Yokohama Highlights Triathlon: World Series

Yokohama Highlights

The best of the action and reaction from the third round of the elite World Series, held in the Japanese coastal city Yokohama.

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Hello and welcome to the third round of the world triathlon series. This


week takes place in the Japanese city of Yokohama. The Brits are out


in force, so is the rain, like it is insulted. That is why we are inside.


We had so much to look forward to, including all of this... He and his


brother have a charity, a pub and bow a triathlon centre after them. I


have been to see Jonny Brownlee in his home from home as he prepares to


take on Gomez and Mario Mola. We have been given behind-the-scenes


access with Paralympic, world and European champion, Andy Lewis before


his first big race of the season in Yokohama. And we have a high-calibre


women's event. Vicky Holland and former world champion, Lorne


Stanford, featuring the Great Britain alongside Flora Duffy of


Bermuda. It is not just those guys, we have a full quota of Brits


competing. We have Tom Bishop, Gordon Benson, Adam Boutin, -- Adam


Bowden. We have the former world champion here with me to discuss it


all. Annie, it has been a great series, but this is when it gets


interesting? We haven't seen any of our Olympic medallists race this


season or any former world champions. So it will be great to


see Jonny Brownlee back, Non Stanford and Vicky Holland. Also


sell the Coldwell and Tom Bishop, it will be exciting to see them. It is


quite a place to raise, Yokohama? It as a huge following in Japan,


triathlon. The spectators will be out in force. It is quite technical,


lots of laps on the bike. Hopefully the weather will hold out, but it


will be an interesting race. Before we see the race, let's get our World


Series Of Poker bearings. Where are we. Andrea Hewitt, Gomez and Mario


Mola have been our first winners so far. Now we move on to Yokohama,


then it will be over to Europe, starting in Leeds on the 11th of


June, which will be live on BBC Two. Then over to Germany for their


annual triathlon Festival in hamburg on the weekend of the 15th and 16th


of July. Followed by a flying visit to Canada for two World Series races


in Edmonton and Montreal at the end of July and the beginning of August.


The penultimate stop is in Stockholm on the 26th of August. We end the


year with this year's Grand Final in Rotterdam on the 16th of September.


Andrea Hewitt, two wins out of two, leads the women's rankings. In the


men's Gomez third and fourth place so far put him at the top of the


tree. And world champion, last year's winner, Mario Mola, is fourth


overall. For the first time this season we will see Olympic silver


medallist and former world champion, Jonny Brownlee back in action.


Having come so close to winning the world title in 2016, he has been


telling me he is back with a point to prove.


It hurts me, goes the mall. Johnny has to win to take the title. You


don't get many chances to be world champion. This is a horrible sight,


Alistair will try to carry his brother home. You get more publicity


messing up our race. Mario Mola has won the world title. The hurt can be


motivational? It can be. I am not the type person that needs to go out


training. After the hard training, I look back on that day and I want to


go back and do myself Justus. The heat is a problem, and I know it is


a weakness. I did some testing in Portsmouth with the Navy. They were


great telling me what mistakes I made and how I can improve. They


told me to spend more time in hot and humid conditions. I have


converted my conservatory into a heat chamber. Mine gets up to 37


degrees and hopefully it will make a difference. We have been injured,


are you better? I was supposed to be racing in Australia. Just before I


flew, I had a scan because I had a bit of a niggle and found I had a


problem with my hip. I took about five weeks of running and four weeks


from cycling, so missed quite a bit of training. Yokohama com you have


bad mixed race is there? Jonathan Brownlee has demolished the pill


here in Yokohama. In 2014I went back, I was on the podium for 36


races in a row and that was the first place I wasn't on the podium.


It is Gomez, it is Mario Mola, which one will take the win? Mario Mola


and Gomez, have you got your eyes on them? Same people. Gomez has a


fourth and a third, so hopefully I can win some of the races and nobody


has two first, Mario had been picking on loss of wins last year.


Alistair isn't racing, he has gone too longer distances, how does that


affect you? You train together, you compete against and also with each


other, how does it change your race? I have enjoyed not having him there,


it puts the emphasis on me. I can raise more aggressively instead of


looking over my shoulder waiting for him to make those moves. I have had


my best races when he hasn't been there. In training, I can do what


suits me. I have tried to get my own group around me, running partners


and people who will want to help me out. Tom Bishop did well in Abu


Dhabi, when you saw that, where you surprised? I wasn't surprised. I


know him very well, has trained in Leeds for a long time. He is a good


athlete and has been promising that performance for a long time. He has


worked very hard for it. Let's talk about Leeds, the series is coming to


Leeds. This honour of having a centre to you and you are in the


early part of your career? To have a centre named after you is slightly


weird, but very good. It is what we are about, the performance side of


the sport is here in the gym, it is exclusive for British triathlon. It


is personal to you this place, I understand that when you started as


there is a tree you use to meet under? Yes, whether cycling circuit


is, it is where we did our cross-country races when we were


kids. We used to call it the field of champions. And if you wonder what


championships, you got a tree named after you buy the coach. It is close


to my heart. To win in front of a home crowd, possibly to beat


Alistair, that would be the highlight of the season? To become


world champion, cross that line in Rotterdam as world champion, will be


the best bit of the season for me. What I love about talking to johnny


is, he is incredibly honest. He knows exactly what he wants to do


this season? Absolutely, he wants to make amends for losing the world


title to Mario Mola. He is as hungry as ever, which is wonderful.


Alistair has taken a break this year. Jonathan needs to step up and


into his shoes almost of Alistair, which will be tough, but he is


excited to go out and race this season and see how he gets on


without Alistair. Do you think he is fit, he can take on Mario Mola and


Gomez? He won't have the race fitness they have, but he will have


the travel in his legs. He does come very prepared, even if he hasn't


raced. He will be on the start line unless he thinks he has a shot. Tom


Bishop, people will be willing him on? It was such a fantastic


performance, and it wasn't a fluke. He was neck and neck with Gomez


until about three kilometres. A lot of people say this has been a long


time coming and I am excited to see what he can do here in Yokohama.


