Day 5 World Track Cycling Championships

Day 5

Clare Balding introduces live coverage from the final session of the World Championships at the Lee Valley VeloPark in London's Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

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Good afternoon. Welcome to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. 22,000


people have been through the doors here at the Vale drome. This is what


they've come to see today. Very shortly we will see the women's


semifinals. Then we will see Jason Kenny in the men's keirin 2nd round.


His fiancee Laura Trott shortly after that in the final race of the


women's omnium. She leads the points standings. Hopefully, Jason Kenny in


the men's keirin final but everything could happen. Finally,


the men's Madison with Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish joining


forces are probably for the 1st time. I'm joined by Sir Chris Hoy


and Dame Sarah Storey. We're starting with the man who filled


your shoes as the king of British sprinting. Jason Kenny was through


to the best of 3 final. Simon Brotherton and Chris Boardman can


tell is exactly what happened. COMMENTATOR: What a battle this


promises to be. This will come down to tactics. Both have shown


themselves to be the strongest sprinters here. The right riders in


this final, for sure. Jason Kenny looking to be the world sprint


champion for a 2nd time in his career. A 3rd rainbow jersey for


him. Best of 3 final. Glaetzer 23 years of age from Adelaide. A rider


on the way up. He has beaten 2 world champions to get here, including the


defending champion from France. He is accelerating, trying to make it


look like he isn't. He nearly tempted Kenny to coincide and


stalled him. They take the bell and Kenny goes up the banking. Can Kenny


close the gap down the back straight road on by the London crowd. On the


line. I think the Australian just gets it on the line. Glaetzer has


been excellent in this series of races. The pressure is on him


because he is so close to the gold medal. Here we go. The sprint is on.


They take the bell. Next time over the line, fighting for 1st position.


Glaetzer on the outside of Kenny. Kenny is digging really deep. It is


on for the Australian. But what a run from Jason Kenny! He is still


alive in this final. It will go to the wire. The World Championship


final goes to a decider. Great Britain against Australia. Jason


Kenny, the Olympic champion against Matthew Glaetzer will lead on this


opening lap. He is not short of support. We talked about the power


needed for the sprint finish. Jason Kenny has power to wait for that


superb acceleration that Glaetzer kept him pinned with in that superb


previous round. They are going at a fair old lick. They both want to get


this 1 under way. Glaetzer did well when he led in the previous round.


He might see himself as having an advantage, if he can stop Kenny from


gaining the front position. Riding with the Australian here. Jason


Kenny keeping him in close proximity. They are not hanging


around. A lap and a half to go. They want to get it over with. Different


tactics. Glazer will lead from the front. Jason Kenny looks to get the


advantage of going up but he has a lot of work to do. Into the back


straight. Can Jason Kenny claw the gap back. Into the finishing


straight they go. Jason Kenny is going to do it! He is the champion


of the world. For the 3rd time in his career. His 2nd world sprint


crown. The Olympic champion is back where he likes racing best. At the


Velodrome in London. Gold for Jason Kenny and he did it the hard way.


That was much sprinting at its absolute best. STUDIO: Jason Kenny


absolutely elated as you would expect. His fiancee Laura Trott. A


funny little wink between them. After that, I'm afraid he was sick


into a bucket because of the effort it had taken out of him! How big an


achievement is that? As big as anything he has achieved so far.


Definitely up there with his Olympic performance in 2012. So great to see


him back on form. People were mystified why he cannot reproduce


this form year after year. Form is elusive. Whatever has happened, in


his head, he has got himself together. You see what it meant to


him as he crossed the line. He is a calm guy who doesn't give away a lot


usually but you can see what it meant to him. Sarah, important


timing in an Olympic year. Definitely. You can't get better


timing than that. We are going to the women's sprint semifinals. This


will be cat and mouse. COMMENTATOR: Hello, everyone. We are about to go


with this 1st semifinal in the women's sprint. 1 of the all-time


greats in the white with the greenhouse it. Anna Meares, the


Olympic champion who beat the British contender in the Olympics.


She has had some time out of the sport. She looked as though she was


heading for retirement. Thinking about life after cycling. She


realised she was still enjoying it. Straight back in at the top level as


we would expect. It is a 3 lap race, the best of 3 semifinal. The Chinese


rider will lead off on the opening half lap. Jun Hong Lin showed good


form in the World Cup meeting. Meares took time out after the


Olympic Games in London and has been slowly working her way back. She has


been plagued by back problems over the last year. She roared back


strongly in the Australian national Championships at the start of the


year adding to her enormous collection of national


championships. It seems to be an issue that they are able to manage


at the moment. Hoping for a clear run, injury free until the Rio


Olympics. Very carefully riding here, almost touching the back


wheel. Trying to get this sprint under way with 2 laps under way.


Moving up the track now. Trying to encourage Meares.


Meares being watched very carefully by Jun Hong Lin. The sprint has


opened up. The Chinese rider keeps looking behind her. She needs to get


going here and try and hang on with Meares trying to go around the


outside and finding it difficult. It has been taken by Jun Hong Lin from


China. An excellent result for the Chinese rider. An interesting


result. Almost as I mentioned experience, Meares allowed herself


to be dictated to. It was very close. No potential for accelerating


onto the wheel and using the slipstream. She was very close all


the way through. Left at all to do in the final bend. A bit of a


surprise. Anna Meares didn't have the speed to come around and get


past Jun Hong Lin. She has one more chance if she is to make it through


into the World Championship final. Junhong Lin still with her nose in


front in the semifinal. Vogel is one of the fans favourites


from around the world. She is up against a very strong Chinese


opponent. Their best sprinter over the last ten years hasn't even made


it to the final. They were disqualified as they were in the


run-up to the Olympic Games with the changeover. Clearly, though, the


physical ability is there in the team. Zhong leads off but you would


favour Vogel. She is a very flamboyant competitor, gives great


interviews, very succinct and strong character. Christina Vogel has come


back so well after being seriously injured in 2009. Involved in an


accident on the road. A couple of days in a coma with various broken


bones. She has fought back to the top. Works as a police officer. That


will be her full-time career when she finishes cycling. She has taken


time out in the lead up to the Olympic Games to concentrate on her


dream of becoming Olympic sprint champion. Deciding to put some pace


into this ride. Taking the lead there might have been a mistake.


Letting her have the advantage. Pushing up the speed, weaving around


the track to make it difficult to know which side to pass. Slowly


accelerating as they take the bell. Vogel leading the way. Zhong trying


to close the gap down the closing straight. Not very much. She is


starting to close it. Stena -- Vogel was in a race that she didn't expect


to be in. She was in an excellent position but I think she has been


beaten here by the rider from China. Indeed she has. The two big names in


the semifinal are both behind in the best of three series. That was


beautifully ridden by Zhong. She didn't panic. Accelerated into the


slipstream. A final kick in the home straight took her over the top of


the German. STUDIO: China have the advantage in both semifinals but it


is best of three. We will be back for the second race is in age. It is


the keirin coming on. The warm weather biker leads out and then


peels away and the races sprint. It can be dramatic and quite dangerous


have a look at Jason Kenny's first ride this morning. Talk is it. --


talk as through it. Unfortunately, the American goes


down, too. It's one of those events. There's not much space to manoeuvre.


The guys are going fast. Jason is doing all right here. Watch the


rider, the Polish man, coming out on his lane, almost causing a second


accident but Jason kept his cool. Then the German on the outside. Goes


around the outside. And Jason are safely through to the second round.


Showing that the power of Jason Kenny whose speedy as well but has


unbelievable balance for the visitors who he will face in the


second round. Obviously last night, winning the Sprint, physically


exhausting for him. At the productive it to back-up? Very tough


but the hardest part is the morning session. During the qualifying ride.


You got to do it safely. He's had a chance to recover, and knows this is


the last session and we are hopefully on for a medal if you can


get through this. COMMENTATOR: As you would expect and


excellent line-up for the Keirin second round. Kelemen is the current


champion. You have the champion from Great Britain, is also previously


won the title. He's getting a hero 's welcome as he returns to the


scene of his triumph last night. The New Zealander has a gold medal in


the team Sprint as does Sam Webster. The German has become the new world


kilo champion. And the Russian is a European silver medallist in this


race. A collapse of the track. The journey bike at the front increasing


its place. Before disappearing with 2.5 laps to go. And then the race is


on. They have to stay behind it. He's happy to take the last position


at the moment. Having watched the footage a few times from that


morning, looked in great shape, looking around, sprinting full tilt,


monitoring things and calculating what he needed to do just to


qualify, so he may feel stiff after yesterday's escapades, which he got


a great reward for, of course, but he looks good this morning. The


riders have been through the same process, so everybody is at a


similar level of fatigue. You have to fill it in the first three, and


then go through to the final. -- finish. Then you are going to the


minor final. A good competition here for Jason Kenny from Great Britain.


I think he could get into the top three here. The Russian is the first


rider behind the bike and then the two riders from New Zealand there.


Immediately following the Russian. Dawkins is the first of the two


Kiwis. Sam Webster, the Commonwealth Sprint champion, is wearing white


gloves. Then the last rider, who won the last title, brought to a great


crescendo and the rider in the blue, with a red and white stripe down his


back is Kelemen, the European champion Czech Republic. Jason Kenny


up the rear. It will be interesting to see whether the New Zealanders


tried to use their strength in numbers fall it looks like they


will. At the moment, Dawkins going to the front. The kilo champion is


on his wheels. Jason Kenny in third place looking hungry. Kelemen at the


back. Following in second place, Dawkins. He is right on his heels.


