Hamburg Highlights Triathlon: World Series

Hamburg Highlights

Jonathan Edwards presents highlights of the seventh round of the 2016 World Triathlon Series from Hamburg. Commentary by Matt Chilton and Annie Emmerson.

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Welcome to another city for another world triathlon event. We are in


Hamburg and it is the last one before Rio. -- Rio de Janiero. Most


of the team have opted for altitude training but many of the world's


Best archaeological promises to be fast and furious. That's because it


is the annual festival and, looking for three in a row, the dominant


force, Gwen Jorgensen of the USA. She is up against the only woman to


have beaten her in a World Series race, Helen Jenkins. Spain's Mario


Mola is back. And it is a welcome return for Richard Murray, after he


broke his collarbone. We will hear from them later in the programme.


Some great racing in store but the big news is about who is not here.


Five times world champion Javier Gomez announced he would not be


going to Rio de Janiero. He said he had come off his bike during a


training exercise and he had broken his elbow and required surgery. With


the race only 32 days away he acknowledged he would not have


enough time to get to the start line fit and ready. Obviously a huge


disappointment. Jonny Brownlee tweeted his sadness and


disappointment that he would not be participating. It is devastating,


you don't want that for any athlete. Everyone will be disappointed


because you want to race the best. Javier Gomez has only one thing left


to complete for his CV, he wants the Olympic title. It is bad for the


Spanish team and for him. It is bad news for the triathlon. I think the


Olympics will not be the same without him. I feel for him and it


is bad luck, terrible timing, he's a great champion and everyone would


have loved to see him in Rio. Everybody likes to see a good show.


It is sad not to have him competing but with the likes of Mario and the


Brownlees, we will not be short of talent, but it is always nice to


have the Spanish Armada racing together. The race will not be the


same but I hope to race for Spain. There is nothing you can do. You


cannot compete with a broken arm. He's a strong character, he will


bounce back, and other guys will be fearing him come the end of the


season. We will have more reaction to that later in the programme.


Let's move on to the women's race. Flora Duffy's victory in Stockholm


enabled her to extend her lead against Jodie Stimpson. She is back


to try and narrow the gap between them and Andrea Hewitt is in second


place. With just one more race to come, Jodie Stimpson has everything


to play for as she aims for her first world title.


The good news as far as non-Stanson is concerned is her injury is fine.


Helen Jenkins is here, beating the seemingly unbeatable Gwen Jorgensen.


She is here as well so all eyes are on the two of them competing. Gwen


Jorgensen is not used to this. That was the first time they had


lost, are you prepared for that focus? I get asked about this, is it


a psychological rematch? I don't think either of us are thinking


that. It is a step in the process. I think Gwen is still the overwhelming


favourite. Since the World Cup she has two series victories. I don't


see myself as a major contender in this race to her but come Rio,


hopefully it will be different. What are your reflections on your


performance in Stockholm? I'm happy. To come away with a podium was


great. I made life hard for myself and I have to work hard on the bike.


To come away with another podium was a good result. One of the


revelations of the Stockholm race was how well Flora Duffy ran. She


comes into contention. I think she has definitely been a medal


contender in my mind for a while. She ran better than we expected. We


got that gap to within 45 seconds. You've got to get that realisation.


It was a step towards race fitness. You learn a lot, every time you


race, you learn you cannot give her any time. Is the sprint distance


good? I think so, hopefully I recover from it quick. I have never


got a podium on a sprint distance world Champion series. It is nice to


be injured, to come and race and not have too much pressure on myself. I


am joined by Gwen Jorgensen's coach and husband. How is her mindset


before the race? Really good, she loves coming to Hamburg. When they


announced the calendar it was one that we knew we were doing. It is


all about Rio, how are you dealing with the pressure? It is still on.


All these races are second or third tier. We are focusing on Rio. First


time you have competed against Helen, when Gwen lost. Is there a


plan to send a message to show that she is back on form? The race can be


won and lost in the first 22 metres, you've got to get out as quick as


possible and see where the chips have fallen. Time for race


highlights. Welcome to hamburger. The tour began


in Abu Dhabi before switching to the Gold Coast and then reconvened in


Cape Town. It was Yokohama next before the European races began. Now


we are in Hamburg. This is where the race will take place. They swim


under this bridge and out of the transition area and then they raid


six laps around the city centre passed the main railway station


across one of the 2500 bridges that litter this beautiful city by the


sea. Then there is a five K run to finish. 750 metres swim, 20 K cycle


and a five K run. There is the American, looking for three in a row


in Hamburg. The unstoppable Gwen Jorgensen. It will be interesting.


