Singles Final World Indoor Bowls Championships

Singles Final

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# Maybe I'm foolish, maybe I'm blind # Thinking I can see through this


and see what's behind # Got no way to prove it


# So maybe I'm blind # But I'm only human after all


# I'm only human after all # Don't put the blame on me #.


Semifinals, two great matches. # Some people got real problems,


some people think I can solve them # Lord heavens above


# I'm only human after all # I'm only human after all,


# Don't put the blame on me # Don't put the blame on me


# I'm only human, I make mistakes # I'm only human, that's all it


takes, to put the blame on me # Don't put the blame on me


# I'm no profit or Messiah # Should go looking somewhere higher


# I'm only human, I do what I can # I'm just a man, I do what I can


# Don't put the blame on me # Don't put your blame on me #.


APPLAUSE The heart is beating that little


harder, the pulse racing a bit quicker, just two men left standing,


Paul Foster and Greg Harlow in the final of the singles. We are ready


for the main event of the week. Greg Harlow 48 years old, the number four


seed in 2010 champion, up against Paul Foster, 43 from Scotland, the


number six seed and eight former world champion. This is what they


are competing for, the most coveted trophy in bowls. In your experience


of commentating on playing, how important, how significant is today?


This is the pinnacle, no doubt about that, in the best venue in the world


to play bowls. Everyone wants to be here, a big crowd, a knowledgeable


crowd, and they've made their way through some tough matches. Paul


Foster, five World Championships is a possibility. Talk us through a


little bit about both players. Paul Foster wants to get a bit closer to


his great mate Alex Marshall who has won it six times, he is two away,


what does today mean to him? Paul is getting better every game. That's


the way he's been looking at it, better with every ball, every set,


every match. Greg is a different situation. Greg has enjoyed a great


week but this is a place he feels very familiar with. He should do,


his office is just up above us! Working here helps, of course. Greg


has been in many finals here but has had the experience of going through


tough matches every single time. Let's find what both Paul and Greg


Fink think about appearing in today's final. -- and Greg Fink


about appearing in today's final. A major final, everybody wants to


play in, the World Championships is the pinnacle of our sport. It


doesn't matter what round I played, I always treat every person with the


same respect and as if it's a fine. If you can get to a world final,


it's just a different atmosphere. I've always got butterflies before


every game, which I think you need. It just has that we added pressure


as you have a chance to become world champion.


Paul and I have played many times over the years. The last event we


played in the final. A fantastic match. I had to pull out two or


three massive forehand runners in the tie-break to get me over the


line. To be honest, I think we will both start, our game will be raised


and we will play from scratch and play our hearts out.


The great final against Greg. I can't get it out of my mind, about


Perth. It's good to get to the final. I know Greg's strengths,


doesn't have many weaknesses at all, if any. I need to stop worrying


about him and worry about myself. My ambition has been to Win for a


second time, that hasn't changed. Hopefully I'll manage to do it this


afternoon, if not, I'll be back again next year to try again.


1998, my first title was a long time ago. It shows how old I'm getting


now! It's great I can still compete at the top. I always say, if I can


play at the top of my game, I have a chance in any tournament. Fortunate


enough for me I've played the right balls at the right time in this


championship. I feel my form has been good all


season, as well as good form and playing well you need a touch of


luck along the way. Even though I've played well in all my matches, I


must admit right at the death, last ball of the match, Lady luck has


just been on my side. This week has been incredible. Every game has come


down to the last bowl. Every time it's the forehand runner set up,


it's not even like I've chosen a different shot.


He's got it. Got it again. What can you say? Four kids, a handful. My


whole family, my mum a grandad and my friends back home will all be


rooting for me. I just hope I can do it. My wife did say to me, look,


you've done us all proud. If you win it, brilliant, if not, you do have


had a fantastic two weeks. If it went to the final of the


tie-break and I had the last bowl, I would guess, however the headsets


up, I'm going to play a forehand runner. Why wouldn't you?


Why indeed. It has served him so well at this tournament,


particularly in the second round against James Rippy and in the semis


yesterday against Stewart Anderson. Paul Foster has rather more Serena


progress until he got to the quarterfinal, going to a tie-break


to see off Chestney. Greg Harlow touched on a bit of good


fortune he said this week and we will look back on some of the


moment, the last bowl finish in the second round against James Rippy.


That was a good ball, I'm not sure he could call that fortunate. It was


the only shot he had on, he played it to perfection. We could see it


was possible but didn't know about the angles. No luck about that one,


you could play at 100 times and miss it 100 times. And against David


Gourlay. He put his hand up to this one, going away from the target, and


nothing, but the fact the ball hit the jackpot in a way past was enough


to move it. It was a fluke, he put his hand up and that fair enough.


The forehand runner, again in the semifinal against Stewart Anderson


yesterday. Again, Greg was looking for a


different result, trying to split the bowls push it on Fallou. He got


the ball on to run on through the ball and pick up the jack, Lady luck


sits on your shoulders sometimes. Please two are two the top players


in the world, long established as two of the best players in the


world, met in the Scottish International open last November for


the Greg Harlow, once again, had a good moment. Yes, a backhand this


time. We've had discussion about this in the event. If you watched


the jack, it was going out and it bounced off one of the prongs in the


ditch and it kept him in the event. That was just an unbelievable


result, absolutely unbelievable. Having said that, prior to that, he


was getting a lot of very good running ball results. Talk us


through the abilities of both players to draw and find the right


tactical decisions under pressure. There will be no weaknesses here,


that's the important bit. What will happen, more than likely, who goes


wrong and who go short. Paul Foster normally goes long and only when he


is in trouble his short jack length is very good. The first two bowls


will be crucial. I have to put you on the spot, who is going to win the


final? Don't say it too loud because I think they are listening


somewhere! I've looked at the statistics, watch the matches and


worked on them and I think Paul Foster has got better each game. And


also, it's his fifth time. I think I have to go for him.


Good to see you got the memo on the outfit! We're going to hand over to


our MC for the afternoon, Richard. Thank you very much. Going for his


fifth world indoors singles championship, a true master of the


game, ladies and gentlemen, your appreciation for Paul Foster, MBE.


And hoping to recreate the magic that captured him this title seven


years ago, one of the game most naturally gifted players. Ladies and


gentlemen, the world number four, it is Greg Harlow!


so here we go, the final of the open singles, Paul Foster going for a


fifth title, Greg Harlow for a second. The biggest occasion in the


sport. Andy Thompson is in the commentary box alongside Corky.


COMMENTATOR: Thank you, that 200 yard dash gets longer every time.


Yes every day you seem to be slightly more out of puff than the


previous one but you are doing fine. They're working you had.


A fascinating game. I was put on the line about who was going to win...


The thing is, Greg has played well in all his games. He's done well,


there's no doubt about that. But you have to look behind that luck and


behind that is a very solid game. Yes, it was a brave call. People


have been asking me who is going to win it and I think it is the toss of


a coin. Both players very, very capable of winning this. It's who


does it on the day. I assume both will play well, if


they both play well, it's very hard to go against Paul Foster with the


record he has. Correct. Any decision you make at this stage


can't be a doubt one has to be on the basis of the facts. Paul Foster


is very, very good when he gets to this stage.


Greg has a very good record against Paul


he has, a very good record. 12 inches short of Jack high. Greg


Harlow could not have wished for a better start. That's what you dream


of in a world singles final. Half an inch, half an inch.


The one thing for any player, no need to motivate themselves, that


Saudi built into their DNA. They are competitors. -- it is built into


their DNA. All-round players, good in the


singles game. Talented players who play all the shots.


On your bowl, half an inch. He really likes the forehand, not as


fond of his backhand, but anything behind the jack will be good. Yes, I


think so. Paul just trying to draw with his opening two deliveries. I


suspect he will still be trying to draw this one. This one from Greg,


meant to be behind. Still not running.


If he misses that he's in position for the push shot. Two, red.


That was a good waiting ball for Paul.


A choice of shots for Paul. Promote his green ball and get second runs


ahead and tries to put the jack into the ditch. Percentages are on the


backhand runner or even front bowl onto it would be good. The forehand


lends itself to pushing the bowl in. Yes, tacking on the backhand. Very,


very close. He has this perfect. Where is the toucher going? Good a


reduction of shots. Two down and reduced it to one. He will be happy.


We often talk about your name on the trophy whenever you're fortunate


enough to get through matches, but I think when it gets to the final,


things are slightly different. Yes, I think it is, David. It's all


about performance, and if both players perform here then this is


going to be a tight battle. Both are playing well, so I would expect this


to their right to the wire. Greg's opening balls have been very good.


Both players have had a good practice, good half an hour before


some of the entertainment started and they were both playing really


well. Just dropping a little bit shorter.


Need a correction with the second bowl. Draws the winner.


I think both players will be happier playing this backhand side. Both


preferred this side to the forehand. Greg needs to just run with this


one. Looks to be short. Nice line. Players making centre rink with the


balls. He would preferred to be playing the


backhand, there is a gap of ten inches. Well...


Moving the forehand, just play safe. The unlucky to give it away on this


side, could have given it away on the backhand side. This is a good


line. This looks like number two. That is a great bowl. Moves the


jack, as well and still holds onto two.


Two, green. This is awkward, short red bowl


blocks it, so looks like a running draw. No clear path through to the


jack so just a draw. Struggling to make it, don't think


it's here. No, just diving under. The line was good but no correction


from the previous delivery. Paul will be a little careful here,


just to make sure he doesn't tap the bowl on the jack.


Changing to the backhand side. Unlucky to give the shot away.