One lap to go. He is big, strong, powerful and racing at the front,


Dawkins is trying to chase them down. Jason Kenny is in a good


position to qualify for the final. Jason Kenny is across the line. He


rode that absolutely beautifully. You could see that he said, right,


I'm in third place. I just need to stop them coming around. He was


looking backwards during the Sprint. He just needed to do enough to


qualify. They could not have done better. A great leader, Kelemen. So,


he led from the front and stayed there all the way round but we know


he has got the staying power and show that over at four laps the


other day, winning the gold medals and Dawkins was always competitive


at the front of the race and untroubled in terms of the final but


Jason Kenny, as well, in terms of making it through to a final in a


Keirin, that was about as untroubled as it gets. He will be happy with


that. It was almost a repeat of the first round where he did what he


needed to do and road with great confidence. I suppose, when evil but


got a gold medal in your bag, you know you're already world champion


so everything else is a bonus. He can afford to ride with confidence.


It was interesting to see the New Zealanders thought about getting


together but no one was going to give the opportunity. Confirmation


of the result: the Russian rider just edged out. Sam Webster bringing


up the rear. Here we are in the thick of the race looking at the


Russian rider Shurshin. You get the indication of the hurly-burly of it


in the final couple of laps of the Keirin race. Elbows out at times but


that one, certainly for those at the front, a relatively clean ride and


straightforward. Those three flew to the final. The second semifinal


coming up now including: Perves does not appear to be on top


form this week but he may prove us wrong this afternoon. The German in


there as well. There is Omelchenko from Azerbaijan. And here is Awang


from the lazier. The Japanese rider, who was third in the Japan track cap


Keirin last year. Perves, if he is informed, had a decent draw in the


semifinal and should be able to get through. We will find out what he


has got in his legs now. We've not seen his form yet, that's for sure.


A little bit lacklustre considering how dominant he was 12 months ago.


Here is a chance to redeem himself. The German rider in this race is in


second bite at the moment, Maximilian Levy. An interesting


character. He finished second behind Chris Foy in the Olympic Games a few


years ago in the Keirin and what a final that was and Chris Holley's


six Olympic title. -- Sir Chris. The real big hitter in a semifinal


line-up but Awang from the lazier is very popular and has been around for


very long time as well finished with a silver medal six years ago. He is


a very canny rider and will spot every opportunity. One of the best


it handlers on the track. Levy, real power. One of the favourites here.


Perves, something of an unknown. Lacklustre start to the week.


Interesting to see if there is a surprisingly from somebody. Maybe


from the Korean rider who was just behind the journey bike at the


moment. He won the title of the new Asian championships. The team Sprint


champion of Asia. We'll keep an eye on him. Korea and Germany leading


the way. Japan in third. Awang in the yellow and black of Malaysia.


Perves in the navy blue of France. And then Omelchenko from Azerbaijan.


You can see them jockey for position. They can't overlap the


journey bike, remember. They can accelerate early. But exactly what


has happened here. Awang moving up from the rear portion of the field


up into second place at the moment. Following the rider from Korea. He


leads the way as he moves around the outside. A very aesthetic


celebration there. One lap to go now. He leads the way. Levy. The


Japanese rider tries to go around outside. Being held off by Awang at


the moment. And so, Germany, Malaysia and Japan go through and


the defending champion will not be able to defend his title in the


final. He has not got the former. He looked out of sorts this morning. He


was never a factor in this race. You can see him there, look at the gap


back to Perves. He could not accelerate. It could not match it at


all. Levy, the speed he went forward, sheer power, he was not


going to do it, qualify. He came in lengths ahead of the opposition.


Chris Holley can tell you all about Maximilian Levy, one of its great


rivals over the years. Jason Kenny of course has already qualified.


They will all go for gold a little later on.


CLARE BALDING: It's going to be some gold medal race. Levy went so early,


Chris. He was flying ahead of the rest of them. He went with about 1.5


laps to go. Incredible performance. The best we've seen him since 2012.


Would you make him the favourite for the final? How did you assess


Jason's race? He has to conserve energy up to this point so far. He


knows he can do a thousand kilos a metre, his competitor. He leaves to


conserve energy. He can accelerate off the wheel. He is accelerating


here. He isn't is in the perfect position. He's got


feeling fantastic hasn't he? He's got nothing to prove now. If he can


get a medal in the Keirin, that will be fantastic for him. Being in the


form of such a big thing and you see someone like Perves gone out. The


French team generally have not been good, have they? They were so


dominant this time last year. The air, I'm speechless, really. Talking


a big names in cycling, Meares has to do when that if she is going to


contest the gold medal. COMMENTATOR: So, Meares in the last


chance saloon. The 32-year-old, the world Sprint champion back in 2011,


her Sprint medal was a bronze a year later in them well championships in


Melbourne head of the London games and Victoria Pendleton won the gold


medal that year both in London and in the World Championships. Meares


was a world champion as recently as a year ago in the Keirin but that's


the only world title she is one in the last four years and having lost


the first ride against Junhong, she has to win this one. It great


opportunity for Junhong to make it into the final and race for gold


this afternoon. A real surprise therefore Meares. Junhong rode


beautifully, confident ride. Going so slowly you could walk alongside


them at the moment. That's exactly what they have to do. A minimum of


half a lap of walking place. The number one position is obliged to


take the position. Two riders just watching each


other intently, looking out for any movement. Mind games between the


pair of them. Meares taking it very, very slowly on the opening lap.


Music in the auditorium also adds to the crowd. Surely psychological,


this. Just wait until it's time to unleash that Sprint. Power comes at


a cost. To sustain top speed frat handful of seconds. Great skill from


both of them and Meares just trying to force the issue little bit here.


So experienced, Meares. 11 times world champion. Twice in the Olympic


Games. And the reigning Olympic Sprint champion.


The first lap just completed between the pair of them. Junhong just


content to bite her time, not being forced into doing anything she


doesn't want to do by the Australian. Where just waiting to


see if they were going to do a standstill. It didn't happen too


much on the 250 track. It's not such a big advantage to get it in the


rear position but they can do that for 30 seconds and the gun will be


fired. If they continue to do that. Want a game of cat and mouse they


are playing here. There is only a lap and a half to go. The rider with


good acceleration is going to have an advantage. Meares is keeping it


as low as possible, so she thinks it is her. Junhong Lin takes a minor


advantage. It is on the line for Meares. She hasn't got enough. She


will have two settle for bronze at best. What a ride from Junhong Lin.


She wins in two straight rights. Meares says she is only at 90% of


her best didn't quite have that extra speed. She tried to control


the race holding the inside position which is exactly what she wanted to


do. There was an engine difference between the two. Junhong Lin


superior on formal. She could deal with the fact that she didn't have


it actively right. She made her come on the wrong way round on to banking


is. A worthy winner. Anna Meares who won silver in the keirin behind


Christina Vogel. She didn't have a bad championship. She said she was


happy with it. She won't be happy with losing straight rights to Lynne


John Hahn. She has had to take a step backwards in order to move


forward. A lot of her winter preparation was put on hold. Because


of her black rubber. -- because of her back problem.


Zhong Tianshi when the first race. We have had a few surprises in terms


of who has been winning these races. The British team have much to be


optimistic about but there is a greater strength in depth across the


world in track cycling. In terms of the sport, it can only be a good


thing. Certainly, in terms of women's sprinting. Becky James is


the big hope to come back for Rio. Assuming that she gets selected.


Both for the keirin and the sprint. Christina Vogel looking to add to


her seven world titles across the seven sprint disciplines. She has


been in this before. She doesn't give in or do mind games. She just


doesn't with power. She won't be fazed by being one down. We are


going for a standstill. The clock will have started. 30 seconds they


get. The lead rider is directed to lead-off. If they don't, they are


relegated. They used to go on for minutes. You could be waiting for


ten minutes or so for the race to continue. Two laps to go as they


come around this time. Both riders head to the top of the track. Vogel


is tempting Zhong Tianshi to come on the outside. She has let her get the


inside line. Zhong Tianshi on the inside now. Christina Vogel left the


door open. She found herself pushed through the barriers. Vogel has to


win this to get through to the final. Zhong Tianshi holds her


wrath. Around comes Vogel. Vogel has been beaten. What a turn up. And all


Chinese final to look forward to in the women's sprint. She was beaten


with about a lap to go. She gave away the front position. Realised


what she had done. Tried to accelerate but didn't have the power


to get around the top. Couldn't make it. It was too far to come around.


Banging elbows there. An extra ten metres way too much to ask. She


could almost see in her face that she knows she's not going to make


it. Their experience tells. Two tactical mistakes. Unusual for the


German. It is a surprise that she has not got through. She looked in


really good form here. Christina Vogel will not make it a hat-trick.


The coach who broke his hand slamming it across the table in


frustration at his team's disqualification will not be feeling


the pain now. Both his winning through to the final. Both races won


in straight rights here. That has got is underway. Confirmation that


Junhong Lin and Zhong Tianshi will race for gold and silver. Christina


Vogel will race against Anna Meares for the bronze and silver.


I feel like I'm going back to where it all began. The crowd are lifting


her. She is now in the lead. Before London 2012, I was taking it as it


came and I didn't know what to expect. Great riding, Laura! Laura


Trott is on fire! I love being in front of a home crowd. It is


massive. It really does give you that extra edge. The concluding


event in the Omnium. The gold medal is going to come to Laura Trott. The


feeling you get, the buzz is incredible. It is one that I really


look forward to. She just loves cycling. A huge smile and a huge


talent. She really is the queen of the track. She certainly is. Her


performances have been most impressive. She is so cool, calm and


collected on the track. They used to be her weak part but they are her


strength now. She burst to prominence in London 2012 but she


still is only 23 years old. Another Olympics to come. She was a junior


champion who has already been always been very talented. She came through


into the senior squad with her natural speed and ability to change


pace and hold the front for a long time. We have seen her do some huge


turns in the team pursuit. The way she backs up from race to race is


very impressive. She has had the busiest programme of anyone in the


team. She already has a bronze from the team pursuit and a gold medal


from the scratch race. The Omnium is a multidiscipline event. We are


coming to the last of six events. In the scratch race, Laura Trott won


the sprint from third. Next, the three kilometre individual pursuit.


