Showjumping Highlights World Equestrian Games

Showjumping Highlights

Clare Balding presents action from the FEI World Equestrian Games in Caen, France. Great Britain's squad topped the medal table in 2010, claiming 19 medals.

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MUSIC welcome to Normandy, this ancient city of calm is more than


1000 years old, it is William the Conqueror territory, and the bayou


tapestry that tells the tale of his most important battle is just


down the road, the whole world has now landed here, as this city and


Normandy is hosting the 2014 world Equestrian games. MUSIC this is the


horse Olympics, it only happens every four years and this is the


biggest one ever, with nearly 1000 athletes and horses, not to mention


the half a million spectators. The bridges riders have already been


busy winning medals, now it is time for the show jumpers to shine and


they are here to make history, no nation has ever held the Olympic,


European and world titles at the same time. This is a man for a big


occasion, Scott rash of Scotland. What a tournament he has had, my


word, this boy is a star. Riding with his normal dash and style. What


a run, that was a fantastic run. Michael Whitaker, at his glorious


best. Britain is enjoying the glory days again. That is where they are


hoping to make history, in this stadium, the main venue, known as


the home of the local football club, but for two weeks the footballers


have cleared away, and the horsemen have moved in, there are hundreds of


lorries, and the horses have largely been brought here by road and ferry


and they need somewhere to stay here, among those stables, are four


very special equines, they belong to the British show jumping gene, let


us meet the riders. -- team. Hello, my name is Scott rash, my horse is


very intelligent, when he is at home he is very laid back and when he is


in the ring he knows his job, probably the best horse I will ever


have. Hello, I have written my horse for five years, he is a great


athlete, he is very laid-back in the stable and when you get him out he


livens up, and he always gives 100%. Hello, I wear


my horse, has been riding since five years old. He shows heart and he


jumps all of the jumps. My name is Michael Whitaker, I ride a horse


called Viking, you need to be ready awake when you are riding him, I am


very happy to ride him. He wins a lot. So this British showjumping


line-up is a mix of old and new, in case you are wondering where Ben


Maher is, he was forced to withdraw, before it started, his horse picking


up an injury. They do still have the talent and experience of world


number one Scott Brasch, and Michael Whitaker, but the other two are


making their championship debuts. So away we go, it is the second of


three rounds in the team title. COMMENTATOR: For the world,


Championships. He has won the world title comedy is now riding a new


horse, in Britain. He actually got his slot in the very competitive


Dutch team after some good rounds in the Rotterdam Nations cup. The


Netherlands were one of the favoured teams. As you were saying, he is a


rider with proven championship pedigree, this horse, was produced


in Britain. Ten years old now, really coming into top form, he does


look like a proper championship course, with all of the scope and


ride ability. -- championship force. This course, lots space at the


beginning. It gets tough at the end of the course, there is a difficult


line for the rider that you will see later, coming into a double, that


boxer is 180 wide, that is difficult to jump. It has been causing a


few problems. You can see how off-putting it is, the tension, good


round for the Dutch. He came in on 1.25, there is the Dutch management


team, they will be very happy with their start. This horse jumped a


smashing round, showing great ability, also he is very rideable,


great temperament, spot-on everywhere. He looks as though he


will go everywhere this week. Jumping the last fence, giving it


plenty of room. There is the confirmed school, that is coming


from the speed leg, the first of these three rounds. Now, it is the


great Michael Whitaker. 54 years old now, from the famous dynasty. Scot


Brash And Spencer looking on. He did not have a great Equestrian games


four years ago, this man has ridden in all 11 European Championships and


he was in team gold last year on this very horse, and he has worn


gold medals at Equestrian games and Olympic Games. Can he get written


off to a flying start? The answer is not. -- Britain off. He is an


unpredictable horse, he hesitated on take-off, this combination has


caused a lot of trouble, in power and scope. No problems there. On his


day, Viking is a fabulous horse, but Michael Whitaker is always on a


knife edge with him trying to keep him quiet. It is a bit surprising


that in the speed leg yesterday, Britain did not use the speed


aspect, along the top, the current positions of the team, difficult to


establish that in these early stages. You can read too much into


that at this point in time. Remember stages. You can read too much into


through at the end of this round, the top ten


through at the end of this round, round three. Just unlucky, the same


mistake as early on, Viking cramping up his back legs, taking the poll


out. Nicely inside the time, but it is two fences down. And Britain is


on the back foot already. There is the first fence, the back legs are


not quite free enough, very early on in the course, Michael regrouped and


did well, just unlucky, you can see how light those bricks are. Running


forwards after the water, that is the third one that came down, again


the back end is not really worth it. That is confirmation of the school,


after two rounds, Michael Whitaker, 16.05. And this French crowd, they


are so supportive, as it comes to their 34 rolls stylish ladies star.


-- 34-year-old. The horses a nine-year-old, she is part of the


silver medal team for Francine Kentucky's four years ago. Simone


has already gone for France. With one fence down. This is a horse that


has got a tremendous amount of ability, as they spring up in the


air. They carry their heads quite high, but this horse suits her. It


has been a terrific addition to her string. The French went very well


not surprisingly against the clock yesterday, they were one of the


quickest with just 0.4 of a penalty. She is riding for her life. She has


certainly got the seven levels stride is, down to this jump. And


this one coming up again, tremendous wit and a lot of power is required.


This is the line which has caused the problems. Just a hesitation on


take-off, has lost a tiny bit of lament, that is unlucky. Philip down


the left-hand side, he is the team manager, he has got this team really


fired up. Everything going beautifully until coming out of the


double, you can see how wide and square that is, just dropped onto


the back rail. This is a young horse, I am sure that she is


delighted with that round. Confirmation coming up of that four,


that is the score that she will take forward to the final round. Out in


the collecting area, some of the girls. The Australian lady rider.


Back inside, Marcus Henning, the man who has been world number one on


many an occasion, he was at Sydney, one of the most consistent and


stylish riders at the moment, on this grey horse. He has been in


great form on the champions tour, third in Paris. 3.14 is the


penalties that he brings forward, but the Germans are right there are,


the best three to count, but teams of four. That is the most important


thing to remember in this championship. We know all about


Marcus Henning over the years, he is undoubtedly one of the best riders


in the world. This horse is coming through, you can see, unbelievable


scope. All of the pedigree, jumps slightly inverted, keeps his head


up, incredible power. Eating these big ox is, staying in a lovely fluid


rhythm, just watch this guy ride. Always in balance. Easy. Amazing


ability. CHEERING No problem at all for Marcus


Henning, the Germans who did not have the best of the world 's four


years ago, as you can see they're doing well. With Marcus Henning.


