Ladies' Singles Final World Indoor Bowls Championships

Ladies' Singles Final

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Hello, welcome to the World Indoor Bowls Championships. It has been the


most remarkable week here at Potters Resort, we have seen some stunning


bowls on the blue Rink and the promise of more to come this


afternoon. Draw ring for the match. He is there. I thought he was


dropping short but he managed to get there. This is very difficult.


Brilliant. Going for it. He is under. It is


gone. He has contested right to the last ball in this match. To retain


the title would be a dream come true and it would be tremendous if I


could do it, but we will take it one end at a time and look forward to


the game. Another trophy of the line in the


finals of the ladies singles match, Ellen Falkner and Katherine Rednall


in an old England clash, and don't forget we have got round to open


singles clash between Les Gillett, who has won a tribute this week,


against the six time singles champion Alex Marshall. This is how


the second round of the singles has shaped up so far...


Jamie Chestney, a talented youngster, number 14 seed, he is


also into the last eight. David Corkill is alongside me. It is worth


reflecting first of all on Charlie Benson's performance yesterday? How


was he yesterday? He was in great form, he lives life to the maximum,


came over that heart attack a few years ago and every day is a bonus.


A hard act to follow for the ladies singles final, everyday has produced


outstanding bowls, the first day with the pairs final, the mixed as


final on Tuesday, and yesterday. A difficult ask for Ellen Falkner and


Catherine today. The way these two players are playing, if they play


anywhere near what they are capable of, we are in for a treat. And your


thoughts on Les Gillett against Alex Marshall this afternoon? I'm sure


Les will be bouncing with confidence after winning a trophy? Not only


that, you played well. Les wanted to get through the first round into the


second round, you knew he would play a top seed and the best players are


in the top three, playing Alex Marshall he will be the underdog and


Les likes to be the underdog. At the start of the day there were still


three matches in the singles second round still to take place and this


morning was between David Gourlay and Neil Furman.


In six previous appearances at Potters, Furman had never got past


the second round. Gourlay wonders in 1996 in Preston but since it has


been played here he has only made it to the final wants, losing to Alex


Marshall in 1999. 56-year-old firm and took the first two with a double


and a single before Gourlay got off the mark in the third when he picked


up this triple to level the scores. The Scot produced some fine draw


shot is to build up a 7-4 lead before displaying the strength of


his game in the seventh end. This is helping him snatch a vital single.


He took a three shot lead into the last end, turned the screw with this


exquisite bird, which was good enough to take the set 9-5. Born in


Pretoria but representing the USA, Furman plays in San Diego. He had


beaten Jason Greenslade in the first round but was struggling to get a


foothold in this. This drive in the second not going his way. Furman


trailed by six going into the eighth end and was left with an impossible


shot to save the match. So the fifth seed David Gourlay is through to the


quarterfinals but he will meet Craig Carmen. Let's take a look at how


some of the quarterfinal matches are looking...


We are still awaiting the result of two matches. Now, the final of the


ladies singles, Ellen Falkner bidding to win the title for a


record fourth time against Katherine Rednall, appearing in the singles


final for the first time in four years. Let's hear from both players.


You will find the auditorium will fill quickly for this one. It was a


hard-fought game, absolutely delighted to get the win.


To retain the title would be a dream, we will take it one game at a


time. I am as passionate, committed, and hungry as ever. I don't tend to


get too nervous before a game. I don't really feel it, but there are


always some first minute nerves when you go on there and it takes a


couple of ends to settle into the cameras and the crowd and the heat


and things like that. I have played Alan quite a lot recently, in the


pairs and champion of champions last year, I have a fairly good record


against her but she has an all-round game so it will be a close one, I


think. I think I have got to go in and take it as it comes, no two


games have been the same on the carpet this year, so just play the


Lexus I'm happy with, I haven't got a game plan, just take it as I find


it. Being in the final before gives you that feeling of, been there,


done it, and trying to win it a second time is always harder than


winning it the first time. I came in the first time with nothing to lose


and suddenly I'm going into it trying to win it for the second time


so there is always added pressure. What a match this is, Ellen Falkner


has already won three times, she is also a Commonwealth Games gold


medallist. Her opponent, Katherine Rednall, at the age of 21, is in the


final for the third time in just four years. When she was just 18 she


became the youngest winner of the ladies World Matchplay back in 2014.


Someone else who has been champion here at Potters in the ladies match


play is Karen Murphy. Before we talk about the final, happy Australia


Day. Thank you very much! Let's talk about Ellen, we spoke about her


yesterday and highlighted some of her talent. How do you think she


will be feeling ahead of what could be a record-breaking match? She will


be fine, it will not rattle her playing in the final, she has done


it before, would it a couple of times before, she is a stall ward of


English bowls and mental toughness is her key. Her opponent became the


youngest player to win this at the age of 18, she had that carefree


abandon in those days, does she still have that? I think she does, I


don't think much rattles her, I am expecting a top-level game for sure.


We are looking forward to hearing you commentated, and you can go and


join David Corkill. MC: It is hard to believe this deal


is 21-year-old made her debut appearance only three years ago and


went on to win this very title. A former runner-up and 2014 ladies


World Matchplay champion, give it up for Katherine Rednall.


APPLAUSE. Katherine takes on one of the games


most respected players. Going for a record fourth title, the defending


ladies World Matchplay champion, Ellen Falkner!


APPLAUSE. Both of these players should feel at


home on the blue rink here at Potters. We will head to the


commentary box, where Karen is alongside Corky.


DAVID CORKILL: Thank you. Both players playing well, both have had


fairly tough matches coming through. Well up for the challenge. It will


be the attacking, tactical play against the perfect roaring, so I


expect Katherine Rednall, and Ellen Falkner, international skip,


Katherine Rednall can play the weight shot but there is a


difference in experience, it is just a matter of whether it will come to


bear. Yes, shaping up to be a fantastic final. Ellen Falkner has


been there and done it many times over and the young up and coming


Katherine Rednall, she is peerless. Yes, the joy of use, no doubt about


that. Very young, but vastly experienced, so many opportunities


to play on the rink, she knows it very well.


Always had that lovely smooth, no delivery, Ellen Falkner. She is 37,


relatively young in real terms but in terms of experience, goodness me,


it is almost like a lifetime. Ellen changing to her backhand,


looking for at least a second shot here. She played it well. Against


Clare Johnson, that was a tough game. Janice Gower, another tough


game. A very limited field, only eight players, but we are usually in


a situation of bringing together immense quality. I thought Katherine


would have been reaching the red ball at the very least. I think that


game against Janice Gower, she probably had enough left in the tank


to win. I spoke to her last night, she said she can play a bit better


than that, hopefully bring that today. Yes, she definitely have


another few years left in her, no doubt about that. She spoke to me


last night about a couple of things she wasn't sure about regarding her


tactics, which we had discussed during commentary. She identified


them. She just wasn't too sure but took a bit of a risk at the time. It


is always good to learn from those things, speak to people like


yourself to get some gauges on tactics. Well, we are all learning,


it never stops. Oh, yes, she will take that. Great result. I wasn't


sure if that was going to get the edge or not, but just enough. Red


ball ran through nicely after it. Tidy little conversion shot. Just


the one. I don't think either player will be too disturbed about that,


one shot is always OK. Katherine Rednall said many times, a


young player. She was in primary school when she first won a title. I


always like to throw things like that in occasionally. Rebecca Field


the other day, that was a great game. It was a fantastic match


against a previous champion, Rebecca Field, in the first round. It has a


tendency to build you up nicely and she took that through to the next


match against Amy Stanton as well. Played some very good balls in that


one. She has got better and better as the event has progressed.


I wonder, did Katherine actually watch the match, coming back from


school, with her little satchel on her back? 2005 was the first time


she won it. Two good bowls from Ellen Falkner. Came around that


absolutely clean. Worth reaching with this one. Definitely on a more


narrow line, extra weight, will it come back? I don't think so. Right


idea, but it is a hard wait to play. Just hold off a bit on that hand.


Good positional bowl. Almost worth going heavier, because the front


green ball keeps her off her own ball, that protects it. I wonder if


Ellen Falkner will try to tidy this up now. Holds two really good shots,


tiny movement of the Jack would be perfect. This will possibly


protected. Yes, it has. Turned out to be a good blogger. She probably


wanted to be short, not sure she wanted to be that short.


The problem for playing that sort of shot is that you must not drop


short. It was a good effort, just couldn't afford to end up short. Not


an easy shot but were to take the chance to touch the jack for a


three. -- worth the effort to take the chance. Not sure she is


reaching. Again, so short, I don't think she was even trying. First


School, 2-1 after two ends. As always, ladies singles creating a


big crowd cover a very special supporter in there for Ellen


Falkner, Chris, a good player in his own right. I spoke to Chris before


the game, I think he is more nervous than Ellen is! There is a lot going


on, like with all players, but the idea is not to show it to your


opponent. This will be the intriguing thing


for me in this much, if Ellen can beat Katherine to the jack, that is


when it will come in. She has a great conversion game, a great


attacking game as well and they agree, if she can beat Katherine to


the jack she certainly has that extra feather in her beau being able


to attack well as well if she does get in trouble. Good stuff from both


players. There is Katherine's mother and


grandmother in the stands as well, a lot of family support. Dad John not


here. He has to work sometimes. What I like about both of these


players as well is that it is indoor and outdoor, they are not just one


discipline, they are both. Ellen's record outdoor is immense. But


Katherine is making a name. Yes, they both play in the same outdoor


international rink, Ellen skips that rink so they certainly know each


other well. 32nd time clock is still in


operation, of course. -- 30 second clock. Two sets of 11, plenty of


ends to sort out a winner. Good ball. Good effort. Confident call of


one red, that will keep Katherine on the draw shot.


One shot, Katherine Rednall. Score, 2-2 after three ends.


Fantastic crowd here today at Potters, hardly a seat spare. Never


ceases to amaze me. I played here nearly 20 years ago and it was the


same, just superb crowds. It is good, just needs to come


around it. Quite like that wait, actually, because that is arriving


to the ball to push it in, bring the jackfruit. -- bring the jack


through. Nice Big Bend of that forehand back


to the commentary box, Katherine Rednall played it very well there.


You touch the jack and it moves very, very quickly. Still, a very


good ball. Yes, very good bowl there from Ellen Falkner, not giving


Katherine Rednall a lot of room to add another one. And that is with


the heavyweight jacks, can you imagine what it would be like with


the standard outdoor ones? Did cause a lot of problems in New Zealand for


the World Championships at the end of last year with the standard


weight jacks, they were all over the place.