Gordon Benson, what is reasonable to expect from him? Gordon was


dedicated to working towards Rio and being a pilot athlete for the


Brownlee Brothers. This year he is an individual athlete on his own. He


does have a strong bike, swim and run but he needs to perfect it. Adam


Bowden, not a great race in Abu Dhabi, but Yokohama is his favourite


place. He has had five top ten performances. It will be great to


see him back racing. He is 35 now, so it is tough for him. He loves the


course and has had a lot of success there. What about Mario Mola and


Gomez. Gomez has not been very well? He has had a bad tooth infection and


has been on antibiotics. We will have to wait and see what


performance we get from him, which is loaded with talented athletes. Is


Mario Mola the one to look out for? He doesn't have his training partner


racing this weekend, Richard Murray. But you cannot discount him. He ran


so well on the Gold Coast but that was a sprint distance, so it will be


interesting to see how he goes over the standard distance. Thank you, I


will let you go to the commentary booth and we can see how the race


goes. He is Matthew Tilton. COMMENTATOR: The bike involves nine,


four .5 kilometre circuits. Taking them on to the reclaim the land in


the port of yoga hammer. Nine laps on two wheels to go to the Olympic


distance of 40 kilometres. Here is the start list. A trio of


Spaniards holding one, two and three.


They are in the water. Round three of the world triathlon series for


2017 start in spectacular style. Goodness me, one or two got left


behind by the pace of the start of the swim. The return for Jonathan


Brownlee, who is wearing number 33. They are on their way. They make the


turn around those inflatable boys. They will go clock clockwise. That


was a Peoria start, Annie? The faster swimmers want to get away and


get a smaller group out there. No French athletes today, they have sat


this out, which changes what goes on in the swim because the French are


now on for the swimming, particularly thoroughly and Raphael.


But we do have Schoeman racing. He was on the far side of the pontoon


with Jonny Brownlee. The Spaniards were right the way down the other


end of the pontoon. The three Spaniards together but I think


Jonathan Brownlee is in good company with Schoeman.


We know Wagner and Brownlee have spent a lot of time training


together. It is the fast swimmer who is setting the early pace on the


right of your screen wearing 47. A South African with a serious chance


today, particularly stage one is Henri Shcoemann who won the world


Grand Final race last year and was the Olympic bronze-medallist behind


the Brownlee Brothers. Great swimmer. He will host -- hope to be


close to lager in this. The man from Durban. We will keep an eye out for


schoolmen. Perhaps Varger lost a bit of momentum on the turn. Can be a


little dramatic. That was Gomez. Wearing number one. Diving in


alongside Mola and Alarza. Polyanskiy leading them through.


Varger not quite as strong as we are used to seeing him. Hoping for our


first sighting of Jonny Brownlee. I think that could be him top of the


screen wearing number 33. He would normally expect a higher number but


because it's his first race of the season, he's starting in the 30s and


he's not far away. Jonny Brownlee currently swimming in second


position and he might be the first man out of the water, terrific pace


from Jonathan Brownlee, top of your screen right now ahead of


Polyanskiy. Word from the camp is he's been training incredibly well,


said back a little bit with a cold and he had a stress response injury,


they decided it was best he set out the two first races and I think that


was a sensible decision but word from Malcolm Brown and his running


coach, said he's really strong at the moment. He is going to love


these cold, wet conditions. Bit of weight from the boats, just


affecting the stroke rate of the swimmers. Looks like it will be


Jonny Brownlee first out of the water, laid out his intentions, come


here for the win and he's taken the early lead, Brownlee first to emerge


followed by Polyanskiy. Then Henri Shcoemann, Tom Bishop in excellent


shape. Followed by Gordon Benson amongst others, Blummenfelt, there


is, but what has happened to Varger? He hasn't appeared on the screen,


he's down in 21st, suddenly went backwards. Having made the pace.


Adam Bowden originally from Watford is a little way off the pace.


Surprise to see Varger that far down, he might have had an incident


at the turn. Comment to the first of the turns in this second lap. Easy


enough if you are out in front but for those behind it can be wet and


wild at the turn to. Some swimming caps have been lost, some goggles


get dislodged, you don't want to be trapped on the inside with strong


arms coming down and clattering on your head, some dirty tricks get


played in this situation. Just saw Gomez coming around, getting caught


up in the mess, unusual, he normally finds good space to swimming,


normally fast, came from a swimming background when he was younger,


swimming 1500 metres, really strong. A little bit behind and off the pace


but at the moment, no big gaps forming. Jonny Brownlee doing a


great job but we have to wait and see when they come out of the swim.


Tom Bishop in good shape at the end of the first lap, lost sight of him


during this busy second lap but Jonny Brownlee will be happy if Tom


Bishop is not far away then they pick up bikes. After this last 230


metres in the water. Last 100 metres before they come up


a ramp and then there is a steady climb up towards where the bikes are


parked. It will be interesting to see if a group can get away.


Small-group, I imagine it will be, certainly including Jonny Brownlee


and possibly the Austrian, continuing to match Brownlee stroke


for stroke. The Austrian number 17, in really good shape. Number 17.


Yes, no big gaps have formed yet and I think we will see a pretty big


group going out onto the bike. Jonny Brownlee working really hard,


attacking this swim all the way. Big pack on his feet at the moment. The


Austrian coming out in second or third, 21st in the Cape Town World


Cup and 15th in the World Triathlon Series in Abu Dhabi, chasing Jonny


Brownlee up the steps towards transition. Read of New Zealand out


of the water in second, Gordon Benson not far behind, Brownlee,


read, on the way towards the bikes. Tom Bishop out in 16th. Ryan Bailey


down in 21st. Coming out of the water. Gordon Benson, not far away.


Jonny Brownlee first to arrive at his bike. Will want to get his swim


cap into the box and he's on his way. Gases might be useful in the


driving rain. -- glasses. Gomez not far behind. There was one down


already before he got his backside on the saddle! Someone hit the deck.


But they scrambled to get in and out, scruffy transition for many.


Mario Mola, the world champion, on his way. The road surface absolutely


sodden. Treacherous out there. Not for the faint-hearted. They have to


do nine laps now around the soaking streets of Yokohama. This is going


to be tough. The first time Jonny Brownlee has led out of the swim


since 2012 in San Diego. That looks like Jonny Brownlee working his way


up the inside, getting a bit close for comfort to the other riders at


the moment as they sweep around this Big Ben but at the moment warden


Benson, Tom Bishop Jonathan Brownlee in there, good for the top three


British athletes. Jonny Brownlee, off the front... Kristian


Blummenfelt is a strong rider and if he can't Jonny Brownlee can get away


they could do some damage. -- and if he and Jonny Brownlee. Speed around


the road, 46, 47 kilometres an hour. Lap one is completed, in the early


stages of lap two. Danger underfoot with the white lines on the road but


they've negotiated everything successfully so far. I don't think


this is a significant break for the three athletes out front which


contained Jonny Brownlee and Kristian Blummenfelt and Taylor


reader from New Zealand. He's not happy with that. Yes, he's lost his


rear wheel. Someone else is down. That is to Kaiser from Belgium. And


he is hurting. Jonathan Brownlee, in second right now, about to complete


lap three of nine. 38 and a half minutes have passed. One or two have


fallen foul of the very difficult conditions. Underfoot and under the


food, a look of determination on the face of Jonny Brownlee, one of the


few not wearing glasses to protect his eyes from the rain. Gordon


Benson still in the group at the front, Mola joining up near the


front, three seconds off the pace, Tom Bishop, Fernando Alarza, and


another one of the Japanese athletes, Knabi also in there. Look


at those conditions! Absolutely atrocious!


