Singles Quarter-Finals - part 2 World Indoor Bowls Championships

Singles Quarter-Finals - part 2

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Hello, welcome to Potters for the World Indoor Bowls Championships. We


are at the quarter finals stages, just eight players left, which means


eight players with the opportunity of getting their hands on this, the


most coveted trophy in the sport of indoor bowls. It is there to save


the cream has risen to the top. -- it is fair to say. Quarterfinal day


is the best day in every tournament. The best eight. There will be


fireworks on quarterfinals day. There has already been a lot of


drama in most matches that have been shown this week so I am expecting


more close sets, tie-breaks, more of that. When you are in the


quarterfinal, you know you are only two games away from potentially


lifting the World Championship. All of the matches will be superb. This


is the time to start producing. What a line-up we have got, six


former champions making it through to the last eight in Mickey Brett,


Stewart Anderson, David Gourlay, Greg Harlow and Darren Burnett,


along with Jamie Chestney, up-and-coming star, and Les Gillett,


who won a trophy in the pairs this week.


The first of the quarterfinal matches took place earlier today, a


clash of former champions, 1996 winner David Gourlay against the


2010 winner Greg Harlow. Fifth seed corn they had beaten the


USA's Neil Furman 24 hours earlier to book his place in the quarters


while Harlow, the fourth seed, had to get through against James Rippey


on Tuesday. It was fairly cagey stuff in the first five ends as they


traded singles but in the six it was Gourlay who broke the pattern,


picking up a double after this well judged draw. He extended his lead in


the next end. The Englishman made a mistake with his third ball to open


the door. And the Scot gratefully took the opportunity with his final


effort to secure a triple and an 8-2 lead. Harlow could not make up the


deficit in the final two ends, as the first set went to Gourlay. In a


rare moment, the first end of the second set was tied when Gourlay's


third left the jack touching red and green bowls meaning no scores were


given to either player. Both players have raised their game in this set.


In the fifth end, Harlow played this perfectly weighted bowl for a double


as he started to build a healthy lead. But, not to be outdone,


Scotland's high-performance coach Cornet got in on the act with a


beautiful draw to save a single in the seventh. But it was not enough


to stop Harlow taking the sector for the tie-break. The first two ends


were shared to set up a final dramatic end. Gourlay produced


brilliant pressure bowls to leave him in line for the match. Harlow


drove in reply and when the bowls settled, it was he who had won it,


with a shot he later described as a fluke. Final Score 2-1 and Greg


Harlow through to the semis. Yes, Greg Harlow the first player


through to the semis. Looking at how the draw has developed over the


tournament, he will play the winner of the match between Nick Brett and


Stewart Anderson. Down in the bottom of draw, Jamie Chestney faces Paul


Foster live on BBC Two this afternoon and tonight it is Darren


Burnett against Les Gillett, England B Scotland all the way in the


quarterfinals. David Corkill is joining me.


Reaction to the match we saw this morning, Greg Harlow the beneficiary


of the better fortune? I think that is an understatement, to be honest!


Greg was magnanimous today. When you are through like that on absolute


blue, probably one of the worst I had seen at the time. You do get


flukes, you don't mind it at the start of the set because you can


recover but when it is for a match, my goodness, it hurts. I think David


Gourlay is in his car at the moment. Probably feeling a bit upset but he


will be OK because he has had his fair share of good fortune as well.


There are quality matches all through the quarterfinals today.


Let's talk about Paul Foster against Jamie Chestney, Paul Foster has won


the title four times but Jamie Chestney is rising fast up the


ranks. He has been for some time now, G's Bar and brilliant in terms


of his style. You don't get much reaction out of him but he is a very


good, natural player, nothing artificial about him, he plays as


PCs. Tonight, a match between a former champion Darren Burnett and


Les Gillett, who is bouncing after winning the pairs on Monday and


defeating Alex Marshall yesterday in the last 16. That was a massive game


because he gets more ranking points but also what it does to your


confidence. I have noticed less have slowed his game down a bit more,


more deliberate, and it is working for him. Let's focus on the first


live match today, Mickey Brett up against Stewart Anderson. Nicky has


been the best player in the world over the last couple of years but


Stewart Anderson has been to the final a couple of times, winning in


2013. You must be at the top of your game,


it doesn't matter if you play number one or number 16, you must be at the


top of your game in every match because these guys are all different


class. Nicky will be a tough game but I am looking forward to it. I


know I have come through, it looks like two comfortable wins, but it


wasn't. The opponents have played really good.


COMMENTATOR: I think you said to Nicky, you need glasses!


It has been the much of the tournament so far from all different


perspectives. Nobody knew it would go to the last bowl decider.


Everybody loves Charlie and everybody wants Charlie to come back


as well. I want him to come back, he is a clubmate, it has been great for


him. It has been good to play him but we will see what happens on the


day. I will need to produce the same bowls as I did in 2030 when I won


it. Nicky has been on the top of his game this year, sensational. He is


producing his best balls. For me it was an achievement, a few years down


the line having a trophy in my hands. I love coming to this place,


you see it on TV, jab at the crowd behind you, chatting to you after


the game, before the game, of luck, everybody is so friendly. It is


remarkable, bowls should be here all the time. I just think about Friday,


if I do when I will think about Saturday when Saturday comes. I


think that is all you can do. He is such a talented player,


Stewart Anderson, but up against the number one ranked player and


defending champion Nicky Brett. I'd like to be a little bit fresher,


to be honest. I've been through the ringer in every game I've played.


Ideally it would have been easier but I have proved that if I need to


find one, luckily this week so far I have managed to find one. The


pressure was enormous, to be fair. Wonder bowls, to be fair, just at


the right time, third ball, fourth bowl, left me in all sorts of


trouble. Sometimes, nowhere to go. Yeah, lots of pressure. Get over the


line, find a couple of good one that the right time. I know to my


detriment how good a player Stewart is, he beat me here in the semifinal


back in 2010, I think. Beat me again in Scotland last year, so I alone


know how good steward can play, no need for me to look any further than


this game. I'm doing everything I can for this next game because the


dream of Sunday evaporate fairly quickly if you don't get past


Friday. Stewart Howarth proven a good opponent for me so there is no


need for me to look further at the moment.


It is fair to say we can say this about every quarterfinal today, the


talent on show is fantastic, the best player in the world against one


of the most naturally gifted in Stewart Anderson. Absolutely, in


2010 we could not believe just how good he was and he followed it up


three years later. He is a natural player, a fluent player, and Nicky


is in for another tough game. You have said that about every match


Nicky has played so far, and he has perhaps not been his absolute best,


but is that what champions do, get better as the tournament progresses?


Yes, a slow burner in many ways but I have been more impressed that he


has played the big bowl at the right time, face the project played the


ball, won the match, it has been superb to do that but I think


Stewart Hall pushing this time. Will you call the winner? Tie-break, last


bowl. You are such a fence sitter! Corgi has got to doubts -- Corky has


got to dash, he is commentating on this, so over to our MC.


MC: Our first player has gained the utmost respect from his peers, twice


a world under 25 and former world indoor singles champion, ladies and


gentlemen, it is Stewart Anderson! MUSIC.


MC: And this world number one has proven time and time again what a


formidable opponent he can be. The recently crowned mixed pairs match


play and defending world indoor singles champion, give it up for


Nick Brett! MUSIC.


A really good atmosphere inside the auditorium here at Potters as we get


ready for this quarterfinal match. In the commentary box alongside


Corky is three-time former world singles champion Andy Thompson.


DAVID CORKILL: Thank you, that 200 job -- is getting more difficult


every year! To be honest with you, Andy, I think


this will be a tie-break down to the last bowl. I agree, I would not be


surprised. Both players playing very well, the last two times he has


played Stewart Anderson he has lost, so psychologically Stewart Hall feel


he can still beat this player. -- Stewart will feel. I hope both


players play to their potential, because it will be an absolute


treat. Both very capable of gripping the


balls, and two strikes best. I have said at the moment nobody is


striking better than Nicky Brett. I expected his first couple of bowls


to be closer. Yes, Stewart Anderson is very much a naturally gifted


player and when he appeared here six or seven years ago he was going into


the top seed. A lot of people had him as a fluke winning the


match, he was a new name to us, so young at that time. Yes, skips for


Scotland now, top-class player. Getting closer with every ball.


Six balls played, no bowl past the jack. That is unusual.


Change onto the backhand, very easy to drop short on this side. Yes,


just short again, four short balls. The carpet is possibly changed, the


players are always entitled to 30 minute roll-up. Both players were


playing well in the roll-up. Mystified by that. It so often


happens, that changeover from forehand to backhand. Coming the


other direction, the backhand seems to float on nicely, the forehand


just holds that a little bit. But a good chance than Nicky Brett. Just


needs to hurry to make it past the green one. Oh, that is a missed a


chance, Andy, and those do add up. Both players just slightly caught


out with the pace. Yes, by the time they stop practising and come onto


the rink, it is only a matter of five, six minutes, so it shouldn't


really change, it wouldn't in that timescale. But there is practice and


practice, and then there is the match. Yes, and nerves come into


play. We always say Friday, quarterfinal


day, best day of the tournament. Certainly years, David. Four


Scotland- England clashes. First rubber on the board obviously to


England. Three exciting games to come.


Stewart Anderson, I'm sure he will be named in the Scotland elite squad


for consideration for the Commonwealth Games next year. I


believe that is being denounced fairly shortly. Yes, I think David


was saying that he will get these championships out of the way then


probably enacted in the next few weeks. -- probably announce it.


There is his fiancee, Claire. Scottish international player in her


own right. She really understands the game, one of the few


partnerships in bowls where the partner is an international player.


Stewart is in a good place at the moment personally and bowling wise,


because he has been playing well. Not sure about this one, slight


grimace there. Doesn't look too bad. Mr the run. Not far away -- he


missed the run. Yes, that is a shot bowl. Weight was good all the way


but the look on his face you almost thought he pushed it out too far.


Big buyers bowl. Came back, Jack level. You are learning the new


terminology! Not like you! I don't usually call it Jack level, I will


go back to jack height! Looks good. Use the ball first, then the jack.


He uses Stewart's last ball. Stewart have the same shot available on the


backhand or can change to the forehand for a little turn on the


jack to make it a double. Jack through, as you say, could score


three. Just has to remember to push this a little bit, a lot of bowls


drop short when you move across onto the forehand. Weight looks good. He


is giving this a try. Great ball, absolutely fantastic ball. Wasn't


that a superb change of hand? I think he has picked up the trouble.


Fantastic bowl. Such is the green, nestles in these three balls, three


shots to Stewart Anderson. Well played, Stewart, gave that every


opportunity. That is confident shot, Andy, a real injection in the arm,


to say, I'm feeling good today. Certainly was, change of hand, first


time he has played the forehand in direction. -- in this direction.


Stewart has always favoured the shorter length.


Nicky Brett, Peterborough not too far-away. About an hour away, close


enough to bring some support. This is close, very close. He wants clean


jack for this one. Got it. Second delivery from Nicky


Brett. Not sure if Stewart is running with this one. Must be a


change now, he won't want to negotiate the green ball. Move on to


the backhand. Just needs to hurry to get past. Is that target the Stewart


Anderson? Will be seat Stewart's first running board of the game? He


has absolutely no back position, he is pushing red bowls onto Jack if he


doesn't get them clean. If he does play the backhand, it is risky,


forehand tap on his own ball would be good. Trying to touch his closest


green ball up and draw the short clean.


