Abu Dhabi Highlights Triathlon: World Series

Abu Dhabi Highlights

The best of the action and reaction from the opening leg of the World Series as the world's finest triathletes compete in the Middle East.

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Mario Mola, genuine World Championship contender. The smile is


born. Victory to Stanford of Great Britain. Alistair Brownlee wins in


need. Remarkable race. The winner in Stockholm, the leader in the world


triathlon series standings. Duffy is world triathlon series


champion 2016. Mario Mola has won the world title. Spring is almost


here which means a new triathlon season is upon us. Hello and welcome


to the first event in the world triathlon series. The top triathlete


sunning themselves in Abu Dhabi but I'm here in Salford quays with


former world duathlon champion and also the brave souls who have joined


us here. Great place to do triathlon, I have competed twice


here. So much to look forward to this afternoon including all of


this. It's is the first opportunity to sue the world's very best compete


in 2017. Last year 's champion Jodie Stimpson is back for Britain and


looking forward to competing on the Formula 1 Grand Prix course. He is


back and hungry for more after the disappointment of missing out at the


Olympics, Javier Gomez is in Abu Dhabi and on the hunt for a sixth


world title. He faces stiff opposition from current world


champion Mario Mola. And if the races alone are not enough we will


also be hearing from Britain's double Olympic gold-medallist


Alistair Brownlee on his plans for the year. As a lifelong athlete,


just because I'm professional does not mean I do not want to do these


other things. Before that let me talk you through the world triathlon


series 2017 wall planner. We begin with Abu Dhabi this weekend, next


sprint races in Gold Coast, test event for next year's Commonwealth


Games. Then it is onto one of the regulars, Yokohama. Before the


triathletes make a welcome return to these shores in Leeds, that will be


on BBC Two on June 11. Then over to Germany for the annual triathlon


Festival in hamburg. Followed by a flying visit to Canada for two World


Series races, Edmonton and Montreal. The penultimate stop of the year is


Stockholm. And we end in the Dutch city of Rotterdam for the grand


final. Annie, so much to look forward to, what do you think might


be a highlight. David Harris to be Leeds, very technical course, the


crowds come out literally in their thousands. And most importantly the


fans it will be the only time we see Alistair Brownlee this year. Also a


couple of new locations. Two new events, Montreal and Rotterdam.


Athletes talking about how technical those courses will be so they will


be exciting to watch. Thanks, Annie. If last year 's grand final was


anything to go by we will have a really exciting year. We all know


what happened in the men's race, more on that from Alistair Brownlee


later. In the women's race came down to a pulsating finish with the


Olympic champion the underdog and in the Mexican heat the underdog won.


It is the final race of the 2016 season, in the heat. The battle for


the world title begins between Jorgensen and Duffy. Duffy in good


shape. The front group clear of the chase group of Gwen Jorgensen and


Sarah Troon. Duffy sets off in pursuit of the world title. Duffy is


the world triathlon series champion for 2016. You always hope and wish


and train for the perfect day and then the perfect day came exactly


when I needed it. STUDIO: What a brilliant year, but she has not had


a great start this year. She hasn't, what a year was her, three world


titles. Then she went on to win the ITU cross, the triathlon where they


take away the road bike and put in a mountain bike. She has come into


this season with a hip injury and she is managing it at the moment.


That is what the coaches are saying. She has the whole season to go so


she has decided to sit this one out. It was a last-minute decision. Also


a real change, but this is good news. Gwen Jorgensen and Helen


Jenkinson are both pregnant, and also Nicolas Berwick, three of them


are pregnant, so we will not be seen in racing this year. So that is


quite a change. Definitely, the big change of course is Gwen, because a


lot of people will be thinking it is our chance because when she is on


the start line everybody is looking for second or third. Now there will


be people looking for their chance to win. And among them British


athletes who have a chance. The keyhole and has decided to move to


Bath, she has completely changed her training setup. We will see how that


will go, it'll be interesting -- Vicky Hollande. They have gone their


only doing their own thing, perhaps that is what they needed after


Olympics. Non Stanford spend a lot of time in Australia, train together


with her partner. So they are not in Abu Dhabi this weekend. The leading


Brit is Jodie Stimpson who has been in Nottingham to launch the British


triathlon mixed relay cup on September two. While she was then


she caught up with Mark. I had a good run in Abu Dhabi last year, I


am at a different stage of preparation. We will see. I have had


a successful winter, training has gone well. But a brand-new


environment, new coach. I am excited to go and see where I am at. Talk us


through that. You have a new coach, you have been training overseas with


international group but now you are based in Loughborough. With my old


coach Darren Smith it was kind of he was finishing his group after the


Olympics. I knew that and I was ready for a change. There was things


missing in my turning that the new I needed to get sorted. The best place


for me was to get coached by Adam Andy Fenn from British triathlon.


This is my first winter in the UK in quite a few years. I will take it, I


have been quite lucky so far. There has been a few cold rides that I am


not used to. -- Adam and Ben. It has been good with the new training


group, they are keeping me on my toes. How do you rate the chances in


Abu Dhabi and for this series? She stands a really good chance. Very


difficult year last year but she is highly motivated to get back to


where she was in 2015 and at the beginning of last year. She comes a


very motivated. She has been very quiet, hasn't wanted to Dynavolt


much information about what she's up to but her training setup has


completely changed. It will be exciting to see her. We will see her


do pretty well. The other Brit taking part is in the elite,


European champion. She works down in Winchester, solid all-rounder, up


and coming. Still some work to do on her run but hoping she will place


well in Abu Dhabi. One thing you this series is a white stripe on the


top eight's swimming hats, which should make them easier to spot.


COMMENTATOR: We are enjoying the sights and sounds of Abu Dhabi,


looking down at the Formula 1 circuit which will play host to the


bike course today. Look at the architecture in these parts.


Magnificent. This win will take place in and around the Yas Marina.


Round one of the 2017 World Series. Two different labs. 900 metres lap,


followed by 600 metres and then it is time to get onto the Formula 1


track. This is unique, Lewis Hamilton has won here three times.


He is the most successful Formula 1 race on this circuit. They will ride


ten laps of around four km each. Not using the full track but key


elements, before hanging up the bikes and heading out for a four


laps run. Standard Olympic distance. Quite a truncated starts today. With


Ai Ueda wearing number two, Florida the absent.


The 2017 world triathlon series gets underway in Abu Dhabi. Warm, calm


conditions. And they are racing. We can expect some good swimming pays


from Jodie Stimpson. She is wearing number five. They have altered the


caps this year, they wear green camps with really large numbers on.