Still 25 kilometres to ride, not yet at half distance, another lap and a


bit to take them mid-distance of this 40 kilometres cycle. I'm not


sure if Jonny Brownlee and his heat acclimatisation training he's been


working on, spending time with the Royal Navy and Portsmouth will be


put to much use today. I think he said he fancied some rain and Drury,


cold conditions, he's used to that and that's what they enjoy, but


harsh and is of the training they get in Leeds but that he'd


acclimatisation training he's been doing is not going to be put to much


use today that it will do later on in the season, no doubt. This was


Johnny arriving in transition, the first man to emerge from Yokohama


harbour. Full concentration required. Both


white lines are right on the bend. That's Adam Bowden, he's down and it


looks like his race is over today. After racing here pretty much six


years on the trot. 16 kilometres left-to-right, the chase group now


detached by almost a minute. No, what happened, trouble for Tom


Bishop, he's gone down, heavily. And there is a chance Tom Bishop can


regain his connection with the lead group that he's going to have to


work hard, long distance view of the road to the pack with whom he was


riding until three minutes ago. When he came unstuck. Lap seven from


nine. Interestingly the Spaniards have set out the way, they haven't


done lot of work, Gomez ahead of us, Fernandez having a great race and


Mola on the left. The four Spanish athletes in the race, three of them


leading the World Triathlon Series, Gomez first, Aliza second, in third


place is Mario Mola. Coming towards the end of lap seven. Knabi with a


quiet race -- Varger with a quiet race so far. Kept out of trouble on


the bike. Now he's deciding it's time to raise the pace, he's the


first man across the line followed by lumen felt and Polyanskiy. There


is Jonathan in seventh. We'll see this 25 or so group come


through. Then there will be a break. Then Tom Bishop, only now six


seconds off the tail end of the lead group. The good thing is he has a


couple of athletes here that I think are riding up, Tom Bishop, actually


might find himself saved if he can get working with another couple of


athletes and that small pack with a couple of laps to go can work


together, it will be tough but not out of the question. Gordon Benson


coming through. Sudden injection of pace from Varger has woken everyone


up. They are reacting accordingly. If Tom Bishop can close the six


seconds he lost, the six seconds we saw he was behind last time we


checked, get back to within striking distance of this group, sometime


between now and the end of the ride, within the next 6.3 kilometres, we


know how well Bishop is running at the moment, he took on Gomez in Abu


Dhabi, ended up second in the World Triathlon Series, he's certainly not


out of this competition despite the fact he's fallen off his bike! The


running shoes are positioned, waiting for the athletes to arrive.


They have another circuit to complete. There is the bell. Eight


down and one to go, eight point for five metres left on the bikes, then


the 10,000 metre footrace to conclude the World Triathlon Series


race in Japan. And there is plenty of British interest left in the


contest. Is that Tom Bishop? 11 seconds down.


Tom Bishop is almost back with the leading group. What an effort from


Tom Bishop. Goodness me! He still thinks he can compete on the final


lap and heading out into the ten kilometre run. A monumental effort


after falling from his bike. Let's see what happens here in the last


couple of kilometres. This is where you have got to stay out of trouble.


Other than positioning yourself to go into the transition area well,


there is no point doing anything daft here. You got round 38


kilometres in one piece. Tom Bishop, just about. We don't want to mess it


up now. It is about finding the right position so you are in a good


position coming off the bike. The Spaniards haven't done a lot of work


today. They have stayed out of trouble. Which is a good thing. We


have another one down. Just two guys. Jonny Brownlee is one of them.


His bike is on top of the railings. One of the Japanese guys has hit the


railings hard. Goodness me, a heavy crash. Brownlee, over the top of the


railings, spectacular crash. That is going to hurt. My goodness me. That


is a nightmare. Having kept himself out of trouble. I don't think it was


his fault, I think he was taking evasive action. That forced him to


ride straight into the metal railing. Certainly did. He looked


OK, thank goodness, but his bike didn't. That meant he couldn't get


back. So the end of the bike and the final lap has been packed with


incident and drama. Who has come through unscathed?


Kristian Blummenfelt, avoided the drama. Polyanskiy has arrived in


transition. Gordon Benson is safely in. And trying to get out,


Hernandez, Gomez. Fernando Alarza. Tom Bishop has made it in. Bishop,


one of the last in and to leave, but he managed to avoid the trouble that


Jonny Brownlee found himself in the middle of. Schoeman, raising the


pace. It is a fast start for Henry Skillman, the winner of the Grand


final last year after the Brownlee Brothers had to carry each other


across the line. -- Henri Schoeman. Jonny Brownlee says, I fancy


carrying my bike in and then doing a ten K run. That would be Brownlee


style. Let's see what he does. I am reminded of Mark Jenkins in Athens,


2004, carried his bike home to get the transition and try and complete


the Olympic triathlon. Jonny Brownlee is still carrying his bike


home. Heroic effort. He has got a long way to go. Meanwhile, Mola has


found the front of the race. Has taken it upon himself to lead the


way. Schoeman, just behind him. Jonny Brownlee has arrived, parking


his bike. Going to have a crack at this 10,000 metre run. Mola, taking


control of the speed of this 10,000 metre run. He wants this one. Shame


not to see Tom Bishop up there. Can't help that crash and the effort


he put into ride back to the front pack, has perhaps taken its toll.