This horse is definitely one of the horses to watch this week, when the


going gets really tough for the final individual rounds, he


will be in there, and when the jumps are absolutely massive which they


will do, this is a horse that has got the power to jump them. Here is


the confirmation of his score, 3.14, from yesterday 's speed leg. The


Germans are in a very comfortable position. It is an important round


for Britain now, and what a moment for a first timer, it is 36-year-old


Joe Clee. He jumped a decent round for a first timer, it is 36-year-old


yesterday, all of the British riders were slower than we anticipated, but


this of course is the big moment, Britain are short of top horses and


riders. Jumped a very good double clearance at Saint Gallen to get his


place here, but again, already with two fences down. Top horse and rider


combinations are thin on the ground at the moment in Britain at the


moment, Joe Clee has forced his way in with a lot of consistent


performances, he got caught out by that combination and he's not the


first, the white rails are very difficult to jump, sets to the


background of a very light arena. Carrying those eight full 's, he has


got to hold it together, this is the line that has been causing problems


as we have been seeing -- eight faults. Strides forwards,


beautifully ridden, it is I'm afraid for Joe Klee, at the start of his


career. Horse of the year show, now based in Belgium with his first


championship performance. Here is the confirmation, he did not get the


height, it is very square, to 155, and a very tall vertical which comes


straight at you. It is difficult to jump. Well he played a good part in


the Dublin results, to get Britain to the final therein the Nations


cup, but that score is certainly not good news. Now, the super young


talent from Ireland, just 19 good news. Now, the super young


old, Bertrand Allen, he's already a star, he is based in Germany, with


Marcus Henning. You will see many similarities in style, on this


lovely English bred mare, Molly Malone. First to go for the Irish


team. Unfortunately this is another horse that has escaped Britain, bred


in Hampshire, is combination, it thrilled us in Dublin, winning the


Grand Prix. Bertrand is such an exciting talent, he is only 19, he


is very mature and calm under pressure. He came at the first day


and won the speed leg without saluki no fear at all, he just went for it,


he has got that total confidence in Himself. Yes, in his last ones,


here, he won one and was runner-up in three. His feel for his horse,


that was unlucky. The back rail, he is not the first one to have that,


he's not going to be the last. Disappointed they will be with that


four, Ireland are very much in the leading half dozen. That is Robert


on the left. Here he is again, riding with so much belief, jumping


after the water, very unlucky the fence that he had after the double,


just slightly short of power. When they jumped that square one, the


horse does not have a lot of pace, it is a tight stride and they need


pure power to jump it. Now for Germany, he is a 33 roles, the


rising star, the next generation of German show-jumpers. Big scope the


grey horse, has already won the cup final this year, it is still very


early days, I would not take too much notice of that at the moment.


German champion both in 2013 and in 2014, he is based with somebody who


always finds good riders, look at this, this is a combination on fire


at the moment. Marcus Henning, a German rider with


immaculate riding style. Just slightly finer


type, a bit more blood. Just the most effortless jumper, certainly we


want to see this combination fighting it out for the individual


title right at the end of the competition this week. Just playing


with this course at the moment, making it look ridiculously easily.


The course has been set by the high-class French international


designer. Lovely round. Lovely round. He only had 0.7 points


yesterday. They already have a clear in the bag. Making their mark. What


an elegant horse, he has got a lovely head, a lovely attitude,


classic style, perfectly written. The German machine is starting to


roll here. -- ridden. Well done, it went very well in the speed leg, he


has now just got that score from yesterday, 0.7, so helping his team


and standing very nicely in the individual. What a moment, 21 years


old, he has written for the juniors and now he is riding for the


seniors, Spencer Roe. He has been really helped as a young rider, by


Andrew Sable and paper funnel, he is very much somebody who has benefited


from lottery support for younger riders. He is stepping into Reiki


round for Britain, number three for the team. He could do with a clear


round for Great Britain, Spencer Roe. This horse has been produced,


very difficult novice, he has matured now into a really good


Nations cup horse. He reminds me a lot of Scott brash, he has got a lot


of coolness and confidence about him. He is an old head on young


shoulders. He is coming into the four stride distance now, so many


riders have had trouble with this double, he has landed on the back


rail, what a shame, just falling apart at the end of the course. So


near, yet so far, he jumped a brilliant clear, to help Britain, to


be second behind the Americans, but that falls really putting a nail in


the Coffin for Britain, -- that full to. He did not quite stretch over


that Oxo, it is able be defence, -- it is a big events, he lost his


concentration, there is confirmation of another disappointing score I am


afraid, it is a big ask of Spencer Roe, well now, to one of the queens


of the sport. She is 50 years old, she has been top of the tree for a


long time, she is still very much there, she won individual silver and


team silver, in 2006 for the United States. She actually went on, to get


team gold and individual silver at the Olympics in Hong Kong, she is


still very much in the frame, she had a nasty shoulder injury, came


back, to win the King 's cup at Hickstead, and the Americans,


another one right in contention. It is a key round for America.


Beautiful fluent style, and this horse fits so well with her style,


he is amazing to watch. There is confirmation that the team


competition is very much at the moment, Germany, the Netherlands,


but it is all very close still. Britain I think, will be very pushed


to get into the top ten. Another one of the world-class combinations


making this track looks so simple. Well inside the time. And she has


put the Americans very much in contention, many people have them as


favourites and she has done nothing to take that thought away. And


aren't the Americans happy? So here is the confirmation, very much in


the individual again, of course the team is what they really after. Now


for France, France just dropped off the pace, riders for the moment, can


this man get them back, he finished second in the individual round,


whether it is against the clock or not. Very much a senior rider in


France, he is in the Sydney Olympic team, back in 2000, it is as good a


team as he has ever had, riding so well, very unlucky in the World Cup


final in France, but that is way behind him, he is very much in


touch, ranked seventh in the world. The Orient express, another horse,


very similar to big star, athletic ability comedy really powers the


floor, they work really well together. He rides forward, typical


French style, takes the fences on. He is lucky, he has had to move to


the right, how has he jumped that? It should not be possible, it is


unbelievable. And it is inside the time, and the team manager is very


happy, he has put them back into contention, four teams within one


fence. This is the second of the three legs that we are going to see


for the team championship. This is quite extraordinary, when he came


down the last line, he landed on the back rail, it bounced, then he's


jinked to the right, and still, you can see the stress going on, you


should not have been able to jump that but still he did. And he


finishes on .08, he is the best score in the clubhouse. And he will


remain so. This is the ice man from Sweden, he has won Olympic medals in


Hong Kong, and titles in Madrid in 2011. Riding this wonderful


stallion. Sweden just dropped off the pace in


this round but this man, more than capable of getting it back. He went


well in the speed leg. And a clear round here to add perhaps another


medal to his tallies of Olympic, world and European medals. He is a


master of producing horses for these championships. This horse getting on


a bit now, 15 years old. Once they get to 15 years old. Once they get


to their careers. He is a lovely big stallion. Big jump. Slightly cold


horse but suits his way of riding. Very positive. Always at a great


counter. -- canter. That was effortless, he is really an form


today. He has kept Sweden in with a


chance. He has jumped the clear that mattered. Another combination of


horse and rider that are right in there. They will be fighting for the


individual. Very much in the comfort zone all the way round.