Not much on here. Interesting to see if she plays this on the forehand. I


think I would, and the reason why is if you drop back on the green you


can move the jack up the rink. Backhand, you are crunching the jack


against the green bowl. She is probably thinking one down is not


too bad at the moment if she fails here. It was always going to be a


hard shot to get to. The portable rink, if you drop back with a bit of


weight, it moves back, it is a strange shot. Score, 3-2 after four


ends. Jack Poulenc, 26.5 metres. -- Jack


length. That is a nice start from Katherine


Rednall. The links of the jack is a fraction longer than the girls have


been playing. -- the length. They will both know this rink so well.


Last ball, the gap is 3.5 inches. Winning the title is very important,


but playing well, to the players, is the key to it. They don't want to


lose playing badly. They want to force their opponent to win the


event, play well against them. Last bowl, 12 inches past Jack


height. At this level, these players are capable of all the shops and


that is really attractive because an awful lot of bowls, certainly at


domestic level is, not a lot of conversion shots played. Get up


clean, it is fine. That is OK. Got it out into the open little bit


that better than your opponent. A chance to consolidate it, the


close ball in. She will have to start thinking about saving shots,


rather than scoring them. Looks to be good with this one. It


is good enough. A chance with this, leads the ball


first on the inside edge and got it. Good bowl, good weight. Slightly


favour your Red Bull. -- read ball. A courageous shout, a good one,


Alan, we love that. Just missing the line. A good look


at this, that was a good ball by Catherine Mack, made sure she was


reaching the ball, turning the jack. It was a positive shot, not the time


to be negative when the ball is jack high. It is not about pretty bowls,


but it is about effective balls. I liken it to putting in golf, don't


get it a chance to get to the hole and you will not think the shot. The


same applies to bowls, given the chance. -- you will not sink the


shot. I enjoy golf. Just to watch it.


Listen to my wife's stories when she comes off the course. I play a bit


of golf, not as much as I would like. That is the problem, if I was


to play it, I would want to play it well. Busy spending hours down on my


little course in the village I live in. Long green. It favoured the


green. It did. I think we should always remember


that when you are taking any advice from the marker, it is only an


opinion, no more. You have to make up your own mind.


The edge would be helpful. Good bowl. 11 ends today instead of nine,


a little longer game. Those two extra ends make a bit of a


difference. It does definitely without a doubt. If there is a risky


shot to be played, it could go wrong and you play it, if it goes pear


shaped, you have more time to recover. That is right, taking your


risk earlier is better than later. The jack is crunching against the


balls. Really good start, this one, from Katherine Rednall and plenty of


time outs available in this match. Wise for Faulkner to come up and


take a little walk. It is hard to slow the game down but use your time


outs accordingly to try to do that at key moments.


Good effort. It was won because she was trying to move the red ball. She


would have to be very fortunate to get the jack moved to a red one. I


agree when you say it is very difficult to control the tempo with


the shot clock. With this game. Letting the shot clock ran down to a


few seconds and then calling time out, certainly gives you that little


bit more time. Has to be careful. That was the only way out, I was


just about to use my little magic pen, to say it was the only chance


to get the inside edge. Katherine, the last thing you want to do is


give it away with your last ball. Doesn't need to hear it from us. She


knows! I don't think Ellen Falkner will be trying too hard with this


one. Definitely not. Good practice shot, pushes it out wide and letting


it drift back. Those things are a real test of your


mental toughness because you just need to let it go, it is done, you


can't change it, get on with the next end. Not a disaster by any


means, but shouldn't disturb her too much. Should be lying in the shot


and giving away three or four, that would be a whole lot different. That


could easily have a major impact. Long jack length. Big, swinging


forehand, playing off the high line, letting the ball do the work.


Certainly won't be expecting Katherine...


Certainly this is a low scoring game. Seven shots in six ends, an


indication of how tight this game is.


Good follow-up. Really good follow-up. Excellent. The hair falls


all over Katherine's face. It clearly doesn't worry her. Not at


all. Not in the least. Certainly doesn't make any difference to her


ability to play bowls either. I can just imagine a lot of people at home


saying, get that hair out of your eyes! That was a sort of in between


situation, making sure you were arriving but not going through.


Damage limitation shot on if she wants it. Go for the bowl or jack,


take one away and you get the jack through and the most you are going


to lose is possibly one. It will be hard to draw, whichever way you look


at it. She is on a draw line. Everything now has to be right about


this or it will be a disaster. I am not sure about that shot, purely on


the basis that Ellen Falkner is such a good shot player. She could have


taken her own bowl but in reality, it is locked in. I think it was


probably worth having a go at that one. Making contact on her own bowl,


the green bowl will pop out, the jack back was very good. The


shoulder and green ball was coming off as well so the angles were good


as well. High percentage shot. The draw shot in the forehand going down


towards the commentary box, to draw... Is tough. Katherine Rednall,


not an easy third shot to get. I don't think she will be too anxious


by the looks of it. I think when we chalk up the little


holes, with the plastic chalks, they make sure the ball doesn't move in


any way, I think it is two shots. The rings suggest it was two.


Four rounds to go. There is a break appearing, 6-3.


I think if Katherine Rednall could win this next end, she would put a


real stamp on this next set. At some stage, Ellen Falkner will have to be


aggressive and start using her tactical experience. One of the best


in the business when it comes to attacking. Play to your strengths.


First ball just a little bit short, the next ball has to push on and


that is the key to it. A few feet even is good. That is a beauty


there. It creates a problem for Ellen Falkner, she needs... Every


second ball is under pressure. She is in trouble after this one.


About two inches short of jack height. The longer jack length, this


forehand. It is actually quite kind, it will dip back at the end of its


travels. Anything past her previous one, will be very good, she wants to


miss it. She can't afford to be short this time. Will Ellen Falkner


play an attacking shot here? Looks to be shaping up to draw. Correction


needed on line and weight. See how she goes. It will break back. Really


not sure about that, with three down, it was worth coming down the


centre line and let the ball dip inside. Take something away. Back


position is all red soap Katherine will go deep with this, unless she


is feeling very courageous. Doesn't want to leave a shoulder for Ellen


Falkner. The cover bowl. Good from Katherine


Rednall. It is tempting just to run the jack two feet but two feet of


running is difficult. It is down to personal choice. Run the bowls, take


a couple off, drag the jack foot Fleet for -- drag the jack for


three. She wants to dip inside the jack, not wide. GROANS FROM CROWD


Played the right shot, Ellen Falkner, she may have wanted to play


that shot on her third bowl, perhaps. I think so.


The advantage of playing it with her third bowl, it first double sends a


message to your opposition. She wasn't going to be any worse off


than three but also, it might take two goes to get it right. Make your


opponent waste one round the back as well, if you indicate you will drive


with your third bowl, you have an extra bowl to recover with, your


fourth bowl. Jack high. I think Ellen Falkner


needs to put some pressure on Katherine with the first bowl, try


to beat her to it. Katherine's first bowl is very good. But little mini


battle of the first two bowls, all in favour of the younger player.


She's used to drawing to the jack. Her father is arguably one of the


best leads England has ever produced. He knows the value of


being able to get close to the jack. In the first two goes. -- bowls.


Ellen Falkner is on a better line with the second bowl here. It is a


good shot. Nicky Brett just relaxing with Jim Chestney, international


colleagues. Go on with the third bowl this time.


Finding the gap. GROANS FROM CROWD Again, wrong side of the jack. But I


think the right shot to play, I would have played that. And the


right time as well. I think she was reflecting back on the last end and


realised she should have played it with her third bowl. Now she has an


opportunity to correct it. Bowling out of trouble but this set is


sliding away. This young lady definitely has control of the match.


That is a good shot from Katherine Rednall. Four green. Set lie.


Better this time. She got a solid and it is in the ditch.


The question is, when the ditch is going to be the scoring shot, where


is the other red one? There it is. Call for a rope, I think. Fine shot


from Ellen Falkner, a lot of confidence, good hit. But again,


requirement of going for the third bowl is important again. Miss that,


correct it with the last one. It is making the last end so expensive.


But she saved the set. Katherine Rednall is drawing so well at the


moment. Ninth end is so critical. In an 11 end set. Very close.


Just the one. They will want this match to go as long as possible.


Ellen Falkner wanting to score at least one in this end, to force the


last end. Anything more than that, it will put her in with a chance.


At the moment, Ellen Falkner's husband is calm. If you looks calm,


that is good! It is really tough, having your loved one out there,


playing. I think you write every bowl and you get more nervous than


the player, I think. Once again, Ellen Falkner just not


getting close enough in the first delivery. And once again, Katherine


Rednall is in there. She really needs to move up a couple of gears.


I think it would be very... Ellen Falkner would be very awake


Katherine Rednall is beating it to the jack. Second set, new ball game,


different tactic, change of length. Go early. She is possibly in trouble


with the second bowl. She needs to shake Katherine out of her rhythm.


At the moment, she's getting a free run.


She is tempted again here because the jack is framed with one bowl


either side. Take a bowl out and run the jack through.


That is better. It will go on the re-spot but that doesn't really


matter. She is really sending a message to say, I am going to attack


more. My goodness me, that will make it very difficult. The angle she hit


it out, I thought that was a certainty to go off. But in the


ditches, there are these prongs and the jack goes into them and is held.


It is a good system although doesn't work all the time.


They have to run a line down. There is a black line down the middle of


the extremities of the ring Zelenay to run that on the flat and look


down from the top. If any of the jack with Cutting, that is enough.


Yes, it looks like it is. You can see the prongs just holding it and


it is in. This will be very difficult to get


at, even with the mat up. There is a bit of room.


She will have two goes at it. It is still a distance away. She just


needs to get just inside of the signage with good weight, that is


the key. This is a better line. The weight is better as well. Really


didn't need... Because she had the draw anyway, no matter what. This is


a hard shot to draw. Very difficult. She certainly is wider than her


first one but she needs the extra weight. Can she carry it? No, we


will be going into the last end. Little bit surprised that back, I


thought of anything she would have gone into the ditch. It was always


swinging away and when that happens, swinging away from the ditch, it


cooks two feet and is better for you. If you have two chances, it


gives your first one a better chance to get to it. Two goes, missed a


chance, she has been very good value. That is not going to make it,


it'll be less than the minimum requirement of 23 metres. And that


is a mistake. I can understand why she is looking for the minimum


distance. If you want to guarantee that, bring the mat up. And play it


at the other end. Three metres after the tee for the jack is in the ditch


so you have that margin of error. Katherine going for her favourite


line. Four shots. Nothing for short. It is


OK if it is two inches, but it is not good if it is a metre away.