Jonny Brownlee has bravely continued. Nothing he can do about


this leader of Mario Mola's after the crash on his bike, but is


determined to finish. He has only ever failed to finish one world


triathlon series race and that was back in 2013. The only time he has


not finished a race. Determined to maintain the good record. Kristian


Blummenfelt, is a big boy, but he runs along nicely. Have a great


swim, excellent ride and is currently in third. Fernando Alarza,


at the Mola is the best of the Spaniards in fourth. There is Gordon


Benson. This is a cracking pace set by Mario Mola. At the moment,


Schoeman is staying with him. Kristian Blummenfelt, looking less


comfortable. Hasn't lost his way yet, Kristian Blummenfelt. He is


right in there with Schoeman. Jonny Brownlee has completed his first


lap. Just a good job he's not hurt. He will be more annoyed than


anything. Halfway through, two laps to go. An hour and 33 minutes has


passed. Mario Mola has moved clear of Christian Blumenfeld, Schoeman


and the emerging Fernando Alarza. We can see Fernando Alarza now just


about to join Christian Blum and felled and Schoeman. Now Schoeman


and Kristian Blummenfelt will have to work hard because Fernando Alarza


is going from strength to strength. These two athletes worked hard on


the bike, didn't see Fernando Alarza doing a lot. He comes up onto the


shoulder of Schoeman. Fernando Alarza has got that job done. He has


moved up into joint second position. And now he moves away from firstly


Blummenfelt and then Schoeman. Both trying to respond. Fernando Alarza


has plenty of power in those legs and is in outright second position.


Good running from Mola. He is aware that Fernando Alarza is there now.


Spanish, have such a good record. If they held on for first and second


here, it will be the 14th time we have had two Spanish triathletes on


the world triathlon series podium. News on Jonny Brownlee, he is


getting further removed, unsurprisingly from the leaders. He


is six minutes off the pace. This is the battle for second. Schoeman of


South Africa, Fernando Alarza of Spain. Blummenfelt of Norway. As


Mola, the leader arrives in transition after an hour and 40


minutes exactly, he will take the Bell for his final lap. He will not


be caught now barring any mishap. Mario Mola, leading this race.


Familiar sight of the Spaniard in full control as Fernando Alarza digs


deep and finds another kick from somewhere. This time, Schoeman


appears unable to respond. He won this race 12 months ago.


Unsurprisingly, given the atrocious weather conditions, his winning time


in 2017 will be a bit slower, but it is another very impressive world


triathlon series win for Mario Mola of Spain. The world triathlon


champion the 2016, gets his 2017 challenge on track. It will be a


Spanish one, Maaike Caelers. A final effort from Fernando Alarza. And


Blummenfelt is having one more crack at Schoeman. What a finish from


Kristian Blummenfelt. He has gone past the South African and has


Fernando Alarza in his sights. Brilliant win from Mola. Fernando


Alarza holds on and what a final fight back from the incredible


Christian Blum and felled. Where did he find that sprint finish?


Blummenfelt takes the bronze. Schoeman, eventually relegated to


fourth. Out of the medals. Mola wins by eight seconds to Fernando Alarza.


Blummenfelt finishes in a courageous third position. What an astonishing


race that was the Jonny Brownlee. He has finished 42nd position. Very


happy, has been a good day for me. On the bike, we had to be very


careful. I think Johnny was involved in the crash with so many others.


You never know what will happen and today, luckily it worked very good


for me. Very pleased. Happy with a silver medal. I am happy from


marriage, happy for me and the Spanish team. It was another good


race. A thought I would be able to get in front of them, but I wasn't


able to. I am sick of not getting on the podium. It is my first of the


year. Mario Mola wins for the second time this season and for the second


year in succession in your Bahama, head of his compatriot, Fernando


Alarza. With a brilliant finish from Blummenfelt, taking the bronze. Tom


Bishop was 12 and a courageous Jonathan Brownlee finished in 42nd


position. So Mario Mola now leads the series rankings the 2017. It is


a Spanish one, two, Terry. Thomas Bishop is the best of the British


contingent in sixth position overall.


What a race. Thrills, spills and drama. The bike conditions were


atrocious? Yes, not much luck, Tom Bishop came off on a slippery


corner. Herrick effort from him to ride back to the pack. They were


working pretty hard and he rode back up single-handedly. I think he paid


the price, but what an incredible performance. What do we say about


Johnny? Always dramatic. He falls off the bike, it really looks like a


bad crash. Then gets up and runs with the bike. As he tweeted, it


could have been worse. It wasn't a nice crash, but he stood up, was in


one piece and then the frustration of finding his bike, the handlebars


were twisted and he could not get it working so the easiest thing was to


run with it. We had from Johnny, he said it was going quite well, the


swim went really well... That is Johnny all over, he is


already looking ahead. Yes, you have got no choice. You have got to be


philosophical. As mad as you might be in that moment, things happen.


Positives for the Spanish team. One, two for them. Mola, I doubted him to


begin with because it was cold conditions are not great for him.


But he has become an all round, complete triathletes. Dealt with the


conditions well and did what was required. He played it safe and


sensible on the bike. He didn't work to hard and had good legs going into


the run. Fernando Alarza was happy with second, he has been known as


the third athlete of the top three Spaniards, but a great performance


from him. Also this weekend is the para triathlon series second round.


Britain has sent a strong team and it includes European, world and


Paralympic champion Andy Lewis and Tom Bourdy 's has been speaking to


him ahead of the race. Triathlon is a tough sport, we know


that and you have to be good at three disciplines and you have got


to be mentally strong. Come and meet a man who knows more about that than


most. Paralympic champion, but your life


started in a different direction? It did. In 1999, I lost my leg in a


motorbike accident. How old were you? 16. Why was this super fit guy,


just accepted into The Parachute Regiment, ready to go and fight for


my country and then all of a sudden, in a hospital bed for three months.


What was the journey from the point where you have your leg amputation


to the point where you start thinking, I can represent my


country, I could go to the Paralympics?


I remember being in Blackpool, it in a hotel, they were talking about the


Paralympics and that was coming into 2012. Jonnie Peacock was on there


and I remember saying to my wife, I want to do that. Literally that


night I remember writing a piece to put on my Facebook page to tell


everyone I was going to do it because I'm quite a firm believer if


you are going to set goals or try and achieve something, if you keep


it to yourself and it's just do that knows about the probably won't do


it. When degree addition Aero first feel like a realistic bowl? There


are European Championships last year, only so many spots, that's


when Rio de Janeiro became, we are on there, I have got to put


everything into it. How were you feeling, the culmination of those


hopes and ambitions? When I think about it now it's like, it is a big


wheel but when I was racing at felt like another race. When did you know


the race was yours, you won by quite a comfortable margin? I remember


going round the top bend, I thought, I am going to keep my head down,


concentrate on what I am doing, if I've won this race and never get


this opportunity to run through the banner again and have the Union Jack


raised up and the National Anthem playing, I'm going to make sure I


enjoy it. Now the Paralympic cycle starts again. Three and a half years


of graft and direct and I still have another one in me! -- I reckon.


