Cape Town Highlights Triathlon: World Series

Cape Town Highlights

Extensive highlights and reaction from South Africa, with Cape Town providing the picturesque backdrop to the third stop of 2016's nine-leg World Series.

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Stage two of the 2016 World Triathlon series in the Gold Coast,


in Australia. Heather Jenkins and Jodie Stimpson battling for the


final Olympic race. Spectacular diving start, look at that. What


they start. They begin lapping one of 40 kilometres on two wheels.


Heather Jenkins. Stimpson's Olympic dreams fade even further. The smile


is broad, Jenkins takes the victory. Hewitt will have to settle for


third. What a courageous race. Hello, welcome to our coverage of


round three of the triathlon World Series. We descend on Cape Town. The


battle has been for the third spot on the winning's team. Heather


Jenkins looks to have made it their own. Beating the seemingly


unbeatable Jorgenson the USA. For many Cape Town is the first race of


the Olympic season. 2013 champion known Stanford and Nicky Holland


start their series in South Africa. We have interviews with both girls,


and the action. In the men's side we will look back over an eventful


series. We will see whether Mario Mola can add another victory. I am


not in Cape Town, I'm in Wales to meet Heather Jenkins, and Mark. Ie


Still buzzing after the Gold Coast? It is taking a while to sink in, you


get flat after such an emotional high. Taking a few weeks to absorb


it. Relaxing, straight back into training. Mark, you are a former


traffic, coaching Helen, as well as being married. How much of a


surprise was that performance? We know what she can do if you train is


well. We don't know whether we will get there. We do not have too many


expectations, training well, everything going perfect stop we


knew she had a good day, she would have a great result of performance.


What is the winter preparation like? Everything went to plan, considering


the last four years since London, the most consistent six months we


have had. We had two six weeks blocks that were perfect. She got


really sick before Abu Dhabi. After that, the best three and a half


weeks she has done prior to San Diego 2012. In my mind, did not have


a great year last year, did not get the results will stop training quite


well. I had resigned myself to the fact I was not going to the


Olympics. With Jodie doing so well in Abu Dhabi, it kept me really


relaxed, leading into the Gold Coast. I knew training had gone


well, I was excited to race, felt relief it. Not much thought about


it. What was the plan for the Gold Coast? You ended up getting away in


a break on the bike, building up the Big Apple is that that was not the


plan going in. Writing really well, doing specific bike sessions. The


sports scientist I had been working with plans how far from each stint.


We were simulator in depth with the sprinting, steady work and


sprinting. I felt quite excited. One of the questions everyone has been


asking, who can be when -- who can beat Gwen Jorgenson? I did not think


it was me. I mean me and Jodie but the last people to beat her. I was


thinking she would properly catch me at five K. I heard that she had


pulled ten seconds back on me. I heard someone shout 90 seconds,


thinking that was strange, and I kept going. On the last laugh I


still had one minute, trying to work it out in my head. How much faster


does she have to run, in case I start blowing. I felt she would run


faster my shoulder. As she has before. You have said, and you are


not the most objective, that Helen is the best all-round triathlete in


the world? Did that prove it for you? You have to put that quote in


context. If she trains well, has a great run, all-round she is one of


the best winners, bikers, and runners. All-round, the best


triathlete. Not too many people would argue with that point. She


doesn't always get the preparation she needs stop thieving the


condition you are in now, performance and the Gold Coast,


gives you a chance, you are the world champion before 2012, did not


work out and stop I went to the Olympics, did not meddle. The worst


feeling is being the favourite going into the games. I have been through


the worst, after what happened at the Olympics. I would love to go to


Rio and medal. I have not thought about it. If it does not, life goes


on. Not the end of the world. You almost think before then, it is so


hard, the build-up, not just the pressure, the expectation, expecting


myself to go in the form, it did not happen. You realise nothing changes.


Everyone carries on. Life goes on. It does. That performance in the


Gold Coast. Maybe you will get more excited, Heather keeping a lid on


it. It does change of dynamic of women's triathlon. Until the Gold


Coast everyone thought Gwen Jorgenson was unbeatable. Some of


the best coaches in the world said nobody is going to drop her on the


bike, she's too good. Within a couple of days three girls rolled


away. Did not attack. The rest of the pack are not right with them.


Everything is possible. Up until the Gold Coast we had one plan, get to


the Gold Coast. After the Gold Coast we will work out where we are going.


We have loose plans up to Rio. The plan is to get to the start, fit.


Then anything is possible. She could come 20th, who knows? If she is


their fit, with good training, we're in a good position. Exciting times.


To stand on the start line fit, would be amazing, does not happen


too often. No Helen in Cape Town. It is the first race of the Olympic


season. For one of our other runners, happy memories.


A first-ever world triathlon series win, winning in Cape Town in some


style. Cape Town is a special place, last year was beyond all my


expectations winning it. Set me up for a fantastic year. Nice to have


that in my mind and memory, going back, to stop my season in the same


place. So excited, I can remember watching it on the TV. We were


screaming, nearly crying, she was crying. Quite emotional. I was


incredibly impressed with how she did it. Not really massively


surprised, I train with her every day, seeing what she was doing. You


are starting your season in Cape Town. Why start there? Decided to


start in Cape Town, because of the Olympics, the main focus of the


season. That is not until the 20th of August. We wanted to delay the


start, so we did not start raising too soon, trying to hold our fitness


for too long. Cape Town seemed that the perfect option, a bit closer, no


time difference and stop towards the end of April. We felt that gave us a


good build-up, did break in training building towards Rio. One of the big


differences this year in Cape Town, Stanford will be alongside you. Talk


about the relationship you have as competitors. We have known each


other for a very long time, similar history, with the way we come


through individual into triathlon. Outside of training and racing we


have things in common we like to talk about. We are genuine friends,


nice foundation to have for us. Then there is the fact we are training


partners, both aiming for the same things. We know what we are heading


for, we want to bring home metals. We want to be stood on that podium


at the end of the day. All in all, works really well. A lot of people


ask about the relationship and the dynamic how we deal with it. First


and foremost, Vicky is my friend. Never let the competitive side of


our relationship coming to our friendship. -- come in. Always aware


of that. Never going to do something to add firstly affect the other's


race intentionally. When it comes down to it, we are there to fight it


out for gold and silver, silver and bronze, whatever, we know we have to


do what is right for ourselves. They will be no hard feelings after the


end of that, because it is sport, what we do, and we want the same


thing, a medal. That is just how it is. If there is ever going to be any


cracks, that is where they might show. Cape Town is a sprint race,


possibly not your strength is Mac I prefer Olympic distance. I prefer


having a ten K run. I enjoy the sprint race, fast and furious.


Either within the hour. Good sharpeners committed way to start


the season. I can be just as competitive over the sprint, as I


can in the Olympics. Looking forward to it. Maybe the sharpness is what


I'm lacking. My first race, many athletes on their third or fourth.


For me, this is just the first race of the season. We will go to being


as good a shape as we can. Knowing we have to have something to build


on for the next few months. If you are in your best shape right now,


incredibly hard to be in a shape in August. I had just turned 30,


reaching my peak and stop if it is a good day for me, I will win the


race. If I'm not having a good day, I will have third. The place to be.


I have worked so hard for many years to get there. Before they enter the


fray, let's look at the World Series standings with two races having


taken place. Good from the British point of view, Helen leading the


way. Very disappointing race for Jodie in the Gold Coast. Duffy could


take over top spot with another strong performance in South Africa.


We have come out of the kitchen, into the pain cave, is this what you


call it? I do a lot of training here, at home all winter, not the


best winter tours spend a lot of time on the treadmill. Also because


of my back issues, not the most exciting training, keeping my back


healthy, not doing anything outside. You have your side-by-side, his and


hers Olympic Park face -- Olympic participation certificates. It will


be four Olympics now? When will we stop. Maybe you can go to Tokyo. OK,


let's talk about the racing Cape Town. A big moment for Vicky and


Non, they are at the privilege of an selection, that this is where it


starts. They will be excited, long time since they have raised. Having


the selection is the best way to prepare for the Olympics, they will


be peaking for this race, just a first go out. The sprint distance


helps that. The full Olympic is harder on the body. Great place for


them to start. This is a sprint race as opposed to the first two, Olympic


distance. How does that change the dynamic? It does help the Ian


Durrant, the distance. Some of the juniors or younger athletes do


better at the sprints. Great to have the combination, giving people a


good way to start the season. Easing into it. Cape Town conditions?


The swim will definitely be cold, that might be a factor, the rest of


the course is pretty standard but it's a great location for the race.


