Germany v England Women's Football

Germany v England

Tina Daheley presents live second half coverage as England take on Germany in the SheBelieves tournament. England are looking to repeat their memorable victory from last summer.

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Hello and welcome. It is been an eventful first half. Here is the


best of the action. The shot from Alex Greenwood, who


was arriving. This was good pressure from Katie Chapman initially. Demi


Stokes could have had a touch. In comes the free kick from Alex


Greenwood. Battling for it. It is a great header and England lead!


Lovely ball into the edge of the penalty area, to Toni Duggan. What a


start by England! A lovely ball in and what a deft header. I thought


the initial free kick was not great, it didn't beat the first player.


This was whipped in with Pierce and Toni Duggan only needed to direct


the header into the bottom corner. Karen Bardsley got her body behind


it. Good technique by the goalkeeper. Very much the number one


England goalkeeper now. Chance here for Germany. Lifted


over! It was a William intervention. They threw everything to try and


block that. England showing no fear against Germany.


Exactly the tactic they needed to come out with, pressing all over the


pitch. Germany conceding so early on. That is not what we expect from


Germany, is it? Withington's tactics, what they are about, then


there is no reason why England can't score.


Jill Scott does really well there to lay the ball back. Great ball inside


Alex Greenwood, just helped on by Toni Duggan. I think they caught


Germany on the back foot. They haven't let their sharpest. Taking


nothing away from Toni Duggan, there. It is a fantastic header.


Let's talk about England's tactics. He saw a repeat of those pressing


six that they did against the USA. Yes, you can see that they want to


Hunter Namhpakka. Alex Greenwood would be disappointed not to hit the


target there. One player goes in from England, another layer goes in.


They are all following the each other as a team. It is really good


stuff by England and it is frustrating Germany. It is similar


to the planned that the used against the USA. The GSA could not manage to


turn with the ball. Jill Scott has been the best player on the park so


far. Not only set the tone with pressing on the pitch, when she has


had the ball she has held it up extremely well, allowing other


players to move and she can play them in. She is gaining yardage at


the top end of the pitch, but also putting in tackles. She has


boundless energy. There could not be a better example on the pitch for


England. Germany did have their chances. Alexandra Popp had the


chance. The chances that we will see were limited. Germany had a couple


from the outside of the box. This one, Karen Bardsley is one of the


best goalkeepers in the world and she would stop that every day of the


year. England need to make sure that they don't get overrun down the


left-hand side. Actually to many crosses have been put in. Yes, we


have limited them to very few speculative efforts on goal, but


Germany have the quality to strike from distance and cause Karen


Bardsley to be scrambling. They haven't done that yet, but it only


takes a tired England team to give them a little bit more room. We need


to be careful down the left-hand side. Demi Stokes does so much work


to try to help Toni Duggan, and 20th Micro, when Germany brick down that


side Alex Greenwood is getting a bit exposed. Karen Bardsley is


committed, but she needs to come out and really attack, punch the ball.


Toni Duggan putting her body on the line.


-- Steph Houghton. The USA wanted to make it two from two in their game


against France. France had a couple of changes.


An opportunity for France. Just could not put her foot on it. It


goes wide. She scored in hometown last year against France. She comes


up short there. Whipped all the way in. She is very dangerous from


distance but the goalkeeper was up to the task.


Whipped dinner again. What a save! Total chaos.


Morgan, around the keeper, and put it in the side netting. What a great


ball this is the Alex Morgan, with just a little bit too heavy a touch.


It hits the crossbar! I cannot remember the last time I saw hope so


low this busy in the first 30 minutes of the match. -- Hope Solo.


Morgan is playing a bit more wide now. Again, the cross comes in.


Wide! The best opportunity of the second half by far. She is wanting


the corner. Goal! In stoppage time, she puts the


USA airhead, Morgan. That is a deserved one for the United States.


