Highlights World Track Cycling Championships


Clare Balding presents highlights from the final day in Hong Kong, including the women's keirin and the men's madison.

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Hello, happy Easter and welcome to highlight of the final day of


competition from the track cycling World Championships in Hong Kong,


looking beautiful in the night-time behind me. Various events to look


forward to and also assessing the performance of a young and


relatively inexperienced British team, who so for have returned one


gold medal, Katie Archibald in the Omni, two silvers and a bronze. Can


attend in the Golden blaze of glory today? One of the features will be


the men's madison, which, this time a year ago, was one in sensational


style but the rock and roll pairing of Sir Bradley Wiggins and Mark


Cavendish. You need power, you need technical


ability, team. They will be marked man. They are going to go for it


here. If they don't try, they won't gain a lap and they won't gain a


medal anyway. Now it is just rider against Rider. Less than 20 laps to


go, Wiggins has the bit between his teeth. Absolute bedlam inside the


Velodrome, 16 laps to go and suddenly, Great Britain are in the


gold medal position. We had to just give everything. There is a crash,


Cavendish is on the deck, picks himself up straightaway. Gargantuan


effort from Wiggins now. The final two seconds of this race, as Wiggins


comes around the banking and he rides up towards the finishing line.


They are the world champions in the madison and it was absolutely


fantastic! That was pure sporting drama. He couldn't have ridden a


better script, really. It was just perfect, riding this with Brad. That


is a very special moment for British cycling. It really was magical, and


magnificent madison, try saying that in a hurry. Sir Chris Hoy and Joe


Rowe shall stand in the studio. It is a very looking -- Joanna


Rowsell-Shand. A very different looking team today. Yes, Bradley


Wiggins is retired and Mark Cavendish has glandular fever, but


we have a very young pairing, very inexperienced but full of talent and


we hope they can produce the goods. So far, the medals have been coming


from the endurance riders, including your former team-mate Katie


Archibald, and Elinor Barker, who already has a silver to her name and


hopefully going for gold in the points race. Two silvers so far,


silver in the scratch race on day one, I felt like she almost got


that, such a dominant performance by Herbert just on the line, the


Italian rider nipped it away, and in the madison yesterday, riding with


Emily Nelson, that was a fantastic performance, with it being the


first-ever women's World Championships madison and it was


great to see the British pair on the podium. Belgium are dominant and I


think Britain will be back in the future to get that rainbow jersey.


As we have seen with Katie Archibald, the day after the omnium,


she struggled in the individual pursuit, it is difficult to back up.


And also, Elinor ran in the team pursuit, so she had the scratch


race, the team pursuit on Thursday and the madison yesterday, so very


busy week for her, but she is an experienced rider. Only 22 but she


has been on team since she was 18. She has got the endurance and her


legs to back-up. She will need the endurance because 100 laps ahead of


them in a points race, they get points for sprints every ten laps


and an extra 20 points as they gain her lap. As we join it, Elinor


Barker is yet to score, let's pick up commentary with Chris Boardman


and Simon Brotherton. At the moment, Amy Cure leading them


down the back straight, with Elinor Barker on her back wheel, then


Racquel Sheath, Jasmin Duehring, followed by the Russian rider as


well, Bob took --. So much experience... And the Russian rider


has gone down and I think she has taken the Japanese rider as well.


CHRIS BOARDMAN: Amy Cure is in the hunt, as is Sarah Hammer. Elinor


Barker now going up onto the shoulder of Sarah Hammer and Barker


should have the speed I think to come past Sarah Hammer and claim all


five points, and she does, and Elinor Barker is on the board with a


big five points and she is going to keep going, hopefully. What company


there, that would be a pair. There is no way you will bring these two


back, you will have to get on top of this one very quickly, because these


are some of the world's best endurance riders who now have a


30-metre lead. If you want to get away, it is a good idea to get away


with an eight time world champion who is five times world pursuit


champion, which is what Elinor Barker have done. Barker and Sarah


Hammer have formed an alliance air and the others will have to chase


oral they are worth, otherwise they will disappear into the distance.


There will be no respite between the last sprint and the next one, from


what we can see, and this will take it out of the vast majority of the


field. Every one of the class riders in this builder want to bring this


back, the pressure is on behind and they will have to keep it on because


any moment, any laps when they swing around the track, they will lose


ground. We get the crash of overlapping wheels. I think they are


easing up, letting them go, because Amy Cure and Kopecky and Racquel


Sheath have moved up the track. They have nearly half a lap's lead and


this is a very dangerous tactic, to let riders of this quality go but if


everybody isn't participating in the chase, people start to play tactics


and suddenly they have lost another 20 metres. I find it difficult to


think these two are coming back. They conceded ground and for a lap,


everybody sat up and stopped racing and only those two at the front were


hammering around. Barker with a 5-point lead over the American, all,


rather, sorry, a two point lead now but she does have the advantage, so


if they do gain our lap, she is in the defensive position, should she


choose to be. The chase on behind, Belgium taking it on. That is


Kopecky. Bakayoko over helping her out towards the front and Kirsten


Wild is there too. You can see the gap, it is closing all the time.


They have conceded the gap now, in my opinion, 40 metres from the back


of this peloton, there is no way they are going to bridge the gap.


