Mixed Pairs Final World Indoor Bowls Championships

Mixed Pairs Final

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Hello everyone and welcome to a packed Potters resort in Yarmouth


for BA World Indoor Bowls Championships. Yesterday there was


high drama on the blue rink. Today there is promise of more drama to


come because the second trophy of the week is on the line. He is


drawing for the match. On Monday a dramatic finish to the pairs final.


Today Potters the mixed pair title is at stake. It is the event I have


not one. It is a challenge, but I'm looking forward to it. After


recently breaking into the world top 16, Jamie is taken on Paxton. The


ambition has two B to win the world indoor single. Yesterday was a


fantastic day. The last bowl of the match coming through to win the


pairs final. David Corkill alongside me. Yesterday was fantastic. I said


the promise of more drama to come. We have Paul Foster and Rebecca


Field up against Nick Brett and Claire Johnston. Welcome we expect?


Three out of the four have been major finals. It is all new to


Claire Johnston. She is used to big events playing outdoors, but she


should relish this. Why is this event so different? There is no


atmosphere like it. When it comes to an enclosed arena, the cameras are


over you, it is very interesting and some people either it some don't.


These guys will love it it. We also have singles action. Eight still


left in the drawn. How of the line-up have we got. It doesn't get


any better. Coming through the second round is harder. There will


be surprises. One of our former champions was in action. Greg Harlow


took on James Ripley. James Ripley face this encounter with Greg


Harlow. Harlow, making his 20 of the parents produced a great reply. He


moved into a 4-2 lead. The champion from 2010 turned the screw and this


single in the eighth was enough to take the first set with and end to


spare. James Rippey works for an attic company in the city. He had


his family for support and they provided inspiration early in the


second set as he built up a four shot lead after the first two ends.


Harlow fought back as the 48-year-old used all his experience


to take control of the match. James Rippey did not give up. He held his


nerve and grabbed three shots. He took the match to a tie-break. After


swapping the first to ends it came down to the last web James Rippey


left it too. But Harlow played this fantastic running shot to snatch


victory from the jaws of defeat. So Greg Harlow is the first player


through in the second round after that defeat of James Rippey.


Elsewhere some really good mash ups. But now it is time to get ready for


our second championship match of the week. It is the final of the mixed


pairs. Let's confirm the line-up. Paul Foster accompanied by Rebecca


Field. Scotland and England. Nick Brett and Claire Johnston. We can


hear from all four players featuring in today's final. I am looking


forward to the final. It's great to reach any final whether it is a


single, pairs or mixed pairs. It is good to get to the final after


losing last year. It's been really great. What number are you in the


world ranking? Number six. As former world number one, it was daunting. I


have watched numerous matches and being on the rink as any of the top


eight is an honour. Next one is World Matchplay. She is at the top


of the women's game. Paul Foster has won everything in the men's game, so


it won't be easy. It's not everyday you play with the world number one


or the world champion, so I'll enjoy it. I try to enjoy edge -- encourage


clear where I can. -- Claire. We have got on very well. We let each


other play and it has worked well. We have good banter during the day


and it relaxes me. It is a joy. It's the first time I have been in the


final and it is the event I have one. It will be a challenge, but I'm


looking forward to it. All players seem to be getting on well. This is


how they made it through. So we are just about set for the


second trophy match of the week. We will hand over to our MC.


Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, Rebecca Field and Paul Foster MBA.


-- MBE. And our next received a standing


ovation after the thrilling performance in the quarterfinals.


They're hoping to create that form in this final, will you please


welcome Claire Johnston and world number one Nick Brett!


Four players of the very highest order. Off we go to the commentary


box. Andy Thompson along David Corkill. Three players very much use


high-profile event here at Potters Resort. Claire Johnston is the only


unknown, but only from the point of indoors. She is a world-class player


outdoors. Yes, top-class outdoor. She's just back from New Zealand and


will be playing with a lot of confidence. This will be a fantastic


game. Looking forward to it. Good start. A couple of feet. There


will be a little bit nervous. Three bowls, mixed pairs. A change from


previous years when it was too. Nine ends. Plenty of time for them to get


into the match. Had a quick word with Claire as she was practising.


She was wondering what it was all about, just looking around. It's so


unusual, it really is. You know what it is like Andy, you travel around


the world and they think to themselves, that is called John. I


can understand the way she is feeling. It is a daunting prospect


just walking out in front of everyone. This is a final on TV. It


is a tension filled event, but it is fantastic. This is what players


think about. -- dream about. A bit of a nervy start from Claire. Just


going to nestle in with her other green bowl. Handy there. I fully


expect Nick Brett and Paul Foster to cancel each other out. Yes, I think


we all witnessed the semifinal. Mickey Brett against Alex Marshall.


It was just unbelievable bowls. I'm sure Nick will be hoping that he can


produce that form again today. Paul and Rebecca will put him under


pressure quite a bit. It looks like he has played it first


time. That is what you dream about. The key to this will be instructions


as well coming from the two leads. Scripts aren't allowed up until the


second bowl. There has to be a certain amount of communication


there. I spread to Rebecca about that. It's one thing she felt


daunted by, the thought of telling Paul Foster what to play. It is


quite a daunting prospect as you say, telling a top-class player what


to do. The -- the same with Claire as well.


Only a few people have got experience on the portable rink. You


will be saying to yourself, how do I instruct these guys? The men will


play the shot they feel best, but they will take instructions from the


partner if they feel they can do something else. Has he got enough


weight to pass that? No he hasn't. Everyone has been playing the


drawing bowl in the opening end. Nick to square off the double.


Good opening bowl. You would've thought he would have added with the


second or third, but happy the one. -- with the one.


Both the girls choosing to lead on the forehand side. Claire is


left-handed, so it is the background, but most will lead on


the other. They do feel comfortable though. It is hard to get it


absolutely right. Slightly over the weight. Most of the other plays are


leading off of the other side in this direction. Yes they are, David.


She started well. I think this one needs to stop as well. Just a bit


heavy. Extra weight and it when Paul back in time. Tighten the line quite


considerably, but still was not making it. Understandably Claire is


a bit nervous. She'll soon settled. Very good goals from Rebecca. --


bowls. Nick will probably draw with the first one, but the option is


there to hit it. He probably favours the backhand, so I won't be


surprised if this is a backhand draw.


Very close... Just 18 inches through.


Clever-macro you are in, well played.


For down but I think he has drawn the shop. -- four down but I think


he has drawn the shot. The forehand option as well. The


forehand offers two things. It offers his own bowls and the jack.


Just a little push and it will come in time behind it. More options are


more chances on the forehand. Very close. He is unlucky. He pushed it


right through. Of course the players have the opportunity to see the head


with the overhead camera on the big screen as well and assess the


situation very clearly. Claire trying to push that one up. Paul has


to be a little bit careful as well here, David. He'd dance. He has got


one lurking around there at the back. I know he pushed one through.


I'm not sure if it is still there or not, I can't see it. Paul is not


sure whose line. Rebecca said it was definitely cream. The marker


suggested it is definitely cream. Paul is overly convinced. There is


the one lurking at the back I was talking about. That is the protector


for Paul and I won't be surprised if he plays it again. He will either


play the two bowls out all legit. Catch in the bowls, slicing the


jack, as you say, it is going to be positive. Close. That was unlucky. I


thought the two bowls were going there. Very close but it is one to


Mickey Brett. -- Nick Brett. There was a connection. Might of disturbed


it sufficiently. One shot. Brett and Johnston. Steady


staff. That is the voice of the umpire, Alan Thornhill. He is -- of


the marker on the rink sort out things for the guys. He is doing a


good job. Fairly new to the sport. He is more than competent. The


incompetence is not good enough at this level, you have to be more than


competent and he is. A confident person. I spoken to one or two of


the umpires and they say it is different to what they do back home


and it is a nervy experience. Dan has taken that on board and he is


doing a great job. That is the partner of Rebecca


Field. I think it is her fiance now. He's a painter and decorator. He's


taken a few days off to watch her. A lot of five litre tins about the


place. A good player himself. Did well in the Scottish International


Open. At the moment, Rebecca is winning believes. -- the leads. He


lost in the quarterfinal to Greg Harlow. I thought it was a good


performance though. I love it when you asked me these questions. But


you always have the answers. People and enjoy themselves at night. Facts


are just floating about in there. Here Arms, looking good again. She


just wants to slip past the jack with this one and turn it. Yes,


little term, that is good. Unfortunately, she has bounced it


and framed it and you can see the wry smile from Paul. Nick will be


right at that. We will see the first forehand runner. Good lead from


Rebecca. We will see the forehand runner, I think. Very controlled.


That is not a weight that he would normally play. I think what he was


tempted to do their was to convert rather than push it right through. I


think we will see more weight than next time. I don't think he will


make that same mistake twice. Now he is going for cover. Definitely a


conversion shot rather than trying to trail it through the two green


bowls. Slightly more power. Yes, definitely stronger. Just needs to


get down to get to the bowl and the jack. He has locked it in. Good


bowl, maximum results. More pace on the forehand this time. Pushes the


jack through, perfect result. He is doing the damage at the moment. It


is hard to drop with that red one coming in. He could use it as a


shoulder, but it's not easy, so he is going for the weight. He needs


help from the front one. That was close! Nick will have to draw this.


Certainly hasn't got the sport on one side, but the two bowls could


disappear. There is plenty of room to draw a third, he's got at least a


yard. I expect the third shot to come in now. That's number three.


Very good bowling from Nicky Brett. I think we will see a big drive


here. He goes faster on his forehand. That is hard on the


backhand. It sweeps away so quick. Even for the best players, that is a


difficult shot. Three shots, Brett and Johnston.


Two or three bowls within 18 inches, there will be very happy with that.


Gives them the opportunity to develop things. Rebecca is playing


really well, but Nick Brett is doing all the damage. Rebecca can't do any


more, it just keeps drawing away. The thing for Claire is to keep


plugging away at it, keep the bowls imposition, let Nick use them. She


is close to this. It looks very good.


Hang on as long as you can. Well played. Good stuff from Claire


Johnston. Paul asking Rebecca to change her


hand. Resting a green bowl, probably score a shot. The line is good, it's


all about the place. Very close. Good effort. The reason why he


didn't want to play the forehand is because the jack was coming into the


green bowl. I can understand that. She was very close to making it.


Once again, a packed auditorium. Not many spare seats there.


Come on, all the way. He has really started well, has Niki Brett. He is


pretty close again. The bowl stood up as well.


Just getting in there can be difficult enough.


