Ladies' Singles Semi-Final World Indoor Bowls Championships

Ladies' Singles Semi-Final

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Hello and welcome to the World Indoor Bowls Championships. So far


this week, two finals on the blue rink, won in dramatic circumstances.


The action has kept this crowd on the edge of their seats. He is


drawing for the match. Is he running?


I was within two inches of the jack and he played a wonder bowl, so you


raise your hand and say congratulations. Not champion for


nothing. The thrilling action so far this


week. Two fascinating match-ups for you live on BBC Two. The defending


champion Nick Brett against 71 Scot Charles Bence. And the defending


champion in the ladies singles Alan Faulkner takes on Janice Gower, in


the semifinal for the first time. -- Ellen Falkner.


BBC commentator David Corkill, alongside me. Let's talk about those


two finals we have seen so far. Yesterday, perhaps as good a match


as I have ever seen in the pairs. Yes, the best pairs I have seen I


have to say. It had everything, drama all the way right down to the


end. Paul was absolutely right, if you lose to a bowl like Mickey


played, you have to raise your hands and say well done. Hopefully we will


get more excitement today. Ellen Falkner against Janice Gower, she


has won the title three times before. What can we expect?


Defending champions, it's always hard to come back and defend the


title. Janice has been here and practised a lot, Ellen 's CV is


three pages long, so much information! She is just back from


New Zealand, where she has been very successful. The other match, Nick


Brett against Charles Bence. People used to think bowls is a game for


the elderly, but Charles is actually one of the players who does not


conform to the normal, because most of the players are younger and he is


a rarity these days, it seems. Very much so. At this level, most of the


players are in their 20s, 30s and 40s, the key moment to win


championships. But it's a great story, you enter and play, and


suddenly he is going against the best in the world. That is coming up


live on BBC Two. We will show you a match that took place earlier, the


former 2013 world champion Stuart Anderson was up against Graham


McKee. Only one separated them, but the gulf of experience was much


greater. 30-year-old Graham McKee was making his first appearance in


the second round, against Anderson, 31, the champion in 2013. Anderson's


runner in the first end gave him a triple and he took the first four


ends to build up a seven-shot advantage. Graham McKee won the next


three but went into the last end trailing by four. He was unable to


conjure a miracle with his last, leaving Anderson to secure the first


set 11-4. The qualifier had seen world champion Andy Thompson in the


first round. A repeat looked unlikely as Anderson made a full


house in the third end of second set. Graham McKee failed to register


another end, and Anderson Silva a comfortable win with another three


shots, and he is in the quarterfinals where he will meet the


winner of Nick Brett and Charles Bence. -- Anderson sealed.


It's Nicky Brett against Charles Bence this afternoon and it promises


to be a cracking match. We can catch up with the man who is 71 and from


Scotland, and he knocked out Mark Doors in the first round. Charles


Bence. I was born in Motherwell. June four,


1945. I used to play football at school. I


had an ankle injury. That was that done. I used to play golf. Since I


had a heart attack seven years ago, I've not played since. I played


darts as well when I was 20. I qualified for the world finals at


Livingston. Went to the Scottish finals in front of 300 folk. That


was it! I was too nervous. The nerves got the better of me. My


mother was a bowler, my mum started at 40, my dad played up until 90. He


had an accident on the Bowling green, and I said, that's enough,


you can come and watch but you're not playing. He stopped playing at


90. He didn't take it up until he was about 70, 60 odd. I enjoy my


bowls. This has been a brilliant experience. Absolutely great. The


crowd here has been absolutely perfect. Brilliant. The support I've


had, after I came off... Even English supporters, well done, well


done, when's your next game? They kept asking me that. I'm here for


the entire fortnight. I used to say it was an old man's game when I was


younger. Now I'm an old man... It's good. Really good fun. I've always


said, you always lose more than you win. You have a good day, you have a


bad day. I have watched Mick for the last three or four years. -- Nick. I


have watched them all. But to play against him is absolutely brilliant.


The pressure will be more on Nick than me. He will not want to get


beat by a 71 old man. No pressure on me. -- 71-year-old man. I am not a


defeatist. I will give 100%. If I win, I win. If I lose, I lose. What


a story. Started playing about three decades ago, survived a heart attack


seven years ago and here he is on the biggest stage of the sport of


indoor bowls, against the number one ranked player and defending


champion, Nicky Brett. Loads of pressure as a defending


champion in the first game and it showed. His opponent played some


really good stuff, had to find a few big bowls in the first and second


set, just found enough at the right time luckily. The last couple of


years, I've managed to find a way to win rather than find a way to lose,


and that makes a huge difference at important times in the set. The


eighth end, when you have to have the last bowl to make two to get


within striking distance to grab a draw out of a set which you haven't


really been a part of. I've just learnt to find a way, hang on when


it hasn't been going my way. I know very little about Charlie, to be


fair. A fantastic win in the first round, which I'm sure he is still on


cloud nine about. I'm sure he's looking forward to his next game. I


don't know much about him, I'm going to pay him as much respect as anyone


else on tour and play as well as I can, because he has earned the right


to be here. Now you are in the thick of it, you have to hit the ground


and keep moving forward, find some good bowls. If he plays a good one,


tried to beat it quickly and not let it build up against you. Now is the


time to step right into the tournament and get my A game going.


Will it be business as usual for the defending champion Nicky Brett or


will we witness the fairy tale of the week with Charlie Bence. Our MC.


First to a real character, who at the tender age of 71 is the oldest


person ever to qualify for this event. So there is hope for you lot!


Will you please welcome Charlie Bence.


This world number one has proven time and again what a formidable


opponent he can be. The recently crowned mixed pairs match play and


defending world indoor singles champion, the world number one,


Nicky Brett! 29 years the difference between


these players. I wonder what kind of match-up they will provide? To


describe the action, three-time former world champion in the singles


Andy Thompson alongside Corky. What a story. I had a long chat with


Charlie and he is really looking forward to it. It's a dream, really.


A fantastic story, up against the world number one live on TV, it is


wonderful for Charlie, he is the big star today. Jack length 29.5 metres.


As he said, he has absolutely nothing to lose.


71, he's recovered well from the heart attack a few years ago to come


back and play bowls at a competitive level. Nick Brett has played a lot


of matches on the single rink. So it's going to be a fairly nervous


end or two for Charlie until he settles into things. He prefers


Charlie rather than Charles. When his mother was alive, she was the


only one to call him Charles. I agree, David, he has to come out of


the traps fairly quickly. Have to make sure he starts well, Charlie.


Doesn't want Nicky to get away. Nick is very much one of the players


who will give Charlie full respect. I think most of them would anyway to


be truthful. Very easy to say this is a match where you can put a name


down into the next round, but he doesn't treat things like that. He


will get out there and look to play a good game. Charlie beat Mark


Dawes, in the previous round, and Nicky has a lot of respect. If


Charlie beat him, he is a good player. Are you running? Just under.


A little bit of both. Nick will be delighted with this


start. He has gone deep. Happy with three in the head. A position ball.


Maybe worth Charlie thinking about having a little go at this, try to


remove something. A hard draw shot. The last bowl of the Ning, Charlie


trails the jack. A perfect trail. -- of the inning.


That is the key in many ways, you want to get that shot on the board,


then you can relax a little bit. The players are allowed 30 minutes for.


I was watching Charlie practising, and he was playing well. -- before.


That bowl wasn't a fluke. Jack length 27.5 metres.


He was telling me the young players at his club call him Chico. His


midnight. We will stick to Charles. For everybody watching at his home


club, he has started the second end extremely well. -- his nickname.


Just to correct something from another match. Stuart Anderson, I


should know better than to believe everything on the profile...


Blantyre, he is in. The same club as Charlie. Absolutely. I stand


corrected, I got a couple of messages. The moral of the story,


don't believe everything you read. He has been there a few years now.


He will be looking at this to see who he is going to play in the next


round. Two touchers. Wasting no time. Great strike. Hits


the target often. Plenty of room all around it.


Just have to wait a second until they sort out the toucher in the


ditch. And the jack to go back on. Charlie was on the mat, ready to go.


I favour one green. Most players would probably be


playing the backhand, but it is his choice. Sweeping away very early.


You need to be crossing the middle line about three or four metres


before the jack. That last bowl has probably forced Nicky onto the


forehand side. Crossing the centre line at that


point. Charlie on the other side now, Andy. A chance to pick up the


jack if he is heavy. He was encouraging it forward. Not


far away. Oh, yes, what a shot. Brilliant stuff.


Nicky, attacking. On the high side. The bowl in the ditch... A single.


Many people feeling quite happy about Charlie being here, not least


Andy of course! I'm waiting for the next sentence to come out! It's


always good to know you are not the oldest in the tournament, isn't it!


I thought you might make reference to that! Yes, nice that somebody


else is older than me. Charlie definitely not in his


twilight years if he is playing in qualifying. It is not easy. Where


did he qualify from? Falkirk? Probably. Easy enough to check.


People travel around to qualify but they try to keep them within their


own countries. Charlie will certainly not be


wanting to leave it to his last bowl again.


A little white. -- a little white dot indicates that it is a toucher,


so if it goes into the ditch, it stays live. If it goes into the


ditch without touching the jack, it's taken away and forms no further


part in the end. He's picked the pace up really well,


Nicky, right away. Into his groove. Two and a half feet.


