31/08/2014 World Equestrian Games


Clare Balding introduces action from Caen, France. After the dressage and cross-country stages in preceding days, the three-day eventing competition concludes with show jumping.

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is the capital of Normandy, Caen. William the Conqueror built this


stronghold six years before he crossed the Channel. It is known as


Terre de Cheval, which translates as horse country. And once again the


place has been overrun by chevaux, this is the venue for the largest


horse event ever staged, showcasing diverse sport, and this is where the


best in the world come to compete in the Olympic disciplines. Great


Britain has the number one rider in all three.


As well as building his castle in Caen William the conga establish


this, the Abbe aux Hommes, where men were kept separate from women. -


William the Congress. Scott Brasch was recently confirmed as the


leading rider in the world. The winner this afternoon, the world 's


number one, getting in outing, it is Scotland's, Great Britain's Scott


Brasch. As in the countryside this is Aran des Pins, one of the


national studs. Great Britain are the reigning world champions. -


Hara du Pins For the Great Britain have the number one rider in the


world, the tall and elegant William Fox-Pitt. A respectful distance from


the Abbe aux Hommes is the women's abbey, founded by Queen Matilda who


set it up for Benedictine nuns, now it is a woman who leads the way in


dressage and she is British, Charlotte deja Dujardin is


unstoppable. She took gold in the Grand Prix special and it was a


performance of so much fluency and look at his willingness to perform,


it is all about controlled power and rhythm. And supreme beauty. She


still had the freestyle to come where she can choreograph her own


moves the music of her choice and this is her favourite event.


Great Britain 's Charlotte Dujardin. With Valegro.


Some of the most difficult intricate manoeuvres you could see all made


look perfectly simple and easy. One hurdle out of the way. We could


be watching one of the best ever, nations in the world of dressage.


Making history, she holds the world record for the freestyle at 92. 79%,


that would win her the third and final championship title, the World


Championship. Beautiful. This is a truly


magnificent performance from Charlotte and Valegro yet again


What a combination, what a horse and rider, what a trainer from Carl


Heston, what a terrific owner, thank you also much. We are watching


something very, very, very special. That is the best you will ever see


of a reverse pirouette, incredible. CHEERING


Well, is it a world record? If it isn't she is a winner of the world


title. Here she is, your immediate reaction? I cannot believe it,


honestly, absolutely gobsmacked I don't know what to say. After London


2012I did not think it would get much better but last year I got


double gold at the Europeans. This week has been going so well. I was


praying I could maybe pull off it today and I cannot believe it. How


quickly do you know whether Valegro is on song. Touchwood he is always


on song, I never have to worry about it. Today I could feel he was a bit


tired but he gave me his all in the arena. That is what makes him so


special. He always keeps trying The crowd loved it, they gave you such a


reception. All week I have had a fantastic reception, it is great to


have that support, all of those fans cheering you on. You can stay


motivated on the days when it is cold and raining at home because of


moments like this. Absolutely, it makes it all worthwhile. I cannot


have been the only one fighting back the tears, so beautiful to see her


and Valegro. Now we will turn our attention to the three-day eventing,


in the countryside in Normandy we will see the world 's leading


riders, you would think that they would be up there competing for the


gold medal. But don't rule out Great Britain, the team of four including


three from London 2012, who brought home the silver medal and one new


name, so let's meet the British team.


Four years ago in Kentucky, William Fox-Pitt won an individual silver


medal. These days he is riding Chilli Morning and they took the


individual bronze last year at the European Championships in Sweden. He


is a super horse, I have had him for three years, lovely horse. Quite


eccentric, here's a stallion, in fact he is the leading stallion in


eventing. We have formed a great partnership, some good results. I am


hoping we can put in another good performance. Zara Phillips one


individual gold at the world Equestrian games in 2006 and


following time-outs last year to have a baby she has made a


successful return to the team. It is great to be here and part of the


team again. Just really looking forward to it. Getting your muscles


and your core and everything back to where it was after having a baby was


quite hard work. But it is like a drug, you want to do it again and


stay at the top and keep putting out those best performances. Almost


exactly a year ago, Harry Mead suffered an horrific fall in which


he shattered both arms. Against all the-year-olds he has made an


astonishing recovery. Quite a few months of operations and rehab and


it was a lot of unknown ground in there and I did not know whether I


would get back in the sport and a year to the day later I am at the


World Championships. Quite a fairy tale year. Already a two-time team


gold medallist, Tina Cook this year will pair up with her 11-year-old De


Novo News, also known as Herman My brother was the first one who had


seen it, he said it was ugly, looked like Herman Munster. So he kept the


name. This horse is still not the finished article and I still believe


there is more improving to come from him but it is exciting he is at the


World Championships. If we can put in good performances as a team and


riders, we would not be far away from goal. That is the British team


and add to that two individuals with Olivia Wilson, Ian Stark alongside


me part of the gold medal winning team in 1986. What should we expect


out of this team? At the beginning with this selection process we had a


very exciting team, some good young horses. A couple of them went lame,


sadly but still we have an experienced team. Great that Harry


Meade has been given a chance at last. When I arrived here I was not


that convinced they would be gold medal contenders but then I walked


the course and got excited because I thought it was a real British


course, long and undulating and muddy. They should benefit.


Overnight they have taken out two of the fences and a minute of distance


so that will change, but I think the Brits might be struggling now. Fifth


after the dressage, they might be struggling to get into the medals.


We will confirm those dressage places in a moment but the other


significant thing is that this is the first opportunity to qualify for


Rio? Getting in the first six is important. They will want to qualify


early and not leave it to the last gasp and hopefully they will do


that. The New Zealand team probably has the highest average age, do you


see them as favourites? Without a doubt. The Germans are in the lead


after the dressage but the Kiwis will relish these conditions. They


have some great horses and brilliant riders. The team has fantastic


experience. They will push the Germans to the last minute. What


about the individual medals? Hopefully William is up there, he


certainly had a great performance in the dressage and he is a brilliant


competitor. Could not ask for more. Chilli Morning is a classy horse,


has won a lot of competitions. I do not knowing if he has been under


pressure in wet conditions but I think William will be up there. The


cross-country will sort it out but let's confirm the placings after the


dressage. Germany leading the way in the team standings ahead of New


Zealand and the United States. Great Britain just ahead of the


Netherlands and Canada. In the individual, edition Sandra Auffarth


recorded the best score ahead of William Fox-Pitt. This is the horse


that tested positive and burly, Clifton promised. Michael Jung is


the defending champion and Nicola Wilson, great test for her in 1 th


on Annie Clover. Therefore the cross-country got underway we take a


look at some of the challenges facing the field. Riders have been


on a gently descending right-hand turn before they come to this fence,


and it goes seriously downhill. They land down there. It is a long way


down and then the first of three fairly serious water, nations. Only


six strides to recover after the big drop and then this very narrow


fronted fence. Not only is it now to approach but there is a widespread


with a fairly large drop into the water. When they get over that they


get the sea element, another narrow fence and then only three strides to


get that right. There is a slower route but if they take that they


will struggle. This is a tribute to one of the historic monuments but


the riders are not appreciating the painting. What is the tricky part


which the clever thing is that the numbering of the fences, this ditch


is the second element, B and C, when you get down here, it is also the


modest part, if you attempt the ditch you have to have a go at ease.