Jodie Stimpson wears number one. I Ainhoa Murua, the oldest in the


race, winning number 17. The countdown begins, the latest race of


the triathlon series. They are ready to go and they are under way. It


will be done and dusted inside one hour.


Good afternoon to Annie Emerson. This is a very exciting field. We're


missing some big names. British names have sat it out. Flora Duffy


taking a rest after that phenomenal victory. What a line-up we have with


Gwen Jorgensen here. The weather conditions today, warm enough out of


the water but pretty chilly within. A single lap of these waters and


they will go out and under the bridge towards the transition area


to pick up their bikes. This field already beginning to spread. It


looks like there are three little groups but don't be fooled, they


will join up as they head towards the turnaround point. They are


jostling for position as they head towards the turn. You can see them


get stuck underneath, it can be a little nasty at times. Taking a


wider line. Look at them on the inside, they will need to stop. They


will go round the inflatables to keep on track.


Helen Jenkins is one of the big favourites, but did not have a great


swim in Stockholm. We've got to keep our eyes peeled for Helen Jenkins.


Absolutely breathless today, no wind to create any choppy waves on the


water. Here they come under the bridge towards the transition area,


and the line under the bridge is being marked out by the trio of


kayakers on the left of the screen. They go into the darkness beneath


the bridge. When they return to daylight we will get a look at who


is emerging first. Effortless through the water from Lucy Hall.


Getting warmly welcomed by the supporters dangling their feet over


the sides and watching at close quarters the tail end of the first


stage of this triathlon. What a welcome they are getting.


There is the exit. After 9.5 minutes, Lucy Hall will claim the


ramp ahead of everybody else and prepare for transition. Lively start


in Hamburg. Hall out of the water. It is Lucy Hall then Anastasia


Abrosimova. Helen Jenkins comes out in amongst


that first Group. They arrive at their bikes in transition and now


the multitasking continues. Glasses on, out of the wet suit, closely


followed by the best in the world, Gwen Jorgensen, who does the same. A


steely look in the eyes of the American as she focuses on stage


two. Good in and out of the transition area.


The wet suit is in the plastic box and away they go. We are likely to


get a big group forming at the start of the cycle on lap one. We could


see a group forming of a dozen or more. They are quite well spread as


they begin to cycle around the city of Hamburg. Lucy Hall looking over


her shoulder to see who is with her. This is very much her race. I think


she will work hard and see what you can do. Helen Jenkins and Jodie


Stimpson behind her but I think today Lucy Hall will be working for


herself. It is technical which suits her good cycling skills. A huge


pack, 20 or 25 strong, and we think this will contain Jodie Stimpson and


Jenkins from Great Britain. There might be some hard work going on


within this group to try and bridge the chase group of about eight and


then hopefully as the race unfolds, the leading group, which is again a


total of eight. Zaferes, the American, up


alongside Klamer as they get towards the end of lap run, as well as


Carolyn routine you. We will have the names for you. The graphic for


you will give you the exact eight riders involved.


Charlotte McShane has got work to do. This pack is well placed, with


just eight athletes, to work really well and keep pushing the pace and


to stay away from the chase pack. Because of the nature of the cause,


it is hard to make up time when you are in a big pack. Helen Jenkins is


more than 20 seconds off the pace. This is a huge group of about 30. We


think this is the Helen Jenkins and Jodie Stimpson group. We think they


are both in this pack. The lead group setting a cracking pace in the


early stages here. They have seized the initiative and as they head


towards the end of the second lap of six, each lap consisting of a


distance of three and one third kilometres, so we have one group who


have merged to form this peleton chasing down the front eight. Not a


satisfying position to be in in terms of getting the job done in


such a large group. Very difficult to work well together. You need the


likes of Jodie Stimpson and Helen Jenkins up there. Helen Jenkins at


the top of our picture making her way to the top. It is important to


have some kind of lead at the front and ignore what is happening behind


you. Don't worry about those that don't want to work. Just keep


working and find three or four athletes who want to work well


together. This pack contains Rachel Klamer and Lucy Hall and Marie Rabi.


Decent athletes in this pack and they look to be working well as a


team. Lots of noise and another warm welcome at the end of the third lap.


It is half distance on the bike. The group of seven with Rachel climate


now leading for the Netherlands, coming through, and what a welcome!