Oh, not quite. Just dropping James Short. Nicky Brett's going to get at


least two of the three lost back again.


Not going to force his way through that gap. Not sure if that formal


count, certainly got two. Didn't even look at that. He knew before he


played the ball if he make that particular gap it wasn't going to be


enough. Good start, good bowling. Large crowd here as always for the


world finals. The vast majority of these people will be here for the


next couple of days as well, tickets all the way through to Sunday. Busy


weekend. It is, as well as the singles event I think the juniors


are arriving tomorrow, David. Some here already, practising. Ellen from


Australia has been here for a while, get as many hours on the green as


possible. Karen Murphy tells me she's an extremely talented player.


Three British Isles men, I believe. Last ball of Stewart's just short,


forcing Nicky onto the forehand side. Looks to be under. Only just.


You know how this forehand plays. It does come off a high line, dives


deep in the end. Very unlucky, wasn't he? He was, stone number one


but just got the jack. -- stolen the one. He would have wanted half of


the jack, really, but just caught it fall. Nicky Brett is looking at this


one. Oh, well played. Looks very close now. Good bowl. The gap


between the two red ones? Ten inches.


Tempted with the two bowls, ten inches is close enough to take a


risk. I thought he would have taken a risk, but sticking to the forehand


draw, he has played this hand well so far. Hoping to get through that


gap. Hard shot. Make it through the inside gap instead. Oh, very nearly!


Well, that provides an opportunity now. Yes, Stewart will have a chance


with his final delivery but Nicky may change this head, still the


forehand. This looks to be under, he is not


changing it so this is a big chance the Stewart Anderson. See if he gets


through that gap, he has. Massive chance the Stewart Anderson, all


sorts of targets to aim for. Straight into there would be the


perfect result. That ball will disappear but even if he is a bit on


the narrow side and it is under this one, it will do the same thing. He


has also got to follow through on that centre green ball. Hit the


target here, there is a good chance he will get a result. That front


ball is worth two. Plenty of weight. He is in the area, it is how with


your luck now. Even better to get the ball solid onto the other one.


Hit the target, good result. Yes, I wasn't sure if that bowl was going


absolutely past the jack but it certainly did and took the other one


out. It is a shop we looked at a couple of bowls ago. Good with the


forehand, isn't he? Yes, in this direction it allows you to play that


shot, probably the only hand on the green that allows you to play that


with weight, all the players are happy playing that shot.


It is a big three. It just shows the value of getting another bowl in,


Nicky Mr chance. Yes, Mr chance with his final delivery.


This length is just catching Stewart out a little bit, the fuller length.


I am sure there are a lot of people watching at his Blantyre club at the


moment. Yes, they have had their superstar Charlie, he has already


showed how good the club is. I bet he is up there watching. I am sure


he is. Hi, Charlie. Hope you have stopped your celebrating. No, keep


going, you deserve it! He will be a big star at his club at the moment.


I still smile at the way he played his game, very refreshing. It is the


game everybody is talking about at the moment. Captured the imagination


of the public. It looks better. And it is. Yes,


that has tucked the bowl in behind. Giving this a look. Well played! He


has played that forehand really well. Yes, he is very much at home


with that one. And that is not going to help him, the way that is


sitting. Going in early, third bowl. Got to be closer. It is a horrible


result. There was always that risk. That is the worst possible result.


The target was reasonably wide, he catches it and needed an angle, he


caught the bowl solid. And he moves the green bowl down. That is not


good for Nicky Brett. Yes, that has taken the target away. That green


bowl dropping. You play the outdoor game and various versions of the


outdoor game and you think a foot away is a really, really good bowl,


Andy. But down here, if you are not within a few inches... You do not


score. The margins are much tighter in the indoor game can you do not


have the weather conditions, the grass, the difficulties, various


other obstacles. But you still have to be very, very accurate. Really


accurate. It doesn't suit everybody. This is interesting what Nicky has


got to play here. He still has to play beforehand run-off. That last


bowl of Stewart made the target bigger. Through the gap. Fortunate


result. He is happy with that. Is he ever! He will be delighted with that


one. At the moment, Stewart Anderson just


having the edge. APPLAUSE.


If Stewart starts to draw like this, he really is a tough man to beat.


Yes, he is very good and Nicky has turned its back on that one. And he


has taken his back bowl away as well. That is horrible now. Well, it


wasn't a bad result because if you missed the target, anything can


happen. I think we have seen him missing a target for the first time


this week, I think. He has not missed very many. He is in a lot of


trouble now, Stewart Anderson doesn't even need to think about


getting position, the red bowl is on at the moment. Just keep going and


try very hard not to make the target even wider. That is not bad. That is


good, that is really good, Brett might have to think about drawing


here. It must be a forehand runner. He plays so well coming hits most of


them. What is it like? Good. Well played. Really good bowl. Touching


the desk, that doesn't matter, it is where the jack has finished.


Probably a good two, 2.5 metres in front of the green bowls and I think


he will be happy with that. He certainly will be, he was three


shots down, no bowls on the head, still three down but the closer bowl


is two yards away. Talking to somebody in the audience. His mother


is here, so probably had a little chat to her. Stewart, as expected,


draws a shot, but there is room for Nicky. He will guarantee second, no


doubt about that. He would give the shot a good run for its money but


guaranteed second shot. He really needs to score this end, four


behind. If he scores the shot here, he has done well to score from this


end and this looks like the winner. Well played, Nicky Brett. That was a


very very, very good shot. And Stewart Anderson played four very


good bowls. No mistake, right in behind the jack with the last one.


This will be interesting to see where this jack goes because he


knows Stewart is playing better with the longer length but Nicky has been


favouring that as well. A little bit shorter, I think. Not really. Not


much, maybe half a metre. He is still in the mix.


Key end, nine end set. The player coming from behind really needs to


score the shot, otherwise they will be fishing around the last two ends


and chasing the game. APPLAUSE. Judy Potter. Eggshell blue


and white and a little bit of grey in there! How do you know these


things? Do you know these colours or do you speak to Judy? No, I don't


speak to Judy. I don't speak to Judy, I give my Dulux card and any


other manufacturer of paint colours and I look at it, that is all. Well


done, you! Fashion Guru, you should know that! Well, Stewart is 1-0 in


the bowl battle. Just dropping short. And once again, that is set


up for Nicky Brett if he wants to attack it. Nice plants. Lovely


plans, that is tempting for him the way he is playing the game. Yes,


going for it. Playing it on the backhand. He wants the inside one,


that is the perfect one. Well, that is not ideal, that is not bad,


brings him right out into the Open. I think he reckoned he was on that


one. Yes, you thought he was going to get a better result. He got the


target, he just did not get a good result. Stewart Anderson has two or


three yards to draw the shot which he will do, it is how close you can


get because this is not an easy path now to the jack. Well, he is going


up the narrow side. You have to be careful not to push the bowl out too


far or it will drop away. This will not be close to the jack but it is


good enough for shot at the moment. The advantage of having the last


bowl, he has two goes at that. Yes, exactly, and he has to go white here


and he is wide. He is on a beautiful line, has he pushed it? That was six


inches from the advertising boards, well played, Nicky Brett. That is a


beauty, he has recovered well! He will be absolutely no doubt what is


going to happen now, jack in the ditch. He was so close to the


advertising boards. Touchers the jack, that helps. Did not see the


touch, a bowl in the ditch is no good to Stewart, he has to play


slightly differently and he needs to look for the jack. Close. Good


effort, really good effort! Small target, the bowl was not enough. 7-5


to Stewart. Nicky is hanging on here. Big bowls, Nicky Brett.


Certainly is, certainly not winning the battle to the jack she first but


his conversion shots have always been good and saving him he. Yes,


the hit and recovery. Hardest thing to do.


It continues, Stewart gets out first. He is doing a lot of damage


with the first to bowls, Stewart. He certainly has been better player.


But Nicky Brett is not world number one for nothing, that is why he is a


good recovery player. That was a decent second end, yet again, he


needs to win this end. I think this is a deliberate bowl.


About two yards through, I think that is deliberate from Stewart.


Forehand, this weight gain. The forehand, there is no choice, it has


to be. It goes across his body. He got his own! That would have been a


shocking result. Well, Nicky is in trouble now. He has committed


himself, hasn't he? Stewart will look for another one in. Tactically,


that was a good second bowl, we can see it at the bottom of the screen,


that was good from Stewart Anderson. He has put another one back, I don't


know if this one is deliberate. No, I think he was trying to draw that.


I think so, Nicky might just go for the bowl. I think he will, he has


two. If you resist two and Stewart Anderson the last bowl so if users


too, he will be four down and that is almost impossible, so I think you


will drive that. Even going to be down is hard on the last end. Yes,


trying to quit the bowl out, not the jack. Got that way better. He is


more interested in it. He is close. That is really lucky, jack in the


ditch would be really difficult to beat. That was going into the ditch


as well. So unlucky, perfect strike, one on the board for Stewart


Anderson. Nicky, watch this jack. That would have ended up probably


two feet away from his bowl in the ditch and that would have been a


hard shot to beat. But now, before you said, Andy, and I will be back


myself on this one. Short bowl coming in, not very close, but that


does not matter. Good enough for one. It is a long way away! I am


sure Stewart will smile at that one. Yes, he is! That was a long way


away! Good enough. It doesn't need to be pretty, he just needs to


score. That is what it is about, closer than your opponent and he did


that with his last bowl, 8-5, good position here for Stewart Anderson.


There is no better Indoor Championships than these, no matter


where you are in the world. It gets the biggest crowds, TV audiences. I


think it is fair to say, probably the most exciting matches. Without a


doubt, we have been entertained well this week. Top-class bowling from


day one. Fantastic pairs games, Mixed Pairs, Lady singles final,


really good bowls. And as you say, the crowds have been fantastic from


day one. Once again, Stewart Anderson getting in there. Two


bowls. Nicky will have to change his game around a little bit. He will


have to do something tactically different, this bowl is not close. I


think he is trying to run the jack through so he is deliberately


putting the first bowl through the head. Yes, I think the next bowl


from Stewart will not be near the jack, deliberately trying to split


the two red bowls. Run for cover. Trail shot still has to be played,


hard to pick up the jack. Just bringing that the shot four feet,


very definitely there. I just wonder, I was going to say if he


were to drive the two bowls because no matter where Stewart put his


last, he would be after it. I think this is deliberate. He has Trail


dare she has tried to Trail the jack. That is what he is after.


Well, it stayed on, that gives Stewart Moore to think about. I


think it needs another bowl on the head. Probably does. His birds


delivery has beaten Nicky's so he needs another in. -- his first


delivery. But both these bowls could go out the head.


Yes, he is very much on a nice draw line to try and split, here it


comes. Splitting the red bowls, perfect. That was good, there is not


a three here, I am sure, for Nicky. Impossible to score three. Having a


drive to wide. Bit of a practice shot, that was all.


APPLAUSE. A deserved first set for Stewart


Anderson, he was the better player, no complaints from Nicky I wouldn't


think. No, he can only go so far with the recovery bowls and you have


to build their heads. Yes, Nicky will have to change this in little


bit, he knows his opening bowl so far has not been good enough to get


Stewart playing the running bowls. He needs to pick his game up.