If you divert to the alternative it means you have to jump C twice. They


would then be eliminated. -- you have to have a go at D. The horse is


starting to get tired by this point. Inevitably, pretty undulate in, long


course, the ground will be heavy. Very wet. Only the riders will know


how the horses are feeling. The most important thing is that the riders


are fit enough to help the riders when they get tired. They have to


react to the situation. This step up to the finish, quite a tough


question, the solid part is pretty low. The main thing is they get onto


the line for the second fish in the middle of the water. There is an


alternative to this step up and it is this single element and drop into


the second water but if they do that they have to go around the big


circle, jumping the jetty and then turn another circle. If horses


getting tired that could exhaust them even more. COMMENTATOR: Away


goes the first, it is Mark Davison, Bruce Davison here watching his son.


He wrote four years ago in Kentucky when America finished fourth, he is


riding this Irish bred horse. 4 .7 in the dressage, 28 individually but


the Americans sat very comfortably. Hara de Pin Posted the 1969 World


Championships. You can see the big spread. -- hosted. It is downhill to


that fence, pretty vertical face. They have two respected, then the


first of, nations, four and five. The riders have been worried about


this. Over the top of the flag, got away with that. It is very early to


be influential. The interesting part about this cross-country, really an


gelatin. We thought it would be a horseman scores when it was


full-length. But the minute off that may help some of them. The


judgement not quite so difficult, but the important aspect is the


going. It will be sticky. It will be sticky, it will be interesting. The


first couple of horses it might not be too bad but when it cuts up it


may start drying out and get sticky. They have forecast rain so it may go


the other way. There is a choice of routes here. Looks as though he is


going the inside line, taking the quickest route. The French on the


homeground, huge support. The scores are very close. France did not have


a happy time in Canterbury four years ago. Pascal finished in 2 th,


in very good form. He looks as though he is set for the quicker


route. He has run past it. That is 20 on the board for that. In essence


that is a manner of losing momentum. This horse will not get round, if he


has another refusal he will be asked to leave the course. He is going the


alternative route, the black flag it, but he has put his hand up. Wow.


That is drama. Very sensible move, the horse was getting pretty tired.


And he had said no at the fence and to try it again when the horse has


run out of penalty like that -- petrol like that, was risking a


fall. Pascal Leroy. The horse looks full of running. But he has run out


as well. That did not seem to be a real worry, particularly when there


had been so many early on. It is at the end of the cause, it is a big


step up. I thought when we were watching it that the actual solid


part of the fish was quite small. They are just not focusing on it.


Look at the time in the bottom right-hand corner, that is the time,


counting down. Ten minutes 30 is the optimum time, for every second point


for penalty, he now has less than 30 seconds to get home. Zahra Tindall,


Zara Phillips looking very serious at the moment. Cannot blame her Of


course this horse owned by Trevor Hemmings, huge supporter of the


question world in general. This has won the Grand with those famous


colours, but he will be watching every move of this, nation. Former


world champion, from 2006, she sets out on her horse, High Kingdom. Of


coarse had a daughter earlier this year, has not had a big preparation


but they are a combination who often come to their best when it really


matters. Britain need that today. Had a odds of 54.5, Zara and High


Kingdom. -- had a dressage of 5 .5. It is this phase that will matter.


One of the quickest over those first three fences. It is not that long


since she had a baby. Quite tough to get back to this sort of level of


competing in fitness but no one more determined than Zara. Wasting no


time, very quickly back into the river. In the silver medal team in


London of course on this very horse. Irish bred, one of the great jumping


horses out of Ireland in recent times.


This is a lady who knows how to get horses, she knows her point to


pointing, so every hope that this horse will be fit to run for its


life and that I think is going to be very important. She certainly thinks


he is fit enough, not hanging around. One of the quickest so far,


she is going the quicker route here on fence seven, turning inside the


trees. Huge jump over the second house. The draw in the British team


running order caused a lot of interest. Zara going first. And


William Fox-Pitt going second. With Tina Cook going third and Harry


Meade fourth. But with the circumstances we find ourselves in


with these ground conditions that could be very shrewd. Of course


under the management of Yogi. Zara and High Kingdom at the first water.


Well written. Good bit of rebalancing, she did not just gun


down into the rushes, she added another stride. She gave him time to


jump the fences. Difficult to see this fence that one of the widest


fences on the course. Looks quite insignificant sitting there. Two


metres, the championship with. That is a long way. -- width. Zara


changing her whip over, getting ready for the left turn. Zara


Phillips, High Kingdom, the first of the British team out on the course.


She was plenty quick enough into the ditch and nearly paid the penalty.


But she is still clear. Good reactions from Zara, she kept hold


of the left rains, used every inch of her body to get the horse ran


that turn. -- rein. Zara has had to work hard on her fingers, not found


it easy. Well aware that she as well as the horse need to be fit. As we


see again the water, the first of three waters on this course. If you


are just joining us, the distance has been changed, one minutes being


taken off, now it is 5982 metres, with the optimum time of 10.30.


Nobody anywhere near yet, five round. Did not get very high over


that brush, taking a liberty, High Kingdom. But still running on well.


Coming to this major water complex. I do not think there is any doubt


that Zara Wood wants to keep going straight. -- would. Sit tight, sit


tight! That was a bit hairy. She was a long way off that first, the horse


was brilliant in that he responded and kept jumping. Zara Phillips was


just about left off the back door. Coming home to the last, good news


from Australia, after disappointing news that Christopher Burton had to


withdraw, jumping the last. And he is going to be some 45 or 46 seconds


over. He moves on to 71.7, for the first rider for Australia. Now we


are back with Sara. Keep -- Zara Phillips. She landed over that one.


And she is still intact. My word, that horses being generous, very


generous indeed, pictures now of the Polish rider, he is asking if he has


jumped the corner or not. Zara Phillips living dangerously. This is


where her fitness and the horse is fitness will count. What is her


time? The first of the British team riders, they could pull up a long


way, they could get three clear rounds, she is still counting down.


She is not over the optimum time yet, she will get time penalties,


that is for sure. She is still a quarter of a mile away from home.


The horse is definitely beginning to look a little bit weary but he is


responding to her, which is a good sign. Yes he is responding, she is


having to work and the fitness of Zara Phillips coming into play as


much as the Horst white don't make an error now Zara Phillips, come on.


