Day 3 - Part 1 World Track Cycling Championships

Day 3 - Part 1

Clare Balding introduces the latest action, with Chris Hoy providing analysis. British rider Katy Marchant attempts to win her first World Championship medal in the women's sprint.

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Hello and welcome to Good Friday coverage of the third day of the


World Track Cycling Championships in Hong Kong. Two bronze medals so far


for a British team that is missing the majority of its experienced


gold-diggers, including the record-breaking woman who for the


last six years has brought personality to the team.


Representing Great Britain, Laura Trott.


I like winning, I like the feeling. She is full of confidence. Look at


us! Laura Trott is on fire. I can't


believe it, I feel dead in emotional right now. This is a stupendous ride


from Laura Trott. Gold for Laura Trott, on top of the world. What a


star, another world record. It is pretty amazing! So many gold medals.


It is gold for Laura Trott. She is a winner.


And I'm done later to say she's here in the studio with us, Laura Kenney


is here alongside Sir Chris Hoy and Joe Shand. Very weird for you it


must be, when was the last time you missed the World Championships?


2011, I have done it every year since I became a first-year senior.


It is a bit weird, actually. Part of me wanted this feeling, because it


is hard you go through such a period of time where it is all dedicated to


this, so to step away, I feel like I should be there, but part of me


didn't want to be, and I want to be back. But not in your current state.


But it is a joyful one, you are expecting your first child. How was


it all going? All smooth so far, only one bite of sickness. It is


easier growing baby then riding a bike! And are you still keeping your


fitness up? I am. I carried on riding at the start, going to the


gym as normal, and then ever since the three-month period, we tailed it


back, so everything has been about 90%, and my coach Paul has been


really helpful with it. I still go to the gym and ride my bike in the


garage. And what about Jason, what is he doing? Sat on the sofa,


probably watching! No, he is having six months to decide what he wants


to do, whether to carry on or to retire like Joanna. So he might


retire, is that what you are saying? I don't really know. As athletes,


you always want to carry on, you always want to go to the next thing.


He has drawn level with Sir Chris Hoy. All he needs is one more metal!


A little bronze would do it. You have been through it, it is


difficult. As athletes, you become this self absorbed person, and


everything is just about you, and there are bigger things in life than


that. Once the baby comes along, he will be desperate to go to training


camp to get some sleep! We are delighted to have you with us,


because we know how much you will bring to the programme. But we have


a lot to look forward to, Jo, including your former team-mate,


Katie Archibald. She has got a big chance here to win a gold medal. She


has, she has two events in Hong Kong, the UCI have completely


overhauled the event, so it is new for ever but e-mail. She is


currently in the lead, fingers crossed for a gold medal and rainbow


jersey in that. And the individual pursuit tomorrow, it is easier to


train for, just you against the clock really, so most of her


training has been around that, so if she could win the on the today, that


would be a huge boost, we have medals so far, but we haven't quite


won that gold. Today we have the culmination of the women's Sprint,


exciting for the home fans in Hong Kong, because they have a favourite


who is racing against the Olympic champion in Vogel. And what is the


feedback from the team about conditions? I'm sure they are


texting you. Is ever be happy with the velodrome and up? I think so. We


have seen some pretty fast times. It is not slow in there. And it should


be well supported. So let's have a look at what is coming up on today's


programme. Katie Archibald and she tries to win


her first individual world title. And the Hong Kong rider could raise


the roof of the Velodrome, she is in the semifinals of the sprint. Andy


Tennant and Matt Bostock of Great Britain didn't make it through, but


we will see the medals decided in the men's individual pursuit. And


Mark Stewart will need a combination of stamina and sprinting ability for


the points race, it is 40 kilometres , Sprints every ten laps. He will be


looking even more exhausted than that. So, Katie Archibald, is this


her big chance? With Laura here in the studio, a place in the beer was


available, she has taken it -- a place in the omnium was available.


And the omnium, that is a different thing for you. Yes, the conversation


we are going to is, is that because Laura is having a baby? I can't seem


to avoid that combination, so yes, I guess it is a fairly obvious truth


that she is Olympic champion and world champion, and you have to


expect that if she had continued training, that she would have the


form to make that selection. But as she is not here, there is still a


huge amount of competition with the riders that are looking to step


through, so it is not just myself. I became European omnium champion,


then Emily Kay went into the lead in the World Cup series, Emily Nelson


was second at a World Cup omnium also, Elinor Barker didn't ride any


of the internationals, but she is a formidable rider. There is a big


squad. And I feel quite privileged to have this chance to have this


omnium spot. I want to be competitive, and I think the next


three years, you will see most riders on this programme wanting to


do the same. She is a big personality, isn't she? Do you know


her well? How will she handle this? I think she will handle it well.


Everybody gets nervous, but Katie is one of the best really raising her


game on race day. Some riders, the nerves get to them and they have a


poorer performance than training, but she is one of the best I have


ever met it using that adrenaline to her advantage and going even quicker


on racing then we have seen in training. Consistently she has


performed well on the big stage. I guess for her the biggest


differences this is completely alone, she has never had an


individual World Championship medal before, of any colour. She has been


world champion in the team pursuit, so different for her being up there


on her own, but she does tend to use the adrenaline to her advantage. And


she has been in touch with you this morning, Laura? I congratulated her


on that, and she says she can't believe how hard it feels, but she


says everybody else is finding it harder than her. I don't know


anybody who can hurt themselves as much as she can, when your legs


screaming to stop, she can just keep going and going, it doesn't matter


how much pain she is in, and that is what makes her so different


everybody else. The first two events, she looked in a class of her


own, and she has put eight points between her and second already, so


that will help. Chris, you have been in that position, actually watching


Jason, somebody else stepping into what was your event, and you handled


it by being very proud of him. I have retired by that point so it was


easier for me to be happy for him. It is difficult when you are still


competing and you watch your team-mate or rivals compete when you


are not there, I had a crash in 2009, Mr World Championships and had


to watch from home, and that was tough on but again it was an


unforced thing, I didn't choose to miss the worlds, but it will fuel


the fire for Laura. It might not! I wouldn't have won a gold medal in


London without Jason within the team, that upward pressure, that


competition, so hopefully it will be that positive thing for the women's


team, and whoever gets the slot in Tokyo, they will win the gold medal.


Laura for the moment is the reigning world champion in the omnium, she


has won it twice and two Olympic gold medals, but it is an event that


has changed, and Chris Boardman explains the new format.


In a bid to improve the competition and make more spectator friendly


racing, the UCI brought in a raft of changes to the track programme after


Rio, and no event was effected more than the omnium. Since 2007, it has


undergone almost annual tinkering, but the most recent alterations are


profound. All timed events have been removed. In Rio, it took two days,


six events, now it is just four and is run-in a single day. Gone are the


pursuit, flying lap and time trial, and in comes the temporaries to sit


alongside scratch and elimination. The tempo race used to be a fun


filler event for kids at local track meetings. Now it has replaced events


with over 100 years of Olympic history, all in an attempt to give


the crowd something to cheer about. That is why it was originally


popular, it is like a points race of people in a hurry. From the sixth


lap, the riders sprint for a single point the Passover Wehrlein, so it


is a brutal trial of endurance, but mercifully short, just ten


kilometres for the man and 7.5 for the women. -- at every point where


they pass over the line. There are still double points on offer for the


final sprint. The winner of the Omnium is the rider who has


accumulated the most points over the course of the day. But do the


changes work? It is all about creating spectator friendly racing,


so you can be the judge. We are going to see live coverage of


the elimination race and points race, the final two events in the


omnium, but let's bring you up-to-date with Katie Archibald so


far. This was the scratch race, and she is well positioned towards the


front, just on the outside as she makes her move, and she executed it


to perfection. She did. Sarah Hammer loves to lead out early, and Katie


was waiting for her to run out of gas. As you can see, with one lap to


go, she finds that line, and you know that there is no way anybody is


going to come around her at that point because she has the shortest


line and the best legs out there. Chasing her is Australian Amy Cure.


She has been points race champion in the past, so she will be one to


watch in the points race, but Katie already has an 8-point gap, so that


is a lot of points, so you would assume that she would lose that.


Let's look at the point standing after the scratch race. Katie out in


front with 40, just two point the gap then. Keep an eye on Sarah


Hammer, currently seven. So, the tempo race, a new addition to the


omnium. After the first four lapse, they spread every lap.


COMMENTATOR: Rolling start for the tempo race, the second event of four


in the much changed women's omnium, it must be said. Katie Archibald


having won the first race, the scratch race. You can see her in the


middle of your picture with the union flag on her helmet. They come


around in a group, and this will make the start of the race proper.


Away we go. They will be sprinting for a single


point every lap, so the prizes are not well spread around, making that


ticks difficult to judge, because there is something on offer which


will keep the pace high, but we will see a lot of attacking. Only 7.5


kilometres, so a brutal test of endurance. It has changed the


character of the Omnium because it is a multitude of bunch races now.


It is fascinating to watch, but I'm not quite sure it has discovered its


identity yet. It used to be the end Europe's rider so you had all the


endurance events represented under this one umbrella title of omnium,


but then they took out the timed events, so is it now the best bunch


race rider? It is struggling to find that identity yet. Katie Archibald


already on the front, just keeping her eye on things. Excellent start


to the competition for Katie Archibald moving through on the


inside, number 32, Anita Stenberg from Norway, who swept the board


last year winning a magnificent seven titles. The first acceleration


of the race comes from Tatiana Concerto of Ukraine, in good form


coming into the championships. She won the scratch race in Los Angeles


earlier this year. And the first sprint is coming up.


The first point is collected by Stenberg of Norway.


You cannot go for them all, you have to choose which sprints to go for.


The ideal is the breakaway but no riders will work well in a breakaway


because only the first rider over the line gets the point. The second


point goes to Tetyana Klimchenko. Katie Archibald is leading the rest


of the field up to those three who are at the front. She may well


decide to keep going around the outside. She is right at the top of


the track, Pavlendova collecting the third point of this race. But here


comes Katie Archibald of Great Britain. She is on the board here.


She's taking it to and she kept that pressure on the pedals as she got


over the line. She wants to see if she can force a breakaway to take


some points from a much smaller group which she is doing at the


moment. They have just got to get stuck in. When you are at the front


of the race with somebody like Kirsten Wild who got the point you


are in good, swift company. Daria Pikulik from Poland is up there in


the red and white and Italy on the front at this moment in time Ellie


said Sarno, who is the world junior road race champion. Sarah Hammer


trying to get back on terms, usually so consistent in this event. But


already suffered a blow, seventh place in the opening round, so she


is already on the back foot. She is, she is up against it but so many


points still to play for but. Archibald is leading the event, the


sprints are well spread around at the moment. Stephany Road of Canada


going across the line -- Stephanie Roorda. Nonstop action in this tempo


race, 18 laps to go. Hammer on the front having chased across the front


of the group but no points for that. Katie Archibald again coming to the


front, she has a look over her shoulder. She is going to sit this


one out. She is already looking for some more points. Ruud equalling her


on two points. Having claimed points she is going to take the point for


the third lap in a row, Stephanie Roorda. Following her through in


second place Yumi Kajihara of Japan. Only the first rider who gets a


point. Sarah Hammer has decided it's time to show her face at the front.


She wants to get on the board here and it looks as if she will collect


a point. Kirsten Wild is following her, Amy Cure in the wheel tracks of


the Dutch woman and right behind Amy Cure is Archibald. Some of the big


hitters coming to the front. Tactically that worked out well for


Katie Archibald because Sarah Hammer went very hard to get this point but


she followed the wheels and her main competitor has done the chasing show


Dummett so she should be set up to counter and sure enough she rides


over the top and cruises to the front. Look at that for impressive


acceleration from Katie Archibald clear of Amy Cure and Archibald is


moving up the track and has a little look around. Good speed in her legs.


She settles down once more. It will get messy now because they are going


to catch the main peloton and get stuck in traffic. So they will need


to get back to the front to start scoring. If you already have the


highest points, being stuck at the back suits you well because everyone


is neutralised. She just collected a point without riding flat out to get


it, she had time to have a look around and now Amy Cure is therefore


company. They are not far away from joining on the back-end of the field


having lapped vast majority of those in the race. They have swung up now,


and this is where it becomes tactical because Amy Cure was


backpedalling because she didn't want to catch the bunch and wanted


the point. Now both of them, unless they go straight back to the front,


which is exactly what has just happened, they stop scoring, so


Archibald in fantastic form. She has just pinched another point. What a


gift, everybody moved out of the way and she rolled underneath and took


the point. And gaining a lap. Amy Cure goes to the front now, with


nine laps remaining. Katie Archibald, in an excellent position,


performing superbly. Tactically this may be a mistake. Kew rolled off the


front on her own, Katie Archibald was second and chose to swing up


rather than chase and with the gap so slender now with just two points


between them, that could be a brave move by Kew, but maybe she is


starting to feel those constant Sprint efforts now. Amy Cure riding


at the front and being chased by Lotte Kopecky from Belgium Hill is


just on the wheel of Lydia Boyland from Ireland. A little gap back to


Pikulik from Poland and just behind Roxane Fournier from France. Katie


Archibald in the middle of the pack. Amy Cure collecting another point,


Lydia Boyland going to the front now, the National road race champion


for Ireland in 2015 and 16. They are spread all over the track now,


aren't they? The last half dozen laps, point for Lydia Boyland.


She is going to take another one as well. She hasn't got the


all-important lap so she is 20 points trailing so she may be


grabbing some points but there is not enough laps left to do in this


race, you would have to bridge with the main peloton. I tell you what,


she is only half a lap behind. Superb effort from Lydia Boyland.