The team manager pleased with that performance. He just has Sweden


hanging in there for the team. Now for the Netherlands. At the moment,


the Netherlands the current leaders. They need this man to maintain that.


The individual silver medal from the London Olympics. What a last two


years this horse has had. They still need his score. Let me tell you. He


owned this horse. The horse had to be sold and in came the current


owner to buy this horse for the Olympic silver medal team. He must


have inspired for it few months to say the least because this is a star


combination. These two are made for each other. They talk about the


money in the sport these days. He had to give over 8 million euros to


buy the horse. It is fantastic for us, we get a chance to watch them


together again at a Championship. He's cruising around here. Another


horse with true Championship ability. He has that excellent level


of scope, power and ability. Just a little touch there, nothing to worry


about. Really motoring around. He is through. The Netherlands will take a


very, very narrow lead into the final round. That final round will


be close and exciting. But sadly, it will be without Great Britain.


He is an form. He is focused and he has got the horse right. -- he is an


on form. The man who helped Netherlands to a


World Championship victory in 2006 has put them in contention again.


Another clear round. Britain's Scott Brash now. What a difficult task for


him. Britain not able to make it into the top ten. But a clear round


might get him into the individual. He did not go that quickly in the


first speed leg. 4.1 was his score. He needs a clear round to put


himself in touch for the individual. Thanks to this great horse, Hello


Sanctos, Scott Brash is currently the world number one. He had a fence


down. And he is in the water, very uncharacteristic for Hello Sanctos.


Opt a leg back. It really is not Britain's competition. It has been


so disappointing. Scott Britain's competition. It has been


used to coming to these championships and winning medals.


used to coming to these The British hopes completely dashed


now. There will be nobody more disappointed than Lady Harris and


Lady Kirkham, the generous owners of this horse and others. It will be


going from the grandstands from now on. They might get through. The team


competition now, gone for Britain. There is only one way to describe


this, hugely disappointing, and of character. Hello Sanctos dropping


short. Had a couple of touches on the way round but jumped the rest of


the fence is clear. You can see big disappointment on Scott Brash's


face. Scott Brash, a dejected look on his way out. It is difficult to


know what to say, huge commiserations for the team. What


happened? It was not our day. We have to take positives out of the


Championship. A couple of new horses in the team. They jumped


fantastically. Little faults. Being green. It is just an experience. The


horses will go on from here and be good Championship horses next few


years. You have been there and done it, Michael, you were winning the


gold medal last time you were in a Championship team, in hurling. Why


do you think it has gone so wrong? Just not our day, as Scott said. We


also had a good chance and these things happen. There is nothing you


can do. You have to get on with it. What have you said to the lads? You


won last time but you have been on losing teams as well. I thought they


were all great. Joe's horse, he is super careful. Those mistakes were


totally out of character. But these things happen is. Have you enjoyed


it here? Not particularly. I have enjoyed the team spirit and the show


but obviously I wanted to try to winter medals. Not enjoyed that side


of it. But I have enjoyed the show. Spencer, you are so young, only 21.


What has it been like for you? It has been a great honour. There are a


lot positives can take away from this. First major Championship,


hopefully I can progress from here. Great experience for my horses.


Hopefully we will go on and do better things. This is an charted


territory. The last two times at a major Championship for you, your


team has won a gold medal. We are in a different part of the cycle now.


Germany was in this part of the cycle in London. They have come back


and they look really good here. Hopefully we will be back, we will


read group and have a look at the horses we have got. We have the same


riders as before. It is not as if we cannot ride any more. We are short


of Championship horses and horses with experience. We have two new


ones coming up and it will be exciting for next year. We will


crack on next year. What can Britain do to have more top horses and keep


them in the country? Stop selling them! And produce them. Encourage


our owners to keep them. Scott, you finished within the top 50, do you


know if you will be riding in the individual competition? I need to


have a look and see the scores. It is a lot of jumping. If I do not


think... With the right chance, I will not put my horse through all of


that. It has been confirmed Scott Brash has been withdrawn from this


individual showjumping competition. With no team or individuals, Britain


is out of the World Equestrian Games showjumping. Scott Brash was down in


36th place, no chance of an individual medal. I think it is a


good decision. This horse is not getting any younger. We want him to


be an British teams in the future. Did not really have a medal chance.


Disappointing for British show jumping fans. We have been


accustomed to medals. A lot of gold! With the team have done


anything differently? I don't think they could have. We have been


winning medals left, right and centre. The riders rode extremely


well. They did not make many mistakes. The horses are not


machines. Spencer Roe did really well in his first Championship.


These horses were not quite up to the job and we have to accept that.


What now for Team GB? They have to qualify for the Rio Olympics. I


think they will. We have a lot of strength and depth that was not


here, the likes of ten Maher, Nick Skelton will hopefully come back. --


Ben Maher. We are disappointed at this stage but I am confident we


will qualify for weird. It is still going on without the British team in


it, who will win the team gold Ashton mark making predictions in


showjumping at a terrible thing to do! The Germans look articulately


strong. The Dutch and Americans also. Between those three, they are


the ones to look out for. UI better hotfoot back to the commentary box.


Andy just predicted Germany would do well. They are going for a record.


They have already won the gold in the team dressage. They won the gold


in the eventing, can they do the treble in Caen? It is time for the


second part. Mike Tucker and Andy Austin are your commentators.


COMMENTATOR: He will be the first to go.


The Ukraine in 10th team place at the moment. This is their first of


four riders. Four riders in the team, the top three to count.


This horse was seen in Australia and New Zealand. It looked a good horse


in those two countries. Now being ridden by this very talented rider.