Trott's time gave her second place. Behind her great rival Sarah Hamer


from the United States. The third race was her speciality. It came


down to a shoot out with Hamer. A win for Hamer and the two sat level


at the top of the rankings overnight. Today began the 500


metres time trial and the two leaders went off together. Trott's


explosive space gave her a 14 point advantage with two rights to go.


Next, the flying lap. Trott kept her advantage by clocking 14.2 16. It


extended her lead over Hamer. 12 points isn't very much when you have


a potential to win, we saw yesterday the German rider win 55 points. Not


as many sprints on offer. A shorter race. Everything is in the balance.


They have waited it towards the points race to favour the endurance


athletes. How was she feeling yesterday? She was a little bit down


after the elimination race. She has bounced back strongly and she seems


like she is focused and ready. Although Sarah Hamer beat her, she


has suffered since. Laura tried to box her in and get


her eliminated early. She had to go up the banking a lot and has


expended a lot of energy. 100 laps ahead of them with tens sprints.


Points for winning the sprints. Simon Brotherton and Chris Boardman


can explain to you how bonus points can be won. COMMENTATOR: Just


rolling around for the first of the 100 laps. The race will start when


they cross the line next time. Sprints every ten laps four points


on the line. Five points maximum, three, two, one. 50 points on the


cards. All importantly, as Claire alluded to, if you gain a lap, 20


points bonus and you are sprinting with everybody else for the next.


The potential is to overhaul the advantages which look very big but


can disappear quickly. Laura Trott overall has a 12 point lead over her


next competitor. 184 points. Sarah Hammer is in the bronze medal


position. Let Edmundson from Australia is fourth at the moment.


The Belgian in fifth. Alison Beveridge up there on 130. It is a


very strong field. Some really good riders here. The tactics are going


to be very interesting. We have got some strong riders. For some of the


riders, the gaps aren't very big. A couple of lap gains and suddenly


they can be a real threat. While they take a lap, they can mop up


points. Lots of riders are in the mix. The rider from the Netherlands


in Orange. Durer of Belgian at the front. A


really good road rider. The national champion of Belgium last year. One


couple of races on the road. She could be a factor. Close enough on


150 points to be a real threat. She can't be allowed to gain a lap. That


is what Laura Trott has to look out for. You must look at a wider group


as far as taking a lap is concerned. The first attack is from the


Italian. We saw her riding in the road on the women's Tour. She took a


couple of decent stage placings. Just get things moving more quickly.


Edmundson in the white with the yellow and Queen of Australia. Good


to see her performing well towards the top end after finally becoming


world champion last year. She had a nasty accident. BELL


Lawler trot in second place. The German is up there too but she is


being left behind. -- Laura Trott. Coming back stronger. But not strong


enough in that first Sprint. That's a very good positive start for Laura


Trott. Very cleverly written. She had an opportunity to take on the


lead with a lap to go but wisely stayed behind. Scoring the odd


points and saving energy. If she hadn't gone for that, Hammer were


taking the points. Laura Trott's leader goes off. 189. Hammer, USA,


169. Edmondson in fourth place at the moment, 152 points, a danger


rider. She's got some help this time. Alison Beveridge has won a


silver medal in the team pursuit in the week. She's involved at the


front. Edmondson knows she has to make this race animated. She has


some catching up to do. Quite a battle at the moment between here


and Hammer to get onto the podium. Sarah Hammer already collecting


three points from that first Sprint. A difficult race to control, this


one. As soon as someone falls, everyone will look at Laura Trott


and say, it's up to you to do the chasing. The rider from the


Netherlands, another really good road rider. She can power along all


day given half the chance. She will have a chance here because she is in


seventh place at the moment so no threat for Laura Trott, even if she


gains a lap so the onus is not on the British rider to do the chasing


here. She is really making some inroads here. Yes, seventh overall


at the moment on 126 points. Some considerable way down. The world


champion last year in the scratch race, she won the Omnium in the


World Cup. She's enjoying some daylight here. She has a lead of


over half a lap. The chase being led by the rider from China. But, at the


front, she is leading the way as she tries to gain a lap early. I think


she's going to do it. They have not been hanging around, either. I don't


know if she has been pushing into the rest and is about to pay the


price. Buy ahead of this next Sprint, she will take four points.


That will be 25 in total which will push her Apple board. Looking for


the points on offer and looking to keep going. Hopefully she can latch


onto the back of that pack and gain the extra points available should


she managed to do so. The China rider, Ling, looks like she will


claim three points. The rider with her was Gonzales of Venezuela.


Venezuela is getting a couple of points there. Laura Trott tucked


into the main field along with the other medal contenders at the


moment. This plays into the hands of Laura Trott. She's mopping up the


points, taking it away from the real threat. It's absolutely perfect for


her. Just 40 minutes of the back of that group. She'll certainly make


the junction which will put her into having a good chance of a podium.


Just one point behind a net Edmondson who was fourth at the


moment, should she gain a lap. She still working hard, WILD. Sarah


Hammer have been looking at opportunities to move up the table.


Now she would have to move backwards as well because Edmondson is bearing


down on her. Wild is about to be in a similar position. It's going to be


a tactically different position for the American very soon. The Belgian


at the other end of the pack at the front end, the pointy end, makes a


move, D'Hoore. She had help from the Italian Frapporti. She's really into


the red now. Looking to bridge onto that last meal. We've seen riders


get this close. And disappear backwards again. Never making


contact. I can't believe that will happen to ride of her quality. Up to


the junction now. Great writing the from Kirsten D'Hoore but she had to


dig deep the way things were in front of her. Going off the front


from Berthon. She won't have long to do that. This is relentless. She


only got a few moments to take a breath before she needs to work her


way towards the front. The advantage nullified by another attack. She is


now into fifth position. 151. Just one point behind Edmondson in


fourth, but she still has some work to do. They are on the Sprint lap


now and it looks as if it is the rider from Belarus at the front.


Coming from behind is Laura Trott trying to get into the points where


the Sarah Hammer. Five points for Belarus, three for Cuba and another


two for Laura. A psychological blow because she came over the top of


Sarah Hammer. A real psychological blow the four Hammer, I think. A


good race so far so Sarah Hammer moves up the track. There is the


situation in the overall standings. Laura Trott leading the way. Wild


gaming but still in fifth place having gained a lap on everybody


else. -- gaming for the LS from New Zealand attacks. Jason Kenny in


conversation with Mark Cavendish. We can look forward to those raising


this afternoon. Jason Kenny in the men's Hammer racing for a second


gold medal of the games and Mark Cavendish will line up alongside


Sarah Bradley Wiggins in the Madison. They won together in 2008.


This'll the first World Championship they written in the Madison since


then and what a finale to the championships it is. That is later


on this afternoon. This final day of the Track Cycling World


Championships. At the moment, we're watching Lauren Ellis, the


Commonwealth silver medallist, trying to gain a lap in which I


think she will gain because, as you can see, everybody else is taking a


breather. Absolutely. Great attack. Everybody riding hard, took a


breather. She made short work of that. 20 points, moved right up the


board. Perfect for Laura Trott. The riders, another threat for the other


contenders, forcing them to ride defensively rather than offensively.


She's not a factor at the moment, the from New Zealand. That bonus of


20 points has taken her on 298. She is still 11, a long way behind the


podium, but at least she is showing her pace at the front. Perfect


timing. Certainly was. Lap 61. And D'Hoore from Belgium have a go at


the front as well. The Belgian is behind her as well. Gonzales from


Venezuelan, in her mid-30s now, the Pan American games, Gold medallist a


few years ago, trying to hang on and collect more points. And the


teenager from Denmark is going to take three points here, going over


the top of the Belgian. She's collecting the five points. Denmark,


three, Belarus, two, Gonzales, Venezuela, one. She happened to be


coming over on the Sprint lap. Pushed on but didn't have any


company here so she's thinking twice about it. A long way to go on her


own when they are motoring behind so I think she will call it a day


shortly. She has real star quality at the age of 19. A two-time road


race champion is I think we'll hear her name a lot in years to come.


She's having a little look over her shoulder, Dideriksen. Laura Trott in


the gold medal position. The final race of the women's Omnium. Laura


has finished second in each of the last three years of the World


Championships in this championship. She was last world champion in


Melbourne, 2012, head of the London Olympic Games and became the London


Olympic champion as well. An offensive approach to defending


their position in this race so far. Sprinting very successfully.


Expanded her lead. In a good position here now. At various grant


position. She's marking every move the Belgian and Hammer have made and


she won't let them escape so only a surprise move from Edmondson, in


touch, could start to become something of a threat but come at


the moment, it's playing into her hands. The pace has forced them to


slow down as they approach half distance. That will have helped


Wild, On The Last Portion Of The Lap. Leading At The Moment, Ellis.


Edmondson, the defending world champion right behind her. There is


a real lull here. Wild is perfect for her because she is 20 points,


more than 20 points off the podium but if a rider of her calibre, I


don't believe she will settle for anything but a medal here. She can't


do it on points, highly unlikely, so I think we'll see her in the next 50


laps going for another attack. No surprise to see the Belarus rider at


the front again, keeping her eye on everything. A former world champion


in the points race back in 2011. Ling from China, momentarily comes


to the front. Gonzales of Venezuela in third. Hama behind her. The


Canadian behind her. -- Hammer. She came up the inside but Laura Trott


got blocked. Not quite there. Finding their way through now. Here


we are on the Sprint lap. Laura Trott goes around the outside. That


will get the crowd going. Laura Trott, she shows it clean pair of


heels to everyone. Laura Trott grabs five more points, just when the


others thought they were about to begin to eat into her lead a little.