Just had to run. Lacking a yard of pace. Once again, we'll have to play


a big last bowl. The only problem is there's a certain amount of good


bowls in the locker, you don't want to be dipping into it every end. No,


because you are going to fail eventually. That was a bit heavy.


He's having a wee clot after it. He will get a nickname of last bowl


Charlie. -- trot. Mark Dawes, sitting at home thinking, well,


welcome to my world, Nicky! Again the last bowl draws the shot and


it's difficult for Nick to get at. A little run down beforehand. Not


easy. -- the forehand. A good try. Really good effort.


Another single, another last bowl. He's enjoying this, Charlie. He


certainly is now! I'm just not sure how long it's


going to be, Andy, before I call him Charles dance. It's only a matter of


time. If he does win, there will be a jig, never mind a dance. I'm sure


everyone back in Blantyre will be watching and enjoying every minute.


A great start. Once again, Nick putting in good


bowls. Very steady. He will be very much aware of the fact that's what


he'll keep doing until there is a mistake somewhere. The trouble is


that's not always guaranteed. I don't think Nick will be pressing


the panic button quite yet. But he is aware that he's in a game here. A


good effort from Charlie. Close. Shot. Well played. Waving it in.


Good again. He wants the jack this time. Well played.


Les Gillett up in the green seats. Applauding that bowl from Nicky.


Charlie running after it, he must like it. In the area again but just


slipping under. A good try. What a tough audience, groaning! How


far away? 18 inches away and barely got a murmur. They are hard today.


Expectations are high. Good again from Nicky. Not sure if


it's number two, but we will find out. Two red. Two it is. Charlie


will have to be reaching through this one, but no guarantee if he


hits the target that he's going to score. But he is two down so can't


be any worse off. Probably just a draw on the forehand. Got it away


with five seconds to spare. Had to pull back quick. Could


promote. Well played again! He's had some unease shots taken off


him already in this match. -- so many shots. Charlie just look up to


the commentary box, absolutely loving this! Saying, what on earth?


Nicky has played a good end and he is still down.


Both players are enjoying this. A very good bowl by Nick. Nick will be


thinking, I've done very little wrong and I could have been 4-0


down. Darren Burnett, up in the players'


lounge. Billy Anderson beside him, Stuart's father, and there he is,


with his fiancee Claire. Anderson, waiting on the winner


here, looking at this game with a lot of interest.


If Charlie was to win, the whole of Blantyre will be down for that one.


There would be no seats available. Almost sold out here.


It is a good start for both players. Something in there, about half a


yard away. Bit of a mixture between yards and metres, we can't help it.


All the measurements are done in metres. Just to be consistent with


the Southern Hemisphere as well, but we still talk in the arts. -- in


yards. That is the way we have been brought up. 15 centimetres. I think


they are all struggling to work that out. Six inches. We will stick to


inches and feet, that is closer. He is going to drop. Yes. He is looking


in expectation. Ten inches short of jack hi. Favours one green. There


you go. A clear path and he is OK. Yes, that is good. That is the


beauty. Right in front, you can see the jack. A good call by Dan


Fletcher. He had a tricky couple of measures to look at yesterday and


questions to be answered. He got them spot on. It was not easy.


Again, that was a good call. You could say you were waiting for


the opportunity for Nick to pick up a counter. He had to force his way


to get one last time. Nick will be trying to add another, knowing full


well how good Charlie is with his last ball. He has done so much


damage, hasn't he? Just the one down, but probably sticking to the


backhand drop. I think he prefers the backhand side. I think he is


also looking at the Gap and the possibility of running the ball out


on the forehand. -- bowl. In the back. This one I think is going a


bit on the quick side. No one ball heroics from this side.


There you go. I think Charlie is saying to Nick, you need glasses. He


is telling the world number one he needs glasses to look at measures.


Brilliant! Nick is normally quite good as well. He is, but there was a


big distance on that one. He will take that all in good heart, he


really will, but that is just brilliant. It is very important.


It's the biggest event in the indoor calendar and I have two said Charlie


is just enjoying every minute of it. He is having a ball. He just needs


to keep his concentration because he is a dangerous player, this man from


Scotland. A good correction from Nicky.


Charlie once again is on a very good line. One red. Both players are


quick on the mark, David. No hanging about here. Good to see. Nick Brett


is particularly fast I have to say. With Paul Foster, if he was playing


him, it wouldn't take long. Good to see. In recent years it has been


difficult to cover them on the mat because they are so quick. Time to


stop. I think he is under the line with this one, Charlie.


Quite a deliberate shop. Nick to go on the side after the respot


position. Rightly so, Nicky puts the back bowl in, just in case he took a


gamble. He needs to pass the short bowl. He


looks to be under. Just wait really. Just a single. Still, six ends, 5-3.


Still in the game. Still a lot to play for here in the last three


ends. Jack length 26.5 metres. I think Charlie thought about a


change of hands, but is sticking to what he knows. Perfect line. It just


needs to run. We knew it was close. The line once again for Charlie


Bence. Is he running? Make giving it a chance this time. A


narrower line. Looking for at least second. Through the gap, but a


second bowl. That will force Charlie onto his forehand, but it will block


the path. He could try it on the forehand side.


Not a bad bowl that. Looking for the jack. Nicky running down. He doesn't


want to lose any time-outs. He's still got 20 seconds. He is on the


inside. He needs to have a lot away. I think he is running with this one.


Not running enough. He does not want to turn the green one end. Oh, my,


that could be two. That is a mistake at this stage in the game, Andy.


Yes. He was always under. A good chance to score a three and take the


lead two ends to go. Well, his line is very good. Urging


the ball up. No bad thing in some respects. Happy to take the double


and level the score 5-5. Two good last bowls from Charlie. There will


be time shortly when Nicky will be thinking I'm not enjoying this as


much as I should be really. But yes, good on them both. A bit of pressure


on Nicky. Jack length 27 metres. That is a yard short. No real reason


to change, but I think Charlie is changing to the forehand. That last


bowl of Nick's was in the way. Up on before hand side now for Charlie. --


on the forehand side. APPLAUSE One of the rare excursions onto this


site. He needs help with this one. Oh, dear, Nick, you are in trouble


here. Yes. He realises this is getting tough now, especially if


Charlie puts this one on top of the jack. He knew right away he was


under. He is holding up, I tell you that, but he might get the plant


with his own bowl. That is not going to help. Two shots. Not an easy path


in here for Nick. He has to be confident to go out on the wide


side. He really needs this one in. His own bowl has just dropped down.


He can punch it in for second. One green. He's in trouble, and he knows


it. Charlie going back to the backhand. There is still room to


draw this on the backhand side. He has thrown the bowl out. It's all


about pace. The pace is good here. Just needs to stop. Chuck it through


a little bit. A couple of chances on the forehand side. Draw the shot or


Paul Shaw own bowl in. It had trouble with the first two


deliveries, Nicky. I'm not sure this is going to come back in time. Bence


is going to take a 1-shot advantage. That would've been a very


interesting bet to tick off a few people. He was long odds to win the


game. Nick is still smiling. Oh, it is


dead on the edge. 28 metres. Goodness me, is it Charlie's day.


That took the smile off his face. 6-5 up against the world champion,


playing the last set of the last end. What would he give for a front


touch now? Not for away. A good opener.


He was infused about what he had been doing over the years will stop


he was in coach building and various other things he's done over his life


span. Fascinating. The line is very good. Nick will


need another one in. He has certainly push this one out. Lots of


work to do to get inside the green one. Here it comes. Nick is waving


at it. Caught on the green bowl. I think it is just the one. For one


red. Once again, I think Charlie has


picked a good line. He's running after this, I think he likes it.


Very close to be shocked. Rate shop. Goodness me. -- very close to be


shot. The plant pushes the ball onto the jack. -- bowl. He could go for a


respot position. He is not getting a good results with the drive, that's


why he is playing the backhand. He has got to draw within seven or


eight inches. He might have taken a risk, just to open it up and give


himself the last bowl. Charlie has got a good shot. He


catches the red onto the green. He is walking down and he is just


smiling at everyone. Time-outs as well. Now the concentration comes


in. It's important. If he gets this, well, it is monumental. We will see


the plant in a minute. Lining himself up for the big one here.


He is close. He's got it, he's got it. What a shot! Paul Foster is


sitting there thinking, what is going on here? Fantastic! Well,


Nicky, you'll have to repeat exactly the same bowl is your third bowl.


Charlie will have to wait to see if he has won the opening set. He is


not happy with that. It looks heavy to me. It is to heavy. Opening set


to Charlie Bence. What a story. Regardless of what happens now,


David, this is fantastic! It is certainly fantastic for us, Andy.


Fantastic to be commentating on a match like this. Darren Burnett is


watching and thinking, what on earth is happening? Nick Brett, dear, oh


dear. I think also there hasn't been one flick. He has played really


well, I'd agree. A good standard of bowling really. Both players have


played well. There he goes again. Two inch gap to your shot bowl.


Still keep the backhand, Charlie. Try to draw another.


I think that might set up the heavy bowl now. Good advice for Charlie


would be to get behind the jack. Just needs to make the gap. Good


bowling though. Yes, very good bowling. Tidy staff. I'm not sure if


the angle will take his own bowl Alps, so sticking to the draw. --


bowl out. If he gets the green one, the red is going to lock. Just


enters the group... Six bowls played. Good bowling.


