Hamburg Highlights Triathlon: World Series

Hamburg Highlights

The best of the action and reaction from the fifth round of the World Series, held in Hamburg. In the women's race, British hopes are led by former world champion Non Stanford.

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Hello and welcome, the 2017 triathlon story continues, this


weekend the action moved to Hamburg. It was favs and furious -- it was


fast and furious and the hunt for Commonwealth Games places is heating


up. Team England are strongly represented in the women's race with


Jessica Learmonth the highest ranked Brit. There is no Jonny Brownlee in


the men's race, more on that later. But the British athletes were there.


The big international stars are also out in force and for the first time


since it was announced as a future Olympic event we will have the


thrills and spills of mixed relay. Wales won't be represented in


Hamburg, buzz none Stanford injured. But that means she is here to talk


us with. What is going on. I picked up a niggle with my Achilles, it has


been rumbling on since the start of the year and after Leeds it took a


turn for the worse. So I have had a bit of time out. Just been swimming.


Just about back on my bike and the treadmill. Not whey wanted mid


season, but not the end of world. When do you hope you will be back


race something I would love to be back for Stock Market -- Stockholm.


But I hope by the end of the year I will be back out. What does that


meanior your chance of a World Championship this year? It means I


won't be able to finish on the podium or feature highly in the


rankings, that was my primary aim of the year. But hopefully I can come


back out in Rotterdam and make up for the lost time. Is it


frustrating? Absolutely. It is part of the job unfortunately and you


have to take a step back and look after the body. Watching everyone


jet off and race all over the world is frustrating. We are delighted to


have you hear. You mentioned Leeds. Let's have a look at what happened


there. Welcome to Roundhay Park, the athletes are lined up. The end of


lap one. And Jessica Learmonth of Britain is first to emerge. Non


Stanford is 18 seconds off the pace. She is not in a great place. She is


on her own. Still no sign of Stanford, the former world champion.


It is a shame, she has lost a bit of time there. Learmonth out on her


own. She is taking this on. Jess Learmonth waiting for Non Stanford.


Now the battle continues in down town Leeds. The world champion,


Flora Duffy of Bermuda who leads them. They have to get the dismount


right. That was tight for Betto. I think she will have a penalty. Duffy


looks to be getting into her rhythm. Swam well, rode beautiful. And Duffy


wins in Leeds. Learmonth the best of the British. But it is Duffy who is


all smiles, today's race winner. As you saw, Jess Learmonth followed


team tactics, much to the frustration to those who thought she


might finish further up the field, but a few days later, she got the


opportunity to show what she was capable of, winning the European


Championships with Britain's Sophie cold Well behind in second. She was


phenomenal in Leeds. She was incredible, really strong and has


come out and asserted her authority and is laying down the marker for


what she wants to do this season. That is evident she wants to be


world champion again. Following the foot steps of Gwen. Jess Learmonth


only came to the sport in 2011. Yes, she is relatively new. She was a


very good swimmer as a teenager, but decided to travel and played


football and stumbled across triathlon and it is only the last


year she has stepped up. She is 29, so she is a bit old e but definitely


is a while until she reaches her potential. Where do you think she


could make improvements. I think her running is the weakest, but she is


improving. She still has a lot o' prove. Do you think this year she


has a chance of being on the podium in one of the races? Yes, if the


race plays in her favour she could be on the podium. I think she would


need to have her usual good swim, a breakaway potentially with Flora and


a strong run. I love the fact you train together, but also compete


against each other. How good do you think she could be? I said this last


year to my coach, I think Jess has the potential to be the next Flora


Duffy. How intriguing. At the moment, we have reached the half way


point in the Serries in Hamburg. Let's see how things stand for this


year's world ranking. Now it is Hamburg and then Edmonton.


Monday Montreal is a new event. The penultimate stop is more familiar


territory, Stockholm on 26th August. We end with this year's grand final


in the Dutch city of Rotterdam on 16th September.


So we have two winners in the series, Andrea Hewitt and Flora


Duffy, what do you think has the advantage in the sprint? Andrea's


often performed well over that sprint distance. Flora has never


actually won a sprint distance race. So it will be interesting to see how


she goes, but I could never discount her. Tell us the different between


sprint live, they're quite different? Yes for me a sprint feels


like it is over in a blink of an eye, but there are points in an


Olympic distance race where you have time to stop and think and hopefully


rectify any mistakes you have made. It can be won by a different animal,


it opens up the race to more athletes, you always get a few


surprise poedups. It is interesting that you have to nail both of them?


Yes it is important and that is what the world series tries to do, tries


to give a world champion that is an all-round athlete and you know it


does test you, having the two disciplines. We know that Kirsteen


Kasper is leading, where is your money, it is on Hewitt and Duffy to


win? My money would be on Flora, she is a more consistent podium athlete.


Kirsten? I think Kirsten could be on the podium for sure. I would be


surprised if she is challenging for the top step. But don't be surprised


to see Katie Zaferes. Tell us about the Britain. We have some strong


swimmers, Sophie has got one of the fastest 50s out of male and female


in the British squad. So that will suit her. I expect to see her up


there and both Lucy and Sophie are strong bikers. We have got India


Lee, the 2016 European champion. Not necessarily the strongest swimmer,


but a very good biker and runner and George Taylor Brown who came back


in. I wouldn't be surprised to see her in the top ten. It will be an


exciting race. Let's go to the race now and hear from our commentators.


COMMENTATOR: Round 5 of the 2017 world triathlon series. Elite


women's sprint race. It is a 750-metre swim. Six laps on two


wheels. Taking them out over the track. And then when they reach


transition for the second time, them have completed 20ks on their bikes


before hanging them on and putting on their running shoes for the two


laps of 2.5ks each to complete the 5 kilometre run.


They're racing. Round 5 of the world triathlon series is under way.


Spectacular start. One lap on the swim. 60 athletes involved this


afternoon. Calm conditions in the water. Bare lay breath of wind


around. They make one turn and then head back and under the bridge,


under the road bridge, back to transition. It is a 750-metre swim


and a 21 kilometre bike and a five k run to conclude. That is the sprint


distance today in Hamburg. And the sun is shining. It was a nice, clean


start, but this is a tricky swim, they need to work hard to get a


break, but because of the design of the course, they swim out, across


and back in and it is not long before they hit the first turn


around buoy. This is where the stronger swimmers need to work hard


if they have any chance of a break. British number, Learmonth is 12. 22


for Coldwell. Georgia Taylor Brown is No 51. This is the where the turn


arrives and where everybody is keeping a close eye on the race. It


is less of an issue in the women's competition, but in the men's


competition it can be nasty at times. 56, Victoria Lopes making the


turn first. She is from Brazil. We haven't seen much of her. She needs


to go left of the next buoy. She seemed to be going slightly off


course. You can see some get course on the inside and can be bumped and


barged and ducked and pushed under. Goggles and swim caps can get ripped


off. The authorities are keen to keep an eye on this and reduce the


drama that happens at the big turns. The sprint distance, 750 metres is


very quick and they will be done and dusted with under 10 minutes on the


the clock. There is a couple of athletes breaking away at the front.


They will have to work hard, the stronger swimmers to get a break


over 750 metres. It is a big field. 61 the numbers go up. But they don't


have a No 13. 60 were on the start line. That is a fair amount on this


small Liddle swim they have got. It will be tough for anyone to get a


breakaway. Somebody's in trouble. That is Alice Betto of Italy. They


were quick to reaction and she -- quick to react. She may have come in


for some punishment on the turn. Look at the crowds looking down from


the quayside. They're three or four deep. They go through the second


arch from the left. You can see the yellow buoys protecting them from


the wooden structures there. Now they disappear from view for a


while. When they come out of the tunnel that stretches unther the


road bridge, they will have about 130 metres to go to the exit of the


water. It was Routier of Spain and Lopes of


Brazil. Last time we got a check on the front pair. We will hope that


Learmonth isn't far away. We will keep an eye on Lucy Hall's progress,


28. Strong swimmer, she would be hoping to be near the front.


The end of the single lap. 750 metres of the swim is complete. They


can come out op either side of the hand rail there. And away they go.


We should get the trans responders with the timing system, we can tell


you it is Lopes and Routier, Kasper is not far away. Jess Learmonth is


coming out in sixth. Duffy is in the mix as well. The World Champion.


Summer Cook not far off. Looking for the next of the union flags. There


is Sophie Coldwell. 17 seconds down officially. They are coming thick


and fast now. Takahashi has swam well, 21 seconds down. India Lee is


out. She is out round 21 seconds down. Georgia Taylor Brown down, as


the leaders arrive and lead transition in a hurry. Wet suits


left behind. They have to arrive in the plastic box, Lucy Hall 45th


position. They are all pretty tightly bunched and they mount up


and leave transition. Ashley Gentle struggling to get her helmet done


up. Couldn't find the clip. She is away now.


That was a very usual swim for Lucy Hall. She is one of the athletes


that we tend to see coming out leading out, there is Carolina


Routier from Spain, leading the way here, that looks like Jess Learmonth


getting on her shoes, little group of five. If they want to stay away


they have to work really hard, absolutely crucial. It is what the


Brownlee brothers do best. They work very hard. They get that gap but you


have to be seriously committed and you have to give 100% of everything


you got if you are to stay away. So these five, may not have been the


first five out of the water, that is the absent ats by bet toe, she was


hauled out on to the safety boat. We will get back with the leaders here.