They take some points en route as they come around with two to go


until the next sprint. Amy Cure desperately trying to get away so


she doesn't get lapped. She will have so much to do, Amy Cure, she


will be absolutely gassed if she tries to do that on her own. But a


beautifully timed move by Elinor Barker and spotted in a flash by


Sarah Hammer. And what a useful alliance they have born here and it


will gain them and lap shortly. They are going to the points here. They


are probably just going to get them before they bridge. Yes, I think


they did. It is all about timing and it was absolutely spot on in every


sense of the word, well played, Elinor Barker. She takes another two


points there from Sarah Hammer. Barker with five and hammer with


three. Sauber Curnow leading this raise from Sarah Hammer. 25-23,


Duehring is back in seven, so they are in a very strong position if


they choose to ride defensively with 48 laps remaining. Just over halfway


point, Great Britain in the gold medal position. Lydia Gurley from


Ireland goes off the front once more and Rutkowska has decided to go on


the attack once more. These two are very much exposed to counterattack.


It is not the favourites in the race, but they will want to ride


defensively and defend that lap game, they need to start moving


through the field fairly soon. Not much time to catch your breath and


recuperate after making that effort. Riding on board with Machacova of


the Czech Republic. So I think, probably wisely, despite the action


up front, they are choosing to catch their breath here. Kirsten Wild


wants to get some speed into this bunch to try and close this gap,


which seems to be locked at about 40 metres. They are sitting up, those


at the front. Usabiaga Balerdi is the last to sit up. The others have


decided not to gain ground. Kopecky on the attack, she was looking


around for an opportunity, you can't let a quality rider like that go.


Kirsten Wild doing the chasing and they have got a gap, so this is a


dangerous move that has been spotted by Amy Cure. Barker is on Amy Cure's


wheel, they have had a couple of laps up and she has switched back


on. Kopecky realising she needs to do something by gaining our lap to


get back in this race. Kirsten Wild had a look and saw Bronzini were


sitting on her wheel and wasn't about to start the chase herself,


that is why Kirsten Wild got her skates on but those three are now


being closed down by Elinor Barker. Amy Cure doing a really big town and


paying for it a little bit. I'm surprised she didn't swing up and


look at Barker and say, hey, you have everything to lose, which she


would have been within her rights to do. The pace has really got up


there, Elinor Barker in fourth position at the moment as they come


to the next sprint. She is in position to content per point or two


here but she is really up against it in a sprint with the three she is


weird. But Elinor Barker is full of beans here, full of vim and vigour


and here she comes and Bronzini is a little bit boxed in and Elinor


Barker is taking on Kirsten Wild. Kirsten Wild takes five, Barker


three. It is surprising she had to cope without sprint after doing the


chasing. Clearly she is feeling very strong -- surprising that she went


for that sprint. The Australian has looked a little bit jaded and


suddenly, there is a classy group of four. I am not sure if they are


going to persist but it certainly causes everybody else to have to


chase. I guess Amy Cure is doing so much work in so many of the races


she is involved in and, at times, Amy Cure has been willing to do work


at points in races where it would have been ideal for her for someone


else to be sharing it. 38 laps to go, Elinor Barker from Sarah Hammer


and the next rider, Kirsten Wild, on just ten. So Barker has got a strong


grip on this gold medal position at the moment. She is on the box seat,


needs to keep an eye on everybody. Racquel Sheath is up there, she had


already lost ground. The rider from Hong Kong, can you yank. And Racquel


Sheath from New Zealand. Coming through for Austria is a Verena


Eberhardt. There is the overall situation, Elinor Barker in the gold


medal position with 35 laps to go. A lot of bodies of the road now and


Barker looks like she has decided it is time to close that then. Sarah


Hammer has spotted the danger. Sarah Hammer, clearly, from the tilt of my


head, saying, aren't, Elinor, let's do this now, close it down and work


together again. I think Sarah Hammer realises she is unlikely, in a


head-to-head duel, to get the better of Elinor Barker but being with


Barker is her best bet of being on the podium. I think that pecking


order is clear between the two of them and they are getting close


enough to the end of this race now that they can start to do a lot of


the chasing. The morality is probably going down around them as


they see not only have they got a lead, they'll probably the strongest


two riders in this field. -- they'll probably. I think whoever launches


an attack will find very quickly that they are competing against


those two riders. A minor law, two laps to go.


Charlotte Becker going down the outside straight, suddenly... Not


quite half a lap. Five points, if she had bridged the gap, 25. So that


will be a threat to Sarah Hammer, who is on 26. Elinor Barker is


involved in the sprint, trying to hoover up some more points.


Charlotte Becker will get five, untroubled as she crosses the line.


Here comes the sprint behind and Jasmin Duehring is beaten, another


three points for Elinor Barker, to give some added cushion to her lead


over Sarah Hammer at the top of the standings. He notice after the


sprints, she is keeping pace on, around the bottom, which stops


immediate counterattack, keeping the pressure on the pedals when she


swings up so if anyone does counterattack, she can spring down


and get into the wheels. Subtleties like that really important in race.


Sarah Hammer moves to the front. That is dangerous. Elinor Barker now


following the Russian wheel, which quickly got out of the way and it is


up to Barker to choose Sarah Hammer. Hammer realises is it she is to turn


silver into gold, this is the only way to do it. This is dangerous,


Barker swings of the track, looking doesn't help. There isn't anybody


there and somebody of Hammer's quality, you cannot give them much


rope at all. Barker knows it and says it is down to me. 27 laps


remaining, the gold medal is in the balance, I have got to the chasing.


