Episode 5 Women's Six Nations Rugby

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Episode 5

Highlights from Dublin of the exciting conclusion of the Women's Six Nations. England face 2015 winners Ireland, Scotland play Italy and holders France take on Wales.

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Welcome to a wet and windy Dublin for the exciting climax to this


year's Six Nations. England and Ireland are both on the verge of a


Grand Slam and a St Patrick's Day to remember.


MUSIC: Shipping Up to Boston by Dropkick Murphys


Cast your mind back to weak one. Ireland needed a last-ditch try to


get past Scotland while England had to turn around 830- 0/2-time deficit


against France. Both teams locked the top with a winner takes all


match tonight at Donnybrook. Coming up, Scotland won their first game in


seven years last time they stepped out at Broadwood Stadium. Did they


do the business against Italy? Wheels looking to end their


inconsistent campaign in style as they travel to France. But we start


with a Saint Patrick spatial down. A partisan crowd and a wall of green


stand in the way of Simon Middleton's professionals. Both


Ireland and England expect. A terrific occasion for one in's rugby


and Ireland will defend. So much at stake for both the sides.


Here is the Irish team and a awful lot resting on the half-backs. Good


to see Muldoon restored to something like her best. Here is the English


side, and look no further than Emily Scarratt through which all good


things work. The slate of hand is really good.


Speaking at a handgun does just enough to bring the English when a


bone but Ireland Beaven said the 22 again. Once again the battering ram


and it is quick Ireland find themselves scrambling wide to try to


try to deal with Emily Scarratt. Trying to go on the outside and


somehow Ireland just hold on to the jersey but that woman clerk again is


asked to carry and does so effectively. England really


increasing the intensity and accuracy and Ireland are fighting


for every yard. Out wide and England will get in! It is Wilson - Hardy


and England strike first. The execution as well as intend going


forward. It looked easy for Emily Scarratt, picking the pass off over


the last Irish defender and a nice finish by Amy Wilson-Hardy. A lack


of communication with Jenny Murphy. Clark will play scrum-half. England


launch the big runners but a huge tackle. That has lifted the crowd.


Brilliant fit by Miller. Still it is the line and Murphy does


the clear at work. Muldoon holds on. England make the tackles and Ireland


inch forward. Jenny Murphy, burst of power and pace. England do enough.


Painfully bit of control. Terrific tackle from Amy Wilson-Hardy.


Ireland made a seven metres away. Really impressive from this Irish


side. Muldoon again. Looking to straight in the line.


Emily Scarratt makes the tackle once again. Ireland knocking on the door


and England so far have kept them out.


Protected by Fitzpatrick. Two metres short, even less! England hold her


up. Wonderful play. Brilliant English defence. Really clever again


by Ireland, switchback inside. Desperate last attempt at defence by


England but they are holding out. Ireland will need to be patient and


execute well and then go and get the former toppled. And the captain is


all that! Can she groaned and the ball? Identification at, was at


Millar-Mills or Hunter that got underneath? Another great attacking


positions. Huge moment in the context of this game. Ireland with


another scrum. England are going to shove all in and they have somehow


stolen it. They have done absolutely nothing in the scrum in the first 40


but when it was required England found a way. They will take a deep


breath and a sigh of relief. Great line for Hunter. Five metre


line and England back on the five metre line. Almost there this time.


This time they will get their! It is the substitute, Laura Keates, and


England have found a way of unlocking the defence. Starting off


with Sarah Hunter and Laura Keates doing what she does well, getting


over the line, and much better from England.


Taken all in and England have found a gap and Emily Scarratt, in trouble


here. She could be in a lot of trouble with the referee decides


it's a deliberate knock-on, that would be a yellow card and Ireland


would play with 14. Yellow card and the steep climb just got a lot


steeper and on that evidence hard to argue. Ten minutes in the den and


the chance to tag on three. Which she does with the first successful


kick of the evening as we approach the hour mark. On the sudden Ireland


just don't have the same belief that they had in the opening 40. They


need a spark from somewhere, England beginning to turn the screw.


Stapleton kicks at high but doesn't go anywhere particularly. A lovely


off-loads from Emily Scarratt. She is going to score and that might be


that! Really good pass for Emily Scarratt. Sends them on their way.


England playing with so much confidence to get her on her way and


great pace by the forwards, to run that as a hooker is incredible. The


off-loads to Emily Scarratt and then to Amy Cokayne who is dynamic and to


finish from that distance out. They simply must score at your if they


are to have any designs of getting back into this game and Fitzpatrick


knows it. Goes to ground. Ireland is just a little bit slow but needs


another injection of pace and strength. Three metres short,


England defend strongly. Almost their! England just holding on. They


try, this, we will confirm it on the deeply. Ireland have their first


points of the evening. They deserve the points and worked through the


phases and stuck to their strengthss. She has been a real find


since the November internationals. Where is this one off to? England


looking to come away. Good work and now the substitute. On two Amy


Wilson-Hardy. No one will catch Emily Scarratt and that there was a


doubt about the destination of the 2017 Six Nations, that is surely


that. The key thing is the off-loading. Absolute classic


footwork. Head down and looking for the past before the contact. No one


is going to stop Emily Scarratt, not even Murphy, who has had an


outstanding game. Probably the try of the night. Really good hands from


a few of the England players. Star of the show, Emily Scarratt. And


England and away goes Thompson. And England are in and under the post.