That was quite an interesting comment we saw before the game that


Nicky just feels a little bit tired. Possibly everything that he has been


doing this week has just caught up with him. It is difficult just to


keep producing top-class performances all the time. Well, it


is straining when you played two very tough games, no doubt about


that. They are short games, it is not like the days when we used to


play three-hour matches. Yes, they are, but having said that, he has


been involved in top pairs games, Mixed Pairs games, and a lot of


tension in all the Games. Perhaps it has taken its toll a little bit


here. Good recovery. Very much softer. You are not getting the


medicine! I remember the days of playing long for our finals. -- four


our finals. They were tough. On occasions, two in one day. Yes.


Yes, we have got it all crammed into a two-week event with the singles


and pairs. We used to have the pairs as a separate event. This is better


from Nicky. That is more like it. Get the first two bowls and I don't


think Stewart will waste time with this. Again, a good runner takes the


damage away, but he is playing beforehand so well. Could just draw


this on the forehand, he has played so well every time he has been


forced onto it. He does not need to play with weight here. He is playing


it so well, you just think, draw this shot and if he misses the jack,


gets into another good position. Good choice of shot and well played,


Stewart Anderson. But not afford to be too happy. He has now got the


back position and Nicky Brett once again... He is quick and he is


under. He is too quick on this one. Just underneath. The only shot he


could play. Every time Stewart Anderson has been forced onto this


forehand side, he has played a great bowl and he will start to think, I


should maybe lead on the forehand side. He has got to be careful here.


He has two back bowls, but the full back bowl is Nicky's. We will see


where he decides to go, he has to be very careful if he is trying to draw


another shot. I tell you what, it is going to be very close to his own


bowl. Catches his own bowl and he gives the shot away. Very well


played, if he falls in, that is perfect. That is exhibition stuff!


You have to be very, very careful. A touch would have given the shot


away. Stewart Anderson is just looking so confident out here,


drawing everything well. That is his fiancee Claire and to


the right, that is Billy, his dad. Always comes down to watch Stewart


play. Yes, good supporters for Stewart. And they will be pleased


the way he is playing at the moment. Well, we have seen so often in


previous matches, the first two bowls have had a major effect on the


outcome. Well, Stewart, doesn't matter which


hand it is, his playing, he has played every single bowl so close to


that gap. Perfect display so far. He has got this. Very good, well


played, Nicky. Again, that lovely isn't delivery of


Stewart Anderson -- easy delivery. He walks off the mat but the bowl is


already away. Yes, really good, really smooth. Play its wide and you


have a good chance to get it close here.


You still expect him to draw. Yes, that has probably finished two feet


short and the way this man is playing, you would not be surprised


if he draws the winner here. Certainly picked a line. I think he


has done it. Yes, I think he has. Well played, Stewart Anderson,


fantastic. Don't think he would be short on


this one, David. No, pushed the bowl out, I don't think he will even


attempt to draw it. He has got his own bowl to push in and he has got


two seconds so the bowl out is with a double. He is way onto with this


one, he needs a bit of good luck. Possibly a lot of luck! Has he got


it? I don't think so. Well, the hand acknowledges it, but not quite sure


if he has been lucky or not. Difficult to tell. Well, calling the


umpire. Nicky immediately apologised to Stewart, acknowledging a


fortunate result. But at this stage in the set, it is not really


dramatic and it is only one shot. Yes, he was always under but all


players get a lucky break. Two players who will not be concerned


about a bit of fortune at this stage. Well, it is 1 degrees. You


can see that quite easily. A good half inch in that one.


Well, that didn't exactly test the skills of France Fletcher. That


measure. APPLAUSE.


Quality bowling. Yes, we will just have a little


chat, Robert Paxton with a game off. Still doing a bit of damage with


those first bowls. He is forcing Nicky into so many running bowls


here, it is just unbelievable. That is good bowling from Nicky as well,


recovering well with that strike. He is really just trying to hang dead


at the moment. He is hanging on because he knows he is being totally


out drawn. The good thing for Nicky is he has such a big forehand, high


percentage. Five feet from the ditch, you would expect Stewart to


draw this one. Yes, had it been three, he would have been looking


very much for second shot. Five feet, has to go for the shot. And he


has, what a bowl. He has played it well. Superb bowling. You normally


get a little wry smile out of Stewart when he does that. He has no


choice but to try to draw close as well at this stage. He is trying to


encourage this one up. Good effort. Very good effort. That blocks the


pats now to take the green ball out. -- blocks the path. Same again from


Stewart. He is so close again, isn't he? It


is going to be hard to tell but that is really good stuff. You can see


the red ball in front, that is where the difficulty is for Nicky Brett,


he is going to have to play this on the forehand. Try to take the two


green balls out. He is having a good look at it. Oh! I don't think there


is a gap there, is there? I could understand if there was a full


drive, but such controlled weight. I think that is what Stewart said,


there isn't a gap there! I don't think he touched anything! Nothing


moved, nothing moved. Well, I have to say, that was very, good shot.


Yes, it was. Nothing for it. Oh, dear me. Stewart Anderson 5-0 in


front. Playing very well. That is the thing about Stewart, he's such a


gifted player ranked number nine, and that is really too low for a


player of his quality. Yes, he is definitely a top eight player,


without a doubt. Once again coming into within a of the jack. He won't


be thinking about anything, Stewart, other than what he is trying to do


at the moment, but he will be in there battling for his place to come


up against people like Ronnie Duncan and one or two others, Ronnie is an


excellent player. As far as I was concerned, he should have been in


the team, but that is only my opinion, but he will certainly force


himself into the squad, hoping to make the Commonwealth team. Big


difference between indoor and outdoor, of course, and Stewart's


experience outdoors isn't anything like it was indoors, but the


difference is the location, the fast streets of Australia. Scotland have


got so much talent available, they really have. Victim-macro teams.


-- pick two teams. Even for the world number one, that is a hard


shot. He is finding this hard today, Nicky. I think any player would be


finding this hard, the way Stewart Anderson explained. -- the way


Stewart Anderson is playing. Wants to take the side ball away if you


can. -- the side bowl. Back to the draw, I think. The


second set could run away from the world number one very, very easily.


He will have to play a really big bowl here. He is in the area. Good


bowl, close by Crowe one, still three down and I wouldn't be at all


surprised if Stewart Anderson decides to go deep with this one.


There were other boys, the experts. They are saying, I could do as well


is that! They are in the restaurant every night, I see them on the way


past and they are all drinking water. I think Stewart will be going


deep with this one. Good bowl here. Stewart is more or less teasing


Nicky on this one, isn't he? To be fair, if Nicky hits the target here,


he will probably get the shot with his deepest bowl. Needs the jack to


go right back. He is interested, front bowl is the problem. Front


ball was always the problem. Still probably three down. I think it is


only two, Stewart. Two shots, Stewart Anderson.


The school board is ticking over and the ends are disappearing. -- the


score board. He really needs to get account, Nicky Brett, his title


sliding away. He needs a big four or five ends to get any chance of


making it through this game. Stewart Anderson is just not giving the


room, just played too good. Shake of the head as if to say,


where has that all been most of this match?! Good character, is Nicky.


Every time Stewart Anderson has changed to this forehand, he has


played a good one. I don't believe this. He has drawn it. It is going


to fall in. It is on its way, there it goes, by the by. -- goodbye. Had


to happen. Good reply from Nicky. Needs to touch it, though. That will


probably convince him to have a go with the next one on the forehand.


He has had enough practice! I think you are right, it will just


beforehand forehand runner again. I don't know if he's trying to block


him out here. That is good, that. That is very good. The shot is still


there but it is a very controlled shops now. Gets his own closest bowl


onto the green, the two will disappear. He is having to play a


time chip, this is difficult. -- play a timing shot. It is a hard


ball to play, you have to work out the break of the bowl. Stewart's


clever bowl made him play that weight, David. Respot position, that


is what he's after, in case the jack moves.


He's not on a high line, he is on a draw line. He has to be careful


here. I don't agree with this one, Stewart. That is crazy. I don't


believe you played that shot. That was not the right shot. I'm not


sure... It is your own fault, Stewart, you should not have gone


near that. I have a feeling he just went for the wrong line. He is too


clever for that. He knew if he went anywhere near that, the chances were


his shot would be against. I think he just missed his line. As you say,


the weight was good. Stewart has gone up here close, possibility that


both balls are touching. One way to check it, but the white strip


underneath and just see if there is a gap on either side. I don't think


we have seen that this week. No, not so far, but it is an easy way to


check it. One shot, Nick Brett. I don't think that one will come back


and bite him, he is playing too well and has a big enough gap. But I


think you just missed his line, I will give him the benefit of the


doubt because of the way he is playing. Nick has brought the matter


quite the way up the green here, so this will be shorter. -- brought the


mat. Well, 7-1 instead of 8-0, still a good lead. I think if Stewart


Anderson had been scratching around 4-3 down or something like that it


would be different, but the way he's playing I just can't see it having a


major effect. No, I don't think so. He's just playing too well.


Oh, Nicky, something wrong with this one. Dear oh dear. Goodness me, he


is in trouble. As I said earlier on, I don't know whether the whole week


has just caught up with him, just looking at the tired out there,


finding it hard. To be there, the way Stewart Anderson is playing, I


think everybody would be struggling, he has been outstanding. Yes, in


comparison his first two rounds have been relatively straightforward,


comfortable win over Julie Forrest from hoick. Trying to get down to


this bowl again. That is worse. He is getting forced into manufacturing


shots, it is so hard. Second round against Graham McKee, he did not


play anywhere near the first much, Graham. Yes, thanks for reminding


me, he was excellent against me but did not find his form against


Stewart. That happens. So he have had plenty in the tank.


I think Stewart went home for a few days, and that has probably helped


as well, just come back a little bit fresher. Just a little bit of


movement in the crowd there. The thing with a shot like that, it just


catches your eye. I know the crown green guys go mad like that because


they are not used to playing with -- they are just used to playing with


anything at the side, walking about, but, sorry, this is a different


area. This is good stuff. This one needs to stop, needs to bend. I'm


afraid I think the world champion is just struggling here a little bit.


He is going to lose a big count here. He's going to drop a four, no


doubt about that. Potentially one end away from shaking hands. I can't


remember the last time Nicky Brett lost a set to seven ends. He has


been a wonderful world champion. It is good for the sport, really good


for the sport, great domain -- he is good for the sport, great demeanour.


We are writing him off a little bit in this match. Definite three.


But the measure on the fourth, should have been an easy four but


the damage was done in the first three. Three Green, measure the


four. Looks like red. Slight favour from red, I think that is what Alan


Thornhill said. He is more than pretty good when it comes to


measures. Stewart Anderson won't be overly concerned that it is only


three. A 10-1 lead is very, very healthy.


10-1 after six ends. He struggled for a moment to remember that! Nicky


Brett needs to score a minimum of two to move this into an eighth end.


Nicky Brett said in his interview that Stewart Anderson has beaten him


a couple of times before. You can see why. Yes, I think everybody is


well aware of the capabilities of Stewart Anderson, once he gets that


roaring going he is as difficult a person to beat of anybody, really.


Today he has just been fantastic. I related in golfing terms, sometimes


you shoot a 62 and the next day you don't tend to shoot such a good


round, so he will be hoping he can keep his form because at the moment


he just looks outstanding. 62, Andy. Next time you see a 62 will be on


your birthday! It certainly won't be on the golf course, I can tell you!