She is helping Katie Archibald because there is only a single point


over the line she is sucking them up, Katie Archibald on 24 point


stays in the lead and Boyland is neutralising the race. Amy Cure


keeps on coming over the line in second or third place and is not


collecting the points. Lydia Boyland has time to look across to see where


everyone else is, half a lap up of the vast majority of riders, maybe a


little more than that. The chasers are the ones we are interested in,


Amy Cure desperately trying to get pace, frustratingly stuck in no


man's land. Archibald has played a tactical blinder. I think she Oezbek


Boyland of beer after this. -- she owes Boyland Mbia. It has worked out


superbly well. Lydia Boyland leads the way. Finding the going a little


tough and starting to real her in a little but she should have enough


speed to stay away but there might not be much in it. Amy Cure leads


the chase and Katie Archibald, having a lap or two just to regroup


buzz around the outside shoulder to shoulder with the Australian. But


Katie Archibald pulls away now, Lydia Boyland coming up towards the


line, that's the front of the race, great ride by Lydia Boyland, Katie


Archibald second over the line, and she continues to looked dominant


here in the women's omnium with two events of the four completed.


Superbly written, and she has ridden a lot of omniums in the winter in


the 60 events, so she has focused on this on the timed events to be a


role to look after the individual racing for a change and boy is it


paying off. Grey ride from Katie Archibald and that does keep her out


in front. 18, 8-point gap to Amy Cure, Lydia Boyland by winning that


comes in tenth. When you are in the midst of the omnium how much are you


points watching and how much opponent watching? When you get to


the points race it is all about points and you want to keep the


people around you, if you are winning, the top four, you always


keeping an eye on them because by that point, by the end, they are


your main rivals. Katie might go into it with 20 points over the


person in faith which is a lap and that is quite a lot of points for


somebody to try and make back -- in fifth place. You are opponent


watching but you must make sure the people around you are not scoring.


Do you think that is a pretty impressive performance from her so


far? Forshaw. We are not going too far saying she has a medal chance?


She has won two out of two so far. She looks phenomenal, she looks like


she is in a league of her own. She looks in charge of the race, she


dictates when she wants to go for a sprint and she gets it and when she


wants some body else to get it she lets it happen. Watching it it looks


like she is having it all her own way. A lot of that is majority of


mind as well as physical ability. A lot of physical ability, she


obviously has good legs, she can go when she wants to but she is a good


race and raises her game on race day and she loves a bike race against


other people. She will always raise her game when there are opponents


side-by-side. She's a example of stomach because she has had injuries


caused by motorbike accidents and she has got back to fitness and is


right back at the top of her game. December 2015 she had a motorbike


accident giving her a bad knee injury and fractured elbow taking


her out of the World Championships 2016 in London which was not a great


place for her to be a few months out from the games but she had done good


work with her rehab and came back for the Olympics and performed


fantastically and we won. While everybody else took a good long


post-Olympic break for her she had already have the unforced rest the


previous winter. She had a small break but she was quite keen to get


racing as soon as possible and that has shown this season how well she


has been doing. Glasgow back in November she crashed and broke her


wrist there. She still won. With a broken wrist! She is incredible,


amazing. Katie Archibald could win a gold medal for Great Britain today,


two races to come in the omnium, the elimination and the points race to


finish but no medals for Callum Skinner, the Olympic silver


medallist. He went out this morning in the individual sprint, Chris. He


went out in the second round to Max Niederlag, the German. It wasn't a


massive surprise in that Niederlag did a phenomenal ride in the last 16


and he lined up Callum really well and got the slipstream and it was a


pretty straightforward ride, unfortunately. For Callum it was an


amazing games in Rio to over perform and step up and produce that ride in


the team sprint and get silver medal behind Jason, it was an amazing ride


and must have been hard to get back into training. Clearly he wants to


be here but he will be disappointed with that. It is the first step


towards Tokyo. That's it, the four-year cycle is not a straight


line, it's very much about up and downs. Yes, and a lot of it is


psychological too, not just physical. Physically it's not as if


these guys are sitting around with their feet on the sofa, well, maybe


Jason is but they train hard day in and day out even though they are not


competing at the highest level. Psychologically, to focus and put


every bit of effort in everyday towards this one race all the time


for four years it can be quite draining. For Callum he will be


disappointed but looking to the future. Let's hear his reaction now.


A bit disappointing in the sprint, take us through your performance. I


was on for 9.9 with qualification so that was what we had done in


training. You tend to look to gain a bit from what you are doing in


training but we didn't find that today. It was ballpark where we were


but the field were three or four tenths ahead of that pace which


makes it difficult when you come up against the second-fastest steed,


there is only so much you can do. Max put in a and has gone on.


It is frustrating because you are up against one of the very best who is


really on form at the moment in Hong Kong. It is just a reflection of


where we are. Having had my usual preparation coming into this I had a


solid month off after the games and a month of kind of semi-training and


got focused back on track in January, so comparing that to normal


preparation, 12 months versus three or four. I can't be too


disappointed. It's just a reflection of where we are and gives us


something to build on for next year. You are a marked man now, you come


into this with a big reputation of the back of the Olympics, before you


could have slightly gone under the radar. Well, yeah, I don't know how


to answer that, I'm still coming to terms with that myself. There is a


shift in the expectation. It has gone from myself trying to do the


best and fill someone's shoes for man three and having decent success


at Rio and now the pressure shifts. Trying to fill the boots of Chris,


too trying to make a name for myself and continuing to get good results.


It is a bit of a shift of the pressure but I would say it moving


forward next year we just keep building. Some great young talent in


the British team, particularly the team sprint, they have done ever so


well. They have and it has been exciting to watch. We didn't expect


to be under pressure that quickly. I think it is good for the team. I


have always had that internal competition with man three but man


one end two has been lacking a bit. Looking ahead to the Gold Coast and


Commonwealth Games now for you. Yes, that is exciting, started chatting


to Gary Coleman, the head coach of Scotland, and got my eye on that.


That is when we should really start being back to this similar place we


were before and we will look to build from there so it is exciting.


So, out of the men's individual sprint is Callum Skinner, that going


through is Ryan Owens. A chance for him maybe to make Ake? Only


qualified with 9.8, a really solid ride up against the Canadian. Hugo


lined him up quite well, but Ryan was just too strong. You can see how


happy he is to make it into the final eight, to do that at your


first senior World Championships is a big deal. He will take positivity


from this ride. He has a difficult draw in the court finals. Two tense


is a big margin, but it is not unsurmountable, so fingers crossed


he can think about how he can try to overtake him. So that becomes really


tactical? The bigger the gap in terms of your top speed, the less


chance you have of beating the other person, but he is canny, he has


great acceleration, and if he can ride to his strength is and not let


Niderlag dictate, he could do it. And the men's points race is going


right now, and Mark Stewart is involved. They have to sprint every


few laps, and Cameron Meyer of Australia is also in this race.


Those are the standings, and Simon Brotherton and Chris Boardman can


tell us more about what is happening.


COMMENTATOR: 98 laps to go, and this race is well and truly under way.


Mark Stewart with six points on the board, and we have a rider from Hong


Kong having a go off the front of the peloton at the moment, the


five-time Asian champion, and that really has got the crowd animated


here inside this stadium, as Mark Stewart leads them around, before


moving up to the top of the track, three times world champion in the


points race, and a man that everybody else will be keep an eye


on. Mark Stewart is in fourth at the moment. Some big names out there in


this points race, and it is really starting to hot up, and it is


interesting to note that as it starts to split, Mark Stewart is at


the front-end the race again. It was him that injected the pace that


caused the split. The other riders have sensed the opportunity. It has


been frantic action from the start, one of the fastest starts I think I


have ever seen. He was leading at one point, got caught out by a


counterattack but has recovered now and is really getting stuck in. . He


hasn't scored for a little while, but is involved at the front.


Another racer there at the front, from the Czech Republic. One lap to


go, and surely he will get some points. Regan Gough in the Black of


New Zealand tries to come around on the British rider's shoulder, and he


does so. Stewart will get two points there. It is still fairly close at


the top, a lot of riders in contention, and the move has just


got away now. This is very serious, they kept the pressure on, and it is


a good number, everybody gets a reward if they take a lap. And if


they can hang onto Cameron Meyer's coat-tails, he is in a really good


place in deed, because I think he is the man to beat in this field, and


Regan Gough has already shown that he is in good form. And those three


are away, and I think some of the other more experienced riders in the


field realise they need to get their skates on and try to bring them back


in. It is the poll who really got caught out. He is trying to get back


on terms, he has seconds to do it. And I think they will, actually. I


thought this move was going to go because you are committed when the


ride just three of you. Nicolas Larsen from Denmark in the red and


white leads the chase. Three are about to become for. Cloudier off,


Larsson has got scoring in bits and bobs so far. We are slowly winding


it up towards the next sprint. They split the field almost in half an


hour, and I think it will possibly come back together, but this could


be the precursor to the main move that goes. Has he spent too much


energy? We will have to wait and see, fourth place at the moment, so


well within a shout of getting a medal. Regan Gough has decided he


wants to push on, and Cameron Meyer is there. Larsson now to the front.


And Kenny De Ketele, the Belgian. He has not been as active as we thought


he might have been in this race. Larsen from Denmark is off the front


now. Cameron Meyer is desperate to get up the field, he has been making


moves. Only four of them coming together here. The rider you were


just talking about a couple of minutes ago, Pszczolarski from


Poland, the European champion, is right up there on the Wear love


Cameron Meyer. Larsson is there, and Kenny De Ketele as well, they are


good riders and they cannot afford to get these riders away. He is


going to have to play a cagey game, crosses fingers and hope it works. I


think there is too much fatigue, and these four are going to be given


enough rope to gain the lap. As they ride along the front, they are not


quite half a lap ahead. He came towards the front when he sensed the


danger, tried to help to bring it back, and Mark Stewart is now doing


the same, there is Cameron Meyer from Australia, seven world titles


on the track has won including as recently as yesterday in the team


pursuit. Here are the standings overall, with Cameron Meyer leading


the way ahead of Pszczolarski. Mark Stewart is hanging in in fourth


place just outside the medals. But if they take a lap, and it is


looking likely, it will be very difficult to get back into a medal


position. It is about points, but if you take a lap, a 20 points bonus


makes all the difference when they are spread around so evenly like


this. My Cameron Meyer very much in control, he can settle into a steady


pace. You don't get much better than Cameron Meyer and Kenny De Ketele,


and those two in there with Pszczolarski and Larsson. They are


working very well together, and it won't be long before they can gain a


lap. The only opportunity you have in this position is to concede this


particular battle and try to counter before they make the junction, and


get back to the front and start to ride defensively. That is what the


rider from Ukraine is trying to do, he is on his own, courted no-man's


land, but he will be the last to resist as they come around and make


the join. Stewart injecting some pace into the group, but it is too


late now, the junction is made, all but made, to be honest. Pszczolarski


has made the junction, the others are still a little way behind off


the back. He will be awarded that just now. You have to catch the


largest group on the track, and that is what he has just under the last


few seconds, and the others will join him shortly. Cameron Murray are


only 30 metres behind, although they have just swung up the track, which


is an interesting move. He is being annoyed that he is having to be the


lion's share of the work, the Australian, so they remain behind,


the upside to that is they will get to score some points before they


make the junction, so it could be tactical. It is a scenario where


they are happy to sit just off the back of the peloton to make sure


that they can contest the sprint, which is what they are doing now,


and Kenny De Ketele comes past Cameron Meyer with a Larsson third


over the line. Pszczolarski had already gone through. It was a tight


one. Cameron Meyer was thinking, I want to accelerate take the points,


but I do that, we will bridge the gap, so he had to settle for second.


Inside the last 70 laps of the men's points race. They are down to sixth


at the moment, but Cameron Meyer... They need to do a little bit of


rejigging on our screens. Pszczolarski was not involved in the


sprint. They are all back together now, and that has changed things at


the top. Cameron Meyer has got a grip on this race, he is slowly


extending his lead. Kenny De Ketele in equal third position, with


Larsson way behind and after that it drops off a cliff. So if Stewart


wants to get back into this, there would have to be even more than lap


times at the moment. He has just done a turn in the green of Ireland,


mark Danny. He has had an excellent season on the track, hasn't been


able to get involved at the front end of this race, he has scored just


one point so far, but if he has the legs, don't doubt that mark Downey


will have a go. The ones in fourth to eighth position will not be given


much leeway. 85 is Claudio Imhof who won the gold


medal at last year's World Championships. They have decided to


move to the front once more. They may as well have some coins if they


are on offer, but primarily he wants to keep the pace high to stop people


attacking. He is one of the best sprinters in this group, if not the


best. He can ride defensively now. Cameron Meyer on the front, Andreas


Graf behind him shakes his head, and says, I am not interested, it is up


to you. It might be Larsson and Kenny De Ketele as they move through


on the inside. This is positioning for the sprint, two laps to go as


they come around, so only a few seconds away, and the points


becoming bored more valuable. Certainly in that battle for the


bronze medal at the moment. We can see Takuto Kurabayashi almost


rolling to a halt there. Over the top comes Regan Gough at the last


moment. It is a little bit too late from Regan Gough, he missed that


lap, and that is making the difference. He is kind of getting in


the way of the riders sprinting for the points to decide the medal


positions. Larsson has just gained a couple of points there on Kenny De


Ketele. So he is clear in third place there.


it is great for the breakaways, but an awful lot of ground to make up


with just 57 laps remaining. Stewart getting himself into a little move


here. Going there with Michele Scartezzini from Italy. Cameron


Meyer would like to close this down quite quickly. I don't think it is


going anywhere, on the front of the bunch, just pushing some pace in,


and that start is beginning to bite the. You can see how much it is


hurting when we had a little shot of Arc Stuart, you could see his head


hanging there. Big continuous effort here in this race, the action is


relentless. Mark Downey leads on the track for now


for Ireland. Using his effort to nullify any escape attempt, maybe


nip some points if they are on offer, but he has a small buffer,


pretty much has the Polish rider to watch and making sure nothing slips


away. Well into the back-end of this race now, 52 laps to go and it will


be difficult to wrestle that gold-medal. It may sound a lot, but


they will go by quickly enough as our friend Mr Pszczolarski from


Poland has an attack. We were momentarily on board with one of the


riders, but Pszczolarski having a look and they were very quickly on


his wheel. It was Cameron Meyer who led the charge, and he will now try


to get a bigger cushion, with Mark Stewart up there in second place,


and Kenny De Ketele is in third place, Pszczolarski on Kenny De


Ketele's wheel. Round into the finishing straight, and Cameron


Meyer takes the points this time, another 34 Mark Stewart, and that


will take him up into sixth place. Myatt at the sprint at a nice time.