-- Rachel Klamer. Natalie Van Coevorden went


backwards, from lead group to chase group. We will see meanwhile if this


massive pack has managed to reduce the time deficit. Last time we got


an official time they'd lap of a 31 second deficit. -- made lap. It has


grown to 33 seconds as the chase pack come through transition. You


can see Helen Jenkins's face looking pretty frantic on the front. She


will not want to be hanging around. I can't imagine at the beginning of


this race that she thought she would find herself in the second pack,


like in Stockholm. This group of seven has really taken advantage of


their really good swimming and excellent transition. The ability to


get away. Lucy Hall very much featuring in the breakaway at the


start of the cycle stage. Katie Zaferes is on the left with a


determined look on her face. The last six kilometres or so to ride


and the pace has been raised even further, as encouragement is shouted


from the streets of Hamburg. You can see the geography of it all. The


blue area in front of the magnificent City Hall, that is the


transition area. That City Hall opened in 1897, 17,000 square


metres. There is the big favourite on the left of your screen, Gwen


Jorgensen from the United States of America, who if she wins to day will


be on the top step of the podium for the 18th occasion in the World


Triathlon Series racers. What a phenomenal competitor she is. One


lap to go. They take the bell and the front group of seven have come


through with an advantage of more than 40 seconds over the leaders. We


will expect things to happen over the final cirque eight of 3.3


kilometres. Those in the chase group, if they want to get involved,


will have to get involved now. Marie Rabi from South Africa taking the


lead as they come round this sweeping bend. Katie Zaferes on her


wheels, secretly pretty happy with the way this race has turned out.


She needed a confidence boost ahead of Rio. 43 seconds now. Looking at


this group, seven still. The pedigree possibly comes from Zaferes


of the USA. We will see who can go with her. And then we will see from


this pack which contains some very strong triathletes, Helen Jenkins


and Jodie Stimpson from Great Britain of course, but most notably


Gwen Jorgensen from the USA, who will not be fazed by a deficit of 45


seconds. She will still believe she can make that up. Whether she can go


on to win, I don't know, but she can certainly climb through the field


and put pressure on the leaders. Jodie Stimpson has sensibly made her


way to the front. She doesn't want to be bouncing and barging with


other competitors as she comes into transition at the end of the 20


kilometres ride. She wants a clean run in so she has forced her way to


the head of the field. India Lee right at the back. The British


athletes topping and tailing this chase group. It will be interesting


to see who goes in and out of transition quickly. Back to the


field, the final lap on the bike is nearly over. Lucy Hall reaches down


to remove her right foot from the shoe and then her left foot rests on


top. She looks over to make sure she has daylight between herself and the


rest of them. Everybody's feet on top of the pedals now as they come


into transition for the second time, for the change from likely to


running. The dismount line marked with the redline and red flag and in


they come. Rachel Klamer grabs the saddle. Marie Rabi loses control and


bangs her legs. Looking for their running shoes. They need to make


sure that the cycle helmets go in the box as well. Zaferes is further


up transition. Nice clean entry for Zaferes. The right she went on and


the left and she is away. Meanwhile, behind, further down the road, Jodie


Stimpson is out of the saddle. Gwen Jorgensen has joined at the front of


the field. Stimpson and Jenkinson have positioned themselves well.


They will be looking for an explosive getaway. Jodie Stimpson on


the right and Jenkins on the left of screen. But they go up the corporate


looking for their spot in transition. Jenkins nearly lost


control of her bike. Stimpson is the highest ranked triathlete in the


field today, wearing number one. She arrives at her position. Nothing


wrong with this transition so far for Jodie Stimpson. One of the


German athletes is in and out and away. They get all the equipment


together. Helen Jenkins is on her way. She is looking for speed right


from the start. You can bet your bottom dollar that Gwen Jorgensen


will not be far behind. Away they go, the chase pack, chasing the


leaders, but Gwen Jorgensen right at the back. She does tend to be fairly


relaxed in the transitions. She did lose a lot of time. I don't know if


anything happened that we missed in our pictures. That is odd for her.


Something must have happened for her coming into transition. She is


normally relaxed because she can afford to be but giving them so much


time when she was 45 seconds down on the main pack, I don't think that


was something she chose to do. Jenkins is coming and you can see


her dark glasses. She is three or four faces behind Gwen Jorgensen,


but she looks like she is full of running yet again. Klamer and


Zaferes have pulled away from that second group that were with them on


the bike. Several athletes have dropped behind and Zaferes and


Klamer are pushing the pace but have they done enough to stay away from


Gwen Jorgensen? Gwen Jorgensen has left everybody except Jodie Stimpson


behind, as she slices her way through the field. 47 seconds


behind. Zaferes and Klamer in front. The gap to Stimpson and Gwen


Jorgensen 47 seconds. It is only a five kilometre race and it might be


too much for Gwen Jorgensen today. She is giving it her very best shot.