Or Alice Betto. These are the standings after transition number


one, Kasper, Ruthier, Lopes, Learmonth and Beaugrand. The


athletes were tightly bunched coming out of the swim. We saw most out


within about 40 seconds. This is only 750 metres, the reason they


tend to stay together, in the Olympic distance of 1500 metres we


tend to see the gap starting to occur round about 750 metre, there


is a group not that effective buzz they are not managing to stay away.


There is a Australian athlete, and the Brazilian athlete new to the


circuit, she looks like she finds herself round 7th, 8th. You can see


Flora Duffy, the colours red and black, making her way whack to the


front group that is trying to break away at the moment.


I think the group of 25 could form quite quickly. The front group of


five which is swollen to seven. That will soon become 13 with the next


pack of six, and they have all merged into one, and that will


number around 25 riders, so a huge working group. The pace is injected


at the front, I think that is Learmonth leading the way, just


drifting off to her right. Shouting for the workload to be shared. Flora


Duffy takes it up, ahead of the current world number one Kirsten


Kasper in the early stages here. These two, along with Jess Learmonth


are trying to get away from this next group of round 25 or so.


Technically Flora Duffy is a great rider and Jessica Learmonth, very


strong. She has only been racing in the World Series for a couple of


year, I have been interested in watching her progress and what she


did in Leeds, she sat back and awaited for Non Stanford. She had a


phenomenal swim. Flora Duffy, the work she is doing, is causing a lot


of damage to that group behind. They are finding it very hard to get back


on. Duffy, Learmonth and Kasper have taken it on during this first lap,


with five laps to go, 15-and-a-half minutes since this triathlon began.


The leading three have really raised their game. We can see having a look


as they ride over the blue carpet for the first time. Jess Learmonth


put herself in a great position. Kirsten Kasper the leading athlete


on the world triathlon series tucked in behind the British athlete.


World Champion Flora Duffy. She has done some serious damage, aided and


abetted by Jess Learmonth for Kasper.


20 seconds in front. 23 seconds now, it is extended. They strengthen


their lead more, coming midway through lap three of six in total.


21 kilometres the total distance for this second stage. . Think what


Flora does, she is an intelligent racer, she doesn't think what she is


doing in the sense I have to save myself for the run or this is


hurting. She gives 100% and doesn't look back, that is what is great to


see about her racing. The three, the three owe, they are well away down


the road, well over 20 seconds. -- trio.


All eye on the leading three, who have total supremacy at the moment.


Flora Duffy controlling things at the front. She and Learmonth and


Kasper cross the line to complete the third plan. They are half bay


through the bike. -- lap. We will get a check on the time difference


when the chasers come through, so it was 20 seconds last time out. I


would suggest it is going to be closer to 25, 26 seconds this time.


With three laps to go, it is 25 seconds.


Interestingly there we had Lucy howl and Sophie Coldwell. It will be


interesting to see what their tactics are now, with Jess, Lucy


Hall and Jessica Learmonth, they are great Pauls. -- pals. Did Lucy say


let us slow this pace down. Oh no, carnage in transition at the exit,


and we have got real problems here, there are four athletes in serious


trouble. And they are asking for the paramedic, somebody is in real


problem, it is bow grand of France. -- Beaugrand of France. She has had


a big hit. We can see it again here. So the first seven eight come


through transition they are on their way out, just under the arch.


Goodness me, thank goodness they were on the carpet. It would have


softened the landing slightly. But it was a nasty collision. Flora


looks like he is trying to drop Jessica and Kasper. Can she do it?


Well, they are finding it hard to get back on to her wheel at the


moment. She has taken a couple of seconds out of Learmonth and Kasper.


And, she will be coming into transition shortly.


And we will hope that things are in control there. The first three


coming through shouldn't be an issue, they can divert them away


from the athlete who is receiving medical attention. It is the next


group which is very large that worries me slightly, you can see how


narrow things are here it widens out a bit when they come towards


transition, and that is Ide who is being stretchered off. They are


being told to slow down. Flora Duffy warned of the dangerous axxxx danger


ahead. And that is where it happened. Just on the exit of


transition. That is all very well, with just three of them coming


through in single file. Things are going to get more tricky with this


next massive group coming in. As they come into transition, they will


need to be a significant effort to make them ride single file, which


thankfully they are at the moment and to get the pace to reDuke's here


we go. It is all calm as they come to the hazard ahead.


Very difficult to explain to the athletes to slow down, you have your


head down, you are focussed on the race, I have no idea what is going


on. So Duffy has made a move away from Learmonth and Kasper and the


gap she has opened up to give herself outright ownership of first


position is now about four seconds, so good work from the reigning World


Champion looking for her third successive win on the world


triathlon series. Such a brave athlete. People will say why doesn't


she just sit in there? He is probably looking going why am I


slowing down, she has no idea, you can tell from her face. Our outright


leader Flora Duffy, approaching the end of the penultimate lap. When she


completes this she will have 3.5 kilometres to ride round Hamburg and


hang up her bike, there is no-one else down the road behind her. Flora


Duffy, one lap to go, taking the bell. The gap she has over Jess


Learmonth and Kirsten Kasper will be significant. They are still asking


the athletes to slow on their way out of transition but it seems that


the injured athletes have now been successfully evacuated, and taken


off for medical attention. That is is a massive gap Duffy has opened up


over Learmonth and Kasper, she did that on her own in the space of a


lap-and-a-half. 23 seconds, the advantage. The gap to the next


group, which is a significant pack of riders, is about another 20


seconds or so. 23. It is 21 seconds between Kasper and Learmonth and the


Lucy Hall group. Well, certainry, -- certainly one of


the athletes with the cameras on their bike. Having a little look.


This is where crash happened under that arch there. But, Jessica has 21


seconds on that chase pack. That is a good amount of time, but Jessica


and Kirsten are going to have to work hard if they are to stay away


from the chase pack. Last 1500 metres on two wheels for


Flora Duffy, she have a two lap run to conclude. Coming into transition


is going to be a nice affair for Flora Duffy, she won't be surrounded


by other athletes trying to get their feet out of their shoes, to


find their trainers, so that is a good position to be in, as is it for


Jessica Learmonth and Kirsten Kasper, they have to work hard, that


chase pack is starting to make inroads. It is important that the


British and American athlete work hard and get that gap coming into


transition. So 25 seconds between Duffy and Learmonth and Kasper and a


further 22 secs to the Lucy Hall Sophie Coldwell group, they are well


spread here, the British triathletes well placed but this is Flora's race


for the taking now. Main threats as they go on to the


FIA k run, still Kasper. No. I don't think anyone is going to catch her.


I would be surprised. There was a time when Flora Duffy wasn't known


for great running but that has changed, and Flora Duffy with 25


seconds over these two athletes back to the chase pack, unless something


happens this race is here, she will make it three out of three. She


started the series fairly late. She went to Yokohama won there, went to


Leeds and won there looks like she will repeat the same thing here.


Duffy has nerve won a sprint race. Her victories have come on the full


Olympic distance race, if she wins today, it will be another milestone


for the Bermudian. She has been on the podium three


times in sprint competitions but never on the top step.


Best result for Flora Duffy in sprint races in the past. Second


place in Edmonton 2015. Right. Here we go. Coming to transition now.


Easy. For Duffy, doesn't have to panic at all. Getting herself ready.


She can get set. The dismount line is round this little chicane. There


it is. The red line aid head of her. Steps off. Just before.


She heads to our position in transition with an advantage of


around 23 seconds, the last time we looked.


Duffy, parks her buy, leaves her helmet and sprints out of


transition, full of purpose and urgency. Behind her preparations for


Jess Learmonth of Britain and Kirsten Kasper of the United States


at the dismount line, right on the money there. And they have the long


run up the transition carpet. And the next group is coming in. And


will get a full check on who is involved in that as Learmonth


arrives at her transition area and leaves quickly. Learmonth and Kasper


within four metres of each other. It is all happening behind them. This


is where they need to be quick and avoid each other. We can see


incidents, dramatic crashes, happening in this situation. Sanders


on her way quickly. Spivey. Zaferes is just leaving there. Duffy is well


on her way. Eating up the ground in the first lap of two. 2.5ks per lap.


A total distance of 5ks. This was the world champion coming into


transition on her own. Flora Duffy well out in front at the moment. The


The next pair are the same pay with which Duffy rode for half of that


bike leg before she decided to go it alone, Kasper and Learmonth.


Contrast the sometimes between those two. Duffy has just over 4ks to run.


He is already a fifth of the way through the final stage. On the left


our leader. On the right the chasing pair. Which is Kirsten Kasper, and


Jess Learmonth. And they are running, they have got a slightly


quicker pace than Flora Duffy, but marginal. 17.3 kilometres per hour,


compared to 18 and Learmonth is struggling to stay with Kasper. They


made it tough for themselves when they let Flora Duffy head off down


the road, they needed to stay with her to stay away from the pack.


Hewitt also running well. So Ashley Gentle has already come past Kasper


and put herself into second place. That is phenomenal running from


Gentle. She is striding off down the road and we can see Laura Lindemann,


the local girl here, she is just hanging on the shoulders of Hewitt


and it looks like Kasper's given up hope for a medal position. Hewitt


also is are upping very well. -- running very well. The battle for


second to 10th continuing to switch with every passing kilometre. The


leader's advantage, Duffy's lead is now a significant 38 seconds. There


she is getting set to complete the first of her two laps. I think this


race is Flora Duffy's. She is running very well, nice and fluid.