Perfect line, but for many players are just dropping two feet short on


the backhand side. It was a feature earlier in the


week, as well. I had a bit of a chat to a couple of the guys about and


they felt the same way. They felt just lean into it a little bit. If


you go a bit wider the general consensus was there is a better run


on the outside line. It seems to happen, the centre line seems to be


that bit heavier. Jack Link 27.5 metres. -- Jack


length. I think you'll find both players


will play on opposite sides here. I think Paul will lead on the back and


Greg will lead on the floor. Paul always confident with those polls


coming off the high line. The vast majority of the players have been


playing the forehand. This is normally a settling in


period in any major final. 18 inches short of jack high. There


is a world record attempt coming up in Weymouth where they are going for


72 hours continual bowling. That's impressive. Three days bowling. You


are in for the 36! I'm in for the first three minutes. I've had a


little chat and Joanne says at the moment the world record is 40 hours,


held by a club in Australia. Certainly trying to break that


big-time, aren't they? 72, that's a big increase. Good luck to them all.


Paul dropping short again. Yes, and it's a very good cause, a lot of


charities involved. A loose end. Loose ends are very


dangerous, holes, gaps... Just struggling a bit full weight,


this one, but might be enough. A long way away. The standard of these


guys... Paul Foster open draw, but this has to be good, doesn't want to


start losing a big count. He's on a perfect line, it's all about weight.


He's pushing this ball up. Is it running? No, he knew this wasn't


there. This will be a loose four for Paul Foster to drop.


Well, we always say the chances of having a loose end, are very much


on, but you're really only allowed one loose one and you try to get


away with that. Paul isn't getting away with it, he's losing four.


APPLAUSE His wife, delighted with that.


An excellent four. 5-2 after three ends.


APPLAUSE Once again finding the middle path.


Greg finding the perfect line, just dropping a little bit short. Both


players slightly guilty of that at the moment. This one needs to do a


bit of running. So easy to do, a good hand, and accommodating hand


but does have a tendency to change a little bit in pace.


Had a game last night, David, when we were answering questions in


metric, but fortunately for me we are back to Imperial. 16 inches


short! So much easier. Short again. At some stage players will stop


fighting that and move on to the other side. It's who's going to be


the first to do it. Yes, I think most players, just getting slightly


baffled by this slower side. This looks like the shot bowl coming in.


As you say, finishing in the centre, just short on pace on this side.


Looks like he's making sure with this one, but catching the short


bowl. I think it was a better weight. Difficult for Greg to score


on the backhand here, really. I think we will see Greg changing to


the forehand with the next delivery. Well, we will definitely see Greg


playing the forehand now. Very inviting for Greg. Place this shot


well, don't think he will be short on the forehand side. -- plays this


shot well. Time out called.


I thought he was going to use a time out there.


He would be very unlucky to take his own bowl out. I think the last bowl


from Paul makes inviting. He could come off that green ball onto the


shot. Yes, that's it, David. He's really taking his time about


this. He's still looking at the angle. I


think what he's worried about is coming inside and getting his own


ball. There is a danger but I think he may have two seconds.


That's why he's changing to the draw. I can't see him drawing this,


really, I think he's blocked out. Close to his own ball but he won't


have to wait to get there. Needed to be up. I think he was worried about


coming in and getting his own ball and may be leaving Paul and easy


two. Possibly. It was difficult to draw that. Difficult for Paul to add


another, as well. Once again, looks like it's


dropping. All eight bowls short of the jack. Do you think either will


move the jack or move to the forehand?


Two 11-end sets with a three-end tie-break at the end if we need it.


Players have 30 seconds to play their bowl after the first bowl.


First bowl of the end there is no clock.


Well, we're continuing to ask questions andy, and a 14-year-old


has been asking about how to get involved in the game? Well, lots and


lots of bowling clubs around. Just go - they often hold open days, I


know my indoor club actually has two weeks of open days available at the


start of the season, in September but outdoor clubs do it, too.


Yes, most club also do open days. Many, many clubs throughout the


country, all countries, really. I'm sure there will be one near. It's


just worth going in and saying they are interested and someone will help


them out Ye, a few youngsters. I wreck them from the White Oak Indoor


Bowls Club in Swanley. A few youngsters in the crowd today, good


to see. -- I recognise them. That's more like Paul Foster. It would be


tempting for Greg Harlow to hit this. Yes, Greg never one to hit a


tape with a running bowl. If the head starts to build up, he will be


banging it, hitting this hard. Close. Perfect strike. Perfect


follow through. You could not have played that any better. Once he got


the split, he was always going to come into the jack but where the


jack was going was the question. And through to his own red bowl. Back to


the draw again. Two against him. How quickly things can change. Yes, it


almost seems a little bit cruel. Paul has thrown the perfect two


bowls, all of a sudden he is two down. Good recovery. Second bowl. !


One great bowl from Greg has totally changed this head around. He has all


the play now has Greg. Turn of the jack for three, edged the bowl off


for two. You It's a great shot to have in the armoury. It certainly


is. . That's what all the top players have nowadays, they all have


that good heavy shot bowl. Oh, he shot with that. Yes, you look back


at the players whose strength is there. Stewart Anderson whose


strength is on the draw shot but I tell you what, Stewart Anderson is


very, very accurate with the running bowl. He didn't need it much. He put


an exhibition on in one of his games He certainly did against Niki Brett.


He was outstanding. Paul still trying to draw here.


Well, that's another second, so he will be happy with that.


So, he will be looking to gain another one. A very safe shot, this


backhand. He couldn't do any damage. APPLAUSE


Well-played. Keeps advantage. It certainly did.


Harlow is picking them up, with four and a two. We approach the mid-point


point of the first set. Good bowling but not absolutely outstanding yet.


A couple of loose ends. Yes, I think both players just guilty, slightly


of dropping a little bit short but that's understandable early on in a


game. . I think they'll settle into a Bert rhythm shortly. Greg just


needs to push through on this backhand a little bit. The last end


in this direction, all four bowls were short. I think he will learn


from that and this one will be threw.


Well dump Greg Harlow sticking to the short jack. He may change it if


Foster gets hold of It yes, I think the tactics will be in the way we


are seeing at the moment, Greg long, Paul shorter. That's a better bowl


from Greg. That's the jack. Greg looking to make a disturbance


on the jack if he can. Pulling it back to his own red bowl. That was


just enough to make the double. Slightly over the weight. Just


carries on. You have to make a big change in the


line there or be brave and enjoy that. Greg is conscious of his own


bowl but there's no reason not to keep playing at it. Well, deciding


to take a time-out. What Greg is looking at, Andy, if he


draws in a his own bowl and even stops there, that's going to be


still a hard target. He is aware of the fact that the back bowl is


against him. If he wants it bay a back bowl, well, this position is


useful but at the same time, as I say, there is a low bowl with a


green one back waiting, but I'm not convinced here. I think he should


just draw this. So do I, definitely just a draw. Good it make the head


harder for Paul. Greg will probably feel that Paul will draw this. There


is room. So he has to close it down. Backhand draw, on the top of the


jack, then he is really in the driving seat.


Even if he play it is with weight and flicks the ball over t wouldn't


do any harm. He is playing the forehand. Going for safety. He is


happy to leave Paul to draw the shot. There's always choices in the


game but he feels that zwrus a tough enough shot at the moment. So


playing for the safe bowl. We did indicate a back one would be useful.


Didn't really malter which way he played it. But that's in the really


where he wanted it. No, that probably just forces Paul into the


draw, into playing the perfect shot. He's not sure about this. Well, he


is on a good line, it is all about the weight. Will it bend in time?


Very close here. He has drawn this shot. Well-played Paul Foster. That


was the danger. If you draw, you draw. That's whey thought Greg would


have played to close the end down. APPLAUSE


One shot, Paul Foster. You can't leave those shots for a player like


Paul Foster. Paul has brought the mat up the rink


this time. Still short but different lines.


Well, at the moment, Greg Harlow is scoring the ends. Paul playing the


other ends better That's probably why, tactically, Paul just wanted to


change it slightly. . I think he needed to and at some stage he might


have to move on to the forethanked Greg's playing. I think I would have


to agree with you as well. This is a good recovery. Well-played.


On Paul's bowl the gap is three-and-a-half inches. A


reasonable target. I don't think Greg will be driving with this one,


though. Sticking to the draw. He's going Filter through to a good


position. Greg, of course, here he has a lot of support because a lot


of people watching will be residents and would know Greg. Yes, there's


also a lot from Greg's family. There's quite a lot of support, as


you say for Greg here today. And his family back home. His mum and dad,


and Pamela will be watching with the children, Logan, Keegan, Ethan and


Amara. Well, I'm sure we've said this a few


times but it looks like the forehand runner.


Once again, taking the two bowls out. It is just magnificent


striking. Paul is slightly shaking his head at that result but it was a


good strike. I can see why he was shaking his head at the result. The


ball was actually coming away but he got the split absolutely perfect. I


think it was the bowl going through the gap was the problem for Paul.


Yes, Paul probably felt as though the bowl would have moved on to the


jack but he got it perfect. Oh, Paul's body language suggests this


one is short. Well, for many years, David Gourlay


had that forehand runner absolutely nailed. He was the king of that


shot. Greg Harlow's really taken over that mantle, with the added


bonus of when you are on target, sometimes lady luck sits with you


and he's played two so far that have been absolutely perfect. Well, he's


got the maximum result with both of them. You can't fault the shot.


Absolutely played to perfection but once again, in this direction, Paul


has lied with the opening bowls but Paul is going to be scoring at least


a double here. Oh, struggling to get back. It is good enough, I think.


Might be. Just drop in. Paul kicks them away, two. I can


understand he is not happy about that, once again Paul Foster played


good bowls and got absolutely nothing out of it. It is difficult


from Paul's point of view. All he can do is put the bowls closely,


there is nothing you can do if your opposition takes them out. That's


what is happening. Paul's just got to stick at it in this direction,


just putting them close and hoping that Greg misses.


