Semi-Finals World Indoor Bowls Championships


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Hello, everyone. At the start of each year, the best indoor bowlers


gather on the East Coast of England for the World Championships, held at


the iconic Potters Resort in Norfolk, a place where dreams can


come true. Always the World Championship at


Potters, you always got butterflies. I still do when I drive here to come


to the tournament. As soon as I walk in I feel it. It's a place I've


always loved. I've been very successful. It's my second home.


The crowd appreciate great bowls but also it's a surface where if you are


not in your game, it's a lonely place to be. It's a won dirtful


place to play and you just hope that everything goes right for you when


you're out there. Very close. Got it. -- a beautiful place. It's the


biggest title you can win in bowls, to be honest. I watched Potters


every year on the telly and I thought, I want to be there, my dad


done it. To be here one year then to qualify the next then win it is


fantastic. We all want to walk away as world champion. That's the


pinnacle in our sport, whether it be singles or pairs or whatever.


Potters is the best venue we play at, no shadow of a doubt. We've got


the crowd. Unbelievable. I love coming first place and performing,


the crowd are behind you and wishing you well and everybody is so


friendly here. The place is remarkable. Bowls should be here all


the time. It's semi-final Saturday in the open singles Championship.


Huge crowd in here at Potters to watch four of the best players in


the world batting it out for the two spots in tomorrow's final.


This is the match-up between Paul Foes, and Les Gillett.


-- Paul Foster and Les Gillett. The first semi-final took place


earlier today between the four-time singles champion, Paul Foster


against number 15-seed Les Gillett. These two have met on four previous


occasions, Foster leading the head-to-head teleone. Two of the


matches were in the open singles in 1998 and 2005. Foster went on to win


the title both years. They started brightly with some brilliant play


and the second end, it saw Foster drawing this. Gillett came up with a


better reply, perfect weight and conversion to a double in the 15th


said. Foster took four in a row to go into


the final end leading 8-4 and put himself in a position where he saled


the spot. 46-year-old Gillett overcame Darren Burnett in the


quarter-final. 12 hours later he battled hard to stay in this match.


Foster had been taken to a tie-break in his quarter-final against his


opponent. The brave draw gave him a double to put him in control of the


set. Guilt was hanging on. He responded


to the pressure with high-quality play, to grab a single in the


eighth. It went down to the wire with


Gillett needing a double. His drive was only good enough for one shot.


Paul Foster was through to his sixth world indoors final.


And here is confirmation of that result. Paul Foster through and


he'll play Anderson or Harlow. BBC's David Corkill alongside me.


About the magnitude of this event, arguably Saturday and Sunday of this


weekend of this tournament, the most important in the sport of bowls?


Well, it's the pinnacle, it really is, no doubt about that. You can


tell by Alex Marshall with all the titles he's won, it's about being


comfortable in the venue. We have been here a long time, there are


players that really enjoy it and others just stumble. They have got


to get used to playing on this surface in a pressure situation as


well. And a knowledgeable crowd as well because they'll let you know if


you are playing well, encourage the bowls and if you are dropping short


they'll say, get it going. One man who's got used to it is Paul Foster,


come through the semi-final against Les Gillett, he's in the final for


the sixth time. The only person that's beaten him before is Stewart.


How well do you think Paul will play today? He gets better as the event


goes on and pushes hard. He played very well. Les Gillett was really on


a good run and he negated the first two bowls of Les Gillett a lot of


the time and forced him into play the difficult shots. That's xa you


have to do. Paul Foster safely ensconced into the final. We are


going to hear from the 2010 champion Greg Harlow who's come through a few


difficult matches but has found his inprobation from someone sitting in


the crowd. -- inspiration. Greg Harlow! Greg comes to pretty


much all of my matches. I put him through a bit this week, to be


honest. It's been two last bowl wins. My wife loves it. Without her


support, I wouldn't win half the events I've won. A lot of my success


is down to her support. My options were to take the shot out


clean or to drive the short bowl into the jack and I've got one


waiting in the ditch. My goodness, he's fluked it. I don't believe it.


I hit my target. Not as I expected it. There wasn't a lot in it and I'm


delighted to come through. How do you sum up what happened on the last


bowl? To be honest, it was a fluke. Win, lose or draw, you want to be a


part of good games and that was a great game. Obviously, play Stewart


now in the semi-final, I played him a good few times and obviously the


biggest memory for him is, I played in the 2010 final here when I lifted


the title. I've been trying to draw from that memory a lit. Every day is


a different game. I two into the game with a blank sheet and start


all over again. I won in Scotland. I've been really happy with my game.


I feel like every round I need to improve a bit. Especially the first


set today, I didn't quite find the length as quick as I'd liked. I need


to settle down slightly quicker in the first set in the semi-final. In


all sport, especially our sport, it's nice to get in front and be a


front-runner. Very difficult to chase the game. You have to decide


how many shots are available. It's difficult to chase the game. We need


to start well and get shots on the game as early as possible. From here


on in, it's all about trying to win the title. Here is the reassuring


shot for Greg, she's safely in the crowd and ready to support her man


who's done remarkably well in this tournament to make it through to the


semi-final. He's got a great record overall.


One of the most decorated players in the game and he's been at the top


for a very long time? He has. Coming off the back of the last tournament


as well, Greg is a forehand runner and it's so reliable. It gets


fortune sometimes but it's always there. He gives it a good chance.


You watched Greg wandering around and he looks nice and relaxed. When


he's on the blue rink, he's much more focussed. There's not a lot of


smiling? No, you really can't, you know. When they talk about


personalities off the rink, on the rink what you want to do is focus on


what you are doing, he's here to do his job and he's doing it well.


Let's hear from his opponent Stewart Anderson. He's produced some of his


best bowls ever this week. You need to be at your best to beat


him. I'll be on there practising. It was green yesterday. It will be red


today. Hopefully my red will work as well as the green. I love coming


here, it's the best place to play. The spectators, the family, the


crowds, they are so amazing and I really, really enjoy coming here.