-- Meyer. It is close between the kettle and Larsen level pegging,


swapping places -- De Ketele. He could overhaul the Pole if they


carry on the fight because they are better sprinters. Confirmation of


the standing at the moment. Awful lot for somebody else to get into


the challenge for the podium. I think it is between this four to


decide the medals. Who will be unlucky and miss out on a medal?


Mark Stewart from Great Britain, great to see him being assertive and


animating the race getting involved as long as his legs will allow. So


far they have held up well, superb effort from him. Meyer up for taking


another lap. They were given the opportunity. But Gough decided if


anybody is going up the road it is me and closed him down. Meyer has


the look of somebody who is out for anything today, if anyone fancies


it. 11 points clear. Just slowly building up that total, building up


that gap. It is all relative, of course. Scartezzini from Italy


having a little look, from the back of Scartezzini's saddle to Blaha of


the Czech Republic and there is somebody having a go. He will be


given an opportunity because he is no threat to the podium at the


moment, he only has a single point on the board. It would be unwise for


any of the favourites to expend energy chasing him down. Downey is


looking across the track and has gained quite a lot of ground


already, almost half a lap. Two laps to go until the next sprint so as


well as his bonus if he makes it that far he will gain five points


for a sprint flap. He could move himself right up into the minor


placings. As you can see the peloton is not chasing at all, in relative


terms taking it quite easy, they are fanning out around the track. He


will get the points here, Downey, for Ireland, and De Ketele will


continue his duel with Larsen and he is on Larsen's shoulder, as Gough


continues his search for points. Mark Downey and here come the other


is closing in, Regan Gough from New Zealand, Niklas Larsen of New


Zealand and the rider on his wheel was Joao Matias from Portugal.


Stronger than De Ketele at this point in the race, took a nice lead


out. De Ketele is the sort of rider that tends to have a go if he is


feeling good, he doesn't sit amongst the wheels. We have not seen him at


the front of the race animating as much as we might have expected had


he been on top form unless he is keeping his powder dry for a big


one. Downey is still up the road plugging away, staff at half a lap,


jumped up to eighth position by taking this points, but he is


probably having second thoughts about this move now. He is really


suffering but he has almost got the back of the main field insight.


Unfortunately for him there is a move in the making behind him which


has injected some pace. He's got a hope that that eases off a bit


because at the moment he is not gaining ground at all but he has


bought his ticket so he needs to stick with it as long as he possibly


can. He will have some company in the not too distant future, Blaha


leading the chase, Graf is there, Imhof, and also there is Amit Singh


code from Kazakhstan. It looks to me like Krisztian Lovassy from Hungary


as well. Behind the pace is on as well so they don't want to let this


group of five getaway. It is certainly done for Downey. He is now


going to try to get in the wheels of a group but he is completely spent


now and I don't think he can claw his way in. He almost collided with


Panassenko coming down the track as he came through, luckily they


realised what was going on just-in-time. He has put in a big


loan effort for several laps but he's hanging on to the wheels of the


leading group. Meyer keeping the pace high in what is left of the


main group behind, keeping it all together. The field is fairly well


split into three separate sections now. De Ketele needs to get stuck


into the chase because he is the one who needs to score some points. He's


been pushed off the podium by Larsen at the moment, two points in arrears


of the Danish rider. Larsen has been consistent, chipping away and


collecting a few points. Looking good towards the end of the race as


well. Two laps to go until the next sprint. So, Graf, Blaha, Downey,


Lovassy, Imhof canned Panassenko, the riders at the front. They will


contest this as they come around to take the Bell we just saw Mark


Stewart with the capital and last an. They will not contest any points


here. It will go to the riders in front Claudio Imhof is in second


place. Five points for Hungary there. Hungary, Switzerland,


Kazakhstan and Austria collecting the points. Meyer has decided he


doesn't want anybody is getting on terms and even getting close to him


so he has really turned the screws and split the bunch in the process.


He is down with three riders and one of those three is Stewart. Stewart


is hanging in there straining every sinew to hang in there with Cameron


Meyer and Niklas Larsen, full credit to him for doing that, and he is on


the wheel of Larsen going down the back straight onto the front of the


second group, Mark Stewart. Stewart deciding that one is not going to


work, they are too close and they will let me do the chasing so he has


wisely gone to the back of the group. There he is in seventh place


in the overall standings, Meyer leading from Pszczolarski and De


Ketele. Larsen is the only rider not currently on the podium who has a


realistic chance of getting there. It is a shame he missed that one


move, Meyer going again to jump across, took in micro-break, and is


now ploughing across to that move. He knows the gold-medal with is


within his sights. Gliding around the bottom of the track as if he is


on a rail, Cameron Meyer. What a class act he is, he looks so stylish


on the bike. He joins the front group and made it look effortless,


which clearly it was anything but. He will ride around the top and


leaves them behind, making them look as if they were riding in treacle.


Interesting move and I think behind they will probably start conceding


defeat and fighting for the minor placings. Meyer feeling good, might


as well go and consolidate the win now. Make sure as the laps ticked


away. Quite a long way to go, three laps to go, so it is a big effort he


is making here. He is slowly pulling away. He is in a class of his own


here. It is a one-man race here at the moment and Cameron Meyer from


Australia is leaving everyone trailing in his wake as he goes past


the finishing line hurtling around the bottom of the track, hoovering


up all before him. One imagines hoovering up five more points in


just over a lap's time. Such a crushing move that he has broken the


room morale -- broken the morale of the others. They have conceded and


gone for the other two medal positions. Meyer totally dominant in


this race, five points to him, and here comes the chase leading it


Pszczolarski from Poland. And behind him Imhof. He needed to get involved


in the sprints. Began, De Ketele not able to get involved in anything.


Meyer will take a lap on his own here. He's going to do it on his


own. Already got 53 points on the board. Cameron Meyer is going to win


this race in the grand manner. And here he comes now. About to make


that junction. What a ride by Cameron Meyer, stunning. Nice move


off the front by Kneisky who was countered, and he still has the


possibility to get himself onto the podium if you can gain a lap. It is


all about lapping now for anybody not in the original move, they must


gain a lap. Might make life interesting for one or two others


behind the Kneisky is finding it hard to press on and gain a bigger


advantage over the rest of the field but he must try and do so. It's the


only chance he has gone now but Cameron Meyer's lead is a yawning


chasm, it is enormous, over Pszczolarski. But we have seen a


masterclass here in points racing from Cameron Meyer who is set fair


now to win this title for the fourth time in his career. Just stayed out


of trouble and kept away from the back wheel of Graf. Two sprints to


go. Mark Downey is in tenth place overall, he has six points, but


determined to get involved as much as possible here all the way to the


end of the race and it is he and Regan Gough at the front. And it is


Meyer again who closes down this move. He is relentless! He is


relentless here. It is Cameron Meyer. This could be the most


convincing win in a points race of the last decade, to be honest. It


has been awhile since the last road and won the points race at the World


Championships, 2009, 2010 and 2012, so the last time was in front of an


Australian crowd in Melbourne shortly before the London Olympic


Games. Concentrating on the road for the most part of the time since then


but consciously making the decision to come back to the track which is


good for track racing as a whole and we look forward to seeing him


pushing forward to the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020 which he has very


much in his sights. They are on the Sprint lap, Gough leading the way


but he is about to be reeled in by the looks of things by the


insatiable Cameron Meyer who is closing in on the Kiwi. Can he


overhaul him? No, but happy enough with three points, Larsen again


scores a couple of points for Denmark just ahead of Scartezzini of


Italy. The medal positions are being consolidated now, Larsen in that


bronze medal spot, four points clear of the kettle of culture. -- Jay


into the last few laps of the race. Cameron Meyer just needs to stay


upright to win the world title again. Pszczolarski, the European


champion, seemingly heading for silver. Larsen Denmark of the front


and Meyer from Australia, the man to lead the chase. Meyer just keeps


ploughing on. And Larsen, who thought maybe he had stolen a march


on the others now realises he hasn't because the last person he wanted to


chase him has indeed done exactly that. Momentary bunch up, in the


White with the blue helmet from Italy, Meyer on the inside, Cheung


King Lok from Moan Kok goes to the front and the home crowd have


something to cheer for the first time in a while. -- Cheung King Lok.


He is the national road and time trial champion of Hong Kong, five


times the Asian champion, looking to provide a grandstand finish if he


possibly can. He won't be involved at the top of the leaderboard in


terms of the overall standings. But it's not going to stop him trying to


get the glory in the final sprint if he possibly can with five laps to


go. The chase is on, there is to well of Spain and Meyer looking


comfortable tucked in behind him. -- Teruel. There are still potential


here for a rejig of medals on the last lap. De Ketele has been very


quiet recently. He's going to have to do something special to put


Larsson down into fourth spot, the first two places are secure, I


think. Three laps to go. Cheung King Lok from Hong Kong still leads. He


has the local crowd on the edge of their seats. Will he be able to hang


on for the final couple of laps? De Ketele going for it down the back


straight, saving every ounce of energy he has possibly got trying to


catch out Larsen and that is what he has done, it is all or nothing for


De Ketele, it won't take him to the world title but could put him on the


podium here and Cheung King Lok has been left behind as De Ketele goes


for it and takes the bell at the front of the race. I think he's


going to do it, everybody is strung out behind and Larsen was caught


out, he's sprinting hard now but a long way back, he is coming fast but


I think the Belgian will hang on to take the points. He has a lot of


work to do, Kenny De Ketele taking the sprint ahead of Regan Gough,


Claudio Imhof comes over the line in fourth place, that despite the


brilliant effort from Kenny De Ketele it was about that man there,


utterly dominant, it was a masterclass of points racing from


the now four-time world champion in this event. Cameron Meyer was


absolutely brilliant. And he was utterly relentless. He crushed the


field in this race and Cameron Meyer has his second gold medal of these


championships, having been part of Australia's team pursuit squad


yesterday, he now and is an individual title. Kenny De Ketele


taking ten points on the line and Kenny De Ketele may have pushed


himself not only onto the podium, Chris, but maybe even higher than we


were expecting. Double points for the last sprint. He could with the


double points have pushed Dummett pipped Wyszomirski for the podium.


Disposition on the final sprint that makes the decision if equal on


points and he probably made the decision 40 or 50 laps ago, thinking


he only had one big effort left in him and he would wait and it was


poor tactics from Larsen because he only had to watch one person in this


race and he let him go. That is what we said earlier, in terms of track


craft and knowledge, and making decisions on the move in the heat of


the moment there are not many better than Cameron Meyer, but also you


would put Kenny De Ketele in that class as well, a rider who has done


so many races for so long, he knows what to do, he made that decision


and made it count. There we are, there is the result, Cameron Meyer,


the new world champion, Kenny De Ketele with that stupendous


last-minute effort has hauled himself up from fourth to second


place, budget Pszczolarski of Poland is in third and Niklas Larsen from


Denmark who was in the medals all the way through has just been pipped


and finishes fourth. Cameron Meyer is all smiles and no surprise. What


a race. An extraordinary performance from


Cameron Meyer, and Mark Stewart finishing seventh, a really decent


effort. It is amazing watching Kenny De Ketele at the end of all those


laps to suddenly be able to sprint. Once he got a sniff of the finish


line, it bumped him up into a silver place, because you get more points


for the last sprint, so it was all worth it for a medal. And for the


Australian team, more celebrations, and particularly Cameron Meyer,


eight time world champion. He is my age, he won three junior champions


back in 2006, this is his eighth, but he has never got an Olympic


medal. He was fourth in Beijing, didn't go to London or Rio, and I


think he would like to try to go to Tokyo, perhaps with a new look


omnium. He has been so incredibly dominant, I would love to see him at


the Olympic Games in either the team sprint or the omnium. He hasn't


ridden a track worlds since 2012 in Melbourne, and the last few years he


has been predominantly a road rider. He Hannah Short retirement and made


a rapid comeback from that. Obviously still felt hungry for


more. He is a rider I always really enjoy watching. When you have known


a rider for that long, it is interesting to see however body


progresses from being a junior world champion, and eight world titles now


and still looking stronger than ever. He is so lean and fit, but


Chris you will appreciate this totally, the motivation to keep


coming back, keep coming back, to have that longevity. And that will


break that semi retirement that he had and reinvigorate that desire. He


has been going for a long time, we used to train in Perth which is


where Cameron and his brother Travis are from, and they used to train and


compete, we have seen them come through from the junior inks through


to being world champions stop I think it is great track cycling to


have him back on the scene again away from the road, and he will be


hungry for the Commonwealth Games and exterior. Exactly, and you can


see the Australians are building towards it as a priority. It is hard


to look beyond them as the team to beat for the Commonwealth Games, the


GB team is split into the home nations, but fighting against them


will be a good competition to look out for. And Simon Jones went for


the rector job in British cycling, didn't get it but got the job in


Australia. He has come in at the right time, he will bring the


experience and knowledge that he has had from being part of British


cycling, so he has timed it well. He was the West Australian Institute


director, so he has been there for a while. And in the centre of the


track, Katie Archibald is going through her preparation, the


elimination race and points race to come. How well are you, will she


have watched Cameron Meyer? Yes, she has the headphones on warming up,


her last ten minutes she won't be watching, that you get pretty bored


in the centre of the track, so it is nice when there is a race you can


watch. What is she listening to, do we know? I don't know, actually. I


wouldn't like to call that. Katie is a racing fan,. She likes hip-hop,


apparently. I say that like I know what I'm talking about! The within's


sprint semifinals, it is Stephanie Morton up next. You were so


convincing, Cler! It is the first of the semifinals of


the women's sprint. She is the Commonwealth sprint champion.