So they should in theory be a little bit more straightforward to


identify. Much smaller field today than we are used to with just 30


athletes on the start line which really does change this swim. Some


of the weaker swimmers will get left behind because there will be fewer


feet to jump onto and get the draft from. Summer cook, possibly she has


the edge in the early stages. These three have opened up a slight gap on


the rest of the field. They certainly have. Five days ago Summer


Cook said she was scraping her right software,, on Twitter. How adapted


she will be today's warm conditions in Abu Dhabi. We just have to see.


Lots of potential, the young American. We have not seen either of


the British contenders, Jodie Stimpson, defending champion, or


India Lee, number 29. We will assume they aren't far off the pace here as


they continue out to the next of the upright Orange


bouys as they head back towards the protection of Yas Marina. This


fourth athlete joining the bunch is kind of bringing up the main bunch


towards the top three. Number 14, Summer Cook, continuing to increase


the pace. Once they get out onto the bike ten laps of 4 km, Jorgensen on


Twitter saying it is a really tough course. You need a strong pack to


work with. Is a definite gap of around five


metres from those four athletes in the main pack.


Routier just edged past Summer Cook, determined to be the first one out


of the water. A familiar pattern for Carolina Routier, she likes to be


the quickest in the water. Summer Cook made the pace for most of this


swing that it will be Routier leading them out. As they exit the


water, after 900 metres, with a short seconds lap of 600 metres to


go. We will check on the standings and catch up of exactly who is


positioned where. Zaferes should be next out and


that's right. Sarah True not far off the pace coming out of the water.


The leaders dive back in to start the shortened second lap. Jodie


Stimpson a bit off the pace right now, 24 seconds down. India Lee a


further 12 seconds removed. 600-metre lap remaining.


Time to concentrate for some of these athletes that have lost a bit


of time. Stimpson Stillwell up there, under 30 seconds behind --


still well up there. India Lee finds of the most stressful part of the


triathlon. The Spaniard, the American and the Russian with a gap


to one of the Americans, Katie Zaferes. Rather alone in fourth


position, now. The first stage is almost done for Carolina Routier. No


wind here to speak of. Nice, clean water behind. Summer Cook has


smashed her. White on the toes of Carolina Routier. Really maximising


the draft she's getting from her. -- she is right on. Looks like Zaferes


has managed to close the gap slightly in the latter stages of the


swim. A good final push from Katie Zaferes. Therefore, I think it's


likely we will see a group of five form on lap one as they had from the


Yas Marina to the Yas Formula 1 motor circuit. End of the swim. 90


minutes and about five or six seconds. Routier's hands hit the


deck and she lifts her goggles to the transition. Cook struggles as


she finds her feet on terra firma. Slightly wobbly looking Katie


Zaferes exits with the other American. Sarah True. Good final


push from Sarah True. Five of them onto transition. Another stumble,


that's time from one of the Italians. It is slippery coming out


of the water. Alice Betto out in six. Americans everywhere.


32 seconds off the pace, Yuko Takahashi. We will look for one of


the first union Jacks. They've got to get this bit right.


Everything has to be done according to the rules. Jodie Stimpson, the


defending champion in Abu Dhabi, arrives. She clips up her bike


helmet. She pushes her bike towards the Mount line with Andrea Hewitt


not too far behind. They are on their way. Onto the Yas Formula 1


motor circuit. Yas Marina circuit. India Lee has not yet arrived in


transition to pick up her bike. India Lee, the second of the British


triathletes involved, has a lot of work to do. These triathletes know


they've got to work hard. Perhaps form a working pack, communicates.


-- communicate. Get some tactics together to close this gap down to


this leading group of five. That is what we expected. Five have formed


on the Formula 1 circuit. Let's see how much damage they can do, now.


Three Americans. Cook and Routier about to be joined by the next group


of three. Five becomes eight. Katie Zaferes, the American, who is


officially first across the line. Joined by Alice Betto, Backhouse and


Cook. Sarah True and Carolina Routier and Anastasia Abrosimova in


that group. Jodie Stimpson 21 seconds back. When she came out of


the water, Stimpson was 40 seconds behind and has already halved that


deficit. Good work on the first lap by Jodie Stimpson who crosses


transition. 20 seconds or so off the pace. Jodie's got a big point to


prove. Such disappointment, as everyone knows, not making the


Olympic team. She has had many changes to her training setup. She's


moved away from Darren Smith and the other squad. Based herself in


Loughborough at the main performance centre. With Ben Bright. She said


she made a lot of changes. This is interesting. It looks to me like


some of the athletes have dropped from the front pack. Very


surprising. Jodie Stimpson driving this second pack. It looks like the


front pack have managed to spit out two or three athletes, which will


only help this chase pack's cause. Carolina Routier, I think it is


Abrosimova who has been dropped from that first pack. Routier we know has


failed he is on the bike. Swim is exemplary -- has failures on. She


has been unable to match this pace in the early stages of the 40 K


ride. Routier is going backwards. That front group has been whittled


down to just six triathletes. The lead group to the chasers, not much


has changed. Although there is a sudden surge from the front of that


elite group as they come to this hairpin. There was a real burst of


acceleration from the front of that chase group. That group of six who


leads this contest will shortly be reeled in by the group that does


contain Jodie Stimpson. Who was the winner here, 12 months ago.


Really great to see Jodie Stimpson back, injury free, racing hard. She


started the 2016 year with such promise, winning the World Cup and


then coming to Abu Dhabi and beating Helen Jenkins.


She is just about on the wheel of the lead pack. Stimpson's leading


the charge. She is controlling her move up through the field. I make


that 14, now, in the front group. With Jodie Stimpson having done the


hard work, 21 seconds at the end of lap one, 14 seconds at the end of


lap two. Midway through lap three. Stimpson got it done. She joined the


front pack and is now getting involved in the communication and


control at the head of the field, here. Andrea Hewitt another one of


the vastly experienced athletes, 34 years of age.


She became a good swimmer at the age of four, 11, a surf life-saver and


eventually took up triathlon in 2005. She has been up there, racing


in the elite, for the last seven or eight years. Sadly for Andrea


Hewitt, she was engaged to Laurent Vidal, who finished in the top five


in the London Olympic triathlon in 2012. But he suffered a fatal heart


attack a couple of years later. Hewitt continued to race on the


circuit. Certainly not out of contention in 2017.


Overhead graphic showing you that they are approaching its distance on


this cycle leg. 25.2 kilometres still to ride. Stimpson is looking


really relaxed and controlled. Currently in second position of this


group of ten. They come over the flagstones again


after 47 minutes since this race began with the 1500 metres swim. End


of lap four. Katie Zaferes, Jodie Stimpson and Kirsten Kasper are the


first three to cross the line. Backhouse, Stuart and climber.