Before I broke into the top 16, that was seven years ago, these chances


don't come around too often. You need to take them.


I manage to win in 2013. There is an opportunity I can win 2016 so you


must take the chances when they come -- 2017. He's one of the most


naturally talented players in the game, 31 years old.


He produced an outstanding performance to beat Nicky Brett in


the quarter-finals. He didn't give him an opportunity at all. The first


bowls, devastating. He's going to have to reproduce that. Can he? I've


seen it before with Stewart. I've seen him play some fantastic games


and he'll know he's going to be up against a player who is very


relaxed, also a very attacking player, so if he's going to


dominate, he has to get the two bowls in. No way I'm going to let


you go into the commentary box without telling me who you are going


to win? Oh, no. The way Greg's played, slightly off target, you


would think his name is on the trophy. OK, all right. Corky has to


go to the commentary box but the players are ready to come on to the


rink. It's time to say good afternoon to the MC, Richard.


Thank you very much. Thank you. Our player has gained the utmost respect


from many of his peers, twice the world under 20s an former World


Indoor Champion, give it up for Stewart Anderson.


APPLAUSE. And next, to one of the game's most


naturally gifted players on the circuit. Former World Indoor Singles


and back-to-back reigning Scottish Open champion, the world number


four, Greg Harlow! APPLAUSE.


Should be a terrific match this afternoon. By the way, if you have


got a view or question from the team, get in touch with you via


Twitter. Time to head up to the commentary box where three-time


singles champion Mr Thompson is beside Mr Corkill. Difficult to


call. The last two matches, one was bang


on target and got a great result. I'm starting to think, as a lot of


others are, that maybe his name is on the trophy. I think if it had


been posing the same question, I would have given the same answer. A


slight favouring for Greg. I think he'll mix a length against Stewart


here and he'll go along. But again, we keep going on about it. The


opening bowl is about critical. Right away, it's Stewart Anderson


playing the back hand. I'm sure he will have favoured the forehand


side. On the back hand, he played a good ball.


Stewart Anderson off to the first bowl. The challenge is on. When


Stewart Anderson won his last match, it was quite interesting that when


he was up in the players lounge, Greg was up complimenting him on his


play and more or less saying, try not to do it in the next one! Always


hard to repeat it. Yes, always is, David. Stewart's already said that


he's changing from the green to the red but I don't think it will have a


major effect on his performance. He normally plays with reds in general


play so it's not as if the bowls are foreign to him. He's used to the


balls. Decent. Both players will be happy.


Stewart close with this one. Got a chance. Ball or jack. He's found a


gap. Big gap there. Played that with good weight but


he's in the receiving position. Looks like a position ball. Two


options, he can draw in on the forehand around his own balls and


try to split the two reds. Drops a little bit short. Close to another




Looks like two. Chance for a two or three here for


Stewart. Got his own ball to promote. Just


caught it half bowl. Greg Harlow off and running with a double.


APPLAUSE. That is dad. As always, turned up


with sweets. . A baker by trade. He's always very good.


Les Gillett did it towards the commentary box, very few do it


normally. It's a very reliable hand. 15 inches to slot a ball in. Just be


looking to add number two. Rough measurement, five inches in


diameter. That's what most players use. And he's found it. Five or six


inches in the gap and they can make it. Hiding the jack, making it


slightly harder for Stewart. The forehand draw, a little touch on the


jack would be a bonus. Played it well yesterday. We'll see how it's


going today. First bowl on the forehand.


Looks to be close. Coming back quickly. Not sure it stopped in time


for second. Time out called. Obviously very


undecided as to where this last bowl should go. Coming down to the rink,


just to have another look. Ideally, we'd really like to get a bowl in


that position if he possibly could. But, even if he doesn't, anything in


this sort of area here, Andy, has got to be beneficial. I agree. The


problem of going deep on it is, if he goes deep, there is a little


trail on. Ideal position is between the jack and the red balls.


I think he's made sure he's through. That covers deep position if the


ball's pushed on to the jack. Slightly forces Stewart into playing


the perfect ball, as opposed to running through the head. Needs to


play this one one foot less. Jack length 26 metres. Always good


to see the young players coming in to see the players of this sort of


quality. They can learn a lot from them. Yes, I recognise the


youngsters from the White Oak in Swanley in Kent not far from myself.


Greig out the traps the quicker of the two at the moment -- Greg.


In the last match that Stewart Anderson played, against Nicky


Brett, that would have been a bad bowl. Took him about two ends to get


into his groove. Greg is basically putting him under more pressure than


Nicky was. That's the difference. Greg is lying better.


It's a good bowl. Right on top of the jack. Just to settle him down a


bit. Once again, Stewart just finishing a


little bit short. Still two down. Problems again for Stewart Anderson.


Doesn't want to drop another double. No, he has no back position so he


has to be very careful. We have just had a question through Twitter


asking who decides what colours the players play. Well, if you are top


of the draw coming through, you are red. If you are bottom, you are in


green, simple as that. It won't help Stewart but it really


won't hinder him either. Certainly not on the draw. Not an awful lot to


hit there. This is a difficult shot to gets out of. Just a draw David.


Needs to add a foot on to his previous delivery. Back hand draw.


He's interested in it. Just needs to get back. Won't make it. Needs to


bend. He's going to... Oh, the ball is dropping. It was always going to


drop. Stewart Anderson will be happier. Good last bowl. Greg Harlow


takes a 5-0 lead in the opening set. Three ends on the trot and of course


Greg Harlow able to deliver the jack to his favoured length.


I think we'll see a change if Stewart gets hold of it. Certainly


will, Stewart happier on the longer length. But at the moment, he's


going to have to score. Greg is putting him under pressure. Really


started well, Greg Harlow. Again, it's not a bad bowl by


Stewart but he's losing the battle with the first two.


