Edmonton Triathlon: World Series


Highlights from Edmonton in Canada of the elite men's and women's races in the penultimate World Series event of the season.

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Is the most spectacular Olympic triathlon setting. 55 elite


triathletes taking their places. They are away, what a spectacle.


Richard VARGA . All three English athletes live


there. Crucial to be in a tight, small pack. 10,000 metres between


the triathletes and the medals. There is a bit of cat and mouse.


Somebody wants to have a go. Alistair moving ahead of Jonathan.


Will that be the decisive kick. Silver to Spirig. Bronze to Vicky


Collins. It is a gold and silver for Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee. Six


Olympic medallists, half of them British. Two races that will live


long in the memory. From Brazil to Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland.


We will join one of the many triathlon event is taking part


across the country all summer long. The sport of triathlon is in rude


health in the UK. Then there is the small matter of deciding the world


titles. This Whee Kim's event in Edmonton, Canada is the last before


the series comes to an end in Mexico at the end of the month. If the


previous rounds are anything to go by, we are set for one thrilling


finale. Jody Stimson takes the win in Abu Dhabi.


Mola happy. Jenkins takes the victory. Their first win. First race


in 2016 brings victory to nine Stanford. Mario Mola reinforces his


position as world number one. Alistair Brownlee, he wins again.


Outstanding performance by Gwen Jorgensen. Duffy has the win in


Stockholm. What pace to finish. Mola winning in Hamburg. With two races


of the 2016 series remaining, Mario Mola and Flora Duffy are the


leaders. Last year in Edmonton, the


conditions were as cold as they come, athletes having to content


with hail and snow, never mind swimming, cycling and running. The


athletes are hardy bunch, a great deal of them have amassed for more


of the same. Including Jonny Brownlee and Vicky Holland. He only


finished eighth in Rio, but Spain's Mario Mola is the outstanding


performer in this year's World Series. In the absence of the older


brother, Alistair, Jonny Brownlee is the inform athlete on the start


line. Their first win of the season could put a serious dent in Mola's


lead, with just the grand final to come. Let's take you to our


commentary team, to talk you through the first race.


Overcast and cold day in Alberta Canada. We have the men's elite race


coming up. Sprint distance, the penultimate event of the World


Triathlon Series, 2016. Cold water, wet suits welcomed by the athletes.


Italy cold. Final preparations under way. Let's remind ourselves of the


tour, beginning in Abu Dhabi, victory for Mario Mola. Winning


again on the Gold Coast. He struck again in Yokohama. Alistair Brownlee


winning in Leeds, he won again in Stockholm. Mola on top of the pile


in Hamburg. Now they have made the journey across the Atlantic, to


Edmonton, for a sprint competition, the same as them both. 750 metres in


the water, for the swim. The bike is totalling 20 days. The run stays


mainly in the confines of the park, heading out briefly. 5,000-metre run


to the finish. Three laps of 1.76 kilometres. Following Edmonton, they


will head south, in two weeks' time. Caribbean waters holding the grand


final. Richard Murray won this race 12


months ago, he starts at number 15. The world leader. Failed to fire in


Rio. Can he turn it on, and consolidate his position at the top


of the standings. He will have the Olympic silver-medallist for


company, during the race. Richard Murray, a man to watch Tuesday. Like


this course. -- to date. 49 elite triathletes, ready to dive into the


cold waters here. Barely a breath of wind. All had a taste of the


conditions. A feel of the chilly waters, and the wet suits are


welcome as they spread out. Single lap around the lake. Heading back to


the beach, before they ride 20 kilometres, then run five


kilometres, to finish off today's penultimate stage of the 20 16th


World Triathlon Series tour. The grand final in the warm waters in


Mexico. -- 2016. Jonny Brownlee making a flying start, trying to


kick away from the west of the -- rest of the field. He's trying to


chase his training partner Richard Varga. One of the best swimmers on


the tour, proving that over the years. Number 12, he trains with the


Brownlee Brothers in Leeds, and Saint Moritz. He was Pimenta what's


coming out of the waters in Rio, finishing ultimately 11 in the


triathlon. The company a gap of three, or four metres. A battle


going on behind him. Number 46, one of the local triathletes, from


Canada. Varga moving clear of the field. Massive advantage. Does not


serve him well to be that far ahead. When he gets out on a bike, he will


want some company. Let's see who else will stay with him as they


start to make the succession of terms. We will expect Jonny Brownlee


to be pretty close. Hernandez is a decent swimmer. Mario Mola, the swim


let him down in Rio, the Olympic triathlon. Never really got going in


the Atlantic swells. Happy with the calmer conditions to date. The cold


might be a factor for Mario Mola, in Edmonton. Richard Varga leads. Jonny


Brownlee trying to follow him in the early stages there. 600 metres down,


150 to go, in the swim. There is a passage up the beach, on the soft


sand. Up along to where the bikes apart. While they are running,


starting to remove their wet suits. Preparing for the arrival, where the


bikes apart. We saw shots of Jonny Brownlee, sending a duck and running


for cover. We saw shots of him parking his bike. Should he put the


rear wheel in? Going through the motions, rehearsing his transition


strategy. He spent ten minutes making sure everything was ready to


go. Very easy to forget how important the basics are. Varga out


of the water, looks around to see how the others are doing behind him.


Jonny Brownlee has been caught. Aaron Royle, from Australia. Matt


Sharp, the Canadian. The Canadians with something to get excited about.


Then Matt Roberts, Tom Bishop. The second of the British pair. We will


keep an eye on the union flags. Richard Murray 25 seconds off the


pace. Work to do, to get near the lead group. Ron Shelton, 19. Adam


Boutin. Varga is away. Now they tried to blank out that


feeling of cold. No time to get warm, no sun to warm the skin.