She has over 40 seconds going out on to this 5k run and it will be hard


even for Ashley Gentle to make any serious inroads into her. Hewitt


look like she has made herself, or put herself into a bronze medal


position. Kasper, the American, who was part of the breakaway group for


much of the 20 kilometres, she has dropped back into fifth and the


other athlete there in the red is Annen, who got a silver at the


sprint Championships, the European Championships, a couple of weeks


ago. Annen has been a bit quiet over the last couple of years, but


starting to come through the field. She won a Cup race a few weeks ago.


The Swiss athlete very much on the up. But it is all about Flora Duffy


in Hamburg. Winning time a year ago 57 minutes and 3 seconds. Be I that


reckoning -- by that reckoning, she has another six or seven minutes to


run. She is concluding the first of her two laps. She will be running


about 3.30 kilometre pace. She my just be out side of that time from


Zaferes from last year. What a welcome she is getting from the


German crowds, who are on their feet and trying to rival the Leeds


supporters for noise. Gent it will has stormed clear of Hewitt to take


up second position in her own right and in fact Hewitt has been left


behind, not by much, but she has been over taken by Laura Lindemann,


who is getting carried along by the Hamburg fan. Lindemann pushing for a


podium place. Gentle is second. Lyndman and Hewitt together. She is


getting an extra yard or two in pace, because of the noise of the


crowd. Coldwell is in 11th. Hall is 12th. Learmonth has gone backwards


after such a good swim and ride and she is down to 15th. They're on the


the last lap, the final stage of this sprint distance triathlon in


Hamburg, where the atmosphere has been tremendous. And Lindemann is


trying to move clear of Hewitt. Gent it will in second. The Australian.


Outright second at the moment. That is hers to take if she can just


maintain that pace. Lindemann is a further 15 seconds back down the


road, holding third position, but with Andrea Hewitt in a promising


position in fourth. Hewitt has not allowed Lindemann to go clear.


Ashley gent it will is one of the -- gent it will is one of the -- Ashley


gent Gentle has finished sixth in ya Japan and sixth in Leeds. As well as


going on to potentially win this race, and take her first sprint


competition, Flora Duffy could be on her way to the largest ever winning


margin in a sprint competition. That is held by Gwen Jorgensen, 2014 in


London. 28 seconds. Flora Duffy could beat that today. We have 1,200


metres left to run and Duffy has taken the race by storm. Her tactics


have been magnificent. She rode with Learmonth and Kasper. Until such


time as she felt that she had the strength to break them. When she


burst away, they had nothing in response. It was a magnificent piece


of acceleration as she escaped from the British and the American


triathletes. Then she found herselves out in front with so much


advantage as she hung up her bike and headed out for the run. The only


one to respond significantly was Ashley Gentle and then Lindemann had


a go, but she might be outclassed by Annen and Hewitt, who seem poised to


pounce in the battle for third. Zaferes might be about to join in


the fun as well. Zaferes is also in the hunt for third place. Looks like


being a four-way battle for the bronze medal in Hamburg. Zaferes is


an interesting athlete, she doesn't look like she is moving that fast,


but it is very effective and we see her coming from behind like this,


although I think she probably has got her work cut out with these


three. But she has run herself through around, she was around 15


seconds back just after the end of the first lap. Two lapse of 2.5


kilometres. My money is on Hewitt after that sprint finish we saw in


Abu Dhabi. You would have to put your money on her for the sprint


finish. I guess it depends what further momentum Laura Lindemann can


get from the Hamburg crowd. They were be chanting her name if she


comes in for a final sprint finish in that potential four-way dash for


the bronze. There is no worries for Laura Duffy. Duffy of Bermuda is 38


seconds clear of Gentle of Australia who is in outright second. She has


made that her own. She still has 520 metres to run. But her advantage


over the quartet battling for bronze is significant. Duffy is on her way


to her third victory in a row. Zaferes, Annen, Lindemann and Hewitt


are jostling for position in the battle for the bronze. And Lindemann


is not out of this year. The Germans could get a place on the podium. But


Zaferes has moved to the front ominously for the rest of them.


Zaferes puts herself into third and it look like Hewitt is getting


dropped. Zaferes, Annen and Lindemann going head-to-head for


bronze. Unless Hewitt can responsibility one more time. Annen


is the one that is most on her toes. I said I thought Hewitt has got pit.


But Annen looks like the one. Flora Duffy makes the run easy, she puts


the work in on the swim and the bike and makes the run look easy. It will


be the fifth series win for Flora Duffy to make her joint second in


the all time list of world triathlon series winners. She wins world three


world series races in a row after victories in Yokohama and Leeds.


Duffy wins. The battle is on for third. It looks likes Annen is


getting left and the noise levels reaching fever pitch. Gentle hasn't


got time to stop. Lindemann trying to burst away as Gentle finds


herself on the carpet. She wants second place. And the race for third


continues behind. Between Lindemann of Germany and Zaferes of the United


States and the German has done enough. Oh, that is a courageous


third position for Laura Lindemann. What a race! Zaferes takes fourth.


And it is the largest winning margin in a spript competition -- sprint


competition ever. 31 seconds. Now they come home for the minor places.


Tomlin falls across the line to take seventh. Ahead of McShane and


Kasper. Sophie Coldwell will be the first of the British contingent to


cross the line in 11th. A minute and 10 seconds down. Takahashi will


finish in 12th. And then Taylor, and Spivey and Hall is 14th or Britain.


Jess Learmonth has just crossed the line into 17th position, a minute


and 36 seconds off the pace. Just in front of Lisa Pertl. I came out of


swim further back than I wanted and hammered the first part of bike and


I knew the chicane was technical and if I hammered that and thankfully


three of us got away. We were working together and I was getting


frustrated, I thought I would attack and went solo and that made the race


for me. You missed the first two Raphes with injury -- races with


injury, if somebody said you will win the first three, what would you


have said? I would never have believed them! Even when walking


hurts and I couldn't move without my hip hurting. It shows you know that


even though if you're not training your hardest you can maintain a


decent level. So I'm super happy. Ashley you were some way back out of


the water? I got on to my bike and did the best


I could. There has been plenty of races where I have been in that


situation but I have been able to salvage a good result. There is no


reason to quit after the swim. It's a triathlon, so you know, I just


tried to race as hard as I could, and, yeah, thankfully, it paid off


and I was able to come away with sec. I was going to ask you about


the support. In that sprint for the line, they just went mad. It was so


loud and I was pushing as hard as I could. I was amazed at the crowd.


Was it a target to make a breakthrough like this in a WTS


race? Yes, but I didn't ex President it at all.


Third victory in a row for Flora Duffy, her first over the sprint


distance, she continues to rewrite the records, the largest margin of


victory if a sprint competition. The reigning World Champion, having


missed the start of the season with injury is on a roll.


Confirmation of the final results. A commanding win for Flora Duffy and


Gentle and Lindemann in second and third. Jessica Learmonth finished


17th. India Lee was 26th and Georgia Taylor Brown finished in 31st


position. Katie zaver's fourth place puts her


in top place -- zavers. Gentle is up to second. Kasper drops


Flora, what an incredible athlete, an amazing race, so powerful from


her point of view. Absolutely. I don't know how she did that, riding


away from Kasper and Jess is really really impressive. To then continue


putting time into and not lose much ground when she hit that blue carpet


and gaining a record margin in the spit. Sprint is not her speciality.


Sprint. Flora is an all round athlete now, she is World Champion


at off road triathlon as well. So she Corrs all the bases, and I am


not surprised to see her on the top step. We know she was riding with


those two and sort of seemed to make a decision, right, I need to get on


with this. She alluded to it in interview and said she was getting


frustrated and it wasn't quite working for her, I think she felt


she didn't need them, that is how she likes to do thing, you often


sheer oh on her own at the front. She went for it. Didn't look like it


was too hard for her. Ashley Gentle, she seemed to run through the field.


Yes, Ashley has been really strong runner, the swim is her weakness and


has let her co-down, but she has had a coping change, he is getting


closer to being in that group for the swim. And you know, she is a


danger as soon as she gets in the run. Lindemann, you can see her


reaction, you know what that is like. It is fantastic. She thrives


off the home crowd, she had her previous best result in Hamburg,


finishing seventh. So you know, you feed off the home crowd. You want to


deliver a performance. She is rising to the occasion, she is very young.


Out of the junior rank, she podiumed at Chengdu, she is a bright prospect


for the future. We mentioned this is was a Commonwealth Games placed at


grab, not a great day for the British. None of the girls met the


criteria, it is tough to meet the English criteria, they had to finish


top five in the race but within that they had to be in the top three


Commonwealth athlete, that is tough and probably harder than any of the


other selection policy, the Australians had to be the first


Australian in the top ten, so it shows how tough it is. So it was a


disappointing day, Wimbledon might be over but the week's -- BBC's


summer of sport certainly isn't. Mo Farah wins the gold.


It is a mammoth job. David Rudisha, is going to win the world title:


Laura Muir, she has matched the British record.


Usain Bolt! I'm ready.


Looking forward to that, before we move on in hack burring. Resounding


success for the British team at the European paraChampionships. Six Gold


Medals. Two Silver Medals.


Two bronze medals. Since the Europeans there has been some bad


news for Andy Lewis who was going down a fast accident when he ran


into a dog. Lots of cuts and bruised, glad to say he should be OK


for the World Championships and he has been reunited with the dog, you


can see the picture here, who is fine. Thank goodness. We saw how the


women got on in the world triathlon series in Leeds. Let us remind


ourselves of a wonderful couple of hours of British sport in the men's


race. 47 the world's top triathletes lined


up and diven into the cold water of Waterloo lake.