Well, sometimes there is a little slip in the fingers there, or a


little bit of movement. I think it is the way he polished that bowl.


Getting himself reset again. No time clock on the first delivery.


Shaun Williams watching with interest. Yes, he entertained us to


some music prior to the final. I saw you singing away there, David.


I think I was in a meeting at the time!


He likes the bowls. Yes, he does. I belief both his parents enjoy it as


well. This is good from Greg. Ah, well-played. Well things not going


right at the moment for Paul Foster. So well known for digging deep win


he needs to. Ye, Paul won't be unhappy with the way he is playing.


Sometimes you can't do much about it if the opposition play big bowls.


Not playing badly. A chance off his own bowl. Now needs to drop. Oh, he


dropped out. I was going to say he needs to drop back. He dropped away


from the jack, not towards it. Well, I saw Paul glancing at the


score there. Five-down. Four ends to go. He knows that he probably needs


to score here. Well, this bowl not running but it


is in the draw line. Oh, he is going to have to shift it, one way or the


other. I think he has to play inside. Ye, needs it change his head


around. He has a chance here. Needs to bend Oh, well-played. Really


well-played. Oh, good bowl. I think he was hoping to get the red bowl


out absolutely clean, Andy, but that was good. Yes, it was almost second


choice. Red bowl was the number one target but catches his own bowl.


Third bowl, moves the jack, scores the shot.


Well, something is not right with this. But he is not too far away.


Oh, he is very close. He is very close. Oh, that's a great bowl.


Great bowl. A slap in the leg there, his body language indicated to me


that he wasn't happen with something but it looked good all the way He


read it well. Lots of chances. The ball was good, the jack was good.


Lies the shot. Well, everything he touches is turning to gold at the


moment. Paul Foster in the area. Very close. Needs two red bowls to


go out here. Oh, only one of them. Got the shot, though. He looked good


for both bowls. That would have been worth a double. And at this stage


very welcome. Yes, good bowling. Good conversing shots by both


players. Keeps Paul in the set. There we can see that it is the oddp


ends he is failing to score on, 1, 3, 5, #. -- 1, 3, 5, 7. Failed to


score on any. Well, we are getting some very


interesting questions on Twitter. Interest in seeing a match between


the two commentators and who would come out on top. Well I'll bow to


your top 16 world ranking on that one. Thank you very much, not like


you, is t not like you to give me any credit? You did, however, beat


me last year on the international series from what I recall. I'm not


happy with that one. I doubt if we're clashing in the international


series in a few weeks' time. I'm looking forward to coming over to


Belfast with the English team. Well, I haven't heard the draw but if we


are drawn together I'll welcome it. Ply home clucks you will be very


welcome Well once again Paul Foster in again. Shorter jack length, as


expected. So, thank you for that question, Neil Thanks for that


answer, David. Yes, that's good. Jack high bowl,


but hasn't framed the jack either side which is good. I think that's


key, David. No target at the moment here for Greg.


That's a very good second. That's going to force Paul to think about


this on the other side. Two-and-a-half inches, one green.


Your bowl is half an inch short of jack high.


Well, very, very limited options here for Paul Foster. Yes, you


suggested, David, change the hand, forehand, put a position bowl in.


That's a reasonable call, I think, I would agree with that. I wouldn't go


near the jack, just try and pop it in that position, if you get close


to the jack, you don't want to nudge it to the red bowl Well, he is


looking at taking a chance, possibly playing the backhand, trying to pop


the bowl out. Well, I still think - where he is looking, as you say,


Andy, the backhand to get into that, force the red bowl through the head.


I still the forehand into position first would be useful. Yes, I think


he is taking the first option. Playing the position bowl.


Oh, that's very good. ! A good bowl there as well. One green. Yes, one


green. Not far away from getting number two but Greg will be


defensive here, he won't be attacking this, backhand draw.


Well, there is a little gap there between the two green bowls, if he


can make that he'll definitely get the jack. Too high. Right, Paul, do


you take a gamble now? ? Well, two ends to go after this. One shot


here, 9-6 two ends to G it's definitely on. If he leaves this he


is in trouble. I think he has to play this. The backhand. This is a


hard sho. We know how difficult these shots are with three or four


feet away but I think he'll play it. If he gets it, he might get a good


result. If he misses it he might come into position He is playing it.


Will he get back? He is putting his hands out as if to say I've played


that well but unfortunately the bowl doesn't come back. He might be a bit


heavy. I wonder if Greg will take a risk? I don't think he needs to.


Well, this will be cagey. Even if he drops short, Greg won't be overly


concerned at dropping a one here. The right interest. An interesting


strategic end. Both players had opportunities. Both players


attempted it. I think Paul was basically saying to Greg - I thought


I was good and the bowl just holds out. Frustrating for players that


they can't play that type of shot. W it is one of the characteristics of


the portable rink. It's not easy to play that controlled weight. So, two


ends to go, Greg Harlow 3-up. Paul Foster's stemmed that flow of


shots going in that direction, which is good. Well, he didn't give Greg a


target. That was the key there, really.


Well, for many years, Greg Harlow, before he got to the top, was a


flamboyant player. He would be very aggressive and play through heads a


will the and go at things early. He controlled that. -- play through


heads a lot. He became very deliberate in his shot play, and


started moving up the ranking list about ten years ago. Still quite an


aggressive player but much more accurate now than what he used to be


Ye, I think he plays the forehand runner now Greg, with more kroe. He


doesn't really go fast but he's always in control of the delivery.


Paul Foster, defended his singles here in 1999. He first won it in


'98. I played him in the first round. It was a good experience, for


a while. You did well for what a couple of ends. I did. Tack one set


off him. -- took one set off him. And he decided he had enough of that


behaviour Oh, something wrong with this one, Greg, I don't think you


are running. Well, that could gives him problems


later, that stops the running bowl. So a chance for Paul to lay a good


shot. ! Well, scoring but still not overly


close. But, well really, on that backhand in particular you just


don't think that's close enough. A good correction here from Greg. It


looks like the shot coming in from Greg Harlow. Oh. Well, that's


strange. The bowl fell away. One green. Still one to green. That's


quite important, Andy. It certainly was. That looked really good and it


fell against the bias. Looking to see if there was a seam but there is


not. That's important. That gives Paul Foster a little bit more room


to add another Greg was lying the shot and it fell out. As you say, a


chance here for Paul to score a double. It needs to run. It needs to


hurry at least up to his own bowl. Mm, well. I wonder if Greg will run


the bowl off? There is no need to. But if he gets the runner and plays


the ball off to the jack, and runs it off, it more or less secures the


first set. The same as the previous one, just a draw, he was unlucky


that the ball wentp against the bias. This is just a backhand draw.


A sensible shot. Don't think he's running. Needs to


sneak up. Not quite. Needed another six inches of weight and would have


got past the green bowl. Paul Foster takes yet another single. One end to


go. Three ends in a row he's just missed out, but had a single before


that. So he's been, he's been scoring but he hasn't been scoring


heavily, that's the problem, Andy. Quite simply he needs a double here,


to tie their set. I think he would be happy with that result. Greg


Harlow's only won four ends and still two in front. It was the big


four, that was the difference. Paul already turning his back on that.


There is the ends won. Useful graphic, Greg Harlow's averages two


point rumour -- 2.3, compared to 1.2 from Paul Foster, good statistic.


Quite a big distance, 2.3 to 1.2, almost double, isn't it? Yeah.


Perfect start from Craig. Knows he has to keep this end tight. -- from


Greg. An inch short of jack highway. There


are bowls in the area, so still useful. I think Greg will be very


happy to match those two or turn the jack towards his red bowl. Away from


the green ones. Wow... Nearly got away. He was down to nine seconds,


but the shot clock has been stopped. Restarted the game when he gets back


on the mat. This is what he's looking for, the green balls and


then into his own. Didn't quite make it. In fact, pushed that green ball


into a better position. So Paul Foster as just another foot or so on


his last bowl and he will be very close. Paul getting forced into the


shot he played in the previous end and it's difficult to come back,


three or four feet away. Just holds out. Lovely, lovely you Waites.


Paul had to reach but it's so hard to play, David. Not easy here for


Greg, needs another one in. He'd like to cover the green bowls but


doesn't want to leave his own isolated. Might have to take a


chance and draw close. I think he needs another bowl... An lucky with


his last delivery, Greg. Greg's gone for cover here, happy


with the head, the way it's sitting. Just trying to split the three green


balls. Going for cover and knows if Paul Foster rests the red ball of...


If he turns the jack for free, it's a hard shot. This is normally a


length he would get ten times out of ten, but at this rank it's hard. You


almost feel sorry for the player having to play this shot. Has to


play it with a yard of weight. Just right on the edge of this one, of


going global. Looks to be under. Just a bit on the low side, that's


all. He will be over the moon. Very much so, guarantees a tie-break at


the very least and puts him in the driving seat to push forward, to


either win or draw the second set. Wasn't much in that game, but once


again, I think the difference was just those couple of big running


balls. That was enough. I agree. I think Paul has played quite well.


Longer length from Greg, as we expected. I think both players will


be reasonably happy with the way they are playing. Good standard of


bowls. Once again, for Lish, had for Paul


Foster to get to. Greg the favourite when it's anywhere near 29, 20 9.5,


the maximum. Good bowling over that distance.


Paul needs to reach the jack. That puts Greg in a very strong


positioning now, any lengthening of the jack will make it hard for Paul


Foster. Yes, this ball finishes on the top and Paul is in trouble here.


Close the second, I think it's still the backhand draw for Paul. It is a


tempting proposition, because the way the balls are aligned. Front


bowl onto front bowl also gives him something. Calling for a time-out.