The main feature of this course, it is not the biggest, most testing


course, but it is a very tight time and there are some quite interesting


decisions the riders have to make about whether they keep going


forward on six stride, do they put in seven? There is a four, five


stroke distance between some jumps. The riders have to have a plan.


Putting in an extra to your time and that is the feature of this course.


-- putting in an extra stride and to your time. -- it adds to your time.


He does get in the time but it is one down.


No particular bogey fences on this course. All the way round, we have


seen little fences nicked here and there, there is no part of the


course causing any major upsets. there, there is no part of the


There is confirmation. 7.14. For the first of the Ukraine team. Here is


the young Irish man. Now based in America. He has been very impressive


on his trip over to Europe. This is a Dutch bred horse.


This style of riding on a stallion, really eating the ground, it is


working very well for Kenny. Based in the States, he writes very much


in the American way. Always flowing. He was lucky there.


I think this competition will come down to some very fine margins and


time faults will be crucial. He will get some. He gets one. Ireland were


dropped down the leaderboard yesterday, but that put them back


up. This is a lovely round, he kept


flowing, he shows the ability to jump the middle of the combination


which is a big stretch. A bit unlucky to get the time faults. That


extra dimension we have not seen all week, is definitely playing its


part. Robert getting very activated. You can never be


disappointed when the horse jumps clear but those niggling time faults


can be crucial. There confirmation, 8.82. Sweden now. It is the first of


their riders. They won bronze in the Europeans


last year. This man had three down yesterday and was a discard score.


He is riding for his life here. Really going for it. Squeezing his


horse up between hands and legs, lifting him off the floor. A lot of


determination. As you say Mike, three fences down


yesterday, but this is a much better effort so far.


These are the days Andy, when they come into their own, they read the


riot act to their riders. Could time faults play a part here? 12.92. Plus


one for that time faults. Terrific round. He has put the


him. He has jumped a clear round. He has one time faults but after


yesterday, look at the way he has worked here. Lifting his horse up,


squeezing every last drop out of him. Now it is Yann Candele for


Canada. He was born in France. He is in trouble there. He got Canadian


citizenship and is now very much part of the Canadian team. Canada at


the moment in sixth place. A score of 14. The leading nation currently


the Netherlands. He stayed cool, Yann Candele,


because that was a horrible moment. Sitting back on the oxer, I thought


he was going to tip up at one stage. This horse is well capable of


jumping round here. But there is a little thing called pressure Andy!


And these riders are certainly feeling it. He has got himself back


together. Good round. Good recovery. Part of the Eric Lamaze team. There


he is at the back and he really pulled themselves together. Just a


fence down in the end. Had to get the whip out, did not get


the comp option. Horrible when that happens. At brilliant recovery.


It will put the pressure on the rest of the Canadian team.


Canada were in sixth place. We are going in reverse order of merit, now


it is the turn of Brazil, they made a brilliant recovery yesterday. They


had a bad first day but they put the 31-year-old Pedro, who is ranked


152in the world. He jumped in Hong Kong and has


immediately a fence down. Brazil, in fifth, on that score of 12.95.


It is very interesting, that second fence coming down quite often. It is


an unusual oxer with green filler on the floor underneath it instead of


blue trade. A lot of the horses looking into it and having the front


rail down. Every time they have a dense down, it is four faults. And


they get one penalty for every four seconds over the time allowed of 80.


The two things we are looking for, the fences coming down, getting


inside the time of 80 seconds, which is proving tough.


For those of you not used to riding around a set of show jumps, it is


difficult to be put under that pressure, to write quickly. But this


one comfortable inside the time. -- pressure, to write quickly. But this


to ride quickly. That second fence, very square oxer,


it has been causing problems. Whether it is the green brush


underneath it... Different colours are used to


confuse the horses and it seems to be working there. That score


confirmed, 11.39. Canada and Brazil have both had one down.


And it will not surprise you at home to hear that the next team is


France. As there is the other teams warming up. That is Germany's first.


On the left, the French manager and a very effective one as well. He is


from Switzerland. This is the first rider to go for France. The horse is


ten years old. He was the 19th individual in London. France, 18


that did not qualify for the second round. But he went very well in


Paris. To really clinch his place in the French team here. France won the


silver medal four years ago hind Germany. -- behind Germany. We saw


the British team Germany. -- behind Germany. We saw


their home turf in London and these riders, is it home advantage or more


pressure? The pressure telling Bae. riders, is it home advantage or more


-- there. The French crowd are really on the edge of their seats it


is good to identify that pressure. One fence between the top three.


France just behind in fourth place. Just a little bit more than a fence


behind. They will have to discard this score if they going to get into


the medals. They need clear rounds. Three of the riders out of the four


to count. Time, very good indeed, safely in but it is one down. Four


to add for France. The pressure is definitely being turned up.


These first-team riders, they are setting the tone for the afternoon.


This was an unlucky fence. It came down, middle part of the


combination, it bounced in the cut, was not going to stay. Everybody


leaping about. Those four faults putting a lot of pressure on the


French riders to come. Confirmation, 9.6. The individual score of this


rider. Rider has been the world number one.


-- this rider. Yesterday, he was cruising around on this world-class


horse. German style. He sits deep in the saddle. Long stirrups and


long-range. He does it all his own way. But he had that fence down


yesterday. He has added a stride which you would not expect to see on


this horse. He has put five in there which puts pressure on the time.


He is adding up again. Jumping very cleanly but he will have to move on.


Trying to cut in as tight as possible here. The fence he had


yesterday was right towards the end of the course. The back rail of an


oxer. A clear round would definitely turn the wick up and it is game on.


Very comfortable there. He is just about going to be OK for time. What


a cool customer, what a cool customer. The German flags are


flying. Is this the start of them retaining their world title? 5.3,


two Germany. The Germans have been invincible,


dressage and eventing. They are on course again here. Three incredibly


strong rider still to come. They have jumped a clear round.


It is looking pretty ominous. The Germans really are favourites now.


Job done. He has gone clear. That is his individual score, 5.32. More


importantly for Germany, they stay on their score.