I am talking about the professionals! Stewart, stick to the


draw, you don't need to do anything daft here. The gap is ten inches.


Sticking to the draw. He is happy one down, probably even two down


here. One down, he shakes hands. Earlier in the match he would have


played that on the forehand, probably, but doesn't need to when


you are playing like this. Nicky as usual wasting no time. Just his


natural game to play very quickly. Again, just draw the Stewart. Yes,


he is not chasing shots, he will be trying to close the end down,


restrict Nicky to one, and that is good enough.


Just dropping down a very close to the red ball. Nicky has to make a


double, he knows that. He would dearly love to stretch it through to


another end but even if he does he knows the writing is on the wall.


Claire is biting her nails there but I think she is safe enough. I will


be interested to hear Stewart Anderson's response to Rishi's


questions but he could not have played any better. It has been a bit


of front two bowls in particular exhibition, hasn't it? It is going


to be high there, just the one. One shot, Nicky Brett. Second set and


match, Stewart Anderson! APPLAUSE.


Two ends to go but you can do nothing there except a broad Stewart


Anderson. He played really, really well, exhibition stuff at times. On


occasions it was just a different world and, my goodness me, he


deserved to win that match, tenfive, 10-2. It is a good reflection on the


game as well because he kept Nick Brett out of it with absolutely


everything, Nick was playing weight shots almost from the first end. He


will wander off and not be too disappointed because it just didn't


happen today. I agree, Nicky Brett just didn't get on top of it, that


was all. Well, these two players coming onto rink, Nicky Brett


defending champion, world number one Stewart Anderson, number nine


stowing how good he is on every shot, played three beautiful draws


in that end and plucked that ball out for a treble. Nick Brett proving


he can still play a really big bowl when it was needed. But he was under


pressure from this man, those first two bowls end after end after end.


And when the look is coming against you as well, Nick Brett finding


holes where we didn't think they were there. But all the way, Stewart


Anderson was playing great stuff and in the end he was just too


consistent, but it was exhibition stuff. The first two bowls


absolutely brilliant. Stewart Anderson, from Ayrshire, through to


the semifinals. Ends one comfortable the Stewart Anderson. Total shots


scored against the world champion, 20 shots to seven. What an


exhibition that was, well done, Stewart.


I have got Nicky and Stewart with me now. Nicky, is this one of those


days where you put it down to, I have come up against an opponent in


a rich vein of form? Stewart was great, got in early, I found myself


chasing shots. Had a couple but didn't go my way, unlucky to get the


gap here when I thought I had both bowls which would have kept me in,


but Stewart played great. I would have liked to have played better


myself but he didn't let me so fair play to him, he played really good.


You have been a fantastic champion, well played over the last 12 months,


and well done. APPLAUSE.


Stewart, the guys in the commentary box were watching you and they were


per ring about your played today, wondering, have you played better? I


have been told I have never played better, that have answered that


question! You have to play like that to beat Nicky and fortunately I did


play like that. Can you put your finger on why you played so well


today of all games? Darren gave me his bowl, that made the change! I


thought I was playing ping-pong with the jack in the first, I'm just


happy to get through. One of the other things they mentioned is when


you play so well in one match you hope it keeps going because it is


difficult to maintain such a high standard. Yes, it is, and


fortunately now I will go read, if Nicky got a break it could have been


the other way round. Well played, outstanding stuff


today. We will take a look at how the quarterfinal draw has shaped up,


two players through to the semis, Stewart Anderson and Greg Harlow,


who will meet in the first of the semifinals. Meanwhile, we have still


got Darren Burnett against Les Gillett later on tonight.


Don't forget the Australian open tennis highlights follows us today


on BBC Two from 5pm. And that match we were talking about between Darren


Burnett and Les Gillett is available on the BBC sport website and the BBC


Sport app from 7:30pm this evening. Time now to look ahead to our next


match on BBC Two, the third of today's quarterfinals, and it is


Paul Foster against Jamie Chestney, who saw of last year's runner-up


Robert Paxton in the second round while Foster defeated David Wilfrid


from New Zealand which means the four-time champion remains on target


for another shot at Potters glory. Jamie is a great player, I watched


the game against Robert. But it is the end result that counts. I know


what I have got to do. It will be the same for Jamie. I'm happy with


the way I am playing now. You always have a chance. I would like to win a


fifth, amazing, but I will not put that pressure on myself. There are


lots of guys who would love to win it once. I have been very fortunate


to win it four times and if I never win it again, people cannot take


away what I have done in the game. I still have the fire and hunger to


win a fifth title, I feel I have got it in me, so as they say, what is


meant to be will be, and whatever happens I always give 100% and if it


is good enough today, brilliant, if not then OK. It has been an


incredible journey for me, it has given me a great life and I still


have fire in my belly. The amount of top players that cannot get into the


top 16 and qualify is incredible and I would hate to try and qualify, and


to be honest I don't think I would! I have had a great time over 20


years, I have done everything in the game and I enjoy it, I love it.


Great at Potters, the crowds are just fantastic. They all have their


favourites who they want to win but they are always good to me as well


and I thank them for that as well. I still love the game, and enjoy it


and I still think I play well so I hope it did the news. My son Logan


is eight today, the day of the quarterfinal, and Ethan, who is six,


Keegan is three and Mara, the first girl in the family, she was born in


August, so they all came to Perth to watch the final. I'm a big softy at


when I lost in the final, my family was there. It is a lovely place down


here and if the family managed to come down it is great, it relaxes


you. I will do my best but at the end of the day if I don't win it I


will always go home to my family. Paul Foster is established as one of


the stars of the sport but his opponent Jamie Chestney is getting


better with every passing season and he had to battle hard to come


through his second round match against Robert Paxton.


We both spoke about the game afterwards and both agreed it was


never going to go on either of our highlight reels, whoever managed to


get through. We both said whoever would we would take that and move


forward and hopefully now I have a chance to improve in the next game.


Rob is one of the toughest competitors you will play against,


he will always come back at you. But I felt pretty good before the game,


feel pretty good now with how things are going and mentally in a pretty


good place, so hopefully just keep fighting all the way. I know what is


going to come from Paul and it is going to be top so I know I have to


play at that level to be able to compete with him, so there is not an


awful lot I can do to affect what he is going to do, I can only control


what I do and I've just got to prepare the best I can and give


myself the best shot when I'm playing. We are playing for the


world title so it will be a bit tense, but great to see Charlie


there with a smile on his face, I thought that was fantastic for the


sport, what a great story that was. It reminds us all that although we


are fighting for a world title, the game is still there to go out and


I am glad to say that Robert Paxto has joined me and will be


commentating on the match. You can give us the lowdown on what it is


like to face Chestney having got up close and personal, sadly on the


receiving end, in the last 16 match. Yes, Jamie is a quality player, he


has been around for years and only recently played to get through onto


the tour. He has broken through last year and got to the final already so


little player, everyone knows how good he is and he can compete with


the best. Why is it he has suddenly made the breakthrough in the last


couple of years because he has been through a while? It seems when


players have a good result, one result and maybe a couple of games


and they get a run together, it seems to give them a confidence in


their belief they can compete with the best. Definitely, Jamie never


used to play these games, he gave it a go and got through in everything.


And he has performed on the carpet and so he has found it, yes changed


bowls and he has gelled with it and he is dangerous. Talk to me about


his opponent, Paul Foster, his stature in the sport is as good as


it is, Alex Marshall winning a couple more titles but he is right


up there amongst the best of the current players. You don't have to


say anything, everyone knows how good he is. He's dangerous and on


fire, you are in serious trouble. Jamie has the compete, hold him


tight, we should be in for a cracking game this afternoon. The


bookmakers have Paul favourite against Jamie, but we have seen


especially in the last match, anything can literally, can happen


when somebody gets on a run. Paul seems a similar player to Stewart in


terms of when they draw and they have a rhythm, it is hard to get


them out of it? Yes, the top players, when they are on form, like


Stewart and Paul, when they get the draw, they are tough to beat and you


have two upset them with the runners. Paul is a quality player


and so is Jamie so we should be in for a treat. Two quality players,


I'm going to put you on the spot, who will come out on top? On the


spot, it is a tough one. To be honest, I have a feeling for Jamie


today. He is playing well, he is on form, I have just got a sneaky


feeling for Jamie. Good man, I am glad you have made a decision on


like Corky who will be along side you in the commentary box. I think


you will be sitting on a fence! So the players are just about ready to


go so it is time to hand over to Richard once again.


Thank you, appearing in this quarterfinal for the second


consecutive year is this young man from Devon, hoping that this year,


he can go all the way. Ladies and gentlemen, a former world under 25


is the single indoors champion, give it up for Jamie Chestney!


APPLAUSE. And now to a true master of the


game, who has no less than 15 WBT titles to his credit. Ladies and


gentlemen, four times world indoor singles champion, give it up for


Paul Foster MBE! APPLAUSE.


Today, scheduling with the quarterfinal match has been like a


Test match, England against Scotland in the first quarterfinal of the


day. Greg Harlow beat Scotland's David Gourlay and Stewart Anderson


defeated Nicky Brett. Will it be England's Jamie Chestney all


Scotland's Paul Foster. Over the David Corkill.


There is no hiding place, sitting on the fence, but I am going to make my


mind and I will go for Paul Foster. I went the other way.


Former team-mate outdoors in Devon. He has played really well this year,


he is full of confidence. APPLAUSE. Paul Foster played really


well in the Mixed Pairs. We have not really seen the best of


him yet in the singles, he had a very comfortable win against Debbie


Wilford from New Zealand in the second round. -- Greg, 10-3 in two


sets, did not play the last end in either. This will be a tough


challenge, Jamie Chestney is a very comfortable player.


It is fair to say that was a bit of an exhibition in the last game,


Stewart Anderson was just brilliant. Yes, he never missed. Nicky didn't


quite perform to the level we expect from Nicky, but Stewart never gave


him a chance, to be honest. If he carries on that form for another


couple of games, he will be extremely hard to beat. Such a high


level to keep going. Stewart just making sure he is getting all of the


texts he has been getting through. The joys of mobile phones!


Just a little bit of weight off for this one, Paul Foster. He has got


it. Jimmy Chesney is a very quick


player. On the mat, bowls away. No hesitation.


It is a good bowl and he had no choice but to draw it but Paul


Foster will be looking for a double, not easy to draw within a foot, but


Paul Foster is also a fast player and he will be on the mat very


quickly, there is no hesitation on the mat, bowls away, less than two


microseconds with both players. Neither player will test the shot


clock much today. Certainly reaching and giving it a chance. Just over


the line. It was good. This is always a difficult match for


players coming in in the second game. They have only got two trial


ends, they need to practise. And then they are up and running. In the


meantime, the crowd is dispersed in little bit and they will be coming


back over the next half an hour. So there could be some pauses in play.


That is a good reply. Really good reply. I think Jamie is the only


player that has really played beforehand this way. Certainly the


case in the men's game. It is a nice steady hand, both players using the


seamer bowl, so strong bias, so no advantage there.


Really good again, Jamie, a touch on the key, it drops away. If it had


been in front, it would have been a real help for Paul Foster, it


doesn't make a difference the way it is sitting at the moment. It has to


have a very good weight to pull away from that line. Here it comes. That


shoulder just needed to be a little bit shorter. Still one red. If it


had been a bowl shorter, that last bowl would have been the shot.