We've had the swimming, the eating, the physio, now for the really nasty


part, the bike. What motivates you to keep going


through sessions like this? You've already won the gold medal, achieved


something incredible? People have told me, you know, why don't you


retire? Sit back and let someone else have a go because you've done


it. I'm still a baby in triathlon, you know. I might be 34 but I've


still got a lot together! Come on! That's it! Come on! Almost feels


intrusive watching this, he's going through so much pain. It feels like


we are intruding. Breathe deep! Come on, Andy! It's all over, feeling


relieved? Satisfied? Getting ready to race now, tidying up the lab is a


little bit, my race prep, yes, not long to go until Yokohama. It's been


great seeing how your day works, impressive, a little bit scary at


times, being honest, but we wish you the best of luck in Yokohama and we


catch up soon. And the good news is Andy had a very successful day in


Yokohama winning his category, British parrot triathlon had three


golds, two silvers and two bronzes in total and there were wins for


Alison Patrick and to guide Nicole Walters in their category. And for


Dave Ellis and Jack P is good in the men's equivalent. Silver medals went


to Ryan Taylor in the newly formed class and Jade Jones in her first


ever triathlon race. Annie, some really fantastic results are but


would it be fair to say there was some confusion going in because


there'd been changes to categories? I would call it a progression in the


sport and it needed to happen. It's quite complicated but I think they


are working it out and in the long-term everyone is going to be


clearer and happier with where they're going. I've been lucky


enough to watch parrot triathletes in action and they are truly


inspiring to watch, such a great sport. -- para. You look at an


able-bodied triathlete with Inigo here and there but some of these


guys aren't overcoming incredible adversity is to compete at a really


amazing level and did so inspiring. You should watch it, if you want to


watch and take part there will be a para super sprint event, the day


before with the Bramleys compete, it's on Sunday the 11th of June and


is open to newcomers. Goat to the world triathlon information pages,


or lots more details on how to apply and there is a deadline for entries,


this Wednesday. What would you say to anyone who is thinking maybe they


will give it a go? Don't hold back, give it a go, some amazing para


triathletes Albert, don't miss out. We know how Jonny Brownlee is doing


but Alistair Brownlee has begun his middle-distance career, so far, it's


going really well. The distances at this level are 1.9 kilometres swim,


90 kilometres bike, half marathon run and Alistair said a course


record en route to his first challenging Gran Canaria last month


and in a much tougher field in Utah he was victorious again, beating the


former Olympic and burnt Ironman champion course record by an


incredible three minutes. That means he is double Olympic champion and


qualified for the half Ironman World Championships in Tennessee. He is an


extraordinary athlete, isn't he? He really is and he's embracing this


but I don't think many people had doubts he would manage the distance.


The guys train a lot, they train long and hard, to step up to the


half iron-macro distance, it is tough but well within his


capabilities as we've already seen. He is of course too much excitement


coming back for Leeds, isn't he? He is and some people might say as he


slowed down because he's gone longer but I don't think so. The races he's


done will make him stronger for Leeds and it's a tough course, as we


know. We know from what Johnny has told me that he wants to beat him


there. If he doesn't, it will be shocking. No, it won't. It will be


tough and if Alistair finds himself in a position to go and win it, he


is going to go and win it, isn't he? But hopefully that won't be the


case. Really looking forward to seeing them race but shall we talk


about the women's race and what a race this could turn out to be?


In the women's race, lots of big names back including world champion


Flora Duffy. Really exciting to see her back, she had intended to start


the year in Abu Dhabi but she had an injury and was advised not to race.


I love to watch a race, she races hard, attacks it, doesn't leave


anything out there, anything behind. It will be great to see her back


racing particularly if conditions are rough. Really strong British


team. A great team, very exciting. Non Stanford and Vicky Hack racing,


Vicky was supposed to be racing in the World Cup race in China, but she


had a bit of a calf problem and decided to sit it out but as far as


we know she's going ahead and racing in Yokohama and Lucy Hall and


Jessica Learmonth, those two teaming up really well with the strong


swimmer and bike. Lucy Caldwell is one to watch, a young athlete coming


through the ranks. They know you happen speaking to the performance


director of British triathlon and what insights did he give you to how


they have been approaching things. He said they wanted to get people on


the podium but it's about individual performances, each athlete going out


and seeing what they are capable of doing. Note team tactics, no rules


as such. You don't want to stitch up a team-mate but you want to go out


and race hard. Very good luck to them all. Let's find out here they


are up against. Here is the swim guide. With two wins out of two,


Andrea -- Andrea Hewitt is the women debate. She has already qualified


for the Commonwealth Games next year, she be aiming to improve on


the bronze medal she won in Melbourne 12 years ago. Katie


Zaferes from the US has the silver lining to her swim cap and number


two on her arm, she and husband Tommy featured on the US reality TV


show. They had their first and you guessed it, very small home gold for


them. Number three and wearing bronze on the start line, the


Japanese charge is led by this athlete.


A talented painter in her spare time, she's been out on her bike


with fellow art lover Tom Bishop this week. Australian Ashleigh


Gentle finished runner-up in Yokohama in 2015 and 16 and she's


been working with a training group over the past few months. Another


second place finish in Gold Coast and able cemented her spot at the


Commonwealth Games next year. World champion Flora Duffy has been having


hip problems which delayed the start of the defence of her title this


year. Now she's back and ready to race. And with extra link on her


finger after wife friend and fellow triathlete Dan Hugo proposed last


month! We can see from those pictures Flora Duffy has been


talking a lot about her engagement, she looks so happy but what boost


does that give to an athlete? It will be really big, if an athlete is


happy they will train and race well, overall it will have a really


positive impact on her racing. Who will she be looking out for?


Ashleigh Gentle will be there, so strong. She raced well in Yokohama


last year, great history of racing in Yokohama, top two finishes before


there. Great swim bike, so phenomenal but she has a problem on


the swim and she will need to be up there if she is to be a threat to


Flora. And you can't not pension Andrea Hewitt, a cracking start to


the season, she has 12-macro, could she win a third? If she does, she


will be only one of third women -- three women to achieve such a feat,


when you're bunsen, if she manages to get three in a row it will be


special. Go back to the commentary booth, the women's race, let's hear


from the commentators. COMMENTATOR: there is the star of


the show so far, Andrea Hewitt from Christchurch, New Zealand. Just


being introduced to the crowds in Yokohama. Katie said there is is as


well, Ashleigh Gentle starting today. Number nine. The British


representative, the keyhole and wearing 35, Non Stanford 37, Lucy


Hall wearing 38, Jessica Learmonth 40, Sophie Coldwell wearing 48. Lots


of names, Flora Duffy wearing 34 today. Hewitt wearing a gold


triathlon logo on the side of her swim cap as the leader.