Sloppy by France. Pugh picks it up. Morgan took it to her favourite left


side. Alex Morgan, finally healthy, puts the US ahead. Last-gasp for


France. So, a great win for the USA, but it


does mean that England will have to win if they are to stand a chance of


winning the competition. Yes, simple as that, really. If England keep


this plan moving forward in the second half they can still do that.


Did the Germans have grounds for a penalty? Being English, of course


not! You can see the replay. As sloppy pass out. Alex Greenwood


really gets her body between the ball on the player. I don't see too


much wrong with that. I think that England could have had a free kick


before it. As it bounces off Steph Houghton, I think it hit the German


on the hand. She knows exactly what she is doing there. Can we expect to


see the same plan in the second half? We will definitely see some


fresh legs. The tax Becks will stay the same as it has been working. The


energy factor may bring about some changes. It would be great to see


Eniola Aluko come on, get 100th cap. So, at half-time 1-0 to England.


Sounds good, doesn't it? You can see the change their that Germany have


made. Sara Dabritz is very important in


the German left, she was in the World Cup. She had a good game


against France in the opener. She was just taken off a couple of


minutes before full-time. A couple of six rules there that they are


going to be stronger in the second half, although Sara Dabritz will not


start on the left-hand side, I think she will start in the middle of


midfield. She is on for Melanie Behringer. They need to make


changes. Lena Goessling has so much quality on the ball. Germany were


dominated by England in there. They needed that experience, that bit of


quality. I think at some stage they will bring on Anja Mittag. Sara


Dabritz, Anna suspicion of a handball there. The goalkeeper was


well positioned there. She has had a very good game, Karen Bardsley.


Looks very secure. Germany are starting strong, aren't they? First


minute and they already have a shot on target. It won't trouble Karen


Bardsley the way she has been playing.


Again, England showing a bit of composure here, slowing things down


after what was a bright start to the second half for Germany.


Sara Dabritz moves the ball quickly, she has Pierce, the Bayern Munich


layer. Melanie Behringer has gone off, as


has Dzsenifer Marozsan. Jordan Nobbs was very well


positioned there. The out ball nearly all the time is Jill Scott.


England will be pleased to see the back of Dzsenifer Marozsan.


Definitely. She has struggled with injury. She was just getting back to


form. That is such a disappointment for Germany, but good for England


because she is a quality player who can make things happen.


The Euros kick his next year in Holland. -- take place next year in


Holland. Germany really ringing the changes


from the opening game, if you have just joined us. Only four players


who started against France have started tonight. Toni Duggan is


normally alone up front, but Jill Scott has been up there with her


quite a lot. She wins that free kick. She has nagged away at the


German defenders. This free kick given away by Josephine Henning, the


new Arsenal player. They will do battle again when top-flight


football returns at the end of this month.


England have been dangerous with set pieces throughout.


The pattern of the game is very much like it was in the first. England's


passing has been much better than Germany's. It has, and didn't get


the save that very often. They are normally precise. Germany are


renowned for attacking Pierce, but they are they just passed the ball


out of play. That has to be about the way that England have harassed


Germany and stop them playing. We have not mentioned in terms of her


possession on the ball Jordan Nobbs agreed deal, but the work she has


done in midfield in closing, attacking in pairs. The girls in the


studio were talking about it at half-time, one length and player


goes to close, there is another one backing up. Her partnership with


Katie Chapman in the centre of the English midfield has been very


strong. Katie Chapman pressurising again there, just would not break


for Toni Duggan. When you hunt in packs like that it is so difficult


as an attacking player. Often it is not the first layer goes to tackle,


it is the second or third who wins the ball. The captain has played


well, an important block in the first half. Another change for


Germany. Josephine Henning will go off, replaced by Babett Peter.


Another very experienced German international. 94 appearances. One


appearance this season. She played against England last season. Made


her debut back in 2006. A World Cup winner, though she did not make an


appearance in those finals, she was on the bench.


Wolfsburg are 12 points behind Bayern Munich in the table.