40 seconds, that is the gap to Gwen Jorgensen. She has taken seven


seconds out of the lead in the last kilometre or so. Anastasia


Abrosimova moved into third position. Lucy Hall bravely holding


on to fifth and Gwen Jorgensen comes into view, clear of Jodie Stimpson


now. She can sense an opportunity to pick them off one by one as she


tries to claw her way back into contention, looking for her 18th


World Triathlon Series race and her third successive victory in Hamburg.


But she has got an awful lot to do. They will take the bell. It has been


an explosive first lap from Zaferes and Klamer as they hit transition.


Next time they come through here, it will be towards the finishing line.


2.5 kilometres to go. The gap to Gwen Jorgensen, the potential threat


to success today for Zaferes and Klamer, was 40 seconds last time we


looked at the clock. It could be down to closer to 30 seconds now.


Gwen Jorgensen is in transition. She is 32 seconds off the pace. Gwen


Jorgensen is getting the job done again. 47 seconds, then 40 seconds,


next time we stopped the clock it was 32 seconds. She eats her way up


through the field. Katie Zaferes has moved clear of Rachel Klamer at the


front of the field and Klamer's shoulders are beginning to rock and


roll as she digs deep, trying to keep tabs on Zaferes, as she has a


very relaxed way about and is moving clear of Klamer. What a wonderful


position do two athletes find themselves in. The phenomenal year


that Zaferes had in 2015, her first serious year of the World Triathlon


Series, and on the podium six times. She got six second places but she


never made the top of the podium. Klamer has never been on the podium


in the World Triathlon Series, so both of these athletes in new


territory at the moment. Gwen Jorgensen is into a podium position.


Lucy Hall is dropping back. Jodie Stimpson is slowly but surely making


her way up through the field. Helen Jenkins is a bit further off the


pace. You can see her distinctive running style, upright, head back,


on the right of your screen. Jenkins will do well to finish in the top


ten this afternoon in Hamburg. Look at the speed at which Gwen Jorgensen


is travelling across the tarmac. Further time taken out of Zaferes's


lead, 27 seconds now. Klamer digging deep into her reserves of stamina.


Looking over, she knows that Gwen Jorgensen is looming large but it is


a sprint distance and Gwen Jorgensen is running out of wrote to do any


further damage. She has had a magnificent run, but it will not be


an 18th triathlon when for Gwen Jorgensen barring some kind of


last-gasp problem for Zaferes and Klamer. Incredible for these


athletes going to Rio. Zaferes has not had an easy year, that is for


sure, and to beat Gwen Jorgensen makes it even more special.


Gwen Jorgensen has run up to third position and it has almost become a


sprint. She looks absolutely desperate to close the gap. Just not


enough. Katie Zaferes brews up another gear. She wants to make


absolutely sure of this. She had the carpet, and what a pace to finish.


She sprints home for her first victory. Katie Zaferes wins in


Hamburg. What a race. She is on the podium second. What a breathtaking


performance from the magnificent Gwen Jorgensen, who was way off the


pace. Two Americans on the podium. The best of the athletes is Jodie


Stimpson, who could not match Gwen Jorgensen for speed. She holds on.


She will be followed by Anastasia Abrosimova of Russia. Laura


Lindemann is the best of the Germans. Victory in Hamburg for


Katie Zaferes. Jodie Stimpson was the best of the British. Helen


Jenkins finished 14th, Lucy Hall finished 20th. Here are the current


standings. Flora Duffy was never under threat in first but Jodie


Stimpson has reinforced her position. Discuss your emotions with


me. Excited, this has not gone as well as last year. Today, I raced


like I knew I could and it was awesome to see the reward. Plu-mac


I'm so happy, I was speaking to my boyfriend, and I said one day I want


to be on the podium, and I did. Today must be that race. You had


your training partner with you. S it was so awesome to do it with a


training partner. I have a team-mate on the other side. It is a full team


podium. Tell us about the race from your perspective. It started out


with a swim when I was not in front back. I could tell I was not where I


wanted to be. I exited the water and was not in the front pack. When


you're not in it, people say you cannot win it in the swim but it is


where you can lose it. In terms of T2, you came out of that. Bit


further towards the last lap? Obviously should have been. The


positive takeaway is there is always room for improvement. S it was


pretty full on. I tried to go with Gwen, lasted a little bit, it was


fun trying to hang onto her. Then it was just about trying to hold on, to


be honest. We discussed the sprint race not playing to your forte.


Explain how it was. I'm keeping up my record of bad sprint races. I did


not have a good day and I fell flat but I give it everything out there


and that is where it is. It is another step in training.