APPLAUSE. Might be tempted by this to go


early. Needs to do something quickly.


Got a nibble of the second one on the way through. Solid connection on


the first. Wanted the jack. It's not a bad result, but Greg will


just add another. Hit the target. That's all you could ask for. Greg


Harlow will be adding another shot in here.


This is probably Stewart's easiest chance. 18 to 20 inches to draw.


Good try, good weight. You can drop into position on the green ball.


Draw another shot and position at the same time.


Final bowl of the end might be the forehand draw David. Same thing.


Doesn't matter which way he plays it, fore or back. I think he's


probably the happier of the two players playing this forehand sides.


This needs to run. There's always the potential of dropping short on


the forehand. Last bowl of the end, didn't need to


worry about the position, just draw the shot. Change of length.


Always good crowds here, good attendance right from the


first-round matches. Jack length, 29 metres.


Semifinal stages, still on nine ends a set for the first two sets. If the


players are level, we move on to a three-end tie-break. The rules


change slightly there. It's cumulative shots at the moment. Not


just about winning the ends, it's about winning the end with as many


shots as possible. One that's very close to being a


front toucher. The next one needs to be behind, that's good.


If you can open the ball close, it's all about position, where is the


Jack going to go, not just about putting close bowls in. That's why


Greg has gone deep as well. He was never going to be short there. He


had a good second. Singles, certainly indoor and outdoor, always


going to be about strategy, tactics, trying to outthink your opponent.


Just dropping through again. I don't think that was meant to be there.


Just a bit heavy. It's always good to see some of the younger ones


coming through, especially playing bowls, they will learn from this,


but of course they play a lot of other sports. It's in the mix.


This is a good chance now. Stewart Anderson is aware of the fact he


needs to get up close to Greg on the scoreboard. Yes, he would expect to


make this one count. Looks to be under. He played a


really good first bowl, but it's fair to say the next three have been


struggling. I think he was struggling because he had to play


the other side, he would have rather kept all bowls on the forehand. Greg


asking the question, was he two seconds. He would be tempted to run


this bowl. Even bowl on the jack's good, but if he only has the one,


it's a different type of shot needed. I think he's playing a more


conservative type of shot really. Only one down. Just stick to the


backhand draw. Very close, if he runs. Oh, it's a good try. Needed a


little bit to have the width. Stewart Anderson another single.


Closes the gap to three shots. He's very good 29. 5, getting up


towards the maximum. One red. Certainly the standard of


play is all there, no doubt about that. A massive difference between


the indoor and outdoor, when it comes to distances from the jack and


the ability to score, down to fractions at times, here. Yes, the


players would always expect a draw within six inches if they're playing


at a high standard. I'd agree, outdoors, a lot harder. I believe


you've just got back from New Zealand, where the conditions were


not ideal for the British players. It was very difficult. I really felt


sorry for the guys at times. Men and women's events, one venue there was


actually the flags were flying in three different directions. So you


couldn't really judge. Bowls three, four, five feet away scoring. When


the wind dropped, it was perfect. This one, touching the jack.


Brilliant. Two green. He'll be happy with that


one. Forcing Stewart into the running


ball in the area. Good strike. Yes, that will do. Depends where the


jack's finished. It's right on the peg by the looks of it. No, it's


not. That's a bad result then. Respot, one green. Not that far away


either. About two-and-a-half feet away. Greg's got two bowls now to


Stewart's one. So advantage Greg at the moment. He really needed that to


stay within the confines of the rink.


This should be number two. Just needs to run. Still a yard.


Two green, no matter where Stewart puts this, I suggest Greg will be


after it, if it is the number one shot. Oh, that's narrow.


That's very narrow. I don't think he'll hold up.


He's going to get caught on the green one. Oh, he got away with


that. Oh, goodness me! One red! As you say, wherever it goes, Greg


could run it out. I think it's just a draw.


Didn't look like he would pass Greg's shot bowl. There's no clean


shot to it, he has to draw it. A touch on the jack will make a


double. He's had one go, this should be better.


Didn't quite get the jack. Final delivery from Greg, slightly wider


road, a yard more weight draws the shot.


APPLAUSE . The spray chalk going on. Showing


that's a toucher. If that bowl goes into the ditch, it stays live. If


the bowl goes into the ditch without touching the jack, it's taken away.


So much has changed over the years. The spray chalk makes it easy


whenever it's sitting at an angle. Good invention. When was that? Six


or seven years. Multicoloured ones now for all the different types of


bowls, which makes it easier as well, especially if you're putting


the white spray onto a mixture of white bowls, it's just impossible


then. So we've got all sorts of colours available.


Those stickers have been through the mill a bit! Certainly have.


Certainly not a new pair. Or a new grouping of stickers.


Greg slapping the thigh. I think he's high and wide.


Chance here for Stewart. It is, but you know what Greg's like with the


runners. He's only got one bowl in there, but that wouldn't stop Greg


from having a go at it. The angle's good to get the two red ones out.


Stewart needs another one, at least up to his own bowls, if not behind.


He's trying to make it to his own. He hasn't protected it. There's a


natural angle for Greg Harlow here off the outside edge. If he gets the


outside bowl on the edge, it will bring him into the jack for a


double. Doesn't need too much weight for this shot, just an arriving


draw, as we call it. Pushing in with a foot or two of weight.


The crowd shouting there, "Turn. Turn." He knew it was slightly wide.


Good weight for the job. The crowd has been quiet quite at


bowls event, but when you're down, there you can hear their opinions


very clearly. Especially if you're playing a few ball bowls, they will


let you know. Oh, he's struggling. Not playing


enough weight there. Greg will be happy with one down. It's about


playing the percentages now when it comes to the last two, three ends,


in particular. Carrying a three-shot lead with two ends to go, I think


Greg Harlow would have been very happy with that at the start. No


doubt. Three up, two ends to go. Your favourite. Stewart simply needs


to probably score the last two ends to have any chance of a tied set.


