USA v England Women's Football

USA v England

Live football coverage as England take on the USA.

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Hello and welcome to live coverage of a brand-new tournament featuring


four of the top five teams in the world. England have a chance to


prove themselves once again across the Atlantic, against some mighty


foes and some of the biggest stars in the game. It is the USA, Germany,


France and England battling it out for the SheBelieves Cup. I am


delighted to be joined by Rachel Brown Finne and Rachel Janke who


scored. Good Brown Finne and Rachel Janke who


scored. Good members Rachel? Great memories. We were positive and


produced a goal like. I bet you don't mind watching that back again


and again. No, not at all. It was pretty good. Rachel number 2,


England would normally be in Cyprus Cup action at this point in time.


How important is it for them to playing regularly? I think the


Cyprus Cup has created certain difor them. We -- certainty for them. We


win it on a fairly regular basis. This is a unique, brilliant


opportunity to step up and play the best teams in the world which


doesn't come around every day. The USA has proven it's a good recipe


for success. It is the world's top three ranked FIFA teams, what do you


think the chances are? I I -- I think it will be difficult but you


need to challenge yourself. It is difficult because we're not in


season. That's a really hard thing. Off the back of the World Cup, I


think that's it. It is a good one. Fingers crossed we can do it. OK.


Well, let's find out about about the team selection now. Joe Curry has


been spoking to Mark Sampson. I think we have a similar team to what


played in Germany. That was an excellent performance. We are very


strong in both sides of the park. We're strong in transition and to


make chances. We have a lot of the players who played in that game.


Only one change with -- -- Duggan coming in for Kirby. The Americans


are the world champions and best team in the world. There is no fear


but respect. We'll do our best to queet a positive result. Just -- get


a positive result. Just excited. We're excited to get out there play


as a team. It has been a long chance since we've played as a team, not


like the Americans, who have played every week since the World Cup. This


is a great chance to play as a team, enjoy ourselves together. One player


that has more knowledge than anyone of tonight's opponents is Jodie


Taylor. She's team-mates with four of the current squad and has seen


first-hand the boost the World Cup win has given the American game.


Women's soccer has always been massive in the States anyway but we


saw a big difference in club games in attendance before and after. My


club we were averaging between 14 and 15,000 before the World Cup and


post-World Cup we were selling out at 20,000. It is just the attention


in general of the US women winning the World Cup. There's a great


belief and confidence amongst the team. We all play in Germany and


elsewhere. To be honest, anyone can win it but to me, it shows how far


we have come and how far we've come along to be competing with the


world's best. Rachel, thoughts on team selection tonight? Yes, it's


looking good. He's put a strong team together, only one change from the


Germany game. It is pretty strong. I'm a little bit confused and


looking forward to watching how it goes with Fara Williams playing more


on the right side. I've not seen ta before. But, yeah, I think it will


be strong and hopefully we can do well. What do you think England's


game plan will be tonight? Well, having seen Fara kind of starting on


the right I'm anticipate that four in midfield will play fairly narrow


and hopefully constrict thement a of possession they can have -- the


amount of possession they can have the middle. We know Carli Lloyd is a


danger play, so I imagine the stem of flow to that sort of player who


can shoot from any distance will be a target for England. It is not just


about what the USA can do. I think England will come into this with a


positive mentality. It will be about what they can do and what they can


take to the USA as well. What is it about the USA, I know they're the


world champions, but do they have this aura about them? Yes, simply,


they do. Previous England teams I've been a part of have been kind of


over-awed by that. It's a powerful thing they've got. It comes from


winning games, winning tournaments, winning World Cups, winning


Olympics, playing very regularly together. That momentum never stops.


How are England perceived now? Before last summer they wouldn't get


past the knockout stage. Now they're third. I think I the sheer fact


they're at this tournament is that they're viewed very highly and


they're a threat to other teams. People now want to play against


England. They're scared of what England can actually bring.


Predictions, very quickly? I'm still going to go with the 2-1 win to the


USA? OK. I'm going you on that. Time to cross live to Tampa, Florida.


Commentary from Sue Smith and first Jonathan Pearce. Thank you very


much, good evening, everyone. Welcome to the home of the


Buccaneers, twice Super Bowl champs. Many people in Canada last summer


believed the US would have had a far more difficult task in the final in


the World Cup had they been playing more difficult task in the final in


England rather than Japan. It will be interesting to see how far both


teams have come. England's performances last summer have heard


them a place in this invitational tournament. While the USA players


have only been apart for two weeks since the World Cup, England's team


has only been together for about a fortnight. England have played just


five matches, the last back in November, and the players were in


the middle of their pre-season training at various clubs. Here


comes the various anthems. ENGLISH NATIONAL ANTHEM PLAYING


# Can you see by the dawn's early light


# What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming?


# Whose broad stripes and bright stars,


# Through the perilous fight, # O'er the ramparts we watched


were so gallantly streaming? # And the rocket's red glare,


the bombs bursting in air, # Gave proof through the night


that our flag was still there. # Oh, say


# Does that star-spangled banner yet wave


# O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?


Carli Lloyd, very much, of course, was involved last summer. And she,


Sue, is the world Footballer of the Year. Rightly so. She's a key player


for the United States. England's defence are going to have to be


careful of her and Alex Morgan, the way they link up together. The way


Alex Morgan likes to stretch the play and Lloyd will come and


receive. She is so effectively where she plays now. The rest of the US A


substitutes. Engen was involved in the World Cup squad, Johnston played


in the World Cup final as did Krieger. The one thing from the


England side that knew 0-0 in -- drew 0-0 Germany, Toni Duggan


preferred to Kirby. Fara Williams in her 14th international but only


second this season is set to be on the right of the midfield. I'm not


too sure they'll stick with that. I'm not either. I think Fara


Williams will drop in. I'd probably like Stokes, Demi Scott to drop in.


I think her best position is just sitting just in, in front of the


back four 6789 A few of those England players have been in the USA


for spells, Jodie Taylor has four team-mates from Portland in the US


squad. And the goalkeeper was born in the US. Eniola Aluko will be


hoping to come off the bench and score as she approaches a milestone


in her England career - 98 cups she has. Already seen one game in the


tournament. You'll be seeing the highlights of the France-German game


at half time -- France-Germany game at half time so we'll keep you in


suspense. I tell you what, the national anthem of that match had


the German girls in fits of giggles. Holds 70,000 here. Not that many


here tonight but women's football very much on the here. For example,


in January, they played Ireland in front of 23,000. At the same time


the men were playing Iceland in front of just 8,000. It will be a


hot evening. Temperatures, round about an hour ago, were 30 degrees


Celsius. A little bit cooler now. And England in red. The goal awaits


you on your right-hand side in the first half. Captain Steph Houghton


raring to go. Alongside Gilly Flaherty, and it is the USA who are


off and under way. They're looking for a bright start as they got


against Japan in the final. Here is Carli Lloyd looking to team-mate up


straightaway the youngster Mallory Pugh. It is only her seventh cap.


She was brilliant in Olympic qualifying. She's the youngest


player the US have ever had in Olympic qualifiers - 79 days shy of


her 18th birthday - and they're talking very, very highly of her.


She is a real talent. It is quite novel for a player of her age to be


playing for the USA. They normally take them away on camps. But this


girl is so good, she's starting with them. She's starting on the


right-hand side which means that Tobin Heath starts on the left. She


started the World Cup on the right-hand side. Hope Solo has kept


five clean sheets in a row and hasn't been beaten in the US goal


for 481 minutes. WHISTLE


A major factor about this whole US setup is that they treat their


national side like a club team. They keep them together. They had a week


off at Christmas. After they played Ireland they had a few days after


before they prepared for their Olympic qualifying. Once they won


that tournament they had a few days off but that's it for the year. It


makes a big difference. Our girls don't manage to get together that


much. That's why the United States are so good because they do play


like a club team. They know exactly how each other play. It obviously


works for them. I think that's something we can look into for the


future. Fara didn't play any of the group


games. There's Mark Sampson. He has recently signed a contract extension


to 2019. Marion Spacey, the assistant to Mark.