Four time-outs remaining. Coming up to look at it, very tempted by the


running bowl but knows if he misses that he could be in trouble. Still


looks like the draw. Yeah, I think he's playing the draw. This hand is


just starting to give the players a bit of a problem, really. They're


starting to not find the centre. He is close with this, should start to


dive back. That's unlucky. One red... He held his shot for a


minute and then the red all falls in. Still a reasonable head full


Paul Foster. Greg need another one in. -- a decent read whole.


This is a big chance for Paul. The green bowl closest to the jack, who


catches that, the two red would properly go out the head.


I would be playing controlled to weight. And he is. Now... Is he on


target? Close, very close. That is not the best result. I think he has


the shot but it could have been slightly better. The way he was


hitting that I fancied he was going to pick up two or three. He didn't


get the red bowl on the follow-through.


We are often asked about a lot of questions about what happens in


matches, or whether they see that bowl going over, that was not a


toucher. That was a mistake, basically, that was a mistake.


Someone tweeted saying was that a toucher, it wasn't, but that was.


Good pick up. No one is infallible. The TV audience have been very


observant today. Toucher is vital if you are playing


the bowl into the ditch. If it goes with the jack, even better, almost


guaranteed to score. One of those shots in the last set, because the


front bowl went straight into the ditch.


Well, Greg on the forehand. Just not letting heads build up. That's


great, great strike again. Brilliant striker.


A lot of people aren't sure about that part of the game. It's a


dangerous part of the game. If you get it wrong, you will be in a heap


of trouble. But if you execute it so well... He just doesn't miss, does


he? He does not miss on that forehand, he gets them all the time.


Yes, the forehand is a dangerous shot. He gets out of so much


trouble. Paul Foster will continue to draw. This is where Greg is good.


He's played a running bowl back to the draw, he is liable to draw this.


Many years ago I saw Greg do this into the international Welsh open.


He literally drove his opponent off in the semifinal, because he wasn't


playing well, not nearly as well as he is here, but he won the match.


Yes. That's great bowling from Greg. He will be delighted with that.


Paul up to the jack, a little turn would be good, try to draw it. Close


here. Very close, the way he's played it. What a shot, it really


is. Well controlled there. There is Alan from Inverness. He's on his


own. His buddies have enjoyed him this year, but still just a reaching


backhand shot here for Greg. Bowl or jack. Needs to hold up. He's making


the gap. I thought Tommy is not thinking of the gap, but he is. Paul


Foster, a very, very hard-fought single. 0- two after two ends.


Just a few of the flyers flying there. They are a bit isolated. Yes,


not many Scots down here. There are a few. I think it's fair to say Greg


has the lion's share of the support here this afternoon. But that is to


be expected in a Scotland- England game.


Yes, he lives not far away as well, so that helps.


He did play in Scotland two or three months ago. It's fair to say Paul


had the bigger support that day, obviously, playing in Scotland.


That was a good final. Paul Foster took the first set 10-7, lost the


second 12-4. Then we had that very, very memorable tie-break. I think


that still haunts Paul a little bit, that one. To me he looked in control


of that match. Yes, he just felt as though he should have hit a back


bowl in. No point dwelling on past results, just move the head, and


that's what he's done. Back to the singles final, a repeat of the


Scottish Open final. Well, still plenty of room. Paul


taking his time here. It still looks like the forehand draw. I think


there is room around the bowl but going back to the backhand side.


He's attacking this. That's interesting, with that sort of space


involved. Close. No, no, no, he didn't want that. The jack has gone


to the right so that helps Paul, probably. It will be a re-spot. He


will have two bowls against one. If you watch this jack, if it hadn't


made it past that bowl with his own bowl coming through, it would have


been an awful lot better. As it is, nothing close.


Re-spot position, Paul Foster about 4-macro-5 feet away and that will be


beaten with this bowl. -- 4-5 feet away. Has no choice now but to draw


close. Probably forward about nine inches. Not easy, after playing the


running bowl. He's got this all the way.


Bowl. Superb from Paul Foster. That's very, very special. A smile


there, delighted with that one. Picks the jack up perfectly. Greg


can't drive, he has to draw, cannot afford to take his own bowl out, it


would cost another shot. We saw a shot like this in the


previous one, Mickey Brett. Paul Foster was the first to congratulate


him. It needs to run, needs to run. He's got it. Well played. CHEERING


His reaction was enough to tell me he is more than pumped up, as you


would expect in a world final. Two great bowls from both players on


their last deliveries. Greg's final delivery, three inches


to draw the short and draws a perfect bowl. Good end. And he


couldn't see the jack. Just had to visualise in his mind where it was,


but the reaction was very much there.


There has been a lot of quality about this match. Yes, I think there


are signs Paul Foster is starting to draw well here. I'm sure Greg will


be aware of that. Starting to get closer.


The crowd are urging this bowl up. There is Julie Potter. The Potter


family here today. The daughter-in-law and John Potter


there. Always keeps a seat free beside her. That is in memory of


Brian. Brian Potter was the man who brought bowls to this venue some 20


years ago. A great innovator and a great supporter of the sport. Yes,


the best venue in the world to play bowls. You just can't beat it.


This is a high line from Greg, but if his weight is good, I think he


will get back. Always looked slightly wide.


Now, Paul, you want to be just a little careful here. Gentle, gentle.


That is good, very good. That makes it hard for Greg now. Finished in a


perfect position, just didn't want to open the jack up too much. Didn't


want to get on the side and fall away but he dropped beside it. Just


marking the toucher. Paul Foster's family would normally


be down here, but with four kids and logistics you would need a truck for


all the paraphernalia. Yes, too difficult for Pam to come down. She


wanted to be here. But I'm sure she's watching every single bowl


here. I think it's just a draw here for


Greg. Not really a big target, just a draw and hope it can maybe get


second. He's going for a single bowl target here. Surely not a result.


Look at the run-through! Goodness me. He hit the bowl, full credit, he


absolutely bounced the bowl but the run-through, Andy... Watch this.


Catches it perfectly, the green bowl pushes the read what -- red one.


Paul syncing, you just don't miss. It's not not missing the 100%


outcome favour of Greg. A spectator came in there and put Paul off.


Don't need to do that. This is very important. Even the early stages in


this match. Paul has seen his two shots taken away from him. Perfect


line, it's all about the weight. Looks good. Shot bowl coming in, I


think. Well done, Paul Foster, that wasn't easy. But the maximum


results... Greg's wife. Such a big weapon, if you can play


the forehand and not miss the target. Such a big shot to be


having. Paul just has to keep his composure here, really. He knows


he's starting to come into the game and forcing Greg and he knows that


Greg won't hit every target, it's just impossible. LAUGHTER


Famous last words. You think that, over the last few days? Famous last


words. He must miss something. It's not the missing, it's the results.


Yes, yes. You fancy Greg to build a head and


don't go overrunning this. Well, that's going through two


yards. I would suggest that is probably deliberate. A sensible


bowl, coming in behind, but maybe a bit further than he wanted. Paul


Foster will be looking to just get past his own. That's what he's


aiming for, anything between the jack and the red bowl would be good.


The audience applauding that bowl, anything that went past was good.


APPLAUSE A good second from Greg. A lovely


position to stop the jack going past it, as well.


I think we will see Paul changing his hands now. Forehand draw.


Looks good. Yes, second shot. Hits the target. What do you think? It is


a target but not a particularly big target. But then again, the last one


was only a single bowl and I don't think he will be any worse off if he


plays into it. The only bad result here for Greg is if he catches the


wide bowl. He's off with this one, surely. Yes, in the forehand


direction. All the previous ones have been going down the other side,


in the other direction. Most players in this direction have pulled the


shot and have been under. Paul, I don't think he needs to go near the


head, I think this will be a position bowl because he will be


expecting Greg to run again. Yes, here we go. This one will be quite a


few yards behind. Here it comes, that covers everything. The reason


for Greg not to play this again, because the outside plant I think is


going onto the green bowl, so he won't be any off. The perfect shot


to draw on the forehand, but it is definitely not easy.


I don't think Greg's overly keen on this forehand draw hand, looks like


he's shaping up for a forehand draw, I think.


Playing just a breaching weight. If he hits the green bowl absolutely


right he will move it to his own red bowl. I think that was the right


shot to play. I think it was, but a harder shot.


Just a little bit of movement in the crowd as people are moving out and


moving in. It's a big crowd, Andy, very difficult to stop yes, quite


difficult. The crowd have been in at least an hour before the match


started, so they've had quite a long time to sit about. You understand


that they have to go out occasionally.


I think they were queueing up to date, David, at about 12:30pm. They


were, absolutely. Two hours before kick off.


Paul Foster has picked his game up, started to really dominate the


drawing game. That suggests he was slightly heavy,


I think. He can afford to be, as long as he misses his own. That's


OK, not wasted back there. Come on, come on. You can hear the


calls, "come on." They knew he was just short. That gives him a chance


now. That bowl shall as we can see, will plant the green one out. Ten


inches short of jack high. Backhand draw, trying to get one close.


Paul can afford to rest his own here. Justant other one out of the


way. As you say,p Andy, that plant has definitely taken it away and


Greg can afford to reach this. Definitely. Catches the green bowl.


It'll gout and lie one or two. To the jack, three inches.


Three inches. So he is asking the gap. Giving the impression he is


going to roll this. Maybe he thinks he needs another bowl in. Well, he


is playing the runner. I don't think he likes it. He is under. I don't


think he has missed it though. He has now. You had to wait for a


second, though. He did miss it, but... Paul just looking at what


happens if Greg hits this target. I still think he needs another one in.


I think so. If he finishes 15 inches behind, that probably would be good


enough, if both the bowls are removed.


I think he is leaving it alone. He is thinking - the way things are


going, there is a chance of the green bowl being pushed on to the


jack and all the way through. Well, Paul must have first and third here.