Stewart going for the longer Jack length at 29. 5. That's where he


wants to be. No surprises there. No, based on the


previous matches, it's the pattern that we expected it.


He's really playing well. Instantly taking the shot away.


Just have to push through it a little bit, so easy to drop.


One green. Last bowl is jack high. That's not in the way of Greg. He'll


be trying to reach this red bowl, second shot. Gets to that and


Stewart's in a heap of trouble. He's played one under. Wasn't meant


to be there. Second chance here. Just a little bit more to hold that


line. I think the line's quite good that Stewart's playing. He needs to


have a bit of extra weight. Got to be closer this time. Very


close. Very close for the jack. He's got it. Great bowl. Super shot. He


played that well. Same line, just a bit extra weight.


This bowl needs to do a bit of stopping. It looks to be slightly


heavy. It's full of holes and gaps. That's


the problem for Greg. He could run and just run one bowl off. Stewart


drop another one in and really put the pressure on. I think Stewart


will be looking for a back catcher here. That would give him a good


chance of scoring. This would probably be number four coming in.


How close can you get? Needs to hurry. He doesn't want to leave a


wing bowl. There's gaps there. But there is a shoulder to come off.


Whether he wants to play damage limitation, take a couple out or try


to draw it. He could dry to draw this. If he bowls the perfect ball,


almost guarantees the set. I think he's wide and heavy.


I tell you what, this is coming back like a train.


Certainly coming back well. I think he's cut off probably one, maybe


two. He's got third shot with that. Greg will be reasonably happy. The


Jack was off centre, that made a big difference. Two it is.


Good by both players towards the end there.


If the Jack had been on centre rink that was a very wide line. But


because it was 18 inches, off to the side, made Greg's ball look like it


was pretty close. Always a danger, you're looking for


a really good first bowl and you drop it a bit short in the line.


Yeah, the problem possibly later on in this end is that that bowl might


give Stewart problems, especially if Greg gets in first.


He'll be tempted to run at that, if he can see it. That opening bowl


gives him problems. Still just a forehand draw for Stewart. Plays


this hand well on the draw. Oh, he's close. Jack clean. Well


played. Backhand shot here for Greg, is it


the running ball or the draw? I reckon just a draw at this stage.


Wide-open forehand, though, if he needs to play the runner.


Have close, if he runs the distance. The crowd are urging that ball on.


Still one to Stewart Anderson. The way the jack and bowls are framed,


it would never help. This is awkward for Stewart Anderson. He cannot


afford to give the shot away. No, he can't. I think he'll be forced to


play down the wide side, something in hiss direction. He is aware of


the fact that the respot position is over here and that would favour


Greg, if he drives the jack. If Greg doesn't have the shot, but he has


all the play here, I'd agree, Stewart should be going deep. Greg


will not be shocked. It's just how far he's aiming to get behind the


jack. Ideally, get right into it and turn it. But he has to skirt around


the green bowl to do that. That's actually not bad. It's probably


first and third. Close for two. I think that's a good


call. It is close for second. Greg will be running at this with the


forehand. Shake of the head from Stewart. Forehand is his favourite.


It's up one he gets all the results with. He'll be looking for the jack


in the ditch here. High. Oh, that's a horrible result. Really unlucky. I


thought it was better on the high side, the way it was setting,


because he was bringing bowls into the head rather than taking them


away. Got a bad connection. Basically Stewart Anderson now lies


set. Don't say that too often. Forehand, Greg. He's normally very,


very accurate. He tries to put a third shot in in


case Greg moves one of the red bowls. I would be inclined to get a


third bowl in. There's two back green ones and one of them's in the


ditch. He can really beat those. Three red. That's quite a clever


bowl. Yes. Greg removes one bowl. It will still be the set to Stewart


Anderson. Awkward shot for Greg. That's why he's taking his time.


Very undecided. Most players would as well. Take a time out on this


one. Let it run down to five or six seconds, then take a time-out.


Time-out called. He knows how important this is. I still wouldn't


bet against him getting the jack, with the back position the way it


is. Respot, he's probably only one down on the respot. It's actually


quite useful with the ring, we can see the respot position there.


Shaping up for a forehand. This is forehand Jack into the ditch to win


the opening set. Taking a bowl out is no good. Has to be the jack.


Oh, he took one out. Goodness me. Took one out, trundled through and


Stewart Anderson's last bowl is counting for the second. I think it


is. I think this is two to Stewart Anderson.


If Greg's not sure, he'll measure it. To be honest with you, you have


to be sure. Greg's conceded the two. Two good drives. Yes, hit the target


both times today, unfortunately didn't get results. Stewart Anderson


takes the opening set. I think Greg Harlow was the better player in the


opening set but two doubles Stewart Anderson and has the advantage. Yes


overall, just think Greg edged it. Stewart came back very strong the


last two, three ends. He started to get the first bowls in. That really


helped. Greg Harlow, well, he's had so many good drives on that forehand


with good results that you just expect him to get everything. It was


a bit like obviously yesterday as you said, he hit the target probably


both times. But this time he got a bad result. That's the way the sport


goes. Sometimes it's for you and sometimes against. It went against


Greg there. Good reply. Both these players will


not let anything disturb them. If they lose a set, they'll just move


on with the next one. Both been there many, many times. It's always


good to get the first set. You have the draw option in the second, I'd


agree, now this is a reply from Stewart Anderson here. Oh, this is


brilliant. APPLAUSE


It's great stuff, isn't it. Thinking about great stuff, we've


got a world record attempt at Moon Fleet 2,000 bowls club in Weymouth


are looking for 72 hours of continual bowling. Current record


held in Australia of 40 hours. They're looking to get it way past


that. It's a great idea. It's for charity.


All part of the Get Inspired from the BBC. Good luck to the


competitors. I thought you would be in there. 72


is a bit long for me. I bet they've got a lot of help. I bet they have.