Testing for Paul Foster here. He certainly has got a chance early on.


He has, he has got that bowl to play and he has that one to play to get


the red out and he might get the two, it depends if he wants to play


early on a weight shot. Certainly whether arriving at it. Narrow line,


very controlled weight, that is what he is looking for, hard to get back.


Yes. Jamie Chestney started to walk as soon as that bowl was pushed out


on a line. They have to do that because of the shot clock. In normal


play, they wait until that bowl finishes before it gets behind the


jack. That is the normal etiquette. Because of the shot clock, players


have to start walking down to get it in 30 seconds. I thought this might


happen during this match, it was always going to be movement, the


shot clock stopped at 16 seconds. Cannot be avoided. Well, it doesn't


look... He doesn't look terribly happy with that, he pushed through


it. You have to be very disciplined to deal with disturbances. You


cannot allow that to affect you. It is just because it is so quiet in


here during the game, any slight noise or movement can catch the eye


of the players. We would all prefer it if there was music going, noise


throughout, so there would not be any disturbance. Certainly, it is


the norm in international play. There is a lot of noise, a lot of


people moving, people shouting beside you and you still on and play


your bowl. APPLAUSE.


Two green. Well, no mistake with Paul Foster.


Anything behind the jack would be very useful at this point. I can't


imagine Jamie playing weight to this. This looks like a draw. Not


bad with this. He needs to rest it. Still pretty good. Gets himself in a


bit of trouble here. It is going to be close to get in second. He has to


aim for second shot really. The hit shot is very speculative, so it is


just not worth it. Giving this a good effort. Is there


any drop? Good enough. Good enough for second. Paul Foster will be


after it, though. You would be very unlucky to give the shot away, so no


reason not to arrive at this with enough weight to punch it out.


Has he overplayed it? I think he has. Very definitely going for the


bowl he knew had a chance of picking up a four, but it was always on the


high side. Jamie got away with one really that end.


It is a decent second. Still got the red bowl, though.


That is not in, Paul Foster. No need to change if he doesn't want to,


still on the backhand. He needs to get back. Just holding


out there! Just over the top. But weight. -- but wait. Just a small


adjustments needed to put a little bit of pressure on Paul.


Just about all over that, I think. Paul has got a nice little shot now.


A slight turn on the jack round the corner for a three. Yes, and no


damage to be done if he misses it. Just a matter of getting back with


this one. He is interested. He has just left it. Yes, he hasn't sent it


through, so easy to drop short on that forehand, we have seen it many


times. That is what is called a very


careful draw, very much on the wide side of the jack. That was a good


effort. We have got a lot of correspondence coming through during


the World Championships. And just occasionally, you get a letter to


remind you of times gone by, Robert. I got a delightful letter yesterday


from a lady, Pat, I hope you are watching, Pat. Yes, it was a great


time in 1984 when I was playing against your husband's team in


Botswana, and we were up in Aberdeen at the time. Lovely memory from days


gone past. Really nice to hear things like that. A few years ago


now, then! I was a boy! Taken out of school for that! Three weeks in


Aberdeen. It did rain, on occasions! Beautiful city.


Paul Foster has really seen what can be done with the first two bowls,


having watched Stewart Anderson in a previous game. But he knows all


about it anyway, four times World Champion. As this game progresses,


what he will be hoping to be doing is to put Jamie under pressure so he


has to play the hard shots, the difficult ones. A bit like Nicky,


Jamie will go early as well so if Paul does start to build, Jamie


certainly will not be afraid to go. This is good. The draw is still on


the turn it round the corner. The problem with the running bowl is if


he is slightly off target, he takes his own out, so he has to be


careful. That is a good effort. Disturbance bowl out. Great shot.


Really good, I am not sure if it is the shot. One of green and red just


falls back in again, but goodness me, he played that well. Very


controlled. Just a draw for Jamie if he can lift


his front red and turn onto the jack. He is going firm for the bowl.


It will kick across very quickly. Yes, there it goes. He knows these


shots, but really, I was saying Paul Foster means to force Jamie Chestney


into playing. Difficult running bowls.


He is trying again. Just needs to hurry, not going to make it.


It is all gentle stuff at the moment. Yes, both guys feeling their


way into the match at the moment. A lot of steak, obviously. -- a lot is


at stake, obviously. They are wasting no time, about five minutes


each end. Jamie is certainly one of the


quickest players I know on the. I would say Paul is not far behind


either really. Paul down the backhand searching for


a new line, the first one surprised in, I think, by holding off. Did not


have the weight, the wait was perfect for that. Jamie playing the


other side of the rink. -- the weight was perfect.


That is good here. Yes, good all the way.


That is another short bowl by Paul Foster, he is not going to make his


life any easier from the last bowl if Jamie gets this in. If he gets


this on top, he could be almost close. It is not bad. A little


straightener of his own. He might be tempted to move that position. Very


hard to go in close so he might be tempted to have a rattle at this.


Very little on the angles really. We will see what we can have a look at


here. I suppose getting into the red bowl would be good, there is a


chance of getting the jack over onto the respot position in this


direction, that would be damage limitation. If he gets into that


bowl and pushes the jack all the way through to get there, again, it is


not bad. Not great connections, I think this could be big, really big.


If he plays at the forehand, he will be going big. There are two places


that the jack could go that I can see. I don't think it will go


anywhere else. This is going to be big. He missed it. Yes, I could see


by Paul's reaction, I did not even need to see the bowl. I would love


him to have hit it, just to see where it is going. Jamie didn't!


Jamie is very happy the way it is! If his wife Natalie is watching


this, I'm sure she will be delighted as well! Paul Foster is a very fast


driver and he knew he had to take bowls off the rink but only two


areas the jack was going to go and no guarantee of scoring the shot, so


he went very hard. Very good bowls by Jamie Chestney. Playing four


bowls like that. Well, when you pick four shots in


the middle of a set in a tight game, it usually gives the impetus to go


on and win the set. But there are three ends to go. Three shots in it.


And Paul Foster just hasn't found his true form yet.


Paul will be thinking to himself "I really need to move up a gear or


two", you.can't let Jamie steer him into the jack, to play the weight


shots. Well, another mistake here from


Jamie. Now there's a chance. Drop around or


push it in. It would be better to come around


it. It's just having that confidence to


push the ball out wide. It's good enough, Robert but still


beatable. He could be in heaps of trouble


after the last end. Four up.


He's still got some running to do. Oh, this is dropping short. Wow!


This is one of those poor ends that you throw in and it's not the time


to do it on end seven. You could say the same with the last end with Paul


Foster. The last end, Jamie had the four


good balls in. Paul is picking up a scrappy three here. He just needs to


break past the first ball and he'll be good enough for the treble. Well,


from his point of view it's a great three.


To get three of the four back again, he'll be very, very happy. That Less


the scores with two ends to go. Well, most of the crowd are


ensconsed on to the seats now. Very few disturbances for the players


after an exciting last game. Not for Nick Brett but for the quality of


Stewart Anderson. COMMENTATOR: Jack length


?, 25.5 metres. A very fast game. This one is not


only slower in terms of pace but... That's better.


Paul Foster going for his traditional jack length.


It makes no difference to Jamie, though. He's all over it.


He's on this forehand at the moment. If he could pick it up and go the


other way with it, I think he would. It's a struggle the other way at the


moment. He's gone early. He's got a lot of


work to do. Yep. Very close. Just on the wrong


side of the jack. Another repeat for Jamie here.


Well, it's a strange old thing, isn't it? High scores bouncing about


the place. Threes and fours. Jamie deciding better to go deep, rather


than than into the last end, two up. I really wouldn't be surprised if


Paul Foster tries to draw this. There's no guarantee if he takes the


two ball, what's going to happen. Although it would be damage


limitation. He would be lying the shot of shot if the two balls


disappear. But if he can draw this shot. Well, he's going again. Trying


to take one away. Oh, connections... He's in the area.


He was on the right side of the jack that time. He wanted to bowl on to


bowl. He didn't really want the jack but to dip under for the gap. Now,


if this is a three, that's a major pull-back.


There it is. . Oh, he's played it well.


He played that very well as he pushed it out on the wide line.


The good old high line drift shot. If it comes back, well and good.


Goodness me. A four and then three against you


and then a free for you. The way it's going, you probably


wouldn't put it past Paul taking the set, the way that the last three


ends have gone. COMMENTATOR: Jack length


?, 25 metres. If Paul can find this first one, you


never know. That's pretty good.


Paul's target is to try to get something close enough to give him a


chance. At the very least, to pick up a three.


Well, this really should be number two coming in.


Don't think he should be too concerned about the number one shot


but he will want to be in for the second.


It's a wider line. This is better.


There it goes. If it drops and it has... Paul


Foster will have to reach out on the forehand, probably, and move the


jack. Well, if it's a millimetre, that's


close enough to spring across. You can still play the backhand to pick


the jack up. But it's the lesser of the two targets. I think it is wise


to look at this. COMMENTATOR: Timeout call


?. Paul has three timeouts remaining.


What he is looking for is to replace the forehand.


It could reposition the jack and that would do lovely.


Yes, I think that the forehand, if he gets a bit of the jack, he keeps


taking it from the green bowls. He can dot same on the backhand.


Drag the jack on the backhand, possibly get the bowl off clean. But


it looks under to me. Yep. Under the line. That was the right shot, the


right weight of shot. He punched the ball out.


The jack move, it is still in a good position.


Well, it's still there. It's is just tricky to judge it to


come over around the short bowls and punch the ball out. Moving the jack.


It's just not enough. He has to follow through with it.


A different type of shot this time. That's outside of the line. He knows


it. Chester-le-Street was putting Paul


Foster under pressure with the first couple of bowls in some of those


ends. He takes the first set. 10-6.


Not much to choose from there. There has been some juggling with the


length. Certainly a game of two direction,


really. Jamie is dominating it this way, whilst it's Paul the other in


the last few ends. Here we go again.


Paul going again. It's on the wide side.


The third end running this direction. Paul's in a lot of


trouble. Yes, by his own standards he knows


he's well off his best game. Jamie may look nonchalant but he


knows just how important this is. Good again. Really good.


Paul Foster really needs to get a close one.


He's giving it a good look. No, he's in trouble. He really is.


Jamie Chestney has a chance here again.


No reason to go deep on this one. Has he let Paul off? Well, he would


have backed himself to draw another shot there.


It's a spare shot, really. The only thing I would have been


concerned about there is going too long rather than too short.


He could well afford to reach it. No reaction from Paul yet. He nose


there's a long way to go. Jamie obviously has a sniff that


Paul's not quite on his game. So he's going to make a quick run and


try to get the next couple of ends on his scorecard.


He'll be looking for a lot more of those.


Jamie hoping this one's not as far away as he thinks.


He knew that was heavy. Still, it's in a good place.


That's more like the Paul Foster that we know.


He'll be quick at this down the four.


It's a tempting proposition. The jack is clear to go through into the


ditch. Two bowls will go. Pretty good... Yep.


Always good. Let's see how much this holds up. I


think he's on the narrow side. I thought he would have still played


that on the forehand. It's good enough for the shot but very


beetable. -- beatable.


Close. Maybe get a bonus touch? It's a good


one. I'd be tempted with a bowl here. The


jack in the ditches is worth two. Don't know about the re-spot.