Overcast and very chilly. Looking at the transition area, we get an idea


of how stretched the swim got. Very close early on. As the cold to hold,


really stretching out. Tremendous win by Richard Varga. Jonny Brownlee


looking to escape in second place. We will see whether they can


establish a leading pack. Great to see Tom Bishop up there, some would


say unlucky not to get Olympic selection. Having a good performance


here. We have a group of three. Jonny Brownlee, Aaron Royal, Richard


Varga. They could do some damage there. They have got away from the


next group of ten or so. We will see how that forms in a moment. Jonny


Brownlee bossing things. Like his brother, he will be vocal in this


situation. Aaron Royal has been in this situation before we Jonny


Brownlee. That breakaway group, we saw it earlier in Leeds. They will


be delighted that this scenario has presented itself. Aaron Royal had a


good result in this race one year ago. He was fifth. Winning time by


Richard Murray, 53 minutes, 19 seconds. It was similarly cold. We


should expect the same sort of time today. They take their turn, a few


revolutions clear of each other's wheels. The leading trio, Jonny


Brownlee, Aaron Royal, Richard Varga. Crossing the North


Saskatchewan River. Before they make their way along Victoria Park Road.


They were head west, first of all. 180 degrees turn, heading east


before the left turn takes them back over the river, back into the park.


We can see how hard they work coming out of transition. Jonny Brownlee


only just now getting his feet tightened into the shoes.


Establishing the lead before he went back to the basics, making sure


everything was done correctly. Where is Mario Mola? That is key to the


way the rankings will unfold over the next two races. This one and the


grand final. Mola, we know, does not deal well with the cold. He is back


in this pack, we think. Yet to get an official sighting. There is Grant


Sheldon. Fourth in the chasing group.


We think Adam Bowden and Bishop... They are both in that front group.


Mario Mola has won the Golden number one on his arm in every World


Triathlon Series race he has competed in this year. He has been a


number one since the start of the season. Mario Mola places fourth or


below, and Johnny Brownlee wins today, they will be just 128 points


apart heading into the grand final in Cozumel. We have the leading


three, Brownlee, Royle and Varga. We will get a check on the time


difference and see how it changes between the leading group of three


and that next group of 20 or so. It is now officially 19 seconds, at the


end of lap one. Bishop, Sheldon and Bowden are all in that group. Have


we seen Mario Mola's name come up on that list yet? I have just seen him


coming through now. Was he in the lead group, I think not. My goodness


me, 38 seconds down. Mario Mola trails Johnny Brownlee by 38


seconds. It's a huge amount of time. This race is Johnny Brownlee's for


the winning. A little bit of encouragement for Johnny Brownlee.


Just encouraging Richard Varga to come through, saying, come on, we


have done it so many times in training, let's make it count today.


Chase group. Once again Vincente Hernandez forces his way through.


Got the Olympic qualification once Gomez was forced to declare himself


out of the games with that bike training accident he suffered.


Getting towards the end of lap two. Johnny Brownlee is the most


successful triathletes in the field, with ten career World Triathlon


Series wins on two Olympic medals, a silver and bronze. Mario Mola has


seven World Triathlon Series wins. Royle, Johnny Brownlee and Varga.


Last time we stopped the clock at the end of the first lap they were


19 seconds clear of their rivals. Let's see if there has been any


significant change. It has come down quite a lot, down to 12 now. That is


seven seconds taken out of their lead. They are working together


well. All due credit to that chase pack. Perhaps that is going to be


something for Adam Bowden to think of. A very, very strong runner.


Moving back through, giving himself a chance, as is Bishop. He says --


some say he is unlucky not to gain Olympic selection. The surface still


dry and this time they will take the bell. Next time three year they will


be hanging up their bikes and heading out on the run. The clock


has started. The chase pack are coming through, and another second.


So, only one second, 19 seconds at the end of lap one, 12 seconds at


the end of lap two, 11 seconds at the end of lap three. No further


real damage done. We do have Richard Murray in that group and he does


have to be the danger man going into the final discipline, the run. Yes,


but danger to Royle and Varga, possibly, to Brownlee, possibly not.


How much did the Rio Olympics take out of him? How much did that lone


effort last we can take out of him? A great racer, a hard, hard man.


Sometimes you just have to juggle the efforts going in, with Cozumel


and a couple of weeks' time, knowing he does have an opportunity to be


the overall world champion this year. So many different judgment


calls. It's going to be a fascinating one.


Jonny Brownlee allowed to move forward to the front. A little


twitch sideways for Aaron Royle, I thought for a second he might catch


the rear wheel of Richard Varga but he has managed to stay out of


trouble. Richard Varga currently ranked 30 in the world. Not quite


the complete package, Richard Varga. Swims really well, able to keep pace


with all of them whether it is a 20 K sprint or a 40 K full Olympic


cycle run. But when it comes to running, he struggles. 13 seconds on


the leaders have less than four kilometres left to ride.