We are ready for round three. The 20 17th World Triathlon Series,


Yokohama is the venue in Japan and they are under way! Can watch. Wet


weather. A non-wetsuit swim. With 1.3 kilometres to swim, Jessica


Learmonth of Great Britain forcing the pace, a really good pace out in


front. Clearwater. Barely a ripple on the surface. She looks great,


doesn't she? Noticing her team-mate, number 38, Lucy Hall, these two work


well together, they know one another so well. -- Lucy Hall. They race


well together. They've both been racing pretty hard. First and a


second Inchcape town World Cup sprint distance. Lucy was first and


Jessica second, they raced at the European Cup race in the grand


Canaries and Jessica was first, Lucy second, these athletes leading the


swim will be interesting to watch. The first turn, all quite tranquil.


Plenty of space between the first ten going through. As the main bunch


arrived and they swim in close formation you can see one or two


getting stuck on the turning buoys, hands and fingers and elbows getting


in the way, one or two have to take evasive action to avoid getting


docked on the turn. That is not fun when you are in there, a couple of


the athletes looking chilly on the start line, Andrea Hewitt, the


current world number one, she has won the first two races in Abu Dhabi


and on the Gold Coast, she looked a little bit chilly, slightly


worrying, she raced in new Plymouth, the World Cup race, it got very cold


and she finished way down the pack which was not such a good race for


her with two great starts in the World Triathlon Series, lets up the


cold weather doesn't affect today. Here they come, the first lap done


and dusted, we will get a full check. We know it's Jessica


Learmonth first out of the water. Followed by Lucy Hall. Summer Cook.


Another Union Flag alongside Sophie Coldwell, Flora Duffy following.


Non Stanford in good shape coming out of the water in ninth. Look out


for a Vicky Holland making a return. 17 seconds off the pace. Out of the


water in 15th. We have now accounted for all five


British triathletes. They are within 15 seconds of each other coming out


of the water. Extraordinary scenes, sending some of the harbour fish


jumping for cover. Let's hope they don't have a fish phobia. There was


an athlete from Luxembourg who had a phobia. If she saw a fish in the


water, she had to get out. But these athletes look pretty OK here. Number


three, Ai Ueda from Japan, not known as a strong summer. Finished third


here in Yokohama. This is the eighth race that has been staged here, so


she is a fair way back at the moment. Ai Ueda, sadly for the


Japanese supporters who have come to see her and the others, but


particularly Ai Ueda. She is miles off the pace right now and will hope


for a strong working group on the bike to try to move up through the


field. Just short of 19 minutes, as the leading swimmers exit the water.


Get their feet back onto, not dry land, but wet land. On the short


climb, Jessica Liam month. Sophie Coldwell and Flora Duffy is in this


front pack as well. -- Jack is -- Jessica Learmonth. She will be with


the lead group, assuming she has a good transition. Non Stanford,


didn't lose any time on that. Great swimming for her. This is positive


in light of her swim last year, she has definitely improved over the


winter. We could have a group of seven or eight working together.


Hall seemed to get her helmet and quite quickly. That was nice and


neat from Flora Duffy, the world champion. She joins the leaders, it


Jessica Learmonth, Hall and Sophie Coldwell. Non Stanford, making her


way out of transition. Hewitt of New Zealand is quite a way back and


hasn't reached her bike yet. The world leader. Two wins out of two so


far for Andrea Hewitt. She will have to do some work on the bike. Vicky


Holland, the Olympic bronze medallist, is away. No surprise to


see Flora Duffy out in front. She will dictate terms on two wheels.


She is probably the strongest cyclist in the race today. Not only


is she the strongest, but technically she is very good as


well. She will enjoy these conditions, although they don't have


so much rain in Bermuda. Someone is down. Goodness me. It is Non


Stanford on the floor. She is picking up her bike and bravely


remounting. It is the first we've seen to crash. I think she probably


won't be the last. Thankfully she is able to continue, assuming there is


no mechanical damage to the bike. Flora Duffy in front. I am sure that


is Sophie Coldwell. Yes it is. Duffy and Sophie Coldwell forcing the


pace. That is what they face, puddles on the tarmac. Real


concentration through the turns. Jessica Learmonth and Hall. This


field is broken up. Not something we commonly see, but the swimming was


so fast and the road conditions will unnerve a lot of athletes. Non


Stanford is off her bike. We did see her get back on, but hopefully there


is hope for her. Sarah Duffy -- Flora Duffy and Sophie Coldwell of


the first two. Lucy Hall and Jessica Liam month are nine seconds off the


pace. We have Kirsten Kasper and the first of the Australians. Then a


working group of five. That includes Vicky Holland, who is trying to get


her sunglasses on to protect her eyes from the rain, so she can see.


Nothing to do with the glare of the Sun today. Very tough conditions.


Look at the spray coming off the wheels. Non Stanford is 45 seconds


off the pace following the fall. Sophie Coldwell and Flora Duffy.


Conditions will prevent any serious move from further down the field.


You cannot get a working group together because the conditions


don't allow it. The chase group has swollen to a group of five, or


shortly to become five. Getting on for 30 seconds this time.


21 seconds added to Flora Duffy and Sophie Coldwell's lead during the


second lap. Vicky Holland intent. 42 seconds, getting closely involved in


this race now. 39 seconds between the leaders and the chase group.


They make their way through the fourth lap of nine. I am impressed


with the crowds. The weather is horrible. They are all out with


their brollies. Alice better has incurred a 15 second penalty for not


putting her swim goggles into the plastic box. That is tough, but they


are tough with the rules. Now is the time in the race when you need to


crank it up a bit. These two athletes doing well. Around 37


seconds so the time difference has increased, but fractionally around


three seconds since the last lap. Somebody has some trouble. Another


down on the turn towards the transition. One of the British


triathletes. Is that Vicky Holland? It is Jessica Learmonth. Hitting the


deck sharply. She will be bruised, but she is back in the saddle. Brave


continuation, back in the race. We have had quite a few folders today.


It doesn't surprise me with the weather conditions. It is not their


bike handling skills, it really is treacherous. Very disappointing that


is two British athletes who have gone down, Non Stanford and Jessica


Learmonth. Non Stanford is still racing, but she is 32 seconds down.


Flora Duffy and Sophie Coldwell. 41 seconds was their lead. See if it


has changed at the completion of lap seven. Looks like it might be


stretched out towards 44, 45 seconds. Have they managed to change


the time difference in their favour? Onto wards the timing beam now.