Just on the edge, of being useful. Expect Katherine to get inside that


certainly, the way she has been playing.


Katherine just looking for another one roundabout. She has achieved


that. She has knocked her own ball, though. That is absolutely crucial.


That is a great result. Get to the green ball, fall back towards the


jack... Oh, it is gone now. That is the end of the party. Just carried a


balls up, -- carried the balls, no point in going any further. I can


understand how wanting to make an adjustment. First set, Ted-5 to


Katherine Rednall. Pretty reflective of the first set.


The 24 metre Jack length was the interesting one for me. Nothing


really dramatic climax. They have mostly been playing about


the 26, 28 metre length. I think Alan is right to try to find that


short jack length to shift Katherine of her rhythm. -- I think Ellen is


right. If you had that every day, you would be a very happy bowler.


Quality stuff. Do you think, in years gone by, when the rink was a


fraction quicker, a lot more shorter lengths were played? I think so, it


was a lot harder in respect, people like Alex Marshall were real


specialist at that short jack length. Now, they do refer back to


that, it is almost like a default setting for them, but they have been


playing a lot more... Last ball, ten inches short of Jack Coyte. -- Jack


height. Pretty tough call to get close. Especially if the player is


playing with a tighter ball will stop -- playing with a tighter bowl.


I always have a look at the opposition's ball to see what


they're using. Played a match recently with a guy using vector VS.


First end of the second set, Ellen Falkner is attacking. Yes, has to do


that. OK, baby a little bit fortunate but that ball was there to


be used. The important thing for her was that she decided to go early.


She put her hand up apologetically to Katherine to say, sorry, not what


I was going for, but got the result. There has to be a professionalism


out there, you acknowledge your opponent with a good result.


This is a big chance for Ellen Falkner, first end of the second


set. It would be just the confidence she needs to take into the second


set. Good opportunity for the extra shot,


doesn't want the jack, leave the jacks, that is what she has done.


That was a very good change there. That is the advantage of just


changing the pattern. Let your opponent no, I'm going to attack at


every opportunity. The mat up fractionally here for


Ellen Falkner. She is on this tighter line, forehand away from the


commentary box, fractionally heavier line. Played well.


Once again, rolling with the jack from the first bowl. How much was


the shot? 3.5 inches. Katherine's percentage of effective bowls on a


first bowl must be outstanding. Very high, no doubt about that, certainly


in comparison to Ellen Falkner at the moment. Good bowl there, tucked


in right behind. She wants this to come in, but not


too close. Probably just draw this. Looks to be on a nice line here,


Ellen Falkner. The weight looks handy, too. Needs to pass the Green


bowl, and has. Really good draw shot there but more important for Ellen


Falkner it means she is not under pressure at the moment. It has been


a few ends since that has been the case. Now, can you get back down to


your own bowl? Better if she had missed it, she was picking up the


jack. Good grouping of bowls. The way this head is sitting, Katherine


has got no position at the back and one side, so Alan would be wise to


arrive at this, just make sure to turn the bowl onto the jack, use the


two red three to the side of the picture and that takes all the


danger away. Worth arriving at this, giving it a


go. Wrong side of the green ball, she knew she was not therefore


weight. Alan has five time out remaining. -- Ellen. Take a risk?


Not too much danger. Only dangerous if she gets the wrong side of the


red one, the jack would go across and lose four. Certainly played it


with enough weight. You understand that we don't want the inside edge


of the green. Hard wait to play. She played it a bit half-heartedly,


I think. A bit tentative. One shot down, didn't want to make a mess of


things. Can't blame her on that one. Ellen Falkner off to a good start in


the second set, 3-0. That is what she needed to do. She's just unable


to put Katherine Rednall under pressure with the first ball.


Yes, that first bowl is just not operating, she is having to do too


much work with the third and fourth. Good adjustment, but that is what


she wants for the first delivery, just behind the jack.


Good effort, the right idea. Even though you're mine in short, you


want to drag it back. -- even though your line is short. Close again


here. That little edge might be enough. Very close. Remarkable.


Without the edge, it was actually going to be even closer, to be fair,


but probably better for her in some respects if there is a gap there.


Try to drag the Jack back if she can. The wait was good with the last


bowl. She has pushed through it. That one did not make much of the


move. She would have expected that to bend back a bit more. That one


fell against the bias. Just needs to stay up. Not quite.


Interesting to see if they will get down to measure this. It is very,


very close. It did look to be the green bowl


from overhead. It was very close. Not sure, but this one is very close


to call. If it is a crudest and, they take the two balls out, no


school. Francis Fletcher will sort it out. Read. I wasn't sure about


that one because normally they are very close, it was just too


difficult to call, it really was. Slight movement on that. One shot,


Ellen Falkner. The cameras gave us a really good idea of what was going


on, very much appreciated. You can see the clear three millimetre gap


there. So, Ellen Falkner playing the


shorter jack lengths. Off to a good start in the second set.


She just unders and overs at the moment with her first two bowls.


Nice shot here from Katherine Rednall. She is still dominating


with the first two bowls but she is on the wrong side of the card by


4-0, which is to do with Ellen's attacking shots and conversion


shots. She's calling it, it is always going to go under.


Needs to miss her own and come off the red one.


It is a tough head for Ellen Falkner to play too. Yes, slight favour for


the read the second. I think Ellen has just joined in the backend, I


don't see any of the shot. When is 4-0 up... Reaction from the crowd


there when he said she had four shots remaining, I don't think so!


Four in the lead. She is not on a bad line here. Needs


the edge. Not the edge of the bowl, though, the edge of the jack. Wasn't


a bad effort, the right way in many respects to Payet. Could not use a


lot of weight. Really good effort. Good chance the Katherine to add


another shot here. Two shots, Katherine Rednall. Score,


4-2 after four ends. Ellen Falkner is doing well to


survive this first two bowls onslaught she is suffering out


there. Has been occasionally getting in, most of the time she is facing


her second ball two shots down. Katherine's first bowl just forcing


Ellen Falkner to play back to the commentary box with her first bowl.


Just over two feet past, good changeover. Still lots of room here.


Oh dear, oh the correction, that will be damaging. -- over


correction. That is a very wide line, even for the strong bowls of


Katherine Rednall. I think the weight was pretty good. Last bowl is


18 inches short of jack height. Your short ball, just under three feet.


Ellen needing just to negotiate Katherine's last bowl here, probably


just dropping in under it. Got a chance with this. Well done. Very


good bowl, just a drop in there. The weight was perfect.


That one has got a good position back bowl there. Just a draw shot


from Katherine now. Nothing really to play too with weight, so just


drop it in, try to rest the red bowl. Better line with this one.


Definitely wide with the previous one, this one will come back. All a


matter of getting the right connection now, not the gap. Got


both. That was a great effort. Probably more important in some ways


for Katherine, it means Ellen doesn't have the chance to do drag


the jack back for three, probably the best she can do out of this is


two, so good thinking to make sure she was arriving to it.


She has given it that bit extra grass. Playing safe. Can't blame


her. Didn't want to make any contact. Why is to be on the high


side. -- she was wise to be on the high side. One shot, Ellen Falkner.


4-2 in front, grab the single. Keeps you in control of the second set.


She is working hard out there, I have to say, she really is.


Katherine is putting her under a lot of pressure, she still has control


of this. Seems to have the momentum even though Katherine is still


beating her to the jack with her first bowl. She has been more


positive in the areas where she needs to be, rather than trying for


the perfect shot. We seek time and time again good


players just find a way to win, don't they? They do, absolutely.


There have been so many matches where I have seen the experience of


players and champions, past champions, come through when maybe


they were outplayed by their opposition. The way Katherine has


been playing, particularly with the first two balls, it is still hard


work for Ellen Falkner to win the second set.


None of the women players have been playing like this, not one of them


has been getting this goes with their first two balls on a regular


basis. Just a slight disturbance in the


crowd, the players are just taking a moment or two while that is looked


after. Just a slight refocus for Ellen


Falkner there. I'm sure Ellen didn't mean to pay


that much weight, I think she was a bit put off by the disturbance in


the crowd. She might have been better to wait till it was


completely clear. Lots of pressure, single ball target this time, no


choice but to try and draw into this and make it a bit better for


herself. There is the over correction, so easy to do when you


are pushing through. Now she is in so much trouble. Katherine will be


doing well to draw another one in a centreline position, doesn't want to


leave anything on the wing. Shot off the day coming up if she


draws this one. Heating it is not easy, single ball target at that


length on the backhand -- hitting it. Draw ringgit is not easy,


either. -- drawing it. The draw shot available, using the shoulder to


come off, backhand draw available but, goodness me, could you imagine


just trying to drop in on that ball and dropped back? Very difficult. I


think I would be trying to hit it if it was me. Such a hard shot to try


and draw. She wants to keep the opposition down to three or four


because if she misses it it is definitely going to be a four. If


she draws it, it would be a remarkable shot.


Going for the runner. Slightly under. Not much, just a tiny little


bit under, and that was enough. I still think it was the right shot. I


think so. Make your shot selection, be committed to it, 100%, and if it


goes wrong, you lose the four, the lead will disappear but still well


in the set. She needs to stop on the ball. There


was plenty of room. This four shots, Katherine Rednall.


11 ends comes in handy. That is the first time I think I


have seen her a metre away. On the first ball.


Faulkner has just lost in the last end but Katherine Rednall was only


two out of the Dodd in the second is so far. Scoring heavily. She was


doing everything right, keeping your opponent down to single shots most


of the time. This one is a loose end. Last bowl, 2.5 feet. Plenty of


room here. Sets up a position, if Ellen doesn't


get 11... If Katherine doesn't get another ball in, Ellen has a chance.


The young lady slots a second shot in.


She has gone deep. She has. Opportunity here for Ellen Falkner.


The crowd very happy to see that. Surely she will go for the ball, one


way or the other. There is a natural bend into the green ball, the way it


is sitting. Gas, going for it. She is interested. Goodness me, that


must have been close. To take the two balls, she must have been coming


in. Definitely worth it. Had to go for


it. The run is quite a tight line down the back end towards the


commentary box. There wasn't much in it. Jack length 27.5 metres. A


lovely and colourful lightsaber display there.


The last few ends, Katherine started to drop the first bowl short. Ellen


unable to capitalise. That is where the big problem is. The door has


been opened a bit but Ellen hasn't been able to walk through it. There


it is again, I think. Fractionally short from Katherine, not like her.