Really they are both feeling a little bit weary, when they get


home, just a last note, no dramas here we hope. She is going to be


over the time, counting 30 seconds plus, but the horse has done so well


and so has Zara Phillips to be fair. High Kingdom did help her out once


or twice, at 68.9 it puts her at the moment as the top individual. It is


good news for Britain's first team rider. Marked model of New Zealand,


-- Mark Todd. He is on course. The world Olympic and European champion


is getting ready to go. Michael Jung, he is the first for the


Germans, this is a nine-year-old mare. Sadly he went out about two


weeks ago, his original horse, this is a different horse to the one that


he won the Europeans in Malmo a year ago. Great dress arch. This will be


interesting now. Germany of course Olympic champions, European


champions but they are not world champions, Britain won that in


Kentucky's 4-mac years ago -- great dressage. To get forth in dressage


is pretty impressive, it is not one that I know well, he is certainly


set up with determination. Zara Phillips has just about recovered


from the fastest clear so far? I know, it is really hard work out


there, just put the leg out, and, they cannot gallop the same way so


it is really tough on them. Wasn't he a star? I was brilliant -- he was


bred, I was saying come on man, keep going it was tough on him. Was this


one of the toughest cross-country is you have had to do with fitness and


coming back? Definitely, London was hard because it was like riding a


motorbike track, but this you have got terms, hills, ground, it is just


horrible for them. They are going through it but it is not the same as


they are used to and you have got to make sure that you write that way.


How did you feel? I felt all right actually, he is such a star, you


know? A couple of places I was hanging on the back, he keeps on


going and is brilliant, I am just so glad that he is here and able to


prove that, you know? And you are back on the British team? I know,


and line have never been Howard first either, it is nice to get on


and get on with it -- I know, and I have never been out first either, it


is nice. Second water, flies through that. Very well written. He has got


such a good gear going, the horse is not having to put a big effort into


the jumping, he is just going along. And a fall! It is a fall for Mark


Todd! It is that third water. That is really bad news for the Kiwis. It


means that they are down to three because the great Sir Mark Todd is


out, we will see what the reason for that was in just a moment. Here we


go. He is pushing for the step up by the looks of it. Oh! It lands on its


knees and he tries so hard to hang on, but sadly gravity takes over.


Michaeljohn, the first of the German team getting going, he is counting


down -- Michaeljohn. Pretty experienced mare. She is a mine old,


and is beginning to look a little bit weary suddenly she has suddenly


slowed down, and got a little tap. Still inside that ten minutes 3 , he


is not going to get there but he could be quicker than High Kingdom


and Zara Phillips, the fastest so far. Absolutely, it is a climb up


this final few minutes of the course. 2-mac minutes to jump, time


penalties from now, here we are from the world Olympic champions,


they were after dressage, on a score of 40. It had them right up there,


in fourth place at the last, Michael Jungle for Germany, this is a very


good start for them, this is the quickest we have seen so far --


Michael Jung. Stopped the clock with 29 seconds over. So he gets


11.6 in time penalties. Philip Dutton is in the early stages, we


are into the second riders for each team, coming down to the first of


three big Waters, on this World Championship cross-country. He gets


a nice six in there, waits for the water, just landed a bit steep and


short, as he was in the water. Philip quite rightly saying, come on


chap, keep your eye on the job. As we see Claire Rabbit, an individual


for Ireland. -- Claire Abbott. That is a bit of a surprise. Tour costs


through the fall? Well he was going very good, it looked like he had


some petrol left, when he gets tired, he does not look very


reactive, and we just got a horrible distance on the bank and I could not


get him, and he smacked into the side of it and that was the end of


its. Are you both OK? We are fine, he walked away, he is bright. Philip


Dutton is 50 years old, now very happily married, and the horse is


saying no! Sit tight, you don't move this man easily, this horse, he is


definitely seeing stars. He is not going to go, is he? No. The


Americans are in real trouble. Out of all chance of a medal team wise,


he is retiring. That happened literally in the blink of an eye.


The defending world champion Michael Jung has set a rig market, how did


it feel to you? Very hard-working today, the ground is a bit soft it


is very hard-working to galloping between the fences, but the horse


did a really good job, I gave a bit more time between the fences in the


end, but when you motivate the horse is a little bit, waking up and


concentrating and listening to the rider, so I am very happy about my


horse. And the second French rider, Cedric, he has ducked the wrong


side! He has got a 20, definitely. It was such a good ride, he was just


a little bit free, he was very casual would probably be the right


word. He saw a spot to attack. And you can see now that he has gone a


long way back, he has lost a bit of time because he was not thinking


clearly, he went a long way back to jump that alternative fence, this is


not an easy fence when you turn away from home. But he is away. Just 20


jumping penalties for that refusal but that is two of the French team


for 20 and they had up. -- add up. There it is, the world 's best


rider, Britain come with three world ranked number ones, now can this


man, win a world title? He has been so close, he was the silver


medallist four years ago behind Michael Jung. He was in 10th place


after dressage, Sandra Auffarth got ahead of him right at the end. And


Chilli Morniing is his horse, he is the second rider for Britain and he


is underway. William of course is the second of the British team


members, four in that team still to come, Tina Cook and Harry Mead, and


of course two important things here. Individually, he is in a very good


place, written would love to win a medal team wise, they were gold


medallists, they are titleholders defending the title, but there is


the little job of Olympic qualification for Rio, at four and


five. The only one not to take that flag out at the second corner. Just


to go back to that Olympic qualification, when we were hosts in


London, we automatically had a position but it is of course not the


case in Rio, we need to finish in the top six teams. The top six


teams, will give us qualification for Rio. Certainly the team manager


has put that has a high priority. He jumps the gate at six. -- as. He has


set off, it looks like he is having a go at the time, Zara Phillips had


a great pathfinding around for the Brits, and his own dressage test was


so good. As well as core occasion, -- qualification, William obviously


has a pretty good chance of individual medals as well. This is a


stallion that has got decent progeny has well, he was a horse that has


meddled individually, it is a horse that has been totally prepared for


this. He was a good win at Brabham, he did well, William Fox-Pitt, the


second rider for Britain, at the first of the waters, with Chilli


Morniing. William is looking determined and the horses


responding, that is very good. He is a horse that disappointed in


Kentucky Derby Mac years ago, they thought that the way to use him was


to keep him fresh -- - in Kentucky to years ago. And a


trainer produced this horse for Christopher Stone, the owner. Della


mac William has got double rains on it


is never easy if you need to readjust. It is a nice turn, one of


the best terms we have seen all day. William Fox-Pitt for Great Britain,


goes away from fence 11, of the 35 fences, he heads up one of the many


quite energy sapping hills. Over the triple bar, over the ditch, to the


rails, the bar comes a bit later, similar fences in many ways. This


stallion, look at that. Look at that look of determination on William's


face. William Fox-Pitt for Britain at the second quarter of the three.