Come on, come on. Well, Claire is calling. He must be close. He wants


the jack into the other two bowls. Has he got enough? He has. Brilliant


bowl. Brilliant. My goodness me, this is just unbelievable stuff.


APPLAUSE What a trail is this. Just the jack,


catches the two green bowls, lies two or three, brilliant. What sort


of weight? Whatever you feel comfortable with,


really, it's not - they're both touching.


Oh, wow, gets a result. Well, he was right down the middle of it. Got the


perfect result. I would play similar. You can change places with


the bowl or turn your own. Well, Nicky, can you produce another


big bowl? Slightly high. Too heavy. Well, if Paul Foster is lying, he


will not be playing this. Even Paul Foster is asking for a second


opinion. It must be very close. Paul is pretty good at looking at


measures. REFEREE: Measure for shot. He can not be lying. If he was lying


he would not be playing this. Well, he we'll see what weight he uses.


Probably wants a little nudge on it. He is playing backhand. Very, very


difficult. He is in the area to get his own


bowl to turn it over. If he gets that solid, he might make it. Oh,


it's going to fall back. What an effort. That was a great bowl. You


couldn't ask for anything better than that. Superb. The other green


bowls should be taken awakes I'm sure, it is between the two on the


left side of the picture. Yes, that's it. -- taken away.


This is a close one. One shot, Foster and Field. Well, my goodness


me, that was close. There was about a millimetre in that one but good


enough to get Paul Foster and Rebecca Field on the board. 5-1


down. Top quality bowling. It just shows, you know, Paul Foster played


that almost as if the shot was against him. They just couldn't tell


and of course they are not allowed to measure before the completion of


the end. He just about played it to perfection. But he will be happy to


be on the board it's fair to say that Rebecca is leading very well


for Paul. ! As did Claire, after the previous end, she settled well into


the game. Quality bowling. Indeed. Well good end for Claire Johnston.


It is a new experience for her. All the way down now. Decent well


done. It looks like Nicky is urging this


Paul up. I don't think it's going to have the running. That's not going


to help with the next one. It has blocked the path out that one has.


You can see, it is right in the path for the draw.


About 10 inches past. Well, another bowl on the head. Claire's previous


delivery has forced her on to the forehand side. A wee bit quick. It's


all right. She said she was a bit quick. That's the case. In a game


like this, a back bowl is always useful. And he's in the frightened


to attack the head. I would agree, David, back bowls are always going


to count in a game like this. Paul will be looking to draw the closest


now. Paul just back needs a couple of


feet from his previous delivery. Well done. Well, the only thing is,


he can't really afford to attack this, Nick, he only has one bowl in


there. Yes, just a backhand bowl. Yes, a bit like Paul, he needs to


add a couple of feet. The line is good.


He needed the shoulder. If he dropped in, it was a different type


of shot available with his last bowl. It's a definite two.


You definitely one against at the back. If I draw another one, they


could probably run that. . Exactly. I think Paul is right but if Nick is


going to run it, certainly on the forehand, I would say one of the red


bowls almost certainly has to come through. I think so, I think it is a


backhand draw. I think it is hard for Rebecca but Paul should be going


up to have a lack and making the decision himself, really. You are


one down out here and probably two out there. The different in


experience is absolutely vast Like I said earlier, I think Rebecca finds


it a little bit difficult sometimes to tell Paul. I think Paul he will


just be drawing on the backhand. Well, definitely a cover bowl. I'm


not sure if Nick will bother running this. It is a dangerous proposition.


If he gets the front red on to his green bowl, he could easily be four


down. Yes, that's why Paul should have had a look and probably he


would have gone up and drawn another. Nicky can't afford to take


his own bowl out. Nick will be playing backhand draw here, I think.


Needed the shoulder off his bowl. Just didn't get down. He thought he


was close, though. He is two out. He wants another one, call the umpire.


He raised his hand, he wants the umpire to measure. I thought Nicky


would have drawn. He had three goes at it. I don't think it is his


favourite hand. Probably would have drawn on the forehand side but that


was blocked out. Umpires are kited out in very nice


black and white. Yes, very smart. It's quite forgiving.


UMPIRE: Three shots, Foster and Field. Nicky won't be happy with


that. Rebecca back into the game. I think it is fair they deserve to be


making this game a bit tighter. I think it is definitely a more


reflective scorepline of the match. I think it's fair. -- scoreline.


Good start, Bec, well done. Other angles of the competition, the


domestic game, as I call t how many markers and officials still turn up


in their jackets, their glasses in the top pockets and pens falling out


of their pockets. It's staggering, really, in a sport this... Well, a


traditional sport, I think it is fair to say but changes are


happening, really. I think you are well aware, international teenagers


we again used to turn up in our blazers, we now turn up in our


tracksuits, I think we are getting, shall we say, slightly more modern?


Well, we have coverage in Wales and we'll be going to the First Minute's


Question Time Assembly in Wales. I'll let you know when that is going


to happen, but you can get us on the red button, but only in BBC Wales.


Everyone else will be be able to enjoy this on BBC Two, live.


Very good from Claire. It really is. Is best two opening bowls of the


claim for Claire. Drop it, drop it. Come back.


APPLAUSE Well, we'll be leaving very shortly


for viewers in Wales. So if you want to keep watching, please move over


to the red button. A super end of bowls from the leads.


And that's the really difficulty in heads like this, we're now in a


situation where the skips really need to look at this, andy, after


the first bowl, it changed things. I'd agree. As we are all aware, the


rules state, basically that skips can only come up after two bowls


each have been played. That's why questions are often asked for often


than not. Well Nicky is attacking this. Will he bend? I don't think he


will on the wide side. No, is this bowl going to stay on?


No, it's all the way through. There it goes, it's taken away.


This is quite a difficult head for Paul. He knows he is lying the one


but doesn't really have an easy shot to add another.


Well, it wasn't easy but I think Paul Foster has just scored another


shot. A fantastic spot. I think the key thing to say was "normal


people." Here we go, great strike. Perfect strike. No messing about and


a lot of people would say - what's this all about, you can destroy


things after a perfect draw, but all part of the game. Yeah, good strike.


The jack is sufficiently far enough away. This will just come down to


the last two bowls. Yes, I think it'll be one of the pair. The


nearest bowl is about five yards away. The key for Paul, if he can


get one within three feet. Nicky has to be going for second shot. Not


close enough. He is saying he is not close enough. Well, not bad. He can


not afford to make a mistake by going for the shot. He can't go in


the ditch with this. So he has to err on the careful side. There are a


few shots in this. It is easy to Oh, just. Well that was the right


idea. That was a good shot. UMPIRE: One shot, Brett and Johnston.


He wasn't sure, was he? There has been a few like that in this


tournament. Just occasionally we think there is


a little fast run. Yes, on the wide side.


And again, come on, right up, right up. Yeah, well done.


OK, well done. I think he will be happy with that. Another short one


would have been quite disastrous. So just coming two or three feet behind


is useful. In the previous end in this direction I think Nicky was


blocked out on the forehand side. That's why he played a loose


backhand but once again, Rebecca really is playing good leading bowls


here. Just a bit out, the line is real good. Just a bit of


encouragement from Nicky - your line is real good, just take a bit of


weight off. Good skipping. Yes, staying positive. Played some good


bowls Claire Johnston, especially in the last two or three ends. Good


effort. Took a little bit off but just not enough. Both Paul and Nicky


international skips, so you would expect them to be encouraging their


players all the time. Is Rebecca front end for England?


Yes, front end for England but that will change at some stage. I'm just


thinking back to the pairs event, where, you sort of think, with Jason


and Les gill the interaction was fantastic with Les saying - you


really are hard work at times, down to him at the other end. It was


really fantastic. It really S I was chatting to them the other evening


and it is just brilliant the way they get onning together Yes, they


certainly had a good night last night the pair of them. Imagine


saying that to your skip? I think even Leslie's comment after the


game, slightly criticising Jason but Jason took it all in good heart.


Well, Nicky, three down here? He might be tempted with this. I know


he has only one bowl here, but it would clear the road. He is looking


for the draw. The last time in this direction it didn't work for them


and he lost three. Claire likes this one. Come on, up you come. Needs to


hurry. A clear run. I think it was good, I


think he would have drawn the shop. Clear run he was there. He will be


happy to have that one in. I don't think he has enough weight


to turn that. Just another foot or so would have made the gap,


probably. If Nicky looking at this, just a


forehand draw, hoping to promote his last bowl. I think so, 6-4, you


really don't offer the opportunity to pick up doubles and trebles. So


just try and keep it nice and tight. Well, sometimes, there is a bit of


movement and he he resets himself. He is pretty good at doing that. I'm


not out. Which means he is inside the line. Therefore he will dive. He


will dive because his weight is good.


I tell you a loshgts he will give a will the for another one. The front


plant is kicking the edge of the other one. But no more bowls left


for him. I don't think there is much on Forestieri Paul. Just the


backhand draw. Possibly 6-6 if he makes another one. I don't think he


should be looking at anything here. Just a draw from the backhand.


There are the trophies. A sturdy box required, I think. Ye, a nice trophy


there. I bet your ones at home are full of


jelly beans or something. Gathering dust somewhere I'm sure, David.


Unlucky, Paul, good weight. UMPIRE: Won shot, Foster and Field.


-- one shot. It's ban high-quality match. Some


lovely bowling. Good draws, good conversion shots. Two leads having a


decent battle. Becs just shading it slightly. Claire's had a couple of


really, really good ends and obviously putting bowls in the right


positions to allow Nicky Brett to do damage.


That's what I say to people all the time when you are playing in rinks,


don't get too jack focussed. Hit bowls in the head. As you say, it is


not all about getting close to the jack. The practical side vital in


the game, most obviously in team events. You've got to know where the


bowls are going to go and where the jack ends up. But both - I would


agree, both the girls are leading well. Claire's settled into her


game. Run all you can now. And again. All you've got.


The expressions of the players. She's just rolling her eyes there.


Well, she's in the that short, only 18 to 20 inches according to Paul. !


This is a good change of hand here from Rebecca. Drawn the shot.


APPLAUSE It might be worth changing but she's


sticking with it for now on her backhand. Opening bowl was good.


Only 20 inches. Just a slight direction. The line's good.


She promoted her own bowl, but not enough. Her weight was good. If


she'd missed it, it is probably going to cancel it out now, I would


think, play the other side. Fine. Turn it over similar thing.


Just draw to it, if you get to this, good.