She is still other top end of her game. She is in control at the


moment, wanting to try to control this one. Stephanie Morton gathering


speed, moving up into her blind spot. There is a lap to go, but it


was a faint, and now she can turn on the gas, can she go over the top?


And Morton pushes her all the way to the line, but Simona Krupeckaite


gets it. Mortar was coming fast around the outside, but then she


just stalled in the last few metres, so I thought she was going to get


that one. 1-0 to the Lithuanian in the best of three semifinal, and


Krupeckaite has three times finished second in the World Championship,


she has never actually won the world crown. Will this finally be her


year? She has a lot to do, she has to get past Stephanie Morton and


either Lee Wai Sze or Kristina Vogel. She was feigning the move,


trying to push on, but she will is an experienced rider and just kept


accelerating, didn't get panicked into going to early. I would like to


hear Chris Hoy's analysis later, but she kept a little back for the final


kick, I think, and it just caught Stephanie Morton out. Now, Lee Wai


Sze from Hong Kong, a big sporting star here. The host nation's best


hope of a medal by far in these championships. Kristina Vogel, the


Olympic champion. Her opponent in this semifinal. They are going


eyeball to eyeball. They can't see! They both have mirror visors on.


Take my word I'm staring at you. Three laps of the track, and this


has the potential to be an epic battle between the pair of them. We


have seen some fantastic racing in this World Championships, a lot of


close contests, we have seen form books turned over. Will we see


another track stand? Used to be very popular on the


larger tracks to try to force your opponent to the front, the straights


are at having a lead made a big difference, but with 250 metres


tracks, it is less clear which is the most advantageous position.


Slowly the pace increases, the tension builds, the calm before the


storm. Vogel is really close, it is difficult, they train to ride


looking back down the track, using the lines as a reference point. But


when a rider is right in your shadow, it is hard to keep track of


them. Kristina Vogel has some height on the far side of the track, next


time over the line they will take the bell and the Sprint will really


be on. Here we go, and it is led by Lee Wai Sze, here comes Kristina


Vogel to try to make a challenge. Has the rider from Hong Kong got the


speed to hold off the Olympic champion? Shoulder to shoulder round


the bend, Alberta elbow, eyeballs out, and Lee Wai Sze is just pipped


on the line by Kristina Vogel, great race. Almost came down to endurance,


that one, the drag race started on the back straight, and Lee was


holding her own, but Vogel managed to stick with it, and then suddenly


had that slight height advantage and that was enough. Lee is already in


the last chance saloon, she has to win the next match between the peril


of them. Here is the Sprint once more, and what an intense battle it


was between the pair of them. She was determined not to give an inch,


outside the sprinter's line as well. When the Sprint proper had started.


But it was Vogel who just had that little bit extra momentum. The


geometry of the track played its part, and the best riders use every


single bit of tactical advantage they can. We will reach a conclusion


in the women's sprint in this session here today at the World


Championships in Hong Kong. Kristina Vogel still looks a picture of


concentration as she whines down on the inside of the track. A little


later on we will get the second match of the semifinals, but so far


it is Simone Krupeckaite leading 1-0, and Kristina Vogel who has the


advantage over Lee Wai Sze from Hong Kong.


So good to watch, these sprint races, for the psychological games.


Why do sprinters need to do the intimidation? It is very


gladiatorial, you are staring at your opponent, and you have to watch


them just in case they go for a long one, especially the Germans, they


are famous for being sneaky in that respect in the sprint. You use to


get people trying to come up to you and eyeball you before you step on


the track. That was always a sign that they were nervous, but it is


all part of the game. Endurance cyclists don't do that? Not really,


no. It is different fast because you have to wait, all sitting in the pit


together. I couldn't do it, I would be smiling. That would disarm them,


though, they would say, what is she smiling about? There was slight


querying the studio that there might have been the stewards enquiry had


Lee Wai Sze won that? She came out of the red, the sprinters lain here,


and once you have committed to that, you have to commit to it. Having a


right battle, a right old Hong Kong ding-dong, but if Lee had won this,


I think that would have been reversed. And coming down onto the


blue, that is not illegal but it is slightly slower? It is a longer


distance to come off and back on again, and if you do it on the


banking itself on the corner, there is a risk that you can crashed


because it is not as banked. Let's focus on Katie Archibald going into


the last two stages of the women's omnium, the first thing she will


have to do is finish first or second in the elimination race, what should


her tactics be? She needs to try to stay out of trouble, stay near the


front, and she can do that for a long period of time, put the people


behind her under pressure. And then try to get through the gaps, she is


phenomenal at doing that, no gap is too small, she is not scared. You


will see her towards the end go to the back, and pick people off one by


one like I used to do. And make sure you are not the one who was left


last. Yes, the last person over the line is out. Did you love the


elimination? Yes, it was one of my favourites, I'm excited to see her


do it. Everything is do or die, it is thrilling, and if you are out,


you are out, so it is worth taking that gap and taking the chance. You


gave us a heart attack watching you! It might be fun for you! They want


people to watch the omnium, it is a bit of fun! How we feeling about


this new omnium so far? I am not a big fan, but let's wait and see if


Katie wins, we might change our minds! This is going to be just


thrilling to watch, because the back rider will get eliminated every


other lap, and Chris Boardman and Simon Brotherton can call talkers


through the elimination race in the women's omnium.


COMMENTATOR: Hang onto your hats, we are under underway, the race is on.


Neutralist start for the event because everybody wants to be at the


front. With such dramatic consequences being at the back after


two laps everybody wants to be at the front. It was like the start of


a greyhound race, as soon as the gun went they were heading for the front


making sure they are not out of the race early on. Katie Archibald,


halfway back on the outside at the moment, next time over the line we


will lose our first rider, the light on the handlebar will start


flashing, the number will be held up, and they will have to make way.


The first rider out is the rider from Taipei, Zeng Ke Xin. They will


get a brief respite before sprinting again. They have half a lap to make


the decision on that one before it is passed on to the rider. Riding at


the back at the moment is Luo Xiaoling from China, making a move


to try and push up the field. Now she is with half a lap to go. Nicely


positioned halfway down the field, where the shape of the track plays a


big part in this race. If you go around the outside it is a long way.


Yumi Kajihara from Japan, the second rider to go, not scoring well in


this event. Very easy to get caught out, you are swamped in this event,


you think you are nicely placed and suddenly a lot of writers who have


been sitting on your shoulder roll down into straight from the high


banking and overtake and there is nowhere to go. Burano brakes on


these bikes. Sarah Hammer moving to the outside making sure she's out of


trouble. There is a big pile up and we have lost several riders. Italy


down, Canada down. And I think Lithuania as well. Three riders have


fallen quite heavily. They have neutralised the race, the yellow


flag is out until they have made sure the riders are OK and cleared


bikes out of the way and checked the track over. Elisa Balsamo, the world


junior road race champion, and fortunately back on her feet, shaken


but looks OK. Here is the crash again. It is so easy to hit


somebody's back wheel and that is what happened. You can see the rider


from Belgium chips ahead and she knows somebody just touched her back


wheel. Stephanie Roorda from Canada falling, and the Lithuanian, Olivia


Bella -- Olivia Bella site. Roorda is on the ground still being


attended to and they are calling for the stretcher. My fear is that maybe


her championship is done. It was a heavy fall. Crashed onto the track,


one of the most horrible parts of it, you can see it coming and you


have no brakes and there is nowhere to go so you have a full second to


appreciate what is going to happen. As we watch it again, Laura, back in


the studio, it is every rider's worst nightmare because often it is


not your fault and there is nothing you can do. She got caught out at


the back and has no brakes and has nowhere to go other than just


hitting straight into them, and she looks like she has come off worse in


the crash. In a way it can work to your advantage in that you get a


massive adrenaline rush. As long as you can get back up and get back on


the bike you might see those crash riders come forward and do quite


well now. The race is underway once again, the


gun has just fired and Stephanie Roorda is having a neck brace put on


down in front of us, so hopefully that is precautionary and she will


be OK and we will concentrate on the race. I'm surprised they have


restarted it with all of that paraphernalia right against the


track, having just demonstrated how precarious this race can be. But


started it again they have and Katie Archibald is nicely placed in third


position on the outside at the moment. Number 28, the rider at the


back, is from Lithuania, one of the riders who crashed, Olivija


Baleisyte, and she goes. The adrenaline rush didn't work for her


but at least she is in one piece as Stephanie Roorda leaves the track.


She is walking off the inside of the track which is great to see. She has


one of the coaching staff with her but good news that Stephanie Roorda,


who has a neck brace on, is at least able to walk away from the edge of


the track. Hopefully she will be OK. The next sprint is coming up


shortly. This is it now, Katie Archibald has been rolling around at


the front, just one wheel to sit on, comfortable behind Sarah Hammer.


Lydia Boyland was impressive at the front again, she rode really well in


the last race ahead of this one. It is the German rider Tatjana Paller


who is out this time, slowly and slowly we are whittling through the


field. Let's hope there are no more mishaps. Katie Archibald in third


place at the moment. It is stringing out now with a bit of speed. She


went up to make sure she wouldn't get boxed in and Sarah Hammer came


underneath. You can move yourself forward but there is nowhere to go.


So, Hammer taking some risks. She is having a look around and I think it


is the rider from Hong Kong who is out, Pang Yao, no, it has been given


as China. This has got to be the toughest of all competitions to be a


commissar, they have less than ten seconds to make a decision. Lucy


Dowling was the rider called in. Now have they started already? -- Luo


Xiaoling. Steinbach has space to move into unlike Pang Yao from Hong


Kong who finds herself at the tail end of the field and may be the


rider to go. Maybe not, the Czech Republic, it is Jarmila Machacova,


the former world champion, who is the latest to be eliminated here.


Points race world champion in 2013. Katie Archibald has not got many


people behind her and she is quite low down at the moment, so she could


just do with nudging out there because she is in a hole. She has


sensed the danger and trying to push up but she is back wheel at the


moment and will have to come around the outside quickly if she can. It


will have to be a sprint from Katie Archibald as she sprints to stay in


the race and she may have made it, Lydia Boyland may have gone. Making


life difficult for us watching it. That were so close. Lydia Boyland


has gone, but Katie Archibald was a whisker away from losing a hat full


of points. She sensed the danger with three quarters of a lap to go


and it has given her an adrenaline boost, I think. She is going the


long way round on the outside but she has room to race and that is all


she needs at the moment. Sarah Hammer taking the Long Way round


coming towards the front trying to make sure she stays out of trouble,


Katie Archibald is going to be OK this time, Sternberg of Norway will


go as Kirsten Wild leads. Amy Cure from Australia leads them round down


the back straight. Norway the latest out. Anita Stenberg. Amy Cure at the


front, Kirsten Wild stayed in the position where she is in second


place for quite a while now. Hammer is in the danger spot coming around


the outside so she is playing the sprinting game, Katie Archibald is


comfortable. Archibald in a better position, just on the outside of


Roxane Fournier. Here comes Sarah Hammer around the outside, Katie


Archibald safely through and the Hong Kong rider Pang Yao is finally


out this time. Disappointment around the velodrome. This race is going at


some rate. Sarah Hammer once again at the back. Choosing to spend her


energy steady-state, Archibald, steady pace all the way through


rather than constant pace which is how Hammer is playing this one, it


is energy expensive. Could be a tough one for Tetyana Klimchenko at


the back of the field. Sarah Hammer looks around to make sure that she


is safe, and indeed the rider who may have gone was Alzbeta Pavlendova


from Slovakia. Yes, it is Pavlendova who is out. Archibald is in the


middle of the pack now at the bottom. So she is going to have to


be a little bit careful now. There is not a lot of riders and they


could all sweep over the top very quickly. That is the thing about


Laura when she races. She is very good at finding a little gap and


squeezing through it. She needs to find one now because that is the


most difficult of all places to be. Boxed in a little bit here but I


think she will get away with it, yes, she will, and it's the Italian


rider who is out, Balsamo, who was one of those who fell early on. She


got up and collected a few more points to her total. She can now


tend to her injuries after the heavy crash. She was lying fifth going


into this. Sarah Hammer is on the wheel of Katie Archibald. Sprinting.


Oh! Sarah Hammer. She sensed what was going to happen, she thought she


would put her in the box and she was not having it. She has a good turn


of speed. Fournier has work to do to make sure she stays in, it is either


fully or the rider from New Zealand, I think it may be Roxane Fournier.


It is New Zealand. Michaela Drummond, who was the other rider


there. She is adjudged to have had her wheel and little bit further


back than the French woman who stays alive in this elimination race for a


little bit longer. Amy Cure on the front for Australia, Kirsten Wild of


the Netherlands coming around the outside, Katie Archibald as well


just moves around the outside with Lotte Kopecky. Sarah Hammer is at


the back right behind Roxane Fournier, Katie Archibald is all


right here, Wild and Archibald first over and it will be Tetyana


Klimchenko from Ukraine. The lights are flashing on the handlebars, her


race is run. Sarah Hammer feels she has the measure of this group now


and she is saving her effort until the last quarter of a lap, just


sitting at the back and waiting. It looks like it could be Katie


Archibald is the person she has got to get over in the next half a lap.