United States of America now. Very talented Ward, Olympic gold


medallist. And that is an early mistake. The Americans have been on


the European circuit, looking mistake. The Americans have been on


wonderful. They won two major Nations Cups. That is a


disappointing sense for the Americans. -- a disappointing


fence. He has got to really cut round the


corners, at this stage, the Americans with that fence down, the


Germans have gone clear. Really need some clear rounds. Well he holds his


nerve as you would expect, such a big winner for America. His score


moves on to 6.56, and the Americans remember, a team of four, three to


count, will that be the discount school? It is fascinating why that


second fences jumping so badly. Unusual to have a green filler on


the ground, a big contrast to the colour of the surface itself, a lot


of experienced sources, pumping it out. Outcomes ward, still to come,


are the other American riders. They have lost one fence already. Now to


the team leading overnight. The Dutch. The Dutch, who won the world


title, beating the Germans on their home ground in 2006, that was a huge


achievement and the man to kick them off, the 2000 Olympic champion, now


riding this horse. The first to go for the Netherlands, he is only on


1.25, and the Netherlands leading at the moment as a team. As you say,


this horse produced in Britain, it is such a shame to see horses of


this calibre leaving Britain, you can see that we are desperately


short of true world-class forces, this one is, just coming up to the


level now, a tenure rod who can really show himself but he has


faulted there, that is the first time he has faulted so far this


week. I thought it was two fences down but it is only one. Yes rattled


for a moment, just showed a bit of inexperience, he seems to have got


it back together now. So out of the top teams so far, only the German


rider going clear. I think in tennis terms you would say first set to the


Germans, and he has got daytime faults to add to that, 6.25 is what


he goes on to, more importantly, he gives Germany a bit of an open door.


Just giving them a bit of a breathing space, he is disappointed,


this horse has jumped Brenkley. We breathing space, he is disappointed,


are back, it is the team captain as it were, for the Ukraine. He has


persuaded riders to come and take Ukrainian citizenship, but now he


has raised his own game and got into the team writing this Dutch bred


horse, 11.56, with one fence down. The horse struggling to get the


shoulders up over these big square boxes. We have seen the last bunch


of riders over the top teams, just making the course look relatively


easy, this is a tough course, a couple of the


boxes, are very wide. I think that he is probably, close to the time.


He is just about there, he is going to get the time short as well. Two


fences down. The Ukrainians will want to discard that score. This


man, he won on the first day, the Ireland number two, a good winner on


the first day when time was involved, just one unlucky fence


down yesterday for this horse, he could do with another clear round.


Then they would start to climb. We have already told you that no


British interest in terms of the riders, bred in Hampshire, again, it


is such a shame to lose horses of this calibre to the competition. We


will support the Irish lad comic is such an exciting talent, he is only


19, --, he is such. Winning in Dublin, he has just nicked that


fence. Yes, Marcus Henning helps, it can't you see his riding style in


him? Yes, to be so mature and cool under pressure at the age of 19 is


really something. That first day, he came out and he really went for it


in the speed section, he came out with his nose in front. One to jump.


The last, inside the time, it is a score of four, still to come, two


more of the Irish riders. Well it is such a shame, just that one down for


him, he has been interethnic form, it is an unusual fence, he did not


quite get the height. Now it is Sweden, a very successful


international rider. Again, that fence goes down. It is nip and tuck,


between the Irish in eighth, and the Swedes in seventh. It is always


fascinating from the horse 's point of view, when they have that second


fence down, they don't make a slight mistake, they really do hate it


course hitting. A very good course designer, very closely working to


get the right balance to the course, it was to be a British course


Builder. But his wife sadly had an accident. Well inside the time, well


again, proper mistake, that taking the horse


's I off the jump. Tiffani Foster. It is a horse that used to be rid by


an Italian rider. Tiffani had two down yesterday, and they cannot


afford that. Tiffani Foster, the second rider, another one based,


with the great Eric. Another change of mind, it looked as if Tiffani was


not sure she would go on the six or seven, it really distracted him.


Flowing around the rest of the course very comfortably, this horse


is hugely successful. That is expensive. It has gone. And a time


faults, that is really not the score that Canada wanted. That will want


to be the important discard score for Canada. You can see the hands


moving, a lot of pulling, it is not going to work


. Brazil, one of their senior talents, he had a desperate start


yesterday, a Brit clear round yesterday. A man who has won bronze


medals at the Olympics. Riding a very experienced


horse. What can he do for Brazil. Modern showjumping is influenced by


some fabulous Stallions. There are several


stallions that featured time and time again.


Really, these top stallions, making their mark. That one has gone. Just


a little bit flat. Four coming to the last. And four it is. Now just a


little bit off, slightly forward, and those


poles come down. Well, I suspect you have guessed, it is France. It is


their leading lady, one of the best riders in the world. She had for


faults yesterday, a very good first round, France through Amber are


fourth -- France are fourth. As she sets off. Their first rider had one


fence down. They need to have a good ride if they are to get into these


top medals. This is such an exciting horse, a little horse with a big


engine. So similar. Distinctive chestnut, running at the fences with


their head up. She has added a stride, a big disagreement, a great


recovery. The crowd were holding their breath because that looked


like a disaster about to happen. Winning the silver medal four years


ago, behind the Germans in Lexington. Just add the what one


fence down yesterday. She is quick enough. She stays clear, a bit of


improvisation. Varies the -- there is the last rider for


France. He will have all of the pressure. What a superstar, complete


disagreement between horse and rider, lost the rhythm and the


balance, what a superstar, she was not going to have the middle part of


that combination down, let up into the air. Quite rightly, she is


delighted with her. White she knows only too well that the horse got her


out of the mischief. That is the lovely grey horse, of Marcus getting


underway. Germany, third overnight. A clear round would really begin to


make them look like a very good that indeed. If you compare this


horse to a car it has got a massive eat world under the bonnet, it is so


explosive. That is a ridiculous jump for a horse. To make that look so


small. He is slightly deliberate in the way that he moves, Marcus


normally can keep on flowing around to get the time. This one has won


Olympic gold, several European golds. And a world gold four years


ago. We have got one German and clear already. And he has had a


fence! as opened it up, because that could


be crucial, there was only one mark at the start of the day between


Germany and their opponents. That has certainly put the cat among the


pigeons. That is five then. That is extraordinary. Looking to be so


comfortable, he took it on, it was a long and flat stride, hitting it


hard, a time faults as well. That is the crucial bit I suspect, the next


rider for the Netherlands, the leading team, the next man to take


the pressure on the shoulders. A huge winner in the


United States of impressive, now he's looking to put a clear round in


hand steady the ship. Ken Farrington, second for the United


States, the Americans need a clear round. To really put the pressure


on. To keep them in touch of Silver. He had got that quick way of


riding, this horse, massive jump. He did just have a fence down yesterday


that he probably should not have had. Just showing down the


combination, how fabulously talented he is. Difficult line to the second


last, Tuesday goes six cult -- do they go six, do they go seven? He is


running tight to that water tray. That more drama.


running tight to that water tray. steady it. He keeps coming to that


vertical. He pops the last, the time is all right, Robert Redland will be


disappointed, he is a star international and now the new head


of the team. That is fascinating, very few, he really hit it quite


hard in front, that is a proper mistake. , the atmosphere is


amazing, you can hear the crowd. It is not bigger


than sometimes, but the pressure is really big, it was perfect for


myself and the horse but in the end, it was unlucky. Now the Netherlands.


