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Ulster v Edinburgh

Stephen Watson presents live coverage as Ulster welcome Edinburgh to Kingspan Stadium in the Pro12. Studio guests are Stephen Ferris and Eddie O'Sullivan.

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Ulster returned to action after a disappointing run of results. They


have lost nine out of their last 13 games in all competitions. It has


been the story of the season, going in and out of games. Out of sorts.


Across the board, not good enough. Some of those mistakes we made...


And out of Europe. I am finding this difficult to watch, I refuse to


believe that we are not good enough. Despondency after their last defeat.


Absolutely soul destroying, you are in cuckoo land if you think what we


have can compete in Europe. Back to the Pro12 and Ulster need to get


back to winning ways. There are still a play-off place up for grabs.


We are in this together. We need to find a way out. Ulster are keeping


the faith. I am still relatively optimistic that we can get there.


But we have to do something different. Welcome to Ulster Rugby


Live, Stephen Ferris and Eddie O'Sullivan join me for a round 14 of


the Guinness Pro12 and Ulster have work to do. Currently at number six


on the table, 17 points behind the leaders, Munster, who played the


Dragons and Ospreys play Zebre and the Scarlets are playing. We heard


Bryn Cunningham saying ulster were not good enough and they must do


something different. What is that? To get the season back on track?


They need to draw a line in the sand, the season is on the line


every game, huge pressure. The biggest bugbear has been lack of


consistency, even over 80 minutes, playing well for 20 minutes and a


following. Focus on staying in the game for 80 minutes, get results,


forget about before, but will not do anything but they need to change in


energy and I suppose vision and that is about consistency. The bugbear


for the last while and that is the one thing they will get out of this.


One person people are looking forward to is a new signing from


South Africa, what do we expect from him? We were so excited to see him.


He damaged his cruciate ligament and he is making his debut at the


Kingspan Stadium and everybody is looking to see what he can do.


Destructive and physical and powerful, that is what Ulster have


lacked. He is just an absolute unit, he is like the Nick Williams that


left us last and I am excited to see how he goes, it is important


everybody is not -- everybody does not expect him to win this for


Ulster, everybody fast to pitch in. It is a big bad for him. This is a


big game for Ulster, lacking in confidence but this Edinburgh team


have already beaten Ulster this season and they will have their


tails up. Yes, they have nothing to lose, away from home, the middle of


the Six Nations, they don't have the aspirations of Ulster have, making


that top four. That is dangerous because they can play very well. It


is about ulster taking control of their own destiny and the need to do


that from the off. Thank you very much. Ulster with only one win in


their last six, let us see if they can get their season back on track


in the company of Ian Humphreys and Michael McNamee. Good evening.


It is a chilly evening in Belfast, no wind or rain and Edinburgh will


have half a dozen players involved in the Six Nations clash in Paris on


Sunday and they were forced into some exchanges. Hardie called on to


the Scotland bench and in Jimmy Ritchie and Stuart McInally replaces


Neil Cochrane, who has a shoulder injury and McInally takes over the


captaincy. Without their Ireland regulars and


some others besides, Ulster welcome back Peace Centre Stuart Olding, who


has been out for nearly four months and we expect him to do the


goal-kicking this evening. And the team is captained by Chris Emery.


The Ulster support never diminishes. That is Olding, back after four


months. They are tough Peter Nelson has been out of action for 15


months, since winning over Edinburgh back in December 20 15. And it is


time for number eight, Coetzee, his long-awaited debut and John Andrew


and Ricky Lutton, the all Ballymena front row. The latest castaway on


Kirsty Young's famous desert island, Nigel Owens. If you have not heard


that, check out his own desert island discs. The man described by


Les Kiss is a beast. One years since Marcell Coetzee's signing was


announced. And watching this, making his debut, from the commentary box,


former Ulster I'd have Ian Humphreys. Good evening. I am


looking forward to Ulster and that performance from Coetzee. And the


Number 10, Peter Nelson, this is a big evening for him. Credit goes to


the medical staff at Ulster, they have gotten back from a potential


career ending injury. The first line-out and a little


colour flap between Stuart McInally, who was due to be on the bench this


evening... And the first opportunity to have a look at McKenzie and


Toolis. The breakaway by Jimmy Ritchie, the 20-year-old. Not the


start that Ulster wanted. Kennedy. That is driven on by the Fijian


Mata. Immediately, Edinburgh showing initiative inside the opening


minutes inside the ulster 22. Taken on by Dean, lots of young Scottish


born talent in this Edinburgh back line. John Kennedy. Taken on by


Mata. Try scorer in that victory. That is Tovey and Dean.


Lively start and back into the hands of Mata. Ulster have yet to get


started. They could be in the corner in the opening seconds. And they are


through already! And that is a try from Magnus Bradbury. Very


disappointing start for Ulster. They took that kick-off plainly but they


gave Edinburgh a strong position to attack from and very direct from


Edinburgh, that was a deep run, simple hands on the edge and that


nice off-load and he could force in way over into the corner.


Disappointing for Ulster. It seems to be the key to the season, slow


starts. They will need to get the ball back and get the other end of


the pitch and get the crowd into this. We need some enthusiasm the


kick-off chase. Suffice to say that at the start, this is just not what


Ulster wanted. Edinburgh Sharp and lively and Bradbury, who had the


second try in that went before Christmas, it's the opening try this


evening. Short in the end, the conversion attempt. Early doors,


Edinburgh trying as much as they can to get Mata on the ball. Three


carries in that opening phase. Five points down. Ulster making their way


inside the Edinburgh half for the first time this evening. We have


quite a few left footed kickers in the Ulster side this evening. The


atmosphere has died down. Whatever Ulster got to offer? -- what have


Ulster. Kennedy to the Welsh might have, Tovey. -- out half. Marshall


back in the starting line-up. Driven on by the Ulster back row. That is


Ludik getting his hands on the ball. Ulster again, that was a high tackle


on John Andrew. Let us see what Nigel Owens has to say at the end of


this. Olding. Cave, did not go to hand. And the referee will bring


things back. Lovely play, interplay between Robbie Diack and John


Andrew, soft hands by Diack. Mata has to jam in from wide. Fortunate


not to get the yellow card. Nelson will go to the corner. I wonder what


Sean Reidy is thinking? Sitting on the bench. If he comes on the Sivan,


it will be his 50th cap. -- this evening. That is the man. Back after


a very long recovery from injury. Peter Nelson has found a very good


touch inside the Edinburgh 22. John Andrew, his third senior start this


evening. O'Connor takes that. Ulster being urged to drive forward. Paul


Marshall, guiding the ball forward. The ball is there for Ulster.


Marshall. On the blind side. That was Stockdale, forced into touch.


That was a lovely line-out by the Ulster forwards, they broke the 15,


Ulster had a good drive on and they needed the ball to come out just a


split second earlier. You heard Nigel Owens saying that was just


once. Seeming to get away with hesitating the attack.


Stockdale. McInally. Reduced line-out. Taken by Toolis. Nearly


seven and a half years since Edinburgh came to the Kingspan


Stadium and left with a victory. Tovey. Quick take for Ludik.


Edinburgh 22. Marshall. Here is number eight making his debut,


Coetzee. The skipper, Chris Henry. Nelson. Cave. Running into trouble


in the form of Jimmy Ritchie. Tipped to be a future senior international


for Scotland. Ulster retaining possession but having trouble


getting over the gain line. That is more like it, the golfer Marshall,


Henry. -- the ball for Marshall. The Edinburgh defence is up quickly.


John Andrew. Tidy possession. That was Andrew Warwick. The Ballymena


front row. Coetzee. Those distinctive lime green boots. And he


is getting a warm welcome in his opening seven and a half minutes


here at the Kingspan Stadium. Taken on by Ludik. The Ulster fans have


found their voice. Marshall, Nelson. And popped back inside and very,


very nearly on the corner. Very good attack by Ulster, the Edinburgh


defence managing to put a lot of line speed on the ball and they


managed to shift the point of attack very well. And Darren Cave keeps his


with fairly well, that was a good covering tackle to put him into


touch. Toolis. Did not go forward. Ulster has spent five minutes inside


the Edinburgh half. Tovey again, the man from Newport.


Les Kiss. Whether point to make. -- with a point. Coetzee is going to


see a lot of the bulbous even, he is maybe not expected to play the full


80 minutes, but he is a talismanic figure already. That is good!


Nelson. Piutau, the first time we have seen him attacking his opposite


number. Can Ulster keep this momentum going? Darren Cave.


Marshall. Nelson. There was nobody really there, and too many


defenders. Ulster, this should be in! And Marshall Marx 's return with


the try. -- marks his. And that is what the home fans came to see.