Disappointing not to have a good race but I give it everything. More


points towards the rankings. Definitely. Obviously, Stockholm was


a huge disappointment. I'm in good shape and I've still not had the


race I can say, thumbs up, I am proud of that. I've got two more


chances to get that ideal race. Before we move on in Hamburg,


triathlete news for the Paralympics, Britain will be the most represented


nation in Rio. The strongest event will be the women's PD four. The


double world champion will be joined by two former world champions.


Alison Patrick and he's all Smith will line up alongside Melissa Reid


and Michael Walters. Ryan Taylor will be very tough to beat in the


men's PT to. Making up the 11 is Joe Townsend and Phil Hogg. Strong


British team as para triathlon makes the debut. The Brownlee Brothers


will have called on their mind in the Olympics, and the withdrawal of


Javier Gomez will help with that, but many believe that his


team-mates, Mario Mola, carried as much a threat. Mario Mola takes the


gold medal. How much confidence that you get when you beat Javier Gomez


in the final? Chicago was definitely one of the best races I've done, not


only because of running faster but also been consistent on the bike, if


you want to be racing with the very best you've got to be doing this,


and I achieved that, then I think the ten K, knowing that I could be


the world champion, it was a great race. I got a great feeling from the


end of the race. In the last two years, they've been very good for


me, I've been working on improving, that is what we look for, and I knew


that it was different this year because of having the Olympic Games.


I thought I might as well give it a try and I have been working for it.


You talked about Javier Gomez very fondly and you have a great respect


for him. I was sad argue that he will not be there? It was sad, in a


big race you want to have the best racers and we know how focused on


professional he is. The only gold medal he is missing is the Olympic,


not having the opportunity it is very sad and really unfair but at


sport we are exposed to this and we hope he recovers soon and I'm sure


he will be racing strongly soon. The races UMIST Saab Alistair Brownlee


find his form. What have you made of what he's been doing in the last two


races? When they are focused and trading well they are very hard to


beat and we know they have two medals, experience, we are so


talented and all you can do is focus your control. Talk about Hamburg.


What are you looking to achieve? It is another opportunity to get


something for the World Championships, Fernando is leading


the world so it is great for Spain to have athletes trying to cover the


goal. Thank you, good luck. Thank you so much.


Mario Mola is back after a break. The man next to me is back after a


little break of his collarbone. Richard, thank you for speaking to


us. What were your emotions after you knew you drag yourself badly?


The process was to get back on the bike but when I did that I realised


something was seriously wrong. I thought the collarbone was gone


immediately. It has been a long recovery process but I'm glad to be


back. How is your shape? Pretty good. 85% back. There is a race to


see where might this is. Leaving you can get back to top shape for Rio? I


think so. And good memories of Hamburg, your first World Series


victory here? Yes, quite a coincidence, my girlfriend came


second in this event, so we both got our first podium is here. Good luck


for today. We are going racing very shortly but first, here are the


rankings. Jonny Brownlee narrowed the gap to


the top two. A strong performance from the Spanish racers would see


that widened. Time for the last World Series


action before a Rio. Here is the men's race.


He was the start list for the triathlon.


The final countdown for the start of the sprint triathlon. They are under


way. Fast and furious start. The better swimmers are looking for the


clean water ahead. We will keep an eye out for Henry Schuman. Inviting


conditions with such flat water. This is a sprint distance, if you're


going to get any sort of gap year going to push really hard in the


swim. The Brownlee Brothers are not here.


There are some great swimmers. We will expect to see there at the


front of the swim. Tommy Zaferes leads the way. He is the husband of


Katie Zaferes who won the women's race earlier. Clearly motivated by


his wife's success earlier in the day and he is setting a cracking


pace. But now the troubles begin for those that get trapped on the


inside. They can have their swim curtailed and stalled as they bump


shoulders and bang heads with opposing swimmers in the whirlpool


that occurs during these tight turns. It is not exactly who we were


expecting. Tommy Zaferes is well on the way as others scramble for


position. That is bad play if I've ever seen it. I sometimes wonder


whether the officials need to look at these situations are little more


carefully because quite often it is unnecessary. It is very tricky when


you're out there, it is very hard to see where you're going and sometimes


it is just a fight of strength. We saw the athlete go under there but


he did come back and carried on swimming. Tommy Zaferes was the


early leader from the water. The South African has closed the gap and


he might be forcing the pace. They will go under the bridge and emerge


through the darkness on the other side. This ramp will allow them to


excellent water quickly. They will be removing the wet suit as they run


on the way to where the bikes are parked. There will be six laps of


3.3 kilometres each time. The last 140 metres in the water and then the


action will really move up the pace in Hamburg. Now they get the warm


welcome from the enthusiastic, well educated crowd. They love triathlon


in Hamburg and this is a firm feature in the circuit and the


Hamburg sporting calendar. Warm reception for all the athletes as


they swim the final few metres here in Germany's second-largest city.