It is 0-0. Not our graphics, I apologise for that. That is Jill


Ellis, who has very much an English connection. She was born near


Portsouth. England on a raid here. Stokes played at left back in the


warm-up for the World Cup throughout the qualifiers, then wask -- then


was axed for the World Cup finals but is very much present. It is


credit to her she continued to play for her club Manchester City and


Mark Sampson picked her again. She is very versatile. She can play left


back, left midfield and play in the centre in midfield as well. I think


we'll need her energy tonight. Toni Duggan. You'll be able to hear


the girls shouting to each other. You won't be able to... Well you


might be able to mistake Toni Duggan because her accent very similar to


Alex Greenwood, very scuose girls. I don't think they'll mind me saying


they have strong accents. Strong characters, the both. I'll tell you


what they're saying. This is a bright start by England. Just


Harper. Klingenberg, wearing 7, started 38 out of the last 48 games.


This is the England captain, Steph Houghton, ever-present. Had a strong


World Cup. Emily Sonnett alongside Becky Sauerbrunn, just


Heath is switched back to the right-hand side now. Jill Scott wins


it for England - tallest player out there tonight. Taylor makes good


runs. She is an intelligent footballer. In support here now


comes Lucy Bronze. Typical run from her. England have a corner. This is


where she proved so useful in fact World Cup final. She scored against


Norway, she scored against Canada. And they targeted her at setpieces.


Duggan in there as well, of course. U


Greenwood will take it, which means it will swing in. Was the youngest


in the squad last summer. In it goes to the penalty area. Headed away.


Duggan had been holding deep. Williams, that's... Oh, cross-wires.


And she's got some pace, Mallory Pugh, the teenager. Klingenberg,


goes after the youngster again. CROWD: Boo! Boos from the crowd.


They wondering if that should have been a free-kick. If you're


wondering what the SheBelieves Cup means, that term 'she believes', was


a campaign launched in the run-up to the World Cup, developed by the USA


themselves, and it has grown ever since. Morgan Brian had a very good


World Cup final. Lindsey Horan played in the Olympic qualifying


campaign. They won that mini tournament. They beat Canada in the


final 2-0, so they're off to Rio. A foul against the youngster. Yes,


she's quick, and she wants to just run direct at players. And I think


Jordan Nobbs just actually stopped her in her tracks but I don't know


if she picked up a little knock, she's combn limping a lit -- been


limping a little bit then but she looks OK. Just got to university,


UCLA, and play for the Bruen side there. Kelley O'Hara has lost a lot


of international football through injury. Had a very good start to the


World Cup qualifying campaign. Hope Solo take it is free kick. Best


goalkeeper at the World Cup finals. She get -- she kept a clean sheet


there. These USA internationals really stay with the national squad


as we've been saying. Don't play as many club games as the English


players now play. Lindsey Horan pushes it forward. A very good spell


at Saint-Germain, bypassed university to go to Paris. Is now


back in the USA, in Portland, team-mate of Jodie Taylor.


All eyes on Mallory Pugh. Three state league titles, Colorado, her


junior side. Meghan Klingenberg, the left back. She won the Under 20


World Cup in 2008. They tend to bring their players through in


waves. Four of the current squad won that tournament in 2012, the


Understood 20s. I think Mark Sampson mentioned it in his interview there.


They get a few of the players, they retire or go off and have babies,


and the players they bring through are just as good. I think that's all


credit to the American system. You look at Mallory Pugh coming through


now and we've only seen glimpse of her but she's a top player. It shows


that things are working for them. Becky Sauerbrunn, out to Kelley


O'Hara. England are equipping themselves well here at the moment.


One or two of them were feeling the effects of jet lag over the past


couple of days in the preparation for this. It is too long for Jodi


Taylor, who has had her long flight to get here across the USA from


Portland on the far coast. O'Hara, Olympic gold medallist in London in


2012. Not a good ball. Interesting to hear Rachel's


thoughts before the game about the role the Cyprus Cup has played for


England and Mark Sampson really came to the fore in winning that


competition in 2015, having just taken over a year earlier, he


finished runner-up at it. What was she trying to do there, whip it in


for Taylor? I'm not sure if she's having a shot at goal there. She has


the ability to do that. She's nodding her head. She was trying to


test the keeper out. You can see straightaway the four in midfield


are staying very, very tight. They're trying to prevent anything


from happening in the centre of the park. You can see the four fullbacks


are pushing on at every opportunity to try and push the ball. Goodness


me, she is is lightning quick Pugh. It was a decent ball looking for


Alex Morgan. This is a star in the making - Mallory Pugh. It really is.


Very, very direct. Very pacey. Lucy Bronze is quick, so to be able to


outpace Lucy Bronze, she's definitely got speed on her side,


then a decent ball into the box as welt. Well, if she carries on


playing as long as Abby Wombach did, she could be around for the next


five World Cups! That's frightening. An interesting front two for the


England against the Germany game. I think these two, both of them will


run, do like to get into the channels but I think Toni Duggan


will come to feed a lot, and the combination of Jodie Taylor and Toni


Duggan linking up, I think it will work well for them especially if


they're coming for a counterattack, which I'm predicting they'll have to


do at times. England call for a free kick. You saw them appealing for it.


They've got it. Jill Scott that was. They certainly don't look overawed


against the best team in the world at the moment, ranked number 1 in


FIFA, and a team not here ranking outside the top four is Japan.


Hit the wall, disappointing, Fara Williams. Haven't seen a great deal


of the England cat tain at the moment -- captain at the moment.


That was offside. There's Hope Solo. She's had a checkered life, I think


it's fair to say. She's something... Has been something of a... Well,


she's been on the front pages of magazines in the USA, TV shows but


shen she's been involved in -- then she's been involved in court cases


as well. A controversial character. She's a very controversial character


off the pitch, but on the field, fantastic keeper. O'Hara nips in.


England covering well. They have the ball and are finding spaces. And


when they haven't, they're denying space for the likes of Carli Lloyd.


25 games for the USA. 85 goals. 17 this season in 15 appearances.


They've played Costa Rica a couple of times and Haiti. In four wins


against those two countries they've managed to score 28 goals. They beat


Brazil, Trinidad. They had a couple of games against China and lost at


home to China in New Orleans. They've loss one home game in 110


internationals over 12 years. Lindsey Horan is from Lakewood,


California. For -- California. She was at Stanford University.


Again, that's the route that so many of these US international players


take. She's just off to UCLA. They get their scholarships. They go to


college football where they play a lot of games. And they have all the


facilities and they get big crowds watching them. So they're used to


that sort of standard of play. Horan making that run. Just a natural


profession for them into the national team. Makes that run,


doesn't she, Alex Morgan. Tries to get in beind and Lloyd lid --


behind, Carli Lloyd arrives late. That's what Japan simply couldn't


cope. They were blown away. We were blown away in the opening 15


minutes. We couldn't quite believe what we were seeing in the World Cup


final. It was great to commentate on though, there was loads happening,


lots to talk about. Carli Lloyd in the third minute, seconds later it


was two. Then Holiday after 4 minutes, then Carli Lloyd's


hat-trick with a lob after 16 minutes. So the goals continued to


flow. England on the counter here. Jordan Nobbs had an injury-hit World


Cup. Just played the one game. Klingenberg was pushed. She's very


consistent and is right up there, possibly, at the moment the best


left back in the world. One of them anyway. Yeah, I've got the agree


with. I also think Kelley O'Hara has really put a name for herself after


the Olympic qualification because I know Krieger was one of the, you


know, starters and she just, whether it's her attacking ability, O'Hara


likes to get forward, and I think that's what Jill Ellis likes,


Krieger is very much a stay-at-home defender, and she seems to have


cemented her place in the team. Out comes Bardsley, had to get there,


and was fouled. She took a real blow there from Alex Morgan. Who had to


go for the ball. It was there, hesitation at the pack for England.