Passing ahead with this bowl. That is a good bowl. Good bowls, good


tactics. He knew he needed a back bowl. These matches aren't long


enough to bring in fatigue. Matches years ago used to be three hours


long. Lots of pressure and difficult to keep things going. These are


pretty quick matches now. Not that that will help Charlie. An hour and


a half maximum. That's a bit dangerous.


It is only the start of the second set, but there is no sign of Charlie


losing the line and weight. He is continuously playing to a high


standard. Nicky Brett has got the game here now, no question about


that. Didn't look desperately happy with


that bowl when it left his hand, but it's coming up. It is close.


Slightly under the line. It might make the gap. Close to the second.


One green and a measure. Yes, a good call again.


Well, still a backhander off of Nicky. Try to beat his last bowl and


that would have secured a shot. I'm not sure he is going to reach this,


anti. The hype is good, but... Struggling for pace. -- Andy. He


will start to not enjoy this game if Charlie keeps playing well.


Charlie changing to the forehand. I don't think he needed to, but he


could still draw the shots. I suppose he is looking at his own


bowls. Any touching the jack will guarantee another shot. That is good


enough. It is not looking good for Nicky Brett. The last bowl has


stopped back and dropped just in front of the jack. This is awkward


for Nicky. He is playing his favourite forehand side. It looks to


be under. He doesn't want to hit the green one. Oh, that was a result!


That has definitely taken one of them off. I think he has gotten away


with that. Charlie will be thinking, I could


have been 4-0 ahead. Exactly. Very fortuitous. World champion in


trouble. That's what he needs. The gap on the


shot bowl, 3.5 inches. Charlie has had the answer most of the time Nick


was lying three and four. Took a lot off him with the last bowl often,


but you have to keep doing it. Eventually you think he's going to


miss one. That's what Nicky will be hoping, really.


One red, measure. Enjoying this. Nick is really going to have his


game face on. He certainly has. Serious now. Charlie just needs to


keep the weight from the previous delivery. Not bad, just sliding


under. May have got second. Nick would do


well to draw one a foot short and block the way in for the draws. Has


only had to drive once, albeit a 100% record.


Not running. That's a mistake. Even on the draw line, just something to


get in the way. Yes, that's not in the way, Charlie has a clear run to


the jack. Nothing in the way on the backhand, so it is the backhand


draw. That's what I was saying, just


something to block the way in. One green. Once again, Nick Brett is in


trouble. The last bowl has been unbelievably good for Charlie.


Charlie takes a single, 3-0 in front after three. Started the second set


the way he did the first set. Charlie dominating. That's big,


isn't it? LAUGHTER.


They thought the jack was in the ditch there. A couple of times he's


done that, just stopping on the edge. I just wonder, is it Charlie's


day? Could be. Nicky is starting to get a little bit serious now. He


knows Charlie is absolutely revelling in this atmosphere and


playing rate bowls. -- great bowls. My goodness, fantastic.


He's got his supporters in the crowd absolutely loving it. I'm sure every


Scotsman will be just really enjoying this afternoon so far. I


bet there will be no bowling going on at the Blantyre club, they'll be


watching this. Very close... Afternoon play


suspended, I think, at Blantyre. The gap is about three and a half


inches. Very unlucky! With no touch he was


getting the bowl. Nick was looking for the green bowl.


Doesn't want to bring it out in the open...


APPLAUSE. He has brought out the jack, and


this is definitely worth playing down at.


Well... He's going to have to have a bit of weight on that line.


Last bowl Charlie about to step into it. Just a draw to pick up the jack.


Charlie is looking at it, looks to be wide. Only just. A good try.


Nick will keep his head down and try to draw another one.


If he can draw a third, it will follow the pattern of the first set.


Nicky certainly won't want the pattern of the remainder of the set.


A good line. All about pace. Still, he's on the card. In the


fourth end. Didn't think I'd be saying that too often. I wonder if


Nicky will be changing the length of the jack. Charlie is happy with the


longish jack. I would be going short.


Definitely shortened it. Quite rightly so. Trying to put Charlie


off his stride a bit. Scotland's well-known for having


great success in bowls. Arguably their most successful spot, Andy.


Yes, many famous bowlers. Marshall, Foster... Anderson. Talented


country. Willie Wood in the past. Richard Corsi. So many of them.


Bought back a lot of medals from many events. Success at world indoor


level. Maybe we are looking at a new world champion, Charlie Bence. He's


not failing, is the? -- is he? Hugh Duff. So many world champions from


Scotland. Not the best result. He probably


would have been better without the touch. Just got the nick, moved the


jack. He will be happy. There is room to draw the shot now.


Very rare we get two players from the same club. Anderson is watching


this match. He will no Charlie obviously and realise that he is a


very good player. -- he will know. At 71 is of age, he is a new name to


us. -- years of age. We haven't seen Charlie about, but he's played the


sport for many years. Loving this limelight.


Wasn't sure if he was going to make the full distance. The choice is for


Charlie to draw it or drive it out. We know he can drive accurately, so


that is worth it. The Langham glass trophy. Nick will not be looking at


that much at the moment. Charlie sticking to the draw. Looks to be


under. One more roll would have been


costly. You never want that to happen to any


player. 3-3, no guarantee who is going to


win this set. Stuart Anderson and his fiancee Claire, just sitting and


watching, thinking, what is going on? He will be saying, there's my


Blantyre colleague there. Come on, Charlie, I want to play you in the


next round! Nicky's got himself back into this


set. Just to let our viewers know in


Scotland, we will be leaving you fairly shortly for Politics


Scotland. For an hour. But we'll let you know when it's time to push the


red button and keep with us for this intriguing match. In a few minutes,


I'll let you know. Well, a good position for Nick,


conscious of the fact that the jack could be turned around the corner


and he would lose two. So a slightly wider line. Needs the extra weight


to carry it. You can't do much better than that.


Good bowling from Nick. We saw a big drive from Charlie in the first set.


Winding himself up for the drive. He let that one go a little bit


early. A little bit wild. You could see it out of the hand. The first


one was nice and clean, but that one bomb its way down a bit. Nick has to


think about this, even the back position I'm not sure is a benefit


to him. I don't think he will be going near


the head this time, I think this will be around the back. That would


be to cover the respot. Looks like he's trying to get another one. He


could make this head even bigger. BBC Two viewers in Scotland, please


move over to the red button as we make room for Politics Scotland for


an hour. We will be leaving you in about a


minute or so. Charlie's last bowl to come down. It has to be a strike


again, David. He's at least three down. Can't be any worse off.


Changing onto the forehand, a wider target. He has pulled it. Across the


body, too fast, lost control of it. Too anxious with his two drives


there, Charlie. Nicky Brett looking good for the second set.


Three singles gets Charlie into the quarterfinals, so the man from


Blantyre is not far away from the biggest upset in bowls I can


remember. So, Nick Brett with a three-shot


cushion with three ends to go. The world number one, still under


severe pressure. As you say, David, Charlie only needs three shots in


the final three ends. Nicky shaking his head, he knows he's in a game


here. Charlie has the advantage, thinking,


well, even if I drop this set, we've got a tie-break.


Correction made. Just don't think it's close enough, though.


I tell you what, Andy, if Charlie's looking for a new set of bowls next


year, he will have no problem getting one. Sponsors will be


queueing up. That's very good from Nicky. It's going to make this


awkward for Charlie. Two inches short of Jack high.


It's a lot safer and more secure now for Nick Brett.


A good line. He's given this a go. Very close.


Well played, Charlie. Changes to the forehand, draws the perfect shot.


Unbelievable bowl there. Trying to tap it and move the jack


out. Not running. Hasn't pushed it. Not far, but he's


going to lose the shot, and this would be a good time to walk away.


100%, David. Quite right. Still enjoying it.


A delightful man to chat to. A real character.


Definitely enjoying life. No doubt about that.


Two more singles for Charlie to get himself into the quarterfinal. From


the last end, three singles does it, and he does an awful lot of damage


with that last bowl. Certainly does. It was the third bowl on that


occasion, but it ended up being the last bowl of that end. Jack length


27.5 metres. A good weight starter. Three and a


half feet. David Gourlay relaxing, a bit of music on.


Not sure, it might be the Dow Jones or something. No, I think it is


music, I did ask him. You never know with David. In the meantime, Charlie


draws the shot. It's always going to be difficult


for any champion to come in and defend his title. The extra pressure


of playing a qualifier... Good bowl to get back in. Still wide open,


though. One red. At the start of the game, Nicky was probably enjoying


it. But it dawns on him now, the way Charlie's playing, he could be


knocking him out, and that won't be a pleasant experience for Nicky.


Charlie likes it. Doesn't get back in time.


Could force Nick back onto the backhand. A certain amount of danger


if he hits the green, it would drop in towards the jack. He needs the


inside of it to drop it out for two. Has to be careful...


He's given it away. That was a dangerous shot, Andy. One green.


Yes, it was. Nicky will be kicking himself. As you said, David, there


was danger by slicing the jack. He has given the shot away. Not happy.


There's been very, very little good luck and bad luck in this match,


it's all been good bowling. Had four seconds to spare, Charlie, with that


last one, which is probably why he has rushed it. Was looking at the


shot clock. I think Nick will drive it. I really do. If he gets the bowl


onto the jack, it's not going to be good, cause the back bowl has stayed


on. What if he gets it clean, it's worth a double which would almost


secure the set. He can't afford to lose three.


