Episode 2 Women's Six Nations Rugby

Episode 2

Lee McKenzie presents highlights of the second weekend of action from the Women's Six Nations. Analysis comes from former Wales international Non Evans.

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Welcome to week two of the women's Six Nations championship. England


arrive in Cardiff after producing the biggest comeback in the history


of the championship, to meet a Welsh side you have only beaten them twice


on 33 occasions. Something is changing hair. Wales Wales may not


be packed full of professionals like England, Rowland Phillips' side


certainly mean business. -- changing here.


Match day in Cardiff is always a huge occasion. When that matches


against England, the reigning world champions, it is even bigger. The


atmosphere in the city has been electric. Also in action this


weekend Ireland after a thrilling last cup win in Scotland, they


travel to Italy. France host a Scottish team chasing that elusive


victory. A win would be there for Six Nations victory since 2010.


Behind me is the tunnel where rugby legends like Gareth Edwards,


Jonathan Davies and Sam Warburton have walked out under today it is


the town of players like Sarah Hunter. As the Dragons take on the


red roses. The teams emerge. For this second round of the Six


Nations. Both teams notching up four points on the opening weekend. Wales


showing one change from the win at Italy.


Hughes out injured, Harris comes in. Butchers comes into the second row.


England unchanged from the win against France. Tamara Taylor


winning her 100th cap. Even she is not the most experienced in the


England side. Rocky Clark, 119th cap today. Five of the backline played


in Rio for the Olympics. Waterman has Wilson-Hardy outside her. Going


for the corner. Wilson-Hardy in, stretches. Scored the first try. Amy


Wilson-Hardy given room on the outside. McLean. Bounces well for


Lydia Thompson. Deep into the Wales 22. Cover tackle from Rachael Taylor


was needed. Spaces on the outside of this defence. Advantage over, call


the referee. Could be something on the wrinkling, still. Cokayne


bursting through to score. All England so far. Eight minutes gone.


You have to say, they look organised, ominous, they have power


and pace, combining as well at the moment. Scarratt finding the target.


England leading inside ten minutes. Mells in the action. They are


queueing up to score. It is the scrum-half Natasha Hunt going over


for England's third try after just 11 minutes. 17-0, the visitors


leave, Wales don't know what has hit them. Scarratt floating the pass


wide to Lydia Thompson. Thomson to the outside. It is too easy, all too


easy for England. They have the bonus point try after just 22


minutes at Cardiff Arms Park. That is the angled kick, she has nailed


that one as well. No terrors for Emily Scarratt with the wide kicks.


England leading 26-0, scoring a better down a point a minute. It is


relentless for the visitors. Waterman looking to feed Thomson. It


is a fifth try, Kate MacLean loops round the outside. England even


scoring. England are toying with the Welsh team. Committing too many


tacklers. One-on-one at the end. The wrong angle, cutting inside, you


have to force them into touch. They are too smart, they know where to go


where the mismatches. Executing Simon Middleton's planned to


perfection. England looking to drive their way over. They are up to the


line for try number six. Have they got it down? Yes, they have. England


extend the lead to 36-0. Sarah Hunter comes up with the ball. The


captain. Scarratt finding a Markham once


more. Four out of six for her, kicking well. They have run in six


tries, adding four conversions. The half-time score, Wales 0- 38


England. England starting the second half as


impressively as the first. Two scrum half passes from Rocky Clark. Katy


McLean, Harriet meal is coming clean down the middle. Thought she was


cleared. Managing to get some contact. The chance is on on the


outside. If they can float the pass out to Lydia Thompson, he goes to


the corner. Second the Thomson, seven Farringdon. -- seven for


England. Not much length on the kit. Waterman runs back into the Wales


22. England getting the bonus point inside 22 minutes. England looking


to get it wide again. Possible hat-trick for Lydia Thompson on the


wide outside. What a try scoring rate she has in the England shirt.


22 in her 29th appearance. Cokayne joining in the fun. Danielle


Waterman standing up Karen Lake. Over goes Danielle Waterman in the


corner. Well deserved try from the full-back.