The front group of ten triathletes are complete. Six to go. It looks


like India Lee's group is going to join up now with the three athletes


that were in the front pack, only just about half a circuit ago.


Summer, there she is, leading that trio through. She was with the


leaders for a while. We have had a tweet from Helen Jenkins, former


world champion, twice a world champion. She has noticed that she


believes Stimpson's training has been well executed. Looks like the


best ride on the course today, Jodie Stimpson. That's just calm in on


social media, sitting this season out to start a family. -- best


rider. What a great story. Lovely people, Helen Jenkins and Malcolm


Jenkins. Helen had a tough race in beer but came back strong to finish


in fourth in the final race -- race in Rio.


She has taken some time out, had a baby after the London Olympics, got


a medal in Rio and now pregnant with her second child. The end of lap


seven, seven down, three to go. We have a full list of who is where.


Backhouse officially first. Stimpson is still right in there.


hiding out of trouble towards the back of the group -- Rachel climber.


She is one of the stronger riders in that lead pack. She finished last


season in 11th position at the end of the world triathlon series. 43rd


world triathlon series start. One is down, two down! Chase group coming


in towards the transition. Mechanical issues. Which may not get


fixed for the French rider. She is trying to fix her own bike, pick up


a water bottle. Emmie Charayron. Not good news. Let's have a look. Emmie


Charayron lost their grip on her rear wheel and took out Yolanda


Annan of Switzerland behind her. The two of them came crashing to the


ground. The cycle is almost done. 40


kilometres on the motor circuit of the Yas Marina Formula 1 course.


Just about behind them. An hour and 27 minutes since the triathlon began


with a 1500 metres swim. They are about to conclude a stage two. Then


it comes down to the ten K run on a new course. Four 2.5 kilometre


circuit to conclude this world triathlon series today. At the


dismount line, Stimpson hits it first. Backhouse and Vilic also


right up there. Now they hit the carpet, off the cobbles and onto the


more comfortable cockpit. Looking out for their parking stations here


in transition. Jodie Stimpson, the defending champion, arrives and goes


to work. Her right shoe has gone on, her left


shoe. Andrea Hewitt in and out of transition quickly as well. Zaferes


struggled slightly with the demands of transition. She wasn't as quick


in and out as some of the others. Alice Betto was the last two rise of


that elite group and she's going to have to try and track them down as


quickly as she can. The next group led in by Rebecca Spence. They are


now only 45 seconds off the pace. India Lee is within this group. The


second of the British triathletes is 47 seconds off the pace of the lead.


This group, crucially, contains Ayew wader one of the better runners. The


transition is complete. They strike out to begin lap one of


four. There is Ueda straight into her stride and off in search of the


leaders. She always looks incredibly relaxed, she was has this smile, I


don't know, but she enjoys her running so much that she seems like


she is really enjoying it with a smile on her face. Charlotte McShane


one of the last one is going out from the lead pack. Zaferes, for


some reason, always manages to slightly fluffier transition. Ueda's


making a quest to claw her way up through the field. Ueda third in the


World Series last year. This ragged running style of hers. Explosive at


the same time. Very effective, I love to watch her run. It's so


relaxed. Funny little action with her hands. But it's very, very


effective. She already looks to me like she's catching one of the back


runners isn't she? That's Alice Betto from Italy. She's already on


the heels of Alice Betto. Alice Betto going around 45 seconds ahead


of Ueda. We haven't even done 2.5 kilometres yet. As they complete lap


one. So far, the top four out in action


for an hour and 36 minutes. Add 37 seconds. Lap one is complete. Three


laps to go. On this 10,000 metre run. Stimpson, of Great Britain,


Rachel Klamer of the Netherlands, the New Zealand runner and Vilic of


Austria. Abrosimova she put 20 seconds into


them, on the first lap, she could be well ahead. She looks completely


different to the others, she looks like she is in a 5 km track race.


They out into the daylight, the chase group six seconds removed.


Stimson seems to inject extra pace into the race as they Clyne. Ai Ueda


continues her march through the field. She is 26 seconds off the


pace now. And we are not quite halfway through the 10,000 metre


run. The still an awful lot to ask of ayurveda. -- Ai Ueda. The early


question is whether she went too fast too early. In these warm


conditions. The pace has been pretty relentless so far. Rachel Klamer is


the one who seems to be feeling it. Joe Day sign of having to work


harder than she was before. Hand on her midriff, -- she just showed


signs of having to work harder than before. Who Stimson dictating the


pace as she has done since they left the water. This angle deceptive. Ai


Ueda clawing back these athletes, catching up Blackhouse, 5 km now


struggling. That stitch taking its toll. Four has become three. Rachel,


has been dropped, in pain. As they complete lap two. Halfway through


the run. Hewitt, Stimson and Vilic the leading trio. -- Stimpson. 5 km


down, 5 km left. Rachel Kalama crosses a further four seconds back.


It is deceptive because by the looks of things I think Ai Ueda, she has


Ashley dropped time. Vilic from Austria, the young athlete, former


world under 23 champion having the race of her life. The Austrians with


a good history in this sport. They had the Olympic triathlon champion


in Athens in 2004. She seems to pull away a little bit, slightly longer


lakes downhill. That is a skill, Jodie Stimpson just getting the


better of them down the hill. No one has decided to take on this


race and kick for the lead. Will that happen in the early stages of


the final lap? The final lap is about to unfold as they take the


turn. They find their way onto the carpet. Glance around for Jodie


Stimpson. Sizing up the opposition. Sorting out in her mind her timing,


if and when she will strike for the outright lead. She is in good


company. They will be taking the podium


praises but in what order. Three of them literally separated by a metre


as Hewitt draws alongside Jodie Stimpson. Lets the registrar athlete


knows she is there and she is in the hunt. It was a little while before


Stimpson noticed she had company. Vilic has not gone away. Right on


the shoulder. The pace raising again. Less than 400 metres to run


and we could have a race for the line between three. Often we have


two going for gold but a race between three potentially for top


honours in Abu Dhabi as Stimpson and Hewitt are shoulder to shoulder now.