And a tough weekend for Jodie Stimpson, trying to get over the


disappointment of not being selected for Rio. The Olympic selection


period is emotional, she is in good form and she is fit so if she can


put that to one side and deliver like her abilities say, she should


have a good race. And Flora Duffy as well? She has had a great start, she


was so relaxed. She got to Gold Coast a day or so before. Cape Town


is almost a local race for her, she is based in South Africa so I think


she will have a big impact. Time for race highlights.


COMMENTATOR: It is a sparkling bay in Cape Town in South Africa and we


are almost ready to go with round three of the 2016 World Triathlon


Series. A single lap in the water for the swim. The cycle is one lap


of 4.8 kilometres, four laps up 3.8 kilometres to bring up the total of


20 kilometres. There is a bit of a client involved and they loop behind


the famous Cape Town Stadium and the Greenpoint athletic Stadium.


They go out and back along the beach road before heading to transition,


the second transition, to pick up the final stage, two laps of 2.3


kilometres and a final lap of 400 metres to conclude the five


kilometre run. This is the full start list. Jodie Stimpson come


after the disappointment of Gold Coast come back in action.


We are ready to race in beautiful Cape Town, the elite women are lined


up on the pontoon. Flora Duffy closest to us wearing number one,


representing Bermuda. 42 of them dive into the chilly waters of the


Victoria Alfred Waterfront and set out at a frantic pace. The first


sprint triathlon of the 2016 World Triathlon Series is underway and I'm


joined by Annie Emmerson. A good clean start. And beautiful


conditions, perfect, a bit chilly, I can't help but think it will be a


bit of a shock when they dived in having been on the Gold Coast two


weeks ago where the water temperature was about 25 degrees.


Sparkling conditions, sunny weather and barely any wind, 18 degrees out


of the water and 15 degrees inside. It is scenic surroundings on the


Victoria Alfred Waterfront. A large group on the top of your


screen and eight single swimmer. I think that is Flora Duffy wearing


number one, the triathlete from Bermuda who has had a really good


start to the season. She went so wide early on, a long way from the


pack and she made a really good line coming in to that first buoy and I


think it is Carolina Routier in second position. It is a decisive


move from Flora Duffy and she is towing Carolina Routier to the next


turning buoy, they just had to get to that correct side of that and


then they head back towards the shore. There are two transition


areas, the cycle stage is one lap of 4.8 kilometres followed by four laps


3.8 that starts at transition one which is on the North wharf in front


of the Watershed. Transition number two is elsewhere here in Cape Town.


They are making good speed through the water, calm and pretty solid


conditions for swimming and what a superb tactical decision from Flora


Duffy of Bermuda. She has already had a really good season and today


she is leading the way in terms of tactics because the direction she


looked for after the dive has left the others struggling behind and


trailing by seven or eight seconds apart from Carolina Routier who is


the best swimmer in the field today. Flora Duffy has made a good start to


the season, fourth in Abu Dhabi and in Gold Coast. If she is selected


and there is every reason she will be for the Olympics, she will be


competing in her third Olympic Games. She did not finish in


Beijing, she was 45th in London. She could be an outside chance of a


medal in Rio in August. Duffy leads them through the last few metres of


the swim, good crowds out this afternoon as you can see, moving


across to get a view of the athletes as they make that right-handed turn


and head back under the bridge as they approach the final metres


before they will exit the water and make their way towards their bikes,


unzipping their wet suits along the way, reducing the amount of time it


takes for them to go from water to two wheels. Duffy and Routier at a


significant lead here. It is a sizeable gap, and a speedy


transition is obviously very important. Looking out for Jodie


Stimpson who had a great disappointment in Gold Coast are


finished in 11th place. Helen Jenkins took the top spot. The irony


was that Jodie Stimpson could potentially be a contender for an


Olympic gold medal if she was able to go. We have four British


triathletes. It is a great position to be in. The end of the swim,


coming up to nine minutes and Duffy has played a blinder tactically, a


different course chosen and she was joined by Carolina Routier who


slipped as she was getting out of the water on the wooden jetty, I


hope she didn't hurt herself. Third out is number five, Mari Rabie from


South Africa, a good start for her and that has got the crowd involved,


seeing one of their own exiting the water near the front of the field.


Frintova next, then Rachel Klamer and Anna Contreras, Kirsten Kasper


and Vicky Holland is the first of the British trio coming out in 10th


position. We will keep an eye out for Jodie Stimpson who is wearing


bib number two and Non Stanford wearing number 34. Stanford out in


20th position, about 30 seconds off the pace of Duffy who has arrived in


transition, making sure that wet suit goes into the box. The others


are not far behind, Routier joins her on the road. They will be


pushing out and away they go. Duffy getting into the saddle. Meanwhile,


plenty of triathletes arriving to pick up their bikes and there will


be a sizeable group behind Duffy. We know she is very capable out on her


own, she will not mind racing on her own, we have seen her make breaks


before and dominate the cycling leg before and she has a significant


advantage. This could be an exciting prospect, to see an athlete go it


alone from the swim. Carolina Routier had that slip which held her


up but I think she will be hard pushed to stay with Flora Duffy. I


noticed Jodie Stimpson exiting about ten seconds behind Non Stanford so I


think she also had a slightly disappointing swim but I expect to


see her soon in the chasing pack. Routier is in second and she has the


South African, Rabie alongside her. Mari Rabie, number five for the host


nation, currently in third position. 29 years of age. Duffy needs to


think here, coming up to this quite sharp right-hander. She handles that


part of the course comfortably enough, thankfully it is dry under


the wheels and off she goes into the quieter part of the course. Back


with Mari Rabie who has had some solid results in the lower


divisions. It used to be that the World Cup was the high point of


Olympic distance triathlon but the World Series represents that now and


the World Cup takes up the second division but she has had some good


results in the World Cup, in new Plymouth at the beginning of April


she just missed the podium, finishing in fourth place so she has


a bit of form and she will be hoping that she and Routier can make some


inroads into this lead that has been established by Flora Duffy. Then


there is a gap to the second pair of Routier and Rabie and we are yet to


get a time check on the gap to the chasing pack which is likely to be


significant in numbers. 27 seconds after nearly three kilometres, that


is the gap that Flora Duffy has opened up and that is huge. What is


going to happen, I think, I would predict that the third pack will


catch the second pack, I don't think Rabie and Routier are strong enough


to stay away and when that pack is altogether it will be a big pack, as


we can see. Non Stanford making her way to the front of his chasing


pack. Holland on the back, Rachel Klamer as well. Your prediction came


true right on Q! -- Right on cue. They are joined by Stimpson on the


right, Kasper from the USA, Stanford in front. We have not clocked Vicky


Holland yet, hopefully she is not too far away as they join together


and set about trying to close the gap to Flora Duffy. This is a rare


thing, to have a rider so far out in front, this writer, Flora Duffy. Her


cycling credentials are very solid, particularly after excellent


performances having led breakaways in races this season -- this rider.