She's got a chance with this one. Big chance. Well-played. Very well


played. Well, Paul on his favoured side. You


would expect him to be close here. A great effort. It's also very handy


there and Nick will be aware of that. I think he is and that's why


he is change to the forehand side. This will be going deep, probably


trying to be a yard past the jack. This game almost deserves to go into


the last end w a shoot out. Very good, well done. Well done.


This is a more positive line from Paul. Playing this with a little bit


of weight. Looks to be slightly under. But where is the jack going,


if he touches the green and it is moving, there is a bowl lurking back


there. There it is. Not that far away. Just a bowl underneath the


line with Paul Foster's last delivery. Nick needs this one in.


Come on. Just lay it here. Super bowl. They'll be going into


the last end three-down. Obviously Nick's last bowl a perfect front


toucher. Paul has come down to look at T he has got a red bowl. There's


front plants available. All sorts of things could happen in the drive.


We'll see. That's Paul's view. It is a wide head, Andy, I think he will


get into this. There is an element of a hit and hope about it. I think


so, backhand runner looks good. Any movement to the jack will move to


the red bowl. Just needs to hit the target. Needs that front planter.


Will he get it right? Well, took one out. That's good. He


was in the target area. He had absolutely no idea where the jack


was going to go. Not bad. No, he has taken one away. About 15 inches here


I would think for Nicky to draw another. So this is a big bowl. He


is aware the ball is right on top of the jack, so he can not afford to


touch the shot bowl, the jack would move. He has to be very careful with


this. See if he can drift in jack high and


make a double. He is trying hard now. It'll drop away I think.


They're having a measure. Well, he had to be careful, Andy, but at the


same time, another one would've been useful. Yes, I'm sure he slightly


annoyed at himself. Three up in the last end was good. It is reachable.


A double with six bowls in particular. A lot harder when it was


only two bowls each. Obviously the counts have come up and there have


been two threes in this game already. All the rest have been


single. A mid-length ball or a Midland Jack -- mid-length jack for


Claire to get to. And again. And again. Two feet. Always looking for


good weight with the first bowl, but when you are playing with players of


this kind of quality, behind the jack is almost better. You don't


want to block the drive to stay out of trouble. Correct. Just needs a


couple of feet. The good close second in here. Overcorrected on it.


Just needs to get down off the line. Not showing much reaction. Without


the touch it was so much better, but it is dropping in.


She knew it was too high, but that the is coming around which good.


It's Paul's option now. The choice is really here for Paul Foster, but


what do you think, Andy? Will he attack it only? He will play with


weight, but it could be an awkward weight. He did try to get another


bowl ahead. Missed the front one. Now that is actually not too bad. It


has opened up the gap on the backhand, but the forehand was


dangerous. This is awkward for Paul. I don't think he can get back off of


the red bowl, not with weight. This is the type of shot back at your own


club you could probably play well, but on this portable, once again we


see him going, but he might get a result here. Oh! He just about got


the red bowl. He has opened up on the forehand now. Let's see if Nick


goes deeper with this. He has and rightly so, Nick. It will be on the


forehand now. That is a good bowl. Just needs to come down very


quickly. It is a big bending bowl. Oh, my goodness me. His own bowl


fell in against the bias. This is going to be close. I think Nicky


will be coming in with a forehand, trying to draw the shop bowl. He


needs another one in. Probably forehand draw. I would love to know


the line. Clear is calling this. I don't think


he is going to make it. I'm not sure whether line is, whether it is one


or two. It needed the perfect shot and Paul


is more than capable of playing it. He is looking at the backhand. My


goodness me. I think the reason he is looking at that is because he


might need the line as well. We need to know who is lying the shop. --


shot. If he is 1-0 down, it is a good shot on the bowl. Not getting


anything from the officials, but if he is on the forehand it must be


line one. He is not going to get back. Paul will know. He knows his


bowls very well, as all be top players do. Nobody is making a


decision here. If it is wrong it doesn't matter, it really matter.


Happy enough to give the one shop. You know you have won the set. Paul


knew he was just slightly on the outside. 7-6, ath the reflection in


terms of scoreline, but in terms of the overall match, I think it should


have been a draw. Yes. Nicky Brett and clear Johnson will be delighted


that they have one set lead. -- Claire Johnston. Nick did play some


big ends. Then Claire came in and it was an even competition. Both


players started to play well. In the early part of the set Nicky Brett


showed his class. That is understandable. Claire was just


getting into it and she is well in the groove now.


I spoke to David Gourlay this morning and the Scottish squad will


be announced soon. That will get things going. Social media will be


alive. Who is in, who is not in. I don't think we will go down that


path in case we get some letters in. It does not matter who they pick, it


is always going to be a conversation piece. No difference whatsoever. The


good head of bowls already. Nick is right on it, Claire has a chance to


move it with this one. She might be over the weight with this one. That


is all right, that is OK. Too anxious to get to the shot, but a


good line. A very good bowl from Rebecca. Judy


Potter is there. My goodness, look at that. Cream and lemon. It is a


new one. Icon remember that one. You know them all. She has got racks of


them! Nick is playing this with attacking weight. He is very close.


Oh, that has opened it up. It'll give him a chance. A very good bowl.


He clears the third bowl which is very heavy now he comes into play.


If this drifts across it might help. Looking far too inviting now for


Nicky. It depends. He is playing the hard weight, Andy. Urging the ball


back. Close to it. Superb weight. Nick of the Red Bull, trails a jack.


He was still getting it. -- of the red bowl. He needs to hold it. And


it will help. It is going to drop and offer an opportunity. That bowl


is almost locked in and the two greens will disappear, so Nick is


aware he needs another one in. I am just looking to see what weight


it is. This front one is in the way, but if he can get onto that one it


is possible the two Greens will disappear. 100%. Not easy to get to


the red one, but if he does he'll get a good result. There is red on


the outside edge of the mat. Mrs the front ones, he is very close. He is


not getting down. -- he misses the front ones. If he had known that


from six yards out... Good effort. Nicky Brett again turning their head


around. Beautiful arena here at Potters result. We are being very


well looked after a pit in the commentary box. We certainly are. We


made a comment about jellybeans and two minutes later they appear. And


many other suites are available from many other manufacturers. You are


being spoilt. Yes, and the coffee appears. It's like being at home.


The girls are never at home, they are too busy out enjoying


themselves! Write-up now. Run. And again. And


again. Good stuff. Well done. That is fine. Good. Any touch that


will get past to the last ball is good. There are some advantages to


the indoor game, of course. You don't have to worry about the


weather conditions, but the standard of play in terms of the distances


from the jack is somewhat different as well. Well done. We're good.


Another one. Claire hasn't got the shock, but she has got two good ones


in there. With indoors, the commentary box is very comfortable.


It's a bit different when you're outside at the top of the stand.


Good stuff. Excellent stuff. Rain in Glasgow, bugs in India, bogs in


Melbourne. You can't win. Yes, it is too comfortable here for you, David!


The crew love it as well. They are not hanging from some gantry with 50


mile and I were wins and lashing rain and all the rest of it. We are


all happy boys and girls. Nick is attacking this. Lots of chances. Bad


result. Really horrible result. That is a bit crawl back. It hit the


target perfectly. Everything went out, now he is back to the draw.


Normally he would go again, but he doesn't have anything close though


it's a bit of a problem. Such a confident player on the forehand


runner. He has got this perfectly. Oh, not another one? Oh, dear me! To


perfect strikes, to bad results. Oh, dear me, that is just awful. Any


connection with the jack moving was good for him. Paul Foster will keep


his concentration to add another. I expect number two to be going in


now. I think Nick will surely play this differently now because if he


misses or go through the gap, he will end up losing three. I don't


know if I agree with this one. I don't know if I agree with that one,


Nicky. This is not an easy three. I understand what he was doing. He had


all the position at the back to work with, but missing it will be costly.


He is guaranteed to drop three here. Such confidence, Nicky, in playing


the running bowl, that is why he played it. Suffering the


consequences now, dropping a three. APPLAUSE


Good quality there. Played really well. Good correction here from


Claire. Well played, very well played. Good job.


That was the one to arrive at it. If you miss it, you come through. Yes,


because it blocks Paul from playing any. The bowl at the top of the


screen, the red one, it blocks any option that he was going to play.


Actually, that is OK. It gives another shot and there is still good


stuff from both players. I think the three polls has helped actually,


particularly in the mixed pairs. It has been very beneficial. We are


seeing more heads built up. More shots played, strategies. Maybe


people feel with a two bowl game, that's not necessary, but I think


there is a case for both. Absolutely. I have a personal


preference to have three balls and the opposition to have two. I think


I need five or six and the opposition should have won! Need a


bit of instruction here from Rebecca. Choices are you are still


looking to fall off mine or falling off the back line. She is giving


poll a -- she is giving Paul a chance. That is a good shot to look


at. A good backhand shot. He's not sure. He doesn't know. Be positive


Rebecca. Told him what to play. I think it gets to the stage where you


just have to say look, Paul, just play it. She has given him too many


options. Very close. Yes, that's good. That's good.


The last bowl is just that through. This one here is probably two feet


in front. I don't know whether you could play it in there, or there is


a draw here. Come on. Come on... He works to get


in front of it. A good bowl. Pour indicating he's going to play the


backhand draw. It is an open draw. Just can't afford to be too heavy on


it because there are a lot of green bowls back there. This is his


favourite side, so I wouldn't expect them to be far away here. Very


close. Perfect. He has played for the double. Still there. Just


touched it and dropped away, but I think it is still there. He has got


one. A good bowl, a very good bowl. Straight at that angle when they hit


a ball and it stays up. Rebecca said well played, so same type of shot


for Nicky. If he could trail this a yards, he could top it. He is well


under. The shot tempted him, to play the yard on, but it is so hard.


I really hope I've pushed that... No.


And again. Keep rolling. All you can. Well done, well done. A really


good battle. After the first three or four ends, Claire has really


settled in. I agree. It has been a good game. They've provided some


very good balls. It is changing quite a bit. It's not a case of


draw, draw, draw. Maybe I'm coming round to it. It just makes it


exciting. I think that is the nature of the game when it comes to shot


play and they are moving the game along quickly. That is the worry,


that the change wouldn't work, but it has. Play your two bowls and that


is almost it, isn't it? I think that was a lot like the shot


put. I didn't like it when it came out, but of got used to it. Maybe


players will get used to a three bowl game. Great strike. Onto the


response position, bowls following through. -- respot.