Three hours is too long for me. I'll remind you of that come the


internationals in March if I'm playing against you. He's reaching,


so that suggests it might be one to green. He's very, very close. A


little chop. Oh, everything moved. So let's have a look now. Fantastic


grouping. He slightly indicated it was one


red. Looking at skill factors in any sport, just have a look at this,


folks. Outstanding. He could do well to try and block


it. I think he is trying to block it.


He could split the green bowl out. If he misses it Stewart quite simply


has got to touch the green. Inside line. Bit of extra weight. Just


needs to break inside the green. I don't believe that. I bet Greg is


amazed at that as well. That was not blocking the shot by any means.


Greg played that thinking it was probably blocking the draw shot but


certainly not blocking the running bowl. Slightly high. I don't think


the bowl was in the way, but Greg will be delighted. Good end from


Stewart Anderson. Was it ever! An inch away and two inches away and he


loses this shot. Well, now, that's just a little bit


far away. Both hands slightly blocked out, but they are both at


least a yard away. Yes, and the bowls the players are using are


strong so can be pushed out wide. Stewart is very close to this green


one. Oh, dear. Occasionally even the top players


play a loose ball. I don't like these sort of ends.


They are dangerous. They are. Once again, Greg is not really that


close. He has to negotiate the front green


one. He has the weight, he's definitely around it.


It will be a forehand draw. Well, he's very straight on the mat. But


going for the draw. Looks a good line. Needs to run though. The


supporters were urging that ball up. Doesn't need to be close to the


jack. Doesn't need to be close to the green bowl either. I think he's


good with this. Well played. Greg's local here in terms of where


he lives and, of course, he works at this venue.


29 metres. His office is right beside us, overlooks the bowls


green. Yes, next door to us. Delighted to be working here every


day. I'm sure they are all there watching him. They have an important


fixture up in Scotland today in Midlothian.


Very, very difficult matches for the top clubs who all play against each


other. And those are the matches you want to play in, Andy, the good


quality ones. Scotland have a league system which is very, very


competitive. Superis obviously from a very strong club, one of the best


in the country. It's an important fixture today, but I'm sure they'll


have a television in the background, his club. -- Greg just needs to stop


chucking through a little bit. Slight adjustment needed.


Still room for Stewart. Picks the line and won't be far away. This


one's close. Needs the bowl, not the gap. Oh,


just caught it, just. Without the edge, he would have just moved on,


probably for second. But he would have been aiming for the green bowl.


Same line from Greg. Doesn't need to change anything. Good chance.


Slightly wide. That bowl is not going anywhere now,


it's locked in. Stewart Anderson will walk down. 30 seconds to play


their next bowl. They have time outs available which adds another 60


seconds, but here we go. Plenty of time for a player like Stewart


Anderson. He does about take any time on the mat. Just keeps the game


moving. Slightly higher line. Greg has three


seconds, but it's so difficult to get the red ball out.


Little touch on the jack would be perfect. Even a running ball is not


guaranteed. It's one of these awkward ones.


Can he clip it out? He's very close to it. Oh, oh, dear! That's why


there was no guarantee, Andy, I just wasn't sure what was going to happen


but that's a very, very bad result. A perfect strike, terrible result.


The red bowl goes out, so do all the green bowls. That's a bit harsh. We


always say that Greg is very good about getting results with his


runners because he's always in the area. He doesn't miss them by a foot


or so, he's always round abouts. He's had three poor results so far


with good drives. He's been fortunate on one or two occasions,


but he's really been unfortunate there. That was hard to take, that


one. Just in there, one shot. We've had a


question come through about the rule or the strategies of the bowlers and


the difference with the curling, trying to protect the bowls behind


it. To be truthful with you, it's completely different, it really is.


The ability to come around bowls is immense.


APPLAUSE. The curling has a consistency with


bowls in that they're always looking ahead, two stone, three stones ahead


and what their opponent is going to do, so from that point of view, it's


very much the same. It's always good and interesting in the curling, good


sport, really enjoy it. Slightly more tactics I think


required. Well, now, here we go. All sports have their strategies.


Shot down. Not an easy head. Might be tempted with this. Not bad. At


least this time we don't think he can take all his bowls out. I think


this is worth a runner. Is he under? I think he is. That is


a rare occurrence. On a draw line. Could disappear. So


could the back one as well the way it's angled.


Greg hits this target. It still may two wrong but he's running at it.


Wider this time. Close. That's what he was looking for.


APPLAUSE. Back in the set.


I think that green ball came up the rink. I was thinking the back red


one was always going to lock in there and he knew about that.


Both players so aware of the importance of the first two.


I thought Greg would have carried on with the back hand. Stewart's a lot


happier playing this. This is just on the edge. Looks very good. Two


inches on the shot. Really took his time on the mat with


that one. Not as comfortable on this side.


Clear run is not bad. Good effort. Very good effort. Probably had


enough weight to make it. Without Stewart's bowl in the way there, I


think he'd have drawn a shot, but a big chance here for Stewart. Any


ball on top of the jack and he's almost certain to score.


Well, it wasn't easy but Greg, he has to play the same shot. Surely he


can't risk a runner at this. Forehand draw here, Greg. Wasn't far


away with the previous delivery. Looks to be wide and heavy. Just


over, but not much. Have to give it a chance. Can't really blame him on


that one. You have to be there. No good dropping two inches too short.


Looks narrow to me. If he's got the running, he's good. He is good. Yes,


he's got the running. He'll make it. Beauty.


APPLAUSE. Very good from Stewart Anderson.


That was not easy. A puff of the cheeks there. Getting


closer. He's the sort of player that doesn't see the finish line too


early. No, fairly calm and relaxed. APPLAUSE.


Stewart pushing through and that's his own jack. He's quite a distance


away. He'll be very much aware of the fact that he still needs to win


at least two more ends. He's normally very consistent on this


length. Looks heavy again. Very little correction made. The danger


now is that over correction problem. You go three, four feet through and


you try and take it off and you end up five feet short. It's enough.