She had the pace over hairline strategically kept her foot on the


pedal. Sarah Hammer frustrated at not being able to make any inroads


towards that gold medal. That title looks to be slipping away here. The


three podium placed riders at the moment. Those three riders are


together on the track at the moment with Hammer at the front. Laura


Trott following her. About halfway back in the field. Edmondson on the


front. D'Hoore up there as well behind the Russian. The Canadian


with, once again, Sharapova going off the front. Looks like she's


trying to spring them out of it now. The only top six can contest the


medals and do outrageous things like take it. Edmondson and D'Hoore, they


could threaten the podium places. The Canadian on 130, I think that is


the barrier. Edmondson the defending world champion goes off the front.


The German closes the gap. They gain some ground now. Dideriksen on her


wheel. Towards the back of the main field of the moment. A real danger


to Sarah Hammer of the United States, an attack like that


succeeding. Edmondson close enough that she could score en route and


overtake them, so they are the ones who have to do the chasing.


Beveridge attacks now and is closed down straightaway by the rider from


Cuba. The laps are ticking away now. 43 laps remaining as they come


around this time. Over half distance, Laura Trott closing on


that world title. Acceleration from the three-time European under 23


champion who has not been able to feature towards the top end of the


leaderboard, but she is looking to finish strongly and on the attack


now, being followed by D'Hoore. And the rider from Japan, in fifth place


at the moment in the line-out. As we go into this Sprint lap, Laura Trott


is following the wheel of the French rider. It's going to be a struggle


between the pair of them. Look at them go around the outside.


Travelling at a different speed to the other riders on the track. Sarah


Hammer lead from over the line. Laura Trott, third. All importantly,


Laura Trott adds another couple of points. At this moment in time, it's


looking very good for her with 40 laps to go. She is on to 198 points.


Hammer, 178, in second. What a battle for the silver medal at the


moment. world champion last year. She had a


nasty accident. BELL 37 laps to go as they cross the


finish line. Only 20 points remaining. Laura Trott doesn't have


too beat anybody. She just has to stop people from taking the lap.


D'Hoore digging in hard. Making it a trio of riders at the front. Angie


Gonzales of Venezuelan at the front of the group behind the main field.


Laura Trott making steps towards a world title. Her first of this


Olympic cycle. Ellis attacking on the inside. From New Zealand. She


gained a lap early in the race. She will have to gain a few if she wants


to get on terms. If she were to gain another lap it would only take her


up to eight. She is still fighting hard. The Cuban has decided to go


after her. Beveridge has gone after her as well. Hamer decides to let


her go. The Canadian will put herself on


terms if she can gain a lap. That will put her in the third to fifth


looping. In with a shot of a medal. Lauren Ellis against the second lap


of the race. Beveridge of Canada trying to do the same thing.


This is ideal for Laura Trott. All of the points being soaked up by the


riders fighting for minor places. Lauren Ellis has done really well to


drag herself up into eight. Dideriksen is ninth. The Cuban ten.


They are marking each other. It is ridiculous. Berthon taking out


Hammer in an attempt to get her out at the front. Berthon has written a


very negative race. They are both on the same points. It would all be on


position in the last dash for the line. 25 laps remaining. Laura Trott


has got a stranglehold on it. She is leaving them to squabble at the


back. They appear to have stopped watching her. What a force this is


if they get really going. Hammer and Berthon are just dawdling along


watching each other. Laura Trott won a scratch race earlier this season


socially already -- so she already has a gold medal. The Russian rider


has started to join in. This is a gift for Laura Trott. Happy to help


out in this breakaway of five. Not putting too much in. The two that


are riding very curiously are Hammer and Berthon who are only now


thinking about getting into the race. They could see themselves in


trouble. Laura Trott wants to do this in style. She is on the wheel


of the Australian and benevolence. She is going to collect three more


points here. Five to Australia and three to Great Britain. Laura


Trott's stranglehold is basically comp leet on this women's omnium. As


long as she stays upright, she is going to win. Sarah Hammer and


Berthon are still locked in behind. Edmundson would need to gain a lap


to get into contention. I think that Hammer and Berthon are going to see


they are neutral and it will be all on the final dash. If they are level


on points, it is who finished first on the final dash for the line. They


have given up on attacking Laura Trott. She was so strong in the


first half of this race that they have realised they can't beat her in


a sprint. They have to concentrate on second and third position. Laura


Trott is not obliged to score a single point. She will take the


world title. Riding on the inside at the front. 17 laps to go.


Edmundson is going to have a go. It has been a dangerous game played by


Berthon at the back. Their podium place is not in the bag,


necessarily. Beveridge and Wild. The Italian leads the chase. That is the


front of the race. Berthon refusing to even go through. She's stuck to


the wheel of Hammer. Banking everything on the final sprint.


Everybody else is getting on with it. I don't think Wild after that


huge effort has fully recovered. She is in this breakaway. It is easing


in behind and she has got herself into a group of three. Not a lot she


can do to contribute. They are all really tired. They are all looking


at Sarah Hammer who is having to do it all alone. Berthon on her wheel


and Laura Trott as well. Laura Trott in that group of three chasing. Only


one point on the line at the moment. Hammer leads that sprint with


Berthon. Meanwhile, Beveridge going for it at the front of the race.


Waiting for confirmation of who got the points for that race to the


line. It may have been the Chinese rider. Sarah Hammer took a very


valuable point. She has a 1-point lead over Berthon. It is almost


neutral. With a single point, it is still down to the final sprint.


Berthon has two score. Hammer is not obliged to score now she has her


nose in front. Laura Trott is on the verge of becoming world champion. It


would be a fourth gold medal for Great Britain. And the second in an


Olympic discipline. Laura Trott can afford to sit on the front and tell


them to the line. Keeping everybody in check. Lauren Ellis has yet


another go at trying to gain a lap. She has gained a couple in this race


so fair play to her. A superb race but not a factor on the podium. Half


a dozen laps to go. Dideriksen chasing after the rider from New


Zealand. The Cuban is getting involved. Meanwhile, Berthon and


Hammer are watching each other at the back. Berthon is the loser here.


Hammer can afford to hang back. She will keep the silver medal. Berthon


should have monitored the race. Points have disappeared. I think she


has raced very negatively and she has paid the price. In a way, she


gets what she deserves for not trying to make things happen. She


hasn't animated the race at all. She is going to come unstuck if she is


not careful. We go into the final three laps. Lauren Ellis is still


accelerating of the banking. The first rider on the track. Berthon on


the inside of the track trying to shake off Hammer. She is going for


the final sprint. It is a grand finale. Berthon is going for the


final sprint. Hammer is on her wheel. Head to head towards the


line. Berthon has conserved enough energy to take the sprint against


the American. Berthon takes the sprint to the line. Laura Trott now


crosses the line as the world champion for the second time in her


career. Second gold of the week. Olympic year and it is all going


swimmingly for Laura Trott. Berthon France does get the silver medal.


The crowd Rice to salute Laura Trott. Gold for Great Britain and


gold for Laura Trott for the second time this week she will be on the


top step of the podium. Crushed the opposition's morale and made them


focus for a place. Beautifully consistent all the way through. A


fascinating final between Berthon and Hammer. I thought Berthon had


blown it. It kept the competition interesting. Laura Trott was so


dominant that the gold medal was not in question for the last 30 or 40


laps. The Olympic champion here four years ago. The world champion four


years ago. She has settled for silver in each of the World


Championships since and now she is on top of the world. Great ride by


her. A little bit shaken by being bested by Sarah Hammer in the


elimination race which is her forte. Came back and battered this final


event. Jason Kenny, meanwhile, tries to focus on what is to come for him.


No doubt, thoroughly delighted with what has happened. It is one


upmanship for them in that household. How many medals have you


got? A very dominant performance in the women's omnium. Berthon staked


it all on the last sprint and she was proved right but I thought she


was playing a very dangerous game. Laura Trott, with three medals from


these championships, she's had a very busy schedule. On top of the


world. Going into Rio with the best possible preparation. Certainly


giving the other is plenty to think about, they knew that she was going


to be strong. Thoroughly dominant, and the points race at the end of


the competition, it certainly does not do her any harm either. So, a


gold medal for Great Britain, on the final afternoon of these


championships, and who knows? Potentially more medals still to


come. Go, Trotty, go. That's what it says


on her flag. She galloped through that, leaving


everyone else in her wake. She's out in front with 201 points, coming


into the final race. She picked up 17 points to extend


her lead. That was a real battle with Hammer, I'm surprised she could


do anything at all after yesterday, but we will hope to have a word with


her almost immediately, how she can even have the energy to celebrate.


The Trott and Kenny household have three gold medals between them.


