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Hello and welcome to our final Wimbledon Sportsday -


And there's a fairytale ending for Roger Federer as he seals


a record 8th men's singles crown at the All England Club.


There's a slice of British success in the ladies wheelchair


and the mixed doubles as Jamie Murray and his partner


There's more British success at Silverstone


In today's men's final, Roger Federer gave to his fitting end. His


straight sets wind over Marin Cilic was not exactly what we were


expecting. In Centre Court history, one man has


his own chapter. Play Roger Federer here and you face the thousands who


adore him. Going for a record eight Wimbledon title on this court, there


are two kinds of royalty. At 35, still he is at his peak. Two month


break earlier this year has kept in swift on his feet, with a racket


there is the same artistry. In the tension of the opening exchanges,


Federer has the power to break through.


He ripped it across court. It was tough to take for Marin Cilic. One


set down, already feeling the strain. He is having a horror,


fallen apart a bit. In his first Wimbledon final, it became too much


to bear. With the weight of expectation back home, Marin Cilic


was facing a torrent. You want the ground to open up and swallow you in


situations like this. The great champions have now time for


sympathy, Federer ruthless to the second set. Marin Cilic put up more


of a fight in the third, but already this looked inevitable. 18 Grand


Slams later, the Swiss has the same thirst for success. The championship


title field without dropping a set. The first man to wind each


Championships. It was no time to show emotion. Wimbledon's


record-breaker and, unquestionably, King of this court. An eighth title


for Federer means as much as the first. Better than holding the


trophy and winning today, I guess, is just being healthy. It feels


great and it's means the world to me, we worked hard last year, so to


be back here, I am just feeling great, holding the trophy, the


tournament that I please, not dropping a set, it is magical, I


cannot believe it, really, yet. Eight Wimbledon title, the only man


in the history of Wimbledon to ever wind it eight times. I guess it is


disbelief that I can achieve such heights. I was not sure if I was


ever going to be here again in another final after last year. I


have had some tough frontier, losing to Novak Djokovic in 2014 and 2015,


but I always believed that I would maybe come back and do it again and


if you believe you can go really far in your life, and I did that and I


really happy. I kept on believing and dreaming and here and today, it


is fantastic. It is never easy playing with an


injury, but you bravely battled on. Yes, that is what I did throughout


all of my career, never gave up when I started a match. That was my idea


also today, I give my best and that was all I could do.


I concede that it is obviously very washed all for you, but I can see


that you have had a wonderful tournament and you can be so proud


of that. Yes, I have had an amazing journey, played the best tennis of


my life and they really want to thank my team. They gave so much


strength to me. And, of course, to all of my fans in Croatia, it was


really tough today and I gave it all and I am hoping definitely that I am


going to come back here and try it one more time.


Sad moments for Marin Cilic, but Roger Federer makes history were


sent -- with a 19th Grand Slam title. His place in the history


books is definitely assured. This is what Boris Becker had to say about


Federer's achievements. We have seen history in the making, no man has


won a championship here to before. There were only three men who had


seven. For him to achieve each today, that is something that we


tell our grandchildren, we were there -- to achieve each titles.


Last year, he walked off limping, he had any problem, in the semifinal


losing. He probably did not think that he would come back. He


rescheduled all of this year, he won the Austrian open, the first major


of the year, and all of a sudden, Federer is back. If you compare him


to any other athlete of the world, he is right up there. If you think


of Formula 1, running, basketball, football, there is nobody like Roger


Federer at the moment. I do not know if you can get better, but he can


continue winning. I'm sure he will take some weeks off, but then which


tournament to pick, the way that he is playing at the moment, there are


more Grand Slams in the making. I am amazed, it is incredible, when


you reflect on the next 12 months, losing last year with a bad knee,


questioning whether he would reach the heights again. When he took six


months on, you're questioning whether he would recover and


potentially get back to the heights he had reached before. To do that in


a short period of time, winning in Australia and Indian Wells and Miami


was lovable start to the year. Then his decision to take the clay-court


season off, there were definitely a few people questioning the wisdom of


that, but getting back on a grass court to win and then when his eight


Wimbledon title without dropping a set has been incredible to watch.