You would think he would've drawn. He has missed gevenlt that's three


running bowls in a row he has missed. Are we seeing a slight


change? Well, as I said earlier on, Paul would be expected to think - he


can not hit every target. Nobody does.


The players are so fast, aren't they? Literally one end finishes and


within 10, 12 seconds the jack is ready to be rolled. Keeping the game


moving. Paul Foster's always been a very fast player. Greg a little bit


more circumspect. Half an inch past jack high. Oops,


it's fallen over. Inch-and-a-half short.


A clap of the hands there from Paul. A loose delivery. Well, the players


always know. Shot bowl coming in from Greg.


Doesn't want to move P the jack too much but he is right in behind it.


Snr single bowl targeted. I don't think Paul Foster will go for that.


Two red. Two red. Still the backhand draw for Paul.


A the bit of work to do with this one to get back. He is having a look


here. He is having a look here. Well-played. It is a great shot,


Paul Foster, it really is. A brilliant ball from Fuzzy. One


green, one-inch short. One inch. Being indicated one inch away. Not


easy for Greg. Backhand draw is out of the equation. You would think


this is going to be awkward. He's going to have to run at this to get


a result. I don't the jack hand, if he is playing the jack hand draw, I


can't see him getting a result. I can't see him scoring. He is playing


It he has another ball yet. Maybe he is trying to develop something. I


tell you what he is close with This I can't see him coming out with the


shot. Now he has got position, that will force Paul, I think on to the


forehand. I think Paul will realise that ball is probably looked in


there. For his case, I think it looks like forehand g for position.


Wasting no time. W this is one he didn't have to


think too much B he knows exactly where this bowl is going to be and


this is going to be very close to it. He is pushing this bowl up. He


needed to pass that red. That's good. He has passed the red of the


second shot, just in case Greg into the front bowl on to the jack. This


is worth playing. Oh, yes, Greg could score a few if he catches the


short red bowl. Red bowl into the jack, looks like three or four.


Looks like backhand but playing on his favoured forehand. Will he bend?


. One shot, Paul Foster. The runners,


all of a sudden are not connecting. Hello Lexie, how are you? With her


dad here the last day or two. I think she's enjoying the bowls. Very


well-behaved, as well. Another starter. Again, another


tough shot. Greg Harlow. So easy on the delivery. Very much a smooth,


accurate delivery. He doesn't play outdoor bowls, so he concentrates


only on the indoor and takes a good long break during the summer Ye,


textbook delivery. Wonderful, smooth action. Whereas Paul Foster plays a


lot of outdoor bowls and has been very successful. Double gold in the


common Watt games in Glasgow. -- Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. In


many ways, the all-round player, Paul Foster Yes, very attempted,


Paul. He enjoys the sport. A lot of commitment, obviously for top


players. Especially in the Scotland squad. They are always travelling


abroad and sampling Australia and what have you. But he still loves


it, still enjoys playing. And slightly taking control of this


game, isn't he, David? He is starting to be the better player. He


is starting to put close bowls n asking a lot of questions of Greg.


Yes, he has moved up a gear or two. First set, in contention all the


way, lifted more ends than Greg did. Exact, it was only really one end in


the first set, where he lost the 4. It was very costly to him. Yes, you


would have to say at the moment that a tie-break looks on the cards. It's


not given but Two green. Seven inches from jack high. A short one?


The long one? Eight inches past. ! Paul lying two and hoping to add


another here. The scores are three year. If he scores a three here, we


are definitely going into a tie-break.


That's good. Yes, number 3. Well, that puts the pressure on. Three


ends after this, Greg Harlow really needs this one. Three in, would take


the set away. If he scores a single he is back in it. Really, it looks


like just a draw to me. Ye, I think it is just a draw, David. But he


knows if he fails that in a couple of ends time, we'll definitely be


into the tie-break. He didn't like the look of that. He didn't get it


away, well. Well, it is 10-1 almost certainly. We are not into the


tie-break yet but both players are awhich are it is coming shortly.


Well, he was slightly confused. Greg sort of waved there as if to say,


three shots off you go. Score, 1-10 after eight ends. So Paul just


making absolutely sure of this but Greg Harlow has scored from the 7th


end, he has scored two singles and that's the 7th end in the first set,


he scored two singles this this match. It is amazing, isn't it? It


would indicate that Paul Foster has been the dominant force but as I say


that Big Four made all the difference at the beginning the


first set and he carried that all the way through.


As you say, Andy, Paul Foster's first bowl, a lot sharper. The


Scottish hard happy with that. They see their man taking control here.


Greg will not be doing anything rash. I think he will keep on


drawing, knowing that this set is almost certainly gone.


Well, they did say in the clip, if it is a tie-break and 1-1, he'll


play a forehand runner with the final delivery. That will be


interesting. Yes, absolutely. Very good. Just a little


Muralitharan there for one within six inches. -- a little murmur.


Ye, both players almost resigned that this is going to a tie


braevenlingt he is playing this almost as if - OK, Paul, you have


won and we'll fight it out for a tie-break. Good drawing. Yes. Four


good bowls. I think Paul will be happy to take a single and move into


a tie-break. He is in a good rich vein of form in the second set, so


he would be very happy with that. It has finished good, in the centre


line. Like I say, Greg is not wasting any time here. I don't think


he will even come up, just a little practice shot he is playing to get


ready for the tie-break. I think that's just practising. I don't


think Greg is concerned one bit. I think he knows this game is going


into the tie-break. Let's play the send out. I think it is probably


fair to say play remembers thinking which direction I'm playing better


and Greg may think - I'm better off losing one here, so that might come


into play as well. Greg may think he is playing better in the other


direction, so might be happy to lose a one. Well certainly where he


picked up his Big Four, and two ends later a two and two ends later a two


going in that direction. I think he has played better there. So he might


not be concerned here. Well, he was very close to his own front bowl


here. Gave it a nudge. Match tie-break. Well a comprehensive


scoreline, Paul Foster and to be fair, I think it is probably a


scoreline that reflected that second set, he put Greg under a lot of


pressure Played really well Paul Foster.


It'll be interesting to see who has the jack here and it is Paul Foster


who got the jack. So if it does go 1-1 it'll be Greg who has the last


bowl. Off we go, three-end tie-break, the rules change.


Cumulative shots go out the window, just win the end. There are some


events in the bowls' calendar where they use accumulative shots but in


this professional calendar they don't, and that keeps it exciting.


Paul, going very short with this one.


The umpire has very been quiet today as well. Yes, not really had to work


too hard. I'm sure they're quite glad of that as well. Just kept the


game moving. Very experienced umpire we have for this match, Alan thorn


hill. 'S been around the world officiating at major events. -- Alan


Thornhill. He's been around the world. Yes, they do a wonderful job.


Two-and-a-half feet from jack high. Well, Paul indicated two-and-a-half


feet short. He knows that bowl is not close enough. He needs a good


shot here. Pushing the bowl up. It is, he is better.


APPLAUSE Got that bowl away well. Really


smooth. How is the running Greg, I don't think you are running.


Struggling. If Paul can get around that bowl, he has a big biassed


bowl, there is no reason not to. The forehand he could drop his own bowl


down. Three feet. Three feet and Paul would be on the outside of the


mat. You can see that with his feet. So he can help the bowl come around


it on the wide line. Not sure if he has the running He is trying to get


a front toucher. I think he is on a good line. Perfect line. It is


whether he is reaching. He let that one go, so, so smooth Yes, perfect


bowl. Trouble here for Greg. He's going to have to play this with


weight. We can see the green bowl at the top of the screen blocking him


out. Awkward. He is close. Very close. Great


strike. Great strike. There it is again, forehand runner. Two bowls


gone. Plum, missed the shot bowl, catches two, green bowls, worth a


strike. To take one was good, but to take two. Paul little lies but needs


a closer shot. Well Paul, his body language gives


it away. Oh, has he given this away? Oh, no, he has not, oh my goodness,


Paul. He thought aide given the shot away. Two green. It looked that yoer


out of the hand. He knew he was narrow. But he just caught the red


bowl. Really, probably about 18 inches away. So it looks, on paper,


as if this is an easy forehand draw. It has got to be a draw. It has to


be a forehand draw, Andy. You know with all that room in there, you can


whizz it in, there is no real problem.


He's got two shots against him. He can not drive the two of them.


Surely not. He's just imposing him se. Just a forehand draw. Lots of


time. Well, Greg needs this to stop T


looks wide and heavy. I don't think this will count. First end to Paul


Foster. I didn't expect him to be that far away Well, his drawing


weight, from Greg's point of view, has just gone off.


First end, Paul Foster. OK, a little bit anxious now. Her


man needs to score the next two ends to become World Champion. It gets


worse when you are up watching as family. It must be terrible. I


remember in the last final the family were up and the boys and they


were dancing around all over the place. Ye, it's always good to have


the family support but back to this game. Greg needs a close one,


really. Greg Harlow has won one end in this


direction all game. He hasn't scored from the third end,


a single in the second set. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Paul


Foster has been on a monumental run of shots and he's kept Greg Harlow


to one. Six ends in this match. Over 21 ends, Greg hall yes has scored on


six ends. He is still in with a chance of winning it. Ye, he


certainly is. He just needs to win two ends. Paul is urging this bowl


up. I've got a good view. This looks close. Needs to hurry. Wants to


hurry right up to the jack. Really good bowl and it's managed to sit


down as well. Perfect start from Paul Foster. I wonder what Alex


Marshall is thinking now, sitting at home - your mate is on the edge of a


fifth one. That gets him one closer. I'm sure Alex is watching. I'm sure


he will be delighted for his pairs partner here, in the driving seat.