Could go the stadium-macro... -- could go wrong. What a bowl.


Picked it out perfectly. Scores two and almost certainly secures the


second set. Shot of the day, for me. Absolutely


fantastic. No margin of error. The bowl onto the jack was a disaster,


but he clips the bowl, perfect strike.


A big blow of the cheeks, understandable as well.


Such a big shot that you are able to call on. If you have so much


confidence in the forehand run, knowing that you hit the target nine


out of ten, must be such a big advantage to be able to do that.


Greg Harlow and his forehand in particular saves an awful lot of


matches with the running bowl of his. Nicky is probably as accurate


as anybody, I would say. He is indeed. Well, Charlie, you need to


score a four. The right place to begin with. Yes, can't fault him on


that. Charlie's just got to make sure...


He is running at this. If this goes off the green, that's the end of the


set. I think that will be it. Second set, Nick Brett. Just dropped


in. Fair play, Charlie. It's a tie-break


to get into the quarterfinal. What's interesting about this, Andy,


whenever you look at the scoreline and say, well, 10-4 for Nick in the


second set, that was comfortable, but he was one bowl away from being


in a heap of trouble. Exactly. I think Nick has played well enough to


probably deserve a tie-break. But as we know, tie-breaks are


sometimes the toss of a coin. Just needs one good bowl. He more than


deserves it, simply on the basis of Charlie playing so many good last


bowls, he must have been in a lot of trouble. And Nick was putting him in


trouble. Jack length 25.5 metres. My goodness me, both players have been


playing well in this match. A slightly different tactic from


Charlie, he has brought the Matthew Bobbin mat further up the green. He


has been playing a longish length quite well. When you shorten the


jack, that's quite often the case in normal club bowls, but not the case


on the portable rink. You have to push it out wide and let it come


back. Nick taking advantage. Still not that close, but a good start.


He has made adjustments for this one. He has got chances here. As he


got the gap? Well, he gave it a chance. The tie-break, three ends.


It doesn't matter about cumulative shots, it's just about the win at


the end. Well, Charlie, if I was you, I would try and run this jack


into the ditch. As you say, it doesn't matter if it is one, two,


three of four. Just go for the jack. Close. Oh, goodness me that was


close! An inch or two away. Nick Brett will be tapping his chest on


that one. That was close that drive. He certainly got that one way better


and more accurately. Very close. It just nips the bowl. Brett needs


another one in there because that bowl could disappear. At the same


time, a back bowl would help. He knows this is not doing anything


unless he blocks Charlie out. I don't think so. He is waving it


away. That is a nervy one, isn't it? Anything behind was useful. Same


bowl again. Into the ditch with the bowl. Charlie's bowl will hit the


other one and follow it in. The angle is perfect. He is making sure


he is getting a lot of oxygen in, isn't he. He is taking his time. If


he gets this right, he will end up in the ditch and he will be very


close to it. I think he is under, Alessi is fortunate. -- unless he is


fortunate. Not this time. Nicky had to have a slight toucher to win the


end. Tactically, Charlie played it just right. That was the close one.


The final delivery slightly portly bowl across. Still a chance. Just


needs to win the last two ends. Jack length 28.5 metres.


Every sport has its hub for world level events. This is the indoor


bowls hub at Potters Resort. Crown Green has the Waterloo. This is the


biggest occasion for us. Outdoor many years ago used to be working.


Yes, there was Leamington. Scotland and of course they will be coming


over to the outdoor. There will be Northern Ireland as for this summer.


Trying again, just needs to stay in front. He has done a lot of damage


with the backhand, Charlie. Yes, he has played it well. He needs one


good bowl here. The line is good. How is the pace, Charlie?


Nik looking to get behind the jack with this one. Not even attempting


to pull it around the corner, he is just going deep. I don't think he


should be running at this jack. Just a drop. He is playing his backhand


so well and you expecting to draw with one of the two bowls. This


looks close to drawing the winner. He has drawn it. He has just played


his backhand too well. Nick Brett is in trouble again. Goodness me. And


we thought the players was exciting. Nick has three time-outs remaining.


He has to reach it, he has no choice. I don't know if he may try


to draw it. It's quite a difficult shot. Not many people tend to get


this. Is that up? He is under. Definitely under with this one.


Definitely not something right about it. Yes, and Nick knows it. Charlie


Bence has taken the world number one defending champion all the way. He


is doing it with good roles. He is. Nick left him to draw the shot on


the backhand and he did. -- with good bowls. He is just drawing too


well. Yes, he is. I think he has gone probably 27, 28


metres for this one. Jack length 27.5 metres. We have got a good view


here. Everyone is gathering around. We have all the press people,


everyone here waiting for the biggest story we've had for many


years. Should we call this the vultures nest? Yes! Do we have the


biggest story in a long time? Once again, Nick is doing everything


right. He has played very well today. Charlie is doing so much


damage with one bowl in particular, but on a few occasions it has been


more than that. He needs one good bowl to get himself into the


quarterfinals. This needs to stop. Ten singles Charlie has scored in


this match and one double. Two loose openers for Charlie, but you can


understand that. The rule change again in the third end of the


tie-break. They can destroy the end, but you can have too nominated


first. You can nominate as often as you wish, but you are only allowed


to destroy once. He is shaking head there. Nick's first is 14 inches. He


knows that is not close enough. Charlie couldn't be thinking about


running the bowls? No, it must be a draw. He has changed to the


forehand. He has signalled to the audience that this is the shot. Is


he getting back? The years. He has drawn the shop. My goodness made. --


my goodness me! Did he really signalled that? He did. Well done,


Charlie. He needs to be up, he really needs to be up... Two red,


but it is in a good place. He is shaking his head. I can't blame him.


He is just shaking his head! Going for it... Oh, he is under. It has


gone. Unlucky. Charlie Bentz, what an effort. A big smile on his face,


clapping his hands. Nick Brett has been tested right to the last bowl.


What man, what a player. A standing ovation for the 71-year-old from


Blantyre and so it should be. That was hard and he dug deep. Good game,


good win. That is as difficult as Nick Brett will ever wanted to be


and it just proves what can be done in our wonderful sport of bowls.


Into the qualifiers, you play through, you win your matches, you


play the best in the world and you do play the best in the world and


you test them right to the last moment. Nicky Brett is, well I have


to say he played very well in that match, very disciplined, but he


enjoyed it immensely. Just over the line. 2-1 and Nick Brett through to


the quarterfinal. Charlie Bence arrived with one thing in mind that


was to enjoy himself. My goodness did he ever. Started off with three


singles and charity could play the running bowl. Shot after shot.


Beautiful drawers, nothing lucky at all. Really good quality staff as


Nick Brett piled on the pressure. But he had to come up with the big


ones as well. Pushed the bowl out for two. Charlie just missed with


his last delivery to take the red broad-macro outs. Nick is saying


waved to the crowd. What a fantastic match for Charlie Bence.


He has done Scotland proud. Blantyre will be having a party in his name.


And they are able to share a laugh after that fantastic match which had


the audience on their feet and rightly so. We are going to talk to,


and no offence, Nicky, the star of the day. Charlie Bence, 71 years


old. Can I just asked what you are feeling right now? Amazing. It is


great. I enjoyed the game. You had him on the ropes. You got very


close. Most importantly, you played brilliantly today. It is the best I


have played for a while. I had to put Nick under pressure. In the


media we always try to build things up to hype it a little bit and we


certainly did for this match and we thought that the pressure of playing


on television, the big crowd here might have a negative effect, but


you seem to take to it like a duck to water will stop I was nervous at


first. Once I is a pull-down and me and Nicky started talking, it was


all right, I was fine. Did he think he


would win? I thought I had him. He is brilliant. He had to be brilliant


to get over the line. The atmosphere and sportsmanship between the two


review has fantastic. Charlie was fantastic, great on the green. I


learned some new words as well. Kerning or whatever that is. Someone


before moments between the two of you. What was happening between the


two of you? I had just had my eyes tested and he was telling me I


needed to do it again. Did you feel nervous playing against Charlie


today? I wish I could swear. Unbelievable. There was lots of


pressure in there for me, finding a couple of good ones. Every time I


found one, he beat it. You are the number one player in the world and


the defending champion, have you experienced anything like this match


in your lifetime? No. Why was it so different? I don't know really.


Charlie had nothing to lose and he played great, to be honest. He just


played fantastic. I did not know what to expect and I still don't!


Charlie, come back next year? Hopefully. I've got to qualify yet.