It is a strong turn from Elinor Barker, and Sarah Hammer looks


behind and how hard will have sunk because she will have seen Elinor


Barker closing. As soon as Barker comes off the front, no one else


does anything. Minami one has decided to have ago and has gone


straight past Sarah Hammer and the chase on now. There is the leader on


the track. Elinor Barker has just dropped back into the main field.


She is in a very precarious position because Sarah Hammer has the best


part of half a lap and she isn't going to slow down. Personally, I


thought it would have been her best bet to knuckle down and get across


that gap, rather than try to encourage the others to chase. They


have swung up, they are going so slow. Sarah Hammer in the same


straight. She has the bit between her teeth. And when Sarah Hammer is


going for it, it is goodbye forever and else. That is the first tactical


mistake she has made. She was a little bit exposed. Doors for the


attack. Fair play to Sarah Hammer, she's not


a sprinter so she's got to find another way to win a race like this.


She's trying to make it happen and it could be the lap that propels her


to the gold medal. They are already all up the road. Barker has to hope


that the case stays high and Sarah Hammer runs out of steam. She has


helped from the rider from Japan. That will help the American. It is


about making contact with the largest group. Sarah Hammer holding


a quarter of the lap now. Not quite getting away. Half a lap


between them. She's got the pressure. She is managing to get


away with a group of four but will she work with them? She is going


round the front. At least she is on the wheel of Elinor Barker. I don't


think anybody else is keen on it. She is so close to what is


effectively a gold medal. What drama we've got in this Points Race.


Elinor Barker is in the gold medal position. Is Sarah Hammer running


out of steam? Just when she looked as if she was going to catch them.


If Elinor Barker is up the road there is every incentive for


everybody else to keep riding but the American could make the gap. It


is pursued between her and Sarah Hammer. There is only five points in


it and 15 points on the board. It is really tight. She can see the


American rider. At last she has slept the clutches. She has good


company. Sarah Hammer might make the junction but it's quite possible


Elinor Barker might do the same thing.


She's not far from the pellet on. They were not really helping. She


swung off the front. She is going to take the full five points. She will


be awarded 20 points but the sprint points will go to the Barker group.


She's only got ten laps in which to do it. The junction is made by Sarah


Hammer. The judges have given that sprint to her before she made the


junction so now she's got a significant lead in this race. Sarah


Hammer in the gold medal position. It depends whether the Barker group


can make the junction in the final two kilometres. I think she can and


if she does she will probably be the world champion. Elinor Barker


gritting her teeth and going for it. She is laying it all out on the


track. But here comes Elinor Barker! Brilliant stuff from Helena Barker.


The challenge was put down by Sarah Hammer and with only half a dozen


laps to go, Eleanor Barker has done a lap herself. She has closed it. It


was mostly down to her. It is not over yet. There is eight points in


it. Sarah Hammer has had a break. If she takes the final sprint and


Elinor Barker cannot contest that she would lose. The last sprint will


be a real decider. Elder Barker has made the jump. -- Elinor Barker. It


will depend on whether they can contest this final sprint. Sarah


Hammer not in contention just now. I'm sure that Elinor Barker will not


be able to sprint after that effort. She is following the wheel of


Preston Velde. -- Kirsten Wild. If she had anything left, what the


American. You don't need to beat her but you need to finish behind her.


At the sprint is less than two laps away. What a cliffhanger finish


we've got. It is far from being in the bag. Two laps remaining. She is


on the wheel of Sarah Hammer. I think she is there. She has got


herself into the right position. She is given the bell. It is these


riders we are watching. There she goes round the outside. She is


flying round the track. She is flying away to a gold medal. Here


comes! Elinor Barker with a brilliant ride, is the champion of


the world. What a bride. It was really tough. Sarah Hammer, one of


the greats of women's cycling, took it to her. She forced her back into


the corner. She got the lap back and sprinted for the line at the end to


make sure that she stayed in front. Elinor Barker is the world champion.


What a gutsy ride. It was exhausting watching it. I don't know what it


was like to compete. Pretty hard. Some traders said to me I follow you


because I am used to following Laura. I find myself getting two.


I'm glad I could finally do it. I think I got lucky. It meant I could


get back to them. That second lap was fortunate indeed. Really


fortunate. She is really strong and always wants to get a lap. I knew


that I was faster than her. There were a few people I thought maybe


and Sun definitely. I got lucky and got past her. Tactically when you


went for that second lap, protecting that towards the finish, you


finished so strongly. You've been in great form all week. I might have


looked strong but I sprinted to about ten. I had to be one position


in front of her. When I saw that I thought this was it, gone. That is


two silver medals and is now a gold medal. Really happy. I was nervous


but I would get another silver which obviously would be great but it is


not winning a World Championships. Getting to hear the national anthem


on the podium. Everybody was emotional to see that. The first


senior world title is very special indeed. Yes, really special. It is


what I set out to get. I wanted to try and win it.


Did not crash at all, they were ready to give me the space I needed,


the focus to train specifically for it, and I am grateful for it. You


could tell from Elinor Barker's voice that she was struggling to


hold it together and on the podium the tears start to come in her eyes.


An amazing moment, her first rainbow jersey, beating a great.