Who will be first out and get bragging rights at the end of the


swim? It was Tommy is a at the end of the early stages.


-- Tommy Zaferes. Here they come. It was Henri Schoeman coming out first.


Mario Mola in 13th position, but not far from the leading group, so a


good start for him. The rest coming out in dribs and drabs. Henri


Schoeman in his position and Mario Mola comes alongside him. He puts on


his cycle helmet and tries to leave everything neat and tidy. She was


already attached to the pedals and that was a good transition for Mola,


only half a dozen seconds behind Henri Schoeman, who was quickest out


of the water. Adam Barrett turn out as well. A good, strong swim for


him. -- Adam Bowden. We could have a huge group forming at the front of


the field. Aurelien Raphael is already looking


slightly displeased with something. Shaking his head and waving his


arms. He has been doing the work so far and he wants to share the


workload. That offer is gladly accepted by Jonas Schomburg, who


comes through. Aurelio pretty disappointed. He is used to getting


out of the water with the Brownlee brothers and when they go, they


really go. But this is looking scrappy. You have got to work those


first few kilometres very hard, giving 100% if you are going to have


any chance of JCB athletes. The -- of chasing the athletes. These are


the positions after the swim. Marten Van Riel is taking his chair turn.


Looking to inject some pace and he wants some company if he is going to


form a breakaway group, Ben Kanute. The skies are looking grey and


threatening. This could be dry to start the cycle stage and wet to


finish if the heavens open. Very difficult for some of the athletes


to know what to do in this situation. Richard Murray has made


the front pack and so has Mario Mola, the two fastest guys on foot


and it is difficult to know what to do tactically. The only thing you


can do is get a break. With Richard Murray on your tail, that will not


be easy. A group of about 35 forcing the pace. We have a lone breakaway


rider and we think it is Ben Kanute from the USA. He has opened up a gap


of two or three seconds over one of the Australians who is trying to go


with him now. This was Ben Kanute's breakaway. It didn't get any


response, having offered the invitation to others to join in the


fun at the front. He has some company now, joined by Eireann


royal, but then the gap shortens to Aurelio and Raphael. -- Aaron Royle.


These guys are spread out 200 metres on the streets of Hamburg as they


get towards the end of lap one. The leader coming into transition is


Aaron Royle from Australia with Ben Kanute of the USA right behind him.


We know Adam Bowden is in this group but we will get an official look at


the full list. Tommy is a Faroes had a good swim


and he is ninth at the moment. -- Tommy Zaferes.


Two of the best runners in the field, Mario Mola of Spain, and


Richard Murray of South Africa, they are sharing leadership of this race.


Coming through is the Japanese team, who are represented very well in


both races today. As they bunched together, the conditions are looking


more misty. There is a forecast for a light rain this afternoon but the


clouds overhead look more menacing than light rain and we will see what


unfolds with the weather. They are reduced to a snails pace, and then


out of the saddle and accelerating away for the next stage of this race


around the streets of Hamburg. Ben Kanute once again, the American who


had a mini break earlier in the race. He is trying it on again. He


has dragged a couple of Australians along with him this time. Ryan


Bailie number seven, and number 16, Aaron Royle, joining in as well. The


three of them trying to take the race by the scruff of the neck at


the front. The problem here in this race is that it is very difficult to


get away because there are so many athletes. As soon as you get


momentum up, you are stopping to take a corner, and it gives the


other athletes chance to catch up. It will be difficult to instigate


some sort of breakaway here. Richard Murray has hit the wrong box with


his swimming caps. Is 22 number should have gone next door in the


white plastic box to the left, and that may well have caused a stop


start penalty for Richard Murray. The bowlers are -- the umbrellas are


coming up and the road surface will start to get slip. Rear wheels


skidding out and a couple of close calls. Not the last incident we will


see during the bike leg. The rain adds a different dimension to the


second half of this cycle leg in Hamburg. Definitely not what the


athletes wanted. I have mentioned this before. The athletes going to


Rio will not want to take any risks today. Halfway through the bike leg,


soft and good grip and traction on the blue carpet, but when they head


into the streets of the city, it will be a different story, as the


rainfall gets heavier in Hamburg. Richard Murray coming through


transition and he has achieved a ten second penalty as a result of the


equipment infringement. Ryan Fisher of Australia taking this race are


now. He fancies his chances. He thinks if he can break away... He


might have been watching Flora Duffy doing similar in recent weeks in the


women's races around the world. The never 12 from Australia, Ryan


Fisher, has got himself a reasonable gap in lap four. He has had form in


the past, winning a World Cup race in 2013. The World Cup race is


slightly lower tier that the World Triathlon Series... Two men down!