I noticed that she took a little look over her shoulder and I think


she was wondering where the second pack was. It is a shame she is not


given some information because if she realised how far behind they


were, I think she would get her head down to try to stay awake. It will


be hard but that chasing group might not work as effectively as an


athlete does who rides as strongly as she does on her own. She is out


on Green Point now, coming past the magnificent Cape Town Stadium. The


first lap which is a different distance to the remaining laps, is


completed in less than 18 minutes by Flora Duffy. This huge pack has


formed as the chasing group. We will get a time check, it is already


significant, coming up to 20 seconds and it will be mid-20s or


thereabouts between the leader and the chasers. It is more than that,


33 seconds to clamour, Kasper and Stanford, then Routier and Jerdonek,


Stimpson is in there. Vicky Holland as well, officially in ninth. Sarah


True is in that group, as is Anne Haug, the evergreen German who is


back for more World Triathlon Series races. Now we can follow Duffy who


is ploughing a lone furrow with just under 15 kilometres to ride of the


20. The lap distance switches now, the first lap is 4.8 kilometres and


the remaining four are each 3.8 kilometres. This is going to be an


interesting lap for Flora Duffy because I think the point when she


came into the stadium, she might have had a clearer idea of where the


chasing pack was and I think that might spur her on to realise that it


is now or never and she can go it alone. It is only 20 kilometres, a


lot shorter than what she is used to. The other thing she has come


into this race is great fitness already. She raced in Abu Dhabi and


on the Gold Coast so she comes in with good race fitness whereas some


of the others, the likes of Holland and Non Stanford, we have not seen


them racing yet. We know that training is going well but perhaps


they have a few winter cobwebs to blow away. It is Duffy who is the


top ranked competitor here and therefore she has the number one


emblazoned on her right shoulder and on the bike frame as well and what a


start to this race for Flora Duffy. And absolutely sensational


performance so far. At the end of the first long lap with four shorter


laps to go, she was more than 30 seconds in front. There is a 180


degrees turn here at the end of Beech Road and now she will get a


really good idea of where her competitors are in terms of their


position behind her because shortly they will cross swords as Duffy


heads off in one direction and this huge group, which must number 20 or


30 riders, heading back towards the turn. They will have to take it


easy, especially those in the middle of the pack who will be desperate to


avoid any contact. We have seen some serious crashes already in the World


Triathlon Series this year, especially the one in Abu Dhabi at


the beginning of March when the Olympic champion broke her hand and


one or two others were forced to call it a day. 43 competitors racing


in Cape Town, that is a much smaller field than what we're used to


seeing, normally it is around 60. This year it is different with it


being an Olympic year and I think the athletes are choosing their


races wisely. As you mentioned, this is a huge pack and I would not be


surprised if most of them are in there, we are only missing one or


two. Mirren for Flora Duffy, this is


where it is all happening. Still out on her own. We used to seeing the


Italian, hanging around near the back of the group, plenty of


company. The British trio, at least two of them around near the front of


the chasing group. The lead that Duffy had at the end of lap one, 33


seconds, not improve, one second. That is all they have managed to


take out of her lead. 33, down to 32. Vicky Holland, we can see going


through 19th place. With the Olympic silver medallist, Lisa Norden, from


Sweden. Non Stanford tucked in behind Rebecca Spence. Not seen


Jodie Stimpson, difficult race for her. A couple of weeks ago. I hope


she can turn it around. Such a fantastic race in Abu Dhabi, going


on to win the World Cup. Coming into the season really strong. That has


not disappeared after one bad race. Probably the most important race of


her career though. From the highs to the lows of the sport, for Jodie


Stimpson, winning in Abu Dhabi, failing to get near the leaders in


the Gold Coast, missing out on Olympic selection, the 27-year-old


from the West Midlands, racing here. She could be forgiven if she is not


racing with her heartily in this competition. Really hoping to see


her come back in. She is right up there in the second pack. Putting


herself in a good position, hoping she can do something to regain


confidence, make yourself feel better. It is a long year, anything


can happen. Still four months until the Olympic Games. She has do keep


herself focused and strong and really fit. If nothing else, she can


focus on the world title. A good result would help to make gold in


the world triathlon series in 2016. Winning this race today is in the


mind Flora Duffy. I wonder where she got that local knowledge? In the


water. To take a different course in the Victoria and Albert Harbour.


Solid tactical decision. Incredible. Very decent lead going into that


first buoy. Still a leader 34 seconds. You can see it is wind free


on the Gold Coast, still no wind, did serving day. Nothing to hamper


the progress on the waterfront. What a spectacular site that is. There


are surfers up right on cue, riding the waves into the rocky and sandy


outcrop. Holland near the back of the chasing group. Foot down,


somebody taking a very careful turn. Mighty beam Jodie Stimpson. Duffy,


continuing to eat up the kilometres on the tarmac under her wheels.


Flora Duffy, leading the way for Bermuda, after a stunning tactical


manoeuvre at the start of the swim, which saw her take a different


course to everybody else in the water. Meanwhile in the chasing


group, some urgency creeping in. Taking one second out of Duffy's


lead on lap two. Let's see if they can take any more out of the race's


lead. They will conclude lap two shortly, heading into the Greenpoint


athletics stadium. Where the transition is located, we will get a


check on her progress in comparison to the chasing group at the end of


the third lap. Flora Duffy getting a warm welcome in the stadium, after


30 minutes and 22 seconds. She has two laps to go. The chasing group


only just making this penultimate turn before the stadium beckons.


They get up the ramp. They may have taken a couple of seconds out of the


lead, not sure how significant the damage done will be by the chasing


group. 29 seconds. Just another two seconds. Nothing to get excited


about. Not doing any serious damage. Duffy keeping them at bay.


Unfortunately for the chasing pack, the same athletes, Non Stanford and


Rebecca Spence doing the work. We talk about the big packs, how hard


it is to get momentum and organisation, you cannot


communicate. Some athletes are not prepared or cannot physically do


their terms. All of that Non Stanford and Rebecca Spence at the


moment. -- all about. Some encouragement and instructions being


issued to the fellow competitors there. We have a look at Non


Stanford, upfront in the chasing group. She missed a lot of last


season with injuries. She managed to take part in the Rio test event,


finishing second, securing Olympic: location. She took part in Edmonton,


runner-up in the grand final in Chicago. Still leading the way, out


on her Rome, on the quiet street in Cape Town. Going into the final


stages of the third lap, before she heads out on the final 3.84


kilometre lap. Spectacular shots from the helicopter up above top we


have the leader and the chases in the same shot. 29 seconds at the end


of lap three. Might average used it by a couple of seconds. Down to 21.


At last the chasing group gaining to do some damage to Duffy's


significantly. That is a mid-lap time. They can be unreliable. We


will wait until she crosses the line at the end of lap to get a confirmed


lead, with one lap to go. She will take the bail shortly. That is a


tough one, I like what she has done in this race. Great to watch an


athlete putting everything on the line. A shame she did not have a


couple of other athletes to go with her. Makes it very difficult when


you are out there taking all the wind yourself. No letup, no one to


hide behind to have a break. Fair play, she has gone out there, given


everything. 21 seconds, losing about seven or eight seconds on the first


half of that lap. No doubt reduced by the time they head back to the


stadium on the last lap. Duffy heading towards the stadium, where


she will take the bell. At the end of lap one, the lead was a massive


33 seconds. Little changed by the end of lap two, down to 32. Slight


improvement as far as the chases were concerned at the end of lap


three. 29 seconds. Behind the leader, Flora Duffy. She is pushing


hard as she hits the blue carpet. Now we will find out the mid-lap


time suggesting its reduced to 21 seconds. We will wait for the


official time. They come through, 18 seconds. At last some significant


room being made up by the chasing group. Almost halving the gap


between lap one and the end of lap four. Flora Duffy looking around. I


wonder if she thinks they may take another ten seconds out of her on


this final lap? If nothing else, she was to keep out of trouble. It is


normally only dying stages of the bike leg where we see mistakes


happen. That massive crash we saw in Abu Dhabi taking out the current


lipid champion along with 12 other athletes. It is in her interest now


she has the gap, keep working, stay away. Around three kilometres left


to travel. Setting up to be a really exciting run. It has been a while


since we have seen Holland, Stimson and Stanford getting off the bike


together. It will be interesting, great runners, but not really raced


much together. Last year in Cape Town, it was a full distance race,


it was:'s first victory in this series. No doubt she feels quite


comfortable on this course with such good memories last year. Stanford


told us earlier she prefers the Olympic distance, enjoys the sprint,


but thinks she has a better chance with a 10,000 metres run, giving her


the best opportunity to win a gold medal. Right on cue, there she is.


In second position within the chasing group. Third overall. The


leader is Rebecca Spence, of New Zealand, strong, powerful athlete.


We can see the gap is shrinking all the time. Down to about eight or


nine seconds. Can Flora Duffy maintain her advantage? It would be


an achievement in itself to have led with time to spare coming out of the


water. To maintain that lead after a 20 kilometre ride, significant


achievement for the Bermudian. She comes through that 180 degrees turn.


No one else to worry about. The chasing group Atom avoid each other


on the turn. She might as well take a bit of a break now. Early days.


Not even on the run. What about a triple GB podium? We have Stimson,


Vicky Holland, and Non Stanford. All three of them great runners.


Probably the three top runners in this field. The Americans achieve it


in London, Hyde Park. Last summer. Over the sprint distance. Jorgensen


winning. With our three athletes, a group of 35 plus arriving in


transition at the same time, it is an absolute possibility. Duffy's


lead is over. She has had a lonely time for the first two thirds of


this race in the triathlon. Now she joined the group. As they progressed


towards the end of the final lap. Thoughts will turn to transition


now. Which takes place within the Greenpoint athletics arena. There is


the blue track. For good measure, Duffy will make sure she wins the


bike stage as well as winning the swim. She will lead them in, rightly


so, putting in all that effort, the great tactical swim. Then a solid,


aggressive cycle. The first to arrive in transition. On the right


of the screen, Jodie Stimpson, keeping herself out of trouble.


Duffy is first to arrive at her stand in transition. Hanging up her


bike. Switching shoes. Stimson has had a really good transition. Duffy


has been left behind slightly by one or two a little sharper through


transition. Away they go with a group of around nine or ten leaving


transition together. Now a five kilometre run and it is


made up of two of two lapse of 2.3 kilometres and a final lap of 400


metres on the track. Jodie Stimpson just running past Mari Rabie, her


training partner. She has spoken vocally on social media about what a


support she has been for her over these last two difficult weeks.