I -- back for England. I think she's winded, Karen Bardsley. You will


remember she had to go off against Canada in Vancouver. She picked up


an inflammation of the eye. She was something to do with a reaction to


the artificial surface there. Karen Bardsley did the right thing.


She had to come out and she had to cover. Just on the blindside of


Steph Houghton. She did well, Karen Bardsley. She's from Santa Monica in


California. Her parents are English, I think. Yeah, they're from


Manchester. And that's where she plays, Manchester City. She played


in Estonia earlier this season in one of the qualifiers for Euro 17.


England got off to a good start there. Very awkward conditions that


day. Toiling with rain, a howling rain and the visitors parked the


team bus in front of their goal. Oh, that's a bad, short pass and Duggan


can pick it up here! Approaching midway mark in the first half then


it comes back to Scott. In this opening game in the SheBelieves Cup.


Nobbs. That was a bad pass and Toni Duggan straightaway is onto that,


but the American defence, the speed at which they get back, there's two


or three players around her and she can't find a space. Becky


Sauerbrunn, I remember she should have been sent off in the World Cup


final, adamant to this day. Klingenberg has to drop back.


England are more than matching the USA in the midfield. They've forced


a throw off Tobin Heath. We'll be together for the next


England Euro qualifier. You can see it on the BBC. It's at New York


Stadium in Rotherham. It is a 7:55 kick-off. Well worth going to


support the Lionesses, who are holding the World Champions here. It


is really good value for money, the fact that you can take the whole


family for under ?25. You probably wouldn't get a ticket in the men's


game for that, would you? You wouldn't.


This is a bit of a knock to the England fullback, Alex Morgan. She


has been in startling goal-scoring form - six in her last six


internationals. 10 this season. She's in real pain there. Uhas she


popped her shoulder out there? Looks most uncomfortable. Well, Demi


Stokes could go back in there. They have... Certainly have alternatives.


The rest of the squad can be named on the bench. And they are tonight.


Although, Siobhan Chamberlain, one of the cover goalkeepers, has an


injury and I don't think will be able to come on. If she's officially


named unfit she can't sit on the bench. Themes are -- thems the rules


and she'd have to sit up in the stand by herself. That must have


been the incident. They sort of got their arms tangled. Thankfully, I


think she's OK. 25 minutes gone. Williams is still there with her.


Got the cross in. Morgan Brian played a major part in fact World


Cup final. Set up the last goal. Emily Sonnett graduated from the


University of Virginia. She's the Atlantic Coast Conference College


Defender of the Year last year, the 22-year-old. Good shout from Karen


Bardsley. Right at the start of the World Cup she had a shaky moment and


then she grew in confidence. In the end, I seem to remember was second


only to Hope Solo in the goalkeeper rankings.


Solo, herself, was a striker until her teenage years. Then someone put


her in goal for a game, she stayed. Then she was on a mission to improve


the standard of goalkeeping. She was aware that goalkeepers in the


women's game had been harshly criticised, according to her, and


she wanted to prove people wrong. I think she's probably done that, in


her 119th international. She certainly has. So approaching the


half-hour mark. A littleway short of that. Thank you very much for


staying up and watching it if you're watching it with us in real-time.


There's Demi Stokes, who has changed her hairstylesince we last saw her.


I still find it strange, she played such a massive role throughout


qualifying to the World Cup, then she was axed, now she's back in. She


was one of the biggest, I think, shocks of the squad when it was


announced. But when questions were raised of young Mark Sampson's Mt --


management decisions, she got them all right. He has taken England to


their highest position in any World Cup final since Bobby Moore lifted


the trophy at Wembley in '66. Here's Carli Lloyd. A big game, a big


goal-scorer, twice scored in Olympic finals.


Sauerbrunn to Emily Sonnett. Her twin Emma also plays. She's at the


University of Georgia. The referee is allowing a fair


degree of physicality. WHISTLE


We'll have the blow there on the foul on Alex Greenwood, who, it is


fair to say, Sue, getting some rough old treatment. She is. I've been


really impressed by how England is pressure rising America and stopping


them from playing. You can see. So of the American girls are getting


frustrated, a few balls are going astray. That's credit to how England


are defending at the minute. I'd like to see them when in possession


be more creative and keep the ball up top. Defensively, they've been


excellent. Haven't conceded a goal in five games. Lost only five of


their matches in 2015 in England. 10 of the England players in the


squad have played for USA clubs. Certainly cageyer than the opening


-- cagier than the opening game between France and Germany. We'll


see the action of that at half-time. Greenwood. I don't think the


referee... I think she guessed. The assistant didn't help at all. Didn't


look particularly interested. Tobin Heath, just that one game in


the finals. 111 caps and, this time, there's a little bit of revenge and


for that she gets a yellow card and quite rightly so, Alex Greenwood,


one of the five England players who started the playoff game against


Germany back in the summer. That was a little bit of frustration


of grood grood grood. It was -- for Alex Greenwood. It was late. It was


a booking. I think she was getting her own back there. I think she was.


That was a message, "You may be a World Cup winner but you're not


going to get away with the nonsense you've been trying so far." But


Heath has goalside, checks back, gets the cross in, important


defending by the captain, getting it away and then looped over from


Lindsey Horan! Who was a striker when she first came into the squad.


Dropped out for a little while. Came back in, now a midfielder.


England's first international in the USA since they played in Birmingham,


Alabama. They were beaten 6-0 that day. I seem to remember the forwards


and especially the wide players not tracking back that day. Bit of a


lazy performance by some of the wide players. Were you playing in that?


LAUGHS No, I'm sure, I'm sure not. I seem


to remember you starting a run one day and finishing it the next.


LAUGHS Here's Greenwood. I think that


shows, as well, how far England have come and how they've progressed,


especially over the last 12 months. The fact that we did get beat 6-0.


I'm sure I did track back, but the gulf between the two sides now, it's


so much closer. Do you look now, because the facilities are better,


the money invested in the women's game, it's jumped so dramatically in


the last, what, 36 months, four years let's say, do you regard that


with a pang of jealousy or do you think 'this is all fantastic. It is


a great story'. I wish I was 10 years younger like I'm sure a lot of


us do. But I think it is just great for the game. It is fantastic to see


it grow and to see these girls improving and competing with some of


the top nations in the world. But, yeah, I am a bit jealous. Just the


10 years? Some of us wish we here's Lloyd. Likes to run from


these deep positions. We haven't seen Mallory Pugh in recent minute


z. Lucy Bronze, good defencing. Didn't look at the body movement of


Pugh. Kept her eyes glued on the ball. Of course, was in the All Star


team in the summer. Her first thought is to go forward and to run


at the defence, Mallory Pugh there. That was well-read by Alex


Greenwood. You can hear the England bench shouting to Toni Duggan, "Go


on! Go on!" That's when you want your centre forward to pressurise,


keep her in there and make sure the team go with her when they're


running back towards the goal. She hopes for a third Olympic gold in


the summer in Rio. The German coach, who is here, bows out after Rio and


she'll be determined to make up for what was a disappointing,


ultimately, World Cup for Germany. Early on in the competition while


the USA were patchy, Germany looked very good. Oh, she's appealed for


handball there and that seemed to bounce up and hit Becky Sauerbrunn


on the arm! England win it back and the referee, quite right to pull up


Morgan Brian there for the foul. She was dispossessed. Is this handball.


I think it is handball and you can tell by Jodi Taylor's reaction. When


a player reacts like that. Do you know, I think the telling point as


she made the initial run with Jodie Taylor, she lost her bearings and


she looked to see where Jodie Taylor was. Then I think she panicked and


pushed the ball away with her arm. England should have had a penalty.


Yeah, definitely. That was good play by Jodi Taylor as well.


