, she will take her fourth straight World


Triathlon Series Victor Riu. To become world champion you are


relying on Gwen Jorgensen not racing well at the grand final. I cannot


control her, how fast those legs go on the run but I can control what I


do. She is a fantastic athlete, she is the one to beat but I will go out


and give it my best shot. Going into Hamburg, Helen Jenkins had been the


nearest rival to Jorgensen but the foot injury she sustained in Germany


meant her season was over. No Commonwealth Games and no chance of


becoming world champion for a third time. As far Gwen, her form has been


so red-hot this season, with four back-to-back wins in Yokohama,


Chicago, London and Hamburg, the World Championship is hers to lose.


As we saw last year in London, anything can happen. Without her in


Stockholm, if Stimpson can follow up with another win today, she will


keep the pressure on but to actually steal the title away, Jodie would


need to win in Edmonton and rely on Gwen finishing outside the top seven


in Canada. Although when, Helen and Helen Jackson are missing today,


Jodie is not without competition. Lining up alongside her is the


common wealth games silver-medallist Kirsten Sweetland and Sarah Groff of


the USA. Back to Matt and Steve. COMMENTATOR: The penultimate event


of the World Triathlon Series for 2014 for the women, eight sprint in


Stockholm. The weather has improved since the men's race but they still


dive into a freshening headwind. One or two getting jostled out of


position in the early stages. A single lap in the water, cool


conditions, 15 degrees water temperature so wet suits compulsory


and they will go out and make the turn, head back to the far end of


the pontoon before climbing up the stairs towards transition to pick up


their bikes for the 20 kilometre cycle around the city centre and a


five kilometre run. Jodie Stimpson wearing number one should be


somewhere close to the bottom left as we pick her up in the early


stages. 31, always a strong swimmer is Carolina Routier of Spain,


stages. 31, always a strong swimmer girlfriend of Mario Mola who was in


the men's competition earlier. She is forcing the pace on this


nearside. The wind has dropped off significantly. The return leg


towards the pontoon will be pretty quick I would imagine with the wind


behind them. So far this season, Jodie Stimpson has had an excellent


campaign, winning the first round in Auckland in April and backing that


up with victory in Cape Town. Then Gwen Jorgensen started to hit her


stride, winning in Yokohama, the sprint in London, winning again in


Chicago and made it four in a row with victory in Hamburg and another


sprint, the most recent race on the circuit. Stimpson and Jorgensen have


shared all of the World Triathlon Series wins so far this season.


Sarah Groff has been the second best American behind the fast running


Jorgensen and in the absence of her compatriot, she will be hoping for


potentially her best result of the season. She was fourth in Cape


Town, second in London in the sprint behind Jorgensen. She will be hoping


to be up there with Jodie Stimpson at the end of this race as they make


the turn by the giant inflatable. Everybody will have to watch out,


especially those on the inside, a few loose chords getting in the way


but they have negotiated the first part of the turn. And already a big


stretch in these swimmers. 330 metres to go, across the top end and


heading back now, just one lap of the swim. As we sort with the men's


race earlier, critical that you get into a good position to enable


yourself to get up there on this difficult twisting and turning bike


course. Hopefully the very wet conditions of the men's race we will


not see again and it will be easier for bike handling on these narrow


roads. And I wonder if the helicopter will be able to go up and


give us some aerial shots which were sadly absent in the men's race


because of the heavy weather. Carolina Routier of Spain leads the


way here. One final gentle left-hand turn before they had to negotiate


the steep steps out of the water onto the blue carpet of the pontoon


before jogging towards transition. As they do so, they will start to


remove their swim caps and release the zips on the wet suits to be


ready for a smooth arrival and departure on two wheels from


transition. Solid swim from Carolina Routier, just under nine and three


court minutes as she steps out and starts to prepare but plenty of


company for her including the two Americans, Groff and Katie Hursey.