Stimpson is certainly the better runner. It is Stanford taking up at


the moment and somebody made a last-minute decision in the marshals


to shift that: out of the way, a little confusing for the athletes --


that : cone. Duffy is out there with Stanford and Holland and Stimpson at


the head of the field. And another athlete in there is Anne Haug, who


had the most amazing 2013 season and then had a dispute with her coach.


She went to the World Championship final in London is one of the


favourites, was beaten by Non Stanford and was nowhere to be seen.


Non Stanford now leading the way, Flora Duffy sticking with the


British girls, Holland and Stimpson up there and Haug, who we have not


seen in such good form for a good couple of years now. She is one of


the veterans, 33 years of age. She was 38th in Abu Dhabi after an


inauspicious start to the season. Seventh in the Olympic test event


last summer. The British clean sweep you suggested might be possible is


still on the cards here because Stanford and Holland and Stimpson


are in that front group of five. Flora Duffy is not known as a runner


but she ran very well on the Gold Coast and stayed with Andrea Hewitt


most of the way. Duffy managed to stick with Hewitt so we know her


running is much improved but can she stick at this pace for another 4.5


kilometres? They are into the Green Point Urban Park. We have a group of


five at the front, comprising three British triathletes, Non Stanford,


Dodi Stimpson and Vicky Holland. Flora Duffy of Bermuda, who has led


this race pretty much from the start until now, and Anne Haug, the German


veteran at 33 is also contending. Non Stanford really taking this run


on. We know very little about her real form this year, we know what


she is capable of doing but we have not seen her out running yet so we


don't know what she has up her sleeve but she is looking


phenomenally strong and is out pushing the pace with her team-mate


Jodie Stimpson on her shoulder. Flora Duffy hanging in and Vicky


Holland just tucked in behind. Ai Ueda of Japan, Sarah True of the USA


on the left of the screen. In the past in Cape Town Sarah True has had


solid results, she was fourth in 2014 in a race won by Jodie


Stimpson, that was full distance. Jenkins was second, Jorgensen was


third and Sarah True was fourth. Sarah True had a really


disappointing season by her standards, she broke with her coach


at the end of last year and is finding it really hard, that


transition, as some athletes do. I mentioned Anne Haug earlier when she


split with Darren Smith, she found it difficult to find that champion


form and we have not seen any of it from Sarah True this year in such an


important year. Duffy is struggling to stay with the pace that Stanford


is setting at the front. She has not been dropped, it is not a decisive


move that Stanford has put in but Duffy is having to work doubly hard


to keep tabs on Vicky Holland who is next up the line. Then Anne Haug and


Jodie Stimpson and at the front of the field at the moment, Non


Stanford. Then a gap to Ai Ueda and Kirsten Kasper and Sarah True. Five


have now become three and I think one of the British triathletes is


struggling, Vicky Holland might have been left behind as Stimpson,


Stanford and Haug make a bit of a break for it in front. They come


back to complete the first lap, 50 and a half minutes of the triathlon


complete and Jodie Stimpson is leading the way for Great Britain


with Non Stanford second and Anne Haug third for Germany. Flora Duffy


is fourth and Vicky Holland appears to be going backwards at this stage.


It is nothing to worry about, it is early in the season and these girls


only have one date in mind this year which is the 20th of August when


they will be racing in Rio at the Olympics. While Vicky Holland is not


on her best game today, slightly dropping off the pace and finding it


a bit tough. Non Stanford and Annie Hauke are leading the way. -- Anne


Haug. Vicky Holland won this race a year ago overfull distance, beating


Katie Zagros. -- Katie Although Billy Holland seemed --


although Vicky Holland seem to be losing ground, she has not let that


become a decisive move and is still in contention. Non Stanford picks up


the pace. I'm impressed with Flora Duffy, she looked like she was dead


and buried but she has brought herself back into the race and is


hanging onto the back of Jodie Stimpson. Non Stanford leading the


way, you find some runners prefer to be at the front and certainly that


is where Non Stanford has preferred to be, about two kilometres to go.


Anne Haug is having the race of her life. The shorter swim really suits


her, she is renowned for some poor swims so this short one gives her a


chance to get back into contention on the World Triathlon Series. The


chasing group is now 13 seconds behind. That has Kasper at the head


of it. Ueda, Sarah True and Sato just behind and then a gap with Lisa


Norden at the head of the third group. Non Stanford is cruising


along and a determined look on the face of Jodie Stimpson, determined


amongst other things to make up for the disappointment of failing to


find her true form on the Gold Coast and getting that e-mail telling her


she would not be selected for the summer Olympic Games in Rio. Her


focus has now become the World Triathlon Series, winning it in


2016. She is determined to make a point in the process. Just over two


kilometres to run with Non Stanford leading for Great Britain, Anne Haug


and Jodie Stimpson sharing second and then a gap to Flora Duffy and


Vicky Holland, the winner of this race last year, back in fifth at


this stage. At the end of the second lap there will be a 400-metre lap of


the Green Point Athletics Centre to complete the competition, hopefully


a spectacular end to the race for Non Stanford, who is starting to


move clear of Haug and Stimpson. At the moment, they have no answer as


Stanford, from Wales, kicks player of the German and the racer from the


West Midlands. -- kicks clear. She has a gap of about a second now.


Stimpson moved alongside Haug in an effort to respond. These two have to


work hard, they cannot let her get further away because Stanford is an


experienced runner and she knows what she's doing gradually pulling


away. Jodie Stimpson has hang on to her now. The gap is a couple of


seconds. A good performance, solid timing from Non Stanford, who told


us in her prerace interview that she prefers the full Olympic distance


but might quite enjoyed this sprint distance race today, especially if


she comes home with victory. It is the first World Triathlon Series


race that Non Stanford has entered in 2016, choosing to opt out both


Abu Dhabi and the Gold Coast races. Could this be a decisive move from


Non Stanford? She seems to have injected another modicum of pace


into this second lap. She looks really strong. A winter in Leeds has


done her no harm at all because she has come in with some great fitness


even though we have not seen her racing yet. Jodie Stimpson with


battle it out with Anne Haug and I would be careful if I was there


because Haug has a great sprint on her. Duffy in fourth place hanging


on to the back of them, she had had a great race and put it all on the


line on the bike. Non Stanford, former world champion, is clear of


the field. Originally from Swansea although she spends little time in


her home city these days, travelling the world and based up in Leeds for


training where she shares a house with Vicky Holland who is back in


fifth position. The gap is growing all the time as Non Stanford grows


in confidence towards the end of the race. It is up


to four seconds between first and second and it could be a British


1-2. We hoped for 81-2- three but that might be out of the question.


But Stanford followed by Stimpson is a distinct possibility. It is going


to be a lap of honour for Stanford if she can keep clear of Jodie


Stimpson who, in turn,... She stumbles on that right-hand turn but


she is clear Anne Haug. It is not going to be victory for Jodie


Stimpson, barring any disasters. But what a comeback for her after such


disappointment in the Gold Coast. Fantastic for her and she will gain


a great deal of confidence from this race. Non Stanford takes the hairpin


turn and she sees Jodie Stimpson and she can gauge the time difference


that she possesses over her compatriot with Anne Haug third and


then a gap to Duffy and a further break to one of the Americans who


has overtaken Vicky Holland. Holland is back in sixth position now and


Kirsten Kasper has gone past her but it is all about Non Stanford. She


took this race by the scruff of the neck in the second part of the run,


having ridden a solid state on the bike. She was always at the front of


the pack, sharing the workload. Injecting pace when needed, part of


that decisive move to close down Flora Duffy and as she entered the


stadium, with 400 metres to run, Non Stanford is leading the way for


Great Britain. Closely followed by Jodie Stimpson. Here we go, 400


metres to go and it is Non Stanford of Great Britain who leads them into


the Green Point Athletics Stadium to a roar from the assembled crowd.