Michael, 26 years old, part of that silver medal team. He jumped a very


good clear round yesterday. They had a fence down, and a time faults.


That has definitely got to be their discount score. A very experienced


combination two. He is quite difficult in the mouth. He rides


down hill, you 's and fights for his head. But he has got all of the


jump. Just towards the end of the course you will get quite strong. He


is a big long forced to hold together. A lot of daylight between


them. He squeaked through that one, this is where he can get a bit


strong and flat. He is a bit heavy in the hand. He is still clear. It


goes, he knows that things are not looking great for the Dutch. Two


fences down, one for each if you just have a look at how hard


it is, he really had to pick it up, he is getting heavy in the hand


comedy could not quite hold it together to jump last fence. Look at


that . It is still very close? It is


still very close, everything is still possible, one more clear round


so far. We have two look further and see how far we can get. And now the


Richmond, Denis Lynch, with all staff five. Dennis, another of the


Irish riders, who rides out of Ireland, getting some very good


results. He has won the Aachen Grand Prix, one of the greatest Grand Prix


in the world. That was a good round. They were in eighth place and they


want a clear round from Denis Lynch now. A lot of the riders are putting


in seven strides, this massively powerful horse, Dennis was actually


holding him for six. That gives you some idea of how much


holding him for six. That gives you under the bonnet. Before the day


started, Sweden was one place above them. They both had one fence down.


Absolutely neck and neck. Attacking the course, he has taken the stride


down to the water play, very quick round. Good round from Denis Lynch.


He gets that clear round. It might just put Ireland in the box seat.


Still to come, Cameron. This is one way to ride the track, he just kept


kicking, it shocked him into jumping even better, it looked really good.


The Irish lads jumping up and down. I think that they jumped clear


around. I think they did. That is looking good, and the experienced


Cameron had to come. Now it is Canada. Canada, the great Ian


, he has ridden to so many Grand Prix victories, at 67 he is still


riding as well as ever. He had a fence down yesterday, a little bit


unlucky. Just to put that into some kind of perspective, we have got a


19-year-old, this man is 50 years old. What a sport showjumping is,


but he is quite an athlete, unless you are fit you cannot do that. One


of the things that seems to have made a big difference, he has had


his eyes lasered, he used to ride with glasses and he does not now,


that seems to have given him a new lease of life. And he just had one


unlucky fence yesterday. Just one at the moment. A clear round for Denis


unlucky fence yesterday. Just one at Lynch and that is another gone and


that gives Ireland a chance of going up ahead of Canada as well. Two down


then, and that is eight they could have done without but they are going


to count that, at least 12 penalties at the moment. One of the most


annoying ways of having a fence down, is when the horse just drops


the front seat, -- the front feet. The 13 penalties of Tiffany Foster


is the one that they want to discard, with one rider to come. On


we go, to the 20 Six Rd from Brazil. -- 26-year-old. He's actually ranked


62 in the world. He is certainly one of emerging stars. It is now the


third rider for Brazil. Brazil who made that brilliant recovery after a


terrible start, maintaining their position, which was fifth. They want


the clear from this man, jumping a very good clear. Top jockey, and


this, is a great opportunity for him riding a horse of this calibre,


really, he has worked his way, the hard way into this position, he is a


fabulous rider. This horse, is a horse with a lot of scope. Cruising


round the course so far, looking good. Very comfortable, keeping


coming forward to the second last. Just inside the time. The style, the


mastermind of the Brazilians, all over that round. And, really he has


kept Brazil in this. And then now, actually, on the edge of perhaps


creeping into the bronze. John Morris, the French trainer, in those


bright blue pants. Look at that. They are kissing him. Next for


France. Last man in, coming into position to watch his trump card.


For France, the European Champion in 2009. A man who played such an


important part in France winning the silver four years ago. France at the


moment, four for each of their last two riders. Can he put France back


in with a chance at bronze? That was lucky. There was grasping from the


crowd, he got away with that. We have seen him win the European


Championships at Windsor, if few years back. He is working down a


combination though. He won the big Ron prix in Paris. -- Grand Prix.


He is not hanging about, very determined to get inside the time.


He is stretching there, he seemed to be too far off it. Just the last.


Great run! Great run! The European champion of 2009 showing why he has


been the world number one on several occasions in the last few years. And


the French are roaring. There is the pressure. He has


handled it. He had to work quite hard, down the combination, he was


kicking and pulling. He has done the job and got the clear round. He has


done his job. Two clear rounds and one for Fox. Now it is the German


combination. They won the World Cup final in great form. He's second


individual at the moment, he has jumped two clear rounds, can he


jumped a third? This horse is certainly one of the pundits's


favourites to be a champion this week. He certainly needs to come up


with a clear round now. We had an unexpected five faults on the other


horse, but not to be. Will we see the Germans falling apart? Not what


we expected. It is definitely advantage France. Height


extraordinary. Marcus faulting and now Daniel. -- quite extraordinary.


Germany with two of the fences down and one clear round. They have got


the clear round, their first rider. He have to jump this last fence to


keep it on four. A disappointment for the Germans. It could be an


expensive four. That might be a crucial penalty.


Just proving they are not machines. This is one of the best horses in


the world. Did not release snap up through the shoulders. Tall


verticals. Any of these horses can fault at any time. Here is one of


the youngest riders in this Championship, Lucy Davis.


She needs to produce a clear round. This horse is trained by Meredith


Michaels and her husband. They will have had an interesting talk.


America in need of a clear round. They were second at the start.


Another brilliant, pleasure jumping horse. Really stamping his mark on


these modern horses. It suits the lady riders. Liked off the floor.


Incredibly athletic. -- light off the floor. America looked like the


on form team to beat in recent weeks. A clear round not coming up.


She needs to leave that. Now the Americans have got three on four.


They have got to add at least eight to their score. That definitely got


that there is Meredith. That fence at the end, disappointing. It is a


long way round, this course. The horses have to stay so careful and


balanced. We are getting some drama. A lot of responsibility on Beezie


Madden, their last. The course is very difficult.