I cannot call it, I thought Stimpson was going to go earlier but it looks


to me like they will wait until the very last moment. At the moment


Jodie Stimpson and Andrea Hewitt, Vilic just behind. Hewitt just


edging ahead and then Stimpson reels her back in. Vilic hasn't moved. She


is keeping pace with the leading two. Step for step, Vilic just in


there still. 3-way Sprint finish could be about to unfold. The


winning time a year ago 1:50 six. The new course has added more than


seven minutes to the winning time. Two hours: three minutes since this


race began. It is going to be a 3-way Sprint. Stimpson not Great


Britain injects a better place. You are not beating you. You read not


giving up on this. Stimpson may just have injected the final race winning


effort not sure that Hewitt can get back on terms with Stimpson. She is


looking to win this race two years in a row but you are throwing


everything out her! Hewitt back in front and she is going to win for


New Zealand. What a fightback from Andrea Hewitt. Quite remarkable


comeback. It is a podium for Sara Vilic of Austria. Extraordinary end


to a wonderful race in Abu Dhabi. Rachel Klamer will come home in


fourth. The stitch and she picked up on lap two but paid to her chances


of getting on the podium. Fourth place for Rachel Klamer. What the


conclusion to this world triathlon series race in Abu Dhabi. Quite


remarkable fightback for Andrea Hewitt. Ai Ueda was so far off the


pace after the bike,. Gillian Blackhouse crosses the line. Well.


These triathlons keep giving us these extraordinary finishes. Drama


and incident every time the world triathlon series race comes


together. Andrea Hewitt wins the first race of the new season, in Abu


Dhabi. In a sprint finish with Jodie Stimpson, Tara village finishing


third for Austria. -- Sara Vilic. It was an amazing race for me, amazing


to come here to Abu Dhabi. This year my win is dedicated to lure, I won


in Antigua two weeks ago and I knew I was coming here really fit. He


told me I was at everything, I have the dedication, the integrity, I had


talent. He told me one thing I was missing, that was emotion. I did not


show it enough. I know since one year I have always had, I have to


say thank you to Maddie Dylan, she has been beside me and my friends


and famine I want to thank them. I am stoked we both got on the podium,


the amount of work we did. If I was going to lose in a spring finish I'm


glad it was Andrea. You did some fabulous work on the bike. You cut


the gap. My coach told me not to try to work too hard on the first lap if


I was behind often swing, Adam, there you go. Such a nice feeling, I


think I will realise tomorrow but it is incredible. I was training so


hard, so happy it paid off. On the bike it was good. I like to stay on


the good causes. I felt good. I could keep on it and I was just


delighted. STUDIO: What an incredible race. I do not think


anybody could have called it. When it came down to the run, I feel


really bad but she will hang on, then there she was at the end with


50 metres left, the nominal rates. After that performance I think we


will see more of her. She was dogged. What an extraordinary and


exciting finish. It was amazing. It had been a pretty steady ride until


that point. They had done a huge amount of the work. When it came


down to the sprint finish. We saw Jodie had it. I was totally


convinced. By that stage she was five steps in front of Hewitt but


she summed it up, she said her boyfriend, Laurent Vidal, who sadly


passed away a couple of years ago, said she lacked emotion. So


emotional at the end. Big smiles as well, for an athlete who was so


consistent and strong, she had not been on the top of the podium since


2011. It was a breakthrough race. To lose on the line is tough but also


in some ways a great result. She will be kicking his, initially she


thought she had done it, putting together the disappointment of last


year. I think she will be kicking yourself. I do not think Andrea


realised she had watcher had left on her legs. So the season is underway,


just 98 days until the World Series circus heats British shores.


Putt no doubt who was the star of the show last year in Leeds,


Alistair Brownlee. It is likely he will be again this year, his only as


yet confirmed appearance in the world triathlon series. After such


an amazing 2016, where do you go next? Tom Fordyce has been speaking


to Alistair Brownlee. It will be a glorious golden 44 Alistair


Brownlee. The Olympic triathlon champion for the second time. --


golden double, four Alistair Brownlee. It is obviously nice to


move on from 2016, the Olympics obsolete the big thing. To go


through that three times now, it is nice to draw a line under that again


and move on. Dramatic scenes in Cozumel as the Olympic champion


carries his younger brother towards the podium. The Brownlee brothers


arm in arm. Alistair having to drag him across the line and pushing him


home. Nice to move on from Cozumel, but I'm not going to let Johnny


forget it, obviously. I have a few goals, looking for the longer stuff,


and the Roger Richards in September. That is an obvious goal to try and


achieve. I still want to my foot in the will Series as well. Fudging it,


basically? Mixture without committing. Leeds is the obvious


World Series I want to perform at. The people who don't know what half


five man is it's not dramatically further is it? An extra 200 metres


on the swim, 60 miles on the bike. It's about double, really. Although


the swim isn't quite a double. But it's a different kind of race.


Instead of fast and furious Olympic distance racing, it's about an hour


45. Over the best part of four hours. It's a bit slower. A bit more


of a controlled effort, something a bit different. Although it's a bit


different to the Olympic aspect of the sport for someone who has always


done triathlon, looking at long-distance and especially the


iron man, that has got to be one of those things you always want to do.


It's like the London or Boston Marathon, the triathlon. It's a


lifelong -- I'm a lifelong fan of the sport and it will always be my


bucket list. Why did you want to make the change? You've won two


Olympic golds and you are clearly the best in the world, why not stick


with it? Because I have a professional athlete, it doesn't


mean I don't what do these other things. I want to do it. Without


necessarily hurting my chances. I feel I am capable of doing it in


four years in Tokyo. Would you have been bought if you stuck with


standard distance? Possibly. The World Series is fantastic. The race


in great places around the world. Basically a against the same people


for the last ten years. It's just important to have a slightly


different not necessarily outlook the different goals, different way


of training and mix it up. If it goes really well, is there a chance


we will never see you at an Olympic Games again? I guess there's a


chance that I could never be at an Olympic games again. To say I would


never do it is impossible. The Olympic Games is fantastic. I would


definitely love to be there. The course in Tokyo is going to play a


big part in whether I feel I can go there and win, I guess. Whether the


relay is in it. There's potentially two medals on the line. That could


potentially play a part. It is going to be a case of sitting down


probably at the end of 2018 and weighing it up. Am I enjoying longer


distance stuff? Do I feel I can be competitive to win a medal in Tokyo?


How I achieved what I want to achieve in long distance. I am happy


with that. It is what motivates me. The short distance stuff, I will


have to see I want to do. The return of World Series this weekend, who


are favourites? As far as the men are concerned, we've got Javier


Gomez, returning from a major injury last year. Although I've got no


doubt he will be in great shape. A bit of an unknown, he's not getting


any younger. That throws it wide open in terms of people with obvious


Mario Mola winningest last year. Jonny should be competitive with a


bit of luck. And a fair wind. But I can't see past those three being on


the podium. With a potential of Murray thrown in there. Going back


to Gomez, who's been such a rival for you down the years, did it take


anything at all off your gold in Rio that he wasn't there? It's


definitely did take a bit. You want to be there on the best day in your


best shape and being able to race the best athletes in their shape. We


were fortunate to have that in London. It would have been fantastic


to have that in Rio. But what happened, happened. Reece Burke


about it. He had a lot of luck. -- we spoke about it. In the World


Series he had luck. And then I did not necessarily have it. And then I


had luck in the Olympics. On that day, on that course, I'm fairly


confident I would have had him anyway. LAUGHTER


STUDIO: Great to hear from the double Olympic champion. Do you


understand from his point of view at this stage he wants to move up?