Stewart will still feel confident he can draw this.


There is a slight hole there, Andy, and I've seen that before at this


length. That bowl definitely caught it. No shadow of a doubt. That will


surprise him. I reckon he thought that was close. Greg just asking for


things to settle. We don't always know what it is but


sometimes it's just enough to catch the eye. Quite simply, he'll be


looking to add number three here. Important bowl. Wants this one to be


really close. Chance of picking up a big count. This looks like it's


going to stay in. Falling away, difficult to see but still just a


draw for Stewart. Close but we favoured it's two. So does the


umpire. Just a draw here for Stewart, forehand draw. His previous


deliveries in this direction may have put him off here.


I don't think he can afford to angle it. I don't think it's going to


bend. It's heavy this time, that's the problem. That was the problem.


Greg's got a great chance for four here. He just needs to tap the red


down. Draw another one, tap the red down and get a big count of four and


bounce into the lead. Needs to run. Oh, he's there, he's


there. It's not a problem on the third.


APPLAUSE. They want to see a tie-break.


Now they'll look at the fourth one. Got to be a measure, I think.


LAUGHTER. The um tire will sort this one out.


Very experienced. 6-6 after six ends. Four on the


board there, I think it's actually three. 6-6. He called four but it


was three because he pushed the red out. It's three shots, definitely.


Stewart will be slightly concerned. The first time on his favourite


length but he didn't find the weight. 29 metres. Doesn't play many


like that one. Greg Harlow, first treble of the


match. APPLAUSE.


Good indication of how difficult this match has been in terms of


scoring multiples. It's a run for home now in the last


three ends for these players. Close with this one. Very good. Picks the


jack up. Just dive in the way of it. Stewart needs to run with this one.


I think he's just under for weight. Stopping a little bit short. He's


presenting himself with a nice position on the other side though.


Just going to drop away. What a nice position, actually, but it stops the


green going out on the forehand. That'll keep Stewart on the back


hand, I would suggest. Yes. His favourite hand would be the back


hand. Same bowl as the last, back hand draw.


He needs to get the green bowl through the gap, though. Can rest on


the back red very easily. Got his own ball on the way in. Just toils a


bit trying to get back off the high line. Yeah, there it is again. Just


not making back with nice weight. Not sure about that shot. In theory,


it's the right shot. But presometimes works against it. Once


again Greg needs another bowl in here. Two seconds again.


That changes things slightly. That's pushed the red bowl into a very nice


position. This is a big opportunity here, a really good shot here for


Stewart Anderson. Forehand runner, lots of chances. He doesn't want to


flick his own bowl out. Might have to be very careful with this. He's


got two seconds, he can afford to attack this. He's under. See what


happens. Oh, he's got a bad result. I wasn't convinced about that. He


was only one shot down. Three ends, two ends to go after, this lose one.


It's not a big problem when you've won the first set. Caught the green


ball. He needed to catch the red ball. That would have. Put the jack


into the decks. Wasn't terribly costly, but at this


stage, one shot, he now has to win the last two ends. Yes, he has.


Greg clever here. He's put the jack length where Stewart struggled on


the last end previously. Good tactics. Tried to get in first.


Greg wouldn't normally have been going here. He knows that Stewart


struggled the last time in this direction.


Both bowls yours, two feet, Stewart 20 irges.


Both bowls just a little bit shy of the jack. The correction comes in


now from Greg. He's a local man, who lives close by. Works here.


A popular player. Stewart just needs to find a couple of feet in his last


delivery. Has to hurry. Must make the length. That was a break. It was


indeed. Little touch was enough to straighten him up.


Four-and-a-half inches, it will still be the backhand draw for Greg.


It was never going to make the shot. To be truthful with you, that's


probably not bad for Stewart Anderson. Keeps his ball on the


head, doesn't it. It's not easy to make another one, either.


One of these ends here that doesn't really matter if Stewart scores one


or two. Yeah, he still has to win it. He still has to win the final


end too. It doesn't matter if he scores one or a double here. This is


going to go behind the head. That's a sensible bowl. Leaving it up to


Greg to tap his own green one. I don't think he'll be too adventurous


at this. Both players will have worked out the position. I would


suggest that if Greg misses this Stewart will just walk away. Yeah, I


think so. That is a little gamble if he wants to put red ball onto jack.


That could secure a three, but probably not. He'll give this one a


chance, make sure he's arriving at it. Everything in his favour with


the two bowls on the backhand. Nothing for short. They're shouting


for the bowl to turn. I don't think that one was ever going to turn. The


best you can do here is two. There's no point in playing it. Just take


the one. Doesn't really matter. Two's no good. It makes no


difference to the last end. The crowd are looking at him thinking


why is he not playing the last bowl. Well, because mathematically he


still has to win the last one. There's only one way this can work


against him, that is if the two bowls are touching or eqidistant


measure. That would be rare, to say the least. We don't have many of


these, David. Fiance Claire and dad Billy will have worked that one out.


No point in playing the last bowl. Simply, Stewart Anderson scores,


he's in the final. Greg scores and it's a tie-break. Exciting end


coming up. The match has been going for about


an hour-and-a-half now. It's amazing, 14 inches short and


just feel it's not close enough. No. Slightly in Greg's path but not


quite. There's room still around the bowl to draw the shot.


Looks to be slightly under. It's very close. He's got it perfectly.


That's a great shot. Just in front. Four-inch gap. Four inches is


beatable. Stewart Anderson cannot afford to drop short to this. I


think Greg's got a bigger draw in both than Stewart. That's why


Stewart is forced onto the forehand. He needs to draw within four inches.


Don't think he's got enough. Just dropping short. He's put it in a


good place. That will plant the green bowl out if he hits it on the


high side. He will have to play a shot to get it. Tense times.


Anything behind is going to be good. This is quite an easy shot here.