He doesn't move so which is understandable, but you have to be


more aggressive and make your opponent to the running. That is


what he is prepared to do, still hitting his spots brilliantly on his


serve and then when his forehand comes into play, I don't think


there's a better shot in the game. When you look at his


accomplishments, certainly in an individual sport, in a global game,


you look at the numbers, I guess Jack Nicklaus Ingolstadt 18 majors


and Federer now 19, it is tough to think of other athletes that have


transcended their sport as much as he has.


He does not over exert himself with his technique, he's incredibly


smooth, and he's incredibly super competitor as well. He's got a


number of things that can work amazingly well. Breaking records as


a by-product of that. He knows his serve is going to hold up. He knows


he will be able to get enough returns back. He knows he is quick


off the mark. He is lightning, superfast. He is able to do that


year in, year out. That is the longevity of his career, it is quite


phenomenal. I joked before, saying Federer will be winning matches at


Wimbledon when years 42. I'm not sure it is such a joke any more but


he's incredibly light on his feet, just the way he plays enables, it


puts pressure on the opponent very quickly and he's a master at getting


through the first of tournaments quickly. His style of play, a bit


like other champions that we have seen, Nadal as well, they bring


something new, different to the game that the regular player can't


handle. Now after Roger Federer's Wimbledon


win today, the Centre-Court crowd were also able to enjoy some British


success on the final afternoon. after Jamie Murray and the former


Wimbledon singles winner from Switzerland -


Martina Hingis - beat the defending champions -


Britain's Heather Watson and Finland's Henri Kontinen


in straight sets. I guess the crowd was a bit split


but look, I mean, it was a great success for British tennis, to have


two guys in the final, for us, we had a great week, we had a lot of


amazing tennis, especially in a final, we knew we would have to play


a really good match if we wanted another chance to win and we managed


to do that. More home success away from


Wimbledon. Lewis Hamilton has won


the British Grand Prix The historic victory


moves him to within a point of Sebastien Vettel at the halfway


stage of the F1 season - after the Championship Leader


suffered a dramatic late puncture. Silverstone 50 years ago,


a Scotsman won the British Grand Prix for a fifth


time in a Ltus Ford. Jim Clark, surrounded


by wonder and flowers. Now anyone who comes


here can experience every But only one could really


feel how Clark felt. Lewis Hamilton started with the same


view, everyone behind him, Sebastian Vettel, the leader


in the standings, had been caught, but charged back at Verstappen


full of adrenaline. Sebastian Vettel eventually


passed him, but Hamilton The only question was


whether he could get in and out No one would get near him,


but his position would improve. Kimi Raikkonen was beaten


to second by Bottas, and Vettel's championship lead


was about to deflate. Lewis Hamilton could hardly


have had a better day. So proud to see these flags


everywhere, and the supporters I'm proud I could do


this for you all. Thank you for the support


pushing us, the team These fans have just seen history,


Hamilton's fifth British Grand Prix win, his fourth in a row,


and what's more the title Only one point stands


between Hamilton and Vettel. Not so close in the cricket at the


moment. South Africa are dominating


the second Test against England and are on course to level


the series at Trent Bridge. As Adam Wild reports, this has been


a stark contrast to Joe Root's debut as England's captain.


For England's captain this was a first real test of strength.


Joe Root, new to the job, his team in trouble and now was the moment


South Africa already with a frustrating lead, all the more


Amla should have been given out but England


choose not to review it


With one lusty blow, Amla past is 50.


It was time for the skipper to step up and step in.


Whatever he said to Ben Stokes, it works.


Root was the first to congratulate his bowler.


And as all captains know, one wicket often brings two.


England still struggling, but at least something to cheer.


For Joe Root and England, this was getting tough to watch.


Rather less so for the South African fans. Their lead way beyond 400 now


as England's bowlers were again sent way beyond the boundary. A difficult


day in a field finally brought to an end with Moeen's fourth wicket but


they would now need a record-breaking performance with the


bat to win this. Alastair Cook knows a thing or two about captaincy but


he was given out first ball and chose to review it. It was the right


decision. He survives for tomorrow but a difficult task for the current


captain has become almost impossible. Adam Wild, BBC News.