I know that Josephine Henning has been struggling with a back injury,


so maybe they are looking after her a little bit. She is now with


Arsenal. Sara Dabritz gets the return. This


is where she featured most in the World Cup, down the left-hand side.


You can hear Mark Sampson shouting good ideas, good ideas! He is very


vocal as a coach. That is as sloppy ball by Jordan


Nobbs. Very approachable the England coach, and the players, as well. As


we said last summer many times, it is not as pressurised as the England


men's situation, the Premier League men's the, but in a way it is a


throwback to the old days. We were staying in the Bobby Robson England


team hotel and that World Cup, I remember that, and it is a lovely


throwback to that time you can get most of the manager and the players,


just talk to them. Alexandra Popp is the equivalent of


Jill Scott. She is the out ball and she is 20 yards inside her own half,


all credit to England for keeping her back. Alexandra Popp was getting


frustrated so she is coming deeper and deeper to get the ball. That is


what England want. You don't want playing on your back shoulder.


Confirmation of the England line-up for you.


Lena Goessling was a powerhouse for Germany in the finals last summer.


They were expected to win the competition.


They were getting stronger as the tournament went on, they beat France


on penalties. It was the USA. Them in the final in Montreal. Of course,


they were at the superpower in the end. It is going to be a goal kick.


England have a problem here. Jill Scott, a knock to her left knee.


Just turned 29, the Manchester City player. She has been in three World


Cup finals. Scored in the 2007 and 2011 versions.


Germany are in the middle of their domestic season, England in


preseason, largely. They have not shown any kinds of not being match


fit. They have looked sharp. Their fitness is there, so it may start to


tell getting on for 70 minutes, and that is when Mark Sampson will look


to make changes. The referee is stopping it because


Toni Duggan was signed. And there is concern that she has picked up a


head injury. That is why the referee stopped the game. It is to her hip,


maybe a dead leg? I think this is where Toni Duggan


gets hurt. It is a need right in the hip -- knee. Toni Duggan is a very


effervescent character. You can certainly hear her from one


side of 11 point two part to a large to another. -- and airport departure


lounge in an airport to the other. She is a hard worker, does what she


can put a team and scored a crucial goal today. She started off at


Everton, moved across the Manchester City a couple of seasons ago now,


along with many others, including the captain, he is just urging her


team on there. England leave Germany.


It is not something we have had the chance to say that many times over


the years. Germany have free kick. We met before in the United States


wants, it was in 1990, Germany won that game 3-1. The game in England


now is unrecognisable to that day 26 years ago.


There is no rhythm about the German game, no accuracy in their passing,


and it is all to do with the way that England is pressing.


The 23rd game between the two countries, England with just one win


last summer, three draws, if team defeats. -- 18 defeats.


I don't think anybody in the England team with be as presumptuous as to


say this is the start of the sea change in European football power,


but you have said it any times before, and Rachel has said it is


well, that England used to go into games like this terrified.


Definitely. That is something that Mark Sampson has instilled in his


players, that belief, not to fear the opposition. We would go out


believing that we could beat them but you would go a goal down and you


would just think, here we go again. They are not like that now.


The free kick goes against Katie Chapman for her challenge on Sara


Dabritz. England were beaten in the 2009 European finals in Helsinki


6-2. 95 World Cup quarterfinals Germany managed to win a 3-0. Euro


95 Germany won both legs of the semifinal. 4-1 at Vicarage Road. The


list went on. Still a long way to go in this match.


Davis hit fit. Not a bad effort. Whipped in. Always look to me as if


it was going wide. Looking for her fifth goal for her country. I nearly


jumped a mile the! Came from left field. And it has gone underneath


it. Horton went to ground with Islacker. -- Steph Houghton. Got


themselves into a little bit of a pickle there.