You adapt to the different styles and you make it work for you. Change


things into a situation that favours your play. The changes for the


better hopefully. He's the up and down and he is a fit guy, believe


me. He has made it up to the end. The two skippers have to walk


together. The walls are very clear about that. All part of keeping the


game moving and the match continuing. That is just going to


drop under. Two of the fastest players on the


circuit up there, Paul Foster and Nick bre. That was a bit risky. But


he has played it well. Very well. Right up to the edge.


APPLAUSE I don't think Nick uses any


time-outs when he is playing his singles game. He just gets on with


it. It's so rare. A better try from Paul this time.


Will he hold up? Will he get the gap? The important bit? Oh, my


goodness me, Andy. On another day, that just makes the gap. Good bowl.


Got the edge. This is different, going for the bowl.


Oh, Claire, can we see? On the high side. Unlucky. He thought that was


there. He honestly thought that was there. A shake of the head. He


reckoned he'd made that. Just held off.


Well, Paul lying 1. Needs another bowl in. He knows Nicky will run at


this again. I expect Paul could draw here another. -- another here.


Where he finishes is the question? Oh, he has let Nicky in here, this


is a chance. He has indeed. Same bowl from Nicky, try to run the


other one out and score two or three. Jack's good, too. A hard shot


being on the respot but he'll be close. He's got this all the way.


A brilliant bowl. Takes it out. Makes the double. Well, played Nicky


breath but Paul will be mad at himself. UMPIRE: Two shots, Brett


and Johnston. A chance for him to get second bowl in. 4-3 up on this


set. A big turn around. A massive turn


around. Yes, it was. If Paul scored a one or a two there, they were


favourites. But a big two from Nicky keeps it tight.


Right back, right back. Yeah, decent, well-played, well-played.


APPLAUSE The jack's been moved around a fair


bit at different lengths. The leads are doing well to keep a track of


it. It is not easy, they can't get into a rhythm. You sort of think if


they get six or eight lengths at similar length, they can get into a


rhythm. But they are having to make adjustments. Run. Well-played. Very


good. APPLAUSE. We saw in the men's final


yesterday, it was generally long all the time. I think I heard some


comment yesterday, in the full day's play, there was only two jack


lengths under 25m. 25 and 23. It just shows you that long has been


the favourite length. And again, even if you hit the odd green one or


to the red, as well. Yes, we have gurus buried away out the back


telling us these things, Andy, experts. That will keep. I should


have left you, sorry. Or as one of my friends back home calls them,


gurieres. Rebecca's opening two bowls, a yard through. Needs to


adjust slightly. This looks to be under. Well, if she's got extra


weight on t it'll hold. Unlucky. Just dropping now


It's fair to say Rebecca has had a good game. This not her best end but


she's not had many like that. So Nick hoping to drop the wing bowl


out of the way if he can. A little bit of a shoulder for Paul Foster to


use, and he wants to move it. Does he get it right? Well, he has used


it himself. It'll be interesting to see what Paul does, whether he draws


it or plays through it. Come on, back now, back now, jack,


jack. OK. It's close, I would maybe say this


is the shot. Keep running, right up. A very good


bowl by Nick Brett to recover the situation. And we welcome back our


viewers in Wales. In the meantime what you've missed or maybe had the


chance to see, the first set very close, 6-6 all the way through --


7-6 all the way through to the last shot. It was exciting stuff and the


second set, 4-3 after four ends. Once again, excellent bowling, a lot


of shot play. A lot of head scratching from the skips.


It is difficult here for Rebecca, asking Paul really what to play.


Quite simply Paul would like to have a look at this one but Rebecca,


you're going to have to be quite strong. That looks to me forehand


shot. I think if you played aer if hand, reached through the head. Bowl


or jack. Yes. Looks good. He has his own on the way in.


I think that's what he is playing. Good call, Rebecca. He is in the


area. Very much in the area for the jack.


Lovely weight. Beautiful weight he played that. It is a hard shot to


play, Andy. Across the head as well. He played it to perfection. He has


made one or two out of that. Here we see the final delivery. Bowl out,


jack movement, good. But he is happy with that. That is one or two.


Looking at this, I think it is a backhand draw. If it is two shots, I


think it probably is. The back position is all against him. So, the


difficulty he is probably thinking about is - if I draw the shot,


Paul's got one left to run it and lose a three or a four. I don't


think he's got any choice, though. To me it is just a backhand draw,


hoping that the ball finishes in a good position. I don't think there


is an attacking shot on here, really. We are showing one red at


the moment but we have a feeling that it might be two. It makes a


difference. Just played the backhand draw.


Just going to drift, is it? I think it will, I think it'll fall away.


Well, this has to be tempting here for Paul. I think Paul will be


trying to draw another, really. Lying the one. If he does trail the


jack, gets the bonus but I think it is really just a draw. Yes, last


end, needing three, the shot would be obvious. But this is a close set.


Always on the high side. Safe side. UMPIRE: One shot, Foster and Field.


Quality match. Good stuff all round. That's a good picture that isn't it?


Very, very good and it gives us an independencation of the size of the


international arena here. Good stuff. A full size green underneath


the portable rink. You will the way back now. Very


good, Becs. -- all the way back.


She didn't like that. She didn't right away. She knew it wasn't good.


Not quite. She knew out of the hand that it wasn't right. OK, Claire,


ignore that one. Ye, as long as you know. It is when you let them go and


you think you are close and you are five feet away. Yes that's a big


problem. Everybody playses a loose delivery. Forget about it Claire,


get on with the next one. Right down now. Right down.


Well-played. It's good. Good correction. Great recovery ball. It


is a very strange thing, isn't it, Andy, you are talking to an


inanimate object. Chatting away to the ball, bend, run, stay up. As if


it is going to listen. But we all get involved. It never will listen.


But it is all part of the game, isn't it? That encouragement.


Paul Foster is having a look here. A great ball. A perfect ball. Toucher.


I think when you are calling the ball, it is as much for the players,


just play it. We are used to play international bowlses. And there's


plenty of people there just shouting and noise. We'll look forward to


that in Belfast. We'll welcome you. A kind rub there for Nicky. I can't


believe that one. A bit of a tease there from Nick. Yes you will be at


Belfast for two greens, but we'll just use one of them. A big club.


One of the greens blue? Both are. It is a big, big club,


Andy. Yes, I have been there a few times. Looking forward to it. And of


course you can have a quiet sherbert at the end and walk back to the


hotel. Yes, perfect situation. Yes, looking forward to it. The Mm, Nick,


well, you want to be through this at least. If he gets past the short


one. Yes, there it is, now he is past that. Well, that's a little bit


different. Yes, gives him options I think with his final delivery.


Certainly does. Paul not thinking too hard about this. I think he's


just trying to draw the shot bowl. Yes, looking to drop on the green


bowl or turn on the jack. That will make a big difference to the set.


Hurry. Oh, just dropped under. I thinks' got to play this, Andy.


Looks like a reasonable running bowl on the backhand side. I think it is


there for him if he wants to play it. Paul's last bowl actually helps


on the plant as well if he goes narrow. The trouble ator if hand is


if he comes off the green bowl and draws back he'll probably give


another shot away. It looks like an attacking backhand shot. I think


that's what he is playing. And he is looking at this. I think he is very


close. Now, ye, indeed. The red bowl stopped and he is picking up a


double here. Perfect strike. Good strike. -- yes indeed.


That brings them back level. UMPIRE: 5-5 after six ends.


Well some interesting people up there, David Gower lay in the middle


and Neil Ferman from the USA. Opposition tomorrow morning, aren't


they? I think they're playing each other. Oh, there you go. Choke him


now, David, och, he doesn't deserve that, Neil's a nice guy. He learned


his bowls in South Africa before moving to... I think he lives in


California. I have no sympathy for him whatsoever. None. David Gower


lay lives just south of Barcelona. It just gets worse. They are making


us so jealous. -- David Gourlay. The business end of the set now,


three ends to go. Paul needs to score to get us into a tie-break.


Probably deserves a tie-break I would think, David. It's that sort


of game. Yes, a bit like yesterday. It's a very, very good game.


Highly entertaining for everyone. A bit of something to keep all our


viewers and speculators happy. I think the bowl has been very good.


Greg's game this morning and the two pairs games. Quality bowling,


really. Absolutely. It gives me the impression of the


rink of allowing that as well. Excellent.


Just needs to bend. Just on the high side.


About an inch-and-a-half off. Inch-and-a-half. That means you can


play away at that without too much damage being done if she touches her


own bowl. If the jack had been against the bowl she could have'


moved it away. Looking pretty good again.


Well, that might tempt him playing something. I think don't think Nick


would have happy with that, it has probably dropped the backhand draw


out. Well, he needs a close ball at 5-5. He has to think about getting


something in there, before he plays an attacking shot. Yes, 3-down, he


will be happy with second bowl here. He was in the area. Oh, he has found


the gap. That's unlucky. Yes and he is on the seam which held him up. It


didn't allow him to drawback. That's a big difference missing that bowl.


That looks like number four coming N Perfect. The perfect spot. Got to be


tempting but it is a big, big head. It is tempting, too tempting. Going


for it. Needs to get down to the jack, though. That edge was massive.


That was a massive edge to get. He was finding the gap there without


the edge. I think he might have even, well, just taken one away,


four down. But that was a big, big result. UMPIRE: One green measure. I


think Paul would've expected it to happen. It was a probably target.


Paul has two bowls to Nick one. Still advantage Paul and Rebecca to


score on this end. Good now. It started to bend away from this side.


That's the one. Oh, I think I've left it on me toe.


That means it isn't up. Which means Paul is in with a chance of drawing


another but Nick knew that out of the hands. He played a great ball


with the second delivery. He didn't get that away good but a big, big


chance for Paul Foster to score two. And then that will be 7 with two


ends to go. A nice little break to get. Good height.


Number two coming in. You never think something is a foregone


conclusion but you can see that coming in. UMPIRE: Two shots, Foster


and Field. Well done, Becs. Very impressive,


David. She really has. She played the backhand. Her hand, I felt has


been tricky but she played it well, Rebecca. Sometimes it is down to the


size of the bowl. Right down now, Claire, well done, very good. That


was a good replay. Very good. Both these players are using strong


biassed bowls as well. Again, both leading on different hands.


It's good, Becs, keeping turning. Yes, shot.


Well, Claire, can you repeat the same delivery? She's close, too.