Great attacking play and linkup between Peter Nelson and Stuart


Olding with that wraparound blade to create space on the outside. Piutau


making good yards. Edinburgh trying to put the pressure on but they have


managed to get that over the gain line, quick pick-up by Stuart Olding


and that was an easy finish from five yards out. A big thing for


Ulster tonight is they have been getting well past the ball, that is


making it easy for number nine to get there. Keeping it alive and it


is easier for the backs to create space and the Edinburgh forwards are


unable to cope. So, Stuart Olding taking over the


duties this evening. Of Peter Nelson. Blonde hair, ginger hair,


apologies. Nelson. Shelling peas. Ulster have alleged. The Secretary


of State, James Brokenshire. Enjoying the game. -- Ulster have


the lead. Peter Nelson marking his return with the conversion.


Marshall finds his man, Nelson, Ludik. Taken down by Dean and


Bernie. Marshall, the skipper, Chris Henry. Wearing the armband in the


absence of Rob Herring and Trimble. Stockdale jumping for it. That is a


perfect outcome for Ulster from that kick-off compared to the first one.


He played across a field, looking for the right foot Ludik and Paul


Marshall, very good box kick. Putting the pressure on Edinburgh.


That is a good line-out for Ulster. Marshall. The break by Cave. He has


support. Can he keep that alive? Olding feeling that very well. Ludik


and Piutau in support. Nigel Owens spotted the knock-on. Lovely


attacking play from Ulster. Quite often recently we have seen them


play direct and that opens up a large range of possibilities and


Darren Cave is one of the best support runners you will find.


Finding a good line from Paul Marshall and it is nice to see


Ulster playing with ambition, it brings back the plays of yesteryear


and it is nice to see them going here with ambition on a lovely


evening. They have so many injuries that the central combination has


changed so often. It is good to see Stuart Olding back.


But a huge different in the weight of the pack. -- not be huge. In


their 1-point defeat against Munster won the Google, Edinburgh. And


Ulster giving the shelf on. And they have stolen that ball. -- the shelf.


-- shove. And he is penalised. That is a very good scrum from Ulster.


They put pressure on Robbie Deans quickly and we could see that block


of Coetzee from Mata. Do you like what you see so far from him? He is


carrying the ball very physically and he has been menacing on the


breakdown, he is going through and creating the attacks. It is very


good so far and hopefully that can continue. Toolis.


Just four wins in the Pro12, the first comment at home against Ulster


back in November. Piutau, never in doubt, he has beaten the first and


second man... And this is what the Kingspan Stadium loves about Piutau.


Coetzee, the next poster boy. Marshall. More confidence flowing.


Through those white shirts. Fielded by Hoyland. The flag was up on


underside. As John Andrew was pointing out. To the referee, Nigel


Owens. It drifted out and came back in again. Ulster were fortunate,


Robbie Diack had the quick line-out but Edinburgh have to be careful of


those tactics. How do you tackle him? It is tough. Charles Piutau


gets over at the gain line, then Paul Marshall find some grass.


Putting Edinburgh under pressure, this is a good attacking line-out


and this might be early doors for them. Coetzee, again. If the only


get one hour out of him this even, what an hour that will be! He just


goes over the top, as Ian Humphreys says. Robbie Diack, but to the floor


by Toolis. -- put to the floor. And that is frustrating for Ulster. Two


food carries again, the same boys involved. Robbie Diack chipped the


ball standing still and he lost the contract and then that list is for


the knock-on, very frustrating for coaches and players alike, that is


good field position, they could attack left or right and that is


where Ulster all season have had a hassle, they must make sure they are


looking after that better. One of the number eight desert island discs


songs was a Eurovision song winner. For Nigel Owens. Check it out on


iPlayer. Kennedy, the scrum-half, born in


Stirling. At the back of a pack that is going backwards. Coetzee. Ulster


dominant in the scrummage. Marshall looks at the options. Kay. Piutau.


Look at that! Wonderful feat. That was good support work from Cave.


Nelson, if they can get the ball to the far side, Ulster did have meant


over. Nelson. Edinburgh, defence is getting wise to that, Henry makes a


few. Ulster looking for the break. Can Stockdale provide that?


Brilliant. Look at that. Can they finish? Driven on by Ricky Lutton.


Looking for his first senior Ulster try. The crowd are expected. They


have got men over. Yes! Darren Cave, one of the most


experienced players on the pitch this evening, he has been effective


so far. And he has got the second try for Ulster. That is great work


from Stockdale, they have been coming off the wing and making


options from nine and ten and after that, you do not want forward to


find himself in the channel and that could have been one or two phases


earlier. That was a good finish and Darren Cave and quick ball and that


is great and that is what is troubling Edinburgh tonight. Darren


Cave made his debut back in April 2007. Look at that power from


Stockdale. A tricky conversion attempt for


Peter Nelson. Not a breath of wind here at the


Kingspan Stadium. Slightly weathered. -- we word. Ulster


leading 12-5. Look at the power from Stockdale. Quick possession. Ricky


Lutton. John Andrew played his part. And Marshall, again, providing the


scoring pass for Darren Cave. After that wobbly start... Ulster


have got more into this. That was a good take from the try scorer,


Bradbury, from Edinburgh. Kennedy. McKenzie feeding it on. Dean linking


up with Burnley. The young full-back, Kinghorn, 20 years old.


He missed the long penalty that beat Ulster -- Munster last week. It was


McKenzie who took that into contact. Bradbury. Edinburgh have not been in


the Ulster 22 since scoring a try. McCallum, the 22-year-old from Kirk


all day. Dean. -- Kirk. Kennedy finding Cosgrove.


Tovey has made the break! He is going all the way! He has dropped


it! He should have gone for the line! And Hoyland cannot believe it.


What a let off for Ulster. Jason Tovey has caused Ulster trouble over


the years. Lovely dummy but that is one of the strengths as -- for


Nelson. That is a huge play for Ulster by Peter Nelson. Hopefully


they can clean that up because that was better from Edinburgh, that


really should have been a try. Hoyland.


That could be a key moment if this is a tight game. Les Kiss. He is


more across the technology than I am. What do you think he is trying


to transmit? If you look at the Edinburgh pack, a couple of them are


on their knees, they looked very tired, a few of them were just


flopping over those rucks, the message from Ulster must be keep


playing with pace, Jonathan Davies, the conditioning Head Coach, he has


us that as anybody and if they can manage to keep this intensity,


Edinburgh will have nothing. They have McCloskey, Tommy Bowe, Sean


Reidy coming off the bench. They could have a chance to run away with


this and they must keep sure they put Tovey under pressure. Yes, the


dab. My son has taught me something! Warwick Andrew in the front row for


Ulster. They have more than held their own so far. Under pressure at


the moment, though. Marshall to Nelson. A left footed kicker on the


side of the pitch. Peter Nelson happy to see that they're going


outside of play. Ever could play under pressure. A bit of trouble at


the back of the scrum for Ulster, also have Phil or five left footers,


but a very good clearance under pressure from Peter Nelson. -- four


five. Burleigh changes the tactic. And on


such matters are games one and last stop till you can see what he was


trying to do. Edinburgh's analysis will know that Ludik likes to get up


the defensive line and orbital space behind. A strange decision to kick


so early in the play. -- and a bit of space behind. A good opportunity


for Ulster attack here. They like right-hand scrums. To try and get


the outside edge against them. C what is in store for us now. -- let


us see. 15,000 tickets sold in this game,


not a full house but a healthy crowd here at the Kingspan Stadium.


A study scrum from Ulster. Marshall goes himself.


Down the throat of Peter Nelson, who returns the favour. Excellent


following up by Ludik. Not a lot Hoyland could do. His opponent not


the sort of money want to see breathing down your neck when you


have the ball in your hands. -- the sort of man you want. Edinburgh


happy to run from inside their own half, that was Belly. The


left-winger coming in on the action. You see Edinburgh tonight have gone


with the really big ambition to play from deep, with Phil Burleigh at 12


who can also play ten as a secondary ball player. He has proved a lot of


guts out wide. -- a lot of threats. They are managing to kick well and


that is a very good tackle by Louis Ludik. Ulster looking to end this


losing run. They have to go back seven years to the last time they


lost five consecutive matches. Edinburgh preparing for a European


quarterfinal against the French side. That game has been moved to


Murrayfield. The Challenge Cup. Quarterfinal.


There's the ball, is it going to go back in the Ulster side? Not the


position that Marshall might have wanted. Again, the momentum of the


ball setup for Ulster. Toolis doing defensive work for them. Tricky


ball, but well taken by's. It is past the first man, you're not stop


him. 'S setting up the drive for Ludik! He was like a human bar of


soap. If you don't get hold of Piutau, he will do damage. And Ludik


finished it off. That is a lovely try by Ulster, as you say Piutau


one-on-one is very difficult to beat. I think he has been a much


better threat for Ulster, when you think of Glasgow and a few other


games where who is getting one-on-one bro, it's great for him


to know he has Ludik onside, he is constantly looking. Ludik get that


the outside, he gives Ludik an easy run. Brilliant by Ulster, great to


see them play with some ambition tonight. He can make defenders look


flat-footed. That is the brilliance of Piutau.