Try number five. She is so agile and so balanced, just showing how quick


she is. They will be happy to see it offered the park and it is out and


jumps of jolly for they were men in white. They are the Six Nations


Grand Slam champions for 2017. How are you feeling after that?


Pirate. It was an absolutely incredible game to play in. The


first half was intense but we came away with the win. Amazing


atmosphere and a great crowd, what was it like playing here tonight to?


Load! The crowd were incredible. So much atmosphere and everything, very


intense. Congratulations, I will present you know with the player of


the match award, well done! The champions of the six Nations the


2017 are England. Well, I'm joined now by Kat merchant and Danielle


Waterman, part of the Grand Slam winning team, and that must feel


pretty good to have that medal around your neck again. It is


unbelievable, a fantastic squad effort and the girls put in a huge


shift, to go in at half-time with that on the scoreboard was


important, and unbelievable to get the win, really pleased. And you


must be delighted to see the Grand Slam back again, even though you


weren't part of it this time. I was buzzing for the girls, you could see


how much it meant to them afterwards, and this squad has come


a long way, they are really building and what aid year to directing, the


World Cup year. It is a perfect build-up to the World Cup, but let's


look at the game, it was a tough first 40. We knew it was going to be


a tough match! My friend from the West Country with her nice big


trophy! Five years! Sorry, mate. I apologise for her! To be honest, we


knew it was going to be an 80 minute match against them, and we actually


found the wind a little bit of a challenge because we didn't win our


set pieces very well in the first half. The girls coming off the bench


made a massive impact, and it suited us, is shortened up the defence


which gave us a wide space and brought it through, so you can see


how much it means. There has been a real journey, coming in in January,


and how much closer do you feel together as a squad of players? The


opportunity of being professional means we get a lot of time on the


field, and the time off the field to build that unit, so in terms of


technically, tactically, physically, we'll get a little more rest because


we don't have to go off to jobs. So it has been really good, and we have


a fantastic squad back at home, and it has been a real squad effort. We


are a great pace, it was always about winning, and it is about going


on to win the World Cup in August. What have you been most impressed by


in the Six Nations tournament? The strength and depth, because no


matter who they are starting and rotating, you look at them and go,


that is an incredible team, and they have more to come on on the bench,


and that experience will be key. Well done, Danielle, I'm sure you


will enjoy your night celebrations, and we will have more reaction from


Donnybrook later, but now let's go to the match that kicked off the


weekend, Scotland at home to Italy, the Italians looking to avoid the


Wooden Spoon, and they would need a bonus point win to do it.


COMMENTATOR: Italy just inside the Scotland 22, and an goes A-list


trends and, and this is where Italy are dangerous. They are gaining


territory, picking up speed. Five metres short, and rolling over is


Ilaria Arrighetti. They are there in numbers, driving forward, almost to


the try line. This time perhaps, one more effort should do it, but has


the ball being grounded? That is the question. This might tell us a


little more, it is the lock forward. And the try is awarded by the TMO,


still there for Italy. They are still short of the Scottish try


line. Scotland making the tackles, but they have to be careful here.


Italy get the drive on once again, it is clear cut this time, Ian


tempest on the spot, and both tries have come from the drive from the


forwards, and the second score for the hooker, Melissa Bertoni. This is


better from Scotland. Good work, the kick downfield from Lisa Thompson.


It could be a score, yes it is! Scotland have struck back. Much to


the delight of the home supporters. And a good angle from the centre,


good handoff as well, and what about that for a neat chip ahead, and


giving chase, and the kick taken by Skeldon. That is a superb effort,


what a kick that was, and Scotland right back in it. This looks,


saying, and it is the try! She gets there for her second try, well


worked, but again, it was the intervention from Jade Konkel, and


the supporters are in raptures. Skeldon steps up, strikes it sweetly


once again, and over it goes to give Scotland the lead.