Come on, all you've got, all you've got. Good bowl, well done. Good


effort. I I know it is not easy. If you can touch t it is great, if you


come by, it is good. He is telling her to change hands. Good


instructions. Making sure she is arriving at the head with two feet


of running. Now, wider with any pace you are good. Paul was happy. I


think there is no skip in the world will be unhappy with that. No, good


leading from Rebecca and a good opposition bowl. Paul two-up, so in


a good position, he knows if he scores he'll probably win it so Niki


needs to score here. Claire has enough to carry this all the way to


the jack. Or slide off the red? Hurry, hurry. Well-played. Oh, it is


going to draw. A great bowling. At the At the other side it was perfect


for the double. It is the bowl falling back, that's the problem.


Good stuff. Unlucky, Claire. Paul will just try to hide this jack


away. It is still an inviting target for Nicky. So trying to take the


shot away from Niki. -- Nicky. Lacking. He is but where is it going


to go? Well, Nick has a choice here. If he gets the grown bowl on to the


red, that's probably the perfect result. Will he bend?


The bowl is going to stay on the green so that gives him more options


later. Paul should still be thinking of pulling the jack through. That's


what he tried to play with the previous delivery, it dropped shot.


If he gets it right it'll take Nick's shot away. Missed the line


again. Under again. He slapped his thigh there. He knows he is giving


Niki chances here. Sorry. It's all right. There we see the deepest


bowl. That might come into play shortly. Nick doesn't waste any


time. Bowl. Bowl. Well done. Always looked good for that.


Jack through was worth the double as well. Catches it perfectly. And


takes two. Paul Foster has to be very careful here. He can't remove


his own bowl. I think Paul will just be trying to draw this. The whole


position of the head has been changed. He can't afford to run his


own bowl out. Two-down, not a disaster.


Is he high enough? He is calling it as being away. He would know better


than anyone. He is absolutely right. So, this'll be an interesting one


for Nick Brett. Will he really risk this? Or will he take the two? If he


gets a three, he can afford to lose a single on the last end. Well, you


see by scoring a two it makes no difference. I think I would be a


devil, try to plant the bowl out. If he scores a three, a big advantage.


Massive. Two makes no difference. Paul Foster will have the last bowl.


Yes. I think I would gamble here. He also has the deepest bowl. You are a


gambling man, I've never heard so much gambling talk from you, except


up here. I'm good with other people's money. Go on, Niki, gamble.


Even in the ditch is two. I think I would be positive. Trying to draw.


It is a dangerous thing to do, any touch on the jack he'll lose the set


effectively. Gets half jack he is all right but


he's got the wrong side of it. Well, I think he's got away with that. He


has and only just. On the high side it was worth four.


Oh, a wee blow of the cheeks I would think for that one.


It is a great match. It really is. ! Both the pairs have given us drama


haven't they? Right up to the end. In the open pairs we had a 7-7


scoreline in the first set. And a 7 of 6 going into the last end in the


second set. Yes, very similar, similar gauges really. Absolutely.


7-6 in this first set for the Johnson breath pairing and now a


quun-end shoot out. -- a one-end shoot out. Hang around and grab with


both hands. Not bad. A toucher. Run all you can now, and again, and


again. Looking for best back. If he is calling that one through? Yes.


Well, I would say nobody is basically lying, you would have to


say, at the moment. That's the thing about the indoor


game, it's very hard to score shots when you are any more than a few


inches away. Well, that's the shot. Well, she is on a better line this


time. Will she hold up? She will just dive away, I think. It is a


good effort. It is in the area. She is close with this. Asking


people to settle. I think she will just try to turn the jack if she


can. Don't think she could do much more than she has done. Claire has


got good position balls. He will draw with the first ball and he will


be tempted with the second too. Just a draw here.


Close. Has he got the gap? He has. That is a very good bowler. Just


unlucky. The jack in particular would have been absolutely perfect


with that weird. Changing to his favoured backhand side. How close


can you get bowl? Very close, the answer is. That is very good. That


one is coming across on his forehand. That is a very good ball.


That is not a lot of room. Even if you drop, it will still be against


you. He is going with weight. He favours


beforehand. I'm not sure if he will get a great result here. Jack, no.


But he has opened it up. That is what he was looking for. I think


bowl needs another bowl in here because I think Nicky will be


running at this again. One foot in the tie-break. The crowd love a


tie-break. They do, they certainly do. It is the players on the Green


who don't enjoy them. Will he then took to the centre? Is that third


shot? If it is not third shot, Nick Wilco again. It is. That is a big


difference. Taking the two bowls and would not be an advantage. He needs


the jack. He has a choice. He played a great first ball. I am thinking he


might play this just slightly over the weight. Hard to pick the


line-out. Playing the same role he played with his first. Just has to


give it a chance. Cannot afford to be short. He looks under. Definitely


under. He needs help of the red. It is tie-break time.


Applause from the audience, rightly so. Once again, we are treated to a


great game. We won the toss, bowl, give it away. Bowl Foster will want


the last bowl. Yes, everybody once the last bowl. There hasn't been a


dramatic difference in life is here, so there is no tactical advantage.


Both pairs are happy with the medium length jack. A bit of drama to come


yet, I think. If you bounces of the jack.


That one is not going to hold the line. That is all right. That is OK.


Tie-break rules are different, of course. Just scored the shot,


doesn't matter about how many you score, just when the end. There are


?3. -- three ends. Harry, Harry. Some nervous stuff out


there now. The short ball is not the place to be, because Nick has such a


good ball. Rebecca looks like she is under.


Just under as well. I wouldn't play that game. -- that I gain. There is


enough room to draft. I don't think she will hold that


line. It is her forehand. She is still under. That will not be


shocked at the end. The shock is not currently on the green. Both the


chaps will beat that. How close can Rebecca get? She will probably get


the shot. It is not bad. I don't think any of the balls on the green


here will be counting. It is almost like a 3-goal single between bowl


and Nicky. A lot of debris in the way.


Good line from bowl. All about pace now. It is a swinging ball. That is


good. That is very good. We talked earlier about Claire APPLAUSE


Short ball. That is blocking beforehand. That is


stopping the forehand runner. It's oh dear. Look where he is finishing.


The green bowl has come to the reshot. It is a distance away. Still


nothing close. It is still two against one. It is still in bowl's


advantage. -- bowl's advantage. How close can you get? Pretty close, by


the look of it. He wants to stay just in front of it. It is good.


Nick would be better come up and having a look at the angles on this.


Try to draw the shot. A tough one. Will he bend, I don't think he will?


He is over at the weight, he is not going to get it. He was making sure


he was there. Advantage to foster and Field. They


take the opening end. The game is now pushed well into its


second hour. I had a feeling that was probably going to be the case.


It has been close to a two and a half hour game. It has been good.


Interesting all the way through. The time has been flying through. I have


enjoyed this one. I think Claire was making sure she


was behind that. Yes, yes, rightly so. Just wrong. Still a reasonable


target. Two good balls. I think Claire is being positive with this


line. Very. Just need to drop down. The extra weight might hold off.


Good effort. The wait was very good. I thought it was about a yard


heavier than that. I thought she was more aggressive, but not far away.


Rebecca will be looking to try to see this end, took the jack away.


Bowl Foster looks interested. Well played. That will create all sorts


of havoc. Nicky resisting the temptation to go at this. These


shots are difficult when you have been used to playing draw shot all


along. Trying to provide a shoulder. Still heavy. There it goes. Nick


will be forced into playing something very, very special here.


Bowl Foster speaking to Rebecca, just trying to find out where the


jack Wilco. They are losing the spot on the jack, so it is a fair call.


It is a hard shot to beat. You can really improve on the hit. If you


can't improve the hit you have to go for position.


He will be going for the spot on the other side. That is one covered.


Nick really well do well to get this out with the first ball. He has no


choice. It is the HRT has available. The problem is he will have to


invest another one to get out of. Both the spots will be covered. This


is looking difficult for Nick Brett. Certainly wide enough to gain. That


is the two spots covered and the combination of Field and Foster have


one hand on the trophy. Nick must do something here, you feel. Close.


Great strike. Brilliant strike. That is a hard shot, a very hard shot.


I'm not sure if the crowd realised how difficult that was. Not much


applause. It was a brilliant ball. There is space, he will try to get a


lot closer with this one. Foster is about 18 or 19 inches short. Nicky


has given them a chance here. It depends on how close Foster can get.


He has already played one ball there, so he knows exactly what to


do. The problem for Nicky is that he has to have, where are you going? He


asked to have room to get to it. How close is this one going to get? He


is closer, let's put it that way. He is definitely closer. Six inches.


Just a backhand drop for Nicky now. Not easy with the game against you.


The game against you, for inches, he could draw two balls, but there is


too much of a gap between them. It is not worth it. It will be hard to


get back after two running balls. A backhand draw. One hand on the


trophy and the other ready to grab it. He is on a good line. You know


what, he is very closely. He is very close. They shot to save the match.


Well done bowl Foster. I heard him say. Brilliant stuff. Brilliant.


That is what we like to see. A good shot from Foster. Absolutely. Both


players have been here before. They know what it is like. The opposition


plays an absolute bomb on it. What a beautiful bowl that was. Just


brilliant, just brilliant. For inches. I tell you what, if there


were nerves out there before, there will be even more now.


That is tight, Claire. Push it out. That is one thing you cannot afford


to do. A bit like the first end. Just calm yourself down a bit,


Claire. It is hard. I know it is difficult.


That was brilliant from Nick Brett had that and draw within for inches.


To get out of that was fantastic. World-class, absolutely world-class.


Now, Claire, and your body and led the ball flew out onto the line. --


angle your body. She will know. Nick says one in the middle next time.


The line was pretty good. I think that reaction says there is


something not right about this. None of these balls are going to count at


the moment. Both the chaps would like something within six inches.


Nicky says Bibi Wright weight. I bet he is hoping it is. I bet he is


hoping it is. -- be the right weight. There would be a big smile


on Claire Johnston's face is that stays there. What was I doing with


the first two? I am not sure if she is enjoying this or not. It is


testing, no doubt. I know that we are. It is great.


Rebecca drops short. Possibly blocked Foster's favoured hand.


Let that won't do a little bit. It has given Foster room. The big


shoulder was always going to be running through. Foster, sticking to


the backhand, needs another one in. It just looks to be slightly blocked


out. He has so much confidence in his own ability to come around


things. He is very close. Passes the short one. That probably needed


another food or so. He is blocked and now, he cannot play the


backhand. Again, you almost feel the shot is not yet on the green. Nicky


needs a good one. He has let it go again. He knew that was out of the


hand and it was absolutely right. He has let it go again. Chance after


chance here. It has to be forehand draw for Foster. And the reaction?