WHISTLE Unlucky for the fullback to attack


Tobin Heath in the air there. This is Meghan Klingenberg, the left back


on the right-hand side. Had a spell at North Carolina Taheals, a very


successful university side, that. Well, England should have had a


penalty against the wampbs. They come on the -- world champions. They


come on the attack now but there's no rhythm and England have played


them very well. World champions. They come on the attack now but


there's no rhythm and England have played them very well. Let's not


forget that the WSL football returns at the end of this month for the


next season. Nine teams in the top flight. Including your Doncaster


Bells. Yes. It will be nice to compete with the best teams in the


country again. I think the fact that these girls haven't played


competitive football for a good few months, they're really matching


Mathew Leckie in all departments --matching America in all


departments. I'm sure we'll see match fitness coming towards the


second half but I didn't think they'd have that sharpness. For me,


I don't see any signs of them not having played for a few months.


Here's Jill Scott. Looking agitated, the world


champions. Trying to force one or two things and rushing their


control. Here's Lindsey Horan, after winning the Understood 20 Concacaf


title --Under 20 Concacaf title. Sauerbrunn, US Defender of the Year


on a couple of occasions. The only player to start all 24 games for the


USA in that fantastic calendar year of 2015. Here's Klingenberg.


WHISTLE Rather significant that that switch


from left-to-right seems permanent for her and she's gone on there.


No change out of the England midfield or defence.


Pugh has given away a free kick here. That's the rashness of youth.


It's interesting you mention Carli Lloyd because England have done


very, very well to deal with her because she tries to find those


little pockets of space and she gets on the ball and makes things happen


but you can see she's going deeper and deeper to get on the ball. She


scored a hat-trick against Ireland, scored a hat-trick against Haiti.


Sixth highest scorer in the US history. We've had a couple of texts


in asking us what's happened to the other stars of the US World Cup


success. Amy Rodriguez is expecting. Meghan Rapone is injured. And Abby


Wambach retired. There you are. Klingenberg down the linement you


wander -- you wonder what the future holds for one or two of the English


players not included by Mark Sampson. White, I think Moore would


have been here but not fit. Danielle Carter is out with the Under 23s.


Should one or two of those players be anxious? I think it just shows


what quality he has to pick from now. The fact those players you've


mentioned aren't even getting in the scaud -- squad. The competition for


places means it's even more exciting for England going forward. The next


game is against Germany on Sunday. They finish off next Thursday


against France. WHISTLE


That's offside, against Alex Morgan, running in behind. Has just moved


clubs to Florida. She's just joined the Orlando Pride. Very successful


in her own right outside of football. She has written a series


of books, mind you, that was about football, a teenage player. A series


of books called The Kicks, or something like that. But her profile


in the USA is much higher than the profile of women's football in the


UK still. They're on chat programmes and many of them are on TV shows.


They've got a free-kick here, the USA, for a bundling foul on Alex


Morgan. Lucy Bronze with her. The girl whose middle name is Tough.


Who's half English, half Portuguese. She was short-listed for Sports


Personality of the Year. Here comes Pugh, Houghton is there with her,


didn't clear. Lloyd gets the shot - blocked! Blocked wheel by Alex


Greenwood who was covering across. That's the first chance she's had!


Klingenberg gone back to the left! What's this for? Foul by Carli


Lloyd. This just show it is pace and the power and they're prepared to


run in behind. Gilly Flaherty, it was, with the... Tried to... Well,


she got the tackle in but just couldn't quite clear it and Alex


Greenwood I had ever so well to see the danger and come across an clear


it --and clear it. Apologies to Steph Houghton, it wasn't her


mistake, it was Gilly Flaherty. A little bit of inexperience there.


Only her fourth international for England. She made her debut against


China. She got the touch but couldn't quite get rid of the ball.


We're into the last 30 seconds of the half. A good, strong first half,


has Alex Greenwood. Hougth hout felt she was fell --


Houghton fell she was fouled and Bronze squeezed it back under


pressure. She's one of the fastest I've seen in a long while. She


really is and she's just not... She isn't scared at all. You can see


there that youth where she wants to attack the defenders, she wants to


score goals. She's been the main threat. Into the one-minute of added


time. Klingenberg back on the left-hand side. Here's Morgan Brian,


fourth international. She's still only 23. And plays for Houston Dash.


Through the box by Horan - downward header by Pugh, and it's dropped


wide... What are your overall thoughts of the first half, Sue? I


think defensively, England have been excellent. I think they've stopped


America from playing, which was what we were scared of - the two


forwards, Carli Lloyd and Alex Morgan. I think England have dealt


with them very well. I'd like to see them, when they go forward, with a


little bit more quality and maybe giving Jodie Taylor and Toni Duggan


a chance. It's a little bit too high - they've got to chest it down or


head it on. Just a bit more quality on their forward play. But


defensively, excellent. Hope Solo - 526 minutes without conceding a


goal. England have gone 3.5 games without conceding a goal. That's


why, here in Tampa, the half-time score line is USA 0, England 0.


Well, it's a battle, but one that England have been more than up to so


far. Chances for both sides, but should USA have paid the penalty?


Rachel, your thoughts on the first half? I think it's been very


encouraging for all England fans. I think the England


encouraging for all England fans. I think the England team have started


on the front foot. They look very, very composed, but they also look


very, very positive and energised. You can see that they're up for the


occasion. So, real positive start for me from the team. OK. Rachel?


Yeah, definitely. I mean, Mark Sampson's statement before was that


he was not gonna fear anyone, he was gonna show 'em respect, but no fear.


That's definitely what they've gone and done. OK. Let's talk about this


penalty. Should it have been a penalty - handball? Not for me, to


be honest. If it was the other end, and one of our defenders, I think


Jodie Taylor just nudges her in the back there, and - it does hit her


hand, yes, but I think that nudge in the back puts her off. Yes, you


could see them be given. So I wouldn't complain if we did get a


penalty, but if it was down the other end, I wouldn't appreciate it.


You can see from Jodhi's reaction, she thought it was a penalty


straightaway. It certainly redirects the ball away from Jodie Taylor, so


you can see why England claim the penalty. Do you think the tactics


have paid off in the first half? Certainly. Not only have England


reduced the USA to virtually zero chances - they've been banking up


very, very well, England, as units in the back four, the midfield four.


Their pressing game has been very, very strong right from the front


two, through the midfield. Midfield, as we've suggested, has been working


very, very narrow, but England have been doubling up fantastically well


all around the pitch. We're seeing examples of it here - right from the


very, very top, the ball goes past Jordan Nobbs, Jill Scott sweeps for


her. The ball goes past Jill Scott, Jordan Nobbs sweeps up for her. All


around the pitch, as soon as the ball passes one of the England


players, someone else is putting pressure on them. It's causing the


USA to - all it's allowing them to do, really, is forcing them into


errors and playing these hopeful long balls, which we very rarely see


the USA resort to. Andrea Barzagli here was fantastically -- Karen


Bardsley was fantastically aware to play that long ball. But the USA


playing hopeless, aimless balls is something we don't see very often.


They look frustrated, don't they? Can we keep this up for the second


half? That's the big question, considering our lack of game time.


But look at the subs England have got to bring on - the experience and


also the pace of people. I think it will be a good second half for them.


I think Mark Sampson was adamant that he didn't want to use England


not having many games and just be coming out of pre-season as an


excuse. I think we saw the USA maybe creep into it literally the last


couple of minutes of the first half, and maybe create the odd opening,


but generally if England can come out and play the first 45 - sorry,


the second 45 as they did the first 45, they're absolutely flying and


have got every chance in this game. OK. Well, half-time and it's 0-0.


Earl a E.ON, France met Germany in the opening match of the tournament


- a repeat of the World Cup quarterfinal, which was won on


penalties by the Germans. Only 11 of the 22 that started that match began


tonight, but plenty of quality on show.


There were plenty of giggles in the warm-up as the German team found the


singing of their national an them... Most amusing.


Commentary comes from JP Dellacamera.