Katie Archibald moves past Roxane Fournier and Sarah Hammer is doing


everything she can to stick to Archibald's wheel, Kirsten Wild


staying out of trouble at the front, has a little look around, over the


line they come, that will be very close. Yes, the Spanish rider. We


will see what the judges' decision is. It is the Spanish rider Ana


Usabiaga. There wasn't much in that. Eight riders left. I think a little


bit more respect between Archibald and Hammer at the moment, not trying


to play games by watching each other in, just focusing on their own race.


Ana Usabiaga is gone, we're down to seven, Sarah Hammer will try and


make the move again from the back of the field, Katie Archibald, as they


cross the line... We will nervously await the decision of the judges


here. It is France who are out. Roxane Fournier. I wouldn't have


called that one. So, match sprinting, every 30 seconds. Two


very close escapes for Katie Archibald in this race but she is


still hanging in there. Hammer is in a difficult position boxed on the


inside and Katie Archibald Binks, well, I will keep you there quite


happily thank you very much. Hammer has nowhere to go at the moment. No,


she hasn't, and will have to force her way out. Over the line and Sarah


Hammer is out beaten in the Sprint. A real surprise, she's been


fantastic in the event in the past. She had a bad first event, and that


could put the chances of her vying for gold in real difficulty now. The


key for Katie Archibald is to take full advantage of the situation. Amy


Cure is still in there for Australia, Kirsten Wild of the


Netherlands. The rider in the red and white is Daria Pikulik in the


middle of your picture from Poland. Archibald is there, Lotte Kopecky is


also there from Belgium. Here comes the Sprint, will Archibald have the


legs to stay in it? She will be pushed all the way, I think Katie


Archibald might have gone this time by half a wheel. She looked a bit


spent and there was a lot of battles she had to fight consecutively and I


think it caught up in the end. She just didn't have the turn of speed.


Katie Archibald is out and we're left four, Wild, Pikulik is there,


could Peki. Barely time for them to catch their breath before the next


sprint is on. -- Lotte Kopecky. Custom build has stayed out of


trouble so far, she looks in control -- Kirsten Wild. Lotte Kopecky goes.


Amy Cure has ridden it the best so far. She's been watching and didn't


try and win the Sprint, just making sure there is people behind. We have


barely mentioned her name. That is a good thing tactically because it


says that you are just not visible between the wheels. Welcoming you


are visible now, just three riders left, match sprint to get into this


final dash. Amy Cure going around the outside and Pikulik has nothing


left. The tank is empty and the Polish rider is going to finish


third. It was a great effort from her, she looks frustrated but she


has taken third. Pikulik was a silver medallist in the World Junior


Championships in the Omni a few years ago and now on the senior


stage and making her mark but it is Amy Cure against Kirsten Wild for


the win in the third event of four in the women's omnium, here comes


the final sprint, one lap to go, led out by the Australian Kew, Kirsten


Wild right on her wheel. How she got the strength to get past her? Amy


Cure is not giving way. She will not give way to Kirsten Wild and if she


wants to win the Sprint she will have to earn it and she can't come a


great ride from Amy Cure of Australia who takes maximum points


in the elimination race in the omnium and it was beautifully ridden


by Amy Cure all the way through and Kirsten Wild as to settle for second


place in this particular event. Just looking at it now, an


officially the results suggest that Katie Archibald still leads the way,


but she will be level on points with Amy Cure, and Archibald will be


leading because she has won two of the races, with Kirsten Wild in


third place and Sarah Hammer down to fourth. We are waiting for the


confirmation. I was expecting Kirsten Wild to come out from behind


her and asked her shoulder. I watched Amy Cure in the previous


Sprint make a decision, she is still capable of thinking, I will just do


enough, and the only time I thought she might have blown it was when she


started to sprint with a lap to go, but clearly she had the confidence,


and Kirsten Wild happy to take second. How do you think Katie


Archibald will feel about her ride? Was a bit disappointed, she worked


hard all the way through, Laura Trott, the best bike rider, male or


female, I have ever seen, ride in this race, incredibly tactically


astute, knows when to use it. I think Katie Archibald has probably


got some more to come from her in this event. She did ride it hard and


courageously, still very respectable and she is still right up there. The


points have been amended, and she might have just dropped into second


position behind Amy Cure who was a good points race rider, so all to


play for. The points were amended all our screen in front of us, and


as you can see, Amy Cure is the new leader, level on points with Casty


-- Katie Archibald. Sarah Hammer is in fourth, and I think the bottom


line going into the last race is that it is all to play for.


It might have been one thing for you to watch at home, but it was one


thing to watch Laura Kenney watching that, because you were constantly


flapping! I will admit, it is way worse watching than being there, you


are in control when you are doing it, it is just you, but that was


stressful. I can't control her, I can't say, no, turnaround! Now you


understand how we feel. And she did finally get caught out at the back,


but do you think, earlier in the race she very nearly went, and that


would have been disastrous for the points. I think it was just a lack


of concentration more than anything. When you are in the bunch, you have


a good feeling of the people who are around you, and I don't think she


relies time many people were going over the top, I think she thought


she was safe. That was a tiny margin. That was with 15 riders


left, but this was her when she finally did get caught. Was it just


a case of not having enough left, or was it positioning? If that was me,


I would have tried, in the lap forewings Baniyas has just come out,


I would have gone to the front. If you know you haven't got the legs,


you are better off to put yourself forward. You want the room to slide


back, so you are better off to get to the black line and see what


happens from there. But the point is she can still win this. She can, and


she has definitely got the legs for it. She will be a little bit gutted


with that performance, but it is all to play for. They are now on equal


points, but there is still a margin back to third and fourth. She has 35


men it is to recover. Is there any benefit to having gone out a couple


of minutes earlier than Amy Cure? She can be. She will be cooling down


faster. You don't need to warm up for the points race, you need to


cool down now to be fresher, said couple of minutes... And four less


Sprints in her legs. What would you say to her now? Just relax. She is


always in control of the racing, and she needs to make sure she goes in


with that mindset that she is still in control. Amy Cure was very lucky


to avoid the big crash. She was right behind it, and as we have been


saying, there are no brakes on these bikes, so you have to react quickly,


she went high to get round them, and she wasn't far off it. Instinctive


reaction, and these are the things that can completely derail your


medal chances. How will they repair the track? They will basically pull


out the bit that has been damaged, fill it in, send it over and put


tape over it. It is a bit Heath Robinson. That is what they do. And


here we go for the second of the best of three races in the women's


sprint semifinals, it is Stephanie Morton against Simona Krupeckaite.


So, Stephanie Morton has it all to do, and she showed earlier in the


week that she has the form. She has, she has got caught out in the


previous ride, and I don't think she will make that mistake again. She is


in pole position now and raising the speed very quickly. She wants to


keep that front position all the way through. Stephanie Morton going for


the element of a drag race here. Simona Krupeckaite forced to open it


up a little earlier, and she looks to draw level already inside the


final 200 metres, and down the back straight they go, it will be tight.


Neck and neck into the finishing straight, Morton is going to hold


off here, it is 1-1, and we will go to the decider in this semifinal in


the women's sprint. More to did everything she needed to do, she


took full control of that one, and Krupeckaite fell into it, I'm


afraid, she held it on the hip, saved enough in the back straight to


keep up, and that is where it was won, on the back straight. She is


doing an extra ten metres of riding by the time they have come around to


the line, having spent two bankings trying to get around. It is a lot


further on this banked track. We saw that Stephanie Morton definitely had


a plan, and that is a good start in a match sprint. Orla Barry healing


with, forget defeat, this is all about dealing with this moment, and


she was angry after that previous round. And she got even at 1-1. So


we still have to have that third race to decide who goes through to


compete for the gold medal. We will have to settle for the bronze medal,


but it looks like a conveyor belt here, and already up onto the track,


Lee Wai Sze from Hong Kong. She was beaten by Kristina Vogel in a


titanic sprint in the first race. Packed house watching tonight, let's


see if they can help her out, she will need everything they can give


her. The harsh among the crowd as


Kristina Vogel will lead them off on this first lap.


Vogel will be keeping an eye on her opponent, looking for any sudden


movement. There won't be any yet, it is far too early for that. 999 times


out of a thousand. You do have the odd occasion when somebody suddenly


goes for it almost from the gun, but you don't see that very often at


all, it is a real leg shredding exercise trying to do that. But Lee


Wai Sze flying the flag for the hosts here against Kristina Vogel.


Vogel a seven time world champion, she has been twice the champion of


the world in the sprint, she won in 2014, in Colombia, and defended it


successfully in Paris a couple of years ago. Had to settle for the


bronze medal last year. The pace lifting now, with two laps to go,


and Vogel now deciding, I am at the front, I may as well use it. As she


looks back, that will be the view that Kristina Vogel will have had


her opponent, Lee Wai Sze getting larger and larger in her rear-view


mirror as the sprint now starts. Inside the final lap, Lee Wai Sze


has got a gap to close on Kristina Vogel. Roared on by the crowd, will


that carry her home? Will it force a deciding ride? No, it won't, because


Kristina Vogel held on at the front, but did she do so legally? In the


final bend there was a real flick, and we will have to wait and see


what the judges say, but it will have affected the result, so the


penultimate ranking or OK, Lee Wai Sze not giving in at all, Vogel


outside the sprint line there, and then as they come around into the


finishing straight, really drift up. She won't be given that one, I will


be very surprised if she is not relegated, particularly since it was


close. It was close and it was a very anxious moment for Lee Wai Sze


as Kristina Vogel came right up into her, as it were. She probably would


have won anyway. Kristina Vogel, nothing has been said so far, she


has been given it, but they are having a look. But at the moment, is


Kristina Vogel riding around waving to the crowd, a sporting gesture


there from Lee Wai Sze, the riders have their arms around each other as


they roll around the bottom of the track, but her coaching staff no


doubt talking to the officials about it. The officials are taking a look,


and this is what they are looking at. Just watch this. It is not a


distance, so there you go, it is very, very clear, and I think even


Kristina Vogel knows it, to be honest. And she didn't need to do


it, there is a very good chance she would have taken that much anyway. I


would be amazed, I would bet your salary that that is overturned,


Simon. As much as that?! There we are, Kristina Vogel, we wait to hear


the outcome. Nothing has been announced by the officials, but as


we saw a few moments ago, they were clearly having a look at it. So, at


the moment, Kristina Vogel has been awarded race two, meaning she would


be through to the final. We will bring you any further developments


as and when they occur. CLARE BALDING: Chris, we think that


she will be relegated, don't we? 99% sure. She came out of the lane at


eight crucial point, and it clearly impeded progress of Lee. And it was


dangerous? She did it because she was desperate, she could sense that


Lee was approaching. She flicks out, almost hits her front wheel, and Lee


has to go the long way round here. Yes, I think the judges... If it


doesn't get reversed, I will be surprised. And is there also just a


sense of the judges from the pressure of the home crowd? There


shouldn't be. I don't know. I would like to think it is completely


neutral and there is no favouritism at all, but as an objective


observer, you would say that that is a clearly impeding the forward


progress of your opponent, so it should be a reversal of the


decision. Our stewards hearsay Vogel relegated. I think relegated. As


well. So it does mean a little bit more of a David Katie Archibald,


because it means both of those races will go to a decider for the women's


sprint semifinals, and Katie Archibald jointly in lead of the


women's omnium with just the points race to come. The team that


surrounds the riders are crucial, and Key among them is the head


mechanic, he is called Ernie Faye agreed and he has been talking to


John Douglas. There is so much activity in the track centre,


certainly around the British pen, because that is where all the bikes


are looked after, and Ernie is the man in charge, he has been here for


donkeys years! Looking after some very fine pieces of equipment. What


is the biggest challenge you have on a big track event like this? The


biggest challenges keeping your feet on the ground. We have so many


wonderful performances, and for us, we have just won something, but


there is always somebody else racing next, so we have to keep our feet on


the ground, everything else. I always see you with a spanner or a


pump or cloth, what exactly are you doing? Changing the gears, we do


that track centre. All of the wheels, they will be prepared in


Manchester before we have come, and anything that needs changing, we


have a workshop downstairs here, and I have some wheels and a blue and


tyres already waiting, and that will be a job tomorrow morning. It is a


lot of logistics to get to somewhere like Hong Kong, I know often you


with the team drive a van to various events, but that is not possible


from Manchester to Hong Kong! Thankfully not. We have done really


well this time, we brought 123 items, three and a half tonnes of


equipment, which is madness. I think the only time we have done better


than that was the Rio Olympics. So we checked it all in on the


Wednesday, then we rolled up on Thursday morning and checked in like


a tourist, I can't remember the last time I have done that. And one of


the things we notice is a lot of the other teams are around having a look


to see what you have got, and you keep an eye on the other teams to


see what innovations they have got. A lot of people talking about the


way the British teams have invested in the technology, has that been


exciting to see? It is always exciting, you come out every four


years with something new, and you can see no a few teams have gone to


the larger chain rings like we ran out in Rio, and a few people when we


had the wider forks in London, they came out with those. So it is quite


comical, really. People trying to play catch up with us, but we are


always a few steps ahead. You have to try to keep the team happy. The


riders have quite a say in the setup of their bikes. Is it difficult


managing that? Not really, lots of the riders are


really good, especially the younger group we have coming through, that


have been in the system and come up from juniors and have come now into


seniors. I will not say the awkward ones, the ones that know exactly


what they want and how they like it are not with us at the moment,


Cavendish would no one millimetre or two millimetres which is really good


when working with an athlete like that, Laura Kenny knows half a


millimetre in her saddle height. What about Joe and Chris back in the


studio. They always said please and thank you and you always find an


athlete that remembers their manners goes that bit further and you always


think about them that bit more and you always go that little step


extra. I always remember my please and thank you s. Thank you. Any


further grieve is really good, when he came upon the screen you went


there is Ernie Feargrieve. he came upon the screen you went


there is Ernie He has been around since back in the dark ages. All of


the backroom staff work so hard, we are the ones that get the medals and


attention but we couldn't have done it without them. For sure. They are


under so much pressure, on race day if something goes wrong and there is


a crash he needs to do a quick wheel change committee is a professional


and comment as a rider Unibet on race day when you can see it as


minutes to go until your race -- you need that on race day. How many


people can he look after at the same time? Two mechanics tend to go to


the World Championships and they will alternate, say if there was a


Sprint first Bernie will take that rider first and then if I was the


next rider for example but they look after a fair number of riders


between them. As far as we are aware Kristina Vogel has not been


relegated so she is through, we think, almost certainly come out of


the last Dominic final of the women's sprint despite looking as if


she had come out of the sprinting lane and put league in danger. So


far the stewards have not overturned that decision. Cameron Meyer won the


men's points race for Australia earlier and in seventh place was


Mark Stewart for Great Britain and this was his reaction to the


performance. You've had a few minutes to get over


the huge effort in the points race, great start for you, but it was a


world-class, as you would expect, points race. Everybody going into it


with my and the kettle in the field, knew it would be a hard race so I


just thought I need to be part of this from the start and if my legs


last until the start Dominic and fantastic but I started to fade. Big


step up in your first world seniors, you were leading after the first


half-dozen sprints. Yeah, definitely, we've been focusing on


the team pursuit but I still enjoy the points so I knew coming into it


that it would be a tough ask. It is always fun doing it am suffering!