Alice Betto, Charlotte Bonin, Sara Vilic, Kirsten Sweetland also there,


a lot in quick succession as they Vilic, Kirsten Sweetland also there,


transition. No signs yet Vilic, Kirsten Sweetland also there,


Stimpson. She was not with that first group coming out. That is the


first surprise of the afternoon. Very important because Kirsten


Sweetland, who was runner-up in the common love games, has had an


excellent swim, just eight seconds down. -- Commonwealth Games. Lucy


Hall looking strong as always, there is Carolina Routier in the red of


Spain and we can see Sara Vilic as well but still no sign of Jodie


Stimpson which is a surprise. The Italians, Alice Betto and Charlotte


Bonin, Sara Croft as well. Yet to step out of the wet suit -- Sarah


Groff. There is Kirsten Sweetland, the Canadian who was


silver-medallist behind Jodie Stimpson at Glasgow. We will keep


our eyes open for Stimpson. She was noticeably slow in the water. I


think I just spotted her sprinting up the carpet, trying to close some


ground but she has clearly left herself some work to do. She finds


her way to her bike but stumbles slightly coming out of her wet


suit, watching the others head off into the distance. She has picked up


her two wheels and she is on her way. As they sort themselves out, we


will get a full check in a moment or two as to who is in this front group


of what I think is six. They need to be careful, it is still pretty


slippery. Carolina Routier and Sarah Groff from Spain and the United


States respectively. Croft gets her head down and tries to pick up the


speed -- Groff. Katie Hursey was also in the leaders. Perhaps she and


Sarah Groff can form a working American partnership and do some


damage. We have Lucy Hall up there in third place at the moment. Lucy


made a big effort at the Commonwealth Games to get away by


herself on the bike, she is a very strong individual. Watching her move


to the front, of course last year Alistair Brownlee sprinted away from


the lead pack on the bike which nobody was expecting and perhaps


Lucy has it in her mind to look at that. Back with the chasers, we can


see... Any big movements? Still looking for Jodie Stimpson.


Important that she gets back into the lead pack. Clarke could not get


her feet positioned in the pedals. Going back to the front, this is


Carolina Routier of Spain taking it up, the pack at the front has grown


to about eight in number with one or two is attempting to bridge the gap


and get amongst the leaders. Jodie Stimpson will have that project


and get amongst the leaders. Jodie her mind as well coming from a


little way behind. We have Lucy Hall, Kirsten


Sweetland, Sarah Groff. Two of what we thought would be the three big


names challenging together with Jodie Stimpson of Great Britain.


Nicky Samuels had a strong swim, looking for Andrea Hewitt of New


Zealand as well. Charlotte Bonin from Italy is in second position at


this stage and the Italians also had the 30 close by, she is a decent


swimmer -- the Italians also had the 30 close by, she is a decent


Mazzetti. We are still relying on the motorcycle camera pictures in


the early stages. The group is growing all the time at the front.


It is ten and number 11 is not far behind. A group of potentially a


dozen or so. There is Jodie Stimpson. She is slightly detached,


she is pushing a pretty big gear, clearly hoping to close the gap. She


has Jolanda Annen for company. She is in that big gear, chasing hard


and determined to re-establish contact but chasing behind what I


think is a second group. That will be very hard to bridge. Picking back


up here at the front. Here we go. be very hard to bridge. Picking back


Lucy Hall still up there at the front. Lucy Hall of Great Britain in


second position at the moment. It is Kirsten Sweetland leading with Lucy


Hall working hard to get on her wheel. Very strong, Kirsten


Sweetland, we saw that at the Commonwealth Games and in the World


Triathlon Series. Anja Knapp behind Lucy Hall as well. Kirsten Sweetland


first across the line at the end of lap one. A group of ten or so and


this is the gap back to Jodie Stimpson who has broken clear of


Jolanda Annen. Stimpson still working on her foot position in the


shoes as well, she has a lot of work to do, and you are right, she is


behind the second group, not the leaders. The chasers come up the


hill, Kovacs, Chelsea Burns, McShane from Hungary, USA and Australia. And


then Jodie Stimpson, a further ten seconds off that group, nearly a


minute behind the leaders. Jodie Stimpson with a real mountain to


climb as she grips her teeth and comes past the palace in Stockholm.


Your Annan is unable to match her for speed. -- Jolanda Annen. Hewitt


and Clarke of New Zealand, Lucy Hall is the best position of the British


triathletes at the moment, showing real prowess in the water. Now we


will follow directly the hind the leading group. -- directly behind.