Make sure you do because we would love to see something like that once


again. Ladies and gentlemen, Charlie Bence and Nicky Brett. Nicky,


congratulations. What a match we have just seen at Potters. Nicky


Brett is through to the quarterfinals and he has joined the


likes of Stewart Anderson, Greg Harlow, Jamie Chestney and Paul


Foster in the last eight. Of course David Gourlay still has the plane


Neil Furman. Darren Burnett plays Mervyn King and Les Gillett against


Alex Marshall. A reminder that tennis highlights from the


Australian open are coming up next on BBC Two at 4:45pm once the bowls


are done and dusted. And you conceive them match between any


Stanton and Katherine Rednall later. We are concentrating on the first of


those ladies semis. Just to show you the draw, of course any Stanton and


Katherine Rednall came through and they are playing tonight, but this


afternoon Ellen Falkner defeated Claire Johnston. First up we are


going to hear from the defending champion. She has won the title


three times here at Potters. It's Ellen Falkner. I take myself away


from everything that is going on, a bit of quiet time. I make sure I put


in the time practising and try and really get your head in the right


place out there. I do like to practice, I do like to get time out


there on the rink to see how I am responding. You have to go out there


with an open mind. The Green can change. You have the adrenaline and


everything else going on. You do have to have a game plan, but


equally you have to be prepared to change it as the game unfolds. You


are just both of the -- you are just totally focused on that shot. That's


the secret. Don't let anything else get into your minds, nothing


negative. It's about training your mind to be automated at that point


of delivery. I love the sport, I love playing it, I love playing it


at the top level and I have been fortunate with the opportunities I


have had. To me it is about game by game. It is cliched, but it's about


taking one game at the time and focusing on your performance and not


worrying too much about the outcome. All the titles I have managed to win


have been hard-fought, really tough games. Great competitors. They have


always been difficult and challenging and if you just believe,


you can lift the title. For the third time in her career, Ellen


Falkner! In reality I've played in a number of tournaments all over the


world. I have been back here, but not one played the final. YouGov or


the experience together and to be honest, it's probably even more


special when you win it for the third time when there has been that


gap because you know it is not easy, it's really difficult things to go


your way. Janice will be going out there and giving it absolutely


everything. She qualified in the open singles and she has probably


had more green time than myself. She is playing extremely well. You have


got to be to qualify in the open event and I hope it will be a good


game. The hunger and desire for success leads you to perform to the


best of your ability. There are a number of things that make a


champion and I'm certainly still trying to work it out. Ellen Falkner


trying to win the title for an amazing full-time. I swapped Korkie


for Karen Murphy. Before we talk about this semifinal, your reaction


to that match we have just seen between icky Brett and Charlie


Bence. Fantastic for television and four bowls. I thought it was


fantastic. The way he went out onto the rink, seemingly as he said he


was nervous, but he didn't show it and he got into his stride early on.


How difficult is that to do when you are faced with the cameras and


lights for the first time? It's incredibly hard. He played well and


found it really early as well. It was amazing watching Charlie Bence,


but where good to talk about the semifinal between Ellen and Janice.


You know Alan well. Trying to win it for the fourth time. What have been


the things that have made Ellen such a great player. Number one would be


mental toughness. She's a real fighter and competitor. When I have


played her and she recently beat us in the pairs in the world outdoor


Championships, it's the determination and speedy grit she


has got. The one thing I always think about is that she always seems


to find a way when her back is up against the wall. She is thinking


all the time about how she can overcome any challenge. Sign of a


true champion. You have shown that yourself. When you faced her, what


is it about her character along with her style? It is her demeanour. She


doesn't give a lot away. She is as cool as a cucumber and does not get


flustered. We are going to hear from her opponent who is two to the


semifinal for the first time. She also made it into the first round of


the mixed singles. It is hard work qualify for the main opens. You are


going to a 14 hour day. I played men or the way to get here, so to get


here and walk out on that ring, I wanted to give him a fight and I


gave him a run for his money. To have played in one of the main event


it was fantastic. Ellen is lovely. I've known her for a number of


years. What can I say about Ellen Falkner? She's probably the best


lady player in the country at the moment, both outdoor and indoor. She


has won it three times and it's not going to be easy. We have never


played each other in singles. We played each other in National 's


with team-mates, but never in singles. I'll go out the ring give


it my best and see what happens. I don't suffer a great deal from


nerves. A little bit when I walk out on the rink, but after that I'm OK.


My aim is to go out there and do my best, but particularly I want to


enjoy the experience as well. And it is something that you have to


appreciate, the opportunity to play in finals and semifinals does not


come along often. Whatever she does, she has to set it up. She is a great


player, Janice. What do you think about that game that might help her


lower Ellen's colours? She is a good draw bowler, but they both. W on the


spot. Who will come on top? I think it will be just because of her


mental toughness. Thank you very much. I think you have to go up to


the commentary box. Meanwhile we will hand over to other MC.


First to a lady who has international caps. Ladies and


gentlemen, the 2015 national pairs champion, your appreciation for


Janice Gower! And Janice takes on one of the


game's most respected players. The 2010 Commonwealth Games gold


medallist, three times and defending ladies World Matchplay champion,


ladies and gentlemen, Ellen Falkner! Ellen Falkner about to take on


Janice Gower in the first lady semifinals this year. The Potters is


still buzzing after Nicky Brett and Charlie Bevans's match. Let's head


to the commentary box. Always hard to come on after a match


like that. A standing ovation for Charlie Bence and rightly so, but


you'll find that the auditorium will fill up very quickly for this one.


Ellen Falkner, I think it is fair to say she is a firm favourite, but


also a favourite with the crowd. Definitely. Janice will have a


battle on her hands. Whoever gets off to a good start will be in good


stead for this match. A good start by Ellen. I have had


the opportunity to watch her practice, but I know that she has


been spending a lot of time on the rink. The more time you spend, the


better. It is just a matter of getting used to the line and weight


of every timing and session that you can. The rink has a tendency to


change slightly. The crowd move out, the doors open and then the comeback


again. The first half and hour things move around a lot, they


really do. It can be quite disturbing, but a very good start


for Ellen Falkner with the first two bowls. In the meantime, Karen U have


been in London for the last couple of days? Yes, we went to see the


sights of London again and talk our mate with us who is playing in the


under 25 's event at Potters here. She was excited to see Buckingham


Palace, etc. So you are being a guide? I was. It will be interesting


to see how she goes. She's a good player. She is good in our


Australian squad and has nothing to lose against the young fellows. I've


got a message from Sharon Renshaw pushing her all the best. One red


and a measure. No nerves in this first end.


Ellen Falkner's profile is or was interesting, like your own. It runs


to about three pages. I just had to pluck out some of the highlights,


but it was very difficult I have to say. There is a lot of stuff in the


ad is not easy. A good game against Claire Johnston in the first round.


Clear, of course, in the mixed pairs and well established as an


international player. Janice Gallop beat a very young Katie Smith, here


for the first time. -- Janice Gower. It ran through to a tie-break and it


was a wonderful performance from young Katie.


Having a look to see if it is one or two. Very good opening head from the


girls at the first end. No nerves around. Very close. Read measure for


second. Try and sort this out. Good first end, always a bit nervy of


course, but some very good bowls played. Touches all round. Always


like to see the calipers come out, very accurate.


Looks like green to me. One shot, Eleanor Faulkner.


Good crowd as normal. A few people have taken comfort break. They will


make their way in. It might just disturb the players, but it won't


take long. Always a difficult time over in your


home country, Karen, always packed calendar. Winning the world singles


for you? Thank you very much. Not much of a break, maybe three weeks


over Christmas where I didn't pick up a bowl for a little time. Headed


straight over to the UK. I didn't really practice at all on the carpet


over Christmas. To be honest with you, I don't blame you. It is


different in the portable rink as well. Swinging bowls, essential. It


is a change of everything in many ways. A lot of people feel it is


best to drive here and put the working when you were here. You


cannot replicate the portable rink at home. The nearest one to me is in


New South Wales. Sometimes I will go down there and roll my arm over it.


But there is nothing really like it. Very small field for this, but the


quality is well up there. Players arriving at the quarterfinal stage.


Rebecca Field. You just lost out in the last bowl. I couldn't see it


happening, but you were closer to the action and it was explained the


angle was there to take the two bowls out? Yes, covering the spot. I


thought there was more chance of jack movement. Always very hard to


know sometimes in that situation. You are left between your two shots.


We have only got the one bowl as Falkner plays the forearm. She was


close to her own bowl here. Was a tempting opportunity there to


run the bowl on the jack. Very tough. Good effort, but the


percentages were against it. Not a bad opening bowl berth from


Ellen Falkner. On the forehand. Big, swinging hand.


Comes all the way back. We always look up profiles and what people say


in them. Don't think we will see how using any other bowls? I don't think


so. Being a good mix with the different companies in the last two


weeks. But when you are chief executive of the company, it pretty


much binds you into that. There has been a good mix of different


manufacturers, which is healthy, I think. No one really dominates any


more. Maybe many years ago it was the case for other things, but


certainly from our point of view, it is good to see that competition in


there. So many good quality bowls being played. Ellen works with her


husband Chris on that. Janice has as her occupation, bowls professional.


Lying well here. One shot. This should be coming inside on the


backhand. Not quite up. I don't think Ellen will be sure to this. I


think she will be up and at them. Certainly worth reaching through it.