England with a mountain to climb, still needing another 473 to win


with all of their second innings wickets in hand. South Africa,


weather permitting, have a full two day to take the wickets they need to


level the series. Britain's defending champion


Chris Froome overcame mechanical issues to retain his 18-second


lead after Stage 15 of Despite a dramatic afternoon


for an irritated Froome, where he had to change a wheel,


and deal with the hostile, booing home fans -


he recovered brilliantly. But the Briton was nowhere


near today's 189.5km stage winner, Bauke Mollema, who took his first


ever victory in the race. More importantly for Froome,


he retained the yellow jersey and continues to lead Italy's Fabio


Aru. Aled Davies won his third


world title in the discus and Britain's seventh gold medal


of the World Para-athletics Let's take you to the London Stadium


and our sports news correspondent A good gold medal haul so far for


Great Britain? That's right, after last night's gold rush, yet more


success for the British team this morning, courtesy of one of these


styles of London 2012 in the stadium behind me, Aled Davies in the


discus. 51.54 metres, the winning distance, his third world title in


the discus and he could yet add a second gold medal later at these


championships because next weekend is the shot put. That is the event


where Davies is the Paralympic champion. It could be the first of


two world titles in London for him. Afterwards, not surprisingly, he


said he was delighted with this morning's performance.


work so hard. I know what I'm capable of doing. I'm going in


there, like, I have been 353, 54, 55 all year but with the crowd, I might


do 55 or 56, we thought, who knows? But you keep forgetting that


championship performance is a different kettle of fish and I'm


just glad I've got the W and we can focus on the shot but now because I


know I've got a special performance in the tank.


Plenty to look forward to this evening as well? That's right, as


far as the British bands are concerned, no doubting the style of


the show tonight because the final of the men's T 44 100 metres, which


means Jonnie Peacock, the poster boy of London 2012, won Gold five years


ago, also won gold at the Rio Paralympics but he did miss the last


World Championships two years ago with injury. He does have something


to prove. His biggest rival, Richard Browne of the USA, the world record


holder, is not here but even so, plenty of competition for Jonnie


Peacock, especially Jarryd Wallace of the USA but we have to say,


Peacock looked very impressive in his heat about half an hour ago,


winning it convincingly, easing through in the end. The final is


just before 9pm and certainly, Jonnie Peacock will begin as red-hot


favourite for another gold medal. Andy Swiss at the London Stadium,


thank you for joining us. Great Britain have topped the medal table


after a highly successful para canoe European Championships in Bulgaria.


There was final day success over the 200 meter distance with silver


medals for Ian Marsden and Rob Oliver and a bronze for Nick


Beighton. British Olympic champion Liam Heath has defended his K-1 200


metre title, the gold medallist from the Rio Olympics will be hoping to


add the world title to his collection in the Czech Republic


next month. There's a dramatic finish at the Scottish Open in


Dundonald where a play-off is currently underway. World number


405, Callum Shinkwin, was on course for the biggest win of his career


but on the 18th green, with a 1-shot lead over Spain's Rafa


Cabrera-Bello, his final putt for victory came up short. It was his


first drop shot of the round, reducing him to 13 under par. Early


in the day, Cabrera-Bello had carded a fantastic final round 64,


including eight birdies. Both will feature in next week's Open at Royal


Birkdale but one man missing out for the first time in 14 years is 2010


US Open champion Graeme McDowell who finished inside the top 20 but that


won't be enough for the world number 102.


England have beaten Ireland 3-2 at the women's oche world league


semifinals. The victory means they finished top of the pool going into


Tuesday's quarterfinal. Danny Kerry's side went 2-0 up in


Johannesburg through Sarah Haycroft and Shona McCallin but two goals in


two minutes for Ireland at the start of the third quarter levelled the


scores. Ten minutes later, Captain Alex Danson fired in a rebound to


seal England's victory. The top four teams in the tournament go through


to the world league finals in New Zealand in November.