There's the long shot from distance - that may have gone in...


France has the numbers in a five-on-five situation... Back


across - far post! Saved! Off the line by Schul!


Schul had to come across her line to make the save...


Great save by Schul with the right foot! She tried to go to the


keeper's right, and the foot keeps it scoreless!


That may have been Mayer. We'll see who was lined up there. As that ball


came across off the dangerous corner kick, it's 1-0 Germany.


What a good start for Germany! Next up is England on Sunday:


Kick-off at 10:45. So, Germany - Sunday, England. What


do you think? What do England need to look out for? It's always an epic


battle, Germany against England. It's been good for England to have


the opportunity to have viewed this match, and they'll obviously take it


away and analyse it. But it's the same old Germany. Obviously they've


lost a couple of names from this summer's World Cup, but another


great challenge for England, and a very different challenge, I


anticipate, to the USA this evening. Alex Greenwood's going to have to be


careful if she wants to play in that match, picking up a booking in the


first half. It's a silly booking, as well - a needless booking. This


cover - Gilly Flaherty and Jordan Nobbs are both covering her. She


doesn't need to do it. I think she's got a little bit frustrated, to be


honest. Alex Greenwood's done very, very well against Tobin Heath,


against Alex Morgan down that left-hand side. So yeah, that


booking was probably a bit disappointing, because it's maybe


going to put Alex Greenwood on the back foot a little bit - she's going


to have to be careful with challenges of that sort of nature.


Until then, I think she's been frustrating the US players. She


hasn't had an outstanding game so far. She reads the game so well.


Good tackle by Gillibrand, but what a block that is in cover there. We


need her on the pitch, really, but we need her to be sensible and


disciplined, like she was at the beginning of the game. She'll need


more protection from Demi in the second half? Potentially. Alex


Greenwood may potentially end up with a second yellow - USA will be


clever and push everything onto Alex Greenwood down that side and maybe


lead her into that territory. So yes, she'll have to be disciplined


in the second half. Demi and the players around her, I'm sure, will


cover. We were talking about Claire Rafferty being a big part of the


World Cup but not featuring so far... I'm sure Mark Sampson has his


reasons for going with Alex Greenwood and Demi Stokes, who


obviously wasn't a part of the World Cup squad. But this is her home


territory, where she went to university - this is where Demi


Stokes has lived for the last five years. It seems that Mark Sampson


has a plan and a way he wants to play. I'm sure he would have planned


for this 0-0 at half-time, although he would have liked them to be 1-0


up. He would have planned to make some changes, maybe to the left back


or other players, in the second half. We've come to learn to trust


Mark Sampson's cunning plans, I think! Let's see if we can continue


to do so. It's 12 months to the day since Steph Houghton led England out


against Finland, as the Lionesses beginning their World Cup


preparations. Now, the defender's been reflecting on the World Cup and


what they achieved in Canada. If you go through the whole tournament, we


gained confidence with each match, and we hit a lot of milestones. We


reached the first knockout stage, we beat Canada with 50,000 in the


stadium. We were so close to beating Japan, and we won a bronze medal. I


think, with the squad that we have, we did gain confidence. Don't get us


wrong - we have a very, very talented squad, and we have players


that are hungry for success on a personal and a team level. The most


important thing for us is to stick together. We have a squad of 23, and


it's not just about 11 people on the pitch - it's about the 23 as a


whole, and that's what our major strength was in the World Cup -


being able to be probably the most together team in that tournament. We


come against a lot of setbacks, but we also had some joy in that


tournament. Now it's all about using that confidence to produce the level


on a more consistent basis against the best teams. Most importantly was


all about me as an individual playing well and making sure I was


in form. I felt as though I did have a World Cup. I mean, to be able to


lead my country out was a massive achievement and a massive honour,


and I'm very privileged to have the support of all the girls and some


fantastic individuals. I feel as though I have grown not only as a


player in learning to play at centre-half and how Mark wants us to


play here, and playing against the best strikers, but also as a person


and a leader. It's something that I do work hard on, and hopefully can


continue to develop over the next few years. Steph Houghton played


every minute of the World Cup for England. How impressive is she? As


captain, she's really got into that role, hasn't she? She certainly has


big shoes to fill, for Steph, at a fairly young age. But as soon as


Mark Sampson came into the role as manager, he designated her as his


captain. As Steph mentioned there, she's had to work at that. She's led


her country to its best results so far in its history. She's obviously


doing something well, along with the rest of the team. But she's got a


job on her hands tonight to lead the team and to - you know, a historic


win it would be in the US. Certainly. What do you think Steph


would be saying right now in the dressing-room? I think just keep


doing what they've been doing. They've been very disciplined and


worked hard for each other. I think now they need to concentrate on


making sure they keep it at 0-0 but, as it gets to the 70th minute or


something like that, really go for it. Make some changes, get some subs


on, and really go for the win. It's so important to keep their


concentration right now. They nearly got caught out at the death at the


end of the first half. That's it. It was literally the switch-off - just


that fraction of a second bit slower, and it led to a free,


uncontested header, really - not for the debutant, but for the young Pugh


for the US. That's as simple as it is. They're the world's best team.


They're going to be clinical and make the most of those chances. So


England got away with that one. Hopefully they'll have learned the


lesson that they cannot afford to switch off. However tired they are,


they've got to stay switched on. What do you make of the Americans?


How impressed are you with the superstars? They haven't really been


in the game, to be honest. I think Pugh's been the superstar. I


suppose, for a young kid, you probably wouldn't expect that. It's


a big crowd. There's a lot of expectation for her. But there


hasn't really been a lot from, you know, the likes of Alex Morgan.


Yeah, Carli Lloyd's virtually had no touches until literally... I think


that's down to England. You've got to credit them. Absolutely. The


pressure throughout the midfield is not allowing the ball to go through


the midfield very easily. It's not allowing the ball to be fed and to


be kearvel in possession for the forwards. They're not getting any


chances. Do you want to change your predictions at this point? Um, yes,


I'm glad that England are upsetting my prediction. I want England to go


on and win 1-0. I could see them making it 1-0! Let's see! It's


goalless at half-time. Time to rejoin Sue Smith and Johnathan


Pierce. Thank you very much. Players out for the second half. Doesn't


look as if there's any changes to either side. Tobin Heath hasn't been


able to get going, really, for the USA. Mallory Pugh, the youngster,


has been their star, as we've just heard from back in the studio. The


way that England have dealt with Carli Lloyd, I think, has been most


impressive - the world's best player, voted Fifa's top woman


earlier this year. She's not had a sniff of a chance, really, as


England are in red, kicking left to right, getting us off and under way


in this second half, with the captain - Steph Houghton - looking


for Jill Scott. Lucy Bronze on the attack... Scott wriggling through,


and in the end, young Pugh was back defensively, doing an astute job -


as she has done going forward! She stopped England there. I thought


Jill Scott was just going to wriggle her way through... Good play from


Lucy Bronze as well, straight from the off. She's forward, she's


looking to play into the box. As you heard from the girls back in


the studio, Sue, he does mathematically work out his games,


Mark Sampson. He spoke to us in Canada last summer. He said, "If we


can do this until 60-75, then I think we can do this in the last 15.


If it goes to extra-time, we can do this..." He's very methodical. I


think he would certainly have a game plan for the last 30 minutes, if


England are still in there with a chance of winning this. Yeah, I


totally agree. I think he'll be very happy with 0-0 at half-time. That's


probably something he said - "We'll contain America, then go for it from


the 70th minute." I wouldn't like to predict what Mark Sampson was going


to do! He completely changes things. They called him the Tinker Man in


the World Cup. All of his team formations and personnel that he


ticked - at times, we questioned it, and it always seemed to work. So


he's doing something right. Klingenberg clears it away. Good


pressure there from Jodie Taylor. It's a throw to England.