You watch somebody like Cameron Meyer lift his eighth world title,


you know, with a performance like that, it must serve as huge


inspiration to somebody like you. Massively, I watched him growing up


dominating points races and now I'm on the back of it. It is massive


watching team pursuit and then that, something else. It should make for a


really interesting competition at the Gold Coast at the Commonwealth


Games. I'm looking forward to it, an opportunity to work on the points


races and the scratch next year, so hopefully I will suffer to the end.


Thank you very much. Mark Stewart, who is still only 21,


so he has a lot still ahead of him, and to watch somebody like Cameron


Meyer, what do you try and learn from your championship experiences


from somebody that good? He will look back at the videos of racing to


begin with, a good way to learn, we do it in team pursuit and the omnium


races, analysing the video from the racing definitely. For him it will


be onto the road for the road season. We are mid April so it's


quite late in the road season compared to a normal taxis and. I am


sure he will be keen to get plenty of racing under his belt this summer


ready to go for the next track season come September and


Commonwealth Games will be the big one for Scotland in a year's time.


How difficult is it switching from road to track, how different are the


bikes? Brakes on a road bike, you can change the gears at the flick of


a lever rather than getting out spammers and everything. That is


handy. Both very lightweight bikes but the brakes and gears are the


main thing. For me physically I found it quite difficult to go from


the track to the road and vice versa. The road to the track is


easier but going from the track to the road, you had the top end but


the endurance of racing 4-for ours was challenging. Going back to the


bikes, they do not have any of the bikes from Rio, do they? No, the way


British cycling works is you get the equipment for the Olympics because


you get such an advantage by having the most aerodynamic kit out there


and afterwards it goes back into keeping again. It is not because


they are broken? I heard some of them are cracked. Some of them were


broken. Mine came back absolutely fine and I could have ridden it. It


is because you have taken good care about it. Yeah, I mean, you sort of


expected, we want the best kit at the Olympics, do you know what I


mean? It doesn't matter it gets taken back into keeping and you get


it back out again for the Olympics. Other nations tend to bring in new


equipment and developments in stages so you see the overall package


including but we keep it under the radar until the big day. It has been


a quick turnaround for the sprinters because Stephanie Morton, having won


the second race in a decided now. We will find out from Simon Brotherton


and Chris Boardman whether Voegele kept the second race or if we will


see a decider between her and Lee why see. -- Lee Wai Sze. We are


about to go in the deciding race, Stephanie Morton against Ramona


Krupeckaite. The only way we will know for sure whether Voegele and


leak step up to the track after this race because all of the official


computers are saying Kristina Vogel is through so we have to assume that


is the case but there have been a few discrepancies between what the


stylists said and what the riders who have been racing at various


points over the last few days. We just wait and see. I believe


Kristina Vogel was not penalised. Remarkable decision if that is the


case with such clear-cut video evidence and the rules are very


clear, you cannot come out into that line and in need the progress of


your competitor. -- impede the progress of your competitor. It is


rough justice if that is the outcome. No sign of the other riders


getting ready to come out but we will keep a on this race between


Stephanie Morton and Simona Krupeckaite. Down the back straight


they go. Morton is keeping the pace fairly high as she did in race two.


It is a tactic that worked well for her and she wants to employ it


again. It is whether her opponent has learned the lesson and she


certainly waited a bit longer, for the back straight, trying to use the


slipstream. I'm not sure she has the pace. Into the finishing straight


they come and Simona Krupeckaite will not do this and Stephanie


Morton has turned this semifinal around having lost the first ride,


she changed her tactics, the first maxim tactics in races two and three


and they worked a treat and carried her through into the championship


final. Also just dipped outside the


sprinter's line. Just intimidating the opponent, leaving them uncertain


exactly where you are going to be on the track so you can't maximise the


slipstream. But compared to what we've seen already that was no


infraction at all. But either way I don't think it was going to make a


difference there. She was by far the stronger rider. That often happens


as the competition progresses, those who come back-up. Confirmation that


Kristina Vogel has indeed been awarded the second ride, so through


in straight rights against Lee Wai Sze, we are surprised about that, we


thought there was a rule infringement. The official decided


otherwise. Stephanie Morton is through to the final and will race


Kristina Vogel. It will be Lee Wai Sze from Hong Kong against Simona


Krupeckaite go from Romania for the bronze medal. There is the


confirmation of who is through for the gold-medal race. STUDIO: Morton


against Voegele will be a fabulous race but Voegele is lucky to be


there. Very lucky, I would have put money on the fact Voegele would be


there, she was impeding the progress of league and I'm very surprised. In


the meantime the only thing we sort of missed was Christian Meyer...


Cameron Meyer, sorry, being awarded the gold medal in the men's points


race, and eighth World Championship title for him, but it's been quite a


gap since the last World Championships he was successful


outcome his second of this meeting, the team pursuit as well, after that


he spoke John Douglas -- Jill Douglas.


Graduations, you wait five years for another rainbow jersey and two come


along at once, that was a classy points race, a masterclass in riding


a points race. It was definitely special and to back up after last


night's wind with the guys in the team pursuit, it is great, still one


more race on Sunday so hopefully the legs will hold on for one more but I


can't be happier than I am now. The rest of the field cursing the fact


you have come back to the track from the road because you are making them


pay. How does it feel when you are so strong and able to dominate the


race like you did. It feels good, you must be confident going out


there and that is what I try to beat when I go out there, if it gets into


the last half of the race when it is a really hard event, I can be one of


the strongest, and hopefully it is my night and tonight was. It is your


eighth world title, how special is that, to think potentially you have


a great chance in the Madison as well? Everyone is special, every


time you pull on the rainbow jersey there is a special moment and there


is a story from it and I love every minute so hopefully there are more


to come. He seems like such a nice guy. There we see, is that the


French rider getting ready for the individual pursuit. This is your


field of expertise. I do love a pursuit, I might be biased, it was


the event I was originally talent spotted for and have had some


success. Some people say it is boring but I think a close


individual pursuit race can be something special when the lead


switches between the two riders. The times this morning for the


qualifying, I was blown away by. 4.12 by the quickest rider for the


gold medal final. For the Australian rider who is only 18 he has


qualified for the bronze ride off, so fantastic young talent here and


there should be some good finals. 4000 metres ahead of them, one stars


one side of the track and the other starts the other. Here is Simon


Brotherton. COMMENTATOR: Kelland O'Brien, Corentin Ermenault, at 21.


He can't be going back quick at 18! Chris used to race against Corentin


Ermenault's dad, didn't you? Thank you! I thought I would mention that


one, get that in quick. You are laughing now but you just lost your


salary over that Sprint decision. 30 seconds to go until this bronze


medal ride. Sometimes there is speculation about the air pressure


here which has a big effect on performance, 90% of the energy of


these riders is pushing air out of the way. We had one report it was


down to 828 millibars, which is remarkable. The British team say


that isn't the case but there must be some reason why the whole series


was so fast. And away they go then, the bronze


medal on the line for these two riders, Kelland O'Brien of


Australia, who already has a gold medal in his pocket for these


championships having the Dummett been part of the pursuit squad, he


won gold yesterday, can he add to his tally today? Corentin Ermenault,


on the other side of the track, the European champion who races on the


road also and shows campus a durable promise. He was third in the under


23 Tour of Flanders last year. He is a big lad, the Frenchman, Corentin


Ermenault, bigger than his dad, both of them had a similar opening


kilometre earlier today. Despite that, two seconds between them


already with less than a minute of racing under their belt so O'Brien


has gone storming out of the gate. Blistering start by Kelland O'Brien


and Ermenault looking to get a medal at the World Championships but he


will have to go some in the future to match his father, twice the world


champion in this discipline in 1997 and 1998. But he has a lot to do to


claim the bronze medal here because the Australian with a 1.0603,


opening kilometre. Fastest opening kilometre of the session so far.


Faster than anything this morning, that is world-record pace he is


riding out at the moment. Has he gone to quick? Information from the


coach at the side of the track, he is 2.5 seconds ahead of the


Frenchman at the moment. Every indication is he has gone out to


quick, 1.06 is quick for a pursuit. We have seen it once or twice from


Australians in the individual pursuit, Jack Bow Bridge went out


very quickly and he managed to stay out in front with a very fast time


on several occasions but I remember one or two times when he blew up


having gone charging out of the gate. But O'Brien is dominating at


this moment in time against Ermenault over 2.5 seconds up.


Ermenault is holding his own. He just slipped another temper the


second but pretty much he is holding it there. O'Brien is clearly backing


up well. Eight laps to go for O'Brien who is looking really strong


here. 2.10 he was this morning when he went through two kilometres, two


minutes and eight seconds. So he is faster than he was in the qualifying


session. That puts him on 13 at the moment, around 4.13, I think he


might slip off that a bit, 4.14 which would still be a tremendous


ride. How does this work if you are the Frenchman on the track and your


opponent suddenly takes it to you very early in the race? Do you stick


to your plan? You cannot chase your opponent early in the race. That is


why the riders are shown a schedule based on a predetermined pace that


they have decided they can achieve at the start of the race. Only in


the last kilometre does it become emotional and then it is about what


the opposition is doing and what have I got to give and how much I


can hurt myself. Write to the schedule you think you can handle.


Three quarters of the race, the first kilometre is the most


dangerous because you are not suffering yet and have not got


regulation from your own body, you must do it externally and shout


self-discipline. Into the final four laps, three and a half to go for the


Australian who, as it stands, just has to stay upright on his bike to


ensure that the bronze medal will be his but this impressive stuff from


Kelland O'Brien. He is heading for a 14, the time is important as well as


the result at this stage of the competition. Still heading for a


roundabout eight 14, I would say. Really starting to feel it now. You


can see it. -- for a round about a 14. Confident he can hold back to


the line. The camera shot waits for a while for the Frenchman to come


into view. It is an empty shop for a second or two. But the Australian


will come round and take the bell now, one lap to go for Kelland


O'Brien who is on for a very fast time as he will claim the bronze


medal against Corentin Ermenault from France. 15 maybe now. He is


really rocking and rolling, can he hang on the line? It is a very


respectable time either way. He has died off. He lost his way a little


in the final lap and a half. In a race like this it was all about


beating the rider on the other side of the track. He lost his way,


didn't he, in the first couple of laps of that race, and that is a


little bit of inexperience perhaps, but opening kilometre, he was always


going to pay a price for that. But he didn't overcook it by so much


that it was a complete explosion, just faded in the last two laps.


Still a solid time. Still plenty of time to get the balance right,


plenty of potential showing from Kelland O'Brien, just 18 years old.


You are going to tell me he is nine! Can I race against his dad? You


didn't, no. Corentin Ermenault following in the tracks of his


father and getting himself into a middle position. His line on the


track is quite interesting, because they are actually towing uphill


slightly, scrubbing off little bits of speed, and with this level of


fatigue, you never get that back. Another medal for Australia's


collection this week, looking good in the medal standings as we prepare


ourselves for the World Championship final, the race for gold just a


couple of minutes away with another Australian rider, Jordan Kirby from


Queensland. The national pursuit champion for 2017, and he will face


the defending champion from Italy on the other side of the track, he


races on the road 14 emirates, that is Filippo Ganna, and he already has


a medal here in the pursuit, but Ganna is a wonderful talent on the


road as well as the track. It is all about a big effort here mill for


just over four minutes. Ganna, the defending champion, against Kerby


from Australia. Win or lose, they will both want to set a fast time,


it is all about the medals but these riders want to see just how good


they can be and put markers down for the future.


And away they go in the World Championship individual pursuit


final. Jordan Kirby also races on the road as well as Ganna. . Look at


that face, the aggression with this start, he came out with that first


kilometre in the qualifying ride, and he looks to me like a man who


will try to have a crack at the world title. He is not going to get


the catch this time, which makes a difference. Both riders settling


into their rhythm with a couple of laps completed.