No medal success for Great Britain at the World Aquatics


Championships today in Bupadest, but there were a couple


Ross Haslam and James Heatly made their senior World Championships


Haslam finished in tenth while Heatly scored


I didn't even think I was going to make the team at the beginning of


the season, let alone make the team and the final. I'm really happy and


I've got a PB in the prelim and I beat that again this time saw over


the moon. Probably one of the biggest ages venues I've ever


competed at so. This, that is a check in the box. I'm happy with it.


I could have dived a bit better but to dive in such a high standard


event and hold my own, I'm really pleased.


We're going to return to matters here at the All England Club now


and the home crowd had early reason to celebrate today with more success


Fresh from Alfie Hewett and Gordon Reid's victory yesterday,


Jordanne Whiley and her Japanese partner Yui Kamiji have


won their fourth successive women's doubles title.


They came from a set down to beat the second seeds Marjolein Buis


It's the pair's fourth straight Wimbledon title,


and it now means that Whiley has ten Grand Slam titles to her name.


This is by far the most special to me because I've been out for eight


months, struggling with injury, I have not played with you for a year


now and I really tried my hardest and they are such a strong team. I'm


so happy! So yet another Grand Slam title


for Jordanne Whiley. Ten in total, equalling the number


won by Britain's most decorated wheelchair tennis


player, Pete Norfolk. He's been speaking to


Gemma-Louise Stevenson. You know, when we started watching


the match, and I have watched her this week, she has had quite a long


time off with injuries and I did not think she was going to do it, I'll


be honest. I was a bit pessimistic, I did not think she had the match


fitness but I think what happened was a bit of a transition in the


match, the Dutch pair started pummelling Jordanne with shots and


she basically got into the groove and started slicing her back and and


by the time the third set came around, with Yui Kamiji behind her,


it was unbelievable. What really gives Jordanne the platform to play


if her partner, she is so consistent, so committed, 100%. Her


defence was marvellous. And she has beaten your grand slam achievements,


how do you feel about that. I don't mind at all, I did not realise it


was a challenge, she started tweeting me, though. It's brilliant,


they are so young, Gordon, Alfie, jaw Dan Bunn I started playing when


I was 30, for goodness sakes. Go mad when you're Buddhist, versus what


you witnessed today with the crowds and everything, all the matches, how


different is it right now? Well, we, I was playing at grand slams and


progressively, they have moved the courts up. It depends on scheduling,


actually, as to what the crowds are like. I mean, I played at the US


Open when my courts have been rammed with thousands of people and then we


played on bigger courts with not much but that is not because of the


crowd not wanting to be there, it is like today, Federer is going for


potentially history, so it's not surprising. But like Gordon said


yesterday, what would be fantastic would be to be on the main


grandstand courts at all the grand slams. We have got the talent and


the speed and power and the determination. Let's get it out


there so everyone can see the showcase the specials of wheelchair


tennis. After the wheelchair doubles


the men's singles final took place Sweden's Stefan Olsson,


who lost in the final a year ago, beat world No 1 Gustavo


Fernandez in three We are just about out of time for


another year here on Wimbledon sports day. We've had two weeks of


drama at the All-England Club. Andy Murray and Johanna Konta fell short


in the singles but there were still three British successes to celebrate


in the doubles competition. Thank you for joining us. We will leave


you with the history maker, Roger Federer, on the day he clinched an


unprecedented eighth Wimbledon singles title. From all the team


here at Wimbledon, good night. Arguably the greatest champion of


all time. # Oh, what you touch


# Or that you see # Or that you taste... . #


Now I have it! # All that you love and all that you


hate.... # Roger Federer takes another step


toward history. # All that you give and all that you


deal # All that you buy, beg borrow or


steal. . # That's that.


# All that you do and all that you say


# All that you reach # Everyone you meet


# All that use light # Everyone you fight.... #


The words of history. # All that's to come and everything


under the sun.... # What a champion here at Wimbledon.


The first man to win eight championships.


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