Absolutely. Alistair needs a new challenge. 'S time Olympic champion


looking for new goals and challenges. -- two time. A natural


progression for him. As an athlete, does it help and add interest by


mixing things up a bit? Definitely. His training will change. The amount


of training he does right now, I don't know his whole training


routine, but I'm sure he's more than capable of doing ironman now. His


training will change. He will have to run a really hard and fast


marathon off the back of 180 kilometres. The training will have


to change a bit but Alistair has stated he is really up for the


challenge editor something he would like to try. We will miss him a bit


in the World Series. -- challenge and a bit of something. We will.


Some guys won't miss him but a lot of guys will miss him in the bike


pack because he gets everyone rallying working really hard and he


makes some races exciting. He will be sorely missed this year. We can


always see him chatting away. What about Gomez? He is back, great news.


Fantastic news. A lot of triathlon fans thought we might not see him


again after the disappointment of 2016. He's kind of heading towards


his mid-30s. But actually he's bounced right back and he's as


hungry as ever to go out and race. Alistair talked about Gomez, Mary


only and Jonathan Brownlee being in contention. Jonathan has an injury


-- Mario Mola and. He has picked up a tendon injury, not a running


injury. It is to do with the bike position. They are confident they


will not get on the head pretty quickly. It was sensible for him to


decide to put off his racing until a bit later on in the season. We can


always have surprises but would you put those as the top three? Yes.


Gomez, definitely. As long as he stays injury free he will be a huge


contender. Mario Mola without a doubt, a great racer. Disappointing


for him in Rio but he bounced back in Cozumel and took the world title.


We will see Mario Mola at Jonny once he is in good shape and over this


injury I expect we will see him back to his winning ways. As Annie said,


no Jonny in Abu Dhabi but still a stellar line-up in the men's race.


We saw the new swimming hats make their debut in the women's race and


Annie has given us a guide as to who is wearing what in the men's race.


Beginning his defence of his world title and wearing number one,


Spain's Mario Mola. He hails from Majorca along with Rafa Nadal and is


engaged to fellow triathlete Carolina Routier. Henri Schoeman had


a standout 2016 winning the grand final race in Cozumel and a bronze


medal in Rio. Henri Schoeman finishes in the first


win in South Africa's first ever triathlon medal. With no


confirmation of what his dad and coach makes of his hair, which he


has dyed blonde for the 2017. Richard Murray and is himself a bad


boy reputation after being disqualified in Hamburg last year.


He started this season off on the right foot, though, winning the


first World Cup last month in Cape Town. At about finished 2016 as the


second-highest ranked triathlete behind Adam Brownlee. He has moved


to Wales in the off-season and he is pretty in pink in Abu Dhabi,


sporting number seven. This is the Spanish triathlon legend's first


World Series race since he broke his elbow last year. 2060 may have ended


up in disappointment for Gomez but there was still some consolation as


he was awarded the highest honour in Spanish sport -- 2016. The Princess


of Asturias award. STUDIO: We talked about Gomez, let's talk about Mario


Mola. World champion last year. They have a good rivalry? Mario Mola has


a great deal of respect for Gomez. He still sees him as the guy to


beat, most definitely, even though he won the World Championship last


year because Gomez was out injured. Will he be happy to have him back in


racing this year? The real athletes are really happy to have the


strongest guys there they feel. That when they compete and they win, they


really deserve it and they beat the best in the world -- they feel that


day. On the whole, they will be happy that Gomez is back. Mario Mola


will be happy to have him on the start line. Brits involved, who are


you looking out for? Three younger guys. Adam Bowden of course. Tom


Bishop, only around for three years, but 25, strong on the swim at the


bike but yet to bring his run up to standard. -- and the bike. Let's see


what his training has been doing over the winter. Grant Sheldon.


Strong athletes but relatively new to the sport. Interesting what they


can do without the Brownlee brothers there. The guys coming into this are


saying that we won't try and perhaps live at Ball replace them. It is


their turn to go out and prove themselves. Looking forward to the


race, you are heading back to the commentary box and I will hand you


over to Max Chilton for the men's race.


He is the start list. Mario Mola has won as the world champion.


The first of the British quartet is Adam Boutin at number seven.


Raphael likely to feature strongly in the swim. Bishop starts at 22,


for Great Britain. Grant Sheldon has 27. The last of the British quartet


on the start list will be Mark Austin. Austin, today, the


23-year-old, has number 51. -- Mark Austin.


About to get underway in Abu Dhabi. Breezy conditions for the start.


Spectacular dive start. They will exit the water at the end of the


long lap which will take them out of the marina. Before they turn and


head back in, exiting the water. Running along the pontoon, diving


back in and swimming the second, shorter lap 500 metres. 900-metre


lap to start with. 500-metre lap to conclude. Annie, I guess we will see


the usual suspects out in front in the water. It will be interesting.


Schoeman, we would normally see him upfront. Richard Murray, his


team-mate is racing as well. He obviously beat him to the last medal


position in the Olympics, taking a bronze medal. Richard Murray


finishing in fourth. At Richard Murray got the better of him at the


World Cup race in Cape Town a couple of weeks ago. I sense Schoeman will


want to put the pressure on really early in the water. Murray is not


known so much for his swimming, more his biking and running skills. I


expect to see Schoeman, Gomez and Raphael from France will be heading


the way. These green swim caps have made it a


bit more straightforward for us to pinpoint the athletes. I think that


might be Raphael already. It is. It is the Frenchman, the number ten. He


is readily one of the fastest men in the water. Starting on that


swimmer's right side of the Yas marina. A bit of shelter from the


sea wall. He is leading them through. I think he's got one of the


Russians, Igor Polyanskiy, just behind him in second position.


Raphael Reading the early stages of the swim with some curious


spectators looking down from the dock. Is interesting how they've all


come together. For people that are new to triathlon, look at the


pontoon, 70 metres long and there are 50 athletes spread out. You


think how will they head out into the same direction but they all do.


Gomez started very wide, left on the pontoon. Raphael from France on the


right. Just about coming together. Raphael really hugging the wall.


Raphael, of France, Leeds Polyanski of Russia. You can see the


collection of boats and kayaks. Now things will get a bit more


interesting because they will loose the shelter of the safety of the


marina. It is quite a breezy day, there is a bit of chopped on the


surface of the water. They will have to keep an eye on things and make


sure they don't drift off in one direction or another as the breeze


hit them just about here where the protection of the seawall


disappears. Out into open water. Just to remind you, today is a full


Olympic distance triathlon. 1500 metres swim. Followed by a 40 kbytes


on the motorcycle, Formula 1 motor circuit. And then a 10,000 metre run


to conclude -- kilometres on. Various sprint races taking place


this season but we kick off, rightly so, with a full Olympic distance.