Normally it would be to draw it. It has to be close to taking it out.


And green it is. Good bowl. That is the option he would have played. He


would have known that. A good percentage shot.


Now he could be tempted to go full length. I'm not convinced that the


short length is doing him any favours. He's brought the mat up.


This is the length Jamie's been playing in his previous rounds, 26


metres. Paul immediately on to the forehand.


Definitely looking to mix things up a bit. Good thinking.


Maybe force Jamie on to the backhand. Nope. He's sticking with


the forehand. He's confident on this side.


Couldn't follow it up. Well, Foster feels that there's not


enough room now. There probably is. But he has to


skirt closely to the front red one to get at the shot ball.


There's no point in taking that risk. He's close.


Good bowl. Look at the plant as well. He might


be tempted to remove the bowl down the fork. I think he is.


The second option is a front plant to do damage.


How many times do we see balls go through gaps like that? Any


connection would have been good. I think pall's just got to draw


another one in. Good coffer.


I don't think Jamie will change the shot.


Ver. I don't think Jamie will change the


shot. He's certainly interested. Oh, he


hasn't again?! What do you say?! He used less weight with that one, so


you would think it would have drifted a little bit.


Clumsy. Paul's really trying to find a


length he can get consistent bowls in. Not worry about what Jamie's


playing. The key thing was winning the last


end, really. I think that's the first time he's won an end coming


back to the box. Jamie's been all over that forehand.


He's got himself into the second set now.


Well, he's having to move. Will make a big effort to get back


from that height if it has the running.


Close. Still one green. That forehand's not


looking good now. . Another change for Foster.


Anything behind the jack is good. He's giving this a good chance. A


clear run is really good. Well, I don't think there will be


any discussion about this one. I think it will be a typical


forehand runner. He doesn't look happy. It means he's


got his own bowl. Nope. He took the second shot out. That's not bad, you


know. You get a bowl down, you get oil value out of it if you take one


away. He's aware of the fact he has


nothing behind the jack. But needs another bowl.


I can't imagine a change in Jamie's shot. Straight through. Bowl on


jack. Clean through for the jack himself? Oh, he's under.


Yep, a big slap to the leg. I think he decided to go even more weight


that time and just pulled it. It didn't need the weight. The jack


shoots so quickly. But sometimes the players try to go too fast.


Paul Foster is still think being what length he wants to play this


jack. That's most unusual for Paul. Are He's brought the mat up again a


couple of metres. This is a sort of a champion's


scratch-how-to-win-type of matches, isn't it? Yes. It's what a lot of


the top players like Paul do, the amount of games that they get


through by just nicking... Enough ends and getting through anyway,


ugly. Absolutely. It's what I call it as


well. Ugly but don't worry about playing a


pretty match and then losing. I was talking to Paul when Stewart


Anderson was finishing off. I said you don't want to hit form too early


in the tournaments but to scrape your way through. Once you find your


game, sometimes it can be hard to carry it on.


You could say that Greg Harlow played well. But he came through


well in the last bowl in the last two matches. The previous one was a


fantastic ball. But how many times would you get the result from the


way it was played? And how many times would he hit it to the perfect


millimetre? I think David Gourlay is watching at the moment, so we'll not


mention the last, last bowl! Oh, Jamie, how did that get away?


I am a little bit surprised. So am I. Not sure about that particular


shot. He has got another one to recover.


Well, that is a good bowl round the back. I can't imagine him going


again, can you? I thought so. If it is only a two, he might have a go at


it. Well, he is just going to get a


single. The jack will be on the respot position. Produced from 2-1.


That is where the unpredictability of Jamie Chestney comes into play.


Just not quite sure what he is going to do. It makes in a very dangerous


opponent. You get to this sort of level, there has to be a degree of


discipline. Jamie Chestney is usually an attacking player and does


play a lot of runners but he is usually reasonably sensible with


them. That one wasn't so sure that it was the right shot. He did OK.


The reduced from two to one. He will be very happy that Jamie has been


pushed into playing with shots. That is good. Still on the forehand.


Still split the bones, turn the jack.


He has given this a chance. More of a chance. Yes, shot bowl.


He needs to tap his green bowl down without the red one for them. They


read decided to follow as well. Should still be one to read. Having


a good look at this. That doesn't change Jamie Chestney's shot. He is


trying to reach his own. If he misses and gets the green one, that


is even better. He needs to agree with this one. Just not there. It is


not going to help Paul Foster. It is as good a shot is a need to turn the


green bowl over. -- as good a shot as Arnie. It could be enough. It


will take a little shuffle on the carpet. He is pushing it up. He is


not there. Perfect line. The weight is lacking. Jamie reaches of the


green bowl and just nudges it and drops in, you could make the double.


It was 11 -- level things off with three games to go. He would be


delighted with that. Even that little touch might be


enough. Out with the calipers. The exact way


to do this is have one end of the calibre just down toward the carpet


and then just bring the calipers through the gap. It is well in. Not


even that close. I think that little knowledge between the last ball just


give it the extra millimetre. It is a strange old game, it hasn't really


taken off. At the same time, there has been some quality stuff. Both


players have been forced into playing difficult shots and that


upsets the rhythm of the game. They have both been in bad situations,


being forced into the little runners. The best connection isn't


always available. Just sliding. It has got enough of


it. It will drop away. One green. Paul Foster can afford to reach his


own ball. A draw through the split with the IDs, into the gap. -- would


be ideal. Jamie could be tempted by this. That is a pretty good bowl


Jamie will go for. Not sure. He is under. I don't think he will make a


connection. Very thin edge on the front bowl. Doesn't really matter.


Stays in the head. We are talking about two feet around the jack. It


can be a useful bowl still to have hanging about there. A chance for


Paul Foster. He is starting to build the pressure up here. He once a


connection. That is a lot better. It really is. There is a lot more room,


no doubt about that, but it is better. It is not the easiest draw


therefore Jamie. He will have to turnover, I would think. He is and


he only has one ball left to do this. It is very important. If he


misses as he is in a heap of trouble. He has got to draw second.


He might look at damage limitation. Two balls out, I hope he doesn't get


a gap. I don't know. The back and is there if he touches his own ball. --


backhand. It is the right shot, it really is the right shot. It is all


about whether he has the right weight. He is close with this. Paul


Foster started to come back. Like me he thought that was a lot closer. It


is still three. He will say to Jimmy on the way past, he might have a


word with them. When you see the opposition patting your leg, you


know you are close. Paul Foster started to club. I thought he was


right in on it. It just slowed down. A big chance for Paul Foster on end


seven. I would have done the same. He has dropped it as well. Something


strange there. Those two bones would usually be up to the head. Three


shots, that gives Paul Foster a tidy little lead with two ends to go.


Trying very, very hard to get a single shot here and move into a


tie-break. Which, of course, we all enjoy. Especially the spectators. We


love it up here as well. There is a bit of tension. He has gone


extremely short, this time, Paul. That is the minimum. He is not sure


about this one. It is not a bad opener. That is a deliberate tactic


from Paul Foster, he is four shots up and he knows if he is in trouble


he can drive his way out of it. We still have another end after this.


He is usually very good on the short jacks.


This is better. Just sliding away. Paul Foster knows that at some stage


Jamie Chestney will have to run that jack through. He probably needs


another one in the head. He will look to close this down. It is good.


Just need to hang on the line a little better. That is beautiful. It


really is. Jamie could do worse than to red this. -- hit this. That is a


bad result. That doesn't help, to be fair. Turkey 's own backbone of.


That was the problem. It just hit the sideboard. You could hear it.


That is a big, big problem. I thought he would drive it with at


the back and, I was surprised he went with the forehand. He was


probably just trying to see this end of. There is no back position to


worry about. Happy enough to live a couple. Just had one a metre or so


behind the jack. That would be useful. That is not bad. Just in


case Jamie tries to drive and is a bit heavy. Touches the jack. A good


receiver. It is a set live at the moment. He is going for the two


bowls here, but it will have to be on the backhand. He is on the


inside. I certainly expected him to hit it at that distance. Paul Foster


takes the double and takes the second set. Certainly played a lot


better in that set. You could Jamie under a lot more pressure to play


the winning balls. Especially with weight. Paul dug deep in that second


set, dragged himself back into it. So, toss of the coin. Jamie decides


I will give the jack away to Paul Foster. Paul Foster will have the


choice as to who gets the jack in the next end. Most players prefer to


have the last bowls. So, 3p in the tie-break. You just


have to win the end, it doesn't matter by how much. It is usually


quite an aggressive, attacking type of shot that is required in this.


These two players will certainly be doing that. Jamie has certainly lost


his weight now the past few ends. Stop short again. Very quickly at


this end. The jack coming down here, I am surprised at that. Paul


probably reckoned that was a lot closer. I think he is going for the


jack. Really? I think you are getting excited. I wouldn't put it


past him. I wouldn't either but there is enough room to draft. Well,


just dropped. Interesting. Paul is staying with the forehand. He is


short. Goodness. It is one red. I thought he might have been tempted


by that himself. His own ball is hidden, if he gets around it, which


is the advantage. Jamie needs one in, so it will be the backhand for


him. Really good. Runs a touch. It needs to. See how


it runs up, you probably reckoned that was close. It is just down to


the last yard in particular. Paul Foster will draw this with a


forehand now. He has two. Only touch on his own opponent will be enough.


Backhand against. It is brave, because he has two push the boat out


very wide to get around the short ones. It stops so quickly. He is not


far away. Great shot. I tell you what, when that left his hand, if


you look at his face, he wasn't sure. He really wasn't sure about


that. That is a real problem now for Jamie Chestney, because it is right,


take in behind it. I am not sure if he can get an angle of the win. I


think he has got the angle to get onto the jack or the other green


one. That is the ideal, bowls to bowls. That leaves the jack behind.


We could have a rebounding jack. He got it too solid. That was what was


in his mind, to come off the outside bowl. Paul Foster takes the first


end. He didn't have the last ball to play. Now he will have the last


ball. Advantage to Foster. Jamie Chestney has really been


struggling to score. He scored on the first end of the second, then on


the sixth, when he got a single. Other than that it has Paul Foster


all the way. Closer with this. He has got the


gap. The jack would have been a lot worse for that red.


Take against the red. Not easy for Paul down there now. He just has to


go, I think. Well, you sort of know what Paul


Foster will play, no doubt about that. He will be crunching into the


bowl on the jack. You are always trying to think two bowls ahead.


Jamie might look for the respot. I think he needs to run for cover on


this. He can't go anywhere near it. Sometimes you cant make a position


and a better and Paul Foster needs to run the ball onto the jack and


how to squeeze across to his own. It looks like you can possibly see a


fraction of the red bowl. Possibly of the short green one. I'm not sure


the angle is there. It might be. If he misses the green bowl, he could


possibly get the red Queen. He will be happy just to get this. Got a


chance. Front bowl. He wanted to crunch bad. But it is not too bad.


He can now see it. He wanted to crunch it. Took it out clean as a


whistle. Members around the crowd. -- members around the crowd. It is


not an easy one for Jimmy. Paul Foster is coming back strong in the


second set. He has gone running for cover again.


He has got to flick the ball off, but is he lying short? One red is.