Katie Hursey of the USA just bringing up the rear.


where Jodie Stimpson was aiming. They can eyeball the leaders heading


in the opposite direction. It is quite a significant gap. There


in the opposite direction. It is Stimpson, just going through. She


has a lot of work to do. She knows she's going to have to give it


everything on the bike. It is not just about winning this race today,


it is about giving Jodie Stimpson a fighting chance going into the grand


final in Edmonton next weekend. Jonathan Brownlee's victory in the


men's race has ensured that it will no longer be a dead rubber, the race


in Edmonton. It will be a race for the world title between Jonny


Brownlee and Gomez. Stimpson will hope to keep the women's world title


race alive, but she is a long way off featuring that today. Nicky


Samuels, a bunch of riders grouped within two seconds of each other


there. About to begin the climb. Let's see just how close Jodie


Stimpson has managed to get to this big chase group. I think Aileen Reid


is there as well. That looks like Jodie Stimpson coming through, so


she is making inroads. The gap down to 42 seconds between the lead group


and the chase group. It would appear that Jodie Stimpson has just caught


up by a few seconds. We will get Stimpson's official margin here, as


she awaits the timing. Stimpson is 52, that is where it was, so now


that difference between -- time difference between Lap 1 and Lap 2.


The difference for Stimpson is that she has managed to catch the


chasers, and she is still just under a minute off the leaders.


chasers, and she is still just under Stimpson normally up there at the


end of the swim but today she found herself off the pace. She's having a


go now, trying to close the gap. It is tough to see that Stimpson, on a


shorter sprint distance, can come through and win the race. I wonder


if that will hand the World Triathlon Series title away, with


the race in Edmonton to come next week. Stimpson has left herself an


awful lot to do. She has been in great shape this year. She has


learnt and improved so much over the past couple of years, particularly


with her swimming technique, and her running is superb. Jodie Stimpson


still not re-establishing contact. Again I question whether something


happened out there in the swim to put her in this very unusual


position. Just ahead of her, Kirsten Sweetland of Canada. The fear Kovacs


of . -- Sophia Kovacs of Hungary.


Natalie Milne on the right for Great Britain. She is middle order in this


chase group as well. Milne 's number 38 today. Are we going to see any


chase group as well. Milne 's number changes on this? Are we going to see


Jodie Stimpson get back into the changes on this? Are we going to see


second pack? Very changes on this? Are we going to see


sprint distance race, time and distance are running out on the bike


section. A group of 11 at the front of the field as they head towards


the building for the turn, just in front of the Swedish government


the building for the turn, just in premises. And we have something


going on here premises. And we have something


Zealand. She came to a grinding halt. Everyone was forced to put the


brakes on Possibly a bit of help for Joni


Stimpson to re-establish contact there, possibly with Ackerman going


to wide on the turn and into the barriers. Didn't crash but certainly


will have slowed her down. 48 seconds still the difference


will have slowed her down. 48 Stimpson is still a little way off


the chasers. There she Stimpson is still a little way off


same stretch of road as the chasers, and she will arrive in front of the


pond they few seconds behind the second group. Kirsten Sweetland


pushes in hard for the tail end of lap number three. They will climb


for the third time towards the top of the hill and the end of the third


lap. Kirsten Sweetland and Samuels. Eighth place, Clark. Ninth, Lindsey


Jerdonek. At the end of Lap 2, the gap between the leaders and Jodie


Stimpson was 52 seconds. I can't see it being that much difference


between the end of Lap 2 and the end of Lap 3, to be honest. Jody within


a couple of seconds now of getting back in contact. We have got this


climb which I think will help Jodie. The athletes will be watching out


for each other by the transition, giving Jodie an opportunity to get


back in the chase group. The gap between the leaders and chasers is


49 seconds. The gap between the leaders and Jodie Stimpson is beyond


52 seconds now. She has lost a bit of time, but she has just about


caught the chasers. Now the rain is coming again, an umbrella is up


around the course. That dark clouds were threatening and now they are


delivering the precipitation that every rider fears. It can become


rapidly slippery underfoot, under the rubber wheels. Lucy Hall is


leading again, into one of the few long straight ways on the course.