Hasn't been much talk between them since that first lap. I'm sure there


have been words exchanged, but they got down to work effectively and


officially, and they've kept the rest of them clear. Mola has made


his way back from group three and now heads a group two. It's been a


good cycle so far from Mario Mola. He leads the chase group up the


hill. He can see his prey, the Brownlee group, at the top of the


hill. Royle out of the saddle, glances over his shoulder. He will


see the red of Mario Mola. But still the leading three are able to keep


clear of the rest of them. I guess Royle is the man in that lead group


who possibly has the most to lose. Possibly he could get on the podium


but realising that Bowden and Murray are closing up without five


kilometre run to go... Now they get the awful feeling of watching the


leaders go off in the opposite direction, while they are still


climbing towards the turn. It could be that the gap has grown by another


couple of seconds. It was 11 seconds officially at the end of lap three,


I think it might be closer to 13 now. There is Varga again. Varga is


doing absolutely everything he can to get as much speed out of his


bike. Brownlee and Royle happy to draft in behind. Credit to him,


trying something new, seeing if it works. I think everyone was


astonished watching Chris Froome on that long descent on the tour. If


you can't learn from the Best, who can you learn from? Worth trying


something. Let's see if it works, if it does, great, and if not, discard


it. They will cross the river for the


last time and head back into the park. Jonny looks over to see who's


next in line. The back of the chase group. 102-macro here not doing too


much work. -- one or two. Those who need the places, need the points at


the front of the chase group. So, that's where they are, on


opposite sides of the North Saskatchewan River. 18 seconds now.


They have had a good lap. The leaders have really saved their best


until the fourth lap, and have left it all out there on the streets of


Edmonton. Even more effort from Richard Varga


as they sense the second transition. Needs to gain every possible second


that they can to give themselves a opportunity of getting on the


podium. John is doing lots of work. Really


is pushing hard. He wants a significant lead by the time he


arrives for this 5000 metre race which will follow.


So much effort in that second group. Straight lining off at the front,


extending the speed going through. There are the chaste. -- those being


chased. Varga, heads down, getting his feet down. Last 700 metres.


Now... How long will Varga and Royle be able to stay with Jonny Brownlee,


all will Royle have something in reserve to give Jonny Brownlee a run


for its money? Not sure Richard Varga got that dismount right. Did


he overstepped the line? We will find out, if the judges are being


hot on that today. Jonny Brownlee has learned his lesson in the past,


in the 2012 Olympics with the dismount line. He has arrived


safely. The helmet is in the box alongside the wet suit. The shoes


are going on and he should move quickly. He is on his way. He has


Richard Varga for company. Royle wasn't quite as quick. Royle has


been left behind. That was a good finish by some of the chase pack.


That 18 seconds we were given at as they crossed the bridge, the mid-lap


time, clearly wasn't accurate. There was extra efforts being made by the


chase group on the final stages of that lap. Mario Mola is in the


middle of that group, as he sets off to try and carve his way up through


the field and chase down this who leads the race. , not far off the


entire field. Olympic silver medallist Jonny Brownlee. Just a


couple of seconds over Richard Varga. Look at that. Ireland's White


coming through just five seconds down. A tremendous cycle discipline


for him. Pereira just nine seconds down. Steffen Justus. Russell White


up into fourth position for the Republic of Ireland. Grant Sheldon.


Pierre Le Corre, Richard Murray 11 seconds off the pace. There is Tom


Bishop. And there is our leader, Jonathan Brownlee of Great Britain.


He has hit the ground running. Excellent cycle, didn't hang about,


didn't care about Royle and Varga, cycling partners, they are now back


in the pack. Jonny Brownlee is out on his own. First lap underway.


Three laps, all of 1.67 kilometres, to give the five kilometre total. He


has taken it on early. Sheldon, just behind Richard Murray. Richard


Murray could, as we suggested, get up into a podium position. Russell


White of Ireland is there as well. Steffen Justus at the front. Mario


Mola, with his familiar white visor, is bobbing around and about eighth


position at this stage. They will all see Jonny Brownlee coming back


down the road as they had up towards the turn.


Very good performance by Grant Sheldon. And Tom Bishop going


through as well. I think all the big players there. A bit of flower


arranging going on on the turn. That will need to be cleared up! Jonny


Brownlee gets stuck into the second half of lap one. Can anyone catch


him? Is the lead is significant, 13 seconds. If you were to pick a one,


two, three at this stage, Steve, what would you go with? I would go


for Jonny Brownlee first. It's getting very exciting for second and


third. Mario Mola scything his way through the field. He was way back


in the third group at the start of the bike. Now he's up near Richard


Murray, and these two, Murray and mola, likely to do battle for second


position any minute now. I would suggest Jonny Brownlee has extended


his lead quite significantly, as he is approaching the end of lap number


one on the run. There is always that juggling is how much the second


sprint, the cycling, has taken out of the athletes. It seems like John


was working very hard indeed, but his run as strong as ever. You would


think Mario Mola and Richard Murray behind him, the guys you would


expect would be closing down. We will get a clear indication when we


get the official time check. Jonny Brownlee has ten or 11 minutes left


in this race. The winning timely year ago, Richard Murray's winning


time in 2015, 53 minutes and 19 seconds. Two laps to go. And at the


moment Jonny Brownlee leads the way. Richard Murray is second. Grant


Sheldon is third and Mario Mola is up to fifth at this stage.


With a landslide Jonny Brownlee has won this one already. 3.9 kilometres


to go. Excellent running by Grant Sheldon. He is an strong company.


Mola and Sheldon on either side. A couple of weeks ago Grant Sheldon


raced and won the world University triathlon Championships in


Nyon. Also thirdly the European triathlon Championships and fifth in


the European under 23 championships. He has had some good results in


recent weeks. Currently in good company. The battle for the


remaining two podium positions between Richard Murray, Mario Mola


and Grant Sheldon. Jonny Brownlee lapping athletes. When you see


athletes getting lapped on Sprint distance. Five and a half, possibly


six minutes taking out of them. With another eight, ten minutes to go.


Grant Sheldon struggling to keep contact with Mario and the Mola.


Jonny Brownlee cutting his way past those lapped runners, extending his


lead. He will make the turn. They will get a close-up view of what


they have to achieve. One of the lapped runners trying to get a toe


on Brownlee. Marie was fourth in the Olympics. Mola had a disappointing


time in Rio, finishing down in eighth position. That lead slip to


be around 19, 20 seconds. With half of the run completed. 2.5 kilometres


left to run for Jonny Brownlee. The next time he crosses the transition


area, he will take the veil. Surely there is no stopping him now. The


Olympic silver-medallist. Showing the way. His brother absent.