Suddenly there's opening two minutes of the match seem a long, long time


ago. -- those two minutes. Can Nelson... No. He has putted


pretty much the same side. That is three tries in the opening 28


minutes -- he has put it. You might be a slightly happier man. I think


he is. Ulster were disappointed in the first couple of minutes -- he


might be a slightly happier man. Very good game management by Peter


Nelson tonight. Ulster wow try away from the bonus point. -- one try.


Marshall. The left foot of Nelson, that is a


terrific touch quickly taken by Bradbury.


We haven't seen an awful lot of him in the last 15 minutes.


It was a kick for Damien Hoyland to chase, but suddenly Hoyland's


failure to clutch that by seems even more noteworthy now. That is a


massive swing in the game. Ulster had a great exit strategy from man


managed to put another score on the board. Edinburgh seem flat now, they


need to get Mata. What might 12- 12 is now Sony 17-5 in Ulster's favour.


He has made seven appearances this year. Scrappy ball by Treadwell.


Carried by the skipper. Here comes Hoyland. A fine tackle,


but he did well to release the ball. Held by Burley. Kinghorn couldn't


pick it up. Is there an Congress might ask when I was. And I think


you can sense that Jason Tovey is a frustrated out of -- is there a


knock-on? There was. They didn't know who it was going to. Had he


managed to let that go on through, I think Kinghorn could open away.


Edinburgh showing ambition. They don't have much to lose today. They


have gone out there and are playing with a lot of wit, Ulster. It's a


lovely evening, both teams are trying to play an attractive brand


of rugby and it's good for us to watch. The start of the night in


ninth position, the former coach they were eighth and ninth. An


opportunity for the acting coach Duncan Hodge to prove that he is


worth the job on a permanent basis. Here goes Nelson. Ludik again.


Olding on by, O'Connor. The ball is being run, an opportunity now, has


he got the support? And he is going to get the bonus point try for


Ulster! With eight minutes left in the first half! That is another


beautiful try by Ulster. With Stuart Olding 12, he is stepping up as


first receiver. After Peter Nelson attacked off the left-hand side of


the scrum, Stuart Olding managed to step up into regular phases and some


lovely better. Great by Stockdale as well. But we can hear is


communication between the players is as best as I have heard of the


season. There is a lot of communication at, and what has been


lacking this season seems to be out there tonight brilliantly.


Nelson to add the two points. And suddenly Ulster are thinking about a


really impressive victory. Absolutely. They have been very good


in the first half. And this opportunity by Edinburgh to go 14-12


up, or 12-12. Had they got it going, you would imagine Ulster would've


been a bit nervous. Another shackles are off and they look like they are


enjoying themselves. -- and now the shackles. It looks like it might be


something sombre, here they come, they have nothing to lose. Inside


the 22. Scrappy ball tidied up by Cosgrove.


Tovey looking for Hoyland. That has worked well. Highland! Brilliantly


forced into touch by Paul Marshall. Saved a try. -- Hoyland. You would


imagine we know would have finished that, but brilliant tackle. Just


manage to get it into touch. With the corner being so far behind. This


manner is from international duty along with Stuart McCloskey to take


place on a replacement bench -- this man is released.


Edinburgh wanting to prove that this game is not done and dusted. Still


five minutes left in the first half. He would expect McInally to be on


the bench, Admiral Cochrane suffering a shoulder injury. -- Neil


Cochrane. Stuart McInally. Is playing a girl, and Edinburgh's


second try of the much. That is going to be frustrating for the


Ulster coach is. Unfortunately, they give away a penalty. But into the


corner. Mice play by Edinburgh. Ulster forward is putting so much


into defending, but slow around the corner. McInally began his rugby


career in the back row. He was showing exactly those foraging and


driving qualities taking over. That is just what stood and went before


half-time, little bit of hope and light. That is very unlike him. I


should -- they want to make show this game is put to bed now. And


hopefully put Edinburgh under pressure. Attacking in the Edinburgh


half is a good outcome from here. A collective towering out of her


amongst the Ulster coach staff. -- towering out hair.


Commented's delight with those green boots, Coetzee. Nelson.


You can hear the band for the first time this evening.


Held by Fraser McKenzie. They won't go down for lack of trying,


Edinburgh. Real initiative. Kinghorn. Finds Burleigh. The


Christchurch born man. Plenty of time for Ludik. He finds his


opposite number, Kinghorn. Here comes the counterattack. It's


Bradbury. To the floor by Darren Cave. I think Les Kiss and company


would happily shut up shop now and take the 14 point advantage and head


into the break, but Edinburgh have other ideas. Burleigh grabbed by a


O'Connor. McInally try scorer. Back. -- forced


back. Too far away to charge out. Taken by Stockdale. The ball is not


out yet. Nelson Vining Piutau, here he goes! Here he goes! He has


support from Marshall! Can Ulster keep it alive? This could be one of


the tries of the season! Could -- it is out. It is well held and driven


on. This could be a 15 man Ulster trial. There is Andrew getting its


hands on the ball. -- Ulster try. Ludik acting at scrum-half.


Marshall. It's a crunching tackle coming in from McKenzie.


For the moment, the momentum has gone, but maybe Coetzee can reignite


matters for Ulster. Henry, Nelson, Piutau! Can he keep under ball all


he find the corner? No, he can't. What a phase. Great attack by Ulster


in the first half. What we like there is the ball's at the back


caused all the problems. The threats behind, wrote that ball carries from


the forwards. Sometimes it's just one person, sometimes four. They


seem to be playing had up rugby, which has been a complaint about


them, but I'd doubt that they're just having fun, plenty of


enthusiasm and ambition. That is the big thing tonight. It is lovely to


watch. Marshall, Cave, Ludik and Stockdale try scorers. Bradbury and


McInally: entertaining half. -- an entertaining first half. Ulster at


half-time leading 24-10. What an exciting, entertaining and


electric first half at the Kingspan Stadium. Six tries in all. Ulster


already with a bonus point. All the fans tonight and all of you watching


at home certainly getting your money's was from Ulster Rugby live


this evening. -- Ulster Rugby Live this evening. It has been a


sensational have. Very interesting. We got off to a nightmare start and


thought the wings were maybe going to come off -- the Wales. Try to


play catch up again, but the boys responded very well. The four tries


that can have an excellent. Really good hands, build-up play. One thing


that Eddie will touch on is the confidence and just the


perseverance, holding onto the ball for an extra couple of phases, not


making silly errors. It's a different Ulster team and so good to


watch. A different Ulster team eventually. The first few minutes,


it was the same old story. What an awful start for Ulster, great for


Edinburgh. It was. You've got to worry about stage for Ulster, having


given up a soft spot to start the game, how to respond. Edinburgh


happened patient here. It came to play. There wasn't much pressure on


them and they just held on to the ball. Ulster paid the price. Not the


best start, but you have to admit they responded really well in coming


back. The quality of rugby has been superb. Edinburgh have played very


well also. When a team is lacking in confidence like Ulster before this


game, credit that they were able to come back so well. There were tight


in defence. When you winger get in, he's got a head in and take the


ball. He goes low, doesn't wrap up the ball. If he hadn't wrapped up


the ball, it wouldn't have been a try. They regrouped, kicked off and


turn things around. As we have said, it has just been really good,


entertaining stuff. Ulster have played some great rugby tonight. The


patience they have shown on the ball and not forcing the game. When they


have had those wraparound passes, quick hands and Piutau has been


outstanding. He was like lightning, you can't tie him down. He is really


killing Edinburgh with his hands on the ball. It makes me wonder why


they kick the ball to him. This is great rugby. It's a tough draw, good


continuity, good off-loading. You can see already that Edinburgh are


backing of because they don't know where to go. Ultimately, fantastic


by Olding behind him. These are top drawer. It all looks a bit more


off-the-cuff. If they spot a gap, they go for it. You can see that


effort by Marshall. Paul Marshall sniffing round the back, and in easy


walking for him. I think everybody to a man has stood up, that is what


Les Kiss probably said in the changing room before the match.


Every single person in that change has to stand up, and they have done


so far. Credit to them for that, they are performing. They had to


come out, they had to play. You have to give credit where it is due. What


would like to see now is the kicked down in the second half, just to


keep their foot on the pedal and not back away. Let us look at the Cave


try. Think he has played row were all night. He has been in and out a


bit this season. Stockdale's carries phenomenal. He has carried the ball


25 minutes. He has dragged a lot of Edinburgh players and it was over


them, it was just a matter of holding onto that damage. I think a


dummy line is being held. They are working the defence, and Edinburgh


don't man up. Darren Cave in the breadbasket. All good quick ball for


Ulster tonight, and it seems to be that everything is working for them.