Unfortunately, I had four faults. It cost us and we have to see. Still


very close. Everything is very close. We knew that before we went


into the last round. At the moment, we have already nine points. We are


looking at doing a little better. Germany going for the historic


treble. Is that something you have been thinking about? Absolutely, of


course. The goal was to win from the beginning. We are a little bit


behind at the moment but still one rider to go.


How is this man's nerves? He has been Dutch champion before. He was


in the silver medal team in London. He will need all of that skill and


more. The two previous riders had fences


down. This rider has looked the weakest link in the Dutch team so


far. He is a good pro, he will be working very hard.


It is the three best teams scores to count. They can discard the worst


score. He is in trouble they're coming he got too close to that. The


horse looking a bit strong and a bit tired. When they get heavy in hand,


you have physically pick them up. Come on, just the last to jump. The


team manager has read the riot act and it has worked. He has pulled


that clear and the bag they have got one to jump and they could discard


Jerome's score. The Dutch could still hang in there. Our maths will


need some brushing up towards the end. This man was riding for his


life. His horse got tired at the end but the rider was so determined. He


literally picked his horse up and threw him over the last couple of


jumps. One clear round. The only team that has got two clear rounds


where it really mattered is the French.


You definitely feel the pressure and once I got in the ring, I knew what


had to be done and they gave it my best shot. I was unlucky at the end,


I wish we could have gone clear. My horse jumped super and we have to


work even more pressure on Beezie Madden to see if we can get a medal.


The two rounds for your Dutch colleagues before you and you rode


beautifully. Thank you. The riders were a little unlucky, before me,


especially Michael. It is very close. It is very close.


We are back with the Ukraine. Very talented rider, she used to ride for


Germany, was the leading rider for Germany but then did not get picked


for the team and so moved to the Ukraine. The Ukraine, currently just


hanging in there in 10th place. Another big, grey horse. We have


seen a couple of those horses that were well fancied to go clear and


they both faulted. She added a stride, she will have to watch the


time. Remind you of the Ukrainian scores. The first rider, 13, the


second on nine. They will have to count that. The third one on four.


Landed very heavily on that count that. The third one on four.


rail, the horse getting tired. The shape of the jump goes... And again.


She clears the last but she has got big-time fault. They will add nine.


The top three scores will be 22. The horses are a bit tired now, a bit


short of scope and the balance goes, they get heavy in your hand.


The last for Ireland. How good it is to see Cameron back in the top end


of the world. He has had one down, that is bad news for Ireland. He had


the back rail that oxer, we have seen plenty of horses thumping the


front row out but not the back one. These horses always sharp jumpers,


can be a little temperamental but very talented.


We sought Dennis lynch produced that incredible clear round. -- we saw


Dennis Lynch. Still on four faults and he just


held his breath and dropped the back end into that oxer, second part of


the double. Just over the time as well. So he gets nine, one-time


fault. That will be there discarded score. It looks as though they will


add five to their score. There is Cameron with his second


fence down, coming out of the double.


This rider has picked the Swedish team out of the fire on more than


one occasion. Individually, silver medal in Hong Kong. European


champion in 2011. Team Ron 's medal last year. -- bronze medal. Sweden


at the moment. They have had one each at the fence from previous


riders. They need a clear. This rider really comes alive during


championships. He saves his horses for them. A great history of


producing his best when it really matters. 15 years old, this horse.


He has been jumping well this week. He seems to have found an extra


gear. Belying his years. Super-clean there, taking the


forward stride into the second last. And he has done it, he is clear. He


is such a good man under pressure. Absolutely driving the horse all the


way. As nothing. The Swedes will look to be adding five. We said he


likes championships. He has done it again, producing a clear round, not


a fence down so far during this competition. Went very well


individually in the speed and he has got another clear round here. He is


pleased with that. I think we will just probably missed


it by one place. Disappointing, just like the British. You did better


than the British team. Do you feel it has been worthwhile? Everybody


made a good contribution. We have had some unlucky faults. There was a


particularly unlucky one yesterday. The great Eric Lamaze, Olympic


champion of 2008. Hickstead was a very hot, very sharp


horse, always pulling and fighting. Eric Lamaze has proved he can ride


lots of different types of horses. This horse is improving, still only


ten years old. He is cruising on nicely round. This


is where the horses tend to get tired. The riders have to do their


work here. Brilliantly ridden. Forward option. He might just get a


time fault, and he has. How important is that? Five to add for


Eric Lamaze. Their best three scores in this round take them up to 17


more. That would put them on 31. Great effort from Eric Lamaze, just


unlucky coming out of the combination.


There are some key instructions to the last rider for France, from


Kevin Capulet grossed out. France are in with a chance of gold,


they really are. Brazil now, the great Olympic


champion of 2004. World champion of 1998. A very skilled young man,


riding this new exciting young horse Status.


He really is a chip off the old start of the day.


He really is a chip off the old block. Anyone old enough to remember


his father Nelson, riding, he was one of the first riders in the world


to adopt this modern, stylish way of writing. Roderigo is so fantastic to


watch. He sits immaculately on his horse. It is great to see him back


at this level with Status. He has had a bit of a bad time of it, this


last ten years. He is a proper Championship rider. Beautifully done


through the double. A little bit of a Robert there, it stayed up and he


has done it. -- a little bit of a rub. That means Brazil have actually


just got four account. -- to count. That is one of the best rounds we


have seen. Totally smooth. Always in rhythm and always in balance,


totally in control of the situation. The Brazilian contingent, leaping up


and down. What a round that was. Fantastic. They finish on 16.95. And


that is guaranteeing them fifth place, but will they go higher?


Now it is France. This rider loves riding forward, quickly, Orient


express, he rides France at the moment, they have gone very well


indeed. France have really pulled right up, they have had a clear from


two riders and four from the other. Another clear round... And they have


not got it. They have not got it. How important will that be? It was a


big surprise, fairly straightforward vertical. Very few riders have had


it down and orient express has been the best horse at the show so far.


It just shows you the best horse at the show so far.


are not machines and they can make the stake at any time. Normally so


consistent. -- they can make mistakes at any time.