McLean and Hunt combining again. Waterman using her strength. Repulse


30 metres out. The try for Waterman in the corner. England topping 50


points, it is a rout at the Arms Park. Amy Wilson-Hardy made hard


work of it. Lovely, slick passing. If she goes for the corner, she is


in. Decides to go on the inside. Look makes the last pass, Katy


McLean, she has been everywhere. Experienced, mature, cool, calm and


collected. Robbing the salt into the wound. Katy McLean, she has Amy


Wilson-Hardy, a run in for the second try. England keep on scoring.


We have hit the hour mark. Hunter was brought down a couple of yards


out. Can England get it wide yet again? Out to Lydia Thompson, that


will be the hat-trick. 67 minutes gone. England remorselessly


exploiting Wales on the outside. Feedback three running riot. -- the


back three. Wales pounding away, looking to get on the scoreboard.


Looking for a hint of respectability at the end of the game. You have to


give credit to the England defence, 60 points to the good, but


resolutely keeping Wales out. He goes out before it can get to


Wilkins. Well picked up on the Welsh team. Wales knocking on, England can


come away with it. England completely dominant, running in 11


tries. Absolutely comprehensive and a one-sided victory over Wales.


Talk about two talented guests to make me feel distinctly average.


Tamara Taylor, centurion, fantastic performance. You have represented


Wales in three sports, the Commonwealth Games, also the top


Welsh try scorer, we could go one. Tamara, congratulations, is it


starting to sink in? Slowly but surely. Most important thing was the


game. Loads of excitement, fantastic for me personally. We needed to get


80 minutes out of the way, now I can relax and think about 100 caps. When


you think back on your international career, a win like you have produced


to date, 63-0 against Wales, the perfect way to market. Definitely a


clinical performance. The surface sitting us to play our fast game, we


have bags of pace outside. Amy scored three out wide, Lydia with a


couple. I would have loved to be on the wing for England. Or full-back.


How impressive were England? Absolutely superb. Beautiful pitch.


Really suiting England's game plan. Last weekend they started very


slowly against France. France dominated the set piece. Correct me


if I am wrong, but the game plan today was to go wide, it was the


pace. One or two phases, the ball flung wide, and the tries came. Your


set plays did improve from last weekend against France. A


performance really throwing down a marker. This is a World Cup year.


Performances like that will make other countries sit up, and think,


OK we have trouble on our hands. Our aim at the moment is to win the Six


Nations. Not won it in five years, since 2012. It is a cliche, but we


have to take every game as we can. The Welsh had a massive game against


us, it is a big scoreline, but does not reflect how physical it was.


Especially in the second half, the Welsh came at us on the line, we had


to work hard to keep them out. You are the reigning world champions,


how much changes when you win a World Cup? Players stepping back. Is


it a couple of years rebuilding to get to this level? Definitely. We


came out of the World Cup, 2015, the Six Nations, we came to Wales and


lost in the first game. Sorry about that! It has been rebuilding, some


of the girls away with the sevens, we had seven or eight retire after


the World Cup. You have the tag line of a World Cup team, but not the


same players, each cycle the World Cup is a different building process.


Still in the building process, definitely not the finished product.


That is still really exciting, more to come. Thank you, 100 caps,


something to be hugely proud. More to come, we should say. Thank you.


Let's hear from today's player of the match, try scorer, fantastic


playmaker, Katy McLean. Player of the match,


congratulations. Thank you, it was a tough game and the score doesn't


reflect that. Wales but up a hell of a fight. We knew it would be tough


being here and we needed to be clinical and it worked today. You


were pulling the strings. Maybe the tries went to the back three, but


you were in charge at scrum-half. It's so easy being in ten when you


play good football. When the girls carry as well as they did today, it


makes my life easier. Looking forward to Italy? It will be nice to


have a bit of a break. Having a weekend off, and then we can build


on today when we go to Italy in two weeks. The Welsh coach Rowland


Phillips has joined us. 63-0, how are the players feeling? Must be


pretty sore to lose by that scoreline. It's pretty sore to lose


anyway, that's the kind of thing. But as a coach, you find out more


about your players sometimes when you have these types of moments


rather than just when you skip a long winning loads of games. I will


know these girls better and they will know me better and they are


positives to build on. Talking about coaches, England were better than


they were against France last weekend. I think against France they


tried to play a set piece game but France were strung up front. England


not very good in the line-out. Today they came out and won two phases and


spread the ball wide. Did that make a difference? Yeah, we were prepared


for that play, the way they played. From kick-off they hit the 7-Up


played wide. To be honest, their line-out was under pressure last


week, the scrum was under pressure last week and they've obviously


spent time working and improving. I thought our scrum was good today.