And it looks like we are down to nine now, with Katie Hursey


struggling at the back. It seems there is a gap appearing now. Katie


Hursey has been touted as the next great thing within American


triathlon, but so far she has not quite backed it up with results. She


has started a couple of races pretty well, she started this one pretty


well, now starting to drift. Once again the rain distorts our view of


the back of the leading group. The chase group hunting down the


leaders. Let's see how much headway Jodie


leaders. Let's see how much headway chase group. She is in about six or


seven position in that group. I think it is Natalie Milne pushing


out in front of the chase group. Here we are on the lead group.


Kirsten Sweetland wearing number three, right behind and


-- behind Anja Knapp. Another downpour. They are already soaked to


the skin and now they will get another drenching for good measure.


Samuels hits the Bell first. another drenching for good measure.


Hursey is the one struggling to maintain pace. The leaders on their


way on their final lap. Meanwhile the chasers have still got the back


end of Lap 4 to complete. Now with the weather really setting in, that


chase group just stretching out and the athletes taking a bit more


care, a bit more caution as they are going round corners.


That is Vendula Frintova, as we go up the hill. It has grown


substantially, the chase group. Another ten seconds, the gap between


the leaders and the chasers. The end of lap for, it is now one minute and


two seconds. -- lap four. Natalie Milne


two seconds. -- lap four. Natalie lose contact. And perhaps an


injection of pace in this chase group now, because that has really


stretched right the way through. Jailing and slander is in that group


from South Africa, currently based in London. I would suggest that this


is shaping up for a battle between Andrea Hewitt, Kirsten Sweetland and


Sarah Groff. The change from two wheels to a 5,000-metre foot race.


Under -- five kilometres to ride. Those three all featuring in this


lead group and it is cautious, sensibly so, as they make the last


hairpin bend and then head back towards the final lap. Charlotte


Bonin of Italy struggling in the conditions. Similar to how it was in


the men's race earlier this afternoon. Interesting, Sarah Groff


just seems to be staying slightly to the side of this pack now. Looking


to keep out of trouble, counting down the few remaining metres to go.


Getting towards the very end of the bike section. There is Sarah Groff,


just in front of Carolina Routier. She doesn't want to see the


possibility of a rider coming down just in front of her at this late


stage, on the bike. Going a bit wide on the turn, don't


want to go to wide and take the risk of the back wheel falling away in


the wet conditions. And now more and more emphasis on caution. Now we


have got through almost the full 20 kilometres, beginning to anticipate


the run. Well, for a long time it was a group of 11. It is now down to


ten. Katie Hursey unable to match the pace. Sarah Groff will really


fancy her chances now, heading into the 5,000-metre run. Along with


Sarah, I think Kirsten Sweetland has really developed her running from


what was already a very good standard. Just so close and so far.


She may well have a mechanical problem there, because you wouldn't


have expected her to be spinning that easy a gear, it wouldn't feel


right. Possibly the weather conditions, if you have some grit in


the chain well. Kirsten Sweetland very dynamic in this group, keeping


the speed up. Must be feeling confident in her running after that


renders performance in Glasgow at the Commonwealth Games. Sarah


Groff, who perhaps had a down season last year and has really come back


to the very top level now. Jodie Stimpson sitting in, I think, second


place, beginning to force it a little. Yeah, Stimpson just sitting


in behind. This is the chase group. Going back for the conclusion of the


final lap. The leaders will make their turn on foot. They hit the


dismount line which is at the bottom of the Cobble Hill, and then they


climb towards their allotted stands, up the hill, led by Nicky


Samuels and Andrea Hewitt and Sarah Groff. Sweetland of Canada. Andrea


Hewitt arrives on stand. Sweetland follows quickly. A good transition


from Sarah Groff, Anja Knapp matching her stride for stride with


the rest being catch up. Great grand vision -- great transition the


Groff. Looking back at Kirsten Sweetland, very fast indeed, almost


looks to be sprinting out. We will see what happens with the lead


group. At the moment, that gap has stretched out more and more over the


final lap. One minute and ten seconds now, that will be


extraordinarily hard to close down. Jodie Stimpson being very careful as


she pushes her bike, she had an accident doing that in Yokohama


earlier in the season, she tripped over her bike and injured her leg.


