Day 2 UK Snooker Championship Highlights

Day 2

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Two snooker icons, Ronnie O'Sullivan and Steve Davis. Two men


who have ruled the game but M very different eras. It is not terribly


often that the two of the meet face-to-face in the final stages of


a major championship such as this. So when it does happen, like this


afternoon, it is an occasion to The market is flying! I think this


is the first tournament I have qualified for in this year in the


ranking events. It is getting harder and harder to qualify. I


have got to courage played two matches to get through to the final


stages and knocking on the doors of playing three if I don't call my


finger out. -- pull my finger out. You don't -- if you don't enjoy


playing against Ronnie O'Sullivan, you should give up. I just enjoy


playing, whether it is Steve or... It doesn't make it that much


It is nice to be back in York. It is an excellent venue. I think all


the players were happy and enjoyed the atmosphere around you. I


believe ticket sales are going through the roof. It doesn't matter


who I play, really. It was The Nugget, Davis, who got off to a


flying start. But then the Rocket claimed it. It is one a piece as we


join them. Steve at the table It might be one you have to risk


That is what he has done, played it right over the hole. I don't


understand that. Steve obviously thought he could market to the top


cushion. -- not kick it to the top He can just about dig into this. A


little bit too much. He can play it's low around the back of the


He did not want the kiss on the pink. That makes it a little bit


awkward now. The most important thing now is to get good position


on the awkward, and that is the This is where being left-handed can


help. But where is the brown going? He may have snookered himself here.


Steve is having a look. He may not be able to get through to the


yellow. Good luck? Bad luck? This yellow is tough if he is taking the


Absolutely wonderful. The flick on the brown gave him the opportunity


to play that shot but, boy, what He had no reason to play it at that


pace but he gave one of the best That is part and parcel of snooker.


Winning on a fluke. That yellow was something else! That is the frame


over now and Ronnie prose is cue on the table. A frame that could have


gone either way. -- Ronnie puts his cue.


HAZEL IRVINE: So far, it has been a very grossing -- end grossing and


tactical encounter. Both are The blue has always been there when


it is on its spot and he will have been very disappointed to catch


that there. Whoever invented this game, how did they know where to


He has not got his cueing arm going yet but to play at that pace,


knowing if you miss it, you are The way he has played that, the


black will obviously pot into the The fact he was low on that black


means he had to risk spotting. He Unless the black pots in the right


hand corner, which it does not look The pink should pot. It clearly


He has certainly got his game face on, matters for sure. -- that is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


All these little cannons he plays to hold the cue ball, that is the


art of break-building. You always need to play the cannons to slow


He is close to taking a 3-1 This is the highest break of the


This should be enough, you would Ronnie floated a nice opening red


in and the rest has looked like a The highest break in the tournament


so far is a 140, by Matthew Stevens. He is awesome around the balls, Ore.


That is his 569th competitive Ronnie almost looks back to his


This is the 11th century already in the tournament this year. A good


shot needed now! Hey! You want one, He has just played exhibition


snooker there. He struggled early on but in the end, Ronnie shows his


class with a great break. HAZEL IRVINE: He won the next with


a break of 97 and then went 5-1 up. He needs just one more frame to go


He has played the pot cushion first and he will be on the blue. That


last shot will definitely be Steve's last, you would have


We saw Stephen Hendry go out yesterday. He was the five-time


Ronnie O'Sullivan could be the man to better both of them. This was


the first tournament Ronnie ever won, wasn't it? I think he was 17


Fair play to Ronnie. He has competed at every stage in the game


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Steve has matched him in most parts A wonderful positional shot from


Ronnie. He has cued really well in this match. I know we can talk


about the demise of Steve Davis and whether he will be back, but this


is certainly laying down a marker for everybody else in the


tournament. Ronnie came here, looked focused. Long may it


continue. He will take some Not bothered about the black!


Shakes hand of Steve. Steve says, very well played. Ronnie O'Sullivan


in superb form and has treated this Barbican Centre crowd to some


wonderful snooker and goes out of the arena and leaves the stage for


Steve Davis and will get a great reception when he leaves. Steve


Davis, possibly for the last time ever in a UK Championship. But


Ronnie O'Sullivan wins 6-1. Earlier on, I was enjoying it. I had a few


problems. I fluked a red across in the first frame but Ronnie returned


the compliment with the brown. But then played such a great yellow


from the jaws of the green pocket. And then he took off and I lost


touch. Any mistakes I made were magnified. It wasn't easy. I had to


fight for my opportunities when I got a monks the balls. -- when I


got among axed. But your opponent can then get in and do damage as


well. You have to be concentrating all the time. I said to Ronnie, you


are cueing so well. I have never seen him cue better than that. It


really is striking. This format, best of 11, suits him. Steve, no


plans to retire, obviously. He will be back with us minus cue tomorrow.


And now, Ronnie will play either Dominic Dale or Judd Trump tomorrow.