-- second water. William! Sara Phillips gave us heart attacks there


right at the start and William did not make us all together feel


comfortable -- Zara Phillips. But he is being positive, that is one good


thing. But it was quite interesting, that water, he jumps so boldly,


everything else has been finding it quite long. It just shows his scope.


You can see here, he saw a stride and he had to go for it, quite close


to the second. It was very sharp. Let us not prejudge anything here,


it is a nice reassuring pat, he has still got some nice questions to


come. Now over halfway round, this course, which has certainly caused a


number of upsets. Beautiful. Absolutely spot-on. This man is


known as Mr cool. Now, this water. William Fox-Pitt, Chile more,


Britain's second team rider, coming to the second most influential jumps


so far. He holds onto it. That is well ridden. Lesser horsemen would


have given up on that. Now, we should not be saying this to William


Fox-Pitt but hold it together William. We had a cute kittens this


morning from British riders, let us have no more. We are counting down,


35 seconds to get home. He won't do that but the fastest time we have


seen so far is from Michael Jung, who got home in just under 11


minutes. It didn't go as his best shot there. He is beginning to


weary, he is still running on. He is, you are right, two fences to go,


still counting down. This sport over the years, it has changed the Matic


key, it is all about judgement of pace, knowing your horse, has this


man absolutely done this to the team? He is now in time faults, he


has got the last fence, William Fox-Pitt for Great Britain, bringing


them back into the medal and the world title, in 2014. He gets it and


he is home, he is 31 seconds over, he is quicker than Michael Jung not


quite actually, he is just a bit slower. New Zealand, Tim at the


first. He gets the extra stride he leaves the back legs on the fence,


he gets away with it. As a way goes Ingrid Klimke for Germany, the


individual silver medallist, in Malmo for the Europeans on this


lovely mare, my word she impressed us there. A tenure rolled, she was


fifth in dressage, not the sort of start that would give you


confidence? It was not the best at least the horse realises it has got


to do some concentrating. Setting off at 1 million miles an hour, she


has done that before And Actually Four Years Ago, IN KENTUCKY, SHE DID


THE SAME, SHE GOT HOME, but my word, only just, Germany did not have a


good competition for years ago. After that they have been


unbeatable. Good there. Tim Price, in the middle


water. Very nice indeed. So William Fox-Pitt after a clear round has


leapfrogged Michael Jung, Zara Phillips is still in third. First of


all, your reaction to your round? I'm hugely relieved, watching it


all, your reaction to your round? horrendous and it is proving


incredibly tough, he is a seriously good horse, but he has never been


asked to do what he has done today, I'm so proud that he is the world


number one stallion, progeny on the ground, the pressure was on. Chris


was saying forget he has got a reputation, but he tried so hard and


I think every stride was a slog every stride was a plug, and you


could feel them working. Forget anything I have ridden in before,


the ground today makes Badminton looked like good ground. You tried


to preserve the energy of the horse? I had to get home, it is not riding


well, it is no good if you don't get through to the finish and he was


dead right, of course I got slowly and I wasted time early on, there


was not left in the tank, I have not seen many finishes at all. I am


thrilled that he kept on jumping and that his heart stayed right in it.


Phew. Remember Germany already with one team member around, Michael Jung


got them off to a cracker. Ingrid Klimke at the first water. Now what


happens? I would think that would not matter, if she goes around, she


can correct that and she will not be penalised. It is my reading of the


situation, she had to go to the right-hand side of the Lord if she


did. Can she do that without crossing the tracks? No is the


answer. That is a good point. There is a picture, we don't know why it


is Tim Price walking home. The Kiwis will be devastated. Absolutely


devastated. And that is obviously, at least something that has happened


before, two from home. We are back, with Ingrid Klimke, this is crucial


I would suggest now. Well ridden. Nothing chancy about that. Nicola


Wilson, riding here as an individual. Quick recovery there.


Picked it up very quickly, and it was back between hand and leg, in


control is what that means. Ingrid Klimke. And Ingrid Klimke is home


for Germany, and the tenure rolled, two Germans are home. She has got 32


time penalties, 73.6, no jumping penalties of course, that is the


important bit. Nicola Wilson at the second. Very gutsy and determined


bit of riding. Responding to everything. All of those years of


experience, putting them to really good effect, the young mayor, ten


years old, championship course. -- horse. Well done. That was well


done. One of the very few, that we have seen bounce that step. She had


assessed it, got it, knew where she was going. You don't normally see


this girl doing any thing, I just got the impression as she turned


away, that she was grimacing her teeth, and saying come on, we have


got a chance to get in the big time. Still clear, and we are still


counting down. We have still got 30 seconds. Again, won't do it. No she


won't. The best we have had is still Michael Jung, 59 seconds. Just 9


seconds over. That is the best. Ten minutes 30 is the time, still


counting down. The mayor is still jumping. Through the trees and the


sheep, coming for home, another wave of the one and from Nicola. I think


that she is responding, still responding which is good to see


Just need to get a good shot here, the last thing you want to do is tip


up the little box on the way home, we have now got time faults coming


up towards the 32nd mark, as the last fence appears, this has been an


excellent round, she has been part of the success of Britain in the


last ten years. She is at the last, and over, coming home, 45 seconds


over, she is going to get 18 time full, 64 and she goes third. The


last water for the Frenchman. And he can still wave to the crowds, not


quite yet. There it is. Will he be the next French president? Blowing


kisses even. There is talk of change. Weld ridden, very positive.


Ingrid Klimke is with me now, getting around and staying with your


horse is a triumph? Yes I'm ready happy because last night, spoke


about everything and what can happen, so exactly this situation we


spoke about, that you must make sure that you don't cross your line,


whatever happens, sit, turn, jump, last element, go up turn and don't


cross your line. OK, turn, no crossing and then I switch off my


watch, and now surviving is everything, make sure that you come


safe home. But I must say, the ground, identity will see it much on


television but it is taking a lot out of the horses -- I didn't think


we will see it much. Black tie is 13 years old, I think there are


instructions out there for the British team. That is the sort of


place you can easily lose your rhythm. He can do that, that is no


problem. Two numbered fences, quick thinking by Ollie. The crowd is


really building up now, they are getting noisier. Really fantastic


from start to finish. The crowd was cheering us on, it was lovely, at


every single fence I heard my name. It is lovely. You could fill the


horse, who is going backwards and forwards as well, such a treat and


privilege. Oliver Townend, the individual for Britain, an black


time. -- on Black Tie. He has put his hand up, and again, he landed


very short on that bank. A little wary. Definitely weary, he was very


quick as soon as the horse landed, to put his hand out. You have got to


try, championship. Good to see him jump off. He made the right


decision. He will be back. Here now is the last, Peter Flarup, can you


believe it, clear until then. Lucy Jackson, the individual for New


Zealand, could it be the same? Would you believe that? Would you believe?