Quite Simply Red ball plants out the green ball. That's what he's looking


for. Green ball will pop out and depending on what happens with the


bowl he hits, that one's the key one now. Forehand runner.


Not easy. It holds off in this hand. Gone a bit stronger. Is he under?


He's definitely under. How's the connection? Oh, that's horrible.


That's a horrible result because he's taken his own plant bowl away.


That's made it much more difficult. He was under the head, that's why he


got a bad result. Difficult for Greg here, do you put another bowl in or


stay away? He's got last bowl. I'm inclined to play the backhand and


drop around it. He will be very much aware of the


fact that Stewart Anderson can drive that bowl out. Yes, trying to put a


better shot in. That's good. This one's good.


Stewart is not taking his time really over this. I think he's going


to draw on the forehand. It's only one green. Got to be tempting to go


again after the drive. Just try and flick it off. I think I'd try to


draw this really. You're a courageous man, Andy. Four inches to


draw the shot. I just don't think he gets a good result with the drive.


He'll be happy to hit half bowl and talk it out.


He's playing your choice of shot. Oh, he's under. It's a tie-break.


APPLAUSE It's a tie-break for this match. It


always looked like it could be very, very close.


Stewart has three timouts remaining. That bowl sat there the whole time.


Yes, the opening bowl was the winner.


The trophy. On the first end Greg won the toss. Greg's won the toss.


That's crucial. Yes. I think what's going to be interesting is where


Stewart puts this jack. I don't think the length of the jack has had


such an effect in the second set as the first, but the last bowl, well,


that's one thing thaw don't want Greg Harlow to have. It's been


proven in one or two of the rounds before, that last bowl has been


crucial. The last two rounds he's won the match with the last bowl.


Leading on the backhand. I don't think he's led on the backhand in


any game I've seen played on this backhand full length. Shows you he


doesn't like the forehand. Three-end tie-break, the rules


change again. Accumulated shots go out the window. Win the end, one is


enough. Of course, if it goes to a third end and tie-break, we can


destroy an end, but you have to nominate it. I'll explain that, if


we get that far. Stewart Anderson has played well in


this match, but he hasn't been as dynamic with the first two balls.


Especially in this direction. He's played it well throughout the


tournament. All of a sudden, it's gone off. Looks like the shot, but I


don't feel as though that's close enough.


Are you running, Greg? Don't think you are. Stewart's got no choice. He


has to go again. He won't want to leave a shoulder on the backhand.


That's the dangerer. If he wants to play that, the forehand's open.


Either way, I have a feeling Greg will attack it with the next one.


That's a bit pacy. That's so far away. I think that was quite


deliberate. It surely couldn't have been a draw. I think he's slightly


lost the pace in this direction. Interesting to see what Greg plays.


Still the forehand draw is open or run the ball out. I think I'd go


forehand draw. He's so good at the forehand running ball, he might pop


this one. That's what he's playing. Looks to be wide from the hand.


Always wide. I think Stewart needs another one in. He's got the back


position covered. He certainly needs another one in. Coaches are not


allowed on the green, if I were advising Stewart, I think I'd advise


him to go back onto the forehand and try to draw a shot. That's what I


thought he would do with the last bowl. Because that leaves gaps. He


doesn't want to put the two bowls together.


If you're really at looking a -- at putting a bowl in the right area,


anything around there, gets a second shot unless it's a front toucher and


that's just so rare in a tie-break now. I think that's what he's


looking for, on the forehand as well. He doesn't want to do


anything, but on the forehand, stay away from the backhand.


He's a clever player. Yes, I think. So I think it was a forehand draw.


It's a hand he favours. He will probably get closer. R. If he's


reaching he's got a chance. He's on the right line. It needs to get up a


bit more. That's good. I think that's very good. His line too.


Definitely two red. This is awkward. That's why. Two was important. I


still think he'll run the jack, though. Coming down to have a look.


The respot positions just looking at it.


First bowl a foot away. Second bowl 15 irchlingz. Looking at the respot


-- inches. Looking at the respot there, it's which lies if jack goes


off the rink. He might just dry and draw this -- try and draw this. I


can't see how he's going to get a good result. The only result by


driving is the jack. It has to stay in the ditch and he has to follow


it. I can't see how you get a great result with the dry. I think this is


just a backhand draw. There's enough room to draw it. I think he's on the


backhand or is it a draw or a running ball? Yeah, the draw. I


think this is the right shot. Drchl. Pushed it out on a decent line.


This is very close. I think he's under. That was the right line to


have. He didn't want to be too wide. Played the right shot. Just dropped


short. Advantage Anderson. Gives the jack away. He's got the last ball


this time. It was a loosish type of end. A bit


of a nervy one. You can't blame them for that. You would expect that.


This is big, to get to the world final. Might have another loose end,


but Greg determined to get a good opening ball, try to take control of


the end. It's a full 32 field plus some


prequalifiers, so it's - you have to get through the matches. Some of the


other events there's only three matches involved. That's slightly


different. There's no mistaking the singles.


Greg a lot happier on the backhand side. Happy to put every bowl within


six inches. Oh, he's under, for weight. That needed to be through so


he could drive it. That's a problem. It's only a problem if Greg puts a


good bowl in here. That was the shot that Stewart


Anderson was after. He's in bother here, three inches awa. -- away. I


think it's still the backhand draw for Stewart.


Something not right about it. Reaching through. Can't blame him.


But the first bowl created the problem. I know they're always


looking for that really good first bowl. But you just cannot afford to


be short. Yes, as you say, that short ball has given himself


problems. Greg in a good position here. Maybe tried to block out


Stuart's path. He's going to be close again. If he comes off the red


one, that will finish off the backhand. I think it's hard to draw


this on the forehand. Either that, or push right into it and try and


squeeze it out. Three inches to draw the shot? That's hard. The backhand


is the hand he's favouring. You would think it's still that the


backhand draw is still on. Yeah, still there. Green ball fell down,


so it's not blocking it. Looks heavy. Yes, making sure that


he's not short. That's a long way heavy from what he's looking for.