He is usually pretty good. Rebecca is looking at this. It has a big


brood on the ball, but won't make it. This will go down to the last


bowl on the last end of a word mixed pairs final. I am glad they are on


the green and not me. You'd love it. There is nothing better than the


pressure to get the last bowl. No change in the shot. Still trying to


draw because shot. There are three or four players in the world you


would like to be out there and two of them are on the green. Have you


corrected, Nicky? Still looks high. He is going to frame it. He is going


to frame it. It is two shots, but he has friended. The back position


favours the green. I think Foster might nominate to destroy this end.


This is the only time you can destroy it and have it replayed. He


has two nominated. There is a chance for the two balls at that angle. I


agree, this is awkward. The other option is to play a heavy shot until


he kicks up the jack and attaches to one of the red ones. He has


nominated to kill. I agree. He has to play at. There are all sorts of


chances there. He has to be, from the outside green one, that is the


absolute limit he can go wide. He has gone for a jack, trying to put


the jack out of the ring. The reason being, he is two shots down. We


could go through this all again. Nick's bowl Freeman has decided what


he would do. This one will come down fast. -- framing it. Brilliant,


absolutely brilliant. What a strike. We are going to play this again.


That is as heavy as it gets. You have to keep the bones back and stop


that is the rude, that you take the bones back. Absolutely fantastic


strike. No messing about. Full concentration. Just got the half


edge on the inside. Didn't really wanted food, to be fair. Food would


have been in the ditch. Could not have played that only better. So, on


the first replay and of the third end in the tie-break. That is all


they are allowed to do. They are only allowed to kill it once as a


team. I think both players will be thinking, we have got to go through


this again. Nick Brett cannot nominated to destroy the end. So, we


could end up playing at another time. Yes, we could. One of the ruse


is the Leeds cannot kill the end. I really cannot understand that, to be


truthful. I did have a look at it is true. It is in the rooms, a could


read it. It is a new one to everyone, I think. Says clearly in


the 3rd of March director, each skip will be entitled to kill the end


once. They must clearly declare the nomination. I think that is a new


one for all the players. However, that is not where you want to be.


You want to give Nicky the option to drive at it. Need to be in with the


next one. Claire and Nicky had one hand on the trophy in the last end.


They certainly did. You don't see Foster going with that much weight


that often. Nicky pushing the boat out.


There is only one bowl to go, Claire, don't worry.


You have to love the excitement of the game, don't you? Anyone who


thinks bowls is boring should have a look at this. The games have been


good this year. They have been superb. Some very good single


schemes, some very good team games. This is slightly different. Not


hearing much from Nick. Foster has already uploaded the ball. Just look


slightly different on the way down. That is a very good bowler. He said


you could still draft. Should the gap between the ball and the jack.


Three or four inches. It is very much there. It is available to be


played off the shoulder. It depends on the weight. I don't think she is


that far away. Just holding slightly. I didn't think she was


that far away. Blocked the path for the drop. And he knows that. It was


a very good effort. Not far away, Rebecca. You can tell she is going


mad, just looking at. She is thinking, please read this over.


Certainly advantage to Nicky and Claire at the moment. The line is


clear and a good shot. Just a bit over the weight. Foster just tries


to promote the red and push the green belt, maybe. A difficult shot.


It is a hard shot. We have to get it absolutely perfect. He has a


difficult backhand shot. To promote the red is difficult. It is a health


board she is looking for. -- a half bowl. Possibly bowl and clean if he


gets it on the time. He has been playing these runners under. Well,


actually, that is a lot better. A lot better for Foster. He will be


happy. That is a good result, actually.


Paul will not be disappointed in any way with that. Needs to come back


in, and Claire is calling it. It will have go on to the restored.


Only allowed to do it once, and he knows that. Must be in the area.


Very close, what a result! That is a fantastic result. Wow! I thought the


ball had to go with it. An amazing result. Definitely have to see that


again. Look at that, just the angle. That's it, he hit it on the high


side, the Jack went straight back and the green bowl went off to the


side. That's not easy to beat. No commies got about three or four


feet, taking his time here. Quite right, take your time, get yourself


composed. The last bowl of the game for Nikki. This is very difficult.


He played a few big bowls like this against Alex Marshall in the


semifinal, can he play another? He's definitely up. How close to the


ditch? APPLAUSE. Fantastic. Who's down at the business end, you can


tell. There's no doubt about it, this has been gladiatorial I think.


The skips have been knocking nine bells out of each other.


Sensational. The red bowl that they could see nearest the green is


blocking the path. I think you can probably time it around because it


is so close to the ditch but if he tries to draw it on the backhand, he


has to get within one foot. I think it's fair to say the three bowl


mixed pairs is it. I think it is here to stay! What do you do, Paul?


This is fantastic stuff, it really is. What can Paul do here? I think


he will try to push the bowl out on the forehand. The timing shot is


available. Let's see if he draws this, this will be shot of the week.


He's trying to draw it, all what bowl this would be. Paul Foster, one


of the few players in the world that would even attempt this. The line is


good. Oh! He was right to try and draw it because he had so much


confidence in his ability. I have to say, that is one of the best


pairings I have ever seen. Wonderful game, anybody could have won the


tournament but well done to Claire and Nikki.


Rightly so, a standing ovation. Without a shadow of a doubt. Great


bowls, right from the first end we were treated to something very


special. There were so many good bowls.


Claire is coming on looking very relaxed, I have to say. The first


new pens were tense, but Nikki Brett was doing a lot of damage. Paul


Foster, doing what he does best, forcing Nikki into playing running


bowls, but Brett proves he can draw as well. Then Paul Foster, that was


a great bowl, fantastic delivery. Take a bowl out and stay. Nick Brett


just pulling that through for a double. Going into the last end of


the second set 7-7, but Nick Brett, what a bowl to win the match. Paul


on the reply is just dropped in but honestly that was fantastic bowls,


full entertainment and you couldn't ask for any more than that. Well,


11-10, the total shots scored, just one in it. Claire Johnston's first


final here at Potters and she will remember it.


It was an amazing game, and rightly the players received a standing


ovation but first I will speak to the runners-up. It was a wonderful


want to be involved with, but obviously coming out of the losing


side, what did you make of that dramatic tie-break? It was certainly


something different. Lost for words really, I felt I played probably the


best I've played all week actually. I wanted to set Paul up well, then


Nikki had a good game, so worthy winners. Well played. Paul, you had


to produce some magnificent bowls just stay it. Yes, I thought Rebecca


was brilliant today. This fella here on the end, he played unbelievable,


especially in the first set and deserved to win the first set. We


fought back hard, then the tie-break. Within two inches of the


jack, then he played a wonderful bowl and you have to put your hands


up and say congratulation. He's not the champion for nothing. I threw it


heavy on my last bowl. It was great to be involved in, I wasn't


disappointed to lose, but well done to them because they played really


well. There was lovely sportsmanship between all four players but one


thing we enjoyed was watching your facial expressions all the way


through, Claire. There was exasperation, disbelief, what did


you go through? I just had to dig deep. I'm not used to playing in the


portable rink at this level and these guys are so I had to hold


myself together and give nick something but it has been an honour


for me to come here and play with him. It has been a joy and I will


treasure the moment. You certainly have played your part today as well.


Paul referred to a couple of magical bowls you played, we will go to the


last bowl of the second end tie-break, the penultimate one where


you got the jack, it was fantastic but to produce what Paul said was a


once-in-a-lifetime effort, talk us through that. If you have only got


one in a lifetime, I've wasted it, haven't I?


LAUGHTER. I don't mean wasted it, but I've used it. When it is your


day, sometimes they go your way and I got lucky to bowl a good pace


really. It would have been unlucky to miss. It has been great playing


all week with Claire. I have been missing with runners all over the


show and she just said never mind. She has been great really, just


letting me get on with some good ones. When I played a good one she's


said well done, when I've played bad ones I have apologised and she has


said don't worry about it, just get on with it. Paul and Rebecca were


fantastic today and I'm sweating like a pig here. It was hard work,


but most certainly deserved. Well played to all four players. Sadly


Paul and Rebecca were on the losing end today but a fantastic effort in


defeat. Ladies and gentlemen, the mixed pairs champions 2017, Claire


Johnston and Nicky Brett. Well, it is presentation time now,


ladies and gentlemen, and here to make that presentation, the managing


director of Potters resort, Mr John Potter, and Peter Buoy. And how


about these runners-up, they gave us such a magnificent final. Your


appreciation for Rebecca peel and Paul Foster MBE!


APPLAUSE -- Rebecca Field. Your winners, receiving a line glass


trophy, each cheque and the title of the 2017 mixed pairs match play


champions, it is of course Claire Johnston Nick Brett!


APPLAUSE. Come on, ladies and gentlemen, one


more time. How about these winners there, the 2017 mixed pairs match


play champions, Claire Johnston and Nick Brett!


APPLAUSE. We thought yesterday's performance


in winning the pairs was fantastic, this performance has superseded it


from Claire and Nicky today. A reminder the Australian open tennis


highlights follows us today at 4:45pm on BBC Two, and we are back


with action on the BBC app, BBC sport online. At 7:30pm tonight we


will be showing the match between Wilford and Foster. But up next is a


clash between last year's runner-up, Robert Paxton and Jamie Chestney,


who has broken into the top 16. The format for this match is now active


nine Elms, four bowls each, and there is the shot clock for each


player to be aware of. Firstly we will hear from Jamie Chestney, who


has broken into the top 16. Let's give this a try. I've enjoyed


participating and watching pretty much any sport. I live particularly


close to Exeter Chiefs Rugby ground in Exeter so I get there as often as


I can. Rugby, football, and I play squash, go cycling, so sport is a


major part of my life. I don't play a lot of snooker, no, I have played


a bit here to kill time between matches. I knocked in the 38 break


last week but more by luck than judgment. I was playing with Les


Gillett and Mark Dawes and they will vouch for the fact I cannot get much


straight. I like to play an attacking game. Everyone knows if


you are going to do well in these championships, it is going to be a


job involved to win you the match. The first two bowls are crucial. You


can get yourself out of trouble with attacking bowls but you cannot win


with that. I played Rob here last week in the pairs. We both play in


the same county. In outdoor bowls as well. We have probably played each


other ten, 20 times over the years in various different formats.