Alistair still the most successful triathletes in World Triathlon


Series is to read. 21 wins. Only Javier Gomez comes close. Always


those thoughts and doubts for the leading pack, that has had to work


so hard establishing the lead they wanted to. Jonny Brownlee disproving


that, working so hard right at the front of the bike section, going


away, coming out of the transition from keeping it going right the way


through. Sheldon in contention with Mola Andy Murray. I thought he may


have got left behind, but sticking with them. Murray and Mola not being


able to shake off Grant Sheldon. Back with the leader. 2012 triathlon


world champion. Silver-medallist in the World Series, in 2011 and 2013.


Twice the world sprint champion. Former under 23 triathlon world


champion. Two Olympic medals, bronze and silver. It is the end of lap


two. Jonny Brownlee, the second best triathletes in the world. Second


best in Leeds! On his final lap, two down, one to go. Little bits of


grimacing starting to feature on his facial expressions. 19 seconds over


Mola Andy Murray. Grant Sheldon, could possibly put a never British


triathlete on the podium. Tom Bishop, not far-away. Adam Bowden


seven. We could have four in the top ten. Adam Bowden has had some


promising results in 2016. With the lead at 19 seconds, Grant Sheldon in


the chasing trio, that would be a sensational breakthrough. Johnny


clearly serious about winning the world title. He would go


head-to-head with Mario Mola in two weeks' time. A question of


mathematics, who takes the title, the points being sorted during that


final Olympic distance race. There is one race on a Saturday, one race


on Sunday. You can see it all on the BBC. Jonny Brownlee deep in his


final lap. Just over one kilometres run. On his way to claim his 11th


World Triathlon Series victory. And to up the stakes in the race for the


World Triathlon Series title, for 2016. Jonny Brownlee versus Mario


Mola in a few weeks' time in Mexico. In Edmonton, Mario Mola versus


Richard Murray, for second position. We think Grant Sheldon is in good


shape to take four. Heading up to the turn for the final time. Sheldon


holding on to fourth place. He has the German athlete behind him.


British triathletes in first, fourth, fifth and eighth at this


stage. 22 seconds the gap. Perhaps Tom Bishop beginning to challenge


Grant Sheldon for that fourth place at the moment. Is it beyond a dream


to close down on these two? Perhaps it is. If there is going to be a


sprint finish, it will be between Murray and Mola. We have seen that a


couple of times this season. Did not see it a couple of races ago, in


Stockholm. In Hamburg, it was. Mola and Murray, is set to have a final


lap battle. Murray had to take the penalty, which she was not


expecting. Did not exactly cover himself in glory that day, Richard


Murray. Out in front, Jonny Brownlee tidying things up here. Leading from


the start, from the water. Following Richard Varga out of the water.


Joining the trio that control the bike stage. Alongside Aaron Royle


and Richard Varga. Bursting into transition. Escaping transition


quicker than anyone. He had known one for company. Within seconds he


was eight seconds clear of the next best. Stretching the lead until


around the 22nd mark. Now after 51 minutes of this sprint distance


triathlon, Jonny Brownlee is on his way to World Triathlon Series


victory number 11. It has been the performance of


experience, intelligence and ability. Enjoying every moment of


this. Had to settle for second behind his older brother in Rio de


Janeiro. Thoroughly enjoying this victory in Edmonton. Jonathan


Brownlee, winning in Canada. Mario Mola has broken clear of Richard


Murray. He will come home for second. Import in second place for


Mola. Richard Murray coming home third. A battle on between the


British triathletes. France Sheldon holding on for four. -- Grant


Sheldon. Getting there just be for Tom Bishop, who was fifth. Adam


Bowden makes it four British triathletes in the top ten in


Edmonton. No one could touch Jonny Brownlee to


day. Spectacular victory. Over the sprint distance. It is all about


Mario, in the next race, if he has a good one he has won. I could not do


much better than that. Good result. All up to the last race. A few times


I was thinking, I wish Alistair was there, to sit on his wheel. We will


see what clannish APs in, not seen him for two weeks. It will make a


big difference. Richard Murray third, to victory in this race 12


months ago. He has had a difficult season. Smashed up his collarbone,


in the incident with the unknown penalty in Hamburg. The fine that


followed, losing all his points. Back on the podium today, with one


race to come. Mario Mola, third in this race a year ago. Maintains


control of the World Triathlon Series standings. A couple of


hundred points clear of Jonny Brownlee. Looking forward to the


decider. Disappointing race in Rio. Finishing down in eighth place. Up


to second today. Following a really good run. Everything went swimmingly


for Jonny Brownlee to date. Started the race, towed through the lake by


his good training partner, Varga. Setting up the work on the bike with


Varga and Aaron Royle. Exploding out of transition. Taking the race by


the scruff of the neck. Went into first position, and stayed there.


Now, with one race to go, the difference between them is just over


200 points. One of the biggest difference at this Bamburgh Castle


event is the children's triathlon. Involving some of the best


up-and-coming triathletes in the country. Many inspired to get


involved in 2012, when the Brownlee brothers won gold and bronze in


London. They will encouraged a new generation after their exploits in


Rio. As well written's first Olympic medallist in triathlon, Vicky


Pollard. What Vicky has achieved has been fantastic. Richly deserved


bronze medal for Vicky Holland. Highlighting her qualities as a


person. Holland winning in Cape Town, in some style. Fantastic


competitor. Holland takes the win in Edmonton. Stunning result. She


raises her game. We will see her in Brazil, courtesy of her third-place


finish. It can be anywhere in the world. She's tough cookie. The


bronze, to Vicky Holland, of Great Britain. Vicky's Olympic medal


winning potential came to the fore last season with two World Series


wins, the last of which came in Edmonton. Back aiming to defend her


title, as is her housemate and the 2013 champion Stanford, she was


pipped to that Olympic medal in Rio. In terms of the overall title, that


will have to wait for another year for both of them. We just two events


to go, there are intense and 17th place. Like Olympic champion Gwen


Jorgensen, not start line in Edmonton. Neither have been


competing enough races to content for the title.