Here we go. It will be Aurelien Raphael to get out of the water


first. Raphael of France will get a check on exactly who is aware and


follow the British triathletes. Polyanski followed by his brother.


Ben Kanute, the first of the Americans.


Tom Bishop just behind Vincent Luis. Marc Austin just behind Javier Gomez


. We will keep an eye on the remaining


British triathletes. I think that should be Grant Sheldon coming up


but we haven't stayed long enough on that graphic. With the shorter lab


to follow, some are already well on their way to the second lap --


shorter lap. Others yet to leave the water. Mario Mola coming out of the


water. Big gaps. Along with Fernando Alarza. Mario Mola diving in.


They've got some work to do, that's for sure. The swim is really spread


out, normally you get a bit of a train. Some athletes 20, 30 seconds


back, they can hang onto these athletes diving in the water right


now, they are about a minute down. Mario Mola is further back than he


might have expected. The field is well and truly spread,


now. The first stage of today's full Olympic distance triathlon, round


one of the 2070 world triathlon series reaches its conclusion --


2017. As usual, it's been the Frenchman, Aurelien Raphael, the


28-year-old who has led them pretty much from pillar to post.


The Russian Polyanskiy brothers. Igor the younger of the two at 27,


Dmitry 30. Raphael leads them towards the exit. You can see the


blue pontoon ramp that takes them up onto the carpet, in and around the


outbuildings into transition where the bikes are waiting. Aurelien


Raphael back on his feet and heading towards his bike. Dmitri Polyanskiy


after Ben Kanute. Marc Austin the first of the British triathletes.


Vincent Luis in good shape, making his comeback. Tom Bishop back up


through the field. We are likely to see a sizeable pack for me at the


front of the field. Could be huge with the numbers arriving towards


transition now. The bikes await, lined up. They have to get


everything right, no wet suit of course so the process quicker but


the helmets have to be clipped on and the shoes attached to the


pedals. This bike involves ten laps around the Formula 1 circuit. And it


begins with a run down through the pets in front of the Viceroy hotel.


They go down and pick up their bikes. Long stream of riders


eventually will come together and form a working group. One or two of


them have been left off the back. 25 athletes by the looks of things,.


Alarza will struggle to get onto the front pack. 25 of them about 400


metres down the road now. Vincent Luis the Frenchman letting the


others come through. He has taken up the role of commander-in-chief. The


job normally given to Alistair Brownlee. Shouting instructions.


Drifting from front to the middle of the pack and then towards the back,


letting everybody know what is required and then making sure nobody


is slacking. Somebody has to do it otherwise they will just roll round


playing cat and mouse. And give the chase pack every chance to get back.


At the moment they are not in sight. Roundabout 16, 17 athletes in this


front pack. I think it is difficult on these wider roads to get


momentum. Now that little chase pack, five of them in there. Around


20 seconds down. The second lap of 4 km underway. That is the Mario Mola


group. Two of the strongest runners in this pack. Mario Mola and Richard


Murray. One at the front and one about. They are endeavouring now to


close down the leaders. The White dot represents the leaders. The blue


dot 54 seconds behind. As they enter the second lap, slowing down to 55


seconds as they come through the hairpin. We expect the chasers to


maybe take the few seconds out of the leaders on the second lap but it


depends on what Javier Gomez has in his mind in terms of tactics. If


Gomez is off the front he would normally have something to say about


the pace. Which is currently being dictated by the great man himself,


Javier Gomez leads the world triathlon series race in Abu Dhabi.


Fantastic to see him back. He is at the front of the field right now.


The fact this front pack is so segmented as testament to some of


the guys who have been riding on the front because the fact Pierre Le


Corre from France and Aurelien Raphael 20 seconds down just goes to


show you the pace. Ben Kanute made a half-hearted effort. 'S the third of


the South Africans, mechanical issues. Looks like a break has lost


its function. Did he hit the deck? He did. On the hairpin. I think that


knocked his senses. It was a while before he was able to pick himself


back up. He has bravely got back on his bike. Gomez in really good shape


in the early stages of this cycle. He swam well. Gomez will fancy his


chances especially as the pace has been pretty strong, but the chase


group have yet to really make an impact. Gomez comes into this race


with the most podium finishes in the series, 36 podium finishes, out of


those in this race. 52nd seconds now to the chase group which contains


Mario Mola, Alarza and worry. At the moment the lead group doing some


good work. This is the lead pack. Tom Bishop on the front. He has done


some great work. Known very much as a strong rider. Lots of guys talk


about him but he has had a great swim today. Talking with Brendan


Purcell, the performance director, he said Tom Bishop has had a great


season, has trained really hard. He found himself in an absolutely


fantastic position with this breakaway group. It was a toss-up


between Tom Bishop and Gordon Benson to join the Brownlee brothers in the


Olympics. It was a battle that Bishop ultimately lost. Gordon


Benson not racing here. Bishop is, originally from Derby, now based in


Leeds. History graduate from the University of Leeds. Tom Bishop


currently the best place of the British riders. He is leading them


through at the end of this lap ahead of Javier Gomez and Greg Billington.


The second American, Ben Kanute. Van der Stel, Polyanskiy and Saubers


Berg. The front pack has been whittled down. -- Salvisberg.


Now we will see the next group. It looks like the Kristian Blummenfelt


group has made an impact. Is Mario Mola with them? He is further down.


Mario Mola we think another 25 seconds back. This should be his


group now. Richard Murray has found himself 50


seconds off the pace. Not an awful lot of good work being done by the


chase group, which has now become the third group. And really they


have done little damage. Roughly remained around 50 seconds. That is


the Marc Austin group which also contains Mario Mola, Richard Murray


and are a lot of serious contenders once they hit the run. For the


moment they are not serious contenders.