Here they come, stage one complete. Richard first to climb up the ramp.


Followed by Jonny Brownlee. Le Corre is first to get onboard. Away they


go. The Brownlee brothers have woken up.


The crowd can see that the gap they have over the next group is


significant. What a second lap that was. They have doubled their


advantage. A synchronised arrival and they


depart separated by a couple of feet.


Right now, Alistair is starting to believe he will win. He has opened


up a gap. Brownlee's made his move. The Olympic champion, he is once


again clear of the Olympic silver medallist.


For the second year in a row, Alistair Brownlee wins the Leeds


world triathlon series race with his younger brother Jonny celebrating


second position. The world number one comes home for third position.


Adam comes home fourth for Great Britain.


The Brownlees once again proving they are world class. There will be


no Brownlees in Hamburg though because Alistair's next big


challenge is the half Ironman World Championships, in Tennessee in


September. Jonny Brownlee was hoping to compete in Hamburg, he did arrive


there but he put out this tweet, explaining he is not been 100% since


Spain. He is very upset about having to miss Hamburg. He said he is under


doctors orders and has to find out why he has low magnesium. Jonny is


disappointed. It is a blow not to have him. Yes, it would have been


great to see him racing against them. Some were missing in Leeds so


this would have been an opportunity for Jonny to come up against them


and show what he can do. And Jonny is an expert over the sprint


distance, he seems to get the better of Alistair, so it would have been


great to see him up against Mola and Murray and Vincent. As well as the


Brownlees, in Leeds, two other British men had a fantastic day,


Adam Bowden and Tom Bishop were fourth and fifth. It is really been


a breakthrough year for Tom Bishop. Before the race he talked to Tom.


I went into this winner's training and just wanted to get some good


results. I am 25 now. Some young guys coming through and I feel like


I need to start producing results. I went into the first race knowing I


was in good shape but it was an an unknown, when I found myself running


with Javier, I thought this is crazy. I crossed the line and it was


awesome. Since that race I have got confident.


Did any of disappointment from last year not becoming the third athlete


between the two Brownlees to travel to Rio, has had that an impact. ?


Missed out on the team. The way the British team race, I think that has


helped me race this year, kind of it made me want to swim at front and


race how Jonny and Alistair race which is the best way and the


British way to race if we can. I have come into this season, learned


a lot from last year and kind of put that into my action plan for the


races this year, and so far I have swam pretty good, my cycling is OK,


and it is just I think the final elm, the run I have managed to have


a consistent win without problem, it has built through. I think it is


finally coming to fruition. Why has it taken you a bit longer, do you


think, to make the breakthrough. As an under 23, your opponents have


stepped up I spent time on my cycling to look at the Rio, the


Olympic team, so maybe that two years has held me back. Comparing


ourself to Jonny and Alistair who came through as superstars when they


were young, they are still going, I want to keep on going when I am


older, as long as I chive my potential, I don't care how fast I


get to that level, as long as get there eventually.


That interview was done before the race in Leeds and the great news is


that after his fifth place finish he has risen even further in the


rankings sitting fourth overall. The podium is full of Spaniards with


Alarza leading the way ahead of Mola and five time champion Gomez Noya.


Like the women no-one has taken complete control. -- Gomez. Let us


talk about Tom Bishop, he has had a great year, what has he been doing?


Yes, he is so great. It is great to see him podiuming, that was a


brilliant breakthrough for Tom. I am happy for him. He does his own


thing, and he has forged his own path. He works very hard, and like


said, does it his own way, it is brilliant to see he is doing well.


What do you mean by going his own way? He is very much within the


Leeds set up but he had a few different idea, he has created a


different training group, he trains alongside a lot of the students and


that seems to be working for him well, he is the leader in his group,


and doing what he wants to do and doing what works best for him,


because every athlete is individual. Let us talk about the race in


Hamburg. It will be super exciting. There are some fabulous athletes.


Absolutely. Even without Alistair and Jonny there, we still do have


Tom Bishop and Adam Bowden up against the world leader of Mario


Mola, Alarza, Murray, Gomez, all the names are there and I am sure it


will be as exciting as ever. Last year we saw what happened with


Richard Murray, he was disqualified in some ways, some of the headlines


were made by what happened. Yes, absolutely. It was very


disappointing to see Richard react in that way, it very frustrating


when you get calling in for a penalty. It happens to at least one


every race. I have never seen react in the way he did. He was abusive to


the official. . He displayed aggressive behaviour with when of


the signs, that is owe I don't think that the image we want to put out.


They were cent in giving out that punishment. Hopefully none of that


happens in Hamburg. Now the commentary from Matt. Here is the


start. Alarza is the world leader. Mola two, Gomez with three. The


first of the British contingent is Tom Bishop, he has number four


today. He is already off to a good start, to the season. He was second


in the opener, in Abu Dhabi. Just beaten by Gomez Noya. Henry shoem we


will expect to see him out in front. Richard Murphiry one of the best of


the runners. -- Schoeman. Schoeman. Schoeman we


will expect to see him out in front. Richard Murphiry one of the best of


the runners. -- Schoeman. Bodesen is having a


fine season. Finished fourth in Leeds. The world triathlon series


vent. A warm day in the city. The world's top triathletes lined up


as they dive in. Each hoping to get a accident start and get the most


direct line through the first stages here. Up towards the one selfie


circle turn, the 180 degree turn at the top of the lake. They head back


under the bridge to T 1, the first transition. So it is a sprint


distance today, a 750 metre swim, a 21 kilometre bike, six laps of


three-and-a-half ks to finishwe will have a 5k run, two loops of 2.5


kilometres and I imagine we will see the usual suspects medium-term to


lead the swim. Yes but there is a few missing, the


Brownlees and of course we have Schoeman here. Luis, I expect to see


him and Gomez, the dynamics will be interesting, because we don't have


an obvious leader. Javier is strong and he will be trying to do


something special, along with Mario Mola. Mola not the strongest of


swimmers, but over the last couple of years he has improved all round


as an athlete. We see our leader, Hauser, wearing No 40. Not one of


our usual leaders. I would expect to see Schoeman up there somewhere too.


They're smashing one another trying to find a bit of space. That is a


bit impossible now. This is where the problems happen and one or two


have lost their swim caps and somebody is being held up and


dragged under. Unlike in the women's race where the athletes were close


together. Hauser has taken out the swim and he has two or three body


lengths over the second placed athlete. We


will be keeping an eye out for Mola and Alarza. The athletes coming


around the Puy, some have lost hats and are swimming on top of one


another. That is a difficult situation to recover from. And to


referee. The officiating here may involve some video analysis of this


particular turn, because some have lost race position. Others may be


injured as a result. That is one of the messiest turns I have seen. It


is. He is miles ahead of the rest of the field. He will be first out of


water and he will have an advantage or maybe 10 or 12 seconds as he


heads to his bike. Flies position to be in, coming into transition. It is


getting hectic as athletes try to find their stations. If nothing


else; he is not going to be able to ride away from these guys, but he


will give himself quite a bit of space to get on his bike


comfortably. If he look around he would see there is a huge gap. A lot


of support for our swim leader, Matthew Hauser, has emerged from


under the wide bridge and will be first out of the water with no one


for company at all. He came out of the water 7th in his only other


appearance this season on the world series. We have had a different swim


leader in every race so far this year. Four races before today.


Different swim leader in each. And a new one today. It will be Matthew


houser. -- Hauser. One or two taking extreme methods to get that front


cover shot. Hauser is on the ramp and starts to unzip the wet suit.


His advantage is, well, it is about 10 seconds I think. As he sprints


towards transition. The others come out now. We expect to see Schoeman


not far from the front. McDowell and Stromberg aren't far. Royle, Coninx


and the fist of the British contingent, followed by Tom Bishop.


Blummenfelt is clear in 18. Gomez comes out 19th. Mola just behind


him. And there will be a massive pack forming here. Bowden is 24


seconds behind. So that is all the British boys accounted for coming


out of the water. And carnage in transition. And they will all hope


to have got their wet suits in the boxes. Because that could incur a


penalty later in the race. Can be chaotic as you try and get your feet


into your shoes and Matt Hauser is off down the road all alone, having


had such a superb swim. He is not going to stay away too long. To be


able to come through transition, relax and pick up your bike and it


is very narrow going out, that makes it hard for the athletes. These guys


practice getting on and off their bikes, but there is 60 of them in a


very narrow space and it makes it tough. Schoeman is coming through.


He had a decent swim. And we will see if we can pick out some of the


others. Silva. Bishop came out of the water


21 seconds off the pace. Officially in 11th. This is the chaser. Gordon


Benson from Britain was there. We can pick out Tom Bishop easily by


that large tattoo on his arm as he comes around at the front of this


pack. The man in front is Coninx, the Frenchman. He has had a couple


of DNFs. Didn't finish the grand final last year and didn't finish


the opener in this season in Abu Dhabi. I think it was a bike crashed


he suffered. But he is leading her. Coninx is an interesting athletes.


You see some lose their nerve. But it was the 2014 world under 23


champion. So we know he does have good pedigree. He has been on the


podium in the past as well. He has made a good start here. They're


approaching the end of the first lap of six. Where the ground becomes a


little uneven before they hit the blue carpet. At the end of the first


lap we can get a check on exactly who is where. There is a massive


group here. It is Birtwhistle and Kanute and Coninx. Mola is in there.


Oh, goodness me, oh, a heavy crash and somebody went piling into the...