Very controlled. Just trying to draw it off. That is a hard shot. But she


might have been a little more positive than that. I am thinking


she might have been worried about getting her closest bowl. Yes, it


could have run that. Very difficult to draw when you are trying to get


within two inches of the jack. Ready for confirmation. Just the one


shot. One shot, Janice Gower. Has your elite squad been announced yet


for the Commonwealth Games? We are a few weeks away. By thing at the end


of January, they are announcing the squad. Will be interesting to see


who comes into that. Also, this will be the interesting bit, who comes in


for such a prestigious one where it will be held in Australia? Yes, I am


obviously hoping my name is on that list. I very much want to be on the


list. You never presume. To be honest, I wouldn't imagine there


will be a lot of change after a fairly successful World


Championships in New Zealand, recently. I think it is fair to say,


your squad went very well, as expected. Very impressed by some of


the players down there, the Australian players were well


drilled. As always. But the fast greens really do suit. Even more so


when broad bench greens. New Zealand is quite flat so they might run up


to 16 seconds, which for viewers at home, it is still very quick. But a


nice pace, more like this out here. Janice made the adjustment. Just


rolling up to the jack. Interestingly, a lot of the players


have been playing a longer length, from what I have been seeing in the


event so far. And preparing the backhand towards the commentary box


as well. -- prefer airing. Needs to worry. Will be the wrong side of the


bowl. I opted for the forehand coming back to the commentary box


because it was a little bit wider and I felt it was easier to get back


to the line. Playing on the backhand, it is quite flat. That


means it is a steady hand and everything has to be more or less


right for the draw. It is very rink, this.


A few of the players have played off the forehand. Not many. This is


close. This is very close. Needs to hurry to touch it out. It should


drop. There it goes. That dropout made the double. Very hesitant, but


eventually it got there. We are still waiting. There we go. Janice


opting to probably just draw this one. Second shot is very good for


her. Second shot would be excellent under the circumstances. Looks good


for it. Just dropped in. I would be very careful about this.


The green boulders appear to be past the jack as Ellen plays this shot.


-- green bowl does. She is being... Good idea. On the safe side. Nine


ends. Nine ends in the first set but you


really want to win, you have to be very careful. You want the board to


be ticking over. Yes, getting singles and ticking the end is over,


is all you need. It is those multiples who don't want to drop in


a game like this when the ends go so quickly. Time for me to interrogate


you on the new techniques bowls Australia has brought in for the


elite squad. Always willing to learn things like that. Interrogate away.


I wouldn't do that to you. One of our favourites in the Royal bowls


tour, Mark McMahon was part of the Australian support squad. Spent a


few hours with him at different venues. Excellent player. At the


world final one year. Yes, we are very lucky to have him on board as


our sports psychologist and what a bowls brain he has. Played on his


portable rink many times. We are very fortunate to have him on our


team. I can't possibly mention the rest of the support squad because


there is just too many of them. Anything behind is good. Don't want


to be dropping short after a good first one. Not like her. Change of


length from Ellen as well. 26 metres, is the jack length.


Not bad. Decent second. Three feet short. The shorter lengths are more


difficult for the line on this rink. Yes, they are a valuable tactic. A


lot of people might think the shorter the jack length is, the


easier it is. That's not the case. Portable rink, you are just touching


the bowl away. But it is not so fast, you have still got to arrive


at it. This looks to be good. Always the temptation to over correct. Good


back position. Ellen might have to think about this. She is going down


to have a look. Will we see Janice play some weight?


There is no reason not to. She is still a crown green player on


occasions and they are very attacking. Interesting, but she is


very close to this. Just got her own. Unlucky.


We can welcome back our viewers from BBC Scotland, as we arrive for this


Janice Gower, Ellen Falkner match. If anyone in Scotland didn't see the


previous match, it was fantastic. All the way to the last bowl in the


third end of the tie-break. But that is all I am going to tell you.


Ellen opting for a longer length of jack this time. I always like having


world champions in the commentary box, just in case I say something


wrong. I am wondering if Ellen is mixing the length up to throw


Janice. Some players can be real rhythm players. Especially if the


jack is in the same place. Not a bad tactic to adopt. It is also when


people play long ends and then they moved the matter up to a short


length. I am more in favour of a couple of metres. The opposition can


catch onto it too easily. Ellen has dropped two short bowls. If you're


going to change the length, you must get in. Great opportunity for Janice


to really get to the jack first. Just sneak them. Plenty of room for


Ellen Falkner to get in. She has changed her hand.


Coming in from a high line. This bowl is doing a bit of work. It


needs to hurry. Three short bowls, Karen that is very dangerous? A lot


of pressure on yourself going into your last delivery. I was surprised


she changed because there was still plenty of room. It is heavier down


there, because I think the air conditioning does affect it. This is


a good shot from Janice Gower. When you lose three, the first thing you


want to do is pegged at least two of them back again.


Certainly changing things, second bowl.


Just push it out on the wide side. Single to Janice Gower. She needed


that. Couldn't afford to lose any more shots with three ends to go.


Still a bit of movement in the crowd, people still coming and


going. Hasn't quite filled up again after the previous match. They have


been thoroughly entertained over the last few days. Quite a few standing


ovations for the players. Judy Potter. I think she watches


more bowls than I do over the two weeks. Floral jacket.


She doesn't give me a list, I just recognise them. She is always


immaculately dressed, is Judy Potter. It is lovely to see her


here, she has been here quite a bit. She loves it. Janice looks to be a


little bit better than her first bowl here.


Ellen still opting to stay on beforehand. Still possible to draw


it, just around the green bowl. Needs to hurry to stay on the line.


Starting to dip away. You have been doing some work with Ellen? Yes, she


plays at my club in Sydney. We have become good mates. She is a nice,


young girl. I find myself, as a mentor, I suppose. She has lovely


manners and a nice demeanour on the green. Yes, she has had some good


success. Great to see her appear. We take note of people doing well. I do


keep an eye on what is happening in the southern hemisphere. She is


certainly one to watch Helen Ryan. I don't think it will be too many


years before we see her in the green and gold colours. This doesn't look


right. It is under. I am surprised at that because everything was to be


gained by reaching that head. Ellen is an attacking player, she cannot


afford to start being negative. Three. Surely she must play the


runner at this. As long as she is not narrow, Karen, she said? It is a


big target. She has lost her way a little bit with the waiter. --


weight. If she is able to get onto that bowl, straight jack through is


also an option. Could play the same shot on the back can. It is


available both ways. Depends what she prefers. Some people prefer


backhand when they are running bowls. Bobby Moore chance to get to


the jack on beforehand. -- probably more chance. It has a tendency to


dip if you go down the line. Doesn't want to be wide. I think that is a


fortuitous result if she is able to take two. Might still be two green.


One shot, Janice Gower. Just the one. Fortunate to get the flick.


Ellen will know she was on the wrong side of the jack. I liked the weight


she used when she played the weighted shop. A lot easier to go


firm than swinging weight. You don't want to be playing the Mickey Mouse


yard on, they don't do anything for you. It is far too difficult. Jack


length, 26.5 metres. 26.5. That is not very useful in terms of


its finish. The first bowl has been very effective in the last few ends.


Whoever starts with the first bowl it is a potent weapon if you can get


it within six inches. If you fail with your first bowl, you are


chasing a little bit with the rest of your bowls. If you find the first


one, you have every chance of repeating it. Short-term muscle


memory. REFEREE: Five inches from jack high. Janice Gayle has played


really well over the last couple of ends, putting some pressure on Ellen


Falkner. Certainly nothing in this game so far.


That is a good second shot, but it will not help to get the number one.


She is a very good conversion player, a good tactical player. But


you have to get that draw bowl going because you are not going to get out


of trouble all the time. Ellen Falkner played some wonderful


conversion bowls last year. I watched her at home. It was a


wonderful display of convergence, changing heads over, taking bowls


out. The top female players in the world have got very good drives and


weighted shots as well as a good draw shot game. They have to to get


out of trouble. It is something that is developed, of course. It is


something you learn. Ellen is trying a hard shot here. It looks to be


under at this stage. It sweeps away very quickly. The back position is


against her, so she has to be careful. It was quite eyes wait for


the short, but it is very difficult to play. This is important. Well, if


it is only one short, just try and draw this. You really do not want to


make a mistake of taking your own bowl out and losing an extra one. I


think the shot is on the forehand. The shot bowl is just behind the


jack. Just amaze even draw shot. Nothing too adventurous. She is well


wide. Yet. I understand her taking that line. She does not mind losing


the single, three singles in a row. In the first set it is so important.


Just one count in the match so far, that treble four Ellen Falkner. That


end has been the difference in the sector so far.


Ellen Falkner's husband, Chris, is a good bowler in his own right. But I


do not think he is going to win any arguments about the game around the


dinner table! I am sure there is much discussion about the bowls


around the dinner table! At the Commonwealth Games in 2002 she goes


back to there. She has won so many titles since then. She played the


Aussie triples team, of which I was a member, in Glasgow. We still


speak! It was a fine performance. I remember it well.


Well, she is putting pressure on Janice Gower. There is no doubt


about that. Two very good first bowls. Three to win the set. I think


Ellen will be more than happy with a very good second shot here. She has


been stretching it a little bit. This one is dipping away. It just


needs to stop. At least second, she will be happy with that.


I can see the reason why. That danger will be there with the next


one as well, so Ellen need another bowl in. Going past the red one will


at least have value. She needed another bowl in and she needed cover


at the same time. That is pretty good. It is not bad. It looks like


just a draw to it and drop in on the jack. Get the angle right and you


can make three. There is an alternative, of course. I think the


draw shot is an easier shot. Just not getting down on time. Ellen


Falkner protects the six - one lead. And very happy to do so I am sure.


She will put that one in her back pocket and feel she is happy enough


to take the set. Ellen is keeping her concentration.


A few people are leaving the auditorium for a little break. They


will be back. So, starting off the second set. It


is fair to say that Ella needs to tighten up a little bit. That is a


good first bowl, but there have not been enough of them. She lost a


little bit of her weight towards the end of the last set.