Change onto the backhand. I don't think I want to know! Where


is Katherine's? 2.5 feet short of jack high. The concentration...


That is the line for it. Still running. She has lost her drawing


width. Katherine has a chance to recover with the third bowl. She's


getting yet another chance with the third bowl this time. Don't know she


is there again. It is not bad. It is good enough.


Ellen should be able to take that amount off, taking two feet off is


very difficult but when you are four or five through, it is a bit easier.


She's struggling now. This is a real walkabout end.


Lots and lots of pressure on Ellen Falkner. If she loses a big count


here, the match is gone. Can't afford to lose a four.


A big slap on the thigh for Ellen Falkner,. She is a pressure player.


Make sure you are taking the line out because I think you are on an


inside line with that, definitely underwear you want to be. You have


to sneak through between balls. -- definitely under way you want to be.


She is two down, took two off. That was a nervy one. Low on the green


and low on the weight. She is so disappointed with that end, Ellen


Falkner. Two shots, Katherine Rednall. 5-9 after eight ends. This


is a crucial end. Katherine Rednall wins this and she has one hand on


the trophy. Ellen Falkner has to score at least a single to give her


a chance. Her drawing has just left in the last few ends and after


sitting pretty for a while, 4-0, 5-2, a four, a single and a double.


And in a heap of trouble. Well, I don't know what is going on.


She has just lost her way. It happens. It certainly does.


Katherine is not far away with her second bowl. A readjustment.


This looks under. For lying and weight. Yes, she is definitely


struggling now. She is the sort of player, you think, one big bowl


could turn it but it is not going well. In the meantime, her young


opponent, wasn't taking much advantage with this one but it is


another shot. She's sticking with the backhand.


The line looks better. This is all about weight now, she is a lot


closer with this one. But she needs to hurry. That has pretty much


blocked up the backhand. Very close to two shots. Two green.


We are guaranteed at least another end. I just can't see Ellen doing


anything if she does not win this one. Katherine to looking to drop


another one in here. Looks to be good with the weight. Close. That


tinkered on a bit but it is OK. We think it is three shots which would


take up to 12-5. That would need two fours. It is here critical list,


last ball, and she has to change onto the forehand. Traditionally,


forehand can drop short very easily. Champions come up with big bowls


when needed. Ellen Falkner needs one now. She is definitely reaching, she


has got a chance for this, a big chance. Steady now. What a bowl.


That was massive. And Chris knew it. What did we say about the big bowl


at the right time that can change the whole pattern? She needs another


couple here. She has got a smile on her face at the moment, a smile with


a tiny grimace! She knows you can't just dip in and get those bowls all


the time. One is just not enough and look at the score card, look at all


the number ones at the top. She has been losing shots and doubles and


bigger. Not gaining them. First ball needs to be close.


Four shots in two ends, I thought that would be impossible.


I honestly can't remember the last time she played a first ball


toucher. That is a good reply. A very good one.


As long as she has got the width, she's on a good line. That is a good


bowl. She will force Alan to try to wrest into the green bowls. One


shot, making it tough in the last end. She need two to give herself a


chance to win the set. That was a nice little shot down the backhand


Ellen is plain, just over the draw. -- Ellen is playing. She needs to


run with this, it needs to hurry. Well, that is not a time to be


short. Even a ball through the jack would have been good. Just going


deeper. Very wisely, Katherine going back.


Choices here. She could just draw up to the ball or drive it off, knowing


that if she gets the jack, she could get one shot. She will be playing to


their strengths. It is very close, the same on the green, definitely,


very, very close. Ellen has two time outs remaining. Can she get inside


it to get to the jack with enough weight? And if she gets the front


bowl, she knows there are all sorts of chances. If she gets it all the


way through, it is still good. I'm sure she can drive the ball out.


Definitely will have to arrive with a little bit of weight at least. She


is on the forehand. Which would suggest she is playing weight.


Definitely, definitely go for the front ball, to take the other two


out. She is in the area, surely got


something. What a bad result. Katherine is looking at it, not


doing anything yet because I think it is very close for shot. Not


totally sure whose line. Ellen walking away. She doesn't need to do


this, she is very fair. If she is not sure, she will say. It has been


declared. That is unusual. I can understand it. Decided not to play


the last ball. Katherine must be confident she has lined the shot.


France's Fletcher, don't make a mistake. Resting on the green,


exactly what you are supposed to do. Bring it right through. That is


perfect. Now we will know, if that goes straight through. Yes, easy.


One shot, second set of the match, Katherine Rednall. She didn't player


last ball and she gets the single she needs to win the Championship.


She has been good value for it. Really good value.


A lot of the damage being done by the young 21-year-old in the first


two balls. Ellen Falkner contributing gamely to that match.


But Katherine Rednall takes it. The matchplay singles champion for 2017


and very deserved. The enthusiasm of youth, 21 years


old. Katherine Rednall at Delhi against the experience of Ellen


Falkner, three times champion. Katherine Rednall was in no mood to


be taken out in this match. Rarely had to play a weak shot. Drawing.


Keeping under pressure, forcing a more experienced opponent into


taking the difficult shots. Cakau down to singles all the way with


only two doubles on one side. Ellen Falkner doing everything she could


to keep the young lady at bay but it was just too much.


Ellen just missing the target with her last ball, declared ahead and


the green all pushed out. Winning the set and the Championship. Big


smile from Katherine. Congratulations from Alan Thornhill.


It shows how heavily she scored in the two sets. Ellen Falkner was


getting singles. Katherine Rednall scoring heavily and deserved her


victory. Second time for her. She will be delighted.


Ellen, you came back out into the ring with a rueful look on your


face, sum up what happened today. I am a bit loss for words, to be


honest but rather than talk about my performance, I would rather talk


about Katherine and say well played and well done and enjoy the moment.


Katherine, second time you are winning it, the last time you were


just a baby but in fairness, you are not that much older now! What is the


difference between the feeling immediately after winning it last


time and this time? I don't think there is one. Coming back every year


has been an absolute pleasure. This can be a better start to the year.


Potters is a great place to come to. This is what you hope for other


final and to be up against Ellen, what a lot of people would have


asked for. Ellen summed it up by saying, forget about how she played,


you were outstanding. Really pleased with how I played. Pleased with the


first set. I got a bit of a lead and was able to defend it and really


happy with that but Ellen came right back at me in the second set so I


was a bit worried them. You have only been playing at Potters four


years. What is it about this place that makes you so good here? I think


I settled into the carpet the first time I came. Immediately. It is all


about the bowls. You come and you play and practice and you have to


keep going. It is the real focus and it is about wanting to win a trophy.


What got you into bowls as a youngster? Your dad was a big


inspiration but who were the other people playing a part in getting you


here? My whole family play and they have been fantastic. I started when


I was five years old. My mum and my grandma are up there. Sadly dad is


at work. It has been great to have a supportive family around me. I hope


they are all proud of you, I am sure they are. Commiserations to Ellen


but the 2017 ladies matchplay champion, Katherine Rednall.


ANNOUNCER: It is time for the presentation and to make it, your


appreciation for the managing director of Potters Resort, Mr John


putter and the just customer services claims handler, Venetia


Graham. First and foremost, the runner-up, your appreciation for


Ellen Falkner. Now, to the winner, receiving a


Langham glass trophy, a check and the title for the 2017 ladies


matchplay champion, it is the pocket dynamo, Katherine Rednall.


Ladies and gentlemen, one more time, the 2017 ladies World Matchplay


champion, Katherine Rednall! What a fantastic performance from


Katherine Rednall. Karen Murphy has left the commentary box and has


joined the ringside. What was your reaction to what you saw from


Katherine and Ellen today as well? Katherine's first two bowls were


phenomenal and that is where she won the game. When she did fail, Ellen


couldn't capitalise on it. Ellen seemed to be out of sorts. She got


herself back into it. Given her record and history, you thought it


would go to a tie-break. We did and champions play big bowls when they


need to. I think to be fair, Ellen will be disappointed with her


performance today. Katherine played really well. It was a great game.


What is it about Katherine? I asked her about this place, an amazing


record for a 21-year-old to have won here twice. Her rhythm and weight


control is amazing. She's certainly a great player now. I would like to


see in ten years' time where she will be. It is frightening! What was


a key moment perhaps in the end of the second set, Ellen was on top and


Katherine then delivered a full house. Talk is through this and how


crucial it was. A great example of Katherine's draw bowl, she played


really well. She really made a play with that last bowl and entered into


a full score of four. When Ellen came out, I mentioned in the


interview, a rueful look on her face and I could tell she didn't really


want to talk too much. You can understand what she was going


through. Definitely and in her speech, she didn't want to talk


about her performance but she hailed Katherine. That is the thing,


Katherine Rednall is certainly a name for the future. Have a peek


into the future, she has won it twice, at the end of 21. What sort


of possibilities are open to her? Ellen has compiled an amazing


record, three times Commonwealth Games gold medallist. A lot of


people would expect Katherine to perhaps break the record of Carol


Ashby and Ellen Falkner, winning it more than three? She is definitely


capable. You have got your feelers when you are a little bit younger.


You come in here damn thing, I am the underdog and I can play how I


want. It will be interesting but I think she has the ability to do


that. Thank you very much we will bring you up-to-date with a couple


of things coming up on the BBC. When we are done on BBC Two at Potters,


we will bring you highlights of the Australian open tennis.


We are switching our attention to the singles competition.


Les Gillett against Alex Marshall. Les Gillett has had a good week.


Alex Marshall six time champion. We will hear from both players,


starting with Les Gillett reflecting on his victory in the pairs.


I go to Jason and say, this is our best ever opportunity to win this


championship. Take time and relax. If there is one person in the world


I would get to play, it is with him. He has got to do something. At this


point I might have a look in, I am shaking and I am waiting. And I said


to Daniel, the league is not close. He said, yes, it is close. Then he


started chatting me in and it runs and it runs and it is like slow


motion and it gets in. And we are like, oh, my God, world champions.