As well as being patient they are winning collisions. Paul Marshall is


getting from the forwards. He is sliding in self, keeping a defence


guessing. It is just a very good balance, wit and aggression and


directness when they have to be. I think at one stage here, you thought


Edinburgh want to fall away, but they haven't. They are not going to


give up that easy, sizing the second half to start with will be critical.


A player you know well, Brian O'Driscoll, is always very


complimentary about Piutau, absolutely loves him. What he did


hear from us next try had you purring, didn't it? He's just a joy


to watch. As Eddie alluded to, he make something happen every time he


touches ball. He makes tackles, the right decisions at the right time.


For me, he has been Ulster's best player tonight. He can arise be very


dangerous, he knows Ludik is on his side, and a lovely pass again. It's


a nice score from Ulster. That's all Piutau. He doesn't step, he doesn't


break the tackle. He makes everything happen. Watching his body


language, he is looking for work as well. You just want the ball. Every


time he get that, Edinburgh are in a panic, for good reason. Ulster in


the ascendancy, but as you say, Edinburgh battling their way back


into this game. Scored a try before half-time, Jason Tovey a golden


opportunity as well. They should have had another one. I think Chris


Henry is caught slightly wide, Jason Tovey recognises the space, beta. Of


his left foot. Should he have held onto it? For me, he probably should


have. He just recognises a little bit of separation, just a bit too


much between Andrew Warwick and Chris Henry the they should have


just paid back. Had to back himself. That would have brought them back


into the game. Ulster bounced back from that, in fairness. They judged


a bullet, but certainly took advantage. Edinburgh before


half-time, they'll be disappointed to concede this. For all the good


things they have done in the first half. Eddie has talked about it many


times, playing the game in ten minute blocks. Ten minutes before


half-time is always crucial, going into the second half. As in


Humphreys mentioned, this is a bit of a lifeline for Edinburgh in this


game. They probably with the play didn't deserve it, but they are


still there and get over the line, and it's just a little bit too easy


for me. They aren't working hard enough, the forwards not working


hard enough, any easy soft score. It is a danger when you're attacking so


well, everything is going well, you forget you've got to defend as well.


I think Ulster needs to switch their headset onto the defensive side,


recognise that Edinburgh... They need to score at the start of the


second half. If Edinburgh score again, the game is back on. It is as


ridiculous given the quality of rugby we have seen, but it is like


that. I think there will be disappointed with that. They had


switched off a little bit. They were playing so well and didn't defend,


but they needed to. They have given them a lifeline. Defensively, Ulster


is slightly disappointing at times. Offensively there have been


brilliant. The only tried we have not looked at is the one by young


Jason Stockdale, which he took really well. It's just great to


watch. EC Robbie Diack on the touchline, he is holding his wits.


He's actually holding the wits, he has spurred defence. I've been in


the back row many times, it is difficult to hold the wits. Quran


comes to him, the guys do well. And Jason Stockdale who has been


magnificent all night, doesn't just dive there. He makes it easy for


Peter Nelson and it is a 7-point. Has he impressed you tonight,


Stockdale. He was phenomenal in the build-up to Ludik's try. I think he


has been hugely physical, he has held onto the ball. For me, he has


had a big impact on the game. He was responsible for tee scores at the


end of the day. Let us pause on the Pro12 for the moment, because it is


a big weekend in the Six Nations championship. Ireland first up


tomorrow against Italy. It is in Rome. Followed by Wales against


England. On Sunday, Scotland travel to France. The Ireland team are to


play Italy, a couple of changes to the pack for this week. Ryan


replaces Henderson who has tight hamstring with prop Healy taking


over from Jack McGrath. Big news today, Rory Best did not take part


in the captain's run. Are you concerned about his participation


tomorrow in the game? Unconcerned, obviously. But he is the captain,


you know? -- I'm concerned. If he's not fit, he's not fit. If he is 60


or 70%, he shouldn't play. But it will be a bigger loss if he does not


play. Having from a type of game tomorrow as we have seen tonight.


That's what we want to see. I'm thinking Rome tomorrow is supposed


to be good, nice and dry. Transient question, it would be a big loss for


Ireland if Rory Best didn't play. -- to answer your question. Ireland


were defensively disappointing last week against Scotland. No better


team to bounce back against than the weakest team in the group in the Six


Nations. They'll be very disappointed. This kind of very lax


defence, wandering off badly on the short side. And then again, being


beaten off by being too narrow. It's a problem for Ireland in the last


couple of seasons and hasn't gone away. Falling asleep at the


line-out. Scotland use that lineout last year but didn't use the front


of this year. Defensively, you cannot come from three tries again


in Six Nations rugby and come out from it. Because we were winning, we


kind of laughter over it. But it's a big problem. I don't think tomorrow


is a problem, we'll defend well against Italy, we shouldn't get


complacent, though. If Italy score a couple of tries to, we need to ask


questions. Offensively, we need to get this sorted. It is schoolboy


errors by any metric. It is very frustrating to watch by anybody


involved, not just the players. The line-out is an error Ulster are


going to try and get right. Just disappointing last week. Island.


Ireland, yes. That gave Scotland a foothold in the


game. I expect this to be different tomorrow and there to be real


strength. We have had a problem. We had two jumpers, Ian Anderson would


not be comfortable in the second row and that made life difficult per


Rory Best, having just two jumpers against some of the tallest locks in


the game. To compete with Devin Toner. The pressure on the line-out


was immense. The teams are back at the Kingspan Stadium, let us hope


for as entertaining as second-half. Back to Ian and Michael.


Ulster have made a couple of changes. Stuart McCloskey replaces


Darren Cave in the centre. And Herbst, back after injury, returning


to the front row in place of Lutton. Tovey. Gingerly getting back into


the action. That is a good outcome for Ulster, deep kicking, that will


be a loss for Edinburgh, because he has been a threat in the first half.


Neat work by Treadwell. Hugh healers. In the second half it is


Edinburgh who have started sleepily. -- here he is. Marshall. The fellow


just one. The big presence of McCloskey in the midfield. Robbie


Diack. And the Ulster tales are up, whatever Les Kiss said at half-time,


that was unfortunate. Finally, there is a chance for Kennedy to clear the


danger. Back into trouble. That is the man he did not want to give the


ball to, Piutau. Coetzee. On the basis of the first 40 minutes, he is


a firm favourite. Ludik, one of the try scorers. And Stockdale, who


scored before Christmas in the defeat away. Warwick. McCloskey with


a clean 22 on his Jersey. There is no sign of Ulster taking their foot


off the pedal. Very nearly through, it takes two men to bring him down.


Edinburgh have barely touched the ball at the start of the second


half. Good hands. Olding held off the challenge of Brown. Coetzee. But


she stopped him but he could not bring him down. Nelson, changing the


angle of attack. McCloskey. The advantage being played for Ulster.


Herbst. No advantage. Terrific start to the second half? Very nice baby


Ulster, Coetzee being involved heavily and Stuart Olding getting


into the second phase behind those carriers, but only a threat out wide


but that also softens the carriage for the forwards. Nice to see Ulster


playing with ambition and Nelson changing the point of attack, you


hope that Ulster keep playing with this ambition and put some nice


attacking shapes on it, they don't decide to shut up shop and be


content with winning. Concern for Jason Tovey.


Of the two former Ulster players on the bench, Allen and schools. --


Rory Scholes. Ulster have a decent attacking position. Kinghorn going


off. Rory Scholes comment on. He will look forward to a very big


impact, he scored a lot of tries and is a dangerous attacking player and


Ulster will be keen not to give him too much space. He scored five tries


for Ulster, Rory Scholes. Campbell College man. Kinghorn making his way


off. Andrew has the ball in his hands at


the back of all that, Herbst. Not taking any prisoners! Sobol in the


end, taken on by Herbst. -- slow ball. In a change to the normal


receiver, McCloskey takes this on. Ulster have got the Edinburgh line


in their sides. Marshall. Driven on by Treadwell.


Marshall looking up. Maintaining possession? Well, Nelson, Piutau!


That was a high tackle. He took the colour from his Jersey. Marshall,


slapping around the fringes, confidence flowing for Ulster. Can


they've finish this off? -- carnet. Couple of metres short, McCloskey


has got support. Just held up. Marshall, Herbst. And the ball on


that occasion was like the proverbial bar of soap for Herbst.