What a fantastic smile. A new star. She's not the only one with tears in


her eyes. Here in the studio, struggling to keep it together


because it just matters so much. How much will this mean to her? It means


the world to her. I love how she said after the Olympics, I want to


win the world points Championship. She has executed it and it took a


lot of training and preparation but she's obviously enjoyed that. It is


so nice to see someone set their focus on something and achieve it. I


am over the moon for her. Phenomenal effort. Her fourth event at these


championships. She said she was taking a break from team competition


but came into the team pursuit. Phenomenal. A really gruelling


schedule. Saving the best for last and winning the first rainbow


jersey, just fantastic. You see what it means to her. She paced herself


so well. This is where she did the sprint. She wins the sprint, looks


round, sees that she's got a gap and carries on. As she said in the


interview, she had done her research. The two of them together,


incredible team pursuit riders. Sarah Hammer has got the advantage


on her and this is where it becomes like a pursuit. They are on


different sides of the track. Eleanor Barker is aware of what


she's got to do. This is her second lap gain. She is trying to help her


dad chaser. It is like a pursuit there. She is at the back of the


bunch. The other riders are not racing completely. She is doing the


majority of the work. And credit to Sarah Hammer, 33 years


old, eight times world champion, that is some scalp to take. It


really is, she is renowned in the cycling world, so many different


events she has been world champion income individual pursuit, on the,


team pursuits and this was a silver medal in the points race for her but


for El, it is always nice to beat a big name. That was really stacked


field, some really big names in it and El has beaten of them. It is


just brilliant. Away from the bunch raising and back to watching the


clock, the men's kg. It has changed in its format, Chris Boardman can


explain how. -- recommends one kilometre. By gladiators risking it


all for one single moment of intense glory, kilometre riders can spend


entire careers preparing for one minute of competition. Here comes


Meares, and it is a Games record! Kris Boyd is the Olympic champion!


They are unique creatures preparing for the high-stakes drama, this race


had it all. Well, it did. I am talking in the past tense the two


reasons. The event was removed from the Olympic programme post-Athens


and whilst it is still on the worlds' menu, it comes in two


instalments. Becky James is on her way in this women's 500m time


trial... For the first time at these World Championships and for reasons


we are not quite sure about, the UCI has decided we now need a qualifying


round for this competition. So five hours before the final, we get to


have a good look at all the riders and their form. I have do confess,


it seems like a good way to steal a little bit of your own thunder. Hoy


has gone off with electric pace... Speaker from a physiological


perspective, riders no need to do to world beating rides in a single day


and can have a marginal effect on the outcome. The ability to recover


can become a new champion defining quality. For me, the beauty of this


event is its simplicity. As soon as the gates opened, it is just how


fast the athlete can cover 1km, or in the case of the women, 500m. Why


in this day and age women aren't deemed capable of covering an extra


couple of laps to do the same distance as the men is utterly


beyond me. Meares absolutely flying on the first lap. A quarter of a lap


to go for Becky James. With the UCI professing to want to make more


crowd friendly racing, does the new format give us more for our money or


has the emotional intensity of the event somehow been watered down? I


always liked be he who dares, sudden death nature of the event, the


psychology as much as the physiology. Would Chris Hoy's win in


Athens, when he had to come out immediately after the favourite who


had beaten the Olympic record, be half as crowd pleasing if he had


bested Harper competition that morning in qualifying? Personally, I


am a fan of quality over quantity. Tomas Babek under way, quite a


character, really played to the crowd in Glasgow after winning his


race. Solid start from him, gone for quite a low gear. Should see him get


off the mark quickly. You can see legs pumping like


pistons, almost two tenths of a second down on the fastest first lap


after this point. But it is a lot quicker than his previous round, so


we expect him finish quite quickly. Just no .1 behind and closing fast,


so I think we will be looking at the fastest time. It is just a case of


how much he can hang onto this form in the final lap and a bit. Gaining


slowly a little bit. Almost level pegging on speed terms but he is a


few hundreds ahead. Leading the way, needs to hold this form for the last


Harper lap. Around the banking for one last line and into the finishing


straight. Tomas Babek for the Czech Republic, sets a new Baptist --


fastest time. Quentin Lafargue under way for


France. Really good launch of the weight, he did get caught a little


bit by the gate, but it was so marginal, he got most of the


advantage from doing that team pursuits style lunge and he is the


fastest over Harper lap, so considerably quicker than he was


this morning. Quickest so far over 250 metres. Then the back straight


he goes, mouth gaping wide open, still fastest, not by much. Just


increasing his advantage a little bit. It is all in this quarter lap,


it is staying in touch, staying in touch and then who has got the


endurance for this last quarter lap? It'll all come down to this final


250 metres, has he got the staying power, can he keep it going? This is


when it really hurts, Winnie effort really starts to tell and you are


hanging in there for grim death. The crowd roaring him home, they sense a


new fastest time and they sensed right. I was hoping he would beat


his previous time of 1:00.7, so quick, but not as quick as this


morning. Still, it is going to get him a medal. He has three bronze


medals already, he doesn't really want another one. Let's see whether


he ends up with it or if it is a colour rather more to his liking.


Krzysztof Maksel for Poland. The penultimate rider in this men's


kilometre. The clock saying we have joint leaders at the moment,


incredibly, Tomas Babek and Quentin Lafargue. We said this event can


come down to a hundredth of a second, but, boy, Maksel has got off


to a fast start, nearly a quarter of a second of already and you can


visibly see the speed difference. What an aerodynamic tug he has got,


crouching down, really low gear, trying to get the gold medal.