'S possibly what happened is that the front group has been called by


the second pack, that would have been the third pack after that small


little drop-off. The third pack as well try hard to catch up


Blummenfelt and Marc Austin and whether they will sit up now or


click the pressure on, this is where they can lose time. This is where


the front pack has to work hard. The leading group approaching the end of


Lap 7. That would leave then three more circuits of the Formula 1 motor


tractor complete. Salvisberg of Switzerland out in front. Igor


Polyanskiy, Greg Billington and Tom Bishop. Vincent Luis, the second of


the Frenchman. Van der Stel of the Netherlands. Henri Schoeman of South


Africa. Marco van der Stel in the lead group. The Dutchman. 25 years


old. Recently raised in the World Cup event in Cape Town. Second in


the Dutch national sprint championships late last year. Having


a good race so far, van der Stel, but tends to go backwards on the


run. Checking on the time gaps. Despite the efforts from Alarza,


that chase group with Mario Mola which also contains Marc Austin has


really failed to make an impact. Room it certainly has, stayed about


the same. It gets a bit demoralising I think at this point when they have


three laps to go and the coaches will be at their shouting the time


differences. Some of them working hard, but when you are not pulling


back any time this is when you have to dig really deep. Now the ride is


almost up after an hour and 20 minutes of this triathlon. The


dismount lined the red line across the track. Ben Kanute cut that quite


fine. No red flags raised. It is legal so far. Now they trot up


across the carpet. To find their running shoes and their allotted


spaces in the transition area. Vincent Luis gets one shoe on the


other follows. Javier Gomez struggling to get one of his shoes


on. He has to take his helmet. Not the sharpest transition we have ever


seen from Javier Gomez and Tom Bishop follows him out of


transition. Of the ten who entered, Gomez was the penultimate man to


leave. That wasn't the best transition Javier Gomez has ever


executed. They are now bunching up. Now then. There are seven I think


you have got away and three who were left with work to do. The second


group, the chase is arriving. Let's see if Mario Mola, the first one in


on the dismount line, red flags stayed on, no infringements from


anybody so far. Mario Mola raises his game and starts to spread


towards his place in transition. Alarza not far behind. Marc Austin


has come in as well, the second of the British athletes through at the


end of the bikes. Who is first to rise? It needs to be quick from


Mario Mola and it is. He is the first to sprint away from


transition. The dose to work with Richard Murray in third on his way


out of transition. Third in that second group. Mario Mola I'm sure


will join forces and attempt to hunt down the lead group. Gomez was


rather sluggish by his standards in and out of transition. Now full of


running at the front. Javier Gomez strikes for leadership of this race


and brings Henri Schoeman along for company. Vincent Luis currently in


the face, Tom Bishop, Salvisberg, Polyanskiy, the others scrapping to


try and keep up with this electrifying early pace that Javier


Gomez has brought. He likes to go out fast but I think it is important


in this tough run you don't blow too early. The girls going out at a


pretty steady pace. Then gradually winding it up. Ai Ueda went up


really fast, chasing down the second pack, then she blew a little bit. It


is important in these early stages just to bide your time a little bit.


That nasty hell out of transition. Your heart rate already high after


the bikes. You have to take it easy. Tom Bishop moving up into the eyes,


long way to go yet. Good race from Tom Bishop so far. Mario Mola has


work to do. 88 seconds the longest distance that has ever been made up


from transition to finish. Garrett Schumacher back in the late 40s. I


do not think he had quite the quality of opposition that Mario


Mola and Murray have today. Wade front. Olympic medallists, multiple


world champion, one of the greatest there has ever been, but Mario Mola


and Murray and they are bouncing along nicely. Purpose in his stride


as he and Richard Murray go to work. Tom Bishop has been as high as fifth


in the world triathlon series races. In Edmonton in the bitter cold of


early last September. Bishop had his best result there. He


is mixing it up with Javier Gomez. This camera angle is deceptive but


in the distance, top of your scene, you can see Pereira and Mera -- top


of your screen. And just behind, Mario Mola. As Tom Bishop moves to


within arms length of Javier Gomez. Henri Schoeman might not be able to


go with them. At the end of lap one, Bishop and Gomez have got a bit of


daylight ahead of Henri Schoeman. Remarkable running, so far, from Tom


Bishop of Great Britain. He is running shoulder to shoulder with


Javier Gomez. We will see how much damage Mola and


Murray have done when they cross the line to conclude the first of their


four laps. Schoeman can't match the pace of Gomez and Bishop right now.


Wow, I'm impressed by what I'm seeing. Tom Bishop running an


amazing race. It is early days. They still have 7.5 kilometres to go but


at the moment looking very comfortable. Our chase pack coming


through. 32 seconds is the time difference. They've made nothing


back -- 52 seconds. Around about the same as the first lap of the four


lap course. At -- hard work for Javi Hervas Tom Tom behind him. Gomez is


used to running with a British triathletes in front. It is not


normally this one. It is one of the Brownlee brothers usually. Gomez and


Alistair and Jonathan have enjoyed such titanic struggles over the


years. Today, no Brownleebut Bishop is flying the flag. At the moment,


he is going with Gomez. Schoeman has been left. Yeah.


On his shoulder, one of the athletes, Vincent Luis from France,


running himself into third position. that.


This is a tough course. It is breaking up the athletes, demanding


on its technical, it has hills. They would have had the wind out there


today as well. Javier Gomez leaves round one of the 2070 world


triathlon series in Abu Dhabi. He has one man for company -- leaves


round one of the 2017. They are our leaders silhouetted against the


middle Eastern sunset in Abu Dhabi. Gomez will be feeling pretty


comfortable. He will be used to a Brit but at this Brit. He will know


what Tom is capable on the bike and on the swim. -- but not this. Very


little is known about what Tom can do in this stage because we've never


seen him here like this before. Vincent Luis broken away in third


position, leaving the South African, Schoeman behind him. Vincent Luis


looking comfortable. He had a tough year in 2016 with some personal


problems, didn't race at all but he likes to race. It is great to see


him back racing this early in the season. Still no separation between


Javier Gomez and Tom Bishop. Fact, Tom Bishop has just moved


ahead of the Spaniard. Tom Bishop is dictating the pattern of lap three.


Mola group including Alarza, Pereira and Murray, Mola struggling to stay


with Alarza Pereira and Murray. He doesn't look comfortable at all.


That is not a common sight for Mola, that's for sure. Yes, Mola was


looking lame as he came onto the cobblestones. They lost time, well


over 1.1 when they went through. Gomez trying to break Bishop. Gomez


has decided he won't wait for the Bell. He wants to have a crack for


the front. Gomez has moved it up a gear. He has established a lead of


one second and a half. Nice move from Javier Gomez possibly not what


Tom Bishop was expecting. The 33-year-old, who was born in Basel,


but very much a proud Spaniard, leaves this world triathlon series


open. -- leaves The lead is stretched. As Tom Bishop


got anything left? Can he countered this break from Gomez? Or has Gomez


gone too early with more than a lap to go. He's gone early, it looks


like a significant surge at this point. A good 25 metres between


them. We can see Tom Bishop grimacing. Tom has got to get his


head down, focus and not think about the pain. Gomez perhaps has decided


that he doesn't really know what this guy's running abilities are, he


will go and not wait until the final lap and that is exactly what he has


done. He is pushing as hard as he dares.