There is a horse and rider that had gone so well, and another one to


succumb to the third water. We saw Oliver Townend calling it a day it


is really tough out there. It is tough, it is his second chance at


this level, he was for the last time round. But I think he was caught out


by the grounds, it is -- he is a very small horse when you stand into


him and even when he was jumping well he felt like he was landing in


a heap and we were ending up on half distances all the time. He tried his


best. I think come another big event on firmer ground I do not think we


will see him do that. Will he get a break now? He is 100%. Even to turn


back on the alternative was hard work and he still wanted to do it,


bless him. We will have a well-deserved holiday, hopefully.


William Fox-Pitt leading, 50.3, Michael Jung in second. The world


Olympic and European champion, reigning world champion. Then Annie


Clover, Nicola Wilson, brilliant round, currently in third place


Only two to go for Peter Thomsen. One of the quickest up this hill, I


have to say. Bit of a flyer, the first we have


seen do that all day. And his time will be crucial. Peter Thomsen at


the final fence the Germany, that is a good score for the German team.


Peter Thomsen finishing with 14 time penalties. He moves into third


place. Qalao Des Mers with Maxime Livio, third team rider on this


ten-year-old. Important round for France if they are going to get


themselves back into contention So far, so good, as he makes his way to


the middle water. On the whole this water has jumped well. It has,


actually, quite a formidable line as you approach the water. The horses


are seeing it well in advance. No real surprises. As long as the


riders are positive it seems to be working. There is a very nervous


French team. I do not think they have any fingernails left. And we


joined the Dutch rider rumour has it. , now quite experienced, 51


dressage, a good line to the corner, a good line to both corners. The


French crowd beginning to raise the Cheers, the best French performance


so far, Maxime Livio an Qalao Des Mers, he is into the penalty times.


.4 for every of those seconds that ticked by. He comes to the last the


Frenchman, Maxime Livio, the first-team member and he is over the


last, a good round. One of the new stars on the block for France. No


jumping penalties. Looks like 1 .2, a quick round. Despite going the


long way. He has gone into third. Watch the faces now, look at that,


yes, they are pleased. So the first water now for Canada's


Bennett-Awad. That will be a 20 That certainly is, oh dear, quite a


surprise. I walked this course and I thought there could not be a better


course for this horse that she has not really been travelling since the


fourth fence. The big decision again. She has not really been


travelling forward and jumping out of her normal rhythm. Very


irritating 20 penalties to get. 60 penalties. Maxime Livio the youngest


member of the French team, you have just completed clear,


congratulations, how did you find it? It was amazing, really. I run


every weekend everywhere in France, Europe, in cross-country and I have


never spent moments like this. Because all of the French people


were here for us. Was crazy. To hear them from the first fence to the


last. It was amazing, really. Back with Tina. Kristina Cook the third


rider for Britain, has started. Very experienced rider, relatively


inexperienced horse. Silly run out at the start of the cross-country at


Badminton this year. Then got themselves together and jumped a


brilliant round over what proved to be a very difficult course. Former


European champion of 2009, Olympic individual and team Ron 's medallist


in Hong Kong, one of Britain's great. Tina Cook, on this home De


Novo News. This is 64, Carlos Fernandez, the Spanish rider, on the


floor. And this is the fall at the log file, that is the incident that


put the Spanish combination out of the competition. -- log pile. It is


a big fence, it has been a near miss for one or two. But Tina comes now


to this combination. Looking good. No one better going at third man


Tina, very important part of the team. Huge experience. -- third van.


Had a great junior career. Completed in 1993 in the Europeans. She has


been at the forefront of the sport ever since. On some great horses.


Gold medallist in the World Championships of 1994. Tina Cook at


the water. Very well written. Shook the horse


up at the right time, got his attention and then wrote it. --


ridden. All of her experience showing. It is those black colours,


and it is the black colours of the man who won Badminton in 2012, John


Padgett -- Jonathan Paget. He has been hitting the headlines of course


that he would like to put the past behind him on the horse he won


Badminton on. He is away. New Zealand now wanting some good news,


not a lot of that so far. Paget Over the first two fences. Tina Cook back


at the water. Trying for the bounce. Very good. Very good.


Well-organised, well setup. John Paget setting up pretty quickly


Price came unstuck as well. I have a feeling, though he has run out.


Well. That is another disappointment for the Kiwis. It is not going


right. They were very definitely fancied to give the Germans a real


run for the gold medal but they are not going to do it. And of course,


remember, he was in third place at the dressage on 38, one of the three


to go under 40 and that will put him out of the individual.


Tina Cook coming towards home. The problem is not over yet. Now what is


happening here? This is Paget surely walking off course. We are with Tina


Cook, and according to the computer she is still clear. She is coming to


the last fence. A clear round is exactly what Britain wants, she is


35 seconds over and counting. At the last, the third member of Britain's


team, definitely one to put Britain in the fight for a medal and she is


through. This young horse has twice been around Bampton, twice had just


the odd run out and have always said that this is a horse that can do the


job and he has proved it this afternoon so she has finished on


67.6, and that puts her in sixth. Britain now in a very strong place.


Dirk Schrade Goes for Germany. Not the most orthodox jumper but has a


great heart. Goes very high over his fences. Well. Things are changing.


They are. 36-year-old Dirk Schrade, 20 jumping penalties, he scoops


around to jump the next fence, the long way. He will lose time. Part of


the team gold medal in London. He is away. He will need to keep his head.