We play the qualities the other person has so it will be about who


can perform on the day. It is so tough, every single round you play,


especially against one of the top 16 players, everyone can beat anybody


on their day. The most important thing for me is to go out there and


try to perform to the best of my ability. If I can play well, I give


myself a chance against everybody, but if I don't go out there and


perform, you will be in trouble. The ambition has got to be to try to win


the world indoor singles, it would be the biggest achievement in my


bowls career. Stick to the bowls I think. He has done a pretty good job


of sticking to the bowls. I say he's broken into the top 16 in the last


year, he's earned that but one place is always done well is here, from


the very first time he turned up to Potters. Yes, he likes it here. He's


a very fluent player, he rolls them in well, he's a quick player as we


will see but also a very confident player and this will be a tough test


for Paxton. What about the style of play? We spoke about his


personality, Jamie Chestney, is there something he needs to work on


to send him into the highest stratosphere? Yes, it's about moving


up that gear when he needs to. I played him in the first round of the


Scottish open international... Was he playing that long ago? It was


last November, would you believe it, and I got the last bowl to beat him


so he needs to step up. I think what will happen is he needs to move into


a different gear against Robert Paxton who put him under a lot more


pressure, but Robert Paxton knows he's in the game here. Talk to me


about Robert Paxton because last year was a fantastic effort at


Potters, he's been doing well in the mixed pairs and pairs as well as the


singles. He knows what it is all about, he's been in the pairs. The


thing about Robert Paxton is his very dedicated and he will work


hard. He wants to be world number one and that his drive. Would it be


fair to say Robert Paxton is probably aware where Jamie Chestney


is now? Yes, he really needs to just say to himself what do I want, and


Jamie will want Robert Paxton's place, and Robert Paxton wants Paul


Foster's place. We can hear from Robert Paxton now. The last 12


months have been a fantastic ride, I'm coming here full of confidence


so looking to do well and possibly one game better than last year. I've


had my first child which was a great experience and we have been waiting


a long time for the little one to come along so he's very special to


us. It changes it on the bowls from. The main issue is when you are on


the green and things aren't going quite right, or afterwards, if you


come off after a defeat, you look at pictures and things like that or


hopefully if he's at the venue you forget what happened and get on with


looking after him. It makes things easier really. After a bad defeat.


I've been told there's no chance he will be bowling, from the good lady


at home, but actually someone sent down a set of bowls at three days


old engraved with his full name and date of birth on, which was very


nice, but it's up to him basically. If he wants to give it ago, he can


but Louise wants him to go down the rugby route to be honest. This will


be a tough match for Paxton against Jamie Chestney, emerging as one of


the top players in the world. It is time to hand over to our MC once


again. Richard. Ladies and gentlemen, a former under


25s singles champion, your appreciation please for Jamie


Chestney. APPLAUSE. And this world number


three has had a fruitful few seasons, securing his place in the


world's top 16. Last year 's world indoors singles finalist, your


appreciation, please, for Robert Paxton.


APPLAUSE. Always a tough act to follow when we


have just had the fantastic final but we did with the mixed pairs, and


they produced something special but I'm sure many who watched the final


will remember for quite a while. Robert Paxton and Jamie Chestney are


extremely talented players, and about to do battle here for a spot


in the last 16, and we will go to the commentary box. Greg Harlow has


had a very busy day, Corky. His in there alongside COMMENTATOR: Yes,


Greg is here with me, suitably recovered.


Still a little bit exhausted to be honest. I was going to have a few


beers and remembered I've got to come in here and talk the game so


back to the ring for an hour and relax, and ready for a good game


this afternoon. Beer is not allowed, Greg. Maybe one or two later. Jamie


Chestney, you will know him very well of course. Yes, I've backed him


for a number of years. When he was young I thought he was going to


break through. He sort of didn't quite fulfil his potential then, but


now he's every bit as good as any player on the circuit. He's a very


natural sort of player, Jamie. And Robert Paxton, he has been Mr


consistency over the last while, and he's always at latter stages.


Looking at the second round draw, this is the pick of the matches.


People would class this is a very even match, two top players. I think


now Jamie is secure in the top 16, relaxing little bit more and then


joining the games, whereas obviously when he was trying to break in there


when nerves and pressure on every single game, every point he could


score. He certainly looks more relaxed when he's playing now. Yes,


it's about getting the seeded players against each other. We have


other matches to look forward to, including King and Marshall, always


intriguing. Yes, top matches. For me, this was the pick of the round.


You sometimes see two players evenly matched and you think that is the


one I want to watch. When you ask players what's going to happen, they


say I don't know, I really don't. Still, they will have to go through


the problem of course of playing on the ring after an unbelievable


final, and people have left the auditorium. They will be coming back


after a comfort break. Yes, it is always the hardest session to play,


vinyls are always slightly longer than a normal match. People will go


out for a comfort break, a cup of tee and a glass of lemonade. Robert


and Jamie will know this, it won't be a shock to them but it is still


quite hard when you are trying to get into your rhythm. It is a good


start at this end, I have to say, for Jamie Chestney. Yes, either of


these two can choose the forehand or the backhand to play. He wanders


down, he never seems to be in a hurry in his life. He never looks


bothered, I can guarantee he is bothered. He just has that air of I


will wander down, throw the bowl down the other end and see where it


lands. It looks like it's landing in the third position, that will be


tempting for the runner but there is space to draw for a good second.


Yes, two options. Obviously drive through the front red. Or there is a


drop either way, depends how he feels on the first end. Probably the


drive. Needs it solid. Slipped a little bit wide out of the hand. He


will be disappointed to miss the whole head. As we said, Jamie has


been around quite a while now. 30 years of age, he really should be


making his move into the top echelon of the indoor game will


played well against Alex Marshall just a couple of months ago in


Scotland, 10-6, 7-6. Played very well in the first round here as


well. I watched that game, very impressive.


That looks like it is nearly up the middle.


The different jack length, and a little bit on the loose side. As we


said, I think after that great final it is going to take a couple of


errands for the players to settle down, find their pace. -- a couple


of ends. Robert down on a similar line.


APPLAUSE. Well, Jamie is quite an aggressive player, those two bowls


will go. Yes, I think it is a good head to drive. If he gets the second


bowl first, both should go with no jack movement. Looking for it to


turn a fraction. Unlucky. Just got it solid, wanted it half all on the


right side. -- half bowl. I saw Robert on his way down to the arena,


I said to him good luck going on after that. He looked at me and


said, it will be tough. Yes, always the one the players would rather


avoid, to be honest. It looks like he's going to be in for a double. Is


it going to stop? It ran a little bit. Certainly did. Just the one.


That was very much a missed chance. Yes, unlike Rob. Normally when his


rolled one or two in, he makes the third one. The crowd is starting to


sneak back in now. Probably about half an hour until it is totally


full again. That's when the disturbance starts for the players.


They just need to take their time and let people settle. The jack


measures 29.5 metres. I find it was a little bit warmer in


there this morning. There is a little bit of extra turn on that


forehand. It worked in my favour for one. Earlier in the week I couldn't


quite get them back. With the touch of eight I felt I was getting back


that little bit extra. Everybody is using strong biased balls as well.


He never gives nothing away. Looks OK to me. I am not sure if he will


reach it. Sometimes he just gets the ball away and you see the flick of


the arm. Robert has got a lovely easy, smooth follow-through.


Not going to make the trip, but he is going to be in an awkward place.


Something about this does not look right. Well, that is most unlike


Robert Paxton. He has put one in there and he is nowhere on the next


two. It is very strange when he does that. Very unusual. He is usually


very good at the draw shot. Just a little shake off the hit. An


opportunity for Jamie. He has not pushed through it either. Pretty


loose stuff at the moment. The crowd leaving, coming back in again. Will


that effect the pace of the rink? For 20 or 30 minutes.


Robert just allowing the opportunity. There we go. The guide


dog. Just lying there sleeping, most of the time. Very friendly if you


come after him. He will sit up and let you have a little of his hit.


A quiet reply from Jimmy. That is more like it. What we expected.


The smallest of corrections needed here from Robert. I think he has


missed the line. Or the place. It is one or the other. It is not quite


right. The couple of inches to draw the


shot. Switching to his forehand. He is on a good track.


That is a good attempt from Robert. It helps Jamie. Jamie will be drawn


to that if he draws the second shot. Forget about the jack, play toward


the bowl. He is giving this a go. Just need to bend quicker.


All the manufacturers of bowls are getting a good run out on this


event. I think it is a fairly evenly spread across all the players. The


one common denominator is the strength of the virus. No, no,


something wrong with this. That is not like, at all. He is not finding


the level of consistency that we are used to. A reasonable opportunity


for a second shot. If he plays the same food as his third, he can rest.


Either red or green for a second. He is in with a chance. No, hit it too


solid. A missed chance. It doesn't seem too desperate for important at


this stage but once you get to the last eight or nine ends it is


important. Same as Robert. Cannot miss the spares. Who ever loses the


set does look back on the early ends and think that is where I could have


won it when I had the extra opportunities with no pressure.


Francis Fletcher marking this match for us. Jamie has got the Mac quite


a wave of the green. Perhaps he has just gone out to keep chopping it


about to try to unsettle Rob a little bit. A good opener.


Surprising that some players go out and they want to play the same


length of the time, others want to move about. It is amazing the


different tactics that go into these games. Robert is just scratching


around at the moment. This is a chance for Jamie to start scoring a


few shots on that board. Robert is struggling. If Robert is struggling,


keep moving it about, don't keep playing the same length and bringing


him into the game. That is the best way. Sometimes it can be a bit


scrappy but you don't care if the scoreboard is turning over. Is he


going to go for a draw or a big drive early? I will be surprised if


he has a go at this, just to get the frustration out of his arm. He


certainly is, it is straight, can he miss his own?


They forehand drop for Jamie, ideally he would like to turn the


jack around the corner and out of salad. -- out of sight. He does not


want to leave anything wide to frame it. If he makes the middle of the


rink it will protect a little bit. I think Robert just draw this, surely.


Yes. You put yourself in a terrible position, for down, if you missed


this. Good enough for third, but only just.


He has put his hand out as if to say it might be a little bit quicker.


What she is. After two good openers, he has not played a good third or


fourth. A narrow line from Rob. He just


needs to run up and reach. Better with garden this one. A touch on the


front bowl would be good. You are not going to get away with that in


too many ends for the whole match. He needs to change something.