Stimpson is ahead of Haug in second position as Stanford moves clear of


the field. What a performance from Non Stanford, her timing, her return


to World Triathlon Series racing has been timed to perfection. She sat


out the first two races and what a way to return, with a victorious


performance in South Africa. Anne Haug has a lot of work to do because


she has Flora Duffy from Bermuda breathing right down her neck so she


will have to work incredibly hard to hang onto this place that she is


heading towards right now. Non Stanford is on the home straight


now, Jodie Stimpson will settle her emotions, I would suggest, after the


disappointment of the loss and the loss of a chance of competing in the


Rio Olympics. The battle continues for third place, Duffy has found a


bit of extra energy and is closing in on Stimpson now. What a fantastic


race she is having, fantastic to have been able to come back and


overtake Anne Haug but here is Non Stanford. Stanford onto the blue


carpet, starting to enjoy the celebrations of her first win of


2016, her first race of 2016 Ulster it brings victory to Non Stanford of


Great Britain. Jodie Stimpson make up for the disappointment of moving


out on Olympic selection by finishing second in Cape Town with


Flora Duffy, who led on the swim and on the bike, holding on with a


gritty performance to take third place with Anne Haug and Kirsten


Kasper involved in a sprint finish for fourth and fifth. Vicky Holland


is the last of the British trio to finish, in sixth position. I was


really apprehensive, the Beagle at home was saying, we're going to


watch on TV and I would say, I'm sorry if you don't see me! I was


shocked to be at the front, I was a bit worried about the one because I


did a lot of work on the bike and I thought I might pay for its -- the


run. I did not think about the outcome. I came here to see where I


was and everything is on track. I'm not in ideal race shape so it means


that there is still more to come which is exciting.


To be honest, I did not expect anything from this race. The past


couple weeks have really awful, anyone who supports the social media


will realise it has been awful. No way I would be finishing fourth


place again. Lots of my friends, my boyfriend's family are here


watching. No way I am coming in for. What a way for Non Stanford to start


her season. Resounding victory in Cape Town. By seven seconds if her


compatriot, Jodie Stimpson. -- to her compatriot. Flora Duffy takes


control of the World Series standings. Non Stanford up in eighth


position following today's victory. The former world champion, Non


Stanford makes the perfect return to Well Triathlon series racing.


Perfect sprint over the distance in Cape Town. Round three going to Non


Stanford. Round two to Helen Jenkins. Round one, to Jodie


Stimpson. Victory today for Non Stanford,


ahead of Jodie Stimpson, with Flora Duffy in third. The second world


parrot triathlon took place in Penrith in Australia. More British


success, gold medal for Andy Lewis. In the absence of Lauren Steadman in


the women's's event, Claire Cunningham earned a silver medal.


Joe Townsend only beaten by a five times world champion. The British


parrot triathlon team turned their attention to events in Japan and


Spain on the 14th of May. I tell you, he was being Cape Town,


when the weather is like this in Wales. I know. How much time you


spend on the each week? About five swims. Five to six riots, five to


six runs. Two gym sessions. All the preparation staff to do with being


an old athlete. I cannot just do running, I have to do ten minutes


rolling around on the floor before I get out the door. How much are you


dancing on eggshells regarding her fitness? Not worried about her


fitness, it is good. Keeping had their common concern. She has a bad


back. Always trying to manage that, keep it the good side of that.


Hopeful we will keep her on track. Always conscious something can crop


up. Are you very aware of the little things which may trigger a reaction?


We are conscious. If she gets sick, vomiting, a calf, it can put stress


on her back very quickly. 6-8 weeks after that, she may have a relapse.


We have 17 weeks until Rio, gives us plenty of time to get her fit, and


loser again. We have a lot of time, 17 weeks. What we're looking at,


trying to maintain that until Rio. It has been a long time. We were in


the same swimming club together. I was the older good-looking guy in a


single. Helping me along. -- in the summing pool. A lot of people say


how do you spend so much time with your partner? What we have always


done, we're comfortable. We enjoy training together. I'm not as quick


as a used to be. Helen able to push me hard on the bike, it seems the


competition. I wheeze B team in the summing pool. How did the transition


to coaching come up? I got sick after Atkins, not able to do that


much competition. I was the athlete. When I was sick, it went on to her.


We decided after she got injured at one point, nobody cares about us as


much as we do. We will start looking after each other. Around the end of


2007. I had been out for one year being injured. I really wanted to


make the Beijing Olympics. He took over, putting a plan in place. I


became world champion in May, qualifying for the games. After


that, we said something works, we carried on. How do you turn off?


Forgetting triathlon, when it is the two review, project Jenkins. We


don't think about it too much, once we finished training, put the bike


in the gym, get on with what we are doing. Watch the Be Bank Theory. We


try to treat it as it is. Being athlete, you always have to be


looking to perform. Improving every area. We try to leave it at the


door. The Gold Coast was a triumph for Helen. What about the Brownie


brothers, starting their season. Tom Bishop vying for the third spot in


the British Olympic team. It turned out to be a tough day at the office


for the boys. A return to the competition for the Brownie


brothers. -- Brownlee brothers. Jonny Brownlee in third position.


Alistair comes out in 15. Slipping onto his backside, Alistair


Brownlee. Somebody has had a go at the front. Alistair Brownlee making


a move. It is Tom Bishop. They parrot the front of the field.


Bishop is on his way. Mario Mola leads Alistair Brownlee. He moves


clear. A one, two for Spain. Mario Mola finishing ahead of Fernando


Alarza. Lopsided Jonny Brownlee staggers home. Not the start of the


Olympic year the Brownlee brothers would have wanted. How aware where


you to what was going on? They had a really good start of the year,


especially Jonny coming back from injury. Sometimes the start of the


season does not go the way you want it to. It is hard for any northern


hemisphere based athlete dropping into the southern hemisphere when


there are athletes based there for a long period, doing a couple of


races. Not easy to drop into that intensity of racing without doing


it. Alistair injured himself, not competing in Cape Town. Seems like a


sensible thing. It is the sensible decision. He has the look towards


Rio. Prequalified, he has the time. Who would bet against him. With the


results he has had. I'm sure this is a small setback. Jonny is racing,


given how he was distressed after the Gold Coast, was that sensible?


I'm sure he knows his body, whether he has recovered. I'm sure he has


recovered well. Did not look great in the last couple of kilometres. It


was really hot comedy look good in a great position. I'm sure he has


recovered well. Cape Town is a sprint, not a stressful. We have


talked about the battle for the third spot in the women's team.


Sorted out now. In terms of the men, different situation. Gordon and Tom,


one of them being a support athlete for the Brownlee brothers. It will


be a question of who raises the best over the next few races. Not just


finishing in front, but you can add the most to them in the Olympics.


You have to swim and bike well. Both Gordon and Tom showed that in the


Gold Coast. Interesting to see who they pick. Highlights from Cape Town


coming up shortly. First, the ones to watch. With Alistair Brownlee and


Vincent Lewis both late withdrawals. All eyes on Mario Mola and Jonny


Brownlee. Name one in the field has ever won a sprint distance race when


both of them have been competing. Mario comes into Cape Town


undefeated since Edmonton last December. This would be his fourth


consecutive victory. These are the coolest condition since that racing


Canada. The cold water can play into the hands of Jonny Brownlee. Much


depends on how he has recovered from the heat exhaustion blighting the


end of his Gold Coast race. Reports suggest trading has gone well. We


will see how that translates on the day. Fernando Alarza has previously


shown in form over the sprint distance. Most notably finishing


second behind Alistair Brownlee in London last year. He's yet to secure


the third place for the Spanish team in Rio. Another podium finish, and


selection will not be too far away. Keep on nine out on Silva, the Abu


Dhabi gold medallist. He did not travel to the Gold Coast, no travel


stresses. The same goes for Adam Barrett and, the short, flat course


should play to his strengths. He will be relaxed without concerns of


Rio qualification to worry about. Mario Mola leads the rankings with


two races gone. His compatriot in second. Jonny Brownlee is the top


Briton in ninth place, overall. Richard Murray crashed out on the


bike in the Gold Coast, fracturing his collarbone. That is why he's not


in Cape Town. He has had surgery, estimates he will be out of action


for 6-8 weeks will stop the man at the moment, certainly Mario Mola. He


has been stunning. Fantastic, looks like he has improved his swimming.


His bike has always been pretty good. Taking is running to a


different level. We have not seen him race against the best athletes


in the last couple of years. Alistair and Jonathan I made to


race, and Javier, interesting to see. Javier is a racer, you must


have his reasons for doing that. Selected for the Olympics, looking


to peak for Rio. Picking the best path for him. Unusual not to have


seen a match racing so far. Here are the men's highlights with Matt and


Ali. This time Jonny Brownlee will be hoping to produce a decent result


for the men. Interesting line-up. Still no Javier gamers. -- Javier


Gomez. Dangerfield then the women, 63


triathletes taking part. -- a bigger field than for the woman. The final


countdown in Cape Town. The first sprint competition of the World


Triathlon series for the men is under way. Keep an eye out for


Jonathan Brownlee and Adam Barrett and racing for Great Britain.