Thankfully padded bike stands. Pierre Le Corre is there. He is not


going to be happy with that, is he? We saw a big crash earlier in the


whip's race, this one -- women's race, this one seemed to be high


speed and devastating. That looked just like bad riding. The guy that


caused the crash swerved and then he was fine and Alonso came down hard


and it wasn't his fault. The athlete that swerved took them down and he


rode off. Pierre Le Corre seemed to have the worst of the falls. Look at


Alarza's bike. He is batter and bruised and the world No 1 is out of


race. He is OK. He is signalling his gratitude for the support. The


paramedics have been busy today. Blummenfelt, the Norwegian, sixth in


Leeds last time out. 23 years old. Finished on the podium in the


Yokohama triathlon in May. And 14th at the world final last year. You


can see how many there are as we watch them from the helicopter. No


one is trying to break away. When you see it like that it doesn't seem


too bad, but it when they hit the narrower sections that it gets


tricky. Now the peloton starts to form into


sippingle file, because - single file. You asked whether it was


possible break yabg -- breakaway, I think it is difficult. The women can


be just as technically skilled, but the men will take more risks. I


think it is unlikely that we will see a breakaway. And plus this pack


is so big f someone goes, another person jumps on and you have that


train effect and it is difficult to get away. Where would you rather be,


front, middle or back? I think you have got to be in the front. You


have got to stay out of trouble at the tront. If you're confident in


your bike skills is, which you know Tom Bishop is confident he had that


slip up in Yokohama, but the conditions there were treacherous.


But Bishop very strong. I think I would rather be at the front. If


you're middle you're in a danger louse spot. If -- dangerous spot. At


the front and interesting to see Mola up here. That is quite an


unlikely scene in the world series, Mola normally is a bit back on the


swim and then we will see him sit in and get a ride. But he changed


tactics and he is taking his turn on the front. There is a lovely vibe


about this race in Hamburg. A good triathlon we have witnessed so far


with that emphatic win from Duffy. But a big crash in the women's race


and a similar story in the men's. Both incidents happening on the blue


carpet in transition. But they make the next visit through transition so


far unscathed and continue on their way with two laps of the city to go.


Schilling of Denmark and Mola of Spain, the world champion. Behind


them Blummenfelt. A place at the front will be key and guys will be


thinking about that now. Guys at the back starting to make their way


forward, trying to get near the front and try and make things smooth


in and out of transition. They have 4ks left and it will come down to a


5,000 metre run. Back with the leaders now. There is a bit more


urgency from the front of the field. The Dutch athlete, van der Stel, 26


years of age. Blummenfelt as well in fifth.


The spectators have spotted that the German athlete is making progress.


Nieschlag moves into position. Nieschlag will be the man who will


take the bell here in Hamburg. Here we go at the end of lap 5 and


Nieschlag of Germany takes the bell with McLe Roy. Gomez is right up


there. Coninx and Birtwhistle and Montoya. That is the first 23 across


the line as we ride near the front of field with one of those


bike-mounted cameras, to see the action in through transition. Across


the line it was Nieschlag of the host nation, Germany, who was first


across the line. At this part nothing is going to happen on the


bike. Really important you have got around a technical and tough course


in one piece and now just play it sensible and think about the run and


the transition and about what you need to do. Blummenfelt at the front


he has been there quite a lot. A good runner, but I think looking at


this pack, we have some great runners here. Mola and Louis and


Murray are there and Tom Bishop, who is a completely different athlete in


the last 12 months. He has grown in confidence and his performance is


getting better and better. Tom Bishop having a pretty


outstanding 2017 season. Running shoes are lined up and they are


waiting for their owners to arrive. Not much space between them. The


Israeli athlete is having the time of his life out here, Sagiv. He


wants to be the first man in. Mario Mola has kept himself in contention


as well. They are in front of City Hall in Hamburg. Call up, fasten


your seat belts, this be interesting. A few bits of equipment


scattered along the way as a group of 30 plus men arrived with their


bikes, filing off East and west across the transition area. Sissons,


Denteneer of Germany, Van Der Stel, Schumann, they are on their way.


Quick transition is required. One or two getting left behind. One or two


struggling. Tom Bishop didn't have the best transition. He lost 20


places, Tom Bishop, coming out in 24th position. One or two wet suits


not looking completely installed within those boxes. What happened to


Tom Bishop? If I was his coach, I would wonder what happened because


he was in a good position for the whole 20 kilometre ride. Maybe he


has caught up and someone rode in front of him. For being in such a


good position, he is one of the last athletes going out onto the run. It


is a little bit frustrating. Mario Mola, the fastest over five


kilometres here in Hamburg. 13 minutes and 55 seconds in 2015.


Silva and MacDonald near the back of the field. Now they are starting to


sort themselves out. Two lapse of 2.5 kilometres each. Birtwhistle of


Australia is the first to rise at the front. Look at the speed of Mola


across the tarmac. Schoeman, three or four paces back. Nieschlag giving


the home crowd something to get involved with here. He's in the


first group of about six guys. They have come out of transition all guns


blazing. It will be interesting to see what the first kilometre split


is, we won't know what it is. Mola running side-by-side with Jacob


Birtwhistle, a former under 23 world Champion for 2015. He got third in


the super League triathlon held on Hamilton Island in April. Jacob


Birtwhistle, I think, is growing in confidence. Young athlete,


relatively unexperienced, but growing in confidence.


We have got a group of four. It includes the World Champion, the man


who has had success twice already this season over full distance on


the Gold Coast, over Sprint extends in Yokohama. Mario Mola, winner of


this race last year. Fernando Alarza is out of the race today, in third.


The same 1-2 as it was as vague crossed the finish a year ago.


Mola's winning time a year ago, 52 minutes and 19 seconds. They have


come flying out of transition, and I expect to see one or two athlete run


themselves back up, hopefully that will be Tom Bishop as well. There


will also be a couple of athletes that will drop off, because the pace


is absolutely ferocious at this stage. Vincent Luis comes up to


stake his claim at the front. Meanwhile, Fernando Alarza is


checking his WhatsApp. He has his left wrist bandaged, left elbow


bandaged, left knee bandaged. Mario Mola is trying to outsprint them in


the first lap. Gomez hasn't given up either, running himself into third.


Gomez, one of the older athletes on the circuit, didn't have such a


great race early on in the season in Yokohama. He is not giving up in


Hamburg, because he is in a podium position with Jacob Birtwhistle from


Australia. 3.5 kilometres to run. Mola has moved clear, but he will


know that Javier Gomez Noya is looming large. The 34-year-old


Spaniard, multi-World Champion, Olympics or the medallist in 2012 in


Hyde Park. He is up to second, having kept out of trouble on the


bike. Jacob Birtwhistle, last year's runner-up in third. Ryan Sissons of


New Zealand is in fourth. Nieschlag has disappeared from the contenders


at the front. Vincent Luis is up into fifth. Mola pushing hard. 3.6


kilometres to run. A glance behind. You can see the red and blue of his


con patriotic, Javier Gomez Noya the Sissons next, and Birtwhistle.


Birtwhistle seems to be struggling at the moment. Great to see Gomez


back up there. He just doesn't give in. He is such a champion. He is one


of the most successful athletes we have ever seen on the world


Traveller Flom series. Not the most successful -- World Triathlon


Series. He doesn't have an Olympic medal, but it will be tough for him


now at his age. Last year, we wondered if we would see him racing


this year, but he is very much here at the moment in the top three in


Hamburg. Schoeman has dropped off the pace as well. No sign of any of


the British boys as well. Tom Bishop was our main contender, but he had a


poor transition, and found himself way off the pace. Mario Mola is


taking this on and tearing it up. Brilliant running from the Spaniard.


It really is. He is such a compact athlete as well. He is very light.


You would think that would affect him on the swing. He bikes well now,


but when he comes down to the run, he is liked and he flies on the run.


He carries less than the other athletes, and I think that makes him


an incredibly efficient runner in triathlon. Mola from Parma in


Majorca. Javier Gomez from the north-west of Spain. Ryan Sissons


from New Zealand, that is the one, two, three. Jacob Birtwhistle is


fourth. Vincent Luis is next, trying to move up a place or two. Vincent


Luis has enjoyed success in the past. He won this race in 2015, head


of Gomez and Mola. That was the one, two, three two years ago. Mola is


not letting up. He wants the race won within the first lap. He is


taking the bell. Richard Murray is starting to stake a claim. The end


of the first lap, Mola takes the bell. He is seven seconds clear of


his team-mate, Richard Murray looking like he has a chance here


today. Further down the road, Tom Bishop appears. Only 2.5 kilometres


to go. Some athletes need a couple of: that is to get warmed up. Tom


Bishop has given himself a lot of work to do. I expect to see him


finished only. Richard Murray running himself into the race. It is


an arch to get off the bike and fly, and that is what Mola has done.