Oh, what has happened? That is very an usual. The gun has fired, both


riders looked up, and the Australian kept going, and Ganna certainly


eased up. He thought there was some sort of does qualification. And they


have stopped the race now. Is that a malfunction? Has begun gone off of


its own accord? Whatever it is, the riders are not the ones that should


pay the penalty for a technical mishap. We were a minute into the


race, so it wasn't a false start, so it looks like it might be a


technical fault. We will find are to get you that information. Luckily


they were not too far into the race. What a dramatic situation here, but


they certainly put in a lot of effort in the opening lap, I think


that must be an electronic malfunction. I think all you can do


is let them have a rest and then restart that race. Nothing to do


with the athletes as far as I am concerned, the coaches are looking


mystified. They will have to have a break and move onto something else?


It is unprecedented, to be list. I can't see what is being said other


side of the track. Didn't quite... The Australian


coaching staff deep in conversation there. Millions of people trying to


eavesdrop on that conversation, but the cameraman far too polite to get


right in their faces. We will bring you an update on that as soon as


possible. I have never seen this in a race like this. There wouldn't


have been an infringement by one of the riders that could have caused


that, I can't imagine. Being so far into the race as well, unusual. It


can't be anything to do with the start, it was so far into the race,


it would be unfair and incompetent to have not realised that long since


the start of the race before the gun. The gun went off three times


before the Italian rider actually stopped. The riders wouldn't have


expected it, there wouldn't have been any reason for them to expect


it, so they wouldn't have been sure what it was, whether it actually was


the starter's gun going off again something else inside the stadium.


It looks like they are heading for an immediate restart, which you can


with endurance athletes. They have both put out pretty much the same


amount of effort. But it might have put paid to any attempt on a world


record which would be a crying shame, he has already set the third


fastest time in the world earlier today. And unexpected hurdle for


these two to deal with. Filippo Ganna looks calm as he rides around


the bottom of the track. The Italian coaching staff are calm, as well.


These riders now must just get ready to do it all again, and


psychologically build-up to this final. What you think they are


doing? Are they looking at the race programme to determine where to put


this final? I think we are trying to work out what is on that piece of


paper. Well, it is taking them a while to


make a decision. And that is why you have got the Blaze, because you have


to make the call, and they can pretty much do what they want,


because their word is final and there is no right of appeal.


Interesting the two plans of the riders, Ganna has decided to sit on


the chair, but the Australian rider is riding around on a road bike on


the smallest gear just to keep his legs turning.


Still awaiting a final decision, but maybe one will be forthcoming


shortly here. Here comes the chief Blaze to explain.


They are going to start it from scratch.


So, both squads will have to get ready from this final once again.


What a farcical situation here, no suggestion there was an infringement


by either of the athletes, but they are having to pay the price and deal


with it. The rules say that after the first half lap, the race will


not be stopped even if there was a mishap.


Ganna's bike is being brought back to the track, followed by one of the


officials, and it does seem as if they will not have any time in


between these races, or any longer, and they will have to go from


scratch again in the next minute or two. I have just been muddied up on


the rules, it is not a part of the book we get into often, I have blown


the dust off. It says in the finals in the event of a mishap before the


final kilometre, the riders shall restart from their position within a


maximum period of five minutes, so they are just, rightly so, they have


decided to just start this thing again, and I think everybody will be


happy with that. As much as anything here now, it will be who can back


that initial effort. Presumably we can forget about the times, is it


not about the time so much? The beauty of an endurance, unlike the


sprinter who can do so much damage in ten seconds, the during the


riders, that will barely affect them, less than a minute's riding,


blown away the cobwebs, they have had a few minutes, they are


completely composed, it will have almost no bearing on the place apart


from the psychological effect to see which one of them cope better with


the fact that they have just started their shot at a world title and then


had to do it all over again. Two very young riders here, Kerby at 24,


Ganna at 20, the defending world champion. And here we go. Let's hope


for more success at the second attempt here. The world individual


pursuit final. Australia against Italy.


If the gun goes off any time in the next few laps, I think it will be


ignored by both parties! Let's hope so. They knew it was OK, and a quick


scan across the track would tell them their opponent is OK. That


aggression still there in Kerby's face, perhaps a little less


pronounced than it was before, but we are expecting a fast opening


kilometre from him, he is the faster of the two over the opening laps.


His countryman has already posted 1.6. Is he still of a mind to go


after that world title? Kerby has the advantage by almost a second


over the Italian, Ganna. This is the sort of start they posted before, a


second between them, so not unusual, but Kerby perhaps turning it on a


little bit earlier than he was before, curious hand position he has


got there. You are not actually supposed to do that, you are


supposed to hold the handlebars properly, and your arms must be


roughly parallel to the ground. He may not be head of the secret


squirrel club any more, but not much gets past you, Chris! He is two


tense of a second faster than this morning, so he is to long for the


world record pace, he looks well on top of it. Let's hope he has plenty


left in the tank for the laps that remain, of which there are plenty,


ten laps to go as they cross the line this time. Kerby from Australia


with a big advantage over Ganna from Italy. 2:09.02 we are looking for if


he is to have a shot at that world-record time. High on the


track, so extra distance, but physically looks on top of it. He


has eight is gap because Ganna is going slower than in qualifying. He


is not really getting it going, Ganna. Let's see how it goes as they


cross the line once more with eight laps to go. On for a long 13 at the


moment, not on world-record pace at the moment. But the non-cycling


fans, that is still pretty quick. Still probably in the top ten times


ever recorded if he continues at this pace, he has almost got to


Ganna in his sights, he is coming into the straight as Ganna leaves


it, two second is the difference between them nearly now. Ganna has a


lot to do if he is to be competitive in this World Championship final,


almost two second ban the Australian, and as he went into the


back straight, Ganna was just leaving it at the opposite end.


Kerby has the advantage, just over two seconds no, but his face is


starting to show fatigue. He has about a minute and a quarter of


racing left to do. And as he tries to close in on the Italian rider,


probably the length of a straight behind him now. At what point does


he start to get some benefit from following the Italian? You get


benefit just from somebody being on the track, but it increases the


closer you get. You can see him looking across the track, and you


know he is in with a likelihood of taking a world title, three seconds


ahead now, so he will be riding a wave of euphoria. This is a great


ride from the Australian, a massive advantage over the defending


champion, Filippo Ganna from Italy. You can see the pain of the effort


etched on his face, but Kerby has only got to keep it going for two


more laps now. He will hear the bell next time around, and the advantage


has gone way out, over three and a half seconds. There is only one


winner of this final, and it will be another gold medal for Australia,


and Jordan Kerby takes the bell. He can see his opponent, this will be a


wonderful final lap, to know it is all yours, you have just got to see


at home. He could even ease up with four seconds advantage. A phenomenal


ride from Jordan Kerby, not put off by the false tarte, here he comes to


the line, 4:17.06, he has won with time to spare. He takes the gold in


style, Australia first and third in the men's individual pursuit. They


almost swept the board, Ganna sandwich between the with the silver


medal, but Australia dominant in the pursuit. Dominant across endurance


disciplines at the moment, they are having a fantastic World


Championship, more events that they are favoured into, as well. He is


pleased with that, really died off towards the end of that ride, but he


took the world title, and that is really what matters here. He was not


knocked off his stride either with all the mucking around with the gun


miss firing in the live the race. He kept his composure, Stade cool, let


it all happened around him. And then he went back to the start line and


raced as if it was the first time rather than the second time that


they tried to get the final under way. There was never any doubt who


was going to win from the start of the Finnish. Interestingly, both of


those rides were slower than the bronze medal ride off. So it did


affect them. That is why I think O'Brien would have loved to have set


a fast time, just to prove to himself and every body else that I'm


a medal contender for the future. More celebrations for the


Australians and their families who have made the journey, a very


special moment, and the medal and the rainbow jersey will be placed


around his neck a little later on, but Jordan Kerby, rational pursuit


champion of Australia, now the world champion is well with a thoroughly


compounds of rioting of Filippo Ganna from Italy. Golden


championship for Australia continues, with Kelland O'Brien


having taken the bronze medal as well ahead of current in, and there


is Cameron Meyer, who won his latest rainbow journey a little earlier on


in the points race. Waiting his turn to celebrate with his team-mate.


There is a lot of hugging to be done in that camp. Golden day for


Australia continues. Two goals so far this afternoon. Cameron Meyer


and now Jordan Kerby as well in the individual pursuit.


STUDIO: Australia are making a massive statement, they were


determined to do so having underperformed and been disappointed


coming out of the real Olympics saying they needed to rebuild and


that's the way to do it, taking advantage, nobody expected him to.


We have seen it at the London and Beijing, the Aussies came back


strongly. It is no surprise. The key now is to keep this going, and build


on it and hit their best form when it counts in Tokyo. At the end of


the day it is a World Championship, the rainbow jerseys are on offer,


everybody wants to be world champion so it is a really important race.


They could have two more to come today, Stephanie Morton up against


Kristina Vogel in the gold-medal race for the women's sprint and Amy


Cure is level on points with Katie Archibald at the top of the Omnium.


I warn you now they are running 25 minutes behind in Hong Kong and


because of the weather schedule is on Good Friday we cannot overrun on


BBC Two so we will show you the conclusion of Katie's race on the


red button, you will see the whole of it on the red button from the


beginning but will have to come off air in BBC Two some work in the


middle of it which is obviously not ideal but I am giving you due


warning of it, it will be 80 laps. I just mention the fact Amy Cure is


level on points, not because I want to say Katie cannot still went, she


can. But when your team, Australia for example, are on a run does that


make a difference? You know what it's like for Great Britain when you


guys are doing it. I said it at the Olympics when one person Gobern out


of the way and the men's team pursuit put it on the board you are


on the way and it gives team a momentum. On the other foot we


haven't got a gold medal yet so Katie will be thinking I want the


first gold medal for Great Britain. It is neither here nor there and in


the points race there is no advantage for either of them so it


is basically a stand-alone points race. The women's sprint finals


coming very shortly. The bronze medal race. This could be a chance


of a medal for the home team. There will be an enormous support for Lee


Wai Sze, the best-of-3 races again, and Lee is unlucky not to have got a


decider against Kristina Vogel. There has been no explanation as to


why that decision was not reversed, it seemed obvious that her progress


was impeded and the judges are normally tough on that kind of thing


in the sprints. I am surprised but she will have to deal with it and


refocus and get ready for the bronze arrived off and a bronze medal would


still be an amazing result for her, she has meddled in the Olympics


before, never had a gold medal, but the bronze medal would be fantastic.


There has not been any explanation either about the individual pursuit.


Lots of things going wrong at these World Championships, which can


happen. It is no one individual's fault, they've had wrong with the


starting system, the timing, the gun going off unexpectedly. Let's hope


we can get through this without any mishaps.


COMMENTATOR: Fingers crossed. Here we go, race number one, potentially


of three for the bronze medal in the women's sprints. Lee Wai Sze, from


Hong Kong, against Simona Krupeckaite from Lithuania, two


experienced racers, Lee a former champion in the 400 metres final,


also has a medal from the World Championships, Lee was the bronze


medallist in Minsk in 2013 when Becky James took the gold medal for


Great Britain. Kristina Vogel, as we mentioned before, the Olympic


champion twice, the sprint champion before, 12 times on the podium in


the World Championships. Simona Krupeckaite with 12 podiums in the


World Championship, two Gold, five silver and five bronze medals, two


times a world champion but not this seven years, Krupeckaite, so she has


to wait a bit longer as well, this race for bronze. Krupeckaite looked


a bit jaded in the previous round for the first time. So there might


be an opportunity here on home turf. She has certainly got that


psychological advantage as the pace rises with two laps to go. Lee in


the blue and white at the back, Krupeckaite are keeping a close eye


on her opponent as they slowly wind it up faster and faster, getting


ready for the big battle ahead here. She has got the height. She has got


the height, hashing of the speed to take the race to Krupeckaite? Or


will the Lithuanian take race one. Down the back straight? The race is


on hand Lee Wai Sze will sense she can take it, Krupeckaite tries to


hold her at bay and she can't do so. Lee Wai Sze takes race number one,


she is one win away from a place on the podium and the bronze medal.


Nicely ridden. She was not suckered into coming down the track early,


she kept her height. Krupeckaite tried to store her but it was


already under control at the back. She was able to start that


acceleration hire a slightly earlier in the back straight and that is


where the race was won. -- acceleration higher slightly


earlier. Any second now the riders will be out for race number one in


the gold-medal match up. Here is the sprint again at the end. Even though


she dipped down underneath and didn't carry on and come underneath


two paths, she got that little bit of acceleration and came back up


through the slipstream and was able to start her acceleration down the


back straight and get that little bit of extra height. Once she was


level pegging on the back straight she had pretty much got it sewn up.


Great start for Lee as the two riders will contest the World


Championship title come to the line. This is the first race. Kristina


Vogel and Stephanie Morton. Morton has already won a silver medal in


the team sprint, Germany took that. The Commonwealth sprint champion up


against a rider with so much experience.


Three laps of the track. One imagines, Chris, that when it comes


to it Morton won't wait too long before accelerating here. You would


have to say that Voegele has the advantage here she would be the


favourite. We have seen such close racing so far. I hesitate to call it


in advance. Voegele often using the strategy of riding very close so it


makes it difficult, even when they are this skilled, to keep an eye on


the competitor and which way they are going to go, or counter to that,


of course. Stephanie Morton is keeping right around the bottom so


she can only come round on one side. That is not a tactic that can be


continued as you see Voegele getting some height, weaving around the


track, unnerving the other rider, not letting her know what is


happening, Haining height so she can accelerate faster. Morton must join


her at the top. There is a problem therefore Stephanie Morton. One


wonders what that is. Presumably she may have a puncture. I don't know.