Absolutely fine, -- flying, Krzysztof Maksel. Less than a tenth


of a second in it at the moment. He is slowing, though. Let's see the


time with 250 to go. This is going to be close. We are down to a


hundredth of a second again. He is tying up, they have all tied up at


this point. You can see how much it hurts. It is a real effort to come


up to the line and he just lost it on the last lap. He had the crowd on


the edge of their seats for three and a half laps, but he just fell


away at the end. It is all going to come down to the


last rider, and Lafarge can only watch.


And away goes Francois Pervis. Three times the world champion in the


kilometre. Can he deliver a fourth world crown? These four labs will


tell us. He rode superbly in the team sprint, our man on form. Look


at him go. He was disappointed by the previous racing, but he is well


ahead now. Three quarters of a second, remarkable. What a start


from Francois Pervis but still a long way to go. Stock still and


almost a second ahead. We have seen one race decided by thousandths, he


is a second ahead, he can afford to tie up. He looks absolutely locked


in, Purvis, as he goes for yet another world title. He comes around


and takes the bell and his advantage is over eight tenths of a second. He


is losing it now but he has such a buffer. He is losing it hand over


fist. Francois Pervis towards the line, has got enough to carry it to


victory? He has! It is a magnificent seventh world title for Francois


Pervis, one of the big names of world track cycling of the modern


generation and Quentin Lafargue has been pipped again by his team-mate.


He was so close to his first world crown but Pervis, the old stage,


does it once more, back to his best, champion of the world, seven world


titles, four of them coming in this event. This was a masterclass.


CLARE BALDING: In 2014, Pervis became the first track cyclist to


win three individual titles at one championship, the Ciaran, the


kilometre and the sprint. This is his fourth rainbow jersey at the


time trial. He wasn't selected for the 2012 Olympics, went into


depression and has had to come back from that with the help of a mental


trainer. Fastest again and afterwards, he spoke to us.


Congratulations, Francois, your seventh world title but has special


was it to be back on the top step of the podium? Yes, I am very happy to


be back with this beautiful jersey. Last year, it was a difficult year


for me but I have won medals at two Olympic Games, bronze medals, but I


expect more. It is not a good orange here, it is not the Olympic Games


but it is a good comeback. You have raced against him, Chris. Yes, he


raised in 2004, in Athens, in the kilometre and he seems to do really


well at the times that don't really count, which sounds like a criticism


but he performed so well at 2014 in a World Championships, three gold


medals and everyone expected him to be the man to beat at Rio and he


underperformed. He has the hungers for the Olympic Games, you can hear


that, he wants an Olympic title and based on that form, you wouldn't bet


against it. Except that he will be 35 by the times the Tokyo Olympics


come around. I was 36, easy. He was pointing out his helmet, was it a


message or was it at his head? It could be a sponsor or something, I


don't know. Maybe saying, "I have got my head back"? I don't know, my


eyesight is going, old age. You have other benefits, making sense is one


of them. Kristina Vogel is the Olympic champion in the individual


sprint and the Ciaran and she had already won the first half of those


in the World Championships, she is in the line-up for the keirin, along


with Stephanie Morton of Australia and Krupeckaite. They follow the


journey by, the electric bike and then it is every rider on their own.


They follow the bike, Kristina Vogel, the defending champion from


Germany right in behind. We see Vogel looking for her second world


crown of the week. Bayona Pineda dirt. Fourth is Stephanie Morton,


Australia, with a golden green band on her sleeve. Krupa Kate in a


multicoloured outfit one from the back and in the bright orange helmet


is Braspennincx from the Netherlands. A lot of experience in


this final as they go round before they are released from their hole


behind the Bernie bike. Will be interesting to see the tactics now.


Degrendele on the front, Vogel looking around, leaving a little


gap. Then there is a little space before Morton. Braspennincx is a


former silver world medallist. They will be expecting her to make a move


that some point in the back end of the field. Krupeckaite moves up a


little from the rear end of the field, up towards the front. Vogel


has a little look. That hasn't worked for anybody so far, going to


the front so early, so Vogel has a lovely leader, she is happy, sticks


on the wheel and looks over her shoulder and says thanks very much.


She will take it on with a lap to go and say she has. Stephanie Morton


tries to go round the outside, she has to go past Martha Bayona Pineda.


Morton is struggling to get past. Germany, Columba and Australia and


Degrendele is stuck on the inside. It comes Kristina Vogel. Vogel takes


it. Bayona Pineda second and Degrendele takes the bronze. Bayona


Pineda wrote that beautifully, she kept the height and she is looking


no one try to get underneath and it allowed her to drop them with half a


lap to go and get that extra bit of acceleration. But her form is better


than anybody else's here, she... I get the impression that Stephanie


Morton of Australia ran out of legs at the end of a long week. She just


didn't have the speed, she had the right idea but then the back


straight, it became apparent she wasn't going to make any ground and


all the way through, Kristina Vogel looked like she was about to win it


and indeed she did, but Bayona Pineda had the speed to stay in


front of Morton and a good ride from the Belgian rider, just 20 years of


age, Degrendele, claiming the bronze. But there is the world


champion for the second time this week, Kristina Vogel takes the world


crown, now nine world How does this feel? Awesome. To go


home with two gold medals, it is two golds, I am one of the happiest


girls in life. We could see that the way that you celebrated, it meant a


great deal, because it is a very difficult one to win but you


absolutely attacked this one. The keirin, it is about getting the


feeling for the new keirin. Just watch what you're doing. Just


watching the movement, what is happening on the track. I think we


did good today. Another of the greats of International


cycling but what did she mean? With the regulations changing, it changes


the tactical approach. They are a bit reluctant to go to the front.