Gomez has run himself into second place. Looks like he is pulling away


from Ryan Sissons, the Kiwi originally born in Zimbabwe. The


silver medallist in the under 23 championships in 2010. We haven't


seen him achieve a great deal as yet in the World Triathlon Series. The


two Spaniards, Mola and Gomez. Further down the field, the


Frenchman, Vincent Luis. A couple of his team-mates just


behind him. Out in front with a lead of ten seconds or more, Mario Mola,


the World Champion from 2016, 27 years old now, Mario. Winner of the


Gold Coast and Yokohama already this season. Nine World Triathlon Series


wins out of 51 starts. 20 World Triathlon Series podiums. He has


been one of the great runners since the World Triathlon Series developed


into its current form. Watch out for Richard Murray. He is one of the


stronger runners. A South African wearing the same white visor as


Mario Mola, training partners. He knows his time, he knows there are


enough metres underfoot remaining in the race for him to get a foot on


the podium. 1.7 kilometres left to run. Mola first, Gomez second. Then


Sissons, and then Murray. Murray is closing with every step. What is


great to see about Gomez is the hunger is still very much,


obviously, there. We are seeing it in the tennis with Roger Federer,


Venus Williams, athlete in their 30s, with the desire to be


successful and win races. It is great to see that Mola is in a class


of his own, but Gomez is giving it to the rest of the athletes. I


wouldn't give up on Richard Murray either. He is a real champion. When


he gets the bit between his teeth. Gomez and Sissons are in third and


second place. Less than 1500 metres left to run from Mario Mola. What an


intelligent race he has run here this afternoon. He swam well. On the


bike, he was up at the front for the majority of the 21 kilometre ride.


His transition to T1 and T2 was smooth, neat and tidy on both


occasions. Kicked away at the start, managed to find his way to the front


of the field in double quick time. An extra burst of energy from Mario


Mola, and no one can go with him. Gomez and Sissons fighting off


Richard Murray, who continues to put pressure on them from behind. Mola


is maybe 20 seconds clear of Gomez now. He could jog home. Five


kilometres is Sprint distance. He hasn't even run four kilometres. He


is that far ahead, he could jog home. It is phenomenal running. His


coach and him have been smart this year, picking races wisely. Murray,


his training partner there in fourth. At the moment, it will be


tough for him to get back with Gomez and Sissons. Sissons is the one


glancing over his shoulder, aware of the danger of Murray.


Inside the final kilometre. Mario Mola is all alone on the streets of


Hamburg. Not the smartest of running, his style is light, smooth


and effective with the arms. Let's not criticise, because at the


moment, he is streets ahead of the rest of them. I am not sure Murray


will get too much closer to Gomez and Sissons.


750 metres left to run. Will it be a Spanish 1- to hear? Or will Sissons


be able to as they battle it out for second.


Battling hard to get in amongst the podium places, but so far, the


damage is minimal. Gomez is staring at the back of Sissons. Sissons


takes it on in his bid to secure second place. Ryan Sissons of New


Zealand. It looks like Murray is about to be


swallowed up by Jacob Birtwhistle. Jacob Birtwhistle hasn't given up


either. He is looking to see if he has a final sprint. Gomez has


dropped off the back of Sissons. Birtwhistle could be a threat to


Gomez. Birtwhistle has found something from somewhere. He is


moving it up, and he is hot on the heels of Gomez now. 29-year-old Ryan


Sissons has taken second place outright. First place has been with


Mola for a while. He is on the last 300 metre stretch now. I glanced


over his left shoulder. No one posing any sort of threat to Mario


Mola as he looks for his third win of the season. He won around two


over the Sprint distance on the Gold Coast. He won again in Yokohama over


the full distance. Sissons has got company in second. It looks like


being a breathtaking finish from Jacob Birtwhistle, looking for a


repeat of last year's 1-2. Mola wins in Hamburg! And now he


will look down the road to see Jacob Birtwhistle finish second, as he did


a year ago. Third placed to Ryan Sissons of New Zealand, as Vincent


Luis comes to take fourth, with Gomez put down to fifth. Richard


Murray just ran out of steam in the latter stages. Tom Bishop is


battling it out for one of the minor places. He will be the first of the


British contingent to finish, but it is a disappointing 12th place for


him after a poor T2. His transition let him down. He looks so relaxed.


Mola's third win of the season, and it looked like he had energy to


spare. I felt really good today since the beginning of the race. I


swam pretty good and was able to stay close to the front in order to


avoid possible crashes. I hope Fernando is OK. But I felt really


good on the run. I have not heard about times, but what matters is the


end result. You had a bit of a break and have come back superbly today.


How important is it to manage your season to decide which events to


compete in? It is a very important thing in order to be able to race


well. It is a long year. I have raced four races with so many hours


on a plane and jet lag. So I thought I had to have rest and I have been


at altitude in the French Pyrenees. So it seems that worked. Well done.


This was Birtwistle's finish. He said an extra gear. Second two years


in a row, Jacob from Australia. Jacob, how did you find the energy


for that final sprint? You looked to have no chance of a podium at one


point. I don't know, really. I have always got that little something


there, I guess from my history as a runner before making the switch to


triathlon. I would rather not put myself in a position to have to


chase like that in the last 500 metres, but when it comes to days


like today, I am glad it is there. And what is it bad Hamburg that


agrees with you? It is two silvers in a row. Yeah, I love Hamburg. It


is hands down my favourite race on the circuit. The crowds are amazing,


the course is fantastic. And I have had a couple of good performances


here as well. Really happy to be back. Hopefully, it continues. Ryan,


they say life begins at 30. You are not quite 30 but you must be


delighted to get on a WTF podium for the first time. I couldn't be


happier. This is one of my favourite races and I have wanted to get on


the podium. I felt good today and I just believed in myself. I had a


pretty good season so far and I am just so happy. Do you think you are


racing as you have -- as well as you have at any point in your career?


Definitely better. I have always trained well, I have just struggled


to put it together in the race. It has taken a while to figure that


out. But I am super happy to figure it out now. It has not been an easy


few years, but I couldn't be happier. Second year in a row that


Mario Mola has taken top honours in Hamburg. He wins for the second year


in succession. Mario Mola just looked so strong at


the end of that race and throughout the whole race. Definitely.


He pledged that really well. He kept himself near the front all the time,


but not doing too much work. He moved away effortlessly. He looked


at the end like he could do another one. He is an absolute class act and


it showed what he is planning on for the rest of the season. We saw a


crash in the women's race which was pretty nasty, and another crash in


this race, with a man out because of that. It was difficult to see what


happened. The Hungarian athletes seemed to swerve into him. It could


be that he hit a bump in the carpet at the wrong angle. He seemed fine.


Took about Jacob Birtwhistle. He did well. He is an up-and-coming star.


He is the training partner of Mario Mola. He is a very good runner. He


still has a lot to learn on the World Series level, that in future


years, Jack will be one of the main contenders. It must be interesting


when you are running partner and you are close to them as well. Yeah,


it's different. But they are another competitor on the day. Bishop had a


problem in T2. I am not sure what happened. It was a hectic


transition. The whole field came in together, and that often causes


problems with people crossing over each other. You get people tripping


over your bikes and he probably got caught up. We mentioned the


Commonwealth, and nothing changed. So it wasn't a good story for the


Brits. Similar story for the British women. None of the British men


qualified for the Commonwealth. A disappointing day for the Brits. The


boys were quite far down the list. The action does not end in Hamburg.


We go now to one of my favourite races. Have a look at this.


Mixed relay. Those who don't know how it works, set it up for us.


Their former para athletes, two men and two women and against female,


male, female, mail, so you always have a male anchor. That is the last


person to go. It is fast and furious. It is raced over a 300


metres swim, eight kilometre bike and 1500m run. Distances vary


depending on the course. And it's the only time that as triathletes,


we get to really compete as a team. So everyone gets up for it and


enjoys it. Tell us about team tactics. Are there particular ways


to play your strongest athlete? Classically, people put their


strongest male on the last leg and always start with the female who is


the strongest swimmer. But you see a view team is trialling different


things. Coming closer to the Olympics, now that it is an Olympic


event, you will see people playing around with it more and trying


different tactics. Maybe some surprise tactics to get the


advantage. The good news for amateur athletes like me is that they have


started putting on races for us as well. It is a great way to get


involved in the sport. You really see the fun side of triathlon. It is


normally a gruelling event, but with the shorter distance and the fact


that it is a team event, it is more accessible. We know the mixed relay


championships will be in Nottingham on September the 2nd, live on BBC


Two at 2:15 p:m.. Will you be there? I would love to be there. I will be


representing Leeds, which is where I train. There will be a team from


Cardiff and Loughborough. So that will be brilliant, plus a few


international teams from Australia, Germany, America. Lots to look


forward to in Hamburg. Which teams would you be looking out for? The


hot favourites are the Australians. They have a really strong team going


forward. The French are always really good. There will be a few


surprises. There always are. The Canadians are putting out a fresh


team. And you always have to keep an eye out for Great Britain. We have a


good team. We are missing some of our strongest athletes, but we are


still a force to be reckoned with. I know you will join the commentary on


this one. Let's see what happens. COMMENTATOR: This is the course that


they will race. Two loops of 3.5 ks, the same circuit they raced in the


elite competition yesterday to bring them up to a total of seven ks. As


they hang up their bikes, they will head out for a mile run, 1.6


kilometres. It is swim, bike, run for each competitor before they hand


over to their next team-mate. Swim, bike, run four times and the fastest


team home takes the title as world champions for 2017. Here are the


teams. How do you see this working out? It


depends on how the athletes who raced yesterday feel today. The


distances are so different. You have the standard distance and then the


sprint, which is tough, but this is super-tough. Some of the athletes


will be more equipped to deal with this than others. In triathlon


terms, it is a flat-out sprint. The 2017 ITU triathlon mixed relay World


Championships, here in Hamburg. And they are under way. 21 teams taking


part. A 300 metre swim followed by a seven K bike and then a 1.6


kilometre run to conclude. Four athletes per team. This is one of


the most exciting events of the year on the ITU calendar. Sophie Coldwell


is off to a great start, number seven. She is one of the fastest


swimmers we have over 50 metres across the whole squad, men and


women, so I am not surprised to see her leading out of that. She is


closely followed by Lopez of Brazil, who led the swim out yesterday. She


is quite a young Brazilian. Seeing that start is so dramatic. I don't


think there is any other sport that you see such a dramatic start to a


race. The start here is easier than yesterday. There were 60 athletes on


the touchline. Just 21 here, which makes it a bit easier because it is


a real bunfights sometimes. Definitely easier when there are


less people, but then it is so close to that first turn. That is where


the congestion comes in and you get knocked around a little bit. They


are approaching the end of the first swim. Look at the support again in


Hamburg. They are out in their thousands to watch this event. You


can see McShane is further back in tenth position, about halfway down


the field. She is holding her own, but a lot can happen in transition.