Flora Duffy has been the most consistent performer throughout the


season and you would have to say, at this stage, it is her title to lose.


But don't discount Britain's Jodie Stimpson. So unlucky to miss out on


selection for Rio, Jodie returned to action this weekend, having spent


the last month training in Colorado. If she Kimmich the podium and finish


ahead of Duffy, with one race to go it could be the Commonwealth


champion's name topping the leaderboard. To see how the race


unfolds it is time to hand you back to our commentators. COMMENTATOR:


Here is the start this. Flora Duffy wears number one, as the number one


ranked athlete in the world. Jodie Stimpson has number two. The other


British athletes are Vicky Holland, with number six. Non Stanford,


fourth in the Olympics, is 11. Lucy Hall is here, she has 27. And


Jessica Learmonth has number 29. The last few elite triathletes being


introduced to the crowds, as they make their way down onto the carpet.


Duffy could be one to watch today. Eighth in the Olympics, Flora Duffy.


The World Series title remains her focus. The same goes for Jodie


Stimpson. The final countdown for the start. Round eight of the World


Triathlon Series for 2016 in Edmonton, in Canada, in Alberta, in


very cold water, gets underway. They will be keen to get this 750 metre


swim done and dusted just as quickly as possible, Steve. Absolutely. I


think we may be seeing a big British presence here today. Along with our


Olympians on Jodie Stimpson, number 27 Lucy Hall and 29 Jessica


Learmonth, they have really smashed the race in Leeds and put a


complexion on it we may not have seen otherwise. A total contrast to


the last time most of these athletes raced in Rio, salt water, heavy


Atlantic swells, warmth. Now, freshwater, millpond still and


absolutely freezing. And they are heading out to the centre of this


lake, where they will make their turn, two turns to negotiate before


they come back to the beach and exit, taking their wet suits. The


bikes are for laps. 20 kilometres on the bike and a five kilometre run to


thing this finish things off. -- to finish things off. The official


water temperature, 17.1 degrees. I think we may be brewing in the wind


chill factor before the race started... Watching the athletes


warming up, they did seem to be filled in the cold conditions. A


frenetic and frantic start from the athletes. Almost straight lining,


desperate. They will be delighted is a sprint distance in the cold


conditions. We did see a couple of the athletes, Jessica Learmonth from


Great Britain, looking under her left arm, left shoulder, to see who


is with her. She will be desperately hoping, anticipating perhaps that


Lucy Hall is going to be with her. Just a short journey from the beach


to the bikes, and then a five lap circuit in and around the park. They


will head across the North Saskatchewan River, before making a


short excursion down Victoria Park Road and returning back to the park


here through the Emily Murphy Park and into the transition area,


alongside the late. -- the lake. With between nine and ten minutes,


it's looking to be the case again, in fact just under. 8.58 or


thereabouts. Fast paced swim, happy to be out. Nine minutes dead for


Jessica Learmonth, Flora Duffy follows. Then the Americans Rio.


Sarah True comes out in temps, followed by Gillian Backhouse. -- in


tenth place. Melanie Santos is through. Anya


Knapp. The leaders have arrived at their


bikes. Jodie Stimpson is 37 seconds off the pace. Stimpson came out just


a head of Vicky Holland, was 40 seconds down. Jessica Learmonth the


best of the British contingent so far, as the world number one, in


terms of rankings in the world draft on series standings, reaches her


bike. The wet suit has gone in the box. The helmet is on an Duffy is


first to arrive and first to leave transition, no way for the first of


the five laps on two wheels. Feet resting on the shoes that are


attached to the pedals. She will figure out the finer details as she


gets going. The two Germans struggling with the early pace. Anja


Knapp could do OK here today. Doesn't mind the cold. Jodie


Stimpson isn't looking particularly fast at the moment. She is on her


way now, some way behind Flora Duffy, who is already deep into lap


one. Just caught a glimpse of Non Stanford who were significantly


behind these leaders here. I would suggest may be as much as 45-50


seconds behind. I think that is an indication of how much the cold


played its part. Flora Duffy absolutely working to her strengths.


She comes from Bermuda, world athlete, she is all over the planet,


but the way she dealt with that, the cold water, absolutely flying in


transition, superb mount and looking to get away.


Jessica Learmonth there. But there is a group here of eight forming at


the front of the field, led by Flora Duffy. We know that Duffy can really


do some damage on the bike. She is capable of breaking away, and she


will want to force a ferocious pace and make the others work for their


prize today. Cook of the USA is at the back of that group. Then


Zaferes. Very, very good lead out from Flora


Duffy. A bit disappointing for a couple of the British athletes.