Here is the double world champion. Huge congratulations, once again


you've had the velodrome on their feet, you were able to enjoy the


last 40 laps of that? Definitely, they said to me before the start


that if I get 20 laps to go with a big enough gap, I can ride around


and follow, that is what I tried to do. I tried to get enough points


early, I'm so happy. It's only taken four years! It sends out a strong


message as far as you are concerned, five months out from Rio? I did this


before London, when it was Melbourne, I never expected to win


but this time I read it wanted to win. I wanted to pull it off. A


wonderful Mother's Day gift, it was lovely to see you with your mum then


at the end, what did she say? She's so happy, I said last night, I was


gutted about the elimination race. I rode stupidly, I should have taken


Sarah to the black line, we saw the time difference in the 500 meter. I


text of them last night to say I was gutted, and I could not do it. To


poll it off, that is so special. It is your second world title, adding


to the bronze in the team pursuit committee could not ask for more, it


is a heavy schedule you've set yourself? I added the scratch race


in as a bonus, I like to do a bunch race before the Omni in itself, it


was a hard-fought race, it was harder than I imagined. But to pull


back the bonds for the girls, I was so happy about that. -- the bonds


medal. To come back from fifth and pull off that right, it was great


for the team, I guess -- to pull that last one off, I'm so happy


Jason gave you a wink before the track, he was a little bit unwell,


but a brilliant performance from him, your households are doing well


at these World Championships? I was so happy for him, you is not won a


world title in so long. I could see he was emotional on the podium, it


is not like him. He could see how much it meant to him. We could not


get lovey-dovey before an elimination race! But you will be


cheering him on in the Keirin race? Yes, he can do the double now as


well! Thank you. That is the joy of a sporting couple, they can go one


challenging each other? Yes, she was in control the whole way through,


she admitted she was questioning whether she made the right move in


the elimination last night, potentially her confidence was down


but she has bounced back. The last 30 or 40 laps she was in control, it


was brilliant. A third gold medal for them in their house, the fourth


for Great Britain. It would put them above Germany in the medals charts,


just those two? We used to get that all the time as well. It is superb,


when you are both on form like that, you know what each other are going


through. As she said earlier in the week, her and Jason work well


together because they understand what is happening and when they're


bad day is bad, and when a good day is good. Sarah, let's look at this


race, she covered the other two so well, her competitors and


challengers. She won a couple of sprints? She was following the right


wheels, using other competitors who were desperate for points. This is


the first sprint, she took it relatively comfortably. Looking a


little frustrated and desperate, but she was coming across the line... I


think Sarah Hammer wrote a desperate race, as did Laurie Berthon, towards


the end. But Laura Trott had the speed to spare. That 500 metres gave


her confidence that she needed, she is so much better than Sarah Hammer.


It is lovely to see that she came across the line with daylight. In


the final stages of the rays, Laura Trott does not have to get involved,


she has the gold medal in the back. -- race. It is a silver medal battle


between Laurie Berthon and Sarah Hammer, I feel sorry for Hammer, not


doing so well yesterday. She tried her best, it became a game of cat


and mouse, there are all these different subplots, Laurie Berthon


said great, new go, I will get the gold medal. Is there anyone else who


was not in the race who could be a contender in Rio? Or is that the


field likely to be in the Olympics? I would say that is the field, but


Australian Edmondson, she had a recent accident, on the road she was


knocked over by a car, she could potentially be a challenger to


Laura. She was a challenger last year. I would say Hammer and the


Australian the biggest threats in Rio for Mora. What will Laura do now


for the next five months? She will go away -- Laura. She used to have


incredibly good time trials, she was not scoring so highly in those bunch


races. She's done a lot of video analysis and looked at the other


competitors and how she can capitalise on their mistakes will


stop she can consolidate and see she has the right approach, the others


seem to focus on having one strong event, like Sarah Hammer in the


individual pursuit. It is lock on the others. She can take confidence


that she is covering six of these omnium events well. Let's reflect on


the men's omnium. Mark Cavendish came in in fifth place, he has to


get a lot of points to make it onto the podium. He gave it his best shot


and wanted to keep the home crowd happy, he won the final sprint. By


this time the race was effectively over? Yes, I think it was a good


performance from him, but he needed to be on the podium to give the


selectors more of a headache. It is going to be a tough choice when it


comes to the limbic selection, do they put him in the omnium with 14


riders? -- Olympic selection. Cavendish, congratulating the


Colombian who won the gold, three of them finished on double points, it


came down to their positions in the final sprint, gold went to Colombia.


Cavendish is in sixth overall. Jill spoke to him and the technical


director Shane Sutton. I wanted to feel that sensation,


that will be the same as the Olympic games, it was a 50, to power points


race. -- 50 kilometres per hour points race. It will be the same


level at the Olympic Games come I wanted to test it. I don't know if I


am going. But, I wanted to see where I go along with the best riders.


Actually, they've all come off a road programme. My theory was to do


that, I had to qualify. I had to go to Hong Kong, Columbia... But


actually... It was good to come off of the road, you have that insurance


there in the final points. Hopefully, I did enough for


selection. I don't know. There was a feeling that perhaps, if you got a


medal, it would help his chances of being in the team to go to Rio. The


team pursuit has to be the focus as well? Yes, that fifth ride will be


part of that ATP, it is a big medal opportunity. Like I said, at the


moment emotions are high -- TP. He wrote great sprints out there, but


at the end of the day, he did not get the result you wanted. But we


aren't discounting him at the moment. The decision is between him,


asked, the coaching team. We will sit down and see where we go.


Mark Cavendish has a final chance to make it up, not in an Olympic event,


he will write later today in the Madison with Sir Bradley Wiggins.


Now, we come to the gold medal ceremony for Laura Trott in the


omnium. Here it is Simon. She's barely had


time to catch her breath before the medals are to be presented here.


Sarah Hammer, an eight time world champion. Finishing with the once


medal. Edged out by a single point, by the


French man Laurie Berthon. -- bronze medal. She was third in Hong Kong


this year in the Omni. Sarah Hammer, when she won the elimination race,


she was in high spirits, and felt she could really challenge, but it


did not happen for her on the second day. Not enough to challenge for the


gold medal, but you can be sure that she will be in Rio, not far away.


Like Laura Trott, she is very consistent. A silver in 2011, a


bronze medal in 2012, gold in 13 and 14, now she has a bronze medal


again. Laurie Berthon has previously won


several national titles in the omnium and the scratch race, this is


her first appearance on the podium in this kind of race.


She banked everything on the final sprint, we thought she was waiting


to far back, she waited for the race to ease, and she got the opportunity


to turn it into a sprint with Sarah Hammer, and she came out on top. She


should be used to it by now. So many gold medals, at an Olympic and world


level. The roar is for Laura Trott. Champion again, her second rainbow


jersey of the week. Seven world title in all. The scratch race gold


medal has been added as well, just a few days later, with this gold in


the omnium. Her fiance, Jason, trying to keep his composure and


concentrate on the Keirin final still to come. Laura Trott is centre


stage at the moment. And in fine foetal ahead


-- and she is in fine form ahead of Rio.


Still the flowers to come, it is the 11th World Championship medal of


Laura's career. And she is only 23. It is extraordinary. She is on her


way to being, dare I say, certainly challenging for our most successful


Olympian ever. She keeps the motivation and the level of


performance going. A very special talent indeed. Now, the national




NATIONAL ANTHEM PLAYS. Laura Trott, really setting the tone


for the rest of the British team this week, and the success has


continued, there could be more to come.


I'm trying to think of the double acts without referring to musicians.


And an deck? Nobody can do an impression because they are


different. -- Ant and Dec. He is more of a dancer. You can be the fat


one? The double act that is Sir Bradley


Wiggins and Mark Cavendish. In one hour's time in the Madison.


Is that potentially... Am I getting too excited if that is a medal


chance? It could be, that it's been a year since they braced together in


that way. Potential is there, Bradley is flying, Mark Cavendish


has a point to prove. It could happen. Coming up, the final of the


gold-medal race, and the bronze. These team-mates are not even


looking at each other. Absolutely, it is still a rivalry, it is still a


gold medal. You come up against your competitors in national


championships. It is a shame to travel across the world and get a


national final, for all intents and purposes, but these girls want the


gold medal as much as the other. It will be a great battle.


We will have a look at the semifinals, they are both very


tactical affairs. The Austrian Anna Meares was the


sufferer at the hands of Junhong Lane.


I don't think Anna rode tactically well. She is normally a master


tactician. It reflects her lack of confidence herself, she does not


have the power she normally has. I don't decrease in her best, I think


she will be back to her best at Rio. -- do not think we have seen. The


Chinese athlete had it In the early stages, they were going


very close to the inside of the track. Once you get up to speed, you


don't want to be touching the flat part of the track because you could


crash. Is it slippery? It is just the angle, it is so flat, if you're


coming in at 75 K pH, it is just the angle. And you can't come inside?


Once the bell has gone, if you enter the sprinter's line, you can't come


out. And the person who is not in it, can't come in. We saw a couple


of heavy crashes last night. I'll ask you about damage to the track.


How about Caroline Ryan? She suffered a broken collarbone. A


classic cycling injury. She is in pretty good spirits. She will want


to be racing before the Olympic games in five months. The track is


smooth but I can see marks on it. If a bike hits it hard it is going to


make ends and rip up the wood? We have seen a couple of horrific


accidents. Yes, you showed me some that we are not going to see here.


We don't want to put people off. If a paddle lifts a board, something


soft and fleshy can slide across it and pick it up. It happened to Jason


qui lead my team-mate. It can go straight through your muscle. Some


of the damage took place. Will they be repairing it overnight and


between races? Yes, it will just need a little bit of filler. I have


never seen a bike flip like I did yesterday. There are no breaks so if


you stop suddenly, you literally somersault over the handlebars. The


idea is to relax and four floppy but that is easier said than done. If


the track splinters, we saw the Dutch rider crash twice. If you are


crashing on top of injuries that you already have, it is just so painful.


Jason Kenny was waiting for his final race and you could see the


scars all over him from old injuries. I have got a few. It is


part of the job. When you are racing day after day and you crash on the


first day the worst-case scenario is falling twice


on the same spot. All your nerve endings are exposed. It is not


pleasant. Apart from that, I don't want to put people off. This track


has a good reputation. There must be some that are notorious for being


horrid to 41. If you fall on and -- and outdoor track, there is no give


and it can be horrible. Wooden tracks might have splinters. There


is an element of danger. It is all part of the game. We have a big name


bronze medal contest here. Anna Meares against Christina Vogel. Over


to the commentators to describe it for you. COMMENTATOR: Varies Anna


Meares who was well beaten in her semifinal in the end. Both of the


semifinals going to the riders from China in the straight rides. It was


a bit of a turnip. -- turn-up. Personally, I would give the nod to


Vogel. I have got so many predictions wrong. So many


surprises, it is hard to tell. 18 world titles between this pair. Anna


Meares hoping for one last hurrah in Rio this summer. She was the great


rival of Britain's Victoria Pendleton. Particularly when they


raced against each other in the London Olympics four years ago.