Everybody was watching her and it was strange to feel that the sprint


was starting and then backing off and everyone was starting and then


waiting. She had the perfect lead. Great result for the Colombian in


second place. The second medal in keirin for Colombia this week. You


could ask, we are at the British sprinters? Becky James is watching


on the sidelines. I think she's enjoying a well deserved break. She


missed out on London. Then she had a very bad run of illness and injury,


did not go to the 2015 World Championships. Just over a year out


for Rio de Janiero and then she got to medals there. She knows that she


does not need to be filled gas and it is up to her to take the time.


Enjoying the success and the amazing comeback she's had and decide what


is next. It would be great to see her in Australia. We spoke earlier


about the drama of the Madison win for Bradley Wiggins and Mark


Cavendish in front of a home crowd. It was a bit much to expect big


things from Mark Stewart and Ollie Wood. 200 laps, and as we join it,


they are struggling. He has claimed this sprint. They


will take some consolation for the effort they have made to force an


attack. The Belgians not scoring well.


140 dome, 60 laps to go. Still trying to take part in the racing as


much as possible but not in the running. Put in the running. Could


have been an attack if they had not participated before but they've got


tired legs, just like everybody else. The Courage is there, they are


giving up. The Australians back in sixth place. A lot of damage there.


Scored a lot of points over the Belgians but it was very expensive


energy wise. This one will come down to technique as much as physiology.


The Belgians have had the best technique. It will come down to


timing. That is part of Madison racing. Switzerland are leading.


Into the finishing straight. 55 to go. Switzerland, Germany, France,


Netherlands, Spain and Australia. Not wishing to be disparaging but


there are not many that cooperate in one event with the level of skill,


intuitive by trading, courage, physiology that the Madison does and


it is a crying shame that it is not in the Olympics. We hope that we are


going to change that. Great Britain making the change on the inside of


the track. No racing for Britain is Ollie Wood.


Two laps to go until the next sprint. There is a threat to the


Belgians. Australia are nowhere to be seen. They are not going to


contest this. Britain are leading the way. Great Britain making a


change down the back straight. Belgium will be the first over the


line. Three points for Great Britain. Belgium have got to look


forward and over their shoulder because the French are coming. That


sprinting prowess that they've got has delivered. The Australians are


wrote about one which is a surprise. I wonder if they are waiting for an


opportunity to attack. They are coming around the outside. I think


they might be. Here is the big attack coming. The counterattack had


almost started before they swooped down the track. We are getting


indications. You can hear the little whistles.


Click onto the rear wheel. Changes over. Stays with him at the moment,


Switzerland and third place, Germany in fourth, Ireland in fifth. The


French have got on terms quickly but the Belgians, Australia's biggest


threat, have been isolated. It cost them a lot to contest that last


sprint and that's why you've got to choose which of these two not


contest. It is unbelievably close. Great Britain are up to ninth. Even


if they get back to terms they will be hard pressed to participate in


the next sprint. There's only three points until the next sprint as


Switzerland go on the attack. He's got some help from Denmark.


The French have gone after them. That is why. Could not afford to let


that one go. Spain is slipping round as well. They are down in eighth


place at the moment. The Australians went on the attack, put the Belgians


in danger but they are not going to score in this one. Here comes the


sprint. Denmark sticking with it here. Everybody is under pressure as


they move into the last ten minutes of racing. Denmark have got to throw


the lot at this because they are in fourth place and they are nine


points behind the leaders. France are the new leaders. Australia are


second on 31, Denmark on 21 in fourth. The Spanish are the least


dangerous but the French are seeking to take advantage of anybody going


up the roads are they've kept something back. They won't want to


work with the Spanish pair. They are happy to follow. This could work


very nicely to the French, indeed. There was no chance that Thomas, he


is almost backpedalling. It is like watching the last race in the Omnium


all over again. It takes some discipline to not work in that kind


of situation because they know that they need to keep something back to


defend and sure enough, the Danish have gone on the attack and somebody


is going to do the chasing and the French have got something left in


the wheels. Larsen being followed by Germany. They are the riders at the


front, followed by Switzerland. Just 34 laps remaining in this event.


Said it would come down to a slog and that is what it is. Everybody is


completely spent, trying to find weakness in the opposition. Turning


into a good day for France. The Danish have 21 points on the board.


Persevering. This is an interesting move. The code tired he is. He is


still going but looks absolutely worn out. 25 points left on the


board. He is right back in it once more. Australia are only a couple of


points off the lead and they are well placed. The French are on the


wheel. Ireland are up there as well. Denmark are not going to contest


this one. They've not got the legs left. He will have a royal sprint


here. He wins it for France. Takes five points. Lead will not change.