What a feeling. Les, you want it 16 years ago, what is the difference


this time around? I have enjoyed it more with Jason to be fair because


he has been quite challenging at times. Jason has not been at his


best, but what he has done, and we have had conversations about this,


he has played the right bowls at the right times. In my eyes, he won it


for me. Les is a character on and off the green. Winning the pairs you


are on a high. But, yes, he is a good friend and a good player. I


need to play well. I know if I can play my eight-game, I am difficult


to beat. He is probably the best player ever in the world. Yes, it is


a bit of a mountain to climb and it would have been nice to avoid him,


but somebody has to play him and I guess I am the unfortunate one. Or


the lucky one, because playing against Alex is a privilege. Yes, it


will be tough. I have always got the will to win. When I come to Potters


it is my second home. This is where I play my best bowls. I am hungry


for number seven. I will try my best, I am on good form. It is the


place to be. David Corkhill has joined me ringside. Corky, this is a


cracking match up. The reason why it is so good is because less is full


of confidence. We talked about it at the top of the show and he will need


that confidence because he is against the best player ever to row


a bowl. No doubt about that. Alex has more than proven that is the


case, indoors and outdoors. His record is superb. But with lead, he


has got all the confidence in the world, no doubt about that, but he


is also very happy. He has got the ranking points he needs to stay in


the top 16. That will relax him and he can say, I will not lose out


there. Alex was stuck on five championship wins in the singles,


but he got the sixth win. It is very hard when you have got six to feel


the pressure because you have done so much in the game. But I remember


the relief he felt when he won it, because everyone is was expecting it


for a long time. His best friend Paul Foster is on four. They are


best friends, but be under no illusion, they want to win. Paul


Foster is chasing his faith. Give people an idea why it is almost


undisputed that Alex Marshall is the best player. It is because it is


indoors and outdoors and that is where the difference is. David


Brandt was the innovator, there is no doubt about that, he brought the


game through to the audience in the world in many ways. But Alex


Marshall has proved that in a World Championship, indoors, and outdoors


and he has done it more than once and that is the key to it. It is


continuous over the last 15 years. Anyone who saw Alex Marshall in 2014


in Glasgow in the Commonwealth Games will have some amazing memories


because of the outstanding bowls ever played outdoors. It is not


about chasing the money, that was about playing for your country and


it was very obvious for Alex that whenever he is representing his


country, he puts everything into it. Ignoring the confidence, because


that is positive, but what are the tactics that Les Gillett can use,


what are the skills that he possesses, that can upset the apple


cart and Alex Marshall? It will be a bit like Katherine in the ladies


singles final, the first two bowls. It Les puts Alexander pressure on


the first two bowls, he will have to run at things and start attacking


more than he would like to, and that is where the key will be. If he


matches him, it will be Alex all the way. Will you call it? How can you


go against Alex Marshall? He is the six times world champion and he is


up against Les Gillett and that is the next match up here on BBC Two.


Time to join our MC. This 46-year-old left-hander is a former


semifinalist and a former international open and Welsh Masters


champion. Ladies gentlemen, the recently crowned world indoor


champion, Les Gillett. # We will, we Will Rock you. And he


faces one of the game's most feared and respected opponents, the 2013


international open champion, the world number two, Alex Marshall MBE.


# Can you feel the force? Yes, feel the force of Alex


Marshall. We're Les Gillett feel the force? A great match because Les


Gillett is bouncing after the win in the pairs on Monday alongside Jason


Greenslade. But he has got a big obstacle to overcome, the most


formidable force in the game, the six times world champion, Alex


Marshall, MBE. Andy Thomson has joined Corky.


Les Gillett has never been short of confidence, it is fair to say.


He is that sort of player. The target for him was to do well and


play well and he has exceeded that in many ways when we think about


winning the pairs where he played very well. I would agree. Les and


Jason were not expected to win it, but deservedly so at the end of the


day, but this is a different proposition. Playing the six times


world champion, this will be quite hard for Les. I agree, the opening


two bowls have got to be close to give himself a chance. You are


agreeing with me, Andy. At the moment, we have got plenty of time


to go before I start disagreeing! A very good draw player. Les Gillett


can play all the weight shots, but it is the draw shot that is really a


key part of his armoury. It will have to be in top form to win this


match. He played well in the pairs, grouping the bowls well. He is


playing with confidence. He has also been putting the hours in. I have


noticed in the evening when I have been sitting here, whilst you have


been relaxing elsewhere, and doing my homework... What are you saying?


I am looking around for the postage stamp. You are always sneaking a


look at my notes. Just putting in the hours, no doubt about that. Yes,


he is. Most players do it now. They realise there is a big carrot at the


end of the week. Three great opening bowls from Les Gillett.


The rules are that you have to call things slightly different.


We still used jack high and others used jack level. I know that is the


new law. We will stick to our old-fashioned terminology! It gets


the message over. Yes, correct. This is a perfect start for Les. Right


the way he has called a time-out. He knew exactly what he was going to


do there. It will be just in case. That is the problem with Alex


Marshall for most people. You have to really play a cover bowl, or a


particular bowl in a position, because you expect him to get it. I


think Alex is looking at the plant. Thinking of putting the one red bowl


onto the other to move the jack. The draw is not easy. It is time already


from Alex. I think he is undecided. Not sure of the best shops to play.


The players are just taking a moment. There are a lot of people


moving around in between matches and that is understandable. It is hard


to sit there for four hours. I agree. They are not the slots


sometimes that people are happy with. Sometimes the spectators go


out for a break and have a cup of coffee and come back in and


sometimes it disturbs players. I spoke to Les about this before and


he is aware that this is going to happen. It is probably who handled


it better. You look at the draw and this is the only one of the day. It


is good in the morning and in the evenings. This is the hard slot.


Especially after a final. A lot of people come in to support the


finalists. It is almost like not taking top billing. But it will


settle in a minute. It makes this side of the rink very


accommodating. I can see both players playing this side of the


carpet. I know other players favour the forehand in this direction.


This is close. He got the inside edge. Perfect. I think we will see


Les changing now. Watch the action of Alex Marshall.


You will not find anything smoother in the game. He always gets the bowl


away very well. One of the secrets of his success, consistently getting


the bowl away good. Slightly heavy on this one. Talk about delivery,


Les Gillett has got a good one as well. A nice follow-through. He


tucks his leg well in behind the front leg. It makes room for your


arm to go back and follow through on the line. Just slightly on the


inside. A good try. Good weight. This is not an easy extra shot for


Alex. We are looking at deliveries because it is like a snooker action


or a darts player. It is important that it is smooth, easy, relaxed and


reliable. Yes, I agree. It is nice to have smooth deliveries. Everyone


does not. But people with non-textbook deliveries perform very


well. Yes, Ian Bond. He controls it really well.


Always going for the very short length. REFEREE: Jack length, 24.5


metres. The minimum is 23, so he is comfortable enough. A lot of players


are using this length. I am sure we will see Paul Foster using this


length. Alex and Paul have always liked the shorter length.


That is the first rangefinder from Les and you always expect Alex to


get close to this distance. Here he comes again. He is so good at that,


he really is. Very good. At the shorter length his backhand plays


OK. It will be interesting to see if the jack goes longer which hand Alex


does play. That is a better correction from Les. That is handy


for blocking. REFEREE: One red, just. About five and a half inches.


The other is about six inches. Alex was a bit shocked by that. That was


a very confident call from Alex Fletcher.


He is coming up to have a look at this as well.


It did not put him off! No, it didn't. He played the perfect draw.


Following Alex in. I do not think that was necessary. He could have


dropped on his own bowl. Slightly surprised there. He was probably


thinking, if I get to the green bowl or turn the jack, I might be able to


make a double. Alex's wife Diane has not been too


well in the past few months. It is good to see her back on her feet.


She has always got a happy demeanour. Oh, yes, always cheery,


always enjoys it and always comes to support Alex here. That bowl was not


running. That will make it difficult for Les if he is thinking of playing


a backhand. This is hard. If there was any more than one, Alex would be


tempted to run it. We are back to nine ends for this match. He did not


get that one away well. Alex is still looking at it. He is having a


good look at this. Good call. Good call, Francis. Well done. He would


have got the Alex Marshall Steer if he had been wrong! I think he got a


surprise. Brave man, well done. -- stare.


Again, it is very hard for the audience to get down into the big


stand in between ends because these guys are very quick sometimes. You


have only literally got about 20 seconds and it is a big stand to


make your way into your seat. I don't think that was a spectator.


I think I can see a woman in the stands making her way down. He is


just watching that. I think they have sat down now. The stewards have


to look after it. It is amazing, in the home


international series it is like a football match. Players are jumping


all over the place and the spectators are moving behind the


rinks. But the players get on with it. But here because it is still so


still, there is no movement, it puts the players. The crown green players


don't know what is going on when they see this.


We are not quiet all the time. There are people walking all over the


place and the players just get on with it. It is great to watch and


great to be involved in. Les has not found his range in the


shorter length yet. A good effort. You just see the rink


and nothing else and you wouldn't hear anything either. I have seen


darts players putting earplugs in to keep the crowd out. Snooker guys


like it quiet. They are similar to the bowls players. No movement. It


is always still for the snooker players as well. That bowl was


perfect, just caught the edge. You just need a touch on your own Red


Bull, Les. This is very risky. He has got away with that. Oh, my


goodness me, did he get away with that or what? He took his own bowl


out. He not only said his apologies to Alex, but he also waved at him.


Good lad, Les. Knowledge in the fact that you were fortuitous. He was in


the area, but he got a slight fortunate result, but that is all


part of the game. Once again there has been a bit of movement.


I think the officials are quite good. They will stop the clock. They


do not disciplined for stopping. That is what they do. They are well


trained. A lot of experience. Alex is one of the more sensitive ones


towards that, but let's be honest, six world titles, and that is only


the singles, so it cannot be that bad. He is used to this, he will


have played a lot of games at this time of day, so he will be able to


adapt. A good effort. Difficult one to add


to. It is his favourite venue as he has


already said, he always plays his best bowls here. Just relaxing and


chilling at the back with probably just a cup of tea, David. It is a


bit cooler up there, keep your coat on. It must be called up in the


corner. -- cold. It certainly is not cold in the stands. It is very warm


with the lights on. This is a longer jack length. It


will be interesting to see what Alex is going to play. It is straight on


the backhand. He has played the backhand in both directions are so


he is happy with that, but that last bowl will give him problems already.


I was thinking a few years ago when we had those massive banks of


lights. It was more like something from the old days of Wembley. The


heat that they generate it was unbelievable. How slides are


sufficient with the new technology. They are not quite as hot.


There she goes, just checking with everybody and answering all those


texts of congratulations. She will be there for quite a while.


I thought he was going to get an edge on to the jack, but into the


ditch. It was his opening bowl that dictated the problem here. Nothing


clear to the jack, that is why he played with weight. You have no idea


where that jack is going to go if Alex gets it. It might go to either


side of the rink and it might go on to one of the re-spots. He has got


those covered. That is number three. He does not want to block the gap


too much. REFEREE: It is a couple of inches.