One of them is Hernandez from the Spanish Olympic team and Zaferes


getting involved. Dmitry Polyanskiy also on the deck. Hernandez and his


sunglasses are having problems. He has taken his Olympic place with the


withdrawal of Javier Gomez Noya who had to withdraw following a bike


crash, ironically. And the beneficiary of that is on the deck


himself. We can see it again here. It was one down and then the domino


effect. Hernandez hit the tarmac quite hard and Adam Bowden taking


evasive action. Another break. None of them has been decisive yet. Ben


Kanute and Andreas Schilling having a pop at the front to see if they


can do some damage. Deep into the fifth lap. Next time they hit


transition, they will take the bell. 39.6 kilometres per hour across the


road surface in Hamburg. They don't want to let Andreas Schilling get


away because looking at his fourth-place finish in Stockholm, he


can run. Mario Mola can run down anyone, we know. He has the fastest


running time over anyone in the sport over ten kilometres and he


can't be far off on the sprint distance either. They are not


willing to take risks over the wet corners today. This group is looking


courses. Know Adam Bowden in this group. He looked steady on the


corners. It looks like he has dropped off. Almost a collision


between a Dane and the American there and an apology from Andreas


Schilling, who took his eyes off the ball and was looking over the wrong


shoulder. Mario Mola on the right, the Spaniard to is highly fancied to


win this race today. Can anyone match him when he parks his bike and


starts off on the 5000 kilometre run? One more to come on the bike.


Ben Kanute and Andreas Schilling a bit ahead of the rest. Ben Kanute


and Andreas Schilling have been joined by Marten Van Riel of


Belgium. We have a 3-way breakaway here. Not significant. The others


are perfectly able to close them down with under three kilometres to


ride. At this point in the race, I feel like the time that you can gain


in three kilometres will be so minute, so is it worth the risks you


can take? I am not saying sit back just be careful because the roads


right now. With transition approaching and the end of the bike


leg, Mario Mola is dictating the speed of the race. He could be first


in and potentially first-out of transition. He could kick away from


the rest of the field in the early stages of the 5000 metre run which


will conclude this sprint distance triathlon. Murray and Mola are


together, shoulder to shoulder, as the two men reached down and start


to prepare their shoes and feet. Mario Mola does anyway, preparing


for the arrival in transition. Transition is just ahead. They go


under the arch. A couple more turns and they will see their final


destination on two wheels, and we will be happy to see the back of the


wet streets of Hamburg on their bikes. Murray takes it on, of South


Africa, then Mola of Spain, and synchronised arrival in transition


between the two training partners. Murray arrives in the area that


caused consternation in this race. He will find out about his stop-go


penalty now having seen he has put his equipment in the wrong place. A


fairly basic error and he will not want to repeat that in Rio. Good


transition from Mario Mola. He picks up the familiar white visor and hits


the front. Richard Murray was first to emerge, quickest of the lot


leaving transition. What a transition for the South African.


Everything has gone right so far for the Spaniard who has managed to


close the gap on Richard Murray. With the speed that Richard Murray


ran out of transition, I wonder if he realised he had that ten second


penalty because he flew out there, knowing he had to gain time wherever


he could. He has the Australians on his heel, chasing him down. Aaron


Royle, Birtwistle and Ryan Bailie, all having a fantastic race.


Chucking it down in Hamburg. Unpleasant weather but the


enthusiasm of the crowds remains intact. They have stuck it out in


the reign of the Hamburg Saturday afternoon and they are still five or


60 around the course. -- six deep. Murray and Mola from South Africa


and Spain have led this running stage from the start. Then


Birtwistle, Ryan Bailey, two-hour Carrara from Portugal, battling it


out potentially for the last place. -- to our Perera.


Extra pace injection from Mario Mola, he is flying along here in


Hamburg. The noise that welcomes them in, only leads in Hamburg


provide this atmosphere. -- Leeds and Hamburg. Of on their way for


their second and final lap around the city centre. The gap is 17


seconds, and Fernando Alarza is a couple of seconds back.


He had a condition of around six seconds behind the third and fourth


place athletes. Joao Carlos Teixeira Parreira was running into a podium


position. Two 15th place finishes. Mario Mola still together at the


front of the field. I wonder if he's thinking, I'm going to put as much


time as I can into these guys. I think that's going to be his choice.