But the pace is falling away all the time. 15 seconds behind Javier Gomez


, now. Danger, behind, from Vincent Luis in third. Good to see that


Bishop hasn't completely blown. Psychologically, you can see now


just under 1.5 kilometres per go, he can just hang on. He's looking hot.


I know it sounds ridiculous to say he is still moving forward, the legs


are still going. Doesn't take any water. He has his sights set on the


finish line. Javier Gomez has got a sea of lap to runners ahead of him.


He will slalom his way through. -- runners. Hopefully continue to


progress up to take his first win since August of 2015. He looks


pretty comfortable, Javier Gomez. Remains to be seen who will end up


in second and third. There are various triathletes lurking. We saw


Murray, Alarza. Bishop is still clinging on to second position. That


camera angle doesn't give you a really accurate impression of who is


aware. That I know that Murray and Alarza probably fancy a trip to the


podium -- who is where. Vincent Luis vacancy ahead of him. He is just


about holding third. -- you can see just ahead. Tom Bishop clinging on


to second. Javier Gomez Noya within 100 metres of victory in Abu Dhabi.


Absolutely. Bishop has hung on and has had Vincent Luis not exactly


breathing down his neck but pulling back sometime. Tom Bishop has had a


phenomenal run and he will make the podium for the first time ever in


his career is on the world triathlon series. The noise levels rise to


welcome a great champion who starts to celebrate now.


One of the greatest of all time. Javier Gomez from Spain will win the


first world triathlon series race of 2017. He knows which way to go, no


point in turning right, he needs to go up the other blue corridor to


find the finish line. He can ease down and enjoy the moment. Hopefully


he will raise his sunglasses and we will be able to see the joy on the


face of Javier Gomez as he crosses the line to win round one in some


style. APPLAUSE What a win for Gomez. What a


comeback. And an unbelievable day for British triathlon. And for Tom


Bishop. Who will finish. In second position. Bishop home to take the


silver in Abu Dhabi. 13 seconds behind the great Javier Gomez. What


a day for Bishop. His best ever performance. In the absence of the


Brownlees, British triathlon has a new star to celebrate. It is a


podium return after a lengthy absence for the likeable French


Frenchman, Vincent Luis -- likeable Frenchman. He completes the podium


places. Another Spaniard in the top five, Alarza pips Murray.


Murray in fifth. Alarza just ahead of him.


It's great to come back this way. I still made a few mistakes in the


race, I didn't swim very well, I had a terrible second part but I knew it


would be a tough run. With Tom, it was very tactical. The third lap, we


slowed down a lot I was trying to save energy for the last lap and I


made my move with about three kilometres to go. It worked well. I


am happy to be back this way. I can't quite believe it. I had a


plan, wanted to swim as well as I could, save as much energy on the


bike. I wasn't sure how it was going to go, the first race of the season.


I got onto the run at my back was sore, I had to warm up into it but I


had Gomez to pace me through. He is a good person to follow, hang on to


him as long as you could and he dragged me into second. I was


surprised. He is always strong on his bike but he ran very well, I


have to congratulate him. It was an amazing run at it made me doubt how


strong he was. I was trying to save energy for the last lap and I had a


bit extra. Jonny and Alistair have set the bar for the British teams


alongside the women. I looked at those guys and that is the pinnacle


of our sport in the world, not just in Britain. If I can get anywhere


near them, I am doing a good job. COMMENTATOR: A superb victory for


Javier Gomez in Abu Dhabi and a brilliant day for Tom Bishop,


finishing in second. A happy return to the world triathlon series for


Vincent Luis, who finished third. Marc Austin finished in 14th


position. Grant Sheldon didn't finish the race, following an


incident on the seventh lap of the bike.


Unbelievable day for Tom Bishop, sharing the podium with Vincent Luis


and have yet is. STUDIO: What a race for Tom Bishop.


Amazing. I don't think anyone of us could have caused that this morning.


He is a young athlete, only 25 that been around for a while racing in


juniors and under 23. Fantastic to see the work he's put in. It has


come to fruition. To get a silver medal today behind have a go as was


something really special. I love what he said, have Labour as was


pacing me. What a thought that must have been for him in the race --


Javier Garrido was. I wondered what was going through his head. He


suffered with nerves and things in the past. With Javier Gomez after


kilometre one and kilometre two, he must have almost had a slide of out


of body experience. Great result for him right now. -- a slight out of


body experience. Does that help and go forward immensely? When an


athlete has a breakthrough race, they need to keep the momentum that


he has proved himself and proved to British triathlon and the triathlon


world that he's got something pretty special. He is going to go into the


next race with a lot of confidence. And four, Javier Gomez coming in


back in the race with that sort of results. It must have been what he


was hoping for. -- and for how the eight is. So much respect he went


through an incredible difficulty. In the run-up to 2016 he was a bit of a


strong with the Brownlees. It was always between the three of them and


then 2016 was a bit of a disaster. To come back in 2017 and take their


victory very convincingly, it must boost his confidence. Tell us about


the psychology between the two of them, they were trying to test each


other out. Javier Said it in the post race interview, he said he


didn't really know what this guy had. He said he knew he could bike


didn't know what he could do on the run. He was it. It was his


experience that beats Tom Bishop. Third place, Vincent Luis, back in


form. Brilliant. Another athlete that had a tough year last year. He


looked like he was going to do something special at the real


Olympics when he ran away with the Brownlees early on but dropped back


and dropped a few places -- real Olympics. He had a few injury


problems. -- Rio Olympics. But to see the young Frenchman, he can


really give something to world triathlon series. A very complete


and strong athlete and well-respected. Shaping up nicely


for the rest of the series. Most definitely. Plenty more sport across


the BBC this afternoon. On BBC Two, right after us, more from indoor


athletics. You can follow the football on BBC five live or on the


BBC sport website. If you are a triathlon fan, you'll have to wait


for round two, sprint distance and it's the Gold Coast.


Both men's and women's races we have covered.


On the red button and the BBC sport website and highlights on BBC Two.


Let's pretend this is the beach, the water is on at the sun is out. It's


almost like we are there. Goodbye for now.


The best of the action and reaction from the opening leg of the World Series as the world's finest triathletes compete in the Middle East.

Great Britain's Jodie Stimpson, who won the women's race in Abu Dhabi in 2016, competes for Great Britain against current World Champion Flora Duffy. In the men's event, Spain's Mario Mola came out on top in 2016 before going on to win the world title. This year, he faces competition from Rio 2016 Olympic bronze medallist Henri Schoeman and fellow South African Richard Murray on the new Abu Dhabi course, but this trio of talent face a tough test as five-time World Champion Javier Gomez returns to the field.

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