Excellent recovery, I have to say. Perfect draw. Keep it nice and


tight. Jackson and 29 metres. -- jack


length 29 metres. Once again, Jamie getting in with


the first bowl and Robert missing. Seven inches, it is enough room to


drop off either hand. Probably looks slightly better from the map. You


can just see the jack on the right-hand side. Good approach. That


is going to have to carry a bit. That will do. It is scratching


around for one of those in every end. He will be happy he is there,


but he will know he needs to get the first one for at least one of the


first two there. Jamie is a great line again but he is just under the


pace. That will make it harder. It will force the to come in a bit


wider. A nice little one for Robert to get past. If you can get past the


first bowl it will hide it in for a double. He could choose either hand


here. No danger either way. He is going for the backhand. Nice


approach. If it runs a touch more he will begin. It is just one good


bowl. It is a very good one. But just one. A very good one, hard to


beat. He has a guy wandering down in his guideline. He will take a seat.


There he is. The umpire is nice and alert, they stopped the shot clock


there. Forehand draw, the line has been good three times. He is


certainly further this time. Just going to get the edge. Good effort,


the wait was perfect, but it is another single. I think, on


reflection, both players will be happy it is for all. Neither have


really found their true forum. It is a bit scratchy. It is one of those


ones where you will have to dig deep to get something out of it. Unless


one player suddenly finds their range. They would be away and


running. Usually what happens is one player finds their range and the


other follows suit. That quite often happens. They respond to each other.


Robert decided he has not played the forehand well enough in this


direction so he has swapped to the backhand to see if he can find a


better opening bowl. A nice wide line in. Is he going to


run? It looks better this time. A good


correction from both players. I think that will force rather


Thornton beforehand. They touch on the jack could make to. He has a


good line for it. Pushing it forward. That is more like it. Two


good prose. He is not giving Jamie much to play with because an


extension on the jack is not good. He has gone big. Needs a contact. He


has got it. That is the one thing he didn't want was a run through to the


jack. That is pretty horrible now. He was looking for bowl and clean,


which would have been great. Even worse, pull out jack and onto the


respot. A delicate touch and now he is in worse position before he


played drive. The draw shot for Robert on either side. That is why


she feels so close with the last one. Just repeated. -- just repeat


it. Looking good. That is the best end for Robert Paxton. He has played


three really good clothes there. That is more like what we are used


to seeing from him. I think it is a forehand draw here for Jamie. There


is not a gap between the front two to drive. It would be a tough one to


drive that. It will have to be a forehand draw. Unless he can see the


gap. Shaving for a drive, isn't he? This will have to be quick and


straight. Didn't quite look like there was enough room through there,


did there? He must have been able to see it, but we couldn't. A good end


from Robert Paxton there. First time I have seen his true forum.


Just taking his time. There are still a few spectators coming in and


finding their seats. Yes, as well as that, both players realise how


important the first bowl of the end is. Get in nice and tight with your


first one, it takes off all the pressure for the rest of the end.


Robert, I think you have dropped this game. -- this I gain. I just


wonder what is happening out there. When you are on your own jack, you


have played a good end, if you push through and this then you have a


chance to wrap up the set. Rob has put hours and hours of practice in


on this length, so you would expect better than he has played. Jamie has


got to touch, that helps his cause. You would expect Rob to just drop


the shot quite easily, but the pressure of the World Championships,


it is certainly on a good road, pushing it forward. A little touch


as well, not enough for the set. A good second.


Is it going to drop for true? It is indeed. Rob certainly had the line


on all three. Just needs of the smallest correction for this one. If


you do just overplay, it doesn't peg back. If he overplay city and quite


get back. The line is certainly good enough. He has pushed it out on a


nice wide line, it is all about arriving in time. It needs to be


there. For short balls, it will be costly. This is obviously a very


important specialty. The free draw. Not much room that he has played a


good one with his third. He will fancy slotting another in. He can


afford and the wiki once. The length and the jack will not make any


difference. That is good. A weekend from Robert Paxton. He played short


balls like that and you will get punished.


Both players played some good stuff, both played some loose stuff as


well, but they will have to forget about that. It is all about winning.


Last end of the first set. Rob will be happy to come away with a drama


set. Just the level of inconsistency, to get something out


would be good for him. It is one of those situations, Jamie has just got


the advantage on the board but rather has last ball. Evens things


up a little bit. Two reasonable openers. I don't


think either of those will win the end. Still plenty of those to be


play yet. Once again, advantage to Jamie. A


little bit of movement there. The clock has been stopped at 22


seconds. It will be restarted again, but that is the time for Robert. The


officials are very sharp on that, if they find any disturbance around


they are very quick. The stop the shot clock. It needs to Harry. That


is not going to help, is it? There is obviously something going


on in the arena, Jamie is having to stop now. A terrible time for a


little bit of disturbance. I can see what it is. Jamie deciding he is


very happy the way the hit lies. He will be looking to beat the back red


bowl. He lays he said. He wants to cover so he doesn't lose the set.


Not bad, not bad at all. I think Robert might be looking at this and


think I can hit the red bowl through but there is a drop there as well.


If he plays the strike it will give more of an indication of his


confidence. If it is a strike it will open it up to give him a chance


with the last bowl. He will be drawing to win, driving to save.


Sticking with the draw. That is the right shot. It is the right shot. He


is in the area for the jack, he needs to get the kind connection. He


hasn't got it, I think. It has just bounced off his own. It shows you


how good Jamie's positional bowl was there. Is the Green gold log in if


Robert decides to drive with his last. I think it is. Certainly


enough to make it very difficult. I don't think there is a gap


sufficiently big enough. If it is locked in, does Jamie consider


playing a blocker? As I am looking at it here, Robert hasn't got a


great deal on. Do you just go round the back and leave it to him and say


there you go? I would be tempted to leave it because he can draw it on


the backhand. He has played some very good single bones, Robert. Gone


for the blocker, I think. He hasn't played too many groupings. He is


trying to swim across onto the backhand. I don't know. Where I am


sitting, that is not a bad blocker. Did he think he will go heavy? He is


looking at all the angles. It is a long way down but I think he is


looking at the three bowl planned. Read on to the that isn't set right.


The green ball will go on to the jack. He is looking at that onto the


green ball which doesn't look right to me.


As hard as it seems, it looks like a backhand draw is all he has got. But


we cannot see all the angles from here. I think Jamie's blocker is a


decent bowl. I think he's better chopping in on the forehand but it


will be interesting to see what he plays. If he's going big, he's


looking for a real result. He's going big... And he missed. He


nearly smashed the whole lot into the ditch. Speculative shot, didn't


work out. The jack has been bouncing about a


little bit. Paxton going for the longer jack and Jamie sticking to


the short. Very hard to get into a regular... Oh, my goodness, the jack


is going short there. Difficult to get into a regular place if you are


jumping about with the jacks. I don't think Jamie will go much


longer, he's moved the Matt back a little bit. He's taking it back to,


well my favourite position really, a couple of metres from the... 25.5


metres, that's where he's playing the jack length. I think when you


are playing really well, Greg, and things are going good, you don't


notice those just as much. You don't notice anything when you are


playing, you are on autopilot. You're not thinking about anything.


When you are struggling, you're thinking about delivery and weight


control. Little bit of movement can catch your eye and put you off. But


Robert was obviously going for a 23 metre jack so he was looking to


change things totally, but he cast it too short so Jamie gets to put it


on his favourite length. Jamie has turned his back on this


really quickly, he doesn't like this at all. Oh, pushed through it.


The last, two feet short of jack height.


Looks good here. Yes, good bowl. APPLAUSE Still sitting off the side,


but a good weight. Yes, Jamie just looking to draw it off. It is


adjacent, it just needs to run a touch. Perfect line.


Not much reaction from Robert. He is having to work very, very hard. It


is more frustration for the player when you are not hitting your form.


It doesn't matter what the opposition is doing, they really


have to work on their own game. This looks every bit as good as the


third. He would like to make it harder for Jamie to get in. If Jamie


wants to, he could go strong at that. I think he has already made


his mind up, he's going to draw. He was on a great line last time, he


just needs a bit more pace. Trying with this, is he going to get back?


Yes, I think he is. The clean jack is worth the double. He just shaved


it, but he got the single. Good shot. Coming in there, you think


perhaps he's going to make two, but happy to score the one. Asking for a


measure. The two guys will be chatting away


of course, colleagues on the international team and they know


each other well. Looks like just the one. I think


that was in by a margin. Jamie not too good at the measures? He


normally is, to be fair, but sometimes you look at it from one


side and favour your own. You call for a measure, go around the other


side and then you can see it is well in. Once you have called for a


measure, the umpire is normally on. Realistically you know the outcome.


Obviously our mate Andy Thomson is brilliant at calling the measures.


He gets so much stick, doesn't he? Never was good. It's not just a


recent thing. Looks a little bit different, this


one. Edging forward, didn't push. Neither player really, once they


have played one good one have followed it up with the second and


third, have they? It is almost like a game that you think to yourself,


after a really good final it has been hard for the players to settle.


He has brought the jack out into the open. Just the one called. Possible


backhand drive from Jamie. Sits nice. Resisted. That's very


controlled. Needs to arrive at this on this line though, needs to hurry.


He needs to be deep, at the very least he needs on behind the head


but he won't be happy about moving it. He has the last bowl so he will


be trying to draw another shot. Slipped by, in a good position.


Jamie really hasn't got that much now, far from just the drop. He can


turn the jack to his own for two. Positive draw.


The line looks the same, has he pushed that little bit extra? I


don't think so. Two chances. Is Robert looking at the positive bowl?


Is he looking to take the jack through? As you say, Greg, a couple


of chances, he complains of the bowl, get into the jack. He has a


bowl at the back of the head to pick up a double. Cannot really go wrong.


He would be very unlucky to go wrong. No, just playing the draw.


Needs a big finish from there. It had a bit more weight than we


thought, but it looks like one shot. 1-1 after two ends.


The first time in the match, Rob has decided to give the forehand of


role, see if he can get a better opening bowl. -- to give the


forehand a roll. Jamie has led off this forehand in the whole game. We


will be moving over to the red button. Unfortunately we have to


leave you here on BBC Two. But hit the red button and you can enjoy the


rest of this match. Just needs one player to hit their


form here. Jamie is just getting the edge over Robert but he's not


playing very consistent either. I think throughout the whole game


roll's best all has been his third. Again, on this end, two loose-ish


opening bowls. Looking to make the adjustment and draw the shot with


his third bowl. A bit of disturbance, he's just taking a


moment. Well, we are almost at the end of


our coverage on BBC Two today as we make way for highlights of the


Australian open tennis, but if you hit the red button you can see the


conclusion of this match and highlights of all today's matches at


five Should've seen Hillary's face.


She was stood there with Bill.


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