Perhaps that is a sensible one. Fernando Alarza, ranked number one


in the world, is not having his own way. He is in fifth. There will be


only one winner, it will be Mario Mola, because of Murray's penalty


stop to come. Absolutely miserable in Hamburg after the rather benign


conditions the swimmers enjoyed at the start of the race. The water was


still and the heavens opened. Mario Mola potentially the greatest


threat, and he is letting the world know that he could be the man to


watch in the middle of August. Richard Murray, the South African,


recovering from the broken collar bone despite having made a technical


infringement. He is also potentially on course for an Olympic medal if he


maintains this form. He has shown that he is another one to a code


for. The rain is thumping down. Richard Murray stops and waves Mario


Mola off. It will be the slowest ten seconds of his life. He is asking


why. You will find out at the end of the race. Mario Mola can cruise to


victory and he wins in Hamburg. Richard Murray has done enough. He


is unhappy about the penalty he's had to take but it will all become


clear when he sees the officials afterwards. He will celebrate second


position. I think Fernando Alarza might have just got third. It is a


photo finish between the two of them. It seems that Richard Murray


was unaware that he needed to take the penalty until he veered off to


his left. They are coming home in the damp conditions in Hamburg.


Richard Murray could face a further sanction following his outburst. You


can understand the frustration. We know who the winner is. We know that


Richard Murray finished second amid all the drama.


It was a great race for me. Coming to the Olympics and then, yes,


trying to stay in the group, out of trouble it was sad that Richard had


a penalty and we could not give a good race to the public. He has


confirmed that Richard Murray has been disqualified from the race, for


unsportsmanlike behaviour at the end. Fernando Alarza has moved up


from fourth to third. Really happy. I put in a performance today. I


thought I had got there to the line, I started second-guessing myself for


a while. I was a little disappointed but I am relieved. I had a problem


before transition two, but I think I feel good for Rio and I had a good


race. Could you explain to us the decision to disqualify Richard


Murray? It was unsportsmanlike and your against the technical official,


he was given the time penalty for a reason and they should -- and he


should have been responsible, he behaved in a way that meant they


disqualified him. He did not do it in this case. The results are as


follows... Jacob Birtwhistle has been promoted to second. Tom Bishop


was down in 49. Following the Hamburg race, Mario Mola has


leapfrogged his compatriot. Jonny Brownlee is still third. I'm joined


by the head coach of British triathlon. A little disappointing


with how it went for her. She was here to go through the process of


racing. This is only her fourth race of the year. It is about going


through the process, I think the main thing, normally should would be


out the front up the water. Hamburg is not a big indicator of form,


Hamburg is Hamburg, we generally find we don't take a lot out of it


as far as moving into other races as a form guide. Quick word on


Geraldine, into fourth place. It is really pleasing for her. To come


back with a performance like that after Stockholm. There was something


not quite right in Stockholm and today was her back to her best. She


will say, that swim, if she saw that out she is capable of getting into


that front group. In terms of seeing Gwen lose again, they will take some


encouragement from that, probably. Everybody is beatable. She has done


well every time and we try not to focus too much. The girls know what


they've got to do and the type of racing they will need to put


together to be successful. That's all they can do. I'm sure Gwen did


not come here wanting to be beaten but I'm sure they came here as a


prep, and if you look at this course compared to Rio, not massively


similar. In terms of the men's race, Mario Mola showed he will be the


tough contender for the Bradley brothers. He has won it every time.


The Olympics is not going to be an easy ride. It will be a tough race.


It is going well. It is a real shame and our sympathies go to him because


you want an athlete of that calibre racing. Thank you. We're not quite


done in Hamburg. Turn over to the red button. They are ready to go.


Spectacular start. A collision for Vicky Holland. Chaotic scenes in


transition. The triathlon mixed relay World Championship title...


There is a medal for the British team. To see if France can


successfully defend the mixed relay World Championship title switch over


to the red button right now. As this is the last World Championship


triathlon event before Rio, here is a reminder of the Olympic triathlon


coverage. The event will be on the 18th of August and the women's will


be on the 20th of August. Author will be live on BBC One. Still two


races to come in the triathlon series after the Olympics. We will


be back with live coverage of the penultimate event in Edmonton. We


had almost taken arise off the World Series but Hamburg has brought us


back to the present. Gwen Jorgensen losers again, Richard Murray


disqualified, they will be fired up for Rio. So are we. Get the dates in


your diary. We will see you then.


Jonathan Edwards presents highlights of the seventh round of the 2016 World Triathlon Series from Hamburg. Jodie Stimpson heads the British challenge at this event as she competes for her first world title. Commentary by Matt Chilton and Annie Emmerson.

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