That is very impressive from the French. They are the strongest. The


Australians have not been involved for the last ten laps are so so I


thought they would have the upper hand but the French can smell


victory. Four points clear of Australia. Great Britain have lost


another lap. It is fair to say that their race is all but done. They've


never quite got on terms with this one. Ferocious pace was set


literally from the first lap. Some great tactical riding from the


French. They've known how to let go even when it could cause a


breakaway. Denmark still at the front of the race.


Still in the action with 25 laps to go. The group looks diminished at


the moment. And they look very tired. Mustering the last reserves


for the big finish in the last 24 laps. It looks like an elimination


race at the moment. I thought that might be the case. If you lose three


laps they can pull you out. They are clearing the boards for the main


players. They've only got six points. Australia are having to come


along way. Dives inside. He had a lot of work to do which would have


slowed him up. Throws him into the race. France are perfectly placed


and he will be loving this. The big battle is on! As they crossed the


line in the French make a change right on the line. The Australians


might have got it. All so all of the focus pair between


France and Australia. That lead has been nibbled away, just three points


now. Australia, Ireland, France and Belgium scoring five, three, two and


one. Inside the last two laps. -- ten laps. Around five minutes of


effort left. The Spanish trying to salvage something here. The Spanish


just reminding them, reminding everybody, are their ability. Out of


the running this time around, but they want to finish with a flourish.


Denmark are having a stab to go after them, but the big three teams


can probably afford to let them go, don't get involved chasing shadows.


France will be delighted if points are going up the road, that will


suit them very well, thank you very much. Thomas happy to sit on the


Australian wheel at the moment. Keeping close tabs on Cameron Meyer.


So Spain at the front of the race. Spain, who were the


bronze-medallists last year, going to finish outside the medals this


time around, and Belgium on the counter. Belgium, remember, in


third, seven points behind Australia. The Belgians have gone on


the attack and somehow have managed to slip the grasp of Australia and


France, who I think are playing brinksmanship at the back and it is


quite a serious move, and they have some great company as well in the


team from the Netherlands. Everybody getting back on terms slowly but it


has put them up the pressure. The kettle racing the Belgium. -- de


Ketele racing the Belgium. It was a missed change their as Niklas Larsen


tried to throw it into Von Folsach. A right old West, re-accelerating


your own mass is a tough thing to do in this race. It is the equivalent


of dropping the baton in a relay and then having to go back and pick it


up. Brands timed that one beautifully again to finish in front


of the Belgians. And straight on the attack and why not? The Belgians


have been working hard trying to make a break and have been instantly


counted and found themselves on the rack by France, inside the last ten


laps. Air France pushing hard to ensure they take this world title.


The closing laps of this man's madison, the end of the 2017 world


track cycling Championships very much insight now. They are piling on


the pressure with seven laps to go. Belgium have gone with them but they


are not the biggest threat. The Australians are out of it at the


moment, so France are just driving for gold. Australia have to claw


their way back in. Australia on the front, Belgium, France, Ireland.


Very slow change from Switzerland, an awful change, which has enabled


Australia to draw level with them. About to come back together with the


French. That is interesting, the French have chosen to stop the chase


and after that big effort, they have now put themselves back into the


group with Australia. And I think they are just going to try and sit


on the Australians' wheel. They have a considerable buffer there, they


need to stay with them. Callum Scotson takes over from Cameron


Meyer. The last kilometre of the race about to start, about a minute


of racing left and Australia desperate to make the move, but


France now that is the only wheel they have got to watch. And what


should they are, very closely. Morgan Janevski onto the wheel of


Callum Scotson. Burning all the matches he has got left to claw his


way clear of everyone. Ireland are hanging onto that little trio, good


ride from Mark Downey. The team from Australia also protecting the silver


medal position because Belgium already five minutes behind -- five


points behind and there are double points on offer on this last lap.


But the gold medal looks like it is heading for France. They will take


the bell, Spain are not going to be a factor, all eyes on Australia and


France and it is Cameron Meyer leading out Benjamin Thomas of


France and Thomas sitting on by a's wheel. He will try and compass Tim


and Cameron Meyer will strain every sinew... Cameron Meyer crosses the


line just in front of the French. But the world title will belong to


France, to Benjamin Thomas, who is a world champion for the second time


in the space of 24 hours. This time he has a team-mate alongside him,


Morgan can ease give. It is the fourth time Denise Key has one world


track title -- please ... CLARE BALDING: and that moves


Frantsev to second place on the final medal table, Australia out in


front by virtue of five silver medals and Great Britain in fourth


with Germany. From an international point of view, Chris, 15 different


nations winning medals and how much in terms of quality, G think it was?


I think it was an excellent World Championships, great spread of


talent across the broad. Standout performances, Chloe Dygert in the


women's pursued, and the team pursuit. Wang was a very popular win


for Malaysia. He is the biggest sports star in Malaysia right now,


so fantastic for him, ten years trying to win that rainbow jersey.


The sport of track cycling, it is great to see the spread of medals.