He will not need to gallop this horse off its feet. This I think now


is the Long Way round, hitting the top, gives him a ducking, says I do


not want to go in there if that is what happens. And down goes Denis


Mesples at one of the softer fences. Tina Cook has ensured that Britain


will be riding for a medal tomorrow. Congratulations. Thank you, I am so


pleased. One of the most difficult championship courses and I'm really


pleased with this young horse. He seems to have a lovely long stride


so you don't have the hook him up too much and. I was not sure how he


would cope on this ground. He is by a thoroughbred but he does not have


the acceleration like a thoroughbred and it was trying to judge the pace


early that I had some left for the last few fences which some were


struggling with. He is really honest, were there any moments you


had a worry? Loads! Even if it goes well whenever you have a


cross-country round. Not really scary but so many of the


combinations you have to be on top of your game, really making it very


clear. There are places where the ground is quite soft. It has dried


amazingly and they have done a fantastic job to make it as good as


they can but it is a real stamina test. That is a good sign, Denis


Mesples on his feet, the France but that does mean elimination. And


there is a dark out, the second refusal for Dirk Schrade and Hop And


Skip. He has now got 40 jumping penalties. Pressure will be on the


lady who did so well in the London Olympics. So, this competition is


going to go right down to the wire. Hop And Skip looking weary away from


the water. Only four fences to jump. Away goes John Al Price, her husband


Jim on the team hair. -- Jonelle Price For the now can she bring some


pride back for the family and for New Zealand? Dirk Schrade coming


home, Hop And Skip with 40 jumping penalties and time penalties as


well. He has 135.3. They will want to discard by one, the Germans, that


will be the job of Sandra Auffarth. This is the team situation and the


moment. This is with three riders to count. That means that Hop And Skip


is in there. It must do. Germany have the lead but only just ahead of


Britain. One or two big names there at the end, United States and New


Zealand, with big scores because anybody who does not get around gets


1000 penalties. As we look at the scoreboard, four British riders in


the top seven. Who would have thought that would be the case? It


is not over yet. It could change. As Jonelle Price puts in another lovely


piece of writing over 36 and 27 -- riding. Classic Moet still answering


all the questions at the moment Back with Andreas Ostholt for


Germany. Jonelle Price has not eased up, and nor has this man. He is


flying, I have to say. That is worrying me. The middle water. 5,


16. 17. Gives you much more of an idea of the angle. It is the first


time we have seen it like that. I think so. Could this be anywhere


near that time? Have not got any body near, and she is only just


outside the time now. This is the quickest we have seen. A great round


by Jonelle Price, she does what her husband tried to do and she does it


very well indeed. Well done, third place. Classic Moet. 52.5, just four


time penalties, that means that this individual is still far from over.


And for Belgium, Karin Donckers 40.3 in the dressage, she has been a


member of the Belgian team for a lot of years now, very experienced.


Belgium have had their disappointments today. Their first


rider the Belgium this morning, did not get round. Third rider, went


very well, Lara De Liedekerke. Just outside the top ten now. So now it


is definitely up to Karin Donckers. This is Andreas Ostholt. Coming


through to the last two fences for Germany. He is an age 6.3. If he


stayed on that for any reason he would go ahead of William Fox-Pitt,


if he is inside the time. It is fast, is it fast enough? Andreas


Ostholt, the individual for Germany, So Is Et. He is over. He has looked


fast, it is not quite as fast as we thought. He is 26 seconds over but a


great round from Frank's brother, who has jumped into international


recognition. The very popular Jean Teulure, he won the world title in


2002. Jean Teulere He won the world title in 2002. He is 60 years old


now. The wrong side of the flag The wrong side. It has been a


disappointing day for the New Zealand team but riding individually


Jonelle Price has just registered the fastest clear round on Classic


Moet. You set off like you were in a race. But as I came across the


finish they said to me if I started quicker I would have got the time. I


assume he was joking. Either way I had to sit and see because she was


travelling beautifully. I could not believe it as I came out of the last


water and let the rain is out and she took off up the last hill. I


could not be more pleased with the way she finished. Still full of


could not be more pleased with the running as she comes to the last


turn, Karin Donckers for Belgium. Getting hold of the horse. 33, 4


seconds over. Karin Donckers as God 13.6 time. She goes into fourth


place. This is the Aussie, an Kilronan. He says well done to the


horse, you did it better than me. Little bit backward thinking, but he


made the right decision. Would have been a long way off. Our cameraman


having a spot of fun. As now we joined Andrew Nicholson, bronze


medallist four years ago on this wonderful horse, Nereo. 45.3 his


dressage, it is certainly good enough. He was 13th but he is close.


He will not hang about. Paul Tapner trying to get his share. It is a


quickest round, but it is not quite quick enough to put him into the


frame. -- --quickish. That will put Australia back into the picture He


goes 10th individually finishing on that 66.6. An Kilronan. As a way


goes Sandra Auffarth, this is the lady that matters now, the William


Fox-Pitt. The two riders on the course will decide where we will be


at the end of the individual and insider's case, at the end of the


teams. Britain at the moment, it looks like just over a refusal


behind the Germans. The little hesitation but certainly no


penalties. He is into the water Andrew Nicholson. And as again. He


sits so still as the radio does all the work. -- Nereo. Harry Meade


coming home. Has gone clear, not that quick. But his elbows bandaged,


what a ride. There will be one very proud mum and dad for what their son


has achieved in the last 12 months. Harry Meade home, an 82.7. Sandra


Auffarth, look at that gallop, that is a long stride, that is covering


the ground. Was on 35. Just pulling a little. Pulling quite a lot,


actually. Keen to get over. Coming to the water. We will give you this


situation with Chilli Morning in a moment. My word. Living


dangerously. Bit of indecision about how much striding. Andrew Nicholson


flying. Don't disregard this man. He is in the mix. Felix Vogg just


finishing. One of the stars left, Sandra Auffarth, makes it look so


easy. Look at and stride. Andrew Nicholson coming to that final


water. The last big test. Nereo Got it. And got the other, came inside


the flag, I am pretty sure. We're back with Germany. Into the middle


water. Coming to, huge jump. Bravely sharp. Wasn't he sharp? The horse


beginning to get a little weary for Andrew Nicholson. He is counting


down Dell. And now he is counting up, coming for home. He is coming to


take seconds over, will he get ahead of William Fox-Pitt? He gets close


to the last but Nicholson is there for New Zealand. He is 17 seconds


over. He is 7.2 time and Nereo has a score of 52.5 which means that there


are four within two and Sandra Auffarth still to come. The last


horse on the course. He is a jumper, but he will have two shorten up For


that last big step. Here we go. Over the first narrow, over the second.


CHEERING It is looking good for Germany. It


is looking good for Germany for both the team and individual. It is in


this lady's hands. But I think Sandra Auffarth is going to do it.


She is going to be 30 seconds and counting. APPLAUSE


With one sense left. -- fence. She is over. And she stops the clerk at


11.11 .51. -- clock. 52.0, William Fox-Pitt stays in the lead, Sandra


Auffarth in second. Did you enjoy today? I enjoyed it, it was really


exciting. The course was not easy, the ground was really difficult But


I enjoyed it, the crowd was so great, so many came from Germany and


I think all the French people were supporting me because of my French


horse, so that was really nice. Great effort and to go last and do


well is terrific. Thank you. Outstanding performance by the


British team, with all four what is jumping Herbert desperately sad


news, is that Harry Meade's horse collapsed in the finishing area but


unfortunately Wild Lone has died. It is awful for this to have happened.


It is, all of the British athletes were riding superbly and


demonstrated the highest degree of horsemanship and in 11 years of


doing this job it was one of the proudest days in how they read.


Unfortunately, as you have just explained, Wild Lone, ridden by


Harry Meade, collapsed in the wash down area. There was a vet there


with the horse and other vets were in attendance immediately.