Need to keep the pressure on, force your opponent into playing the


difficult shots. They are very hard to play, but they are low percentage


and it affects your rate. What Ellen Falkner did well in the initial ends


of the first set was the first bowl was very effective. That is more


like it. Not far away. It will probably stop


Ellen playing the backhand. Yes, the focus in Australia is very much on


the development of the young players as well. Even after India where they


were successful in some events, they got a silver in the triples, the


next year there were two of them gone. There is that push always to


develop the young players and move things along, so you are getting a


life out of them. What we have got at the moment with the Australian


team is a really good mix of experience and we have got some


really good young players coming through. Our experienced player are


still there. You have good young fours and in New


Zealand they played well. She got the edge. That was a pretty good


result in the end. I thought it was going to move to the other side, the


jack, which would not have been beneficial. A bit unlucky not to get


the bowl out absolutely clean. She should still be able to draw this.


She has got two or three feet around the jack.


Confirmation from the market, Dan blew it.


It trapped on a little bit and he is marking the one underneath, which


means that the first shot must be the red at the top of your picture


to begin with. That looks like it is just about in for the second. Get


the measure. REFEREE: 1-shot, Ellen Falkner. Ellen has not got the


benefit of the rings. That was definitely worth measuring. I do not


think you would have walked away from that one, Karen. No. I have to


say they have been very accurate at this event. Some of the players have


been saying to me, any chance of putting your rings on the big


screen? It is not going to happen. Sorry about that. It is a little


toy. We used to have a monitor at the end for the players to see where


the shots lay. Often it is a lot closer than it


looks on television. This is a very good end from both


girls. This is close. Yes, that looked good


all the way. That is absolutely brilliant from both players.


REFEREE: Both your bowls are short of jack high. There is half an inch


gap to the jack. What would you play here, David Corkill? If you want to


push it, you want to push it a yard out. If you missed it, you come into


the back position. She is going deep with this one. That is very good. If


you do not want to play the runner to stay on, which is very delicate


and difficult. She has come down to have a look at


it to see if it is worth getting the green bowl out. I do not think it


will be going without the jack. Green on to read does not help. Lots


and lots of danger here for Ellen Falkner. If she gets onto the green


bowl, this red bowl is disappearing. If she gets onto the red, it will


definitely move. But there is a risk of getting it wrong. It has to be


plumb in the middle. That is very narrow as a percentage shot. It may


be better just to draw this. The problem is, there is still another


green bowl and if it goes right through, it will leave a lot of


room. This is quite a conservative game for her. It will be interesting


to see what weight she plays with this. Yes, there is the danger. I


thought that was a dangerous shot. Tactically that was not the place to


go because you were always take your own bowl out if you do not get it


absolutely right. And there is another bowl to come. And giving


Janice at least a yard to count for her final bowl. More than a yard I


would say. It is four or five feet all round the jack. She has probably


got to get to nine feet to draw this. I cannot see how making a


mistake. -- I cannot see her making a mistake. The tactics are so


important. Sometimes you have to walk away. That is what I would have


done there. Instead of level, Ellen Falkner, the


defending champion, is two behind. Static on the mat, most unusual.


More like a fixed stance. REFEREE: 28.5 metres. 28.5.


And of course Janice Gower managed to qualify in the main draw of the


singles here. That gives her more time on the green, on the carpet I


should say. It is old habits. The more time on the carpet, it is good,


but the reality is nothing beats competitive matches. Being put under


that pressure in training is what you lack.


These two girls are both very dedicated practises on the ring,


trying to grab every opportunity to get into rhythm and they obviously


both know this very well. A much better start by Ellen


Falkner, that is what we expect from her.


Janice Gower played Mervyn King in the first round. She played some


good shots as well, very competitive. The second set in


particular. The first set was straightforward, but the second set


was a different ball game. 10-3 in the first set, but the second set


was 9-7. Mervyn was protecting a lead in that one.


She changed hands and just dropped a little bit short with that one. A


lot of people have been doing that. It is something quite noticeable,


players changing to the forehand. They have been dropping a yard


short. Obviously that is not good. This is close. That stops the easy


draw. Ellen can drop one in here to move it out on the high side and let


it drift back. There is a shot on the other side to take the green


bowl out and lie for three. But it is not worth it. If you get it


wrong, you can lose a shot. She is playing the backhand and this has to


be absolutely perfect. I think she was being a bit careful.


After the last time she will have been a bit tentative about that. You


have to think about the long game here. You have to wait your chance


for a really good opportunity for conversion, rather than a risky one.


REFEREE: Jacked length, 25 metres, 25.


She will be getting changed for this evening. A quick snack, no big meals


before matches. Definitely not, no big bowl of pasta prior to a match.


Not clever. With lots of carbs it is very hard shift those. You need


something light. It looks to be better with this one,


Ellen Falkner. A very good correction. Corrected the weight


well and played a very good line with the first bowl.


A side touch. A little contact, even on the outside, would be good.


I played in Cabramata awhile ago. My home club. I played a top-class lady


player at the time. Came from the same area as myself. It was a


beautiful green. I really enjoyed them.


The target here, the second shot. And it is running through. No point


in being shot, but this is a good opportunity for Ellen Falkner to


drop another one in. Anything past the green bowl is still a good bowl.


A good cover bowl in case Janice decides to place some white on its


head. She was so far with the jack, that was quite deliberate. I still


think there is a forehand shot on here because there is a double


opportunity. Just looking at this, Karen, it is good on there. If you


missed it, you get to there with the second shot, potentially the jack


moving across and dropping into this position. I think it is a double if


you want to reach it. If it is a draw, it is on the backhand. It


looks to be on the high side if it is a draw shot. I think with that


sort of weight to the forehand was a better opportunity, it really was.


There was a big sweep on that forehand. It is more to do with


percentages than anything else. There is pleasure always looking for


percentages. It might not offer and beat the best shot, but they work


out which one might be the best opportunity for a change rather than


the perfect result. Ellen's first bowl is some two and a


half feet past. A bit of a loose one from Janice Gower.


Holding two, but not as much as she would like.


Gap to the shot, 18 inches. Not too much of a correction on her last


bowl for Ellen Falkner. Still running. Good grouping, but you


don't want them two or three feet behind the jack. The gap is 18


inches. Great opportunity for Janice Gower


to consolidate this head. Looks to be on a good line. Just pulling up


short. Opportunity lost. One green. Goodness me. Ellen will move onto


her forehand. Too many bowls are dropping short.


You draw it and hope to get the jack. I am sure the draw shot is on.


Needs to hurry. So many bowls are dropping a few feet short. I don't


think it will be enough. No, missed the chance. Anything up to the green


bowl and past it was good. This is a great opportunity for Janice Gower


to add another shot. Number two coming in. Run through a little bit.


They will measure this one. It is a lot closer than some of the others.


That really was, not a loose head, but the last bowl, so many


opportunities to play slightly through it. If you miss it, you miss


it. It wasn't dead weight she was looking for. It was a foot or so


behind the jack. We love that. First invented in the


early 19 hundredths, would you believe? Only been tweaked a few


times since because it has fundamentally been the same. Very


accurate. Very rarely you see black or brown


bowls now. Composite bowl, now. Composite was developed in


Australia. There you go. Did you not know that? I didn't. They were so


expensive to make, they hacked to develop a cheaper bowl. So they


developed a composite bowl through Dunlop. And that was in the 1930s.


So a long time ago. You can get the old one for presentation sets. But


they are now computer turned. Big history, bowling in Australia of


course. Most major cities have a bowls club


on every corner. A few out in the bush as well. You don't find our


bowling clubs have massive membership, like you think because


there are so many clubs out there. Our club probably has around 55


competitive ladies and probably 70 ladies, social players. But not a


massive membership. How many greens? We have a lovely carpet with a roof


over the top and two grass greens. For such a small membership, that is


incredible. Obviously we have the powerhouse clubs of Maryland and St


John's Park within minutes drive. 1400 members at my indoor club. Wow.


Even winning the club title is an achievement. That is men and women


of course, but it's not easy. It is a strong club. Anyway, back to the


bowls. Anything over the weight, she gets


the back one. Not the! Janice would be well served to think about this.


Should be covering on the backhand. If you cover on the backhand, you


make Faulkner draw it. Still thinking. It is back can cover shot


because anything past the red bowl will be third. That is important.


Anything beyond that, covers trail. Definitely.


It is still there. Missed the chance. Not easy for Ellen, but she


needs to arrive at this one. This is the one she really needs to take.


Not a lot of danger either. She is on an inside line, so she has


to have the weight to hold it. Not sure if that's enough. Faller


contact on the jack was worth three. Just enough to get a single. An inch


away of picking up a good count. Inch away from being perfect, but


still wins the end. She was unlucky not to get that jack to the back of


the rink. Jack length, 29 metres. 29. Back to


this first bowl again now. 29 metre jack length.


There's been nothing in this second set.


Ellen Falkner will be very happy with her opening bowl. You have to


add another. As soon as your opponent drops one short, Ellen


would have been very keen to get to the mat, I would think. Needs to


hurry with this. Don't think she is going to make it. That is an


mischance. You really should be putting your opponent in trouble


where. Now she's got a straightforward yard arm with the


last bowl. Finding the middle of the ring, so the line isn't a problem.