The only team that is capable of beating England is England. You are


right. They are disciplined, organised. When they keep the ball


and pass and move, they look good going forward, but it is just a


mistake and Germany will pounce on it. They are a top-class team, they


haven't shown it as yet, but give them one opportunity and there will


be carrying the cup. Leonie Maier can really get forward with pace and


aggression. She had a very good World Cup. She campaigned on the


left-hand side and has done many times. She was the under 17 champion


in 2009 and the under 19 winner two years later. But England have had a


very decent left-back to night. She tackles aggressively, Alex


Greenwood. Here is Demi Stokes. She has had a quieter second half. Comes


out to Jordan Nobbs. Into Jill Scott. Trying to release to Jordan


Nobbs. She has given it away. Straight at


the keeper. Good pressure again from Chapman. She was pressing from


behind. Duggan found the ball. She has had a fantastic game, Jill


Scott, so why not go from there. Steph Houghton doing the pressure


there and it paid off. If you have joined us, it is a milestone game


for her. 150 to night. England have been pressurising or night in ones


and twos, making Germany make mistakes. Good to see that goodwill


message from Rio Ferdinand tweeted out. He has been a big supporter of


the Lionesses. It helps having well-known footballers on social


media wishing the girls good luck. It is fantastic for Fara Williams,


to receive 150 caps. She has been an excellent player over the years. She


has still got many more years as far as I am concerned, as long as she


keeps herself fit and healthy come to go on and get more caps. That is


a yellow for Sara Dabritz. She has added some pace to the German side


though. 67 minutes gone. England lead with a


goal from Toni Duggan after eight minutes. Fara Williams making that


run. A little towards the far post. Steph Houghton was up. A score of


eight goals for her country from central defence or fallback.


Start of the game, hugging the touchline. It is a good sign for


England. Alex Scott, Williams. Jill Scott. Germany are stretched. She


can get to the far post. England are in with a chance and it is Scott!


Lovely move. Fantastic ball from Demi Stokes. I was thinking, get the


ball in. It was fallback Alex Scott, who is not well known for her


heading ability, but this is good play. Again, Jill Scott has been


involved in everything good that England has done. She looked up and


that is where she had to put it. It shows England's that he when they go


forward like that at pace. Toni Duggan has put in a good shift.


Stokes Bay to clear it away. Jill Scott will have to hold it up now.


Was it a positive move or a conservative one ringing on Karen


Carney. Maybe they will change formation. Karen Carney and Demi


Stokes on either side playing off of Jill Scott.


Hendrich has played well throughout. I'm not sure what the substitution


has really done. Maybe it has made it more of a 4-4. There is Carney,


followed by Stokes. Jilly Flaherty dared to clear. Stokes now pushed


back into the left-back role. Dabritz hesitated on it. Chapman is


in there for England. Jordan Nobbs gets across as well. A direct run by


knobs and the referee is going to bring out another yellow card. -- by


Jordan Nobbs. Strong player to get across and cover the ground with


confidence and a driving run stop she draws the yellow card. Look at


this. It is definitely a yellow card as well. You don't see many people


get by Leonie Maier. For Williams -- Fara Williams I can assure you was


not pushing for the foul. This is another graphic coming the United


States of America. There comes another free kick. Ushered away by a


Islacker. Does not look to me like a natural international class


Islacker. I think they have wanted her to make runs and it has not


happened. I think it is because England have played in such a


disciplined way. One we saw that game at Wembley, when they went


behind, they lacked any belief or discipline. This is a significant


step forward. It's a completely different team and I think the fact


that Mark Sampson spoke about game management, unable beaten 3-0 at


Wembley, they seem to have learned every single game. Management so far


has been very good. Tenacious defending. She has just missed time


that one. Look at her frustration. Just want to see her perhaps arrive


on shop to score a goal. -- on shot. She scored a couple for Arsenal as


well last season. 16 minutes to go. Pounced on and in by Mandy Islacker.


I don't count it will -- I don't think it will pounce. But the first


time the England defence switched off. A lapse in concentration. We


spoke about how clinical the Germans can be. Demi Stokes, I think... It


is offside against Alexandra Popp. Yes, initially offside. She did not


look along the line. It looks as if they are going to send on Anja


Mittag. But England from being in a position of confidence, sound base


of the game, now beginning to wobble a little bit. The next five minutes


are crucial. The Brits. Deflected and in! They do get the equaliser.