Victoria Pendleton winning the keirin final. Anna Meares victorious


in the sprint final. A two-time Olympic champion Anna Meares. She


took gold in Athens in 2004. Vogel from Germany on the front. Starting


to pick up the pace with a lap and a half remaining. Anna Meares keeping


the height there which gives her some distance. Mears is going


further so she is going faster. When she swings down onto the line, it


becomes apparent. The door was left open by Vogel and Anna Meares rode


straight through. Vogel will have to go on the outside. She has shown


great speed here and that was more like it from her. I think Anna


Meares was courageous to take the inside line. She got control of the


race. She got Vogel close in with three quarters of a lap to go. The


German just had far superior acceleration. She had the height as


well. Didn't panic. Did most of the overtaking in the back straight. It


was already one as they hit the final bend. Anna Meares will be


looking for more top end speed over the months as we get towards the


Olympic Games in August. She believes there is more to come. She


was set back after that training injury. A good win therefore Vogel.


She is one race away from claiming the bronze medal. Having won the


sprint title over the last couple of years. We are heading for the first


gold medal match up. Whatever happens, we will have our first ever


women's world sprint champion from China. We see them getting ready in


the centre now as we watch these pictures of Anna Meares. Luckily for


us, wearing different helmets. Often they were the same skin suits,


coloured shoes and gloves as well. Zhong has the white helmet on.


Junhong Lin has got the black. We said it was a bit of a surprise that


it was an all Chinese final. But it is not as though they are known as


track sprinters. Junhong Lin won the bronze medal two years ago. They


have been there or thereabouts and on the podium but just not winning


the world title itself. One of them will become the world champion.


Three laps and it is the best of three final. The sprint is very much


where they have shone. Specifically, the women's competitions. It was


only a matter of time before they both make the final. After


disappointment in the team sprint where they were relegated, what a


fantastic way to come back, guaranteeing yourself gold and


silver. The nation is going to get gold and silver but for them it is


all about individuals. The rider at the front is Zhong. Junhong Lin


right behind her. They will know each other so well from constantly


training together. It is one of the things that brings on a squad. When


training partners are gold medal standard every day. Now very slowly


increased pace. It will begin to unfurl shortly as they go into the


last lap. Junhong Lin is gaining a little but there is daylight between


them. Zhong holds an as they go to the line by half a wheel. The first


win goes to Zhong who led from the front. Zhong Tianshi potentially one


ride away from being world champion. Even waited down the back straight


to try and accelerate but it is a short straight and there is not a


lot of room to do anything. She gave herself room. Still not flat stick.


Timing it to arrive a little early. Already needed to be at a higher


speed. I don't think it is going to be an easy ride. Far from home and


hosed. Not much in it between the pair of them. It is Zhong Tianshi


who leads in the race for gold. How much is sprinting about the


individual and how much about the kit? There is no doubt that the kit


makes a difference. Compared that to a steel bike with normal clothing.


There would be a huge difference. But at the top level, thousands of a


second can make a difference. All we are trying to do is optimise


everything. The bikes and Beckett are part of that. If you want to use


the hashtag, you can get in touch with us. The Italian women pulled


out of 18 pursued due to a puncture. Punches can happen at any time. You


cannot change your bike in the back straight. It is a mishap. Sometimes


you get a restart if it happens in the first 500 metres. If you are a


team of three of the four riders have to finish. It is just one of


those things. In the points race, we saw a chap pointing. Pointing


because... The umpire is pointing at the head of the race. You get riders


lapping the field and it can be difficult to point out the head of


the race. It is important because points are available at every


sprint. Lots of people said that they saw Laura Trott cycling back to


her hotel. They'll do come in on bikes, don't they? We like to cycle


back, it is a way to clear your head. A bit of fresh air. Why walk


when you can cycle? Why sit when you can lie down? That the cycling


mantra. Jason Kenny is coming into the big final. The maxi final as


opposed to the mini final. Places one to six. In the line-up, Ed


Dawkins from New Zealand has a W by his name. He received a warning in


the semifinal for a minor infringement. Not enough to be


disqualified but enough if he does it again he will be disqualified. It


is a yellow card. If you make a small mistake and get relegated, he


will kick himself. He has to be 100% clean. It is an event where there is


a lot of barging and bumping. It will be in his mind that he has to


be squeaky clean. You have been incredibly strong in your


predictions. Jason Kenny's chances in the keirin?


My heart says he will win it, my head says leg, he has a history of


losing when it counts. In the Keirin, I beat Levy in 2012 and at


the Olympics. He is so fast and so capable, but I think that Jason has


the magic touch at the moment. If he can have one last big effort, Key


knows this is it, no matter what happens. It is not like the Sprint


where it is best of three, if he gets it right he is a double world


champion and he will be up to this. It has less when you have a gold


medal in the bag and you know it is the last event and a home


crowd? Without a doubt, Matty Glazer tried to come back in the caring,


but he was out in the first round. He has done an incredible job to


keep everything crossed, and brought it home. In the final of the men's


keirin, a they go. That was a short of Kellermann of


the Czech Republic, Sam Webster, 18 sprint gold medallist. -- 18 sprint.


We have Francois Pervis in this race, he won the World Championship


last year and the year before, he has not made it into the final this


time. Here comes the Denny Mike -- the derny bike. Then it is a


free for all. This is a gutsy thing to do for a


World Championship, wearing that jacket. We will keep an eye as they


get underway, Webster leads them. Sam Webster is at the front, the


Commonwealth sprint champion, winning the title in Glasgow a


couple of years ago, 24 years old. Part of a strong New Zealand track


squad. One of the better nations in world track cycling. Across the


board in the men's and women's teams. The men's team sprint squad


are very impressive, second in the line at the moment is the Russian


Shurshin. Francois Pervis has had a disappointing championship so far. A


former world champion, it is hard to know how he can become motivated for


a minor final when he should be fighting it out for gold medals. He


was so dominant the last couple of years, when we went to Cali a couple


of years ago, he wonder Keirin, the sprint and the kilo, and last year


he won the kilo again and the Keirin, he is a six time world


champion but he has not been a factor this time. He has a lot to do


before we get to Rio. Speed is higher than earlier. Max is out, as


you mentioned in this competition, they have four laps to go. Webster


is at the front, Shurshin in second. The man from Azerbaijan in third.


Francois Pervis is at the back in the Navy. He is thinking about


coming around the outside, everyone is spreading out, there is room to


raise, France what purposes at the back, Webster will try to take it


all the way, they have two laps to go. -- France while Purvis. Shurshin


in second, as Kellermann tries to go around the outside and play himself


in the frame. Webster is in the box seat, as Shurshin of Russia tries to


take him on, we'll to wheel, elbow to elbow. Shurshin tries to go the


long way around against the kiwi, he manages but in the last moment he


was put to the line by the rider of Azerbaijan. Perfect timing from him.


He takes it on the line, as you can see, by less than half a wheel.


Webster did as a substitute derny. France while Purvis never got on in


those terms, he did not participate. -- Pervis. As early as the first


round, in his initial right committee sat on the back straight


and did not contest. -- on the initial straight, he sat at the


back. Webster, you could not hold first place, it seemed that Shurshin


would get it, but what a burst of pace and a launch from the rider of


Azerbaijan, he made an impact at the start of the race on and off the


track. Making an impression in the final. That is the man of the match


in the sequin jacket. I gather that is not exactly team issue. It is the


first track centre, it could catch on! I will ask him where he bought


it from. Omelchenko takes it. The first two over the line.


Onto the final, Jason Kenny, can he make it two gold medals in these


championships? Can he back up that incredible sprint final win against


Matty Glazer, does he have one big race left on his legs today, it is a


tough one. Eilers is the world kilometre champion. Maximillian


Levy, and Wakimoto of Japan. Eddie Dawkins of New Zealand. What a


field, and eight laps lay in store here. Awang and Dawkins are good at


ducking and diving in this fast paced event, ducking and diving.


Levy is the one with power, can he deliver for the first time when it


really matters? Kenny has looked fantastic to me throughout the


competition. He has ridden strategically, we have not seen him


go full tilt, but now is the time to do it. He has two crossed the line


first, that is for sure. Here comes the derny, and the World


Championship final for 2016 is underway, six riders going for gold.


Jason Kenny is in the middle of the field at the moment. Levy is in


fourth place for Germany. Wakimoto of Japan is there.


Six kilometres before we know who is the world Keirin champion.


Dawkins, Jason Kenny, that is levy in the Black socks. Eilers, the


world kilometre champion has green socks. They are different physical


shapes, Levy on the wheel of Jason Kenny, in the middle of the group.


As the laps takeaway and the speed rises, just waiting for a flurry of


activity with half a lap to go before the derny pulls away as they


josh for a position. Jason Kenny was the world champion in 2013. A silver


medallist, Awang, in 2010, the bronze medal last year. Can the


rider from Malaysia do better this time around? He is on the wheel of


the derny bike, four laps to go halfway. One more lap before the


derny pulls off, and already Dawkins is leaving space. Looking through


his legs, looking behind at Kenny, Kenny is looking back to see what


Levy is doing, Levy is glued to his wheel.


They could try to box Kenny. Kenny does not have much room, 2.5 laps to


go, Awang in front, Dawkins in black in second.


Eilers and Kenny tries to force what motor out of the way. Going around


the outside, Jason Kenny is in second place...


Can he go round the outside of Dawkins?


Up towards the line... One lap left, Jason Kenny, forced out of it.


Eilers staying at the front, Dawkins in second place, Awang tries to come


through on the inside, so close on the line.


I think Eilers is a double world champion. Eilers just on the line.