He has deflected off. -- flick it off. He usually favours his


forehand. Jack solid could do it. It is outside. He knows it. It always


looked outside. There was a prediction from someone who said it


would go to the last end of the tie-break. It was always going to be


a tight game. It was just a matter of who would get over the line, that


is all. He is trying with this one. Really


close. This is going to get interesting now. Testing for both


players. Paul might be tempted by this. Paul just checking out many


time-outs he has. He will take a slow walk up. He has got to be


tempted, but it is early for it. He could play the backhand and rest


people off. Jack clean, he has the angle coming off his own. It looks


like that sort of shot to me, it really does. He is going for the


first kill. This is the only time you are allowed to kill an end. He


has two nominated and he has. -- nominate it. I am surprised he is


going with this one. I thought he could have drawn that off. Not a big


drive. He is in the area. Well, is it going to run all the way? That is


close. I think it is off. Just off. Yes, goes back. Paul Foster has made


the kill, but he can't do it again. You are only allowed to do it once.


You can nominate as often as you wish, but you can only do it once.


Jamie Chestney will have that situation up his sleeve, he can do


it. Had a couple of those, in fact, Paul Foster did the last time. In


the mixed pairs, he drove the jack off. Last end of the tie-break. Some


game, that one. Some great entertainment, no doubt. Paul Foster


starts off again. Any turn now is really good. I


wonder. I wonder will Jamie have a go at this. I think he has got to


draw the first ball. I think so. He is winding up to go for the control


weight. Very aggressive. He is looking. It has just gone. He didn't


nominate on that, I don't think. He was looking for the jack in the


ditch. Paul Foster might put one behind this. Taking a quick look.


Paul Foster will be thinking to himself, and nothing in this


position would be really good. If he is able to plant a bowl in there it


would be absolutely marvellous. He can't afford to get the back edge of


his own. Yep, that's what he's doing. Trying


to come around it on the backhand. He doesn't want to be too far away.


Yep. That's not bad. He's nominated in case he gets the


wrong end of the ball and jack bounces out. Although, to be fair, I


think that the re-spot wouldn't be bad either. But the Jack in a ditch


is what he's looking for. It's got to be better this time.


. Still going. Oh! It's the back end of the bowl, I


was thinking he would get that. I wonder if Paul Foster will put a


block in? It wouldn't be a bad shot. He's not convinced that a re-spot


cover is worthwhile. Jamie will then nominate.


Paul's looking at this. Trying to find the centre line. This


isn't bad. It needs to pull back. Well, he's on the forehand. That's


not going to affect the forehand. I think Paul would have preferred to


have a cross on the forehand. Jack in a ditch is very possible.


He's nominated again to kill the end. He's allowed to do that as


often as he wishes. He's good on timouts. He only has


one bowl after this, if kneaded. How's it looking this time? He's


under again. I think he's under. Goodness me. If


Paul Foster puts another bowl close to his last on the forehand, Jamie's


going to have nothing to play. Apart from a dead draw.


He could draw it in and try to pull the jack through.


Goodness me, this is interesting. The only downside is going down


first bowl. It doesn't give you any other options.


I think that's what Paul's trying to do. Trying to drop in short on the


forehand to block that Now this one needs to pull strong.


This is pretty good. Good here.


Oh, that's very good. That's very good. Still there to kill it but


it's a very good bowl to stop the jack being pushed through. He can't


do much more than what he has done, Paul Foster.


He's managed to scratch his way through this match by turning up the


volume on his performance. He's going again. Fourth time on the


forehand. You want to make sure that your hand


is well dry for this one, Jamie. Plenty of time. He's under again.


Yep. Gone! Goodness me. He was pushed all the way by Jamie Chestney


in that match. He didn't play very well in the first set but pushed it


through in the second. Keeping Jamie Chestney down to a couple of scoring


ends. Only one of the two tie ends at the


start. He won the third one. Takes it 2-1. Good value in many respects.


Paul Foster ran out. A strong finish in the game. But Jamie Chestney was


very much in control. That's a four in the sixth end. It took him to


three. Paul Foster picking up a three on


the seventh to go level. Chester-le-Street getting that


treble back again to put him into a strong position in the first set. He


won 10-6. -- Jamie Chestney.


Paul Foster take as three, first end.


That ran through. But Jamie Chestney was kept really out of the game for


long periods in the second set. As Paul Foster makes his way to the


semi-final, the four-times world champion chasing his fifth title.


That really reflects the match. Paul Foster proving what a champion


does. He probably has a gear or two to move up but he's through to the


semi-final. Paul Foster alongside me here on the


ring. Paul, the first set looked like hard work. How difficult was it


for you to find your stride in the second? It was hard coming to the


commentary box! I was dropping threes and fours. Jamie was nailing


it. At the third set, I said, I'm back in it, then dropped a three.


But Jamie deserved to win the first set. The second set, you have to


forget about it. Dig. In lose the first three. I said that was a great


start. You have to plug away. I know today I was not my best but I showed


a lot of fight. I know there is room in the tank. I know it was not my


best but I dug deep and I'm happy to get through.


In terms of tactics, how well did you play? Especially at the


tiebreaker? I was confident. After the 3-0 down. I was setting the bowl


in that sets the head up. I thought I played three decent tie-break


ends, so did Jamie. The second, touching the jack, the half bowl


off, and then relying on luck. Then the third tie-break but I said to


myself if you get the gap, I must get the jack clean so I halved it to


start again. I put it in a touch longer. The first bowl was great.


Twice Jamie missed it by a paper thin. The last touch, delighted.


Well, Paul Foster through to the semi-finals once again. We can look


at how things look at this stage. Three matches in the quarter-final,


done and dusted. Stewart Anderson, Greg Harlow, Paul


Foster and more all through. Next game is between Darren Burnett


and Les Gillett. Now, we're going to remind you of


what happened in the first quarter-final match of the day. It


was David Gourlay up against Greg Harlow. Both players are past


champions. David Gourlay winning in 1996, Greg Harlow in 2010. Greg


Harlow is leading in the second as we join the action once again. Yes,


the one match that is guaranteed that the umpires will be busy is


when Andy Thompson is out there. Simply because he can't see measures


very well. He relies heavily on the umpires to sort it out. He won't


wear his glasses, that's the problem.


Yes but good vision from up in the commentary box! March larks 20/20!


-- marvellous, 20/20! David Gourlay getting his first two


bowls back into the normal routine again.


Anything off the weight... For Greg, he's got a number of opportunities


to catch things. He'll take that one.


Good bowl. He'll be looking to repeat the same.


He's on a great track. Will he get back? Just more weight


on that one. Just didn't quite make it. A foot less and it would have


been diving into the green bowl. It helps Greg a little bit as well.


Gives him another bowl to restaurant off.


This is different. I think he would have been OK with


that weight if he had picked the jack up. The back green bowl would


have been useful. That's interesting, David going on


to the forehand. A little touch on his own bowl.


Also a chance of getting cover, coming around it, that means Greg


won't pick up a multiple. Waiting to see if this stops on time.


Very close. That's really close. One red. Good bowl. Clever bowl.


Greg's locked in there. He can certainly


afford to reach it. No reason why he can't play right to


it. He can try to roll off the shoulder.


If he gets his own bowl off the split, that red bowl will bounce


out. It's close.


Very close, all on the connection. That's it. It's all it needed, the


red bowl just to bounce out for the single.


He played it well. Played it well. Good match, this.


Yes. Second set started off really well. Both players certainly stepped


up their game. It's a good bowl just in front of


the jack. Still enough room for David. A


slight adjustment off his last. Yes, Dan McManus is being very


precise. He knows these two players like to know exactly what the


distances are. David, overplaying that one.


If Greg finds a good position on this one, he will be good at the


end. He's pushed his own green bowl


closer. That's the important bit. Now every shot here is so valuable


in a match like this. Yes, so easy to do.


Greg's just got to make sure he's up with the next one.


The choice of both sides doesn't really matter, forehand or backhand,


that's why there's a slight hesitation. He's using a timeout.


Normally, you think, why use a timeout here but he's conscious if


the fact if he leaves a shoulder on the backhand by being slightly wide,


David Gourlay will use it. Whereas on the forehand he can draw another


shot and get cover between the jack and the red bowl. So there is a dual


opportunity on the forehand. And worried about David playing the


runner, green on to green, into the ditch for a double.


Yes, a bit wide, so he takes one of the greens out. It's a damage


limitation shot. If he drops off that it will be


really good. Yes, David's clapping that one.


That was a very good bowl. . He might have been unlucky! I


think Greg will be happy to have accepted the fact that he's taken


one away. David Gourlay has to be careful


here. He's only one bowl in the hand. If he gets it wrong it could


cost him one more shot, maybe even two.


A hard shot to draw, though. You almost have to accept if you're


going to draw this, that you're losing a double. He's probably just


arriving. I don't think it will be a big pace.


Just a draw to try to get on to the back green one.


He needs to miss the zone. Oh, without that he was very close! Two


shots it is to Greg Harlow. It's a little break that he was


looking for. Well, Les has Nick Brett for


company. I wonder if everyone is going up for


advice. The new agony aunt of the tour.


He's the man, without a shadow of doubt, there is certainly agony in


there, not sure about agony aunt but there you go. He's good company,


Les. It's like a rotating door. One goes


in, one goes out. Who's next? That's the question.


Without a doubt Greg has moved up a gear in the last couple of ends.


He is getting very close. He will be asking David Gourlay some questions.


He is looking to string two or three ends together to get him over the


line. He's let David off a touch with that one.


Well, we'll see how many second shots David Gourlay. I don't think


he's got too many. But if he harks he will be popping the ball off.


There you go now, you see, if there is one man that needs advice, Rishi


Persad is it. That's a good booking that one! L earthquake ises will


start to charge for sitting in that chair beside him! -- Les will start


to charge for sitting in that chair beside him! The two bowls will go.


Yep. Daved's favoured forehand runner.


This is important. A bill bowl for David Gourlay. He needs to get this.


The jack's good. Both bowls away.


He's making connection. Oh, he's been unlucky.


Yep, he has been unlucky. He made a good solid connection, both bowls


should have disappeared. But it will be one.


It looked good all the way. Just hit it too solid.


Three so thes in front, three ends to go.


-- three shots in front, three ends to go.


At the moment, Greg Harlow is in control. Looking more and more like


a tie-break. It's at that point again. That


crucial seventh end. If Greg gets this one, David will be after


multiples, which is always harder. David just failing that. You can see


the shift from David Gourlay winning the battle after first two bowls


after a long period in this match. This one's struggling.


Oh, he is in a lot of trouble now. Touching the jack round the corner


would be absolutely perfect. It's almost to that stage, David may


have to take a chance and run through his own two bowls.


That's really good here. Really good.


With the width of that he has to play it. It is better on the


backhand, he has the green bowl on the jack.


He has to get his own bowl. A backhand runner.


Surely he is in the area for something? Oh, that's good for him.


That's really good for him. Good result as well.


It hit the right bowl to get the jack out into the open.


It's probably one green but... It will give him a chance.


Yep, one green confirmed. It's a massive strike for David. If


he had missed that, he would have been in heaps of trouble.


A good bowl. This is massive, this one for David Gourlay. He's right in


the mix. If he loses it, he's chasing the set. Two down. At the


very least he needs second shot. Not an easy one. It's a tough one to


draw. He should make that. Ideally,


looking to draw the winner. Very close.


Needs the jack. Oh, he's got it. He's in to nailed


it. Right at the front. That's a brilliant bowl for David Gourlay.