We heard what was said in the studio at half-time about the penalty


incident. Did it change your mind? Should England have had a spot kick


from the handball by Sauerbrunn? I think so. It changed the position of


the ball - the ball moved in a different direction. I think Jodie


Taylor was right in appealing. I'm going to be slightly biased, though,


aren't I? I'm with you - I think it certainly was a penalty.


53 games played, 41 wins for the USA coach.


They've given away a free kick here for a little nudge on Lindsey Horan,


who I think has played well for the USA.


They've lost just twice in 34 games since the start of 2014 - such a


momentous year. Deflected through. Gilly Flaherty


keeps it in play. It was USA's win at the Stadium MK last year against


England, back in February, that started their long unbeaten run.


Controversy in that game as well, because Jodie Taylor had a goal


chalked off that should have stood. That was a very close game, as well.


Stuck it in from a rebound, didn't she? And she was flagged for


offside. I think Mark Sampson will be really


pleased with the high percentage of 50-50s England have won.


He mentioned the fact beforehand, the USA are in full flow of another


national season - 15 games played since the World Cup, England are in


pre-season. He wasn't going to use that as an excuse. I think they've


acquitted themselves well in the physical aspect of their game. They


really have. When you play America, you've got to match them physically,


fitness-wise, and I think England have done that in all departments.


Jill Scott scored a very important goal against Bosnia back in


Bristol... Will she be frustrated with the role


she's been asked to play for? I don't think it's her most effective


position. I like to see her just in front of the back four, because she


can get on the ball a lot more and make things happen. But she's done a


job on that right-hand side. But I know that I'm sure Farah will have


preferred to have played in that position, just getting on the ball a


bit more. She scored a hat-trick on her debut,


and the goals have flowed ever since, really. Scored in major


tournaments... Scored three last summer, including a goal that earned


the bronze medal against Germany from the spot.


You weren't at that game, Sue. Were you watching it at a bar in


Vancouver, I seem to remember? May have been drunk...


LAUGHS Big screen, wasn't it? What a


dramatic place that is - Vancouver, a big screen overlooking the water


and mountains in the background, England beating Germany - it was a


great day. Really was. Pub up the road called The Elephant


In Cars, would you believe? I'm surprised I can remember it so well


- it all seems to be a bit of a blur!


Lindsey Horan is only 21 - she's outshone the more experienced Morgan


Brian at times. That's a foul from Mallory Pugh. Wry smile from Lucy


Bronze, with the free kick against the youngster. Played for it and got


it. She'll learn... This is a really


ever vessant talent... A big women's football week


initiative coming up from the FA. Check your county level clubs and


schools for information on that. The response to last year's events was


huge - they're trying to surpass that this year.


If you are a young player, get involved with the game. England need


to get involved and closer to Alex Morgan...


In the end, a tame shot easily dealt with from Karen Bardsley. She might


have hurt herself there - that was a good chance for a player of that


quality. She found herself in a lot of space. For me, she should have


cut the ball back. There were two players coming in at the edge of the


box, and she went for the shot. Wrong decision.


Just a little frustrated shrug of shoulders from Lloyd as she came


away... You can hear Mark Sampson shouting


"Tackle, tackle" from the sidelines. England have been playing a


high-pressing game - they've been quick to press.


Just a sense, ten minutes into the second half, that the USA are


beginning to step up a gear. Not a good ball in from O'Hara.


Williams mistimed it as well. Technically very gifted centre-half,


Becky Sauerbrunn. Didn't miss a minute of the World Cup finals,


Sauerbrunn. US College Athlete of the Year when she was at the


University of Virginia. Eight years in the squad now.


Talk about the USA bringing players through at younger age groups to win


things - Lucy Bronze was part of England's Euro under-19 winning


squad. Success at junior levels has


improved. Again, that's another step forward. In terms of development of


the game in the UK, we have to admit we are light years behind the USA.


But getting there. We are getting there. I think that's something we


have to look back at maybe ten years ago, when we didn't have that


structure in place. I think you look at myself, Rachel Brown, Rachel


Yankee - we went straight into the full senior squad at 16, 17. Now


they've got that development and progression through.


If you are involved in a local club out there, you can apply for grants


to set up teams, set up girls' teams, women's teams. If you haven't


got one, there are more and more charter clubs around, which is good


to see... As I mentioned in the first half,


their collegiate system for sport is astounding, really. But highly


pressurized, I hasten to add. England cutting some frustrated


figures out there now... That was a foul. Jodie Taylor


pleading her innocence... Look at this for England! Toni


Duggan's in here... She had options. Taylor was to her


left-hand side... Big chance for England has come and gone.


That was a real lapse in concentration from the American


defence - Toni Duggan completely free. Just a long pwol over the top


by Fara Williams, and she was completely open. You can see she was


really disappointed she didn't get that pass. The first touch took her


a little bit away from the goal. Hasn't scored since September 2014


against Montenegro. Finished off last season in crackerjack fashion


for Manchester City after an injury problem. She missed the first three


internationals this season with an ankle problem.


It's an England throw. The referee's been very good, apart from denying


England a blatant penalty - despite what the girls said in the studio.


LAUGHS Mind you, England could do with a


Rachel Yankee-type goal when in England's last victory against USA.


2-1, they won that one. Germany started with a win, which


you saw earlier. The right back, Mayer, scored the goal - she had a


very, very good World Cup. Mark Sampson yelling constantly from


the sidelines. I think that's a problem - when they go Inler ones,


they're very isolated. Jodie Taylor was very isolated, but the rest of


the team didn't come up. That's when America can play the ball around


you. You have to do it in groups, don't you? 10.5 hours of


international football now, the USA, without conceding a goal. Mind you,


England's record isn't bad at all. Tobin Heath is not a bad player at


all. Olympic gold medallist twice - three college titles with the


University of North Carolina. I think, at some stage, she's going


to get a chance... Lindsey Horan is going to come off,


and Christen Press will come on... She scored one goal in the World Cup


finals against Australia. More than attacking option.


I was just going to say that Horan likes to sit in a little bit,


whereas Press will be that runner in behind. They haven't really had


that, America. Midfield, at times, have been dominated by England


before. Morgan Brian, a World Cup winner


back in 2012. Gilly Flaherty clears it away. Well, 63 minutes into a


game against the world champions, and though England haven't created


much at all, they've denied the USA any sort of space, room to find


their rhythm, and they're going to make a substitution themselves here.


Izzy Christiansen's going to come on. Alex Greenwood's going to come


off. I imagine Demi Stokes will go back to left back. Definitely that's


what will happen. I think that's protecting Alex Greenwood after that


booking. I think she's had a very good first half.


Izzy Christiansen has been ever-present in the past four or


five games. She scored in their away game at Estonia in the first of the


Euro '17 qualifiers. Manchester City player - was at Everton and


Birmingham before that. She was at Manchester United as a


youth player. It's strange that Manchester United, in terms of wins,


haven't really been competitive. Maybe that will change. Interesting


- she's had a very good season with Man City last year, and got a call


up to their international set-up. She links up very well with Toni


Duggan and Jill Scott. That will be quite good to watch, to see if they


can do that on an international stage. She goes a little bit


unnoticed - clever, intelligent player.


Carli Lloyd has dropped into a deeper position now, getting the


ball there with the substitute on, Christen Press.


England looking comfortable, but the USA can change a game so very, very


quickly. Worked hard for that... That was a


clever play by Jodie Taylor. Three USA players around there, and just


managed to win her team a foul. I think this is probably England's


best opportunity to get a goal from the setpiece, especially with the


well-worked setpieces I know Mark Sampson does in training. We've seen


them at the World Cup. Germany next up for England on Sunday.


The young girl, Mallory Pugh, is going to go off, to be replaced by


Crystal Dunn. She was in the preliminary squad for the World Cup.