My goodness, Karen, what is going on? Short bowls. I often think when


you play a good one with the first bowl, I know I am guilty of this at


times, your second bowl can be quite short. You put so much emphasis and


importance on your first bowl, you ease of when you play a good one.


You need to consolidate the head, which he has done with her third


bowl, Ellen Falkner. That should have been the second one. It is


about giving opportunities to your own ability. The ability is there,


you just have to think about it. When you are thinking about it, the


shot clock is running down, so that doesn't help. Very easy to rush


these things. On the forehand. It is coming in well. Got the jack. There


it goes. Nice piece of weight from Janice Gower, perfect to get to the


jack. It is a four inch gap and it is eight in just short of jack high.


Use of the last ten or 12 seconds and call it. Time-out called. There


is the trophy, I am sure Ellen would love to get her hands on that with


back-to-back wins. Budgie has a lot of work to do. I think it is a


backhand draw for Ellen. Can't afford to play anything more than


that. If she is going to lose this end, she needs a good second. She


will be thankful it is on the side of the rink she has been playing.


I am surprised at this, I really am. I don't think that is the right


shop, Karen, I really don't. The jack in the ditch was wonderful, one


green and she has a mountain of room to draw of the next one. I think


there have been a few tactical choices here which, has looked at


the absolute result, but not the overall match. This is Janice's last


bowl. Ellen gifted her another shot. She did it in the second as well.


Instead of being level, Ellen should be two or three shots up. Not like


Ellen. She's normally better on the tactical side of the game. Just the


characteristics of the portable rink, that's all. Not much really.


Mainly on the longer jack Lentz. Jack length, 28 metres. Generally


around the 28 metre mark. It is getting late in the day to bring the


matter up and played 23 or 24. It might be needed. Particularly if we


are heading for a tie-break. After a good start is Janice Gower.


She will be happy with that one. Janice just looking for bowl similar


to her first one, something to fatten up the target. Just short.


I think Ellen was thinking about the last end with her second bowl.


Conscious of the fact she didn't want to drop short, but at least it


is valuable back there. Good position.


Needs to get this in. Wants to be carrying a lead into the last end.


Touching the jack wouldn't do her any harm. I think she has been


unlucky. Difficult one here for Janice Gower. She has to decide what


to do. As in May Janice's task any easier? If anything, there may be a


gap between the jack and the bowl now. Not only that, if she touches


the outside of the red bowl, it will spring across the two. She has to


get it on the inside edge. If you get back, you're likely to get the


jack. This is why she is playing the backhand. This is a chance for Ellen


Falkner, she must make up her mind what to do. It is a good, positive


draw. Just a chilly outside of the edge of her own bowl and she will


make three. Will this get back? Needs to bend quickly. Good but


three. That is exactly what she had to play. That was a big bowl and she


played it very, very well. Perfect weight.


There has been a few opportunities for Ellen in this match. That is the


first one she has really grasped. Good timing. Just a matter of


winning the end. It is all about taking those


opportunities when they arise. Nothing between these two players in


the second set. They have both played well. I think it is when you


make mistakes the uptime and the gift shots away that it really


hurts. Then you reflect on that. Ellen is mentally very strong, so


she wouldn't have been thinking too much about it. You are always


conscious of the fact. Janice, needs to draw a touch here.


Left it short. It is a good bowl. Good start for both players. But


Ellen seems to have upped her game in the last few ends. That is a very


good bowl. When you are chasing shots like Janice, she cannot afford


to be short here. Confident draw down the backhand.


Very good. It is a very good bowl. She needed to be probably two feet


heavier than that. You have to be through it. If you are looking for


three shots... You need to give yourself some room to be able to


draw another couple. You have to make a difference. Time-out called.


If I was Ellen here, I would be tempted to play to it. If Ellen


crunches the jack against the green, it is more or less over. The only


danger is, she doesn't want to bring it out into the open. So high line


draw be useful. I like my Highline drift shots. Get


them out there. Let it drift right in again. She is calling it to


hurry. Not ideal, because it gives a shoulder for Janice to play through


it. She knows if she plays in now and Mrs, that's it. More or less


over. No way of getting a three. I think she has to try it. Definitely


the inside of the red bowl. Good arriving draw at this, use the


shoulder and take the red bowl out. Give herself a chance with the last


one. Good effort. It is in the head and


it's a good effort. Just needed two beat more. If it had have been two


feet more, it wouldn't have got back.


Still choices and there's still chances.


Be interesting to see if she goes deep with this over to the side or


drop in on the gap. If she drops in on the gap, it would be all over.


That would be a fantastic bowl. If she gets any movement on her own


bowl on the way in would be a good result. Just slipping past. This


shot is definitely there. No doubt about it. You get into the inside of


that, you get a half bowl, that goes out, you try and get off the angle


onto the red bowl. And that would really kill it. That is the other


target bowl. Can't say it's not possible, it is. Not the easiest of


chances, but probably better than what she might have expected.


Doesn't want any jack movement. Can't afford any jack movement


there. The angle is there to take the two reds out and stay. But she


will need to push through it with four or five yards running. She has


certainly given it a chance. Good effort! Just the one shot.


Good game. But Ellen just had too much in the tank in the end. Good


match, but it was quite interesting at times, Karen. Some very good


bowls, but also some opportunities. Confirmation. She goes into the


final. We will wait to see who she is going to play after this


evening's game. But Ellen will be delighted. Defending your title, it


is always nice to get to the final stages and get to relive the


opportunity of last year, playing into the final.


Ellen got off to a good start. Some lovely draw bowls going in. But


Janice Gower was in the mood and put up a good defence. Just caught her


own bowl. Janice, in a bit of trouble in that end. Ellen


concentrated on the draw. Overall, I think Ellen shaded it enough to


justify going through to the final. She will be very, very pleased.


You have had to fight very hard to overcome a tough opponent today?


Janice played very well and I thought the standard was pretty good


all the way through. It was a tight encounter and I am pleased to get


the win. You stand on the verge of history. Last year when you run it,


you beat the record of winning it three times. You could win it a


fourth time. Does it enter your mind, or is it the old cliche, game


by game? It is game by game, as soon as you start thinking about things


like that, you are gone. I am over the moon and looking forward to


tomorrow. Congratulations. Very well played, Alan Faulkner through to the


final once again. Let's confirm the semifinal draw. We know Ellen is


through, but Amy Stanton plays Katherine Rednall. But this


afternoon we have seen some tremendous bowls here. The match


between Mickey Brett and Charlie Burns is the one we are still walk


the Lim map are talking about. We are going to relive it one more


time. Everyone is gathering around, we


have the press people and everyone is waiting for the biggest story for


many years. What do we call this, the vulture's nest? They all


gathering. Do we have the biggest story in a long time?


He has played very well today. Charlie is doing so much damage with


one bowl in particular, but on a few occasions it has been more than


that. He needs one very good bowl here, Charlie to get himself into


the quarterfinal. This needs to stop. Ten singles Charlie has scored


in this match and one double. Two lose openers from C. But you can


understand that. The rules change again. They can destroy the end. You


have to nominate it first. Nominate as often as you wish. It is replayed


in the same direction. Shaking his head there. He knows it's not close


enough. Charlie couldn't be thinking about running the bowls. He must be


drawing? Has got to be a draw. As changed to the forehand. That is


confidence for you. He is getting back. He has drawn the shots. Oh my


goodness me! Did he really signalled that, Andy? You are standing up


looking out of the window and I am watching the monitors. Well done,


Charlie. He really needs to be up. Two read,


but it is in a good place. He has been doing a lot of damage. He is


shaking his head, I cannot blame him. He is going for it. Oh, he is


under. It has gone. Charlie Bence, what an effort, Charles Brents. Nick


Brett has been tested right to the last bowl in this match. What a man,


what a player, a standing ovation for a 71-year-old from Blantyre, and


so it should be. Absolutely. The Nick Brett dug deep, it was a good


game. That was as difficult as it ever could be. It proves just what


can be done in this sport. Into the qualifiers, you played through, you


when you're matches, you come to play the best in the world and you


played the best in the world and you test them right up to the last


moment. Nicky Brett, I have to say he played very well in that match.


Very disciplined, but also he enjoyed it immensely. But just over


the line. Nick Brett is through to the quarterfinal. Just simply one of


the most remarkable matches we have ever seen here at Potters. What were


your thoughts all the way through that match? Really what I was


thinking was, I hope this is a good game and in the first three or four


ends and realised how Charlie was playing with his last bowl and it


was amazing. It was fantastic. He was in a good mood and he knew he


was not going to lose, but I was impressed by Nick Brett as well. And


what about the standing ovation at the end, which is something we only


see for the elite finals? Absolutely, it was justified.


Charles Spence came out and the relationship between the two


players, Nick was able to chat to them and they were both able to


enjoy it and it was a fantastic advert for somebody playing in the


qualifiers. Nicky Brett is in the qualifiers, but Charlie Bence has


won his way into the hearts of all our audience at Potters. Let's


remind you of what else is coming up on the BBC. The highlights tonight


of all did a's matches on BBC Two and on the red button at nine a.m..


And then we have got action from the singles tomorrow at ten a.m.. David


Gourlay versus Neal Foreman. They are battling for a spot in the


quarterfinals. We will be showing you the ladies singles final and Les


Gillett against Alex Marshall. Tennis followers as here on BBC Two.


It is time for us to say goodbye.


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