Everything that could have been done was done. But unfortunately the


horse died. It is terribly sad and as a federation and a team we send


our sympathies to Harry and his wife and as you know, the grooms


especially, and to the owners, fantastic supporters of Harry and of


the sport. It is sad but today we need to remember it as a day when


the team pulled it out the hat and coat beautifully with very difficult


course. This is a horse you have known for a long time, how did he


feel out there? He felt wonderful. The first-class ride. He felt like


he was cross country schooling all the way round. But I feel very


strongly that although the ground conditions are testing and it is


hilly, that played absolutely no part in what happened. He was well


within himself. And finished extremely well. My only regret with


the whole day is that I was possibly a little conservative and we had


more in the tank at the end. From the competitive point of view. But I


really feel that the cross-country test set today was not the cause for


the horse, really sadly dying. It is always a really tremendous shock


particularly with a horse like this who has performed so well. How will


you remember him, how good was he? Ireland is saying to my father when


he was six years old, I had been riding him the two years and I said


to my father that I felt one day people would say he was the best


cross-country course in the world and I think he has proved that in


the last few years. -- cross-country horse. He finished in third place at


Badminton in similar conditions this year. He was a real star today and


gave me a textbook ride. We really appreciate you coming to talk to us


and I am so sorry. We can just confirm the standings at the end of


the cross-country. William Fox-Pitt in the lead bird cage is not even


have one fence in hand over Sandra Auffarth of Germany and Michael


Jung, defending champion. Jonelle Price had the fastest clear round in


cross-country, wonderful piece of writing. And full marks to Nicola


Wilson, in 12 plays riding as an individual. A good team


performance. If we look at the team standings, Germany lead the way Top


six teams will qualify for Brazil, the host nation is already qualified


but the big names, not possible for them to complete because they did


not get riders around the cross-country course, it is a very


telling day, we were walking the showjumping course and obviously


Great Britain have three horses left to rely on, what is the mood in the


camp today? There is a bit of concern, they are upset about the


horse, they are a very upbeat, they performed really almost above


expectations, so they are very positive and they are all quite


capable of jumping clear here and it is luck of the day. For William


Fox-Pitt, possibly the best known in eventing, he has won everything


except for an individual title, this would be huge for him? It would be


enormous, he has won everything numerous times. I hope that it is


his day, chilling more is very capable -- Chilli Morniing. I


watched him warm up and he was in great form. I know that the team


very much wants to ride for Harry because if they win a team medal, he


will join them. There has been a lot of respect for the way he handled


things yesterday because it is really never easy, massive crowd in


the stadium and a lot of British bands. Let us see how the


showjumping phase armfuls. -- British fans, let us see how the


showjumping unfolds. COMMENTATOR: And this is Zara Phillips, with her


horse High Kingdom, great performance yesterday but we need a


clear round to put pressure on the Germans. Well Zara Phillips, first


to go for the Brits, she did a brilliant job, there is no doubt


that the first riders of the team were out there as guinea pigs, they


had to find out how the conditions were, what it was as riding. Having


just come back from a little bit of time off, courtesy of a little baby


girl, she is back in full form. Moving on to make sure that the time


is OK, not wasting any time in these terms. Keep them steady, steady


steady. Just a bit quick. On the edge of your seats at this point.


Turning for home. Down this final line. What a start! What a


performance! Zara Phillips is always at her best under pressure and we


have seen it yet again. It is a great clear round and it is still


game on between Germany and Great Britain. What about De Novo News?


The 11-year-old, homebred, by the Gifford 's, written by the former


European champion 2009, currently 14th, the same instructions as for


Zara Phillips. To keep the pressure on Germany. I'm lucky at that fence,


Tina is an incredibly experienced rider, she knows her job. And, De


Novo News, called home and at home, because his head is full of


experience. -- Herman at home. How beautifully written.


-- how beautifully ridden. Another one away. Just keep calm, here. This


final line, one to go. And lovely over the last, what a pity to have


these two down. They go on now, to 75.6, their 80s. Just got that


little bit of breathing space for Germany. We are now with Saturn for


Australia. Looking good for Australia, they were in bronze medal


position, but as it stands, they are almost certain to go down to fifth,


it did not start well. This is down to the third member to jump already,


that is currently the situation A clear round I don't think we'll be


good enough to stop them losing that bronze medal position. The Badminton


winner of 2010, riding this horse, certainly written under pressure


before, -- certainly ridden under pressure before. He is going to lift


this horse around the course if he does not jump it. He was leading


overnight after cross-country at this time, though not on this horse,


he had several fences down to finish fifth, he won't want to do that


again. This does not look like it. The last gate! Oh! Now, it is Nicola


Wilson, an individual for Great Britain, riding Annie Clover. Oh


dear! They did so well yesterday, just 18 time full is, not bad


experience, this horse. -- faults. We know that Annie Clover is a


really good horse, and normally is really good in this showjumping


phase. Just kicked the first fence out and slightly unsettled the


partnership, made a bit of a Horlicks at the second, settle down


now. Nicola who has been such a brilliant member of the team for so


many years now. But, here as an individual. But this is a serious


replacement for her. Two opposition bars who is now retired from the big


team competitions. Annie Clover certainly living up to this


responsibility, but this is a star of the future. Just showing a bit of


inexperience. Such a talented rider, if they can get together and use


this experience. Yes. They will be back. It is a difficult one, that


line, you either have two keep going, you add early. Nicola making


the mayor take a good look at that fence as they rebuild it. That is


Nicola Wilson for Great Britain With Annie Clover.


Peter Thomsen, the individual for Germany now. The horse was Olympic


gold medallist in Germany and Hong Kong, has been a tremendous servant


to German eventing. They went well yesterday, just 14 time penalties.


Currently 10th on 60.3. He is an individual, remember, still to jump


for the Germans, the world titleholder of course, Michael Jung,


and another, Sandra, Sandra Auffarth is currently in second place and


Michael Jung is currently third So much at stake in the next few


minutes. And the horse is looking good in this phase. He is so


experienced. He has been in numerous teams for the Germans. Running as an


individual here. Doing a bread job at this. -- doing a brilliant job.


That is what this squad is all about, all around horsemanship,


jumping out is so much more important than it was, this man is a


really complete horseman. Confident round. That is a copybook around,


from the individual Peter Thomsen. One chance for glory for France


coming now, just 13.2 time penalties, for a lovely round. 8.5


is his score, he is currently eight. This is their last team member. The


horse added eight to his score - another rider added eight to his


score, and another 18 as well to his score. The French have slipped out


of challenge, for the moment, France at the moment are battling with


Australia, on equivalent points Well, Maxime did a brilliant job


yesterday, and he's a doing a fantastic job here today.


But can he impress on this phase? He certainly looks as if years, he is a


real talent for France the future. -- as if he is. And he can


real talent for France the future. individual, that is a stylish clear!