Didn't make the final squad. Played in every game bar two this


season - scored ten goals in 13. She picks it up straightaway. She's


a runner, too - loves to carry the ball. Like for like - fresh pair of


legs. Yeah, she's a real athlete. Can play wingback, so she's used to


that. Getting forward, getting back to defending. You can see she's got


pace as well. Plays for the Washington Spirit


side. She was top-scorer in the NWSL last season, and the Most Valuable


Player. Jordan Nobbs has gone through a lot


of work off the ball. This is promising - Jill Scott, Fara


Williams to the right-hand side. It's deflected away off


Klingenberg... Again, a move of promise for


England. Hope Solo saying "Watch the


runners." No-one has won more games for the USA than her.


Demi Stokes covering up at the back. In a quiet way, she's had a very


solid game. She's got through a lot of work, like Jordan Nobbs and Jill


Scott. When you play America, there is a lot of work off the ball.


She's the greatest women's goalkeeper of all time now. Angerer


of Germany, who's retired, may have something to say about that.


Germany's goalkeeper, Almuth Schult, had a very good save in her game


against France earlier today. But Hope Solo's a got to be in the


conversation, despite all the controversies about her.


Dunn gets inside, shoots, and scores! England are behind! From the


moment she cut inside, England were in trouble, and arrowed into the top


corner with 19 minutes to go, USA 1, England 0. What a fantastic strike


from Dunn there! From the minute she's come on, she's looked lively,


she's wanted to get on the ball, she's wanted to dribble and drive.


She just literally took the turn - you can see this is good play. Keeps


the ball, doesn't force it, and then it's just a little - just turns,


steps and gets that yard of space. And that's a rocket into the top


corner. Karen Bardsley couldn't do anything about that. Just before she


got the ball, she had a look over her shoulder and saw that there was


a gap in there, she could turn Houghton and she'd be on goal. I


think Steph Houghton will probably be a bit disappointed she didn't get


closer to her. But it was a good turn. In the recent Olympic


qualifying campaign, she scored five goals in one game against Puerto


Rico - that equalled the US record by any one player in a single game.


That's her 11th of this season in 14 internationals.


One moment of brilliance separates the sides. I think that's what was


needed - just a spark, a little bit of something - a bit of quality. I


think that's what you can say. Because Pugh was excellent, taking


players on and making things happen, but Crystal Dunn's obviously come on


and wanted to show what she's all about. That's the strength and depth


that the American national team have. They bring players on and they


can just change the game. Mark Sampson was saying to me


yesterday that, "Just when you think you've seen off the likes of Wambach


and Shannon Box and so on, they produce another one, another two,


another three..." They have such a huge pool of talent. These girls


play from a young age, and the attitudes are different there - it's


very much "Get girls into football as early as possible." Really


competitive football. There's state titles at junior school level. With


that does come extra pressure. England will need her now, in the


final third. She's an adventurous midfield player, Jill Scott. England


will need her there. She's only missed one of England's last 15


games - that was one of the World Cup games.


Again, Solo organising her penalty area.


The poor girl who was singing the national anthem - I think that's


going to go viral - the German players were in fits... It's an


interesting speaker system at this arena.


Christiansen got in there to support, and she can do that... Her


game is scoring goals - nine for Manchester City. She scores vital


goals, as well. Just anticipated where it was gonna go. Right idea,


just not the best execution. Off goes Fara Williams, on comes


Karen Carney, who's not played international football this year.


She had a back injury after the World Cup. She was rested so that


she could recuperate properly. Just moved clubs from Birmingham after a


long while there to go to Chelsea. In comes Michael Kirby and on goes


Jodie Taylor - fresh pair of legs up front. She got off to such a


fantastic start in the World Cup finals against Mexico. Sat on the


bench for the last four. What do you make of those changes,


Sue? I spoke about America's strength and depth, and it just


shows that England have also got that. Three quality players have


come on for England, and all three of them have got the ability to


change the game. It's nice to see Karen Carney back - I know she's


worked really hard in her rehab programme to get her back back to


how it should have been throughout the World Cup. I know she's raring


to go and can't wait to get some international football in. Michael


Kirby, we've seen what damage she can do. It's nice to see Mark


Sampson actually going for this, and going to get the goals now. Whether


there'll be a change in formation, I'm not sure.


She wants to send on Krieger... Ali Krieger, Washington Spirit -


best right back in the tournament at the World Cup finals. Not my words -


they were - she was selected as the best right back. She was desperately


disappointed to miss out on the Olympics in London. She had a bad


knee injury at the time. Jill Ellis seems to be preferring Kelley


O'Hara, and I think that's just because of her attacking ability


from fullback. Krieger's very much someone who likes to defend and is a


solid defender, but doesn't get forward too much.


Karen Carney is very experienced - seven major tournaments. Two changes


- Julie Johnston's going to come on, at centre-half.


CHEERING They're going to keep us waiting -


don't change your plans for Christmas, you could still be


here... In she goes - on comes Johnston.


CHEERING 11 minutes to go. What a


conservative move that is - presumably they'll go to three at


the back. They've taken off one of the world's best goal scorers, and


they've brought on a centreback - the captain of their Under 20 World


Cup-winning side of four years ago. Had a very good World Cup, but


scored an own goal in the final. Very strong athletic World Cup, I


should say. Once or twice, she looked a bit error-strewn, I have to


say. She has not been in the game at all


- that's all credit to England, to keep out the world's top player,


Carli Lloyd. But the score line is no


consolation. England will look back to that


incident in the first half where they should have had a penalty. A


handball by Sauerbrunn. Here's Bronze... Running out of play...


Corner? I thought that had gone out of play, I must admit. I think she's


got a bit lucky there. The crowd agrees with you, as well... Tobin


Heath's been forcing the defence. She's not really got into the game.


So there have been positives for England.


Hope Solo wins it unopposed. That's disappointing for England. Although


she's one of the world's top goalkeepers, she's not the tallest


out there. She's very athletic and very


commanding. I think when you're taking a corner, you've got to make


sure you miss her out or at least get somebody in front of her, making


it difficult. That was too easy a catch. Very popular in the USA - her


book Solo: A Memoir Of Hope - it got to number three on the bestsellers'


list a few years back. Let's just put this in context.


She's one of the world's best defenders, Becky Sauerbrunn. Lloyd


is the current world number one. Morgan - so talented, such a good


goal scorer. Heath - such a good player. Klingenberg - probably the


world's best left back. Says he's using this as a major


tournament - they're to pick their best team for every game. That


doesn't necessarily mean he'll pick the same 11, as we found out in the


World Cup - he has his game plan for each separate match. I like that


he'll change personnel and change tactics depending on the opposition.


But I think it's important to play games like this, and play the top


nations in the world, cos that's how you learn. When you're winning games


8-0 and 9-0, you don't learn anything from that. You might get a


bit of confidence, but you need to be playing these teams. And yes, it


might be a defeat, but they will learn lessons from it. Lucy Bronze


has given away a free kick here, with four minutes to go.


Eniola Aluko's going to come on for England, replacing Toni Duggan.


Oh, how she'd love to score here... She felt frustrated in the World Cup


finals. She started the first two - she played about an hour against


Germany. This is her 99th appearance for England.


Made her debut some 12 years ago. We've told the story before, Sue,


but it is still a remarkable one. She made a substitution appearance


at Euro 2005 against Denmark, just hours after taking a History A-level


exam on the same day. The USA have their game in the


grip... They'll slow the pace down to hold


possession, and manage the game well. England simply will not be


able to get enough of the ball to get back into it.


It was Press, and it was dipping, and the shot was just wide - but not


a bad effort at all from the LA-born striker. It's a quick turn, and just


gets a yard and I think Karen Bardsley did have it covered... They


just look dangerous at times. You know what they would have been


saying on the bench, then, don't you? "Don't foul. Not at this


stage." Meghan Klingenberg's going to come


off, and Whitney Engen's going to come on. A defender from Torrance,


California, who sat on the bench throughout the World Cup finals. 30


caps to her name. Last appearance was in January in


the win over the Republic of Ireland. Won that game 5-0. ..In San


Diego. USA fans screaming for a free kick


there - didn't get it... Jordan Nobbs has gone for goal from a long


way out. With that, perhaps England's last chance has come and


gone. She scored a belter in the Under 19 European Championship final


against Sweden a few years ago, but not on this occasion...