From a GB perspective, it is nice when we are top of the table but we


have a very young team and they did very well. Jo, what you think, on


the return of medals to those who went? Good, bad, medium? I am really


pleased. We had Katie and El there is Olympic champions, we had a goal,


a couple of silvers, a personal best by Ellie Dickinson in the individual


pursuit, a five second PB by the young girls in the team pursuit, so


I -- some really positive performances, Ryan Owens to get


fourth in the sprint and the men's keirin team, really positive. Given


that the big guns are missing. Chris Latham with the only medal as far as


the men are concerned, is that a worry? I wouldn't say it is a worry,


I would say it is a good week for the women's endurance team, we


should celebrate that rather than criticise other people and it is our


first World Championships at the Olympics and everyone wants to win


the races they riding, and you have to look at it in terms of the


four-year cycle, where your preparation is, what needs to be


done, go away, study the races and competition and GB will be back


fighting. Let's get the assessment of those in charge, Stephen Park the


new performance director and first, the head coach Ian Darke.


That brings the curtain down on the World Championships, we couldn't


finish as we did in London with a Wiggins and Cavendish finale but


what has been your assessment of the championships? I would say in terms


of performance, mixed. We have had some really good performances from


some of the younger, developing riders and I was really pleased to


see, given the freedom we kind of handed Katie and El the -- over


their programmes of the winter, and the future of the omnium and the


madison for the Olympics, the scratch races, the performances we


saw were fantastic and they were my standout performances. If we look at


the young sprint team, the young women's pursuit in, plenty of


potential. If we were going to look at one particular area that perhaps


hasn't come through, it will be the women's sprint programme. Have you


got a plan in place? There is still plenty to look at. I think the men's


endurance side was a touch underpowered and the women's sprint.


We have Ed Clancy at home following a road programme with a bigger


objective in mind towards Tokyo, we have Becky James still pondering her


future. There are riders out there that may still have plenty to offer


the programme and we have a good clutch of young ones coming through,


some of which weren't quite ready for this event but we will hopefully


see more of them in the future. When you see some of the criticism


levelled averages cycling over the last few months and then you come in


and see particularly two women taking gold medals and a rainbow


jerseys, due feel you have responded in some way? I think we are carrying


on as normal, and what people's perception of normal might be maybe


buyers by media or allegations. For us, it is business as usual. I think


everyone is able to see we have a great supporting, committed team


behind the athletes and a lot of freedom afforded to the athletes in


terms of their programme, so it is hard to say much more than that, it


is business as usual and we are just turning up doing as best as we


possibly can day in, day out. Certainly there have been some


individuals who have made cases were a lack of support for women's


cycling but more recently, we have seen athletes stepping forward and


saying it is not their experiences. So not wanting to dismiss the


experience of others, there is clearly mixed opinion. This week,


what I have seen, is a group of athletes being supported, male or


female and as we go forward, so many great opportunities. We have done


well in women's events here but I think the level of support athletes


have received has been consistent, there is nothing I have seen this


week that would give me any cause for concern in that regard. And the


cyclist themselves deserve even more credit, and the coaching staff, of


being able to perform under the scrutiny they have faced. The


independent review is due out in May and then, do you think that is time


to close that chapter and move on? I hope so, I hope British cycling is


pre-empting the review. They have already taken the step to try and


make incremental improvements across the board to support the athletes.


It is a fantastic organisation for support currently but they are


looking for ways to improve in the future and like Stephen Park said,


they are not dismissing any of the claims that have come forward.


Personally, I would like to have seen more riders in the team


contribute to the independent review, not just the ones that had


issues with the Federation. You break out of your ratings are you go


to London to meet of the panel, when you are focusing on training but at


the same time, it is important for the independent review to get a


balanced perspective. Did you contribute to it? I didn't. Would


you have had any complaint? I had an e-mail in June last year and David


ten seconds of my attention and that was that until a couple of months


ago, when the findings are being late and I put my hands up and say I


made a mistake by not giving it more of my attention, but in late June


2016, my focus was on Rio. What would you have said if you could? I


would give a balanced reflection of my experiences. I personally think


that as a rider who has had most of my success in the team pursuit, we


wouldn't have been able to perform so well as a team without the system


supporting women, because if you have one standout rider, they can go


out and win stuff that you need a good support system to nurture


talent. I was talent spotted at school and feel like I wouldn't have


gone through my journey and copper medals I have got of the programme


had supported me, so I would obviously take all of the accusation


seriously and I think the organisation is really keen to


improve and strive for perfection, of course, but I have been very


successful, so I am very happy. There is no better way to respond


than by success and we have certainly had that at the World


Championships but also, we have seen on the podium, happy, smiling,


emotional faces and I think that does more good than anything. Sport


next weekend, if you tune in on Saturday, you can enjoy gymnastics,


better Weddle and Matt Baker presenting, it starts on Friday with


coverage on the Red Button. And the Fed cup, oh my word, this is getting


to a great stage, because if Great Britain beat Romania, they will win


a place in the world group two and Anna Keothavong, her first year as


captain, Simona Halep against Johanna Konta will be an absolute


highlight of that. Huge thanks to our team out in Hong Kong, Simon


Brotherton, Chris Boardman, Joanna Rowsell-Shand and Sir Chris Hoy and


most of all, thanks to Elinor Barker and Katie Archibald are showing us


that at the end of the rainbow, they can indeed be a pot of gold.


It is gold for Katie Archibald! Elinor Barker and Emily Nelson have


ridden so well. Elinor Barker is the champion of


Clare Balding presents highlights from the final day in Hong Kong, with commentary from Simon Brotherton and Chris Boardman.

Great Britain's only female sprint representative, Katy Marchant, is looking for gold in the women's keirin.

The final event is the men's madison, which was won in dramatic style by Sir Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish in London last year.

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