What a close finish. Jason Kenny involved and told one lap left, but


look as Eilers crosses the line, Dawkins almost takes him but not


quite. Awang, just as one year ago, ends with the bronze medal. What a


fantastic race, unfortunately for Jason Kenny, he was boxed right at


the start of the sprint, you could not find his way out. It was too far


to come around the outside and he knew it. That strength and staying


power of Eilers was key. He was able to start sprinting really quickly,


he is able to stay with it. Bert Eilers for the second time of the


week is a world champion. -- but Eilers.


Congratulations to Germany, a race too far for Jason Kenny? Yes, he did


not quite have the gas. To be fair to Eilers, it was a controlled ride


from the front. It takes a lot to have the strength to keep going for


2.5 laps, he strung them out. There was an opportunity. Jason was going


backwards, Awang was on the inside, Jason had given up, you knew that


nothing was going to go in his favour. But I think he ran out of


gas. Awang on the inside, it is a big day for Malaysia. For Awang to


win a medal, it is his bird. It is exceptional. It was tight on the


line, Dawkins came back strongly. It was a classic final. Given what you


were saying about how steep it is on the inside on the light blue, it was


incredible control from Eilers? You had to have extreme bike handling


skills to win, it is not just strength and power. But he showed he


had it in the kilo. This is a big moment for him, he's coming through


the ranks, the German squad is very strong, Leavy has been the daddy of


the Keirin. Dawkins is flinging his bike at the line, 2000 's of a


second. -- Levy. I thought there would be a crash. There was an


argy-bargy between him and Dawkins. It is a shame for Jason, the toll it


takes on your body, it is not just about being fit, recovery is not a


problem, it is the damaged done, repeated sprint efforts, emotionally


he would have been drained last night. Trying to sleep after a major


championship win is not easy. I think he will look back on this


week, he has to be happy. There has to come a point when the body just


says, no. Why cannot do it any more. Exactly. -- I cannot do it. There


comes to a point, I would do three events and it would be the last day,


you can barely get out of bed, your legs are that stuff. It is the home


crowd, and the occasion, it can drag you through it. But it was one race


too far for Jason. He went for it, one lap out, had he been able to


keep it up, you would have been in the shake-out -- he would have been


in the shake-up. Eilers was driving, if he was in front fractionally,


Jason could have been on the black line in control. Dawkins, Awang on


the inside, then Jason had waved a white flag. It was so strong. It is


hard to explain how tough it is to hold out for 2.5 laps like Eilers


did, that was a cracking time. You had to stay in your shape so much,


Sarah, as you get tired it is going to go a bit as well? You can see the


form of the riders, everyone has their own style. The form of the


German rider, it reminds me of how you used to ride, it had very strong


kilo rider, he holds everyone. Absolutely superb performance from


him. We are getting a lot of questions from people watching


cycling, some for the first time. Tim Norris wants to know, even


though Chris was a sprinter, did he or does he still go for long


leisurely bike rides, or was it all short burst work? When I was


training as an athlete, we would have won- two hours of flat rides,


easy gears, spilling the legs, and active recovery. But three or four


blocks of the year, we do a week of aerobic conditioning, in Majorca, in


the hills. For the big guys, the sprinters, they can do well in the


hills, bearing in mind we are not designed for endurance. But now, I


love it. The riders love these bikes. On the


track, Kristina Vogel 's on the second leg at Hasbro.


Taking it convincingly? Yes, we felt coming into the


championship that Vogel was the rider to beat, she was the


favourite, and probably, the likely winner. It has not proven to be so,


we certainly saw her coming back to the kind of form that we were


expecting to see in the first ride against Anna Meares. She has her


hands for here in trying to stay alive in this bronze medal match. It


would have hit her morale hard. She was a convincing winner. Even


She made her way around to bankings but it wasn't enough. Kristina


Vogel, the world sprint champion for the past two years. Part of a


fantastic team sprint duo. We are watching with half a night on the


future. Right now it is the World Championships. Kristina Vogel is


going to ride from the front. She has decided that she wants to be


quite assertive. Anna Meares buzzing around. Kristina Vogel looking to


make sure that the bronze medal as hers. Fighting all the way. In the


end, well beaten. Kristina Vogel didn't get the colour she was


looking for. She will be on the podium. A very worthy winner of the


Bronze medal match. It will be interesting to see. We know that


Fogel will be up there when the Olympics come around. It will be


interesting to see whether Anna Meares can continue to improve and


step up after the problems that she has had with injury. She has come


back here and acquitted herself well. Not on the podium, her normal


position but coming fast. A few months from now she will be on


another level again. Now, a real threat. She will head back to


Australia with a silver medal from the women's keirin final. It is the


sprint crown that has gone for the German. Now we wait for what could


be the decisive match up in the all Chinese final. Kristina Vogel enjoys


her lap of honour. Victory in straight rides for her. The two


riders from China just about to come up onto the track. Vogel could


disappear back into the track centre shortly. Junhong Lin has it all to


do. In the back home it at the bottom of the track. Zhong Tianshi


led all the way in that first heat. It was still close. Not anywhere


near as clear-cut as the previous match where there was a big physical


difference between the two. We are, a lot more finesse involved. Last


chance for the rider with the Black album it. Junhong Lin. Zhong Tianshi


already has a silver and bronze in the sprint in last couple of years.


Can she come on the set in the next few minutes? Or will it go to a


decider as the men's final did. Standard steady start. It is filmed


by our cameraman on a Segway, steering with his knees while he


carries the camera. Worthy of mention for the level of skill. How


grateful he will be that they are going particularly slowly on this


lap. Sometimes, they are racing to keep up, even on the opening lap. It


helps to keep alongside the athletes. In the white helmet is


Zhong Tianshi. She is leading 1-0. If she wins this race, the title is


hers. They are obliged for the first half lap to proceed at walking pace.


I have never seen written down who's walking pace it is. Certainly going


at comfortable Segway pace. They slowly head towards the finishing


straight. Three quarters of the way through the first lap of three.


These two riders know each other strengths and weaknesses so well.


They must ride together all the time. It is the fraction of a second


reaction time. It is who deploys them quickly enough that makes all


the difference here. There is an element of luck. It is going to be a


steady one. Only a lap and a half remaining. The speed at last starts


to pick up. They really were creeping around the track. Zhong


Tianshi gained the height and forced the speed to increase. Junhong Lin


takes it from the front. She has to win this race. Already, she has lost


ground to Zhong Tianshi who is going to win the world title here. China's


first-ever women's sprint world champion. What a decisive, clear-cut


victory it was. In straight rides, in style, gold to Zhong Tianshi. A


muted celebration in the centre. They will be deeply pleased. Junhong


Lin made a mistake with a lap to go. She got into the right position but


can it early enough and allowed herself to be swamped on the back


straight. It was all over. That acceleration inside the last three


quarters of a lap. Zhong Tianshi totally committed. That is the


advantage of being at the back. You get to choose when you accelerate


and your competitor might not see it coming. As decisive a victory as you


will ever see in a World Championship match. Another rider to


keep an eye on in the summer. It is not all about Anna Meares and


Kristina Vogel. The world champion going into the Olympics is Zhong


Tianshi from China. They will take confidence from that. At last, they


have got the reward year and it will give them confidence running into


the Olympics. She will be happier than she was the other day when she


ended up with a silver medal in the team sprint. Disqualified and ended


up losing to Russia. At the end of the championship, the sprint squad


are all smiles. Gold and silver in the bag in the women's sprint.


Everybody has a flag this year. Have you noticed? Apart from the


organisers who have put the flags on the scoreboards rather than have


actual flags. Maybe they have stolen the flags. A good reception from the


London crowd. In the end, no strong British interest in the women's


sprint. We were spoiled for so many years with Victoria Pendleton. And


Becky James who followed in her tracks winning the title in Minsk


but she has had a couple of years out with injury and is only just


beginning to come back now. We will see Becky James competing in this


event in the summer. I have every confidence that she will continue to


progress in leaps and bounds. You see the coach giving them a hug


there. Well done to them. His hand is in plaster after he smashed it on


his table after being disqualified. He broke bones in his hand. A former


French sprinter who is now coaching the Chinese. The frustration when


the athletes don't do what they are supposed to. At least, he is smiling


now. Is the Chinese team stronger in the women than the men? Yes. They


made a big push for Beijing in the team sprint for the men but they


have never really hit the heights. They have one or two guys in the top


15 or 20. Let's have another look at that final. It seemed as if what


ever Junhong Lin did, Zhong Tianshi had her covered. She knew she had


the legs on her. She came passed quite easily in the back straight


and had nothing to respond with. There was daylight between them at


the finish. Their kit would be identical. There is not much


difference between the teams in the kit. And it can work differently


with different riders and their shapes. It is not like Formula 1.


The equipment is important and it is not the be all and end all. There


are 200 checks going on with the bikes. There was a junior riders


Mike found at the junior world cyclo-cross riders which had an


electric motor hidden inside it. They still haven't got to the bottom


of who did it. You can't do it by yourself. The extent to which Linux


is involved. I spoke to Chris Boardman about it. He doesn't think


it is widespread. If it wasn't serious, it would be hilarious. It


seems crazy. What satisfaction would you get from winning a race with an


engine? It is referred to as mechanical doping. It could carry a


lifetime ban. It is very calculator. It is using something that you know


that your comp editors don't have. It will give you more wattage. There


is a famous clip of a female cyclist who had this. A Belgian rider


through past of one of the best riders in the world on a climb. Then


people started to ask questions. It was found that the World


Championships a few weeks ago. It is really sad because it is not


something you want to have to think about. Simon Brotherton has been


really careful not to say, " switches on the turbo" or" using


their engine". It is the athletes and not the bikes that win most of


the time. Here is Simon to take us through the medals. COMMENTATOR: It


was a little bit like watching Chris in the keirin final. Just powering


to the front. Saying, if you are going to win this race, you have to


get past me. Nine times out of ten they didn't when Chris was riding.