Ulster have not let up in this opening five minutes of the second


half. Edinburgh have been pinned down inside their own 22. And here


they go, little bit of initiative! And beautifully done. Quickly taken


by Stockdale, Ludik. The crowd are getting their money's worth, no


doubt about that. Marshall, the attempted kick for Olding and


that'll be an Ulster line-out. Again, great attack by Ulster and I


think the encouraging thing is that throughout that passage of play,


Ulster may Howard 13 different carriers and that means the


Edinburgh defence don't have an easy point of attack to go after and you


can see Coetzee carrying the ball and Chris Henry and Herbst and the


forwards, it makes the job for everybody easier and it gives them


the point of difference that everybody is putting their hand up.


The last Emperor Peter Nelson, Rory Scholes actually scored the try for


Ulster against Edinburgh back in 2015, that is just how long ago it


was. Stockdale. You can sense the Ulster players want to get their


hands onto the ball. Ludik staying strong. Marshall. Nelson. Top job


for Treadwell. Piutau. Nice little bit of room. Ulster being patient.


They might have a problem because Treadwell has taken a blow to the


foot and is limping but he says he does not need treatment, Ulster


still have 15 men on the park. McCloskey. He get the sense that


Edinburgh are tearing out in the defence already in the opening


stages of the second half. -- tiring out. Here is Andy Warwick. Marshall,


Nelson. Olding very nearly sent Piutau in there. The ball is still


there for Ulster. Coetzee. Marshall. Can they find their way through?


Olding. Edinburgh just cannot get their hands on the ball. Coetzee.


Marshall. Nelson. Ludik. Stockdale, three defenders in front of him, he


has taken on Tom Brown and has kept the ball alive for Ulster. Tidied up


by Henry. At the moment Edinburgh are down to 14, back to 15. Clever


hands. Warwick. He maybe should have given the ball to Olding earlier.


The attacker still there, it is never ending, can they finish it


off? The curse of the commentator! Mata. There were three or four men


outside of him. And here they come, Edinburgh. McInally. It is


exhausting, watching this! Continuous play for about five


minutes! Mata. Treatment for an Edinburgh player on


the far side. They are not going to kick it! Jason Tovey defying


expectations. They are going to play their way out of their own 22, they


are not going to kick it. Kennedy with the box kick. Piutau sizing up


his opposite number, Tom Brown. The pass was fired out of Ludik. Not


forward, says Nigel Owens. That was a long period of play. You can see


that both teams are just on their feet, Ulster, probably five players


coming back from long-term injury so you would imagine... I can hear the


side of benches about to be cleared! Players walking everywhere, and the


boys from Edinburgh look even worse, they are hoping this injury lasts so


they can get their breath back. Ulster look like they're playing


conditioning games preseason, keeping the ball alive,


enthusiastic, great to see. They worry will be the fact that Piutau


is getting treatment but hopefully it is nothing serious because it has


been a great night so far and they don't want any negatives after


tonight. A change at scrum-half Edinburgh, Hidalgo-Clyne replacing


John Kennedy. Nine Scottish caps, Hidalgo-Clyne, born in Spain. And


that is not what the Ulster fans want to see. Piutau limping away.


That is a worry. He has been a massive threat tonight along with


others but hopefully the fact that he can walk away shows this is not a


bad sign that this is a huge disappointment. Tommy Bowe, coming


on. Usually experienced and he will enjoy playing in front of the home


crowd but Piutau has been unbelievable tonight and he has been


the focal point for Ulster and along with Coetzee, they have lead by


example and the rest of the team have been feeding off them. Keep the


energy high because Ulster are very fit. Piutau, again. The challenge


coming in from Brown. Off the bench at Murrayfield last week for Ireland


and tonight for Ulster, Tommy Bowe. Still 30 minutes to play. Terrific


levels of fitness from both sides and another brilliant Ulster


scrummage. Edinburgh in trouble, Coetzee, Marshall, Nelson, here is


Ludik with room in front of him. Stockdale. He perhaps should have


kept the ball in hand, that is a dive and the touchdown for the man


just on the park, Hidalgo-Clyne. The second or third scrummage taken


against the head. They are putting Edinburgh under so much pressure and


you can understand what Stockdale is doing, Scholes coming up but


Edinburgh are looking to relieve this pressure.


Libra have not been in Ulster's half in the second half. -- Edinburgh.


Just that little pause while Stockdale considers his options. He


runs into McCullum. Nelson. Tommy Bowe, ball in hand. Rousing cheer


from the faithful. As ever. Coetzee waiting to receive. Setting up for


Marshall. Elson. Little bit of action midfield for John Andrew.


Marshall looking at the options, he goes narrow. McCloskey. All of this


possession and territorial dominance but Ulster have not put one point on


the board in the second half and Edinburgh are having to run the ball


from wherever they find it. Ulster have the ball back, another


turnover, Marshall. That is a chase into the corner. And it might yet be


there for Ulster! Jason Tovey, I do not think his team-mates know what


he is going to do but that a patient, Edinburgh got away with


that. I settle kick by Paul Marshall after the turnover, it means


Edinburgh have to play it and Scholes touched the touchline.


Ulster want to stay here and hopefully turn over possession and


get some points on the board. Rory Scholes is relieved. Here comes


Ludik. Taken down by McCallum. Coetzee. The Beast at work. Nelson,


Olding. He finds Tommy Bowe. Coetzee. He does not look like a man


just back after ten months? Nelson. Ludik. McCloskey tried to spin on


the challenge. Marshall, looking to the corner. Nelson and Olding.


Nelson with the corner. Straight into the hands of Scholes. And


straight into the hands of Peter Nelson. Nelson appealing that he was


impeded. Nothing doing, says the referee. Here, Edinburgh. Dean,


Burley. Not quite the same pace. Hidalgo-Clyne. The skipper,


McInally. Was that forward? Flat, says the referee. Here is Tom Brown,


against Tommy Bowe. Mata asking for the ball and getting it. Tackle


coming in from Herbst. Hidalgo-Clyne. Should be


Stockdale's. That was an awkward bounce back the Ulster winger. Nice


play by that replacement scrum-half. Edinburgh are not out of this, if


they can get the score, they will feel they are right back in this.


You can see Ulster are starting to retire right, very fast-paced first


55 minutes and the key is to keep concentration and have a good exit


strategy. Probably use the right foot of Ludik. Or a box kick from


Marshall. In the first half Edinburgh made rare forays into the


Ulster 22 but they were very profitable. Dangerous with the ball


in hand, Edinburgh. When they could not get Mata onto the ball, he has


been prominent in the last ten minutes with Edinburgh attacking and


you need two men to attack him otherwise it gets the Flood, and


that is what Edinburgh are doing, playing at a high pace with floods.


I think Ulster should keep switched on here and they can push through. A


change in the Edinburgh front row. Definitely for Ulster. Callum Black


coming on. The man making his way off, Andrew Warwick. And George


Turner replacing McInally in the front row as hooker. And Fraser


McKenzie has taken it upon himself to take over as captain because


Nigel Owens asked him, effectively! Tidy ball taken by O'Connor.


Coetzee. Marshall gets it back and Ulster are trying to get a more


central position for Peter Nelson or Ludik, in the end. Decent touch


fined by the Ulster full-back. Ludik did well under pressure, after the


first snowball, whenever Coetzee had to step in field, I thought Marshall


might have box kicked that to take the pressure off but Edinburgh have


a good attacking position and hopefully Ulster can turn the ball


over in a couple of phases and get back to Edinburgh have. It does


sound amazing that with 15 minutes in the first half -- second half and


we have not seen one point. Troy Merritt finding Toolis. -- Turner.