Time-out called. Careful. Just dropped into the ditch there. I


think he is going to drive this Possibly although forehand draw is


open. Two inches. Two inches he has been told. Not easy to draw. Because


he's taken a time out, I think he is just composing himself. The way he


is angled, you are inclined to think the draw. I think I would agree with


this shot. Try one attempt anyway at forehand draw.


He is not going to make it. Where is it going to stop, Andy, that's the


question? Oh, he won't like that, I don't think. Zblts possible,


actually that bowl will take the green out without the jack moving f


it drops, that's totally different. Paul Foster, on the backhand just


wants to make it past his own bowl. Well, this is not close but anything


past is good. Right Greg, decision time, bowl-to-bowl or forehand draw.


I think he will go for it for the first time this end. Bowl on to


bowl, I have a feeling it's going out clean. W he has played this shot


so well in the Championships. He must be going into the mat with


confidence thinking - if I catch this bowl good, the green goes out.


He is under. Well, I think this is as good a


position as Paul Foster could hope for. . The bowl on the right-hand


side of the screen, I think if Paul beats that, I think that's good.


Just in there is what he wants. He is worried about this bowl on to the


green, through the gap and in the taking the jack. He needs this to be


third shot. He is after that red bowl but he is


not getting past on the inside, it is the outside. He really had one


there. Oh, I don't know about this one. I don't think he meant to put


it there. As you say he had one there already. He went slightly


heavy but - I think this will still be a runner again. He must catch the


red bowl on the high side to take the green bowl out. He has done this


so often. Forehand on the high side. The green bowl will disappear


through the gap. Time-out called. Greg has in time-outs remaining. If


he gets a half off it, it is possible to get a half of it, if he


hits it solid on to the jack and it'll go to the other red bowl.


Either way, a forehand runner and what did he say, aer if hand runner


if he has a chance? Thafrnlts's what he will play. I think it is the only


shot on. I have a feeling if it hits this he will not get a good


connection. -- that's what he will play. I think he will have 18 inches


to draw for his final call. I don't think the angles are great here but


Paul is lying game. Well, he is on the high side, will


he get back? He is close. Oh, he just missed it. And Paul Foster


punches the air. He has his fifth tight #ye8. -- fifth title. That's


what he has been looking for and he has done it. And he played well.


Yes, he deserved to win this game today. Greg went off in the second


half of the game but well done, Paul Foster, delighted for you.


Absolutely dominated the match. No doubt he lost one count in the first


set, enough for Greg Harlow to get over the line but he kept Greg


Harlow at by, to one shot in the last 13 ends. An incredible


performance by Paul but five times World Champion now, 10-7, 1-11 and


2-0 in the tie-break. Paul Foster coming out looking relaxed.


Obviously the home support for him, going for his second title. And that


was the very easy four shots he scored in the third end to go 5-2 in


front. He carried that on as Paul Foster was playing bowls, going


through gaps. Just not on top form, the first few ends but after that,


Paul Foster started to do a lot of damage. Greg Harlow, still picking


up the shots here and there. That was a beauty.


But it was Paul Foster who came back very, very strong.


And missed a chance in the first end of the tie-break. Of a loose draw.


And then the usual forehand runner that's been so valuable to him. Just


went off the last few ends and Paul Foster, five times World Champion


and thoroughly deserved. Very, very happy man. Thoroughly deserved


indeed. I'm very pleased for him. Played well all the way through the


event and go the better with every match.


So ends won, Paul Foster, well, 16-6. That was very comprehensive.


Same with total shots scored and touchers: he was a dominant force in


the match. Absolutely no doubt about that. But my goodness me. The thing


for a World Champion is to get better with every match and that's


exactly what Greg Foster Z First of all, Greg, you started off


well, the first set going beautifully, what were you thinking


at that moment? I don't try to think during the game to be honest once


you start thinking you were in trouble. Obviously I was playing


well in the first, won the first going nicely. I was hoping for more


of the same in the second but Paul had other ideas. He did. You have


had a fantastic week. How do you sum-up, how well you have played and


how well things have gone for you at potters this


sum-up, how well you have played and how well things have gone for you at


potters this week? Probably early to sum-up. Obviously delighted to make


the final but obviously on the other hand, disappointed not to come away


with the trophy. Great effort, great final. Paul I said to Greg what was


he thinking at the end of the first set he won 10-7. What were you


thinking at that moment? Help. He came out of the traps so fast and


I was just hanging in, hanging in and to end up with the four was


killer. Greg was always in control in the first set. To be honest,


every bowl he played was top-notch, that was the best I've seen him play


for a long time, his first bowl, putting me under pressure. Craig is


a class act. -- Greg. Big bowls wins games, after the first set I dug


deep. I was pleased with the way I played. There have been a number of


great performances in your career where perhaps you've played


brilliantly all the way through against an opponent who was in on


fire. How do you put this, how it ranks, in terms of how you had to


dig deep? It rates very highly. Normally I'm quick out of the box in


the first rounds, until the quarterfinal and then I start to


stutter. Now I gradually get better and better and each match... I was


happy how I played against Les Gillett. I thought, keep the


momentum going, try and step up another gear, which I felt I did


after the first set and in the tie-break was anybody's. I have a


microphone in my hand but I'm going to whisper, your first title was in


1998. You have won five titles now. What's been the best one or is it


possible to choose one? I think you've got to go with your very


first world title and I think Greg would say the same. You come through


the field and there are no easy games, anyone can be anyone in the


top 16. Even the qualifiers coming through. But 1998 will always be the


most memorable one but the rest are up there as well. You are just one


behind Alex, people keep saying that. Is that important to you? No,


it's not! LAUGHTER Honestly. Everyone knows he's my


best mate, I always want him to win unless he's playing me and vice


versa. It's always the media saying it. It doesn't concern me and I'm


sure it doesn't concern Alex either. There are a lot of guys out there


who want to win a first world title and I've been very fortunate to win


five. That means nothing to me. He is still the man. Greg Harlow, great


runner-up, but ladies and gentlemen, your champion, Paul Foster!


APPLAUSE It is indeed now wages time and to


make the presentation, the managing director of Potters Resort along


with the group marketing and distributing manager, Mr Cooper.


And to receive his runners-up cheque, ladies and gentlemen, Greg




And now, to the winner, to receiving a Langham glass trophy, a cheque for


?55,000, and the title of the 2017 world indoors singles champion, Paul


Foster, MBE! Ladies and gentlemen, for the fifth


time in his career, that 2017 world indoor singles champion, Paul


Foster, MBE! A kiss on the trophy for Paul Foster


and the number five .doc David is alongside me. He was magnificent


today. He was magnificent. The first three or four rounds he was just


scratching around but after that Greg picked up a couple of twos but


for the last 4-7 ends of that set he was outstanding. You Andean


commentary made the point Greg could hardly miss in that first set. How


demoralising can that be, for some people? The thing is, he was bang on


target. That was the point. It wasn't a lucky result, he was right


on it and got the maximum is out of it. We always knew that was going to


happen. It's just how you keep yourself together. Psychologically


Paul Foster is very strong and that is important for him. He kept his


concentration and then he stepped up two gears in the second set. One of


the things Greg Harlow has done well all week is the forehand runner.


It's worked for him the majority of


times, it worked for him in the first set. Later on it just went


awry. It did, it started to miss a little bit. That's more of an


indicator of the pressure he has been put under by Paul Foster. That


looked an absolute certainty the way it was coming down, but he missed


it. Paul Foster, there he goes, punching the air. Paul would have


probably expected Greg together and play his last bowl but he was


delighted to see it go past. I asked Paul about how he ranked this


performance, put it up there with his very best. You've seen him play


many great matches indoor and outdoor. In terms of how had to had


to fight to stay in there and then engage another


gear, where does this rank for you? , it ranks one of the best, simply


because of his ability to be able to come back from struggling and get


better. He has been getting better every single match and that is why I


favoured him for this one. You cannot put Paul Foster away when he


gets into that sort of form. Greg Harlow, he has had a fantastic week


and started off in the same vein he fini shed his semifinal in the first


set. At the when you look at final, you thought the second round,


beating James the way he did, probably thinking to himself every


match is a bonus after that and he made it to the final. And he played


it very well. I asked Paul because a lot of people, in the media, make


the comparison between Paul and Alex Marshall. Alex has won it six times


and Paul is one behind. He says it doesn't matter and I believe him,


because I imagine he just comes out and does his best like Paul got to


this final, you thought the second round, beating James the way he did,


probably thinking to himself every match is a bonus after that and he


made it to the final. And he played it very well. I asked Paul because a


lot of people, in the media, make the comparison between Paul and Alex


Marshall. Alex has won it six times and Paul is one behind. He says it


doesn't matter and I believe him, because I imagine he just comes out


and does his best liked all the but I suspect there is a subconscious


desire to go past Alex, least one more title, maybe two. I do believe


Paul because he's very honest about things. He won't say anything he


doesn't believe that he's one of these players that will continue to


play well. I think there's at least one more title, maybe more, in Paul


Foster. I don't think he's chasing Alex, I really don't. OK, but he's


close, just one behind. Paul Foster winning the title for the fifth time


here today. Let's remind you about more tennis? There will be a


subconscious desire to win at least one more title, maybe two. I do


believe Paul because he's very honest about things. He won't say


anything he doesn't believe that he is one of these players that will


continue to play well. I think there is at least one more title, maybe


more, in Paul Foster. I don't think he's chasing Alex, I really don't.