Massive time difference with only five kilometres to run through the


field, Jodie Stimpson will not be winning here in Stockholm this


afternoon. If she is watching this from afar, Gwen Jorgensen will be


starting to relax a little bit heading into the final race of the


series in Edmonton next weekend. Groff was in and out like a flash


and the others were left a little dazed as they watched her move


gracefully out of the carpeted area and onto the first lap of two in the


run. Sweetland is trying to close the gap but it was Jerdonek who was


first to react and now Sarah Groff decides to inject some extra pace as


she moves clear of her fellow American Lindsey Jerdonek. Sarah


Groff has made a real statement this early on. I was almost anticipating


that she would sit there with the first group on the first lap and


possibly make a move on the second lap at she has decided to go for it


from the start and to put that kind of distance between herself and


Kirsten Sweetland in third place... Jodie Stimpson going through towards


the front of the chasing pack. She is running for pride as much as


anything, determined to chase down. Wearing number one, currently ranked


second in the world. Looking to see how many people she can break


through from the chasing group. Sarah Groff is leading, Sweetland in


second, Hewitt passed Jerdonek into third, she can be a slow burner in


the run. She can take a while to find her speed and sometimes you


think she is broken and beaten. Then she gets her second wind. Andrea


Hewitt has been so consistent over a number of years, she has had ten


podium placings which is exceptional, the consistency is


there. Kirsten Sweetland is looking strong, seems to be closing down on


the leader Sarah Groff. Lucy Hall struggling a little bit. Sarah Groff


is looking so strong now and if anything she is moving away from her


pursuers. Back on the flat, open ground, knowing she is within six


minutes of finishing the race. Sweetland covers yet again, Hewitt


working hard. I think they are maintaining that gap and that


consistency. Sarah Groff, a real nature lover, she has a degree in


conservation biology, a very team ornithologist. -- keen. She has been


overshadowed, her generally consistent results in the American


set up overshadowed by the epic performances of Gwen Jorgensen but


in the absence of Jorgensen here in Stockholm, Groff is leading them


home and the job is almost done. Is there any movement from the three


hind who look bunched for a battle for second and third? Hewitt of New


Zealand, Sweetland of Canada, Samuels of New Zealand. It is Groff


of the USA who is leading the World Series in Stockholm. It looks like


we have a slight surge from Sarah Groff. If anything, moving a couple


of extra metres away from her pursuers. Andrea Hewitt and Kirsten


Sweetland just exchanging the lead position in this group, Nicky


Samuels seems content to stay in fourth place overall. Just


approaching the big roundabout turn around and that will give Sarah


Groff a good indication of how much other lead she has got and whether


she can maintain it over the last few hundred metres to the finish.


She will take the hairpin and will return in the other direction with a


great idea of just how significant her lead is. Hewitt, Sweetland and


Samuels turn, Groff looks in no danger at all of surrendering her


lead, she is cruising along here. If there is to be a closing of the gap,


it needs a surge because if Sarah Groff has that gap, however fast the


Sprint might be from her chasers, it will not close. With less than 800


metres to go, she is moving away from her pursuers. The last 750


metres of the race for Sarah Groff to hold on and take her first World


Triathlon Series victory. She had to settle for second behind Gwen


Jorgensen in Hyde Park in London in May. In the absence of Jorgensen and


a misfiring Jodie Stimpson this afternoon, Groff has taken


advantage. Meanwhile, Hewitt and Sweetland along with Samuels who


looks to be fading slightly, they are locked in combat for the other


medals. Actually, Samuels looks to be digging deep and may


but Sweetland and Hewitt look more comfortable. Samuel is not giving


this up. A big move by Nicky Samuels, she moved away and covered


it. What will we see in the final stage? We know we will see the


leader coming through. Sarah Groff has performed beautifully this


afternoon, her timing has been exquisite, there is a move on behind


for second and third. Hewitt is moving clear of Samuels and


Sweetland cannot stay with them. The New Zealanders will battle it out


for the medals but victory in Stockholm will go to Sarah Groff of


the United States of America! At last she wins a World Triathlon


Series race, Andrea Hewitt finishes in second, Nicky Samuels makes it


two Kiwis on the podium in third and Kirsten Sweetland is out of the


medals here in fourth place. One hour and three minutes exactly for


Sarah Groff to win the World Triathlon Series in Stockholm.