Alex is conscious of the fact there is still only one boulder, but he


has got one after this for the recovery. He likes it. He was close


that time. He had no idea where that jack was going to go. It is probably


six feet to drop it. At that length when you catch the jack it ends up


at five or six feet away, but he got the shot and that is the most


important point from Alex's point of view.


We expect this ball to be the shot-mac when it comes to rest. That


is looking pretty good. It just needs to sneak up. I think that's


probably be shocked. He has indicated six feet short, so


there is room for Alex to draw the first. It is looking good. That's a


definite one. I don't know about the other one, though.


Looking fairly chilled there, his wife Diane. She doesn't get excited


until the final. He has a few tough games to go yet. He certainly does.


It's early days. If you play a late second round, David, basically


you're playing every day up until Sunday. It sometimes helps. I think


it's a chilly a good thing. I really do. It means you are waiting around


quite a while though. The players who have won today will basically


have the same programme. They will play every day until Sunday. Alex


Marshall and Les Gillett. Whoever wins this match will play the winner


of Darren Burnett and Mervyn King. They won't even be thinking about


that because they know this will be a tough one. It's that famous


sporting expression, one game at a time. A good ball coming in.


The gap is seven inches. My ball? Your bowl, 15.


Gently, gently. Just missed the jack. As long as he missed the jack,


he was good. Last night, quite late, we were sitting around. The umpires


have a tendency to sit around and we joined them for a little discussion


about wolves, making sure I was completely up to speed, because I


know I'll get a lot of help from you with reading the rules. Any new ones


that came to mind? Nothing of any consequence. Still just a draw. Same


hand, Les. Tried to tuck the jack away. A good, high lying here. He


has got a lot of work to do. Well played, Les Gillett. That could be


number two. It could be. Alex Tait having a good look around


this. The back position is of no real value to him. Use a time-out,


Alex. You have plenty of them. He had two seconds to spare. Plenty of


time. I think there is a tendency that when you get down as low as


that, your eye is on the clock and you tend to play a bad ball. That


wasn't a particularly bad ball but it didn't do him any favours. You


tend to rush it a bit when you have one eye on the clock. Les Holding


one at the moment. It is pretty close for the second. That is why I


am surprised he is changing his hand. That is the shot, so let's not


worry about that one. One shot, Les Gillett. Just the one. There we go.


Set school, 4-3. Going back to rules, there was a query sent in


yesterday about marking the ball before the next player delivers and


you have to do that. It's essential, because you just never know if


someone is going to drive with the next ball. Jack makes 28 and a half


metres. It is illegal for them not to do it. As the ends progresses,


sometimes they do put the chalk and later. No, the spray chalk has


stopped that, Andy, and they are in there like a bullet. Paul Foster put


one down at Heaven knows what speed the other day and I certainly


wouldn't want to be in the middle of that one trying to mark a toucher.


No, they can send them down fast. Well, Alex is changing to the


forehand. I'm not surprised. I think this is the better hand at the


longer length. Good thinking. Oh, that is unlucky. Just dropped


out. Resplendent in that. Looks like a lot of roses in there. I was


speaking to Julie at lunchtime. She was speaking about Mary Berry. Is


that take a colour? I'm not sure because I don't watch that kind of


thing. I'm not sure if she wears that kind of thing. You are more


expert. If you talk to me about cooking programmes, no idea. Very


popular though. Well, Les has the same bowl as your previous one.


Nothing too adventurous with this one. Draw the shot. Well, Les, on


your backhand. This is coming back. Really coming back strong. Just


needs to finish. Oh, good bowl, Les. Very good. When he is on song, he is


a very, very dangerous player. Yes, last bowl shot. Very fortunate to


have that manner number two in my rank. Always plays very well. They


don't put you out in your stocking soles, do they? They look after the


grand old man of the England team, they really do. Well, Alex playing a


shot here and is he going to be close? He is. Stand the wait out of


it. Yes, it was just reaching, follows through and gets the shot.


Well played, Alex Marshall. Les will be looking to turn that bowl or turn


the jack now. Very slight correction on his last Hull. -- on his last


bowl. This will look inviting. He has already used a time-out. He


knows that this is a big bowl. It always is in the seventh end.


Controlled inside the line. Now it's a matter of holding up to the jack.


That's not bad. He's very close. That is the bowl. He just moves the


Jack and takes the one. That is great bowling.


Yes, Les, it did hurry. It did indeed. I think Alex again is using


a time-out, looking at the Angles. What happens if he hits the target?


I think the biggest problem for Alex is he doesn't know where the jack is


going to go. The best result would probably be to get onto that bowl,


with the alternative being to hit it on the forehand, come on to their


and the jack to bounce out the side. I don't think there is a guarantee


on anything though, basically, David. This jack could bounce


anywhere. There is no guarantee that if he hits the target that he will


still score. I think the percentages are on his side if he hits this.


Very I'm lucky to come away with this with any less than minus one.


I'll tell you what, that is going a long way. It was always under.


Our commentary position here is right behind the rink, so we get the


lovely view of that backhand. Les has four time-outs, Alex has three


time-outs remaining. Using their time-outs. That just shows you what


a tight game this is. Jack length, 23 and a half metres --


28.5 metres. Alex knows that if he loses this end, he is probably going


to lose the set. A little bit and settled there, I


think, David. Doesn't put him off too much though. There you go.


Played a very good bowl. Alex, 4.5 inch gap. Alec -- as I have said


before, there is an argument for putting in a bit of background music


so that background noise doesn't distract the players, but then you


get into an argument about what kind of music. Who wants Queen out there?


It's a difficult one. It's probably not the noise, it's the movement of


the spectators, really. That's a good ball, Les. The players would


probably be happy with Queen because it's popular as walk and music. But


it brings with it other problems, other difficulties. Maybe a couple


of hundred Crown Green players in. Yes, they certainly create an


atmosphere. Good weight from Alex. Lead, I think you need another red


bowl in the head here, because there's a possibility they could go


out of the head. Oh, he is trying hard again. He has to be very


careful. Doesn't want to get the shot away. I can see Alex coming


into this. He did use the outside red one and all three could


disappear. Yes, it is very inviting for Alex, as Les has indicated


there. Once again, the official into mark the toucher. Well, he is


prepared just to try it. The head indicates that he doesn't like it.


The weight was the problem. The line was good. I am surprised. It was a


good shot. He couldn't take his own out without taking out two of the


Reds. Les has got a different -- a difficult decision to make here. He


could play a good bowl and still give the shot away. At the eighth


end when you are too up, that is not a good thing to do. He will be very


close to this green ball, if he taps that. Yes, OK. If it is one red,


Alex can't afford to lose the shot here. No, he can't. I think there is


a draw here for him. These three vegetables, he could use those, so a


good chance here for Alex. -- these three red balls, he could use those.


He is not risking the draw. Looking for the running ball of the white


ball. Got something. Oh, how did he take the single where? He needed the


angle. He didn't get the angle. Les is playing well. He is putting a lot


of balls in the head. That is the success -- the secret to his


success, Les Gillett. Les taking his time here, just


composing himself, knowing that he is favoured now for this opening


set. Nine shots in eight ends. An


indication of how tight this game is. Once again, as we were saying


right at the beginning, Les Gillett's strength is on the draw.


Once again, it is just a perfect opener.


Movement, oh, it is a good bowl. It doesn't matter that the shot is


against him, it is a good bowl back. Yes, Alex needed to do something,


possibly give himself a chance of a three. You don't want that sort of


back toucher to lie there for two or three balls. He will be trying to


close this down. If he tucks the jack in here, he really is in the


driving seat. Well, I would suggest he is going to win the opening set


now after that bowl. It is tempted, he almost has do run at this just to


give himself a chance. It is a possibility. If he misses this and


leads the way, that is a problem. He is drawing to it. This must go past.


If this is not passed the jack, then Alex can't score 83. He half locks


the red in. The bowl is still moving. Makes a difference. He can't


really make this any better than what it is. Run for cover. Actually,


if you really wanted to be brave, there is one way, but I don't think


anybody would play it. The fund bowl onto the jack, takes the front two


bowls out completely. But no one would play that. No, certainly not,


just in case he makes a mistake. Alex is going to have to try to


create something with this bowl. Yes, that is a controlled weight


coming down on the inside line, just to try to shake it up and disturb


it. He is going under. He needs a solid connection. Well, the two


bowls will go, now. That contact has made a difference. The question is


how far the shot ball is off of the jack. If it is touching, it is


almost certain to move. I think honestly, if I was Leslie here, I


would be tempted just to reach that. If he misses it and comes to hear,


that is good. If he takes the jack into this position, it takes


everything away. There's no way that Alex can get a tree. There is a


possibility that ball would move without leaving the jack. I think


the two balls could go. Well, Les sticking on the higher side. I think


he is trying to get to his own ball and if he misses it, he is onside. I


think he had to play something like that, Andy, because he couldn't


leave it where it was. Alex will know that he has do bang into this


really, really hard and hope to get a result. There's not a three here,


David, I'm sure there's not a three. Well done, Les. Played well. Alex is


down to five seconds on the clock. He is hitting the target. No doubt


about that. Well, there we go. The jack's through the head. The opening


shot to Les Gillett, 6-4. Just showing Diane there. That's


something you see with Diane every single time. Even when Alex loses a


set, she will always clap the opposition. She's very good.


Basically, very sporting and rightly so. Diane has seen Alex be


successful and also losing games as well. I think the players are just


having a little break, because once again the crowd are moving, so


taking some time. Just chatting up there. It's important to let the


crowd make a move now between sets. They are a very knowledgeable crowd


and they realise that. This is a good time to do that. No time


restriction on this one, so plenty of time. I just hope they don't sit


there for half an hour, David, all we will have do chat for that long.


Look, Andy, I've had a rare experiences of chatting for a long


time between matches, I can tell you. Up and running. When I think


back to one of the world Championships outdoors where we have


a bit of a chat between matches, something has happened and I think


it went on 25 minutes. Was it really? I've remember it was


actually the presenter with Willie Wood and me down on the green. Good


old fellow, he always keeps in touch. That was a rare experience. I


was doing the Geoff Boycott bit down on the green. The team I coined down


because it was very hard. We have got a game on our hands here.


Absolutely. We knew we would have and we also knew that Alex Marshall


had to be the favourite and for many, he still is. But he knows it


will be a minimum tie-break. And tie-break can be dodgy. Yes, we have


seen them this week and some great stuff. Les Gillett is playing really


well here. He is playing so well. Correct.


Don't start to lose your run. Just a draw, rightly so. He is composing


himself, taking his time here today, Les. This is close if it runs. Needs


to hurry. To green, eight inches short of jack hi.