OK, but he's close, just one behind. Paul Foster winning the title for


the fifth time here today. Let's remind you about more tennis coming


your way on the BBC. On Friday on the BBC Two, action from the Davis


Cup, Canada against Great not just today we've it's not just today


we've bowls, it's been happening all week here at maybe it's the cameras,


the lights, the crowd, but there's something about this iconic venue


that seems to bring out the best in boulders. There are world titles at


stake, after all. Now drawing for the Mac maybe it's the cameras, the


lights, the crowd, but there's something about this iconic venue


that seems to bring out the best in bowlers. There are world titles at


stake, after all. Now drawing for the Mac. 2017 the year for the last


bowl finish. Players keeping us in suspense the year for the last bowl


finish. Players keeping us in suspense Jason Greenslade and Les


Gillett left it late, very late, in the world pairs my goodness, is he


that, the first and 5-0 in the second but dug deep and delivered


when it mattered they trailed 7-1 in the first and 5-0 in the second but


dug deep and delivered when it mattered you won it 16 this time,


what's the difference this time around? I think I've I think I've


enjoyed it he's been quite challenging times Jason, to be fair,


because he's been quite challenging at times! LAUGHTER Theatre a week of


brilliant and bowls played with finesse, and brilliant, absolutely


brilliant. Always in good world number one he


is telling the world number one he needs glasses at measures!


At measures! Brilliant. Always respectful. On Tuesday Paul Foster


met Mickey Brett the match went all the way to the third end of a the


match went all the way to the third end of a tie-break before Brett


delivered the decisive Mickey Brett. Some people it seems just have that


winning habit. No one more so than six time world another title for


Mickey Brett. Some people it seems just have that winning habit. No one


more so than six time an accounted for that man, Les Gillett. Brimming


with confidence and making short work of Marshall in round two. Every


good tournament needs an upset or two. For a while we wondered if


71-year-old Charlie Bent might provide the Alex Patty Marshall. But


if the Scots thought he was going to be climbing the stairway to seven in


2017, he had an accounted for that man, Les Gillett. Brimming with


confidence and making short work of Marshall in round two. Every good


tournament needs an upset or two. For a while we wondered if


71-year-old Charlie Bent might provide the biggest, as he ran world


number one, Brett men's with a 71-year-old making waves in the


men's competition, a man 50 years his junior found herself in the


matchplay final -- woman 50 years his junior found herself in the


matchplay final. Katherine Rednalla second world title, this time at the


expense of reigning world champion Ellen Falkner. There would be no


repeat of the 2016 result in the ladies competition. And nor in the


men's. Brett blown away by Stuart Anderson in the quarterfinals, while


final appearance. A second world title, this time at the expense of


reigning world champion Ellen Falkner. There would be no repeat of


the 2016 result in the ladies competition. And nor in the men's.


Brett blown away by Stuart Anderson in the quarterfinals, while Burnett


Richard also departed. Richard losing by the most narrow margins to


also departed. Richard losing by the most narrow margins to Greg I do you


sum up what happened on that last bowl of the match? To be honest, it


was a howdy you sum up what happened on that last bowl of the match? To


be honest, it was could it? Into the area, into the. The last bowl


finish. Greg Harlow was making a habit of it, but surely it couldn't


happen again, could it? Into the area, into the red for Stewart


Anderson the pain of a semifinal elimination. For Greg Harlow, a date


and a title decider against Paul Foster, the four time world champion


for Stewart Anderson the pain of a semifinal elimination. For Greg


Harlow, a date and a title decider against Paul Foster, the four time


world champion, besting the first in the first and Foster bring the


curtain down on our 2017 presentation. Bragging rights and so


Harlow and Foster bring the curtain down on 2017 presentation. Bragging


rights to it to Paul, commiserations to Greg.


There's always next year. We are looking forward to champion.


Katherine Rednall, her second win in the ladies world indoor the roll of


honour this year at Potters is as follows. Paul Foster the singles


champion. Katherine Rednall, her second win in the ladies world


indoor Les Gillett and Jason Greenslade the winners of title.


Last Tuesday, Brett and pairs teamed up to win the David has been keeping


a of the week. How difficult was it? I imagine I out for the shot of the


week. How difficult was it? I imagine you must you are always


inundated with candidates for this? I have two pages of them. It's very


hard. You looking for the pressure bowl, the bowl you have to make.


This was the seal the match. He had to seal the match. He had nowhere.


Through the shot. Absolutely brilliant. That took him through.


Even Paul Foster, didn't like it, but he appreciated it. We've seen


some fantastic stuff this week. The one that touch the heart most of all


was Charlie Bent, at the age of 71. He got a standing ovation after his.


This was on a re-spot position. Through the shot. Absolutely


brilliant. That took him through. Even Paul Foster, didn't like it,


but he appreciated it. We've seen some fantastic stuff this week. The


one that touch the heart most of all was Charlie Bent, at the age of 71.


He got a standing ovation after his match against absolutely, what was


good about Charlie is he was out there to enjoy absolutely, what was


good about Charlie is he was out there to enjoy he was laughing and


and even took finicky about out of Nicky Brett took finicky about out


of Nicky Brett years he had a heart attack seven years ago yet he


somehow has found himself on yet he somehow has found himself on the in


the world of indoor Bowls. Can be here and be a national star. Can you


imagine when he went back to his own club? The reaction he was going to


get. I betsends a message, enter the qualifiers and you can be here and


be a national star. Can you imagine when he went back to his own club?


The reaction he was going to get. I bet he hasn't And Katherine Rednall,


at the age of 21 a double world champion. 21 is very young but


Katherine Rednall is a very talented. A good outdoor player as


well. Here it's different. A very limited field. Very high quality.


You have to step up and she did play very well. Katherine Rednall just


21, one of the young stars. Last night here at Potters it was the


under 25 final between Martin Puckett from Weymouth and Helen Ryan


from New South Wales in Australia. Ellen won the first set 10-7 and


leads 6-5 hours we join it in the second set.


Keeping in this set, trying to force the tie-break.


Well, unusual for it to drop so far over the first one. It's been a


high-quality game. Good to see Ellen drawing this, I


think she can pop one round her own with an extra three feet of running.


We'll be very close to this. -- will be.


One red. Good bowl, now she can attack it.


Martin Puckett really needs to win this end.


Yes, can't afford to lose a shot here, pushes the bowl up, I'm lucky.


The temptation here is for Ellen to run at this. She's sticking with


feedback can draw. She misses it, comes through. Percentage shot she's


trying with this one. Comes deep at the end, close bowl run through,


drop in. Still one red but still a very good bowl.


Two seconds, Andy. Yes, just hanging on to the shot here. Needs to try


and get another bowl in. Well, if he runs he could get a very


good result off the green bowls. Unlucky, very unlucky.


That's a horrible result. Any touch of the green bowl would have made


three. How did he do that? That was really unlucky. This changes things,


has to be very, very careful here. Place this and gets it wrong and she


could be three or four down. Yes, difficult to see how she's


going to score here, unless she takes a little bit of a chance on


the forehand. A very aggressive player, we've seen that already.


Backhand could still slip into the shot. Playing the forehand. I agree,


this could go wrong. Turned her back on it. Always wide. I think it was


pretty good it was wide. No guarantee she was going to score


there. At this stage, the position of the matches in, 6-6 and a set


Martin Puckett has to win. That wasn't... Well... Unless there's a


guarantee of getting something, it was risky shot. Sometimes you are


better to miss them. Martin Puckett is looking... He


doesn't show too much emotion. A fairly quiet lad, Martin. Not one of


the noisier characters, shall we say, on the international team. And


we have a few. Yes, there are a few. As I was saying, I was fortunate to


manage the junior team and there are a few characters among them. Your


kit it -- you're keeping the box closed as to who they are. I'm sure


the boys will know who they are. Perry Martin will know he's a little


bit noisy. He's a quiet lad! I am sure Perry will be watching now.


Martin here is one of the quieter characters in the team. Perry


usually comes over to play with the civil service team, over in Northern


Ireland in February, gives us a run out. Test the green for the players


and let us know how it's playing. Wrong green, different club! Good


idea, not going to work. Steady, steady. Well, OK. Both


players all right here. It's wide open at the moment. Martin really


would like to score double. I think Martin would just be happy


to score here. If that's the case, he has to score


both ends. There is still room. The way Ellen


has been playing you would expect her to correct with this one.


Good match, disk. Going on for an hour and a half. Good quality.


Pretty close, if it drops. Making corrections with every bowl. Martin


quickly on the mark. That was fast, Andy. It was just a draw. Good line.


In with a chance with this one. Trying V shot I think, well played,


very well played. Still got to be careful, only one down.


I can see the attraction of trying to trail the jack back but she


doesn't want to lose three, got to be careful with this. She's playing


well enough to draw it off. I think so, one down is not a disaster


playing the last end. Not far away. Will she bend? Gentle,


gentle. Ellen, Ellen! Too heavy. We were saying any touch on that green


bowl was bringing in the short ones. Well, this could be three. This


could be a bad result for Ellen. Two out.


Well, that was a mistake, I'm afraid. It was a mistake and also a


little bit unlucky, as well. She just got the bowl... If she'd got


the bowl solid it would have stayed for a second. A little bit unlucky,


at the same time. That's why one down wasn't a


disaster, just keep drawing away. Martin's mum and dad will be


pleased. Looking good for a tie-break. That's what we enjoy, the


three end tie-breaks, an extra 20 minutes for the crowd to enjoy the


game. And another 20 minutes of your company. You love it! That's a good


start when you're trying to defend the end. Three up, the last end,


Martin Puckett. Close with this. Very good, well


done, good start. I feel a bit for her in many ways


but Martin Puckett put the pressure on by having three balls in the


area. One mistake on his benefited. But he's kept his head in this,


Andy, he really has. He hasn't looked flustered. No, a fairly cool


character. They both are, really. Neither really showing much emotion.


But this is a good start here for Ellen. Trying to score three shots,


never easy. She's in the area again. Full


contact on the red, got it. Very good. Now she's opened up chances.


It's a measure with the second one but the red bowls over to the side


and that will give her a chance to get the treble she needs.