Lindsey Jerdonek turned 30 yesterday, she finishes in fifth


position. Meanwhile, they come through with Anja Knapp the first of


the Germans to finish. Andrei -- Anja Knapp sprinting


home, sixth place for her. We will find out shortly how much time and


how many places Jodie Stimpson was able to recover during the run. Lucy


Hall has done well, Charlotte Bonin finishing in eighth, it is


Hall has done well, Charlotte Bonin for Lucy Hall, I think that is her


first World Triathlon Series top ten of the series as they come home


thick and fast. Stimson comes home a way adrift of the leaders down in


16th position, one minute and 21 off the pace. The first ever World


Triathlon Series win for Sarah Groff, beating Andrea Hewitt by four


seconds, Nicky Samuels finished third. Lucy Hall was the best of the


British triathletes today, finishing in ninth. Jodie Stimpson came home


in 16th. Gwen Jorgensen is still leading the series standings


comfortably, Sarah Groff has leapfrogged Jodie Stimpson into


second position overall. I got battered in the swim, I wasn't too


far off, I think I could have caught the front group. But on the first


bend, the South African girl went into the back of my wheel and her


handlebars got locked into my back wheel so it was catch up for the


second group and not the first group. It was quite hard! I would


like to think I am like a fine wine and get better with age! I lost


pretty much all of June and hamburger was a bit rough but it is


nice to have a consistent year and be back racing at a better level


Best hamburger -- hamburger. The Sprint finish, I got there in


the end. I came out of the water a bit back and had a hard first lap on


the bike. It paid off at the end. When it started to rain, you get


tentative around the corners. Everybody gets a bit more cautious


but it can play into our hands, the Brits, we are all quite handy on the


bike and confident. The Brits, we are all quite handy on the


played into our hands. You did your best and you still have an outside


chance of being world champion. I will take the Commonwealth Games and


we will give the series ago! It was a hard day but one more race to go


so hopefully I will end better than that. What have you learned from


your best result ever? You cross the line, you think I could have done


this or that better come athletes always want to be number one and get


to the top. My run is coming on and I am happy with how it is


progressing but at the same time I was disappointed with the second


lap. I tightened up a bit, I could feel my shoulders rolling but I am


happy and I will go away happy. It was not Jodie Stimpson's date but


always fantastic to see a new winner. Lovely to see the Brownlees


making full use of their Commonwealth Games form and younger


brother Johnny outrunning Alistair to take top spot. That is seven


events down, want to go into seven days time, the 2014 World Triathlon


Series grand final in Edmonton and as well as that action from Canada


there are lot of other Olympic sports to enjoy in the next few


days. The brothers showing the way once


again. It is simply stunning! A wonderful performance. Geraint


Thomas, what a superb victory! It is a golden floor routine!


After their most successful European games ever, British athletes are


back on home soil will stop you can see the Birmingham Grand Prix on BBC


Two from 2:30pm tomorrow afternoon and on Monday there are highlights


of the European swimming Championships in Burlington. -- in


Berlin. We are back next weekend with extensive coverage of the grand


final of the 2014 World Triathlon Series. Both races will be live on


the BBC red button. That brings our time here in Stockholm to an end.


Thank you for your company, joiners again next weekend for the climax of


the season in Edmonton -- join us.


Highlights of the men's and women's elite races in the penultimate leg of the World Triathlon Series, held in Stockholm, Sweden.

American Gwen Jorgensen has a healthy lead in the women's rankings after winning the last four races. Her nearest rival in the standings is Britain's Jodie Stimpson, who won individual and mixed relay gold at the Commonwealth Games while representing England.

World champion Javier Gomez is top of the men's standings thanks to his tally of four wins. His closest challenger is another Briton, with Jonathan Brownlee closing the gap slightly thanks to a third-place finish at the most recent race in Hamburg. That competition was won by Brownlee's elder brother Alistair, the reigning Olympic champion, whose improved form saw him also claim Commonwealth Games gold in both the individual and mixed relay events in Glasgow.

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