Vicky Holland and Non Stanford third and fourth in the Olympic Games. Not


really getting that urge to go to the lead pack, but working hard,


Flora Duffy, as we would expect. Rabie taking their chances with the


cold, taking sleeves to try and stay as warm as possible. There is no


chance, because the air temperature, the water was bad enough, the air


temperature is about 8 degrees are not due to get much higher today. It


is like an early winter race rather than a late summer outing here. Good


to have a British presence here with Lucy Hall. That was a tremendous


transition from Lucy. She was just a few seconds down coming out and has


really established herself out there, more than happy to take her


turn at the front, knowing that if there was any weakness in her


triathlon third discipline, the run. She will be determined work hard on


the bike. As indeed is Flora Duffy. As soon as there is any lessening in


the pace whatsoever, Flora goes straight to the front. The leading


group have arrived at the end of their first lap. A couple of tight


turns to negotiate. There is a threat of rain, thankfully it is dry


at the moment. A decent crowd in transition, as Duffy comes through.


A group of nine on the front. We will get a check on the difference


between the chasers on the leaders at the end of each lap. Mid-lap the


distance was 26 seconds. I think it might be slightly more than that,


because they complete the first lap. 29 seconds the difference between


the leaders on the chasers at the end of the first lap of four.


Holland is in that group, and Jodie Stimpson as well. I think Stanford


in that group as well. She must work hard coming out of the transition.


Good news for Flora Duffy at the front, because no Jodie Stimpson in


that group or Andrea Hewitt. Flora Duffy looking to establish her


position as the number one in the world rankings. Yes, if Duffy


finishes fourth on lower today and Jodie Stimpson is third, they would


be tied heading into the final race in Cozumel in Mexico, once again


back to the warmth. That is in two weeks' time. The way things look at


the moment, it is unlikely Stimpson is going to play much a part in the


final stages of this race. She is too far back, 29 seconds. Summer


Cook now struggling with the pace at the front of the race. The front of


nine has shrunk to a group of eight. I think if anything the pace of this


front group has actually gone up. It seems Rabie is working hard. We have


seen Flora Duffy at the very front. She is determined to put her minutes


of effort and effort and effort in again. Carolina Routier racing well


and sometimes we see are falling behind after a strong swim but that


is not happening today. Lucy Hall right up there, the 24-year-old.


20th in Hamburg last time out over the sprint distance. 13th in Leeds


after a fantastic swim and a decent bike. Went backwards rather on the


run, but she has had a solid season, Lucy Hall. Sarah True has been a


winner on the World Triathlon Series. She won in Stockholm last


year. Another one who was disappointing and disappointed with


her performance in Rio, Sarah True. She ended up bowing out of the race.


Picked up a knee injury of some kind and couldn't continue, despite brave


efforts to make it to the end of the Olympic competition. Perhaps in this


chase group in the second group, a little more coordination. They seem


to have established a routine, moving up on the right-hand side,


taking that 30 or 40 pedal revolutions and then moving over.


Non Stanford working hard, established herself in the middle of


that chase pack. At the moment the information we are getting is the


gap is staying pretty much consist in at around 30 seconds. Now, Summer


Cook dropped off the pace that has now caught back-up. Cook has fought


well on the first half of lap two, to get back with the lead group.


These are the chasers. We have Non Stanford alongside Lisa Norden.


Stanford has gloves on. She obviously arrived prepared for the


cold. Jodie Stimpson and Vicky Holland in there, free of Britain's


best in this chase group. Stimpson, pushing a little harder on her bike.


Stanford goes along for the ride. Stanford wrote about her third-place


finish in Rio de Janeiro on her blog. It is a beautifully written


piece. I suggest you find it if you can. Talking about how she was force


and what she thought about that, and how there were hundreds of other


athletes who finished fourth at the Olympics as well I must be going


through the same emotions. Also emphasising how delighted she was


for her housemate in Leeds, and her best friend, Vicky Holland. Holland


and Stanford had a sprint finish for that last available Olympic medal.


Looks like the Americans are dominating this race, taking their


turns up at the front. Over the -- of the group at the lead from the


USA. The chase group getting Sirius about what they have to achieve now.


It is Non Stanford who is calling the shots. She's decided what pace


they will ride at. Stanford in hot pursuit of this group of nine, who


are about to reach mid-distance in the two wheel stage of this World


Series race. Marie Rabie first aired the carpet, halfway there. Two laps


downland two to go. The last time they got to this point they were 29


seconds clear of the chasers. They have just gone towards a final turn.


Much more pace about the chasers now. Let's see if they've done any


damage to that leading time? 29 seconds at the end of the first lap.


It is still a significant margin, three seconds less. Down to 26


seconds at the end of lap two. Ever going through, really working hard.


Non Stanford and Vicky Holland at the front, along with Jodie


Stimpson, doing the bulk of the work and knowing they have to close it


down. It is a five kilometre run. 30 seconds is a long way. You are


probably looking hundred and 50 or 160 metres on the road. Cook, all


the time, we are seeing her. She is relatively new to this circuit.


Perhaps just a little bit insecure about her handling skills. You are


right. When they coming towards transition at the end of the lap


there are some quite tight turns, she takes it easy. When they come


back onto the open road she has to work hard to get near the front of


the race again. I think I misjudged Summer Cook saying she was sitting


at the back. Just on her left shoe, not sure... It looks a very long


stripe coming down, perhaps very few issues there she was having to deal


with. I think the Velcro strap has come and on her shoe or not noticed


it been able to reach down and fix it. Jodie Stimpson on the right.


Vicky Holland leads them through the turn. Slight downhill stage here.