Has to be straight, square, steady, stable. Sarah Law standing off,


lovely offload to Thompson, and to the 22, a little too strong,


perhaps, and there is another chance gone begging. The clock turns to


read. Sarah Law knows exactly what needs to be done. Back into the


hands of the captain, Lisa Martin, who hoists it high into the


grandstand as Ian Tempest blows the final whistle, it finishes Scotland


14-12 Italy. What a fantastic win for Scotland,


coming back from 12-0 down, a campaign for them considering they


hadn't won a game in the tournament for seven years. And now they have


won two in the same Six Nations. It is great for them and great for the


competition. And they are trying to grow the game in Scotland, they have


Shade Munro in charge and he has bags of experience, he is busy doing


the right thing because the side are growing, they were not the whipping


team that they have been for so long. And things take time, you


can't build a team overnight, so he is obviously putting the right


things in place, and the skill set is increasing every year and it is


starting to take shape. And always good to have a solid base at home,


back wins in their own stadium must give them confidence as they build


towards the next fixtures. And it will help world support to watch the


game, it is easier to watch a winning side and hopefully they will


build support in Scotland. The final match took place in Brive where


holders France were looking to end their inconsistent defence of their


title and welcome a Welsh team who will also looking to end a


disappointing campaign on a high. COMMENTATOR: The French get a decent


wheel, and it is going to be a try, Wales turning it around the


blindside, and Powell-Hughes gets the break. The score puts them into


the lead. They come wide, and Safi N'Diaye can see the try line, but


can they turn it into a 5-point? They are over the line, and the


referee says try. That kick over the top, and it is a


second try for France. They go to the back, and it comes straight down


the Powell-Hughes. Parted like the red Sea for the number eight, she


just couldn't quite get going. With Wales again, can they get a second


try? They can, it is Amy Evans. Brilliant from the Welsh. France


have narrowed, they have got room out here, and Safi N'Diaye will


fancy her chances, but she goes wide, and is it going to be the


score for Boujard? It is. Bevan flicks it a little more, and they


drive hard. Not quite sure Rachel Taylor got there that time.


And Evans has got one already, she might have got another. Can Wales


close the gap once more? France hold for as long as they can


at the top of the line-out, and now they break. The maul breaks down,


but they have still got it, they twist and turn, Audrey Forlani with


it, and now France go forward again. Is it Carragher Baru -- Carricaburu


in there? France finding some more, and is it going to be a try? It is.


France are victorious. I thought the way the players performed on the way


they responded was outstanding, and at times like this, that performance


was top drawer, and it is a glimpse of what this team could become in


the future. So, the final Six Nations table looks like this:


England are once again champions, for the first time since 2012, and


Ireland will take heart from their performances for the World Cup this


year. Scotland claim two wins for the first time in 11 years, giving


it the Wooden Spoon. Said England have the Grand Slam,


that must be very pleasing for you to see. Not only that the you were


unbeaten throughout the tournament. And the manner in which we did it,


we wanted to play tonight and show what we were about as a team, and we


had that opportunity over the last 20 minutes, and we had to work hard


to create the space to do it, absolutely thrilled with the


performance and the whole Six Nations. And you can see, England


looked as fresh at the end as they had at the start almost, so much


pace and energy in the squad. Yes, not a single one of them looked


tired, they all wanted the ball, they all wanted to make that tackle,


maybe at the end they could take a breath, but they looked relentless


for the whole 80, which was fantastic. And it is a World Cup


year. Perfect build-up for that. You must have great confidence among the


whole squad going on and trying to retain the trophy? Absolutely, we


talk about going and winning it rather than retaining it, because


that is what we are going to have to do, but to come here and to perform


as well as we have done in attack and defence is massive for us, and


it gives us a lot of confidence. We still have a lot of work to do, but


we have got some fantastic strength in depth, and you need that going


into a World Cup. What an atmosphere in the stadium, it was amazing, and


we certainly want to play in front of crowds like this. It will


certainly be noisy, August! What is the key, you have the players on


professional contract, so you do have time with them to build. Yes,


and fitter and stronger is our priority, and that is the beauty of


having a full-time programme, we can do that and it is then being able to


recover properly rather than doing a shift on the training field and then


going and doing shift at work, which is really tough. A bit of a break,


let them breathe and we will come back and start working on strength,


power, speed and everything that goes with it, and hopefully Balter


few skills onto it as well. I won't put you on the spot, but I will put


you on the spot, player of the tournament England? I think,


tonight, Milla Mills, she sticks out in my mind tonight, I will go with


her. But is it from the six next -- Six Nations, the Super League Show


is an on Tuesday, but from Donnybrook and the Six Nations, it


is England to have been crowned the Grand Slam champions of 2017 in a St


Patrick's Day showdown. Goodbye for now.


# We are strong # We fight on


Across the continent, there has been a surge of interest in the women's


game. # We are the brave


# Welcome to our new world # We won't be denied


# We strong # We fight on


Eilidh Barbour presents highlights from Dublin of the exciting conclusion of the Women's Six Nations. England are hoping to claim their first title in five years, but face a tough test against 2015 winners Ireland in front of a partisan St Patrick's Day crowd at the Donnybrook Stadium. Elsewhere, Scotland aim to build on their first Six Nations win in seven years with a home match against Italy and holders France take on Wales.