Alistair picked up an infection in his feet following the slip-up on


the carpet in the Gold Coast. Arrived in South Africa, never


recovered his health, decided WhatsApp. Vincent Lewis -- decided


to opt out. Luis is also out. No Murray for the South Africans,


nursing a broken collarbone. Great conditions here as we saw in


the women's race and the line they take will be interesting after we


saw Flora Duffy go really wide and gaining a good ten metres. We are


looking out for Richard Varga, a great swimmer who trains with the


Brownie brothers and Henry Schuman will be well up there. Hoping that


Jonny Brownlee is fully recovered from his heat exhaustion -- Henri


Schoeman. One figure has surged to the front of the swim, Aurelien


Raphael with clean water, clean, calm water ahead of him and he is


ploughing through it at a high rate. It is a solid start and he is joined


by Alois Knabl, the Austrian, in second position. It is unusual not


to seek Richard Varga orbs Henri Schoeman at the front -- or.


Particularly as it is only 750 metres and it is vital that the


strong swimmers have their best game here because if they don't, there is


no chance of a breakaway. Mentioning Raphael, it is the first time we


have seen him this year but he did have a win in the European Cup in


Portugal a few weeks ago so he is in great form. But unusual not to seek


Richard Varga and Henri Schoeman at the front. Rarely in Raphael of


France leading them through the head of Alois Knabl, the Austrian, who


has a couple of metres to try to make up if he is going to stay with


the Frenchman. The numbers to watch for with British interest, Jonathan


Brownlee has five, Adam Bowden as eight. Richard Varga wears 12 and


Henri Schoeman wears number nine, the South African. They are going


fairly cleanly around that buoy. You don't want to get trapped on the


inside. There is quite a gap between first and last with first already


going around the second buoy. This could be lightning fast. The wet


suits give them a bit of extra buoyancy in the saltwater and in the


cold conditions they are keen to get through this quickly. We saw the


lead established by Flora Duffy in the women's competition and how she


capitalised upon that, leading the bike section for almost its entirety


until the tail end of the final lap when she was caught. She still


crossed the line in first place at the end of that section. Aurelien


Raphael is obviously keen to replicate that sort of form in the


men's competition. Another Frenchman in the top three, Dorian Coninx is


with Raphael former Junior World Championship and 2014 under 23 world


champion. Great pedigree from him but not a great start to the season


for the former world and under 23 champion, he was 44th in Abu Dhabi.


The ships moored in the harbour, calm water for these swimmers. This


time a year ago they had to cut the same stage in half because the


conditions were so unfavourable, cold and choppy. This is just a


single lap as it is a sprint triathlon, the first of the season


which means we have a swim of 750 metres followed by a 20 kilometre


cycle and eight 5,000-metre run to finish things off. Dorian Coninx of


France is in third position. The French are first and third at the


moment and the man in between them is Alois Knabl from Austria. They


are leading the way. Aurelien Raphael has a really easy leg kick.


It is so smooth. He makes light work of this, when you see some of the


others who are not so strong thrashing around but he has that


lovely two beat kick, looks totally comfortable and does not look like


he is losing any energy at all. When you are that strong a swimmer, you


can stay out all the mess as we can see as they go past the buoy,


knocking each other, and it is very difficult in the middle of the pack.


Interesting to see where Jonny Brownlee is coming out of the water


and Adam Bowden and of course world number one Mario Mola. They have to


go around the red buoy in the middle of your screen and then turn right


because the exit point is on the extreme right of the pontoon as we


look from the helicopter. The field is spread far and wide in the water


here in Cape Town and we have yet to get a sighting of Jonathan Brownlee


or Adam Bowden or Mario Mola. He is the series leader, looking for his


fourth win in a row. He won the World Series final in Chicago last


September and has taken the first two races of the new season in Abu


Dhabi and on the Gold Coast. Mola is starting to look like the


pre-Olympic favourite but Javier Gomez will have ideas upon improving


on the silver medal he won in London four years ago. Gomez has been very


quiet. We have heard he is taking things cautiously, a bit of an


injury, but unusual not to see him racing. He normally races come rain


or shine on all distances and dominated the series last year.


Alois Knabl has taken up the pace setting for Austria and he is joined


by Richard Varga who is never far away from leadership of the swim


section and he has forced his way through the field in the second


position. I would not be surprised if Varga, with his finishing power,


will steam past Alois Knabl and right on cue, the Slovakian moves


into first position. Richard Varga determined to keep up his strong


record of being the first man out of the water and he is. He leads them


out towards transition followed by others can book and Dorian Coninx


and Arabian Raphael who led the way, followed by Jonathan Brownlee, good


shape from him, in equal fifth with Henri Schoeman.


We are looking out for Adam Bowden, the second union Jack and he is


through in 19th position, with that front group. He will not be too far


removed from the leading pack when they take formation on the bike. The


good news is that Jonathan Brownlee, the Olympic bronze-medallist, will


arrive with this fund pack in transition. They were led out of the


water by his training partner, Richard Varga. Jonny Brownlee


stepping out of the wet suit, shop work, making sure it is in the


plastic box and barges his way out of transition with the front group.


Somebody has missed their stand, Adam Bowden overshot his bike and


went too far before doubling back. Ira Moller has arrived, the series


leader and world number one. Helmet on, stepping out of the wet suit at


the same time, placing it in the box, picking up his bike and he has


a bit of catching up to do. The leaders are leaving transition with


Jonathan Brownlee right in the thick of the action. If they are going to


do any damage at the front of this pack, because that was a big train


coming out of the swim, it gives all the athletes a chance to get on even


if they are 20 or 30 seconds down so it is vital on the bike that they


put their heads down and work to get a bit of a break away. Mario Mola


officially clocked 29 seconds off the lead coming out of the water. We


have 11 or 12, we will get an official count in a moment. I think


it is 11. The course has two different sized laps for the


cyclists to negotiate, the first is 4.8 kilometres because they had to


head back to the secondary part of the course may be Green Point


Athletics Stadium where the second transition is and the remaining four


laps are 3.8 kilometres. One long lap and for short laps to give us


the total distance of 20 kilometres -- four short laps. Dorian Coninx


from France is taking his turn at the front of the field and right


behind him on his wheel is Jonathan Brownlee of Great Britain, the


Olympic bronze-medallist. He takes pole position at the front. There


are plenty of others keen to try to do some damage early on. They might


be aware that the gap to Mario Mola was getting onto 30 seconds after


the swim and they will want to build that and stretch it even further.


These guys know the importance of working these first few kilometres


really hard if they have any chance of staying awake. We are missing


Richard Murray who came off his bike and broke his collarbone so he is


not around to rally that second pack as we see him do so often so Mola


all have to work hard to get back into this. -- will have to work


hard. During Coninx has had his best result in recent years in sprint


races, finishing sixth in London last year and improved on that in


Hamburg by taking fourth position so the Frenchman will fancy his chances


today and he could be the best of them, especially in the absence of


the French number one, Vincent Luis, the only Frenchman to win a World


Triathlon Series race in recent years. Towards the end of the first


long lap, they hit the blue athletics track, quite a sharp


right-hander and one or two drifted out of the cones, taking a few extra


metres to make sure they stay on board. At the end of the first lap


on the bike we will get a full check on the runners and riders.


Salvisberg and Toth are there. Zachaeus of Luxembourg, Jonny


Brownlee, Richard Varga, Dorian Coninx, Fernando Alarza. A bit


further back, Schoeman is with that group. He is a former top distance


swimmer in South Africa, the best distance swimmer in his age group,


the 24-year-old from Durban. We talked about Richard Murray breaking


his collarbone, it seems to be a habit for the South Africans because


in 2011 Schoeman had a massive motorbike accident and shattered his


right collarbone -- mountain bike. These athletes in the front group


have done a pretty good job so far of staying away from the second


group and have about 20 seconds. If that keeps growing, it will be good


news for Jonny Brownlee. Adam Bowden is in the second pack along with


Mario Mola. We don't have exact details of who is where in that


second pack but it is good news for Jonny Brownlee. You mentioned


Schoeman, just trying to get back on but they have to work hard because


the pace is on in the fund pack at the moment. A group of 11 and then a


trio tried to bridge the gap -- fund pack. They might just do it. The


front group slows and the chasing group of three are in single file


and lined up ready to join in when the road widens and they have a bit


more space to form a peloton. The second lap under way. Strong, good,


technical effort needed on this course because there are points


where it is incredibly tight and you have 180 degrees turns which makes


it hard when you are coming in at pace and we don't want any crashes.