They can really accelerate away. Lap three, done and dusted. A warm


welcome in the bitterly cold conditions here in Edmonton. One lap


to go. They take the bell. I think the gap


is probably very similar to the time difference is that we registered at


the end of the second lap. I am not sure this chase group have taken any


more time out of the leaders. In fact, it's gone away from them even


further. It is out to 31 seconds. At the end of lap one it was 29, lap


two it was 26, now 31 seconds is the gap. Jessica Learmonth is in that


chase pack. It is a massive group. The safest place to be is at the


front of it, dictating the pace. It has to be, even this far out, just


thinking about the transition... Going in with that huge pack, if you


can be at the front, it really does save you so much time coming


through. I'm surprised Flora Duffy is still leading, still doing the


majority of the work, the bulk at the front. Not surprisingly Non


Stanford working so hard, trying to close down a few seconds to give


herself a chance. Once again we see Summer Cook really having to work so


hard just to re-establish contact with the lead pack. This race is


really played into the hands of Flora Duffy. She leads the world


rankings on 3491 points. Stimpson is second on 3146. Flora Duffy could go


an awful long way to wrapping up the World Triathlon Series title before


we head into the concluding round in Cozumel in two weeks' time with a


good result today, especially as she is miles clear of Jodie Stimpson at


this stage. 31 seconds between first and second placed athletes in the


ITU standings. 33 seconds the distance. 31 seconds


officially a transition at the end of the third lap. Another couple of


seconds going astray between the lead group on the left, and the


chasing group including Stimpson, Holland and Stanford. Helen Jenkins


is not here. She had been suffering with a stomach bug. Slightly below


par performance. We thought something might be up with Helen


Jenkins, so far off the pace coming out of the swim, at the Copacabana.


She revealed she had picked up a bug, easy to do in Rio. Really


struggling with her strength and fitness, all the way ref. -- round.


34 seconds, viewing each other in opposite directions. He chasers


arriving at the turn. Looks like Jodie Stimpson looking to join in as


well. Summer Cook cruising, taking her


hand down to the shoot, immediately putting it back on the handlebars,


inexperienced rider from doing well to stay with this group. C was she


can do five run. Great move by Flora Duffy approaching transition, right


at the front, once clear space of the roots of the long run at the


front. Making sure she is leaving. They have to get that right, the


dismantled line just after the turn. Quite a tricky arrival in


transition. Duffy mailing it so far. Let's see who is first to break from


transition at the end of the bike. Some are Cook losing seconds


approaching transition. She was still getting ready to put her bike


in the apparatus. Lucy Hall with the red gloves. The second group coming


in. Some are Cook getting tangled with the chasing group. Something


went wrong going into transition. Certainly something happened. Five


or six seconds down. Losing 20, 25 seconds. Keeping us entertained, one


way or another. Casper first to break at the front of the


5,000-metre run. Never winning a World Triathlon Series race.


Certainly making her intentions clear.


Flora Duffy starts to move up. Perhaps lower out of transition than


we have been used to seeing. She has two works so hard on the run. Slow


and cautious, sitting on the shoulder of Sarah True. Kasper with


some good results, fifth in Cape Town, ninth in Yokohama. Second in a


sprint race in Rotterdam. Part of the European travel and Union,


European cup. She has her compatriot, Sarah True on her


shoulder. Easing to the front of the field. Sarah True winning a sprint


World Series race in the past. Taking Stockholm in 2014. Further


down the field, Vicky Holland making a move. With a gap of 37 seconds at


the end of the final lap, an awful lot of work to do over five


kilometres. The lead group beginning to break up. Flora Duffy's


relatively slow move out of transition. The leading group


beginning to split quite early on. I think we can see the second pack,


the leaders not to far-away from closing in. Then, not too far on


closing down from the bulk of the lead group. Lucy Hall after the


superb swim and bike ride, looking like she's feeling it. Sarah Hall.


This run split into three laps, at 1.67 kilometres, making up a total


of five case. Vicky Holland moving through the field. Taking quite a


lot of time out of that 32nd, 37 second deficit she had at the end of


the bike. Getting close to Some are Cook. Injection of pace after the


turn from Sarah True. Duffy and Kasper able to match it. The top


three ahead of the field. You can see Some are Cook. If she had got


the transition right, she may be saving something for the run, with


the shenanigans on the bike. If she had not messed up the transition,


seem to get stuck, she might be up with the leaders. Vicky Holland on a


charge, with Non Stanford not far behind. Holland already taking all.


About to get past Lucy Hall. Sarah True trying to open a gap. Duffy


responding. I think Kasper has broken after the latest injection of


pace from True. The performance by Sarah True, just when it was


required. Flora Duffy working hard to stay with her. What a first lap


from Vicky Holland. Some are Cook. -- Summer Cook. She needs to get the


technicalities correct. Holland going


past Spivey. What a race she had in Rio, going really well. Non Stanford


following in her footsteps. They have gone past quite a few of the


original lead pack. Sarah True looking very smooth, almost gliding


along at the front. Sarah True, rarely taking this race at the


front. The difference between True and Holland is 32 seconds. We will


see how Vicky Holland deals with the second half of this run. After 15


minutes, Sarah True potentially on her way to a third World Triathlon


Series win of her career. Little glance over the shoulder to see what


the opposition are up to. She will take the bells shortly. Sarah True


leading the way, for the United States of America. Into transition,


two down, one to go. We will get a. Checked on the standings.


Summer Cook into third. Brilliant running. The next athlete regency is


Vicky Holland. 15 seconds between first and fifth. 27 seconds. Holland


closing all the time. Flora Duffy has not given in. We saw the big


surge by Sarah True. Maybe a little shocked. Cook, from the back of the


lead pack, coming through. Now closing in on Flora Duffy.


Absolutely sensational performance. She will be thinking, what could


I've done if I stayed with the pack? Their cheers, wearing the body suit,


keeping her warm, paying dividends for Cook. Seems lost coming out of


transition. Making a mess coming off her bike, putting on the running


shoes. Something went wrong. She has fought back, brave performance from


Cook, from the USA. She is in second place, behind her compatriot, Sarah


True. We could have an American 1-2. If she was 30 seconds behind Sarah


coming out of transition two. Are we going to see an absolute sensation?