Another score from Edinburgh would make this interesting, not in the


way the home fans would hope for. Still rolling forward. Hidalgo-Clyne


having a little word with Tovey. He also has the winger, Brian. Up


against Black. The referee has a look. Knocked on? Hidalgo-Clyne


cannot get the ball back and Ulster have taken it. Schools. Up against


his old friend, Tommy Bowe. -- Scholes. Highland. -- Hoyland. Some


belief being injected into Edinburgh. Bradbury, it seems a long


time ago since you went over without opening try. Tovey. Plenty of


support, Toolis. Mata. Scholes is with them. Toolis. Turner. Creeping


forward, Edinburgh. Tovey, there are men over here and they are on the


corner. And suddenly they are back into the game and it is Damien


Hoyland. He scored in the factory in Scotland before Christmas and


Hoyland has got Edinburgh back into this. I think Hidalgo-Clyne has made


a huge difference since coming on. He has raised the pace of the game


and that is lovely passing from Jason Tovey. Mata is hugely


influential for this Edinburgh team, carrying the ball in one hand, like


McWilliams a few years ago, very clinical. They have not been able to


create any scoring chances in the second half and that is the first or


second chance from Edinburgh and they have managed to score. Perhaps


not expecting the pass in the first half from Tovey, definitely


expecting that pass. A man about to make his 50th appearance for Ulster,


Sean Reidy. He will enter this game at a very pivotal point. Into the


last corner. -- quarter. And Edinburgh since they still have a


chance. -- they can sense. Very important kick. Hidalgo-Clyne with


it. Did not make it. Relief for the home fans. Nine points still 20


minutes left. This is a huge next five minutes, Sean Reidy is on and


Coetzee has had a great game, very big impact. This is a game that


should have Ulster running in the wide channels, Ulster need the next


score. If he can keep that level of performance up, he will be a massive


hit at the Kingspan. Sean Reidy, his 50th appearance. And for all of that


territorial dominance, Ulster are trailing in the second half by five


but -- 5-0. Tovey. Toolis with the long hair. Hidalgo-Clyne, another


left footed kicker. He was expecting to put them there. Marshall has been


nabbed. Ludik acting at the scrum-half for Reidy. And a vital 20


minutes in the Ulster season coming up. Marshall. Tommy Bowe is going to


chase this. Ulster about to bring on Peter Browne. Tovey. He does well


for Edinburgh. That is a long pass from Burnley. --


Burleigh. Can Mata keep the ball alive? We have seen all evenly that


Edinburgh will attack from deep, not the best kick from Hidalgo-Clyne.


Stockdale thought about putting his boot to the ball and instead retains


possession for Ulster. Herbst. Into the final quarter. -- quarter.


Ulster have the bonus point. They will hold on hopefully for victory.


Nelson. Henry. Nelson for the corner. Well fielded by Tovey. Very


nicely fielded by Nelson. That was Tommy Bowe trying to make his way


through the traffic. And I think one of the Edinburgh players has come


off the worse in that collision. Ian Humphreys, these are very two sets


of players, certainly the players who started. They are exhausted.


This has been a very long passage of play, both teams have the idea of


not kicking into touch, they are kicking long or just to compete and


it means they have played for a very long time and these boys would only


be training in batches of three minutes so when it gets to this


length of time, the shape is gone and you need nines and tens to


organise things because the forwards have been on their feet, set piece


to set piece and they need to be bossed around and from up here it is


good to see, you can hear the voices, Stuart Olding and Stuart


McCloskey, Peter Nelson, just bossing around the players and that


is what they need. Ulster's shape has been very good tonight, playing


exciting rugby and they are enjoying it, they are keen to get their hands


on the ball and just express themselves and they seem to be


playing with the freedom they have not had in recent weeks and it is


exciting to be a fan when they play this way. Despite it being quite


tight, the key is they do not go into their shells and they continue


to play. Peter Browne replacing Treadwell. Brian started in their


last four European matches. -- Browne. The medical truck is on for


the Edinburgh man. Tommy Bowe, as you saw running


through, collided with him. He has not moved since then. He seems to


have been hit by Tommy Bowe tried to get past, he was trying to block and


as a chaser you are allowed to get them out of the way and he has tried


to shepherd him out of the way. Very innocuous, it might just be


whiplash. Bye Rory Scholes. Concern being


shown. I think one of the impressive things


from Ulster tonight has been the leadership of Henry. Every time you


have seen a break in play, here's gathered them around and chatted to


them. What we saw was the same from Marcel Coetzee. When you bring in


those big players, you hope they lead by example. He was out there


tonight, leading by word and action. If you can all of a sudden get the


likes of Chris Henry, Rory Best, Marcel Coetzee in there, that brings


a team on, vocal as leaders. The problem for teams, they might be


looking to Paddy Jackson, but we have heard a lot of voices tonight.


Peter Nelson has been instrumental in organising. It makes the team


more of a threat, because all know what is going on. Fraser McKenzie in


the second row who is down. As a result, the Ospreys winning to take


over at the top. Munster will have other ideas. An early kick-off in


Italy. Scarlet started the night in fourth, and Glasgow, fifth --


Scarlet started on fourth, Glasgow and fifth. Munster retain their


dominance at the top. If there is one message that Les Kiss's teams


could transmit now, what would it be the last 18 minutes of this match?


Think field positions is important, because is to have them playing a


lot at the ten metre line. With the dangerous backs in the ten Edinburgh


but line-up, without contradicting myself, stay positive. You don't


want to just be kicking ball away. It's a case of taking a couple of


phases to nip it in the backfield, and then Peter Nelson sweeping down


the left and Ludik down the right, and playing behind the defence.


Because the Edinburgh full-backs are closing the gate quite quickly.


Getting up the defensive line and leaving a lot of kicks base. They


need to keep playing with ambition, because you can see how excited they


are whenever they are playing the balls at the back. At the same time,


don't ever played, get in the right position where Edinburgh can't hurt


them. Lewis Carmichael is on for Edinburgh. Les Kiss well aware


importance of the remaining moments of this game. The smiles are back on


the faces here at the Kingspan. I think the Ulster club shop did well


over Christmas, didn't it? The quality of the systems that


Fraser McKenzie has received has been top notch -- of assistance. All


that strapping in and padding. It's hopefully not an indication of a


serious injury. And purely precautionary.


They are nothing if not warm and welcoming to visitors here at the


Kingspan. Lewis Carmichael is on for McKenzie. And the restart. What will


the long delay have done to these sides? Remember, Edinburgh


themselves are looking for a try scoring bonus point. And it just


feels that that try and break in play is affecting the Ulster


concentration here stopped as you mentioned earlier, they have had a


few defeats and their pays on your mind this stage of the game. The


Ulster players were a bit slow to get underway, and he threw the ball


straight into them. A bit of gamesmanship, but he knows that a


penalty put them in bonus range and with winning the game. He has made a


huge difference to this Edinburgh team. He has brought up the


intensity they play with, and you see how much of a threat himself he


is. He has what could well turn out to be an absolutely vital kick. If


he can get this over, Hidalgo-Clyne, the lead is down to six. And you


don't need a mathematical genius to work out that a converted try would


put Edinburgh into the lead. And all Ulster's possession and territorial


dominance at the start of the second half, that will have been long


forgotten. There is no wind. Hidalgo-Clyne write down the middle.


And suddenly there's a bit of a nervy atmosphere. 24-18, 15 minutes


left to go. You have nailed it. The crowd have gone quiet, very nervous,


they've been here the last couple of weeks. You can hear the silence.


This is where you need your players like Chris Henry to stand up and


drive the team through. There are a lot of guys returning from injury


and they need experienced guys to pull them through the next 15


minutes. Michael Allen coming on for Phil Burleigh.


We're in for a nervy finish to this one, I think. Ludik is bad. -- is


there. The combination of Turner and Brown bring him down.


Edinburgh changing their captain yet begun. That is good work by Reidy.


Next score at vital. Nelson hasn't been put to the floor, is now. Jamie


Ritchie is down for Edinburgh. John Andrew and Chris Henry outside


him. Helps to -- Herbst grabbed by the Edinburgh replacement. Brilliant


defence by Edinburgh. Ulster putting them and all sorts of pressure. A I


stepped on by Alan O'Connor. A member's defence just not giving up.


-- Edinburgh's defence. They have been very threatening the last 20


minutes. The Tongan back row is on as well.


And David Shanahan replacing Paul Marshall. Who has worked and worked


and worked his socks off this evening. He Paul Marshall has played


row well tonight, coming back into the starting line-up has helped


Peter Nelson coming in with Paul's experience is marshalled the


forwards very well, moved the team around with the kicking and a very


important try saving tackle on the corner. Shanahan will bring the


intensity, and bring more intensity to the team.


There is the impact of Reidy on Jamie Ritchie. That is the prop


signed on a short-term loan. From more stuff. -- from


Worcester. Ulster suddenly have conceded a penalty. The combination


of black and brown. A coach's nightmare. Edinburgh are under all


sorts of trouble. Ulster defence is good, well organised, good chance to


turn over, the story of Ulster all season a cheap turnover. Jamie


Ritchie having a head injury assessment, replaced by the man who


normally plays prop. It's been a just rented last ten


minutes because of all the stoppages. At the moment, it is


working in Ulster's favoured -- it has been a disjointed last. Ball


still was Edinburgh's Turner, the replacement hooker. Hidalgo-Clyne,


and relief for Ulster. Edinburgh not releasing, and that is a cry of


relief around the Kingspan Stadium. Brilliant defence by Callum Black.


Got himself blocked on the ball whenever Edinburgh got himself


isolated, brilliant massive turnover. Hopefully Peter Nelson can


relieve the pressure. Take a deep breath. They have two remember they


are still winning this game, they don't have to chase anything. Go


back to basic play, whether that is a box-kick or McCloskey of the


middle and play from now. Jamie Ritchie will not be returning to the


fray. Edinburgh will have a prop in their back row.