It doesn't look like she has a puncture. But whatever it is


something is not working properly. She didn't say what's wrong. Well,


it's certainly not the tyres. They are well inflated. We didn't see


anything happen, she just lost speed and we make that assumption, which


is why the gun was fired. But if they can't find a recognised mishap


she loses the match. This is an anxious time for Stephanie Morton


and Australia. Let's look and see if we can spot what the issue is.


Certainly nothing obvious. She is not pointing to anything.


The mechanic is having a little look at the bike. The commissar is


checking it is not the tyres. Watching very keenly. They are


looking at the back of the bike, now the front of the bike. Oh, dear. If


they can't find anything, she may well have conceded this first race.


We are seeing quite a few things for the first time here, and I think we


may be doing so yet again. What a bizarre situation that is. Her own


mechanics can't find anything wrong with the bike. They will have to


find something pretty sharpish! They are racking their brains here. Let's


all just stare at this front wheel and see if it will go away. I don't


think it is going to. Oh, dear. There was obviously something


because the sprint hadn't even started. She obviously felt


something had gone wrong with the bike, it reacted in an irregular


manner. But the officials will be unimpressed at point, I'm sure.


There are two officials watching now to make sure no tyres are let down


or nothing else has happened. It looks like she was talking about


slipping, let's see if we can pick anything up. We didn't see it. Let's


just watch this replay and see if we can pick anything up, any change in


the bike's behaviour. Certainly nothing visible up until this point.


It is good to run it back through. If she has just touched at this


speed, if you touch the edge of the banking, your wheel can slip down,


and she may have thought there was a problem when in fact there wasn't.


So that was the point I think where Vogel's overtook, so we came out of


that shot just a little bit early. It looks as if we are even further


behind schedule than we thought we were. The Australians now going to


have a look at the other side of the track to see if there is anything on


the boards that was a problem, but she was claiming that she slipped.


If she can't find something quickly, I think she is going to have to


concede that match. Looking desperately for either thing. One of


the coaches has just picked something up off the inside of the


track just inside the blue line, and is now running around towards the


finishing line with something in his hand, but I don't know if it was


part of her bike. We need to see what he is about to hand to the


officials. It is a small item. We don't really want to be looking at


Kristina Vogel now, we need to see what is going on behind. It looks as


if something has come off the bike. It may have been on the track and


she slipped over it. The coach was desperately searching for anything


he could find, wasn't he? He ran around the whole track. That is it,


the commissar has got it in his hand. Maybe it is a shard of wood


from the crash earlier on in the women's omnium. Hopefully our


cameraman will get a close-up so we can see what we are talking about.


Still haven't given a cast-iron explanation as to why we had a gun


miss fire earlier, just assuming that was what it was. We are not in


control of the pictures, so there is nothing we can do about it, we are


in the hands of the hosts here, but unfortunately we could do with


having a look at seeing what this article is that has been picked up


off the track. That certainly seems to be the issue, Australia have


certainly found something, and they are now suggesting that is what


caused the problem. The gun went and I saw it flick up...


CLARE BALDING: More frustration for the riders, and Elaine Katie


Archibald's timing for the points race which is the conclusion of the


omnium. We will be showing you all of that on the red button, and we


are coming off here on BBC Two at 2:40pm, but it will be on the red


button which has started now. Chris, what think happened? Looking at the


bit of debris, it could have been from the transponder, every bike has


a transponder, it could potentially have come from the omnium, just a


bit of debris on the track. She has gone on it, she has sat up there, I


think she may be hit it on the track, the front real slipped, she


is looking down, and this would be a real shame if she had to concede


that first ride. Unless you are a die-hard German fan, you want to see


a fair race and see a proper race from the start. It seems to be there


is a lot of confusion about lots of issues, whether it is guns going off


randomly, timing devices, and the organisers will start to feel a bit


of pressure because gets embarrassing. And they are all


unrelated, they are all strange things we have never seen before.


Listening to Simon and Chris, there are so many things that have


happened for the first time in these championships, but this is just


another example of that. You can see them they're trying to examine the


bike, but whatever it was that was on the track that was picked up and


taken to the officials to say, this is what caused it. If you are in the


front in a sprint, you are looking behind you say you are not looking


at the track in front. I think she rode over something and it made it


feel as if the tire had been punctured or there was a problem


with the bike, the front wheel dropped all slipped, and she just


decided to abandon ship and restart the race. Jill Douglas is in the


centre of the track trying to work at herself what is happening, and


seeing the effect that it is having on all the women in their


preparation stages for the final omnium race, the points race. What


is happening, Jill? Well, a lot of people are scratching


their heads and wondering what on earth is going to happen. It is


difficult to swap the women's points race onto the track now when they


have got the sprint race that has not been completed, because the


sprinters need time between their efforts in order to complete the


final, so it is a difficult situation, but a lot of the coaches


who have riders for the final event in the women's omnium by getting


anxious because their riders are waiting, instead of sitting on the


rollers and getting ready for what is a huge race, they are sitting on


the side of track waiting to get under way, and a number of the


national coaches having a word to various of the commissars, nobody is


very clear as to what has happened to Stephanie Morton and her bike,


but it looks as though they are going to get this race under way and


we stage it. COMMENTATOR: Here we go, ready to


restart in the women's sprint. Let's hope for no mishaps this time, let's


hope it is second time lucky with the start as it was with the men's


pursuit final, and let's hope there is no more debris to cause problems


on the side of the track. If you have joined our coverage late, it is


the gold medal race, Stephanie Morton from Australia on the front


of the moment leading for the first lap at least against Kristina Vogel


from Germany, twice the former world sprint champion, and the current


Olympic champion in this discipline. I'm not sure we should, take no, you


could just replay what we said for the first minute before and it will


be roughly right, I think! As they get back under way, Morton committed


now. Has to be, because she will have lost the leniency of the


judges, I think, for that one. No rules in the book about that. They


are not hanging around this time, they want to get on with it, and


Kristina Vogel goes to the front now, and she has a lap to go. A


little bit of daylight between the pair of them, here comes Stephanie


Morton, looking to make her challenge and charge down the back


straight. She is not gaining any ground at the moment against Vogel,


she has plenty to do into the finishing straight, and Kristina


Vogel has got the legs on the speed to make sure that she led from the


front and stay there, 1-0 to Germany. She is well on her way to


another world title. Hopefully she will get there. Don't worry, Chris


is fine, he is still with us! She didn't get a look in, Morton, in the


race. Really affected, I think, by that this happened whatever it was.


It didn't work for her, she wasn't able to be competitive in the first


race, as you were just saying, with Kristina Vogel deciding she had


obviously been watching Morton's quarterfinal very closely, and the


tactics she had, and she turned the tables on her because she was the


one who was assertive early and decided to put the pedal down.


Morton that has be dictated to, as well, and she closed on the wheel,


waited for the acceleration down the back straight, didn't join in and


just ran out of road. They will get a decent rest, and there you can see


confirmation that Vogel leads the final, and a reminder that Lee Wai


Sze leads the bronze medal race against Simona Krupeckaite from


Lithuania as well. They will be back for their second race of the Loire,


but next on the track it is the women's omnium, the deciding race.


There are the standings. It could not be closer. They found once they


brought this race in that sometimes the points race was being ridden


defensively, and to counter that, they put double points on the last


sprint, and look how close it is. There are five or six people that


could take this race. And it is a couple of minutes away.


Defending champion Laura Kenney is sitting with us in the studio. Would


you say that it could be any of the top six? I would say top four, it


sounds bad accounting Sarah Hammer out, but she is too far back now,


and they won't let her take a lap, you would be pretty daft to do that.


Katie will probably follow that group of four other top but try to


score points along the way. She is level with Amy Cure at the minute,


and they are both great bunch race riders, but when Katie can sniff the


finish line, that is it. She always has that kind of extra little bit


that you need. So you are fully confident that despite the delay,


Katie Archibald has what it takes to win Britain's first gold medal? For


sure, yes. And that would have bothered her, she will be ready. I


think a little bit of extra recovery is never going to be a bad thing


when you have four races in one day, I think she is ready. I feel so much


confidence for her, she is already European champion in this event, and


one of the best performing under pressure, so she is not down, she is


level. This is her moment, Chris, a first individual title to World


Championships would be a huge thing. This would be massive for her, to


step out from being a team player to being an individual champion, and I


think she can do it, absolutely. To reiterate, this race will start on


BBC Two, but is is also starting right now on red button, so it will


also finish on red button, we will have to dip out of it on BBC Two.


Can Katie Archibald hold off Amy Cure and Kirsten Wild and the rest


to take gold in the women's omnium? It all comes down to this, the


points race, 20 K ahead of them, 80 laps, spreads every ten laps, it is


hard work. Simon. COMMENTATOR: Tension in the air as


the riders leave the start line for the rolling start, the idea being


that they are up and running and a nice bunch as they come around, then


the officials are happy and they can start the race properly. It'll be


interesting to see different tactics, certainly those of Sarah


Hammer she is on the back foot back in fourth position. And of course a


one lap gave his 20 points, you pick some up while you are out there,


there is potentially 25 points with a single move, and the favourite who


are in podium positions at the moment I'm not going to want to let


that happen, but they can't chase everybody, so there are couple of


riders that are close enough that they may find themselves an


opportunity if they are willing to fight for it, because Amy Cure,


Archibald, Wild, they have all got to watch each other very, very


closely. Sarah Hammer down in fourth place, and Daria Pikulik of Poland


in fifth. Kirsten Wild from the Netherlands just riding through on


the inside of the track in the orange jersey. Sarah Hammer from the


United States, four silver medals she has had to settle for. Finishing


second to Laura Trott as was twice in London and in Rio in the omnium,


and beaten twice by Great Britain in the team pursuit as well. But she


has a number of world titles and she is likely to add to those impressive


numbers today. The first attack of the race comes from Anita Stenberg


Norway, so she is on the attack, and she has for company Ana Usabiaga


from Spain. I think there are 40 points on the boy Justin sprints


alone, just on lap games, so nobody can ride this race defensively, they


have got to start with a clean sheet, and they have to attack this


thing. Cure although she's in the lead, she is tied with Archibald, so


they both have to get their nose in front. Still fine margins, no room


for relaxation for Amy Cure. Patrolling the front of the peloton


at the moment, Kirsten Wild sitting on her wheel, Sarah Hammer there,


too, having a look down to spot Katie Archibald in the middle of the


pack of moving towards front third. Cure very much near the front, I


expect she may have a go at this first sprint, trying to get herself


in front and a defensive position. Just coming off the front, it looks


like Baleisyte from Lithuania and Lydia Boylan from Ireland coming off


the front of the main pack and Katie Archibald is also quite prominent,


Amy Cure sitting on her wheel, no surprise to. They will take the bell


this time. Interesting to see if they go for it even though there is


only a couple of points on offer. Five and three from the road, two


and one from the main group. Cure is thinking about it. Cure is right on


her shoulder. Usabiaga and Archibald will contest the main points.


Maximum points for first over the line by collecting two points, Katie


Archibald. No points for Amy Cure in the first sprint. Katie Archibald


just ahead. Keeping the pressure on, unusual for this stage in the game


for one of the major players, plenty of people want to chase you down,


just testing things at the moment, she was allowed to go unencumbered


on that sprint so that was interesting tactics from Amy Cure


who is now two points in arrears. Amy Cure is now having to lead the


chase, the Lithuanian ride atop one point ahead of Lydia Boylan.


Usabiaga has not got much of an advantage and she has given it up.


The favourites have come to the front to push some air. She has


forced Amy Cure to listen chasing for three quarters of a lap. Now it


is Archibald's turn to sit on Amy Cure's wheel are coming through the


onside, Roxane Fournier of France attacking, who won couple of stages


on the rich Defrance last year. She is being followed by Jarmila


Machacova. I thought she might take advantage by moving to the front but


she is happy to let it develop. I would be amazed if she is not on the


attack before the end of this race. Fournier at the front, Amy Cure


second in line, Kirsten Wild is there, Srna hammer -- Sarah Hammer


having a look. She decided she didn't want to go to


the front. Daria Pikulik trying to get on the wheel of Archibald. She


has been on the front a lot, swinging back up-and-down halfway


down the peloton at the moment. No danger, 72 points at the moment, so


they will be happy to let it go from a strategic point of view. Sure


enough Sarah Hammer has a lot to see if she can get away. I always had


the feeling Sarah Hammer would be content to roll around the track in


the final event if she had the opportunity, she would like to get


involved in it. In fourth place overall going into the final race.


Decided to stop riding the individual pursuit events, or rather


the team events, to focus on the bunch racing. She will be


disappointed with her performance here. Paller from Germany just on


the front without putting any pressure on. A little lull in the


activity. Just on the back of the race, number 25, Yurie Kato Jeff


Hart from Japan. Meanwhile it is Kirsten Wild around the shoulder of


Amy Cure -- Yumi Kajihara. Archibald Justin behind Kirsten Wild Archibald


going around the outside of Amy Cure who is boxed in, Archibald


determined not to let her through, Archibald and Kirsten Wild at the


front, Karcher bowled desperate to claim another five points to give


her a cushion at the head of the field -- Archibald. That is what she


has done, five points for Katie Archibald, extending her lead at the


top of the table. STUDIO: What a start for Katie


Archibald and you can see the conclusion


Clare Balding introduces the latest World Championships action from Hong Kong, with Sir Chris Hoy providing his considerable insight.

British rider Katy Marchant attempts to win her first World Championship medal in the women's sprint, having claimed bronze at the Olympic Games last summer. Olympic team pursuit champion Katie Archibald has won European and national omnium titles since last summer and could be a contender in the revised event in the absence of the all-conquering Laura Trott, while Andy Tennant will harbour hopes of at least emulating his individual pursuit world bronze medal last year.

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