That didn't even offer a shoulder or anything to come off. If I was Greg


here, I think I'd be inclined to drop one short on the backhand. The


runner's not on, not on the backhand side. No guarantee of Stewart doing


anything with the runner on the forehand. He's going to have to draw


it cold. We're looking good for a third end of a tie-break. Yeah, I'd


agree. Greg will not be going near this, surely. Lies well. Doesn't


need to make it any easier for Stewart. Blocker here would make


life really difficult. I think it's just staying away quite simply.


That's a default shot. Not quite sure what's going to happen. You


just go round deep, cover the respot. That's on one side. He's got


the respot covered with the shot ball on the other side. It leaves a


backhand draw for the match. Yes, draw within three inches. You're in


the world final. This is tough, really tough. Especially with two


bowls that have been heavy. He likes it. Well he's certainly interested.


Let's put it that way. He likes this. Nvment


Oh, what a bowl coming up - is it? Greg started to clap that because he


thought the bowl was going to drop in. But it's very, very close. Oh,


he's not sure. It just seemed to hold out at the last second. He


looks to be coming in. Oh, it's a measure. What's the reaction from


Stewart Anderson, give us a clue Stewart. He's having a good look and


he's very much allowed to do that. I wouldn't call that one. It favours


green, it's sitting down. A measure to get into the world final. When I


was saying about pressure, it's pressure on the umpire! Are Stewart


is just going oh, what's going on here - please don't do this to me.


Both players just praying. Stewart shaking his head. He favours green.


That looks to go through quite easily. I think it's green.


Wow. Once again Greg Harlow sour voifrz. What did I say -- survives.


What did I say at the start? You did, good call. It's a final-end


shootout. Fantastic. Is he destined to win and he's got the last bowl on


this end. Yes, it's advantage Harlow in every possible way. That bowl


from Stewart Anderson should have been the shot. He looked good. He


held on at the last second. The bowl didn't drop either. No. Because Greg


had already clapped it. That's what I was watching, Greg, actually. He


clapped the bowl. He thought it was all over. But now the pressure's


back on. If we thought the first two ends


were tense, this is really going to test both the players.


Once again he's dropped short. Just giving himself problems. Looking for


the perfect draw. I can understand why it happens, because he's looking


for the perfect draw just right up to the jack. You drop short with the


first one, it's a big problem. Neither bowl probably lie, at the


moment. The funny thing is that forehand red bowl is just a little


bit in the way. Might be a good protector, if Stewart can get the


shot. I don't think he's passed it. No, he's not running. Oh, dear. Wow.


Well, that really does make life very hard. It blocks out both


players. Simply whoever puts the bowl on top of the jack here is


going to win this end. That's why Greg is taking his time. Relaxing


that arm, nice relaxed delivery, push through the ball.


Still a nervy one. Still not close enough. He took a lot of time over


that, Stewart. He's got another chance. But again those short bowls


just, they're not really in the way, but you have to have a lot of faith


to push the bowl out wide. They're not in the way. He's definitely


using a flatter bowl. Now, has he got enough this time?


Certainly wider. Will it get back, that's the question.


Will it get back with enough. He needs the weight to carry it. I


think he has. That's the shot. It's very beatable.


It isn't hidden. He needed that bowl to be hidden in front of the other


red bowls. Not close enough. Not close enough, but Greg's looking at


this. This is awkward. These two opening bowls from Stewart have


given everybody a problem. Draw on the backhand. I don't think he likes


the backhand. May not like it, but I would draw it on the backhand. If


he's a bit heavy he can catch the bowl or the jack. Just on the bend


in. He's angled here to go on the


forehand. I think he's playing the right hand, the hand that he does


favour. He plays a slightly wide line. He comes off the outside of


the mat with a wider line than most people. He's too high. It won't get


back. Stewart Anderson is going to lie the shot. I think he needs a


closer one. I tell you what, that wasn't far


away. Definitely one red. One red. Confident call. The circles indicate


it's red. This is a problem for Stewart, where do you go? Timeout on


this. He's down to eight seconds. What do you think, will he try and


draw another one on the forehand and leave the backhand open for Greg? I


think I would go deep. Really? I think Greg might just take a chance


at running at this. Two front bowls that are three feet? Yes, they might


just do damage. He's playing the forehand. That probably means a


draw. Probably trying to get a closer shot. I think he needs a


closer shot. He doesn't want to tap his own bowl out either. I don't


think he'll tap it out unless - needs to hurry. Needs to run. Back


positions all against the front positions. That's blocked a path for


Greg. I think that will make up his mind. I think he'll draw it. I think


Greg's looking at the runner here. If he catches any shot, the chances


are he could pick the jack up or take the red bowl out. We're looking


at a running bowl through the gap. If he doesn't get the gap there's a


chance of bringing a red bowl in, with this other red bowl in as well.


Never mind the outside one. There's all sorts of chances there. The


alternative, Andy, nice draw on the backhand. That's a pressure bowl. I


don't think he'll play that. I think hole' play a forehand runner hoping


that your luck is in. Simple as that. You did call this bit way.


Last two matches - forehand runners, one bang on target, one off target.


That is why I think in his mind he'll be thinking I'm quite good


with that forehand runner, I'll hope my luck's in. What a big bowl he


played before to try and get to the world final.


He's in the area. He's got it! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


The run through and get the jack. He got the target and again a perfect


follow through. Well played. It's been so Greg Harlow, when he plays


the forehand runner and he gets the perfect result. Call it a good bowl,


call it fortune. He was in the area. Greg Harlow is through to the final.


What a match we've seen, tomorrow's final is on BBC Two at 2. 30pm.


Final score is next on BBC One. That's all we have time for. One


more match to go, join us tomorrow for the Open singles final. Bye-bye.


Tom Jones, obviously. Winston Churchill.


Invented the bicycle. The internet. Telephone.


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