This could be England's last chance, then!


Carney looking for Scott... There was a foul. Surely that means that


England have opened up this She Believes Cup Tournament - the first


of its kind - with defeat, and the USA will hold on. Your overall


thoughts, Sue? I think lots of positives for England. I know


they're not going to be thinking that, with a loss in their first


game, but they're playing against world champions. They've kept those


players quiet that you mentioned - world-class players - and


defensively very good, apart from the one maybe little lapse in


concentration. But for me, it was just a little bit of brilliance.


For a moment, the USA were squirming... I think also the fact


that they've matched USA in fitness and physicality - which is something


that we've found difficult in the past - is promising. I think they


can be proud of themselves. WHISTLE


CHEERING The roars you can hear mean that the


USA have opened the inaugural She Believes Cup. The champions have


kept another clean sheet - for Hope Solo, her sixth in a row. Jill Ellis


and her side get off to a winning start, with the only goal of the


game scored by Crystal Dunn, so very late on, after a very solid England


display. But it's an opening defeat here for England in the USA, beaten


by the hosts 1-0. A brave performance from the


Lionesses. Very little to separate the teams over the 90 minutes. It


took a bit of sparkle from Crystal Dunn to win the game for the


Americans. The Americans topped the group on


Fifa ranking. That's how it's settled if everything else remains


the same: What did you make of the second


half? Do you think the score line reflects England's performance?


SIGHS I think possibly, but I think


England will take great credit and strength from the fact that it's


taken something pretty outstanding to separate the two at the end of


the day. I think England's performance started very, very,


um... Um.....energetically. I just don't think England could maintain


that level of energy. Ultimately, that's when things started to open


up and the quality of the US kind of... You know, they got the chance,


and it was a stunning finish. Crystal Dunn made an impact


immediately, as soon as she came on. How impressive was she? She was


really good. She was so positive. As soon as she came on, she wanted to


run at the players. That's exactly what you needed. She's got good


positional awareness. Here, she nicks the ball and she's off down


the pitch. There's no second thought - just straightaway, want to take


people on. What I've found is that her positional awareness there - to


pick up the ball and then straightaway she's going at them,


but her passing... She was really tidy, I thought. She's a young


player. She hasn't played that much. She might have been a little bit


nervous. But she's willing to get into the box. Wants to play things


nice and tidy and just be composed on the ball She's certainly very


hungry. Every single pass, she was on the move. Finding space in


behind. You can see here, she lays it off to Klingenberg, who - again,


she's on the move, finding space. You'll see, she just checks her left


shoulder, creates a good amount of space, and what a finish! That is a


beautiful strike. First touch was amazing. Takes her into so much


space. She knew exactly what she was doing there. She knows exactly where


Steph's marking her. Brilliant. Into the space. No-one's stopping that.


No male or female keeper in the world is stopping that. That's worth


the five, six, seven runs of showing this. After five minutes of her


being on the pitch, she covered a lot of ground, but ultimately that


was top, top world-class. Similar to your goal that you scored against


USA a few years ago! LAUGHS


Let's talk about the game plan. We talked about it in the fist half -


Mark Sampson stuck to it. Putting the pressure on, forcing USA to make


mistakes? Yeah, I'd say he stuck to it. Certainly the first half, they


were very, very disciplined, England, and they were good at


moving up and maintaining space between the backline and the


midfield, and basically not giving a lot of room for the USA to play in.


That was typical of the first half. It continued in the second half -


the pressing from the front, the tight-knit formation of the midfield


remaining quite narrow, and again not giving a lot of space for the US


to work with. Every time the US were on the ball - whether Carli Lloyd or


any of the other players - they didn't have time on the ball. That


was forcing errors for the US. Non-typical play by the US. Being


knocked off the ball, playing long, hopeless, aimless balls. That's


really what England limited the US to. That shot was never going to


beat Karen Bardsley from that angle. Yes, it was a ball in from behind,


but world-class players were really limited to scraps. Your thoughts on


England's offensive tactics? They got in a bit more, didn't they? They


did. In the second half... Well, no - I think more so than in previous


games, certainly against the US and maybe against Germany... Had a few


chances, but I just don't think they were clinical enough. That's


probably been the problem. They're getting down the sides, and here we


seem to crowd each other out and then run into players and limit our


own chances. Ball in from the box. That ball's not good enough. Maybe


take one more extra pass to keep it moving. I think we're better at


passing the ball to players' feet. This is a good ball into space. It's


clever. Toni Duggan here - I think what she sees -- when she sees this


back, she'll be disappointed. Obviously she's not gonna hear Jodie


at the back post shouting, but she should have looked up. That was the


golden chance. Two against one, it really opened up. Great vision from


Fara Williams to flick the ball on and have seen that two-versus-one


opportunity. I'm sure Toni will be disappointed. They played well,


England, and started to create at the end, but I think there needs to


be a little bit of quality... Nothing wrong with having a shot


there - there wasn't other options - but in future games, they maybe need


to take one more extra pass. Possibly the best chance could have


been in the first half - if England had had a penalty. I know this has


divided opinion on Twitter in the studio... It falls into that cliche


category of "Could have been given." As England players and England fans,


we want that to be given. I think, if anything, Jodie Taylor kind of


earns it by harassing Becky Sauerbrunn from behind, and almost


forces her into that error. But it's not a clear-cut one for me. So,


England, as much as they were limited to opportunities by the US,


we limited them. I think that's something we can take forward.


Thoughts ahead of Germany? After tonight's performance? I think it's


positive. I think you wouldn't go and fear Germany. I don't think


Germany are a better team than USA. So I think they should go in with


the same sort of game plan. Just need to get those goals. If


anything, England have got the upper hand. They beat Germany in the


summer pretty convincingly. They deserved that win, that bronze


medal. Certainly England will have nothing to fear and will just want


to beat Germany again to compound their how -- compound how much


better they've become. Let's cross over to Joe Kerry, who's


with Mark Sampson. Only one goal in the game - a bright


one from Dunn. It was. She just spun her defender, created enough space


for herself... Look at that move right there...


OK, I think we've got some problems with sound, but I've interviewed


Mark Sampson a few times before - it didn't sound like the female voice


we just heard! England need to be tested against


the best teams, especially looking ahead to the Euros next year,


especially if they're to have a chance to win it. That's no


disrespect to the opposition to the qualification in the Euros, but they


are not going to provide them with the test they need for the standard


of teams they're gonna face in the latter stages of the Euros. England


wanted to win the European Championships. This is the best


opportunity England have ever had to play against the top nations in the


world. And also test the players. You can use a squad - this is just a


friendly tournament. You can use everybody and see what players he's


got for the Euros. Is this tournament a bigger challenge -


playing the world's top three teams - a bigger challenge than the World


Cup? I think there's no pressure on this tournament, for a start,


because it is a friendly tournament. Not that "friendlies" mean


friendlies, but nothing's at stake. I think England will feel pressure,


because on the bigger stage they've performed in, they're now in


everybody's eye. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been invited to this


tournament. They want to consolidate their status as the team to beat,


with performances, continued performances, of a certain standard.


So in some ways, there'll be pressure within the team to continue


these good performances. But it's a wonderful opportunity. If you had to


sum up the opening match in a few words? It was brilliant! I think


very positive for England. OK! Thank you, both, very much. A reminder -


we are back live on Sunday for Germany against England. We kick off


on the red button at 10:30. The second half will be straight after


Match of the Day two live on BBC One at 11:35.


We'll be live on the red button from 9:50 next Wednesday for England's


game against France. That's all we have time for. Thank


you for watching. Thank you to both reachals. England close but, in the


end -- Rachels. England close but, in the end, it was job done for the


US. Goodnight.