She has been probably their best player, the half-time substitutes,


and Karen Bardsley eaten by a big deflection and Germany are back


level. Over the balance of the 75 minutes, that is against the run of


play. That is cruel. They merely scored with the offside, but like


you say, she was just crossing the ball in and Gilly Flaherty tried to


block the cross and completely deflected it past Karen Bardsley.


She couldn't quite get her feet sorted to make that save. That is


cruel. Unfortunately for Gilly Flaherty, that has to go down as an


own goal. It was not on target. It is deflected in for an own goal for


me. Karen Bardsley set herself up for the cross. The wicked


deflection. Completely wrong-footed her. Good header on into the penalty


area. The macro I think this is probably where Mark Sampson needs to


make some changes. The high-pressure they put on Germany, it is hard to


do that for 90 minutes, especially at this point in the season. The


entire challenge had that movement built up from Demi Stokes. She has


put in so much work. They have got players they can bring on. Another


German change. Lina Magull is replacing Islacker, who thought she


had scored, but it was ruled offside.


Mittag has at she come on for Kerschowski. -- has actually come on


for Kerschowski. There is confirmation of that. There is the


Brits. A good stop by Karen Bardsley.


this is where England need their leaders. Get on the ball and keep


it. On comes the most experienced of them all. Gilly Flaherty is going


away. Casey Stoney MBE. Hodge and 20 points in the National 's before


tonight. Played against Germany last,. One start this year against


Bosnia. Talking about needing leaders on the pitch, there is one


for you, Casey Stoney. 1-1 with 11 minutes to go. Is that a


penalty? It is. Fara Williams to score the penalty that gave England


the women against Germany last summer has conceded one here.


Alexandra Popp looks hurt. It has all gone wrong for England in the


last five minutes. It was initially a block from Stefan -- Steph


Houghton. It was a good block initially. For Williams did well. It


is not a penalty. Alexandra pop -- Popp kicked Fara Williams. Germany


have smelt blood and gone for it. You wonder if it is a bit of fatigue


with the England girls. As we said before, they are in preseason


really. Nine minutes to go. This could be cruel on England. An


equaliser from the penalty spot and Germany take the lead. At the


penalty. Karen Bardsley De Kuip the right way, but because it was right


in the corner, she did not have a chance. When it is in the corner


like that, goalkeepers have no chance. It is disappointing for me


because it was not a penalty. Fara Williams with an excellent tackle.


Alexandra Popp kicked her leg. But as you said, England are beginning


to wobble and they need to get hold of this game after performing so


well. Germany leading 2-1. She will be distraught with the penalty


decision, Fara Williams. They have made a number of


substitutions to freshen things up. Have England made enough?


Jordan Nobbs coming off. Jenna Davidson going on. -- Gemma Davison


going on. A Chelsea player. The good attacking player. Very much so.


Probably the best in the women's super league. One on one as a


defender, nine times out of ten she will beat that player and get the


goal in. Here is Scott. Leonie Maier down the line. Popp. A good run


forward. Started the game well and then faded. Largely because Alex


Greenwood played her so well. Interestingly she has come back


strongly into the game once Greenwood was taken off.


Davis and down the line wanted it. -- Davison. Sara Dabritz makes a run


forward. There is Jill Scott. Fara Williams.


Lina Magull trying to get it forward. Babett Peter.


Babette Peter sent forwards. Fran Kirby has come on for England.


Magull back to Hendrich. Popp came from an offside position. England


had such a determined side. They will take defeat very harshly. They


were in control of until 75 minutes, up until the deflection of the


centre-back Gilly Flaherty. Kirby has come on for Toni Duggan.