Blood injury. John Andrew getting worked on. I think you realise till


on the big screen. A little lick around the lip of John Andrew. -- I


think he realised he was on. The anthem for the first time this


evening. Is it going to inspire Ulster to hold on and end of this


losing run? Is a hooker has the ball in hand,


Shanahan. Tommy Bowe is underneath it. Reidy has picked it up.


Shanahan, Nelson. Oh, finding McCloskey, holding off the


challenge. Wonderful run by McCloskey. Shanahan, another


Edinburgh man down. That is Brown with the red headband. Once again


Edinburgh down to 14. Chris Henry. And who does well to release, but he


threw a wide passed in Ludik's direction. -- Andrew does. Stockdale


has made himself available on the narrow side, not needed. Driven on


by Callum Black. Momentary pause in this breathless second half, and


Stuart Olding. And suddenly possession for Edinburgh in a


dangerous position. It's great vision by Peter Nelson, Stuart


Olding, a big overlap against front row. But it's just a little bit of


inaccuracy, tired legs perhaps. You see him stretching his calves out.


You're in Ulster to play with ambition and be positive, but at the


same time you saw them all relied up ready for the box-kick, perhaps that


would of been at better option. Credit for trying to keep playing


and stay positive. But maybe, you see Edinburgh, plenty of space at


the back. I think Dave Shanahan has made a good impression coming on.


You want Ulster to put the phase together, get some field position


and make either a penalty try obviously would be ideal. A few


cheap turnover is an losing field position to easy at times. I think


Michael Allen inadvertently got a McCloskey boot in the face.


Edinburgh must be down to their last sub, if Mercury listed -- used it.


So Belly is coming back on. He won't be too pleased if he has any bruises


on his face, a good-looking lad! -- Burleigh is coming back on. He


didn't expect to come back to Belfast and shed some blood for


Edinburgh. I would guess that Edinburgh have cleared their entire


bench. And Phil Burleigh is coming back on to replace Michael Allen.


Have we ever known as many stoppages in a half of rugby? I think it's due


to the fact that neither team are really kicking out a Mirror has been


in play. It has been hugely entertaining -- how long the ball


has been in play. There have been -- will be a few tired and sore bodies


tomorrow, especially for those who have been out for a long time.


Credit to the condition, and the fact that Peter Nelson, Stuart


Olding, they are lasting the full 80 minutes. Darren Cave had a great


game, I would imagine he was planning to come on follow other two


dies. Ulster have extended their lead against the Dragons. -- the


other two guys. The 30 point victory earlier on for the Ospreys. Spy have


to keep winning to stay in touch. -- so they have do. They have that game


in hand. But they have to keep beating the teams below them, and


that includes Edinburgh. And that a very sad sight indeed. Michael Allen


back in Belfast. And having to go off only a matter of minutes after


coming on. So at this rate, I think wing may be


going to charge into Newsnight. I'm not sure we've ever done before.


It's been a great game. I just hope for Ulster's point of view they can


hold on. For the 25, 30 minutes in the first half where there were so


good, I think they deserve. Credit to Edinburgh, they have never given


up despite going behind so far. You thought Ulster had it in the back,


but that try before half-time, we talked about it and hoped it would


be a major factor. We can see the wound. He looks totally dazed. He


has the oxygen mask back on the face. The synthetic round of


applause for the man who at the minute possibly doesn't quite know


where he is. Certainly dazed, and bloodied. Michael Allen being slowly


taxied off the pitch. I think won pretty much left with the 35th


players. So we restart again after a long delay. The second half has


lasted about an hour already it feels. Still six points the


difference. Edinburgh with players playing out of position in the pack,


and they have conceded a penalty. Again, not releasing. Remember,


Ulster at half-time lead 24-10. Another good Ulster scrummage,


excellent work by Shanahan and Chris Henry. They didn't recycle the ball.


Holding on, and Peter Nelson will lead. The forwards really stepped up


when they did. And lovely turnover by Reidy in the end. Chris Henry


than obviously was first at it and then Reidy finished it off. Still


the game is in the balance. Taken by Diack. Reserves of energy being


tapped now. The pack being urged forward. Look at the options.


Brilliant by the Ulster Park. Shanahan makes clear what's going to


happen. McCloskey. McCloskey keeps the ball live for Ulster.


It's all just a bit slow and Ulster look as if they have lost this ball.


Turnover for Edinburgh, and here they come. They keep thinking about


kicking and deciding not to. Is there a sting in the tail for the


home side? Hoyland, try scorer in the second half.


They're looking for a gap, they are probing, they are going to find one.


The chase is on. Rory Scholes piling forward for Edinburgh, awkward bunch


for Ulster. He was first? It is Olding, McCloskey. Nobody outside


him, you'll have to go himself. Willing from Shanahan, excellent


support running. He's unlucky. His jersey just touch the line. Very


unlucky. Edinburgh unlucky as well, it could have gone anywhere, a


massive bounce back into Olding's hands. They'll be disappointed not


to finish this off as well. McCloskey can just find, good


defence by Hidalgo-Clyne again. Ulster in dangerous territory. By


the law of diminishing returns, but must've been that Murphy is going to


appear, one else has come off the bench for Ulster. He is coming on


for Alan O'Connor. I think John Andrew has been very good today, his


line it has been very accurate, I think that is a hugger coming on for


second row. We'll see John Andrew probably shift to the back road --


ul-Haq are coming on. Murphy was 25 on Monday, his second appearance for


the team. Came on against the Scarlet a year ago, Jonny Murphy. He


is coming on tonight against Edinburgh for the last six minutes


of the game and Ulster now have a player playing out of position in


the pack. O'Connor makes his way off. This is


Edinburgh. And this is Bradbury. Held up by Diack. And brilliantly


done, pats on the back all round. Jonny Murphy only on the park. Big


impact. We have seen himself and Diack, the first and Ulster have


made from the choke tackle. McCloskey from a few times and


recently referees are trying to get away. Great defence now, opportunity


for Ulster to close this game out. A massive overturning of possession


for Ulster. But this game is not done and dusted! And Edinburgh team


happy to run the ball from deep. Ulster need a solid scrummage. So


yes, they have Sean Andrew on this nearside.


Don't think this is a back row you might see again for Ulster, Andrew


Henry and Reidy. The huge Ben Toolis. I somehow


sensed nobody's leaving the Kingspan Stadium early. Bye trying to make a


break. It takes a couple of them to bring him down. -- bye trying. If


Ulster can get a fifth try. And here they come, running from


deep, little chip over the top. Isn't going to bounce favourably for


the men in black? Yes, it is. Three minutes left. It's taken on by


Carmichael the replacement. Inside the all-star half. Ulster go from a


phase of attack to run defence -- inside the all-star half. Is there


anybody there in a black jersey? Burleigh keeps it alive. Nails being


bitten all around the stadium. That's the Ulster 22 metre line.


Appealing the ball, and Edinburgh can't believe it, they concede a


penalty. Off their feet and Ulster get the penalty. This is like a Six


Nations game, isn't it? A little bit of a soft penalty by Edinburgh, but


what a counterattack. Great plague sweeping round, chip, recover.


Ulster might be relieved. -- great play. Those are the kind of


decisions that frustrate you as a player.


Two minutes away from victory. Browne.


John Andrew of ball in hand. -- with ball. If Ulster can keep this going


for another 150 seconds... Shanahan. McCloskey crunched to midfield.


Tapping and not releasing the man. McCloskey helped to his feet. Ulster


quite fortunate there, very good tackle on McCloskey in midfield, a


little bit predictable by Ulster. Despite the size of McCloskey, you


still need a bit of deception on the play. This will hopefully kill the


game now if Peter Nelson can put this in the Edinburgh have, just


drive and kill the clock. Very impressive return to action from


Peter Nelson. In injury affected season, Ulster were coming players


back. Nelson has made a big impact the evening. He is so confident. Try


all-star roster to them. They are making their own fans sweat. --


Ulster. It is now or never for Edinburgh. They've got to keep this


ball moving, keep it alive. A good tackle by Olding. Edinburgh


replacement has been the thick of the action the last ten or 15


minutes. The little school box is about to turn right. -- square box.


Belliard, 80 minutes. Ulster need to get their hands on a ball. They need


to force a mistake out of Edinburgh. They're not going to kick the ball,


they have to keep it in hand. Hidalgo-Clyne, Tovey. It is


Bradbury, opening try scorer in this match. Can Nelson get it out of


play? Not quite done by Nelson. Edinburgh the last chance saloon.


Hidalgo-Clyne can possibly a candidate for Edinburgh's man of the


match. Ulster hands being pointed, close the gaps. Can they force a man


out of play? The break's been half made. That is taken on by Fihaki,


the Tongan. Tovey, any other time he might have kicked it. Bradbury.