This is where you can see splits happen. Here we come to the end of


the first swim, starting to prepare for the transition by unzipping wet


suits, removing swim caps and goggles.


All of the first 20 teams out of the water within 15 seconds of each


other. Kasper in transition. I don't think we can discount the South


African team that got silver at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. The


Germans away. They got a podium place in the individual women's


competition yesterday, and they will be encouraged by early signs here.


They certainly will be. The Germans have done well. They won the World


Championships back in 2013. There is pressure when you race on home soil,


but that is positive pressure. The athletes coming around the bend,


getting their shoes on. The roads will be wet, they had to take


careful, especially when you hit the paint markings on the road.


Definitely. White lines, any grids or metal on the floor can be


treacherous in wet conditions. There are cobbles here, and they add a new


element of difficulty to a course in the rain. Narrowest part of the


course again. Minds turn towards transition again. Neat and tidy on


the way in and out is what they want. Sophie Coldwell has given


Great Britain a really positive start here. One of the first out of


the water. She has been up at the front of the field throughout the


bike. 15 and a half minutes in, the first bike leg is about to conclude.


All the triathletes will hang up their bikes and run 1.6 kilometres,


a mile. The Germans are celebrating. Switzerland, USA, Brazil, France,


Great Britain, Japan, the Netherlands and Spain all in this


group. On the right, the transition for Kirsten Kasper. She leads the


transition, pushed along by Switzerland. Strong out by no more


than three or four seconds. The good news is, Coldwell has absolutely


nailed it and leads them out. Switzerland had a good run


yesterday, those three will possibly hand over, although McShane will


come through strongly, I'm sure. A bit of a collision between McShane


and France, avoiding any serious damage. It will be culled well


passing on to Gordon Benson for his swim - bike run. Kasper will tag Ben


Kanute for his run. The Australians will go to Matthew Hauser, a


brilliant swimmer, as he proved yesterday. Switzerland in the hands


of Yolande Annan will pass on to as Kasper almost goes down. A clipping


of heels. Let's look at that. Kirsten might have run into the back


there. You can Sato has decided she wants to be first into transition


for the changeover. And has put a little injection of pace in here.


Good running from the Japanese. It would be great to see Japan do well


today. They have never made the podium, and they are such a strong


team, with a strong presence in the World Series. Look at the smile on


the face there. There was a little trip for the next man out of


transition as the changeover is come and go in quick succession, some in


wet suits, some choosing not to wear wet suits. Down at the water, second


triathlete way is the Japanese. Then, six or seven guys together


leaping and getting into the water as they tried to close down the


leader. Gordon Benson was just a long the back. Hauser might have


another storm of a leg. This is the entrance to the water. That was a


terrible dive! 0.0 four style marks there. All that lead he was given by


Sato was lost because he slipped and did a belly flop. Approaching the


end of swim number two. When they emerge, we will see who is still in


contention. They will have sorted themselves out a bit on the turn. We


will hope Gordon Benson has managed to keep tabs on the leaders and not


let himself get too far removed. Hauser is in a league of his own


come out of the water in first position. Ben Kanute from the United


States of America in second. Then, they come thick and fast, Australia


first, then the United States, Ben Kanute. Followed by the South


Africans with Henri Schoeman. He is a strong swimmer. Switzerland,


Japan, France. Gordon Benson is top of your screen, just arriving in


transition now, looking for his bike. Gordon needs to make sure he


has a clean and fast transition, not falling off the back of the front


group, seven seconds isn't far. But at the end of the day, if they get


out quicker than him, he might struggle to get into that group. At


this point, Great Britain need to stay in contention. The Australian


Matthew Hauser, good swimmer, but now on his weaker discipline on the


bike. He tries to get his foot in the right shoe. The others are


already set and powering past him. We will see different tactics on the


bikes to the women's first leg. The guys in general will take a view


more risks. Yeah, definitely they will. Kanute went out of transition


really hard, motoring away. He wants to break away and get clear. Coninx


is a strong cyclist. France will be strong and big contenders today,


especially if the split happens. At the moment, I can't see houses


closing that down if these two are committed. Struggle to get his foot


anywhere near his bike shoe. This was Hauser in transition, stepping


out of his wet suit, found the box, picked up his bike and away he went.


Things went downhill after that, brilliant swimmer, no doubt about


it. Ben Kanute takes it up again, once more for the United States of


America. He has Matthew Mcelroy running the anchor leg for the USA.


Do you see Michael Wood's as the weak link? They have but there we


click on the last leg is tactical, which is why Kanute has gone out so


hard, I think. Their aim here is to get Kanute with an advantage, and


the rest of the teams will chase down Mcelroy. It will be an


interesting finish. Now they prepare for the transition from bike to run.


They have 160 metres left to go. The dismount line approaching, onto the


carpet. They had to hit this on the money, and that was close for the


American. Coninx and Kanute into transition, looking for their slot.


They will park the bikes, leave their cycle helmets behind, running


shoes on. A mile to run. Smooth for the American. Coninx with him as


well. They arrived together and leave pretty much together. Now the


chasers come in. Gordon Benson arrives in transition. Needs to be


quick. Some have been and gone by the time Benson emerges from


transition, particularly fast from the Swiss, in and out of transition


in a flash. Let's hope that Benson can find a little bit of track speed


that he had as a junior, because he will have to work hard. He was off


the pace of the main group on the run. Not the best transition.


Interestingly, Hauser was at the back with him as well. Ben Kanute's


transition, didn't panic or rush, but got it done. Coninx stretching


Kanute, a burst of energy from the Frenchman, taking outright


leadership of this race as Kanute starts to rock and roll from side to


side in a desperate attempt to stay on the shoulder of Dorian Coninx.


But at the moment, the Frenchman has the measure of the American. Waiting


is potentially France's weak link, Emily Mori will take the changeover


shortly. She is at the end of this stretch of blue carpet. She will


take over from Dorian Coninx, who has performed brilliantly so far.


Next up, Katie Zaferes takes the change from Ben Kanute and sprints


out of transition. Belgium next, then South Africa, the Australians


had over will I think this could be interesting


for the USA. Katie could extend the lead. It looks like the French girl


is having a good swim here as well. We will see if these two can work


together and maybe have a similar situation to Kanute and Coninx.


Elegant style. To further raise leads to the United States of


America. The fear is kicks away and will potentially emerge ahead of the


rest of the competition. It is worth minding ourselves at this stage that


potentially the USA's weakest link is therefore triathlete today,


Matthew Mcelroy. The French have Vincent Luis, who has been a win of


World Triathlon Series level in the past. How are the chase group


getting on? Within this pack, we hope to find Lucy Hall. That is Lucy


on the front, I think with the pink sleeves. She has made her way up and


started closing the gap on the front two. Great news was. Lucy is strong


and confident on the bike map and can hopefully get this group working


well and close the deficit to the leaders. Mourier for France first


into the water, but emerges second. Lucy Hall leads the chase group out,


and a group of five will arrive similarly timed into transition. 19


seconds off the pace of Katie Zaferes at this stage. Let's see how


Katie Zaferes deals with her transition here. Steps out of the


wet suit, multi tasks by clipping on the helmet at the same time. Mourier


of France has made a good transition as well. Picks up her bike and


exits. As she exits, the next group will enter transition. On the right,


you can see the union flag of Lucy Hall and she has made a good


transition. She is in and out in double quick time, rapid-fire


transition for Lucy Hall. First of the chase group to leave. Lucy is


such a strong cyclist, she is brave, technically she is good. She might


need time on the mile run because he does lose a bit of time on the run.


Interesting to see how Katie Zaferes goes. She admits to herself not


being the strongest cyclist, particularly technically as well.


She was impressive in Yokohama, and all the girls in the group said how


impressed they were with her. Katie has made an effort on that. Now we


go to the chasing group, and it is Lucy Hall at the front. She is


taking the initiative here, and just in conversation with Switzerland, I


think? It is Canada. Canada in second position, team Canada were


presented by Joanna Brown. Katie Zaferes is through. The gap is


already up to 15 seconds. Mourier has gone backwards and joined in


with the Lucy Hall group, which includes the Canadian, the Dutch as


well. The difference is 21 seconds. 21 seconds between Katie Zaferes and


this next group of four. This was the moment when Mourier of France


joined in with the chase group. Katie Zaferes is riding quite


carefully. Quite upright going into the bends. She doesn't get down low.


She is probably cautious of the circuit today, but she is


notoriously not known as not the strongest, but she has been working


on it. The bike is almost done the Katie Zaferes. You can see the gap.