Getting on for 50 seconds. Further damage done. Another seven seconds


added to Flora Duffy and Sophie Coldwell's lead. I know the


performance director said they wanted athletes on the podium and


they didn't mind which one, but they wanted British athletes on the


podium. At the moment, Vicky Holland is in a great place for a podium


place. 48 seconds with 7.5 kilometres still to ride before they


hang up the bikes, put on their running shoes and head into the rain


for the 10,000 metre conclusion. Their best times over ten K. Flora


Duffy, 34 minutes. For Sophie Coldwell, 35 minutes and 55 seconds.


Flora Duffy with the best personal best. Care and caution required.


Brakes applied through the turns. We have seen one or two go down coming


into this stage at the end of the lap. 48 seconds was the time


difference at the end of lap seven. It will be getting on and possibly


beyond a minute now. Flora Duffy and Sophie Coldwell had set sail on


their final lap. One minute and seven seconds between Flora Duffy,


Sophie Coldwell and the first of the chase group, which was Vicky


Holland. Jeff Sluman, who came off her bike has clawed her way back up


into 12th position. -- Jessica Learmonth. When you come down hard


like that, it can shake you up and it takes a brave athlete to get back


on and then race hard. So fair play to Jessica Learmonth. Another one


down, Ai Ueda has gone down and taken out one of the photographers.


She is laughing it off, thankfully. I assume all is OK in her world,


physically. But the end of the bike, after an intriguing 40 kilometres on


two wheels, the world champion Flora Duffy and young Sophie Coldwell


arrived at the dismount line. The red flag stays down. They have done


that right, but they had to be neat and tidy. Flora Duffy finds her


position and wants to get a position transition. Running shoes going on.


What needs to go in the plastic box has the go there, but she has been


beaten out of transition by Sophie Coldwell. The chase group arriving.


This is the Vicky Holland group. And last time we looked at the end of


lap eight, they wear one minute and seven seconds down. It will be more


than that as they can the 40 kilometre bike stage with ten


kilometres to run. A couple of seconds more. And a collision.


Goodness me. A couple of athletes coming together.". Vicky Holland


managed to avoid any of the shenanigans in transition there.


Vicky Holland strides out of transition with Katie Zaferes. How


much damage can they do now? Flora Duffy has supremacy in the race


after being in close contact with Sophie Coldwell, she now takes it


on. Flora Duffy, the world champion is leading round three of the 2017


world triathlon series here in Japan. Zaferes, is third. Kirsten


Kasper, Jessica Learmonth. Lucy Hall is in a top ten position now. Sophie


Coldwell, coming round the bend. Has dropped around 15 seconds on Flora


Duffy. Sophie Coldwell is going to need some determination and tenacity


in the next three laps. She is about to finish the first lap of four. She


still has visual contact with Flora Duffy. An hour and 29 minutes,


almost 30 minutes since this began. Three laps to go. Flora Duffy is


leading. Sophie Coldwell is second. Looks as if Katie Zaferes, who is


still some way behind is in third position, the best of the Americans.


Jessica Learmonth and Vicky Holland are battling it out and Lucy Hall,


not far away from the first group of five.


Alice better has had to take a 15 second penalty. Harsh penalty for


not getting her swim goggles in the plastic box at the end of the swim.


She is paying the price now. Zaferes and Kirsten Kasper one minute behind


Flora That's quite amazing, coming into


transition of the bike, Sophie Coldwell has pulled away even


further, gaining about 20 seconds on the Chase pack which is phenomenal


running. Not known yet for her tent kilometres running, inexperienced at


this distance but Flora Duffy looking to meet to be as fit as


ever. We'd wondered whether she would come into this event race


rusty having not raced since November last year. She won the


world title last year but firmly looking incredibly strong, 14


seconds separating her and the British athlete. Non Stanford fell


off her bike in the early stages of the 40 kilometres ride and has asked


back, looking like she's determined to complete the competition today.


Duffy seems to have moved into overdrive now. Steaming through. Her


lead over Coldwell has been dramatically increased over the


first half of the third lap, now gone up from 51 seconds at the end


of lap two up to a minute and third team seconds. -- 13 seconds. That


was Katie Zaferes stopping to collect something, what happened


there? Looks like she stopped to pick up a gel, but I'd be surprised


with over three kilometres to run, she would stop and pick up a gel


because she doesn't need it, or whether it was her glasses. It was


her glasses, they went down, she went back for them. Thought about


it, went one way, they are expensive, those sunglasses, she


decided she needed to keep hold of them but it might just have cost her


a place on the podium. Duffy takes the bell, she is on her


final lap. I do fear that Sophie Coldwell has lost quite a bit of


time on that lap, we haven't seen any pictures of her properly on that


third lap, there we go, we can just see her now, one of the American


athletes Kirsten Kasper, running down Sophie Coldwell which is really


disappointing for her. She's really got to keep the pace on, she will


have Katie Zaferes not too far behind but Sophie Coldwell losing


around a minute to these athletes. In two and a half kilometres, Sophie


Coldwell fading fast but let's not forget, the first time she has


raised the standard distance on the World Triathlon Series. Vicky


Holland in our picture, great performance from Sophie Coldwell bob


up moment looks like she will be run down by the American athletes and


lose her podium place. Coldwell currently holding second, the 25 old


American Kirsten Kasper looming large and approaching, she won't be


too far off second place now. Katie Zaferes lost contact with Kirsten


Kasper after she lost and wandered further to collect her sunglasses,


she eventually did. She is back into her stride now. Getting closer to


Coldwell and Coldwell about to loose on second position. Just has a


rather forlorn plans to her left as she sees Kirsten Kasper go past and


I don't think it will be long before Katie Zaferes and insult to injury


and steals the last of the podium places away from Sophie Coldwell.


Vicky Holland, meanwhile, is on her way to take the belt to signal her


final lap. There is one lap to run, an awful lot can happen in this


race, Zaferes joining Casper and moving past Coldwell who has been


demoted all of the sudden to fourth position. At the end of that last


lap, Non Stanford, we've just heard, moved into the top ten, remarkable


fightback from Non Stanford having been down and out after quite a


heavy fall on her bike. The way things stand we will have all five


British triathletes in the top ten, let's all but finishes that way. On


the final stretch, Flora Duffy from Bermuda, the defending world


champion will make a triumphant return to the top echelons of


Olympic distance triathlon with victory in round three of the 2017


series. Sat out round one in Abu Dhabi. Which was one by Andrea


Hewitt, Stewart did the double by taking the Gold Coast sprint race in


round two but the World Championship is returned, she is returning to


competition in triumphant style winning in around one hour and 56


minutes, she accepts congratulations from the enthusiastic, drenched but


enthusiastic Yokohama triathlon supporters here. Flora Duffy has got


plenty of time to soak it all up, enjoy the moment and celebrate


victory in Yokohama, the world champion is the champion in Japan!