Welshman Ryan Day could not live with Mark Selby and surrendered 6-0.


His top break was only four. However, Mark Selby knocked in a


century and three other breaks. needed to put him under pressure.


The first frame could have gone either way but then after that, I


seemed to play really well and put him under pressure from the second


frame onwards. Mark Selby will now meet Marco Fu, who has come back


from behind. He now has a run of four frames in a row. It was enough


to knock out Stuart Bingham. Marco is through. I was playing OK. It


could have been 3-1 up to me so I was not terrible. I need to be able


to keep myself composed and be patient through the whole match. I


was able to produce some pretty good snooker towards the end of so


it was quite satisfying. And a scrappy match at times, but Ali


Carter came through. The only way it there after was the way of the


Essex pro, who cleaned up at 6-4. Disappointed to miss some easy


balls and give Rob some easy chances. Frustrating but it is also


the first big event for quite a few months. You don't want to be going


home after the first round, so just delighted to get through. And this


evening, the bookish and diminutive Martin Gould enters the arena to a


motor head track and performs his new top 16 status to see off the


Sheffield man, was a surprise newcomer to this event a few years


ago. Martin Gould, a 6-2 winner today. This is the time of year we


traditionally start looking for a star in the East, and one of those


is rising. He is a 19-year-old left-hander from China and he was


the stand out graduate from his school. Already on his first season,


he has beaten the likes of John Higgins, Mark Williams and Judd


Trump. He had to win three of qualifying matches to be here in


York, and this evening, his sets were on Downing t former world and


UK champion Shaun Murphy. -- down in the former world and UK champion.


We are now into the eighth frame and it is Murphy to play, eight


points behind. John Parrott and John Virgo in charge in the


A good opportunity here for Shaun. He doesn't yet have to move that


Just a bit short of pace, asking for the cue ball to be cleaned. So


It did sound a little bit funny. Maybe Shaun was just a little bit


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


But then he did and screw it enough. Still a couple of loose reds he can


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


He has just come a little straight on this. I don't know how much


Just enough to play a cannon, but Can he get through to that red? He


needed to catch it more fully. I think if he could, he would have


played it by now. Looks like end of He will be disappointed with the


end of that. Just one of those things. He was in the balls but did


A good target behind the yellow and brown here. Which is where he has


Don't know whether he has left a It was just a matter of getting the


angle right, which he has done. He made sure he missed the reds on the


way back, which was a priority. But another chance to get behind the


Not for the first time in playing a safety, he has caught the blue.


That could be costly if he can knock the red straight into the


left corner. If he knocks the red in, he is bound to be on the pink


or even the black. Possibly a big chance in this frame and even the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Well done. He has given himself a Those three roads to the left of


the pink are a little bit tricky. - He is not on the pink, so if he


pots that the black, where is the next red coming from? He could pot


the black and screw over to the What a great shot that was.


could not fault that, could do? And he is nicely on the green. Still


got a problem with those three reds. Because the pink is in the position


it is in, I do not think he will be able to play a cannon. He will have


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


to play for that red on the left That was brilliant, and I know we


have been giving him some stick for his safety play. That was very good


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


The only slight problem is the red that is closest to be cushion. --


But was a very positive shot. An opportunity to flick the other red


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


out. This is a brilliant He has given his opponent lots of


opportunities, Opportunities that other players will take. He is


going to have to sharpen up his game, Shaun, if he is going to go


all the way in this tournament. He But for a couple of snookers, he


will be one frame a way. That was enough to pot the world No. 5 in


sight of the finishing line. So, could he finished the job in frame


You could not ask for better. There What a chance of this is for frame


and match. - Mark this is. -- This All the of this side of be pink or


If he can get rid of the red closest to the top cushion, which


might stop the black, it will then be available to both corners. He


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


could not have a better chance than Well, he has just not gone far


enough. I don't think he will be going for the black off of this red.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


He must be disappointed. �15,000 is Well, that is not to plan. He


slipped through all the reds. 58 ahead, but he is still looking


for two colours to be safe in this Shaun must be bemused by some of


his play this afternoon. Some of it has been top class and the rest,


well, he should be standing in the Not ideal on the pink, but I am


sure he realises this is his last chance in this match. One more


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


mistake and he is out of the UK He is not out of this. He might be


50 behind, but you could not ask for the balls to be in a better


He could not afford to miss that. It will be an experience he will


hopefully learned a lot from. He has obviously got ability and he


has had chances. That will probably It will be a learning curve for the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


young man. You learn more in defeat His safety play will have to go up


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


a notch or two if he is going to Shaun Murphy has won, but he will


have to do better if he wants to win this UK Championship for the


second time. But he wins tonight and that is the main thing. I could


see from his game he was capable. He showed us he will be big time in


a few years. I have prepared well for this tournament and whatever


happens, I have bought 100 % in. Over last couple of months I had


been working hard on and off the table. I am in good form, hitting


the ball well. We are rattling through these matches. Here is a


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