Other than that, they dominated all parts of the game. If teams like


Wales and other countries are wanting to compete with England,


what must the rugby unions be doing now to give players a helping hand?


We know England are now a professional side. Yeah, I don't


know what it is. I think France plans next to drop 15 and seven is


women into the Top 14 structure. It will be the future at some point.


I'm not grumbling about where we are. We know where we are now is


further down. As far as the stadiums and support we get. We are moving in


the right direction, but England have set the standard for the


professional level of the game. What will you be working on before you


had to Scotland for your next match? Probably working on taking my


gloves, it will be cold up there! You can borrow mine. The weather is


always wonderful in Scotland! We know France threw away a 13-0 lead


when they took on England. They have been desperate to get their


tournament back on track. COMMENTATOR: Ten yards away from the


line. Le Pesq looks left. Jade Le Pesq again. Looking through the gap.


Looking to go all the way. Onto Christelle Leduff in support. Safi


N'Diaye! France get their first try after 18 minutes. It was after some


excellent phase play. The initial burst down the left wing from Lenaig


Corson, who got herself again involved.


They come out the back door with a little Tommy Wright from Christelle


Leduff. A training ground move. Still going. They have room on the


outside. It will be France's second try. Shannon Izar with her second


try in two weeks. They sucked in the Scottish defenders. Continued to


create room on the outside with extras. Shannon Izar.


Straight through the middle, Lenaig Corson. The last two defenders of


Scotland just watched the try gets gored. -- get scored. Straight


through the middle here. You would have thought with two in the defence


they could have stopped Lenaig Corson. But I think there was a


miscommunication. It's a simple try. It's good, the extras added by


Christelle Leduff and France get themselves 17 points.


Safi N'Diaye gets going. She's really picked up steam here. The


flowed. The tackles need to come in from Scotland, but they will not get


there. Elodie Poublan with the first try of the sector. The third


conversion attempt of the evening. -- first try of the second half. In


off the left-hand upright. That will do, two out of three for the French


fly-half. Gemma Forsyth had enough of that and tracked back, bringing


back the French number eight. But now they get round the outside. Will


it be another try for Shannon Izar? It was over on the right. Melody we


on -- 's Elodie Guiglion with the dry. Jade Le Pesq, a former winger,


she's got the pace to skip on the outside. Try number six for France.


It's one-way traffic. Flowed to Jade Le Pesq. Number eight


to number nine again. The result is the same, a second try for the


French scrum-half. Try number seven for France. The atmosphere at the


Marcel Deflandre is stunning. It will be Caroline Ladagnous. The


28-year-old centre gets over. Scotland's defence just getting


caught is narrow and they are tiring as well. Elodie Guiglion looks left


and right and they are queueing up. It's a try for Camille Cabalou.


Conversion from Camille Cabalou, goes sailing through the uprights.


France running out comprehensive winners, taking a bonus point and


all five points. Winning 55-0. STUDIO: Next up Ireland, who got a


bonus point against Scotland last weekend. They headed to Italy making


two changes to the side. Elaine Anthony coming into the second row


and a winger coming into the backline. COMMENTATOR: Helping


Ireland can get off the mark with three points off the boot of Nora


Stapleton. The Italian crowds do their best to make her feel at home.


Island off the mark. Leading 3-0. -- Ireland off the mark. Still playing


advantage according to the referee. Strikes with the right foot. Looks


good from here. The flags go up and we are level.