Martin on a good line here. Will he bend? No. That's the shot Ellen


needs to play now, on the forehand. Yes, changing her hand. Could be


three. Needs to run slightly under. All


know, oh no! I don't think it really matters too much. Not a disaster.


She still has a chance of a three. What I'm interesting is which bowl


is lying fourth shot because fourth shot, looking for an option to drive


the bowl off. I agree. Fourth shot looks like red, slightly.


Yes, Green is rock solid. This is an important bowl, he needs to get this


one in. Trailing jack rules out everything. If he can trail the jack


we are definitely going to a tie-break. Not far away.


This is a chance now. He's made that target even bigger, a big chance


here for Ellen, big chance to score the three. Slightly different, Andy,


because now she has to split and those balls will lock it in. Either


she gets the red bowl absolutely clean... And then she has a chance.


A good opportunity here. Martin will know that as well. Bowl


out for three, for the title. I think she's giving this a shot.


She is very close. This is very close, will she bend? Will she stay


in? That's unlucky! What a great effort. Wow. Karen Markley saying


shot. Very close there. Well, it doesn't really matter, one green,


one red, it's a tie-break. Yes, just a toss of the coin for a


tie-break. On the first end Martin won the toss and has given it to


Ellen. We didn't get confirmation of who got the shot...


Goodness me, that looked good all the way down. Very good, she did


split the balls but unfortunately she moved one bowl onto the jack


otherwise she would have had the three and the game. Looking quite


expensive now. The game before last. Yes.


You just think what the future is for both these players. Martin


really starting off with his international career, Ellen making a


real impact at a very young age. The Australian team, the elite squad are


usually quite young. Most of them are in their 20s and 30s. Ellen said


she feels old now because she is in her forties. I think it's fair to


say most of the countries, we have two separate events for the men and


women. The England ladies team, I think going to Australia will be a


young and talented team. Not maybe quite as young as Ellen, but all


probably in their early 20s. So, two sets of 11 ends are gone and


we are in a three end tie-break. You just have to win the end, so it


becomes quite aggressive. Ellen is off to a good start.


A deep bowl going N I can't blame her on that. She has one anyway.


Three-and-a-half inches. Very hard to improve the position she's in


here. Yes, basically holding her to one. Choice of shots for mar tivenlt


he is looking at the TV monitor. I think it's drawing the forehand or


trying to run the bowl out. I think he's sticking to the draw. Not an


easy shot to run the bowl. But he might have needed two goes at T He's


very close. Yes. Very close. Oh, has he got it? I think he has.


Well-played, perfect. One red. Good bowl. Played with nice weight.


Really tidy weight on that one. Well, Ellen has played the forehand


runner exceptionally well. There is a good chance here, catches one red


bowl, take the other out. A good running bowl here. Yes, it is a


two-bowl shot and if he doesn't get the outside one and gets the shot


bowl clean, well, she will be very happy. Quite a wide target here.


Good chance of getting a result here.


Oh, she's playing very controlled at this. I'm surprised. It'll whip away


very quickly. But she's in the area She's holding out. She is playing


with a hard weight. Why did she play that, Andy? A full drive down there


was taking the bowls out. She did so well on the forehand. One red bowl


was going to take the other out. The first ends to Martin Puckett. I'm


surprised at that. But she obviously felt that she could rest the bowl


off, a big drive, should have been three inches away from it. She


wouldn't have had second shot but she only needs one.


Ellen's choice on who takes the jack, so she is given it to Martin.


So Ellen will have the last bowl and she'll probably be thinking - I


don't want to play it. She's just tactically got one thing slightly


wrong at the end there. But, still played a very good game and still in


this yet. She's travelled from Australia and she's 19. It's easy to


forget, snted it? I would say she's played really well. Got to be


pleased with her performance but she'll be looking it take that title


back. Needs two good ends. Again, unlucky. Edge of the bowl was


better than edge of the jack. Well, Martin, it's a good bowl but


that must set up a target now. Ellen's going to be forced on on to


the backhandside. A tempting proposition to hit it, go for the


jack in the ditch. So drawn away, second bowl.


Making sure she was arriving this time. Anything through, she knows,


is good. Well, Martin's certainly going to be


reaching with this one. Anything past is good. Yes, this is good,


good positioning bowl. She has to go for this. She has the


last bowl so even jack off on to the respot will give her a chance. She


has to drive. Depends how confident she is. There is still a draw. There


is. It's definitely available. It is hard to pluck out the line on the


backhand I think she's on a good line. Close with this.


Oh, she's got this. Oh, well-played. Well done. Courageous shot because


the drive looked very much on. It would have been tempting that, to go


for the drive but she plays it well. Well, Martin, probably jack in the


ditch on the backhand, same shot for him. Jack in the ditch is available


or draw it off. Percentages are on the weight shot.


He is going for it. He is close. Will it bend, big gap. There it


goes. Looked like the gap all the way, didn't it? It did. Didn't look


like it was going to bend. Well, the excitement continues here at the


World Championships. 1-1, final end of the tie-break. Couldn't ask for


anything more, could we? No, we've had some unbelievable games.


And one more, I'm sure, to come tomorrow.


Of course that final's going to be very interesting with two vastly


experienced players. Greg Harlow, going for his second singles title


and Paul Foster going for his fifth. I'm going to be interested tomorrow,


just to see who you are going to pick out as a winner. I'm sure Rishi


will be getting that question ready for you. You'd better have your


answer ready. I've got it ready already.


Oh, a buttie. Last end, first bowl. Front toucher. Doesn't get much


Bert, does it? No. ! She's about two or three inches away. Well, you can


understand Martin is reaching at this. Doesn't want a drop shot.


Well, that's exactly where he needed to be.


Draw up to the jack, if you miss it, come around behind it, for cover. So


calm looking. Yes. Played it well. Played the rink well.


Oh, Martin didn't play that well, didn't get it away well. Oh he is


under. He is in truvenlt The last end you can nominate to burn the


end. You can nominate as much as you want but only can burn it once. I


think he has to go for this. Depends where this finishes from Ellen.


Anything behind the jack is good. She's in full control here. Not


quite sure whether that was necessary. Not bad. Second shot.


Second shot but I have a feeling he is going to run at it now. A little


bit of cover. He needs to remove the bowl or get the jack. If he removes


the bowl at least he'll give himself a chance. Ellen will draw close but


he will have the last bowl of the end. Nominate it, in case it goes on


to the jack and then... Time-out called. Looking at the respot


position. Too far away. That's why maybe Martin isn't nominating the


kill or perhaps he has forego then but I think he's going to run this


bowl off. Yes, a lot of people do forget This just looks too


difficult, Martin, to draw. Martin has nominated to kill the end. He


hasn't forgotten. Well-remembered. Oh, that looks under. Is he going to


hold? Oh, that was close. # Well, he can nominate again. I'm not sure he


is going to have any choice. Helen seems to have everything covered


here. The back position, the respots position And second bowl, which is


important, just in case Martin removes the bowl. So so... Two yards


in front would be good. Block the hand on the runner and force him to


draw within three inches. Yes, I think so. Make sure it is very short


so it can't be pumped N Martin didn't go fast with that drive, did


he? I don't know if he is not a quick driver. Oh, she's playing


safe. Default position - pop around to the back and say - off you go. I


think she's leaving it alone. I can't blame her to be honest. She


has one hand on the trophy here. It's been a brilliant game I have to


say Martin Puckett has been super and Ellen Ryan has been magnificent


bearing in mind she doesn't play indoor in the UK. She's an


Australian. I don't know if he has called for this to be. Oh, he


hasn't. He is trying to draw it. I think he is under. No way it is


going to hold Way under. Oh, she is go the T And the Championship to


Ellen Ryan. There is the smile there is the thumbs up.


Thumbs up a up and a smile from Ellen Ryan. Corky, what a star. Yes,


I heard about her in social media which I get into. I said we need to


see these player up here and she arrived here and put the work in.


How do you think she would have hoped in the lady's matchplay? Every


bit as well. I have no doubt. She's a very dedicated player. I knew her


first coach. She told me she is a bit special and Karen told me she


was special as well. Karen Murphy. She mentioned it in commentary


earlier this week. Ellen Ryan is a name to look out for at potters. The


big star of the week is Paul Foster. You said he got Bert and better and


Bert and hold of the title for the fifth time. -- better and better.


All champions, what they want to do is get that head of steam up through


the tournament. I had a couple of meetings with pau. We were chatting.


He is very calm, relaxed. He has had his fourth child. A very contented


man at the moment. In the list of all-time greats where does he rank?


Right up there. No dou. Alex Marshall. Without a shadow of a


doubt, with regards to indoor and outdoor but Paul Foster in the


all-round game indoor and outdoor, he is incredibly successful. It


doesn't matter where he goes. He could come back next year and equal


his pal I wouldn't doubt it for someone more. He'll walk in probably


as equal favourite maybe with Greg and Alex and he will enjoy that.


Let's remind you of more tennis coming your way on the BBC. It's the


Davis Cup, Canada against Great Britain. BBC Two on Friday.


So, we have come to the end. Week here at potters. We have seen some


wonderful bowls here on the blue rink. Some great champions all the


way through. Some stars of the future, the likes of Ellen Ryan and


Katherine Rednall. But today a man from Scotland got his hands on the


trophy for the fifth time. Paul Foster. From all of us here,


goodbye. # Girl I'm in love with you


# This ain't the honeymoon # Past the infatuated phase


# Right in the thick of love # It seems like we argue every day


# I know I his behave and you made your mistake


# And we both still got room left to grow


# Force # And though love can sometimes hurt


# I still put you first # And we'll make this thing work


# But I think we should take it slow # We're just ordinary people


# We don't know which way to go # Cos we're ordinary people


# Maybe should take it slow # Take it slow#


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