Same here. Really fast and with the stamina that comes from a kilo


background. The advantage of being at the front, you are expending more


power but you get to do it at your own pace. If you can do it, that's


why you can perform consistently. The second time Ed Dawkins has got


really close in the men's keirin final. Stuck with silver again. Two


thousandths of a second. This appears to be the standard gap at


this World Championships. The same gap as in the first ride in the


final of the men's sprint. For the second time this week the German


here is his name called out as world champion. He has backed up his win


in the kilometre time trial with a win in the keirin as well. The


jersey presented by Brian Cookson. Just about managing to do the zip


up, despite the neck muscles. It was a classic keirin final. The rider


from Malaysia on the podium for the second time. Awang has a silver and


two bronze medals. He brings flamboyance to the event. Leave the


slightest gap and he is in it. As Chris said, you expect something to


explode when he is around. He is just constantly even that their


speed looking for opportunities. If he can't find one, he makes one. And


the national anthem of Germany. His second gold of the week, Germany


now have three, but they have the same number of medals as Great


Britain, a total of eight, Britain tops the medal table by one having


got four golds to Germany's three. Eilers, Dawkins and Awang are your


podium. STUDIO: Can I ask about the rainbow


jersey? How come it is a thing in cycling, what is its background? It


is as iconic as the yellow jersey in the Tour de France, you are a world


champion, once you've done that, you have the bands, you can put them on


the arms of your race kit. Is that only in the races that you have one?


Yes, in the events that you are the world champion in. They have


regulations and subsequently, in recent years, it is recognised that


when you have the pride and honour of wearing the rainbow jersey for


the next 12 months and to defend that, hopefully in one year's time,


I could be wrong but if you imagine those bands as five individual


rings, it is supposed to reflect the five continents, like Olympic rings,


but made into bands around your chest and arms. What have you done


with your jerseys? The last one I gave to my mum and dad with the


medal, it's framed in their home, the rest are in my drawers, it


sounds a bit rubbish! You wear them. When? When you are training. Some


riders don't like to wear those jerseys when they are the world


champion because they feel like there is the pressure of being world


champion with the jersey on, and but I love that feeling. It is your


chance to wear the jersey through history, look at the fees before you


who have won it, it is the same as what I wore all those years ago. It


is part of your history, you've made your mark on the sport. It is the


five colours of the continents, black is not in the rainbow!


Absolutely. It is amazing to have the jersey, I've worn mine every


single day for training. Do you? Absolutely, I wore mine this


morning, my rainbow shorts. You get the shorts as well? Depending on the


team, my team, and part owner in it, we made shorts for me having a


rainbow jersey for the time trials on the road. When I am on the road,


I wear the rainbow bounds. -- rainbow bands. Do you have rainbow


pyjamas crushed and Mark I will get a one C. Jason Kenny is going home


with a jersey -- onesie. He spoke to Jill Douglas. You could not make it


a two, what happened? You know, I did not have the legs to take it on


against all of those fresh guys. I was gambling and trying to get a


wheel. I thought I had the winning one, in Eilers, but then I could not


get down to the bottom line. I was hung out to dry. You were on the hip


of Dawkins at one point, you did not have that firepower. You had a long


day yesterday, I know how broken you were after taking that gold medal.


It is a big hip to be on, Dawkins. I ran out of legs quick. I expected


that, that is why I was trying to get through the race as efficiently


as possible. I was pleased when I got to the final. I got there quite


efficiently. I tried to write the final as efficiently as possible


while still trying to win. -- ride the final. I could not get down to


the Black line. I was hung out to dry. Looking at your World


Championships, to win the sprint, and getting into the Keirin final,


it is a positive way? Getting those results before the weekend, I would


have taken them, without question. But for me, and for the whole of the


sprinter lads, we are fast enough to be competitive, we can take it to


these guys and win titles. It is a positive with five months to go


until the one we really want to win. So positive. Looking at the rest of


the world, the New Zealanders are always strong. The Germans look


strong, the French haven't been at the races this week, have they?


There have been a few signs, they have not, the thing is, you can


never write them off. They have a lot of depth and strength in


numbers. By the Olympics, I'm sure they will be back on top form. Thank


you for everything this week, well done.


Thank you. Jason Kenny will go home satisfied with his work this week?


More than satisfied, he will be delighted. Not only does he have a


rainbow jersey but he has the confidence of knowing he has the


pace to mix with the top guys in the world. There's more to come. The


team sprint, I think that was seen as a failure but in many ways, I


think it was a success. They have the fastest man in the world in the


first lap, Jason is the fastest man in the world in the second lap when


he is right. Callum skimmer Michael Cole Skinner or Lewis Oliver, he


will be the next two finish it off. -- Karen Skinner or


. The tennis is over running on BBC


One, eight crucial point in the Davis Cup match between Great


Britain and Japan. At 4:30pm, we will hand over to Sue Barker here on


the tennis, the cycling will switch to the red button. We are already


there, if you want to carry on with the cycling, you won't miss anything


at all. There is a delay.


You can go now. It gives us the chance to answer your questions,


this is about the derny bike, you can see in the Keirin, the driver is


on the bike, he has a black helmet, it looks like, call work, how do you


get that job and why does he never smile?


It is a very serious job. You have to take it incrementally and make


sure you deliver the riders take regulations beat. It's an important


job but I have no idea how he gets that job. I've no idea, I think


historically, each velodrome has a group of Denny riders who are


experienced. I think it comes -- derny.


It is down to who get the job -- who gets the job and sticks with it. A


lot of cheering for this iconic pairing of Bradley Wiggins and Mark


Cavendish, teaming up together in the Madison. 200 laps in this, 16


pairs, in an ideal world, do you power and endurance rider with one


that can sprint? -- pair. You dear, Bradley Wiggins traditionally can


sprint but Mark Cavendish is the one that you would throw in.


This is the finale event, it will take about one hour, you can see all


of that on the red button. They are very different in


character. The rest of the team refers to Bradley Wiggins as the


boss, he has become a leader, do you think he always has been the leader?


I think he's an individual who leads from the front. I think he has


become a leader because of his actions and performances, and his


results. It is not only personality but how you lead from the front.


That is what good team leaders do. Looking at the line-up for the


Madison, who are the teams to beat? It is very hard to call. It could be


a copout but there are seven or eight who could win. So much can go


right or wrong in the race, crashes happen. You put your money on at


least one crash in this. It is chaos, amazing to watch. As an


athlete or a rider, it is not bad to win the race but from the outside


looking in, bodies are everywhere. One rider in the team is racing at


all times, the other recovers, they change over with a hand sling, you


can transfer energy so they don't slow down on the change. It is


essentially a points race for teams of two. We were talking to Victoria


Pendleton earlier, she said how exciting it feels, the hand sling.


You get powered forward. People use it in training at the end of


sessions, doing practice. Some of my team-mates use it on the road. I'm


yet to be slung in, I can't hold onto the bars on the other side, I


would fall off. When it is done properly and welcome it is poetry in


motion. This race will start slowly. The tennis is coming over onto BBC


Two, if you want to watch it in its completion, you can on the red


button. You can do that now. Emily, aged


nine, she wants to know what it is like standing on the gold medal


podium? Do you know what? It is pretty good. There is nothing like


it. I miss it. When you see with the home riders stepping on the podium,


receiving the gold medal, it is all worthwhile. You remember all of the


tough times, all of those ups and downs, when you are up against the


best in the world, nothing like it. That is the feeling that Mark


Cavendish and Bradley Wiggins are heading forth. Here comes the


Madison. -- heading for. COMMENTATOR: A final swig of drink


for Mark Cavendish, reunited on track with Bradley Wiggins. World


champions in 2008, they did not have their way in Beijing in the Olympic


Games. So Bradley Wiggins is there ready to go. They have the pedigree


and we all know they have the ability. They have an incredibly


tough opposition to overcome, they are marked men in a race like this.


There are wonderful bike riders to look out for, defending world


champions, France. European champions from Spain. Belgium, they


won the bronze medal a year ago. Columbia, one of their riders from


the Omnium points race, he successfully defended that world


title, he is racing with Jordan Para, they are former world junior


champions. Look out for Columbia, they are all in white.


Christian will explain how this race works. Are you sitting come to be?


Tag team wrestling is often one of the similes that is drawn in this


event. They must touch each other to change team members in this race.


They ride at the top of the track at a slower speed, waiting for others


to catch up. Normally there will be a hand sling, they grab their hands


and transfer energy from one rider to the other. The French pairing are


on the attack now. If they gain a lap in this race, they are one up


ahead. It trumps every thing else. It does not matter how any points


you have, if you are one up ahead, you are in the lead. That is what


France are trying to do now. The world scratch race champion from a


few years ago, a two-time Madison world champion, France are on the


front foot, being asserted at the start of this race. Great Britain,


three quarters of the way back through the field at the moment. A


long way to go, this race will last for one hour, an early lap to put


themselves in pole position. So Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish


are racing. If you want to continue to follow


the Madison, we are going to the red button.


Now, we are going over to the Davis Cup.


We are leaving BBC One but welcoming queue was on BBC Two to this cup tie


between Great Britain and


Clare Balding introduces live coverage from the final session of the World Championships at the Lee Valley VeloPark in London's Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Laura Trott will be seeking to add the omnium world title to the Olympic crown she won at the same venue during the 2012 Olympics. Trott's final race in the six-discipline event is the 25km points race, in which riders can earn or lose points during midrace sprints.

World titles are also decided in the women's sprint, men's keirin and men's madison, which was won by Sir Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish when the World Championships were last held in Great Britain in 2008. Simon Brotherton and Chris Boardman provide the commentary.

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