Jonny Brownlee is absolutely hammering and it is brilliant to


see. His brother Alistair won this race over a full distance last year,


beating Gomez into second and Luis into third. Jonny Brownlee will work


harder than anybody else in the bike section, often sharing the bulk of


the hard graft with older brother Alistair. He is the only Brownlees


in race today. -- Brownlee. They are in lap two. I think the second pack


are going to find it difficult to make any inroads because they are


working effectively as a group. If they are going to stay away from


Mario Mola, the only way to beat him on the run, is if they come into


transition with a good 30 seconds. We don't know how well Jonny


Brownlee is running because the wheels came off on the Gold Coast


and he is about the only one along with Alarza who could go with Mola.


Mola is in the second pack at the moment, about 30 seconds down.


This is the second chasing group now. Numerous. Meanwhile, the


leaders have arrived at the athletics track. We will see what


the gap is between the leaders, with Jonny Brownlee at the front of the


field, and the chasers. Brownlee again going for broke to cross the


line, clocking the quickest time with Coninx, Alarza, father, Le


Corre, Dodds and others with him. -- Varga. Schoeman has managed to claw


his way back up and join that front group. The leaders already 22,


heading toward 30 seconds off the pace. They are on their way through


and the chasers are about to hit the stadium. Already the time difference


tells us that it is 28 seconds. Adam Boulton is in the second group.


Mario Mola and Ben Shaw from Ireland. 28 seconds between the


leading group and the chasers. The finger this causes you get a


chance to see where everyone is. The second pack saw the front pack,


given them motivation. 27 seconds the gap. Officially one second taken


out of the lead by the chasing group. It has been over one year


since Jonny Brownlee had his last World Triathlon Series win. He's yet


to win this year. Nobody apart from Mario Mola has won this year. Back


in the Greenpoint athletics stadium, softer surface under their wheels.


The end of the latest lap. We will get a full check on the time


difference. It was 28 seconds. It may well have been reduced. Let's


get a full check on those times. It is 27. From 28, to 27. No real


difference between the leaders and the chasers. Will somebody start to


think about surging clear of this front group of about 15? At the head


of this World Triathlon Series in Cape Town. They are coming up to the


turning point. The racer slows as everybody takes care to avoid


contact. Sufficient room with about 15 to give everybody space to


breathe, and to negotiate the hairpin. As they get to visualise


the chasing pack heading in the opposite direction. We are at the


back of that chasing pack, with the Russian, keeping himself out of


trouble. Some squeaking breaks as they turn. Full speed ahead at the


front of the field. The leaders looking to excel further away from


the Mario Mola group. At this rate, Mario Mola will have to produce a


miracle 5000 metres run to register his fourth world triathlon in a row.


Winning the last one of 2015, and the first two 2016. The pace that


these guys have displayed throughout the ride as been electrifying.


Approximately a 32nd gap between the leaders in the chasers. This is the


second pack. I can see the colours of Spain. Benjamin Shaw as well. The


first real site we have seen of Mario Mola. Sitting behind Bowden a


British athlete. This is where the triathlon will end. 400 metre lap of


the athletics track at the end of the five kilometre run. Once again,


as it has been throughout the bicycle stage, Jonny Brownlee


leading them through. Some familiar names below him. Including Thomas


Toff, of Hungary. On their way out for the final circuit of the


waterfront and beyond, as the chasers find themselves 28 seconds


off the pace. 28, then 27, then 28. Equalling no real change at all.


This is looking good for the likes of Jonny Brownlee, don't seem to be


making any inroads. Just about 3.8 climate is. It will be pretty hard


for them to pull anything back. The front pack continuing to work well


together. They are on their way for the last 3.8 kilometres on two


wheels before the bikes are hung up for transition. The helmets are left


behind. The running shoes are put on. They begin the final stage, 5000


metres race around Cape Town on foot. Two lapse of 2.3. The final


circuit in the Greenpoint athletics stadium, 400 metres, do decide who


wins the gold medal in Cape Town this afternoon. 28 seconds the gap


between the leaders and the chasers. Certainly enough of a buffer for


Jonny Brownlee and Fernando Alarza, our two strong runners in the front


pack. 28 seconds would be hard to pull back for even the fastest


runners, like Mario Mola. Jonny Brownlee gesticulating, keep the


pace up. You want to come into the transition with maximum time ever


Mario Mola. We have seen the workflow is shared between Jonny


Brownlee, one of two of the French guys. And Fernando Alarza. Taking a


bit of time at the front. Others steering clear of the graft. Keeping


themselves near the back of the field. As they line up to make the


turn for the final time-out, by the lighthouse. Before they rise,


Jonathan Brownlee on the rear wheel of the leader. At that point, they


get to visualise the chasers, heading back towards the furthest


reaches of this Cape Town triathlon. They are on their way, on the home


stretch, back towards the Greenpoint athletics stadium for the final lap,


the second transition change, and the start of the five K Talat is --


five kilometres run. You wonder whether it may have taken something


at a Jonny Brownlee's legs. The chasing group working as hard as


they can to cut that gap. Into the stadium for the final time. Parting


company with the feet resting on top of that pedals. They will go into


the final stage on the bike. Jonny Brownlee making sure he gets off the


bike by the dismount line. They will hope for a clean, efficient


transition. Right shoe, left shoe. Now has to remove the bike helmet.


He is the first to strike. Jonny Brownlee leaves transition in


company with Dorian Coninx. This is Brownlee's to win now. Mario Mola


arrives in transition. He has about 20 seconds to make up. Nice clean


transition. He is on his way, the familiar white visor across his


head. He has a lot of closing down to do. The leading group of about


eight are on their way. The pace is being dictated by Jonathan Brownlee,


of great Britain. Great transition by Mario Mola, super speedy. 28


seconds to pull-back in Jonny Brownlee, that is pretty tough. Over


ten calamitous, perhaps a chance. Over five, he will have his work cut


out. Two lapse of 2.3, then a final lap of the track. 400 metres around


the Greenpoint athletics track, to complete this triathlon in Cape


Town. Brownlee is bouncing on the front. Here comes Fernando Alarza of


Spain. Goes shoulder to shoulder with Jonny Brownlee. He wants to get


involved at the front. Moving things up through the gears. He has reached


the front at a slightly increased pace. The others have had to reply.


There is the smaller figure of Henri Schoeman. He is the summing


specialist. He is looking to be the best of the South Africans with


Richard Murray's absence. We pick up the second group, in second position


is Mario Mola. He has the big Russian for company. Silva as well.


Interesting, the difference in sizes. Fernandez doing very well to


stick with Mola. The early stages in this five kilometre race now. Dorian


Coninx, of France. Interesting athlete, only 22 years old, only ten


starts in the world triathlon series. Very strong junior and under


23 athlete. His best result only World Series, fourth place in


Hamburg. Other than that, we have not seen much of him in the top 20,


not on best form in Abu Dhabi, 44. Leading the way with Jonathan


Brownlee sat behind Alarza Spain. Alarza, 25 years of age. Runner-up


in the Gold Coast. Handed that because of Jonny Brownlee's heat


exhaustion. He has had improving for whether he has raced in recent


times. In the Olympic test event, he was 11. In stark home, he was ten.


Sixth place in the grand final in Chicago. He has been getting better


race by race. He has been outclassed by this man, the best of the


Spaniards, the best in the world. Mario Mola. Sadly not dominating


that chasing pack. Interesting race. Tough when you race as hard as you


did in the Gold Coast, Jese weeks ago, flying down, with the time


difference. Some athletes will recover better then others. -- just


weeks ago. We were hoping to see a Frenchman up


near the front of the field. We were not suspecting it to be Dorian


Coninx. We were expecting Luis to make his debut this year in Cape


Town, but injury keeping him out of contention. Henri Schoeman, Dodds,


then there is another gap to Mario Mola. He is racing with his


compatriot, Hernandez. Then Parreira and Silva, the two Portuguese make


the turn. Fernando Alarza leading them into


the athletic Stadium ahead of Coninx of France and Jonathan Brownlee


keeping out of trouble in third place. They are getting a warm


welcome in the Green Point Ataturk Stadium and this track will see the


race can include in about 2.7 kilometres -- Athletics Stadium.


They leave the stadium again for another lap on the track as Joao


Pereira takes a standing penalty, that must have been for an


infringement earlier in the race. Mario Mola only in 12th position at


the moment. He is too far behind to claw his way back to a podium place.