Nicely done through the double. One to go. He has done it. That first


fence, what a pity. If they had had three clear rounds, they would have


been laughing all the way. But they are going to count four faults. Four


to add. It looks like 14.08 finish score for France. That is the


fence, just that one slight mistake. These sort of vertical this horse


would normally jump 99 times out of 100. This sport is so cruel at


times, this horse has been absolutely brilliant so far. It is


definitely four for that final round. That surely makes 14.08 and


there are some anxious looking Americans with Beezie Madden, the


last to go, probably nobody cooler. That man has won everything that


there is going. Can he now bring it out of the fire? The Germans at the


moment, four... And it has gone. It is all happening. She has been


making the ordered mistake in the last few months. She has not jumped


the clear rounds that she can do. Really having an early one here puts


huge pressure on her. -- on him. And this is a man that is used to


pressure. One thing he has got to do is make


sure he does not get time faults. He is really motoring. Absolutely


determined to get inside the time. He is working hard, a big, strong


lad, hands and heels, forward to the second last, OK for the time


commonly has jumped it. But he has had one down. It means the Germans


will get eight in this second round. That second fence, a lot of those


riders would like to get hold of that green filler on the floor and


burn it, because it has been so influential. You would not expect


her to make that mistake. They go below France and they could drop out


of the medals totally. It will go down to the last rider in each of


the teams to come to my reckoning -- by my reckoning. The United States


to go first, Netherlands to go second.


Beezie Madden. One of the leading individuals at the moment but it is


the team gold the Americans are after. They have had three all with


one fence down. They need a clear. They will be an eight and then they


will be on 16.72. And that is behind the French. It looks to me


currently, that the French are the ones to beat.


Beezie Madden and this horse, they have been an incredible form leading


up to these championships. Making everything look so simple. Beautiful


American style of fluent riding. Even under pressure, she sticks to


her guns. The Americans looking here to try to


get the silver. They cannot get ahead of the French. Lovely through


that double, just the last fence and she is fine for time. That is an


excellent ride, in the most pressurised situations. There are


the Germans saying, what a ride. This lady could end up as the world


individual champion. That is not impossible. But now the Americans,


it looks to me as if there's score is eight and that 16.72 would look


the team total for the best three. This is poetry in motion. I don't


think I have seen this horse have a fence down. Beezie Madden, pure


class as a rider. What a fabulous combination. Under extreme pressure.


Still riding in that elegant, effortless way. The Americans are


happy. This is the horse that was bought


for over 8 million euros to do this job. He has been looking in fabulous


form. It is gone. Right. He has to forget about it. And keep


his concentration. They are still ahead of the French, just, I think.


Another one and they will not be. Time faults could matter.


Tight to the vertical. There it is. I think he has done it, I think he


has done it, the time is all right, so it means, that the Dutch will


take eight through in this round. So there we are, they get the gold.


France gets silver. What a competition, Andy, my word. Talk


about nail-biting, when Schroeder had that fence down, the nerves were


jangling, but he managed to hold it to gather and he did enough. --


together. There he is, jumping, big double, intense pressure, what a


relief. He raises his hand in salute to victory. One fence down, just


about enough to clinch a gold medal. What a competition, I have never


seen a competition like that, with literally only just over one fence


in the top four, quite amazing. So here is the confirmed result, a win


for the Netherlands, finishing with a total of 12.83 penalties. Less


than two marks ahead of France, the United States with a bronze,


forthwith true Romany, dropping out of the medals. They are a fraction


of a mark behind, 16.82 in fourth. A wonderful clear when the USA needed


it? Thank you, it always feels good to come through and when it doesn't


you feel like it never comes through, it is a fantastic feeling


when it happens. You have been an jumped in so many big competitions,


but the pressure was really knew? Yes I have two say when I was in the


warm up area I was not sure if we had a chance for a medal or not, and


then I was told that yes we have a chance, for sure. I did not have


much time, it worked out perfectly. And you lead the individual, too?


Yes I hear that, that is great, my horse has been so fantastic, he


deserves to be on top, a lot of other horses are jumping very well,


we have got a lot to go on Saturday, I will just try and stay on form.


The gold medals await. And they are the world champions of 2014, they


win the title that they won last in 2006, and their leader really does


deserve his medal, with his clear round. That really was a turning


deserve his medal, with his clear point. Michael, 26 years old, and


his colleague was in the team who won in 2006, beating the Germans on


their home soil. And now Tony, the member of the IOC, presents it to


Jerome . And don't forget, not in shot at


the moment, Rob, there he is, there he is, the head of the team. Gold to


the Netherlands. STUDIO: So no championship medals, for the British


showjumping but plenty here in the para- dressage, once again they are


the champions and oddly William 's has the story of their success. The


most successful team in sport, they call them, the British para-


dressage riders, have won every medal going since 1996, all of them


including London 2012, but how about this year 's world Equestrian games,


Lee Pearson has been a star of this team since the Sydney Olympics but


he was dropped for last year 's Euros. In 2014 he is back with two


individual titles. It is the best feeling ever, it has been quite a


tough few years up to London, during London, since London, not going to


the Europeans, coming on a new horse and I prayed we would get a medal,


to get triple gold again, it is the nominal. Yes he said triple gold


because alongside his individual wins, the team beat the world again.


Lee Pearson, Natasha Baker, Sophie Wells and their team-mate, beat the


Dutch by a substantial margin. If that makes it sound easy, nobody saw


it. This has been the toughest year, it has been so difficult, the stand


as so much. Paralympic champion to Tasha Baker had to settle for


Olympic silver, she thinks that despite team dominance, the British


have got a lot of work ahead. We need to make sure that we don't get


complacent, we keep pushing for those top schools and medals and


hopefully next year we will all have better European. Sophie Christiansen


knows how it feels, while she still comes home with an individual gold,


she could only take silver on the freestyle in the last days. I came


third and I thought hang on, but it really gave me the wake-up call that


I needed. Wake-up call is the buzz phrase, winning team gold means that


Britain have already secured places at the Rio 2016 Olympics, they now


have two years to work out how to stay ahead of other rapidly


improving nation. The countries have got support systems in place, top


horses, we really have two ride every single step of the way now, to


get into the medals, never mind win a gold medal. The standard has risen


so much, it has been a real eye-opener for the Brits, just


watching the Dutch girl, the horses, it is phenomenal. It really is game


on. Nothing is for granted, this sport is hard, we still need a lot


of support to stay at the top of the game, we have managed it, as a team


we are over the moon. Congratulations to the British para-


dressage riders. There is still more action to come, with the individual


showjumping competition, and the fences just get bigger and bigger,


round three is live tomorrow from 12:25pm, then Clare balding will


bring the fascinating conclusion on Sunday with the final four riders,


remember they have two ride each other's horses to decide the overall


winner. But from all of us from these world Equestrian games, I hope


you have enjoyed it as much as we have, goodbye.


Clare Balding presents action from the FEI World Equestrian Games in Caen, France. Great Britain's squad topped the medal table the last time these games were held, in 2010, claiming 19 medals, including nine golds. The team heads to Normandy hopeful of a good performance after also impressing at the 2012 Olympics.

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