22-year-old Chelsea striker who was an instant success at the World Cup


finals when she scored against Mexico last summer. A lot of


pressure on her from that moment on. Stokes trying to get across their


and close on Blasse. She is a strong athlete, Stokes, but it looks as if


she has been tiring for the last ten minutes or so. When you have been


playing wide and then you have two fill in at full-back, it can be


disorientating. She did put in a lot of work in the first half. Runs


forward caused allsorts of problems. She is probably one the fittest


layers in the team though, so if she can keep going, I am sure she will


keep the rest of the team going. A couple of minutes to go.


England behind to an own goal and a very dodgy penalty.


Back into the danger area by Blasse. I think you are now seeing the


difference between players who are in the middle of their domestic


season and players who are just in preseason. Germany have ultimately


been the fitter, stronger looking team in the last ten minutes. Sara


Dabritz try to meet that, but it was cleared away. I think the fact the


England girls gave absolutely everything for the device minutes is


probably playing a bit of a role in the fatigue now.


It will draw Germany honourable in the competition with the USA. Shot


deflected away. She has not had a good game. The better option was to


be left of her. It was Mittag. She took the shot. Yes, I think she


could have played it out wide to Mittag. She has not had a most


effective game. Hendrich gets forward. Still in


play. Carney is there with her. She hasn't had a chance to get on the


ball since you came on. It will take Germany to six points, along with


the USA. The difference for both will be too. Germany will be a head


with the total of tournament goals going into the final game between


the two in the final game in Florida on Thursday. They will play France


that night. Jill Scott to Kirby. Mark Sampson the coach telling his


players to get forward. Kirby came into international


football at a whizbang pace, didn't she? Yes, with a wonder goal. She


has tried to maintain that I think she will. She has a lot of


qualities. She is very good on the ball and makes things happen. A


chance for England. The goalkeeper did well. Came out very quickly to


close the gap. With that chance gone, has England's hope finally


faded? Alex Scott in there. Along with stony. Jill Scott took it well


and has played well. Chapman is up and running, but could not get it


out to her. Could switch it away left. Ten three macro is ahead. Into


Magull. -- Popp is ahead. Into Magull. That was a great run.


I think the flag was raised in the end.


Another good claim by the goalkeeper. Slightly at fault for


the English goal, Toni Duggan's had just dropped in front of her


awkwardly, but you could have done better. Ultimately, real


disappointment for England. England stayed ahead until 75 minutes until


the own goal by Gilly Flaherty drew them level, then a hotly disputed


penalty for the Germans. England should be very proud of themselves,


for 75 minutes they were the better team. Maybe it was tired leg, but


England played for 75 minutes excellently. The goal of this surely


goes to Sara Dabritz, which is unbelievable. England cannot win


this tournament live there. They had been beaten here by Germany 2-1.


It was all going so well for the Lionesses. Toni Duggan's advert


giving England believe that the did not look like they were going to


surrender. Then bad luck, Gilly Flaherty with an own goal, then a


very dubious decision and the Germans don't miss penalties, do


they? So, Germany tops the SheBelieves Cup table on goals


scored. How disappointing! What went wrong for England? The penalty, when


we see it back again, it wasn't a penalty. Overall, England took their


foot off the pedal a tiny bit in the second half. That was maybe down to


being tired. You can't allow the German space to run free. Things


started to fall apart in the last 15 minutes. Jordan Nobbs give away a


free kick, like earlier timed tackle. It was offside, the ball was


played in. You need the leadership there and the qualities to say, we


have had warning, we are going to tighten up. It all started so well.


It did. The second half started the way they had finished the first


half. We highlighted Jill Scott at half-time as being outstanding.


Fantastic all by Alex Greenwood. Toni Duggan uses the pace of the


ball and guided into corner. At technically good finish. It is a


fantastic header. You might question that the keepers should do better,


but I think that is a good header from Toni Duggan. England were


positive and playing really well. They had some pretty decent chances


early on in the first half. Jill Scott's strike from distance, for


example. In the second half they stayed high of their pressing lines


were nice and positive. 20 of the group from 30 yards I did not really


test the goalkeeper as you would have liked. England continued to


press. This is a wonderful cross in from Demi Stokes. Alex Scott was


trying to get the ball to a runner coming in. Good combination play by


England. A good header back across. Then the disallowed German gold that


changed everything. It seemed that the momentum shifted at this point.