Very, very important. Yes, that bowl was being clapped by


Greg Harlow from about two or three yards away. He knew that was in.


The first of the three singles that David needed.


He needs to get that first two bowls going again. He doesn't want to be


attacking again with his third bowl. He's had to do it a couple of times


with running bowls the last few ends. He'll want to get away from


that. But it's not a bad start but it's still not close enough in a


match of this quality. It's good for the guys to have a bit


of a chat, relax and start again. They are two quick players out


there. Just the notion of the bowl stopped


them, and the other is on the mat. That's another good bowl.


This has got a bit of work to do to get back from that height with the


extra weight on it. Surprised, it looked like a bit of each is


happening. I am surprised he played that. Just making sure and as soon


as you do that it is easy to run through. You will never get back


without a little bit of pace. Greg was making sure that he was


through on that one. Hard to play this chart with the right weight


because you narrow your airline and it just dips away. He narrowed the


line but he didn't keep the weight that time. If he had the weight he


would have been very close. This is a good chance for Greg to put the


second set to bed. Drop it down, try to turn the jack behind the corner.


David Gourlay could be in a heap of trouble. Of course, it is his last


ball coming up. If he misses, Greg will have a shop. I assume he will


draw another one with this. Just a turn of the jack, it is what he was


looking for. I don't think David Gourlay has anything here, put a


running ball to try to knock the jack bout -- back out onto the


respot position. I cannot see him trying to draw this. I think the


jack is going the wrong way on the backhand. Well, it was a good bowl,


but one is just not enough. You would expect Greg to add the second,


going into the last end for sheds up. A tie-break on the cards. --


four ends up. No mistake for the double. That or


less guarantees the second set and more awareness the tie-break. There


is kit, clapping her man. The nerves really start. No doubt about that.


Doesn't matter how experienced you are, tie-breaks always nervous.


Played so much better in the second set, Greg Harlow. He has put David


Gourlay under so much pressure. David hasn't been just as


consistent. Greg certainly one of the key battles in the second set.


Dropping the ball very securely. That doesn't really matter at this


stage. David Gourlay just need to put a lot of balls in.


That certainly makes things a bit tricky for David now.


Just making sure that if his opponent is removed he will not be


more than one shot down. Drop another one in, just crowd at the


head of bowls. Make sure there is no chance of picking up a four. This


really should do it. Another one there.


Forehand runner, it is a bit of a practice shot, really. That is the


end of that. Set gone, David will pick up the bonus. Without a shadow


of a doubt, Greg Harlow stepped up in the second set. Greg has one the


toss and has given the jack and the first end to David.


That was a good set for Greg Harlow. He really did put David Gourlay


under so much pressure. Especially with the first to bowls in


particular. That was 822 when the set ten shots to for. -- that was a


double to win the set. The good run home for Greg with two doubles.


It is all about winning the end. David Gourlay is doing what Greg


Harlow did in the first shot. That doesn't help. He is putting himself


under a bit of pressure at the moment, David. Has he got the


running? Just flipped through the gap. That is very unlucky. Still one


to green. If he drops back he will probably get the shot. With the


forehand that is usually the case. David cannot believe he has gone


through that. In tie-break ends, those little bit of luck not going


your way can be very costly. It will make a huge difference. He can


afford to reach it. Easy, easy. Slipped under, that gives David


Gourlay a shoulder. Doesn't matter if David turns that bowled over


because it is already one to green. It is always hard to repeat the


bowl. Very much inclined to put more weight on. That is exactly what


David has done. It is so easy to do that. You want to force it through a


little bit. Still think Greg has to play for the red bowl. He needs


another one in there because David could be tempted to go quicker with


his last to get the green ball clean.


Well, Greg is not even bothering with the red ball. Just gone for


cover in case David uses more weight and get some on the respot. It will


be interesting to see whether he drives this or not. I would be


tempted to go quicker, to be honest. Try to make contact with the outside


green or try to pull clean. That is brave, David. Brave to play that


sort of weight on this forehand because it just holds off. It is


good he is otherwise he will not get done. And lucky he didn't get the


green ball onto the other one. I would have tried to make sure. His


forehand runner is usually so reliable as well. So, for the first


time in the match, Greg Harlow is in front. A good time to do it, the


first end of the tie-break and he delivers the jack. David Gourlay


will have the last bowl. You really want to win the end against the last


bowl. David will not want to play his last bowl in this end.


This is a much better front touch. It has been a bit of a slow burn


game for Greg Harlow. He has come out of the blocks just a little bit


on the sluggish side and then really moved up the gears and he has been


getting better and better as the match has progressed. Some reply


here from David. Got the gap last time. Still available on the


backhand. He didn't grab the jack in his jaws so to speak.


Just not there. David has got to play again to attack the jack. Just


reach it and turn it around the corner.


As David dropped that? He has. I think that is one opportunity to


many for Greg Harlow. Even if he got onto the green one and dropped off


it, it would have been good. Greg will be all over this jack, this


time. There is a lot of room. He has stepped up now. Greg has two


time-outs remaining. He knows how important this is. You will want to


do it with the third ball. He is going for the jack. He knows if he


gets his own bowl, he is straight onto the red. There it is. He is


still one down, but it is a distance away. I just about favoured David


for the end. To those 214 Greg. -- to 14 Greg. A lot of pressure out


there, no doubt about it. Extremely good line. That is good. He is happy


he has drawn the short, he is not happy where it has finished. It is


not easy for Greg. No. He has a good shot available to him. If he gets


back little bit quicker he might just get the jack, if he it. Even


the back edge of the bowl, he could send the jack sideways to his wing


green. I think knowing David would get close, Greg would be happy with


this situation. It is not an easy one, but at least it is playable.


Trying to get the bowl a chance to get back down. Will he hold this


line? No. Good effort, just a bit inside the line. The right idea to


try to punch it through. What is interesting now is that Greg


Harlow moves on to the last ball. Advantage Harlow. We could do with


another tight end. It is that sort of game, isn't it? It has been a


good game. Good bowling, good conversion charts, lots of good


tactics going on, as you would expect from these two players. It


is so impressive that David Gourlay is able to compete at this level


when he doesn't play competitive bowls. You can play all you want,


but it is competitive balls that make each. Match practice is the big


thing. Doesn't want to be short. Once


again, it is a decent bowl, but it is the wrong side of the jack. Only


a foot away. This is better. The difficulty for David is the same


this time. In this end of the first tie-break, once you put the weight


on it, it is hard to get back. He could not afford to be short listed.


-- short with it. He would do well to get back from there. That is what


I am saying. Once you go over the way you look good for a long time


and it just falls off. As soon as you go past the jack started to


bend. This is the end where you are allowed to destroy it and nominate


to destroy the end and replayed. That front bowl of David APPLAUSE


Is a big problem for that. Greg does not want to leave an


angle. David would be tempted to run this now, a bit stronger, get the


ball of flame or move his front one. He just cannot afford to not make a


disturbance. He is getting something. Well


played, David Gourlay. The front bowl now is close enough to give


Greg a problem, though you would expect him to be fit. After his last


bowl, he has left that in line for the draw. He should be inside that.


That was a good ball because he was thinking if I don't make a


disturbance I am in so much trouble. Greg will want to do it with this


bowl. He will not want to leave it to the last. Just trying to remember


his first delivery. He has got the edge bowl to help them. Dropped


back. Without the drop it was still one to red. Measure for short. It is


green. There is no mistake, it is green. David is saying, have another


look. Yes, he is. Have another look. It is green. It is just an indicator


that he fancies that. Does he draw or does he run the ball? I think he


has got to drop. If he runs the ball, it is a tough one to drop. The


last bowl of the match. If he gets in behind the jack... He is thinking


about this. Does he want to run it would draw it? He has two reach, no


matter what. A bit of a disturbance, so they have stopped the clock. It


goes again. If he taps his own bowl down, he gets the single. Taking


more time, he has plenty of time-outs. There we go. I thought he


has an extra one left, but he doesn't. He has to play this role


within 45 seconds. I think he will draw this. Even if he sits his front


bowl down, he will get the win. He has a couple of options. The only


danger is you are inclined to make sure you are reaching and if that is


the case you can just sailed past. So much pressure. He will just be


glad to give it a chance, that is all. That is all he is looking for,


give it some sort of April. He needs to get to his own. He has got that.


You don't see David Gourlay wiping his brow too often, but my goodness,


that was a pressure bowl. Unlucky to bring it out into the open, because


he could have had it right in front of the jack, but Greg Harlow has got


a shot now to drive the ball off. Both players have used the


time-outs. I have a feeling the green ball is second shot. So, it is


either a heavy draw. I think it will be a Harlow special. He is going for


the bowl. He is going to drive the bowl of. If he gets inside to the


red heat will be happy. He has got the respot and the split as well.


That is out of the equation now. A big drive, on his favoured forehand.


He looks under. He is in the area. My goodness. I don't believe it. My


goodness, Greg gets in the area and he gets some very fortunate results.


My goodness me, that was, what do you say? He wasn't far away from the


target but he just got a 150% result. If that happened on the


first day you would laugh about it. It was just the timing, that was the


problem for David. A great game between two great players. He


probably just deserved to get over the line. And we can take a look at


how the quarterfinal draw has progressed today. Nick Brett, the


defending champion lost to Stuart Anderson. Anderson was good. David


Gourlay lost to Greg Harlow, a bit of misfortune for David, good


fortune for great. Paul Foster fought back like a real warrior


against Jamie Chestney to win the tie-break. Darren Burnett and Les


Gillett are still to come later tonight. David has been alongside me


all day. We said at the start of the afternoon show that we expected good


quality all the way through and that is what we got. One or two moments


of drama. Just imagine the Paul Foster match because he has had to


do something very few have had to do, which is to find a line and


length haven't not had it at all in the first set. He has fought back


and that is what good champions do. I think Paul will be happy with the


second set and were delighted that he was able to progress and play


better and that is important. In the tie-break, and nothing can happen.


Jimmy decided to go attacking, it was dramatic. I thought he was good


in the tie-break. The other match that had us talking was Nicky Brett


and Stuart Anderson. You and your fellow commentator in the box could


not stop enthusing about how well Stuart Anderson played. Is it the


best he has played? I don't think it is the best because I remember two


or three matches with Stewart that he won with the opposition was


almost as good as he was and that made it look even better, for me.


Nick was scratching around, he wasn't playing terribly well, so he


was giving him some rain and the attacking shots were different. When


I think back about whether it was his best match, nearly but not


quite. One of the semifinals will be Stuart Anderson against Greg Harlow.


I think Stuart Anderson will do what he did today. The difficult for


Stuart Anderson is can he do what he did before? Can he get to ball was


going, dominate the front end of each end and then see what Greg


does? Greg has a runner that gets out of so much trouble. They will


win, Les or Darren? Darren is a very confident there. I thought Alex


played well, but he didn't make it. Shall I sit on the fence? You


haven't been doing it all week, so I will leave it there. I did call the


last one. Last bowl, I said. He did. Just a reminder afford is coming up


on the BBC. Tonight, Darren Burnett against Les Gillett is on the BBC


sport website. That is from half seven. And Australian open tennis


highlights follows next on BBC Two. Well, we are almost at the end of


the day here. We know three of the four semifinalists. Judging by the


quality of players we should be in for a good weekend. From all of


this, goodbye. Tom Jones, obviously.


Winston Churchill.


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