Ulster have got to force the man out of play. Astonishing finish to this


game. Retaining possession, and Ulster have done enough. And they


haven't violent touch. -- they haven't found touch. It's


all over. Never has a blast of his whistle had been greeted with more


relief than here. At the Kingspan Stadium. As Ulster have somehow held


on in the disjointed second half for a 6-point victory.


It turned out to be about 55 minutes in the second half. Very


entertaining to watch and after all that has happened in the last few


months, five points. There will be areas to work on but the positive


things have to be Peter Nelson, Coetzee, Stuart Olding, we hope the


injury to Piutau is not serious but Ulster have to be positive. Some of


the first-half play when they had ambition and they seemed to play


what is in front of them. As if it was preseason and that is the way


this team has to play. They have the bonus point by half-time, leading at


the break, all that dominance at the start of the second half was not


turned into points. The try from Hoyland and the late Hidalgo-Clyne


penalty made the home fans sweat but Ulster have ended the losing run,


winning here. Let us hope that man is not badly injured. 24-18.


That was a game that left us breathless. Ulster in the end


breathing a sigh of relief and wondering how, after scoring the


bonus point in the first-half, they were left to cling on by the


fingernails in the second. This is the table. Ulster is still in sixth


place. Just three points behind the Glasgow Warriors. Ulster with the


game in hand against Zuber rugby. Munster still topping the table


after that bonus point win. Scarlets beat Glasgow at the Ospreys beat


Zebre tonight. Stephen Ferris and Eddie O'Sullivan, Ulster had a


brilliant first-half, the second half simply did enough to do the


job. Just about? Eddie O'Sullivan is not allowed to come back to Belfast!


Every time he is here it is tight. That ten minute period in the second


half, we should have got points on the board, just to keep things


ticking over and we did not score any point. Playing towards the clock


like we had won the toss, the way we played the game, it was a


disappointing second half, injuries did not help, Darren Cave was a big


loss in not starting. It did not happen, we did not get that first


score. Just before half-time that this was a lifeline for Edinburgh


and they took that. Yes, it is positive for Ulster with the bonus


point and that 5-point return after that disappointing run but after the


match you feel deflated after that second-half performance? We are


seeing a team that is shy on confidence and only first-half you


would not have known that watching them but you could see the changing


tempo when they let Edinburgh back, they did not score for ten minutes,


Edinburgh defending for 12 minutes in the second-half and Ulster had


not scored and suddenly Edinburgh saw that and Ulster sensed that. I


think Piutau was a huge loss. Darren Cave played well but it is the sense


of a team that just do not trust themselves in these situations. They


got the result, they need one of these results to convince them they


are back on the road but it was nervous at the end and you have to


think that in a tighter game it might have gone the wrong way. You


did mention Piutau. Your Man of the Match, perhaps half of the match.


The first-half was pure brilliance. The standout in the first-half and


that was what won the match for Ulster. His brilliance, every time


he touched the ball he made something happen, joy to watch. When


he went off Ulster seemed to just shut down. Even though they had


Tommy Bowe on the pitch, he just does not have the impact he has.


Hopefully that injury is not a concern. He has been like that all


season and tonight the game suited him, plenty of width. Getting his


hands on the ball and he was terrorising the Edinburgh defence


but he left the field and the tempo dropped and Darren Cave going as


well. It goes back to that confidence issue around the team, we


saw that fear factor creeping in as the game went on and Edinburgh were


But this is five points and he said before the game, they would take


this five points. We can hear from Charles Piutau. Shivering down here.


What is the injury? Not bad, I have to talk to the doctors but I am


feeling all right. Hopefully not bad. How stressful was that last 20


minutes? I was watching on the sidelines and I think the boys did a


great job to close the game and this is a class side, Edinburgh, they


have been playing great rugby. Was it a case of, we just need to win?


In the first-half, we had a great performance and we conceded and as a


second-half went on, lamenting changed how they play to close the


game but I am glad to have a better game. The spark seems to be in the


back line again? Credit to the forwards, they said a great place


for us. And they took the opportunity. Coetzee is learning


quickly, he has his coach! He did really well, congratulations. Coming


back from long trip injuries, they are terrific for us. What was the


experience like? It has been a long wait? It is nice to be on the park


playing with world-class players like Charles. Just glad to get


factory and we will build on that. What about the atmosphere? It was a


rousing sendoff when you came off the pitch? Great support base and


they have been awesome, all of the fans and everything, we must thank


them for tonight. Support means a lot for the team and next week is


another challenge and we will expect the same crime. Are you motivated to


push on and do special things? Yes, with the team, were hungry, we will


look at this game and take it every game but on Monday it will analyse


everything and build on this performance. Thank you. It was good


to speak to you. Jim Conlon will present the award for Man of the


Match. Well done. Coetzee, we should learn a thing or two! We don't have


any coats. The backs were brilliant. Brilliant platform and he was in the


middle of everything, Coetzee? Great performance. Exactly what he wanted


after that ten month lay-off, he can see him talking that he has the bit


between his teeth, he put his hand up to carry the ball a lot more than


I thought he would have and they will see a lot more of him on the


ground. Stealing more ball, he has a massive unit. Andy Ward said he was


walking around Tesco that he could not believe the size of him.


Hopefully more of what we could see tonight. He is a great asset. Are


you impressed? Outstanding workrate. To back from that sort of lay-off,


you would think it would take awhile to get back and he kept the tempo


up, he lasted longer than I thought, not just on the field but his


workrate, doing all the hard graft. And he probably was tired and he


came off. The second-half was hard to watch as a Ulster fan but the


first-half, let us reflect on what was very positive for Ulster. They


scored four cracking tries and if they are to kick on the seafront,


this is the highlights reel they want to look at. In the second half


also, Edinburgh were coming back but you must give them credit. Six


points, Edinburgh but looking like coming back but they closed the game


and they ran down the clock when they needed to, they did not get out


of jail but they got over the line. There are positives to be taken from


the second-half but no doubt the first-half, those tries and the


rugby and the off-loads and the speed of the ball from the ruck, it


was on a plate to Paul Marshall and when you have world-class players


like Piutau and Coetzee, things will happen. When those lads went off, it


did affect them. When you have a bonus point at half-time it is


almost a case of thinking we have the job done. And I suppose we saw


the second-half unfolding and we felt that Ulster, had they scored


again, it would have clicked on. If professional rugby, it means don't


give the opposition and even break and ten minutes into the second-half


Edinburgh should have been dead and buried and Labour back in the game.


Those lifelines breathe life into the opposition but the team that


goes through, feeling the pressure having to win, and the pendulum is


swinging away, the energy drops and they have to look at that, they will


be in tighter games down the track but the more games like this under


your belt, the more of the guys believe. It could have gone the


wrong way tonight but full credit, fantastic first-half, but fantastic


second but they got the job done and it would have been a tragedy and an


injustice had they lost. Not pretty in the end but important they got


five points. By getting the job done, that will give them confidence


to kick on and have a positive run with a lot of home games? It has


been talked about. They have a lot of games coming up and they must


make them count, they have to get five points and when they get


Edinburgh at home at Zebre at home, you have to get five points and move


up the leaderboard, we are playing catch-up, Leinster and the Ospreys,


when they drop points? It will be very tough to get there. If they


keep winning and getting five points, they will make the job


easier. In the last four games on the run, they were difficult, the


Ospreys, Munster and Leicester, I think it is Cardiff, those last four


games give them no chance to drop the ball in the incoming games but


they have three games with Italian sides and with all due respect, they


should put those in the bank. Do you fancy Ulster for the top four? If


they build momentum in the next five or six games, they probably can't,


those last four games will decide the season but I would worry about


those games because there is a tight space at the moment, they have no


room for error but they will have those international boys back.


Hopefully it'll be a different situation. Top four? Yes, there is a


chance but for me, I cannot see the other teams dropping points to lead


Ulster get back in. They are playing catch-up at this stage, it is


difficult. Everything is possible, if they can get these world-class


players playing every week, Libby first-half, this should be first out


that they were all about sweat as they can do it. Thank you both very


much. Tomorrow, it is utterly against Ireland, live commentary on


BBC Radio Ulster. That is it from the Kingspan Stadium, Ulster back


with a win. Goodbye. Do you have


any prior motoring convictions? Can you confirm that you will be


adhering to the speed limit?


It's sixth placed Ulster who welcome tenth placed Edinburgh to Kingspan Stadium in round 14 of the Pro12 tournament. Edinburgh triumphed 28 - 17 in their meeting earlier this season after a blistering start which saw them score two tries inside the first ten minutes. Ulster will be hoping for a better result to keep them in contention for a place in the play offs.

Stephen Watson presents the action live with analysis from Stephen Ferris and Eddie O'Sullivan, with Michael McNamee on commentary.