Yes, it was disallowed and rightly so. Alexandra Popp was offside


slightly. It is pretty neck and neck, but it was disallowed. England


needed to regroup at this point. It was less than a minute later that we


will see the mistake come along. It seemed that England switched off.


England switched off and use Germany building confidence. We felt at the


time that Germany's started to smell blood. Germany of old. Then over


Gilly Flaherty, I really felt for her. It looked like a tired


challenge. To be fair to Gilly Flaherty, she has to try to block


the ball, but it takes the deflection away from Karen Bardsley.


The wait was on the wrong leg, then it gets deflected to her left side


and she couldn't get hands are quick and strong enough to keep it light.


Bad decision for the penalty? Terrible. Fara Williams does really


well to put pressure on Alexandra Popp from behind. She clearly gets


her foot on the ball. It is the German player who actually heads the


bottom of Fara Williams's foot. That is not a penalty. A bad decision


from the referees. Fara Williams reads the game so brilliantly there,


and that is just what she does. That is a good penalty, to be fair to


them. Nothing Karen Bardsley could do about that. Penalties are a


strong point for them. What happened in the last 15 minutes? I don't know


of that was tiredness. It seemed to be the same plan. Mark Sampson Brock


on some fresh legs. Maybe became disjointed because so many people


came on. At the back, whether was tiredness, they lost a bit of


discipline. If you make those decisions a little bit late, that's


when the mistakes, bite. I imagine that is a tough one for


you to take. Yes, incredibly tough to take. A couple other games in a


row neither will we have had a stonewalled penalty not given for


us, and one given against us that wasn't right. That is two games in a


row when we were competing, playing well and the officials are not good


enough. It is frustrating for us because there were a lot of good


things in the game. We dominated in terms of territory. We created as


many chances as Germany did. I have absolute pride in my players. Two


games in three days is tough. They are in preseason and you could see


that the German team was a bit sharper and we had to dig in towards


the end. We are disappointed, but it was the decision that cost us. Were


you disappointed to concede the two goals so close together. I don't


count the second goal, it was not a penalty. The first goal, that is one


in a hundred, it gets a deflection into the back of the net. We limited


Germany to long-range shots were scrappy chancers and the created


chances ourselves and scored a good call. We deserved something out of


the game. We will come back tomorrow, shape up, learn a lesson


and cool again against France. Claire Rafferty, you took her off


after that uncle, would you worried about where her head was? No, she


has not had much of a preseason and the intensity was starting to catch


up with her. It was always the plan that she should come off in the last


20. Gilly Flaherty will learn a lot from that. Moving onto the next


game, you will play against France on Wednesday. How important is it


that you get back on the plane home with a win. It is very important.


Margins are so small. We will put in a similar performance. It will be


tight, close, and we have to hope that we will get the rub of the


green with the officials and we will get the chance to compete. A couple


of games in three days at this level, we have come a long way.


Thanks for the support. Very strong words from Mark Sampson. The


officials weren't good enough. Aside from that you can tell that he is


disappointed. As Dean map within a strong performance, given everything


on the pitch. Something out of his control means that they have lost


the game. What are they need to do for Wednesday against France? Go


back, dust yourself off. They will come at France in the same way that


they have against America and Germany. Another fighting


performance. Thanks to you for joining us. We will see you on


Wednesday night for the final game of the SheBelieves Cup, England


against France, live on the red button. Thank you for joining us on


a night when England started so well. In the end, it was the German


two came out on top. Good night.


Tina Daheley presents live second half coverage as England take on Germany in the SheBelieves tournament. England are looking to repeat their memorable victory from last summer, when they secured third place at the Women's World Cup by beating their old rivals.