And our 56 minutes and 18 seconds. Zaferes would probably have been


kicking herself at the sunglasses incident had cost her second place


come ultimately it looks like it hasn't because she has been able to


recover from that moment when she stopped at and wondered whether she


was doing the right thing and forced her way back into second position.


Will be two Americans on the podium in Yokohama, the win for Duffy is


secure is, second place will go to Katie Zaferes who'd just about had


the running legs necessary to defeat her campaign tree at. Kirsten


Kasper. -- her campaign tree at. A personal best. For Kirsten Kasper.


On the World Series podium for the first time. Who's going to finish


fourth? Either way, it will be a best result, Sophie Coldwell. Up


with the leaders for so much of this race, just unable to hold off the


challenge of the two Americans but she's holding off Vicky Holland in


full sprint down the blue carpet, Coldwell holding on to take fourth


for Great Britain and Vicky Holland will be just the hind her in fifth,


the two separated by a couple of seconds. Fourth and fifth for the


two Brits, Coldwell and Holland, Ashleigh Gentle charging through the


field, sixth this year to add to the two runner-up spots, Non Stanford


next up crossed the line, despite falling from her bike, holding on to


register seventh place. How tough with the conditions in this driving


rain? It made every component pretty challenging, a lot of girls went


down, the swim was rough, it was a matter of staying up and trying to


be sparked? Was it Jessica Learmonth you went down with? She did, I tried


to go to the left, that was the barrier, I went into the barrier and


my chain fell off so I had to get that going again but I got up, I


reattached by the end of the bike, it was good. We had the sunglasses


scenario, we understand, if it was deemed intentional it would have


been a penalty, were you covering your basis? Not intentional,


covering bases, I went to go pick them up to make sure I didn't get a


letter in penalty and I decided, getting third was better than a


disqualification! It was worth it, I didn't know what I would have the


time for today and honestly I was pretty nervous coming in to this


race, I felt like a first timer. But you know, I had to keep reminding


myself, you must race with confidence. The race worked out


great to my strength, I'm super happy. Confirmation of the win for


Flora Duffy by a record-breaking margin. One minute and 51 seconds.


Coldwell with a personal best in fourth. Lucy Hall finishing 11th.


Second place in the race today has taken Katie Zaferes to the top of


the series ranking for 2017. Overtaking Andrea Hewitt, pushed


down to second, Kirsten Kasper up into third. Victorious return to the


top level. For the defending world champion Flora Duffy. She kick-start


her campaign to win the world title for a second time with victory in


Yokohama. Again, Annie, the conditions


affecting this race but Flora Duffy was dominant right from the start,


wasn't she? She raced really smart today, what she has got down to a


fine art is what the Brownie brothers do, you ride hard, take a


couple of risks to get a break, she can do that because she's good on


the bike but her race was won 30 early on, in the early stages, but


she put it out there on the line. Sophie Coldwell, fourth, raced hard


and well, didn't she? She really did, her first standard distance


race on the World Triathlon Series, she stepped up to the mark and I


think there is a lot of pressure, probably would have been nervous


going in but she swam well and took the opportunity. What a great race


from her. Flora Duffy impressed with her riding, without Sophie Coldwell


I don't think it would have aimed so easy for Flora Duffy. Duffy tweeted


afterwards to say thank you for that, I loved racing with you. The


British team had a strong field and it showed in the end, five out of


the first 11 athletes. Amazing, what the British athletes are doing, just


phenomenal. It makes me laugh, I look at Great Britain and think this


cold, wet little island and we such brilliant athletes. Non Stanford the


second fastest growing of the day, who knows what would've happened,


certainly I think the race would have been her as if she hadn't come


off the bike because she ran so well. Ashleigh Gentle with the


fastest time, running from way back, Non Stanford had a great swim, so


exciting for the British team. Vicky affected by this cap injury, she


tweeted afterwards what has been going on. She's got a little niggle


going on, I don't think she would have started the race if she thought


racing would jeopardise the rest of the season, I think it's been tough,


she hasn't been able to run for ten days, didn't get bad run up race at


the World Cup in China prior to Yokohama and I think she's race


rusty but I think she go away with this and said that's pretty


positive. Fifth with a niggle, you can't argue with that? Andrea


Hewitt, the conditions were tough. We saw her in new Plymouth in New


Zealand World Cup race some weeks ago, the conditions worse so called


and she is gutsy. And she was standing on the start line she


looked so cold and I think she never got started. Should be disappointed,


three races, two wins, not a bad place for the QB to be. That's round


three over, next up it's in Leeds. Yes, this is the one we've been


waiting for, round four of the World Triathlon Series and we hope you can


join us. If you're interested in coming along there are still places


available to buy in the grandstand in the centre of Leeds or if


watching isn't enough, you can still compete, Terry as the deadline for


all the mass participation races is this coming Wednesday, made the


17th. All the details available on the pages of the World Triathlon


Series website and if you can't be there in person enjoy all the action


from the comfort of your very own armchair, we have live coverage on


BBC Two from 1pm until 6pm on Sunday June the 11th. Still to come this


afternoon, rugby league on BBC Two, later we have basketball on the red


button and there is live football on BBC five live. Annie, before we go,


I'm really looking forward to Leeds, a great cause, what are you most


looking forward to? The athletes going up the hill after the swim,


it's brutal, fun to watch, not fun for the flights, it split up the


packs coming out of the water but when they get into town, the crowds


are just immense and it's great to see. To see triathlon in the UK like


that with the support that's out there, second to none. It really


should be quite an occasion, we are looking forward to it and hopefully


you can join us then. Have a good day. Goodbye.


The best of the action and reaction from the third round of the elite World Series, held in the Japanese coastal city Yokohama.

Britain's two-time Olympic medallist Jonathan Brownlee is expected to compete for the first time after an injury-delayed start to the season. With his older brother and double Olympic champion Alistair focusing on longer-distance events this year, the winners of the season's first two races have been Spanish pair Javier Gomez and Mario Mola - world champions past and present.

In the women's event, a strong British contingent includes former world champion Non Stanford and 2016 Olympic bronze medallist Vicky Holland. Their expected rivals include revitalised New Zealander Andrea Hewitt, who is vying to continue her perfect start to the season with a hat-trick of World Series victories.

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