And the French are jumping up and down. 58.5. Karin Donckers for


Belgium. She has been a superstar for Belgium for many years, riding


Fletcha Van't Verahof. Currently on 55.9. She has a fence down, if she


does Maxime will come up again, she is just one fence up behind the


lead, if she puts in a clear round, then


those in front of her have got to clear as well to stay ahead of her.


Everything now is costly. This horse 's very impressive across the


country. And looks equally impressive in the stadium. Just too


quickly confirmed that the Netherlands have won a bronze, that


is amazing at worlds, it means that France finish fourth and Australia


fifth. We have got the individual and team still to decide. Fix your


hat, Karen, get it right. Just keep your cool for this last line. What a


finish. She has been so near, a medal for many years, I'm afraid


that will keep her out yet again. At the last, 59.9, she will finish on.


So she drops below, Maxime who is now up to sixth. But now, the man


who won bronze individually four years ago, the great Andrew


Nicholson from New Zealand. Andrew Nicholson, bronze medal four years


ago but he is not going to do it again. He is now on a 56.5. He was


within one fence. Five of them are all within one fence of the leader.


That first fence has been expensive for a lot of competitors. Yes as we


said earlier, it seems to be the beginning of the course that has an


effect. Looks more awake now. The great Spanish show-jumper, a great


man to have outside. He is having trouble here. And he comes up again,


the French have got more to celebrate. Fighting a bit as well.


This is expensive. Throw it away. Just the last, the he leaves that


one, it is 64.5. Karin Donckers comes up, so does Boyd Martin and


Peter Thomsen. Andrew Nicholson crops right down to ninth. Tim was


in the team and he did not get around, but Janel with a lovely


11-year-old, Classic Moet. Was quite brilliant yesterday. Went around the


course quicker than anybody, was actually just with four time faults.


Just run a little bit at that third fence, with its head up. It does


ease the pressure on the potential medallists, of course. Actually that


was very unlucky because looking at this horse, it has a great jump One


eighth Shire, I believe is the breeding of this mare. One hastens


to add, by a horse that has got a lot of fans, up in Yorkshire. And


the more you watch, the more you think that was so unlucky, a very


expensive poll. She keeps it to one down, if she does she will actually


stay in fourth place. It is a good performance considering that was an


early poll. Michael Jung the only man to won all of the titles before,


riding his third horse -- to win. Currently lying third, 52.3, less


than one fence behind William Fox-Pitt. Well it is another great


performance across country, yesterday, for Mark Young. And this


horse, was bustling around that course. Answering all of the


questions. It is a clear round here, it would almost certainly guarantee


Germany's gold, I would think. Barring a disaster. That was a good


rub, he really had to work coming out of the combinations to make that


spread. As often happens, he is a bit casual that the next fence. And


with the European title last year, coming to the last, time is fine.


And he has done it! Again he has shown why he is one of the finest


horse men that we have ever seen, he has guaranteed could he still


retained his world individual title? And I think that gives Germany Gold,


we have still got Sandra Auffarth of course. Confirmation of his score,


it means that now, Britain is the best part of 20 marks behind


Germany, it has opened up. But here comes Sandra over fast, she was a


show-jumper, her parents have a very respected stud. This is an


outstanding horse, French bread it is now 12 years old, it won Olympic


individually and a team gold medal. They are a very outstanding


combination, currently lying second. Currently under two marks, one


behind William Fox-Pitt. This is one that I would have loved to have been


on yesterday, looked fantastic. Slightly hairy moment at the water


jump. So much ability is. This is a jumper. -- so much ability. Father


and son, they work so well together, the Germans. Remember Britain, they


were world champions four years ago, they could be about to be


losing that title. They are 16. marks behind. WoW and how impressive


is this jumping? And Henry, the man responsible for getting a lot of


horses home. My word. One to go Absolutely brilliant. You cannot


take it away from the German team, they have deserved that. Ingrid


going back to join them, they guaranteed gold. There is the


British team. The wife Alice, shortly to expect. This could be the


moment that we have all been waiting for, this man to achieve. The next


90 seconds will tell. Still into bronze, cannot afford another. He


won bronze in the Europeans last year. Oh! He jumping so well. Just a


tiny old rub. The last line. The time is fine I think. The last.


CHEERING He has won bronze! William Fox-Pitt,


so hoping that he would win the championship title that he deserves,


it has eluded him all his career, a classic oarsmen. But Sandra Auffarth


wins, and Michael Jung is in second position. Here is the individual


situation. Here are those team standings. Germany have done it


They have now got all of the titles. And the top six getting those


tickets to Rio. A step onto the podium, the silver medallists, of


Great Britain. It is great that Harry Mead gets a medal because he


played his part in this team, believe me. William, now Tina, she


of course was in the team four years ago as indeed William was, a world


silver medal, the first one for Zara Phillips, she has had gold but not a


silver. And now Harry Mead, his first championship, he takes home a


medal and he will be back, believe me. Great Britain win team silver,


with a very happy team head. So up steps Britain's William Fox-Pitt who


takes the bronze medal on Chilli Morniing. Well done, bronze


medallist in the individual qualification for the World


Championships. Net start with Tina Cook because when you came into this


arena my word, what a noise? It was unbelievable, especially that Zara


Phillips did a clear round, did you think, that jewel horse overreacted?


He showed a bit of inexperience it is like an Olympic Games, but he


will jump well. You let out the most enormous roar after yours? I was so


proud of him and I was happy to get him in the bag, I was happy to be


back really. To be honest that made certain that you would hang onto the


silver medal? Well I was the first, hopefully I got a good round in the


bag and the good guys would be able to do the same thing, and we could


keep that silver anyway. You have had a really torrid 24 hours, when


you stepped on the podium you got the biggest round of applause and


huge cheers? You could not have asked four more runs a fitting


tribute to that wonderful horse I'm delighted for the team. For you and


individual bronze medal as well nearly a gold but for that pesky


Pole? He could have a nearly a gold but for that pesky


very excited and he is still a nearly a gold but for that pesky


our horses nearly a gold but for that pesky


tha dop od `is nearly a gold but for that pesky


take over, qou an` Europdan chalpaons but it vill


be an` Europdan chalpaons but it vill


forced to wathdraw, that means that an` Besse Dbake hs now the


travelling an` Besse Dbake hs now the


Scotd rarher is t`e an` Besse Dbake hs now the


tha andivhdeal covebage nf burly, but here in




Clare Balding introduces action from the FEI World Equestrian Games, where eventing medals are up for grabs in Caen, France.

After completing the dressage and cross-country stages in the preceding days, the three-day eventing competition concludes with show jumping.

The British team won silver at the 2012 Olympics and will have high hopes of leaving Normandy with another medal.

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