Well, there is a case for attacking maybe now, Les. Just blocks the


draw. He is going for the runner this time. Close. Plum perfect. He


called the jack and he got it. He is going to be some distance away from


it but at the very most it's a single. Yes, good strike, Les. He


played that well. Good control and Alex will, no matter where he puts


it, if he puts it six feet short, Les will be in with a chance, if he


puts it close to the edge, Les will have a chance to run it off. Alex


has a chance here to draw the winner. He would definitely expect


him to draw the shot here. He is well past all the debris at the


front. Let's see how close he can get. That's the three metre mark


their just on the T in the middle of your screen. That is sufficiently


far enough away that Les will fancy his chances. Yes, two metres away,


so this is a good chance for Les to take the shot, is surely? I'll tell


you what, it's been awhile since I have seen less be so deliberate on


the mat. Yes, he is taking his time before every delivery. Just


composing himself. It's almost like he has a game plan here and this


looks like the shot ball coming in. Yes, good shot, Les. Resisted the


temptation with his second bowl but played it with the bird and played


it very well. -- played it with the third.


I've watched Les playing a lot and I don't think I've seen him like this


before, have you? He is very deliberate before he gets that ball


away. I've watched him play as well as this, no doubt about that. But I


don't think I've ever see him be as slow and deliberate before. It's a


slightly new tactic for him and at the moment, it's working. It


certainly is. I do think sometimes some players just play to quickly as


it suits the nature of some people. It just happens to suit their style.


Yes, they are quick players. Five inches. Yes. There are others who


just sometimes need to slow down a little bit and think about it.


Alex is going to have to shake things up. He will have to start


driving things and shake Les up a bit more.


He has been playing the backhand across the body, but this looks very


good. Great strike. Happy enough with that. It is well out into the


open. He may not look terribly happy with it, but he knows the way he hit


it, it is always possible to jam in there with a couple of bowls.


That looks well under. It is not running either. It might just sneak


in. Not by much. Three and a half feet. Alex will have two goes at


this. I expect both of them to get a lot closer.


Still running a bit and it is only just the shot. One read, but


probably a gap of three feet. You definitely expect Alex to draw the


winner now. Just a shade quicker. He had a


mystified look on his face. This looks like the shot coming in. That


solves the problem. A little bit of movement, but early


days in this second set. A totally different tactic here. From Alex


this mat is way up the green. That was travelling very quickly. I


thought I heard a little drop there. Alex is just not quite settled


today. That is quite a big error. He had three metres to put that jack.


Les's family will possibly back at home. I am not sure if the girls are


back from school. Wife Sadie will be keeping an eye on her man. He is


doing well. They will be very proud of him at the moment. He is playing


good bowls. He is finding this long length really well. That is why Alex


brought the match up. But he put the jack in the ditch and it goes back


to Les's favourite length. That was a dive inside. That will


not be the shot, but it will not make it easy for Alex either.


Well, that will look inviting for less. -- inviting for Les. He has to


get it absolutely plumb. It is certainly worth a controlled weight


shot. That is not bad. That was a nice


weight. Yes, hit the target, good result. When you hit the target you


feel you deserve a result. Les got that. It would be very easy to just


thrash at that, but he played it very well.


Excellent bowl. It was good once it past the red one. Very good when it


approached the ditch. That will not be easy to beat. Certainly not. It


can only be beaten really on the draw. There is not a clear path to


see the bowl. Maybe he can see something that we can't. I think it


is the new tactic today. Just slow it down. He is definitely reaching.


Well, there was no point in being short. He could have got an edge or


something. So, Alex Marshall for the first time in the two sets takes a


lead. It is only by one shot. Now, can Alex get the length of jack that


he needs. That looks like 24, 24.5. 25 metres.


There you go. He will be happy with that. Anything between 23 and 25


would have been the target. Problems, Alex. He is talking away


to himself. He will have his own ways to motivate himself to get


going. He is not playing a bad game. It is just that Les has been the


better player. He is really playing solid.


The body language normally tells you if it is a good or a bad bowl and he


does not like it. He knew out of his hand that that


was not right. Les Gillett has got another chance. Alex will be playing


the recovery bowl on the third one. That is good. There is the distance


between them as well, so driving the two bowls is not guaranteed.


He is in trouble here. He certainly is now. He will be in trouble after


Les's next bowl, he will probably be three down. He is shaking his head.


He knows that he has not quite found it today.


That is number three. That is an lucky, Les. Damage on occasion,


Andy. If he catches the middle one, all three red bowls will go out. Can


he tempt Alex into drawing this? I think he will drive this on the


forehand. The nearest bowl to the jack, if he catches that, the chance


is he will take the other two out. There is a bowl at the bottom of


your picture and one at the top. They are probably pretty


equidistant. The only other alternative is to draw either side,


but he has had three goes. The chances are if he removes all three


bowls, Les will probably draw the shot with the final delivery, but he


is three shots down. It must be the drive. It is more about percentages.


A bad connection. It was a bad connection. One bowls baying in was


probably reasonably predictable. He caught it on the angle. This is a


chance for Les to pick up three. He played it with less weight than I


expected. It looks like he will lose three.


Oh, Les! Has he sent this too far? I have seen him doing this before, I


have seen him slapping his live. I am just starting to think about his


slowness and his deliberation. Is he trying to slow the game down to


upset the opposition? Is he trying to do that? He is not really slowing


it down because he is getting to 15 seconds. He is being more


deliberate, but I think that is to help his game. It probably is. I do


not think he is too concerned about what Alex does. He knows what Alex


is capable of. I think the way he is playing, he has decided he is going


to be very deliberate in everything he does. He is not letting the shot


clock run down to ten seconds or five seconds. He is just making sure


every bowl has value. Again, in singles play, every bowl has got to


count. That was a bit on the short side by


his standards. Alex really has to try to take advantage.


There we go. An opportunity for Alex. He has taken it this time.


Good bowl, Les. He has opened that up and he has got a good second. He


was probably 18 inches through. He has given himself a really good


chance. Alex needs another good one here.


It is just a draw for Les. I think the same bowl as his last. I agree,


just a draw. A little tap on his own bowl would


be very useful. Yes. REFEREE: One red. One red? That was a very strong


call. Les is surprised. He has got good facial expressions. That is


good. He is good value. He is very good value on and off the green. I


enjoy his company. He can be very funny at times.


Again Alex was rushed into playing that bowl. When you think about Les


Gillett, you are going back 20 years when he won the International open


and he beat a lot of people in the qualifiers in Blackpool. I remember


it well. Every time I forget, Les will remind me because he beat me.


We still have a laugh about it. He came through the qualifiers and all


the way through to win it, so he has been around in the top level for a


long time. He has always been a very good drawing player.


That might tempt Alex. I think Alex has been tempted like this before. A


confident Alex Marshall would be playing just a draw. If he plays for


the runner and get that, there is the front plant handed. That is


coming straight in on the jack. Is he confident enough to draw that


shot at the moment? Probably not. The other alternative is to play the


forehand if he really wants it. This will give you an indication as to


how confident Alex is. I confident Alex Marshall would be drawing this.


Yes, he would be, it will be interesting to see what his choice


of shot is. Yes, he is going for it. His head is down, which means he is


under. He has definitely not got the shot. He is either one or two down.


I love the way you say that, Andy. You are on the rink and you cannot


tell. 15 feet. And 18 inches from the


monitor. The second one could be interesting. He realised that bowl


was going to go across the head and he was going to lose one. It would


be a bad result to lose two. REFEREE: One red and a measure.


I think Alex will be happy here if he just loses one. He is having a


really good look at this. Normally he does not bother. Normally he


wanders around, but he is conscious of the fact that this game is not


going the way he wanted it to. Only one. It will be relieved Alex


Marshall that it was just a single. He missed his target, so he will be


very relieved. He was one down anyway. Even at 5-2 and three shots


in front, there is plenty of time. But if I was going into the end


three shots in front, I would still not bet on winning it. That is the


problem with playing against Alex and the same with Nicky and all the


guys at the top level. You cannot assume anything. A lot of the


players are capable of scoring and playing a big bowl. But Les Gillett


is just playing so solid here. Will there be three or a four opportunity


available to him? He should think about four singles. Yes, he will be


happy with that at the moment. That will do the job. At the moment Les


will keep on doing what he has been doing if he can. Getting good bowls


in. He is under the line with this one,


I think. Tapping the Red Bull is not going to make any difference. It was


a good first bowl. There is a temptation for Les to play his


forehand. It is difficult to finish on the


centre line. Three good bowls from Les, but one for Macs. -- maximum.


He is going to get inside and that is where he wants to be. That was a


really good bowl by Alex Marshall. That was very vulnerable and Les


could have played it out with anyone he wanted. Two greens and a very


tight head. But Les cannot afford to be very short with this. I think it


will still be the drop. He does not need to be running at the jack. It


is getting in between that and making sure you are reaching. He is


playing the running bowl. I cannot believe, it was a lovely conversion


shot, but you know what it is like. You put a yard on that and it sails


past. Probably an easier way to play the shot. With the jack in the ditch


he would probably lose a single. He is more or less saying if you want a


double, you will have to play another good bowl.


He doesn't like leaving him that much room, but I can understand it.


REFEREE: 1-shot, Alex Marshall. I think Les has played the right bowls


at the right time. Thinking about the big drives to take all the


danger away at the right moment. Three rounds to go and he is two


shots in front. Alex has thrown a better jack this time.


Once again, the mat is up and it is a short jack leg. That is not bad.


Once again Les is in first. That is a good picture of how far


the mat is up the rink. I think it is still one red. Yes, he


branched off that. I think the red is just in. That will not help him,


he has to move. Look at the kick. He got it perfect,


absolutely brilliant. To his advantage it's just kicked inside. I


think this will be an attacking bowl from Alex. Jack in the ditch.


He is under, but he has moved it out to the re-spot position. He will not


be too sad about that. The only thing is, Les has got two bowls to


his one. He really is in the driving seat. That was a funny little kick.


It happens occasionally, but my goodness, it made a big difference.


How close is that? Very. This is a massive risk for Alex Marshall. He


cannot afford to play a runner. The position is against him. There is a


touch in the ditch. He must draw this. A good choice of shot.


He should be safe enough for number two. But it is a yard away. What a


chance for Les to score a double. I would not be tempted to change. The


same bowl again. a a a I think he was a bit heavy.