He has got back about four or five second but that will not be enough


on this last lap of the run. Fernando Alarza looking very slick,


he looks a bit streamlined having shaved his head! He looks mean and


lean and he is dictating the pace at the moment. As you said, he is


growing every race but growing in confidence and he really believes he


can do it. 20 seconds to Mola, that will be accurate to within a second


or two but with just over two kilometres to go, these three are


well clear and this is the podium we are looking at but which order will


it be in? Can Alarza eat Brownlee? That is the question that will be


answered shortly -- beat Brownlee. Alarza will see this as an


opportunity to rubber-stamp his Olympic credentials. The dark horse


is Dorian Coninx because we are not quite sure what he has over the


remainder of this 5,000-metre run. Schoeman is holding fourth place, Le


Corre is clinging on to fifth, Mola is starting to make a move through


the ranks and he has taken out right sixth position at the moment. It is


still wide open, any one of these three could strike and launch a


decisive campaign to win the race. At the moment, Mola has a race


within a race because he has his eyes on peer Le Corre and in front


of him, Hernandez. Mola knows that points could be crucial to date in


his quest to win the World Triathlon Series overall title will stop I


think Coninx has just lost a metre or three. Alarza and Brownlee surged


ahead of the Frenchman will stop Coninx will be scrapping to hold on


to third position unless he can recover having watched the Spaniard


and the Brit go ahead of him. He will want to stay in touch because


when you start dropping off, it is hard to keep the motivation up when


you are in no man's land. And Mario Mola is flying behind him so if he


wants to hang on to third place, going one place higher than he did


in Hamburg last year, Dorian Coninx is going to have to work pretty


hard. Just over two kilometres to run and it is between Fernando


Alarza of Spain and Jonathan Brownlee of Great Britain for the


World Triathlon Series sprint victory here in Cape Town. Brownlee


takes it up. Coninx is struggling in third, the effort the Frenchman is


putting in is plain to see on his face. Further down the track, Mario


Mola getting a little closer and he has gone past Henri Schoeman of


South Africa. His chance of a podium for the host nation is vanishing as


Mola picks up the pace, the world number one. The man to beat this


season, unbeatable so far in World Triathlon Series races. But over the


sprint distance today, he has been unable to match his team-mate


Fernando Alarza and Jonathan Brownlee, who are leading the


contest. The damage was done on the first part of the bike because Mola


did not have a bad swim, but now look at Lhasa. There is about a mile


to go, could he have gone a bit early? -- Alarza. He is trying to


lose Jonny Brownlee, I don't think it is decisive, he has not broken


Brownlee with that burst but another and Brownlee might struggle to


recover. Fernando Alarza ahead, Jonny Brownlee will not consider


this a lost cause just yet. Two metres between them as Alarza tries


to stretch it further. They head back towards the Green Point


Athletics Stadium. Dorian Coninx digging deep into his resources and


reserves to hold onto third position. He will have a fight for


that final podium position with Mario Mola potentially in the final


stages as Alarza goes clear of Brownlee. Was that break too early?


Mola has left Schoeman behind and he can see Coninx. Alarza continues to


stretch the gap but will he have the final burst of speed on the one


metre lap in the Green Point Athletics Stadium to take his first


ever World Triathlon Series victory? I wondered if it was experience that


he was lacking but obviously not. I thought he went too early but the


gap continues to open between himself and Jonny Brownlee. Fernando


Alarza of Spain heads towards the blue athletics track now with one


lap standing between him and his first World Triathlon Series


victory. The gap has opened up over Jonathan Brownlee and it is


significant. And barring a mishap, Alarza will win in Cape Town. He


glances over his left shoulder and hits the carpet for the first time.


One more lap to go. Past the bikes left at the end of the 20 kilometre


ride, on the final lap, four seconds between him and Brownlee and a


further four seconds to Coninx and we will then check on the difference


between him and Mola. Coninx is running himself absolutely ragged to


hold onto third place. Mola is just too far removed but it is all about


Fernando Alarza. The 25-year-old Spaniard. Second in the Gold Coast,


I suggested that a victory could not be far away with his improving


results. Six in Chicago, fourth in Abu Dhabi, runner-up on the Gold


Coast and he is on his way to his first World Triathlon Series win.


Mario Mola, his compatriot, it looks to close down Dorian Coninx on the


last few metres here in the Green Point Athletics Stadium. Le Corre


takes it up from Schoeman. Alarza raises his finger in victory and


starts to soak up the atmosphere. The glances round, Jonny Brownlee is


too far behind. It will be a first ever win for Fernando Alarza of


Spain and he can't quite believe it. Second place to Jonny Brownlee of


Great Britain and third, after a gutsy finish, for Dorian Coninx of


France. What a race in Cape Town. Alarza has not yet qualified for the


Olympics but his credentials have been given a massive boost as his


team-mate Mario Mola crosses the line in fourth place and he is the


first to congratulate Fernando Alarza. Henri Schoeman comes home as


the best South African in sixth place, Hernandez crossing the line


in eighth place. A first ever World Triathlon Series victory for


Fernando Alonso of Spain -- Fernando Alarza.


Adam Bowden of Great Britain finished in 16th position. Mario


Mola has improved his lead at the top of the standings.


I think it was the best race in my life, I'm so happy and now I think I


can qualify for Rio finally and I'm now training hard for Rio de


Janeiro. Third in Gold Coast, second today, going the right way? I didn't


finish on a stretcher that time so that start! I have felt terrible


since the Gold Coast, it takes a lot out of you and I wasn't even short


if I would start today. But I knew I had to commit everything on the swim


and bike and keep the fast runners behind and me and Dorian drove the


bike. He was strong as an ox and it set up for Fernando who played a


tactical game. Second, not a victory but from where I was two weeks ago


it is a big improvement. Everybody knows Mario's running, I knew I


could not run a five kilometre really fast so I knew I had to work


hard on the bike. I drove really hard on the first two or three


kilometres and the gap was around 25 seconds and I knew that was a long


way. The first podium, it is impossible to describe, I'm just so


happy. It is amazing, the best day in my life. And for the Brownlee


fans at home, more to come? Hopefully, it was all going well


until I got sunburned before the Gold Coast and Alistair started to


feel ill. Hopefully we can turn it around, we have at a better World


Series in lead in a few weeks. And a first-ever world triathlon series


win for Spain's Fernando Alarza. A hard earned victory.


Jessica Ennis-Hill is back on top of the world! Nicola Adams has just


made history! That is a huge jump! Laura Trott is world champion. Mo


Farah is streaking away! That is it for our Cape Town coverage, next up


it is Yokohama. Helen, you are not doing that but what about Leeds in


June? Hopefully I will do that we have not made a complete plan yet


and have not thought much past Gold Coast so we will sit down with the


team and go through it but I would love to race in Leeds, it is always


good to do a home race. You are not in you, but Gwen Jorgensen is, after


you broke her winning streak. How do you think she will respond? I


suppose there is some pressure off, she is going to the Olympics. An


unbeaten run might have increased the pressure so it could take it off


but it could be a psychological lock, we don't know, she hasn't been


beaten that much! But she has a great team and she will do


everything to get back to her winning ways. And what was your


assessment of what shape Gwen was in? Was she close to her best or a


bit off? Over the last three or four years she has improved everything, a


better swimmer and bike rider and a runner. Her form, we can only judge


on the race day and the bike ride was very hard. That forced her to


run and race in a different manner and that was what was most poignant,


she could not run the 33.3 she normally runs. She might be in good


form but the race was different. It will be fascinating to see how Gwen


Jorgensen gets on in Yokohama, the Brownlees are on the start line as


well as Javier Gomez starting his 2016 season and we will have


extensive coverage, all of the action from the men's and women's


race live on the red button. And if it that is too early, we will have


highlights on BBC Two on Sunday the 15th of May. And if that was not


enough, on Saturday you can see a fascinating programme looking into


the relationship and success so far of the Brownlee brothers. That is it


from beautiful south Wales, thank you for your company and to mark and


Helen for your hospitality and best of luck for the rest of the season.


Fingers crossed. Until next time, goodbye.


We are ready to race in beautiful Cape Town.


Victory to Non Stanford of Great Britain! A first win for Fernando


Alarza of Spain! It is runner-up for Stimpson.


You're asking where I was when Lindsay Denton was murdered?


Extensive highlights and reaction from South Africa, with Cape Town providing the picturesque backdrop to the third stop of 2016's nine-leg World Series.

There were British winners in both the men's and women's races in 2015, with Olympic champion Alistair Brownlee returning from injury in style and Vicky Holland earning her maiden World Series victory.

Both were back in Cape Town for this event, with Brownlee joined by younger brother Jonny and Holland competing alongside housemate Non Stanford. Commonwealth champion Jodie Stimpson was also due to compete in a strong British line-up, although the women could expect stiff opposition from the three 2012 Olympic medallists - Nicola Spirig, Lisa Norden and Erin Densham.

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