The Italians under serious pressure here. Low body position in defence


to try to keep tabs Nora Stapleton. To calling for it out wide. Murphy,


she scored twice against Scotland. Just held up. Shot to nothing for


Ireland. Trying to dig it out. They are queueing up on the right-hand


side. Lindsay Peat is well tackled. She can't get over. It is a try.


Leah Lyons. They think she has got there. Alison Miller steps inside.


She gets the pass away. It's Lindsay Peat again. Much better from


Ireland. Lovely hands as well. Five metres short. Quick ball needed.


Kick and go, Leah Lyons looking for a second to the right. The pack


almost there. Where is the ball? Need to recycle it. And Sophie


Spence crashes over for Ireland from the back. They go to the right.


Murphy trying to use her power to get over from short range. It's


short. Needs to present the ball. Pick and go. Ireland surely, if it's


right. The captain Fitzpatrick crashes over. Crossfield kick to


Hannah Tyrrell. She has the place to get behind if this sits up for her.


She waits for it and off she goes. Can Hannah Tyrrell get the bonus


point? She has to go on her own. Ireland for the bonus point. Hannah


Tyrrell for the corner. Brilliant vision from Nora Stapleton. With the


crossfield kick. Ireland do the business here, beating Italy 27-3.


Congratulations on the bonus point. Didn't look like that at half-time.


We were trying to string things together but it wasn't coming off,


the last bass was letting us down. You can see the play we were trying


to generate and in the second of it came together. We were boxing clever


and took our chances. I could do with not having a last-minute bonus


point try again because it's quite nerve wracking. More reaction to


that match out in Italy from Hugh Cahill and former Ireland captain


Fiona Coquelin. Ireland getting a bonus point victory. Fiona is beside


me. Much improved in that second half. They went through the phases a


lot more, sucked Italy in and got the four tries in the end. The last


one was particularly impressive. The ball sent up and they crossfield


kick from Stapleton for Hannah Tyrrell to finish. Still lots of


areas to tidy up. A lot of unforced errors, particularly handling, so


they will focus on that. France with a massive score against Scotland, 55


points. They ran England close. It's a tough game. It will be tough. It's


a home game for Ireland, and it depends what French team travels.


But every game against France's tough. They are improving every


game. It will be up to Ireland to come out and play their best


performance, which they haven't been yet in this championship. They have


done enough to get two bonus points. Top of the table without performing


at their best. Ireland staying top with maximum points after a late


fourth try. England is just behind them, and it's building up to a


potential Saint Patrick's Day showdown for the Championship.


France are off the mark and they travel to Dublin next. Scotland face


Wales and England have consecutive home matches coming up at the Stoop,


starting with Italy. A two-week break for all the teams now. With


Wales in mind before they head up to Scotland, what should they be


working on? A lot to work on, but first of all I hope Charis Phillips,


the captain, is fit, and previous captain Rachael Taylor is fit. They


both went off the field today. Scotland have won a game since 2010.


I used to love going up to Scotland and playing there, even when it was


freezing cold. But last weekend, they only lost in the last minute.


That was against the Irish team who beat New Zealand in the last World


Cup. So it will be very difficult up there in Scotland. But Rowland


Phillips is a great coach and will galvanise the team together, get the


bumps and bruises all patched up and hopefully we can get the victory up


there. Do you see anybody stopping England as we saw them today? No.


France were the toughest match, and that was the first game of the Six


Nations. I don't see anybody stopping such a great, professional


outfit. We will soon find out. Plenty more sport coming up the


BBC... That's it from us. A win for the


reigning world champions. The chariot rolls on and a great day for


Centurion Tamara Taylor. Tamara Taylor has got to be one of my


favourite people in camp. I could reel off quite a few things to say


about her. Absolutely incredible person. Absolute leader. Somebody


everybody looks up to. Here row. One of the most popular people in the


team and an absolute warrior. Do you have


any prior motoring convictions?


Lee McKenzie presents highlights of the second weekend of action from the Women's Six Nations.

Wales will be looking to show their improving credentials against England in Cardiff, while Scotland travel to Paris to take on title holders France. In the final game, Italy face 2015 winners Ireland.

Analysis comes from former Wales international Non Evans.