Overtaking her team-mate on the final run? We have been surprised by


Cook on three four occasions. Looks like she is having a go at Sarah


True's lead. Seven second lead that she has. About halfway through the


final lap. Vicky Holland continues to make progress. She has work to


do. At the moment Flora Duffy bumped off the podium places. Pushed down


to fourth. You can see Holland right at the back of the shop, in sixth


position. Focusing on fifth. Limited time to force their way up to a


podium position. Not sure that is possible. We will see. Vicky Holland


about to make the turn. Sarah True going back down the hill, going back


towards the park, it on the end of this run. They will do a left turn,


back into the park. The finish line down alongside the Lakeshore


shortly. The time gap has lesson. Sarah just


in front of, she has it going to stop all sorts of thoughts will be


going through her head now. She's catching, she's chasing. She's


getting it done, Summer Cook is closing the gap. Sarah True is


showing signs of frailty now. Look at the support for Summer Cook.


Summer Cook has got plenty more to offer. Cook alongside True. Cook


goes past True and moves into first position. This is an astonishing


performance from Summer Cook of the United States of America.


And, can Sarah True respond? I'm not sure she's got enough left in the


tank to deny Summer Cook what would be a quite outstanding victory, if


she holds on for the win here in Edmonton. True moving to the left


side of the road. She is not finished yet, Sarah True. And Summer


Cook can see her just in her peripheral vision as she glanced


around. She could see that Sarah True was not giving up on the chance


of victory here. If Summer Cook can go on and win this race, with all


the problems she had at the back of the bike pack in transition for the


second time, think what she could do when things go well for her! The


beauty of triathlon, maybe, maybe. The beauty of this athlete running


right now is very special indeed. I think we thought Sarah True really


had everything going for her. She made that magnificent surge midway


through. We thought Summer Cook was out of it but we were wrong, because


Summer Cook has put the race of her life together here. Summer Cook is


digging deep now. Looking towards the end of this race. Summer Cook


warmly welcomed by the Edmonton fans, who have watched her come in,


and now she's quitting her teeth, forcing a smile, desperate to make


the line Kim complete a stunning victory in Edmonton. Summer Cook


wins in Edmonton, what a performance. Summer Cook first and


Sarah True second. Third place to Katie Zaferes. A clean sweep for the


United States of America, but certainly not the winner we were


expecting. Summer Cook came from the clouds to win in Edmonton. Flora


Duffy has just crossed the line to go forth. A brilliant final stage


from Vicky Holland, the Olympic bronze medallist, coming home. She


has made her way into the top five. But take a bow, Summer Cook. An


electrifying performance! Non Stanford has just crossed the line


in the top ten. We think in seven position, Non Stanford. That is one


of the most surprising races I have ever seen. I'm trying to talk


without using all the cliches. I don't think it's possible. I didn't


expect it, you didn't expect it. We thought there is a great, talented


athlete, making all the mistakes we thought she could make with issues


like bike handling, poor transition, and yet she comes through and she


had the run of her life to take the victory of her life.


Confirmation of the final result of the Edmonton triathlon. Victory for


Summer Cook. Three seconds ahead of Sarah True, with Katie Zaferes


completing the American 1-2- three. Vicky Holland finished fifth with


Non Stanford coming home in seventh position. Jessica Learmonth was


24th. Neither Lucy Hall nor Jodie Stimpson could finish the race. I


came in today wanting to finish in the top ten. I was working really


hard on the bike to stay with the group. To be able to come off that


and have a strong run was... It was surprising to me. For me a lot of


today was just finding the mental willpower to keep myself in the race


and put myself in the position to have a strong result.


As an athlete you never want to start a race not knowing if you're


actually going to be open to get through the race. Obviously I'm


pleased I was able to get through, and more pleased that I could show a


bit of fitness. I've had a pretty difficult year, so it's nice to have


a result that I'm pretty proud of. Honestly, it's really cool to be


able to share it with the next generation, Summer and my training


partner Katie. It's pretty sweet, this is my third


all-American podium I've been on in the last two years. I don't know,


it's just neat. For Summer to be a part of it is really cool. It is


amazing how the USA is growing, for women. I knew I had to come today


extra prepared for the conditions. It was just like an American dream


today, I thought I could hold on to second and on the last lap Summer


and Katie flew past me. I wanted to improve my fourth-place finish in


the series, but I was forth again. Jodie Stimpson has since stated on


social media she had an Achilles problem going into the race, which


caused her to pull out on the run. And it is now unlikely that she will


compete in Cozumel. And so, whilst it's not


mathematically certain, it does look increasingly likely that the 2016


trophy will end up in the hands of Flora Duffy.


That is eight races down in the World Triathlon Series, which means


just one to go. We are breaking new ground, as for the first time ever,


the series goes to Central America for the 2016 grand final on the


Mexican island of Cozumel. We will have live coverage of the women's


race on the evening of Saturday the 17th of September, and highlights on


Sunday the 18th on BBC Two at 2:30pm. Then later on Sunday, tune


in live for the men's race on the red button look out for a highlight


sprog programme on Monday the 19th, this time at 2pm on BBC Two. Both


highlights programmes will also be available on the BBC iPlayer. The


2016 Olympic champions both back in action alongside the likes of


Johnny, Mario, Vicky and Jodie, promises to be a breathtaking end to


the season. We do hope you can join us then.


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Highlights from Edmonton in Canada of the elite men's and women's races in the penultimate World Series event of the season. British brothers Alistair and Jonny Brownlee are expected to lead the challenge against overall leader Mario Mola of Spain, while Jodie Stimpson is vying to claim her second World Series victory of the season to bolster her chances of being crowned world champion when the nine-leg event concludes later in the month.

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