They are on the same camera shot now. Lucy Hall reaching down to


remove her feet from the shoes. Meanwhile, Katie Zaferes as they


stumble at the dismount line. That was very poor. That has given Lucy


Hall and her group an extra couple of seconds, 56 minutes and 37


seconds to this stage in the mixed relay. Katie Zaferes arrives at her


stand. Running shoes on. She has left her bike helmet behind, and


away she goes. But the chasers are just 15 seconds off the pace. The


Netherlands, Canada is Lucy Hall of Great Britain. We are with Lucy Hall


now. Shoes on. Meanwhile, she's been rather outdone in transition by the


Canadian and the Dutch athlete. She will have to chase them down now.


Lucy Hall away in fourth position at this stage. What is interesting for


Great Britain at the minute is that the two teams just ahead of Lucy,


the Netherlands and Canada, their anchor legs aren't the most


established athletes. Van Egdom is strong on the bike, but I am not


sure about his run ability. It is not notorious, that's for sure. We


need Lucy Hall to hang on and do what we have seen the boys do in the


last 200-300 metres, run it like a sprint race. Lucy needs to hang on


as much as she can to these athletes. As you said, you are


right, the Canadian fourth leg and the Netherlands fourth leg isn't


that strong. Tom Bishop will race really well over this shorter


distance. An hour, two minutes and five seconds as they reach exchange


number three. Katie Zaferes will pass over right here to Matthew


Mcelroy. He is the last triathlete in the competition today for the


United States of America. Zaferes he has been handed a


handsome lead as he sets out for his swim. Back down Waterside, McIlroy


is a way for his 300 metre swim. It will be interesting to see how well


Mcelroy swims. Jorik Van Egdom is in the water for the Netherlands,


swimming, biking and running the final leg for them as beep Abdul


alongside the current leader for the United States of America, Matthew


Mcelroy. Meanwhile, we hook up with Tom Bishop, who is in the water and


on his way as he tries to close the gap out to the leaders. Mcelroy has


been caught by Alexey LePage, the Canadian. The gap is to the


Dutchman, Jorik Van Egdom. And next to appear should be Tom Bishop


alongside Jacob Birtwistle. The first man out of the water should be


Matthew Mcelroy. He was handed a comfortable lead by Katie Zeferes,


but we will keep an eye on how it unfolds here. It looks as if Alexis


LePage has moved into first position ahead of Matthew Mcelroy, so it is


all -- and all North American affair a. Matthew Mcelroy slightly shaky on


his feet as he came out onto dry land. The Canadian team are leading


the World Championship relay here. We will see LePage and Mcelroy in


transition. These two will want to get as much time as they can on the


group coming up behind them. I don't think Alexis is the strongest


cyclist, so Tom and Dick will be hunting them down. --, and Jake.


Wide open here. Bishop is in transition. He is on the right of


screen. We will now watch Bishop in transition. Pretty sharp so far.


Kicks away his wet suit. He has to remember to put it in the white box.


He has remembered to do that. He will be ahead of Jacob Birtwhistle,


fractionally. Out on lap one now on the bike. Oh, LePage goes down! And


he is back in the saddle quickly, but he has lost his chance to leave


this race. It is the first casualty we have seen on the bike all day,


which is surprising how wet the conditions have been. He recovered


quickly from that, to be fair. But a shame, because that has maybe put


Canada out of contention. It was the front wheel that went. 2.2


kilometres from Matthew Mcelroy. He has worked exceptionally hard. He


was with the Canadian for a while. Then Lepage went down and Mcelroy


was left to battle for the majority of this second K ride on his own.


And he is working doubly hard as the trio close in on Lepage. Those three


will shortly become four. Bishop is easy to spot, with the huge tattoo


on his left arm. Birtwistle was the runner-up yesterday in the


individual competition. Lepage, who was with the leaders for so long,


and Vanek of the Netherlands, about to catch Matthew Mcelroy of the


United States of America with the last 750 metres of the bike. He


glances to his left. He knows they are coming. The transition could be


key. Who will be first to arrive, and more importantly, who will be


first to strike from transition and set about eating up the ground on


this one mile run, this 1.6 kilometre run that remains? He is


waiting for them, isn't he? He keeps glancing over his shoulder. He knows


they are coming and maybe here's hoping that when they go past, he


can get into a good position so that coming into the transition, he is


not at the back. Van Egdom is sensibly keeping his distance from


the Canadian ahead of him as they head into the narrow stretch of the


backstreets of Hamburg. Mcelroy's lead is just about over here as


Birtwistle stands and pushes a big gear, with Bishop behind him. Then


the Canadian Lepage and at the back, Van Egdom. By Glegg four is about to


conclude. The medals will surely be decided within these five nations


now as they prepare for the second transition. Birtwistle is about to


arrive. Tom Bishop on the right of screen, looking for his place in


transition. Lepage 's first to arrive. Mcelroy had the long-time


leader for the United States of America. Tom had a bit of a


collision with Alexis Lepage, and that has really cost him. That is


why he is at the back of these three going out. Bishop is last to leave


transition. Oh, it was a collision with the Dutch athlete, not Lepage.


That is going to cost Bishop Daly. Lepage's race is run and Tom Bishop


will shortly move past the Canadian and into fourth position. What we


need here is project to come off the front of these two and stop pulling


them around. That will give Tom a chance to get back up to them. But


the Dutch athlete is really struggling here as well. It looks


like it will be down to the two, Birtwistle of Australia and Mcelroy


of the USA. Mcelroy is clearly a decent run over a mile. I think we


have underestimated Mcelroy here. He has been really impressive


throughout this race, definitely keeping the Americans in contention,


although it is hard to see past Birtwistle for the win. He has a


tremendous finish on him. He really digs deep and picks up over the last


couple of hundred metres. Van Egdom is desperately trying to cling onto


that bronze medal position as they run past some athletes who are


further down the field. Van Egdom is in his final area of reserves as the


pace quickened is at the front, Birtwistle trying to break Mcelroy.


Mcelroy is not giving up on this gold medal for the USA. Great


Britain still have an outside chance of a bronze here, depending on what


happens to Van Egdom, who is currently holding third. Another


kick on the turn from Birtwistle. Last 150 metres and this time it


looks as if Birtwistle had the measure of Mcelroy. Mcelroy's last


stand comes crashing down as Birtwistle reaches sprinting pace,


and he is going to come home to win the gold medal for Australia. The


Australians are the champions of the world in 2017! Mcelroy holds on to


bring silver for the United States of America, and Van Egdom have held


off the challenge of Bishop to hold bronze. Bishop brings home for the


position for Great Britain. The medals are decided. Great Britain


will not have one. Australia are the world champions. I love it here. I


was happy with the race yesterday and obviously again today to come


out with the guys. When the world champions was awesome. How tough was


it on the bike and the run, trying to get in the medals? Being so low


wasn't great, but I relied on my track speed in the last 200.


Birtwistle came by and took the win, but this is my first mixed relay, so


I was happy with the result. To have these three team-mates was amazing.


We like to take risks. It was awesome. Beforehand, my legs were


not feeling great after yesterday. Today, I wanted to show that I could


actually swim. I am so proud of everyone. This was awesome.


Confirmation of the final result. Gold to Australia. The USA take the


silver. Bronze to the Netherlands. Mixed relay is always thrilling to


watch. That didn't disappoint. You called it for the Australians and


you were right, Non. It was hard to see past the Australians for the


win. They have two podiums in the individual race in the shape of


Ashleigh Gentle and Jacob Birtwhistle. Jake brought it home.


He had a disadvantage to make up after Ashleigh Gentle's leg, but


they worked well together and he outclassed everybody. The speed of


that finish was amazing. It was very impressive, but we know that is what


Jake is good at. He has shown it in lots of races before. You don't want


to be in a sprint finish with him. Let's look at tactics. The Americans


and the Dutch did completely different things. Yeah, the


Americans put possibly their weakest athlete on the final leg, who is a


bit of an unknown. But to be fair to Mcelroy, he really stepped up and


produced a solid performance. He looked a bit like a rabbit in the


headlights on the bike, but on the run, he stuck to take Birtwistle and


had a really impressive run. The Dutch athlete said afterwards that


they change the order of the last minute, so they went against what


the coaches suggested and put Rachel Klamer on the third leg, and it paid


off. It did. Tom Bishop - we know he had had a problem in T2 in his


individual race and again, it went wrong all over the place. It was


really unfortunate. He could have put in seven a better position going


into transition to get off the bike. He was at the back of that group and


you always want to be at the front, because it eliminates the chances of


people running across you. That was what happened. The Dutch athlete ran


across Tom, caught the front of his wheel. Tom lost his shoes, so you


have to pick that up, and it cost him time. What do you think it cost


the British team? I think it cost them the silver, unfortunately. He


would have been up there with Jake, and Jake Wood possibly have


outsprinted him, you never know. But Tom is a better athlete than


Mcelroy. That is disappointing. There are still four races to go in


this year's World Series. Next up is Edmonton in two weeks' time. Then


Montreal and Stockholm, all building towards the grand final in Rotterdam


in September. And there was more sports on the BBC today.


We promised thrills and spills in Hamburg. We certainly have them. It


was an exciting weekend of racing. Good work with the rehabilitation of


your Achilles. Thanks for being part of the team, and thank you for


watching. See you soon. The Australians are the champions of


the world in 2017!


The best of the action and reaction from the fifth round of the elite World Series, held in the German city of Hamburg.

British fans are hopeful of a repeat of when the series was last in Leeds, in which the Brownlee brothers Alistair and Jonathan claimed a 1-2.

In the women's race, overall world series leader Kirsten Kasper of America is hoping to add to her two podium appearances this season, while British hopes are led by former world champion Non Stanford.

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