Just dropped in. You don't believe me. I knew it was heavy. I believe


that is 7-3 with two ends to go. I have disabled, Les Gillett has


played exceptional balls in this match, but can he keep it going for


two more ends? -- I have two say. He is quite a composed character. He


needs just one more good end to force themselves into the


quarterfinal. The thing about the ends one is that he has kept Alex


Marshall two singles the whole way through the match. Seven singles,


Alex Marshall, at Potters. Yes. The experts will be telling us that he's


probably never, ever done that before. He's probably in every


single match scored at least more than one in an end in a match. Why


did you say that? You know what I will be doing later and now, don't


you? Yes, you will tell me the answer tomorrow. Thank you for that.


The head down. Don't be fooled by that. It could mean anything. It


needs to run though. It is a bit on the short side. In the standard of


this game, that's not going to be close enough. He knows that. Not a


bad start but he would prefer it to be behind the head. Alex's target


here must be a minimum of two. Absolute minimum. He probably needs


83. Good opener. Well, Les, argues starting to think


about the winning post at the moment?


This is where the tough really do get going. Yes, that's too perfect


opening bowls from Alex. Probably his best to bowls of the match.


Well, Les, it is still a draw. I don't think you should be running at


this at the moment. He doesn't want to be looking at a fall. Even two


shots. It is a big ask at an end to get a four. He needs to run with


that. Oh, Leslie, what are you doing? This is your worst ends of


the match and you really need this. I don't think Les will be looking


forward to this final delivery. He will be three down. On his own, jack


length. Is he going to leave that wide? He is. There is no easy draw


and the yard and shot is no good, really. Well, not the shot that he


would probably excel at is the running ball and he's going to have


to play it now. If he gets... He needs to connect a green ball,


simple as that. Massive pressure with this, massive. He knows that if


he gets this right, he is home in a boat, but if he misses, goodness me.


I think he has pulled it. Will he take many out? He has taken one out.


That will help. He won't lose a three. But that was a nervy one. I


think Les slightly prefers the backhand. That's why he chose it. As


you say, a big chance for Alex to score a third and he needs it as


well. You wouldn't put it past Alex to


score a free here. Every other ends a single. Will it stop in time?


Three shots, Alex Marshall. Three shots, no more, and Alex Marshall is


suddenly right back in this match. 7-6 and he needs a double to force a


tie-break. Oh, this is a tricky one. Les Gillett will be thinking, why


have I played my worst ends of the game? It is never a given. To be


fair to Alex, he played for really excellent bowls. He needs another


one. Not taking the risk on a short jack length. I think he knows that


if he lays a good opener, there is a lot of pressure on Les Gillett. Not


bad. Not close enough though, I don't think.


Well, Les, that is full balls in a row which had been a bit of a


struggle. He can't see the finish line too early. A lot of people have


done that in the past and fallen at the last hurdle. I think Alex will


be disappointed with that. It has fallen short. Two feet but you won't


be worried about that. You won't go anywhere near it.


He was confused by his previous delivery. Thought it was better.


Every ball is massive for Les Gillett now. Every single ball. This


needs to hurry. That is good enough. Alex will follow that and try to


touch the jack for a double. That's all he needs. There is only one


thing in Les's mind now and that is please, Alex, miss this.


Just a forehand draw from Alex. Any movement of the Jack Wood scored


two. The line's good. Yes, he's pretty close and he's got the


weight. He's just holding out. Oh, that straightened out, didn't it? He


thought he was underlying, the ball just seemed to hold out. It looked


good to us. I thought it was good, identify about you. He is shaking


his head there. He thought he was on the line. We have a good idea of


where the balls are coming in. Now he is in trouble. Well, he is and he


isn't. It is a match lie against him but there is only one bowl in there


at the moment and he has still got the Trail shot, he has still got the


removal of the red bowl for two. That is what he needs. Les will have


two draw this. He has no choice but to follow on from his last bowl.


Even if he drags the Jack towards the green one, that is good enough.


He doesn't mind giving be shot away, as long as he has got a real, real


good second. That is what would be in my mind. As I say, we got a good


idea of lines. Now, Alex, rest the board of forehand? I think he will


play a bit of weight now. The thing for Alex is, Les's last ball has


hampered him. He would have wanted the opportunity to hamper him. I


think that was a nervous bowl and he let it go. If anything, he should


have been behind the head to allow the drive shot to get out of


trouble. In recent years, this is Leslie's biggest game. Alex looking


at the angles here. Diane had seen it all before. And even if he loses,


she will still be smiling. If I were Alex, I would have played this with


weight. I don't think he's got confidence that he will be able to


draw this. It will certainly be a yard or so at the very most.


Well, no better man for the big bowl. He is under. He is definitely


under. He needs a massive result here. Les will take the single.


Well, the six times world champion goes out to Les Gillett and I have


decided on Les Gillett was good value for that match. He really


played exceptionally well. Les was very good. I think that's where he


won the game. Alex probably wasn't at his best but well played to Les


Gillett, three to the quarterfinals. A brilliant performance by Les


Gillett. He moves into the quarterfinal and didn't he play well


doing it? Both players coming and, both feeling quite confident, but it


was Les Gillett who got out of the traps so quickly, playing brilliant


draw bowls, and after end after end. And quite often playing with three


or four balls in the head as well to keep things going for himself. Alex


Marshall kicking bowls away because he added another big count for three


and all over it again for a double count in the second set. Alex


Marshall in for three on the eighth ends. Gave him a real chance on the


last but the running bowl took its own bowl out, didn't make any


difference, Les Gillett takes the end and the match. Played very well.


So, ends one, you can see Les Gillett ten over eight. Only four


shots between them in the match. It was without a doubt a very, very


good performance. Les Gillett, those first balls -- first bowls were the


key. We can chat to both players now.


Alex, you have had great moment and this wrinkle. How would you describe


today? I feel I played OK. I played some good ends and some bad ends,


but the first set, I thought I played pretty well. Les nicked it.


The second set, I had chances, and I played a bad end, dropping short


against Les but full credit to him, he was brilliant today. He was


indeed. Congratulations to Les Gillett. How would you describe the


way this week is going for you? It is all right at the moment.


Obviously we are in the pairs, gave me a great beast, and when I saw I


had Alex in the single, I knew I had to give it my all and fully focused.


You are not six times world champion for no reason. I prepared myself


really, really well, concentrated every single bowl, nearly blew it at


the end when I almost dropped a four, but like Alex said, he played


some really good stuff and I played some good runners when he played


some short jack. Really pleased to go through and we will see what


happens now. All the experts chat about how well you have played all


week. How much did winning the pairs help you today? Massive. Obviously I


lead for Jason in the pairs and you concentrate and roaring. You haven't


got to play any conversion shot. But my drawing has been really good. The


length has played a few times in this game. I have been playing


filler lengths and my bowls sought -- suit the greens better and filler


lengths. It is great so far. Hopefully I can continue. Keep it


going. Congratulations. Commiserations to you. Let's see how


the draw looks for the second round. We have got a bit of time on our


hands though we will show you what happened in the earlier match today


between David Gourlay and Neil Furman. David Gourlay was in control


as we going into the second. Can't ask for much better than that.


He has gone early. He could potentially close the set


out. Either that or just put one to the side, making sure that if the


two balls do disappear, he still lies the shot.


Problem for Neil Furman. He knows he has to the bowls. Yes, that was


always going to be difficult. The problem with the draw, if he misses,


the bowl Mac's of the green. If he draws another shot, this match will


be over. I think he will look to get inside the green on the backhand. He


will want to get off as quickly as possible. He is looking good. That


is a narrow life. One bowl left. This needs to be a contact. If he


misses the contact, this will be shaking hands. He will do well to


get anything out of this. He is close to something. Well, I


think he may have managed to get a single out of this. A good strike.


Umpire, please. Call the umpire and that was a really good results. I


really couldn't see him getting anything out of that, to be honest.


It was a perfect strike, I have to say, but you had no idea where the


Jack was going to go. Saves the match.


The boys just discussing about how the bowls were lying. It looks like


one to read. One shot, David Gurley.


Mathematically, it is possible for Neil Furman to win the set. Highly


unlikely, but I think David Gourlay will be happy enough to take the


end. Neil Furman needs a fall. So, taking again.


He hasn't played as well in the second set. No, he hasn't. That was


the disappointing section for Neal, to be honest. He will never give up,


he will fight to the end. Like you say, picking a four and a three up


against players of David's quality doesn't often happen.


The match going about an hour and 20 minutes. That's about right.


We always say that two sets could normally be about 90 minutes. And


the nine ends, that is, of course. Doesn't always go to the full nine


ends. It's going away quick. Needs


contact. Looking to split the two greens.


He is looking for that funny weight. He may as well go big. He could be


looking at the three or four. No, it is under. Close to the other red


bow. Well, actually creates an opportunity, strangely enough.


That is not bad, not bad, actually. I think the best he can do, really,


is a three. Ditch pace. Just the underside of the jack, trying to get


past the centre of the rink. Time out called. Neal has one time-out


remaining. Looking to see where he can actually put it and it's very


difficult. You need to get the jack back into this position to make up


three or four. How he is going to get it there will be very difficult.


I think he might even go quicker. He is close to the Jack. The


underside of it. I'm lucky. I have to say, that is probably a fair


reflection. David Gourlay played very well in that second set. He


did, he dominated. A fair reflection on the game, as you say. David


Gourlay brew, 2-0. And yet another high-class player


finds himself in the quarterfinals. This is the line-up:


looking at that line-up, that is high-quality from top to bottom.


There is not one weak link in that list. No, there is no weak link and


Les Gillett was one of the lower seeded players but my goodness me,


did he play well? He said that the confidence he got out of the pairs


has really helped him in that match today. He played well in the pairs,


there is no doubt about that, but I think his first two bowls, as we


mentioned, if you can get the first to bowls in, you can beat pretty


much anyone and that is as good as I have seen Les played. What about


Alex Marshall? How did he play? I think he played well. There was no


problem. It's just that Les played really well. The first set could


easily have been drawn. Once the first set went, you were thinking,


can Alex get back? What impressed me the most was that Les Gillett was


keeping Alex down to single shots all the way down to the eighth end


of the second set. Have you got a pic for the tournament, who will win


it, or are you still going to wait? I will wait certainly until tomorrow


at least. Nick Brett was playing very well but he has just got over


the line. Thank you very much, for the moment. Let me remind you of


what is coming up your way and the BBC sport website and the BBC sport


app. Don't forget, tennis follows us here


on BBC Two but the third trophy of the week has been won at Potters.


Katherine Rednall is the ladies champion. Bye-bye.


Should've seen Hillary's face. She was stood there with Bill.


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